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Good news, you can eat more than just this in a day and still lose weight… (Fresh lucuma fruit from Peru.)

You asked for her, so we got her!

When I asked who you wanted me to interview many of you asked for Robyn Openshaw — she’s who many of you know as Green Smoothie Girl.

In Part 1 of this interview, Robyn shares how she lost weight without dieting, her key to health success, an essential food in our modern times and the difference between ideological diets and historical diets.

Check it out here (my comments in writing follow)…

Listen to Part 1 here:

robyn openshaw green smoothie girl

Click the play button to start the call:


Here are my thoughts:

1. Losing weight without dieting.

Fortunately, if you start eating whole foods, lots of salads, some smoothies and less oil and salt you will lose weight.

Meat or no meat. Doesn’t matter.

More plants and no processed foods is a great recipe for losing weight without “dieting.” The reason dieting is in quotes is because some people who start eating this way will definitely feel like it’s a diet.

My advice to them is to start slow, add something healthy into their diet and see where it goes. The green smoothie in the morning is usually the best place to start.

2. The green smoothie is the key to success.

Robyn and I both agree that the green smoothie is the key to success of even the most stubborn people. Replace your breakfast with a smoothie and the eat what you want for the rest of the day and it’s nearly impossible for you to continue to eat as unhealthy as you did before.

It’s as close to a magic pill as we have. Eating a healthy breakfast can turn on your healthy eating genes. (Very unscientific, but who cares if you’re losing weight and are doing it the right way!)

Here’s an infographic that I found that shows — in images — why eating breakfast will help you be healthier (click on it to make it bigger!)…

breakfast infographic

Basically, the code is one quart of green smoothie a day. It equals anywhere between 10-15 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Do it!

3. Fermented foods are essential.

Robyn and I agree on this point as well.

Because of our past eating history — or medical history — it’s likely that we’ve taken antibiotics or had chlorinated tap water. Both these substances can disrupt our gut flora. Stress is another factor, but I’m sure you’ve never had that before… right? LOL.

Eating fermented foods is a great way to help rebuild the gut. My favorites are coconut kefir, sauerkraut, and chicha.

Goat kefir and yogurt helped me as well during a time when I needed it, but I stay away from it now for no reason other than I prefer not to eat much dairy at all — particularly since some Northern California milk is still showing up with levels of radioactive Cesium. (See the Berkeley Nuclear Physics site for this.)

Just a note, fermented foods are not always the only thing you need to rebuild your gut. Other items like digestive enzymes, HCL, herbs, a hypoallergenic diet, and possibly one quick round of antibiotics or an anti-fungal may be necessary as well.

I know that sounds weird, but sometimes the infection is so bad, wiping it out quickly then addressing the root cause is how you turn an uphill battle into a downhill one.

4. Ideology vs. history in diet.

At the end of this call, Robyn and I talked about the difference between ideological diets and historical ones.

I have to admit, my thought process has changed from ideology to a larger world view on diet.

My past ideology was vegan and raw. Now it’s evidential and experimental.

Evidence shows that there are many diets that have worked for long lived people. Basically, this tells us that the whole food elements in a diet aren’t the only variable to great health. It’s quite a relief to think this way.

What I’m saying here is that a vegan diet or raw food diet can be very appropriate for healing and short term or long term use — particularly if it is not a processed diet.

But there is little evidence that there were any vegan societies and there is no evidence of a raw food human diet — not to say these never existed, we just don’t have a record of them in our last 50,000-100,000 years.

Not a promising statistic.

But, of course, that is only half of the story.

If you couple evidence with experimentation — and namely with blood testing — you can get along quite well on any diet that seems to be putting out great results.

This is where all arguments end.

If you want to eat a raw food diet and you’re testing fine on your blood tests, by all means, keep doing it — with one caveat — keep testing your blood on a regular basis.

If you’re a vegan and all numbers look good, keep on it. Your experiment is working.

So by combining evidence and our own experiments, we can come to a place where decisions and arguments about diet are based on the individual — who in turn benefits the most.

