What The Heck is UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradition Therapy) and Why Am I Hooked To An IV? : The Renegade Health Show #915

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As you can see, I’m hooked up to an IV…

You probably want to know what’s going on.

I’ll explain in the video, so take a look (I also have a brief written explanation below.)

Take a look now…

Your question of the day: Have you ever done an IV therapy? What was it?

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What The Heck is UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy)?

Ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy is administered by a device called the Knott Hemo-irradiator — that’s what I’m hooked up to.

My understanding of this treatment is fairly simple.

You are given an IV by a nurse who then takes out about a beer bottle worth of blood. Afterwords, the blood is dripped back into your arm, but it is run through the Knott Hemo-irradiator machine to disinfect your blood. UV light is very effective at killing bacteria — many bacteria killing water systems use UV rays.

Once the blood is back into your system, it does two things…

1. The blood still has some of the UV light energy that it can distribute back into the body — I don’t know how this happens, but apparently it does.

2. The dead bacteria form a blueprint for the immune system and allows it to examine the infectious agents to help it make antibodies — I get this one loud and clear.

So as you can tell, this is all about boosting the immune system and helping it clear the body of infection.

I’ve had the therapy now twice and the first time I didn’t feel much of anything afterwords. But this time was different.

During the therapy, I felt lightheaded, probably since they took out a nice amount of my blood (about 1/20th of it.) But afterwords, I felt fatigued. Apparently this is 100% normal.

Today, a day after I write this, I feel great, but again, that could be because I generally feel great these days — it may or may not be a result of the therapy.

My main interest in this therapy is for the possible benefits it may have for Lyme disease.

As you may know, I was infected with the Lyme bacteria when I lived back in Connecticut. I caught the infection early, and after a quick and painful 3-4 days, I haven’t had any more symptoms at all. But, my friend and colleague Dr. Williams — who is an infectious disease expert in his own right — tells me that you never fully get rid of everything.

So my focus is to continue to boost the immune system to give my body the help it needs to make sure the latent bacteria and viruses in my system never act up enough for me to have symptoms — or full blown illness — again.

Tomorrow, Dr. Monhollon talks about hydrogen peroxide therapy by I.V. That’s the treatment I did after the UBI which you see in this video.

Your Question of the Day: Have you ever done an IV therapy? What was it?

To find out more about Dr. Monhollon, please click here: http://www.flimc.com

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Matt from FL says:

    Awesome video! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve been VERY curious about IV therapy for Lyme’s / co-infections. It seems to work miraculously for some and others it seems not to work for. I guess it depends on the type of pathogen/microbe and the type of IV therapy. How will we know unless we try?? Good luck!

  2. Holly says:

    No, have never done it but it makes good sense. About not feeling well after, well, after any type of “cleasing” you don’t feel well, it’s just the bodies way of recovering from getting “crap” LOL out of it. This is actually an excellent way to boost the immune system. Hmmmmmm 5 hours to Sarasota, may consider!!! Thanks, Kev

  3. Julie says:

    I had EDTA IV to remove mercury and lead toxins.
    They consisted of a 3 min IV followed by three days of taking mineral replacement caps two pills three times a day. I had 5 treatments.
    It gave me increased energy and better sense of well being.
    I will be going back for more after having amalgam fillings removed. In the meantime taking Chlorella tabs twice a day.

  4. Shannon says:

    Glad you are addressing this because it is so helpful. I had this therapy done multiple times since the beginning of 2010 at an integrative lyme clinic in Reno, NV. It was probably my favorite treatment because of how easy it was and how good I felt the next day. There was a difference, however. They would take about 8 oz of my blood the mix it with an equal amount of ozone before running it through UV light and infusing it back into my body. It was followed up by hydrogen peroxide therapy and then a Vitamin C IV the next day. Usually they only do this the first week and then again if you can’t tolerate other more aggressive therapies, which are all homeopathic and very effective. I am sooooo much better now and very thankful for it.

  5. Love your website and how open you are withyour own personal health journey. I am a fan. lyme disease is a tough one. the right homeopathic remedy –selected by a constitutional homeopath can do wonders. it takes patience, but we have seen good and long lasting results. Hope you continue to feel better!

