This is as Close to a Magic Pill as You Can Get for Losing Weight : The 5 Undeniable Laws of Lasting Weight Loss

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love and unicorns
Don’t worry, I’m completely aware that I need to explain this image, and the unicorn with the arrow coming out of its horn as well…

I know you’ve seen the infomercials…

They promise abs in minutes, weight loss without diets, mini-sized packaged meals sent to your door, and trim down fast, speedy diet pills.

The common thread between them all is that they’re not selling you a solution. They are selling you the idea of a magic pill that will burn fat off your hips, waist and stomach without having to do that much work.

Look, I’ve watched them and even I get sucked into the pitch just enough to wonder if I could use them to hack into my body’s biochemistry to get an extra edge. (Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who’s never been more than 20-30 pounds over my ideal weight — which I’m at now.)

But as you know, not a real brain buster here, these are anti-solutions to real weight loss. I’ve been talking about real solutions all week, and today, I’m going to give you one that — while it seems subtle — may actually be as close as we can get to the magic pill (though admittedly, it’s still quite far off…)

Law #4 – The Undeniable Laws of Lasting Weight Loss: Effective Emotional Energy Management

LOL, I know…

I’m a little skeptical from time to time as well and if you told me 10 years ago that managing energy was an effective weight loss tool, I would have told you to save your emotional energy for when you start to break down after the 500 crunches you need to do to get real weight loss results (Yeah, I’ve totally softened up since then.)

Of course, exercise is great for weight loss, but it’s only one piece of the pie — preferably raw apple pie, BTW.

What I think is more important — in terms of laying down a successful groundwork for lasting weight loss — is figuring out how to control yourself on the inside. Once you do this, the rest will follow.

Here’s a few ways to do it…

Play the Part of Someone Who’s Positive (Even if you’re not…)

So, the first magic pill is letting go of the negative chatter in your head that is around your body image and anything else. Your negative thoughts — yes, you have them and so do I — don’t do you any fat burning favors. All they want to do is keep you from changing into something that may be a little uncomfortable at first, but tremendously rewarding in the long run.

On a physiological level, negative thoughts and beliefs create more stress for your body than it needs and can turn on your fat storing engines (see Law #3.)

On an emotional level, your fear has every right to try and hold you back from succeeding, but you don’t have my permission to listen to that little devil on your shoulder.

Though my personal training days and beyond, I’ve been told numerous ways to shut down the negative chatter — some more effective than others — but all seem to note that this is one of the most important things you can do for your health and your life.

An interesting thing about negative thoughts…

Just the other day, Annmarie and I had lunch with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez — the renowned alternative cancer doctor from New York.

About halfway through the meal, he shared that one of the most important items a patient needs to bring to his office to increase their chances of healing was a positive attitude.

Surprising — since you might have thought it was an enema bag — but in his 20+ years of practice, this is what he’s figured out.

Now keep in mind, this is for healing cancer patients. Cancer, in my opinion, is a little more complicated than slimming down around the waist.

So if these cancer patients can survive with cancer starting with a positive attitude (this, of course, isn’t the only therapy they use), then you assuredly can reach your idea weight with a change in mood.

Next Up, How to Get Your Mind Thinking about Love and Unicorns

You might laugh when I say “love and unicorns” but it’s actually something I think from time to time when I need to brighten up my mood.

Unicorns are an inside joke with Suzanne, the amazing designer we’ve worked with for years. When I want to bring attention to an area on a site or a page, I always have asked her to put flashing arrows and dotted lines and the like — many times to her dismay. One day, she was feeling a little punchy at my insistence on a certain page and decided to put a flying unicorn by the area. When I opened the graphic proof, I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Since then when I ask her to put flying unicorns on a page, she knows exactly what to do and we both get a good laugh about it.

So I say “love and unicorns” to myself to cheer up a bit. Sometimes I even end my Skype messages with close friends with it. You may think I’m borderline nutso, but the truth is, setting up pattern interrupts like this is very effective in changing your mood… and fast.

Next time you’re in a bad mood, try giving yourself a little love and picture unicorns flying around it with a big bowl of delicious salad on its back just for you. Did I just brighten up your day or what?! (Or scare the heck out of you… you take your pick, both are right. LOL!)

A more sane approach is to take a lesson from the book of Peter Ragnar a colleague in health and longevity you may know of.

One of him mantras is to repeat the line “I am a child of the universe (or God), I am safe.”

Think about how this could positively impact the way you think about things on a regular basis. What if you new you were safe no matter the decision you are about to make. A safe child of the universe looks differently at the treadmill than a scared, unconfident you. I bet if you adopted this as your mantra, you’d make more decisions from a positive place. You might even lose weight without having to worry so much about it — hence the magic pill-like effect.

