This Food Could Destroy Your Thyroid : Exclusive Renegade Health Interview

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annmarie avocados thyroid
Don’t worry, avocados will not destroy the thyroid. (Thank goodness…)

If you liked yesterday’s interview (here), you’re going to really enjoy today’s…

In this second installment with Dr. David Brownstein, we talk about why wheat can affect the thyroid, how to get enough iodine, if the iodine skin test is worth your time and Dr. Brownstein’s clinical experience with the vegan diet.

Like I wrote about in Part 1, I really found this interview to be very valuable and I think you will too.

Here’s where to listen to Part 2 now (My comments follow in writing)…


Click the play button to start the call:


Here are my thoughts on this interview…

1. The bromine, flour, thyroid connection.

I have interviewed a good deal of experts who have explained that wheat flour has a negative effect on the thyroid. I’m sure you may have heard this before as well. What I hadn’t heard until now, is that Dr. Brownstein believes that the bromine added to flour is what damages the thyroid. Some experts put weight on the gluten, but Dr. Brownstein sees it differently (though does attribute gluten to be an issue as well.)

Dr. Brownstein says that the thyroid uptakes bromine if there is not enough iodine and this causes interference with thyroid function.

The gluten theory is that the body produces antibodies to the gluten protein that are similar to thyroid tissue and these antibodies attack the thyroid as well as the gluten. This has the workings of a classic autoimmune disease.

So I’m not sure which one is right (or both), but both outcomes tell you hybridized, processed flour (with excess gluten) is not something you should eat if you want a healthy thyroid – or healthy waistline.

2. Can you get your iodine from your seaweed?

I asked Dr. Brownstein if eating seaweeds was enough to get sufficient amounts of iodine. His response wasn’t exactly a simple one.

First, you have to get your seaweed from a clean area that is not pumping industrial chemicals, flouride, bromine, arsenic or any other toxic substance into the water. You can ask your sea vegetable provider if they do any type of testing. (We test ours for heavy metals.)

You have to make sure the product is fresh, since over time the plant will lose it’s nutritional value.

You also have to make sure that you’re absorbing the iodine that is in the seaweed.

So I’m sure Dr. Brownstein would agree, it’s not about the seaweed you take in – it’s also about how you digest it.

The best way to determine if you are getting adequate amount of iodine from sea vegetables is to continually test to make sure your levels are at optimal levels (or rise if you’re low.)

3. The skin iodine test not accurate.

Dr. Brownstein has confirmed (adding to a long list of people) that the skin test for iodine is fairly inaccurate. About 80% of the iodine evaporates, so there’s very little science or control involved in this “test” at all.

Urinary testing for iodine is the most accurate in Dr. Brownstein’s opinion.

4. Estrogen is everywhere.

You’d think that all the talk you hear about estrogenic compounds everywhere, every man would be turning into women and every woman would have breast cancer. (Well, wait… Maybe we are…)

Plastics and soy are two estrogenic substances that need to be heavily avoided in order to get your hormones back into balance. This doesn’t mean that you never should eat soy or you never should drink anything from plastic – it means you need to be very careful about your intake so that you don’t fake your body out with estrogen it doesn’t need.

Good news is… Iodine can help modulate estrogen. So having good iodine levels will help you keep your estrogen in check.

5. Will kale really destroy your thyroid?

There is a lot of talk about cruciferous vegetables like kale and cabbage can destroy your thyroid (or at least slow down its function.)

Dr. Brownstein confirms that he’s seen low thyroid function with those who eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables – but mainly in the vegan patients he sees. This is an interesting distinction that he’s seen clinically and I wonder if it’s because most vegans / raw foodies eat a lot of kale or if it’s a combination of what they’re not eating and the cruciferous vegetables.

I don’t know the answer to this, but I’m going to explore it further.

6. Vegan diet can be done, but…

For those of you who are vegans, Dr. Brownstein has good news. He thinks the vegan diet can be done, but with a few caveats. You must work with a practitioner, study it, keep your blood tests monitors and focus on it with a good deal of intensity. If you have this time and energy to focus on your food, then go for it – see what happens. If you don’t you may be better suited to adjust your diet to fit your level of commitment.

