Adya Clarity Consumer Alert: If You’ve Purchased or Taken Adya Clarity Please Read!

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adya clarity recall
The best way to great health is mastery of the simple things.

If you’ve purchased or taken Adya Clarity, it is essential that you read this entire article…

Over the last few months (or even a year or so), you may have seen the somewhat aggressive marketing of a product called Adya Clarity or Black Mica Extract. This is a mineral rich, black mica extract that purifies water and when taken in “super shots” supposedly could remove heavy metals from the body – plus a wide range of other health claims.

Due to the popularity of Adya Clarity, it has received more attention, and it seems like much of the hype that has been advertised doesn’t stand up to scientific scrutiny.

I’m not going to try to rehash all the investigative details here because you can read the progression of this story from our friend and colleague Mike Adams from, who’s championed this inquiry.

After you read what Mike has written, I’ll then share some of my thoughts about how to get a refund, how to know if something may not be as good as it claims and how to detoxify yourself from heavy metal contamination.

Recently, Mike was tipped off that the product may be harmful to take and did his own research.

What he found was that it could contain toxic levels of iron and aluminum here:

How to read the Adya Clarity label for proper understanding of toxic levels of aluminum and iron:

And that the approval of the product for Health Canada was only as an iron supplement here:

Finally, Mike broke that top U.S. distributor Matt Monarch announced he will stop selling the product and offer refunds to anyone who wanted one here:

So, in summary, the product may contain toxic levels of metals, it’s fraudulently marketed and its biggest distributor has come out saying that he will offer full refunds and has stopped selling it.

You’re entitled to a refund.

If you want a refund and you’ve purchased this product through Matt Monarch, he and his team will gladly assist you here:

I’m unsure about other distributors and what they’ll do, but if you do ask for a refund and they don’t give you one in full, please post who they are and their website on the blog here and we’ll contact them to ask them why.

Get a heavy metal test that includes iron and aluminum.

Second, if you’ve taken “super shots” of Adya Clarity or even if you have been drinking this product in your water regularly, I would recommend taking a heavy metal test – as suggested by your health practitioner – to see if the product has deposited extra metals into your body. You can take a hair metal test from if you don’t want to work with a practitioner, but just know that you are on your own with the results.

Please also wait for the results before you go out and buy any heavy metal detox kit. Depending on your results (if they do show up high,) you may need chelation therapy or high doses of chelating materials. Eating a few bunches of cilantro in most cases won’t cut it.

So, again, while chlorella and zeolites may be effective to some degree, I don’t want to recommend a bandaid when you might need a transplant – if you get what I’m saying here.

Additionally, if you have been taking Adya Clarity and your aluminum and iron levels are high, please feel free to send us a note to tell us about it. (Keep in mind, that hair may be the most effective measurement since it shows exposure over an extended period of time.)

Finally, here’s the bottomline…

You’ll likely hear (or have already heard) a bunch of back and forth noise about this product. Some people are adamantly defending it, while others are very much against it. What’s curious is most of the people defending it are not scientists – most of them are distributors of the product. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you have to be a scientist to know anything, nor does it mean that distributors always sell bad products or are sneaky and deceptive. It just is what it is.

My approach, when it comes to health – and particularly yours and mine – is to lean toward caution. In this case, I think now is one of those times.

It makes no sense to me to take Adya Clarity or even defend it until there is very real scientific proof that…

1. The amount of aluminum is in fact safe.

2. The amount of iron is safe.

3. It actually does anything in the body at all.

4. It can be proven over and over again, scientifically, that any of the claims mentioned are true.

5. It doesn’t have any other unforeseen side effects.

It’s a high bar to clear, but I think many products need to be held to a standard like this. We are interested in nutrition for our own health, so what we take should be tested and proven as safe.

In my opinion, and I’ve held this for a while, you do not need Adya Clarity to be healthy. In fact, with this new information, Adya Clarity might actually be very toxic to you if ingested.

When the product first came to the market, I did my due diligence and was not able to get my questions answered. Recently, as the popularity swelled, I again posed some of these similar questions and I was unable to find anyone who knew something about this product other than the distributors. (As you know, someone who sells something that has little or no third party support needs extra scrutiny – or maybe no scrutiny at all.)

After finding (or not finding) out that nothing had changed from my original fact finding, I decided that I would not promote or endorse the product until there was sound evidence that it helped the body when taken internally.

This has not happened and judging from the fallout from this breaking story, it never will.

And just in case you wanted a little more (with a little humor)…

I have a list of items here that will help you smell a skunk before it sprays you…

1. If a product claims it can cure your cancer, allow you to teleport, fill your empty beer bottles and put an extra leg on your cat, it’s probably too good to be true.

2. If the only information available on a product and its raw materials are coming from the distributors who want you to buy it, keep drinking your green juice and giving yourself coffee enemas until they come up with some real science that outperforms those natural technologies.

