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As you know every year I do a comprehensive blood analysis to see where I am with my diet and my health…

I think getting this blood work regularly is likely one of the single, most important things you can do to figure out what in your health protocol and diet is working for you and what it not.

Blood tests transcend diet dogma. They correct even the most stubborn of people. They are more accurate than muscle testing.

And, in most cases, they doesn’t lie.

My last test was February 8th, 2011, and when I was in Sarasota over the last week, I retested for my yearly work up.

Today, I’m going to share what went up, what went down and what I need to improve on.

Not many colleagues of mine are willing to be honest about the results of their blood tests, but for me, my mission is to get your healthy and to learn from my successes and mistakes.

So I’m going to pick out a few things from my previous and most recent tests to share where I am. I have nothing to hide here and I’m sharing the good and the bad (though there isn’t much bad at all.)

Before I start with the details, here is a list of tests that I took for those who are interested…

1. CBC – Complete Blood Profile
2. Lipid Profile (Usually comes with the CBC if requested)
3. Vitamin B12
4. Vitamin D
5. Testosterone
7. Cortisol
8. Pregnenolone
9. Hemoglobin A1-C
10. Blood Heavy Metal Test

Let’s get into it here…

My Complete Blood Profile Analysis


Basically, this year’s and last year’s are completely the same.

In the CBC, a doctor is looking for basic blood and metabolic markers. Things like white blood cells, platelets, glucose, protein, sodium and other minerals are included in this profile.

For me, the results are steady.

Two things that did increase slightly were Serum Glucose and BUN. BUN is a measure of urea in the blood and glucose is glucose.


My previous levels were at 85 (glucose) and 14 (BUN.)

This time around they were at 90 (glucose) and 20 (BUN.)

I’m not particularly concerned about them at this time, mainly due to the fact that my previous test in 2010 showed them to be a little higher than in 2011.

If I continue to see them trending upward, then that means I’ll have to look into my kidney function and my blood sugar regulation.

Also, the glucose could be elevated due to a higher carbohydrate meal from the night before and the BUN could be high because I was a little dehydrated.

So here, since they’re still within range, trending across a few tests are more important to me than one result.

Lipids Are Slick, Baby!


Yeah, it’s a bad joke, but the most interesting thing about this year’s test is my increased HDL.

In February, my lipid profile read like this:

Total Cholesterol: 146
Triglycerides: 63
HDL: 42
VLDL: 13
LDL: 91

This year the results were:

Total Cholesterol: 175
Triglycerides: 54
HDL: 73
VLDL: 11
LDL: 91

This is great news.

The reason why is because my triglycerides dropped and my HDL increased. This means my risk of heart disease dropped as well (yes, even though I’m in my 30’s and don’t have high risk at all!)

My VLDL dropped as well, which is good, but it’s a fairly small amount.

Cholesterol is very important for the production of hormones and this is a fantastic increase compared to the 110 or so result I had in 2010.

I attribute this improvement to increased exercise as well as the inclusion of eggs and some fish into my diet — though I could be completely off base on this assumption.

The lesson to me here is that the vegan or raw diet is excellent at lowering cholesterol — for those who need their cholesterol lowered and even those who don’t!

What a Pain to Keep the Vitamin B12 Up

My vitamin B12 increased since last year, but only from 399 to 488. This is not the MMA (or Methylmalonic acid) test which is more accurate, but I’m not eating much algae or seaweeds these days — which are likely to cause false positives in the serum B12 tests.

The reason why my levels are low is that I haven’t been using the B12 patches — they’re just one of those things I forget about. (BTW: Good news about these patches, Dr. Williams has told me he’s seen a clinical increase in B12 with those who use them! I guess I should listen to my own recommendations… LOL!)

Anyway, I took a B12 shot when I was with Dr. Williams and now that I’ve told you I can’t keep my B12 up, I now have you to hold me accountable for my levels staying up.

Darn Sun, It Never Gives Me Enough Vitamin D

As normal, my Vitamin D levels were low.

On my last test they were at 29 and now they’ve dropped back to 25.2. In 2010, they were over 40 and on their way up. In 2009, they were at 22.

The reason why?

I take Vitamin D supplements for a few months, then I run out and forget to get more.

It’s a classic example of how someone who’s so health centric can be totally human in many aspects of life — including the health results that they’re so focused on!

I’ve spent a lot of time in the sun this year as well, maybe not enough to raise it, but probably enough to keep it the same. This continues to feed my theory that the sun is just not enough to raise Vitamin D levels for some people — even those who live in tropical areas.

Yes, I’ll start supplementing again, even though I’d love to keep this up naturally. (I was kind of hoping I could this time around.)

Total Hormonal Harmony?


Not quite yet…

As you know in the past, my adrenal fatigue really messed with my hormone levels.

Since that time — maybe 3 years ago — I’ve been rebuilding.

The good news is that everything is on the rise (almost.)

My pregnenolone is at 111. (It has been at 6 and 60 in the past.)

My DHEA shot up from 284.1 to 425.1 this time around. I have much better moods these days.

My AM Cortisol is steady at 12.6.

And my testosterone dropped a bit from 543 to 514.

My biggest concern here is keeping my testosterone up. This time around we tested my Free Testosterone which is good at 14.9 — which means there is plenty available for use — but I’d like the numbers to be a little higher. Right now the levels are moderate. Increased testosterone would give me better muscle retention which has been shown to increase longevity.

I’d also like my pregnenolone to increase a little more as well, so that maybe I can produce more testosterone.

I’ll keep you posted on these.

Some natural ways to get these levels up are an adaptogens. Ginseng is one Dr. Williams recommended for me. For the pregnenolone, the best thing is rest and adrenal support (the rest might be highly unlikely… LOL!)

Risk for Diabetes?


Another reason I’m not concerned about my higher glucose than last year is that my Hemoglobin A1-C is at 4.9, which shows a very low risk for diabetes. If this was elevated, as well as my serum glucose, I would be much more concerned about the higher glucose.

Again, this is why you test multiple factors and do it on a regular basis so you can see how your body is trending.

I Think We All Have Toxic Metals…

There’s no specific way to test how much heavy metal you have in the body. Blood tests can reveal if there’s any in the blood, but they don’t tell you what’s in the tissues. Hair tests can tell you what’s been in your system, but they’re not the most accurate (though a good start.) And, finally, challenge tests can tell you a few things about how much heavy metal you’re releasing, but you still have no idea how much is still in the body.

We did a scan for lead, mercury and arsenic in the blood and the levels are all fairly low.

Lead was at zero. (When I originally went raw, paint chips were the first to go.)

Arsenic levels are at a 6 — which may be a little higher than I’d like.

Mercury at a 2.5.

I’ll be experimenting with some heavy metal removal techniques over the next 6-12 months, so I’ll keep you posted on this!


I’m thrilled with my progress.

It’s been a long journey back from where I was. I remember back in 2009-2010 when I saw that my pregnenolone levels were at a 6 and my cholesterol was 110. I was shocked. This was when I was fully on raw and I finally came to terms that my adrenals were shot and my digestion was in the toilet (I guess literally in a strange way.)

I’m sure some people will criticize some of these numbers and tell me that I’m wrong to think one way or another. But I think the overriding reason I share with you is not to tell you that I’m doing good, but to show you that this a tool that is available that you can use to help figure out if your diet is working for you.

That’s the most important lesson out of all of this.

I used to curse blood tests. I would say they just don’t apply to me. I would say that the levels were based on the markers of unhealthy people.

The truth is, I was naive. I thought eating everything natural was the only ticket.

Now I realize there are a few different ways to get to the place you want to go — and using blood tests help you get there faster.

Your Question of the Day: When was the last time you had your blood tested?

BTW: If you’re interested in learning how to read your own blood tests, click here.

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Barbara W. says:

    Very interesting and educational. Thank you so much for your willingness to share. I realize Ann may not wish to share, but last time she had some low thyroid numbers and was going to work on getting those up with supplementation. I am wondering if she had any success with that? Thanks to you both 🙂

  2. Jim B. says:

    Since you will be “experimenting with some heavy metal removal techniques over the next 6-12 months,” I highly recommend you look at the work of Andy Cutler, There are some real horror stories from people who have used inappropriate chelation protocols. Check out

  3. rick says:

    any suggestions how to get a blood test for someone who can’t stand a needle in the inner arm? Anywhere else works though.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I have always had trouble with needles — excruciatingly painful plus they would have to stick both arms several times each because my veins are small and they couldn’t get blood. This year I realized I had to have blood work done because I had gotten so sick, and a wonderful lab technician used a baby needle (aka butterfly needle) and untied the tourniquet as soon as she got the needle in — AMAZING difference! In October the technician I had used the butterfly needle and very loosely tied the tourniquet on my sleeve instead of on my bare arm — she said that helps a lot with pain too. It worked great! No pain until the end, and she said that was only because we had to fill so many tubes. Another woman in the waiting room told me she had the same problem and has been asking for a baby needle for 10 years now since a technician told her. Maybe you could ask for a butterfly needle and looser tourniquet next time and see if it helps you too. : )

      • Hey thanks for that I have a friend who that could help too. Helpful readers like yourself should get stars for helping others in the forum! I’m also glad this forum is outside of facebook. I feel like everything I do is watched by people on facebook. Sometimes I just like to do things in private. Not everyone gets natural health and will think I am nuts, and I’d rather win them over! So kudus for Kev for keeping this out of facebook!

    • matt menzies says:

      You may consider a hemoglobin test done by some Hygienist or Naturepaths.
      It’s just a tiny pin prick on the finger and you can actually watch the live bloody analysis in action = fascinating !

