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pineapple white
I’d love to eat pineapple all the time, but my health guru says I can only eat it on Sundays… when it’s raining… and only if I have written permission from a certified instructor.

Confusion, candida and cancer. Three C’s.

These are the themes for today’s Q & A.

I’m not going to spend any time leading you up them, since there’s a lot to cover.

Let’s get going…

Totally Confused about What Expert’s Diet is Best

Patrica is flat out confused about who to listen to when it comes to diet.

Hi Kevin and AM
I have been on my health journey about a year now I have lost a lot of weight, and I weigh 120 lbs now. I have tried to educate myself, everything from your web site to Paul Nison to mercola.com, Hallelujah acres, Lorraine Day and most recently the Rave Diet and Dr John McDougalls work, among many others. And at this point I AM SO CONFUSED, they all say something different, no oils, and others say oils are good for you, no animal pro it will kill you to, its ok to eat some, stay away from even complex starches, only 15%, to eat a complex starch based diet. I am floundering, what is one to do. I share what I learn with my family, then the next day I read something different and feel guilty about what I told my family. Please if you have time HELP. Surely others have experienced this.

Patricia, thanks for writing in. I think we’ve all been where you are at one point or another.

At this point, I think the best diet for you is a health expert fast.

Yep, you read that right…

This is a very specific diet that removes all opinions about what foods we should and shouldn’t eat in our diet and brings focus back to what your body wants and needs the most.

The diet is very strict and you must not listen or absorb any information in regard to theories about eating, misrepresented science, dogmatic beliefs, or percentages of macronutrients.

It’s very difficult to do, but after you’ve completed this detox, you’ll find that you feel less guilty, are more energized to follow your own path and actually realize that most of the information being shared is just personal opinion or poorly gathered “science.”

That was kind of a joke, but kind of not. LOL!

On a more serious note, the best way to figure out what diet works for you is experiment with them, find out how your body reacts to certain foods, and use your blood tests to guide you through the process.

This takes the control out of the hands of the “experts” and puts it into yours.

Most experts are also short sighted. Many say don’t eat oils when in fact oils can bring your body out of deficiency in cases where an individual has low essential fatty acids. Others say don’t eat meat, but some people get healthier when they have some animal foods. Some even say you only need air…

These instances (minus the breatharian approach) all need to be considered when you’re putting together your own personal approach to diet.

Finally, the experts in many cases forget that some of the longest lived cultures of our modern times don’t even have nutritionists or health gurus. They just eat good, homegrown food, spend time with friends and family, work hard, and drink a little (sometimes moderately.)

I think the best lessons are learned from those who have already been there, not from those who are in the process.

Body Ecology and Kefir and Rice Dream and Goat’s Milk and Enzymes and…

Dani has a bunch of questions about kefir and Body Ecology…

I have been dealing with candida/digestion issues for about 15 years – I am curious as to why you decided to use the raw goat milk instead of the coconut water kefir as described on the Body Ecology website – and did you take the enzymes – in particular for the milk/protein assist when you were eating it. I am getting some help with wheat grass and taking probiotic pill but still hard to digest a lot of things – so wanted to try some kefir of some sort and did you eat the cultured veggies also? Did you take other products that she recommends on her site?

Another question, since I am not eating all raw – what do you think about using the rice dream – brown rice milk from the store to make kefir – do you think that would be effective?

I guess another part of the question would be – why did you choose raw goats milk-was there some major benefit to making the kefir out of that? I don’t know much about it so I appreciate your comments.

Hey Dani, thanks for writing in! Lot’s of questions here, so I’ll do my best to respond and also make it interesting to read, LOL!

First up, before I tried the goat’s kefir I was eating all types of fermented foods including coconut kefir and cultured vegetables. They didn’t give me the same benefit as the goat kefir. The addition of this food gave me noticeable and undeniable results that I’m now very grateful to have.

While I was eating the fermented goat milk, I did not take any particular enzyme. I didn’t need it. My stomach, while it does get massively upset when I eat non-fermented dairy, does not get affected when I eat fermented dairy. The reason, in my estimation is because the lactose in the milk is eaten by the bacteria and the proteins — or casein — is predigested as well. (Also the casein from goat milk is A-2 and easier to digest.)

As for using rice dream or other store bought milks to make kefir, I think that’s an OK approach — not the best — but OK. When you add bacteria to these substances, you can easily turn them into a superfood.

What I don’t like about these products is their packaged nature. Packaged foods just aren’t great, even if they’re healthy. The food is long dead. You’d be better off making your own nut milk and fermenting that, since it would be fresh.

But keep in mind, just because it’s white and fermented doesn’t mean that is has the same nutrient profiles as other white fermented drinks like milk or coconut kefir. So it’s up to you to decide what you need for your situation.

I think for me, I needed the amino acids and proteins in the milk that I wasn’t finding in the plant based ferments. So again, up to you to decide how to go about it.

One last thing about packaged foods — I believe many of them likely have preservatives in them that aren’t on the label. We’ve seen this in the skin care industry and were shocked, and I’m pretty sure it happens in the food industry — though somewhat better regulated — as well.

