Modeling a Healthy Lifestyle Minus the Coffee, Smokes & 500-Calorie Diet : by Guest Author Anthony Anderson

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Model Anthony Anderson credits his clean diet
with helping him maintain his good looks.

I went into the profession of modeling very unassuming. I figured it was worth exploring. I’d earned my BS in Business and Marketing (and much of it turned out to be BS), and then started traveling to Europe and spending time in NYC. I never really thought modeling would work for me, but I remained open-minded about it. Soon though, I realized there might be a chance to make it work, and because it did, I gained the opportunity to take my health practices to a completely different level.

How I Started Clean Eating
The spark for clean eating came even before the possibilities of a modeling career. I initially started thinking about it when I became aware of the environmental destruction due to modern livestock operations, and all the pain and suffering of the animals and humans involved in it. I decided that in no way did I want to support such an industry or eat that diseased food.

I adopted a more vegetarian style first, but with lots of cooked grains and baguettes, so I wasn’t quite feeling the vitality from the switch. I was getting the basics down, though: eat real food—or at least minimize the heavily processed, low quality factory foods—drink high quality water, and then consistently use natural soaps, detergents, and cosmetics like hair wax, toothpaste, and deodorant.

I checked out the possibilities with all of this, took it seriously both for environmental concerns and then strangely enough, for financial reasons, and…it worked!

I Found the Secret
So here was this secret that was so huge and blatantly obvious, but seemed to be so unnoticed or even simply dismissed. In my mid 20’s, I was eating clean for the first time in my life. Growing up, it was grilled cheese, macaroni & cheese, microwaved this or that, and some proper dinners, but still my diet mainly consisted of processed ingredients.

Now, it was leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, plus good fats like coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and olive oil. My skin is now really clear, and my hair thick and shiny. The hair and makeup team on my jobs always comment on the shiny hair, and when I tell them it’s all about nutritious eating styles, I figure in their minds they’re picturing carrots and lettuce instead of coconuts and chocolate. But really, it’s all of those things and so much more now.

From One End of the Spectrum to the Other
From Clearasil pads to not even having to pay attention to my skin anymore. From excess inflammation and water retention to a much more defined look. Everything was falling into place.

To me, it’s no surprise that if we adhere to the guidelines of nature and live greener, cleaner lives, we greatly increase our inner and outer beauty. These are the building blocks for the cells that we’re made of…why not use premium materials?

Some other models have caught onto this, as have many actors and actresses. It just makes sense. Eating organic foods and blocking out toxins does so much more for us than just helping us to avoid sickness. It makes life more vibrant and even magical. No pain in any of the joints, healthy skin and teeth, brighter eyes, plus mental clarity…it all adds up.

Many others in the fashion industry live on coffee, cigarettes, and 500 calories a day. It never works long term, and those using such strategies should know—they strip you of so much nutrition, the weight lost just isn’t worth it. Certainly better options exist!

My Staples
The staples at the moment for me?

  • Organic fruits and vegetables. Organic everything, really. Why save $1-2 to be exposed to chemicals and GMOs? With the Internet, farmers markets, and more green retailers, quality food is becoming really easy to find.
  • Good fats. They keep us satisfied, give a healthy shine to our hair, and greatly improve nutrient absorption. Our brains need good fats to function, and options like coconut oil, grass fed butter, macadamia oil, krill oil, olive oil, and a few others are amazing options available.
  • Chemical-free water. The quickest path to health entails taking our water pretty seriously—both drinking and bathing water. High quality spring water, hopefully in glass or harvested yourself, is a great option. Shower filters are a must if you live in a city, and even if you don’t, just in case. Anything added to that water supply like fluoride and chlorine gets absorbed right into the skin and the lungs. Avoid that as much as possible.
  • Green cosmetics. Toothpaste, make up, hair products, moisturizers—all are much more beauty promoting if not loaded with chemicals. I use Dr. Bronner’s and Zeolite clay for toothpaste, and coconut oil for moisturizing and hair. Check the back of a conventional deodorant product and try to name half of the chemicals you see. And they are absorbing right into the skin. Um, no way. Not for me.

We can all win. Clean products promote a greener planet, make healthier and more physically attractive consumers, and overall create a better way to live life.

Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson is a public speaker, permaculture enthusiast, health coach, model, and beekeeper. He gives talks around the world about designing greener lifestyles and his social initiative, “Grow Paradise.” Its mission is to promote the development of edible food forests in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Focusing on positive solutions to the environmental and health challenges we face, Grow Paradise. is spreading both inspiration and the awareness of our right to live on and co-create a paradise planet. Join the positive energy!

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