The diet debate will likely be endless, but to add my own thoughts, I too believe that some people can thrive on a pure vegan diet. I also believe that others cannot. Regardless of what our ancestors ate, we have to come to terms with the fact that we’re not our ancestors any more. We’ve changed. Some of us have different gene expression that requires different food.

Our diet decisions have to be made by taking a few very important considerations and weighing them according to your physical and emotional needs.

Some of these are:

– Environmental impact of the food you eat.
– Ethical considerations.
– Animal welfare.
– Personal health.
– Community health considerations.
– If you’re judging others or not.

If you assess all of these, you will be able to figure out where you’re at and what diet to choose for your needs.

Your question of the day: What considerations that I listed do you feel are most important to you?

You can find out more information about Dr. David Brownstein here:

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. IH says:


    Great information as usual. Lately I have been bookmarking a lot of the information that you give from health care professionals. I’m glad that you involve people in the medical community. It makes your information so well rounded and most of all credible.

    Considerations that I (and my family) make in terms of food? I myself am not 100% vegan so when it comes to the few animal products that I consume I am very critical when looking at the source and like you I take advise from people like Michael Pollan. I don’t eat anything from an animal that hasn’t eaten well itself. Personal health and environmental impact are other considerations and of course we all know that it doesn’t make sense to judge people for what they eat. (although I have a hard time with this when it comes to children and junk food…I’m working on this one 🙂 )

  2. Diane says:

    Fascinating information. I had a severe thyroid problem and it was under control and I started eating lots of kale and I have gained weight and feel sluggish despite a 90% raw diet so I will cut it out altogether and see. Thanks for a fabulous site.

    • AGNES says:


      I also ate tons of kale (juiced). I gained weight . Who would everthink? But that was the only different thing added to my diet (a lot if it juiced). I had no energy and low thyroid (which was always normal). I stopped juicing it January 21st. I immediately felt my normal energetic levels come up. STill up 8 pounds. DOes anyone know how long one year of juicing kale will leave my body? I just want to be my normal weight again. Im dieting and exercising like crazy.

  3. Wanda says:

    YAY!!! Love this article Kevin. I have Hashimotos’ diease, I’m 58 years old. I became a health food minister a few years back. It’s so nice to see that you have come full circle with raw food guidelines for a more healthy lifestyle.

    The things that you have mentioned above I have found for myself to be so true. I believe life is a balancing act in most if not all of the choices we make.

    Thanks for All you have done and continue to do.


  4. Anna21 says:

    Excellent article!!!! I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis & was also warned to stay away from gluten, bromine & fluorides as well as limit my exposure to plastics.

    You are so right to recommend blood testing. It’s not an expense, it’s an investment in your health. The longer you wait, the worse your health issues will become, & the more expen$ive they will be to fix.

    I got my blood tested (thyroid panel, blood panel, liver panel & a few others) & yes, it was expensive (& I am uninsured to boot!) but it saved me from a future of chronic fatigue & other miseries. Through testing I discovered that I had severe vitamin & mineral defeciencies, low thyroid hormone, weak adrenals, leaky gut & hypoglycemia.

    I wish I had gotten tested a lot earlier. Anyway, identifying these issues gave me an opportunity to stop my downward spiral & change my future. As a hypoglycemic, I am at high risk for diabetes. If I had continued on my current path I could have suffered from blindness, coma, even amputation. And undiagnosed hypothyroid patients are at risk for disfiguring goiters, chronic fatigue, depression, even coma.

    And Kev was right again when he mentioned that one has to modify their diet in accordance with their biochemistry. Vegetarians must be careful not to eat too many ‘sugars’ (sweets, fruit, grains & beans) or risk blood sugar disorders (I made this mistake) & ensure they get enough B12.

    The same warnings apply to raw food vegans, as well as a warning to refrain from over indulging in raw cruciferous veggies in salads, juices, green smoothies, etc. (I made this mistake also & my thyroid paid a terrible price for it!)

    Please invest in your health & take care of yourselves before it is too late.

