What Is The Best Diet for Cancer Patients? : Healing Cancer World Summit Night 2 Recap

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carrot juice cancer diet
Is carrot juice a danger to the health of all? (Not actually carrot juice… couldn’t find a picture, so this orange smoothie will have to do.)

Sorry for the delay on this one…

We lost power in Berkeley and so as I’m writing this I’m doing it by candlelight and it is now up on Wednesday, not Tuesday! 🙂

Anyway, today, I have a recap of Night 2 from the Healing Cancer World Summit with Dr. Francisco Contreras and Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy.

In this recap, I’ll share some of the things about diet for cancer patients (and prevention) that were similar and conflicting from the previous calls and hopefully sort some of this out for you.

Let’s get started…

1. Simple carbohydrates, fats and proteins feed cancer.

Dr. Contreras explains, within the first few minutes of his lecture that simple carbohydrates, excess fat and excess protein can feed cancer. Dr. Otto Warburg showed in the 1930’s that malignant cells liked to get energy from fat and protein, so a diet of complex carbohydrates from plants show a positive effect in cancer patients. He also states that for many years, most doctors thought that diet played no role in the treatment or cause of cancer.

The idea that a high plant based diet could help with cancer is echoed throughout the entire program. This to me is a clue that there is some truth to this.

Dr. Gonzalez does talk about metabolic typing when it comes to diet, but I’m sure he’d agree that eating lots of plants is important – even if the patient is eating meat.

Mark this one down as a key point from the event: A high plant based diet can help prevent disease – including cancer.

2. Is the best diet for a cancer patient a vegan one?

In Dr. Contreras’ experience, a vegan diet is best for patients. This diet, as I mentioned above, is 100% plant based and – in his practice – limits fat and protein.

To clarify, he also says that for the rest of the population, this is not necessary, but we need to reduce significantly the consumption of high quality protein and the consumption of simple carbohydrates.

Again, I think most or all of the doctors would agree that eating as many plants as possible is good protocol when you have cancer.

3. Confirmation of the enzyme therapy…

On Night 1, Dr. Gonzalez talked extensively about using enzymes for cancer treatment. Charlotte Gerson spoke about it as well.

Guess what happened on Night 2 as well?


“So one of the things that we must manage, especially in cancer patients, is inflammation so we use a number of elements not only enzymes. But enzymes play a major, major role in the reduction and control of inflammation and that’s why we use enzyme therapy. That’s one of the reasons. Of course also enzymes that are digestive enzymes are very important for patients for them to be able to utilize foods better. Then they will be better metabolized for the absorption of the nutrients that the food is aimed to do. A lot of times we will consume foods that have rich content of nutrients but if they’re not digested correctly then those nutrients will not end up where they need to end up. So yes, for those two reasons we use quite a bit of enzymes on our patients.”

4. Show me the numbers.

My favorite part of this call was Dr. Contreras showing us his success numbers. There was no skirting the issue here, he even has them on his website – which I’m going to direct you to now – so you can look at them yourself:


You may want to bookmark that page and share it the next time someone comes to you questioning how effective natural and integrative therapies are.

5. What’s toxic and what’s not?

I love this quote…

“The difference between a venom and a cure is not the substance, it’s the dose.”

You can overdo just about anything. Every plant food has alkaloids. If you eat to much of anything it could be irritating to the body – yes, even spinach or kale or squash.

6. What’s you with your head?

When I asked Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy about the protocols for treating and preventing cancer, the first thing she mentioned was dealing with what’s going on in your head.

She explains that many doctors – past and present – do in fact believe that any effective cancer healing protocol must address the mindset of the patient.

Annmarie (my wife) and I have been around the country and have spoken to many different practitioners about this and some have candidly shared that they know which patients will make it and which ones won’t just by talking to them and by reading their attitude toward the situation.

I guess what’s interesting (scary) is that what you’re thinking now, could lead to disease later on in life. Crazy… I’d suggest starting to change your thoughts if you felt any truth in that statement!

7. Cancer cells don’t like to be oxidized!

Cancer cells don’t like oxygen. It destroys them.

In order to bring oxygen to the body, the best ways are deep breathing and exercise.

I can’t tell you how many people ask me about using this gadget or that for their health when they haven’t exercised in 10 years. You just can’t deny the effects of exercise, nor can you afford to not move your body.

To comment on breathing, I bet you’re breathing shallowly as you read this. If you are, take a deep belly breath now and visualize the oxygen going into your lungs and then flowing through your bloodstream to cleanse it.

Feels good right?

8. Our biggest disagreement to date…

The Gerson Therapy uses plenty of carrot juice, Dr. Contreras recommends none, Dr. Connealy says only a little.

The reason why these doctors limit it is because of its high sugar content.

Who’s right?

I’m not a clinician, so I have no idea, but based on what we’ve heard to date, I don’t think a little carrot juice is harmful to the body – and it definitely doesn’t cause cancer.

9. Some valuable reading…

Here are some resources and names to research further from tonight:

1. Dr. Otto Warburg
2. Dr. Allen Levin “The Healing of Cancer” (Not on Amazon, so you have dig around to find a copy!)

Your question of the day: Would you drink carrot juice if you had cancer? Why or why not?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Thank you for putting this excellent presentation together and sharing it with others. I don’t have cancer, but since listening to all your speakers, I have decided to change my eating habits. Job well done!

  2. Leticia Saints says:

    Well that didnt answer the question.

  3. Olin says:


    I would like to point you to the researh of Michael Donaldson, PhD (with the Hallelujah Acres Foundation) in regards to the Effects of Carrot Juice on Blood Glucose at: http://www.hacres.com/pdf/documents/research-carrot-juice-full.pdf

    You will find it most helpful. At Hallelujah Acres we suggest vegetble juice be made of 2/3 carrot and 1/3 greens which further reduces the sugar and only 8 ounces per serving as opposed to the larger serving size used in the research study.

  4. Shari says:

    According to Doug Kaufman who wrote “The Fungal Link” series of books, a cause of cancer and many diseases is fungus / candida. He recommends carrot juice as part of his anti-fungal diet. Even though carrot juice contains sugar, he said the anti-fungal properties of it outweigh the sugar. Most doctors don’t recommend carrot juice in a candida diet,but maybe that is why the Gerson clinic has success with it – anti-fungal.

    He has a website: http://www.knowthecause.com

  5. Mark says:

    Yes, I would drink lots of carrot juice. I would follow the Breuss Juice protocol which is a combination of beet, carrot celery and radish.