3. If you ask questions about a product to the people who distribute it and the get defensive, angry or belligerent, it’s because they don’t know or have the answers to your important questions and their egos are getting very defensive. Remember a time when you were backed against a wall… what did you do? Yep, defensive, angry, belligerent. It was ugly.

4. If there’s not even a study done on mice (I know it’s cruel) about this new and hip product, know that it’s likely no one has ever ingested it before and you’re on your own. You’ve just entered yourself into a clinical trial of unknown length, outcome and danger. In this case, they won’t even give you a stipend, warn you of the possible risks, or have you sign your life away.

Joking aside, I think the biggest issue here is that there are 7 things you can do (before you use “cutting edge” products) that will get you the longevity you desire, remove heavy metals from your body, increase your sex drive, remove wrinkles, help you lose weight and teleport (???)

What’s even better for you is that they’re almost all completely free.

Want to know what they are?

1. Exercise regularly.
2. Eat a high raw, high plant based diet.
3. Eliminate or decrease stress.
4. Sleep well.
5. Make your work your play.
6. Nurture your relationships.
7. Have some sort of spiritual connection and faith.

So go ahead, keep you wallet in your pocket for a while and get started on one of those in that list that jumped out at you – it’s probably the one you need to work on most.

Your question of the day: What do you think about all this? Have you taken the product?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Theresa says:

    I emailed Kacper (who ran the webinar and sold Adya Clarity) several days ago for a refund and have heard nothing back, nor have I seen a public apology and or announcement to his customers about this product and or the recall.

    I would appreciate any and all help, for those of us who purchased Adya Clarity from Kacper, in getting our money back.

    His email:

    Thank you, Kevin.

  2. Nancy Ricklefs says:

    I had been using Adya Clarity for about 11 months. I now plan to have my iron levels retested and also a hair analysis done. I will report back because I have had some new health challenges since starting the product. I have requested a refund from Raw Food World; I spent over $700. I do know that I had recommended Adya Clarity to a friend who has prostate cancer. He contacted Amazon where he bought it and they immediately refunded his money including shipping.

  3. Sharon says:

    If you got it through Kacper’s webinar special (like I did) then it was sent by Matt Monarch…contact him.

  4. Miles says:

    I have contacted one of the distributors, Nissim Malul who is the president of the company concerning the Adya clarity product. This is the website:
    He responded by telling me that this all stemmed down from a former employee’s intent on “seeking revenge” for being fired and asked me for my email address so he could clarify the accusations. Here is what he wrote:

    First email:
    To all those who have been fooled by the so-called “deception” of Adya Clarity,

    Please see below our responses:

    The person, Ian Clark, who wrote the Adya “Deception” email has had a quite a deceptive history himself, with Adya Inc. Due to his dishonest behavior, incorrect bottling of product, and violation of online retail pricing, amongst other actions, he has been removed from distributing Adya Clarity, back in September 2010. Ian has now taken on himself to avenge Adya Inc.’s president, by writing false accusations.

    If Ian’s accusations had an inch of truth to them, then he would have noted that 1 banana has more aluminum than 1 teaspoon of Adya Clarity (undiluted). And that the Aluminum in Adya Clarity is the same form that exists in fruits and vegetable: Aluminum Sulphate. And that a person needs to drink 3 gallons of undiluted Adya in order to consume too much Aluminum, AND also that the aluminum in Adya DOESN’T accumulate in the body, it’s ionic form and is flushed out. Also any accusations about Adya being battery fluid are false. Adya imports Themarox which is the mineral concentrate that in the process of extraction, sulfuric acid is being used (same as happens in nature when trees extract minerals from the ground), and it’s IMPORT CLASSIFICATION CODE, is the same like battery fluid, period, no drama, no false accusations, 100% safe, non-toxic.

    These minerals have been around for 40 years, and have benefited millions of lives worldwide. They are extracted from nature, and have the same form of minerals as in fruit and veggies.

    I would believe George Bush before I would trust a word that comes out of Ian Clark’s mouth.
    Also, if Ian’s email is right, then all the fish that have been raised in fish farms in Japan (since the 80’s), should also be dead by now (even though the water they were raised in, using these minerals, is 100% disease free, and the fish are 30% bigger). And perhaps all the crops that are grown with the Adya minerals in Asia and other places, should also be dead and poisoned by now, even though they had survived typhoons. And what about those that have been helped in Chernobyl to be cleaned out from Strontium and Cesium (radiation components), using these minerals?

    Aluminum has a key function in creating a more acidic environment in the stomach, assisting with digestion.
    (see mineral book below).