  5. wendy green says:

    hey kev, excellent as always. shoot, i don’t eat much seaweed, only once a week…but will add it to my meal tonight!!! thanks for the reminder!

  6. Lisa says:

    Interesting article (as ever Kev!). I must admit that I eat a lot of kale when I can get it and feel great on it. I crave it!! I currently also take an iodine supplement and eat local harvested sea veg.

    Testing is something I will do as soon as I can get some dosh together! It will be interesting … meanwhile I am listening to my body ;o)

    Thanks for the article and the zillions of others – they’re all appreciated!

    Lisa ;o)

  7. Emanuel says:

    Our thyroid is under attack all the time, since all Halides , Bromine, Fluorine, Chlorine are somewhat interchangable and tend to replace Iodine when it is too low. with toxic effects.One additional precaution is to take Zeolite to remove heavy metals and their radioactive isotopes.Be sure to take multi vitamins, minerals and trace elements . It also helps with the Calcium Magnesium pump especially if Coconut oil is ingested , providing an alternative energy source. Estrogen dominance through the pill, HRT,Unfermented Soy , pseudoestrogens, and Zenoestrogens all contribute infertility,loss of libido and emasculation. The WHO has a depopulation agenda since the early seventies,designed to cull 90 % of the Global population, Will you be one of the many victims ? They accomplish that through marketing mostly denatured food, medical drugs and vaccines etc.They are so very very cunning.

  8. Jonathan says:

    Curious to find out more information about Kale and cabbage, as well as thyroid function. Wondering if the testers were low or deficient in other nutrients. I love my Kale Juice and eat Broccoli and different types of cabbage numerous times a week.

    Looking forward for more info from you.


  9. Excellent interview and article. It gives an entirely new picture of the gluten “problem” and why it is happening more now. I will also share this with my vegan only diet friends. THis is information they need to have. Thanks.

  10. LynnCS says:

    Another great article, Keving. Because of your articles and applying a lot of the things I am learning, I am getting better all the time. These symptoms are fluid and can be a lot of things. Often I don’t believe the tests, but now I get a written copy and try to learn about them myself, so I understand better. I have been able to ask for a better option from medicines the doctor wanted to give me.

    The most important considerations from your article is to be more informed about my health by understanding the tests, and what I need to eat and drink. What I don’t eat and drink is equally important too. Not only have I been able to be more involved in what medicines to take, but more informed about supplements. I’m still learning, but not so quick to take a supplement just because I “heard” it would be good. It’s not a “one size fits all” world for me now and I see that I can get a lot of nutrition, in fact almost everything in the long run, from my diet, as long as I stay healthy. I do think there is value in looking at all possibilities. You are providing such good information toward becoming the best informed on my own health. Thank you as always. Lynn

  11. Lorraine says:

    I guess I would say:
    Environmental impact of the food I eat,
    Ethical considerations, Animal welfare, and Personal health.
    This is another very good article, Kevin. I am making a list of all the testing I need to do, from the articles you have published and from the transcripts I have received and read.
    There is so much more to consider that I had originally thought. Thanks for bringing us all this amazing information!
    P.S. I sure hope avocados never destroy anything in the body 🙂

  12. Rebecca Lane says:

    Thank you Kevin and Dr. Brownstein for this excellent article and information about Bromine and the Thyroid. Interesting – I hadn’t connected the bromine added to baked goods into the equation. But now it makes total sense.

    And iodine, I really like spirulina and add a tsp to my daily smoothies. I know it’s not the best available source of iodine, but it tastes delish in my smoothie!

