Who Do YOU Want Me to Interview? : A Renegade Health Question for You…

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interview cherie soria
Interviewing Cherie Soria at the Raw Spirit Festival — I definitely am taking her very seriously.

Today, I was talking to our longtime (and essential!) team member Lisa about who to interview in the upcoming year.

I, personally, have interviewed 100’s of experts over the years and was having a little trouble coming up with new ideas. Sometimes I feel like I’ve interviewed — or been denied an interview — from just about everyone. (Michael Pollan has been a “no” 5 times and counting!)

We obviously can interview people we’ve already spoken too, but I — as always — want to expand my knowledge by bringing new people into the fold.

So we hit an apparent road block…

Until Lisa came up with a great idea.

Just ask you!

Instead of us guessing about who you want me to interview, we’re just going to ask you to provide us with the names of experts you want us to interview.

Then Lisa will be filled with ideas and be able to get started sending out our media requests.

What I also decided to do, to make this even more fun — and to give you a little more incentive to share — is if everyone as a team gets together and we have 200 blog posts then it will “unlock” a 4 hour, 50% off deal on all our digital programs that will start shortly after the 200th post. (Don’t worry, I’ll notify you about it!)

Keep in mind the comments have to be real suggestions that are thoughtful… You can’t say Barack Obama and expect it to count!

So that’s the deal, let us know who you want us to interview, post it below and if we hit 200 posts, then I’ll turn on a 50% off deal on all digital programs that will last for 4 hours (I’ll give you plenty of notice, so it won’t start right away!)

If we don’t… well… I honestly think we will. 🙂

Obviously, your question of the day: Who do you want us to interview in 2012?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Adrienne Baksa says:

    1) Gabe Cousens
    2) Joseph Mercola
    3) Christiane Northrup
    4) Dean Ornish
    5) Michael Klaper
    6) Joel Fuhrman

    How’s that for a start?


  2. Susan says:

    How about:
    Gabriel Cousens
    Ritamarie Loscalzo
    Woody Harleson

  3. Joan says:

    Hans Diehl – he founded the CHIP program – (coronary health improvement program)- he would be a good person to share if you can get him!

  4. Marie says:

    Jeffrey Smith

  5. Joanna says:

    Please consider interviewing Donna Eden. She is known as the mother of Energy Medicine. Her program is extensive and inspiring. You can find out more about her at http://www.innersource.com

  6. John Morrow says:

    Whoever the person is at the FDA or USDA who decides what disgusting foods kids are forced to eat for lunches.

  7. jenn b says:

    Joel Fuhrman. Dr Oz. Deepok Chopra.

  8. Dr. Mercola
    Dr. Fuhrman
    Dr. Doug McGuff (Body by Science)
    Dr. Goldhamer

  9. Donna says:

    Please interview Rawbert! He’s terrific.


  10. Lana says:

    The others have already Put down My choices !
    Gabe, Mercola and Furhman

  11. Jo-Ann Hutchings says:

    How about Suzanne summers

  12. I recommend you get a fresh view from Dr. Jeff Hazim and Chaim Goldman from http://biblicalhealth.tv

  13. Elizabeth Williams says:

    1. Joseph Mercola
    2. Bruce Lipton
    3. David Wolfe

  14. Mlyn says:

    Suzanne Somers

  15. Veggie B says:

    Susun Weed author of “Healing Wise” and other books about using herbs and the “wise woman” approach to healing and health … she’s big on herbal infusions and cooking brassicas for a long time (claims eating them raw means you don’t absorb any minerals … definitely not a raw food or vegan advocate but very compelling and interesting ….

  16. Wanda says:

    Christiane Northrup
    Mona Lisa Schulz
    Louise Hay

  17. Jackie says:

    Andreas Mortiz

  18. Patricia says:

    1) Julieanna Hever, M.S., R.D., C.P.T.
    2) Brenda Davis, R.D.
    3) Vesanto Melina, M.S., R.D.

  19. Moira says:

    I would definitely like to hear you interview Dr. Lawrence Wilson (www.drlwilson.com)as well as the many mentioned above! Thank you!

  20. Sylvia says:

    These are all great suggestions. I have one that is a little different. Why not interview some regular doctors who don’t necessarily focus on nutrition as a part of their practice?

  21. Lalitha says:

    Rick simpson of “forbidden cure” and http://phoenixtears.ca/.
    He is living in exile in europe is my understanding. A brave man indeed who has helped heaps of people but no doubt controversial.

  22. jenness says:

    Joseph Mercola

    David Wolfe

    Richard Kunin

  23. Elizabeth says:

    How about:
    Brendan Brazier
    (and Dr Oz would be pretty cool as well!!)

  24. Lynette says:

    Menhla at Hacienda del Sol in San Juanillo, Costa Rica ( She is a raw food and cleanse specialist) If she is unfamiliar to you get her info via FB

  25. CatSnap says:

    Cousen’s wife on Yoga. Also, anyone who can help us with “raw vegan” feeding of pets. Not the raw BARF diet, though that is a good start.

    I love hearing the latest from the Boutenko’s as they are so easy to follow. Their lifestyle and food preparation is simple and wholesome.

    Matthew Kenney, Jameth Sheridan, Nick Stern of Sun Warrior.

    I am sure there are more, but I am working atm and that is it for now.

    Thanks for asking! 🙂

  26. Findabair says:

    Jamie Oliver
    Daniel Vitalis
    Frederic Patenaude
    Nadine Artemis

    Would all make great interviews, look forward to the coming year 🙂

  27. Bee says:

    Some you may not know about :
    Dr. Neal Nedley – an expert in depression recovery using lifestyle
    Dr. Agatha Thrash – an expert in natural foods for good health and natural remedies

  28. Sheryl says:

    Please consider the Hallelujah Acres team for a Biblical perspective. George Malkmus, founder ,and his team offer an 80/20 balance of raw to cooked, food have a lovely website with many delicious recipes and articles focused on reclaiming our health.

  29. Agnes says:

    Would love to hear Louise Hay,Donna Eden.

  30. Max Tuck says:

    You can interview me if you like!
    2 decades on raw food, degree-level scientist, author, athlete, British (for a bit of international interest)…
    Shout if you want more info!

  31. Dania Welch says:

    How about Shane Ellison The People’s Chemist.com

  32. Jerry says:

    Dr. Russell Blaylock has a world of knowledge
    When it comes to neurotoxins, cancer. ADHD, autism, etc.

  33. Berni says:

    How about Dr. Hiromi Shinya? He is a world re- knowned gastroenterologist who has written “The Enzyme Factor” and “The Microbe Factor.” He’s got a lot to say about colon health and diet. He is also a big proponent of alkaline water. It may be interesting to hear his perspective…

  34. Beatrice says:

    Joseph Mercola

  35. LuAnn says:

    1. OTI in San Diego

    2. Susan Powers of RAWMAZING

    3. John Kohler – again

    4. Ronnie & Mihn of ubraw

    5. Robyn of GreenSmoothieGirl

  36. L1Z says:

    I am interested in functional medicine (Dr Mark Hyman), nutritional medicine (Mark Hyman, J & P Balch, Patrick Holford (in the UK)), and sound healing (Joshua Leeds, Barbara Crowe).

  37. kathy says:

    Tim Ferris 4-hour work week, and 4-hour body. Also, DR Rosedale insulin expert.

  38. How about The People’s Chemist Shane Elison

  39. Beatrice says:

    plesase interview Joseph Mercola

  40. Jan Jensen says:

    Dr Christiane Northrup
    Dr Sara Gottfried
    ‘regular’ people (who have followed some of your advice) on how it worked for them … the pitfalls, the solutions etc

    Simple strategies seen from a variety of perspectives gives us more ways to tweak our awareness.

  41. Kim says:

    You may have already interviewed these folks, but it would be great to get a ‘current’ view of thier lives.
    Fred Patenaude
    Yuri Elkaim
    Doug Graham
    Michael Arstein
    Tim Van Orden
    Brandon Brazier
    And I’ll second on Rita Loscalzo

    Thanks for asking!!!

  42. Tosia Manka says:

    -Louise Hay

    -The guy and chickie from “Food Matters TV” – James and Laurentine – They produced “Food Matters” and have a new one coming out as well.

    -Someone who has incorporated the best of both worlds…(no idea of any name). I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, so I fully believe and understand the importance of eating the right foods, thinking the right thoughts and living a life of meaning. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like a great margarita and pizza from time to time (all the nasty stuff I know!) For me, the idea/stress of not consuming these foods once in a while is probably worse than the effects of the actual food! Is there someone out there who talks about this balance?

  43. Tatiana says:

    How about dr. Andrew Wakefield. (autism + vaccination link)

  44. Maureen says:

    Andreas Moritz
    Someone from Hulda Clark

  45. Jenn says:

    How about Dr. Michael Kiriac…researcher and inventor of BioSuperfood http://www.bioage.com
    the research he has done over his lifetime and the product he has created is amazing!

  46. Sherry Susuras says:

    Dr. Joseph Mercola!

  47. Nichole says:

    Gabe, Woody, and Dr. Northrup

  48. Susan Schuster says:

    One from Australia-
    Cyndi O’Meara from Changing Habits. She is an antropolgical dietician, she is author and is spreading the word about good quality natural health options.
    See changing habits website.

  49. LuAnn says:

    I thought of more:

    6. Patricia Braggs

    7. Victoria or Sergio Boutenko

    8. Paul & Ann Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres

  50. mary says:

    Among all the other wonderful suggestions, here’s a few more:
    Elaina Love
    Chad Sarno
    and this one is not food nutriion, it’s more whole
    body: Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len

  51. Hello Kevin,

    I have 2 suggestions:

    1) Dr. Doug Lisle
    2) Dr. Alan Goldhammer

    They are from True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, CA and coauthored the book: The Pleasure Trap. They have an amazing perspective on food and addictions and have helped so many. I believe Dr. Lisle was a guest speaker in the documentary Food Matters as well.

  52. Daniela says:

    I agree with Dr. Michael Haley:

    * Dr. Jeff Hazim and Chaim Goldman (http://biblicalhealth.tv)

    * Paul Nison

    and defintely Dr. Mercola.

  53. Debi says:

    Suzy Cohen
    Dr. Oz

  54. Roberta says:

    I don’t have any specific names, but would love to have you interview a specialist with success in naturopathic treatment of autoimmune disorders.

  55. Dodie says:

    Mix it up with some less famous, but people successful with the diet…Annette Larkin, 70 y/o from Florida, raw diet, grows her own, etc. Mimi Kirk, 71 y/o… and also Victoria Bidwell! She is a corker! She would make a good show! Smart lady, ex-hippie, wonder woman who loves what she does, sharing the word with others, and life with her horse “High-Joy”! She lives in Cemente, Washington.

  56. Joseph says:

    Gloria Exelcias,
    David Wolfe,
    Durian rider,
    Free Lee,

  57. A group of Breatharians. I am serious!!!

  58. Edna says:

    Andreas Moritz I do his liver cleanse and kidney cleanse. They help greatly, but I,m not sure how to apply his nutrition, since I eat meat, but would like to at least cut back.

  59. Kornelia says:

    Dr. Larry Rawdon
    Kriss Carr
    Tera Warner

  60. Ken says:

    Truth Caulkins

    I know you won’t do it but Durian Rider

    Markus Rothkranz

    Bo Rinaldi

    Bernardo LaPallo 110 years old.
    (Longevity speaks Truth and obliterates the theories.)

  61. jay says:

    Dr Vasant Lad
    Dr John Douillard.

  62. nina says:

    The Raw Food Trucker
    Dr. Fuhrman
    Victoria Bidwell
    . . and most all of the above-mentioned!

  63. Tineke says:

    Living in Europe (UK) I would suggest Max Tuck. It would broaden your “playing field” thus giving more variety.

    Another really interesting person would be Andreas Moritz. Definitely European but living in the States. How is that for an intercontinental collaboration?

  64. Micele says:

    Brendan Brazier
    Dr. Mark Hyman

  65. chelsea says:

    Barefoot Ken Box Saxon

    He has great views on health & fitness

  66. Eric says:

    Dr. Tim O’Shea. He has a web site called The Dr Within. I’m new to healthy living and have learned a lot from him.Has a great piece on Vit C

  67. Kale says:

    Someone specializing in kid’s nutrtion!!

  68. Andrea Gollin says:

    Donna Eden (energy medicine)
    David Feinstein (energy psychology)
    Elson Haas
    Nicolas Gonzalez

  69. Chris says:

    How about: (You should definitely look these people up)!

    Tonya Zavasta,

    Kris Carr

    Markus Rothkranz

  70. Sharon Samtur says:

    Gary Null
    Matthew Wood, Earthwise Herbal and Seven Herbs, Plants as Teachers – an amazing book with spiritual depth
    Leah Hadady (check spelling)Brigitte Mars
    David A. Slater (Healer’s Who Share – Colorado)
    Bruce Eichelberger (Reno, Nevada)
    Peter Holmes
    Dr. Jim Blechman (Santa Monica, Ca.)
    Elizabeth Frayjo* (New Mexico)
    Me Sharon M. Samtur (High Ways to Health)

  71. diana says:

    Paul Gautschi?

  72. Cher says:

    Hi Kev,

    all my favs have been mentioned

    Gabe, Nadine Artemis (love her) David wolfe
    Fred Patenaude,
    Richard Shulze is amazing but a little aloof I think.

  73. Joan says:

    How about Margaret Moore, ‘Coach Meg’. She is one of the founders of Wellcoaches, a training program for coaches. She just published Organize your Mind Organize your Life. She could lend her expertise on how to assist people with wellness changes. However, she is not a raw food person.

  74. James Harkin says:

    How about:

    Woody Harrelson
    Carol Alt

  75. Don says:

    May I suggest …

    Dr Doug Graham, Durianrider, Dan the man, Dara Dubinet, Loren Lockman, Dr Alan Goldhamer, Michael Arnstein, Chris Randall, Alicia Silverstone (good luck), Drs Rick and Karin Dina, Markus Rothkrantz, Tonya Zavasta, Natascha Kyssa, Thomas Billings … the list could just keep going. All amazing people with so much to contribute 🙂

  76. Rosa Alfaro says:

    Interview Dr. Sergio Gutierrez, an amazing cuban doctor who lives in Cuernavaca.

  77. Jill says:

    I would love to have:

    Dr. M.T. Morter Jr. …founder of the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique. He is a 2x pres. of 2 chiropractic colleges and has been a successful Dr., speaker, author and trainer for 40 years. Go to morter.com

    Kevin Trudeau
    David Wolfe
    Dr. Leonard Coldwell
    Dr. Teresa Dale

    Thank you for asking us for suggestions Kevin!
    Love you and you site!

