Which is More Effective? Herbal Tinctures of Homeopathic Remedies… : The Renegade Health Show Episode #920

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In our final interview on homeopathy, Dr. Williams shares his thoughts on what is better…

Homeopathic remedies or herbal tinctures.

Dr. Williams uses both in his practice, so maybe it’s not that black and white.

See what he says here…

Your question of the day: When you start to come down with a little sickness what do you do?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Homeopathic medicine is the best way to go to treat diseases as it gets to the root of the problem rather than masking over symptoms of the disease as prescription drugs do. It takes more time to get the results, which majority of population does not have patience for and is more expensive to use as insurances do not cover. Homeopathic medicine cured my daughter of bedwetting over the course of several months and the joy on her face when she woke up without wetting the bed 7 days in a row was worth all the time and $ spent. I was a bedwetter for 12 years and suffered emotionally because of it. It is common in hyperactive children. Homeopathic medicines also cured me of chronic pneumonia which I had for more than 30 years. Broke the cycle and have never had a repeat episode.

  2. Evelyn says:

    The powerful qualities of an Echinacea tincture I believe can not be compared with a homeopatic preparation. My customers mostly
    prefer using the tincture instead of a homewopathic preparation that can be taken less frequently. When you are feeling lousy
    are you going to remember to take it more often realistically?

  3. Dr. Partito says:

    Heres the difference, herbs harm you, Homeopathies do not. Every so called miracle caused by an herb in the human body is the body’s reaction to the toxins in herbs. I.E. eat garlic, blood pressure drops, why, because garlic contains the deadly toxins mustard oil and Allison. These toxins force the blood vessels to dilate in an effort to remove the toxins from the body in a hurry. Whenever blood vessels dilate blood pressure drops. Herbs “work” in the same way meds work. They mask the symptom and are incapable of healing a thing in the human body. Stop taking the garlic and the blood pressure goes back up. All good nutrients found in herbs are in trace amounts. All herbs are toxic thats why they taste so bad. Food taste good, lots of nutrients, herbs taste bad lots of toxins. You cannot poison the body into health, therefore herbs cannot heal they can only mask.

    Kevin, you seem like such a sweet person, with your heart in the right place! But, so much of what you write is so incorrect regarding how one obtains health. Every once in a while I feel obligated to inform your audience. This because its true of so many self elected VERY POPULAR “experts” in the raw food movement who are well meaning but clueless.

    Kind Regards,

    Dr. Charles Partito N.D.
    Raw Nutritionist

  4. Sarah says:

    I have used both. I tend to lean towards tinctures because I can make my own. They work very quickly.

  5. Cathy says:

    I usually start drinking tea w/bragg’s apple cider vinegar & local honey. Several times/day. Recently had a bout of cold/flu with 1 bad achy day and 3 light days of cold symptoms.

  6. Pete Kruse says:

    There is room for both. But I prefer homeopathy. I find it works better and has no side effects. Yet it is also more subtle, which is why some people are so skeptical.

  7. Pete Kruse says:

    I’d love a video on flower essences.

  8. R. Mastrangeli says:

    i have used both. lately, I seem to prefer homeopathics. To treat colds I increase vitamin C, take oscillococcinum, allicin, and do sinus rinses. Hepar Sulphur helps as well.

  9. Tomer says:

    re Comment 1
    Dear Dr.Partito

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It would be accepted even better if you improved your ‘bed-side’ manner.