Finally, why I chose goat’s milk is chronicled here:


And here:


And here:


And here:


And here:


I think you’ll find these articles helpful!

How Do I Get Rid of My Hives?

Elizabeth gets hives and wants to know how to get rid of them…

Hi Kevin,
First off, i want to tell you how grateful i am to your openness for questions. A brief background: i’m vegan, mostly raw (simply because i live in a hot, humid environment and it keeps me in balance), no refined sugars, wheat or processed foods, yoga (asana, pranayama,and meditation) practitioner of 20 years…daily.

I also have a healthy dose of supplements and herbs in my diet. all in all this works for me and i feel great; my problem though is that for the past two years or so (actually, ever since i was on three months of strict BED) i’ve been suffering from hives. Therefore, i can’t eat any of the ‘trigger’ foods…i.e. fermented :(. I was listening to your interview with Dr. Gonzales where he said that people who are too alkaline tend to suffer from hives because their cells are more permeable? My question to you is do you know of any protocol, short of going back to eating meat, that will help with my problem. Would the occasional organic free range egg you think do the trick? I’m currently taking Quercetin + C, as well as bee pollen. My protein sources also include spirulina, hemp, chia, and cooked lentils, beans, and quinoa on occasion. The hives appear without rhyme or reason…even just being cold can bring on a flare up. Needless to say, not only are they miserable, but i’m emotionally spent. I know you understand that because of what you went through trying to get rid of your candida. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. All the best to you and Anne Marie. Most sincerely and with much gratitude,

Hi Elizabeth, I totally know how you feel.

Trying to identify what’s happening can be very, very stressful.

First off, one of the ways that helped me get out of my funk was seeing a really good practitioner. There’s no quicker way to success when you can bounce ideas off of someone who’s seen cases like (or related) to what you’re experiencing.

Second, usually the best way to find out what is causing a reaction in the body like hives is to streamline and simplify your diet for two weeks.

Basically, I’d remove all the supplements, oils, superfoods, etc and just eat very simple meals for two weeks. (Don’t worry, you’ll survive without them!) If the hives go away, you can gradually — one by one — re-introduce what you took out, to see what causes them. If it is one of the substances, you should be able to pinpoint it.

If they hives don’t go away, it’s likely not an external issue, but an internal one and you can start addressing that specifically as well.

If it is an internal issue, then I’d suggest finding out if you have any inflammation in the gut or aren’t digesting your food properly — but I’d only do this after doing the two week elimination diet I mentioned above.

As for meat and eggs, I have no idea if these will work for you or not. For some people eggs and animal protein just seem to work and help get rid of issue — for others they don’t and actually make issues worse. So introduction of these foods to see if they help or not is a personal decision that should be based simply on your health. But, like I said above, I wouldn’t introduce a new variable to your experiment before you do the elimination diet. Otherwise, you may get better but have no idea what happened or what the real factor was that caused the improvement.

(Which, for you personally is OK, but if you wanted to share your story, it would be hard to do so with the best accuracy.)

Help, My Son Has Cancer

Desperate Mom needs help…

I have an 11-month-old son who has an inoperable brain tumor. We originally started a chemotherapy regimen, but it was so horrible and he went downhill so fast that we have recently stopped. We are having to fight with his doctors about this and it is tearing us apart. We need some help with alternative therapies. I have done much research, including listening to as much of the cancer summit broadcast as I could, but have had a hard time as none of your doctors/participants that I checked (for example, Dr. Gonzalez) will treat or even have any experience treating children/babies. Please help! I am desperate to treat my baby’s cancer WITHOUT chemotherapy! I need a plan! Thank you.
Signed, a desperate mom

Hi Kara, sorry to hear that you’re in this situation. We’re all sending you love from our family and extended family here at Renegade Health.

I would look into the Burzynski Clinic if you haven’t already. I believe they do work with children.

Here’s that site: www.BurzynskiClinic.com

Please let us know how this goes.

Your Question of the Day: What do you feel is the most confusing conflicting diet information out there? (Also, if you have resources for Desperate Mom, please share!)

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Judi Lovato says:

    Kev, I am currently 215 lbs, on oxygen 24/7 with emphysema. Am confused as to whether I should do all raw or a good healthy diet that includes cooked foods. I would like to exercise and can do some aerobic (fast walking) in my home) but recent news says just make sure to do muscle-building, and just normal walking. My muscles have gotten very “weak” due to really non-activity. I want to get my metabolism going better and I think that takes muscle work? Please advise what my best approach should be. I also want to exercise my lungs. I know everyone says lungs can’t be repaired, I am still searching for someone who believes they can be healed from within. Your thoughts?

    Thank you!

  2. Sheila says:

    Kevin et al,

    Of all the information I subscribe to, I enjoy Renegade Health the most, largely because of your honest approach to things, the humor and heart you and Anne Marie bring to what you present, and the integrity of the products you offer.

    I identify with the first Q&A today, and have settled in with what works for me specifically on all levels (physical, spiritual, emotional). When friends and family ask what I ‘can and can’t eat’, I gently let them know that I can eat anything, but choose to eat in a certain way because it seems to work best for me personally.

