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TV’s fun, but…

About 2 months ago, we got a call from a major TV network (one of the big ones)…

I was excited.

People still tell me they saw my spot on Style, so I was anxious to see what this opportunity would bring.

Their channel’s reach is much larger than Kimora’s Life in the Fab Lane. I thought maybe this was our break into the mainstream — where we could share some of what we know with all those that are tired, sick, medicated and confused.

I crossed my fingers — seriously — I wanted it bad.

Lisa, our long-time team member called them back and scheduled a time for me to talk with an associate producer. This was a good sign. In the fast moving network offices, you’re just one of many ideas that they throw against a wall — when one of them sticks and they run with it. If you miss the call, they toss the next one.

Lisa relayed to me that were looking to fill a slot on a major show and it needed to be filmed in just 2-3 days. This would mean — if everything went well — I would have to red-eye it to New York and then skip back the next day.

Sometimes you have to do everything it takes to get a message out. This could be an awesome chance. I was ready.

I waited for the call.

What they wanted.

When the associate producer called me back, I was in the middle of something. It was past the original time we were supposed to talk, so I needed to shake off my other focus and bring attention to our discussion.

Having my mind in another place when I’m talking to a producer, I decided, was not in my best interest.

He started to lay out their idea to me.

They wanted me to pitch them on how I would handle a debate on network TV with another well known celebrity health expert.

I would be the “raw food guru” and he would be against the diet.

My hopes sank.

What I said.

I can do a lot of things, but debate the raw food diet on national TV when I knew I would be set up as the freak, is not one of them.

I told the producer that if he wanted a good discussion about how to get great health, I could do that, but if this show was intended to look like a Jerry Springer chair tossing event, I wasn’t their guy.

I basically — quickly and assuredly — talked myself out of an appearance in front of possibly millions of people.


A few reasons.

I’ve already done the debate.

If you remember back in 2011, I hosted the Great Health Debate.

My mission was to get health experts of all kinds together in one forum to discuss similarities and differences in their philosophies. I wanted to gather as much data as possible to come to some common conclusions about what is healthy and what is not.

I guess I was naive.

I figured that since the event was online, there wouldn’t be any fists thrown or shaving cream pies tossed. I was right, these things didn’t happen.

But a whole lot of other behind the scenes things did.

While many of the experts were a pleasure to work with, some couldn’t get their egos out of the way. Some completely refused to be on the same call as another, and even worse, refused to be on the same night — even though they weren’t even going to speak with the opposing speaker.

I felt like I was back in elementary school trying to wash the cooties off of another person so they would sit at the lunch table together again.

I should have seen it coming.

It became apparent to me that most didn’t want to debate. They were fine knowing what they knew and teaching what they taught. Some hadn’t changed their tune in 30 years — at all.

Back on the call my mind wandered.

In it flashed an image of myself on national TV laughing out loud at this expert for even bothering to debate. Security dragged me off the set.

(I’m really glad I talked them out of being on the show…)

Debates, as our media sets them up, don’t solve anything. They’re sources of unnecessary drama and stress where only the most stubborn, publicity hound blowhards participate.

Yes, those words can describe our best debaters.


The media also can bend any story in any way. I particularly didn’t want to be creamed on national TV like Viktoras Kulvinskas. Have you seen this…

And the rest…

Not good.

Closing up.

I told the producer, I believe that testing biomarkers is the best way to determine what diet is best. What a geek.

He and I both knew this wouldn’t fly on TV. It’s not sexy.

I also told him I just wouldn’t feel congruent debating the raw food diet knowing that — long term — it just doesn’t work as well as the “experts” seem to say.

I’ve been in the trenches now for a while. I’ve seen things people don’t talk about in public.

I, personally, don’t care what they do. I’d just like them to be straight forward and share what they are doing — because if they’re getting great results and it includes eating or doing something they aren’t teaching, they’re going to give a mixed message to their students.