  78. LB says:

    Dr. Shelly Childers
    She is fantastic! She is a facilitator of Access Consciousness and she teaches people how to live as the question with their bodies and in all areas of their lives. What if your body is your best friend?

  79. Jim says:

    Denise Becknell

    Diagnosed with Lupus, Denise credits her raw food diet for a positive change in her health and is sharing her knowledge is a practical way as owner of Leafy Greens Cafe St. Petersburg Florida.


  80. jasmine says:

    Barbara Brennan from Barbara Brennan School of Healing


    Thomas Chavez (Author of Body Electronics)


  81. Gina says:

    How about Dr Amen…would love to hear your comments on his Brain Scanning treatments & ideas…

  82. Lavana Fitzgerald says:

    Furhman, Mercola, Susan Sommers, John McDougal also a bright researcher David Rainoshe on Vitamin B12.

    On another note, how do I get your book? When I put in my name and email address, the program told me you already had my address and there was no mention of how to get the book.

  83. Sandy Bloomfield says:

    Greetings Kevin! I realize you’re more nutrition based, but would love to see more on alt healing modalities in general, like ozone, Rife, etc. as well as have people like Jordan Rubin (and others involved in offering on to discuss their Beyond Organics program (I’m not involved–just interested in hearing more about it and what kind of progress they’re making). Also would love to see more on health tests the average joe has access to directly (haven’t needed a medical doctor for years) and which tests are most critical so you can develop a more strategic approach. Seems so many are taking shots in the dark and hoping it will all add up to some kind of improvement instead of actually establishing a baseline of health so you can measure your progress. Appreciate the hard work…Thanks for asking!

  84. Diane says:

    Dr. Mark Breiner – holistic dentist and author of Whole Body Dentistry. He’s fought the ADA over mercury for years. You may know him as he’s in Trumbull, CT

  85. Jill says:

    Here is more I would like.

    Louise Hay
    Bruce Lipton
    Michael Beckwith
    Dr. Sue Morter
    Dr. Ted Morter
    Joel Furman
    Gabriel Cousins
    Joseph Mercola

  86. niki says:

    Ramiel Nagel,

    Brigitte Rondholz

    Durianrider Harley johnston and freelee

    Mathew Armstrong

    some russian RAWFOODISTs

    some traditional chinese and japanese doctors.

    some tibetean medicine doctors.

  87. Jan Turner says:

    Nadine Artemis much to share

    Dr Jonathan Wright – so wise, given much to medicine and natural methods

    Jamie Oliver WOULD be a great guest, so authentic and down to earth.

    Tony Robbins would be off-the-wall great, a true original.

    Just be willing to enter in and ask direct Q’s and get answers from their gut, no canned stuff – we get enuff of that. Yoiu know what you’re doing Kev – do it!

  88. Sharon Samtur says:

    Aingeal Rose (North Carolina)
    Jameth Sheridan
    Sarma Mengalis
    Jean Houston
    Dr.D’Adamo (the elder) -New Hampshire
    Thomas Yarema M.D., Daniel Rhoda D.A.S. and Johnny Brannigan (chef) – authors of Eat.Taste.Heal

  89. RobG says:

    Steven Bratman, MD

  90. Stephanie says:

    Dr. John Matsen, ND, Author Eating Alive II, Curing the Incurable

    Tinesja Vanel
    Prime Vitality
    Her and her husband invented gravity/pressure closed systems and sell them world-wide, she trains worldwide and still makes time for local clients

    Karen Knowler

  91. Ronda Mohr says:

    Roe Gallo
    David Wolfe
    Paul Nison
    Tonya Zavasta
    Storm and Jinjee Taliferro
    Victoria, Sergio, and Valya Boutenko
    Dean Ornish
    John Robbins
    Frances Moore Lappe and Anna Lappe
    Gabriel Cousins
    Alicia Silverstone

  92. Richard Sutton says:

    Dr Richard Schulze. He mat be under a court order limiting him to only selling product but for me that was enough to get pass a “you have only three days to live” from a local AMA dr (Always Murder Anyone) quack and at 76 I am still here 11 years later and running 5k’s and winning my age division.

    Dr David Williams. 1-800-888-1415 or drdavidwilliams.com. This Dr Williams is in Texas. I received great benefits from his eye and joint products.
    and the next time you are in Colorado come to Colorado Springs and I will take you on a trail run or two.
    Richard S

  93. Dan C says:

    Well you always talk about human nutrition issues. Why not open the discussion to include our pets. Since you can not feed you dog or your cat the way you feed yourself. For example cats are obligate carnivores and must be on a meat based diet. We want the best advice for feeding out 4 legged children too.

    So people like Dr Richard Pitcarn, Dr Marty Goldstein, Dr Robert Goldstein(yes they are brothers.

    Dr Dan

  94. Eva says:

    Jamie Oliver

    John Gabriel

    Anyone from the upcoming “Hungry for Change” documentary – saw the trailer last week and it looks like lots of knowledge and information that can surely be expanded on.

    Ditto for anyone from the “Forks over Knives” documentary that we just watched yesterday on Netflix – pretty amazing!

    Thanks Kevin!

  95. Tricia Fieth says:


    I would like to suggest a few near and dear to my heart:

    1. Joshua Rosenthal: Founder and Director of Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

    2. Holly Rigsby of Fit Yummy Mummy workouts for Moms

    3. Athena Bailey-Wolf at http://www.curanderahealing.com

    Tricia Fieth

  96. Elaine says:

    Rawbert http://www.organicgsrdencafe.com
    Someone from Sproutpeople.com
    Someone from Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico

  97. Bryan says:

    I am excited to see who makes the lists:

    Andreas Moritz
    Victoria Botenko
    Donna Gates (Body Ecology)
    Gary Null
    Steve Meyerowitz (Sprout Man)

  98. zyxomma says:

    Gabriel Cousens, Shanti Golds Cousens (Gabriel’s yoga-instructor wife), David Rainoshek, Chad Sarno, Sarma Melngailis, Ani Phyo, Michael Pollan (!), Joseph Mercola.

  99. Pam says:

    Great idea! I agree with #1 on the list. All those people are our heroes. I would also ask:

    Robyn Openshaw Green Smoothie Girl
    Dr. Colin Campbell
    Dr. John McDougall
    Bruce Fife
    and others I will think of later, I’m sure!

  100. Tia says:

    I would love many of the people suggested above. I’m adding my top favs…
    Dr. Ritamarie
    Gabriel Cousens

    Many of the others sound great too!

  101. Rosa Alfaro says:

    The information for Dr. Sergio Allan Gutierrez Araluce, the cuban doctor in Cuernavaca, who is very well known for kinesiology, homotoxicology, apitherapy, etc, is drsergio.gutierrez@yahoo.com.mx, telephone in Cuernavaca, Mexico is 92 29 25 92.

    Also interview Dr. Alejandro Junger, MD, author of the book “Clean”

  102. Everyone I came to mention has already been mentioned! There’s a great list for you already 🙂

  103. Rosa Alfaro says:

    The correct number for Dr. Sergio Gutierrez is 92 20 25 92, he is also on Facebook.

  104. Wendy says:

    T. Colin Campbell

  105. G. Cousens
    Deepak Chopra (???)
    Dr Will Coleman(for a spiritual/food,health perspective)

  106. John says:

    How does Mimi Kirk sound?
    Maybe Victoria Boutenko
    or David Avocado Wolfe
    I’ve always liked Andrew Saul.

  107. Karen says:

    Green Smoothie Girl
    KC Craichy from Living Fuel

    Forget about Pollan

  108. Melissa says:

    Dr. Keith Nemec of Total Health Institute in IL

    Also, how about some “non” experts – maybe just people sharing their testimony of raw food diet, their journey to health, overcoming cancer naturally, etc. You know, human interest stories.

  109. Patti says:

    Hew Len would be so fantastic. I would really love to hear from some small folks, those who started a community in their area. I live in the Midwest, and there isn’t the big support community here as there would be in California. There is a Puravida in St. Louis, the one raw restaurant in the area. There is a Raw Vegan Source in Washington State.
    Plus maybe the owners of Cafe Gratitude.
    Starting a community would be a great thing to learn how to do!!

    All the other ideas people had were great.

  110. Emma says:

    Mimi Kirk or Annette Larkin

  111. Patti says:

    Oops, it’s PuraVegan. And I didn’t mean the people were small, just the communities. Sorry.

  112. Ruth. . . . Australia says:

    How about Harvey Diamond on health he is very well known
    and Marilyn Diamond on food and “cooking”.
    Both are experts in the field of health.

  113. Mary Ann Ludwig says:

    I’d like you to interview Dr. Robert O. Young who wrote The pH Miracle and other books. He’s microbiologist who does a lot of live blood cell analysis, among other things. His wife, Shelley is a tremendous “cook” who puts recipes online. They are certainly worth checking out.

  114. Sandy says:

    Jeffrey Smith, Responsible Technology on GMO’s
    Leigh Fortson
    Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (Germany)

  115. Oleander says:

    I am British, living mainly in Britain, so don’t know these people. However, I do subscribe to the fortnightly news letters from Jon Barron. So please, please ask him. He is straightforward, in depth and refreshingly scientific in his approach.

  116. Kathryn says:

    For a broader perspective on things:
    Sally Fallon
    Marc David
    Paul Pitchford

  117. Annie Jordan says:

    These have my vote, even though most of them have already been listed:
    Joel Fuhrman
    Ritamarie Loscalzo
    Dan McDonald
    Frederic Patenaude
    the Boutenkos
    the Malkmuses
    Jeff Hazim and Chaim Goldman
    Paul and Andrea Nison
    Mark Hyman
    Josh Axe
    Dr Mercola
    Green Smoothie Girl
    T Colin Campbell
    Michael Pollan

  118. Don Tolman, Whole Foods Medicine Cowboy
    Olivia Newton-John – breast cancer survivor, wholefood nutrition

  119. Annette says:

    Jamie Oliver
    George Malkmus

  120. Nicole says:

    Kev, love your interviews, like to hear from
    David Wolfe (never get enough of him)
    Gabriel Cussons
    Dr Andrew Saul
    Dr Ian Brighthope
    Burton Goldberg
    Truth Calkins
    Chris Kendall

    Look forward to the results!!!!

  121. Tracy Bordewyk says:

    Add to the list:

    Karyn Calabrese
    Mimi Kirk
    Lynette Larkin
    Tonya Zavasta
    The Malkumus’ from H. Acres
    Sarma Mengalis

    I would also love to hear from Rebecca Carlson from the magazine Purely Delicious, but she seems to have disappeared.

  122. Nicole (Australia) says:

    Also love to to hear from a company on Mental health – TRUEHOPE!!!! (truehope.com)

  123. Michael says:

    Gabriel Cousens

  124. Kim Burhart says:

    Jordin Rubin of Beyond Organic. I know he has an amazing story to tell!
    Dr. Mercola
    Jamie Oliver

  125. LynnCS says:

    Dara Dubinet has such a beautiful appreciation of the healthy raw life. She’s my fave.

    I thought you were going to ask US to make video interviews of all these great people and submit them. That would be a great contest some time!!

    Good luck, everyone!

  126. Rob T says:

    How about branching out into shamanic and aboriginal healing/living. Robert Wolff – “original Wisdom” would be a great start. Don’t know how you go about the next suggestion but it could end up being an absolute game-breaker. Find a politician who would like to see a change to prevention and wellness rather than sickness care. They are the guys that are currently supporting the status quo industry stranglehold on medicine, food processing and farming. Also, if you do Fred Patenaude, you MUST include his wife Veronica. She is super intelligent and organised – make a great interview. Would love to see an interview with Ani Phyo. Hmmm… I’d better stop before I outstay my welcome. Hope you get good results out of this process. Regards to you both.

  127. Matty Maccaro says:

    Frank Lipman, MD, author of “Spent” would be a great interview.

    I’d love hearing from Victoria Boutenko.

    So many people ask advice from their local health food store employees. Here, in Bethesda, MD we have an excellent apothecary called My Village Green, on staff are some far above average folks, specifically Nell Durham (super healthy great grandmother) who has taught me a great deal. Another exemplary staff member is Ellen Kitteredge, now living in Asheville,NC, she conducts 30 day cleanses and is way above par, with her Nutritional Counseling. One other place to seek folks to interview would be the School of Integrative Nutrition at Columbia Univ. in NYC. So many of their graduates are leaders in communities across the country, dispensing nutritional guidance online.

  128. Kim says:

    Robyn Openshaw “Green Smoothie Girl”
    Victoria Boutenko
    Dr. Joel Fuhrman

  129. Doc says:

    Sarah Britton, author of mynewroots.blogspot.com

  130. Karen S. says:

    Here are three potential choices:
    Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Integrative Cardiologist;
    Someone about the Dr. Carey Reams protocol and High Brix Gardens. http://www.highbrixgardens.com/dr-carey-reams.html; Kiran Schmidt, the creator of the Core Inergetix energy information system on energy and ‘informational’ healing. http://www.energy-medicine.info/

  131. Jana says:

    Jamie Oliver or Joel Salatin. Don’t give up on Pollan either.=)

  132. Lisa Jane says:

    Any of experts that have contributed to the Food Matters website & dvds.

    Also, I’d be interested in hearing from Nutrition faculty from Bastyr University. They have the only Whole Foods based Nutrition/RD programs in the country.

  133. Greta Man says:

    Dr Joel Fuhrman and Dr Joseph Mercola

  134. Gwenllian says:

    Arthur Haines! (author of ‘Ancestral Plants’)

    Daniel Vitalis
    Markus Rothkranz
    Donna Gates

  135. Roberta says:

    I 2nd, 3rd and 4th ALL of the above suggestions. I never get enough of these wonderful people. Because, they all keep learning as they go, too. So, current interviews keep enhancing my body of information. Thank you and Ann soooo much for all of your hard work. And enjoy the pregnancy, it is a special part of your lives together. Many Blessing to you all.

  136. Greta says:

    Joel Fuhrman
    Victoria Boutenko
    Joseph Mercola

  137. Sally Garber says:

    Dr Michael Baylin, Integrative Dentistry, would be wonderful if you can get him to take time. He has patients coming from all over the country to Baltimore, even from Oregon and (I think) even from other countries.Oral health is vital to over-all health, just as is my specialty–colon health– or the “bottom line for health”

    I, too, would like Andreas Moritz, Victoria or Sergio Boutenko and Dr Joseph Mercola.

