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Annmarie Hugging Rocks
I don’t know if hugging rocks is an anti-aging technology, but smiling sure is.

Yesterday’s interview with Donna Gates and my candida story were pretty popular…

Many of you have been asking me to tell my story about candida and I finally sat down to do it. (I do cover protocol options in “The Perfect Digestion Plan”)

Anyway, today, I have Part 2 of my interview with Donna and in this one she shares her thoughts about fermented foods (obviously, they’re positive!) and a few anti-aging techniques that she says may be able to help you look and literally be younger.

So if you want to stay looking young as long as you can (who doesn’t), you’ll definitely want to hear about the technologies that Donna shares at the end…

Listen to Part 2 Now:

donna gates candida

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Click here to learn more about Donna’s work:

My thoughts on this interview…

1. Fermented foods work.

Don’t take my word or Donna’s word on it, try them yourself and see what you think.

Try them for two weeks and see what happens. I bet you’ll find that something improves — whether it’s your digestion, your bowel movements, your skin, your energy, etc.

2. An added immune boost.

One thing that I love about fermented foods is that the bacteria can turn an already healthy food into an immune boosting superfood.

When the bacteria “eat” or ferment the food you have as a medium, they release amino acids from the food by breaking down proteins. In their own metabolic processes, they also release B vitamins that can be very beneficial to a healthy immune system.

So having a fermented food is kind of like having a maid clean your house. He or she does all the work and you get to enjoy it.

3. Use a plate warmer to keep your ferments at the right temperature.

Donna is definitely an innovator. She’s told us some great fermenting and health tips over the years that could only come from someone who is thoughtful and creative.

In this interview, she explains how to use a plate warmer to keep your fermented foods at the right temperature during winter months when it might not be as warm as you’d like it to be.

I’m not exactly sure how she wraps it around the glass that is fermenting (I’ve actually never seen a plate warmer before!), but I’m sure someone more knowledgeable — maybe you — can help show us how it’s done.

4. Is living longer possible?

Donna shares two anti-aging therapies that you might be interesting in learning more about.

First is stem-cell technology and the other involves the injection of trophic factors.

I’m not so familiar with trophic factors and am somewhat versed on stem cells — but not enough to get into a scientific explanation.

Trophic factors are interesting to me, since they’re less expensive than stem cell therapy. I’m not sure about their effectiveness, but am interested to learn more.

If you’re wondering what trophic factors are, they’re proteins that stimulate cellular growth. So the idea is that they will lengthen the time a cell is alive as well as help stimulate tissue re-growth.

Pretty cool stuff.

I’ll have more once I get a better grip on them.

5. How to get in touch with your body.

Finally, Donna shares how to get in touch with your body to determine what diet and program works best for you.

After I started eating well, I realized just how sensitive my body was to certain foods. It was surprising to me, since I had never felt how cloggy I got when I drank conventional milk, or how sleepy I got when I ate pancakes — or more specifically, I never tied them all together.

I’m sure you felt the same way (either in the past, or are experiencing it now.)

Nowadays, I’m very in tune with how my body reacts to food as well as other factors like stress, lack of sleep and anything else I come into contact with.

I sometimes wish that it wasn’t so well tuned, because it would be easier to get away with something or another here and there, but at the same time it’s a blessing to be able to have my body — physical and emotional — be a guide so my mind doesn’t always have to think things through.

It’s the lazy person’s guide to staying healthy. If it hurts afterwords, don’t do it again. If it feels good — in a non stimulating way — then keep doing it.

I love simple!

Your Question of the Day: What anti-aging techniques do you use?

If you want to read more about Donna’s work, please click here:

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Tara Burner says:

    they’re really not techniques..but I just eat clean, drink lots of water and don’t use chemical funk in or on my body….I’ll be 44 this friday, most don’t think I’m that old…so guess it’s working 😉

  2. Wendy says:

    I try to incorporate several things like an organic diet, more fruits, veggies and healthy fats and proteins and less of the junky stuff (carbs and sugars). I drink purified water (by reverse osmosis) and try to do a variety of workouts; stretching, peak 8 training, strenghth training, aerobics and try to get plenty of vitamin D. As supplements go, I also take a good probiotic and a Nrf2 Synergizer (which is the only way to effectively up-regulate the body’s own anti-oxidant enzymes like Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase, and Catalase). This has proven very effective in slowing the aging of my cells- several health benefits have occured. They have a fabulous face cream as well that has really improved the texture and tone of my skin. I am almost 40, but I feel like I am starting to turn back the clock. There is nothing like being able to reduce your oxidative stress by 40-70%!

  3. ken says:

    Kevin what about Dr Buttard trans -d-tropan ( think that is spelt correctly )

  4. Valerie says:

    I am interested in anti-aging technologies.