    I would also eat lots of pineapple and papaya for the proteolytic enzymes.

    One of the key elements in nutritional cancer therapy is selective amino acid restriction. Glutamine, arginine and methionine restriction can selectively kill cancer cells while causing no harm to normal cells.
    Cancer cells bypass all cell cycle checkpoints. Normal cells just enter a
    state of quiescence.

    For difficult cases, high dose selenium is a good option. It is a non-toxic form of chemotherapy.

  6. Leah says:

    Truly, the key to great health must be in eating high quality foods, and I agree, clearing our negative thinking. I highly recommend working with or learning The Work of Byron Katie. Questioning our stressful thoughts and learning the truth sets us free. I’m so glad all of those on the show emphasized this. Our thinking/ feeling directly affects our body chemistry. A question: since so many or all said simple sugars feed cancer, then what about those that do the Master Cleanse, or those that support medicinal honey? Just wondering.

  7. Teresa says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie

    Thank you so much for all this fantastic information. In relation to carrot juice, my daughter had ovarian cancer when she was 19 – (14 years ago now). I knew a little about Gerson then but she opted for chemo but she had 3 pints of carrot and apple juice a day, plus Essiac and herbs and thankfully she is very healthy today. I was surprised to hear the different opinions on this but I think I use it any of my family were in this position again.

    Best wishes Teresa

  8. lizzy says:

    I would not put more than one carrot into a green juice drink. I would definitely not drink a cup of juice that has enough carrots to look the color of carrot juice.

    When i even eat carrots i can feel the sugar feeding the weaknesses in my body. they also can bring on cravings for me showing that they do have enough sugar to feed fungus and stimulate them for wanting more. This is my personal experience.

    I have found though that as with any fruit my rule is if you eat the fruit, say pineapple or carrot which do have beneficial properties along with at least double its amount of greens and some onion or garlic and lemon. (yes garlic tastes very good with carrot and many fruits)than they are usually safe.

  9. jon behar says:

    I don’t think that to carrot or not is the right way to put it. The secret to fight cancer is to keep the body alkaline, so to have carrot juice is ok as long as you keep your body alkaline. Carrot has many compounds that are very good to the body why then to deny the body from such a good natural healthy food?

  10. Emerald says:

    Kevin, Thank you PROFUSELY for all your efforts regarding the Healing Cancer Summit. While it was in process a friend referred a friend to me because he had just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. She said the reason for her referral was that she knew I’d point him in the right direction and give him a helping hand. And then YOU conveniently came on the scene with a boatload of experts and information, which I have shared and already ordered.

    I began “medicating” with carrots in 1990, to varying degrees. As you know, Jay the Juiceman promoted them all the time, as did Shelton. I cured myself of precancerous adenomas of the colon in 1995, using lots of carrots. I went from 30 polyps to 0 in 3 months.

    Yet I understand the hesitancy over the sugar. Given what I’ve learned more recently, I would probably try to play it safe and still take the carrots on a moderate level because they are SO nutritional and so great for healing.

  11. Hells yeah I would drink carrot juice if I got cancer! I drink 2 cups of carrot juice every day now. If I got sick I would definitely take the Gerson road…

  12. Cindy says:

    I have breast cancer and drink 1 quart of juice per day–2/3 green juice and 1/3 carrot. Carrots have awesome nutrition and make the green juice more palatable. Moderation is the key. For those of you looking for absolute answers STOP. Listen to the experts but more importantly listen to your own body. If I have too much carrot juice I can feel the sugar rush in my body. If you are not yet in tune with your body, buy an inexpensive blood sugar tester and see how certain foods affect YOU. Over time you will become more aware of the signals your body sends you. With cancer it is very important to keep your blood sugar stable.

  13. Christine says:

    It was just wonderful to hear this valuable information. Thank you so much for putting it all together.. You have great interviewing skills.

  14. Mark says:

    Anyone interested in high dose selenium therapy can visit my website:


    See the article “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease”

  15. Leigh says:

    If I had cancer, I would limit carrot and apple juice to small amounts – but only mixed with greens. Additionally I would still add SOME to my Green moothies so that fiber would slow suger absorption to a more natural process and therefore not “feed cancer cells first”, yet still provide for the important nutrients from the carrots. For many who are ill it seems that eating the carrot whole is not as nutrient accessible due to digestion issues.

    I wanted to thank you and your wife for the amazing work you do. Every project worked on is thorough and professional. In a world where it is difficult to get the unpopular message out regarding problems with conventional medicine and diet, you are truly making a difference. Thank you for your very important contribution.



  16. Debbie Young says:

    Kevin, Look up Jerry Brunetti. Healed his own cancer. Not via a vegan diet. Quite the opposite. I wish he would have been on your series. I will get to meet him at Wise Traditions and hear him speak. Maybe I can get you the notes on his talk there in Dallas.

  17. Eleanor Vallone says:

    To juice or not has been on my mind, so thanks for this forum. Gerson was aware of the sugar connection and recommended juicing. I would say – juice! Juice heavy! And, check your blood sugar and PH to make sure you are on the right path with it.

    Now, where can I buy this entire program for my Ipod….

  18. Dr. Myron Berney says:

    I need to check with Dr. Contereas to see why he is not getting the expected results with the iv Vitamin C. He’s probably using the slow protocol if he not getting good results…
    You don’t have to worry about stimulating the cancer it already has the peddle to the metal.

  19. Interesting information. I also recommend Andreas Moritz book “Cancer is not a disease”: http://cancerisnotadisease.com/

  20. frances says:


  21. Iiris says:

    Kevin, thank you! I have two people around me who have cancer and they feel better already when they started with vegetable juices.

  22. Mark says:

    Kevin, you are changing the world in giant steps. Much gratitude for your efforts and also same goes for Annmarie. You are a dynamo couple. Hope to visit when I am in Berkeley.

  23. Thank you so much for doing this. Yes, I would, but I think you have to know your body. If it makes you want sugar, than I wouldn’t do it. I mostly would stay with alot of greens in juicing them. Dr.John Cappello has done alot of great research on stem cell nutrition http://jdimlm.com/miracles.

  24. Gary Collier says:

    Cancer thrives in an acid environment. Carrots are the most alkalizing plant on the planet. So, for cancer prevention, carrot juice is a winner. If you have a metastasizing condition, however, the sugars would be contraindicated. It’s good to know where you stand….