  138. Daniel Vitalis

    Dr. Mercola

    Darryl Anka

    Hey, anything to help out my fellow foodies ;o)

  139. elaina says:

    I would appreciate to hear about your interview with any of these

    Andrew Saul
    Suzanne Somers
    Markus Rothranz
    Chunyi Lin

  140. Chele says:

    National Center for Homeopathy

  141. Hilary says:

    i would love to hear more from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. brilliant doctor in seattle washington, truly!
    Dr. Steve Nelson, palm desert, california. functional medicine doctor who used to be a pharmacologist.
    Suzanne Somers
    Bruce Lipton
    Donna Eden
    Donna Gates

    we need to open a discussion on molds and EMF’s because these invisible pollutants can ruin your health and make it impossible to heal no matter how many wonderful protocols you are on!!!!

  142. Janeen says:

    Brenda Stockdale–wrote You Can Beat the Odds

  143. Marie Parks says:

    How about Dr. Richard Schultz of California? He was so far ahead of his time. After loosing both parents to heart attach he was also diagnosed but found a better way, vegan, raw food and cleansing all of the organs and blood. I do his cleanses and feel great. Use most of his products.

  144. Martha says:

    How about interviewing a Bio-dentist. I’ve been trying to get good information on what type of filling to use in order to replace my mercury-amalgam. Dr. Lina Garcia DDS, in Chicago, recommends Cerec, but porcelain contains Aluminum. Dr. Morales in Mexico, does not approve porcelain due to the aluminum content. I’m lost. Help.

  145. lizzy says:

    Wow, I got some great ideas of people, I should check out,

    I liked the idea of having some storylines of people who have been helped. not necessarily only the big names.

    Aside from that, Matt Monarch (but not on colon cleansing)

  146. ellen says:

    how about Shirley Pinkson at http://www.w3llpeople.com ?She created a great line of ‘non-toxic’ cosmetic, and has opened a few shops (Austin TX, Cali and NY)that carry lots of cool non-toxic products. Ann Marie should have her “stuff” on Shirley’s shelves!

    Also, the ever fabulous and smart: Dr Mark Hyman!


  147. Heather says:

    I would like to hear more from Jon Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Method, who took used to be 400 lbs and now looks like an Adonis. 🙂

  148. Theresa Tapp – I’ve long wanted to know how you felt about her program. It put me into adrenal fatigue, but others seem to do so well meaning coming off meds. Feel free to contact me if you want some of the details that I experienced with T-Tapp.

    Sacred Steve Adler – I love him.

    Dr. Richard Schultz from http://www.herbdoc.com. – he’s ignighted by interest in raw foods about 12 yrs ago and he’s the reason I make my own herbal supplements.

  149. Diane says:

    Interview Dan McDonald – Life Regenerator & Byron Richards of Wellness Resources

  150. Ryan says:

    Aajonus Vonderplanitz

  151. Violinist says:

    Please interview Dr. Robert Morse, N.D. He has helped SO MANY people..I would love for others to hear about his program for healing the body of all “diseases.” Thanks! 🙂

  152. Ed says:

    Matt Amsden of Rawvolution.

  153. sue says:

    Karen Knowler. She has a new book just out this week.
    Kate Magic.

  154. Camille says:

    The trio who put together “THE FOUR-FOLD PATH TO HEALING” That would be: Dr. Thomas Cowan (San Francisco), Jaimen McMillan (Mechanicsville, NY) and Sally Fallon ~ OR ~ a knowledgeable person from The Weston A. Price Foundation.

  155. Caryl DeHerrera says:

    Hi Kevin,
    All the above and for some entertainment Jason Mraz!
    Thank You for All You Guys Do at Renegade Health!

  156. I recommend Dr. Judy Seegar. Here’s a link to her for those who are not familiar with her: http://www.drjudyseeger.com/about-dr-judy/

  157. Leila says:

    So many great ideas. I know you’ve interviewed Dr.Williams quite a bit but I would love more. I find him very interesting. Thanks for asking 🙂

  158. Diane says:

    Two amazing women:

    Dr. Sara Gottfried

    I’ve been deep into researching hormones as I notice the shifts and changes that are happening at 50 and I’m blown away by Dr. Sara. (She really gets it.) East/West ideas appreciated, the importance of diet and lifestyle understood, and deep, deep respect for women. Kevin, I know I know you’re interested in everything body/spirit/health–maybe you already know her. (probably do)

  159. Lynn says:

    Dr. Richard Schulze – naturopath and herbalist renowned for herbal cleansing and vegan life cures — including curing the incurables naturally.

  160. skwilson says:

    Would be quite surprised if he do an interview, he’s waaay off in his own little world (but then arent’ we all?)…Roger Mason. He has several websites…of hand the ones attached to Young Again.

  161. afke says:

    Brendan Brazier; Ironman athlete and author of the THrive diet. Ambassador for Vega products.

  162. Frank Berg says:

    David Wolfe is never empty. Whenever he speaks the air is filled with new concepts. Whatever the subject he is knowledgeable and gives good content.I have heard him talk about the purest of water direct from the spot where hydrogen comes from within the ground. The hydrogen meets oxogen and water is made,(H/20) cool, fresh, and uncontaminated. That is very pure water. I would like to hear him talk again on purest of pure water. (Or any other topic)
    David Hall invented and perfected the “Cellersiser” exercise rebounder. At 78 years of age I use it every day. He would set us straight about rebounders and why to not ever use some that are on the market.
    I would like to hear someone who knows minerals that our body needs. One time ago I had a cassette tape from DR. Joel Wallach. “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” by Dr. Joel Wallach. His tape taught me more about minerals then all other sources put together.

  163. Vita Lawson says:

    Please interview Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.
    She’s awesome!

    Jonathan Wright, M.D.

    Also, Christiane Northrup, M.D.

  164. Carley says:

    Kimberly Snyder! I want to find out what you think about her “beauty detox solution.”

  165. Karen says:

    Loving the suggestions so far! Glad to see Dr Patrick Holford from the UK on the list. From Australia add … Cyndi O’Meara Nutritionist/Changing Habits Changing Lives, Dr Peter Dingle/Nutritional & Environmental Toxicology & Dr Bruce Lipton. Would love some more kid-friendly recipe ideas … Halle Cottis/Whole Lifestyle Nutrition, Chef Teton/Essential Cuisine. Not necessarily all raw foodies, but natural health advocates. Why not throw in Oprah, Dr Phil and Dr Oz!!!

  166. Leslie Oelsner says:

    Hi! I suggest Layna Berman, who has a website and radio show. She is very knowledgeable and interesting… and has some very different points of view — I’d love to hear you and she dialogue. http://www.yourownhealthandfitness.org/

  167. casey says:

    Ishwar C. Puri, at http://ishanews.org/
    Institute for the Study of Human awareness

    Ken Rohla, at http://www.freshandalive.com
    Health practitioner, with cutting edge strategies for modern era

    Dr. Tel Oren, at http://www.ecopolitan.com/doctor-t
    Health practitioner, functional medicine, general medicine, live food, chiropractic

    Bill Harris, at http://www.centerpointe.com
    Leading the Centerpointe Research Institute in brain wave technology.

  168. niki says:

    dr al sears he travel thorugh the world frica and find a lot sacred medicine. someone of surival international or other indegenous right organisations.

    some fukushima surivor.

    some local people from the farms where you get your stuff form kev.

    some lovely people

    some health experts from other countries

  169. Brenton says:

    Great suggestions already!
    Dr Mark Hyman
    Dr Joseph Mercola
    Dr David Jubb
    Dr Anyother Serious Functional Medicine

    . . and Markus Rothkranz in a playful mood, for some fun!

  170. christina m. garabedian says:

    This is coming in from left field; Do you know of Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw? It had to be thirty years ago I bought their book “Life Extension” which started me thinking about the things I ingest. I guess they are mostly known for their supplements but these scientists are fascinating people who blazed a longevity trail decades ago!
    If not, I like a lot of the people already listed(dr.mark hyman)

  171. Ricardo Blasco says:

    Prof. Brian Peskin (essential oils)
    Dr. Joel Wallach(minerals)
    Prof. Ray Peat (hormones)
    Dr. Jerry Tennant(biomodulator)
    Dr. Frank Shallenberger(bio-energy testing)
    Dr. Simon Yu (Parasites and EAV)

  172. Kat says:

    I would love to hear interviews from the following peeps;
    Kaitlyn Keyt from Vibes Up
    Jason from Eyton’s Earth
    Dr. Pat Carrington
    Margaret Lynch
    Sandi Radowski
    Dr. Dain Herr
    Rikka Zimmerman
    Gary Douglas
    Val Silver
    Ann Taylor

    along with many that have already been mentioned, Susun Weed, Donna Eden, Donna Gates, Dr. Klinghardt, The Boutenko Family, Dr. Mercola. . . . and in particular peeps on this list who have seen miracles happen in their life by empowering themselves to take their health in to their own hands. In other words those of us who followed the sage advice of Ann Wigmore and decided to become our own doctor.

  173. SarahB says:

    Joseph Mercola
    Mark Hyman
    Meredith McCarty (she’s local!)
    Donna Gates
    Patrick Holford from the UK)

    And Kevin, if you don’t know him, you should contact and meet Dr. Jeffrey Moss of Moss Nutriton. He is the most incredible researcher and has done some amazing research into adrenal health and also in the area of acid / alkaline. http://www.mossnutrition.com . He puts on amazing teleseminars.

  174. Jeanne says:

    TRENT TYLER and MELISSA MADIGAN, authors of the Numerology Diet (soon to be released)

  175. Becky says:

    1. Mike Adams
    2. Suzanne Somers
    3. Charlotte Gershon
    4. Ed Begley Jr.
    5. Dr. Gregory Burzynski

  176. Susan says:

    Great idea to poll your readers! I would really like to hear from
    various dentists on what non-toxic dentistry is, and how to find
    such a dentist. Thanks.

  177. Sheryl says:

    Some great interviewees would be Dr. Andrew Saul, Dr. Thomas Rau, Liz Lipski, PhD; Jeffrey Smith, Charlotte Gerson, and Mark Hyman, MD.

  178. Nicky says:

    Hi Kevin,

    How about:

    Dr Paul Clayton – great info on beta glucans and immunity.
    Dr Sarah Myhill – ME
    Dr Mark Hyman – functional medicine
    Jason Vale – juicing and health!
    Patrick Holford – general nutrition including mental health (he is a psychologist and a nutritionist)
    Xandria Williams – naturopath – cancer
    Udo Erasmus – oils and health

    Nicky 🙂

  179. Sybil Russell says:

    Hi Kevin Robin Green Smoothie girl will be in the Bay Area on April 21 See her web site. Sybil

  180. Briana has a huge following in Southern California as well as Northern California.

    She does Events throughout the Country, is a Personal Trainer and also teaches RAW FOOD and caters many EVENTS throughout the Country.

  181. Marcy says:

    Teresa Jordan, she’s awesome!!!

  182. Jennette says:

    Here are a few suggestions:

    Hans Diehl (Chip Program)
    Andrew Perlot (Raw Food Health)
    Karen Knowler (The Raw Food Coach)
    Jay Kordich (the Juice Man)
    Marcus Freudenmann (Curing Cancer now)
    Yuri Elkaim
    Tera Warner (Raw Diva)
    Tina Jo (Splendor in the Raw)

  183. Darlene says:

    Any holistic dentist would be great!

  184. Sue Rushford says:

    Love all the suggestions above – my favorite heroes are Dr. Jameth Sheridan, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, and Dr. Gabriel Cousens, and David Wolfe – but how about the folks at Premier Research Labs or something different – maybe Paul Chek or Sean Croxton – I know they’re metabolic typing/paleo/primal folks, and I am a steadfast vegan, but I respect a lot of what they have to say specifically about grains/gluten, parasites/fungus, cholesterol/fats, etc. – they make people think a bit & challenge what is generally accepted as truth in the holistic health community – they seem to have great success – and I challenge myself to find the same success while remaining high-raw and vegan – another idea – another herbalist or Chinese Medicine practitioner – maybe a show on how to sort out all the different types of holistic health practitioners and how to sort out which is best to go to for which conditions and which tests to order for which situations – blood/urine/stool/hair/saliva, etc. – or yes, one with Nadine Artemis and a former fruitarian whose teeth may have rotted out – or with a dentist – I know you did some on vision but maybe some more on vision as well – did you ever interview Suzy Cohen, the 24-hour pharmacist – I’d like to know more about the damage I did taking birth control pills for 23 years – I’m sure you’ll find interesting guests to interview – you always do!

  185. Marcy says:

    Victoria Everett from Boise Idaho. She cured herself of schizophrenia by eating raw foods and was on 30 bananas a day.

  186. Tamara Berdichevsky says:

    David Wolfe
    Gabe Cousens

  187. Marcy says:

    Raw Dawg Rory!!!!

  188. N Sinha says:

    Some people from the spiritual side – as long as it doesn’t get controversial – maybe some Deepak Chopra kinds,

    Gabriel Cousens
    Marcus Freudenmann
    Jon Gabriel of The Gabriel Method

    and Max Tuck of # 17 above

    and definitely not me.

  189. Deb says:

    Suzanne Sumers
    I agree with Dan (#42) — I’d like to hear how to keep pets healthy (making own dogfood and treats).
    Also, Christina Pirello. She has a cooking show on Create TV that’s All-Natural, Vegetarian and Vegan. By changing her diet and foods she ate, she cured herself of terminal leukemia.

  190. Mist says:

    Michael Tierra, L.Ac., O.M.D. of Planetary Herbals

    Christopher Gussa, “The Herb Doc”

  191. Debbie says:

    Would love for you to interview Dr. Robert Morse in Port Charlotte, FL


    Thanks so much!
    Debbie *Ü*

  192. Treesa says:

    I think it would be wonderful to hear from some of the people who have gone through the process/program/protocol of some of the doctors you interviewed from the Healing Cancer World Summit. For example, Jessica Ainscough (of The Wellness Warrior) who has nearly completed her two years on the Gerson Therapy!

    I think it would be interesting and helpful to know:

    1). Why they chose the program they did?
    2). Their success with the program?
    3). Knowing what they know now, would they choose the same program/process again if they had to?
    4). How have they changed since being on ‘this’ program? What’s on their must do and never do list(s)?
    5). What would they want others to know that they wish they had known?

  193. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (GAPS Diet)
    Ann Louise Gittleman
    Natalia Rose
    James L. Wilson, ND
    Also, it might be fun to interview Carol Alt, model and raw foodist

    Thanks for asking!