    It’s an ongoing process, and I’m lovin’ it!

    Thanks for your generosity as always,


    BTW…your cinnamon is EXCELLENT!

  3. Trevor Baret says:


    I ind it interesting, and amusing, that Patricia would write to a “Health Guru” to ask which health guru to listen to.

    If she listens to you, then she will go an a very strict and difficult “health expert fast” along with regular blood tests. You also tell her not to listen to ” any information in regard to theories about eating, misrepresented science, dogmatic beliefs, or percentages of macronutrients”

    …but isn’t that comment an excellent example of a dogmatic belief?

    You caution “that most of the information being shared is just personal opinion or poorly gathered “science.” ”

    So are you saying that what you say is absolute truth as opposed to what the other gurus say, which is ” just personal opinion or poorly gathered “science.” ”

    Sorry – but your advice seems to be self-contradictory.

    So I will repeat and paraphrase Patricia’s question –
    Which guru should we listen to?


  4. IH says:

    For Kara: I’m so sorry to hear this. I also would look into the Burzynski clinic as well as the Hippocrates Institute. (www.hippocratesinst.org) If Hippocrates can’t help I would find out who they think could help.

    Yes, there is a lot of conflicting information out there with regards to diet and lifestyle. When it comes to raw food I focus mostly on high water content foods that I can get through juices, smoothies and salads. For other important health topics I rely on different sources. I don’t follow any theory to the letter and follow my gut. I like Michael Polan’s slogan: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”

  5. Vlad says:

    Awesome article. 2 comments.

    1. Taking a fast from the health gurus is a really good idea, since it is mostly just belief systems that they (and us) carry. One powerful method towards finding what is right – is understanding WHY it is the truth. For example I used to eat meat, I do not anymore. When someone told me it is unhealthy, the next step is to approach the idea with an open mind and understand why it is the truth. I then saw, that a human being – a primate is not physiologically designed like a carnivore. And when we break the laws of your design, we do suffer the consequences.

    2. The lady who is looking to treat her son from Cancer – You can treat him at home yourself. There is a powerful method available that produces exceptional results and is cheaper than Burzynzki. It is called the Incurables program. You can get the instructions and supplies from the School of Natural Healing, or from Dr Richard Schulze (herbdoc.com). You can also contact me for help as well.

  6. Sophia says:

    Loved your article on Candida.

    What I think is the most conflicting issue at the moment is — Do not eat fruit if you suffer from cancer….. How do we know that we have or have not cancer. Impossible to say – even the doctors can´t always say.
    Taken that in consideration no one should eat fruits.

    Admire your patience with us all.


  7. The most confusing advice are the studies done that show you are more likely to get X if you eat Y. It’s always a good idea to see who has funded the studies and what their agenda is.

    There is no one diet that is right for everyone. What helped me most was studying Metabolic Typing and then testing different ratios of fat, carbohydrate and protein of the foods best for my type. It made a huge difference to how I felt when I got that right.

  8. LynnCS says:

    Thanks Kevin for always putting the question out there to allow us to find our own way in the end. I have been mostly raw vegan for over 6 months now and am doing well. I have started adding Eden canned beans into my salads a little and stopped adding oil to anything. I get my essential oils from flax seeds, chia seeds, some almonds, avacado, fruits and greens. Lately I have added some hot soups and Quinoa now and then. I chose Amy’s soups to try to have the healthiest ready made soups. Even so, I find them salty and use them as a topper for the quinoa cooked without salt.

    I gather all the info I can, everywhere I can and make up my own mind from that “educated” place. If I ate a lot of potatoes like Dr. Mcdougall likes, or No Oil like Dr Essylstine says, it is all up to me and in any case a lot better than what I had been doing. I am not an absolutist on almost anything. I always want to remain teachable. I have my favorite Youtube teachers like Dan Mcdonald and Dara Dubinet. I learned about the value of fruit from Harley Jonstone and Michael “the fruitarian.” Kevin is my favorite blogger as there is a broad and studied way of presenting information.

    I originally heard about the raw food diet from Angela Stokes who had lost a lot of weight and she said she had learned about it from Victoria Boutenko so I started reading their writings. Angela uses supplements and now Victoria has a new book out with Elaina Love and Chad Sarno who say that they are finding a need to change their strict application of the diet to a new paradigm. I am just starting to read it, but welcome the input.

    It’s all a learning curve and anything I do has nothing to do with following any so called guru. It is following my own heart and making up my own mind. I am responsible now for my own health and it takes a lot of study. I haven’t got what I needed from the medical community in regards to overall wellness so I finally have taken charge, as I should have all along, and mean to stay as healthy as possible.

    I have come to understand about alkalizing the body and keeping my immune system going as strongly as I know how to do and am open to hearing anything I can to add to my knowledge. You are one of the biggest components to that.

    I also recommend the “Save our Bones program” by Vivian Goldshmidt for anyone who want to alkalize their system and maintain strong health for not only their skeletal system, but a strong body all way round. She has a lot of free downloads too. I subscribe to her site just like I do for yours and I get more information than I can even digest.