  25. Denise says:

    Thanks for putting on this summit and taking the time to recap all the info in a succinct format. The best thing I took from these 6 nights was a renewed motivation to improve my diet now! And yes, I will drink carrot juice in moderation.

  26. Mark says:

    There is very compelling scientific evidence that cancer cells begin as stem cells. Cancer cells have all of the same characteristics as stem cells. They may also be called embryonic cells. It is one of the reasons that cancer cells can not be recognized or targeted by immune cells.

    Green juices are great but for cancer they provide growth factors. Celery juice is OK because it is low in protein. Celery juice has a high level of luteolin which is a fatty acid synthase inhibitor (FASN).
    Cancer cells have up-regulated FASN activity and inhibiting FASN with natural compounds like luteolin and EGCG trigger apoptosis.

    Blood glucose is not the problem. Insulin resistance is the problem and is caused by excess fat in the diet. Reduce fat and exercise and blood sugar will be normal and stable when drinking carrot juice or eating fruit. Insulin resistance is caused by intramyocellular lipids.

  27. Bugs says:

    Yes, I would absolutely drink carrot juice daily if I had cancer. I current drink carrot juice daily along with other veggies and greens and a bit of apple. I agree with Charlotte Gerson. She said that if carrot juice feeds cancer they would be killing people every day in their clinic and they certainly are not – they are doing the opposite, helping them heal. There are too many people who have seen and experienced benefits of drinking carrot juice to not believe it helps the body heal. As with all treatments and diseases, one needs to know their body well and research thoroughly. (Of course if you are diabetic, you need to heal that before you consume a lot of carrot juice.) But I believe that the benefits of carrot juice far away the amount of natural sugar they contain. I have been able to heal myself of some health issues with carrot/green juices and coffee enemas, as have many other people.

  28. Gail says:

    I have a book showing how people have drank almost exclusively raw carrot juice and cured themselves of cancer, arthritis and many other dkiseases considered incurable. They have testimonies of children as well as adults. Nowhere in that book do they tell you that the sugar content of carrot juice is a problem. There is also a diabetic in the book who changed his diet, drank carrot juice as well as other things, and was cured of diabetes. Because cancer is a nutritional deficiency disease, they didn’t address the mindset of the people; what they did note is that as people become healthy and properly nourished, they becamse extremely calm and cheerful. Being healthy fixes sad, unhappy people and makes them well and cheerful. So…I believe the book was written by Dr. kirschner.

  29. teodora says:

    Aprox 300 ml/day is all i can handle, and to do this daily for months and months… It’s to sweet for me, and if somebody would say that this is the reason i’m only controling the multiple myeloma and not curring it for almost one year (thank god for the interviews and books, at least i can afford them) i would send them to Dr. Gonzales, for example, to find out more about the metabolic type. There can’t be a one size fits all. Plus, i like dr Aplsley’s idea of the eclectic aproach, with or without carrot juice. I know, this was a long answer.

  30. Patrick says:

    For most people I’d say carrot juice is very, very healing!! People are too down on sugar in my opinion; the sugar content in carrot juice can be very helpful in giving you a much needed energy boost when you’re sick. I’d say 1 to 2 pints of carrot juice per day is about right, often best diluted half and half with water & spread out throughout the day.

  31. Patrick says:

    Oh, and don’t forget to juice the ginger in with that! 🙂

  32. Molly says:

    Kevin, I took almost 40 pages of notes and am putting together a digest for people I know.

    I didn’t catch the name of the first survivor you interviewed: it sounded like Carlin Cloping but I can’t get anything to come up when I do various searches and I wanted to include her website, which involves her name.

    Would you please tell me her name?

    Many thanks for this jaw-dropping event. I was riveted, even though I’ve been researching cancer and alternative healing for over 5 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  33. Thomas says:

    I eat carrots with lots of other veggies every day. So I vote ‘yes’ on the carrot juice.

    I noticed all the ads posted above for the ‘selenium treatments’ for cancer.

    You should see this Renegade Health episode (video) about selenium poisoning:


  34. Mark says:

    I encourage everyone to read “The Breuss Cancer Cure” available on amazon.

    The Breuss juice combination is beet, carrot, celery and radish. I have studied this cancer healing protocol in depth and found that it is supported by an abundance of scientific evidence.

    Note that there is no green juice in this combination.

  35. Dan Hegerich says:

    I’d like to thank for putting the program together yet I would like to offer the basics in healing cancer. Food cannot heal cancer unless the patient believes it can. Thus people have rid themselves of tumors with meat, with plants, with sunlight, with exercise, with conscious breathing, with affirmations, prayer, faith, Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, or any combination of such or other ways and means. The reason there are so many different ways is because there are individual realities. One thing stands clear and that is one must learn to live more in accordance with Nature’s Laws and one’s true authentic nature. Why they want to ‘cure’ their cancer and how is totally up to the individual. Thus the cure is not outside of oneself but inside. Since you are in living in the conscious energy field of raw veganism, it is reasonable to consider that you will slant information to give leverage and evidence to maintain your field of perception. With that said, your guests offered options to those who’s beliefs have been shattered. Each guest and cancer option is right within their reality. When one’s reality aligns with the treatment then miracles are created. Lastly, a common theme was ‘individualized’ treatments and emotional release with intellectual integration is a must. I believe that letting go or releasing negative energies and biological toxins is far more healing than adding in any positive influences for the Soul is positive and happy if the negative obstructions have been removed.

  36. Jeffrey says:

    One of my classes (a nursing class) was at Takoma Park Hospital and a patient there had stomach cancer. Against the advice of her oncologist, for two weeks she ate nothing but carrot juice, and her cancer dislodged itself, and was found in her bed pan. Further examination of the patient revealed to the amazement of everyone, that she no longer had stomach cancer. This happened while studying at C.U.C. and was told to us by our teacher, so I believe there is something about carrot juice that cancer just doesn’t like.

  37. Thank You Kevin for a wonderful, very informative Healing Cancer World Summit.. I listened to all of the interviews LIVE and I have ordered the audio series too for further referrence.. Yes ,You are a great interviewer, Kevin ..
    Thanks for exposing us to so many wonderful clinicians in the Natural & Integrative Oncology field..I am a strong believer in PREVENTION of Cancer through Diet and AVOIDING as many toxic environments as possible.. That is where Staying Informed about the latest TRUE Natural remedies comes into play.
    I personally have been blessed with good health BECAUSE of what I keep learning from folks such as you .. Thank You again for re-enforcing my knowledge base and ADDING more current information .. If anyone wants to find out more about medicinal mushrooms , Ganoderma Lucidum, now available in North America , please go to my website.
    contact me with any questions too.
    Lets Stay Healthy and Share our Knowledge with others world-wide..