  194. Bill Wolcott to discuss metabolic typing as well as Gabriel Cousens to discuss the same topic. I second Sean Croxton, it would be interesting to hear what he has to say from a Paleo point of view. Also, I maybe Bruce Lipton? I would love to hear what is going on right now in regard to the research he has done in that field

  195. Tammie says:

    Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson

  196. Anya says:

    Nadine Artemis
    David Wolfe
    Joel Fuhrman
    Bruce Lipton

  197. Ed says:

    Hey, kids, sorry that was years ago. I love what you two put out on this medium. As popular as the “Eat crap, look obese, and feel like less than yourself diet” is I have made a change or two.CHEESE top five on your list of why you are not losing weight is now a look away section of Publics markets.Beer is a separate issue,not that I love, love ,love it that much.The bugs I have been feeding love it that much.Laterno flora gave me back a pink tongue. It was as script (why)please search this out for all the typhoid Marie’s of UTI infections.HINT if all the special friends you have deal with UTI’s It might be you. Can’t say I’m not in the loop cause rock or country or even Sarasota drum circle booze is the social lubricant.If you can help all of us here ,shine some light.

  198. Lita says:

    Julieanna Hever RD
    T. Colin Campbell, PhD
    Amy Lanou, PhD
    Gene Bauer, founder Farm Sanctuary

  199. kimme says:

    Tim Van Orden…Running Raw.

  200. Janice Woodard says:

    Dr. Andrew Weil
    Mark Sircus
    Nicholas Perricone
    Perry A Ellis
    Father Romano Zago
    Patricia Bragg
    Christine Northrup
    Someone from the Life Extension Institute
    and of course, Ann Marie Gianni

  201. Jennifer Gibbs says:

    Donnie Yance – Herbalist in Ashland, Or specializing in cancer

    Joel Fuhrman

  202. John says:

    Think as other’s had said some regular people, like some you have coached, both success stories, and some not.

    Dr. John McDougall.

    Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn,

    Veronica Patenaude, we have heard from her husband, you know what
    they say behind every great man is a great women, guess you know that

  203. Dr. John Douillard would be phenomenal (www.lifespa.com)

    Dr. Robert Morse (already mentioned by post 71) would be a lively interview, for sure!

    Joshua Rosenthal, founder of IIN, would also be interesting.

    I also like the idea of interviewing people who are everyday, in the trenches, dedicated to promoting health for themselves and their community kind of people. We all have something great to share and that next nugget of wisdom might just come from me (or #60 or my neighbor or your neighbor… cast the net and you’re bound to pull in a treasure!)

  204. Shelia says:

    Dr. Shelly Childers- a worldwide facilitator of consciousness, mobile chiropractor who loves working with people, lover of life, and an exuberant, joyful being!!

    No matter what…she has tools to assist you and your body to be Best Friends!

  205. AlanRoy says:

    Arttemis Keszainn, of the New Earth Center. I’ve heard him speak many times, and asked him many questions, and he is always very knowledgeable about diet, nutrition, essential oils, breath work, decrees and attitude, and the emotional/mental aspects of health using Sacred Body Language techniques. He and his wife, Krystalle, and team have a wonderful healing center:
    They are getting ready to lead the city of Austin in a 10 day cleanse. Amazing stuff!

  206. Susan says:

    My father has diabetes. He has a big sweet tooth. I would like you to interview someone who can talk about chemical free, safe and healthy desserts for diabetics. There was a doctor on Dr. Mercola’s website who said that she cured her MS by eating lots of vegetables. I’d like to know what she does for her sweet tooth.

  207. Robert says:

    Everyone has already created a huge list of great people who all have a quantum amount of knowledge that they can share, but I would like you to interview Bill Gates “one the world’s most destructive do-gooders” as Dr Mercola puts it.

  208. Bob Harrison says:

    I would like to hear age defying beauties like
    long time raw foodists, Karyn Calabrese and
    Annette Larkin; Dr Gary Tunsky on the cellular
    assessment scan; Peter Ragnar on longevity; Gary Null on solar flare storms; and either of two great reboundologists Al Carter or David Hall.

  209. Terrie says:

    1. Obviously Dr. Mercola
    2. Dr Becker (naturopathic vet)
    3. Dr. Weil
    4. Ginny Edwards – ginnyedwards.com
    5. Dr. Mark Hyman at Ultra Wellness

  210. Patti says:

    Tim Van Orden, from runningraw.com–check him out.
    Alex Ortner because he is how I heard about you!

  211. Kim says:

    Dr. Hans Diel- CHIP Program
    Dr. Lorraine Day- Author of “Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore”
    Dr. Neil Nedley- Author of “Proof Positive” and “Depression: a way out”-
    He helps people overcome depression naturally- awesome!!!

  212. Em says:

    Am loving this!

    Roger Haeske!!

    Frederic Patenaude – agree with Rob T (#60) on this – Veronica Grace Patenaude would make a great addition too

    I’d like to hear about Max Tuck, herself (#17) too

    David Hall!! Founder of Cellersiser – talking about rebounders and their problems – agree with Frank Berg (#77) on that

    Dr Peter Dingle – agree with Karen (#79)

    Durian Rider – several have mentioned him

    @N Sinha (#91) – I never look a controversy gift-horse in the mouth… 😉

  213. Please consider interviewing Dr. Ben Kim! He is a chiropractor and acupuncturist living and working in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

    His newsletters and websites are always chock full of beautiful and inspiring advice, information, and great recipes! He particurally focuses on raw food, as well as vegetarian dishes.

    I’d consider Mark Sissan as well, as the Paleo way of life is always a hot topic to talk about in interviews.

    Have a great night!

  214. Hal says:

    Dr. Kiriac
    Roland Thomas
    BioSuperfood F3 green algae
    fabulous, fabulous, fabulous

    and of course Natasha Kyssa, the Green Goddess.

  215. Sharon says:

    Dr. Joel D. Wallach “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”
    Miriam E Nelson “Strong Women Stay Young”
    Susan Teton Campbell “Essential Cuisine”
    Russell James “The Raw Chef”

  216. Jacqui says:

    Wow, all above will keep you busy for years!!!! Fantastic……look forward to it all.

    Might just mention Jason Shon Bennett in New Zealand.

  217. Diana says:

    How about Dr. Fabrizio Mancini?

    He wrote “The Power of Self-Healing”.

  218. Marcia says:

    I would love to see you connect with some of the individuals who are against your causes. Reason being is to bring about a debate situations. Because you know YOU and many other health professionals really have solid information on fighting diseases and other ailments. I think it would be interesting to challenge those Medical or others who claim that the Western Medicines are the only way for survival when an individual falls into sickness. I love to prove them wrong or that there truly is another way to cure people and animals too. I love all your interviews you do, but lets face it we are all on the same side which is great but what about promoting your cause with lots of proof to the unbelievers. You know they will watch a program that supports what they have been brought up to believe or brain washed into believing. I hope you know where I’m coming from. This would require tremendous energy and strength on your end to go head to head with some of these type health professional. I am astonished at some of the ignorance of some Drs. who have been through Med school and are so clueless about any other forms of treatments. They act like your crazy when you even bring up something because they don’t understand it and naturally it wasn’t their idea either. Just a thought.

  219. Emily says:

    Jon Gabriel, yes, Victoria Bidwell, too. How about some very smart health experts from other countries and cultures–I don’t know who just off the top of my head, but Kevin I’ll bet you do.

  220. Anna says:

    Someone with specific expertise on healing colon cancer, especially post surgery which is a delicate process when it comes to eating – nutritional therapy approach to treatment and healing, e.g. how to safely avoid chemotherapy and eliminate cancer.

  221. Jackie says:

    Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD
    Andrew Saul, PhD
    T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., and his son, Thomas M. Campbell II, M.D.

  222. 1) Dr Robert Morse MD without a doubt. He says can heal 95% of cancers. Everybody sharing his stuff as a mad.

    2) Any top breatharian. No suggestions

    3) Dr Neal Barnard and his minimising meat and oils
    also scientific book about healing diabetes with carbohidrates also very entertaining

    4) Dr. Doug Graham.

    5) Gabriel Cousins

  223. 5.2) Tim Van Orden, from runningraw.com
    5.3 Durian RIder

  224. Anna says:

    Someone from another country – definitely Maria Middlestead from New Zealand, originally from Canada I think. mariamiddlestead.co.nz . She’s a natural health focused clinical nutritionist, advocates metabolic typing and has a very accessible approach to health and wellbeing.

  225. Mauri says:

    You know, as much as I love the icons to be interviewed, I really like the “normal” people interviews. Interviews where someone had an a-ha moment and changed their lives or had a physical or mental problem and changed their life via food and perhaps a spiritual connection.

    Otherwise, I’d choose David Rainoshek.

  226. RJ says:

    It would be interesting to hear you interview
    Dara Dubinet you can view her website below and
    see her on youTube!


  227. Katherine says:

    Dr Mark Breiner, holistic dentist author of Whole Body Dentistry
    Donna Eden
    Dr David Williams
    Susun Weede
    Daya Fisch Breast health – cancer prevention tips – daya@breasthealthproject.com
    Richard c Frey of Arbico organics. Organic Solutions for Home, Garden & Professional Agri

  228. Kris says:

    Mark Sircus
    Capt. T.C. Randall
    Doug Kaufmann
    John Cannell
    Daniel Vitalis
    Norm Shealy
    Ben Kim
    Nick Ortner
    Foster Gamble

  229. terry says:

    Dr. Breiner (Trumbull CT wholistic dentist) blogged about Jerry Tennant, author of Healing Is Voltage. When Dr. Breiner talks, I listen, so I bought the book. Awesome info, concepts, etc. from nutritional to dentistry to chakra and meridian considerations we learn how all manner of things affect the electrical functioning of the cells, and thus the entire organism. And … what to do about it all. Way cool.

  230. Ang says:

    Earth clinic’s Ted from Bangkok,Thailand. I have never seen his last name, however, he has some of the most commonsense, down to earth, economical, medical advice I have seen on the web for some very troubling problems at times.

  231. Denise says:

    Aris Latham and Patrice Solomon

  232. Faye says:

    I can never get enough of David Wolfe….
    Someone I’d love to hear from that might be interesting if you can keep in ‘on the ground’ and serious while interviewing him would be Matt Monarch.
    I also thought Suzanne Somers was a great idea.
    Dr. Gabriel Cousens.
    “The Fruitarian”…he’s an interesting guy too!

  233. Erina says:

    Christiane Northrup
    she has the wisdom to make the world a happier healthier place –
    all women mothers daughters sisters girlfriends
    the heart to all relationships

  234. Jae Mackeral says:

    Someone who can shed some light on whether some people need animal products and for what reasons and which products…because I still don’t know whether to include them in my diet and need help! Sorry if this doesn’t count b/c I didn’t provide an actual name.

  235. wendy green says:

    JOHN ROBBINS (!!!)
    Micheal Pollan
    Dr Rudolph Balentine. (amazing)
    Cris Carr


  236. TanyaT says:

    Brandon Gilbert
    Gabriel Cousens

  237. Mary says:

    Rebecca Wood (www.rebeccawood.com)
    Rebecca Katz (www.rebeccakatz.com)
    Sally Fallon
    George Mateljan
    Jack Challem (author of The Food-Mood Solution)
    Dr. Mark Hyman
    Mary Enig
    Annemarie Colbin

  238. Donna says:

    Mary Shomon – thyroid expert
    Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
    Dr. Gabriel Cousins
    Donna Gates
    Tera Werner
    Adoley Odunton
    Dr. Sara Gottfried
    William Faloon – Life Extention Foundation
    Debi Silber – the Mojo Coach
    Me:)- Chemical engineer and toxicologist on how common jobs can be making people sick.
    And ANY biological dentist PLEASE!

  239. Joanne says:

    Dr.Michael Klaper (ask him about avocados), Penni Shelton, David Rainoshek, Ann and Paul Malkmus, Dr. Fuhrman, Markus Rothkrantz

  240. Elaine says:

    I like many of the suggestions, and would also be interested in Roger Haeske. He can be kind of “out there,” but he has been 100% raw himself for 10 years and seems to have a fairly large internet following. Would like to know more about where he disagrees with so many other raw food advocates, and why he isn’t mentioned more in the raw food mainstream.

  241. candy says:

    Dr David Jubb is amazing

  242. Sue says:

    I think this one will be a new one for you.

    Maia Helles

    She is 95 years old. This video shows her environment and her doing her exercise routine.


    I love watching this. She is my new hero!

  243. robin says:

    Would love to hear an interview with Tonya Zavasta, especially since she, like Annmarie is interested and invested in healthy beauty products. Not a comparison interview like who has the best stuff, but an interview that one could share with teenage girls who are so into make-up and cleansers and hair-dyes etc etc.to challenge their thinking about what beauty is and isn’t and also to warn them about the health hazards they are putting on their wonderful faces every day, and inspire them about their diet and how it relates to beauty.
    Also, I know this sounds crazy but would love to hear an interview with Bill Gates and his decision to support Mon_santo with millions. Wouldn’t have to be a shoot-him-down interview, just really really curious about this brilliant man/husband/father who has to have seen the “otherside” of GMO but chooses to ignore it? We criticize him on the sidelines but maybe haven’t given him a chance to share his reasons. Would be a hard interview to get but hey…maybe no one has asked!

  244. Amanda says:

    – Long time raw foodist and PhD in nutrition, Dr. Fred Bisci
    – Paul Chek, for a totally polar opposite point of view
    – Dr Mercola
    – Dr Peter D’Adamo (Blood type diet)
    – Joshua Rosenthal of IIN

  245. Lynn says:

    Dr. Andrew Weil, preferably in a debate format vs Dr. Mercola.

  246. Samantha says:

    David Wolfe

    Daniel Vitalis

    Nadine Artemis (I’m trying to be my own “dentist”!)

    John Robbins- he always has such inspirational things to say about life

    Dr. Mercola (for fitness!)

  247. Lady A says:

    Brenda Cobb

  248. Leigh says:

    I’m a big fan of Jon Barron, Al Sears and Joseph Mercola

  249. Lori says:

    1. Aajonus Vonderplanitz
    2. Robb Wolf
    3. Daniel Vitalis
    4. Truth Caulkins
    5. David Rainoshek

  250. hyesun says:

    i’d love to hear more on the energy medicine side of health, like donna eden, bruce lipton, or dr. joe dispenza of “what the bleep”. dr. dispenza talks about neuroplasticity and has an amazing healing story (i’m starting to read his book called “evolve your brain”) in which he healed his back from a terrible biking accident using various mind techniques. amazing. also, dr. jerry tenant on healing the body with frequencies. and sharry edwards talks about healing with sound frequencies. thanks!

  251. Donaji says:

    Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren!!! MD (Europe), DC (ret.), LN, DACBN, DABFM, DABOM, CCN, FABDA, DABCT(c)

    Practice Focus: Nutritional, Environmental, & Functional Medicine.

