Is the Raw Food Diet the Best Healing Tool There Is? : Exclusive Renegade Health Interview

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A few weeks ago, I had a chance to get on the phone to talk raw food with health coach Arnoux Goran…

As you know, I interview hundreds of experts and talk about a lot of things. One of my passions is getting to the heart of the issue, finding out what really works and then – of course – sharing it with you!

In today’s Part 1 of 2 interview, Arnoux and I talk about possibly one of the most versatile health tools known to man (yes, women too!)

Let’s get started with it now (my written commentary follows)…

arnoux goran

Click the play button to start the call:


Here are my thoughts on this interview…

1. The raw food diet is one of the best, most versatile healing tools on the planet.

I’ve seen and heard stories – in the thousands – of people healing with the raw food diet.

It’s not a mystery.

It’s not a farce.

It’s not the placebo effect.

It’s just true.

Of course, not everyone heals with it, and there are some people who need to remove themselves from the raw food diet since it may not be right for them, but when you have western type disease, generally the raw food diet can help significantly.

It can help with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune issues, bowel infections, migraines, and hundreds more.

In the interview, Arnoux talks about how his bowel issues were healed within a short period of time, just eating a raw food diet.

2. How does the raw food diet work?

Three ways…

First up, when you eat a raw food diet, you eliminate all processed foods and many of the foods that cause most allergies – which are wheat, soy, corn, dairy, peanuts and shellfish. So if you’re not eating foods that irritate you, the body can heal.

The second way the raw food diet works is because you get a significant amount of nutrients delivered to your body – likely more than you’ve ever gotten before. (As long as your digestion is good…)

Finally, when you eat a lot of raw foods, you tend to get more hydration from the foods you’re eating. Since a high percentage of people are chronically dehydrated – maybe up to 80-90% – you will be able to get more liquid to keep your body more like a grape than a raisin.

There are other reasons to choose the raw food diet, but these are the most compelling to me.

3. Emotions are just as important as eating.

Alright, let’s lay it all out on the table.

Arnoux brings up a great point here. He says, “emotions are just as important as eating.”

He’s right.

Your emotional state effects your body just as greatly as the food that you put into it.

Have you ever felt stressed before? (If you answer no, please email me your secrets.)

Think about how your body feels when you are. Your hands are cold and clammy, your blood pressure rises, your head pounds, you get a nervous feeling in your gut.

If you think about the reverse, it’s powerful as well. Think about the last time you were really happy… is there any food that was able to give you that same rush? (No legal or illegal substances allowed for this one… LOL!)

Does any food give you this same feeling?

Maybe coffee or caffeine, but it’s hard to replicate this very strong feeling by eating something.

To me this is an indication of the power of the mind and how it can boost or destroy your health.

4. Emotional clearing through EFT or Tapping.

It’s no secret that a lot of people are talking about Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping.

I do it because I know it works.

Arnoux talks about it, because he knows it works as well.

I highly suggest you consider learning how to do this technique for your own personal health.

In this video, my friend Jess Ortner explains exactly how to get started…

5. Does writing down your health goals then reading them before going to bed really work to get you great results?

Arnoux has studied hypnosis and you can tell by the way he speaks. I can pick up on this within about 2 minutes of talking to someone – if they’ve done hypnosis training or NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming.)

One hypnosis technique he talks about during the call is writing down your health goals in cursive (yep, cursive) and then reading them before you go to bed to program your subconscious mind.

Please make sure to understand the importance of this practice.

Writing down goals and reading them regularly is – I feel – a magical experience. It’s almost like ordering on the menu of the universe and having it delivered when you need whatever you asked for most.

Arnoux talks about reading your goals before bed because this will program your mind to figure out solutions while you sleep.

This is similar to what Maxwell Maltz talks about in the book Psycho-Cybernetics. He suggests that you turn on your own “auto servo-mechanism” by giving it suggestions at night and allowing your mind to answer them while you sleep.

I’d suggest getting this book, as well as taking Arnoux’s advice and writing down what you really want for your health as well as for your personal life too. (Remember, happy person = healthy person!)