  38. Susan Korner says:

    I try to drink carrot juice every day, but only mixed with other non-sweet vegie juices. If I developed cancer I would increase the amount; experimenting to see how much my body could handle. Now I drink about 20 ounces a day. I was diagnosed with severe hypoglycemia about 25 years ago, and have other health problems. The raw food diet and juicing, I believe, is the reason I am still here and doing pretty well. I believe in eating whole foods more than juicing, but have found that I feel better when I am juicing. I almost always include carrot–it makes the juice palatable and I am convinced it is very healthful. My body would let me know if it were not. The only time I had a problem was when I drank 32 ounces of straight carrot juice for dinner, my blood sugar dropped pretty badly. I would never think of doing that again.

  39. Hank says:

    I am a diabetic that has controlled my diabetes thru raw food/whole food. It really works and my blood glucose readings are normal now and I feel great.

    When I drink a large glass of carrot juice and check my level after half an hour my levels are much higher. Then when I check my levels again in a hour and a half my level are normal or better.

    Its the only vegetable I have noticed where my levels go up quickly and down quickly. Not sure why this happens with carrot juice especially but perhaps the sugar from carrots does not stay in our system as long and therefore has a true benefit as per Gerson.

  40. Frank says:

    I have a question, and wonder why
    you didn’t ask it:

    The Gerson therapy, and that of Dr. Gonzalez, for example,
    oppose each other, for one says meats are okay for some
    personality types, whereas Gerson says “No way!”.

    On the other hand, they all have much better results fighting
    off cancer than those of allopathic medicine.

    Can they not feel each other out to arrive at a “mixed” form
    of therapy that works synergistically? Why must these herapies
    remain isolated from each other and thereby only get “good”
    results when in combination we may well finally lick it!

  41. Deborah says:

    This has been great. I agree with Jon about carrot juice with one added comment. As high doses of IV vit. C are used for cancer and other diseases so high doses of IV vit A have been used. So, my conclusion is that the effects of vit A probably cancel probably override the neg. effects of the sugar content.

  42. Leslie says:

    I had cancer and was told I had 1 year to live. I researched many people who had cured themselves of cancer and the common threads were carrot juice and a mostly raw vegan diet. I have juiced and drank gallons of carrot juice and other freshly extracted vegetable juices along with a simple raw vegan diet and I am cancer free 11 years later. Bring on the carrot juice!

  43. Neta says:

    If someone is not handling carrot juice they need to drop all fats out of the diet long term so blood sugars can stabilise. I found mixing greens and a lime or lemon helps break down the sweetness.
    I would definitely have carrot juice if I had cancer.

  44. viola says:

    i don’t drink carrot juice, too much sugar, but if I had cancer i would probably reconsider if that is a proved method, i mean i would rather have hypoglycemia issue from sugar in carrots than cancer.

    To Molly (post 32) it’s Karolyn Kloepping,

  45. michael westrick says:

    You did a awsome job with this program

  46. Linda says:

    This is the first place I’ve heard claim that Dr. Warburg’s findings stated fat and protein feed cancer.

    “Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.” — Dr. Otto H. Warburg in Lecture [8]

    And,carbohydrates break down into sugar. Cancer has to have sugar to survive.

  47. Mark says:

    Cancer cells also thrive on glutamine. They use this amino acid at very high levels beyond what is required for protein synthesis. Cancer cells are said to be addicted to glutamine.

    Cancer patients do much better on an animal protein free diet and even better on a simple vegan diet.

    It is more important to regulate insulin and IGF-1 than to try to regulate glucose.

    Low fat, low protein, raw, living, organic vegan diet is best. I like the 80-10-10 diet and for cancer 94-2-2.

    Caloric restriction alone is powerful. Diet alone will treat most cases of early stage cancer.

    Late stage cancer requires some extra ammunition because the cancer cells produce their own growth stimulating factors.

  48. Matt says:

    Adya Clarity. That, along with fresh, ripe, raw and organic fruits and vegetables, is what I would take. Adya works something like this:


  49. Ann says:

    If there is a breast cancer tumor (ductal carcinoma), should it be removed via surgery, while undergoing alternative therapies?? Or will the therapies eliminate the tumor?

  50. marc says:

    Can you define excess carbs, proteins and fats? What ratios are we really talking about??

    What about aajanous who cured himself of cancer using raw grassfed meat, grassfed butter and green juices?

  51. Sheilah says:

    My housemate was schedualed to have cancerous tissue removed from her armpit area and instead agreed to eat whatever I put in front of her. I had her give up all her junk food…made her morning green smoothies w/ lots of greens,green apple and a dollup of coconut milk. I made her a big salad w/ nuts, seeds or beans for lunch…and veggies, big salad and whole grain for dinner…no juices (although in hind-sight I would have done that) and the doctors were shocked at Kaiser to find she was cancer free. She became a lot stronger and truly inspired about natural foods!

  52. Kuru says:

    Blessings to all who posted their successes with carrot juice. Even though I’ve gotten a hard time about the sugar from some, I’ve been hooked on it as my prime life-giver for 35 years. I now mix it with celery, a little ginger, tumeric, burdock root. My cells light up as I drink this divine elixir! So glad to hear it’s healing cancer time and time again. Great summit, Kevin, though ultimately I have to agree with Dan #35 that the cure is inside us. Accepting oneself, living in accordance with Nature’s laws and one’s authentic self. Well put, Dan.

  53. Holly says:

    @Matt #49- Adya Clarity was pulled from the market yesterday, RECALL!!!!! It was a sham, Al and Fe toxicity from it, levels of both were around 5-6000% higher than normal!!!! The company issued apologies from about 10 different people in the company. Read Natural News yesterday!!!!!!

    I personally can not stand the smell or taste of carrot juice, however, I believe the high dose of beta carotene may change the effect of the sugar in the body regarding cancer cells. I would recommend 12oz twice daily for those that can swallow it.

    I had the highest level of protein in a bone marrow bx at Moffitt they had ever seen. I ate red meat every other month and white meat every other month. The consumption amount of peanut butter always has been high, therefore, the high protein levels. Then the study that came out two years ago that people on large servings of peanut butter daily have clear arteries. My calcium score was 0, no plaque at all. Peanut butter is a great protein source, good for the heart and not bad for cancer. Was in remission from AML in three months by taking retinoic acid. Still here 15 years later.

