Do EMF Protection Devices Really Work? : Exclusive Renegade Health Interview

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EMF protection devices from antennas
How many antennas do you see in this picture? They’re all sources of EMFs… (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

In this second part of my interview with green home expert Mary Cordaro, she shares some very important information about grounding technologies, wireless protection tools and gadgets and more on how to truly protect yourself from EMFs (and not be fooled by the hype and gizmos that people sell.)

I think this Part 2 is even more important than the first, so be sure to listen in.

Here’s where you can check out Part 2 of 2 here (My written comments follow)…

mary cordaro

Click the play button to start the call:


Here are my thoughts…

1. Your computer plug puts of a ton of EMF.

Computer plugs that have adapters – just about all of them these days – put out a lot of EMF. (This is the little black box that is part of the wire.)

Mary shares that it’s important to keep this as far away from you as possible. I had known this before and when I did find this out, I realized how many times I’d have my foot on it or have it behind my head – if I was sitting on the couch and the plug was behind me.

We’re in a hotel right now, and I realized that the adapter was right next to my computer, so I just unplugged it to eliminate the source.

To avoid even further exposure, I do my best to charge my computer when I’m not around and then keep it unplugged (running on battery) when I am.

2. What works to reduce your own EMF exposure in the home is to use Ethernet cables.

Mary talked about this in Part 1 (here), but re-emphasized the value of removing wireless from the home and attaching your computer to the Internet with a direct Ethernet cable.

I think this is a good idea, though I haven’t put it into play personally in our home.

3. There are things that can help block EMFs.

One that Mary mentions, and I’ve been researching are shielding tents that go over the bed.

These look like bug tents that you’d find in the jungle, except they are made with fabric and silver threads.

These are effective to block EMFs around you when you’re sleeping. They also are very expensive.

The one’s I was looking at are around $600-900. I still haven’t been able to justify this cost, but after this call, I may just take the plunge.

4. Things that are measurable vs. things that aren’t.

Mary talks about other types of protection devices like the little tabs you put on the phone, crystal necklaces, etc.

All these items do not have a reliable way to measure their efficacy. This has always been why I don’t care to use or recommend them.

Many of the people selling these tools use muscle testing as a way to get people to buy them and while I do think the body can respond to subtle energies, I also think that muscle testing is not an objective way to determine if something is working or not.

Things that do work (and are measurable) is turning things off so that the EMFs are not generated in the first place.

5. A ground tester may not be enough to determine if your ground is good.

Yikes! I didn’t know this. When you purchase a plug in grounding unit, you get a ground tester. You can also find these at Home Depot or other stores.

Mary explains that these are not sufficient to (1) figure out if your ground is safe and (2) do not identify other issues that may make the use of this technology more harmful than good.

The only way to test for a proper ground is to get an electrician to come in and test and the only way to determine if you’re able to use this type of technology in your home or office is if you know where the sources of EMFs are coming from.

6. Bed pads and others could make you PART of the circuit, not protect you from it.

One of the most shocking things that I learned about EMFs in these two parts is that using some of the grounding bed pads or foot pads could actually make you part of the circuit, not protect you from it.

You can become part of the circuit if there are EMFs above you. The only way to test this is to have a qualified technician come in and use specialized equipment. You can’t do it with a Gauss meter.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be investigating this further, because we’ve used these pads in the past and this concerns me a bit. Stay tuned for follow up on this!

7. If you want to know if you live near high EMFs…

You can search your area with a website called Antenna Search. Here’s that site:

8. Cell phone protection tools.

Mary mentions two types of cell phone protection tools that we know do work. These are tube headsets which can be found on Dr. Mercola’s site ( among others and ferrite filter (or ferrite beads) help disperse highest amount of EMF through the headset wire. You can search online to find these.

Your question of the day: Do you use grounding technologies or some of the prevention techniques?

If you want to learn more about Mary and what she does, you can visit her site here:

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Jess says:

    I use the scalar energy pendants (bought for $30, not $300-$1000!) and have found that they prevent the negative side effects of emf exposure that I experience, such as headaches, jitteriness, the hot ear after using a cell phone, and the physical discomfort. I’m quite emf sensitive so I appreciate this device, and your information of course!