Part 2 comes tomorrow! You can read more about Arnoux here:

Your question of the day: Do you think of the raw food diet as a fantastic healing tool?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. jenness says:

    I am an advocate of raw food and love your work. However, raw food is not good/perfect for everyone. Older people with weaker constitutions don’t digest raw food asa well as cooked and during the winter time the body needs warm, cooked foods. We can eat a healthy diet without it being a greater percentage raw. I picked up a bacteria in Hawaii in late January which produced terrible sensations in my brain/body. I later discovered I had inflammation in the brain. I went raw for three months, trying to overcome the problem (at that time no-one knew what it was) until I ended up in the ER. I finally, and after little help from the medical community, went to my Chinese doctor in San Francisco. All cooked food and nothing sour and no coffee etc, he said- raw food keeps reintroducing bacteria into the body. My immune system needed to get stronger. I also eliminated most carbohydrates – except quinoa and millet. I have always been careful regarding the food I eat but now I am constantly told how fantastic I look. I think I am almost through the onslaught but I am still careful. A little raw food but still mostly cooked and rest when I get tired. One size doesn’t fit all and we need to be cognizant of that fact.

    But I love your info and your work. Many thanks….

  2. Ananda Borden says:

    Dear Kevin and Ann Marie,

    Have you heard of Dr. Ray Peat? If so what do you think about his science?



  3. Candice says:

    The raw food diet is an awesome healing tool. It’s helped me lose about 60 pounds, clear up my horrible acne, and get rid of some other issues that I’d rather not talk about specifically.

    I’m occasionally all raw, usually high raw, and will juice feast/fast as I see the need. We are, after all, what we eat.

  4. David says:

    I agree with the current comment. Intake of raw foods provides a natural way to detox.

    I lean towards 2 helpful items: Psycho-Cybernetics and EFT. Back in the yr. 1971 decided to start my own Business, learned how to proform new things by using Psycho-Cybernetics. Got rid of a fear by utilizing EFT.
    Thank you Kevin for believing On this subjects, especially EFT.

  5. LynnCS says:

    Never say never, but I can’t imagine going back to the old cooked non vegan way of eating. I respect that good people can differ. I am 73 and suffered with major “acid reflux,” and other digestive disorders/diseases. I don’t think you want to hear the details here, but It is just not true that older people can’t digest the raw food as well. Processing it into smaller particles and smoothies, etc, along with improving stomach and intestinal flora and,yes, even creating MORE hydrocloric acid in the stomach instead of less is important. Doing this diet improves that and cultured foods helps. Giving up is not an option for me. Warming soups is no problem as long as it isn’t heated to the point that it cooks away the good enzymes and vitamins. Several Raw people lately have shown (on YT) warming soups. Yumm! The only reason someone wouldn’t eat it is because they aren’t willing to go through the changes the body makes while adjusting. Add a salad. Cut out bread and pastries. Obviously animal products, but if that is hard start with dairy then little by little processed meat products then have less meat, and voila, Raw!!! The body needs to catch up sometimes. I was vegetarian for a long time, so went raw vegan over night, but still had some adjusting to do. I wanted it and knew it was going to be the answer. It can be the answer if you or anyone wants it badly enough. If we got more bacteria than a non raw person, I would be more sick instead of less sick. Eating out of the garden and foraging is a good thing. Being overly “clean”, sanitizing our food, and taking all those antibiotics only makes us more susceptible to bacteria being a problem.

    Thank you Kevin and Annmarie. Because of you and people like you I have learned a whole new way of looking at food and health. Research and trying new things have helped me overcome a myriad of illnesses, or at least improved them for now. I am currently weaning off of my last big medication. The doc saw me Monday and said, “Let’s give it a try.” So far, so good. I’ve lost 30lbs in 4 months without even trying. My digestive problems are non symptomatic. No brochitis, Arthritic bumps have gone down. Energy is up and who knows what is to come, but I do believe on some level everyone can do it and should. It’s real food, after all. It’s not some strange “diet.” It’s just good pure whole, fresh, organic, fruits, vegatables, some soaked nuts and seeds. The Real Deal. Love, Lynn

  6. Robin Janis says:

    So I am not understanding what “deranged vata” or overly vata consitutions are supposed to do cold weather. Yes avocados (far from local though) and coconut meat, oil (ditto) and soaked nuts, but I get cold in the NY winters and I need warmth. This time of year the green smoothies with coconut meat and spinish and frozen blueberries, almond butter– they just don’t create a nourished feeling like gluten- free organic oats with coconut oil, chia seeds and flax. Any thoughts?