  10. Kevin (et al),
    I really dont want to have to be the one to say this but all which Dr Williams said in part (3), was nothing that is not leraned in ‘Homeopathy 101’. Now,this can be for a couple if reasons which immeidtaly come to mind, and one of which that he was intentionally dumbing down his remarks to the lowest common denominator. True or not, I dont know.
    Next, he used some phraseology that generates cinfusion when applied to homeoptahy, and then followed with an abso- lutely afterthought. I wil explain. He used the term “strongest concentration”. In herbology or food or drugs, this means one thing and one thing only. In homeopathy, there can only be confusion if one is a neophyte. The greater the concentration in homeopathy, the WEAKER the potency. So, was Dr williams talking about the constituent concentration, or the remedy potency? We dont know, he chose his words poorly.
    Concluding remarks to follow -next ‘box’

  11. David says:

    When I feel the symtoms of a cold, I use a Dr. Christopher remedy. Two thin slices of garlic (cut on both sides) between the cheek and gum of the lower jaw toward the back (one per side). I leave it in until I can no longer stand it. It burns a good bit and usually leaves sore spots the next day, but almost always the symtoms are gone over night. In times when this doesn’t quite get it I usually mega dose vitamin C and take echinacea capsules as directed on the bottle (or a bit more). By mega dose I mean about 10,000 units per day (not all at once). One must be sure to drink enough water with the vitamin C. I use vitamin C and echinacea when anyone in the house gets sick as a prevention. As far as informining your audience, I think you are always clear that one needs to find what is best for themselves. Keep up the good work.

  12. Leam says:

    Homeopathic remedies have always worked quite well. Many tinctures contain alcohol for extraction from which I shy away. Really appreciated the doctor’s calm, educated approach to this subject.

  13. robert says:

    First I believe that a life style consisting of a raw vegan diet(70%) will eliminate a multitude of health problems. Those wanting an even higher level of health should over time increase to a ninety percent raw vegan diet. Agave should be replaced with stevia when drinking teas. I have never heard of organic foods like garlic being toxic but the concept of masking the real issues has been mentioned because many people do not want to change their dietary habits and the herbs help mask that underlining issue of bad eating habits. Having said that sometimes trying use herbs are much safer than medications of othrodox medicine and because they cause no liver failure over time. Remember all health problems are results of to much toxicty in the body and or a deficency of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins found in the natural matrix of raw veggies and fruits. Please do blood work every six months to make sure that every thing is moving in the right direction. As far as supplements go I highly recommend using ubiquinol CoQ10 to help power the mitocondria and the heart. Let’s not forget omega 3’s that most vegans do not get enough of which comes in two forms fish oil or alot cold pressed flax seed oils.Last but not least are R-lipoic and alpa lipoic which are vital anti oxidants. As far as toxins are concerned use organic coffee beans and make some coffe and once it cools off use it as coffee enema which allows all the toxins from the liver to come out of our system. Good luck to those that thirst a better way of living and higher level of health.

  14. All users of homeopathy also understand extremely well that the greater the potency, the less the remedy is used, sometimes to a very astonishing degree. And the inverse is of course also true, The lower the potency/greater concentration, the more frequently the remedy should be used.
    So, what was he referring to when he made his statements re frequency? Dont know. The gentlenman was not clear, and highly UN-intentionally misleading.


  16. Valerie says:

    The question is which do you choose
    Well what works for you?
    Are we not individuals?
    Homeopathy may work for me, but not for someone
    ans whatever modality one uses requires a skilled person or profession who is goo in the Kraft. I have tried herbs tinctures and teas
    slower to see change acupuncture instant with one person nothing with another, My first Homeopath was a dud the second excellent.
    the first one is popular so he must be having a level of success.
    What feels right to you?
    what is working for you ask yourself questions
    if the question leaves you feeling light you are on the right track

  17. Roberta says:

    Kevin, please keep up the wonderful research that you do. I have used both with good success over the years. The older I get and the longer I have eaten a healthy diet (raw food now, but before that just no meat, dairy or junk food), the more I need subtler forms of healing. Such as homeopathy and energy work. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. Love to you.

  18. genie says:

    I take 1-2 shots of organic, raw, unfiltered apple cider juice vinegar and see my chiropractor! (And adjust my schedule to include more down time/rest for my physical body.)