  6. Sean Baker says:

    You may want to look into Ingrid Naiman’s site/information on pathogens..she had a terrible time with mold..and has dark field microscopy research, and Aryurvedic herb experience in dealing with these types of things..I’ve seen amazing slides of spirochettes, and other things resulting from Lyme infections..and she has helped folks suffering..just in case you hadn’t seen her research, or even heard of her before..

    A glossary of her sites:
    Stories/blogs on treating parasites specifically:
    She is a very wise healer..
    Best of health to you!

  7. cindi says:

    no i have never done it but i know someone who did do the peroxide treatment.. she was sick and due to go on vacation so she went to the dr for meds and he did the IV treatment instead and she said the next day she was able to go on her vacation as she felt 87% better…. i want to do the peroxide treatment and the one u just did to see if they will help with my arthritis and blood clots in my lungs…. sounds well worth it to me…. thanks Kev…

  8. Sarah says:

    Kevin, I have recently been researching the concept of “biofilm” in disease. Bacteria, yeasts, fungi etc. prefer to live in colonies together within a biofilm and this is what can make it so tough to treat certain diseases: the biofilm hides them from your immune cells. I’d love to know what Dr. Williams thinks about this. It explains why treatments work for some and not for others or why infections get better and then seem to come back. The portocol here is to take certain enzymes that dissolves the biofilm first and then take the anti-microbials to eliminate the pathogens. One problem though is that the “good guys” also like to live in biofilms. Maybe a combination therapy of the enzyme protocol followed by the IV therapy would be interesting. http://townsendletter.com/FebMarch2010/symposiumr0210.html


    • karolyn says:

      Sarah, do you know which enzymes they recommend?? I have done many UVBI treatments, and they have helped me tremendously…but it keeps coming back…think your onto something and would like to explore it more…
      thanks so much!

  9. Sarah says:

    What did the dogs die from? Could they figure that out? Antigen overload?

  10. Tara Burner says:

    have never done IV treatment and hey you’re down here in my neck of the woods…south florida 🙂

  11. Dan says:

    “They tried that on dogs…and they died.”

    I found that very sad. Even “holistic community” exploits animals? I thought only ” big pharma” did that…. Sigh.

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      Dan, this was in the 30’s and 40’s and was the medical community, not holistic community. This therapy has been around for over 70 years or more. It’s still sad that is was tested on dogs, but it wasn’t a holistic community that did it.


  12. Velda says:

    Very interesting – and interesting comments. Sarah, I have not heard of the biofilm theory you speak of, but it sounds very interesting.

    Kevin, how would you find out if someone in your area was providing the UBI therapy? Also, with get UV and UB rays, is it possible that the body is makeing more Vitamin D, thereby boosting your immune system after the therapy? Just wondering.

    I’m really interested in seeing about the hydrogen peroxide therapy – to me that sounds like something that could be more dangerous than helpful. It seems like putting hydrogen peroxide in your blood steam would not be good for you. Is HP already a component of blood?

    Thank you, Kevin, for a great video. It is good to see a video again!!

  13. V.Wilson says:

    Is this the same as BPT, Bio Photonic Therapy? It sounds similar and the Riordan Clinic has a machine that does that also. My husband had a bone marrow transplant in 2009 and wasn’t doing well; getting ready to have second one for an autoimmune disease (aplastic anemia); went to the Riordan Clinic and found he was deficient in 8 amino acids and put him on high doses of Vit. C. His counts started going up and 4 months later cancelled the second transplant. MD Anderson has now declared him ‘cured’! You don’t hear that very often. I truly believe in alternative medicine! Keep up the good work, Kevin!

