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arenal volcano
Tips on how to restore that fire… (Arenal, Costa Rica)

Look, it happens…

And not only to 90 year old men.

Low libido is silently becoming an epidemic and the reason no one knows about it is because — at least in America — we’re all too prude to talk about it.

Today, I address 4 ways to do this naturally, as well as answer questions about Vitamin B12 and IV hydrogen peroxide treatments.

Let’s get started…

Barbara says her brother has super-low libido…

I have an older brother (63) who is suffering from very low libido– any suggestions for alternative treatments??? Barbara

Hey Barbara, there’s a lot of buzz about “low-T” in the medical field today.

This is the pharmaceutical term for low testosterone. Men in their 60’s and younger — even into their 30’s are experiencing this on a large scale. I, personally, don’t know if it’s because more doctors are testing, if the pharmaceutical industry wants to market to a new demographic, or if it actually is getting worse.

What I do know is that low testosterone for men as they age will decrease libido for sure. It will also cause lethargy, poor ability to build muscle and eventually muscle loss.

All these don’t bode well for his personal longevity, since those who keep stronger muscle mass into their later years have a better chance of staying healthy.

So here are some natural ways to for him to harden up (heads out of the gutter, I was talking about building muscles…)

Cut the stress.

Stress will wear on the adrenals enough to interfere will the entire endocrine system. When the endocrine system (your hormone producing/messaging system) is out of whack, then his ability to produce testosterone will decrease.

A common example that I’ve said in the past is this, “you don’t think of sex when you’re being chased by the tiger.”

What this means is simply, when you’re body is in stress mode, it doesn’t produce enough sex hormones for you to have a normal natural sex life.

Change up the exercise routine (or start it.)

One of the best ways for men (and women) to increase their libido is to do strength training. Aerobic exercise like running or walking is fantastic for your heart, but strength training is what will raise testosterone levels.

Tell him to see head over to the gym and work with a trainer for a session or two to give him some ideas to get him on his way.

Herbs may help, but not before the top two…

There are herbs that work with the endocrine and hormone system that may be able to help raise testosterone, but the exercise and stress relief will give you the biggest boost — it’s also the fastest approach.

Some of these herbs that do work are maca, wild yam, and deer antler. (I’d prefer he stays toward the non-animal sources.)

Also, taking adaptogenic herbs like holy basil and ashwaganda are helpful to cool the endocrine system so it can have time to restore its natural balance.

Replace those hormones naturally.

At his age, if the things above can’t seem to bring him back into balance, I’d have him talk to a doctor who is well versed in natural hormone therapy. Depending on where you are, there are a few that I think really know what they’re doing. They are — in no particular order — Dr. J. E. Williams (Sarasota, FL), Dr. David Brownstein (Bloomfield, MI), and Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy (Irvine, CA). I’m sure there are more, but these are three to check out.

Natural hormone replacement therapy is not the same as taking synthetic hormones. The body completely recognizes and uses these natural hormones like they were its own. The synthetic hormones are altered so drug companies are patented and it has been shown these increase risk of side effects — one of which is cancer.

A good doctor will be able to put him on a protocol that is very well tuned to his body and needs (they rarely just give testosterone) and will like be able to get him back into the shape he wants to be.

Also, be sure to have him go to a doctor to draw blood and check to make sure he doesn’t have heart or cardiovascular issues that could be interfering with his blood flow as well.

Jannai has numbness in her fingers and toes, possibly from B12 deficiency…

Question – I am a vegan and take nutritional yeast and occasionally take B-12 – spirulina, chlorella and a VERY healthy diet….high raw… I have had numbness in my toes and fingers – I thought it was from frost bite that I got over 35 years ago….I started noticing it just a few years ago – my natural doc thought I needed the b-12 injections even tho she tested me and I was not B-12 deficient Thoughts? Jannai

Hey Jannai, seems like symptoms of B12 deficiency, but I have no idea. Here’s what I would do…

I would get a Methylmalonic acid (MMA) test. This is a test that shows how you’re metabolizing B12, not how much is in your blood.

You can have analog B12 in your blood — which is not metabolized by the body — and test high on a blood serum B12 test, but you still may not have enough of the kind you need.

Analog B12 is found in seaweeds, chlorella and spirulina and is not usable by the body. This may be the reason you’re testing high but still feeling symptoms of B12 deficiency.

So go and get that MMA test and let us know how it goes. If these results tell you that you are very low, then I would ask your doctor again about those B12 shots.

B12 deficiency can cause very serious, irreversible neurological damage, so there’s no time to mess around.