  13. Jennifer says:


    You interviewed Donna Gates on your show a while back and came into your kitchen to make ‘cultured vegetable’ she clearly stated and gave the answer to the mystery of raw vegans and their tendency towards low thyroid functions. Too many RAW UN-fermented curciferous vegetables.If you ferment them a large portion of the time then it solves this problem in a huge way. As a matter of fact unless we find Raw-foodist following Ann Wigmore’s basic program I have found that most raw fooders eat very little to no fermented foods. The importance of them for optimal digestion is just not understood well in the raw food community.The selling point of enzymes has made us believe that as long as we eat said food raw then we are guaranteed to fully digest and assimilate each and every bite of our food! I am a recovering 100% raw vegan and I can tell you from first hand experience that Donna Gates’ observation is 100% correct. She’s been saying if for years now. There is MUCH more to nutrition besides ‘enzymes’ and as soon as those of us on a high raw diet wake-up and smell the “smoothie” the better off we’ll be and that includes the raw food movement in general. We need honestly and realness not hype and pie in the sky nutritional theory. Raw food has some of the brightest minds and one by one we are seeing and witnessing them loose their sharpness and power due to serious nutritional deficiencies and an unwillingness to admit that although the enzyme issue speaks with deep authority in the nutritional world this knowledge alone is incomplete! Thank you for being one of the ones willing to discuss the hard and serious concerns that we face in this movement:-)
    Keep up the great work!!!

    Jennifer Boddie- Certified Body Ecology and Living Foods Coach

  14. maca says:

    It was especially interesting to read about the vegan aspect. I have been vegan for 30 years and lots of my vitamin levels were pretty low when I was tested. So this is something I need to think carefully about.

  15. Jenn says:

    The information on the thyroid is great but I wish it went beyond the people with simply low or underactive thyroids that might be able to turn it around by diet. Can you please at some point also address diet or health for those people without thyroid(either removed from cancer or natural burn out), how can they improve their health or increase of T3 and metabolism?

    Interesting just finding the wheat connection here, got tested this past weekend for Celiac’s and waiting to see results.

  16. Jana says:

    I’m a big fan of Dr Brownstein. So glad you interviewed him. I wish there were more doctors like him — even just one doctor like him in my city would be an improvement.

  17. zyxomma says:

    All of the above.

  18. barbara g. says:

    Wheat and Bromine, didn’t know that connection nor plastics. I do not eat out of plastic but do drink too much out of it. Now will stop that too.

    All the considerations you mentioned are important. My top 3 are:
    1. Animal Welfare-nonviolence, no violence of any kind,

    2. Ethical for animals, the soil, h20, air and farmers, and

    3. Personal Health

    great post thanks!

  19. Bobbi Haskins says:

    It seems that all I hear about is the low thyroid. Can you please say something about hyperthyroid, causes, what we can do about it and what foods we should eat. Thanks, you had mentioned that gluten and thyroid could have a connect. I have not been tested, but my gut gets all tore up when I eat food with gluten in it. Eat gluten free foods and I don’t have gas and cramps. Also with the hyperthyroid, I have double vision. I don’t want to kill or take out my thyroid, so would love to hear some advice. Thank you

  20. Dr. Waite says:

    If it were the wheat protein that was producing an antibody resulting in decreased thyroid function, could the resulting increase in thyroid antibodies be measured in the blood?
    I.e. giving an indication whether it is the bromide or the wheat protein?

  21. Rocio says:

    I wrote a long post yesterday and for some reason I deleted it! anyway this one has to be short: I do have Hashimoto, and IODINE is poison to me and even when I take spirulina I do get headaches. Please read the book of Dr. Kharrazian on hypothyroidism. I have been totally gluten free for @ 8 years and no flour/sugar for 25. The problem when I got my antibodies the come out negative because I have not had any gluten for all this years. I love Kale but..I had to stop doing my smothies with it because I could tell the difference. Anyway I have to go..please be aware of the IODINE..last time I took put me in the hospital!
    love and blessings!

  22. CJ says:


    Are you completely vegan?

  23. Ron says:

    Yes, cruciferous vegetables are goitrogenic, and can cause suppression of the thyroid if eaten in large quantities–raw.
    I read a blog yesterday on another health info. blog that told its readers they could eat broccoli, etc., “freely.”
    Thanks for the info.

    Check out another health blog at:

    hhtp:// for other important health information.