  54. I watched a new TV program on Tuesday night here in the UK called Food Hospital.
    They take people with certain conditions and show how food can be used as medicine.

    At one point when they were talking about cancer they stated that diet cannot cure cancer! (It’s against the law to say cure cancer isn’t it?)

    Last night I read about an interview that Dr Mercola did with Dr Gonzalez in which he said that he has patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 20 years ago and were still alive and well today. That’s all done with food, enzymes and supplements.

    Anyway to answer your question yes I would drink carrot juice. There seems to be more evidence for drinking than not if you have cancer even if it is anecdotal.

  55. nilsholgerson says:

    I like carrot juice i would drink it if i can.

    would there a different from different carrots yellow purple, wildcarrot?
    would wild carrot be more effective or differently?

    im thinking on a lot.

    im not realy fell like writing here. and this with adaya clarity sucks me. whatever happen this can happen! its just how live is done.
    maybe we have to learn that this is loveful and we can create something nice out of it. and get more in real life. i think real life has more to discover. maybe try to built a water filter by our self. or discover our local energy places or adaya clarities. why always steal from other cultures and support sold out of holy minerals. If adaya clarity is healthy let this for the japanes for the surivors of fukushima. if it is harming, im glad that im not taking it. im glad that im more looing for diversity and not for makreting gurus who wanna sell something natural as something holy.

    maybe one day we have to smash all this health food world patriachy and rebel and create something new. occupy the longevity warehouse!!!

    its just fun. When you do you will see how this holy people hide behind their securities and you see they are all humans. So maybe just relax calm your mind and look and find the diversity in everything. and everything can be healing and be happy that a lot things are still like innocent and not sold out by any kmarketing guru or new age shaman.

    be lucky for your experience you get! i wish we all dvine. maybe someone like to have your minerals. even if its toxic. in nature there is nothing toxic. its always a circle.

  56. Richard Rader says:

    When we lived in Wisconsin 1974 we used to grow the carrots to full size before the snow came, we covered them with straw and a layer of plastic as the snow got deep two foot they were protected from freezing.We planted hundreds of rows and drank carrot juice by the pound dailey all winter until spring. Did that for 15 years. I am still alive today. Still do it but on a smaller scale.

  57. Yamina says:

    I’d like to share some reflexions about cancer and about all the products that are supposed to heal it, plants, extracts, pills or whatever else. I don’t think that ANYTHING (surgery in extreme cases may reduce the invasion of maligne cells, I suppose) can heal cancer but the body itself, the inherent power of vital forces of this marvelous perfection that our body is. All the cases of healing after having carrot juices are solely due to the fact that carrot juices are a sort of fast for the body compared to what have conducted to cancer : OVEREATING ! Eating more than our body needs ! I am convinced that even a meat diet with dairy, white flour, salt, wine, in small amounts, taken when hungry, is better than a stuffing raw plant diet eaten without hunger or desire, just for the chemical properties of the numerous components ! We are not supposed to eat antioxydants, vit B, omegas X, but delicious and nourrishing food for the pleasure of our palate, eyes and smell ! Mr Jobs was vegan, have I heard… Just an example to confirm my idea : a few years ago, I was having carrot juices almost every day. I haven’t even heard about the word vegan… Some day, I wake up, horrified by the colour of my skin : ORANGE ! I understood that my body couldn’t handle so much betacarotene and I definitely stopped any juicing. The mouth’s door is the first step that food have to pass to enter my body. If I cannot chew more than two carrots, that’s it. I will not force this natural barrier by swallowing juices. I have read that orange hands are the sign that the liver that have so many vital tasks is overburdened, because even this beautiful orange colour has to be processed… I am not a scientist, just have eyes and ears and maybe some judgment (some don’t agree with this last statement…) Thanks for your blog, very interesting.

  58. Alona says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Dr. Lorraine Day has cured herself from advanced breast cancer according to her 10-step natural Health Plan over 20 years ago. The complete vegan diet of this protocol includes 13 fresh 8-0z glass juices per day – 1 orange juice, 7 carrot & apple and 5 green juices.

    Go to her web: http://www.drday.com
    and into FAQ where the benefit of carrot juice is disscussed.

    According to dr. Day the main causes of chronic disease are malnutrition, dehydration and stress.For the dehydration part – it’s highly essential to drink lots of good quality water.

  59. nilsholgerson says:

    Some of the people comenting i wish i would meet in reality. and maybe i meet them and i not know??

    To carrots i think carrot is a highly breed stuff and i not like it to eat that often. still i think its very good.

    And i think good meat is better than bad palnt food for some!

    And i think that good plant food is always hard produced so keep respect and not overeat! cause someone has to work for the food!

    I not beleave in overeating! i more beleave and different periods and challages. So if i m preparing for some high energy day, ill eat more to keep clear and fit. If im more like resting and calm ill eat less. I also can have workout and high energy with less food. I not think this is good for all people. And then i think different peopel are different. sometimes overeating is good sometimes not!?

    I have heard yakutia is a kinda bluezone with centarians in the north. so this would be the only blue zone in the north?!

    What about wild carrotor hazzle puprle carrot or yellow or white carrot??

  60. Renee says:

    Thank you Kevin for facilitating such an awesome program! The most important thing is to be open to information but ultimately you have to listen to your own truth. To endorse a specific diet isn’t realistic as our bodies are all unique. I believe geographic location is a key factor as to the type of diet that works best for an individual. Eating seasonally and locally is just as important. I live in a northern area and although I consume primarily raw vegetables and juice during the summer when local organic produce is available, however in winter my diet changes to cooked veggies, whole grains and some organic meat. Eating fruit or vegetables imported from thousands of miles just doesn’t appeal to me. Also my body craves warm, cooked foods when temperatures drop below zero.Dan’s comments (#35) really resonate with my philosophy. To give an example my 89 year old mother-in-law still lives in her own home, the only medication she’s on is for thyroid and cholesterol, she’s obese, drinks 6 cups of coffee daily, consumes 5 lbs. of white sugar every 2 weeks, rarily eats veggies or anything raw, consumes conventional red meat daily, only eats white Wonder bread never whole grains and smokes a package of cigarettes daily! She had breast cancer 35 years ago which was treated with radiation and a mastectomy and has been cancer free ever since. Why is she still alive you ask? She is happy, content with her life and is the most joyful, generous and loving soul I know.She simply doesn’t know or believe that her lifestyle is harmful to her health and that’s the mind/spirit/body connection. As you believe, so you become.