  20. George says:

    Every morning I have a slice of toast with unpasturized honey and cinnamon on it. I rarely feel ill but if I do every feel something coming on I will have the same before bed. By morning I feel great again.
    I used to have colds and flu every winter before I started using honey and cinnamon. I am 68 years old and have not had to the flu for the last ten years.

  21. Dia says:

    It depends on what I am treating, which way I go. I also find that as time goes by, I will remember other remedies and add those. So often I am not sure what effected the cure, but I feel better.

  22. Vlad says:

    It depends on WHO YOU ASK. I study herbs and when used in proper doses and as whole food, I have NEVER heard that herbs caused harm to anyone! When you start to isolate chemical properties from herbs – basically creating a drug – then we have problems!

    Dr Richard Schulze, in my opinion the most powerful living natural doctor available to North America used potent “whole” herbs to cure so called “incurables” – people who are in the last stages of their life due to diseases such as cancer. His track record is jaw dropping.

    Now, he does not use Homeopathics, because maybe the energy of the plant is simply not enough to cure a person. He needs full power and potency of whole plant.

    Homeopathic may be more “safe” than herbs – which are already safe themselves, but how can the power of something so very diluted compare to a pure, original and natural form of medicine? We already know the power of raw foods here. Why process and dilute raw foods to extract their energy? WHOLE FOODS ARE SAFE AND POWERFUL. And herbs are just a food.

    As for garlic not being an effective medicine for blood pressure, consider this – Most natural doctors use the allopathic way for treating disease. Doctor would say, “You are sick? Have high blood pressure? Take some garlic”. This does not work because the CAUSE HAS NOT BEEN REMOVED. Remove artery clogging foods and guess what, the problem does not return.

  23. Lewis says:

    Several comments but first of all flaxseed in all forms has a high concentration of lineoleic acid which easily converts into arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid causes prostate cancer to metastasize. This pro-inflammatory fatty acid is also found in high concentrations in corn-fed animal fat.

    Vitamin E and selenium also shorten survival in cancer patients. Multivitamins might also make cancers grow faster. The scientific evidence regarding Okinawans’ diet is overwhelming in the benefits os a diet of fish, fruits and vegetables-not supplements!

  24. Sam says:

    Herbs certainly have the potential to be dangerous – deadly even. Kidney failure has certainly been documented.

    Homeopathy is safe in itself. But has the potential to be dangerous. Let’s suppose somebody has appendicitis – a very real and potentially life threatening condition. No second chances if it ruptures and you don’t get proper treatment in time.

    Forget what risks you’re prepared to take with your own body, would you give your child homeopathic treatment for appendicitis and wait to see what happens – or would you take them to the Emergency Room? I hope to goodness nobody says which remedy they would use, while endangering the life of another human being.

  25. Teresa says:

    I like to use pharmacutical grade homeopathy. I keep remedies on hand so I have them on the onset. I use Professional Complementary Health Formulas Flu Nosode, its up dated every year to cover new viruses. Of course you have to get them from a practitioner who retails them, not available in Health food stores. Also it depends on a persons blood type and secretor status as to what works best for them. Thats why not everyone is ment to be vegan and won’t be healthy on a vegan diet. I’ m blood type A so I do good on a vegetarian diet. Aloha, Thanks always for information.

  26. lizzy says:

    I was shocked and surprised by the first comment that herbs are toxic, proof is that they don’t taste good.

    I love herbs, and I feel like my body almost craves them in a good way. Before I discovered herbs i had very strong cravings for sweets. The bitter tastes of herb has helped tremendously with this.

    I find herbs to be extremely satisfying and balancing to the sweeter tasting foods. I think of herbs as an undiscovered food source. I love flowers, and i consider herbs to be my flower food.

    I don’t believe herbs mask symptoms of a bad diet. I find even if i slip up on my diet, herbs balance the slipups effectively.

    I believe there is nothing as whole in the world as balance, and herbs have a bitterness that is very balancing for the body.

    Herbs are a food, and should be used by everyone every day. This is how I see it.

    Homeopathy is medicine, it may cure but I can’t see it as a food the way I see herbs.