I wouldn’t be a good debater. I have nothing to debate. Many things work. You can’t ignore this fact. Diet is just one of many wheels on the bus.

I have to be as congruent as I can, I said. To go on national TV and represent something I’m not would put me in the publicity hound category (there’s a more pointed term I’d use in private.)

I’m not that guy.


I ended the call pitching another idea to the producer. He thought it was good.

I also gave him the names and contact info for two other people I thought might be able to go on TV and do what they were asking — but I knew they probably wouldn’t say yes either.

I got off the phone feeling weird.

A few years ago, I would have been on the show.

I would have fought for my cause — probably recklessly — and, most likely, turned out to the be the fool.

In this moment, I was feeling somewhat satisfied that I could say no to ABC and move on. Of course, I was disappointed that it wasn’t the right fit. Look, my ego isn’t that small that I wouldn’t want to be on TV, LOL! But at the same time, I was proud I could move on from this not questioning my decision at all.

It was the right one to make.

Now that it’s been over 8 weeks, I’m assuming that they won’t call again, even though I had short but nice email exchange with the producer after our call.

I’m beginning to think that the whole event was some sort of karmic challenge for me. Something larger than just being on the boob tube — as an old sitter used to call it.

I think I was being tested for fortitude or honesty or congruency — or maybe something entirely different that I haven’t figured out just yet.

But if it was a test, I certainly feel like I passed, even though I passed up on a opportunity that — for us — doesn’t come too often.

The one that did.

I just watched the clip of my spot with Kimora Lee Simmons again a few days ago (here).

It’s good.

I was so nervous about how they would represent me, but they did a great job making sure I wasn’t the crazy juice guy (or at least too crazy.)

A day or so later, we got an email from a woman asking for the exact juice recipe that I gave Kimora. She had seen the rerun on TV like so many have.

She was new to juicing. Never done it before. She saw the show and went out and got a $99 Jack LaLanne machine and now was completely out of her element.

She needed help and I wrote an email back to gift her a free copy of our book “Juiced! The Healthy Way” to get her started.

Maybe my lesson was to be grateful for the opportunities I have had, even though this new one didn’t work out.

As I hit send, I reminded myself that there will be more.

And even if there aren’t, at least one person is on their way to a better way of life.

Your Question of the Day: Have you said no to something big because it was just the right thing to do? What was it?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Gnetahn says:

    If you have a settled sense about your television move great. I am wondering why you are talking to us about it on your forum. Because this can lead rise to a debate about the debate.

    At any rate you are doing good work. Keep it to the ground, like seed planting, and you will have the fruits of these carefully managed moves. If you become a big celebrity you will have to manage that and your work will decrease.
    This research is in you and still wants to mature. It is about digging deep not wide and television is often a platform for being wide and loud.
    Your work is silent and internal, then the directions or findings are shared. Keep your pace and are bound to be in success.


  2. Alex says:

    Congratulations on your integrity. It is refreshing to encounter someone who doesn’t sell out just to get on the goggle box no matter what. The celebity wannabe freak shows I see just make my skin crawl. Glad you haven’t joined their ranks.

  3. Brianna says:

    Ouf. That tv spot was difficult to watch. I completely understand you saying “no”. I think you’ve got it right: there just simply isn’t one diet that fits all. We are all too unique and different. General philosophies like “eat more vegetables, less refined foods, and keep stimulants to a minimum”, are more universal and user friendly.

    I can’t remember a time when I’ve said no to something big because it was the right thing to do… I’ve said no to little things, but, nothing major really sticks out in my mind 🙂

    Anyway – well done, Kev! Keep up the great work, as usual.

  4. Kevin Lamb says:

    Kevin- I applaud you on your decision to back off the interview. I’m sure it was a tough one.The only unknown is whether you could have overcome the bias and furthered the cause of a healthier lifestyle thru eating choices. Tough call. It’s a shame you even had to decide the worth of this interview. I think you made the right call.

  5. Roberts says:


    That’s a very honest, courageous thing you did. I applaud you for that.