  2. Is anybody familiar with Dave Stetzer’s devices for outlets to reduce EMF’s?

    • Dick says:

      Yes I have about 42 Stretzer filters installed in my home .22 are just in my bedroom which had a GS reading of over 2000.Now it is under 40. 400 is a cancer cluster. My home is now low in EMF . I also use MEMON transformers (Passive no wires, just sealed units) on return line to pool. No chlorine or chemicals of any kind used for last 2 years. Algae does not grow in pool and pH is always 7.2. Water is soft with no stinging as with chlorine.Once installed, no running cost.Same with tap water .No smell of chlorine in shower etc. Chlorine is carcinogenic.

  3. Suzanne Lavergne says:

    I’m curious to know your point of vue on the EarthCalm products ( I’ve been reading a lot on that website for the last few weeks. Aside from the fact that the products are a bit expensive for my budget, I’m considering investing. After all, my health is of THE most importance. I too am interested in finding a way to protect myself against EMF and like you I always wonder if I’m going in the right direction.
    Jess: a scalar energy pendant at $30 ??? Where did you get it?
    Please consider that I am french speaking(& writing LOL). Hope I made myself well understood 🙂
    Love reading you …

  4. Tristan says:

    Interesting. I have been using a grounding bed sheet and pad under my desk for over a year now. I have only had good results with it, yet I understand that “good” is a relative term. So if the ground is deemed true and there is no EMF field above you, then they may be safe?

  5. Robyn Benson says:

    Thanks for all your information here. Personally i love the pemf/mrs technology for emf protection. I am much less emf sensitive, and solved a 20 year sleep issue by using this technology and use it daily in my acupuncture practice, and at our healing center. Great for pain as well as endorsed by Dr. Oz last week.
    Feel free to contact us with questions. 5059861089

  6. Marc says:

    Thanks for this – I’m going to shut down my router at night.

    Wondering about sleeping grounded via a plugged in device, but not with a bed pad (to reduce the induced EMF from overhead). I know my ground is good as far as being verified as a good earth ground (grounded to the rebar ring in the footing below my house). But, my wiring is unshielded (romex). How about grounding by wearing grounded conductive socks / strap / equivalent?

  7. Cindy says:

    Great article & very timely for me. I don’t have a cell phone, but my older children do. I stay away from them (the phones, not my children) as much as possible. I try to get outside as much as possible with bare feet. I also work in the garden with my bare hands. I was considering buying a grounding foot pad, mouse pad, & bed pad. After listening to this, I won’t be buying any of those. I’ll just continue to do what I’ve been doing & hope it helps enough. I may buy some grounding shoes though.

  8. mary says:

    What about the QLink? Does that work, and why? What is the mechanism?

  9. While you are correct to say that muscle testing isn’t an accurate way to decide the efficacy of radiation blocking devices for cell and cordless phones you have lopped all companies together in this discussion.

    The Waveshield blocks up to 99 % of radiation from the earpiece thereby not allowing it to enter the ear which has the highest absorption rate for radiation in the body at 94%.

    We have never claimed to be able to block the bulk of the radiation that comes from a phone because if you were able to do this the phones wouldn’t function as they are microwave emitters and receivers.

    However with the incidence of brain tumors more often than not occurring in or at the end of the ear canal, the Waveshield provides an important deterrent. Only awareness and education on how to use these devices safely can truly make them safe.

    I also want to point out that our company has been around for almost twelve years and we have had all our testing results scrutinized by the Federal Trade Commission back in 2002. While they shut down the majority of the companies they have investigated they allowed my company to stay in business as long as we were up front with consumers about what our shield does and doesn’t do.
    I spend 80% of my time talking to people about the threat from emr from phones and 20% running my company.

    perhaps before you make untruthful statements on your blog a bit more due diligence is in order.

  10. alice grange says:

    What is the specialized equipment that will measure EMF’s. You can’t do it with a Gauss meter, so what can you use?

  11. Ash says:

    Has anybody tried these?

    I only just bought some this week, so hoping to hear any positive responses from anybody else that has tried them?

    I do hope I haven’t wasted my money!

  12. Barb says:

    I do have wireless and have a grounding pad that I put my feet on when I’m in the “EMF room” . This device has a probe that plugs into the ground part of the wall plug.

  13. hyesun says:

    thank you so much for this kevin. it is very informational. i don’t use grounding devices because i heard a podcast on the patrick timpone show a while ago with some expert who said that grounding devices could be more harmful than helpful, just like mary said. i will try to find the link to it – it was very interesting.