  7. Tara Bianca says:

    Body, Mind, & Soul

    Raw foods are great when they are implemented in a healthy way, but it is just a part of the larger picture.

    Although a great percentage of people have had beautiful success and healing with raw foods, I have seen many people die after having implemented a raw food diet would save them from disease or cancer. I have also seen many people choose raw diets that are heavy on processed “raw” foods or nuts or dried fruit and their whole system goes out of whack.

    You’ll find emotional conflicts at the root of disease. And EFT is one tool that is awesome at assisting people to release the energy of emotional conflicts. I use EFT in addition to other tools to assist people to release emotional conflicts, so I have seen it work with others. And I use it at least one a week on myself. It is very simple and effective.

    But again, even deeper than emotional conflicts, is the soul. When a trauma is so great there may be “soul loss” where healing can happen through a process of soul retrieval or soul healing.

    And more importantly, in regard to death, when the soul is ready to go, no matter what healing tools you use, if your time is up, it is up.

    Thanks Kevin for this community to discuss and learn.

  8. Nikki says:

    I have not seen any big results from this diet, but my intuition tells me that it is the optimal! I like the fact that you can eat more for less calories!! I feel like it might have helped my skin, though it is hard to say how much the food played part in this and how much the weather played (my skin is always nicer in the summer). Lately I have been eating a little bit of cooked gluten-free grains and have also had a little soy milk. I have noticed that my skin is not as good right now. But the weather is getting extremely cold too, so it is hard to tell just what affect the food is having on my skin. I feel like it is best to strive to AMRAP (as much raw as possible) but to be flexible in that you can allow yourself some cooked as well.

  9. AS you know by now, my husband and I have been pretty much raw since working with Ann Wigmore in the 80s. We also do not eat grains or dairy. However, we are a bit weird about it because we eat a wee bit of grass fed beef (cooked, but fairly rare) and salmon (also slightly cooked). We were 100% vegan for ten+ years, but that is very, very complicated and so for health reasons, we included that tiny bit of meat about once a week.

    Since I did research with Marcel Vogel (“Secret Life of Plants”) way back when, I came to realize that plants are also very sensitive to being eaten. So I’ve learned to show profound appreciation to every creature that lays its life down for me–plant or animal.

    Raw is wonderful and very healing and sustaining. I warm our soups and smoothies in winter though, otherwise it is too hard on my spleen–ask any Acupuncturist or Chinese Herbalist about that.

  10. CINDY says:

    Dear Kevin
    I want to lifelong so I’ve been looking into Trans Resveratrol. The info on it is limited and I really don’t know who to believe as far as how much to take per day. It was studied because the French eat anything they want and live long because they drink wine…..
    I started to take Doctors Choice brand, but my brother informed me that, it isn’t a high enough dose to do much that you need to take 500mg for every 50 lbs. of body weight to turn on the gene. My brother buys it from Rev-Genetics. Dr. Mercola doesn’t have much info on it —-what if your take on it?

  11. Ed says:

    My Vita mix is the best proof raw food is the best healing modality there is period.

  12. lizzy says:

    I am totally overrawed with the raw food diet, but i had wondered about the bacteria factor. I had gone to a raw food restaurant, and somehow came away with the feeling like who knew what was lurking in that food.
    Another problem with raw food diet is the problem about protein. although they claim greens has enough my experience has been that i constantly find myself eating too many nuts.
    I find many difficulties with it, yet despite it all, my intuition whispers to me, that it is the diet of greatest light energy and if you can do it, the body is more peaceful.

  13. Velda says:

    Great information Kevin. It is from some of your shows in the past that I learned that the raw food diet can be great for healing illnesses (or at least a vegan diet). However, not all people can sustain a raw food diet for year after year. I believe that all things were created for us to use in modertion – some more in moderation than others.