    There is plenty of information out there to make a concious decision and take responsibility for the results. All anyone can do is try. We all have to stop being “victims” and start being advocates of our own health.

    Thanks for this topic and the information you provide. Lynn

  9. 801010 when does it work when does it make sick? at the moment it seem to make me sick. and on other time it seem to realy light me up and heal me.?

    This is my main Conlfic is see.

  10. Aime B says:

    Desperate Mom
    I am praying for you & your son! Seek Jesus & God’s word (the bible). He’s the ultimate healer. Beyond those mentioned, I’d also check into Charlotte Gerson (gersontherapy.com) as well as Dr. Ganier (Mission Medical Center). Much love & encouragement to keep strong ….

  11. Isabelle says:

    For Kara: I really feel for you and I pray you can be strong and wise during this trying time. I hope it does work with Dr.Burzynski. Dr. Cass Ingram is another genious in my opinion, I have read almost all his books and he does have a solution for cancer. He is on FB, there you could contact him.
    With prayers,

  12. Trevor,
    If Kevin’s statement (“that most of the information being shared is just personal opinion or poorly gathered ‘science’”) was absolute–if he used the word “all” instead of “most”–then it would be self-contradictory. In this case, it’s not. While you may be able to make the logical argument that Kevin’s advised protocol includes abstaining from his own site for a while (which he very well may not be opposed to for the time being), it does not follow that he is issuing a self-defeating statement. Further, and to re-answer your re-posed question, his advice to avoid guru advice and seek the body itself (and its responses, etc.) for answers is not self-defeating. To put it more simply, he’s just saying ‘don’t go to gurus, including me, for answers to your issues, go to your body.’

    Kara: God bless you and your son. I, too, would look into Hippocrates Health Institute and see what Brian Clement and staff have to say in regard to your son. I believe you can email Brian [fairly] directly at director@hippocratesinst.org and either Brian or his secretary, Bonnie, will get back to you pretty quick. Kevin’s Burzynski advice and Vlad’s “Incurables” program are definitely worth some investigation as well. Most of all, let your prayers be strong and your hope faithful. We’re praying and standing behind you!!

    Kevin: Paleo vs. Vegan gets my vote for toughest conflicting diet info to work through… It seems to me that a main source of the issue lies in the myriad of facets which comprise what makes a certain something “nutritious” or not, and most systems have a very heavy bias toward a certain set of preferred health measures, parameters, or barometers.

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      Jason, you summed it up better than I did: “he’s just saying ‘don’t go to gurus, including me, for answers to your issues, go to your body.’”

      And, yes, I mean to take a fast from Renegade Health as well if anyone feels it is necessary. (But not for too long… lol!)


  13. pe says:

    Best diets have been researched over several decades. When DASH and DASH II came to my attention, I saw they were superior. As of 2012, DASH is regarded as the diet best backed by studies, surprise! The Mediterranean Diet also looks good, as does the older Japanese diet. They agree on much. DASH II looks a bit better than DASH, but isn’t mentioned in the press.
    As for meat, studies used to group plain and processed meats, but more recently have separated them, with negatives for large amounts of both. Whether the bad results would apply as strongly to meat from animals pasture-raised and fed good food is anyone’s guess, but those meats cost the earth, in more ways than one.
    That’s a start. Ideal diets from gurus get re-tuned fast, so be a skeptic, as Kevin said. The pants-on-fire factor is strong among gurus.
    Why would you want to be a chela? They tend also to expound what has been researched by plodding scientists, but jazz it up to look inspired, and in the process over-interpret. So it goes…

  14. sue says:

    Because I come from a scientific and statistics background: I do not want to completely delete allopathic medicine from my list of solutions to problems. Bad digestion? Have an endoscopy done by a gastroenterologist (you do not HAVE to take prescribed drugs you know!) & I hope the funds are available to you somehow.
    Hives? Do an elimination/reintroduction test on each thing you are taking (seemed like many)as Kevin suggested to see what might be causing the hives . As a last resort, try taking some sort of antihistamine. It is not healthy to leave the body in such an irritated inflamed state. Though…I might try a homepathic route for hives, too. Any herbal supplements are very suspect for hives–especially the mixes of herbs. It could even be detergents you use to wash your clothes.
    I hope the Clinic Kevin suggested works for the 11 month old child. The thought of giving chemo to such a small being seems unbelievably cruel. Kudos to this Mom for writing to Kevin!

  15. To Elizabeth, re Hives:
    There is one fast ways to neutralize this phenom. Assuming this is not from an insect rxn, the problem is derived from a TISSUE CALCIUM DEFICIT. THis is not the same as a serum deficiency.
    First, one needs to have have adequate – and here’s the big word – IONIZIBLE calcium available. Then, to transport said calcium into soft tissues, one needs adeqwuate fastty acids and all the associated transport enzyme co-factors. With these two nutrients present in adquate amts, for your individual needs, you will see results in less than one day, 100% of the time.
    Which Expert Diet is BEst:
    One ‘line’ which I have always used, which for the most part (not 100%), ends all questions, is this: Eat what your grandparents and great grandparents ate. Of course, that presumes that these generations were not impoverished, and food was available.
    Eat what they ate, work as they worked, and usually you will be just fine.
    To the father with the Cancerous Child: There are all manner of excellent physicians out there who are doing the Angels’ work. Though The Renegade certainly cannot name names, aside from Burzynski who is very well known, for fear of potential legal implications, there all all kinds of resources available to you to find the names and locations of these amazing individuals, both domestically and otherwise. Of course, I wont say anyting more in this venue, but there are out there, and not difficult to find. One other very well known example, The Gerson Clinic. Wishing teh very very best.