  14. Erica says:

    How about this item: Does it work?

  15. phil watson says:

    Hi Kevin, I have been aware of EMF’s and their affects on the human body for years. We have tried and tested a product which was trialled by a Dr Bjorn Overbye, called a biophone. I have a copy of his summary should people want to read what he said about it, though at the time it was called a ‘vector’.

    This device was invented by Bulgarian physicist Professor Svetoslav Danev, and again we can send his explanation of how it works. We do use a simple kinesiology test, the finger and thumb test, but only to show what effects a mobile phone computer etc do to the body, but if people ask for it we give them the science from Dr Overbye.


    Phil Watson

    Changing Lives St Ives

  16. The idea that using grounded (Earthing) pads and mats makes you part of the circuit and does not protect you from EMFs is pure and utter hogwash. Please read the Earthing book, pp. 42, 78-81, and appendix B, and refer to the following paper:
    Connecting the body to the Earth via bed pads and mats create a host of protective and beneficial effects in the body.
    Martin Zucker, co-author of the Earthing book

  17. Valerie says:

    Yes, – I use Grounding (Earthing)equipment: Firstly, – I was shocked to hear her say that a ground tester may not be enough to determine if your ground is good.> We are told that when it lights up with a certain color, – then all is fine. Secondly, – I was most disturbed to hear her say that Bed pads, (& must include those Bands)could make you PART of the circuit! > (These are being sold by legitimate trusted sources!)
    Kevin, I’m grateful that you are SOON to be investigating this further. These Earthing devices are a godsend, – but only if they work, as described!

  18. Tara Bianca says:

    I’ve tried using grounding sheets while sleeping and I felt energy traveling through me. It kept me awake and uncomfortable. Needless to say, my grounding sheet has been in storage ever since!

  19. I have found in discussions with Dr. Carlo that tubes do not prevent the cell phone itself from affecting the body or those people near the cell phone. An effective EMR protection device should be on the phone, as well as effective body protection against the billions of cell phone calls, satellite EMR, towers etc that are going through our body 24/7.

  20. Lori says:

    I used a grounding sheet on my bed and grounding pad at my computer until recently listening to an interview with Dave Stetzer. He said electricity can travel from the ground to the plugged in bed/cumputer pads possibly causing more harm than good.

  21. A. L. Walton says:

    Sorry,I THOROUGHLY believe in Muscle-Testing and it has been quite effective for me–perhaps because the folks I deal with are professionals!
    The grounding mouse pad HAS worked for me and stopped the other “noise” I was having while on my computer. Also, I DO have a cell phone (and cordless) protection and am aware of the Stetzer devices–also expensive!
    So, while I’m in agreement with some of what you say, I cannot agree with all of it as scalar and scenar devices work and Muscle-Testing for devices DOES work when you are dealing with a qualified professional and not an amateur person who learned 1 or 2 techniques in a weekend class!
    A.L. Walton

  22. Nic says:

    Hi Kev, I’ve listened to the whole interview and I’ve red the comments above. Sorry if my post is a bit long, but I really need help!!

    I’m totally confused,a bit disapointed and frustrated right now about the controversy surounding earthing devices. This interview only made things worse for me. I was about to buy a grounding mat and bed bad from because I really thought it had huge benefits, but after listening to this audio, I don’t know what to do.
    I’m in no way an expert of the grounding technology, electricity or EMF, and I have no experience with this. I can only say that I sleep in the basement of my house and the electrical box is in my room that has no real ceiling so I can see all the wire passing over my head when I’m in bed… not very cool 🙁 Plus, I live in Quebec, Canada, so I cannot, never, get grounded naturally during the winter.
    So many health experts such as David wolfe are telling us to get grounded at all cost, while Mary brings a lot of arguements against it.
    Who should we trust? Are you grounding yourself? Is technologic earthing BS? Do you have any advice for me?

  23. Debra says:

    We’re using a conductive sheet connected to an outside grounding rod. We’re out in the boonies, off the grid, with ethernet and no nearby neighbors to exert any effect on our home. Since using the conductive grounding sheet, I’ve had far fewer headaches and hot flashes (for some reason, grounding appears to help some hormonal imbalances). My husband noticed less stiffness.

