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We have an amazing 5 days in store for you…

I’m going to call it the Renegade Health Natural Cancer Awareness Week and — until Friday — I’m going to take some fantastic clips from the Healing Cancer World Summit and share them with you here on the blog. The idea is that you learn the information so you’re more knowledgeable about natural cancer protocols, but also so you can pass these along to a friend or family member in need. During this time, we’ll also going to open up a week long sale for the Healing Cancer World Summit Archives (with all the bonuses.) After the event, we shut the doors on this program and now it’s available for only a short time (this week!)

In this audio episode, you’ll hear cancer doctor Dr. Francisco Contreras explain his natural cancer treatment survival statistics and how they differ from the stats from conventional treatments.

This is a MUST listen if you’ve ever doubted the effectiveness of natural treatments.

This audio is part of the Healing Cancer World Summit Archives, which is available for only a few more days. You can access this here if you want the complete program of over 16 hours of great information from the world’s leading natural cancer doctors.

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Now on to the interview… (Here’s the link that we reference in the audio: click here.)

Your question of the day: After hearing this, how do you feel about cancer survival rates for natural and conventional treatments?

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Here’s the transcript of this interview…

KEVIN: Great, and since we’re talking about survival rates and you know testing and finding these markers. I would like to point everyone actually to a page on your website which is so let me give that one more time and we’re going to talk about it. So if you don’t get it right now you can come back, listen to it again and you know get the webpage that is now this page is a fantastic representation of what you’re doing Dr. Contreras. So why don’t you explain a little bit about you know what the conventional survival rates are for certain cancers and then what you’re seeing with the protocols that you use.

DR. CONTRERAS: Well, I’m very proud of this work because this is very, very important work that very few hospitals of our size, we are a small hospital in Mexico that has no governmental support, and so everything that we do, we do on our own. But it is always important to show to yourself first and then to the rest of the world the fruit of your work and the results of your hypothesis. That is we begin with a hypothesis of what cancer is, how we need to treat it and then we design a protocol and then we view the results. And so this is a combination of five years of work in four different types of tumors that are the most common. Now, that doesn’t mean that our therapy doesn’t work in any other types of tumors just that it’s very difficult to do a study like this in all tumors. We don’t have the funding unfortunately for it. So we did the study in the most common tumors and show our results. As I was mentioning to you, it’s very important to show results because everybody it doesn’t matter what you use, you will have, you will have good results. I mean if you are treating cancer with water there is somebody that is going to be cured with water, okay. The important thing is how you do in groups of patients with the same disease and with a certain protocol. And as I mentioned to you, it is important to note that we do make some very important differentiations between patient to patient, that is we tailor-make. But the basic results are – I mean the results are based on a basic therapy that we give to a number of patients. So, what we did is first, we designed our protocols for a cancer of the breast. All of our patients are stage four and so for cancer of the breast, for cancer of the lung, for cancer of the ovary and for cancer of the colon. I think that it would take a long time to talk about all of them. But let me concentrate on cancer of the breast because this is. So we have a number of patients with the same diagnosis and the same staging, which is terminal cancer of the breast. And we compare them to two people that have published and there is very, very few. The one that we are using is the steer which is results of a number of it is a meta analysis, that is a large amount of number of studies, a large number of patients from a large or a good number of studies done in different hospitals with the same protocol. And then they provide results. And so those are from the NCI the National Cancer Institute. And these are results from the typical conventional therapy. Then we compare it to our therapy, which is the IRT meaning, Integrative Regulatory Therapy. So those are all the therapies that we do for our patients where I talked about the preparation, the diet, the emotional and spiritual support everything is included on that. And so we compare them also to the cancer treatment centers of America. Now we did out study for five years, the cancer treatment centers are providing only for one or two years. Again, because it’s very difficult to follow patients and very expensive to do it for five years but we wanted to do the thing as the NCI. So if you see on our breast cancer patients that were treated before they came to us. We have about 98% of our patients are alive after five years. In comparison to 65% from the conventional therapy, that is very significant. If you look at the next one, when the cancer comes to us for virgin to treatment, without any treatment a 100% of our patients are alive after one year. And so, obviously because there is Stage 4 cancer patients very complicated as years go by the numbers start to drop. But at the end of 5 years we have, almost three times as many patients alive that the conventional therapy. And this is with therapies that the patients virtually suffer no side effects and their quality of life is excellent. In very, you know a lot of alternative centers do not like to give the statistics because obviously then the other 60% did not make it. And a lot of people feel that you know, 45 or 50% is nothing to write home about, it is, especially when you compare it to 20% from conventional therapy alone. And these patients suffer a tremendous amount of loss of quality of life during those five years. So we rather give information as is and we’re not, this way we’re not claiming that we cure everybody because we don’t. We do not have the answer to cancer. I think that what we are telling here the public is that we have a very, very good option and there is a lot more hope in integrating therapies than in conventional therapy alone. And so that’s what our statistics show and you will find results as I mentioned to you for cancer of the lung, is where we have our best results. It’s you know, they claim year the series claims that 1% of the patients are alive after five years with stage 4 cancer of the lungs, I have not found one study yet that shows that. 99% of the patients die within the first year. And we have 20%, 19% of our patients alive after 5 years with stage 4 cancer of the lungs. That’s our best result. So the difference is from 1% to 90% almost 20 times better results with our therapy than with conventional therapy alone. In cancer of the breast it is about three times, in cancer of the ovary also about three times, in cancer of the colon is almost two times. But here it is, a big difference in cancer of the lung. The sear report is all stage four cancers of the colon and they say that it is 10%. Now, all of our stage 4 cancers of the colon are with metastasis to the liver. The median or the average lifespan with conventional therapy with metastasis to the liver is four months. And we have 17% of our patients alive after 5 years. And on the sear it’s combining all of the cases. So if you have stage 4 cancer of the colon but without metastasis to the liver then your chance of surviving five years is that 10%. But with metastasis of the liver is zero. So all of our patients are with metastasis to the liver and we have you know this 17%. So even though it looks small it is very, very significant. For us what is important is we want to let people know our results as they are and we want them to know that we are an option and that we are going to do everything possible to help them. But we are not curing. We do not have the cure for cancer.

