How to Protect Yourself from EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies) : Exclusive Renegade Health Interview

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protect yourself from this EMF pollution
No Photoshop here, just some serious EMFs. (La Ceiba, Honduras)

After questions about water, probably the second most popular topic we inquires about is how to protect yourself from EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies.)

I’ve talked to a lot of experts about these, but I’ve realized that not a lot of people know what they’re talking about. In fact, there were some things that I thought I knew and after talking to this expert, I realize that clearly I didn’t know as much as I thought I did.

My guest today is Mary Cordaro who specializes in consulting on healthy, green home building and remodeling, diagnosing and solving “sick building syndrome” as well as EMF protection.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today, so check it out Part 1 of 2 here (My written comments follow)…

mary cordaro

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Here are my thoughts…

1. Did you know there were two types of EMF?

Most people are unaware that there are two types of EMF frequencies. Low Frequency EMF or 60 hertz is what most homes run on. These come from appliances, wires in your wall, power wires outside or anything else that is plugged in. These come in the form of AC electric and AC magnetic.

The second are high frequency EMFs and these come from cellular, radio and wireless frequencies.

They both are prevalent just about everywhere, though the amount of high frequency EMFs have significantly increased over the last two decades.

2. A Gauss meter doesn’t detect high frequency EMFs.

I have a Gauss meter and I had no idea that it didn’t measure high frequency EMFs from radio, wireless, and cell phones. It does measure the low frequency EMFs put out by these items, but doesn’t measure the high frequencies that they put out.

What’s scary is that these things put out a ton of low frequency EMFs so I can’t imagine how much high frequency EMFs they put out.

What’s also scary is that I was using a Gauss meter without fully knowing it’s capabilities. 🙂

3. Low Frequency EMFs are released even when things that are plugged in are turned off.

I’ve learned this by walking around with my Gauss meter in the house. The printer was causing the meter to pulse even though it was completely turned off.

If you’re concerned about these low frequencies, I’d suggest unplugging all appliances that you are not using.

4. Here are some basic tips to protect yourself from all types of EMFs…

Keep your wireless router as far from you as possible or use an Ethernet wire for a direct connection. Turn your router off at night and unplug as much as you can.

Plastic Romex wiring in your walls release more EMF than other wire. If you’re extremely sensitive, you can have an electrician install a shutoff switch in your bedroom that will turn off all electricity flowing into that room.

Your Question of the Day: What is your EMF protection plan? Do you have one?

In Part 2, Mary will talk about other ways to protect yourself, as well as address protection technologies.

If you want to learn more about Mary and what she does, you can visit her site here:

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