Finally, “Tap” Into Your Inner Weight Loss

No, this isn’t a reference to liposuction, what I mean by “tapping” into your inner weight loss is to use a technique called “tapping” or EFT to clear any blocks that may be stopping you from losing the weight — particularly emotional ones.

Tapping, to me, is an easy technique to learn that you can do yourself, and works to clear your energy around whatever issue you’d like to address. In this case, tapping could be very effective in getting your energy managed properly so that you think more happy thoughts than not. Again, remember unhappy thoughts bring you stress, which then bring you fat — so the more you can train your brain to think like Yogi the Bear (minus the picnic basket stealing) and not like Scrooge, the more likely you’ll be lighter and looser than ever before.

If you want more information on tapping, click here.

But again, just like all these laws, don’t put all your trust in what I say. Try them yourself and let me know what happens — chances are it will be in your favor.

And just in case you think this is woo-woo, one of the biggest findings of the Nurse’s study — one of the most widely regarded studies on diet and lifestyle — is that people with a positive attitude tend to be thinner.

See, my magic pill is even approved by medical professionals.*

Your Question of the Day: What do you do to think happy?

Live Awesome!

*I think I have to have a disclaimer here that says having a positive attitude is not a cure or treatment for any disease. However, having a positive attitude is approved for prevention of road rage, physical abuse, addiction, lying, cheating, stealing, war and many other human related ailments. Possible side effects include uncontrollable giggling, jaw and cheek fatigue and, more serious, your drink being expelled from your nostrils. If you are experiencing any of these side effects, please see a health care practitioner immediately for the appropriate vaccine. Remember, laughter is contagious. It must be stopped.

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Lyn says:

    what’s the feasibility of doing each article with a video summary?
    …something like Dr.Mercola but much briefer.

    Personally, I much prefer to read. I absorb, understand, & retain more that way.
    in fact, i very rarely watch the videos & only became a ‘daily’ follower as you began to write instead of video.

    but everyone learns better in their own unique way so perhaps a brief video summary with each article would serve many more people than just one or the other.

    I hate to see ‘just’ the video people OR ‘just’ the blog people benefit from what you want to share with the world in order ‘to change it one video/blog at a time.’

    something to think about…

  2. Karen says:

    I have a mantra that I say for whatever the reason – stress, negativity, judgment, safety, etc. I try to pull myself out of it. It has really helped me.

  3. zyxomma says:

    I stay positive by loving life–all life, not just mine. I am grateful to have air to breathe, water to drink, and great (live, organic) food to eat. I’m grateful that my neighborhood is distant enough from the subway that, in addition to my four flights of stairs, I do a great deal of walking (that includes walking to our terrific health food stores and restaurants, some of which include live, organic, gourmet food). I’m grateful that I have organic juice bars within easy walking distance.

    I’m also grateful for having a terrific partner in love and in life. We’re moving toward the eighth year of our sacred relationship, and our new business insures we’re involved with right livelihood.

    I’m also grateful for internet access. How else could I find terrific people like Annmarie and Kevin?

    Health and peace.

  4. Junilla says:

    Can we talk about how to gain pounds now?

  5. Sue says:

    I go outside and take a walk! For best results, fresh air and sunshine work wonders for me!

  6. Felicia (the Netherlands) says:

    Hahaha, I love your disclaimer! You really loves life with its ups & downs and so am I. Thank you so much for all the empowering information that you are sharing with your subscribers.
    Wishing you and yours a happy and bright New Year!
    With gratitude,

  7. Cindy says:

    I take my grandkids to the park & just sit & relax in the sun while they play. I also think of things I’m grateful for, & realize that I have it better than a lot of people.

  8. Pam says:

    I praise God. He made me. He fixes me. I guess this would be very much like the mantra you mentioned. God is bigger than my troubles.

  9. Simona says:

    I love your disclaimer :)))

  10. Josephine says:

    I breathe more and read my “thankful-for” blackboards. I also like for ideas.

  11. Velda says:

    Great article, Kevin. I must admit, I have tried EFT and cannot get anywhere with it. Don’t know if I am doing something wrong, or just so deeply screwed up that it won’t work on me. I believe there definitely is value because of your recommendation. I just have not experienced it. I was raised in a very negative and oppressive household. Spent 30 years in a marriage that as far less than perfect and so at some point in the past few years I realized how negative I was. I began to develop an attitude of gratitude. I now can see the “other side” of a seemingly negative situation. I have not arrived, but am getting there. I think you are right on with this. A positive attitude can make all the difference in the world in how we handle a seemingly bad situation, and how we continue to develop our character. Guess that is the answer to the question for me, I look for ways to be thankful, and try to embrace the fact that I am loved by the God that created the universe!!