This audio is part of the Healing Cancer World Summit Archives, which is available for only a few more days. You can access this here if you want the complete program of over 16 hours of great information from the world’s leading natural cancer doctors.

Click here to read more about this package and purchase now!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Good statistics. We have to get this info into the mainstream media, but I know that’s an uphill battle.
    I exclusively used alternative methods to cure my aggressive prostate cancer from 7 years ago. Previously, both parents and a sister died after succumbing to conventional medical treatment.
    I can only describe the “conventional methods” as criminal, and I’m embarrassed for the MDs and politicians who have swallowed the pharmaceutical propaganda so completely.

  2. Siobhan says:

    Hi Kev,

    Just wanted to point out a significant typo in the transcript. The “90%’ below should be 19%. Just don’t want anyone accusing Dr. Contrasas of falsifying results! :->

    So the difference is from 1% to 90% almost 20 times better results with our therapy than with conventional therapy alone.

  3. Dennis Corby says:

    I would like to see a discussion with Dr. M. T. Morter. He had a study done by an independent source, where the participants were medical and chiropractic failures when entering the program.
    It was considered that a 5% success rate, based on the quality of patients who began the program, would be statistically significant. The results were 85% of the patients had successful recovery from a variety of diseases and ailments.

  4. melissa says:

    We called Oasis of Hope when our little boy was diagnosed and they don’t treat children. Besides the Burzynski Clinic, which we went to and it didn’t work for us, do have any resources for alternatives for kids wiyh cancer? Good info and glad word is getting out.

  5. Rebecca Cody says:

    Based on Ralph Moss’ information, which I respect and think is very reliable, for my age and the type of aggressive breast cancer I was facing, surgery and full dose chemo would have given me only a 3% chance of living five years. So, I decided that even if I don’t live a long life, I chose NOT to destroy my immune system and make myself sick and miserable for months on end. I’m still here two years following insulin potentiation chemotherapy, detox, raw diet, etc. I still may not make it five years, but at least I’ll not destroy my body prematurely with full dose chemo.

    Meanwhile, I’ve met a number of women with similar aggressive breast cancers who either did surgery only, which causes some cancers to immediately metastasize, or did the full allopathic treatment. All have either had their cancers return or, sadly, are no longer with us.