    • Barbara says:

      Look up EFT on youtube. It’s something you can learn for free to help you get over your fear of needles. I used it to help my daughter get over her extreme fear of needles before going in to have her first child. It works great! You can also download a free basic training on it for free at EFT Universe. Google it. Hope all goes well with you!

  4. Bryant says:

    Hi Kevin! Thanks so much for sharing. This is incredibly helpful and informative! I’m so glad you mentioned the B12 patches. I’ve been using them and really like them. But I just came across some research about the risks of taking folic acid, which the patches contain. Have you read this? What do you think?

  5. Bryant says:

    Woops! Here’s the link the full article, not just the blog post.

  6. Don Bell says:

    Check with Dr Bruce Dooley re his MercOut, a process by which I lowered my “mercury” levels from an alarming 150 (due to too much consumption of tuna and salmon) down to 35, a drastic reduction, while one should have their level below 4. Clearly, MercOut does what it promises to do, reduce mercury. “”

  7. Isabella says:

    This is soooo cool!! Thank you for educating us and sharing such intimate information. That definitely sets you apart.

  8. Dianne says:

    Thank you so much Kevin. I recently bought the B12 patches from your site and am very surprised at how much different I feel.

    I’ve been following your journey for a couple of years now, and am convinced that blood work is the way to go. I had a “live blood analysis” done in November and was shocked to see that my red blood cells were not happy. And now I’m ready to go deeper by looking into your work about how do analyze your own blood.

    Congrats on your results. And thank you once again for your honesty and openness. You are truly one to trust.


  9. Thomas says:

    “And my testosterone dropped a bit from 543 to 514.”

    You have the testosterone of a male a little bit over 65 years old (Around 70 years old), and certainly over 59 years (Depending on what statistics you look at)!

    I think you need hormone replacement therapy, Testosterone-Cypionate/Testosterone-enanthate every 5 days (Depo-testosterone OR Delatestryl). I personally do 120mg every 5 days, injected, it’s by far the best life long project I’ve ever decided to do! I want to be a God my whole life.

  10. Natalia says:

    I am very grateful that you are brave enough to share this information with us. It is really useful and a lot of us can learn from you and relate to it. Thank you.

  11. Pam Dix says:

    Great progress! Thank you for sharing with us.

  12. 0aky says:

    i just ask myself. So much people showing there bloodtest. durianriders. Zak mak klingour. What is the different in your testing and their Testing? there is just lot of confusion out there.

    TO things i have to share is this plastic film on vegtbales. OR its another chemical synthetic subtan film.

    And you are on GMO labeling than have you this Video from and shareholder.

    “On January 24, 2012, after leaving Monsanto’s annual shareholder meeting, Harrington Investments’ representative and Right2Know March Coordinator, Adam Eidinger, speaks to concerned citizens assembled outside of Monsanto’s global headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The group was demonstrating for genetically engineered foods to be labeled so consumers can make informed decisions about the food they are purchasing.

    You can watch Adam’s comments before entering the shareholder meeting here:

    Correction: At around 8:45, there was an inaccurate statement. Currently under the USDA National Organic Program regulations, a farmer will NOT lose their certification due to non-intentional GMO contamination, such as pollen drift. However, in Europe, which has stricter standards, unintentional GMO contamination will result in the loss of a farmers Organic certification.”

  13. Ali says:

    Hello Kevin,

    I haven’t been following your news for a while and i was surprised to read that you started to include eggs and fish in your diet. Is there any particular reason why you are doing that? I’m a recent a vegan (4 months now) and was wondering if i should include fish so i was surprised to read this article as it’s addressing my concern. I would like to know why you are including them and how often since you are a very health conscious person.

    Thanks for the post.

  14. I was tested just a few months ago. It was indicated that everything fell into the normal range except vitamin D. I was prescribed a strong vitamin D for a few weeks and it went back into the normal range. I realized that I was really spending way too much time indoors. I am trying to now get more sun exposure. I also take a supplement vegan D a few times a week.

  15. Kristin says:

    I’m getting some of my test results back on 2/13…I’m very excited to see them. I have had some challenges like my cholesterol being “too low”, being diagnosed with MS I was enlightened to my “need” for cholesterol since that is what is used to create the myelin that my immune system has taken to destroying…my total cholesterol was around 100 last time I was tested I believe….so it is always interesting…I’m also retesting my allergies as I have previously shown to be allergic to close to everything. I love the idea of putting your results online, I plan to do the same once I get mine…it will make more sense than trying to remember what it was vs. what it is.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Micele says:

    Love your honesty! It is so appreciated and rare! This was really great to see the changes that your body has made and some of the possible reasons behind it. Very cool!

  17. You say:
    “I attribute this improvement to increased exercise as well as the inclusion of eggs and some fish into my diet — though I could be completely off base on this assumption.

    The lesson to me here is that the vegan or raw diet is excellent at lowering cholesterol — for those who need their cholesterol lowered and even those who don’t!”

    Er…fish and eggs? While I agree with you, I wonder how you claim to be vegan/raw and how vegan/raw can be responsible for your cholesterol count. Just wondering…..

    • daureen says:

      I know this question is for Kevin, but if you look to past posts (and even in his recent posts), he doesn’t claim to be raw/vegan… he claims that he HAS been (I’ve been following him since he was). He has altered his health protocol(s) based on the state of his health (or lack thereof). He decided (after experimenting) that high raw was best for him (not 100% raw) and has always been completely honest about his findings. I now Kevin can (and does) speak for himself and I don’t mean to sound anything other than informative.

    • Elspeth T says:

      Ian I think you have misunderstood Kevin in his discussion about his cholesterol levels. It may be because you haven’t followed his journey since he had adrenal fatigue/was 100 % raw vegan etc. His cholesterol levels back at that time were too LOW for good health – hence the point he made about vegan/raw diets being great for lowering cholesterol if it’s too high.

      Low cholesterol isn’t that great, as it’s a building block for production of hormones among other important roles. Kevin gave up the 100% raw vegan and began to include eggs and fish – and cholesterol came up into a healthier range.

      Thanks once again, Kevin, for your honest and open sharing. As others have said, it sets you apart from the people claiming to be health/diet gurus, but who never come clean as to their actual state of health. Like you, I did not thrive on 100% raw, or high raw vegan, and have been healthier since making that change – which went against all my dietary “ideals” and humbled my ego’s need to claim I knew what was best for all.

  18. Shelley says:

    What is involved in getting a blood test like this done? One needle stick or something more? Do you have to fast to prepare? And cost, if out of pocket? Curious! By all appearances I am healthy and my dr was resistant to doing a through blood exam – but now I wonder.

  19. Maron says:

    Hey Kevin, thanks for sharing. I’ve been wanting to get my blood checked. A few years back i had two different blood test done. I had my blood checked by my doctor and then a friend of mines did the live blood test. According to the Doctor i had the blood of the average teenager – he told me to keep doing what i was doing. The live blood test was done well after that – i’m guessing 8-9 months later, and those results were not as pleasing. Now i did have a pitching-deck diet – Lol! it was different from week to week so i wasn’t really surprised. As i was reading through your results i had a few thoughts in regards to the numbers and your response to those numbers – keep in mind i know very little about blood, but i’m wondering if you are drawing conclusions based on assumptions. What i mean by that is when you get your blood checked and things are measured – how can you really come up with any conclusions from one annual test. Yes – you are using multiple annual tests to come up with a clearer picture, but even that seems a bit like describing the sky today at noon and then doing the same thing a year from now, and comparing the notes and then describing to me what the sky looks like. Consider that at 4:00am the sky looks quite different than at 7:00am then at 1:00pm and then again at 6:00pm and 10:00pm. The next day you could have cloudy sky vs. the clear sky the day before. My point is i suspect the blood changes quite a bit throughout the day – everyday. So if you tested your blood at 5:00am then went back and got another test 5 hours later would the results be the same? i suspect they would be different. I think that if you got 7 blood test in one day you would get 7 different results. I suspect your blood is constantly changing throughout the day just from basic bodily functions. So the Vitamin D results – what’s to say that you get plenty Vitamin D – let’s say you go on a 2-mile hike in the morning on a nice sunny day – your body produces the vitamin D it needs and then uses it, but when you take the test later that day it measures it being low? How do we know that the numbers from the test represent amounts needed and used by the body? Also how we do we know if the blood levels aren’t changing throughout the day and when and how much the body is using? Sorry if these are silly questions but as i was reading the results these questions started bonking me in the head and i had to ask.

  20. Eileen says:

    Hi Kev. I had a huge vit D deficiency and now my levels are great. I take Bio-D Mulsion Forte vitamin D drops. It’s as easy as one drop on the tongue per day. One drop is 2,000 IU’s. Although, it is made from sheep fur, so it is not vegan. I have read that it is one of the most readily absorbable forms of D out there.
    You can find it online for like $12 and it last almost a year. I usually take it 3-5 days during the week or when I remember and my vitamin D is great and I live in NYC and I am NEVER in the sun.

    Here is the long link or you can google it:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1126&bih=623&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=11993728315774834133&sa=X&ei=puwqT9nhG4PgggfTqejIDw&ved=0CFwQ8wIwAA#ps-sellers

    Kevin- I use the B12 patch and I put it on 1 or 2 times a month and wear it for 24 hours each time. My B12 is still only in the low 200s. When you said yours was in the 3-400s, I was shocked! Should I be using the patch more– or taking oral B12 supplements as well? Those patches are NOT cheap!!