  61. Kevin, I Must congratulate you and Annmarie for bringing all of these specialists together. A summit well worth listening to again & again, just so much information. Will pass this onto family & friends. Love reading all of the comments too. I hope all of this repartee with the personal testimonials continues for many years to come. It’s just amazing what’s coming out of the closet. Thanks also to Mike Adams for being so honest in exposing his feelings about medical corruption, Big Pharma etc;etc.
    Absolutely Great Listening Kevin…Thanks.

  62. Carol says:

    Thank you so much for bringing me all this valuable information, the Cancer World Summit and the above chats. Invaluable!! Being informed is the key and doing investigation! Thank you so much. You are a hero!!! I just hate where the American Cancer Society is always asking for money for “research” when cures are already here! It just feeds their pockets!! So sad to those who believe. I used to work for cancer surgeons and their results were not that great! This is better and easier on the patient!! Can’t thank you enough!! Listen people–this stuff is real!! If I ever get cancer, I will call on one of these “integrative physicians” or the Gershon Clinic to be sure. Only way to go!!

  63. Carol says:

    In my comment just a few minutes ago, I failed to mention that there is a good “treatment” or “method” for each individual that may be different for someone else. You have to try several things sometimes to find the right answer. One thing does not fit all.

  64. susan says:

    Thank you soooo much, Kevin! This was an awesome program with absolutely sterling interviews! Almost teeters on information overload – so glad I took copious notes.

    I’m a huge supporter/believer in natural therapies – in fact, wrote Burzynski back in the 80’s and rounded up petitions for one of his many battles with the government. Clearly the assault on our medical freedom continues with no funding going toward anything remotely “alternative” – it threatens the big business of cancer. So sad and pathetic.

    We are so on our own! So YOU and other alternative/integrative folks who are putting information out there are totally precious!
    (Betcha only your mom and AnneMarie call you precious, eh?)
    Keep up the great work!

    Oh, and yes, I love juicing, include carrots all the time with my “recipes” and will continue to!
    Thanks again

  65. Mark says:

    There is an optimal nutritional protocol for treating cancer. Cancer cells are uniquely metabolically transformed which makes them more sensitive than normal cells to restriction of nutrients.

    Glucose is impractical to deplete to levels that will kill cancer cells. The host will die first.

    However, cancer cells can be starved of specific amino acids that will not
    cause harm to normal cells and cause cancer cells to die. Cancer cells loose cell cycle regulatory checkpoints. They continue to divide without the necessary DNA, RNA, peptides and polyamines. Normal cells enter a state of rest and wait until the required nutrients are available before replicating.

    Google methionine restriction, glutamine restriction, and arginine restriction with the word cancer.

    Diet is everything in cancer prevention and therapy just as it is for every other degenerative disease. Sometimes some people escape the disease that have the absolute worst diets but most suffer the consequences of poor nutrition

    Visit http://www.nutritionaloncologyresearchinstitute for information on the
    amino acid restriction protocol.

  66. Mark says:

    Whoops forgot the .com

  67. Molly says:

    Viola! Thank you so much for the spelling of Karolyn’s name. You’re the best!

  68. Kelly says:

    I can’t thank you enough Kevin for the wonderful job you are doing by putting such valuable information out there.

    I think carrots are very good for one’s health. My mother has a book that belonged to her mother published in 1945 about how to use fruits and veggies to cure diseases. This book cited carrots among other fruits and veggies that have cancer fighting properties. It described how carrots have phytonutrient antioxidants, Hydroxycinnamic acids,and falcarinol that can cure colon cancer, and most cancer. I often consult that old book whenever I or people in my family and friends have a health problem. Because of my experience I believe 100% in natural medecine, and eating raw, and green can save our lives.
    I agree with Ms. Gerson, Carrots have too many good benefits to be ignored. Excessive consumption of all food cannot be good for the body. One glass of carrot juice mixed with other green veggies can do great thing for your body.

  69. Jayjay says:

    Thank you for the summit.

    I’ve done a lot of research on the main anti-cancer diets that have proven results. The Gerson diet, as practiced at their clinic and recommended in their books, is not vegan, or even vegetarian. Yes they say to drink 13 veggie drinks per day, and eat lots of vegetables raw, some cooked, and certain fruits. But also they say to start eating nonfat yogurt after several weeks of the therapy. Also Gerson therapy includes digestive enzymes (from pigs), and dessicated calves liver.

    The Budwig diet is lacto-vegetarian. Central to this diet is a daily mixture of cottage cheese and flax oil. The Bill Henderson protocol diet also includes this cottage cheese and flax oil mixture, as well as fish oil, and some enzymes (from pigs).

    Dr. Contrera’s diet is not vegan if he’s including digestive enzymes from pigs as Gerson does. If the enzymes are from papaya, barley grass, pineapple and the like then it would truly be vegan. I’d be very interested in knowing more about his recommended diet and what kind of digestive enzymes it includes.

    Dr. Day’s and Dr. Young’s anti-cancer diets are totally vegan, but don’t have any rates of success that I’ve been able to find.

    There are various natural ways to kill cancer and this summit has gone a long ways toward enlightening people. I’m treating my own cancer with a combination of natural, non-toxic approaches and it is working. I don’t eat many carrots, and no carrot juice, and I’m not doing any enzymes as they digest any protein in the body including blood cells.

    Research the treatment you are interested in. Most of the natural therapies are way better than what oncologists will offer you!

  70. Kevin, here is an unedited personal email we’ve received, showing appreciation for your work:

    Hello Eva,

    Thank you for the information on Cancer. I have sent the details to one of the friends and when I will get the e-mail address for our neighbours relative, will pass it onto him as well. Kevin Gianni is very good in what he does. What I like about him is, that he is not money hungry. On some web sites they make you to listen a lot of stories and at the end, you don’t learn anything, if you don’t buy their products or books. Kevin is not like that, he gives you all of the information’s free of charge.

    Once again, thank you for passing on to me the Cancer Summit.