  6. Rebecca Cody says:

    One more thing. When oncologists tell you a cancer is responding, that means only that it has shrunk by a certain amount for a given period. The problem is, the cancer cells that don’t respond are resistant to the chemo, and then grow very quickly. These cells now present a new problem: you can’t kill them with that same chemo, so it’s time to begin a new round of chemo with different drugs, and the poor patient is sick and miserable again.

    Unfortunately, your oncologist is unlikely to tell you how much longer chemo may keep you barely alive. I had a cousin who died right on time after taking all the chemo they could throw at him for colorectal cancer. Statistics show he would only have lived two months less had he skipped the drugs and just enjoyed those last couple of years he had.

  7. lizzy says:

    I personally think that cancer is something that people believe in, and therefore give it power.
    I don’t really believe in cancer.

    I believe in acidosis and toxicity, when you relieve both of these, cancer is not really the issue. Cancer is like the rash that someone may get when they are allergic to something.

    It is not as solid as it is made to be.

  8. Mark says:

    There is a revolutionary alternative cancer treatment protocol using high dose selenium, vitamin K3 and a methionine restriction diet. This is a 100% natural and non-toxic treatment that has been clinically evaluated and has produced extraordinary results in patients with highly advanced cancers. It is simple to administer and can be done completely at home
    or at a naturopathic or integrative medical clinic.

    The diet is free of all animal products and composed of mostly tropical fruits. The diet alone will cause tumor regression. Cancer cells require methionine for survival and reproduction while normal cells will simply
    go into a quiescent state. Cancer cells bypass all cell cycle checkpoints
    and proceed to cell cycle arrest without methionine.

    The combination of sodium selenite (inorganic selenium) and K3 is a very safe, potent and selective chemotherapeutic agent.

    Please visit for more information.

  9. paul batson says:

    I am very driven by all these comments and this artical,
    I myself had cancer base of togue no found primary ( found in lymph node neck) radical neck disecion was my first op then 2 years later it returned after continuing my flybouant life style etc after radio and chemo to treat more lyphe nodes i read about the gerson , then 3 month later it returned another neck dicsection . was offered more chemo .
    I said no and started the natural health diet not gerson it was too much for me as i still work every day ,
    I do do the juicing and a few enema every week .
    I felt after 2 weeks almost human again , its been nearly 1 yr since then and i am still juicing and wheather or not the cancer has gone i feel like im fitter than i was at 18 and am so 100% confident and so sure this is the right way to go .
    love this website and peronaly think cancer is something that can be treated and overcome by the person inside us if we give it the chance

    ps sorry if this is the wrong threat to mention this

  10. Lester says:

    I know a widowed man with terminal cancer that went to the Philippines for psychic surgery. He had to leave his 9 year old daughter at home in the U.S. Unfortunately, he very quickly became too ill to travel back to his home and died after a couple months while his daughter was not there to share the end of his life. One has to ask is it worth traveling away from family and friends for that extra percent of life one hopes to win without chemo, and there is no guarntee? With the chemo, family and friends you might not live as long and it could be very unpleasant but I believe there is some special benefit for all participating in such a spiritual / social experience. Hopefully someday that issue will be solved.

  11. Cancer is not a disease… It is a survival mechanism… as the book with the same title.
    We have always believed that natural (nature’s)methods are given to eliminate any illness. We just have to follow what nature provides.
    We have had people with the above challenges recover very quickly. The most miraculous is of a gentleman at 85 years of age that started with prostate cancer that metastasized into every part of his body. He was given 8-10 days to live and funeral arrangements were already made.
    With the help of an associate who specializes with certain methods… the gentleman was pronounced cancer-free on the 60th day by his doctor and was out hiking on his ranch.
    He lived another 10 years and passed away a natural death with no illness whatsoever.
    Many have eliminated their illnesses with this very simple method.
    If anyone wants to receive the full story and the method used, e-mail me at: or call: 250 220 1262
    Louis Hoolae HR ACS

  12. Bruce says:

    Looks like Oasis of Hope is a good clinic.