  14. John says:

    Specifically, then more global. First, not true about getting everything out of your body. I have survived 3 terminal diseases, Sarcoidosis, liver and kidney cancer, probably caused by the experimental drugs for the Sarcoidosis. Long before my first sickness I was learning about alternative medicine, healing nutrition etc.. I had a very large family, almost all died in their mid-forties to early fifties, many different maladies and conditions, but mostly cancers.
    8 years ago I was starting a healing/alternative consciousness center and during my research discovered Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy. Think StarTrek medicine. I have been trained on a machine called an Ondamed, greek for something or other. At any rate, you need to have extensive training to use it properly, and it’s the most expensive machine of it’s type on the market. The man who trained me had cured himself of Lyme disease and he had been bed ridden for over a year. He went to work training new users of their machine. He has tested completely negative for about 9 years or so, no symptoms ever again. When I met him, he was traveling to conventional a Doctor conference to give a talk on the Ondamed, and showing the Doctors his medical record. During my first day of training, I had just come back from a Chiropractor who had x-rayed my right foot and confirmed I had 2 fractured metatarsals, my foot was black, blue, and purple, and very swollen. After a double session around 24 minutes, I knew I had an injury, myself and everyone there could see a dramatic reduction in the swelling, I FELT NO PAIN! My foot was not sensitive to walk on, I didn’t limp, I was actually able to get my foot back in my shoe without completely delacing it. I have used it on tumors, cysts, broken bones, and many other injuries. I have used it on dogs that had arthritis as well as human arthritis, torn ligaments, etc., etc., you get the picture. The rate of healing is dramatically accelerated, used daily, twice daily, and for the next 2 weeks I had no pain no swelling and I was amazed at how fast the bruising disappeared just 3-4 days. The Ondamed people say that when you start getting Ondamed treatments frequently what brought you to that condition is like an onion. You may find that as one acute condition is healed there is more underneath, and it is not uncommon to find yourself being treated for a number of other imbalances. I am not currently an Ondamed practioner. That said, I have one more machine that is affordable for most people, and I have a fair amount of experience with this one also. It’s called an MRS-2000 the “medical” or doctor’s version which is the only one that is worth the money has a few options, I consider critical making the base model not worth the money for any reason. I’ll say this again, even if the person doesn’t understand the differences between the 2 systems, the base model is not worth the money. Understanding the professional unit’s capabilities is what is needed here. The MRS does not have the control and precision of the Ondamed, what it does have is affordability and ease of use. The Ondamed was designed by a German and made in the US and is FDA approved, for whatever that is worth. Cost, again get all options, with training about $30,0000.00, the MRS-2000, which is German designed and made, with all options and no training, about $2500.00. The Ondamed is capable of healing just about any condition, physical injury, bacterial, viral, and although I don’t have personal experience on this I have heard of cancers as well. The best book on the MRS and how best to use it is still in German, I don’t think there is a translation yet there are American distributors that offer training, but I have no experience on them. I have taken the time to post here, I rarely give feedback, because of the importance of this technology.

    Both machines get great results, the Ondamed is the much more sophisticated of the 2. One great feature of both machines, is, if your energy is low, they can supercharge you. The first time I was able to use an MRS, my first session was to “charge me up” as the practioner told me, and she was right! I felt like I could go out and climb a mountain or run a marathon. The Ondamed can do this as well, but affordability….

    I had torn ligaments in my right rotator cuff and after again a standard 24 minute MRS session, I felt no pain, significant increase in mobility. Later that day I did 2 more sessions using the additional local pad, just to my shoulder and those 3 sessions lasted about 2 weeks before I noticed a significant return of pain and limited mobility.

    I can’t stress this enough, massive, immediate pain reduction, which stays with the client. Multiple sessions last much longer than a single session once a week. Everyday for days or weeks is much better and the rate of healing has to felt to be believed.

    There is a fair amount of information on how PEMFT works on the web. I have worked with several machines, the 2 I mentioned above are the only ones I think are worthy of mention and stand head and shoulders above any others that work at all, and last but not least there are still several machines on the market that DON’T work, but the companies have good marketing, beware.

    Again, last comment, I have no affiliation with any company or distributor I have mentioned here. I been in the company of a whole new generation of healing technology, and been healed and amazed, many times.

    Given great resources I would choose the Ondamed first. I would also own the MRS for ease of use. It’s difficult to use the Ondamed without an operator, but can be done.

  15. This is terrific information. Do you think this therapy would work for the folks who have had West Nile Virus? They have life-altering side effects from that virus — maybe this would help?

  16. Paul Gaudet says:

    Very interesting video, I know a friend who had breast cancer and went with the hydrogen peroxide treatment and was completely cured ,so I know it works ,without that treatment she had about a month to live it was a very aggressive cancer..Thanks for the info..

  17. John says:

    Here’s one of the best links on PEMFT and the MRS-2000,


  18. John says:

    Oh, yes, I forgot, I have also used Hydrogen Peroxide therapy for a number of reasons, one most miraculous application. German doctors around 70 years ago discovered that Influenza (Flu) enters through the ear, most people don’t know that Flu is a pulmonary disease, because of how the symptoms are felt. Just recently I caught a terrible Flu, and put 3 drops of 3% peroxide in each ear for about 8-10 minutes, the symptoms were gone by morning. This is well documented on the web. It must be tried to be amazed. Also works on colds, but haven’t tried it for that yet.