    A few things about this person, named Ian Clark:

    For once he used to work with Adya Inc. being allowed to bottle product for the Canadian market, until a point that he took liberty to:

    1. Reduce online retail pricing, since he thought he can ignore Adya Inc.s regulations, and that he doesn’t
    need to comply with Adya Inc.’s online pricing rules.
    2. Claimed to be the creator and founder of Adya minerals.
    3. Had gone far beyond his Canadian distributorship agreement (to sell only in Canada as instructed), and distributed his own labeled product all over the world.
    4. Has been suspect to incorrectly diluting his own bottled “Adya Clarity”.
    5. And several other actions that were immoral towards Adya Inc. and other distributors.

    Further response:

    When you dilute the Adya Clarity solution down in water there it is diluted down by 1000 to 1 ratio. This would make the aluminum in the water considered to be at trace levels. It is clearly stated on the label how to dilute the Adya Clarity down when adding it to water to treat (1 tsp per gallon). When you do this the levels of aluminum become 1.2 ppm in the water itself (as stated by Ian Clark). Actually after checking the MSDS, it shows that there is 10,900 ppm in the concentrate when diluted down is 1,900 ppm in the Adya Clarity solution and then again when diluted down to treat water (as suggested on the label) it becomes 1.09 ppm so it is in the guidelines of being a trace mineral. This is considered safe levels by the FDA is what I am told by the company Adya Inc. This man used to sell the Adya Clarity and bottle it for Adya Inc. and was supposed to be using his label for all of Canada to my knowledge. For reasons that I cannot discuss, Adya Inc. had to cut him off from being the bottler for Canada . I don’t know if he is out for vengeance on Matt because of this but these are the facts about the product that we have, and the truth.

    From Adya Inc.’s president:

    Ian’s claim is based on drinking water. We do not sell drinking water nor is our product in the drinking water category. It has always been an inorganic complex mineral salt in its natural form. That is its classification and according to consumption this is what I replied.

    I wanted to share this interesting information and give you a break down on the aluminum just to put it to rest and give you a great look into the “diet side” of things.

    I pulled this from a .gov website:

    Aluminum is naturally present in foods; the contents of aluminum may increase during cooking or technological processes, or during conditioning. The average aluminum intake for humans is 10 mg/day. In case of drug administration, the normal average intake may reach 50-1000 mg/day. Foods represent the major source of aluminum for humans. We assessed the aluminum contents in samples of vegetal (vegetables and fruits), animal foods (milk and dairy, meat ) and drinking water, in order to evaluate the daily aluminum intake. Aluminum assessment was made by the colorimetric method with eriocromcianin R. The gathered values (mg Al3+/100 g product), range between 0.0177 and 0.5473, are similar to those reported in the literature, and allow the assessment of aluminum intake by daily food consumption. The daily aluminum intake by means of normo- and hypocaloric menus was computed, and ranges between 2.4231 and 0.8677 mg aluminum.

    In order to compare to the minimum of prescription drugs, aluminum uptake one would have to take at least 10 super shots (of Adya) per day. They would have to drink a whole bottle of adya clarity straight to meet the maximum they put here (a whole freeeking bottle). This is why “they” will never bat an eye when we
    show our aluminum. In comparison to the average daily diet one would have to consume around 3 gallons of our water to go over the average daily limit uptake.
    Also considering the fact that it is a whole food and not a isolate. You do not just get aluminum. If you look at the aluminum content of mica it is around 10%. There is no way for any of us to change that fact. Why should we try? It is what it is- nature.

    If you want to put something out there. Let people know the facts. We do not even come close to the person who takes the least bit of medication. In fact if you want accurate numbers and only drank our water you wouldn’t even get 25% of your average natural aluminum uptake. Aluminum occurs as the number one metal (never alone) on the earth’s surface. Volcanic formations such as mica have everything to do with it.

    I could totally understand peoples point if our solution was “contaminated” with aluminum from an unknown source. That is simply not the case. This is a natural whole source.

    More resources:

    Scroll down to page 29 – Chapter 8 “The Toxic Minerals Belief” Read the entire chapter..The charts for aluminum in foods are on pages 30-32.


    Nissim Malul C.Ht., C.M.T
    (818) 949-8549

    Mineralize your Life!

    Authorized Master Distributors and Wholesalers for Adya Inc.

    Second email:
    This is an attack to bring Adya down!
    Adya Inc. stands behind their label, there is absolutely no issue with the product,
    it is safe, it has passed the Canada Health department (which requires clinical studies to approve products).
    The Aluminum inside is the same as found in a banana, and other raw fruits and veggies. It’s not the toxic kind
    such as in pots and pans. The trace amount occurs when properly diluted (as the label states). The product has been around for 40 years, and has benefited millions of people. It’s used in agriculture, aquaculture, and water cleaning.
    Read em and weep FDA’s articles on aluminum sulfate

    Here are all the responses:

    We cannot issue a refund due to these false accusations. I am not affiliated with Matt Monarch, if he chooses to refund, it’s his choice, he simply turned against Adya as well (can you see this is an entire campaign to bring down Adya???). Our site states that all sales are final. I suggest to you to read more updates about this attack on Adya and see that it’s false. We just discovered that Mike Adams gave an award in 2006 to another ionic mineral supplement that had Iron and Aluminum in it, with no amounts indicated on the label, and the owner of that mineral company is on the board of Natural Health! So who is lying now?