    Very often we hear or speak of certain principles or behaviors that sound good, but are ultimately not what we end up doing. While there were certainly times when I succumbed to temptations and behaved in a way I later regretted, from the beginning I decided that I would be absolutely honest in my job and tell it like it is. It is a lot harder than it seems. I can’t even count the number of times I have been put to the test, especially when my bosses and more senior/experienced colleagues think they have the best ideas/solutions.

    What I have learned is that the more I practice summoning my courage and sticking to core principles (even if it meant sacrificing something that’s tempting at the time), the more I get to become the person I hope to be.

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience with national TV. You have definitely exemplified honesty, courage and integrity, qualities we all aspire to have (but it takes a lot of work!).

  6. M. Paterson says:

    While it is true, that the possibility of raising a debate about the debate can happen,…I think (and this is just my speculation) is that maybe Kevin wrote this because he is a blogger. And bloggers write. Lots. And what they write about are things that they experience that made an impact on them one way or another. Saying no was a big deal for Kevin and I think he was pleased with how he handled this. It was another one of those life lessons that we learn from. And some people who like to write, write to share that learning process to those who enjoy reading about this stuff.

    Simple as that. I think. For me personally, my faith becomes renewed in the human race when I gain witness to another person being human and doing the right thing. There is a severe lack of that kind of thing these days, that’s for sure!

  7. I think you made the right decision as well Kev. You’re in a no-win situation when you get involved with these people with closed minds. Having said that, I didn’t think Viktoras Kulvinskas looked very healthy for his age and he seemed to be struggling with his breathing also.

  8. eyla says:

    Good decision!
    I cringed so much watching that clip, it’s very sad what happened and is happening to the people in the clip, the ones with eating disorders, not the healthy eaters! And Viktoras Kulvinskas comes off terrible…

    Anyway, I think it sounds like you made the best of an awkward situation!!

  9. Diana Walker says:

    Fantastic, Kevin! It was a test, and you passed with Flying Colors! I am honored to know you, and also admire that you did not succumb to the pull of the ego.

    Keep up the great work!

  10. Jean says:

    You made the right decision. The network wanted drama and you wanted a teaching moment. I am sure many people who get their 15 minutes of fame on national TV ‘in front of millions’ have often wished they’d just declined.

    If you had gone ahead it’s likely your health message would have ended up edited out since the network had a specific agenda, an advance storyline, and were just looking for a cast of ‘characters’ to play their parts in creating TV drama, a show.

    You’ll get your opportunity to spread your health message on TV farther down the line, if that’s what you want, and it will be on your own terms, then. Because people everywhere are waking up to the need for concrete, useful health information, and you’ll been sterling to provide it. This has not gone unnoticed by lots of your fans.

    So relax. Look forward. You can’t steer the boat while looking backwards.

  11. zyxomma says:

    Yes, I have said “no” to something that wasn’t right for me, and would do so again. What was it? That’s nobody’s business but mine.

  12. claire says:

    I never watch TV, so watching the clip where ABC interviewer arrogantly compares his appearance to Viktoras Kulvinskas’ was nauseating. Without regard to his makeup artist or other factors. Ugh – NO doubt in my mind that you made the right decision, and continue to give value to others. Kimora didn’t get it, but most of your followers do…Working with natural medicine, I am regularly confronted with people who want essential oils and supplements to be the same “magic bullet” that they were looking for in prescription drugs. (What do you mean I can’t eat ice cream???) When I tell them that they cannot ignore their nutrition or mindset, they are disappointed, but I won’t sell a natural medicine to someone who won’t take responsibility for the whole picture, they just won’t get the results they want, and end up blaming a source outside themselves. We have to make a living, but it’s more important to have a clear conscience and know you are doing the right thing… you’ll sleep better! Give me anonymity and lifelong vitality!