  19. John says:

    Best book on Hydrogen Peroxide therapy, HP therapy is huge in Europe, here we have, “Sickness For Profit”! There are some HP practioners here though.

    “The One Minute Cure” is a must read. The foot notes in the back are priceless.

  20. Tawnya says:

    I have chronic Lyme and have had this procedure among may others. I did not get any benefits really from the uv. treatment. They infused my blood after the uv with ozone too. I have done Hydrogen peroxide, High vit c too. I did a chest port and had IV antibiotics run through my heart for 3 months plus edta for biofilms and much more. My Lyme was not diagnosed until 4 yrs after symptoms. The docs and specialist just didnt know what was wrong with me. I am now doing energy medicine and homeopathic only. I know these IV therapies can work for some but not all.

  21. Jennifer Gibbs says:

    Hmmm, sounds invasive and extreme to me.

  22. Bettie says:

    Had IV Vitamin C drip before and chelation therapy for mercury toxicity… LOVED it! My head felt so clear within 2 minutes of the drip! Would love to try this one. Thx!

  23. Kris Merlo Robinson says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the video…very interesting.

    I feel like the IV queen. I’ve gotten lots of IV treatments in Germany at Hufeland Klinik for breast cancer treatment and continued maintenance treatment here in the states. (estimated at totaling about 75).

    I’ve had ozone IV therapy (100 cc of blood out, oxygenated, then back in) in Germany, nutritional IV therapy of all kinds (in Germany, Orlando and Colorado), Hepa-Merz (liver support), Heel products, de-tox, specific vitamins and minerals, fever therapy and more!!

    I’m not sure if I have had an IV similar to UBI or not? I will ask in Germany this summer.

    Thanks Kevin and Dr. Monhollon for your information.

  24. Lois Kubota says:

    You two never cease to amaze me with all the stuff you find. Very cool. I have a client with Lyme disease and he has suffered for years with it. I will have to tell him about this.

  25. Joe Ulrich says:

    Have you heard about the medical doctor whose husband had developed alzheimeers so she began invesstigating alternative therapies that might help him. She started giving him coconut oil and it is reversing the condition. I saw it recently on the web. He was first asked by the therapist to draw a picture of a clock. It looked like a 2 year olds drawing. As the coconut oil was fed him he was asked again and his drawing improved and each time thereafter, with constant feeding of the coconut oil, he was able to improve to the point his drawing was amazingly good. Probably better than most normal people. I can try to send it to you if I can still find it and you are interested.


  26. Michelle says:

    Hey Kevin,
    I must say I’ve never heard of this type of “therapy”. I did at one time have iv treatments done after several visits to my dentist to have my amalgams removed. I had a whole mouthful and the “holistic” dentist refused to remove them unless I drove another hour away after EACH treatment to “have my system flushed”. My dentist also had a “vacuum” type hose set up during the actual process to catch any “fumes” that excreted. I’m not sure about HP being mixed with your blood??? Seems there are other alternatives. But as always, thanks for the video and thanks for being the guinea pig….I think 🙂 Take care!

  27. Malibu Kim says:

    Have any of you heard of MMS??? Master Mineral Solution aka Miracle Mineral Solution? MMS is an amazing pathogen biocide. To give an example, it kills the malaria parasite with 4-6 hours. According to founder Jim Humble, a person can eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeast, mold and various parasites such as malaria in anywhere from a few hours – to a few weeks/months depending on the pathogen. Humble states that Lyme’s disease is harder to eliminate – so recommends attacking it with MMS Protocol’s 2000 & 3000. MMS is undoubtedly far cheaper than IV treatments – and MMS can be administered very simply at home and you can make daily doses to bring with you to take during your day. According to Humble, H202 and Ozone therapies do have the voltage to attack our cells along with the pathogens – so do so only under medical supervision. MMS on the other hand does not have the voltage to attack our cells or the beneficial digestive flora since they are aerobic – MMS only has the voltage to attack the anaerobic (they don’t use oxygen) “bad guys” that make us ill. The only thing MMS can do is make you nauseous, vomit and give you diarrhea. But, that is only when you take too much and kill too many pathogens at once – I know I’ve done it! But, wow – did I ever feel GREAT afterwards! This happens because when you kill too many at once – they dump a lot of toxins into your system – and your body wants to get it out asap!!! Every time one of us in my household feels a virus taking hold – we run for the MMS! It takes about a day to take it down! I know I will never suffer another bronchitis lasting weeks and months ever again. I love MMS! According to Humble – MMS can cure 98% of man’s ills. I’ve had nearly a year’s experience with it. My friends eyes now light up when they talk about their experiences with it too! Love, love, love it!!!!!!! AND – – IT’S CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!!! If you’d like to read my experiences with it – go to my homepage and scroll down – you’ll see the opening paragraph – malibukim.com. Best wishes to you all . . .