This eliminates the my-diet-is-best-for-you bickering that does nothing but get everyone confused.

Part 2 is coming up tomorrow!

Your Question of the Day: How many green smoothies do you drink a week?

To find out more about Robyn, please visit her site here:

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. sirusace says:

    I rotate my green smoothies with kefir smoothies and protein smoothies (chocolate etc.)throughout the week. Every morning, before any smoothie and after my workout, I juice green vegetables (swiss chard, kale etc)with relatively little fruits.

  2. IH says:

    I drink mostly green juices with little fruit and often add sprouts to them When I drink a smoothie it is usually a very berry one. On the occasion I add some carob to it. I have decided that at the moment I prefer green juices over green smoothies.

  3. Diane says:

    I start every day with a green smoothie…32+ ounces of a combination of protein powder (whey or brown rice), greens (baby romain, spinach or kale), celery, cucumber, half a granny smith apple, lemon, ground flax seed, berries (mainly wild blueberris), bee pollen, cinnamon, alittle sea salt, a little blackstrap molasses for the iron, stevia, coconut butter, and fresh ginger. Love it!!

  4. RobG says:

    I try to make one every other day. I use my organic garden’s parsley, kale, beet greens, turnip greens, dandelion, foxglove and then. Equal amt of lettuce. Then add carrot, apple, pear, peach, berries, or pineapple to just lightly sweeten it. Sometimes I add kefir. 24 oz container, half in morning, half in the afternoon and usually after skipping the previous meal. I figure that will lead to max uptake. My urine and saliva are now routinely alkaline but not yet at 6.4. I still need to eat smaller meals 🙂

  5. My husband and try to drink at least one green smoothie a day, and I agree with what you said about replacing a smoothie for breakfast leading to eating healthier throughout the day. I find this to be so true for myself, and I’ve noticed that turning people on to green smoothies in the morning is a great way to introduce more greens into their diet. I get tired of the same smoothie all the time so I often change it up. My favorite right now is a banana, pineapple, mixed greens, sunwarrior protein powder smoothie!

  6. hyesun says:

    that’s my breakfast everyday, with some protein powder (whey, pea, brown rice, or GOL’s raw protein) and tons of greens and half an avocado, as well as some other misc powders and zeolite clay. 🙂

  7. Beverly says:

    I drink one every day, I also take adult stem cell nutrition from, to your health and wellness.

  8. Irene K. says:

    I think the best diet isn’t vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous, or paleo. I think the best diet is one that works for you and is as free of modern processed foods (along with their unpronounceable ingredients) as possible. My health has shot through the roof since taking on a high-raw diet and changing all animal proteins to wild-caught, cage-free, organic, grassfed, blah blah blah. And including far more water and herbal teas. I’ve eliminated all processed products from my pantry, and use great oils (EVOO and coconut) for cooking. High-raw and clean eating has seen all the bad numbers fall like a rock. With no effort or drugs.

  9. Bryan says:

    5 a week. A take a break on the weekends and just use a shaker with super foods including some kind of super green.

  10. Charlotte says:

    Thank you, thank you for that interview!!!! I just love what you are doing Kevin. Keep it up! And always keep it real! No sugar coating!

  11. Larry says:

    My sweetheart (wife) & I do at least 5 per week, but they are green juices, not smoothies…how does that stack up in the eyes of those who count?

  12. Pam says:

    Great interview. Nice to hear logic and open mindedness in others!!!

  13. jackie says:

    Usually 6 per week.

    Kev and AnnMarie, Here’s a link to a short video I thought might bless you on your upcoming parenthood. It’s an amazing video on human life from conception to birth using the newest x-ray scanning technology that won its two inventors the Nobel Peace Prize.

    I hope you enjoy it.

  14. Michael says:

    I have one every morning!!! Definitely has helped my skin out tremendously. 2 cups of water, a few large handfuls of kale, 2 tbsp flaxseed (or hemp or chia), anywhere from 3-6 bananas, some type of frozen berries, and about a tbsp of cinnamon. so good.

  15. Christie says:

    One a day, either at breakfast or for lunch if I juiced for breakfast.