  16. Debbie says:

    I agree with the most important point being you have to check it out for yourself. Listen to your body. It’s different than everyone else’s, so no one knows what’s right for you.
    Kara, I feel for you. I work with RBTI as the basis for my health coaching. Dr. Reams-the brilliant discoverer-has something to say about brain tumors. Your son would need to be checked, but in general a brain tumor is commonly a potassium deficiency brought on by…? You can take charge of your son’s health by purchasing a set of equipment for home use and testing him every day until his mineral reserves come up. This is one thing every one of us can take into our own hands and I wish more of the world were aware of testing yourself.
    Which diet is the right diet for you? Test yourself and then you’d “KNOW”. The guessing would stop here. http://www.numberyourlife.health.officelive.com/rbti

    To Your Health,

  17. Mary Ann Ludwig says:

    I hear conflicting advice about eating fermented foods. Some think it promotes fungus.

  18. marc says:

    I don’t think any one “guru” has a one size fits all solution. I think some of them have good tools to share, but I wouldn’t put much stock into one person/system. But kevin is spot on, I pay more attention to those who have tried something, as opposed to those who are in the process of trying. I think you have to be your own guru… listening to all these raw/vegan, paleo, low carb, low fat, oil/no oil dudes?? Gives me a headache. Lol
    Here’s what works for me.. I look for people who can back up their claims with credible research… actual data!! Some of these guys jump up on stage but can’t really tell you where they got their info from. Another thing I look for is whether these gurus have the results I’m looking for… If my idea of vibrancy and longevity involves muscle tone and functional strength, I won’t be looking to a guru who is either pudgy, or worse, emaciated looking.
    If I had to name one guy who I think is on point?? Dr. John Berardi.. not only is this guy rooted in actual science/research.. but he’s not afraid to try things on himself. He doesn’t care whether you’re a meat eater, or vegan/vegetarian… he cares about results!! He’s the only guy out there that I’ve come across that can show you how to thrive on a meat based diet, or a plant based (if this is what you want to do).

  19. Esther says:

    1. Pretty much anyone can prove a point if they want to, it seems. Our minds can be powerful tools in themselves. Placebo effect comes to mind, either positive or negative. My own best advice to myself after doing the guru merry-go-round was to listen to my body and go with my gut, no pun intended.

    2. Hives. Could you be sensitive to chlorine? It is in most water when we shower/bathe. I have a filter on my shower. That helps. Hives can also be brought on by stress. Keep a journal about what you eat and what your day is like, and see if there is a pattern to when you get them. The journal will help with the minimal diet that Kevin recommended as well. As you add things back in, you can keep track of any differences you notice.

  20. Gloria says:

    Firsrt and foremost in order to get rid of any disease we have to kill off the parasites whether they are macro or micro. They will leave debris behind that has to be cleaned out of the colon and liver, then the rest of the body follows suit in getting rid of the lymph, blood and tissue toxins. The only reason for any disease can be traced back to chemical poisoning that means doctor’s drugs, too, radiation, parasites and lack of proper nutrients. The only way to be sure of recovery is to get rid of the cause. TY

  21. Noataga says:

    All have great ideas and understandings, each person is gifted with different abilities… i take a bit of everything search out all the facts and then I refer it back to the Bible… God created all the living food and I don not discredit the research that everyone has done, but in the end of the day the choice is yours!!!
    I think just do your research on the products and info, if youre unsure just pray…:)only God knows you and what you really need!


    Hope all works out well…

  22. Rocio says:

    Thank you Kevin, it is very overwhelming sometimes, I was reading this to my daughter and we were laughing because that is exactly what happens here..I read it/ share it with them, and then next day I read something that sound just as “scientific” as the one from before..except they are totally the opposite! WE are praying for Kara and your son/family. Jesus heals!..we are praying. As for this lady… I am willing! I had yogurt made from raw goat’s milk for the first time ever!!! and it wasn’t bad. I am sick of being sick and can totally relate with the person who breaks out eating fermented foods.
    I really going to make the fermented vegetables, for my family but to be honest I am hesitant..last time drink Kambocha..”the wonder probiotic drink” I broke out so bad I had to go to the hospital! no fruit, yes fruit I remember the person who you interviewed in the summer about candida and he said “yes fruit” except oranges. The best is remain quiet and ask the Lord for wisdom.. I think I also need a ” health-media fast”..except from this and Dr. Mercola. many blessings and many prayers for you and those who go on your website. thank you again for your honesty.