  28. MJ says:

    Velda, just google it and follow it by your city name, or the next largest city if you live in a small area. I live in a large metro area and was able to easily find therapists near me.

  29. Dr. SAM says:

    If one is looking for a safe, affordable and reliable way to cleanse the blood using UV light, then just go take a sunbathe!

  30. LynnCS says:

    I haven’t had any of these treatments but am open to having anything that really helps, depending on cost. I have heard of them, but had to start somewhere, so starting with the raw vegan diet, and am feeling so much better than before. I will definitely put this on the list. You bring us some really interesting options. Too bad more people suffering through feeling they have no options don’t know about alternative options.

    Thank you for doing the research to get this info out to us. Lynn

  31. carl says:

    I had IV chelation and IV vitamin C while in Germany being treated for prostate cancer by a treatment which works 100% of the time and which has no bad side effects. Of course, it is not available at reasonable cost in the USA. I did not notice any physical or mental differences from the IV’s, but my wife had IV chelation also at her request and she said she had a lot more energy afterward.

  32. I haven’t heard of this. Thank you, you always come up with great things, I use adult stem cell nutrition http://jdimlm.com/miracles. God bless

  33. I have had a number of IV treatments many years ago and over some years. I’ve had EDTA, H202, ozone, IV vits, mins & amino acids, IV C & Glutahtione in Germany (before IV glutathione was available in the UK) for mercury detox.

    I felt best after the IV vits, mins & amino acids although I know the EDTA reduced my high levels of lead, cadmium and mercury.

  34. Kevin, this is the COOLEST treatment idea. Really neat and makes perfect sense. Very, very cool.

  35. Patrice says:

    I have had IV chelation therapy and IV Hydrogen Peroxide therapy and they work. In 2000 I was diagnosed with CFIDS and had chelation therapy twice a week for 2 months. Large doses of vitamins, minerals and especially glutathione. The magnesium they use for the chelation also reallly relaxes you. Had hydrogen peroxide several times when I was coming down with flu,definitely reduced the symptoms and duration.

  36. Leam says:

    Yay…an actual show on the Renegade Health Show!
    Years ago had ozone therapy or oxygen therapy – don’t quite remember. A little freaky having ones blood leave the body and then return – hopefully in a healthier state.

  37. Devon says:

    How do we know it doesn’t cause damage to the blood cells????

  38. Eileen says:

    Does insurance cover this and can you get it done in any state? If insurance does not cover this, then how much does it cost?

  39. Sophie says:

    Hello, Interesting.
    Is hydrogen peroxid treatment (the one minute cure) same thing at mr Ed McCabe(Mr Oxygen) are referring to?

  40. Shari says:

    Thanks for posting this, Kevin! I have MS (immunologically related to Lyme’s), and this sounds really interesting. BUT…

    I always wonder about people using the term “boost my immune system” when I think what they really mean is “modulate” or “balance out my immune system.” Because I’m never sure, I’m always guessing as to what people mean. I’m hoping that what you mean is that you’re helping your immune system react better, rather than helping it become more/over-active? Is that right?

    The only IV treatment I’ve ever had is steroids, which I recommend to no one and try desperately to stay away from at all costs. It’s poison. This treatment you had sounds much more interesting as far as inflammation reduction goes….which is what the steroids are supposed to help. Time to do more reading and talking to see if this might be helpful! Thanks again!

  41. AG says:

    Have not done IV treatment. Also am wondering what the cost is.