  21. Wendy says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for all of the great information. I will definitely keep for future reference. I wondered if you have ever looked into using a product that helps you up-regulate your glutathione by 300%, which helps detox a lot of heavy metals like aluminum and mercury? It crosses the blood brain barrier and since it is coming from your own body producing it, you don’t have to worry about as many detox problems. You still need a lot of water and exercise is helpful, some people need to back off to 1/2 pill or every other day once the cleansing starts, if it is too much for them, but it really is an amazing product. Just wondered if you knew about it. You can learn more about it at or check it out on . Let me know what you think.

  22. Brianna says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else get SUPER excited about getting test results back? I feel like I’m a little kid again, waiting for that all anticipated “A” on my exam… I love it. It’s a fun challenge and a thrill to see improvements. I appreciate you sharing, Kev. Thanks!

  23. Ema says:

    Soo interesting article for me! Had a blood tests done in December of the last year. As a full blown retiree I don’t do bad, compare to you. Better Vit. D, but not too much better then you ( mine is 32 ). I use tanning beds!

  24. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    Hey Ian,

    I don’t claim to be vegan or raw. We are high raw, and we are vegan and raw friendly on the blog here — meaning we respect all diets. As for lowering cholesterol, the vegan or raw diet will do it quite effectively for many. You can ask some of the well known vegan MDs as well as some of the raw clinicians. 🙂

    Live Awesome!

  25. Bethwyn says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am doing the Master Cleanse. This is my 25th day. I just added a good parasite clearse to it yesterday. What do you think of this. I will tell you my floaters in my eyes are dissapearing.

  26. Marie says:

    Hi Kevin,
    High raw was my first introduction to raw, whole food vegan, and you’re to thank for that. I, too, take my blood work seriously, and have been tracking it every six months since I was diagnosed with RA 7 years ago. I’ve been treating it with diet and whole food supplements and can say that I’m now off all drugs thanks to Gerson therapy and other things I learned through your website.

    I am concerned about your Vitamin D level, as low D is highly correlated with all types of disease. I take 5000 IU a day when I’m not in the sun and I have seen my level go from 32 to 40 to 44 to 48 to 54 over the last 3 years. I’m in a 5-year study with D*Action and my goal is 60 to 80, which I should achieve with my next lab.

    Thanks for sharing and for all that you and Ann Marie do!

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      Hey Marie,

      Thanks for your concern! I’m not as concerned because know what I need to do, since I’ve raised it in the past with supplementation. I just need to get the product and use it. 🙂 My levels were trending up to over 40 a few years ago, so it’s just a matter of sticking to the plan — and getting more when I run out!


  27. erin b says:

    Thanks so much Kevin, you are the best.
    I love that you mentioned that you are High Raw with adding the eggs and occasional fish. We have to do what we have to do, to keep ourselves healthy. I admire that in you!
    Keep up the great job you do here for all of us. Your attitude is what so many of us need…Living life and doing your best!
    Personally I have learned so very much from you and love that you share as much as you do.
    Bravo and thanks again!

  28. Cameron Day says:

    Thanks for sharing your results and being honest about your diet.

    I had to laugh at the guy telling you that you need testosterone injections. Craziness. Test levels can be boosted naturally, without the systemic side-effects of taking exogenous, lab produced testosterone.

    Simply eating more farm-fresh eggs can boost T levels. Couple that with smart strength training, and they’ll go up even more.

  29. Alina says:

    Hi Kevin,

    You mentioned that you did a scan to test for metals. What sort of scan are you talking about?
    I have wanted to test my metal levels for a while but I am not sure if there is a good method to test for the heavy metals.
    Thank you.

  30. Kevin
    You may want to check this out:

    The article explains that insulin resistance is seen in patients with what is currently called normal FBG, down to as low as 90.

    [ref: Glucoregulatory Physiology in Subjects with Low-Normal, High-Normal, or Impaired Fasting Glucose]

    This jives w/ my experience in clinic where I see patients with FBG 90 and up, and actually even lower, having metabolic abnormalities that go along with diabetes/prediabetes. I feel it is important to shock my patients into reality by informing them that a FBG of 90 is abnormal, and is in fact what I consider to be an early stage of Diabetes.

    Complications I have seen in people with FBG 89-100 including high bp, renal problems, nerve problems, headaches, energy swings, and the dreaded ED.

    I know this is controversial and for more info Chapter 9 of DN and several sections of Food Rules explain the reasoning and references. Because insulin resistance is so incredibly common, I find, and mis/underdiagnosed I am going to do a blog post about it soon. Also, Jimmy Moore and I will be discussing it live Feb 23.

  31. Harlow says:

    To Maron
    Blood tests don’t change as you suggest in your analogy to the sky. Take iron for example, a blood test not only measures the amount of iron in your system but in you iron stores also, and vitamin d doesn’t go up an down the way you suggested it could within such a short time frame(hours during the day) if you had a high healthy vit d reading you would have to be 3 months in a submarine for it to be used up. A professor of vitamin d told me this at a uni lecture I sat on about vit d.anyway they’re just 2 examples but having blood test done after 3 months is good if you are trying to address a specific issue like raising your iron or you might have low adrenals (whatever it is) and you start implementing a health protocol you can test after 3 months to see if it’s working. I did this for b12 and I’m currently taking something for my low thyroid, I’ll retest in 3 months or so see how it’s working. My b12 and thyroid are not going up and down throughout the day like you think, so testing in a few months time will let me know where my levels are and if what I’m doing is working.
    Imagine if we were that sensitive?

  32. Irina says:

    Thank you so much for posting this, Kevin! Like Barbara A., I would love to see what kind of tests Ann is going through. Not necessarily her results, but a list of things she is checking, as a woman, would be very helpful to see! Thank you to both of you!

  33. LynnCS says:

    Hi Kevin. Thanks for sharing all this information. I am doing ok too but am using the b12 patches 2x a wk to maintain normal levels. D checks ok too, but still I take a supplement. I really don’t know all the appropriate levels and not so sure I get the real scoop from the MDs. I am still looking for a Natural doc to try to get some clear explanations. I have a lot of questions about certain symptoms but just get an answer that is something like, “Well, the blood test is ok.” The trouble with that is that I still feel bad. Yes I am ok…but that is not what I want. I want good health and need to know what to do, so I do my best and after I get off the medicine I am on, I will look for a different doctor. I just see that we have to take charge of our own health. That is what you are doing. Thanks for the inspiration. It really helps.

  34. Carla says:

    Kevin, do you know how to address low testosterone (I mean really low), my husband has that, thanks

  35. robert says:

    Thanks for the great updates you bring to the health community! As far as B12 goes almost 85 percent of the U.S.population has B12 deficiency. Most vegans and raw vegans should be taking B12 as a supplement. The one that has the highest bio availability out there is called methylcobalamin-B12. I happen to take Jarrow brand that has 5000mcg and my levels were low one year ago and now are on the upper range of normalicy. In the beginning take it 2-3 times a week and then reduce it down to once a week after a month. You’ll be in great shape not to mention that your energy levels will be off the roof!I began eating a raw vegan diet twelve months ago and have lost over one-hundred pounds and I feel like I’m eightteen years all over again. What a great experience it has been!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Ann Peckham says:

    Hi Kevin

    I started my raw journey 6 years ago and had all of the mercury fillings removed 3 years ago. I had a live and dried blood analysis carried out about 9 months ago and was horrifies to see multiple stacks of blood cells all sticking together in stacks and scummy edges to the blood indicating evidence of heavy metals and cholesterol to name but a few of the issues. I was put on what seemed to be a highly restrictive diet as I was already raw and much of what was on the avoid list were what my regular diet consisted of. However as I had taken the tests to discover these issues i stuck religiously to the programme for twice as long as suggested due to other commitments preventing me from returning for the retest.
    However, the retest was so impressive that the picture of my dried blood sample has been kept as an example of what can be achieved by a patient who sticks to the protocol as it has been deemed a perfect sample. If you’d like I cold forward the perfect picture to you, I’m quite proud of it!!

  37. I’ve been vegetarian (ovo-lacto) for over one year now. My vitamin, cholesterol, etc. has never been a problem in my tests. But when it comes to thyroid tests when I’m getting trouble. My T3 and T4 totally stabilized in the correct levels during this year (one of them, can’t remember which one right now) was too high. However, my TSH and antibodies kept increasing.

    This autumn I started receiving magnetic pairs therapy and practicing sungazing, and the TSH dropped a lot (but not enough yet). No changes on antibodies, though.

    Did Marie take her blood tests aswell? Will she share her results and how is she handling her thyroid issues? That’d be so helpful!

  38. alf says:

    Hi Kevin, my friend!
    You crack me up!
    You say: “even though I am in my 30s…”
    ….which means you are a baby…although a big baby. I, myself, am only a few numbers above this, which makes me a slightly bigger baby.
    Anyhow, thank you big for your great contributions. You are the only one, and THE ONE AND ONLY I have seen to focus on how to test and monitor health. Thank you!
    Your friend,

    PS let me know if I can do something for you in my European, Eastern European, Russian, Norwegian part of our world.

  39. marc says:

    Your honesty and integrity by far surpasses any other natural health “guru” out there. I’ve always found it curious why they never posted their actual lab results, but are quick to lead you to products they sell.
    I think that if all the other guys like wolfe and monarch did what you just did?? They would stop talking about just being a raw foodist or a vegan, and instead view everything (yes, including animal products) as viable tools. The only other guy (who I truly respect for his veracity) has posted his actual lab results?? Dr. John Berardi… he is not afraid to experiment on himself, and is one of the few guys who calls a spade a spade.