    Nissim Malul
    Karma Integrity, Inc.
    (818) 949-8549

    He refused to issue me a refund saying that the website states that “all sales are final”. But surely I should be entitled to a refund due to false advertising and illegitimate claims.
    He told me to contact the company directly on their website on my concerns. When I went to the contact page, filled out my info and wrote my message. When I clicked the send button, the link failed.
    Also, I noticed that recently, the telephone number has been taken down from the website which was there two days ago.

  5. Annette says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I have used the Adya Clarity….we are half way through our 2nd bottle and I have been doing ‘super shots’, only 1 per day thank goodness! Anyway, to alleviate any concerns I am having a blood test done to check iron levels and will be organising a hair mineral analysis as well, just to be sure.

    Will let you know what I find!

    Keep up the good work and thank you for your integrity.


  6. Inogen says:

    Thank you – what a very well written piece, containing some very good advice.

  7. Inogen says:

    What a well written piece full of good advice. Thank you.

  8. Kevin Roberts says:

    I also purhcased my Adya Clarity from Nissim Malul who is sending out a generic email that “all sales are final” – which is a recent revelation. At least Matt Monarch has the integrity to issue refunds. The Adya Clarity ship is quickly sinking and greedy Adya Clarity distributos are in denial and not wanting to give up their cash cows. If you purchased Adya Clarity from a distributor who won’t issue refunds I suggest you contact the Consumer Protection Division of your State Attorney Generals Office. That’s what I’m going to do!

  9. Thomas says:

    It is also ironic that it is mined near Fukushima and imported as ‘battery acid’.

    The fact that it is imported for $5 a bottle and resold for $150 is why some marketers are supporting it so vigorously. I thought corporate greed was now the ‘target’ of ‘occupy the world’. 🙂 Are these people asleep?

  10. Georgia Barnwell says:

    Hi, I also purchased $400 worth of Adya (wholesale) from Nissim Malul at received a refusal to my request for a refund. And a response similar to the one cited by Miles in comment #4 above. Nissim’s response does not seem to reflect a very “enlightened” business practice.

    I, however, will be giving refunds to my customers who bought Adya from my small business.

    The buck has to stop somewhere. Thanks, Kevin, for your dedication to bringing out the truth. The work you and Mike are doing is very important for all of us.

  11. Dave says:

    I took super shots for over a month a while back and didn’t notice much of anything good or bad. That was about 14 months ago when I took the super shots. I had my blood work done a few months back for my almost yearly checkup and my serum ferritin levels were 51 (low normal range) and my iron levels were 148 (high normal range). The last time my iron levels were checked was 6 years ago and it was 150 then.

    I can’t speak to aluminum or any hair analysis.

  12. Heather says:

    Two things:

    1. If you have taken Adya Clarity, I recommend getting a FREE IRON test in addition to a heavy metal test. This is likely going to be a blood test. Ask for it specifically because it’s not your typical blood test. Free iron is when iron is not bound to a protein and when this happens in the body, it can drive all infection, including fungal or bacterial. Your regular iron my be normal, but you can still have high free iron. You can do things to help reduce it, like give blood at the red cross (seriously). But how often you do this would depend on how high your free iron is.

    Free iron acts like a heavy metal in your body and with a product like Adya, you’ll want to be sure you get it checked.

    2. I’m VERY suspicious of all the e-mails that Nissim Malul and other Adya people sent out. My main reason for suspicion is that they did a lot of work to cast blame on other people and put a lot of internet mumbo jumbo in their e-mails that said nothing about the scientific makeup about their products. Think about it…if your livelihood and product were being called into question, wouldn’t you run right out and have it tested immediately? And then give scientific facts, rather than trying to blame other people?

    Since you mentioned Ian Clark’s name, you may want to find out the other side of the story from Ian or some of his friends and colleagues. It’s not all as sinister as Nissim wants you to believe. In fact, you may learn a few new reasons not to trust Adya when you look into that story too.

    I wish everyone the best who took this product. I fully believe if you are that committed to your health to be researching health products in the first place that you will create great health again, even if your results are not so great from the heavy metal tests.

    Thanks Kevin and Annmarie for doing your due diligence before jumping on this and other bandwagons!