  42. Mary Ellen Bieber says:

    Have never had an iv treatment. my veins are very small, it would not easy 4 me 2 have it done & what about the cost? they always have had a very tuff time taking blood from me. i have been taking same product that beverly bergen mentioned from http://jdimlm.com/1077. it did not take long for it 2 work. it took all my aches & pains away in only a few days. not sure what i have. one of the ailments i know i have is chronic fatigue syndrome, but when i went to arthritis doc he said what i have is fibromyagia like, never got a true diagnosis on that condition, but after taking stem cell product from jdi in a short while all my pain was gone & much more engery. the cost of product & shpg is extremely reasonable. thanx 4 finding & talking about different avenues 4 people 2 try as doctors do not have a clue in some areas.

  43. Danielle says:

    I have never experienced an IV treatment. I’m very interested! I know Dr. Gary Young founder of Young Living Essential Oils are treating people using Essential Oils in IV directly and getting amazing results!
    How did you feel Kevin, after your treatment?

  44. sue says:

    SO interesting! The only IV treatment I had was a transfusion of my own blood after a hip replacement and of course it really helped. This procedure, and others mentioned, sounds quite interesting and healthgiving. A whole new method of health improvement to think about…..thanks for the video, the coming videos, and for keeping us so very educated!

  45. Jim says:

    There’s no blood in the line!

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      My blood is clear, dude. That’s the longevity secret they don’t want you to know about. LOL! This was during my H2O2 treatment. Dr. Monhollon was busy… 🙂


  46. Jean Hart says:

    Great information Kevin! Thanks for all the interesting topics that you present!
    Yes, I’ve had Vit C IV dripped for 3 hours at the Linus Pauling Institute back in the mid ’80s. It was for a huge boil in my armpit. It disappeared within 12 hrs, but I had a giant head cold (body dumping!) Also, an IV drip with EDTA at possibly the same clinic in Reno that was posted above. That was for placqued veins. Both IV’s were very successful & worthwhile!

  47. Mary says:

    My naturopath recommended IV ozone therapy after several bouts of MRSA in a year. Following Ozone therapy, I received DSMO which makes you smell like really bad for about 24 hours. I did this about once a week for a 3 weeks. The cost was about $300 a treatment which includes other homeopathic remedies. But,I did not have another run in with MRSA again. Of course insurance does not cover it as its not recommended by main stream doctors. But worth every penny as it kept me working rather then calling off sick from work.
    My naturopath recommends the treatment for any bacterial, fungal, or viral infection out there. He told me that he has seen people with really bad shingles get relief from this treatment.

  48. Annette says:

    This is very interesting. Wish I could afford to have this done. Seems it would help with my arthritis and eczema nothing else is helping no matter what I try. Great Video… thanks

  49. Pat says:

    Sounds very interesting ! We live very close to Sarasota. Does Dr. Williams think this will help someone with memory issues?
    Will the MMS treatment help the memory ? We are investigating possible metal toxcity as he sharpened saws for many yrs . What do the treatments cost ?

  50. Jim Dee says:

    Freaky, dude… Strange mirrored room, too — 4 doctors & 3 Kevins in the video.

  51. I’ve not yet had the chance to try IV therapy, but I’d love to!

    Annette, with your eczema and arthritis, have you gone on an elimination diet and found which foods are bringing about your symptoms? This was the first helpful step for me in getting to the bottom of my own full-blown weeping eczema, which I had suppressed with corticosteroids for years of my childhood. Also, have you tested for candidiasis? Your answer awaits you, I assure you! In my experience, even the worst eczema and arthritis has an answer not out of reach! Don’t give up! 🙂

  52. Deb says:

    I go monthly for an IV to reduce the level of heavy metals in my system. I got mercury toxicity from my dental amalgams. The mercury then inhibited my detox pathway, making me a toxic waste dump.

    My IV starts with a push of glutathione. Then they push in DMPS to chelate the mercury. Then they do a drip of CaEDTA for the lead, arsenic, etc.
    After 3 years of treatment, my body temperature finally came up to normal; previously I had been cold all the time. (Mercury inhibits thyroid receptor sites.)

    Note that my first IV challenge was done with just the DMPS. It showed very high mercury – off the chart. A week later they did a challenge with just CaEDTA. This test showed almost no mercury, but lots of lead, aluminum, etc. From this, I conclude that you will be disappointed if you think that EDTA chelation will remove your mercury.

    As I get my IV, I sometimes see people getting a UV treatment somewhat like shown in today’s video. But I always see it done where they inject lots of ozone into the blood before they transfuse it back thru the UV machine into the patient.