    It’d be nice to hear someone you have not interviewed in the past who has the scientific knowledge regarding food but that also has been in the field for a long time 🙂

  252. Elo says:

    Jeffery Smith
    The President or CEO of Monsanto
    David Wolfe
    Daniel Vitalis
    Mike Adams

  253. Me says:

    Someone re: the results of the adaya clarity testing. I have yet to hear from any of the gurus who promised testing and transparency. (or did I miss something?)

  254. Jackie says:

    Bruce Fife – The Coconut Man
    Jon Gabriel – The Gabriel Method
    Andreas Moritz
    Jay Kordich – The Juice Man
    Dr Joel Fuhrman
    Dr Mark Hyman
    Dr Peter Dingle – Australia
    Dr Greg Emerson – Australia

  255. Gaby says:

    Dr. Robert Morse
    Dr. Neal Barnard
    Dr. Doug Graham
    Dr. Don Bennett
    Dan the Man
    Harley, Durianrider
    Markus Rothkranz
    Megan Elizabeth
    Dara Dubinet
    Tim Van Orden
    Vegan Athletes

  256. Mike Adams on survival foods and water purification methods – it is 2012 after all.

  257. Linda says:

    Andreas Moritz please!

  258. Chris Armstrong says:

    it would be well to hear from some of those who first introduced me to natural health concepts such as Kevin Trudeau, Doug Kaufman, Dr Russell Blaylock, Robert Barefoot and if possible some one who has continued the works of J. D. Kloss

  259. Stephania says:

    – Daniel Vitalis
    – Brendon Brazier
    – Nomi Shannon
    – Nadine Artemis
    – Hal Huggins (alternative/bilogical dentistry)
    – some Weston A Price people eg. Sally Fallon
    – Bette Davis (mental health nurse, wide range of experiences including hyperbaric chambers for healing, South American tribal healing–she’s in Whitby, Ontario greenzoneliving.ca interesting & easy-to-remember emotiional health “zones”)
    – Anna Maria Clemente of Hippocrates Health
    – Jordan Rubin (Garden of Life products)
    – Susan Weed (herbalist)
    and last, but definitely NOT least..drumroll, drumroll, drumroll…


  260. Judith Beck says:

    I agree with Teresa #93 tht you should interview folks who have followed the protocols of the Healing Cancer experts.
    I also suggest Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr Christiane Northrup, Rod Rotondi from Leaf Organics in Culver City, LA, CA., Gabrielle Chavez from Portland, OR (Raw and Living Spirit Retreat!)wholistic dentists.
    Thanks for all you do!

  261. Nancy says:

    Davd Rainoshek
    David Wolfe
    Paul and Ann Malkmus

  262. Asia Real says:

    Couple of suggested topics:

    Food Allergies: (subtopics – the causes of food allergies and how they can lead nearly all chronic disease, the differences between food allergies and food sensitivities, food allergy testing and the crucial difference between IgE and IgG testing, what is Functional Medicin). Dr Datis Kharrazian would be phenomenal to interview (though he talks pretty fast). Another Doctor of Functional Medicine to try is Jon Herbert, D.C. and Mark Flannery, D.C.

    The Brain/Gut Relationship: (subtopics – 80% of immunity is the gut, food allergies and mood disorders, peptide research and the gut as a second brain. Use fascinating research on fecal implants and the dramatic healing of numerous diseases that stress how critical it is we understand the gut lining and keeping it healthy.) Joseph Mercola could name a number of experts for you to interview on this topic. Again, Doctor Kharrazian would be exceptional here.

    Healing and Physics: Bruce Lipton, Stanislaus Grof, Candice Pert, Devi Nambudripad (founder of NAET, controversial allergy treatment). Any discussion on how healing the mind heals the body, or how to access and heal subconscious beliefs that can profoundly limit our health and happiness, and the science to back up this relationship. But I cannot stress this enough, all the talk on changing your attitude, or positive thinking or fixing depression through prescriptions or diet are meaningless unless digestion, thyroid, blood sugar, and possible anemia are corrected first. Hence, the first two topics of discussion…

  263. Susan says:

    I don’t know if Dr. William Davis,cardiologist, has been mentioned. He wrote “Wheat Belly” book and also has “Track Your Plaque” website. He is very interesting and speaks well. Blows the lid off ‘healthy whole grains’.

  264. Sara says:

    Dr Gregor

  265. Bill Potere says:

    Bill Henderson

  266. lizzy says:

    I also think its a great idea to find some medical doctors. how they see it, what they feel about the spreading of alternative integrative health care.

  267. Gina says:

    George Malkmus
    Suzanne Sommers

  268. Tony says:

    These names have been used but:
    1) Gabriel Cousens – especially if you get him to talk about Kundalini energy
    2) Daniel Vitalis – cleansing and water structures
    3) Peter Ragnar – let’s get immortal
    4) any and all of The Boutenko Family – let’s do some grazing

    They all are coming up with new knowledge continually, let’s get the latest and greatest from these special folks.

  269. Gail Breiterman says:

    Hi I hope you will consider interviewing Robert Morse N.D. He is a naturopath, bio-chemist, master herbalist, who has 40 years clinical experience detoxifying people going through many different health problems.

  270. Larry says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything from Brian Clement, Charlotte Gerson. Neal Barnard might be interesting. Roger Haeske definitely has opinions on how to do raw. David Jubbs, or even his ex, Annie Padden-Jubbs would be great.

    And of course, most of the suggestions above would be just fine.

  271. ASK says:

    Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (amazing vegan cook and compassionate advocate for animals)
    Marion Nestle (author of Food Politics)

  272. jeanne says:

    Chris Wark…he’s the one who told me about your blog and he has a blog that got me started totally! http://www.chrisbeatcancer.com

    Joyce Rogers….a pastor’s wife (now a widow) that was a woman before her time about food and the Biblical stance she has on eating. She’s written several books and one is on eating with information she has gleaned from self-educating. She is in her late 70’s and looks fantastic

  273. Bill Vogel says:

    Dr Linda Isaacs(partner..always silent..to Dr. Gonzalez.

  274. Carol says:

    Robert Cohen from notmilk.com

    Gena from choosing raw

  275. Elizabeth says:

    Dr. Joseph Mercola
    Dr. Mark Hyman
    Jordan Reubin
    David Hoffmann
    Donald R. Yance
    Herbal Ed Smith

    Also, I agree with others that it would be wonderful to see some pet experts such as those listed in post #42 (I have two cats that eat only raw meat), and also a holistic dentist.

  276. Ryan says:

    I would love to see an interview with;

    -Dr. Tim O’Shea (thedoctorwithin.com)
    -Tera Warner (TeraWarner.com)
    -Dr. Jon Baron (baseline of health foundation)
    -Dr Mark Hyman (he has a new #1 best seller book on diabetes
    -Hal Huggins (on dentistry) and also the guy from curetoothdecay.com
    -Seeds of deception author Jeffrey Smith
    -Karen Lee (healthyfoodstorage.com)

  277. Anieta says:

    For some names I haven’t seen mentioned at least once, my vote also goes to:
    Brandon Bays – the journey
    Mike Adams – natural news
    Sharon Palmer – rawsome foods

    anyone from the raw milk farmers
    anyone from another country advocating what you advocate

    more hands on approach to making a switch to more raw food in daily diet – people who have done and want to share their suggestions

  278. Nancy says:

    Doctors at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Lung Transplant program who believe that raw food cannot cure pulmonary diseases.

  279. nicole says:

    Senen Poussa (australian-green-smoothie-drinking-yogi-financial wizard)

    Elaina Love

    Chris Whitco

    Andreas Moritz

  280. Jerry S. says:

    Neil Nedley (Depression Recovery)
    John McDougall
    Jonathan Wright
    Hans Diehl
    Judy Seegar
    Russell Blaylock
    Jim Humble

  281. Hope Boije says:

    How about interviewing Robert Jay Rowen, MD (editor of Second Opinion)about his raw food diet

    Also Isaac Eliaz, MD
    Santa Rosa, CA

  282. jackie says:

    Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec, from Total Health Institute

  283. John says:

    Patrick Holford has a great book, “New Optimum Nutrition for the Mind”. He gets into the effects of vitamins and minerals on mood and cognition.

    Another would be Ann Marie Colbin, She has a great book, “Food and Healing” She gets into the Yin and Yang effects of foods.

  284. Anne says:

    Hi there,

    I am currently reading a brick from Dr Christiane Northrup and just enjoy her. I also am also interested in Sara Gottfried.

    There are others but I’m NOT interested in the whole fruitarian mob or 80-10-10 who are like fanatical extremists.

    I’d rather have someone like Mark Sisson who is lovely and interesting.
    Thanks again

  285. Grace says:

    How about some Canadians,
    Paul Chek
    Dr. Charles Heroux

  286. naomi says:

    david wolfe (always cutting edge)
    nadine artemis
    Tim van orden (love)
    annmarie gianni!
    woody harrelson
    tanya alekseeva (UK)
    john robbins
    all good ideas!

  287. Terry says:

    Dr. Susan Brown – “Better Bones”
    Dr. Furhman
    Dr. Daniel Amen – brain health
    Bruce Fife
    Susun Weed

  288. Tim says:

    Dean Ornish
    Joel Fuhrman
    John McDougall
    Caldwell Essylstein
    T. Colin Campbell
    Mark Sisson
    Joseph Mercola

  289. so much focus is on cancer but Alzheimer’s Disease is the 6th leading cause of death and is no longer a disease of the elderly (80 plus). Younger Onset (age 40 to 60) Alzheimer’s is on the rise and the estimates for the future is staggering. Rather than discussing the speculation as to what the cause is, address preventative measures and nutritionally what can be taken to slow the progression of this disease. Who has the knowledge in this area? I don’t know but would be interested in seeing who you dig up (not literally Kevin) LOL

  290. CK says:

    Dr. Joel Fuhrman
    Dr. Michael Klaper
    Dr. Jameth Sheridan
    Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
    Tera Warner

  291. Sharon says:

    Jacob Liberman regarding light therapy.

  292. Carol says:

    I agree with a lot of the above but have another few names for you.
    Montell Williams he changed his life style after finding out he has MS now he’s out there helping people to discover his healthy way of eating.
    Also Dr David Jockers of Exodus Health Centre. He has a lot of information on what foods help your body perform best. I really get a lot out of his information.
    Chris Woollams of Cancer Active. His articles are very good.

  293. Stacey says:

    Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist
    Matthew Wood, ditto
    Markus Rothkranz

  294. Rachel says:

    Lots of great ideas! Just like to add the guys involved in making Forks Over Knives:

    Lee Fulkerson

    Brian Wendel

  295. SAMMY says:

    There are so many great people out there now from Dr John Mc Dougall , Dr Colin Campbell and many, many more but the most exciting and well spoken information of the day must be from Bruce LIpton . As he would say , ” It’s mind blowing ! ” Can’t wait til everyone can red his new book coming out titled the Honeymoon Effect .
    Bruces work is very intense but he has a gift of explaining it so everyone can understand it . So for those that want a little more advance information Bruce on the leading edge !

  296. Cindy says:

    Sherry Rogers MD, expert in toxicology/detox & interesting author, Hans Diehl MD (CHIP program), Virgina Harper who has been crohn’s free naturally for 20 plus yrs. (http://youcanhealyou.com), anyone on natural solutions/nutrition for pets/farm animals, Dr. Richard Schulze is full of energy & great for motivation (https://www.herbdoc.com), Dave Frahm ND (books & newsletters informative https://www.healthquarters.org/). Would love interviews of actual persons who have overcome chronic autoimmune diseases such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc., David Brownstein MD (more natural & comprehensive approach to thyroid, etc., https://www.drbrownstein.com). Interviews with healthy, active 100 plus year old’s would be interesting as well.

  297. Deb Smith says:

    Dr. Peter D’Adamo of Eat Right 4 Your Type

    Donna Eden

    Ann Marie of Cheeseslave

    Billy Merritt of Billy’s Infinity Greens

  298. Sara Rice says:

    Well I like many of the suggestions noted. A couple ideas already mentioned: Louise Hay, Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Mercola, Andres Moritz, and I would love you to interview some raw vegan nutritionist and/or vegan athletes to gain perspective.

    Also, It would be interesting to interview everyday raw vegans in various cities like NYC, Chicago, Cali, Arizona to give perspective to everyone out there on the ups and downs.

  299. Pat says:

    Dr. John Liurance and Dr Chin T Advanced Wellness in Sarasota. They are functional Drs. They do Functional Cranial Release and Prolotherapy.
    Also Bill Henderson, who coaches people who have cancer telling them about the alternate choices they have.
    Tom Valentine, who owns Carotec in Naples, FL.
    Dr. Perlmutter who works with Parkinson’s and Alzeheimer patients. I believe he is out of Naples also.

  300. Joe says:

    Dean Ornish!

  301. Sharon says:

    Elaine Hollingsworth
    Dr Shultze
    Dr Daniel Amen
    Victoria Bidwell
    Woody Harrelson

  302. IH says:

    I see a lot of names that have been interviewed already in some form so why repeat this since we know their message already.

    Here is my list:

    1 Michael Polan
    2 Anne Louise Gittleman
    3 Natalia Rose
    4 Dr Christiane Northrup

  303. Lori says:

    ALEJANDRO JUNGER, M.D. Author of the best-seller CLEAN

    He would be awesome to interview.

  304. Dianne W. says:

    My favorites have already been suggested here. Yay!

    Joseph E. Pizzorno, Jr., ND of Bastyr University

    centenarians !!

    Thank you for asking!

  305. Cherry says:

    Matt Monarch
    Angela Stokes-Monarch
    Dr. Fred Bisci
    David Wolfe
    Kevin Gianni
    Ann Marie Gianni
    Paul nison
    Jordan Rubin
    Charlotte Gerson
    Truth Calkins
    Daniel Vitalis
    Herbalists that forage in wild places
    I would love to have a very good knowledge of edible weeds that I can eat.


  306. Lloyd says:

    How about someone you never heard before but runs a 10 day detox center in Lodi, CA. His name is Danny Vierra, who is a very dynamic speaker? Have him talk about his health retreat and how he got into healthful living. Have him talk about John Harvey Kellogg and how Kellogg Corn Flakes got started. How about going to Loma Linda and find someone to talk about how Loma Linda became a “Blue Zone?” The only “Blue Zone” in the United States!But then maybe you don’t want the religious aspect of it.