Stephanie wants to know about B12 and anemia…

I have a question about B12… when I had my blood tested recently my doctor said that my B12 was fine and that I could stop taking it. What are the optimal levels for B12 and are there any benefits from using taking it if you are already in the optimal range? I am mostly Vegetarian. Occasionally I do eat eggs, or fish. Sometimes I use kefir from goats. But I try to stick to coconut kefir. I also eat Quinoa and I use Brendan Braziers whole food formula and his smoothie mix occasionally. I am anemic though and don’t want to take iron supplements on a daily basis. Thank you, Stephanie

Hey Stephanie, I’d read what I wrote to Jannai above to answer your question about B12.

Anemia is related to low B12 levels, but this may not be the cause of it in your case. So be sure to get an MMA test and see what turns up.

Also, be sure to ask your doctor what type of anemia you have — this may give you a better understanding of how to deal with this issue.

Monique wants to know how often to do hydrogen peroxide IV treatments…

When you had IV chelation, and other IV treatment down in Sarasota how many did you have? I’m considering trying some out when we are down there for spring break. I also heard that Hydrogen Peroxide by IV was a good way to get ride of Candida. I did get Donna’s book and am also following her advice. However, I would not refuse any process that would speed getting ride of Candida… Are a few sessions sufficient, or should I plan to be there for more than a week.
Any additional advice is appreciated, Monique

Hey Monique!

For me, my treatments were more experiential than useful. While one hydrogen peroxide treatment may be mildly helpful, most people who need this type of therapy because they’re sick, would need much more than the one that I did.

I’m aware of the use of IV hydrogen peroxide therapy for boosting the immune system and how it can be anti-microbial in the blood. So based on this evidence, you may see improvement for candida.

I wouldn’t use this as the only therapy to assist though, I would consult with a practitioner who can give you a few options so you help your body heal with the best chances of success.

Some of the other ways to help get rid of candida are removing alcohol from your diet, lowering your intake of sugar and complex carbohydrates for a period of time, eating fermented foods (like you are), eating an alkaline diet full of veggies, exercising regularly, lowering levels of stress and assisting your adrenals and thyroid with high quality adaptogenic herbs — like ashwaganda and holy basil.

Monica wants to know who does blood work analysis near her…

Can you recommend who to see for the extensive bloodwork you are suggesting? I have a neurologist for my MS and an internist that keeps changing. Should I see a nutritionist or dietician to get these tests? I am looking for someone in the Santa Monica, CA area. Thank you! Monica

Hey Monica, I would see a naturopathic physician or a functional medicine MD. These people are usually well versed in the different types of blood testing and may even be able to choose additional tests for you based on your own medical history.

In Santa Monica, there should be plenty — unfortunately, I don’t know any personally. I’m sure someone here on the blog will be able to point you in the right direction. I do know Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy in Irvine, CA, which is in Orange County — but it might be quicker to fly from LAX to John Wayne Airport to get over to her office.

You can also check to find a practitioner in your home town.

Also, surprisingly enough, doctors are starting to get reviews on — obviously proceed at your own risk — but we’ve searched in the Berkeley area for dental care, then cross referenced the Yelp reviews and picked one. When we went to visit it all seemed to work out and the reviews were right.

Weird times these days, huh? LOL!

Your question of the day: Who do you know in your area that can do blood work? If you know of someone and recommend them, please put their name and website below.

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Cindy says:


    I only read your article because I am so dim I had no idea what “making doughnuts” meant! We don’t have this problem in our house although sometimes I wish we did.

  2. Harvey says:

    I just wanted to warn you and your readers about yelp and the reviews there, they may or may not be real.

    Your blog is great, by the way, and I have really enjoyed reading your articles.

  3. wendy green says:

    code words…funny kevin…made me laugh. i have zero recommendations for blood work. i had mime done here in honduras recently…but they do not test for the things i wanted (vit d, omega 3’s, B12)…but other than the unknown…i’m supremely healthy. 🙂

  4. Vladimir says:

    If you listen to David Wolfe..everyone is estrogen dominant these days due to ubiquitous plastics and chemicals that mimic estrogen. This is obviously as issue with men and testosterone. The E damages the liver even in children due to lack of methylation..linked to methyl part of molecule. A good methylating agent is dimethylglycine and really cheap at 5 USD. So we need methylating foods/agents, can be acceptors or donors like gogi berries. We also need food that poorly dissolves estrogen like cruciferous veg., citrus,and best of all OATS like sowing your wild oats. for low t nettle root and whole range of fats, olive, coconut..anyway he is fascinating to listen to, a genius…