  13. elle says:

    I spent $625 on Adya via Kacspers webinar. I contacted the Raw Food World who fulfilled my order & I received a response today that they credited my card. I havent checked yet, but if the credit was indeed received I am very pleased with how Matt Monarch has handled this. Its a shame that many others are not issueing apologies or keeping silent. The greed makes them no better than the drug companies. I have learned to be more skeptical of others from this experience. I esp dislike ” this deal may be gone tomorrow” high pressure sales tactics. Thank you Mike,Kevin & Matt! $600 is a lot to me.

  14. Miles says:

    All of Adyas responses seem more geared to destroying the integrity and discrediting Mike Adams/Matt Monarch and their websites. They should instead be providing substantial solid scientific evidence explaining why the claims made against them were illegitimate. Instead, all you get is negative remarks about the people speaking out against their products with vague information, lies and zero evidence. The fact is, both Mike and Matt are clearly health conscious people and they have no benefit to gain from speaking out against Adya. Since Matt is willing to take such a big loss for recalling all of the Adya it proves that he is very concerned about the negative side effects and toxic elements this product contains. This action shows that Matt is a reputable person as well as a honest businessman. Funny how Adya tries to send me a link to the FDA’s website claiming that aluminum is safe. Didn’t they know that the FDA has already been proven to be liars and their intentions are only profit, greed, pushing “CODEX ALIMENTARIUS” and protecting their corporate friends(Monsanto)? Just do some research on the FDA, you will find conflicts of interest everywhere. Michael Taylor, former legal advisor to the United States Food and Drug Administration is now head of the Washington, D.C. office of Monsanto Corporation. Margaret Miller … former chemical laboratory supervisor for Monsanto, … now Deputy Director of Human Food Safety and Consultative Services, New Animal Drug Evaluation Office, Center for Veterinary Medicine in the United States Food and Drug Administration. I wouldn’t trust any information on the FDA’s website, they are not a legitimate organization in my eyes. As far as aluminum being a “naturally occurring substance”. Volcanic lava is also a “naturally occurring substance” would you drink it? Please can somebody just do a heavy metal test or send a sample to a lab so we can prove that this is a fraud? Then we can all just file a class action suit and bring this scam company down once and for all. Hopefully this ends with a complete product recall so it wipes out their deceptive business for good.

  15. Dianne says:

    I know this is long, but it’s something I found over on the “Listen to Your Gut” website, where there is a lot of discussion about on about Adya Clarity. It’s an email from M. Kurzava to Ian Clark, with Ian Clark’s response. I actually wrote Ian Clark and he sent me his “detox forumula” which I will discuss with an environmental doctor (who specializes in heavy metals) tomorrow. Again, sorry it’s long, but it helped me balance things out. Dianne


    Email sent from Matt Kurzava to Ian Clark On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 10:41 AM, Matthew Kurzava wrote:

    Can you show me one single person who has been harmed by this product? Can you show me tests from one single person taking this product that show they are adversely affected by Adya Clarity? Because I can show you several people who have been very positively affected, have test results from the full spectrum of modalities which show positive results. Taking this aluminum business out of context and scaring people? Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kindest regards,