  24. Jerri says:

    Having just finished reading “Change Your Genetic Destiny” by Dr. Peter A’Adamo, it seems that the research and clinical findings showing different reactions to iodine and cruciferous vegetables should be tempered with the knowledge that Dr. D’Adamo’s research reveals of how people with different blood types (or genotypes) respond to different foods. Things that are good for some people are to be avoided for others. I am a medical layperson but I would be very interested in research on the basis of this article within the dietary parameters D’Adamo has published. He states that some people, particularly blood type Os do very poorly on vegan diets and would benefit from adding organic meats.

  25. Selina says:

    I really agree with everything -Jennifer- wrote, fermented foods are the key.

    I try to eat organic sauerkraut as much as possible, I plan to make some myself soon too. I would love to be able to incorporate fermented soy products into my diet too, so far I haven’t had much luck finding such things.

    Of all the points that Kev mentioned, the first three are most important to me. My own health is not on top of my list, though I don’t plan getting sick because of my diet 🙂

  26. sharon says:

    In this interview, Dr Brownstein is so opposed to a vegan diet that is not well planned. He makes it sound like someone following a vegan diet needs to be monitored and tested constantly by a doctor. I am a vegan for ethical reasons but I don’t think I neglect my health and in fact probably spend way too much time being concerned with getting the right nutrition. However, besides the B12 supplement, I can’t see how a vegan is any worse off than a meat-eater that doesn’t watch his diet carefully. In fact, in my opinion, most meat-eaters have notoriously bad diets.

    I SO believe that we are what we eat, and that nutrition is SO important. But I also believe that every single person has different needs and we are still in kindergarten when it comes to knowing about personal nutrition. What’s good for one is poison for another. Oh, how to ever know what’s the right way to eat? Kevin, I know you always say, “See what works for you,” but I can’t even tell that. I feel OK and never get any obvious reactions to specific foods. I usually just follow what the health gurus say, especially when it comes to Superfoods.

    Having said that, like so many others who say, “I eat healthy,” I am experiencing muscle loss and maybe a little forgetful these days. I am 69, but I don’t want to blame this on age. Dr. Brownstein mentions that these are the exact issues that come up for vegans, but doesn’t say exactly WHAT is missing that needs supplementing. If those issues are the factors that separate vegans from animal-eaters, then I would assume that I am missing whatever it is that is in meat, dairy, and eggs. WHAT EXACTLY is that?

    I think of protein when I think muscle-loss but I eat beans, nuts, seeds, fermented plant protein powder, and lots of other plant-based protein (no gluten).

    BTW, non-vegan friends my age are experiencing muscle loss too.

    Ah, so you are reading a post from a person who will eat anything (health over taste) that is good for me, but am incredibly frustrated because of not knowing exactly what that would be.

  27. Bob says:

    Can a urine test be performed at home to measure iodine status? If so, how?

    Thanks for your reply.

  28. Margo says:

    I learned years ago I was allergic to all of those things and one more Iodine. I went into shock during x-rays. What am I to do?

  29. Kevin another excellent expert speaker on your program and excellent questions from you I must add.

    I was a strict Vegan for 4 years many years ago and I had to give it up after feeling not right and taking a medical physical and CBC . It turned out that I was woefully low in B 12 and I was anemic with other health issues related to nutrition that only wild game provides like the nutrient Creatine that is in meat ,fish ,poultry, and cranberries for building muscle. A plant based diet is the way to go and this is the diet that I have adopted for many years now. I found through my life experience that whole food Vegan life style is good for Detox, losing excess weight and for supercharging up your metabolism but only used for achieving the desired results to reverse the ravaging effects of wrongful diet and sedentary life style.

    Yes it is no wonder that most Americans are VItamin D and Iodine deficient. The salt industry is not doing us any favors by putting the iodine into their additive inorganic product. The American diet is now way to high in sodium and deficient in the mineral potassium .
    Most of our natural iodine is in seafood and seaweeds especially but you never see seaweed salads served in American restaurants anywhere. Land plants are deficient in iodine and other trace minerals the sea vegetables can only provide. And yes Dr. Brownstein is correct about the problems with soy and wheat gluten. But the Food Giants will continue to spend millions of marketing advertising dollars on campaigns that are not based on real science but for profit for the subsidized factory farm industry. Only soy products that are fermented like Miso , and sprouts are safe to eat if they are not GMO ,genetically modified organisms. Soy is loaded with enzyme inhibiters and the body has a very difficult time digesting this food.
    The scary part regarding gluten wheat and other associated grains is many people are walking around asymptomatic ,meaning they exhibit absolutely no symptoms until it is almost to late for them like Cancer, or serious nutritional deficiency from malabsorption in the small intestinal tract. The only way to safely eat a wheat berry is to sprout it to get rid of the gluten and even better to grow it as wheat grass.