  5. margaret paynter says:

    Hi kevin, I have donna’s book on body ecology, I tried the fermented food and loved it. Unfortunately had to stop after about 3 mounth’s because I began haveing so much pain in my stomach from colic. I was so so dissapointed, I am too scared to try haveing them again. I particualy liked the coconut kefir and the fermented cocnut meat. Perhaps i should just get some addvice befor trying it again.

  6. Gayle says:

    My comments have nothing to do with Anti-Aging. I wanted to commend on the gentleman that thinks he has lung cancer. He needs to do a web search for Alternative Treatments for Cancer. One such source is Bill Henderson, He has written several books and offers a lot of information about a bunch of different therapies. He provides lots of information. He can also go to and listen to weekly radio shows about curing cancer. My next door neighbor has lung cancer. I gave him Bill’s book to read. He has adopted only one of the protocols that Bill recommends in the book, Flax Seed Oil and Cottage Cheese (which happens to be Johanna Budwig’s protocol). His last visit to the doctor showed that his cancer was getting smaller. Bill Henderson’s web site is a good spot to get started on cancer info. Cancer is curable, my daughter used the Gerson Therapy protocol and cured her cancer. So there are many options.

  7. zyxomma says:

    Lymphasizing on the mini-trampoline, clean food and water, and lying on a slant board with my ankles 14″ above my head are my go-to anti-aging steps. I went through menopause (brought on by traumatic injury) with nary a symptom. No one believes I’m 57 unless I show my I.D.

    Love your life. Health and peace.

  8. Velda says:

    Interesting interview, Kevin. Thank you. I just try to eat healthy, TRY to get the appropriate amount of sleep (most of the time I don’t), use cleaners, body washes, shampoos, laundry detergent (in fact, I make my own) and oral cleaners as natural as possible. Also, I try to make sure that I get in evening Bible reading and prayer. Then pray a lot during the day (because I need lots of help from God 🙂 ). Even though I am not doing the anti-aging activities like stem-cell and trophic factors, I can look around and see that at my 64 years, I am doing much better than many people my age. I hope to continue to learn more and stay healthy, until the day I die. Thanks for always imparting such important information for health and well being. You are one in a million!!

  9. maca says:

    I tend to eat clean food as well, although I do allow myself some treats. I mostly avoid sugar, white bread, white rice, deep fried foods, etc.

    I think what you avoid is more important than what you eat. But you obviously need to be eating nutritious food.

    Most people think I look 10-15 years young than I am. They are usually shocked or just refuse to believe me when I tell them how old I am. I sometimes tell people I’m 10 years younger than I really am and some still think I can’t be that age.

  10. Laura says:

    This is not about anti-aging, but I was surprised to hear Donna say that antibiotics are indicated for strep throat. Eek! All you need for that is vinegar. I once came down with strep throat when visting a cousin. I was very ill and went to a doctor, who gave me antibiotics. They weren’t working and I was miserable. While browsing my cousin’s bookshelf, I came across a book on natural cures that recommended sipping vinegar, diluted with water, just enough that you can stand to drink it. Magic happened! Within four hours, I was cured. Every time since that I’ve felt a sore throat coming on, I reach for the vinegar and it doesn’t happen. The trick is to take tiny sips almost constantly. The point is not to get the viengar into your stomach but, rather, the keep your throat coated with it. Antibiotics not required!

  11. Pat says:

    I would be interested in hearing anyone’s opinion or knowledge about Trans-D-Tropin also.
    Does anyone have any knowledge about whether Glutathione is best absorbed by patches such as LifebWave or as a liquid or by breathing it through a face mask ?
    My husband has the beginning symptoms of dementia and I am searching for things to try and slow down its progress. Any and all ideas are appreciated.

  12. Ken Dorr says:

    Great interview, “Simple is good”

    Keeping it simple and “be the cause”

    We love living a clean healthy life free of all the hype, toxins, processed dead food and conventional health$care.

    Life is beautiful!

    We live by 4 words that have a certain resonance within our family. Kind, Alive, Learning and Exploring. or as we like to remember them KALE.

    Kevin and Donna
    Thanks for your contributions.

  13. Danny says:

    I feel that there are a number of basic principles, but the emphasis will change from person to person, and will also change as we grow and develop. For me these include nutritious food (vegan, organic, mainly raw), drinking enough pure water, getting the proper amount of sleep (7-8 hours, and not too late), doing some kind of execise daily (yoga, tai chi, setting aside time for meditation. The ideas are well known – the challenge is of course to follow them, and also to remember to be gentle with ourselves when we sometimes fail (at least I do:))

  14. batia karmieli says:

    I suffer from candida whitch is very hard for years and years. Can you help? Bles you

  15. LynnCS says:

    My main thing right now is eating for regeneration and weight loss as much as possible while trying to rebuild bone and muscle loss from illnesses over time.