  16. Eileen says:

    Great to hear from real people like Robyn about raw and their journey with food. It is always hard to know what is right because of the controversy surrounding raw, vegan and even vegetarianism. (I’m vegetarian – no meat at all) I started raw with green smoothies and like Robyn, felt the amazing impact on energy as well as dropping weight without even trying (after haveing 3 kids and putting on some weight) and I give a green smoothie to my kids with breakfast every morning. Some days they don’t want it. I’m interested to hear how we get our kids into better eating habits…especially when the other parent does not believe in what you do. My children, unlike Robyn’s, do not always want to make the best choices with food.

    Thanks for a great interview!

    Stay well, Eileen.

  17. zyxomma says:

    When I drink green smoothies I don’t add sweet fruit. The only fruits I use with vegetables are salad fruits: ripe peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, okra (yes, it’s a fruit, it has seeds), and avocado. (Olives count, too, but I don’t put them in my smoothies.)

    There certainly has been a vegan society. Have you never heard of the Jains?

    Another way to help digestion, apart from fermented foods and enzyme supplementation: Have you had a tonsillectomy? The tonsils are a signaling mechanism to tell the stomach to start producing digestive enzymes; the food’s on its way! Without them, that signaling mechanism is lost. To substitute for it, eat a spicy radish before a protein food so you’ll produce sufficient HCL to digest it. If you’re low HCL (includes people with Type A blood, whether rhesus positive or negative), the “radish trick” may be just what you need.

    Health and peace.

  18. Aimee says:

    For everyone who has these green smoothies!

    A great article about Cruciferous Vegetables and why they shouldnt be eaten raw.. cruciferous vegetables should be cooked before eating as they contain chemicals that BLOCK the production of thyroid hormone in your body!

    Here is the list of common cruciferous vegetables that you do not want to be eating raw if you want to protect your thyroid gland!

    Arugula, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, turnip, collard greens, bok choy, brussels sprouts, radish, rutabaga, and watercress.

    So.. for anyone who follows this information – what will you put in your smoothie? I’d love more ideas 🙂

  19. Iris Ztarr says:

    Loved listening to the interview looking forward to part 2, just really beginning on the green plant based raw food plan and I can say I did night shift at a nursing home a few weeks ago and was not tired at all after having eaten 80 p.c. raw the week before, it was truly amazing! Prior to that I had always had to force myself to stay awake at some point during the night but I just had massive energy

  20. greengirl says:

    Actually, true Jainism is NOT vegan but rather lacto-vegetarian. They DO include dairy products, such as cheese & yogurt.

  21. snowmoonelk says:

    None! But I will from now on!

  22. Kim Topaz says:

    I drink a Green Smoothie every single day. I work at a Co-op and have dibs on all the greens as they become discounted. If I’m really pinched for money, I also buy the discounted bananas and freeze them. I like to add variety to my smoothies with different fruits and greens, but in a tough economy it’s quite often discounted bananas and greens. But Green Smoothies give me the energy to go, go, GO!!

  23. Danny says:

    I have a green smoothie almost every day (basically every day when I am at home). For me it is both energizing and extremely tasty. I try and use mainly wild greens that I gather during my morning walk in the winter months, and home grown greens during the summer. Add various fruits according to the season, and splatterings of all kind of other things to add variety – chia, goji, dates, coconut, flax seed, cinnamon, tahini etc to keep it varied.
    For me it is probably the best part of the day – even though I really like to prepare food and make varied dished for lunch and dinner

  24. On Gerson Therapy I am drinking 4 green juices per day made by the Norwalk.

  25. Cathy says:

    Thanks Kevin for the interview!

  26. Beetkvass says:

    Ugh!!! Then what’s wrong with me?? Because I don’t drop weight eating whole foods whether I include or don’t include meat. I have been as healthy as I could for years now! We don’t buy junk food. It’s always been whole food. And I just keep getting fatter and fatter. I’ve been drinking a minimum of a quart of green juice a day since last September and I’m only down about 12 lbs.