  24. I do believe that EMF protective pendants work — we have had hundreds of clients use them and they keep coming back and telling us that they have less pain, have a much calmer sense about them — way less moody. We use muscle testing in our practice all of the time and we have a very high success rate. Clients will report back to us the same types of things over and over again (and these clients don’t know each other)so it is not a placebo effect. Now, I don’t believe that you should be spending $100, $150 and $300 for these things, but I am telling you that they do work – they are programmed with frequencies – the same frequencies used in homeopathic medicines. They are very effective, INDEED – the results speak for themselves. Valerie Nelson, ND – Pittsburgh, PA

  25. N Sinha says:

    How far away from an antenna is one relatively safer?

  26. Christine says:

    I too have purchased a grounding sheet from the earthing David Wolf people, the foot pad and the grounding flip flops. This stuff is expensive as well. I have been using the ground sheet and pad for about a year. I have a new house (2 years old) the grounding tester that came with, shows the ground to be ok, but Mary says that isn’t good enough. I too live in a winter climate and it is impossible to walk bare foot in the snow.
    I will say, that I have noticed that when getting into bed, I feel a bit anxious, and my mind is racy at night.
    I do not use caffine.
    One thing I did do was douse my rooms and my bed rooms all showed geopathic stress, I used 2 coat hangers bent in L’s. When I walked through my rooms the L rods crossed right by my bed! I laid 18″ straight copper rods where the L rods crossed, after laying down the copper rods the dousing rods were normal. I got this info from Michael Mastro’s book the way of Vastu. That was before getting the grounding sheet and I seemed to sleep a little better then. I have just unplugged everything and I am going to see how I feel and watch for your updates.
    Thank you Kevin, it sounds like you have done us all a great service. It is getting harder and harder to trust what you hear.I am learning to slow down and wait before buying. Christine

  27. Mist says:

    I experimented with putting aluminum foil against the wall and found that I couldn’t get any signal on my cell phone whereas previously I got excellent signal. I’m thinking of experimenting with aluminum mesh/fabric in shielding applications.

    Christine, I find that Epsom salt (transdermal) and choline (lecithin or choline bitartrate) helps me sleep well at night.

    Thanks again, Kevin and Mary, for all the great information!

  28. Kevin:

    Please review this website:

    Please go down to the lower left tab “EMF Test Results”. You will see two very comprehensive tests from the same laboratory that Microsoft uses to test SAR.

    As you will see on the latest test result from October 5th it shows an 85% decrease in SAR for the iPhone and 35.4% for the Samsung.

    Please let me know if you have comments or questions.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    Michael Ishida

  29. Gini says:

    I’ve been wearing a Q Link pendant for over 10 years. It is my second one as I lost the first one. It was recommended by my Network spinal analysis practiioner and is sold on Donald Epstein’s website.

  30. suzanne says:

    we sleep on a grounding bed sheet plugged into wall outlet from (clint ober). sleep very well, but always have. will be interested in what you find out about these kevin. i also use the wrist straps when using computer and watching tv also.

  31. Kate says:

    Have been sleeping with my router about 3 feet from my head… gets unplugged every night now and my printer is only plugged in when I use it. Am unplugging everything except phone and night-lights before I go to bed. Thanks for this good info, Kevin…..I appreciate your efforts. Kate

  32. Ash says:

    I have left myself a post-it note in the hall, to remind me to turn off my router before I go to bed. Thanks.

  33. Hilary says:

    Thanks, I have found this very interesting. I have long had an interest in EMF and the relationship to our health. It’s too long a story to go into now, but bottom line, when I made changes to reduce EMF’s, the health of the whole family improved.

    I am so glad that Mary touched on the earthing pads, as I also brought some (after much reading and watching stuff by David Wolfe on them). Then a friend told me exactly what you’ve mentioned – that it can actually make the problem worse! I have searched and searched for info to substantiate this, but so far wasn’t able to find any.

    Will definitely be watching out for any further info you have on this.

  34. Marc says:

    I think a number of us are in the same situation – winter climates don’t allow for direct contact with the ground, which is a shame. It’s either no earthing or frostbite, you choose. Some recommendations for earthing options indoors would be great, Kev.