  40. Sayward says:

    I had my blood tested last month. Been veg*n for years, had a vegan pregnancy and I’ve been nursing for almost 2 years (his birthday is next month).

    All my levels (hormones and vitamins) are excellent!

  41. Chris says:

    Oh grow up. Such nonsense. I’ve been vegan for 28 years now and am doing far superior to any meat eater I know. Guess what, no one lives forever. If you choose to live in such fear, you do that. As for me, had I thought like you, (thank goodness I don’t), I would not have made it this far – – to superior health and wellness.

    I’m removing myself from your site now as I can no longer listen to your childishness, twaddle and babble. Maybe go back to a diaper and baby bottle also.

    Get a backbone.

  42. Ram G says:

    Hi Kev,

    You are great , Thank You so much for sharing and you are and you will be a great health blogger for ever.


  43. sarah says:

    HI Ya’ll haha
    I m really not from the south. It is fun to say.. Kevin and Ann Marie- you both have helped me with the uncertainty of why I was unable to feel stable with NO animal product, THANK YOU so much. I emailed and tried to contact MD’s that support vegan and was perplexed with my lack of energy and their no responses. So wa la there it was my answer, blood testing. I believe my God Jehovah directed me to you and your web so I can take care of myself. Thank you
    I also eat eggs whey so far for protein.

  44. Veronica says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the honesty and being transparent. It means a lot.

    I had my blood tested in November; had to fight my doctor to get the complete lab work. He said I am already healthy and don’t need everything. I had to get down right ugly (almost) to get him to give me the test for iodine. And sure enough, as I suspected, I am low in iodine, and am working now to bring that up. Question: Are iodine supplements safe?

    Question: since being high raw the past four years, my white blood cell count has dropped below normal. I eat raw 99% of the time, mostly fruits vegetables, no grains, a few nuts and seeds, juice veg. juice everyday, and take my green powders every day (barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, chorella). Why would my WBC drop this low?

    Also, my RBC is low (not below normal, but almost, yet my iron level is 10 pts over the high end. How can this be?

    Thanks for addressing this, because no one (not even my doctor) can tell my why my WBC and RCB numbers are this reversed.

    Veronica Worley

  45. @ Chris OMG, you sound dreadful–I am so sorry for you in you hardness and harshness. Regardless, Lots of love to you.

    I’m pushing 70. I also just had lots of blood tests done: Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Cholesterol, plus all the standard panels. When I came in to review all this with my doc, he had a weird look on his face and said “In all my career (he’s roughly my age), I’ve never seen anyone with as healthy results as you.”

    My diet? Mostly raw (~90%). Mostly vegan (~90%). However, occasionally I eat a few eggs, a wee bit of wild salmon and/or a wee bit of venison. For about ten years, I was completely vegan, and off-and-on I’ll go for about 3 years at a time completely raw. However, I run into problems (not that I can’t do it, but it is very complicated and I just don’t spend the resources or time to stay on top of it), thus I add a wee bit of animal protein back in, with spectacular results.

    What else do I do? I mostly eliminated grains, dairy, and legumes. Sounds weird, but they just don’t agree with my body. I do use quinoa (which is a seed). I also eat lots of fermented foods and very, very little sweet. I guess that would be what they now call a Paleo diet? Works for me. But then, we are all different, and something else probably works better for someone else.

  46. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    “I’m removing myself from your site now as I can no longer listen to your childishness, twaddle and babble. Maybe go back to a diaper and baby bottle also.”



  47. Thomas says:

    Hey Kev,
    Don’t take the weird comments so seriously.
    Bad enough that some weirdo used “my” name (above) to tell you to shoot steroids. How embarrassing. 🙂
    That’s a good way to shorten your life and burn out quickly.

    Keep up the good work.

  48. Let me help you understand the blood test a little more.
    1. the MCV = 95 Desired 89 or 90.

    2. the RDW 13.4 desired in this case only above 16 until MCV is 89 or 90

    Both of these numbers tell how small or large the RBC are and also the size variation between the RBC. The RDW gives the difference between the smallest cell and the largest cell. Your number shows that all the RBC are very close to the same size. The MCV of 95 says that all RBC are slightly large, a B12 deficiency. You don’t really need to check B12 directly, the MCV and RDW will give you the info without spending $$$

    BUN = 20 desired 12 to 15
    It just means you did not drink enough water the day before or the morning of the blood test, a non issue. Drink more water.

    Cholesterol: 175
    Triglycerides: 54
    HDL: 73
    The only issue is the low triglycerides 54 desired 100. You need the triglycerides to produce hormones. Eat more healthy fat.

    Vit D 24.2 desired 70 to 80 will prevent most any cancer at that high number. I would have you take D3 and animal product at 5,000 2 x per day until D3 is up then 5,000 per day for maintenance.

    Great numbers mostly, be proud of yourself and I hope this helps.

  49. Nancy says:

    This is fascinating! I have been an RN for over 25 years, so am used to looking at lab values. The interesting thing is MD’s do not look at them the way you have. First of all it is almost impossible to get them to order some of this stuff. But, the other point is, THEY don’t know what to do with the results (which is probably why they are reluctant to order them). Wonderful that you are making the use of the results so down to earth and usable. Thank you for blending traditional medicine with a real vision of true wellness. How wonderful is that!!!

  50. Nadine says:

    Cool! I’m such a nerd for this stuff. Last time I did my blood work after being veg for 7 years, I had such improvements from since I was an omnivore. Also I finally was able to have proper iron levels. My problem as an omnivore was that I did not eat much meat and I also did not replace it with any plant alternatives, so I struggled. When I became veg, I educated myself about what to eat and felt good about the food I did eat – slow improvements on my blood work over several years and now at 8 years, I am good. I did have issues with B12 though and the only way I have resolved it was with regular supplemental sublingual B12. Also I have had lifelong adrenal and hormone issues, which I am still working with. I have found that ashwagandha and shatavri have yielded best results for me. Did you check your homocysteine levels too? That’s usually a good indication of B12. I really agree with you about regular blood testing and also I think it’s important to be honest as to what works for you and what doesn’t!

  51. Paula says:

    Just wondering why you use B12 “patches” instead of just nutritional yeast. Unless you don’t like the taste of it. I didn’t at first, but now I love it.

  52. Britt says:

    Kevin- I just wanted to share that I have an insane amount of respect for what you and Annemarie are doing for the health world. Please don’t listen to trolls on YouTube or anywhere else. It is so wonderful having someone who doesn’t tell their readers exactly what they should eat and when. Because of your courage and very, very thorough research….you will be able to help SO many people develop stable lifestyles that truly work for their health.
    Keep being awesome-

  53. maca says:

    I’m getting my next set of blood tests next week. You mention being vegan is a good way to lower cholesterol. I’ve been vegan for around 30 years and my LDL cholesterol is high and my total cholesterol is 199. So just being vegan isn’t enough to keep the levels down.

  54. Eve says:

    Hi Kev,

    awesome job, sharing the importance of blood tests.

    As one who does holistic analysis of these tests, (and understanding there are varying viewpoints): a couple thoughts:

    1. KUDOS on getting your HDL & total cholesterol UP. Cannot overstress the importance of cholesterol for healthy hormones, nerves, and cell wall integrity. Too many vegans think less cholesterol is always better…

    2. I believe your improved hormone status IS tied to better (higher) cholesterol.

    3. The healthy range for Triglycerides is believed by some holistic experts to be 80-110. My own levels have been as low as 24, as high as 55. I’ve been told, this low tendency means I am someone who needs to eat something every couple hours to stabilize my blood sugar. In truth, I find that hard to follow…but I do seem to be constantly hungry! Takeaway point: don’t YOU make it a goal to lower your Triglycerides; less than 100 is terrific.

    4. Likewise, the healthiest range for blood sugar is 85-100. Lower than 85, you’ll probably feel tired, maybe brain-fogged.

    5. Fantastic that you test A1C!

    6. Homocysteine and C-Reactive protein would be important tests for anyone with heart-disease risk concerns (not you, of course). Just mentioning it. They’re like the A1C of lipid profile interpretation.

    7. I use high-quality Vit D drops, and in my annual blood tests last week, was happy to see I went from 26 to 41. Haven’t been consistent, (would like to have my levels a bit higher still) but it’s extremely rewarding to see a concrete change like that. I PUT THE DROPS IN MY GREEN SMOOTHIE!!!

    You guys got me hooked on the green smoothies, now I’m a green-smoothie evangelist. I’m convinced it’s the healthiest thing I can put in my body. THANK YOU and keep up the good work.

  55. Chandra says:

    Is hair analysis sufficient or do you only recommend blood tests?

  56. Naomi says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Your willingness to exhibit total transparency for the greater good is greatly appreciated. Just wanted to share that I have utilized high dose vitamin D therapy in the past, and one of the benefits was significantly increased testosterone!
    All the best!

  57. Eve says:

    p.s. in response to the article posted by Cate S, about insulin resistance in FBG levels of 90-99:

    this study has to be interpreted with caution, as the authors themselves have done.

    For one thing, study participants had a BMI range of 20-56. Over 25 is overweight; over 30 is obese. These characteristics alone could weigh heavily into findings such as high BP, ED, energy swings and so forth. Obviously insulin resistance is going to be different in a BMI 55 than a BMI 20. A better study would control for such differences, and perhaps better studies will follow.

    My concern here is that telling a person with Fasting Blood Glucose of 90 they have an abnormal or pre-prediabetic lab finding might be reckless, akin to saying someone with cholesterol of 190 is headed for heart disease.