  27. Sandee says:

    I haven’t had a cold in 22 years. I stumbled upon the secret. At the very 1st symptom (scratchy throat, cough, sniffles, watery eyes etc.) Take 3000 Mg. Vitamin C and 6 garlic pills. Not much new there but here’s the secret–YOU MUST DO THIS WITHIN 2 HOURS OF THE FIRST SYMPTOM. If you miss the time frame you will get the cold and have to ride it out. It takes the cold virus 2 hours to attach itself in your system so you must kill it in the 2 hour time frame. I have given this secret to all my friends and they no longer get colds either. Once I contacted a really strong virus and I did my pills well within the 2 hour frame. It was evening. The next morning there were a few symptoms left (unusual cause you usually know you beat it within hours) so I hit it again with the same dose. It killed it. I never got the cold. Try it!

  28. Dr Partito’s comments that herbs work because they are toxic is completely out of cointrol. His second comment is that herbs taste badly, this is just all too bizarre.

    The word herb means nothing more than a plant. There are culinary herbs, therapeutic herbs, and many, many which are both. Common sense dictates to everyone that there are hundreds, if not thousands of herbs, which not only taste acceptably, but good. Granted, very many liver directed herbs are bitter. And yes, others (like bacopa) will in fact knock a buzzard of a S–t wagon. But hey, that’s life.
    There is no stipulation written anywhere in history stating that herbs need to be yummy.
    But I dont want to get hung up in details here.

    Toxic herbs which of course which do exist (nux vomica, i.g., do exist) & can be used homeopathically.

    But his remarks are non defensible, and we would all be mightily interested to hear his references.

  29. Jacky says:

    I am glad to share what I do. First I will take about 10 g of vitamin C, then I take a dropper full of grapefruitseed complex, and that will usually take care of it. If I ignore the signs I will have to do more of this, and sometimes add other things. I love echinacea, have wild crafted it from large wild beds. Only take some never strip the beds, and I use the whole plant including the seed pods. I have made an extract with alcohol and with glycerine. God is gracious to provide us with His healing herbs. They work!

  30. Gail says:

    Read The Incurables; see the videos; the interviews..all the records. Delve in.

    Oh..by the way..I’m having my own set of miracles.

  31. Maaria says:

    Question for Dr. Partito. Why do you continue to read and listening to Kevin Gianni and his guest? If you feel MOST of the time he is off, I find it interesting that you keep listening, reading etc his stuff.
    ND? Really?!

  32. John R says:

    Lets look at.
    What works best?
    Are you treating the person or the disease? Are you loving your disease and feeding it. The answer is what works for you?. What has been going on in your life, what caused it , Physical mental emotional, or dietary. Homoeopathy increases communications inside the cell ( thats the way I look at it). Helps remove excess minerals which block the receptors for other minerals. In doing so they produce poisoning of ” …. ” and therefore need to be treated with homoeopathic remedies if symptoms or a poisoning- proving.
    Look at Fluoride poisoning – Blocks say iodine , get rid of fluoride and restore balance with kelp ( Iodine source)
    Both work when needed

    Herbs are are more a nutrients source that others here have said.
    Using Herbs in low homoeopathic potencies has not been discussed here, say 3X…6X is also good .
    Knowing what to take ?

  33. Sundaram says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I use my Rife digital machine for practically everything. I am also distributing them as I find them so effective, so anyone interested can contact me.

  34. As an Herbalist and a student Homeopath, both methods work, but it is important to distinguish that there is a complete difference in philosophy and method! Honestly, if I am coming down with a cold, I see it as my body needing to “remodel” itself and therefore drink lots of hot fluids and rest. I tend to not do too much differently beyond that – what is wrong with the body healing itself? I do think that herbs that are foods are important though, but for the nutritional benefit mostly and that sustains health and alleviates problems. I only use herbs that are aligned as “medicinal” rarely, but they are good to have on-hand. Also, I am seeing a homeopath for a long-term chronic issue, and I will likely not use homeopathy for an acute issue (i.e. the flu), as it may inadvertently cancel progress on the long-term issue. It is all individual. I may also mention that herbs can be used allopathically, but this is not the way I use them. Homeopathy when administered incorrectly can harm, thus the need for training – although the harm is nowhere near what allopathy-caused harm happens, in my humble opinion! 😉

  35. Catherine says:

    Here is what Dr. Partito says on his website.