  13. Kaelian says:

    Yes! I support your decision to decline the invitation to make an appearance on national television with a popular show. When I watched the segment from Kimora’s show (I avoid television like the plague, and so I have no notion of who she is.) she and her chef companion listened, observed, asked some questions, made some comments…honestly I felt a heaviness in my abdomen. I could tell that these people aren’t truly interested in natural health, but at least the message is delivered to more people who probably appreciate the information. Those who know something wonderful when they see it will be inspired. I’m happy for the woman who asked you for the recipe! Thank you for being a genuine, well-balanced proponent for valuing and protecting natural human health!

  14. Mak says:

    Well done, Kevin. You are much the wiser in all this. I am very sure the good opportunities would come to you when you least expect them just because you show integrity. The universe would reward you for that. Namaste.

  15. sharon Samtur says:

    Smart and Wise!!

  16. SarahB says:

    Hi Kevin:

    You made a really good decision. Mainstream TV is not about news or about sharing information, it is only about one thing: making money for the network and getting a bigger audience share. That means they will ALWAYS take the position of making shows that have some kind of sensationalist bent to them. I recall seeing a show where a chiropractor was interviewed about heavy metals in vaccines. He was against vaccination. I could tell from the small part of the show that was his interview that he had some basic health philosophies and he presented them in a very intelligent way. But they only used a small part of his interview. The rest of the show turned out to be all about the horrors of diseases you might possibly get if you are not vaccinated. They showed pictures of people with polio in iron lungs and massive numbers of coffins from a flu epidemic. They then went back to the chiropractor and linked his name (and health philosophy) to the deaths of all those people. As in “apparently Dr. so and so doesn’t care if his patients die of a preventable disease…” I am quite sure the chiropracter never knew what the real topic of the show was when he consented to do the interview. As for the video clip; John Stossel is a very rude man.
    I very much enjoyed your great health debate and all the hard work you put into it. I am sorry about the egos who refused to be scheduled on nights when there were people they did not agree with scheduled. Its all pretty petty, isn’t it?

  17. cid says:

    answer to your ? is Yes & was the right thing to do.
    Too evolved to explain what it was.
    Was flattered but my first response/thought was “You must be crazy”

    They knew I had the basic knowledge,how to run this Company but no idea what a monumental feat they wanted me to head up or the millions it would take or the experts to accomplish this feat.
    After trying to explain, which went in one ear and other the other finally just had to say NO…..lost friends. Rather that then loosing my mind, family & health

  18. Maria says:

    It is very unfortunate how Viktoras Kulvinskas and his philosophy was portrayed out of context in that video. The producer did not do a good service to his viewers. But, the stories concerning the people with Orthorexia could be enlightening for those who strive to eat healthily without accurately listening to their bodies and to those who take isolated elements from good advice and implemented it in a distorted way.

    I wish the world were filled with more producers who just wanted to uncover the truth. I appreciate your balanced approach, Kevin and Ann Marie, and willingness to find truth even when it contradicts a current belief you may have held.

    I applaud you!

  19. KC says:

    I agree with Gnetahn. If you truly were settled about your decision, why post it on a forum. Thus, it opens up for debate your personal decision rationale. And, more importantly, it comes across as you not being truly settled about the issue (and thus, you are seeking the approval of your readers for the choice that you made). This does not indicate confidence in decision making.

  20. Tara Burner says:

    Good for you Kevin, and I remember the Kimora episode and they did do a good job in portraying you as YOU and not some crazy juice guy…

  21. Lance says:

    Nice! I’m glad to hear that you didn’t succumb to the media’s urge to try and dramatize everything and speak in “half-truths.”

    I was also intrigues by what you mentioned about “biomarker testing”… where can i learn more about that or learn how to apply something like that to my own life? Sounds beneficial!

  22. Thomas says:

    You did the right thing, Kevin.

    You can’t effectively debate a position unless you believe in what you are promoting.

    Since you are not raw, or vegan, or even vegetarian (you say you eat animal products) they would eventually ask about your diet and you would look quite foolish.