    Take care,

    Love. (Name withheld to respect person who sent email to us)

  71. Linda says:

    re posts 26, 47, 48

    I am a cancer survivor – 2 years. Based on all my research over that time, if I had a ‘do-over’ I would not choose chemotherapy again. I went along with the program because I felt I had to and didn’t have time or knowledge to research other options. If I knew then what I know now, I would have chosen a more homeopathic therapy. And, if I get cancer again, I will choose a homeopathic therapy vs conventional. I’ve lost faith in most dr’s, pharmaceuticals, and FDA – they are all brain washed or funded by pharmaceuticals. I don’t trust the nutritionists or food suppliers to provide us with quality foods and certainly the USDA, EPA and FDA are encouraging fast, cheap food production. Everyone is promoting misinformation – all in the name of capitalism There is a ton of misinformation out there provided to people at vulnerable moments and / or on emotional topics that lure them in to purchasing or following some recommended regimen. I abhor such emotional methods of commercialism.

    I applaud the efforts here to bring about more information and recognition of alternative cancer therapies. However, my perception is the same. Take an emotionally charged subject like cancer and promote these regimens with supporting articles posted as answers and rebuttals to questions and concerns in the same vain as the medical field – a lot of technical terms nobody understands but likely to believe b/c it sounds so scientific. These studies are only there to get someone published, and lack in either real discovery or biochemistry and human physiology due to the ‘study’ being so isolated. Providing misinformation so one feels compelled to purchase juicers and carrots is just as bad as food and medical industry. And, is one of the reasons the FDA is making renewed efforts to come after natural supplements and ‘natural’ remedies. I’m not going to debate the viability of drinking carrot juice 13 times a day as a cancer therapy – obviously it works for some. It flies in the face of other therapies such as Budwig w/ flaxseed oil and cottage cheese – the 2 things, fat and protein, that these postings are suggesting to avoid if you have cancer. Apparently Budwig was successful, too. I’m ecstatic that both seem to work! I’ll grant 2 things 1) different therapies work for different people 2) elimination or eradication of cancer may be very different than prevention. Prevention should focus on eliminating/avoiding toxins and ensuring oxygen gets to cells by providing the right things via organic/unadultered foods so cells can form properly in the first place.

    False information #1) Warburg did not conclude that cancer feeds on excess protein and excess fat. He concluded fermentation of sugar occurs in cancer cells. Studies later MAY have found that cancer cells need both to survive but was not a conclusion of Warburg. And, to be fair, cancer needing protein and fat makes sense, right? Since cells in our bodies are roughly 50/50 protein/fat. If a cancer cell grows or multiplies, it needs protein and fat to do so. Now, so does every other cell in the body. That’s why protein and fat are essential in the diet. Let me stress the importance of HEALTHY fat or unadulterated fats (coconut oil or grass-fed butter), vs unhealthy fats such as soybean oil, canola oil, margarine, corn, all processed oils etc. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the blood. Athletes drink it like water to speed up recovery – isolated studies to confirm that cancer cells like glutamine is abit obvious and redundant – duh!

    Generally, people need between .8-1.2 grams of protein / lb of fat free body mass in daily diet. No way to do this on Gerson therapy. And, while it might be ok to do this for 2 years, it sounds no different than chemotherapy which is broad spectrum. If you starve your entire body of protein and fat, how are normal healthy cells going to be repaired properly (where does the fat and protein come from) and how are new healthy cells going to be generated? Also, I’ve seen recommendations to not drop below 15-20% of diet in fat. Germans starved Jews to death by eliminating fat from their diet.

    False information #2) ” Insulin resistance is the problem and is caused by excess fat in the diet.” Insulin resistance can be caused by a variety of things including fat, and you forgot to clarify ONLY ADULTERATED FAT. Healthy fats cannot and do not do this. This is the same as saying all omega 6 fatty acids are bad – which is false – only adulterated omega 6’s are bad.

    Best of luck to all in navigating the overview of different and contradictory therapies.

  72. Selene says:

    My comments are riffing off of Dan Hegerich #35.

    Dan expressed what is truly the most important – more important than whatever treatment we choose.

    The most important is the mind-body connection; the whole-person, psychological approach to cancer. It’s so odd how we approach this in one or two dimensions: diet and, possibly, exercise. However, we absolutely have to consider the whole person. Everyone acknowledges that stress, for instance, plays a crucial role in dis-ease, both physical and emotional.

    I have been treating my cancer for over two years now – a cancer which developed while I was 100% raw vegan and very physically active for 7 years – I have and am currently using a complementary approach which means traditional and alternative therapies at the same time. (This is also what Oasis of Hope and the Block Cancer Center purport to do.) You see why I believe that aligning just one or two aspects of one’s life will not necessarily cure (or prevent) cancer.

    Thus, I am dismayed that you, Kevin, did not include the research done by O. Carl Simonton, M.D. which started in the 1970s. People with stage 4 cancer ended up, and continue to end up, cancer-free and in “spontaneous” remission REGARDLESS of the physical treatment they sought because of changing their mindset, emotions, and life.

    Dr. Simonton’s book “Getting Well Again” details this program which includes relaxation, visualization, replacing unhealthy thoughts with healthy ones, positive mental images, overcoming resentment, and finding you inner guide to health. He also emphasizes a healthy diet and lots of exercise. This is also the approach Dr. Keith Block (Kris Carr’s doctor) uses at the Block Cancer Center. There are now four decades of happy patients who either lived much longer than predicted or are still cancer-free. Dr. Simonton’s work lives on in the Beat the Odds program (which I am lucky enough to live close to and can attend) and in how it has been included, as well as Dr. Bernie Siegal’s work, in many complementary cancer treatments. (I also have a cancer coach who worked with Dr. Simonton in addition to Thich Nanh Han and other spiritual teachers. Working individually with someone who has counseled others in this area is priceless.)

    I urge everyone who either has cancer or wants to prevent it to open up to the reality that you are a whole person and diet alone is not the way to health. I was personally told this by Dr. Brian Clement and Paul Nisan when I was first diagnosed, but, in the shock of diagnosis and my rush to do something quickly, it took me a while to really understand what they meant.

    Cancer is a late-stage warning sign that something is wrong with the entire system — definitely not just the physical body! However, it is not to late to possibly fix it. It just absolutely can’t be by only diet and exercise alone.

    So, carrot juice or not carrot juice … definitely not the question!

  73. Rachael says:

    I do love carrot juice! I use it as a foundation in most of my jucies! But at this point in my life I am cancer free and hope to stay that way! I eat a high plant diet with a little bit of cooked food and fish- absoultely no meat!!! I haven’t ate meat since high school- and since I have read High Raw and learned more about raw foods I don’t consume any dairy at all! I love nut milks and I do love carrot juice!! But, the only suger intake I really have must be fruit and raw honey– so I don’t think it is harmful.