    In both instances, taking a single test finding and blowing its significance out of proportion leads to inaccuracies in diagnosis. I’ve seen patients who were prescribed Statin drugs for a cholesterol reading of 190, even though their HDL/LDL ratios were favorable, and homocysteine/C-reactive protein tests negative! That’s reckless, IMHO.

    I know this group isn’t likely to rush out and take a drug for a blood test branded abnormal, but it’s important all-around to stay clear about when “abnormal” truly IS abnormal.

    Again, any one test finding must be correlated with other tests and general patient data: glucose must be interpreted with A1C, BMI, and even lifestyle habits like diet and exercise, NOT in isolation, to get an accurate picture. If there’s sufficient cause for suspicion, ordering a Glucose Tolerance Test will provide even more accurate detail.

    Myself, I just think it’s misleading and inaccurate to throw out a blanket statement like, FBG of 90 is abnormal…or is early diabetes…or is, in and of itself, the CAUSE of a person’s high BP, mood swings, or ED. (I’ve never been above 88, so I’m not being personally defensive here.)

    Now, if a sedentary patient has a BMI of 50 and has other risk factors, and you want to use their FBG of 90 to “scare them” into changing their lifestyle, that’s your prerogative… but that’s not a blanket statement!

  58. kit says:

    one of the reasons i think that so many people have low vit D results are chemtrails and overall pollution. rarely do i see the deep deep blue skies i remember as a child growing up. there is always a pale white haze in the sky which at some level prevents the sun’s rays from sufficiently reaching our skin to create the Vit D. phoenix has chronic white haze surrounding the city which is even worse when the chemtrails are heavily sprayed for days on end……..

  59. Kevin,
    I am not competent enof to comment on blood test reports as I may not be aware of medical knowledge in that line.
    I am guessing that your WBC is minimum, but your Lymphs are good. THAT TAKES CARE OF YOUR IMMUNITY. Your Hb is better than women and very high. EXCELLENT HB.
    I EXPECTED ON THE HIGH,your: Hb,WBC,RBC,Platelets.
    You will not get disease but when you get it,
    I think you ought to increase your WBC – we have herbs like Phyllanthus Niruri,(Botanical Names), Hybanthus Enneaspermus to increase it. We take smoothies diluted of Moringa(drumstick treee leaves)for increasing platelets.
    HOW YOU INCREASED YOUR HB TO THIS LEVEL What did you do for it ? Any special suggestions?
    And what about your PH LEVELS?
    More alkaline you should be?!


    The sun may not be able to produce Vit D because the body is no longer capable of self generation of Vit D. The ground is sick.
    It would be better to give your daily food intake, what you eat, and when and how much which will add more info for us for following.

  60. Ladi says:

    Hi Kevin,
    thanks for sharing. I study my blood for a few years, and will compare it with your results. However, I have it in different units thus I will have to do my homework (beside a translation from French 🙂
    I try to collect all the information from many sources what to test.
    I also went for AMP (bloodless) blood test and got 117 results (for $150 Cdn), and will compare them to your results and my last week results.
    Now I will start reading also all the comments, because there is lot of useful info as well.

  61. cardencopy says:


    About the B12 shot, I’ve heard they can contain some of the same preservatives we worry about in vaccinations (such as formaldehyde). Are you aware of this, and is there a way to get a more ‘pure’ option?

  62. Holly says:

    Hi Kev,

    Your labs are not bad. I am wondering why your doc didn’t order a C-Reactive Protein?
    I do labs every 3 mos. and so far all was WNL,D3 was only at 33 . I have found Dr. Group’s Vit. D3 to be excellent and doesn’t give you that super plus hyperness for four or five hours after taking. His D3 is liquid form (oil base) and is probably the best grade I’ve seen to date. Labs again tomorrow. For your B12, I give my husband folic acid then a B12 sublingual 45 minutes later. B12 is not absorbed well when it enters the stomach/intestines, so by taking it in your mouth you get full absorbtion. I am trying to pull him out of the 300’s to the 500-600’s. For heavy metal analysis, I had mine done recently at forperfectbalance and I did not have any toxicities, however, the rest of it was a major disaster. The people at the lab were shocked about no heavy metals; I don’t ever go outside. We have chemtrails everyday and I stay inside. If someone wants to detox daily, Terramin (red clay) is a very good natural source plus it has many minerals. Vegans are known to have an amino acid deficiency because of the lack of animal protein, it’s usually just one of the aa’s and it can be substituted via other means if necessary. Vegans with lethargy are usually suffering from this deficiency. For your LDL, take Charlotte Gerson’s advice, Flax seed oil, works wonders, so does a good organic olive oil. If you were dehydrated when you had your labs drawn that will mean that things like your CBC will actually be higher than they really are, so that leads to another possible problem. Your WBC was at 4.0 and if it was higher because of dehydration then it really was more like 3.7-3.8, which is not WNL. I would think that you need to fnd out what your C-Reactive Protein is doing to see if you have any inflammation going on. Lyme disease will not ever go away completely, however, is it affecting your immune system? Dehydration could also explain your higher than expected BUN and glucose. You are actually very healthy!!!!!

  63. Holly says:

    For those afraid of needles in the arm, call your lab and see if they have 20g butterflies. If so, ask them to use a butterfly in the back of your hand. Hint, it’s going to hurt a little more than in the ACF, inside of your arm.

  64. Yamina says:

    I have promised to myself not to return on the Net during these white holidays but I cannot help and find your blog as always full of infos. The comments are always interesting too. Concerning vit D, I can testify that you may have a good level without being exposed to the sun. But I love butter, raw butter, therefore… I eat it every day since I was a child (Oh ! My Lord ! Do a miracle concerning my english, I’m desperated !) Here, some peasant sells (sorry for the chast vegan ears) raw milk that I leave near the fire until getting fermented milk with a yellow coat above that I drink with some dried delicious organic figs as my parents often do (algerian peasants (in particular the eldest not contaminated by the denatured modern food) are very strong and healthy with good teeths, perfect dental arches, nostrils, etc. (not the case of the younger) See Weston). I’d like to add more comments but my fingers are frozen in this part of the old mountain farm and I must change towards the chimney where I throw all my oranges skins ! I eat tons of oranges not organic, but very sweet and juicy and everyone look at me as if I was the Abominable Snow Woman !) Pretty good excuse, my english being more and more slippery…

  65. Yamina says:

    Many things that I don’t understand… as this Holly butterfly’story… Just an add : in spite of my butter love story, my doctor is jealous of my cholesterol level. His own words… So I don’t understand why taking all this stuff, this vit D supplements, all those pills, powders, injections, etc. Why burning ones skin when nature gives us so delicious food as butter ? For instance, here, the gruyère (Haute-Savoie) comes from the cows whose bells I am right now hearing from the neighbour farm, and believe me the peasant that produces this cheese do not need vit D injections ! I pity you so I stop writing in english…

  66. Larry says:


    Thanks for the blood test info on yourself.
    You make the point that each of us is different in a metabolic way, even if we all eat the same foods, which we don’t.
    We’re not vegan or vegetarian btw.
    But we do lean towards higher than average veggies/juices and raw food in our diets.

    We’re in South Florida and even with all the sun we get, we take 4,000 IU’s of VitD3 for about six to eight months a year.
    We back off in the sun of the summer months.
    Also, we get blood tests at LEF twice a year and are able to maintain a 70ish Vit D range.

    About that FBG of 90….
    Diabetes runs in my family.
    That’s what brought me looking for the knowledge you and others offer.
    But in a “laughing way”….you aren’t really worried about a FBG of 90 and an A1C of 4.9….are ya’ ?
    Be Safe and ignore the Trolls.

  67. Hey Kevin!
    Glad to hear of your results…getting healthier is always a great thing!

    I just wanted to share our story. My family (of 7) have been vegetarians(occasional fish, lobster a couple times a year) for 20 years. My husband, being 56 just had a DOT physical and the doctor and staff were amazed at his results. They said whatever he’s been doing to keep it up. They told him he’d live to be 125, although that prospect didn’t seem that great to him LOL. Also our 22 yr old daughter had some blood work done for life insurance a few weeks ago…State Farm agent told her they had NEVER seen blood work that healthy! The results put her into the elite category which they’ve never had a client qualify – said this category was for marathon runners and such. This daughter also had a baby last year that scored a 10 (another unheard of) on the Apgar test, with her midwives also telling her they’d never seen blood work so healthy. ALL IN ALL, it is our foods that give us life or take it away. I’ll take the way we have eaten for the past 20 years anyday with results like these 🙂 Have a fabulous day and keep up the great work! Kathie

  68. Tina says:

    Thanks for sharing.I eat completely different from you and my blood tests are about the same as yours. I eat a lot of meat,butter and 2 eggs a day for years.I am 73 and my functional doctor says I am healthier than patients half my age,I do eat a large raw green salad most days including kale,spinach,argula,cucumber,spring greens and chard.That plus nuts once in a while are my only raw food. I also keep away from grains but cheat once in a while. My Vit.D is 57 and I use 5000 units/day.My cholesterol is considered high -291- but it has always been in the high range since I can remember – my 3 daughters also have the high range.I went to a lecture years ago by a well known health speaker and he stated that your cholesterol numbers are heridatery and its no different than being born with blue eyes or brown or big feet or small.Dr. Wm.Canpbell Douglas states now to keep your numbers above 200 especially in seniors after 60-65 yrs. to keep your memory as lots of cholesterol is used by the brain and using statins etc. to bring numbers down is asking for dementia and alzeheimers. By the way altho my numbers are high my good cholesterol is also high – 78.So I think it your own body chemistry and we are all different but being a meat eater works for me. Too many carbs (not including vegetables) in the way of whole grains and flour products make me very tired and put on weight fast.Protein keeps my blood sugar stable and I am alert all day.Saturated fats ie animal, coconut oil, are healthy and the myth against them need to be researched by people who believe what they are told without checking for themselves. Go to Brian Peskins website to check on research he has done or Dr. Michael Eades of “Protein Power”.