    “Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.” 🙂

  23. wendy green says:

    bravo. any way i think cable TV is more your style. lol. ok…when i was just a very young woman,(circa ’77) i gave up the opportunity to be the social director of a fancy Marriot hotel on the beach in Puerto Rico. the day before i was set to leave (from NJ)…i found out i was accepted in an month long alternative healing/organic farming course in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia (with teachers like elizabeth kubler ross and others) pretty sure that had a direct effect on my life path from there on in! it all works out for the good! jungle love!

  24. Isabella says:

    If you think about who is sponsoring the TV shows, real food doesn’t stand a chance because no one is going to make money off of it.

    You made the best choice. Its so cool that you were able to stay grounded in the moment of truth and not give into vanity. Kudos.

  25. Suzen says:

    You did good! Remember not to cast Pearls before Swine. Last year I was working as a Colon Hydrotherapist and one client came in with Orthorexia as her identification. She was genetically tall and very thin and worked at Whole Foods. When she told me about her diagnosis I thought she was kidding and chuckled a bit and commented ‘you don’t really think that’s a problem do you?’…she didn’t laugh and said it was a real problem for her. Ooh, I was surprised and sad for her realizing I was not able to help her with her situation as she was locked into investing her full energy into that identity.

  26. Debra says:

    One major reason that I follow your blog is that you have on many occasions demonstrated your integrity. This is one more example of your being true to yourself. I applaud you and I appreciate you.

  27. Dodie says:

    There’s a reason why you are so loved, Kevin. Well, a few reasons! Your integrity, honesty, and sense of humor are some of them! You did right. Relax and hug Anne Marie!

  28. Peter says:

    Having worked in TV for 12 years and knowing many journalists, I’m very glad you turned down the interview. The example of Viktoras Kulvinskas is so typical of sensation-seeking, so-called ‘investigative journalists’ which is a pseudonym for “Who can I tear apart on national TV today?” No, what you’re doing is the best way so far to get these vital and balanced messages across to the widest possible audience at this time. Maybe we should make our own TV program based on natural health?

  29. Michael says:

    dogma sucks. so does mainstream television. good job dude, very few have the insides to do what you did.

    I once turned down joining a band that was doing pretty well locally. but I knew I wouldn’t be happy playing bass for them, their music wasn’t exactly what I loved. stay true to yourself!!!

  30. W. says:

    I used to be a television host on a national television show, back in the day when reality tv shows were just getting popular. My becoming a host was a total fluke,and not a goal in my life, but I did it, because my friends and family thought it was such a great thing. But why does everyone want to be on tv??? I really didn’t enjoy it at all. It is a blood sucking business. Why is it so important to be famous??? It’s more important that what you do is on your own terms and with as much integrity as possible. It’s not important that you reach the masses, it’s more important that your message reach people with true authenticity, even if that number is smaller. Our culture believes that being on tv proves your success, but this is completely false! It only proves that you somehow got on tv…that’s it. Keep up the good work Kevin. Nobody that follows your work or learns from you gives a shit if you ever get on the boob tube.

  31. Terri says:

    When I saw the headline I almost didn’t even have to read this .. and sure enough it was pretty much what I expected. I’ve read this blog long enough to know your integrity, and watched mainstream media enough to know their lack of it.

    I’d seen the Stossel piece before and it’s really typical network television garbage. The networks aren’t into informing the public, they are into creating an agenda. The ‘Jerry Springer chair tossing event’ is exactly what they wanted or they would have jumped at the opportunity for the good discussion you offered.

    If you’ve never seen it, you should check out what Dateline NBC did in a segment dealing with Dr. Burzynski about a year ago –


    Eric Merola does an excellent job point by point on what ended up on air and his conclusions at the end are spot on.

    Doing the right thing is a choice we make moment to moment. Big thing..small thing? Every time you choose the right thing it’s a big thing.

  32. C says:

    Good for you Kevin! One of the reasons I like your blog so much- you are honest and real and stick to your principles.