    It is interesting that I was on a call one night with a PhD and he was talking about some study that was done by sampling the blood. The had 3 groups – one group ate microwaved food, one group ate raw food, and one group ate cooked food (I belive it was all vegies). Of course, as you would suspect, there was a negative affect on the blood of the group that ate the microwaved food. The interesting results were with the group that cooked their food (I’m sure it was gently cooked). Their blood showed slightly more positive results than the ones that ate their food raw. He said the results were very close, and either one (cooked or raw) showed good results – but the blood of those that ate the cooked food showed slightly more positive affects. He was surprised by the findings. So was I. So it seems like you can eat raw or cooked – as long as the food is not over cooked.

    Thank you for all of your dedicated work, Kevin. You and Annmarie and people like you are greatly needed in our world. You certainly make a difference!!!

  14. Thank you this is awesome and so are you two, I eat raw, use eft and take the adult stem cell nutrients to help my body repair and replish itself with nutrition, from Dr. John Cappello that has been working on this for years. God Bless everyone to your health and wellness.

  15. I would like to make a comment for Robina Werner, plus address your question Here are my thoughts on this interview…
    I will try to make this short.
    1. The raw food diet is one of the best, most versatile healing tools on the planet?

    And also your guest speaker raw food with health coach Arnoux Goran…
    has covered many important points for supporting the bodies immune system. Thank you Kevin again a great guest speaker on the subject of RAW LIVING and making a connection with NATURE.

    First for Robin. Robin for 4 straight years I was a total 100 percent VEGAN Plant based no processed foods and the reason this happened is more than 30 years ago before internet was popular I went on a self imposed cleansing life style protocol to save my own life literally.

    I was hospitalized and incapacitated from 2 extreme bouts of a rare tropical blood infection first from contaminated beef consumption and later chicken not cooked long enough. I was clinically Obese at the time and diagnosed with 9 life threatening diseases half of them are fatal if not reversed. Yes I was in big big trouble and I was not getting the help I was looking for from Allopathic Medicine.

    Hooked up to a machine in my hospital room for weeks on end , I was shot gunned around the clock with broad spectrum antibiotics and lived on dead over cooked devitalized hospital food.

    I was scared ,confused, angry, and over anxious to find out why this was happening to me , and how I let it happen?
    Yes I started to pray , and this incident united my family together for my support group that was healing in itself.
    I made affirmations and promises to my self out LOUD ,and repeated them through out the day every day.

    Bach then the Hospital in California where I was admitted did not have any program for me to rebuild my immune system and to rebuild all the friendly flora bacteria that I had lost from the antibiotic therapy. They did nothing just released me as is and boy did I ever pay for it with my health as it took 2 years yes 2 years to recover.

    After reading and researching many books from Dr, Anne Wigmore, Dr, Bernard Jensen,John Robbin ( Diet for a New America) Dr. Edward Howell ( Unlocking the secrets of eating right for health ,vitality and longevity ENZYME NUTRITION, Dr . Norman Walker the original Juice extractor ,was his invention ,Dr. Max Gerson, the God Father of Macrobiotics him self Michio Kushi and others.
    I went from one extreme to the other for my recovery and years later discovered with my own body that RAW FOOD with all its Enzymes is fantastic for losing weight ,cleansing,detoxing and moving towards nature practicing mental exercises like BIO FEED BACK completed the body mind healing connection for me.

    It was later when I did CBC complete blood count to address the unexplained symptoms that I later found out that I personally thrived better on a PLANT BASED DIET that still included whole raw foods but also included some plant lightly steamed foods to rebuild my body.

    Robina the longest living people on this planet are from the 5 Blue Zones and they are not 100 percent vegan every day of there life but they still practice this protocol and move their body , and have close community family ties. So yes right diet and mindfulness goes together but sleep deprivation and stress will cancel out the first 2 .
    Studies have proven this. Robina you sound like a wonderful caring person for every one around you and even for our environment and My suggestion is to go the middle path as much as possible and live for the moment to day. I know it is sometimes easy to say and harder to do especially with all the distractions in our modern world but it can be achieved even in small steps.

    Arnoux thank you for sharing your own personal story of recovery because more people should speak out and share their Health Crisis experience to support the affirmations used previously to help the body heal.