  307. Kim barker says:

    Maria Rodale

  308. Donna says:

    I think Rus Willis at Big Horn Botanicals would be interesting. He works with raw Yew. He is the only company in the world (I think) that has the product,it is still hand harvested and would open a new source of
    first hand knowlege to be shared with all.He can be reached at nox.5597@BLACKFOOT.NET

  309. Gemma says:

    For the last year my daughter has been writing a blog about my alternative cancer journey: ‘Mum’s Not Having Chemo’ (www.MumsNotHavingChemo.com)

    The blog has recently been covered in the Sunday Times in both London and Australia and she now has thousands of visitors every week. She’s a freelance journalist but she dedicates hours of her time ( for no financial gain) to writing the blog and responding to others desperately looking for natural cancer alternatives. We’re both avid readers of Renegade Health and got so much out of the Healing Cancer Summit. Best wishes, Gemma Bond

  310. Lori says:

    Also, could you cover the topic of detoxification through juice and water fasting? (So, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, in addition to Dr. Junger, would be an obvious person to interview for this topic.) I haven’t heard this topic come up yet in any of your interview packages to any significant degree.


  311. Jen says:

    1. Jordan Rubin
    2. Jericho Sunfire
    3. Scott Sonnon
    4. Coach Tara Scott from youtube
    5. Craig Sommers
    5. Dr. Morse ND from youtube

  312. I would like to see an interview with:
    -Dr Robert Morse
    -Tosca Reno

  313. Joyce says:

    Chunyi Lin
    Don Tolman

  314. Wendi and Jim Dee (Purejeevan.com)

  315. christine says:

    Someone from the Walford longsvity institute about calorie restriction and the longeity diet. Unfortunately Dr Walford passed away a few years ago. Perhaps his daughter Lisa Walford?

  316. christine says:

    Sorry cant type today. I meant the Longevity Institute


  317. Tega says:

    Kyle Maynard.

    He has no arms and no legs but climbed Kilimanjaro. Also a very inspirational speaker.

  318. Cathy says:

    I would interview Norm Shealy. I think he’s fantastic and a wonderful source for energy medicine as well as cutting edge alternative medicine treatments.

  319. Nancy says:

    Robert Morse from Port Charlotte, Fl
    I also would be interested in hearing about from real people who have long term success but have kept a low profile, they are not famous or well known in the raw world.
    Oh and Jinjee from The Garden Diet. Her family is so cute!

  320. Jim Dee says:

    Ray Kurzweil, author of “Live Long Enough to Live Forever” — a book about how nanotechnology will lead to unbelievably long lifespans. Amazing stuff. And he’s a health nut.

  321. Kat says:

    Suzanne Somers
    Jamie Oliver
    Dr. David Brownstein or his associate Dr. Ng

  322. Rachel says:

    Rebecca Katz who wrote The Cancer Fighting Kitchen, and her co-author Lise Alschuler ND, who also authored Five to Thrive : both have compelled g cancer survival stories, and advocate thriving with, after and before cancer diagnosis.

  323. Lisa Simon Zubek says:

    Dr. Christy Westen
    Joel Fuhrman
    Joe Cross
    Joseph Mercola
    Dr. Sinatra
    Clint Ober
    Dr. Gerald Pollack
    Nadine Artemis

  324. Frances says:

    How about stretching out to other avenues of health such as the way we respond to things that have happened to us and cause us ongoing challenges. The list above is fantastic and adding a few different styles of thinking would be wonderful
    People such as Lynne Mc Taggart ( The Intention experiment and The Bond)
    Donna Eden ( mentioned above as well)
    Dr Bradley Nelson – The Emotional Codes – great for bad habits and other issues as well as health.
    Larry Crane
    Kaitlyn Keyt
    Dr Melanie Smith
    If people like this there are so many more to interview as well

  325. Cam says:

    April Renee

  326. Wanda says:

    Kevin, rather than interviewing those who have self improvement as their focus, as some on the internet already do, have you considered Ian Brighthope, and the others, who like him, have a focus more closely aligned with your own, they provide access to the obscure health details which actually work.

  327. Marlie says:

    Dr. Gert E. Schuitemaker, founder of the Ortho Institute in the Netherlands.

  328. Diana says:

    Could you please run again the interviews you had on cancer treatments and diet. A lot of people need that info and while I helped some people know about them, others missed them. If you could run that whole event again would be really great.

    Thank you very much for your help and for all you do.

  329. Iris Ztarr says:

    Jon Gabriel from the Gabriel method

    Donna Gates from Body Ecology, fantastic infer for all candida sufferers

    Dr Bruce Lipton

  330. Iris Ztarr says:

    Sorry I meant info not infer!!

  331. Renee says:

    Dr. Gillian McKeith (England has her own clinic) 3 books. Awesome woman.

  332. Rose says:

    Good work Kevin.

    Please include;

    Jim Humble (Miracle Mineral Supplement MMS )
    Amazing dedicated man who saves many lives.

    Dr. Tullio Simoncini (Oncologist in Italy who treats Cancer, by injecting Sodium Bicarbonate, into Tumors and shrinking them. He has saved many lives.

    Susun Weed…..Herbalist.

    Best wishes to all.

    Rose in Ireland.

  333. Kuru says:

    Suzanne Somers
    Patricia Bragg
    Christiane Northrup
    Woody Harrelson
    Michael Beckwith
    Dr. Oz
    Someone on healthy pet food

  334. reba says:

    would like to see an interview with Dr. William Campbell Douglas and his light therapy,also Dr. Joel Wallach owner of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie program.Also i would like to see John Ellis of John Ellis water.com.He states no disease can live in his water and i have used it to heal my self of very bad heel spurs which i had for years even after i had under gone surgery once.

  335. Becky says:

    Bernie Siegal (about how love can heal), Deepak Chopra, Dr d’Adamo, Robert Young, Barbara Brennan – energy healer who wrote Hands of Light – she has some amazing stories in her book and has set up schools of healing), also would love to hear some views from dentists about removing root canals and whether these really do have a detrimental systemic effect on the body. Also what you would replace the teeth with.

  336. Suzanne says:

    thanks for asking the people who like to hear your interviews…lots of good topics…
    the healthy dentistry topic is good.
    on water fasting: Dr. Klapper in Santa Rosa and he talks at the Oakland Whole Foods-he is very cool1!
    Susan George who is an auyervedic practitioner in Oakland.
    Caroline Sutherland, medical intuitive
    Dana Ullman on homeoapathy & he’s in Berkeley
    Tissue Salts=does any one know more than a smidge about them? they are amazing
    The Seed Bank folks up in Petaluma and the heirloom seen fair that will be held again this fall in Santa Rosa-that was amazing last year!

  337. Lourdes says:

    I just spent half an hour writing several names, clicked to submit comment, was given an error message (“please include your email address” or whatever), had to hit the back button, and now it is all gone. I want to kill myself.

    Please fix it so that you can move forward when you get an error message, instead of having to go back.

  338. Joy says:

    Dr. Andrew Weil
    Caroline Myss
    Valerie Heart — Animal Communicator
    Dr. Andrew Jones, Canadian Holistic Vet.

  339. Lourdes says:

    Here goes. I am starting over because I really do want you to interview these people. Sigh.

    From what I can tell, you have interviewed many if not most of those suggested so far (Cousens, Moritz, etc.). Here goes my best attempt at fresh ones.

    Dr. Flora Van Orden: Ann Wigmore’s “righthand man” for decades. Lives and heals in Homestead, Florida. Her depth of knowledge, experience, and insight is invaluable and hardly equaled by anyone in the raw food movement. She has a unique perspective which is not only extremely important, but rarely heard. Why is that?

    Hulda Clark: real or fraud? I think real (based on what I heard from Dr. Flora). She is big on parasites as the source of disease, and the use of a synchrometer (I think that’s what it’s called?), aka “zapper” which runs an electrical current through you and kills parasites. Would love to know more.

    Jim Humble (the MMS guy): provides a protocol for taking, orally, the substance that the immune system uses to fight disease. If this works as he says it does, then this is the biggest discovery no one has ever heard of. I want to know more. Matt Monarch recommends his parasite-killing protocol.

    Mike Andersen (creator of the “Rave Diet” and “Eating” DVD): Would be interested to know more about him and get the inside story. What has been achieved, what remains to be done, what resistance he found, testimonials, etc.

    Anyone who has healed / been healed from MS: I have heard of people curing MS and I need hard data. I have a friend with MS.

    Anyone who has healed / been healed from AIDS: In an interview in the DVD “Eating,” Brenda Cobb of the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta says, “If AIDS is incurable, then how is it disappearing from the body?” I want to know more about this. She also mentions people healing from Parkinson’s.

    Dr. Lorraine Day: cured her cancer and apparently also proposes cures for all diseases, including AIDS. http://www.drday.com/

    Anyone who can tell us more about Weston Price and the root canal thing: For example: “When Dr. Price took a root canal tooth out of a patient who had a chronic disease and placed this tooth in an animal the patient became well and the animal developed the same illness the patient had previously suffered from. If the patient had rheumatoid arthritis the animal became afflicted with RA. When the patient had heart disease the animal developed heart disease. The tooth from a patient with kidney disease produced an animal with kidney disease.” http://www.newswithviews.com/Howenstine/james34.htm I want to hear from someone who has gotten to the bottom of this.

    Anyone who can tell us about iridology: My interest in this springs from Bernard Jensen, the bowel health expert, who also was a great practitioner of iridology. If Jensen, who I greatly admire, believed in iridology, then I want to know more.

  340. Lourdes says:

    /accidentally left out the last paragraph)

    As you can see, my interest is in people who heal disease. Why? Because people everywhere live in mortal fear of disease. They believe it is inevitable that they will die of a horrible debilitating disease (this is no accident—we are certainly brainwashed into believing this). This lie needs to be exposed and people need to be freed from this fear.

  341. Marian says:

    Kat James, author of “The Truth About Beauty”
    She runs a program based on no-sugar-spikes (no caffeine, sugar or grains) using good fats, organic foods and supplements. Overcame her own eating disorder and liver disease. Is a beautiful warm woman who has helped countless people overcome diabetes, heart problems, skin problems, etc. Has great recommendations for all sorts of products for home and personal use as well as amazing recipes.

    I saw her speak in Georgia and she literally helped saved my nephew’s life by recommending Dr. Joan Mathews-Larson’s clinic in Minnesota. My nephew had been an alcoholic who had attempted suicide and was in a lock-down psych ward. He couldn’t sleep at night or stay awake during the day, had violent episodes and his parents feared for his life. He spent seven weeks at Dr. Larson’s clinic and is now a healthy happy college student who can even tolerate the occasional coffee or beer, like any healthy person. At the clinic they treat the whole health of a person by testing for hypoglycemic, pyroluria, candida, etc., and treating with diet and supplements to really CURE addictions. 5-yr cure rate of over 80% compared to VERY LOW rate for 12-step and other conventional programs.

    Both women are doing incredible things and saving lives.

    Kat James

    Dr. Joan Mathews-Larson
    Health Recovery Center in Minnesota

  342. Lourdes says:

    More ideas! I want to get to the bottom of these “raw food received truths” and find out whether there is any validity to them.

    Anyone who can tell us about the Alexis Carrel and the chicken heart kept alive for 32 years: what are the facts + what are our conclusions (how should we apply this knowledge)

    Leukocytosis: does eating cooked food cause the body to produce white blood cells (sign of inflammation and that the body is trying to fight something off) whereas eating raw food does not?

    Pottenger’s cats: after a few generations, cats who did not eat fresh food became sterile.

  343. Jonathan says:

    I would like:



  344. Kira says:

    Susun Weed
    D. Wolfe
    T. Calkins
    Daniel Amen
    Jon Gabriel
    Nadine Artemis (oil making is my hit these days, what are right amounts for frankincense and basic oil for making, that’s for old scars removing?)

    It could be great if someone made an hour long (at least) video or radio duel with Susun Weed/David Wolfe, they’re both great experts and we could all learn so much from both sides.

  345. Lourdes says:

    re the person who mentioned Adya Clarity, David Wolfe recently examined this and wrote about it. I was trying to find the link but couldn’t. :-/

  346. Cassandra says:

    Getting closer to 200!! 😀
    So many wonderful suggestions…Definitely Truth Calkins, Dr. David Jubb, Dr. Andrew Saul, and Karyn Calabrese. Woody Harrelson would be pretty fun too, he keeps it real 🙂 I’ve always loved Gary Null too…I’m excited to see what this year brings!!

  347. Geraldine says:


    I agree with both #146 and #156…
    A lot of the names mentioned have been interviewed so many many times all over the internet, gets somewhat predictable.

    so my pick is Dr.John Demartini.

    To hear his knowledge on health and disease I can assure you it will be something trully different for this forum.
    As #156 put it: “How about stretching out to other avenues of health such as the way we respond to things that have happened to us and cause us ongoing challenges.”
    I like having this approach to who you interview; do we really need to hear another recommendation from a raw food health person in the field? boring…

    Christiane Northrup

  348. I want to know how to solve the devastating effect from this (to control rains) Aluminium Spraying that has been going on for some time. With what mineral may the desastrousity be deminished..Many of the small ecologic vegs “farmers” are desparate.

  349. Lise says:

    Susan MacDonald, author of Balance, Nature’s way to heal. She has an amazing story of survival and her journey back to health.

    Patrick Holford – one of my favourites – he is very innovative in getting people motivated to take responsability for their own health.

    Seems like everyone else was already mentioned but I will put another vote for Andrew Saul – Love the man!

  350. alden says:

    a few suggestions.
    Dr. James Winer,DC A real Health Educator and Clinician. Green Smoothie Girl For her smoothie
    info and whole food diet plans. Victoria Boutenko for her perspective on health and the
    reawakening of green smoothie.

  351. Christine says:

    a great person to interview is Dr. Dan Yachter; founder of Y360 Health located in Lake Mary, FL. He is a nutritionist and a chiropractor. His goal is to educate people on health & how to be healthy w/out drugs; how to get off any prescription drugs and correct any health issues by first addressing the electrical river of life flowing from the brain down thru the spinal column and out to the organs & the rest of the body. If your organs are not receiving the full impulse from the brain to fully function as designed then disease begins to set in. He also believes that nutrition and excercise play an important role as well.

  352. Alicyn says:

    My vote is for…
    Tonya Zavasta
    Regular people sharing their testimonials
    Andrea McNinch http://www.regenerationraw.com

    Thanks for asking!

  353. esther says:

    awesome list, yet i thought of a couple not already mentionede : Dr. roger valentine (veternarian and naturopath) Dr. norm shealy and nick delgado – have fun folks, this is will be quite and adventure tracking down all these prospects – love you all

  354. ~Whitewolf says:

    OK I didn’t read everybody’s posts yet- so I may have duplicated a mention.