    “Through applying the principles of modern scientific research with the traditions of cleansing the intestine through the use of herbs and natural substances, the body can be helped exponentially. For thousands of years native peoples have known that healing comes from our connection with the Earth. The 100% all natural Ejuva Body Cleansing program uses over 90 organic/Wild Crafted alive herbs and plants to help you regain your vibrant health.”

    His comment totally negates what he says on his own website. Very strange.

  36. Susan says:

    The difference between herbs and homeopathy is that when you use herbs, you are choosing them on the law of opposites, exactly as you would choose a pharmaceutical drug. If you have a fever, you are looking for something to shut down that fever. If you have diarrhea, you would look for something that would block you up to a certain extent. With true homeopathy, you are choosing your remedies based on the law of similars and you are not looking to shut down a disease expression, but to speed it up so that you get through all the symptoms in record time. You are not looking to suppress any symptoms, but to resolve them in the gentlest, timeliest fashion.

  37. Rocio says:

    Thank you for the info. I would like to learn more homeopathy and try it in an informed way. Somehow I have felt it is too weak- my ignorance. I think a lot of us make judgements and comments out of ignorance or fear. My way or the high way kind of thinking. I love your enthusiasm Kevin and zest for what you do. Thank you and and many blessings.

  38. Casey Hammond RN says:

    Kevin, I wish you had interviewed a classical homeopath. We do not need to inject or add things to the remedies to make them effective we just have to select the correct remedy. Homeopathy is amazingly effective. Also homeopathy is under attack. That’s good because big pharma/medical is threatened, as they should be, but also bad because homeoapthy is underfunded. The National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) is once again trying to raise awareness of the benefits of homeopathy. I think an interview with a classical homeopath would really be helpful.

  39. Joan Perry says:

    Thirty years ago we were treating our 5 yr old son with antibiotic after antibiotic and he just kept getting ill (ENT/Tonsillitis) So in despair we went to an NHS (English health service)Fully qualified doctor, Dr Mackellar, Trained at Glasgow NHS Homeopathic hospital. After a lot of ‘umming and aaahing’ he gave our little boy a powder and he had to swallow it down. He gave us 5 more powders all individually wrapped in white paper. There were strict instructions…no tea coffee or anything containing MENTHOL. the powders were to be taken on a clean tongue with food/drink at at least 25 minute intervals each side of the dose. We drove home about 25 miles and got out of the car. As soon as we were in the house I noticed that our son’s legs and trunk were covered in what looked to be violent excema. In a panic I phoned the Dr back and told him what had happened. He was pleased as he said good I’ve got the remedy right. ‘What should we do we asked?’ ‘Follow the instructions’ he said, which we did. ‘And don’t put anything on the lesions’ That night our son slept so deeply that he wet the bed!!! ‘Oh hell’ we thought what have we done here. Our son was not a bed wetter at all. We carried on for the rest of the day giving the 3 last powders as instructed. The excema faded and healed very quickly. Our hyperactive little boy became calmer and slept deeply from then on, no bed wetting incidents followed. At our follow-up appointment he was a different child, calm, sensible and lovely to talk to displaying an intelligence which we hoped was there but some how couldn’t access because of his frequent illnesses. Dr Mackellar explained how homeopathy works that illness can become trapped in the body and the remedy had allowed the excema to come to the surface and heal. The only thing we had to promise was that NO MORE ANTIBIOTICS! Scary but we carried on for 3 years and it was obvious that his tonsils were ‘shot’ so surgery when he was 8yrs saw that off. He is a delightful grown up now. Never takes antibiotics lets his body heal itself!! Try it!!