  35. John says:

    Hi everyone,
    I grew up with a father that was an electrician, and electicity and safety was drilled into me from early childhood. Here is what I have done to ground my home.
    First, you must know that your outlets have a good ground. This can be done by purchasing a simple device at your local hardware store or home improvement store. It simply plugs into any recepticle and shows weather there is a good ground or not. Mine cost less than $3.00.
    If you do not have a good ground please call a good electrican to fix the problem.

    To make your own ground, the Home Depot sells 6 ft. or 8 ft grounding rods that can be pounded into the ground and 12 ga. copper wire attached and run through a window to the inside of your home. I have attached a flat piece of copper to the end inside the house and simply step on it when I am on my computer. (which is a lot) I have also purchased (on line) a solid copper bracelit that I wear and attach the wire from the grounding rod to the copper bracelet.
    The ground rod, wire, etc. cost less than $30.00 total and all of about 1 hour to install.

    I also turn off most everything before retiring for the evening and doing all of this HAS seemed to help.

    I hope this has been helpful.

    Be Well, Live In Joy

    • Derek says:

      What is the device to check the ground in house? Also could a particular communities underground wiring be overloaded ? Suich as new grids and sub stations per so many houses could electric company as cosdt effective way just keep connecting to old grids instead of making new grids and substations ?

  36. Carrie says:

    Fantastic interview! Thanks, Kevin!

  37. anne says:

    Does this mean I can’t listen to the radio anymore? Or turn on the lights at night?

    In reality, nobody needs protection from electromagnetic fields of energy because there are no appliances or product that generate harmful amounts of energy. If there were, there would be many many many people with actual physical problems. Let’s have some critical thinking out there folks.

  38. Em :) says:

    I have to say this kind of information is disheartening to me…it seems there is really not much we can really do to protect ourselves.
    I just did the antenna/tower search for my house and I found out I am COMPLETELY surrounded by them! So….NOW WHAT? Honestly, I feel worse now knowing this because I do not plan to move. I also rent, so doing major electrical changes is not an option. 🙁 So what do I really do with this knowledge? I am not sure…

    I know (and was aware of before) that these EMF’s are all around/in my house because I was able to use my computer wirelessly WITHOUT being hooked up myself. 🙁 I have a hard-wired computer, have been unplugging whatever I can & turning off the router every night…so I will just do what I can, keep doing that, and try to keep my (normally, LOL) positive attitude toward life in general!!!!!

    Thanks for the information & enjoy your Thanksgiving! Take a day off Kevin, haha 🙂
    Peace & Love, Em

  39. You folks in the Northern Climes…what are you concerned about?
    If you don’t want to use a proper household grounded outlet, for whatever misguided reason, then get yourself an Earthing ground rod and stick it in the ground outside your window and hook it up to your Earthing pad, sheet, mat, band, patch, etc.
    We’ve got people from Sweden, Finland, and Norway, and Canada enjoying the benefits. Very sorry to see so much misinformation confusing so many people from gaining the benefits of the Earth’s natural, subtle energy. It works for so MUCH more than just protecting you against EMF. That’s just a small piece of the health dividend that comes from Earthing.
    I would invite all of you to read the Earthing book, available through and other vendors, and check out the Earthing reports we have at
    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all
    Martin Zucker, co-author of the Earthing book

  40. They work – pure and simple — we tell our clients to wear them for 5 days straight and then take it off and just notice mood and pain, especially. You will feel calmer!

  41. linda says:

    sometimes I get a shock from touching my grounding sheet. seems unusual to me. i actually see the light of the current. anyone get this?

  42. waverays says:

    Is it possible to include in any further discussion either here or at some reference to experience with / effectiveness of wall, ceiling etc. paints for home decorating that shield against wifi etc. smog as well? In the 2007 BBC (UK) TV program on the subject featuring Alasdair Philips of powerwatch one such paint was featured in Sweden: HSF54 Biologa YShield Abschirmtechik (hope I got that down right).

    PS: thanks also for the mp3s, suggest for next time you encode speech at 32kbps / 22.05KHz / Mono; 8KHz seems to give some playback compatibility issues on iPod. WinFF, and other free utilities can help but can’t up an original encoding @8KHz (8KHz sounds poor even if theoretically human voice range is well within it).

  43. Dan says:

    Please look into this grounding controversy, I too own the pad and mousepad. I have noticed I woke up sweating and heart racing some nights

  44. Ed says:

    My web address was right the first time

  45. Ed says:

    Short version,point #6 is wack. Discharging fields is the object of grounding. Being part of the curcuit is a given.