    It saddens me that the raw foodist/real foodist would be the “freak” and not the average joe who goes weeks without eating a single fruit or vegetable and consumes chemically engineered junk day in and out.

    Being on TV depicted as a freak does not encourage people to get healthy.

    Again Good Job!

  33. Deb says:

    Good decision Kevin.

    Yes, I have said no to some nontrivial opportunities.

    Marriage. Til death do us part – with him? Way too long. Good decision.

    At one point I was doing computer geek work on very complex, difficult software. They asked me if I would like to be promoted to be the Supervisor of the group. It is a totally different skill set to be a supervisor. I knew it was not for me at that time. The group dynamics were also a problem, as 2 key techies were prima donnas who were sometimes referred to as the gruesome twosome. Glad I said NO.

  34. Heather says:

    Kevin, Awesome…way to follow your intuition! I think you did the right thing and I am always grateful for your integrity. You’re right, letting the thing that isn’t right for you go allows the better thing room to show up!

  35. hyesun says:

    way to go kevin! good job.

    about the video clip – i could relate to that – i find myself more and more stressing out about not being able to get “clean pure” food when i’m traveling. next week i’m going out of town for a wedding and have some dinners/lunches planned, and i’m stressing about it. not good. how do i get myself to relax and be more balanced? i know the stress is harming my health. i’m not super thin like those other people, but i’d like to overcome this. also, i thought viktoras did look pretty bad and unhealthy, sorry to say. maybe this would be a good topic for you to address, as i think it may be more common than we realize.

  36. Velda says:

    Well done, Kevin. You have more wisdom and experience now than you did a few years ago. You decision was based on your knowledge and experience. Integrity plays a roll in all the decision we make. You are, for sure, and man of integrity!! You sure don’t want to put yourself in a position where others could lessen your sphere of influence …. which they probably would do. Hollywood wants to entertain at all cost (the show must go on). They don’t necessarily want to be informative or helpful. Keep up the good work, Kevin. Slow and steady saves the day!!

  37. Congratulations to your decision! A bad result of such a TV show, making the raw food revolution look ridiculous, would have damaged the whole health food industry. You did the right thing! It was smart of you to say no!

  38. LynnCS says:

    Kevin. So glad you had the courage of your convictions. It’s time the world understands that even 100% raw eaters often times don’t agree. I am not going to stay all raw, but glad I had those 6 months or so to iron out my symptoms and get off the meds. I know that all the smoothies and juices I did and do gives me concentrated nutrition more that I can’t get any other way. I eat more fruit now; more greens and over all much better food. I try don’t see any thing I can get from eating meat that I can’t get from plant foods, so have no plans to eat them. I avoid dairy. I have learned more about how some grains affect me badly. I avoid them and have learned about chia, quinoa, buckwheat and many other seeds and grain like foods and their values. This journey has taught me that there is/are so many varieties of plant foods that I had no idea about, and how to enjoy them. I never want to be so entrenched in a philosophy that I don’t have an open mind. I am on a journey, a search for what is best for me at any one time.

    The people shown on the clip are the extreme and would be sick about food and eating no matter what they attached themselves to. I have had my own problems with overeating. This is the best I’ve ever been. I am off all meds and most of the symptoms I was having are no longer a problem. The only thing that I still suffer with a bit is the “fibromialgia.” It might be time for a juice fast. I don’t see it as a way of life, but as a method of healing. I have started taking some herbs to assist the body systems get better/stronger. Lots going on.

    The one thing I don’t do any more is preach to the family about doing raw and getting rid of their diseases. They don’t want to hear it.

    Yes, I have said no to a lot of things that really looked good at the time, never regretted it. If the decision is made in a thoughtful way, prayerfully, it’s always right. It has to be, God’s in charge. Make it and move on. Let it be a stepping stone to the next part of life. Yahoo! Good Work, Kevin..Lynn

  39. Great article, including the video on orthorexia. Very moving. Your actions are genuine and you are a great inspiration.