    I have eliminated grains for now and my digestion seems to be a lot better. So far I have had good luck eating raw.

    Eating whole raw fruits and vegis seems to be the best option for me now. Every time I have veered off, I don’t feel as well.

    I guess I’m not ready to learn about stem cells yet. I kind of got lost there, but I am following the “save our bones program” for bone building and the Hashimoto’s seems to be better. Instead of thinking about fixing illnesses, More and more I realize that eating right, etc. will create the healthy alkaline environment that allows the body to function in a healthy way. Thinks have changed fast.

  16. Avril says:

    Hello Kevin,

    Thanks for this very interesting interview and your wonderful web site.

    I really apreciate your great ethical sense. For this reason, I would like to know your opinion on liposomal encapsulated vitamin C with ascorbic acid and lecithin.

    Do you know if ascorbic acid is less harmful for the kidneys that way ? Can we use acerola or camu camu powder instead of ascorbic acid and blend it in a mixer ?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  17. Deb says:

    My husband and I are just now starting to juice and eat more raw foods. My husband loves his “sweets”, so it’s harder for him. We are also with a company called Jeunesse, and their items include adult stem cell technology. Results are pretty amazing. Now we’re getting healthy and looking good at the same time.

  18. Josephine says:

    I sleep, and do T-Tapp exercises–I’m still in the learning stage, but I do stay warmer when I get in bed at night.
    T-Tapp is a physical-therapy style get fit and trim system.

  19. John says:

    In regards to temperature control for fermenting foods, a friend of mine and I both use a seedling heat mat(such as–19-1-2-Inch-Seedling/dp/B0001WV010/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1326992254&sr=8-2) controlled by a heat mat thermostat (such as to keep a 2.5 gallon porcelain dispenser at a constant temperature for brewing kombucha. We wrap the seedling mat around the dispensenser and hold it in place with rubber bands. It works out well for this purpose, so perhaps it could be applied for other types of fermenting as well.

  20. Lilith says:

    Thanks for posting the Candida story. So where does the Cacao incident fit into this? Was that also while you where having Candida issues?
    I really wonder about this since I, too, have cacao issues, and would really appreciate more insights about your story.

    Thank you!

  21. Vlad says:

    In my opinion the most powerful anti-aging technique is CLEANSING. I was astounded to hear about a scientist (Carell – who was nominated for the Nobel prize) that kept a chicken heart alive and well for over 30 years. He did this by regularly cleaning the heart. Who knows how long he could of kept doing that too since his funding was cut off. The point is, with regular cleansing of our bowels and organs, who knows how long we can live for.

  22. Dana says:

    I have had the same experience as others that people can’t believe I’m old enough to have a son in college. I’m 43 and he’s 20. Since changing my lifestyle 5 years ago I feel younger than I did when I was in my 20’s. It’s all about eating whole foods (for me it’s Vegan), Intense exercise, fresh air, sunshine and connecting with nature, low stress and lots of gratitude. I also do a lot of fermented foods and drinks that I love as well as sprouting. Based on my clean diet and lifestyle I have been teased by family members that I am going to live to be 120. That’s not my goal but I do intend to be full of life, energy and take care of myself until the end!

    Wishing everyone well,

  23. Charlotte says:

    I have a question in regards to fermenting at a constant 72ish degrees. I have kefir grains which i use to ferment my raw goat milk. The thing is i have a lot of grains that ferment very quickly and I don’t consume the resulting kefir fast enough. To slow down the process, I’ve been fermenting in the fridge. Will that change the bacterial profile? i know certain temperatures favor some strains..
    Would really appreciate if someone could answer my question!!
    Fermenting in the fridge does produce some wonderfully thick and creamy kefir though 🙂

  24. Wendy says:

    In response to Pat, I know of a Dr. in Florida, Dr. Perlmutter, who gives injections of Glutathione. He also wrote a book about brain health. I take a supplement that increases the body’s production of Glutathione by 300% and you only have to take one pill a day. You can find more info at . Hope you can get some help for your husband.

  25. Calypso says:

    I love reading all the different methods of staying healthy and younger looking. Basically it always seems to come down to the same things: good exercise, great natural food, love of life, open heart.

    For myself I found that cutting out negative thought patterns is also hugely important too. You can be eating the healthiest sprouted and fermented food in the world, but if your mind is in the gutter, you’re missing out on so much.

    Here’s my ‘to don’t list when it comes to thought patterns and behaviour:


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