    I this an informative website on Iodine for your readers with interesting data on a world map at

    The supplement industry is only filling the void that the processed food industry is creating. If more people would just eat right ,then we would have less need for supplements. I am a complete advocate on whole food plant based dieting with only grass feed, free range , wild game from the sea or the land in moderation and not every day . I do practice Vegan days around my plant based dieting.
    The problem today is our lack of top soil and the factory farming methods used in modern agriculture. So the only way around this and this is what I do is one , buy organically, two start sprouting when ever possible , three start up your own garden using heirloom seeds,four eat locally and in season to reduce your exposure to contaminated overseas produce that is unlabeled ,and five eat a fresh rainbow color diet of whole foods using water and no oils and raw fresh and some fermented probiotic foods and you cant go wrong.

    Every mineral and vitamin in the body cannot work by itself like old school misinformed people working in the health industry claim that it does like the mineral calcium to build strong bones. it’s a big fat myth as calcium is useless without the mineral magnesium and other mineral co factors. Only the body knows what it needs from living according to what Nature provides in the area that you live in, and not from some overseas marketing health guru that is pushing the latest fad designer mineral or vitamin supplement.

    I hope that my information is helpful to your readers Kevin? I am a Natural News Reader and I practice what I say and also learn and adapt my life to my surrounding environment to keep things simple and to make a connection with all things natural as much as possible and to disconnect as much as possible with all things man made.

    ” Live sustainable like the elders of the 5 blue zones noted for longevity with vibrant good health. We all can learn from these people”

    Barry Gourmet & Raw

  30. Tara says:

    Sharon, perhaps your stomach acid is low and you are not absorbing the protein you are eating. Apple cider vinegar with mother still in it can help with this.

  31. hyesun says:

    i was going to say something similar to what rocio (#21) said: dr. kharrazian (Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal: A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Understanding Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroidism) says that iodine is contraindicated in hashimoto’s, which is the auto immune thyroid condition. i can’t remember if he specified if it was iodine supplements, or just even natural iodine from sea veggies. but in any case, people should probably test their thyroid antibodies before taking iodine. i tested borderline hashi, but i eat lots of sea veggies. don’t take an iodine supplement, though.

  32. Your article is a good one at a time, when thyroid problems are in an aggravated condition in countries like India, where REFINED WHEAT (NORTH INDIA) and POLISHED WHITE RICE (SOUTH INDIA) containing max gluten, are the main stape food of the country. In a meeting addressing the rural women, recently I spoke for 2 hrs about putting an end to this gluten lifestyle and changing over to about the lifestyle of the 1950s,60s – when HOT RICE was rare, Idli,Dosas were Rare, just once in year they used to make it on HarvestDay festivals.
    -At those times, they depended on MILLETS of a variety. Their health was astounding. Living upto 100 or beyond, with good hearing and sight.
    I thought of adding the fibre -the husk that is removed in ricemills – back to the Idli or Dosa wet dough – to make it wholesome. BrownRice is used by a few. Productions are very low.
    I take wholewheat roties about 4 of them daily one time with good cooked veg. Later on I take only fruits and drinks.
    I need to study NorthIndia wheat eating population – what diseases they get?
    SouthIndia- RiceEaters – what these people get into?
    I found many diabetic cases in the rice-south.
    And only BP in the north, though they eat Sweets more. I think as per your write up, gluten causes hormone related obesity that cannot be tackled without tackling thyroid.
    I treated and cured 2 diabetic feet of two persons that was ordered by Hospitals to be cut for their targets and incomes.
    Nature cures works wonders indeed. Your article is very useful to further do research on thyroid.
    We use herbs here for removal of uric acid accumulation, thyroid(ashwagandha – u wrote about !)diabetics and other diseases.
    Large source of herbal iodine or from veg is yet to be discovered I think.