    My Reply to Matt K

    Hi Matt,
    We have never met but maybe some day we will.
    You appear to have things a little backward. The reason this Adya Clarity issue was brought to light was because of the number of people who have been inquiring and complaining about the product. They were not complaining to me because I have nothing to do with the Adya Clarity business, but they were complaining to others that eventually contacted me about 4 weeks ago who told me they suspected problems with the product.
    When we were selling Adya Clarity back in 2009 and 2010, we had our fair share of customers who had adverse effects and didn’t like the product but most people enjoyed the product saying they felt energized. That energized feeling would soon die off and we had a lot of people get back to us after the first month and say they felt worse than when they started and wanted to get the energy rush back. They even increased consumption but it did not help. If you would like to speak directly to some of these people we still have the list from back in 2010 of unsatisfied customers.
    I have been far removed from the Adya business for a while now and we have not sold product since last March 2011 when Fukushima hit.
    Matt Bakos pursued me back in mid 2009 to help him promote the Adya Products. He assured me everything was excellent with the Adya Clarity and I took him at his word and he said he had lots of lab studies etc.
    I told people about Adya Clarity on behalf of Adya Inc. at two Longevity Conferences. Matt Bakos was very appreciative of this and supported everything we were doing in the California market. Matt Monarch contacted me in early 2010 about the Adya Clarity and we sent him samples and told him what we knew about the product as best we could. He really liked it and started to buy it from us. Once I had established Matt Monarch as a distributor, Matt Bakos was very excited about that. Apparently you (Matt K) were instrumental in connecting Matt Monarch with Matt Bakos. I had originally made a simple verbal agreement with Bakos that distributors I set up would buy from me and we would service those accounts. That was a pretty simple arrangement. I have my own manufacturing company and we added the Clarity in to help out Adya Inc.
    I assumed the product was good and safe.
    When Matt Bakos went behind my back and took all the distributors away that we had worked hard to establish we were very surprised. In September of 2010 he cut us out of the deal entirely because he could make a lot more money selling directly to Monarch and other distributors rather than having me take care of the accounts.
    Lots of fabrications were then created by Bakos to make me look like the ‘bad guy’ which is a total joke. This turns out to be a major blessing for us now that we found out the truth about Adya Clarity but at the time that really hurt my feelings and I did not appreciate what Matt did.
    Anyway, we parted ways and did our own thing. We started selling the Adya Clarity at a very low price and immediately a roque Adya Distributor in Los Angeles named Nissim Malul started posting information on line how we must be diluting the product in order to sell it so cheap. He then created multiple websites to defame us and cause trouble.
    We wanted to sell our inventory and considered going direct to Shimanishi Kaken to buy Themarox but when Fukushima hit in March 2011 and we found out that was only 30 miles from the plant where Themarox was made, that was the straw that broke the camels back and we decided to never have anything to do with the product again from that point forward. We stopped all sales and transferred the domain over to Matt Monarch because he seemed to be doing the most with the product online.
    It was not until about 4 weeks ago in late September that Adya Clarity was brought up to me again when a scientist from California started asking me for any information I could provide as there were suspicions that Adya Clarity had something wrong with it. I told them there was nothing wrong that I knew of. They asked me if I am a scientist and I said – no. They asked me if the people at Adya Inc were scientists and I said – No. They then started kicking my ass over the phone and said I had no authority to say anything about the product and that there was a growing list of people complaining about adverse effects. They requested all and any information I could provide about Adya Clarity.
    I dug back into the files and sent them all the documentation I could find. They got back to me a few days later and were telling me I was full of shit and how could I possibly have ever got involved in that business because they saw a video where I was talking about it in 2009 and from the documentation I sent them, they said this was definitely not cool.
    They told me any amount of Aluminum Sulfate is extremely bad news and that other components in the product were also in question, particularly the caustic nature of the sulfuric acid. I had been told by Matt Bakos back in 2009 that there was no issue with the Aluminum because there was only trace amounts and that Aluminum Sulfate was good for you anyway because it is in an ionic state in the Adya Clarity.
    The scientists told me that was the biggest pile of bullshit on earth and that trouble was going to come of this and soon. I started doing some research online with various situations where people had consumed Aluminum Sulfate. The story in the UK was a very bad situation and people accidentally consumed a quantity and there were many documented cases of major health issues. I was also told that trace means less than 1 PPM. I looked on the Adya Clarity label and it is not on the list of elements instead it states only Trace amount. The scientists said there is 1220 PPM in the bottle and the suppliers had purposely omitted the information on the label. They pointed out that this is an FTC violation and that Adya Inc. is responsible because they set the policy on all labels for all products with this material.
    All labels were done wrong and the question came up – Why? What is the motive of Adya Inc. to hide this information?
    Once this was uncovered, then a complete investigation was launched and everything else was discovered like Themarox being called Battery Acid with US Customs and then being bottled as a human consumable health product.
    Matt Monarch was approached by an individual three weeks ago and told about this problem and simply dismissed the information as if it meant nothing.