  53. maca says:

    I’ve never had this but it sounds interesting. I don’t think I need it at the moment though, as I’m in good health. I’ll bear this in mind for the future.

  54. Pearl in Florida says:

    I’d never heard of this treatment before but it sounds interesting. I have had chelation IV’s. I was wondering where in Sarasota you go to have this treatment. The name of the clinic or office was not mentioned in the videol

  55. Lester says:

    What’s with all the mirror images in the room? Is there a medical reason for their use?

  56. Sarah says:

    This actually strikes me as somewhat dangerous. UV radiation also destroys YOUR DNA which can’t be good. Furthermore there is no mechanism scientifically to have the ‘UV light energy transported’ to the rest of your blood stream. Light energy is not transported by blood. Here is definitely a case where I would say show me the double blind placebo trials.

  57. I have never had ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy, but it was interesting hearing about it in the video.

    I personally like the recommendation in the comments by Dr. Sam. Take a sunbath to cleanse the blood. I’m interested in knowing if sunbathing might have a similar effect on the blood.

  58. christian says:

    they say UVI works for autoimmune diseases by resetting the immune trigger, or something like that…I have type 1 diabetes, which is an autoimmune disorder. Has anyone heard of UVI helping type 1 diabetes?? my doc wants to experiment with me with eight sessions over 4 weeks…curious about the risk of so many treatments, and someone spoke of DNA damage. I’m a bit scared…I’d do it if I knew it would help, of course!

    2nd question: a friend has neuropathy, also diagnosed as an autoimmune condition. anyone heard of neuropathy being improved with UVI??

    thank you!

  59. Linda says:

    Durianriders has a video on hybrid fruit and also natureasintended’s channel. Kevin, I am disappointed by your continuous attempts to tarnish 80/10/10. Look at all the people who have healed and are thriving at InspiRAWtion’s channel. EVERYONE should have this opportunity.

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      Linda, this has nothing to do with this post. I will continue to talk about the possible negative, long term effects of 80-10-10 as long as they exist. 🙂


  60. Nikki says:

    I have two IV treatments per week, chelation and high dose Vitamin C, as I work for an Integrative doctor who specializes in IV therapy. We are in Fort Lauderdale. http://www.PBIMedicine.com. I’ve also used hydrogen peroxide to remove biofilm and also when I feel a cold coming on. I swear by it. For those with chronic Lyme disease we use the PK Protocol, which uses phosphatidyl choline to regenerate the cell membrane and wash the cell of any toxins and viruses. This protocol is also good for other neurological issues like ALS, Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s (see the website listed below for the complete list). The protocol comes from more than 25 years of research and is amazing stuff. We are seeing patients, who have chronic issues that don’t respond to other therapies, responding positively to this in weeks. If you want more info: http://www.PKProtocol.com

  61. Rocio says:

    WE did try it, my daughter and I when we got a bad cold. We really don’t think it did much! I think my Vitamins C and D work better. Also do the H-peroxide in our ears. Thank you.

  62. Julia says:

    Haven’t tried IV anything, but have a portable mild hyperbaric chamber at home and everyone in the family uses it from time to time – it really does help to boost the oxygen in your body and saturates your cells.

    It is not painful and while you are in the chamber you can have a snooze or read a book. Afterwards we usually experience a sense of wellbeing.

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes rapid healing.


  63. Theresa says:

    I’d like to know more about healing the autoimmune disease – ulcerative colitis.

    I am curious about resetting the auto-immune trigger. Colitis has no known cure and no known cause…many say stress or food allergies maybe the cause and the biggest culprit is bacterial imbalance.

    I have cured one bout of colitis with the ETAScan (a radiowave frequency device made in Austria) but it has come back…sometimes with a vengeance of severe diarrhea…like a bad bacterial infection.

    I am looking for someone or persons who have been cured/healed (no reoccurance)..


    From Theresa, in Japan

  64. JT says:

    I’ve never done IV treatment, but I have a friend who sells units for your whole house HVAC (heating and air units) that clean the air in the house by UV light treating. The air that comes back from the house through the unit, gets UV light treated and is put back into the house as purified air. People in a house where someone is sick, never even get the illness due to the clean air. All bad bacteria and viruses are killed by the UV Light. All the air in the house is completely cleaned and purified every single hour. So, UV Light treatments can help our health in a lot of ways!