  23. christine says:

    Hi Kevin,

    My favourite part of your post today was when you said
    “Finally, the experts in many cases forget that some of the longest lived cultures of our modern times don’t even have nutritionists or health gurus. They just eat good, homegrown food, spend time with friends and family, work hard, and drink a little (sometimes moderately.)”

    You have just pointed out by omission what all the experts and the longest lived cultures have in common. They dont advocate for, or appear to live long lives on, processed, processed and more processed foods. The kind that comes with a lot of cardboard or plastic and has a list of numbers as ingredients. And they all advocate for and get exercise in some form.

    This is true whether you eat meat, are vegetarian, vegan, juice or whatever. For example, juice from a bottle thats been sitting on a supermarket shelf for a month, with added sugar and preservatives cant compare to fresh, home juiced.

  24. Nicole says:

    Dear Desperate Mum,

    Sorry to hear your story. Maybe you could try the Gerson Therapy, they have cured stage 4 cancer?? It cant hurt. Good luck & stay strong.

    Kevin, when is the cinamon back in stock as I would love to try it.

    much peace love health happiness!

  25. maca says:

    What I find the most convincing is if I follow some convincing dietary advice and then read some convincing advice that says the opposite. Like you say, the answer is to take note of what health experts say but listen to your own body. If an expert claims something is great but your body says it’s not, then it’s not good for you.

  26. Nikki says:

    For me, several areas have come into confusion:
    Raw vs. cooked foods
    The gluten issue
    The dairy issue
    Grains and health

    I have done a bit of experimenting, but am probably at the peak of my experimenting now. I tried the raw thing, and while it definitely feels good having lots of fresh fruits and greens, I feel much better having some cooked grains and steamed veggies in my diet. I have been vegetarian for about 10 years and mostly vegan (except for honey) for the past 5 or 6 months. I have also eliminated gluten for the past 5 months. As much as the ‘data and scientific (and common sense) knowledge shows that unprocessed, and organic foods are better for us, I honestly haven’t noticed any difference since eliminating things like cows milk, fat free processed cheese, fat free yogurt containing Splenda, cream cheese, kaiser buns, boxed cereals, whole wheat bread, fat free miracle whip, and processed soy ‘meats’. So it is really confusing why I don’t feel any better on supposedly better food. (The only thing different is that eating grain products always makes me more hungry)… Do you know why this might be??

  27. jackie says:

    Help…why did my message to Desperate Mom get kicked out? Second time it’s happened….

  28. Marcla Green says:

    Listen to your bodies people. No one is right or wrong, we are all different. Listen to what your body tells you. If you need to eat meat, eat meat. If cooked food makes you feel yukky eat RAW!!!!! How simple could it all be? If a suppliment is not working for you research others and see if they work, don’t keep consuming things that are making you sick! That is what big pharma is about. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. And give your body time to adjust…alot of what happens is detox, we feel worse before we feel better, take that bit of info into account too. We have years and years of abuse in our bodies, some in our fat cells will never go away. The only thing I can tell everyone is ORGANIC. Go organic. Local if you have that option. And grow your own.
    Youtube growing your own in apartments. you can. There is no excuse. You can grow sprouts.
    But listen to your body!

  29. Gini says:

    The conflicting information I want clarified are the recent reports that fermented foods cause stomach cancer. It has been on the news and Dr. Oz (not that he is always right).
    They mention sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, pickles, tempe, natto, etc.

    Here is some info I found on the web:
    In a research conducted by the Queen’s University in Canada, it was found that common fermented food and alcoholic beverages contain trace amounts of a carcinogen called ethyl carbamate (urethane). These include wine, cheese, yogurt and bread.

    Ethyl carbamate (urethane) is a by-product of fermentation. The scientists found that urethane would cause DNA modification and mutations, leading to abnormal cell growth and lung cancer. The research report was published in the March 2007 issue of the journal Carcinogenesis. (Related News: Mar 7, 2007)

    Urethane has been labeled as a potential human carcinogen by both the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

  30. Gini says:

    another note- I’m not sure why the quote above said “lung cancer.” Most reports are saying stomach or colon cancer.

  31. Trevor Baret says:


    Thanks for your critique – very good.


    You are right – Jason did word it very well.

    You may not have read the email I sent you immediately after posting, so I repeat part of it here –

    It (my blog post) is not intended to offend, or even to challenge – at least not to challenge strongly…

    I just wanted to point out that your advice is self-contradictory.