    Many other people were warned about this privately and when nothing was being done, the information was sent out in order to stop this madness and begin protecting people who are consuming these elements unawares.
    The main thing is this – people need to have valid information so they can make their own decisions whether they want to consume something or not. It is not our place to NOT tell them that the product has Aluminum Sulfate. Saying it has trace amounts is a lie. There are 1220 PPM in the bottle and that has to be put on the label regardless of what the manufacturer thinks they can do. It is totally unfair to the public to feed them something they are not informed about. Especially the Raw Food Community who is very careful what they are ingesting. They purposely do NOT ingest pharma drugs and packaged store bought food to avoid the nasty ingredients. Trying to justify the Aluminum Sulfate comparing it to Aluminum in drugs and foods is a complete waste of time and very stupid.
    Matt Bakos claims there is no effect with the Aluminum Sulfate then he should have included it on the label – but he didn’t. The fact is that Aluminum in drugs and food additives are bad enough but they have a super low absorption rate and mostly pass through the urine and feces and do not stay in the body.
    Aluminum Sulfate – especially in the Adya Clarity – in Ionic Form – in solution – extracted using Sulfuric Acid – absorbs 100% in the bone marrow and brain and does NOT come out. It takes a specific detox protocol to remove this from the system.
    1 mg of Aluminum Sulfate from Adya Clarity is like sucking in a thousand times the amount of regular old Aluminum in drugs and food because that type of Aluminum just moves on through and out of the body but the Aluminum Sulfate in Adya Clarity is 100% bioavailable and absorbs in and does not leave!!
    How do you think an unsuspecting pregnant mother is going to feel when she finds out she has been depositing Aluminum Sulfate in her babies brain while the brain is developing. This is the type of thing massive class action law suits are made of. Time to wake up to reality!!
    Aluminum Sulfate is DIRECTLY related to brain dysfunction, dementia and Alzheimer’s. FDA does NOT want people getting dementia and Alzheimer’s. There is no money in those diseases and when people lose their faculties, they lose the stress in their lives and often live 15 to 20 years longer than normal because stress is one of the biggest killers. The FDA is not interested in old people living a long time suffering because it causes a burden on the system keeping people alive a long time in bad shape and there is no money in that. These type of patients do not take many drugs.
    The FDA in the USA is more strict than in Europe. Over in Europe they allow only 0.1 mg/L in the water. In the US and Canada only 0.05 mg/L is allowed.
    If you add 1 ml of Adya Clarity to a liter of water you are going to ingest a full 1 mg of Aluminum Sulfate which is 20 times more than the FDA allows in drinking water and if you drink 2 liters of water a day with Adya in there, you will be ingesting 40 times more than the FDA allows in drinking water.
    If you suck up a super shot – you are going to have 100 times more than the FDA allows in drinking water – do the math. Some people are sucking up 2 or more supershots per day. I have known some people to consume one ounce of straight Adya Clarity at once because they think more is better. I guarantee you if they knew how much bioavailable Aluminum Sulfate they were ingesting, they would never do this!!
    Either way, this is NOT cool. Adya has deceived the customers that are supposed to be able to trust the company to tell the truth.
    They are far from truthful and they also excessively over charge for everything to the end consumer.
    We checked into the actual price from Shimanishi Kaken. We could buy Themarox Concentrate for $38 per liter. Once you pay for logistics, blend up the water with the Themarox to make the Adya Clarity, buy the bottle, fill the bottle, buy the label, apply the label, buy the shipping box and put the bottle in the box, the all in cost would come to $5 per bottle.
    This is a crazy low price. If this product was actually legitimate, which it is NOT – it should have only sold at the most for $29 retail for a 1 liter bottle.
    Why did Matt Bakos insist on selling the bottles for a minimum $200 when the product was introduced?
    Why is it still selling for $150?
    A 3000% markup is called Way Extreme Gouging in the market place and does not bode well for people who are supposed to be ‘Conscious’
    Back when we thought the product was cool in 2010 – we asked Matt Bakos to drop the retail price way down so that the volume of bottles would be increased and more people would be able to afford it.
    Matt Bakos screamed and yelled about how greedy we were because we wanted to sell so much product. This was the MOST insane thing we had ever heard. Here is a guy that is marking the product up 4000% at the introduction for $200 and we are the greedy ones for wanting the retail at $29?
    We could not believe that. This is one of the issues that caused us to more uncomfortable with Bakos in 2010. The other issue was that Bakos would get on the phone with people and rant and rave, scream and yell about things that were NOT important to those people and he has been a major source of embarrassment. We were hoping that Dennis Babjack would be a more reasonable stabilizer to the situation but Dennis just followed along with whatever Bakos wanted.
    My opinion is that anyone who deals with Bakos is going to get burned one way or another. Our experience with Bakos was a very bad one. When we were helping him open up the market in 2009 and 2010, we did many positive things for Adya Inc. To our shock Bakos did everything negative. He even hired lawyers to come after us for NOTHING and we won the case without even hiring a lawyer. Maybe this is a major sign of Aluminum Poisoning.
    All I can say to you Matt is – Good Luck trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
    I feel sorry for Matt Monarch because I believe he truly did NOT know about the Aluminum Sulfate until a few weeks ago. Matt Monarch is a happy go lucky kind of individual who has brought a lot of cool things to people over the years through the Raw Food World and has also done a great job in building a tribe.
    Matt Bakos is a dark, diabolical character and has hurt a lot of people over the years. I am sorry that Matt Monarch had to suffer at Bakos hands and I warned Matt Monarch to watch out when Bakos screwed us around.
    The shame is entirely on the Adya Clarity side and there is no where to hide.
    Ian Clark

