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EMF protection devices from antennas
How many antennas do you see in this picture? They’re all sources of EMFs… (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

In this second part of my interview with green home expert Mary Cordaro, she shares some very important information about grounding technologies, wireless protection tools and gadgets and more on how to truly protect yourself from EMFs (and not be fooled by the hype and gizmos that people sell.)

I think this Part 2 is even more important than the first, so be sure to listen in.

Here’s where you can check out Part 2 of 2 here (My written comments follow)…

mary cordaro

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Here are my thoughts…

1. Your computer plug puts of a ton of EMF.

Computer plugs that have adapters – just about all of them these days – put out a lot of EMF. (This is the little black box that is part of the wire.)

Mary shares that it’s important to keep this as far away from you as possible. I had known this before and when I did find this out, I realized how many times I’d have my foot on it or have it behind my head – if I was sitting on the couch and the plug was behind me.

We’re in a hotel right now, and I realized that the adapter was right next to my computer, so I just unplugged it to eliminate the source.

To avoid even further exposure, I do my best to charge my computer when I’m not around and then keep it unplugged (running on battery) when I am.

2. What works to reduce your own EMF exposure in the home is to use Ethernet cables.

Mary talked about this in Part 1 (here), but re-emphasized the value of removing wireless from the home and attaching your computer to the Internet with a direct Ethernet cable.

I think this is a good idea, though I haven’t put it into play personally in our home.

3. There are things that can help block EMFs.

One that Mary mentions, and I’ve been researching are shielding tents that go over the bed.

These look like bug tents that you’d find in the jungle, except they are made with fabric and silver threads.

These are effective to block EMFs around you when you’re sleeping. They also are very expensive.

The one’s I was looking at are around $600-900. I still haven’t been able to justify this cost, but after this call, I may just take the plunge.

4. Things that are measurable vs. things that aren’t.

Mary talks about other types of protection devices like the little tabs you put on the phone, crystal necklaces, etc.

All these items do not have a reliable way to measure their efficacy. This has always been why I don’t care to use or recommend them.

Many of the people selling these tools use muscle testing as a way to get people to buy them and while I do think the body can respond to subtle energies, I also think that muscle testing is not an objective way to determine if something is working or not.

Things that do work (and are measurable) is turning things off so that the EMFs are not generated in the first place.

5. A ground tester may not be enough to determine if your ground is good.

Yikes! I didn’t know this. When you purchase a plug in grounding unit, you get a ground tester. You can also find these at Home Depot or other stores.

Mary explains that these are not sufficient to (1) figure out if your ground is safe and (2) do not identify other issues that may make the use of this technology more harmful than good.

The only way to test for a proper ground is to get an electrician to come in and test and the only way to determine if you’re able to use this type of technology in your home or office is if you know where the sources of EMFs are coming from.

6. Bed pads and others could make you PART of the circuit, not protect you from it.

One of the most shocking things that I learned about EMFs in these two parts is that using some of the grounding bed pads or foot pads could actually make you part of the circuit, not protect you from it.

You can become part of the circuit if there are EMFs above you. The only way to test this is to have a qualified technician come in and use specialized equipment. You can’t do it with a Gauss meter.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be investigating this further, because we’ve used these pads in the past and this concerns me a bit. Stay tuned for follow up on this!

7. If you want to know if you live near high EMFs…

You can search your area with a website called Antenna Search. Here’s that site:

8. Cell phone protection tools.

Mary mentions two types of cell phone protection tools that we know do work. These are tube headsets which can be found on Dr. Mercola’s site ( among others and ferrite filter (or ferrite beads) help disperse highest amount of EMF through the headset wire. You can search online to find these.

Your question of the day: Do you use grounding technologies or some of the prevention techniques?

If you want to learn more about Mary and what she does, you can visit her site here:

Live Awesome!

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