    Oh but I didn’t lose that weight by eating just good foods and replacing one meal or two with juice. No the ONLY way any of that weight dropped off was straight juice fasting. I used to think it was just because I didn’t eat exactly perfectly on any diet just 95% or more perfectly. But then I did actually stick to a strict diet for a full year with out one single infraction starting with 3 mo before pregnancy and all through pregnancy and I mean not a single grain or sugar. I put on a whopping 40 lbs eating nothing but salads, raw milk kefir, grass fed meat and berries and with baby a month early.

    I find it so frustrating because I am sure that people think I’m just stuffing my fat face when they aren’t looking but I am not. I am the fattest healthy person I know. I don’t know anyone irl and almost no one online who comes close to trying as hard as I do. Yes, my thyroid is messed up. Yes my adrenals are messed up. So why is it that all my greens just make me feel only a little bit better while still as fat as ever? I have to eat very healthy to not get really depressed and super duper sluggish. But I’m not anywhere close to healed and healthy no matter how hard I try.

    So darn it not everyone will just drop weight if they eat whole and raw foods. I learned recently my thyroid med had been off and I was actually seriously hyperthyroid for months. Still didn’t help me lose weight. I just feel cursed! I had the first meal today I’ve had in a week other than a mashed avocado or two. All green juice and a few avocados for a week and I’m down 3 lbs and that’s just the 3 lbs I recently gained back eating healthy foods but not straight juicing. Some times it’s just tempting to want to give up and walk out into traffic.

  27. June smith says:

    I thought kale in a smoothies was ok?Is this true about the thyroid.?

  28. Leslie says:

    For Beetkvass:
    My suggestion would be that you examine Jon Gabriel’s website. A second suggestion is to find an experienced and well-regarded hypnotherapist who does energy work such as soul-reclamation, entity work, or cellular memory release. I was weight loss resistant for my entire life since early childhood. Endocrinologists in several states didn’t have much to offer and good quality, long term talk therapy didn’t impact my weight. A decades- long vegetarian lifestyle didn’t cause weight loss. In fact, I consistently gained weight until I weighed well over 400 lbs. Using the two suggestions I noted above, I’ve now lost 150 lbs. I eat a plant-based diet with no animal products whatsoever. I use trance work on a regular basis to keep progressing. Things are really different now.
    Good luck to you!

  29. Julie says:

    RobG#4 above–foxglove in your smoothie? Tell us more.

  30. Veronica says:

    I, like Beetvass, am finding it difficult to lose weight. I have been on the raw foods diet for the past 4 hours, on and off nearly 100 percent. I lost 30 lbs right away, but have gained 15 lbs once I started back on cooked foods about a year ago. Now, am 70-80% raw, and am having a very difficult time losing weight. The only way I can lose weight is to fast, which then comes right back on.
    I eat heathily, juice a quart of green veg. juice a day, drink green smoothies a couple times a week, My day consists of really very little food: Breakfast is my green drink of green powder, spirulina, chorella, and barley grass, maybe a little protein powder. Lunch is a quart of green veggie juice, snack is usually fruit, and supper usally a salad. That’s it. I fast a alot once a week for a day, sometimes 3 days. I went on a 32 day juice fast last May, am considering another one soon

    I love to fast (water or veggie juice) because I like the way it makes me feel.

    So I began to do some reading, and have come to the belief that all of my fasting has mess up my metabolism. So now, I do not know how to fix my metabolsim.

    Kevin, I would appreciate it if you could address this issue: Does fasting mess up our metabolism? And, How can it fix our messed up metabolism and lose the weight we need?



  31. I add oats and seeds/nuts to my green smoothies to turn them into Green Thickies. This is such a filling breakfast it keeps me going until lunch time. I think Green Smoothie Girl is very inspirational. Many thanks for this interview.

  32. Em says:

    I love these interviews!!! Thank you so much for putting these together, and for listening to what your listeners want (although I was not one of the people who requested her, cuz I hadn’t heard of her til now)
    I love her practical advice! Thanks again 🙂 peace and love to you 🙂

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