  5. In regards to the unfortunate gentleman who is experiencing a low sex drive, I am surprised that there was no mention of genetically modified soy, corn, sugar beet or canola. Consuming These GMO’S creates inflammation, imbalances and does Not exactly help the male “member” to become airborn…. Also, I don’t think eating the body parts of slaughtered cows, pigs or any animal is such a good idea for the libido either. I have noticed things work very well when I eat lots of Sesame seeds, I enjoy making a sweet desert from dates(or honey), vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, anise and lots of raw sesame seeds and blend it all into a sesame paste. This is called “Halva” and it sure seems to get me in the mood. Oh and I think some organic red wine along with a plate of organic fruit, especially pommigranites and berries would certainly help, it sure does it for me….

  6. Chris Pine says:

    I found that when I began eating more meat in my diet I had a much greater testosterone production.

    Getting rid of sugar and bread; eating more meat and liver. That’s what did it for me.

  7. Dorothy says:

    I’m a 51 year old female currently peri menopausal. I was taking Maca and Mucuna Purines off and on for the past year which super-charged my libido!! It really helped keep my mood positive as well. Unfortunately, my menopausal symptoms are getting worse and these herbs are no longer helping me like they use to. I’m not sleeping, my tendons are starting to ache, my libido has gone dry again and I’m so moody and tearful. I’m considering getting bio-indentical hormone replacement thereapy but I’m kind of worried I might be starting something that might be harmful in the longterm. Any thoughts?

  8. Susan says:

    Dr. Liebowitz is located in Santa Monica. He does blood work, is an MD Internist but holistic doctor, does bioidentical hormone balancing, IV treatments, etc. I found him through Suzanne Somer’s books.

  9. Elizabeth Stead says:

    After my check up and blood tests, Dr. Connealy recommended wild yam lotion and she explained to me how to reduce chemicals and xenoestrogens in my life. Low sex drive can be effected by estrogen dominance. Our own estrogen won’t make us sick, but environmental estrogens are of great concern. She is helping me try to steer me away from getting breast cancer like my mom got 2 times. She check my vitamin D and much more. Your average MD is trained to treat the sick, not prevent illness. (Dr. Connealy also offers breast thermography in her office.)

  10. Patrice says:

    I buy my bloodwork from Life Extension and get the work done at LabCorp. They are all over the country. An additional upside is you get the results sent directly to you via email. 2 years ago CT repealed it’s patient right to know laws so doctors no longer have to share test results with patients, so this is important to me.

  11. Dianne says:

    ROFL!!! Loved the doughnut talk. 🙂

  12. I am in the UK and get my blood work for specialized tests done through the BioLab in London.

    I have been to Dr Mouton in the past. He is a Belgian Functional Medicine Doctor and comes to the Hale Clinic in London every month. He gets tests done at a lab in Belgium which is cheaper than London but he wants a lot of tests done and it is still very expensive.

  13. Rebecca Cody says:

    For anybody who lives near Olympia, WA, I recommend Dr Evan Hirsch at Hirsch Holistic Family Medicine. I don’t know if he’s taking new patients, but he’s great to work with, very amenable to doing needed or wanted testing, and he has other practitioners who share office space, including acupuncture, naturopathy, nutrition, chiropractic, etc. He has been a godsend to me.

    On the subject of B12, I think everybody needs to be tested for MTHFR (MethylTetraHydroFolateReductase), a genetic defect I’ve mentioned before. It affects up to 41% of the population, and even more in Canada. If you have this problem, it means you don’t methylate folate and you don’t use B12 properly, either. But there are solutions, including taking methylated forms of both B12 and folate (never folic acid, the artificial form).

    People with this genetic problem only detoxify through the liver at 7-10% of normal, which leads to a buildup of toxins in the body, leading to illnesses like fibromyalgia and cancer, among many others.

    Since this affects so many people, and doctors know little about it, you can have a simple blood test to find out if you have it or not.

    You can read more on my blog at Go back to Eleven. Also, please read Folate vs Folic Acid.

  14. Velda says:

    Kevin, your sense of humor of delightful. Thanks for the laugh 🙂

    Patrice, I can’t believe there even has to be a “patience right to know” law, much less have it repealed. We are living in crazy times!!!

    I don’t know a doctor where I can get the blood work done I want. The doctor that is through my HMO (which I HAVE to take where I work) is a typical doctor. She has seen great improvement in my health – despite the fact that I went against the recommendations of the medical world – and doesn’t even want to know how. She just says “what ever you are doing, it is working – keep it up” Really?!?!?! Anyway, I would like to get some of the bloods tests you mention, but not only do I not know doctors that would do it, I couldn’t afford it.