  69. Lori Huber says:

    I wonder why Holly would recommend a 20 gauge butterfly in the hand…geesh..I’ve worked in a clinical lab for 20 years. If a person is afraid of needles doing in the hand isn’t going to help but it’s going to hurt if you use a 20g in the arm or the hand. I had to chuckle Kevin because CBC doesn’t come with a Lipid..

  70. Mary Kay says:

    Thank you for sharing. So many of us, including you, just want to know what is the right way to eat. I believe it’s slightly different – just slightly – for each of us, but am delighted to hear of what others are eating and what their blood tests say.

    It is great to know tha tyou are human, and that you freely admit to forgetting to take your Vit D etc. I appreciate this info so much.

    I’m also a firm believer in blood tests, but haven’t done a full-scale one in 1 3/4 years, but have done some mini ones along the way.

  71. Maria Fitzpatrick says:

    December 1st 2010 and ten weeks forward I went through a DMSA Heavy Metal Chelation that saved my life. I had adrenal fatigue so bad that I couldn’t even sleep, I had hyperglycemia, I had a hard time breathing, my cortisol and DHEA levels were close to rock bottom and my doctor very gently hinted that I was slowly dying. It was hard but not impossible to go through the DMSA heavy metal chelation. I feel like a normal human being. In total there were 13 heavy metals in my body…HUGE lethal amounts of lead, very elevated levels of mercury, cesium and the list goes on. I got completely rid of 4 and the rest went down to levels you can expect to find in the common population. I am no longer taking DHEA supplements or Adrenal Support or adaptogens. My hormones have cleared up and healed so my periods are on the spot regular with 29 days where before I was bleeding every 2 weeks to 18 days causing my ferritin to drop down to 17! I have been able to pack down my house in the US and start a new life in my homecountry Denmark, just finished my first semester of Professions Bachelor in Nutrition and Health and take care alone of my two being autistic for 5 months, till my husband finally got his visa so he could join us. I cannot believe how much I’m able to do now! I’m a new person. My doctor is my angel and I’m thankful for the time we live in and the people who invented DMSA so I could be alive and well again! Being able to do an enema is one of the keys to cleanse your body especially during the chelation. One of the things that is required to be eligible for DMSA chelation is you need not to be even 10 lbs overweight (I’m 134 lbs now but was 140lbs then and I’m 5’8 tall), your livers enzymatic profile needs to be good and have time, people to care for you and support you in getting down all the crazy amount of supplements (like 64 capsules every morning) and reminding yourself that this will not only save your life but you will feel like a normal human being again…I can only recommend it! Your doctor will be able to tell if you specifically are eligible through diff. kinds of tests. So that is my experience with heavy metal detoxification. Good health to all!

  72. Grace says:

    Kevin, thanks for all your posts, Esp. this one. I love what you two are doing. Could you please tell us why you chose fish and eggs? I don’t want to have any deficiencies either and with all your knowledge, since I don’t like fish at all, I was wondering what components you are trying to get from the fish and eggs? Or why you felt you needed them? Thank you.

  73. Kathy says:

    Kevin, you have come a long way thanks to your open mind. Something everyone should try for.
    Blood type (particularly types O & B ) and metabolism are two things I find are helpful in guiding choices of what to eat.
    But always it’s your body that has the final say. Everybody needs to learn their bodies language and listen to it.

  74. Aime B says:

    Thank you Kevin for sharing this info – I haven’t had blood tested in years. I think I should but am afraid of the costs not to mention the DR as I’d prefer a ND anyday!!! Also wonder if you can post anything on the paleo diet – pros & cons as some health conscious friends keep trying to push it on us. All we’ve read about meat & dairy makes total sense (acidity, inflamation & hard to digest) so we continue to avoid for the MOST part. Our family is 98% high RAW vegan & I’m finally feeling better than I have in YEARS after eating this way for 3 years. It’s just great to have your honesty in all your share!!!

  75. Thanks for the honest approach. This is precisely what I will be doing and I am glad to see another health advocate do the same. Keep up the great work, your non-dogmatic approach is a wise one.


  76. have you looked into doing A/G ? this is an important factor of health marker.

  77. Mark H says:

    Do you know where I can get a blood test like this in Canada? Or do I have to see a naturopath? My GP won’t cooperate when I tried to talk about your blood test product and the one from Dr. Karen Veira. Thanks.

  78. John Brackett says:


    Do not agree with people who refuse to have their blood tested stubbornly. Living naturally doesn’t exclude the use of tools and technology to increase the quality of our lives!

    Your sharing of how you feel about blood work being done has changed my paradigm over the last few years as I’ve followed along, and I can’t thank you enough for it. I plan on having several of these tests done soon as well to see how I’m checking up, and have purchased your “How To Read Your Own Blood Tests” program.

    Here’s to measurable increases in health and life!

    All the best,

    — John

  79. Selene says:

    Getting your vitamin D level up is extremely important. I can’t stress how important this is. Low levels have been correlated with developing cancer. As I’ve posted here before, I am currently combating advanced ovarian cancer. The one most crucial information I was given by a naturopath, an oncologic nutritionist, and a natural healer is to get my vitamin D level up to a minimum of 80 ASAP.

    And, to provide some perspective for those who declare that raw veganism is the greatest thing since God created the earth, I was a 100% raw vegan for 7 years when I developed cancer. I felt great for my first number of years but never had my nutrient levels tested with standard blood tests. I did have “live cell” blood tests done which I believe is total bull** – on the level of those foot baths that claim to pull toxins out of your body through your feet. A needle in your arm and a few vials of blood taken is a small price to pay to know definitely what your health status is.

    Good work, Kevin. You can pull your diaper up like a man!! :-))

  80. Jacalyn Linder says:


    I also recently did blood work and my vitamin D was extremely low. Wondering if in your research you have found any one supplement is better than the other for D? I also need to take B12, Calcium and perhaps Magnesium. Any thoughts on what is best to supplement for these?

    THank you,

  81. Pete Kruse says:

    Thanks for this tremendous article! Dr. Mercola and Dr. Bass both have had great success with raw egg yolks (free range). They are tremendous for B12 and vitamin D. I recently added 2 raw egg yolks back into my diet along with occasional salmon. I wish things were more black and white for simplicity’s sake! But I am grateful for the High Raw approach and for your book! I would love if you revised your book and spoke a little more about raw eggs and cooked salmon!!

  82. sharon says:

    Have you ever had your Omega 3 levels tested?

  83. NL says:

    Awesome Kev, thanks for sharing!

    BTW: When will you start putting up youtube videos again? I REALLY miss those!

  84. BH says:

    You might add: VitD needs a little fat for absorbsion. If we are otherwise healthy, something as simple as having some avacado or other healthy fat before going outdoors can help.

  85. I wanted to thank you Kevin for sharing what I think is absolutely important for everyone to understand. As a naturopathic doctor in Portland, OR I agree completely and appreciate your efforts to educate. In fact health status assessment is one of my focus areas in addition to healing and sealing the gut. Prevention vs. Cure! Prevention isn’t just thinking your healthy, it’s knowing your healthy!

  86. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the perspective. The one big challenge that I have is how RDAs(Recommended Daily Allowances for nutrients) have been established. RDAs have been established by studying populations that are not ideally healthy or in many situations are far from true health. So to an extent, RDAs at best tell unhealthy people what they are thought to need. Healthy people who are clean at the cellular level require less uptake of many things and those who are clogged and congested require more. While we can balance these concepts against the fact that blood tests, despite being wildly approximate, can be used to help determine cause of symptoms in extremely deficient cases, or in cases of overdose, for fine tuning it certainly seems to be a bit distant from the ultimate option. I certainly don’t see any other species on the planet so worried about the state of their body fluids and yet living natural lives keeps them balanced generally. Perhaps the Chimps should be made a control group study in natural setting to determine what blood analysis should be ideally… for humans. They are so close in physiology that they would be close enough. I am curious though so may get tested when time permits and when I think that I need to add more to the information overload. By the look at your analysis I suspect you are doing far better than the average westerner who will have either a heart attack, cancer or diabetes amongst other complications… or more than one of the big 3 killers. Any studies as to how duress affects blood nutrient situations? Will perfection ever be attainable? What are the health risks of being obsessed with ideal blood? I can almost imagine reaching a point where at social functions people are comparing blood analysis with one another if society were to hold together as we have known it. But alas, in the meantime Rome burns. Cheers.

  87. esther aida says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I may have missed reading this so can you please share with your audience what your diet consist of now?
    I think you’re doing a fine job of experimenting and making adjustments as needed. I too believe in taking blood tests, making adjustments, and testing again.

    Being predominately raw vegan for the last 7 years has worked great for me, and my last blood tests validated that. Although, I did also score low for Vitamin D levels; that was the only score that showed deficiency for me. I’m currently 45 yrs old so I know as “da body” 🙂 grows older I’ll probably need to make adjustments again. “Change is constant” and that’s about the only real truth out there to me.

