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Annmarie Hugging Rocks
I don’t know if hugging rocks is an anti-aging technology, but smiling sure is.

Yesterday’s interview with Donna Gates and my candida story were pretty popular…

Many of you have been asking me to tell my story about candida and I finally sat down to do it. (I do cover protocol options in “The Perfect Digestion Plan”)

Anyway, today, I have Part 2 of my interview with Donna and in this one she shares her thoughts about fermented foods (obviously, they’re positive!) and a few anti-aging techniques that she says may be able to help you look and literally be younger.

So if you want to stay looking young as long as you can (who doesn’t), you’ll definitely want to hear about the technologies that Donna shares at the end…

Listen to Part 2 Now:

donna gates candida

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My thoughts on this interview…

1. Fermented foods work.

Don’t take my word or Donna’s word on it, try them yourself and see what you think.

Try them for two weeks and see what happens. I bet you’ll find that something improves — whether it’s your digestion, your bowel movements, your skin, your energy, etc.

2. An added immune boost.

One thing that I love about fermented foods is that the bacteria can turn an already healthy food into an immune boosting superfood.

When the bacteria “eat” or ferment the food you have as a medium, they release amino acids from the food by breaking down proteins. In their own metabolic processes, they also release B vitamins that can be very beneficial to a healthy immune system.

So having a fermented food is kind of like having a maid clean your house. He or she does all the work and you get to enjoy it.

3. Use a plate warmer to keep your ferments at the right temperature.

Donna is definitely an innovator. She’s told us some great fermenting and health tips over the years that could only come from someone who is thoughtful and creative.

In this interview, she explains how to use a plate warmer to keep your fermented foods at the right temperature during winter months when it might not be as warm as you’d like it to be.

I’m not exactly sure how she wraps it around the glass that is fermenting (I’ve actually never seen a plate warmer before!), but I’m sure someone more knowledgeable — maybe you — can help show us how it’s done.

4. Is living longer possible?

Donna shares two anti-aging therapies that you might be interesting in learning more about.

First is stem-cell technology and the other involves the injection of trophic factors.

I’m not so familiar with trophic factors and am somewhat versed on stem cells — but not enough to get into a scientific explanation.

Trophic factors are interesting to me, since they’re less expensive than stem cell therapy. I’m not sure about their effectiveness, but am interested to learn more.

If you’re wondering what trophic factors are, they’re proteins that stimulate cellular growth. So the idea is that they will lengthen the time a cell is alive as well as help stimulate tissue re-growth.

Pretty cool stuff.

I’ll have more once I get a better grip on them.

5. How to get in touch with your body.

Finally, Donna shares how to get in touch with your body to determine what diet and program works best for you.

After I started eating well, I realized just how sensitive my body was to certain foods. It was surprising to me, since I had never felt how cloggy I got when I drank conventional milk, or how sleepy I got when I ate pancakes — or more specifically, I never tied them all together.

I’m sure you felt the same way (either in the past, or are experiencing it now.)

Nowadays, I’m very in tune with how my body reacts to food as well as other factors like stress, lack of sleep and anything else I come into contact with.

I sometimes wish that it wasn’t so well tuned, because it would be easier to get away with something or another here and there, but at the same time it’s a blessing to be able to have my body — physical and emotional — be a guide so my mind doesn’t always have to think things through.

It’s the lazy person’s guide to staying healthy. If it hurts afterwords, don’t do it again. If it feels good — in a non stimulating way — then keep doing it.

I love simple!

Your Question of the Day: What anti-aging techniques do you use?

If you want to read more about Donna’s work, please click here:

Live Awesome!

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