    Thanks Kevin for another great subject with guest speaker.

    Barry Gourmet & Raw

  16. LynnCS says:

    Hi Cindy. Can you tell me what the trans is in the trans Resveratrol? I know that Resveratrol is found in dark grapes….(skins)…thus it is in wine. You don’t have to drink wine or take an expensive supplement to get it..Just eat purple grapes. Yumm. The seeds contain lots of good stuff too, so thowing them in a smoothie is a great idea. The more we get our nutrition from the organic, high quality produce, the better. Plus I’ts so delicious and warming. Enjoy.

  17. Josephine says:

    A raw food diet definitely is healing.

  18. Sherre Vacek says:

    To LynnCS: How did you cure your acid reflux? My 17-year old son has it.

  19. Selene says:

    Barry, the old timers in the Blue Zones are absolutely not vegans. The book made that clear. They ate a variety of foods. However, many of them ate simple foods close to the source (except the ones in Loma Linda, California who, while vegan, use a lot of processed foods). Most were very active and all had close relationships … even those who drank wine and espresso daily had a regular group of friends and colleagues they saw regularly that created a strong interconnected community that met their emotional needs.

    Adopting a raw vegan diet can be healing in many cases. In others, not so much. Using it as a tool — appropriately and in the right situations — rather than a cure-all magic wand is the best approach, in my experience.

    Most importantly, diet — whichever one chooses — is NOT the answer to heal a life-threatening or chronic disease. It is ONE of the factors but, as evidenced by remarkable recoveries, certainly not the only one. There are plenty of people who have healed completely after a Stage 3 or 4 cancer diagnosis who have not only not adopted a raw vegan diet but who have continued on eating a Standard American Diet. I have come to believe that a psychosocial approach is the one that heals.

    Our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves. As a species, we wouldn’t have survived without that. Accessing it is not (just) about diet. It IS about mindset, emotions — living your purpose, being at peace, and living in the moment (hopefully, joyful!) are the keys. Without those, a raw vegan diet will not bring on a permanent healing.

  20. viola says:

    You wrote -when you eat a raw food diet, you eliminate all processed foods –
    You don’t have to be raw to eliminate all processed foods, steamed vegetables are not processed food. And also raw doesn’t mean eliminating processed foods, all those nut milks and crackers, dehydrated fruits, raw pizzas and raw cakes are all processed food.

  21. Justin says:

    Excellent interview. I like what he was saying about how the emotions play a critical role in detoxing. I suspect emotions and mental attitude are MORE important for health than food. 🙂

  22. Raw food diet is definitely the BEST healing tool. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and a green smoothie a day keeps the doctor even farther away!

  23. Ann says:

    Much of the information online about raw food diets really focuses on the 20 to 30 year old crowd… if you get a chance, and you’re interested, could you look into the benefits of raw food to support the transition to menopause? I’m having a heck of a time and read so many conflicting things [“red meat causes hot flashes” “high protein diets cure hot flashes”].

    Really it’s so confusing… not like the other health information out there that is so clear and straightforward, eh? 🙂

    Or, perhaps Dr. Williams could address this?


  24. Laura says:

    Hi Kevin-
    Thank you for this interview. I know you posted this a couple months ago now. I have been through an emotional trauma and have been neglecting myself sinking into a very deep depression. And that neglect has included not reading or listening to you.

    I have been getting some really great professional help lately however and avoiding pharmaceutical drugs to pull me out of this hell…knowing the alternatives like what he talks about here, can help. But unfortunately, I have not been motivated. So I did consider meds temporarily but then changed my mind as I was too worried about one especially scary side effect.

    I am just now getting myself together and seeking some alternative ways of healing. So I’m glad this interview was still here for me to listen to.

    I found what he said about journaling ultra interesting and it explained so much for me. Just that tidbit was worth the listen alone.

    I also want to put this out there. Although the medical model loves to throw medication at all that ails us, including depression, I found that there are some great resources out there that can help and some great therapists and even psychiatrists that are respectful of my decision to stay off anti-depressants. I have found many empathic, sympathetic and helpful angels out there in the system. I just needed to reach out to find them.

    Thanks again for being here for all of us to learn from.

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