  88. Babs Harris says:

    I fully agree with all this Kevin, but wish you would include the Canadian #’s, we don’t all live in the US.
    In 1988, I fell & injured my hip joint(not bones, maybe tissue)while running my dog. The massive amount of tests with the regular system to determine problems with my hip got nowhere.
    In 1995 I read about a Naturopath & started my path to recovery. 12 sheets of questions, about 17 vials of blood & the problem was low thyroid, plus others. One would have thought all the previous Dr;s., would have tested that immediately. Due to the thyroid problem, my hip joint did not heal. I was in a lot of pain, had trouble doing housework, had no power in my hip to lift my body so had to always use my right leg first in everything. It took a year to lose about 40 lbs., & though I can walk, do more physically & far less pain, I have progressed to where I(at 79)can actually slowly run about a block. My left hip is much weaker than my right, & is very disturbing to know that with the correct tests(in 1988)most of the problems I have today would NOT BE.

  89. IH says:

    I had my blood test done last fall. And yes my vitamin D levels were in the lower normal range so my doctor suggested supplementing as well. He mentioned that vitamin D is also crucial for bone and dental health but like you I sometimes forget especially now during the holiday season. My B12 was not low. We eat a lot of (raw) vegan fair but I do include eggs, fish and game for me and also my daughter of 10 years old. I have never been 100% raw. My husband was and is now B12 deficient. I will recommend the patches and see how that works. I wholeheartedly agree with you that blood testing is a very important (if not the only) way to see if your diet is working for you. I also want to mention that over the last couple of months we have included fermented foods such as goats milk kefir and sauerkraut. Unfortunately my daughter had to take antibiotics a couple of months ago due to a strep virus. This was her first antibiotics session in her life so I supplemented right away with kefir and bio K+. She is doing fine and I find that Donna Gates’s recommendations work very well in such cases. Yes, in the ideal world we don’t have to take antibiotics but let’s face it: there are cases where you do and then probiotics come in very handy. I really like the shift that you have made over the last years. I have followed you pretty much from the beginning. I’m interested in what you have changed in your diet. You have talked a bit about it but I think it would be helpful if you would go a bit more into details about it. I assume that Dr Williams has been a big influence in that aspect. Did Annemarie make the same changes? Just curious and I still want to mention that your website is so professional!! I had to make a selection of all the emails that I’m getting with regards to health. too many but I will not cancel yours


  90. Miha says:

    great, like your honesty and facts.

  91. Hi Kevin, What would be the benefit of a blood analysis for someone with brain cancer? I am currently helping my boyfriend (with brain cancer) go vegan for health reasons, and was wondering if the blood test would benefit him. Thank you for your input:)

  92. Brianna says:

    Great review, Kev. It’s inspirational to hear about your progress AND the fact that you forget sometimes, reminding us that everyone is human (even health experts! haha). Thanks for sharing and for the updates. Best of luck in your continued journey to ultimate health.

  93. Pearlis says:

    I read your entire story and the list of different tests. I am female, age 70, no known problems, eat healthy most of the time, take no drugs of any kind including aspirins. I am very active, moderate exercise, ice skating in the winter, have lots of energy. Only issue that I am monitoring is a slight swelling in my right ankle.

    If I order blood testing, what in the world would I order and not spend a small fortune?

  94. Vickymaree says:

    Thanks Kevin, I think your courage to be open and honest to help
    us is very admirable. I certainly appreciate what you’ve done and
    risks you’ve taken. I enjoy reading and learning so the info you write
    not only about your tests but everything is fantastic. I liked the stuff
    about Tulsi- wow! Keep doing what you are doing its great and so are You!

  95. Ed says:

    The new layout is reader friendly, Happy New Year

  96. Elizabeth says:

    I had a blood food intolerance panel done in January 2012, in which my new Naturopath and I discovered I have a very high gluten intolerance (though further testing showed I am not Celiac like my brother) and a long list of other food intolerances showing I have a very leaky gut. Another test diagnosed Adrenal exhaustion at that same time. In April I had a blood thyroid panel along with Vitamin D and iodine done which diagnosed my hypothyroid and showed my Vitamin D and iodine were both low. In July I had a full comprehensive blood work-up done to find out why my body was going crazy and ended me up in the ER with a systemic vasculitis attack. It came back positive High for Auto Immune Antibodies suggesting Systemic Lupus. I also found out my HDL was low, LDL was high, glucose a little high (90), Vitamin D and iodine were still low in spite of supplementation but up from April, my WBC was very low and my neutrophils absolute was low (which shows why I get sick so much and have trouble fighting anything). I had another comprehensive blood test done in October which showed my BUN/Creatinine Ratio is high, LDL is a little higher and HDL a little lower, WBC a little lower — now red alert, neutrophils absolute a little lower, morning cortisol very high (not tested in July), A1c (also not tested in July) shows I’m at top of range and on edge of pre-diabetic, TSH now good but reverse T3 and free T3 are both high, Vitamin D a little lower than July in spite of raising dose of supplement, and very thankfully ANA was negative thanks to herbs my Naturopath had me on to reverse autoimmunity. Because of high cortisol reading I had to stop all supplements and teas with licorice in them. Since the end of January, 2012 I have been on a very strict and limited gluten-free, food intolerance-free organic whole food diet, which I have not cheated on at all. To keep my blood sugar stable my doctor has told me to eat tiny meals every 2-3 hours, each one consisting of a healthy protein, healthy starch (vegetable) and healthy fat. My former naturopath who moved to California (I’m in CT) had me on an organic vegetarian diet, but my new doctor wants me to eat meat, so I am. I eat only grass-fed chicken and lamb (and turkey when I can find it), Wild Alaskan salmon, organic raw nuts and seeds, quinoa or beans once in a while but not often, organic olive and coconut oil, pink Himalayan salt, lots of veggies and am careful to cook goitergens (had to stop them altogether for awhile when an ultrasound showed a goiter in September) and try to go easy on nightshades since I still have a lot of systemic inflammation. I also eat a lot of avocados and olives, and bone broth which I just recently learned about. I can’t have much fruit or honey, etc. due to high fructose intolerance, and as I said, I avoid my many intolerant foods. Am now working out a rotation diet since we did another food panel and my gut is still very leaky and a lot of my intolerances have changed. In addition to a healthy diet I am also taking around 40 or so supplements for all of my various health issues. I had a heavy metals urine test done recently as well and I am sky high for lead, high for cesium, and borderline high for mercury, arsenic, nickel, cadmium, thallium and barium with low levels of tin, so am now in the process of chelating with Captomer DMSA under the care of my doctor. I am writing all this to say that I think blood tests and other tests are critically important to one’s health and well being. I haven’t felt well all of my life but always said no to blood work because I was bad with needles. HUGE mistake that I now regret, because if we had caught the gluten and thyroid problems years ago it would have prevented a lot of the other problems, including the osteoporosis I now have (and my brother also has from his celiac going undiagnosed for too long). We figure I have had gluten intolerance since childhood and hypothyroid since senior high (I just turned 49). The last naturopath I saw for 16 years treated symptoms as I got sick and adrenal exhaustion off and on based on symptoms, but couldn’t do much more for me since I kept saying no to tests. I basically tied his hands which was foolish! I now know that the more information you have the better you can know what to do to improve your health. I have lost 38 pounds this year, but still have a host of health problems that are going to take a while to correct. So happy to have information to work with now as well as a good doctor. Without tests we wouldn’t know what all w are dealing and diet and Periodic testing helps us know what is working and what isn’t or what has changed. Testing is IMPERATIVE if you don‘t want to walk blindly in the dark!!!

  97. Barbara R. says:

    Hi Kevin,

    It is great that you accept positive and negative comments. It shows that you are honest.
    Recently I have learned that I am banned from commenting on Matt Monarch YouTube videos. I think some time ago I might have not agreed with what he was saying. He and his wife accept only comments that revere them. That makes me question their integrity and honesty. Matt is becoming increasingly more and more weird. It is painful to listen to him rumbling.
    Anyways, what I am trying to say is thank you for keeping it real.

  98. Susan says:

    HI Kevin, thanks for sharing that with us. I am wondering if anyone else is thinking that the D deficiency has to to with Chemtrails and how much they block out the sun, even on those days when you can sort of see it. Sometimes by 2 or 4 pm here on the East Coast, and also when I am out in LA, the sky is covered with low- hanging clouds that are man made, and they block out everything. If the sun still peeks through, it can be mostly only seen through a haze that probably filters out the beneficial Vit D- giving rays. Global Dimming is a term used to describe this. Just wondering if it sounds like it could be true, as most of us, I think, are getting low readings no matter what we do, supplements or sun….
    Happy New Year to you and your cute little family!

  99. Since 74 % of the folks who have heart attacks have the kind of cholesterol numbers you have (2009 study), I’d suggest you see my book (just published on Amazon) called Vascular Repair. It will show you how to remove the cause of heart disease and you can stop parroting those folks who don’t know what they are talking about with heart disease — they are the ones who use the term “risk” because they aren’t taught how to simply remove the cause.

    If you would like to be included in the free promotion, let me know and I’ll email you when it’s up for a free day.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Stay healthy.

  100. Kathy says:

    Thanks Kevin, and where is IGF-1 test? We all watched Michael Mosley video – eat fast and live longer, talking about that.

  101. Shira Nahari says:

    I get a blood test every year, just ‘cuz, despite basically perfect health at age 79. Last year, after suddenly being afflicted with about 6 months of chronic diarrhea I added a hair tissue analysis test. The blood tests and even ultrasound revealed absolutely nothing In fact the numbers were the best ever.
    The hair test nailed the cause (with the help of skillful reading by the intuitive naturopath who handled the testing). By readjusting my supplements I quickly restored balance to my digestive process.