    I wonder why they are not using Hyperthermia with the RF8 machine from Japan, which is very effective combined with other treatments, or alone. Which also helps reduce side effects of other treatments like radiation and chemo. Through the activation of immunocompetent cells and release of certain families of heat shock proteins. After heating of tumor areas to 43.5 degrees C.

    Also transarterial chemoembolization would likely work well together, by only using a microdose of chemo directly applied to the tumor sites and then blocking off the blood supply with hepasphere beads. Essentially starving the tumors and leaving them soaked in anticancer medicine. Amazing results in Japan. But this technique requires lots of expensive equipment and excellent technique by the surgeon.

    I’m guessing Oasis of hope could improve their statistics even more with the addition of these two minimally invasive treatments.
    Since they are complimentary to all of the treatments Oasis of Hope is currently providing.


  13. Bryan says:

    I think it is a shame that our current system is so biased that doctors will actually scare patients at a time of extreme vulnerability into their system of medicine and not even talk about the statistics and quality of life information between “medicine” and doing nothing at all, let alone try an ‘alternative’ treatment.

    It sounds like this will change under the new Health Care laws. Doctors will be talking about quality of life and longevity differences with ‘old’ people that the government deems not worth spending the money on helping live longer and paying for expensive treatments. 🙁

    Be interesting to see one huge cash sucking entity battling another when they both have the “real” statistics on treatment success. I just wonder what the spin will be on the information given to the patients. “I’m sorry Mr. Jones, but according to charts, your Govt. insurance is not willing to spend $100K on a treatment that may extend your life one more year compared to living 6 months with no treatment when at 75 years of age, you have already gone past your statistically derived life span. Muah ha ha ha.

  14. John Hall says:

    I recovered from chronic Melanoma in the lymph,
    26 tumors and 10 metastisised since 3 years ago.
    After the surgery under my left arm, doc said I would die in 3-6 months.I went to a Holistic Dr Joiner who recommended a protocol which I did exactly. today I am alive, vital, with good blood reads, and feeling pretty good for age 74!
    I completed a book BEATING CANCER CAN BE FUN (Cancer surviving strategies for first time diagnosed cancer patients), on e book Amazon, theNOOK, hardback and soft at Barnes and Noble.
    One of my main motivations for the book was
    NCI stats on “for anyone who had chemo or radiation, 95% are dead by end of year 5”
    Thanks for your interview of Dr Contreras
    JOhn Hall, author,MFT, MA

  15. Elaine says:

    I wanted to respond to Rebecca Cody’s comment. I am so sorry you are faced with breast cancer. I wanted to tell you about my sister. A few years ago she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and did all the conventional treatments. Her cancer returned to stage 4 with metasis to her liver, ribs, hip, spine, neck. She was given 6 months to live and told her cancer could not be cured. She went to Dr. Rogers in Mexico and is doing the gerson plus protocol and has also incorporated a lot of pancreatic enzymes from Dr. Gonzales (from New York) protocol. She is going on 7 months and I believe she is going to beat this. She just got over her 6 month healing reaction. 13 juices a day and 5 coffee enemas, vegan diet, supplements. Research gerson… of luck to you.

  16. Erina says:

    I’m going with what Lizzy said above.

  17. BarbaraL says:

    Is it just me? I had much difficulty making sense of the writing? Lots of hung sentences and non sequiturs made me not finish the article. However I totally agree with Lizzy about belief in a disease brings it into fruition.

  18. hyesun says:

    i agree with lizzy too!!!!

  19. Angela says:

    I know a lady named Pauly,who lost a mother and a sister to breast cancer, treated with conventional medicine. This sweet, proactive, woman in her 60s found out she had breast cancer. She took a natural approach and won! She was the person who set me on a natural and holistic approach to life. Her method was with “N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T.” It is a treatment for anyone in any stage of life, age, or illness. It can be looked up very easily.
    N: nutrition with whole food, vegan diet.
    E: Exercise (Pauly swung on a swing at her neighborhood park 1 hour daily)
    W: Drinking plenty of water. Pauly also did daily hot/cold showers.
    S: Sunlight
    T: Temperance-all things in moderation.
    A: Air-Breathing pure air.
    R: Rest
    T: Trust in Divine Power.
    She beat it with confidence every time. She beat it 3 times. The second and third time it came back she was in an accident and dealing with her husbands decline due to old age. Both times she stopped her NEWSTART life style. As soon as she got back to it, her breast cancer left her body. She is my rolemodel and this all happened about 12-13 years ago.