    I repeat her question, but rather “tongue in cheek” because it does not make sense to ask a health guru which health guru to listen to – unless that health guru replies with something like “To tell the truth, don’t listen to anyone, including me, other than NAME, who I believe to be the best and most honest, knowledgeable and humble person out there…”

    So you see – not so different from Jason’s posting…


    PS – thanks for sparring…

  32. Sarah says:


    I’m no expert by any means, and I don’t know what you are eating, but I wonder if you are not feeling the benefits possibly due to some nutrient and mineral deficiencies? You might want to try getting some tests done? It sounds like you’ve made steps to take a lot of the ‘bad’ stuff out of your diet, but perhaps you’re missing some things in your diet so you’re still not feeling as good as you could be… just a thought! My friend went vegan awhile back and took a lot of bad stuff out of her diet by doing so, but she ended up not eating enough and not having enough variety in her diet and got sick and more ‘unhealthy’ it seemed. Hope all goes well for you…

    I’m praying for you and your son and family. I think I remember hearing or reading that Dr. Burzinski actually has a specialty in helping children with inoperable brain stem tumours…or at least has a lot of success with them? Definitely check him out! Try some natural protocols in the mean time at home for sure! Get him tested for nutrients and minerals… I’ve recently heard about nascent iodine that many doctors don’t know about as the best form of iodine to supplement with (magnascent brand looks like a good one)? All the best,

  33. caroline says:

    I think ayurveda is the most serious healthsystem. I think the best authors are Vasant Lad, Robert Svoboda and David Frawley. It brings a lot of wisdom. I truly like Ann Wigmore and living food more than the raw food gurus. Functionmedicine is interesting but I? not convinced.

  34. Frank Berg says:

    When the doctor told me they had noting more for me,to come back when I was going to die and they would help me die, I knew I was on my own as far as my health was concerned. In the providence of God, one of the first people I had contact with had a product with over 90 minerals. In three days I knew there were good things happening in my body. Everything started coming back to normal. It saved my life. It was not a perfect cure to all my ailments. It didn’t include a full amount of each mineral my body needed for rebuilding back to good health. It did however give my body solid foundations to start rebuilding on. It has been a long road since then, but I am still on the road. I have the best health in my last 30 years. There are many other things to put in place to regain or maintain good health but the minerals are the foundation of everything. A mineral deficiency is at the root of every ailment. It doesn’t matter how we re-arrange the deck chairs (eat this or don’t eat that) if the ship is going to sink anyway. It was a real eye opener when I found out while at an organic mill, that the minerals our body needs are not found in the plants or grains we grow in our North American mineral depleted soil. By and large our food is hollow and empty of minerals. We must supplement.

  35. Yamina says:

    For the mom : I had a very closed friend, a marvelous poet, who died of a brain cancer at the age of 53. I cannot remember him without being upset and sad. I wonder if I was better informed, I could have saved him from this fatal ending, because my friend was VEGETARIAN ! He had never eaten a piece of meat since his birth ! I remember his marvelous vegetarian couscous that I found so delicious, he was so proud of his culinary talents… If I had a child in this position, I would certainly cut off all grains, ALL, glutenfree or not, every animal products, except yogurt, because as says Kevin, yogurt is easily digested, its amino acids easily available, and maybe useful for a young child. I am not an expert, but I would do this exactely if I was a mom. Wish you all the best for your child, hope and faith are the keys of all success ! And you will I am sure.

  36. Yamina says:

    Sorry for my english ! I have to study the verbs very, very seriously… I had done it so many times ! maybe this time will be the one ! Thks for your blog, so many info, so interesting… This question of health is passionating probably because it is closed to life and death, and happiness, and we all wish to live a long and happy life, and why not, eternal ! Long life to the Renegade !

  37. Dana Naylor says:

    Bio- individuality, everyone is different. We are all our own science experiment. It’s a process of intuition and trial and error. I love reading and following a lot of the gurus. They inspire new ideas and I am able to determine if their ideas or concepts resonate with me. If so, I might give it a try. I have changed my health and my life through this process and look forward to continuing the process in the future.

    Lately, a change that I have made that has been a break through for me is 3 meals a day and no snacking. The only way I could accomplish this is by eliminating fruits and grains which both cause my blood sugar to spike and crash quickly. If I eat a balanced meal focusing on greens, vegetables, protein (Vegan) and fats from whole food sources, I feel great in between meals. One day a week I allow myself fruit and some grains. My weight has completely stabilized, my energy is sustained throughout the day and I feel so much better.

  38. DavidM says:

    To Kara, the advice above is great, and I would also consider reading Suzanne Summers book “Knockout” for a list of several alternative and trustworthy cancer experts, including Dr. Burzynski, and Dr. Nick Gonzalas. In particular, she interviews one person who is an expert on treatment options and who is best to see for your particular situation. She gives contact information. I would contact this person immediately and ask them what alternative cancer specialist would be best for your situation. I would find someone who has a strong emphasis on nutrition and detoxification. For example, even though your baby is only 11 months, he may be highly toxic from environmental toxins, toxins passed during pregnancy, vaccines, etc.

    I believe you should absolutely stay away from conventional medical doctors, especially for something like cancer. The way conventional medical doctors approach cancer is utterly barbaric and extremely toxic and dangerous. Conventional oncology is a complete disaster and failure and has destroyed many more lives than it has saved.

    There are a number of other great books you can read such as “Never Fear Cancer Again” by Raymond Francis to understand what drives cancer and what needs to be done to get rid of it. Certainly getting your babies mineral levels tested (as suggested above), vitamin D levels tested, omega 3 oil levels tested, B vitamin levels tested, gut flora balance tested, toxicity levels tested (e.g. mercury, etc), etc would be a good idea, but I think doing this under the advisement of an alternative cancer specialist would be the right approach.