  40. Donna says:

    My past experience of having symptoms of supposedly incureable and terminal illness and decades of study in every form of natural health has led me to draw this conclusion: Regardless of the path you take, it is the body, after all, which heals, not just the herb or treatment. This is something which every one of the prior comments left out of the equasion.
    Consider, for example, people who can handle venemous snakes, get bit, and suffer no ill effects from it. Why not? Something in their make-up, whether it be mental, spiritual, or physical, is unnafected by venemous snake bite, right?
    There is an intelligence within that triggers our healing, whether it be via faith healers, herbs, a dramatic change of diet, affirmations, Homeopathic, chiropractic, acupuncture, or allopathic. It is different for each individual.
    Our belief systems and level of hope/faith have more to do with our healing than following every jot and tittle of a certain type of treatment. All the methods are beneficial, but each one responds to the beat of a different drummer.

  41. Jeni says:

    Hi Kev

    I have used many types of remedies and I would say from experience that there is room for both.
    Homeopathy is better for minor complaints and tinctures ARE MUCH better for more serious issues that have been there a long time, or created throu too much medical intervention that has caused more problems such as over use of anti biotics.

    Dr Richard Schulzes that THE best and solve so many problems in a short space of time that diet could help in the long term, but if you need to be more ‘functional’ in a short space of time then I would not waste time with homeopathy.

    If the headache is mild but you can still concentrate on your work then I would use Homeopathy. But if you are close to migraine then I would use tintures regardles of what your first response stated.

  42. Yamina says:

    Dr Partito’s theories are interesting but his practice is totally uninteresting. Nothing and everything. The crux of the story is well said by this mother about her child : Let the body cures itself. Owing to the stop of medication, the boy healed, his body had free reign to exert its power ; certainly not owing to homeopathy that I think valuable just because it is not harmful.
    Concerning the QOD (question of the day… I love the questions of the day !) : When I start to come down with a little sickness, what do I do ? Nothing. Because I never come down with a little or big sickness !
    Since I have taken my health into my own hands. When I was a child, I was always ill, bronchitis, whooping caugh (linguee traduction seems a little bit weirdo sometimes) and a beginning of rickets. I think that if I have now the pleasure to read this blog, it is due to antibiotics, nevertheless. I was so feverish, with delirium, convulsions that without those antibiotics, I would have died. I think that I must have a really strong constitution having survived such a nightmare. Never eaten meat may have probably saved my life at that moment. I just couldn’t swallow this stuff. It was a torture when obliged to. It would have added more infection into my lungs. My name was Skeleton ! In spite of all the candies and cookies I ate (I have stolen all the sweet stuff of the house during many years to the biggest interrogation of my mother who hidded them so carefully…in vain.) It was a question of survival because I was very active, superactive, would it be said today, and I needed energy. In my late twenties, I decided to stop all medication. From myself. I felt unconsciously that it was noxious for my health. When I had a cold, I just stayed in my bed, having some oranges, that’s all. Since I am the doctor of myself, surely an amazing one, I never have the beginning of any illness. Thks to me.

  43. sue says:

    Colds and flu? Echinacea? No….it’s for bacterial infection. I have used it if something on my sking gets infected and use a heavy tincture dose. However, that Oscillo stuff seems to work for flu if taken early it seems: when using it I just have a few hours of flu. Who needs a flu shot?

  44. Teresa says:

    Hi Kevin, I’m so confused. Doing research on both homeopathic and herbal supplements to treat Fibromyalgia. Can you please help me. I read that Magnesium/Malic, Sibering Ginseng and Boswella can help or I can use Rhus Tox, Arnica and LM2. I also have acid reflux which been causing chronic post nasal drip. Been having a tablespoon of organic raw unpasturized apple cider mixed with water once a day but doesnt really help. Thank you.

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