  20. lizzy says:

    YaY! I got three agreements.
    Thank you Brina! Thank you Barbara and Hysun!

    And there are many success stories, where people visualized their cancer melting, or disappearing, and it did. One especially powerful case of a guy who believed a new drug would cure him and it did. When he heard the drug was proven to be ineffective he died soon after.

    Yet it is not just belief, it is also basic science.

    Cancer is really just a very serious bad deadly allergic reaction, and that is how it needs to be treated, not as some mysterious havoc wrecker.

    When something is mysterious it is powerful, like the Wizard of Oz, as soon as you take it apart and you begin to understand it, the thing loses its power.

    Cancer in the medicine world is still a BIG.. I DON’T KNOW. We don’t know how you got it. We don’t know how to cure it. We are searching for the cure. These types of thinking create the big scary monster in the closet, that creates fear, and the fear ultimately cause rash treatments and creates death.

    As soon as you turn on the light, and say listen, your body is reacting to something, there is high acidity, your body is full of toxins. Than the entire picture becomes understandable, and therefore able to be faced and dealt with.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Has anyone had success with treating Chronic Myeloid Leukemia naturally. My husband’s oncologist tells us that Craig will always need to take Sprycel. However, this form of chemo seems to have revolutionized CML treatment. Thanks

  22. abigail story says:

    Melissa, have you looked into The Gerson Institute? I am doing everything to prevent cancer now, but should I ever have cancer I know that is where I will be going. Prayers to you and your precious child.

  23. Lynn says:

    There is a web site (not mine) that offers 8-herb tea that the Ojibway Native Indians in Canada have used for over 100 yrs to ‘melt’ cancers. President John F. Kennedy’s MD from Boston researched this Flor Essence Tea & found that it killed cancer cells. It is recommended that you drink 2 oz in AM & 2 oz in PM. The Canadian RN who helped many folks reverse their cancers by hand gathering these 8 herbs & making tea for folks with end-stage cancers had so many stories of cancers disappearing & folks surviving into their senior years — including her own mother & aunt diagnosed with liver & pancreatic cancers. This RN learned about the tea from one of her patients who had refused aggressive treatment for her breast cancer in her younger yrs & who drank the tea & lived into her 90’s!

  24. Selene says:


    I know you didn’t mean to … and I believe your heart is in the right place, especially in regard to mind-body connection … but your comment is very insensitive to those of us who have cancer.

    You’re talking theory — though a beautiful theory — and we’re down in the mud facing things you can’t imagine, that has turned out lives completely upside down.

    Some of us may choose traditional treatments, some complementary, and others may go totally alternative.

    Whichever way, each person with cancer should be treated with respect and care. It’s tough enough facing each day with optimism, joy, and peace without being told that it’s just a bad allergic reaction!

    It’s a very complex, intricate imbalance in the immune system that can be treated … but with compassion and support, not saying that it’s “not a solid as it’s made out to be.”

  25. Sharon C. says:

    Please check out Dr Robert Morse’s You Tube channel. Among his older videos, he has a series of videos on cancer. His clinic has helped thousands of people regain their health from various issues including cancer, for over 40 years. Lots of great free information on his channel.

  26. suzanne says:

    Loved the info, but missed alot because of typos and wording.

  27. marie-andree says:

    I am sorry Lynn but the product you are talking about is not Flore Essence, but ESSIAC. Rene Caisse sold the recipe to the company Resperin for $1.00 in 1977 and the name of the product is Essiac and the contract was signed in front of Dr Charles Brush of Cambridge Mass. official witness to the signing of the contract. Flor Essence is a contrefaite. You should read the book ”Bridge of Hope”written about her story by James W. Demers. The President of the company Mr. Mulroney, leave here in Ottawa, Canada. I have been selling that product for more than 8 years and it help me with my breast cancer and my husband prostate cancer 8 years ago. It also save a man from a brain cancer tumor 7 years ago and the doctors could not do anything to him. He tried Essiac and he is still alive. He goes to Florida every winter with his case of Essiac.

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