  40. Kathy says:

    You will never go wrong by following your heart! I follow your blog because I can see your honesty, and don’t even own a television, what more can I say!

  41. Nadia says:

    Kevin I love your honesty and how much of your life you are willing to share – you are a great inspiration.

  42. Kuru says:

    Poor Viktoras! Wonder how he got conned into doing that show. He had the answers but that aggressive Stossel was just down his throat. I have to say I have known two orthorexic people. They are truly deluded and very unhealthy, but to lump everybody who cares about what they put in their body in that category is irresponsible,

    Kevin, just keep talking to those who truly can hear, just like you’re doing.

  43. Qbmc Qman says:

    The video with Viktoras indicates something was very wrong with his diet/protocol. Maybe too much cleansing/detoxing. Maybe some nutrient(s) missing and maybe that is because of too much cleansing and ‘washing’ out of vital nutrients. Detox isn’t meant to be done continually.

    There are many people who are raw foodists vegans and look very healthy. They are the few who do it right.

    Many raw foodists are not only enjoying great health but they have been healed of some horrendous diseases by going raw. They are the ones doing it right.

    Most people probably should not go totally raw and/or totally vegan. Some people’s idea of vegan is buying macaroni and cheese and some canned vegs with the odd salad and lots of bread. There is quite a learning curve to learn eating raw and/or vegan which most people will not do. I tell them to eat as much raw vegs and/or veg juice as they can, perhaps starting small and increasing the raw foods a little at a time. I recommend some meat and eggs from organic sources,if poss. I mostly give some basics and tell them not to worry about it or obsess about it. I recommend detoxing 2 or 3 times a year if possible for about 2-3 weeks at a time.

    I recommend that it is ok to try a new diet for a little while but to return to what works best for them. It might be ok to try Victoras’ protocol but I would not stay on it for more than a month …from the look of him.

    I know what people are like. If they don’t take the time to learn how to properly eat raw but do it anyway, they will blame the diet if something goes wrong. They never blame themselves for not having followed it properly.

  44. shine says:

    i think you did right kev..tv just want a story with zest ..the vid was interesting too..although out of context i was inspired by the line..you cant control how you die only how you live – it does seem crazy ( the raw world especially) is all about cleansing more and more and dong more horrible things to oneself – this site is refreshing from all of that ..thankyou

  45. Dianne says:

    This all boils down to 1. intuition and 2. fear.

    1. Intuition: Kevin, I applaud you – once again! 🙂 – for listening to your intuition. That’s the main message I’m getting from this one.

    2. Fear: I feel that fear is the “core” of diets, and why diets don’t work. When you have fear, you’re going in the wrong direction. Yes, a lesson I had to learn on my own.

    Again, thank you for your wisdom and incredible honesty. It’s why I am a fan of Renegade Health. 🙂

  46. Barb says:

    Kevin, you are such a gem. I have never been tested so I don’t know if I would have your incredible integrity. It would certainly be great to get the message out to a very wide audience but a lot of those who “get it” have found you anyways and are passing you along.So please just keep up your intended path.You certainly seem to know what that is.

  47. Bryan says:

    I think that was a good call Kevin.

    Simply follow the money. In this case, not what you might get paid, but who is paying the bills for that show. ABC ~ Disney, promote healthy anything that is not patented or upsell marketable? Not going to happen in this decade. Just look how the editors chose to show all those doubtful grimaces from Kimora. Even if after she drank it, and maybe nodded her head and said, “This is better than I was thinking it was going to be. I can drink a glass a day.” All those other non-verbal communications beforehand set the audience up to say, “Yeah right.”

    Kinda like the responses here when having a discussion about coffee enemas. A lot of folks who I assume have pretty healthy life styles were sounding like it might be a coin toss between Chemotherapy and 5 coffee enemas a day if they were looking at a cancer diagnosis in the eye.