    WOW I’m going to have to copy this post- EVERYONE ON HERE SOUNDS AMAZING. And lots of NEW names for me to research! LOVE IT!

    Pretty much the main teachers mentioned here, as well as there are a few others I’ve been watching and hearing,

    Dean Thomas – Shamanshack

    Kris Carr is just loads of all kinds of cool- book and movie both awesome

    Frederic Patenaude- the whole grain question

    Dr Rita Marie- her teleseminars on hormone health have been amazing

    Dr Robert Cassar – Earthshift Products I like his youtube channel- learn a lot there
    I also like Life Regenerator— Mr Dan- he’s great

    I saw David Wolf mentioned, how about Truth Calkins

    Also today I read an article about SF ZEN CENTER- 50 years of opening hearts and minds.
    Although not revolving around nutrition entirely, I would love to hear more about their whole way of life, I think this organization contributes much to our planet, I’d love to hear an interview on this.

    And who can ever get enough of Donna Eden, like David Wolf, so much info coming at you- just wonderful!

    Thank you Kevin and Ani so much for all your work, I know we can change this planet, in my case one friend at a time, they eventually come around!
    Have a spectacularly love Spring Day everybody- much love NAMASTE


  355. Shirley J Dillard says:

    Dr. Sinatra

    Marc Sircus

    Dr. Bruce West

    Also, please interview those who have cured their own diseases…naturally.

  356. These may be repeats.
    Brigitte Mars
    Pam Popper
    Joel Fuhrman

  357. Karen Graham says:

    Susun S. Weed and Sergei Boutenko on harvesting wild foods. Carolyn Myss has some great books on how your beliefs and emotions affect health. Julie Morris has a great raw food book. From the pet food side Dr. Ian Billinghurst. Dr. Pitcairn, and Lew Olson.

  358. social worker says:

    I recommend you contact and interview Nathalie Foy – hwise@nathaliefoy.com. Why? She is an expert in a health area that is not talked about and needs to be. Here are my reasons:

    As a social worker in private practice who helps clients with health as well as emotional struggles, it has come to my awareness that one in five women suffer from HSV 2 – Herpes Simplex Virus. That figure is apparently too low according to my sources) and one in 9 men (again the figure is too low, but these are the official stats from years ago).

    Nearly everyone has HSV 1, but that is just the occasional lip sore issue, as far as I know.

    While the raw diet is amazing and I recommend it as a general guideline, nuts and seeds as well as chocolate – these are the ones that come to mind but there are likely others, contain too much Arginine for those with HSV2 a very little of which will trigger a serious outbreak.

    Raw foodists or anyone consuming nuts and seeds or chocolate (there are many other such foods with high Arginine) would have to ingest large amounts of Lysine to balance that amount of Arginine intake as is part of the raw diet. Since a significant percentage of the raw diet is about almond (mylks etc) and cashews (creams etc.) and relied on for protein, where does that leave those suffering from this illness – and there is an epidemic out there from my understanding? If they want to be healthy, for protein sources It appears to force them back to a grain fed meat, naturally farm raised fish and eggs etc. type of diet.

    Would you interview an expert in this area (Nathalie Foy is the only one I have come across although there are likely many others) – as it is a silent source of pain and alarm for those trying to be healthy and seemingly forced back into the SAD approach. I wonder what Cousins, Clement and other raw gurus might have to say on the matter, also.

    Many thanks.

  359. Marie says:

    I love all the above suggestions….in response to the comments of hearing from “non experts” I would suggest Tera Werner from Quebec Canada (creator of the Women’s International Summit for Heath = WISH). She is a raw foodist with lots of gumption! Tera has for several years (and possibly more…but I only “discovered” her in 2011) hosted a summit which involves interviewing many of the above mentioned names….40 each year (In fact it is going on now…google WISH and look for Tera Werner) She reaches out to women around the world and gives them inspiration in all areas of life. Would love to hear an interview with her as the focus!! Also, an interview with Jeff Golfman, known in Winnipeg Manitoba as The Cool Vegetarian. Jeff has been a long time (long over a decade)raw foodist. He loves to run and has competed in races around the world for self challenge….and has taken upon himself to organize “Alive” potlucks in various cities…both in Canada and in the United States in an effort to join like minded raw vegan/ vegetarian individuals and to encourage a healthy diet/population. He too has interviewed some of the above mentioned people (google The cool Vegetarian). Jeff gives back to community..by trying to raise money/get grants to support a children’s theatre group which operates to inspire the audience/school children to “go green”…He has given support to those in need in Africa. Both Tera and Jeff are individuals whose life’s mission is help others…What better inspiration can you get??!! Would also love to hear from some spiritual people Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Eckart Tolle…or as someone above mentioned….Holistic Dentists!! and yes yes yes…your better half!!! Best of Luck…and love all you do!!

  360. Anna says:

    I would like to add to the list above Vivian Goldschmidt MA ( bone doctor) and maybe you can introduce to us , your followers, someone from other countries , at least English speaking . I am more than sure there are plenty of specialists in the field . It always interesting what is going on in other continents or cultures.

  361. Veronica says:

    I would love to hear from Mark Hyman, and Ani Phyo, Steven Pratt and Kathy Matthews (authors of Super Food), and it would be interesting to hear an update from Gillian McKeith.

    Holistic chiropractor – Dr. Chad Laurence (302-234-1115, or staff@correctivechiro.net

    Holistice dentist – Dr. Donald Robbins, biosafe dentristry 610-363- 1980, or http://www.DonaldRobbinsDMD.com.

  362. Michael says:


    What about Dr. Brian Peskin. http://www.bianpeskin.com
    and Jack Norris jacknorrisrd.com.

  363. Valentine says:

    I suggest Philip Day

  364. Veronica says:

    I thought of another one:

    Dr. Michael Donaldson – research director from Halleluia Acres and for his extensive research on Vit. B12

    Dr. Michael Donaldson, Research Director at the Hallelujah Acres Foundation, is a chemical engineering graduate of prestigious Cornell University, the same school where Dr. T Colin Campbell (author of The China Study) is Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry.

    His work consists of designing and coordinating epidemiologic and clinical intervention studies based on specific symptoms or diseases, and focuses on the results of The Hallelujah Diet.

  365. Grace says:

    Don Huber, retired from Purdue University a professor who has great knowledge of the effects of consuming GMO foods. A little different type of info which we all need to spread the word on the horrors of genetically modified foods and the results of consuming them. So many good names and we can learn from all. Personally I have benefitted from learning how to apply hypnosis and NLP to make change in my own life. I am traveling today and do not have names but Kevin I know you know. Thanks for all health giving info as different protocols benefit different persons. Nurse G

  366. Velda says:

    Kevin, I would love to see you interview Annmarie about skin care. I heard the interview that Shawn Stevenson did with her and it was great. She is a wealth of information on skin health. Also,

    Annmarie Gianni
    Sharry Edwards – soundhealthoptions.com
    Dr. Mark Hyman
    Dr. Joseph Mercola
    Dr. Oz
    Jamie Oliver

  367. Velda says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention

    Dr. Christiane Northrup
    Dr. Daniel Amen

  368. ray says:

    Great lists as above, also
    Dr. Deepak Chopra
    Dr. Andrew Weil
    Dr. Mercola
    Some Spiritual healers/masters interviews & lifestyles.
    >Personal interview experiences of those who cured their chronic/cancers/degenerative illnesses & their advice…
    >Topics on Mind body & breath connection-SKY of artofliving & its healing effects on the body & some such techniques.Website: http://www.artofliving.org
    >Miracle/Healing spots/locations to visit in America/world & peoples experiences..
    >Interviews on people living close to 100 yrs & their secret health tips…
    Individual personal experiences would be great interviews.

  369. Kelly says:

    I think it would be great if you would interview Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs. He is the most amazing man. He learned Chinese medicine to heal himself at a young age and now has farms in China where he grows some of the plants, herbs, etc for his products. He has deep and varied layers of wisdom to share and is one of the most unassuming people you’ll meet. Knowledgeable, gentle, generous. I believe you’ll be touched by the experience of interacting with him. That was my experience.

  370. Linda says:

    Gabriel Cousens, Woody Harrelson, someone discussing diet and eye health. I agree Annmarie Gianni (do you know how to get in touch?). And if your folks can find her this woman who supposedly lost around 500 lbs. on a’green smoothie ‘ diet saw it once no further details were forthcoming. Perhaps one of your many listeners/readers has some info about her???? Thanks Kevin!

  371. Susan says:

    Please interview author, Natalie Rose. She seems to be the only person out there that sees that women are having a difficult time keeping LOW calories so they can be at a weight that they like. Kevin you are always talking about not getting enough calories. But that is from a male’s perspective. Also when you get older it is more difficult. I am high raw vegan. But still trying to figure out what works for me.

  372. Barb says:

    How about Jon Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Method. One of the best weight loss programs I’ve ever seen!
    Also Dr. Richard Berstein, author of Diabetes Solution. He’s an expert in diabetes. He claims to be the oldest living Type I Diabetic.

  373. Kellie says:

    – More people on the topic of adrenal fatigue. Maybe James Wilson to see if any of his views or recommendations have changed since the writing of his book.
    – Real people who have dug themselves out of their health holes… especially those who have dealt with adrenal fatigue- Tim Ferris re: 4-Hour Body and health
    – Some on ayurvedic eating
    – The FDA – haha!

  374. Velda says:

    Ok, Kevin, I just thought of another guy …
    Mark Kastel, from The Cornucopia Institute would be a great guest. I think you would find him very interesting and knowledgeable.

  375. Joe says:

    Gary Null, Alice Waters, Charles Tart, Bruce Lipton, Ken Wilber, Chris Hedges, Gregg Braden.

  376. Velda says:

    Kevin, here is an interview by Dr. Mercola of Mark Kastel from The Cornucopia Institute


  377. Emily says:

    Just thought of another: Erin Brocovich.

  378. Cindy says:

    Tonya Zavasta
    Jamie Oliver
    Mimi Kirk
    Mike Adams
    Matt Stone (180degreehealth.com)

    Most people on this blog have probably heard of everyone above but Matt Stone. He’s very different from what most people are used to, but if you really take the time to see what he’s about, he has a lot of really good insights & information about the way people eat & what happens to their metabolism when they start trying all kinds of different diets & ways of eating.

  379. Odette says:

    Along the lines of Susun Weed I would recommend Gloria Lemay. She is an internationally renowned midwife and birth educator who is all about brown rice and whole food for healthy moms babies and bonding. More people need to know about what normal healthy birth is and how it is possible, not just a fluke. I adore Gloria!

  380. Susan says:

    Please interview Andrea Cox. I recently warched an interview of her by the Raw Model, Anthony Anderson, and then watched another YouTube of hers where she says that she drinks 1/2 cup of olive oil every evening!!! What is up with this? Also, I would like you to interview Vitalis. I do not understand his take on health at all. There are soooooo many confusing crazy things in this raw food community.

  381. Denise Davies says:

    As i am from England now living in Cyprus there are names i am not familiar with, some i endorse whole-heartedly like:
    Donna Eden, Brandon Bays, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Eckart Tolle, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Bruce Lipton. Also these not mentioned are Inspirational! Dr. Wayne Dyer, Denise Lynn and Joshua Bloom (Quantum Energy Transformation) and last but not least; how about Dr. George Giorgiou from the Island of Cyprus – He is responsible for HMD (Heavy Metal Detox) Does much research and is very knowledgeable and his Book “Curing the Incurable” is very informative and inspirational. He is known in the US.

  382. Grace says:

    I would like to know about patients who have been diagnosed with any kind of “incurable disease” and had been doing all of these treatment that we already know or read or heard with all of these experts. It is very interesting to know what have been working well with these patients or what haven’t. I think it is wise to have a follow up of someone or several patients in their treatments. Don’t you think so?:)Thank You

  383. Kathy Burns says:

    I live in Orlando and have been using alternative health care for myself and my kids. Here are the people I respect much. I’d love to hear their thoughts on your questions. Thanks for considering

    1. Dr. Joseph Fuller, Chiropractor
    2. Dr. Cornelia Franz, Pediatrician
    3. Pam Shouse, herbaloogist

  384. SmithA says:

    Kris Carr
    Jillian Michaels

  385. Bridget says:

    Would love to hear more about Homeopathy! It is a not well known healing scientifically based science/art.

    Interview Dr. Todd Rowe Dr. of Psychiatry turned Homeopath (AZ), Nancy Herrick. Dr. Rowe runs the American Medical College of Homeopathy. Also Nancy Herrick. Wonderful, accomplished Homeopaths. Your members will be impressed and intrigued!

    Also Dr. Mark Starr, fabulous Dr. dealing with thyroid and other issues naturally. People from all over the world make the trip to see him. His book is ‘Hypothyroidism Type 2″

    Dr.Jerry Tennant (unbelievable story!) author of “Healing is Voltage”. Again people coming to him from all over the world.

    For those with pets Dr. Swift from Florida, amazing Homeopthic vet, saved my puppy a few times. He’s got recipes and all sorts of other things if you want to keep your pet healthy.

  386. Joanne says:

    DR. ROBERT O. YOUNG (pH Miracle Living) PLEASE
    ….. as a Microbiologist & Scientist … re: the DISCREPANCY in the “pH” ACID – ALKALINE FOOD LIST ~ !! His “pH” LIST shows “sweet” / “fructose” FRUITS on the “Acidic” List … NOT high on the “ALKALINE” LIST, where most “pH” Lists place them. THIS SEEMS VERY IMPORTANT TO “UNDERSTAND” and to “”CLARIFY”” ~ !!

  387. Marie says:

    I’d love to hear from:

    Sally Fallon
    Dr. Joel Furhman
    Dr. Mark Hyman
    Ani Phyo
    Any pregnant moms eating all raw
    Jordin Rubin

  388. Susan says:

    Please interview someone from Premiew Research products. Thank you.

  389. Anna says:

    Hello again , I forgot to put very important person on the list Clint Ober , please . His book “Earthing” changed my life forever!

  390. Jessica says:

    Mimi Kirk!!!!
    She’s a beautiful, full of life, vegan who knows all about living raw and living well. After all, she’s the sexiest senior I’ve EVER SEEN! I think she can give a big thanks to the nutritious, delicious, raw, living food for that!
    I would love to hear from Mimi Kirk!

  391. Jessica says:

    Matt and Angela Monarch! They know their stuff and I love hearing them! I dont’ know what I’d do with their ‘Raw food World’ store!