  46. Sundaram says:

    Tachyon chips behind the cell phone really seemed to change the bad effects and heat going into the brain…they have many products for protection. See their website.

  47. Evan says:

    I have had great results with grounding. Namely recovery from Physical Training. I deployed to Iraq and pounded my grounding rod into the earth right next to the existing grounding rod for my CHU (combat housing unit). The Power over there is 220, while reading books on my computer I would get a light steady shock coming from small cracks in my MAC’s plastic frame. This would only happen while grounded. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

  48. linda says:

    i bought the grounding sheets from david wolf about 2 years ago….i am totally happy with
    the sheets…when i am stressed i go in and lay down on the bed on the sheet and became instantly calm, relaxed and at peace. at night when my knees and back are in such pain all it takes is getting my leg and feet on the sheet and within a few minutes all my pain is gone….i sleep much more soundly…
    i have a sleeping problem and never sleep all night through but the sound sleep i get is
    i also use earth calm products and i am very happy with them they keep my home in balance and protected as well as my self and partner.
    the sheet has the same effect on us both…
    i am very sensative to energy of all kinds
    and it effects my my whole being so regardless of what mary has to say these products work wonders in me and my home.
    i hope this helps others

  49. linda says:

    sorry one more thing…we have at least 6-7 military base in my area of florida and
    you know the radiation and emf’s from that is sever…..

  50. Kuru says:

    Geez, Kevin, thanks so much for the emphasis on the adapters. I have an EMF meter, and never thought to measure those, and of course there are MANY of them right at my feet. PLUS, I turn off the power strip at night, but turn it (it’s on a power strip) back on while I’m at the computer. DUH!!! I have rearranged my lighting, and will be sure to have the charging going when I am not around! No wonder I become vegged out while I’m there. Thanks again.

  51. sheila says:

    I bought a plug in device from Earthcalm a few months ago and I am no longer getting little tingling sensations in my body. I would like to read further about why these devices could do more harm than good. I live in an apartment complex and have wi-fi. Considering the ethernet cables. I recently bought a Q-link. I should go walk on the earth because I do know of it’s grounding effects. I saw my 90 y.o great aunt at Thanksgiving yesterday and she has a very sharp brain and can move around well. She says she gardens everyday, goes to bed at 10pm every night and eats vegetarian. I do think touching the earth everyday and going to bed early has a lot to do with her longevity. My grandmother- her sister who is younger than she, is in a state of dementia- was on Rx drugs for years and consumed a lot of alcohol in her time.

  52. Lezlie Ely says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I use a Scalar Energy pendand here & there. I wear a ring made w/anti EMF and other great properties, esp. when I am on the computer.

    My main computer is plugged in, however I do have a router for a wireless notebook, which I sometimes use in bed (w/ring on). Would I have to unplug a router at night which is 2 rooms down fr. where I sleep? All my stuff – router, modem, vonage, computer, are all plugged in tog. – no idea how to turn off w/out messing w/everything else.

    I also sit on a grounding/Earthing mat at the computer. My cell I don’t even leave on, and do have a wired head set – took the other back. So hopefully I’m somewhat covered. I do know I could prob do better in the bedroom w/tv, radio, cd player all plugged in – some behind/below bed. At least there though I’m separated by quite a bit of wood.

    Thanks for the info, I’ll take it w/my other I get fr. Martin Zucker and the like ~ L Ely

  53. Jake says:

    anyone familiar with these products?

  54. Sunflower says:

    This changed me and my loved ones’ lives TOTALLY.

    Blushield is a Schumann Resonance Frequencies generator, one with a difference.

    No only does it protects from EMFs, it generates the entire range of the schumann frequencies, and is SYNCED to the human’s circadian/bio rhythm.

    The benefits of the generating the Schumann Resonances:


    these basic frequencies can re-activate stalled healing processes, enhance growth, accelerate immune responses, and generally “jump-start” functions inherent to the body’s tissues,…… or (in Beal’s terminology) by re-configuring the liquid crystal orientation of cell membrane components and thus triggering specific intracellular responses.

    Give it a shot people.It will change your life in ways you can only dream off.

  55. Alex says:

    EMF protection devices are big scam…

  56. chara brooks says:

    Really good information. I’m electrosensitive, so I’ve been researching this subject for a number of years. I’ve also tried a lot of the devices out there, and agree that many of them can’t be measured for effectiveness.