    Two weeks ago I broke a tooth that has an silver/mercury filling in it that I’ve had for years. I’ve been looking and looking for a doctor that can take out the filling safely and, surprise, surprise, I can’t find one. Unreal!!

  15. LynnCS says:

    Thanks #4, Patrice for posting your experience here. It helps us newbies.

    No prob with libido here, but glad it’s being discussed openly, (well, sort of.)

    Another point that I want to mention is about anemia. I had low iron type of anemia. It is usually from some loss of blood at some time. I believe mine was from an ulcer caused by Ibuprofin. My levels were built back over time with the use of liquid iron. I am told that now that the “stores” are built up, I am ok as long as I don’t have any more bleeding episodes. I will have the normal testing.

    I understand that b12 anemia or pernicious anemia is quite different and very serious so it is important to get the complete story about ones anemia and recovery plan.

    I do use the b12 patches twice a week to maintain normal levels of b12.

  16. Maria says:

    Just a quick note regarding hydrogen peroxide IV’s and candida, I have been doing medical ozone therapy: drinking ozonated water, and periodic sauna and other insulflations to aid in detoxing. I can tell it’s helped a lot, including with candida symptoms… and it is a very simple in-home protocolwhich I heard can be a safer route than peroxide, says Mr. Oxygen.

  17. Anne says:

    I had problems with my iron for years and years and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. All doctors would say was…your ferritin is low, supplement and come back for another test in three months but I’ve now found a great doctor in Australia and found that I have a condition which is genetic and causes my body to dump huge amounts of zinc and B6 and causes the iron deficiency. I had three blood iron infusions and my ferritin is currently great and am starting high supplementation of zinc/B6 and manganese on Tuesday which is the treatment for my condition. Once we find the right dose I will take this ongoing which apparently has a quasi miraculous effect on all symptoms of this condition.
    So please have comprehensive tests done. What put my doctor onto it was my extremely low zinc. So great to finally find pieces of the puzzle. The other thing too which this condition is that the body is depleted in arachidonic acid and one must consume Omega 6 (evening primrose oil) and avoid all the great Omega 3s that I usually eat and supplement with. And to think that I was making things worse by taking Omega 3 fatty acids.

  18. Elspeth says:

    As a practising naturopath of 16 years, I have seen many clients who were anemia or low in iron complain of numbness of fingers and/or toes. Often there is a greater tendency for cramping in feet/legs especially while exercising. This all improves when iron levels are brought back up to optimal.

  19. Nomi says:

    Sometimes too much rutin which is in buckwheat sprouts can cause tingling in extremities including the nose. This would most likely only occur if you’d been juicing buckwheat sprouts for some time.

  20. Em says:

    Hi there Anne (#10)

    Could you please post the name of your doctor and the state they work in – for those of us living in Australia?

    Thanks for sharing this important information… 🙂

  21. Anne says:

    This comment is for #14 Velda, who posted on March 9th at 5:26pm.

    Hi Velda,
    Regarding your mercury amalgam filling.
    Please check these two biologic/holistic dentist associations for members in your area. Even if they are not close to you, they can often refer you to dentists who may not be members but who practice holistic/biologic dentistry. Also, make sure to include IV vitamin C and chelation while undergoing mercury filling removal. Good luck.

    And thank you so much Kevin & Annmarie for your wonderful work.

  22. Veronica says:

    Hi Dorothy,

    I am 52 and had the same as you, but changed my diet drasticly 4 or 5 years ago, to mostly raw: fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, raw dairy, an egg once in a while, and maybe fish a couple times a month. I don’t do soy anymore. I also take green powders everyday: spirulina, chorella, barley, wheat, alfafa, and a full spectrum green powder like Barlean (most days).

    I no longer have any, and I am ANY menopause symptoms, whatsoever, no hot flashes, no tension, irritibility, cramps, nothing. And I was diagnosed with fibroids about 6 years ago and had terrible cramps. I can now tell what foods will give me hot flashes: peanut butter is a biggie, meat that is not organically grass fed, pasturized dairy, wheat, and sugar, for me, is a big no no, and anything processed or packaged.

    So I would say, go back to eating mostly fresh fruits and veggies, no meat for a while, some nuts and seeds. Drink green smoothies every day putting one whole bunch of greens in each smoothie, and juice vegetables – drinking at least 1 qt. a day. Then see how you feel in a month!. I’d love to hear from you the results!


