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I can’t tell you how important it is to me to know where my food is coming from…

On November 6th, in California, there is a very important proposition on the ballot that would require food companies to label a food if it has GMO ingredients.

I’ve been talking about this initiative and now proposition for a while, because it’s not only important to those in California, it’s important to anyone who lives in the United States — or any country that has not yet called for the labeling of GMO foods. If this proposition is passed (Yes on Proposition 37), this could mean that all GMO ingredients — with some exceptions — would eventually be labeled in the U.S. since the action needed to be taken by the food companies to adhere to proposition would trickle over into all the other states — mainly because it would be easier to produce labels for all states instead of just California.

Because this is so important to me, I have some resources that I’d like to share with you to help you understand this proposition and hopefully support it — if you’re a California resident — by voting. If you’re not, you can support the proposition by helping give money so commercials can be aired that counter the opposition commercials which are already being run widely in the state.

So here, we go…

A Good Place to Start…

If you’re unsure of the impact labeling GMOs can have and why it’s important, our Nutiva and Elevate friends have put together this easy to understand video.

This one is good to pass along to your friends or family members so they can learn about what we’re dealing with here…

Food Companies Behaving Badly

Of course, you’ve come to expect this, but here’s some information from the CA Right to Know website that has exposed some of the ways the food companies are fighting this proposition.

Here’s one of the highlights…

The only honest thing about the No on 37 ads is the disclaimer that tells us who’s funding this campaign of deception — Monsanto and Dupont, the same companies that told us DDT and Agent Orange were safe.

Yet incredibly, it seems to be working. Henry Miller’s hypocritical script in a misleading ad campaign that was discredited as soon as it began has taken a big hit out of the support for Prop 37.

In the ad, Miller claims the exemptions included in Prop 37 are “illogical” and included “for special interests.” As if the companies for which he is working – the biggest special interests of all – would be in favor of Prop 37 if it were even stronger.

They would not. For the record, the exemptions are common sense. They follow the trajectory of labeling bills in the Europe Union and all around the world. Prop 37 will cover the vast majority of genetically engineered foods that consumers are eating – the food on supermarket shelves.

Basically, the food industry is spinning lies to make sure their investment in bio-technology is protected.

Not fair, but it’s working, since many voters — unfortunately — will vote based on a 30 second commercial spot.


Michael Pollan Weighs In

Michael Pollan just wrote a piece in the New York Times about supporting our right to know what is in our food.

You can catch the whole thing here.

Here is a highlight…

The industry is happy to boast about genetically engineered crops in the elite precincts of the op-ed and business pages — as a technology needed to feed the world, combat climate change, solve Africa’s problems, etc. — but still would rather not mention it to the consumers who actually eat the stuff. Presumably that silence owes to the fact that, to date, genetically modified foods don’t offer the eater any benefits whatsoever — only a potential, as yet undetermined risk. So how irrational would it be, really, to avoid them?

(Not that irrational.)

And another…

Americans have been eating genetically engineered food for 18 years, and as supporters of the technology are quick to point out, we don’t seem to be dropping like flies. But they miss the point. The fight over labeling G.M. food is not foremost about food safety or environmental harm, legitimate though these questions are. The fight is about the power of Big Food. Monsanto has become the symbol of everything people dislike about industrial agriculture: corporate control of the regulatory process; lack of transparency (for consumers) and lack of choice (for farmers); an intensifying rain of pesticides on ever-expanding monocultures; and the monopolization of seeds, which is to say, of the genetic resources on which all of humanity depends.

Good paragraph, eh?

You Still Trust Them?

Monsanto is suing farmers for saving seeds.

Yes, they’re suing farmers for doing exactly what farmers for thousands and thousands of years have done — harvest your crop and then save the seeds for next year.

Monsanto has stated that saving GMO seeds for the next year is technically stealing seeds — since they have a patent on them — and the farmer is required to buy new seeds every year.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Here’s an article in the Washington Post that explains what is going on.

Here’s a highlight…

Monsanto has a policy that prohibits farmers from saving or reusing the seeds once the crop is grown, ensuring that farmers have to buy new seeds every year.

And another…

The company has filed lawsuits around the country to enforce its policy against saving the seeds for the future.

Celebs Like Labeling Too!

Here’s a video of some of our favorite celebrities standing up for GMO labeling.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t recognize half of them. Can anyone help me out?

Your Mission…

To spread or pass along one of these today. Pick the one you feel will be the best to send and do it!

Your Question of the Day: Once you’ve shared, please say you did below. (I’ll be disappointed if there’s only a few comments here. This is important stuff, so please take a moment and spread the message!)

Live Awesome!

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