    The tide is coming in on a significantly upgraded healthy life style. Stepping carefully is a good idea. One never knows what lesson may get set up when we knowingly compromise our principles. Example; who wold think that doing the ‘right’ thing by your customers could turn in to a legal nightmare with one of your vendors?

    Keep digging and experimenting Kevin. You will find the right combination, balance and vehicle for folks to hear the message. I’m sure of it.

  48. pe says:

    More crucial than NO was suggesting others, and other ideas, to the producer.
    As for John Stossel, he’s tiresome as a flack for mainstream thinking, bravely combating ‘errors’ that (oddly) tend to upset How Things Are. He told Viktoras he looked older, implying …what?
    Viktoras could have added, Had I brought along someone who looked much better than you, you would dismiss him/her as a sample of one. Yet you don’t hesitate to use that mode of thought to dis me.
    We need a word for selective reasoning of that sort: Orthologia? Crinomania?

  49. Mauri says:

    I admire your decision. Or better yet – applaud it.

  50. Chris Wark says:

    I take every opportunity to share my story to the media even when I sense it might be an ambush. If fact I did I just finished another news interview today!

    Despite ulterior motives of some in the media, when you speak the truth, it cuts through.

    Even if their full intention is to make you look bad, there will also be people that see through media bias.
    I know that there are people out there who need to hear my story, just like I needed to hear stories of natural survivors when I was sick.

    I may be the only one who says this but I actually like John Stossel, he has done some really great exposes on govt fraud, healthcare, etc.
    I recommend watching all his pieces online.

    And I actually liked this Orthorexia piece… sort of.

    It is possible to become so obsessive over your health to a degree that you become unhealthy, as his examples illustrate.
    This is what I call “food fear” or brainwashing yourself into thinking that only raw foods are healthy to the point that you are almost afraid to eat anything.

    And that comment that Kulvinskas made about Kate starving to death as a result of malnutrition from obsessive detoxification rituals was RIDICULOUS,
    “…at least she got detoxified and clean and moved on into another incarnation”.

    I thought my head was going to explode when he said that.

    And since when is putting your hands together behind your back an indicator of supreme health? LOL!

    After 90 days on the 100% raw vegan diet my naturopath added some cooked foods and clean meats back to my diet along with a high percentage of raw food and juicing. This helped me maintain my weight and was a key component to my success in beating cancer with nutrition and natural therapies in 2004.

    After sharing my story last year at the Cancer Control Society convention in LA, I had a woman with cancer come up to me and say, “I really wanted to talk to you because you’re the only one up there who looks healthy.” Thank you!

    My only criticism is that Stossel didn’t represent any stories of people thriving on a high raw diet, like you Kevin!

  51. Laura says:

    Good decision Kevin!

    As far as Viktoras, he is out there but he is interesting as well. As far as John Stossel, well he’s pretty much a ass (sorry to disparage a perfectly wonderful animal). Obviously, the orthorexic people shown do not have a healthy diet and are starving themselves! They are using “cleansing” or “detox” to avoid much deeper issues. It’s not the detox that is killing them, it’s self-abuse. BTW, John Stossel may be only 8 years younger than Viktoras but he clearly has had botox and was better looking to started out with! I do wonder what he is hiding behind that very dated mustache, hmmm….

  52. Josea C. says:

    Hey, if it makes you feel any better, my four year old son asked me the other night “mum? whats a ‘television’?” grin. blessings Josea

  53. Heike says:

    And that is why I support you and recommend you to others.Being authentic with integrity and true to yourself is very noble and I applaud you for that.Be an awesome Dad and Husband and keep passing it on.Magic is real.Arohanui Heike

  54. anisa says:

    i was asked to be in a documentry o channel 4 in england by a freind.it was about asian women working from home .i am a complimentary therapist .but the way they wanted to include my family and clients i was not very happy with .i am so glad that i did not expose my family and client to it .your privacy goes and you really get alot of bad publicity as well. i am so happy that you made the right choice as well.i really appreciate your blog thank you .

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