Could There Be Uranium in Your Water (Even Spring Water!?!?) : Renegade Health Exclusive Interview

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spring water contamination
Even water like this – as beautiful as it looks – is likely contaminated. (Zion National Park, Utah)

Of all the questions we get on a regular basis, the most frequent types are about water.

What water should I drink?

Is spring water the best?

Is R.O. water OK?

What about distilled?

One of my go-to guys on water besides Daniel Vitalis, David Wolfe and others – is Jim McMahon. I’ve known him for a while now and we, from time to time – like to geek out on water and water systems and environmental issues.

Jim’s very easy to understand, uses a very simple and cost saving method to determine what water is best for you and brings about 30 years of water system and purification experience to the table.

He’s not a theorist, he’s a real ecologist who knows a lot about water.

Today, I have part 1 of a two part interview for you here where Jim explains what the best water to drink as well as if it’s possible that all spring water may not be good for you. (Hint, some may contain radioactive uranium.)

Take a listen here…

jim mcmahon spring water

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1. Your spring water needs to be tested.

After listening to this interview, one of the biggest takeaways that I got was to either test the spring water that you gather independently or only gather spring waters from state run sources.

Jim tells a story about his own spring water – his municipality in Utah is sourced directly from a spring – and how his body’s levels of uranium were elevate after drinking this water for 11 years.

For those of you who don’t know, uranium is a known radioactive toxin that can cause just about any type of damage in the body that it wants – no need in listing them all here. It’s nasty stuff.

The levels of uranium in the spring water is low at 3 parts per billion (acceptable levels as per local and state government), bu

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