    Along with optimizing your babies diet (or your diet if breastfeeding), I would also consider getting your baby some cancer fighting and immune boosting nutrients (either through breast milk or directly) like turmeric, medicinal mushrooms (chaga and reishi mycelium), EGCG, selenium (whole food only), lysine, broccoli sprout extract, red raspberry extract, quercetin, astaxanthin, proteolytic and digestive enzymes, etc. Again under the advisement of an alternative specialist to make sure of proper amounts and what will be gentle but effective for an infant. Turmeric, such as Meriva or fermented turmeric or BCM-95, is in particular very powerful and very gentle. Infants also respond well to directly consuming medicinal mushroom mycelium, which can provide tremendous nutrition.

    Another thing to consider is IV (intravenous) vitamin C, a very effective and gentle cancer treatment. IV vitamin C is in fact good for any kind of life threatening illness.

    I would suggest a good probiotic and keep the baby off of any kind of processed sugar, period. Get his gut flora levels tested (via stool sample) and make sure the levels are ok and healthy.

    Finally, remove all toxins from his environment, get an air filter, a shower/bath filter, a water filter, remove all perfumes, inorganic baby sheets and mattresses, soap, shampoo, laundry detergents, household cleaners, etc, etc. Make sure anything touching his body, going into or on his body, and that he is breathing is organic and clean and toxin free. And make sure there are no EMF sources, such as wifi or cell phones – you can test for this.

    Best wishes, our hearts and thoughts are with you!!!!!

  39. DavidM says:

    I also wanted to comment on the main topic here. Any health guru who says one diet is for all people is completely wrong. I do a lot of extensive nutrition research (and am working on a book in fact) and the first fundamental principle of nutrition is that every person is different and needs different amounts of nutrients from different sources. Every person has a unique metabolic make up, genetic make up, history, and stage of life. Some will thrive on vegetarianism, and some will become ill from vegetarianism. Some may thrive on high amounts of animal protein, and some will not.

    We see this over and over, for example with raw cacao. Some people cannot handle hardly any of this without adverse side effects, whereas my body loves it and feels great on it. One persons health food is another persons poison. This applies to every aspect of diet and lifestyle (like type and amount of exercise needed). This means you have work to do to figure it out. You can work with a specialist/expert but ultimately YOU have to determine what works for you, only you can truly know. Its the concept of listening to your body, it is always speaking. The healthier you become the better you will be able to hear your body, what it likes, and what it does not like. Your skin, your energy levels, your mental stamina and focus abilities, your moods, your digestion, your weight, any kind of recurring pain, etc. will let you know if what you are doing is working or not.

    Everyone needs basic nutrients, such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, omega 3s, B vitamins, Vitamin D, protein, saturated fat, etc. But the amounts that a person needs and the sources for real optimal health can vary greatly!

    The more unhealthy you are the longer it may take to discover what your body really likes, but you will get there, dont give up. Moreover, what your body likes will change over time. Again, learning to listen to your body, it is the key for everyone to truly achieve optimal health.


  40. Jonel Fritsch says:

    Help! I can’t find “the simple diet” protocol on the website and want to use it to figure out food sensitivities that are still lurking! 🙂

    Thank you!

  41. Ricardo Blasco says:

    For Kara :

    You must to get in touch with CareyLyn Carter.
    She is a Biochemist and a Metabolic Disease Specialist. She was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer (glioma)and given a Death Sentence. But she is live and without brain cancer.She is also a mother as you ; and I think can she can to help to you and,above all,to your son.

    Tlf- (210)408-2800 Main
    (210)695-3535 Office
    (210)779-6366 Cell

  42. Jonel Fritsch says:

    Where can I find info on the “simple diet” or elimination diet protocol to help uncover food sensitivities?

    Thanks for your help!

  43. Cadie says:

    I am ever so confused. I have been a vegetarian for almost 18 years. I ate eggs, little cheese and salmon very rarely. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2011. I chose to heal myself through alternative means..diet, detox, supplementation, etc. The diet has been the hardest part, at first the vegan,(no gluten) raw, juicing was great. I felt wonderful, lost 30lbs. have tons of energy, really felt better than ever. Then in December I started feeling very hungry, my hair is coming out, I am very short fused. A friend introduced me to the Weston A Price Foundation. This is where the confusion really hit. Kevin have you ever researched their theory on saturated fats(lard and butter) and vitamin A and D? The anti nutrients in veggies, phyic acid in grain and legumes? If any of this is true, then a vegetarian diet is not beneficial. I don’t know what to do, I ate some…gulp..bacon from a farm six miles down the road. Very clean. I hadn’t had meat in 18years…I devoured the fat, literally. I felt great. Still, all the cancer diets eliminate fats and protein. Help. If you ever get a chance to respond that would be wonderful. I will continue the veggies and juicing…I am just hungry for fat.
    Love your site,

  44. Michael says:

    For the 11 month old with cancer – look into ozone therapy. It has been used to treat brain cancer by sending the ozone into the ear. Email Dr. Saul Pressman and tell him your problem. His website is plasmafire.com.

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