  65. Sharil Houston says:

    Yes, my sis had these treatments, where Dr Michael Conroy of Vancouver Washington, a naturpath, gave them to her along with adding ozone and hydogen peroxide and gave her liquid tumeric as well as high nutrient powders and suppliments that gave her a month short of two years. She was told she only had two weeks to two months to live by the medical establishment if she didn’t have chemo/radiation/stem cell therapy. she refused because she had done too much research and saw too much suffering with other friends who chose those treatments.
    She wanted to give her body what it needed to fight and heal itself.

    She found out that the Wenatchee, WA valley is full of women with breast cancer. It’s heavily spray every year with chemicals on the apple and cherry orchards that filters into the water canals, that waters the lawns throughout the valley. So, her spending the summer barefooted working in her back yard, veggie to have natural, fresh veggies and fruits and flower garden with butterfly bushes, trees and little animal statues and tea & coffee pots filled with flowers throughout creating her paradise, ending up being the thing that poisoned her body. Yet the beauty is, that she created beauty out of barrenness of an abandoned backyard and shared that treasure with hundreds through the years with the children and families whose lives she touched as the Director of the before and after care at Grant Elementary School. She set an example of how to fight while suffering, and helped so many to think about their lifestyle and eating habits. so, yes, the Photo-X treatments/oxygen and hydrogen peroxide therapy and liquid turmeric work.

    My sis said, whether here, or in heaven, she was going to “keep flying for Jesus”, as she slipped a glass butterfly into your hand with a challenge, “I hope this will help you want to fly with Him also.”

    Thank you for listening. I miss her SO much, yet can hardly wait to fly with her. I’m SO grateful for natural treatments that gave us more time with her.
    Gratefully, Shari H from Salem, Oregon

  66. Beth says:

    Nice to see some shows again for a change.

    Very interesting video. Hadn’t heard of it before.

  67. Annette Spendlove says:

    I would like more information from John on Jan 27 2012, as my son was diagnosed as having Sarcoidosis, in 2001. He took a prolonged program of Pregnasone (steroid), but really he has not been REALLY well since.

    More info on Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, please,

    Annette from Down Under

  68. Tom says:

    Knott was the grandfather of UBI, however he was not a doctor as many believe. Had it not been for a storm UBI would have never been used in a human. When Knott began testing UBI he started with treating the full volume of blood in dogs. All of the dogs died shortly after treatment. During 1 trial 3 dogs had their full blood treated but the 4th had a small % of blood treated due to a power outage caused by a storm. The next day the 3 had died while the 4th lived. That outage caused Knott to discover that by treating all the blood it was destroying to much dead virus back into the body causing death. When you read about the Knott protocol (1.5cc blood per lb. body weight) it was based on that discovery.

  69. at my centre in Kuala Lumpur,we provide H.O.T UV treatment at reasonable cost.

  70. kate says:

    I had both treatment when I had Titer number positive to show my autoimmune is not well, and I had severe pain all over, inside out, from head to toe, the therapy helped me to regain myself back, still in recovery thru excercise and diet,meridian massage, etc..

  71. JJ says:

    I’ve had two treatments so far of the UBI with ozone added to treat the hpv virus. The first time I felt spacey for a couple days afterwards. The second time I didn’t feel much, maybe somewhat better and more energetic but it’s hard to tell. It’s too soon to know if there have been any positive or negative results. I wish I understood more about the treatment pros and cons, I’m sort of waffling on whether to continue or not because there is a part of me that wonders how natural this is. I would be curious to know the final outcome of your treatments. I enjoyed the video, your doctor explained how the treatment works very well.

  72. Loretta says:

    happy new year!

    I want to be included in future discussions. Have had lots of auto immune issues.


  73. What is the most effective tratment of Hep C if viral load is 101,000. Will ultra violet blood irradiation wipe it out completely ?

  74. Tikiwish says:

    I am currently trying hydrogen peroxide treatments for an infection, but might switch to the ultraviolet rays bold treatment, if I don’t get any results. I found my doctor on a list from the Cancer Control Society in Los Angeles. They list doctors all over the U.S. and other countries ( Mexico and Canada). They have a web site under their name and do a big convention every year Labor Day week-end with lots of alternative doctors giving lectures and information. I’ll post information later about my results. Any other advice/comments would be welcome. Thanks

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