  392. ken says:

    oh good question
    A Vegan or raw food athlete/or figure /bikin competator fed up hearing you cannot build muscle if your not eatting meat
    Tim ( four hour body guy )
    A Expert on female issues ,one that actual tells you something and is not trying to sell you her program

  393. Scott says:

    Gary Null
    Nicholas Gonzalez
    Joel Fuhrman
    Brendan Brazier

    Thanks for asking our opinions

  394. Paul says:

    David wolfe
    Gabriel Cousens

  395. RW says:

    Create a round table panel of renegadehealth.com blog readers with some requested “health experts” and interview and discuss pertinent questions with direct feed back from the “readers panel”.

  396. Kuru says:

    Kevin, I’ve asked about this before. Why do the posts appear in a different order than they came in? Today, I wanted to read new suggestions from the blog yesterday, so started around 175, as I know I had posted before 200. I recognized some of the posts, and then at 335, there was my post! It really helps if they stay in order, because sometimes people make references to #’s, plus if we want to continue at a later time, it’s impossible to do that when they are in no apparent order. Thanks for listening! Always!

  397. Kathy says:

    I would like a follow up interview or two with some of the people you were intensively working with about a year ago for weight loss. I missed whatever happened with that project. Maybe a “year later” interview to see if they were able to keep up the new lifestyle?

    I like the idea of interviewing people from other countries. It can be very educational to see things from another perspective.

    Maybe a few interviews with small business owners in holistic settings would be useful for some viewers. Not everyone would care about being involved in business, but some would love hearing the ups and downs of starting and running something like a massage therapy business, or some sort of natural food cafe, catering, etc. Or maybe somebody who does a part or full time garden related biz. Could be lots of possiblities – maybe do just a few each year. Be sure to ask them both about the specifics of their career, as well as business related questions for those who are intersted.

    If you could find somebody from the FDA or other related government agency who would care to debate you (or somebody of your choosing, or just answer some questions) on why they do some of the things they do, it could be VERY interesting!

  398. Francine says:

    I would love to hear from many of the experts listed above.

    Please also consider Dr. Frank Lipman. He has written a very practice book, entitled “Revive”, about recovering from adrenal fatigue.

  399. Kat says:

    Sorry to post again! I can’t believe I forget to add Ashok Gupta! He developed the Gupta Amygdala Retraining Programme and consequently has changed the lives of thousands of people with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Chemical Sensitivities. Thanks to his protocal I can now go out and about in the world and that is a miracle. He developed the programme after he came down with CFS and found a way to heal from it and ended up with a full recovery. Which is what I am currently engaged in and have alreay made some major shifts! It is also good for other issues, such as panic attacks and PTSD and probably a few more that escape me. I would LOVE to see you interview him.

  400. Kim Bennett says:

    David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis

  401. Fabrice says:

    I would suggest François Couplan, french ethnobotanist, who wrote quite a few books, and is very much into wild edible plants.

    He’s a mine of information on everything that grows out there, and can be eaten.

    I would also Suggest Marc Veyrat, french restaurant owner who worked with Couplan into opening a biological Fast-Food.
    He’s the owner of 2 restaurants of world famous renown: he’s the only chef in the world who’s got twice a third-star rating in the Michelin guide, and a 20/20 note in the Gault & Millau guide.

    and of course, Albert Mossery.

  402. elizabeth lennard says:

    Roger Haeske

    J.Mericle M.D,A,B.R.

    Kris Carr

    Thank you for your time and great work.

  403. Charles Patterson says:

    Please get Dr. Russel Blaylock. Thank you Kevin! 🙂


  404. Melissa says:

    Joshua Rosenthal (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)
    Kris Carr
    Gena Hamshaw (Choosing Raw)
    Paul Pitchford

  405. Leslie says:

    My suggestions:
    Jon Gabriel – The Gabriel Method
    Jamie Oliver
    Mark Hyman MD
    Tori Hudson ND – Portland, OR
    Lori Horan ND – Portland, OR
    Ellen DeGeneres

  406. Michael says:

    I would like to see and hear author Paul Stamets. Thank you Kevin and Annmarie for providing such an excellent service.

  407. Sally says:

    Some of mine are already on your list:

    Dr. Michael Kiriac…researcher and inventor of BioSuperfood http://www.bioage.com – my sick cat is doing very well on this & Dr. Mercola’s Pet Probiotics

    Robyn from GreenSmoothieGirl

    Truth Caulkins

    Dave the Raw Food Truck Driver

    Sarma Melngailis of One Lucky Duck/Pure Food & wine

    David Hall of the Cellerciser

    Any expert on Colon Hydrotherapy

    Any expert on holistic dentistry – how to rebuild teeth without fillings

  408. Sarah says:

    Arnold Ehret. If only he were still alive!

  409. Deena says:

    I am always inspired by Rama of evernewjoy.com

    Thank you

  410. Sally says:

    On my last post for Dr. Michael Kiriac, creator of BioSuperfood and BioPrepreation, website I use is http://www.optimumchoices.com

  411. Jason says:

    Gary Gordon MD, DO
    I’d especially like to hear about vaccine detoxing, tissue regeneration and Lyme disease

  412. more interviews with lung cancer people how to kill cancer cells thank you very much thomas taylor

  413. AlanRoy says:

    Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo. I have heard her speak many, many times and she impresses me every time. She has studied deeply, and draws on years of experience and successful treatments. She is an expert in nutrition and lifestyle changes. She has great programs she provides dealing with balancing hormones and blood sugar. Very upbeat and fun talker.

  414. Jenny says:

    Did anyone suggest looking up Viktoras Kulvinskas, to see how his health and understanding is in his older years
    (afraid I’m giving away my own age here) ?
    Also: Paul Pitchford (Bay area)
    Will Tuttle, author
    Jennifer Cornbleet, author
    For pet health: Lew Olsen
    Dr. Ihor Basko
    This has been a great consideration, thanks Kevin.

  415. norma says:

    Herbalist “James Sloane” knowledgeable in using herbs for medicine and ozone therapy, etc.


  416. Karen says:

    Robyn Openshaw
    Victoria Boutenko
    Jamie Oliver
    Byron Katie
    Karen Knowler
    Brenda Cobb
    Mimi Kirk
    T. Colin Campbell
    Sarma Melngailis
    Phillip Day
    Max Tuck (now No. 30 above)
    Susan Laing (UK iridologist) – http://www.iridologyforhealth.co.uk/
    Any holistic dentist, yes please!

    Many thanks!

  417. Leni says:

    Dr Robert Verkerk, founder and executive director of Alliance for Natural Health International in defense of health freedom: http://www.anh-usa.org/

  418. Leni says:

    **James Stewart, 65-year-old California raw ‘milk man’ subjected to extreme torture, hypothermia, raw sewage in LA County jail for ‘selling’ raw milk: http://www.naturalnews.com/035208_James_Stewart_torture_county_jail.html#ixzz1p5LgaIhz

    **Philip McCluskey, lost over 215#’s on raw food diet: http://www.philipmccluskey.com/blog
    **Angela Stokes, lost over 160#’s on raw food diet: http://www.rawreform.com/index.php
    **Bernardo LaPallo, healthy, active,mostly raw 110yo: http://www.agelesslivemorestore.com
    **Viktoras Kulvinskas, ‘father of the raw food movement’, co-founder of the HHI with Ann Wigmore: http://www.viktorasraw.blogspot.com

  419. Leni says:

    ** Dr Fred Bisci, 8oyo clinical nutritionist on raw diet x40 yrs, high raw is better for some people: fredbisci4health.com

    **Tonya Zavasta, on her tips for natural beauty: http://www.beautifulonraw.com
    ** Paul Nison, ‘The Health Watchman’, author on health challenges & raw nutrition: http://www.healthwatchman.com/

    **Dr Thomas Lodi, on inflammation, cancer, founder of An Oasis Of Healing Clinic in Mesa, Az.

    **Dr Jameth Sheridan, author & co-founder of ‘HealthForce Nutritionals: http://www.rawfoodresearch.com/

  420. Leni says:

    **Dr Doug Graham, defining the cause of health: http://www.foodnsport.com
    **Kris Carr, author, ‘Crazy Sexy Cancer’
    **Karen Knowler, Raw Food Coach: http://www.therawfoodcoach.com
    **Brigitte Mars, author, herbalist, on wild & healing herbs: http://www.brigittemars.com/
    **Sarah Best, for “The Fresh Network’ & ‘Get Fresh!’ magazine: http://www.fresh-network.com
    Also, re: Top 5 most dangerous raw food myths & more info: http://www.sarahbesthealth.com

  421. Leni says:

    ** Andreas Moritz, author, ‘Cancer is not a disease – It’s a survival mechanism’
    **Russell James, on the many uses of Irish moss; also raw comfort foods
    **Dale Pinnock, on the main causes & solutions of hormonal havoc
    **Charlie Wilson, on The link between nutrition and the Law of Attraction
    **Jennifer Wright-Kleinberg, on her high-raw pregnancy with twins.
    **Ani Phyo, on her 7 top tips for economizing on your food bills.
    **Natalia Rose, on ‘the anatomics of your subatomics’; the health of our cells
    **Karen Knowler, raw food coach: http://www.TheRawFoodCoach.com
    **Philip Weeks, naturopath, “adrenal exhaustion is the single biggest cause of ill health in the modern world

  422. Leni says:

    **Dao Earl, on the myths & facts of fat
    **Thomas Billings, beyond vegetarianism, transcending outdated dogmas: BeyondVeg.com

    **Sarah Myhill, MD, nutrition & holistic specialist with ME/CFS: http://www.drmyhill.co.uk/
    **Brendan Brazier, build muscle on a vegan diet
    **Elwin Robinson, Taoist health practitioner, “My journey to optimal health”
    **Niki Gratrix, Nutritional therapist, tests for genetic profiling, to discover the right diet and lifestyle for your personal genetic make-up: http://www.nikigratrixenergy.com/

  423. Leni says:

    **Brian Clement, Ph.D, N.M.D, L.N., director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida: http://www.HippocratesInst.com

    **Now ‘healed’ but previously insulin-dependent diabetics no longer needing any diabetic medicines re: exactly what they ate & what their sugar levels were as they began & maintained their ‘healing’ process from beginning to present; such as sergio boutenko.
    PLEASE include this in your future interviews!

  424. Wow, I’m glad it’s your job to look through all of these posts! Great ideas!

    I personally love Kris Carr, and would like to see a few words from her.

    Thank you for everything you do!!

  425. Kristin says:

    Terry Wahl


    Joe Cross

    Both of whom have successfully promoted their success in fighting their different autoimmune conditions via diets high in produce…

  426. Kristin says:

    One more…John Kohler (sp?)

    He’s from http://www.GrowingYourGreens.com/

    He’s complimentary to your mission of spreading health in that he is promoting that we all grow our greens ourselves to get the best quality etc…

  427. Beatrice says:

    Kevin, have you thought of Dr. William Davis, author of The Wheat Belly? I am practically off insulin because of that book, even tho I have not given up chocolate bars. I lost 10-12 lbs. immediately. I do not have a web site.

  428. Jenny says:

    How about talking with Capt. T. C. Randall, who researches the primacy of oxidation-reduction chemistry on physical health, and renders it all in basic, do-it-yourself terms – very interesting body-electric point of view.

  429. Crystal says:

    Joline Wondergem – Whole Foods Nutritionist. She is making an impact here in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has changed my life, and the life of many others. She is an incredible woman. Here is her site.


    Many Thanks,

  430. Hi!
    Kenneth Morris was my herb teacher–he has a deep knowledge of nutrition from a chinese
    herbal perspective and has also healed his own
    lung condition–he’s delightfully full of
    information from his own experiences and
    from helping so many others.
    You can google him or email me and I’ll find
    more info. I think he’s in Oakland/Walnut Creek, CA.
    Thanks, Kevin!

  431. Roni says:

    Lawrence Wilson – drlwilson.com
    author of ‘Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis’

  432. Kathleen Parrott says:

    Dr. Leonard Horowitz is the one I would like.

    In my opinion, I would not like to have Dr Oz.
    I feel he is to main stream media.
    Thx kp

  433. Steve Price says:

    Ritamarie Loscazo

  434. Sylvia says:

    Dr. Jonny Bowden, please

  435. Sarah says:

    Richard Andersen of the famous Arise & Shine Cleanse!!

    Cleanse changed my life!

    This guy is a genius.

  436. pat says:

    Sorry to be so late responding, have a long list of suggestions, hope it reaches you.
    Victoria Bidwell
    Chunyi Lin
    Jon Barron
    Byron Richards
    Bill Barlow
    Dave the Raw Food Trucker
    Hesh Goldstein
    Paul Chek
    John Kohler
    Dr Ben Kim
    Jamie Oliver
    Paul Riese

    Also might I suggest a similar survey but asking for topics of interest. Thanks

  437. Al Hendrickson says:

    Hi, Kevin, I’d like you to interview Peter Joseph, and Jacques Fresco. I believe these gentlemen are dealing with the root of the problem: A system that doesn’t acknowledge scientific, nutritional, or medical data, that truly benefits humankind, because there’s no money to be made. You can be another catalyst in our evolution, by examining and advocating the rock-solid idea of abolishing the monetary/free-market system and replacing it with a “resource-based economic model”. I didn’t read all the suggestions (about half), and no one’s mentioned these guys. So, I don’t mind if you get to them last, as long as you GET TO THEM. Lots a love!

  438. Iva says:

    I want to play too! 🙂

    Dr Richard Shultz
    Dr Mercola
    Gary Null
    Dr Bigelsen
    Dr Horowitz
    Patrick Timpone
    Andrew Perlot
    Mike Adams
    John Gray

  439. danimal says:

    dr larry wilson who has a md but decided to do nutritional consulting…has over 500 articles for free on his website and uses hair tissue mineral anlysis to evaluate biochemistry at the cellular level…it seems that he’s had tons of practical experience and seems like the closest analogue to Carey Reams.

  440. Kathy says:

    Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren

  441. Zail says:

    Gabriel Cousens

  442. Nina Rao says:

    I would love for you to interview these people:

    Dr. Ellen Cutler author of “Micro Miracles” and “The Food Allergy Cures”.

    Martha Christy author of “Your Own Perfect Medicine”

    Natalia Rose- “The Raw Food Detox Diet”

    Thanks for asking!

  443. Bria says:

    Dr Robert Morse

  444. ana says:

    Someone who follows the “instincto” diet (Bernd Bieder is very popular in this area)
    http://www.beyondveg.com/nieft-k/instincto-guide/instincto-guide1a.shtml#what is

  445. Mary says:

    Please interview Dr. Robert Morse nd. Author of the detox Miricle sourcebook and he has a YouTube channel with great info. 100 votes for Dr. morse! 🙂 thank you!

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