    Among the things blood tests do not give accurate readings for is thyroid hormone levels. The exercise was repeated for a daughter whose levels were dangerously low. Again, only the hair test revealed true readings. (As a P.S. I am happy to report that a year later, after very deep inner work, she apparently rewired the neural pathways of her brain, and now is totally off Synthroid and feeling fully energized! )

  102. Mintie says:

    What a breath of fresh air. Honest in its rarest form.
    Kevin, you have inspired me. I work in leadership development
    With a non-profit. The biggest challenge is ” Trust”.
    Part of developing great leaders is their health. The first thing
    I do is share my own personal health.
    I’m thrilled by your sharing and can’t wait to read more!

  103. Dana says:

    Thanks for sharing Kevin!

    I had my blood work done for the first time one year ago after purchasing “How to read your own Blood Tests”. I found out my B12 was 298 and MMA was 495. I began supplementing with Jarrows formula 5000 mg B12. I just retested and now my B12 is at 1796 (way too high). I will not be taking the supplements now but not sure for how long. I’ve heard that B12 stores in your body for up to 5 years. I have also made a big change to my lipid panel.

    Total Chol 147
    Triglycerides 56
    HDL 62
    LDL 74

    Total Chol 190
    Triglycerides 48
    HDL 101
    LDL 79

    Like Kevin, I am very happy that my Triglycerides went down and my HDL went way up even though my total Cholesterol is up. The only thing I changed in my diet was adding 2 Tbls of Udo’s 3,6,9 oil. Otherwise I am fully plant based vegan.

    Very interesting experiments!

    Wishing everyone well,

  104. Mike Maybury says:

    I have been used to having my blood tested regularly for several years. Perhaps I should explain that I live in the United Kingdom, where we have a free National Health Service.
    I am now age 77. Twenty years ago I was told that I had Atrial Fibrillation, an erratic beating of the heart. No discussion ensued as to why this may have happened.
    I remember, way back in the past being told that my ‘creatinine’ was high, but this meant nothing to me as I had no access to computers at that time. Only this year have I been told that my kidneys have gone from
    kidney disease 3 to level 4, which was rather worrying. From all my research and checking with supplement suppliers, no one has anything to support kidneys! My doctor says that it is an inevitable process of ageing, but I don’t easily accept this.
    A few years ago I was told that my PSA (prostate) level was high. Previously I did not even know that they checked that. I was booked to see a consultant at the hospital, who immediately wanted to take (10) biopsies- of the prostate via the rectum. Luckily I had researched the potential dangers of both this proceedure and possible further medical/surgical treatment. My resistance has been difficult to maintain, as both doctors and consultants only use these methods, which, apparently , lead to many false positives, and very frequently drastic sugical interferance, which can have a drastic effect on a very delicate region. One needs to be wary of these tests, because doctors have their own protocols, and it is difficult to resist a fully experienced trained physician.
    My latest problem is that , although, on my insistance, they checked my blood-pressure for 24 hours and it was found to be ‘within normal limits’, according to the consultant. This was two years ago.
    I had aquired a wrist blood pressure monitor, which shows raised levels in the morning and when I exercise. I would guess that this is normal, but, as doctors only take pressure ‘at rest’ they seem to expect it to be below certain figures. They are trying to get me on drugs to bring it down.
    For years I have been adjusting my lifestyle, diet, supplements etc. to keep arteries, heart etc. in good condition. As my blood-pressure goes down in the evening, when I am at rest, it appears to me that my arteries are totally flexible. Surely it would remain high when I am at rest, if there was a problem?
    I would like guidance on this, as I do not want to go on drugs for the rest of my life. I plan to live to 100 at least!- and I don’t think that drugs will help with this.
    I have decided to lose weight, as I have been overweight for some years, and feel that this is probably the most constructive thing for me to do.
    I was even told to stop climbing stairs, which I regard as good exercise, by the consultant. Exerciseing to one’s limit, as I’ve read, is not suitable for me, my doctor says, so I do very gentle exercise. It’s a little frustratiing. I don’t want to break their rules, but, on the other hand, I don’t think most doctors have much expertise in this area!
    Any ideas?

  105. Andrew Chin says:

    Thanks, Kevin! It’s good to be reminded of the importance of supporting the adrenals in order to get the pregnenoline levels up.


  106. Paul says:

    Seasons greetings Thanks for sharing. Most helpful . I am a natural health practitioner and look after myself pretty well but was shocked to see my blood test iron down at 15 then 10. I had taken Iron after 15 showed but stopped when a NES machine report showed normal??. But blood test4 weeks later were at 10 so back to building iron. My partner is Veg so I only have fish occasionally.
    Your sharing shows importance of blood test just like mine otherwise how would I know because I use supplements that balance my energy through the day. I avoided supplements with iron because I always was aware that after 50 iron may not be helpful for male issues eg prostate

  107. Olivia says:

    If your testosterone, D, and B12 are low, eat some grass fed/pastured meats including and especially organ meat, raw grass fed butter and cheese, yogurt and kefir, and the orangest pastured eggs you can find. Why take B12 supplements when you can eat these important healthy foods. Sure you could do bio-identical hormone replacement for testosterone but you might try eating meat first. Also, try fermented cod liver oil. Bone broth is great for minerals and amino acids.

    Sure a raw vegan diet might lower your cholesterol but it’s also possible it won’t, if you are not giving yourself the healthy fats and aminos your body needs to repair itself, you will continue to have inflammation.

    I wish everything wasn’t so polluted and becoming worse, because I do best on days I eat wild fish. I love Copper River Alaskan salmon.

    Fish and eggs, I think you are on the right track… two of the most important and wonderful foods… 🙂

  108. Ionela says:

    Hi, Kevin, my 4 year old son is not well but I cannot find enough reasons to push the doctor for blood tests so I am taking him to private. However can you advice me what to ask for, mainly worry is excessive head sweat at night, oily and loose stools and is not gaining weight for around a year so is very skinny for his age and constitution. I am very grateful for your post however when is about the little ones is not the same. Regards, Ionela

  109. LynnCS says:

    I guess I have the testing done every year or thereabouts. Little by little, because of people like you, I am learning more of what the results mean and what to ask for/about. Thank you, Kevin for continuing to inform us. It makes a difference.

    You said that you thought that eating everything natural was the only ticket. Maybe you have told this and I missed it, but I would like to hear some details about your current eating plan and how/why those decisions were made. I too am evolving my food plan(s.) Thanks Again, Lynn

  110. Jennifer says:

    Hi Kevin, I wanted to remark about your vit D level. There IS a way to get it from the sun, but you have to know what time of year and what time of day that the ultra violet B (UVB) rays reach your location. Only UVB rays produce vit D. I was very intentional about getting sun at that time last summer, and after six weeks of no UVB rays my vit D level was still 65. The sun has to be at least 50 degrees on the horizon for the UVB rays to reach the earth. There is a web site that will tell you what time of day the sun is 50 degrees or more at any particular location: Also Mercola has excellent tips on maximizing your vit D from the sun:

  111. Nancy says:

    My kidney function GFR was 57 and last year 50 my doctor did not tell me there was a problem even though I was mentioning my kidney flushing 24/7 and peeing 45 times a day he was not concerned. He upped my thyroid meds too much and when I could not get a appointment for 2 weeks I went to a naturalpath who gave me herbs to boil. I have been doing this for over a year.My kidney stays around 57 with some discomfort at times. I started to take MCT oil (coconut oil) and found my digestion better and cramping in the kidneys gone.I have to fight with the Doctor to get blood work done every 3 months to monitor my kidney funcion. The specialist said to me twice “you know we have a kidney dialysis at our hospital”.That is scarry when that is there solution.

  112. Mark Squire says:

    Glad to see you have added some fish and eggs into your regimen, and you’re becoming more of a man, lol. I had similar problems on a raw vegan diet. Adrenal issues were a big one. I also had very low cholesterol (120), fasting blood sugar of 105 (borderline prediabetes), and free testosterone levels of 10.2, which is ridiculously low. My B12 was low as well.

    I was on the 80-10-10 bandwagon for about 7 years. Was even featured in Doug Graham’s 80-10-10 book as a Testimonial. I DID have success on the diet early on, but after the years went by, my body got further and further out of balance. I was totally denying that I had health problems. I played the old “detox” card, as many raw foodists do. “Maybe if I fast a little more…. eat a few more greens… exercise a little more….”

    Much like you, Kevin, a blood test really opened my eyes as to what was really going on in my body. I saw my deficiencies in black and white. I had been FEELING my deficiencies for awhile, but for some reason, seeing them on paper really made me wake up, and realize things had to change. Immediately added fish & eggs to my diet, and it was like I got a shot of life injected into me. Cut down on the tropical fruit, in favor of lower glycemic fruit. Eventually, I also started eating Grass Fed beef. I experimented with Raw Milk, Raw Cheese, Raw Colostrum, and Raw Cream, but didn’t like how I felt from it, and cut the dairy out.

    I starting drinking Tea, Red Wine, and not adhering to the ridiculous “Raw Food Rules” anymore, and I got my life back. Hopefully, you can say the same, friend. Good luck to you, and thanks for posting this article.

  113. kris says:

    You might consider test for the active form of Vit D(1,25-hydroxy) instead of the storage form (25-hydrocy test) to know how much Vit D is actually in your blood. Don’t blame the sun for taking the wrong test! FYI

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