    However, I did find that earthcalm products ( do work really well for me. All my symptoms got better almost immediately–some it took a few months–but I’m functioning now like a “normal” person, for the first time in years.

  57. Michael says:

    Interesting but i wish there had been more clarification betwwen using a grounding rod pounded into the ground, and grounding by plugging into the ground through a wall outlet. Does grounding through a grounding rod do any good? Does the rod remove the dangers brought up in the interview when using a outlet ground? Any benefits using a pad attached to a outside grounding rod? Is grounding even worth it if its done with a rod and not with a outlet ground? This seems like a major issue not asked correctly or answered by the interviewee. I used the pad attached to a outlet for many months but with no benefit despite Zuckers constant post’s to the contrary. My first floor apt. Is directly above 6 circuit panels and gas meters for this multi family unit. Its a small apartment, my bed is directly above the meters with no other place to move it. Suffering from intense chronic fatigue since starting working at home and no chance of being able to move while so sick. I tried the grounding pad with no benefit but now wondering if using a rod would be worth the effort as its a 60 foot wire run to get to earth.
    Does any one have any suggestions or clarifications beyond what this interview brought up?

    • Michael says:


      I have experienced much better results sleeping grounded via stake in the ground versus plug in the wall, I have read and heard from others who have experienced the same results. I also moved my bed a far away from the plugs in my room as possible. Hope this helps.

      Take care

  58. Joe Jeles says:

    the coils of your mattres pick up emf. amplified it and reradiate it to your body.that is wye I bought an air mattres .sleep better.mor info at dr.Mercola site.

  59. Joe says:

    After using a cellphone for 20 years, I can tell you that the left side of my head (at the ear canal and slightly above that) I am having buzzing, hot ear, feels like a butterfly fluttering inside, headaches, tension and
    irritability. I truly believe this is from all my cellphone use. Now I use the other side to use the cellphone.
    After six years on that side I am just starting to have the same feeling on that side. As soon as I stop using the phone, not only to I stop feeling irritated, but the heat generated and feeling unwell slowly dissapates.

    I just recently have been researching EMF PROTECTION, I have a hard time believing most that I read. This is
    a field waiting to burst open, with good protection, so-so protection and all out BS. I am not an electrician,
    or a scientist. I just know how my body now reacts to being on the cellphone after 20 years. What happens
    when my other side of my head feels as bad as my left side? I guess stop using the phone…or find something
    to protect myself from “cooking” my brain cells…slowly, but surely it seems to be happening.

    We are surrounded by wireless systems now; at home, work and coffeeshops so we have to collectively work
    to solve this potential health problem. We need “real science” and real solutions. Not some BS or contra
    info…so who can you trust? Teams of people from scientific backgrounds must test products (unbiased)
    and for the good of everyone come up with a solution that doesn’t cost alot per person. Perhaps saying
    the the building itself or coffeeshop must have some protection built-in.

    What happens if everyone individually “grounds” themselves….what happens electromagnetically to the surroundings. Are new circuits created around these people? This is a world-wide problem, not just
    individual problem. Sure, a 20 year old just getting a cellphone might take 20 years to feel the ill effects
    but now they are also being bombarded constantly by wireless systems and their friends’ cellphones as well.

    I never gave it much thought about EMFs until my left ear and head started having problems and I had to
    switch to the other side. I don’t have any brain tumors but I would say if you could crack open my skull
    and take tissue samples from one side and the other side, there would be a difference. There is NO
    doubt that my sense of calm is different from being ON the phone or OFF the phone.

    phone in another room (not in your bedroom) or charge it as far away from you as possible. Limit your
    time in libraries, coffeeshops that use wireless until you find real protections, and use a wired headphone
    to your cellphone (not bluetooth). Keep your phone in your purse or knapsack, not on your body.

    I will be investigating the grounding pads, bed pads, necklaces, and cellphone pads…but something
    tells me the best protection is what I stated above.

    • Jeff Yeo says:


      I chanced upon your comments and would like to offer this suggestion if you are willing to listen. Have replied in the sequence of your comments.