  33. marja says:


    Read dr. Wilson on thyroid problems even when tests are normal, he also is an expert when you have low body temperature due to hypothyroid.
    Kevin could you do an interview with dr. Wilson? it would add a missing point to these problems.

  34. I have had hypothyroidism, ever since I was 29 and I am 52 today. Because I did not want to take synthetic hormones, I experimented with brewing seaweeds in a tea. The seaweed tea worked and I was able to cut down on the amount of thyroid hormone I take by 1/2, and that was over 10 years ago. Today, instead of drinking the seaweed tea (which is not easy to do every single day), I take my seaweed in capsules (4 veggie caps at night before I go to bed, as Chinese medicine says the thyroid is rejuvenating from 12-2 am). I also eat seaweed daily. You can check out the capsules and other seaweeds by going to Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company’s website at Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetables have been tested for heavy metals and radioactivity and the coast of Mendocino is free of any industrial or agricultural runoff. And, since I am local, you can ask me any question you want about our seaweeds. This is not possible with seaweeds coming from Japan, Korea and China, where you do not know who harvested your seaweeds or even where specifically they come from.

    I have been vegan for over 20 years for ethical, health and animal rights issues. I try to have a green smoothie every day, and have changed to romaine lettuce, parsley and cilantro in place of the kale I was using before. I also have at least one salad and eat fermented foods daily. I have blood tests done regularly and get B12 shots at my local naturopath clinic. They have a special they call “Happy Hour”, every Thursday at lunch.

  35. Chris G. says:

    My main consideration is animal rights. And I think a vegan diet CAN be done by anyone. For the people who failed, I firmly believe they weren’t eating the right foods.

  36. […] You can check out this two part interview series here and here. […]

  37. Renee says:

    Good interview and article and pts to consider eg bromine, flouride – thanks.
    Re: generalizing about deficiencies…If all of us got tested as par for course, a fairer sampling would give a clearer picture.
    People usually go to docs because they sense or feel there’s an issue. Certain docs attract certain types of patients with certain issues also due to word of mouth referrals. There are docs that find lots of toxicity issues as that’s their emphasis and the sort of pts they attract.
    The healthy self educated type of vegan patient may not show up in Dr. B’s practice at all.

  38. Gail Jensen says:

    I’m still confused. I’m low-thyroid, on Levothyroxine, and so are my four sisters. My oldest sister now has Hashimoto’s. She eats grains every day (breads, etc.) and says it’s about the only thing left she CAN eat. She doesn’t eat greens.

    However..I love my green smoothies – made with kale, arugula, chard, and spinach. I don’t do well with flour or breads, so don’t eat much of it, if any.

    So, what are we supposed to, and NOT supposed to be doing???

  39. Gail Jensen says:

    @ Terry D’Selkie – how do you make seaweed tea? Would love to know!
    Especially if it fixed your thyroid!

  40. Denise says:

    The Dr. is a qack when it comes to addressing the vegan diet. He does not have training in this area. People don’t die fand get sick from being vegan. My grandmother lived to 96 and she was a vegan for 60 years before she died, and I might add she died from old age and not a health related disease.

  41. Diane says:

    You sound like your part of the meat industry business. Totally against vegan life style. The vegan life style is one of the healthiest ways you can eat.

    You should really visit the PCRM website and read the Engine2 diet. Also the China study.

    Too many Americans eat too much animal products, it’s in everything. This is why there is are so many problems with Cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, etc.

    Don’t knock the vegan diet unless you have had experience with it yourself. Unprocessed diets are the best way to eat. Meat, Milk, Cheese these are all processed and just as bad as eating junk food.

  42. Sahobooa Anshaad says:

    Hi everyone
    My mum have thyroid and i’m searching for food that she can eat to avoid such pain
    please help guys
    i’ll be very grateful to you!!
    please send me mails to let me know what my mum can eat???

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