  74. Roseanne says:

    Thanks, Salene, and Dan, and the others who point out the importance of the whole body/mind connection in overcoming disease, and cancer in particular. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in August and am searching for a natural method to “reverse” the cancer. It can be overwhelming to read/hear all the different “cures” and therapies people try. The juicing, the exercise, the deep breathing, the carrots, the baking soda, the green tea, the chlorella, the walnuts, it goes on and on and on, and those of us who want to avoid chemo and surgery and radiation can feel we’re grasping at straws looking to find the ONE thing which will cure us… when the combinations do not.

    Surely it is not just one thing, as I have been instructed by a medical intuitive and a naturopath that the healing will only come from inside me, nothing external at all. Knowing what that is inside of us is much harder than drinking a glass of juice, that’s for sure.

  75. Emily says:

    My mom is getting ready to start chemo for breast cancer. They have told her she needs lots of protein while going through treatment.
    Can you please clarify…..should cancer patients eat this way (plant-based, etc) while going through chemo or should they just eat what feels right so they can keep up their energy. I am a vegan and want her to somewhat change her long term diet. But what about for now? How should she eat during chemo?
    Thanks for any input. I very much appreciate it!
    And to answer your question….no I would not drink carrot juice because I would be afraid it contains too much sugar. I’ve always read cancer lovers sugar!

  76. JT says:

    Kevin, you certainly have a whole lot of opinions posted here! It just shows that people are passionate about living. They really are. There are more “right ways” of doing things here than I imagined. Unfortunately, because some people can’t type or have good english skills, some of their thoughts are not conveyed correctly. Even so, they are allowed to voice their thoughts. Many of the postings here are really good. Thanks for being an outlet of information from others. Please do not take down some of the websites and links offered here. I know your office has done some of that in the past. Other people’s thoughts and offerings are why I frequent your daily blog. Best wishes to you and your continued work as you strive to offer genuine help and assistance to all who will listen.

  77. Mark says:


    Chemo destroys fast replicating cells along with cancerous cells.
    So that is why there is hair loss, lower red and white blood cell counts and destruction of intestinal cells which help absorb nutrients.
    Glutamine is often given as s supplement during and after chemo but glutamine is a fuel for cancer cells just as much as glucose.
    Glutamine does help heal the digestive tract but can also stimulate tumor growth.

    Read The China Study. It might not be the amount of protein but wether
    the protein is from animal or plant sources. Plant source protein is much easier to digest and has the benefits of fiber and phytonutrients.
    Also lower in saturated fat. Plant is lower in methionine which is essential for cancer cells but normal calls can survive without it.

  78. Laara says:

    Facinating to read everyones persepective , personnal experience.
    very interested to read Marks thread indeed ..
    especially what you say on green juices , protien & fat.

    personnally I love carrot juice and drink everyday with beetroot, ginger, celery & cucumber … I find it easy to digest, sustaining in a busy life, a fabulous alternative to eating fruit if you feel a need to reduce fruit in your diet …essentially we need fuel from somewhere and as a raw fooder I choose not to get mine from dense raw protein and fatsor or combinations of superfoods.
    High raw fat and or protein as a raw fooder is a disaster for me…. high eostrogen , breast lumps …I think not a route I want to go , yet with low protein/fat all is in balance. Although I do not follow 8/1/1, as my vegetables levels are much higher and I take lots of vegetable juices each day, including greens.
    I would definately be taking carrot juice..it has my vote and I will be re-looking at the greens having read `growth factor` comment by Mark

    thank you everyone for sharing

  79. Mark says:


    I appreciate your comments. My current perspective on diet is all food is bad. It is a matter of choosing the less bad foods. Even fresh organic raw food can be bad due to the presence of naturally occurring pesticides, fungicides, anti-viral and anti-bacterial compounds and anti-nutrients all there to protect the plant or seed. Humans evolved to be able to detoxify most of these compounds.

    Fruits have the least amount of these compounds. The relationship between animals including humans with fruit is symbiotic. We help propagate the seeds in exchange for a tasty treat. Fruits contain
    2-4 percent protein which is adequate for an adult. Anyone interested in anti-aging medicine should study methionine and how it is the key factor in slowing the aging process. When looking at protein in the diet, less is more. A diet that is highly restricted in the amino acids methionine, arginine, asparagine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, and glutamine may potentially be a powerful treatment for cancer. The scientific evidence and limited clinical evidence supports this concept.

    Protein stimulates cell growth and increases turnover rate. Excess protein intake generates ammonia which is toxic and must be excreted rapidly before it can cause cellular damage.

    The only good fat is from coconut which is a great source of energy.
    All other fats and oils are difficult to digest and clog up the circulation. Avocado may be an exception. The seed is the forbidden
    fruit. It is not intended by nature to be consumed by humans. Birds
    have special adaptions to digest seeds and grains.

    Fruit is the ideal and most health supportive food for humans. And growing fruit trees and shrubs is the most ecologically efficient way to grow food.

    Since humans no longer eat termites and other insects, it is essential that we supplement our diet with B12. Especially for vegans and vegetarians. Methylcobalamin is the best form. Selenium is also important because of our mineral depleted soils. Sodium selenite is the best form of selenium.

  80. CLL NO More says:

    Facts are. I was diagnosed with Leukemia CLL advanced stage. Learned many thought processes in this way of thought. I mixed two schools of thought. One main part of my diet is Gerson and carrot apple juice from a Norwalk. Facts are symptoms after 2 months started reversing. WBC is down significantly, point was #1 getting Alkline while getting rid of Heavy metal toxins via reserched chelation. Say what you want but 70-80% of diet included this fantastic carrot apple juice. Yes it does matter 1 or 2 steps in the making. Did I want to pay for a Norwalk? No but I did real test and my conclusions was the machine was well worth the life time price. If not it, something with a press in the 2 step. Gods healing drink. Yes, my blood type and body type needs a % of Meat.

  81. Marvin L. Zinn says:

    With my prostate cancer, it was bad enough that the doctor demanded immediate surgery. I refused. Instead:
    1. Avoid dairy products
    2. Organic meat only once or twice a month.
    3. Add some Graviola (from Brazil) to fresh carrot juice each morning.
    4. With organic grains or vegetables, add Turmeric supplement (which any doctor from India would understand).

    In a few weeks the symptoms I had for over a year were gone. (No more tests yet; I will wait another year.)

    Based on my life experience, if I believed doctors I would have been dead three times already. But if they are right this time, I would choose death over surgery.

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