      After using a cellphone for 20 years….
      Would you be receptive to researching a product that was developed 5 years before your problem with the cellphone started? Goto (They have been in business for more than 25 years)

      We are surrounded by wireless systems now…..
      This product will work for you or you return it and you get your money back.
      Goto the link below to see the research test report validated

      Perhaps saying ?the the building itself or coffeeshop must have some protection built-in…..
      Install the EarthCalm Home Protection System and everyone in the coffeeshop will be protected and grounded.

      What happens if everyone individually “grounds” themselves…..
      Wear the EarthCalm Nova Resonator personal protector and you will notice a difference.

      Good advice. Rule No. 1 is to eliminate EMF source where possible. Rule No. 2 is to limit exposure as much as possible. Rule No. 3 is to find a solution to ground yourself to get rid of the radiation that accumulates in your body.

      Hope this helps.

  60. Christine says:

    Ugh!! What can I do if I’m a frequent flyer on an airplane which has WIFI??!
    I work as a flight attendant, and 80% of our passengers on every flight are using their computers,
    smartphones, etc., hence the WIFI is alive and (dangerous?).

    Please advise!!

    Christine M.

  61. martin says:

    i wish scammers would understand that health issue is not a way to make money. bying a bracelet or necklace or event pluging some small unit in the wall will stop radio frequencies from getting to you…
    the best way to explain this is if you where in front of a a fire hose and trying not to get wet by holding a can of soup in front of you. i hope you get the picture and laughing right now but that’s exactly what the bracelet, necklace and gizmo plug is doing..nothing!
    Who am i to contredict all this… that’s what i do on a daily base. Rf exposure, measurments, analysis. The tent over the bed is a starting point to stop EMF. what about under the bed? the matress is not stopping the RF. you would need a Faraday cage in your room to be RF free.
    You want to know if you have RF in your room? do you have signal on your phone? if yes then you have RF in that particular band…if you open the radio in your room do you get reception? if yes then you have that portion of the band in you room. etc…walkie-talkies, wifi, cordeless phone, do they work? there’s your answer.
    A real RF proof room would cost at least 5 maybe 10 000$US or more. does it exist? I don’t know.

    Be smart about this.
    good luck!

  62. Derek says:

    I live in a community that i felt horrible right away when moving here.I knew it was the community on not the house as i felt it as soon ad i driving in from main rd which cell towers and hgigh tension wires held no water as i would feel it as soon as driving in from main rd then read this on and wonder this happen in my community ..conicidently im in the next county in NJ with same electric company ..And the development here is wayyy overloaed this is why i wonder if grounding might not be good here

    Anybody care to comment on this article below ?


    Dr. Mercola,

    This topic is near and to my heart and for good reason. It didn’t directly involve me but in a way it could affect anyone living in over developed areas. A few years ago, in a nearby county, people were complaining about a slight electrical shock while swimming in their pools or jacuzzi.Thinking that the installer did something wrong, representatives examine the structures and found everything was up to code. You see, the complaint of a shock was mild to non existant at various times. Later, an unusually high incident of pet owners were reporting to veterarians because many dogs were shedding excessively, mangey like. The Vets were perplexed. Finally, many residents took up the problem with the Monmouth County Municipality. Whatever, the problem, their investigation was inconclusive. Finally, an outside electrical engineer hired by the citizens concluded the following. That due to the increasing development of new homes, without the necessary upgrade of the electrical transfer stations, voltage was leaking into the ground, As the demand for power increased so did the intensity and frquency of the shock. Which explains why the shock varied at times. In new developments around here, the power cables are underground. What JCP&L ,the power supplier, did was to turn up the voltage as a cost effective way of meeting demand instead of upgrading the grid! Needles to say, JCP&L refused to admit the problem was theirs. The citizens band together, hired an attorney , and won. This is just another example of big corporations putting profit before people, and it’s disgusting to say the least!

  63. Derek says:

    I actually develpoed immune system problems after being at a job for 16 yrs that really was doing a number on my health finally after all them yrs leaving i developed ES amnong other problems. Now a guy next door just put a flagpole up , my head been pounding since ..

    I am thinking there is a ham radio antenna in there..Now i read this arent like the old ones they now have styealth antennas which are pretty powerful . Do you have any ifo on this stuff ? Its so powerful i wonder if its not being illegal , can they use digital freqencies? Is there anything he cpould be doing that isnt l;egal and why im hurtoing cause i can’t imagine the powe that is giving off that is woithin limits ?


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