  23. Google vitamin d and testosterone, there’s a big link

  24. christian says:

    as for the iron deficiency…my mother and I have a “genetic” condition called thalacemia minor which is common among mediteranean people(we’re greek decendants). our low iron always startle doctors until they know we have this condition, then they say it’s “normal.” is it okay, or can we/should we treat?

  25. Frank Berg says:

    I appreciate the good humor and the subject for today. I realize the subject line was well chosen to arouse(pun intended) curiosity and interest for people to open the email. We do find ways to censor what we will read or not wish to read.
    However I think we could talk more plainly so that we all know what we are talking about. The private parts of our body are held in privacy but when we talk about them they do have names. A penis is still a penis. An erection will always be an erection no matter how we want to cloak it in some wink-wink coded terms. Testicles are what they are. After all we are made in the image of God and the angels. So why do we want to disrespect these parts of the body by putting up a veil of secrecy when we talk about them. As if we didn’t really know what we are talking about. I think there is no need to talk about the things of the body in double meanings as if we didn’t really say it.
    Kevin..I want you to continue having fun with the subjects you bring to us. I enjoy them.
    By the way…Maca works wonders for me but it has some side effects that I don’t like.

  26. Brenda says:

    Hey Monica
    I have Wegener’s Disease (GPA) and require regular blood labs to check inflammatory markers etc. I just ask for additional tests from the ordering Doctor checking my labs. My Pulmonologist at Mayo Clinic thinks I am crazy because he doesn’t understand where I am coming from but he does it. I have to fight for them but it can be done! Because it is a specialist at Mayo requesting the test officially on the paperwork, my insurance pays for it most of the time.

  27. Josephine says:

    Attn: Mr. Frank Berg, I like your comment. Do you have any advice for raising the libido of women 65 and over? Anything would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

  28. Maya says:

    Hi Monica, I to was diagnosed with, a very progressiv,only MS in 1988, I was 36. After talking to some folks they asked me a you want to regenerate your body or substitute? There was only ONE answer: REGENERATION! They introduced me to different “herbs” and I did have no more symptoms after 4 month. As a side benefit my hormones straightend out, no more PMS and 10 day bleedings, my body changed shape (no more peare shape). When I went back to the research clinic after 6 month they did not ask why I had no more symptoms, there only comment was that they had misdiagoned me (and that in 3 hospitals/clinics?). By the way, don’t “own” it, these are just symptoms of what THEY call MS…you can get rid of thoese. By the way…I am 59 now and have hade no menopausel sympoms at all. I am also mostly raw for the last 5 years. If you want to know God bless

  29. anna says:

    Although the issue of sexual energy can be helped with what one ingests orally no one has touched on the subject of emotional health.The work I do (intuitive counselling) means i speak to over 50 people a week and everyone who has wanted to heal their sexual related imbalances should we say has deep rooted emotional defences that once talked about and worked with consciously , releases layers of deadness in the body mind and brings back the life force that could be a reason for the so called low libido. I find many different cases of emotional numbness to be the reason behind the lack of energy one can put into loving sex, it seems to be more prominent as people grow older because there has been more time to block and cut off from emotions. On another note, i went through some deep healing 3 months ago, i just saw a grey looking hair on my head so i pulled it out to inspect and the root was my normal colour 3 inches after the root it was grey. A little bit of evidence that rawdom and emotional detox works! im 9 yrs raw this year! bless all those wanting great love and remember….it aint just a genital affair theres a heart in there too xx

  30. Josephine says:

    Hey Anna. Do you have a website?

  31. […] (This was in reference to this article on boosting libido here.) […]

  32. Amma says:

    I am a 34 year old with 3 children. I was on IUD for six years and I just removed it less than 2months ago. I was 100% Happy with it. However I was having yeast infection all the time. Now I am taking Microgestin FE 1/20. My sex drive is dead gone. I am very moody as well. Is there any sugestion for me?
    Oh the yeast is coming back to? Or could I be allergic to my partner sporms?


  33. jay carter says:

    Im a 44 year old male, ive lost my labido about 9 months ago, its now affecting my relationship, and im shit scared!!!!, in the past, we have had the most wonderfull sex life, swinging and everything else that you can imagine, and all of a sudden … I lost it! … she now thinks it is her fault, but I know its me. I don’t have the urge anymore, i make excuses and dont even masterbate anymore! my GP ran some tests, he said that I have the testosterone of a rhino! He gave me Viagra, this does what it should do, but I still don’t look forward to the intercourse? … Please help me, I love my partner and dont want to lose her! I want my Labido back.

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