  12. Aron says:

    Hahaha, nice article! I certainly got a laugh out of ‘love and unicorns’.

  13. Patrice says:

    The Daily Kitten website. Started this back when I was working 120+ hrs per week in an IT shop 5 years ago. And then last year I read somewhere that looking at photos of kittens, puppies and bunnies raises your serotonin levels. There you go. Your disclaimer made me spray ginger tea btw.

  14. Stephania says:

    what I do to think happy:

    1. actually LAUGH OUT LOUD 🙂 when I read “LOL”

    (& other humourous Gianni disclaimers and such)

    2. start the day the Tony Robbins way (Hour of Power), then a huge glass of vegetable juice–gorgeously delicious!

    3. SMILE broadly throughout the day–even when by myself!

    (“Keep smiling. It makes them wonder.” and “Keep smiling; if nothing else, it makes them nervous.”)

    4. Sing out loud–esp. old tunes, kids’ songs


  15. Ilana says:

    I love to walk or run on the sea wall where I live. I make a point of smiling at every one I pass, and breath in the Ocean air. Everything fades away as I inhale the positive energy of nature around me. I also agree with the Puppy comment ……it’s impossible to be stressed when looking at a puppy.

  16. First I want to thank you and Ann Marie for helping people like my self with such love and wisdom and dedication to impower people to live happier and better lives.I wake up at 5:30am almost every morning and meditate. I first do breathing techniques for the first 5 min then I just relax my mind and my body. I’m in this meditation for another 5 minutes, I finally come to an awareness of my breathing and body. I start to thank my Creator for EVERYTHING! My husband, children family…..which leads to a humbling begining to start out my day. I love to start out my mornings this way *smile*

  17. Theresa says:

    Great disclaimer! 🙂

  18. SarahS says:

    @Velda – I haven’t been able to get anywhere with EFT either. I’ve made many committed attempts at it over the past several years ago. I even did it at work this morning when things got stressful, but the effects were very mild, if at all. I keep thinking I must be missing something, because other people swear by it.

  19. SarahS says:

    P.S. Great article, thank you!

  20. Paula says:

    Karen — I’d love to know and use your mantra. If it’s not too much trouble, please share.
    best regards

  21. To think happy I used to say this blessing: “Come holy spirit, Goddess, beloved of my soul. I beseech you to enlighten me, guide me, fill me with love. Whisper your will into my heart. Fill my soul with vision.” From now on it’s “Love and unicorns!” :o)

  22. P.S. I’m currently writing a book “The Research Behind EFT”. EFT definitely has to be used correctly to get the desired result. I may change the title of the book to “The Art & Science of EFT”. Will let you know when it is released…hopefully this year. You can contact me if you want some EFT pointers.

  23. connie linn says:

    I saw you two on youtube while searching for raw food recipes. I love the energy and humor you both have. This is a whole new eating experience for me. I am beginning my journey with a 10 day juice detox. It has been rough. I’m on day four and boy do I feel crappy, but am determined to make it to the ten days. They say it gets easier. I decided to make these changes after I watched a program called “Forks over Knives,” and now I am too afraid to eat animal products. I am originally from an indian reservation in northern Michigan and because of my ethnic background I know there are a lot of disorders such as autoimmune disease ,diabetes,food sensitivities that many Native Americans have a high chance of developing. Diseases and health issues I may end up having to deal with if I don’t change my wicked ways. If I can avoid all this and lose weight with your “magic pill” it would be wonderful! I’m Looking forward to the recipes and information that you both have to offer. I need to lose weight but I hope to make my body healthy as my first priority. Thank you both for doing what you can to spread the word about a healthier way to eat and live. I am a musician so hopefully as I lose the 45 pounds, people will ask me how I did it and I can pass your site on to others and help spread the word too!!!! You two rock!

  24. maca says:

    I listen to great music to help me feel happy.

  25. Lester says:

    You’re right. A positive attitude doesn’t cure anything, especially excess weight, but it helps you follow through to the completion of a process by opening up your energy pathways:

  26. Kathy says:

    A few years ago I had an epiphany and this has become my mantra – “nothing exists outside of now”. Physically the past and the future don’t exist except in our thoughts. You can only reach out and touch something that exists right now. Somehow knowing that and saying it to myself helps to lessen the power of those negative thoughts about past/future and gives me focus on what I have in the present. I usually find, once I have really focused on it, that I have nothing to worry about where the present is concerned. All of my fears and worries are about the past or the future.

  27. laura says:

    I look at my dog and see such joy when we are out walking, or my cats purring while kneading my chest with their paws. i don’t need to ‘think’ happy. I just absorb it, am porous to it, and I AM happy!

  28. Jayvanthy says:

    Great Concep!!

    In India where I live there is this concept that anything that happens is something that is fated to happen. In the Bhagwad Gita an important guide to living Life, Krishna the main character, tells us that we are only the Instruments used for something that was to happen.

    Many Indians called this ‘fatalism’, not understanding the deeper hidden meaning. But looking at it with a broader perspective I think it was a deliberate attempt to remove the negativity in our lives. Because when You use this Philosophy in life You stop worrying about the Past or the Future while ‘Dharma’ the 2nd concept talked of in this book keeps you on the steady and active on the path of your duty.

  29. fred says:

    Lotta good stuff here, and thanks! There is actually a new good-for-you website, called, that lets you send healings, note your good actions, give gratitude, and related good stuff. Thank you for your good web site, too, BTW!

  30. Linda says:

    I choose to be happy. I choose to be positive. I choose to smile. I choose to be cheerful. The opposite sounds awful…to be sad, negative, grouchy and depressing. When you think about it, it’s so much better to choose to be happy. AND when you choose to be happy it’s contagious and spreads to others, which makes you even happier. There is a spiritual law that if you give, you receive, and it definitely works with happiness. If you share happiness it comes back to you.

  31. Brenda says:

    Over the years I have been asked by my clients many times, “If you could only pick one thing to improve your health, what would it be?” I tell them positive thinking. Yep 😀

    With regard to my weightloss clients, I tell them they need to let go of their emotional reasons for keeping the weight as well as changing their eating habits and lifestyle, etc. Of course I help them with all of that.

    Life is good. It is easy to think happy. There is so much to be in joy about. It is all perspective.
    Thank you again Kevin for a wonderful article.

  32. Brenda says:

    Another Happy thought:
    When my grand daughter was about three she turned to me and said “Grandma, are you happy at me?” Just like someone might say “are you mad at me” It took me by surprise, “Yes Zoe, I am happy at you.” ;D

  33. Becky says:

    Finding out what I say to myself that’s negative and then saying the opposite to myself on a regular basis. God helps – God loves me, God has great plans for me, I am safe, I am confident, work’s going to be easy, I trust my judgement….. (wow I must have a load of negative stuff in there)….. also never attack yoursef or your body (I mean verbally of course!!!) and thank God for all the blessings XXX

  34. Jen says:

    Whenever my partner and I get really stressed or down about things we do something like jump up and dance or demand that the other person come up with 3 things they are grateful for on the spot. Calling out negativity while it’s happening can do wonders as its often unrealized. Thanks to everyone for sharing their tips and websites! I also started one to combat negativity.. Called Happy Friday to everyone.

  35. Lucy says:

    I am free to be healthy,wealthy and happy now.Thais is my new mantra that is making me happy now.

  36. Sophia says:

    If it’s a bad funk, here’s what I suggest: deep prayer or meditation, as well as EFT, can make you more aware of what’s going on inside. Tears are a good sign that you’re in touch. Cry it out, then tap it out if you can, being sure to keep going through the various layers of feelings. Once cleared, tap on the positive things you want to manifest. If EFT isn’t working for you, go to a group where you can learn more about it.
    Being in the moment is groovy, but when you come out of it you don’t want to be carrying your fears, grief, and other baggage with you. If the stuff is hitting the fan, you can only put off thinking about the future for so long!
    Rough quote from a Sufi master in a film: “What a blessing are our tears: without them, how could we ever know ourselves, much less God?”

  37. Anna21 says:

    Great article. I play with my cat & dogs. I love my cat- he is a sweet lil guy- but dogs are more fun. Ever notice how much they love life? How happy they are to see you? How they love to play frisbee & fetch? They treat every moment as exciting & fun. It’s hard for me to get grumpy or stressed when my dogs are around. Believe me I’ve tried but it is so difficult 🙂

  38. Look at cute animal pictures.. lol eat lovely fruits. go to ecomarkets shopping lovely fruits and food. sleeping, dreaming,,,,,,, listen to rain birds and storm. look at the high tide water levels of my stream in fron of my house.

  39. Carol W. says:

    I know they say to start thinking of things you are grateful for to be happy. Also, happiness is wanting what you have.
    I like to think of myself floating down a river in the sun with trees all around and Robin Trower’s Daydream song playing in the background. This makes me really happy.

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