  16. Ian Clark says:

    After all this time of minding my own business, I can see that Nissim Malul still has a libelous demon controlling his mind and actions. It is really too bad that he continues down the same old road as he has been on from the beginning. He has never taken one second of his time to look at the picture from a realistic standpoint. He has illegally made a massive amount of libelous statements online and offline that have zero credibility or bearing on any reality. Adya Inc. along with it’s rogue distributors have displayed zero integrity both on a business level, compliance level, respect for consumers level and have also violated every possible FTC and FDA rule in the book. I really don’t know how they think there are no consequences for their illicit actions. I unfortunately saw the inner workings of Adya Inc. and when I started to point out deficiencies back in mid 2010 they quietly planned a strategy to have me annihilated. They didn’t even have the guts to tell me, I had to find out through third parties. They committed business fraud in every way possible. When that happened, I couldn’t believe they would pull that kind of thing. I decided to simply walk away from them and clean up the mess they created for me. That took from September of 2010 until March of 2011 and when Fuk U Shima hit – that devastating earthquake was a sign from God that we were to have nothing ever to do with Themarox or Adya ever again. We got stuck with a major amount of product and it hurt our company and Adya Inc cared less. They continuously harassed our distributor network illegally with baseless threats and caused so much trouble it was unreal.
    Matt Monarch showed little concern and all he could say was, I understand why you are upset but oh well – just have to move on. Easy for him to say at the time.
    Nissim Malul had been warned repeatedly to remove the unjust and derogatory postings on line about me and my company. I have never done one single negative thing to Nissim and nor do I even know him. I have heard from many people that he is possessed and obsessed with vexing everyone around him non stop.
    I have never posted anything online to detract from him and he posted every single thing possible to detract from me.
    Very strange person who does this kind of thing. I don’t mind talking about this a little now but I really don’t have time to waste on people who not only do not respect anyone around them, they can’t even respect themselves.
    It is very pitiful but one thing is sure – everyone reaps what they sow and the harvest is always thousands of times more than the seeds that are planted.
    It is very important that we plant positive seeds every day and not get sucked into the negative vortex with little worms.
    As this whole diabolical mess started to show it’s ugly face over the last month with Adya Inc and the scams they were pulling I was more disgusted every day.
    The interview between Mike Adams and Matt Bakos was priceless and having it recorded was classic. I truly appreciate the work of Kevin Gianni, Mike Adams and the key individuals from the scientific community who supplied the necessary information to expose the Adya Inc blatant fraud in the Natural Products community.

  17. Melissa says:

    I got mine from the webinar presented by Kacper Potawski. I have written their support three times now asking for a refund and have gotten no response.

  18. Jota says:

    What a proper mess this all is.

    The safest bet is to avoid this stuff (and DEMAND a refund if you purchased any–call & call & call until you get one) until/if it’s all sorted out.

  19. Tomyhealth says:

    This is what I wrote: “I am extremely unsatisfied with and concerned with Adya Clarity’s safety, marketing, and obvious lies. I would like a full refund for the products I purchased through you. Why don’t you offer a phone number on your website? I would like to speak to someone in person about this. Please e-mail me immediately concerning this.

    Thank you,”

    This is the response I got, (similar to the one above):

    “This is BS, attack to bring Adya down!

    Adya Inc. stands behind their label, there is absolutely no issue with the product,
    it is safe, it has passed the Canada Health department (which requires clinical studies to approve products).
    The Aluminum inside is the same as found in a banana, and other raw fruits and veggies. It’s not the toxic kind
    such as in pots and pans. The trace amount occurs when properly diluted (as the label states). The product has been around for 40 years, and has benefited millions of people. It’s used in agriculture, aquaculture, and water cleaning.
    Read em and weep FDA’s articles on aluminum sulfate

    Here are all the responses:

    We cannot issue a refund due to these false accusations. Matt monarch wanted to buy out Adya Inc., and they wouldn’t sell, so he went around and turned against Adya. Our site states that all sales are final. I suggest to you to read more updates about this attack on Adya and see that it’s false. We just discovered that Mike Adams gave an award in 2006 to another ionic mineral supplement that had Iron and Aluminum in it, with no amounts indicated on the label, and the owner of that mineral company is on the board of Natural Health! So who is lying now?”

    Nissim Malul

    Nowhere on the website did it say all sales were final when I bought the product, at least no where that I saw. I still don’t see that anywhere unless it was recently added. It’s interesting that they’re changing the name and link to their website, no longer associated with the Adya Clarity name. Also, no number was available to contact someone over the phone. All sales are final, ha, I wonder why….

    I would appreciate help on this matter.

    Thanks Kevin!

    By the way the Healing Cancer World Summit was awesome; great job and thank you!

  20. Dimitri says:

    We also purchased Adya from Nissim Malul and it’s the same story as the other people commenting about him, he blamed everyone else and said his product is safe and effective and not to listen to anyone but him, when we asked him for a refund he refused.

  21. Gina says:

    Wow, this is really scary. You think your taking something to help yourself and help you to feel better and people are hiding info that can seriously harm us. And the prices that were being charged for this was outrageous. I am sure some people had to give up a lot of other important things in order to have the money for this product that they thought would really help them. Myself included. I only recently started taking it and only used 2 2oz bottles but I guess I now have to pay for bloodwork to get checked. This is a sick and greedy world we live in.

  22. veleynna says:

    I put some adya clarity in a 12 oz water jug that had a gold piece in it, and filled it up with water. Since I use filtered water, I generally get no bonding since the contaminants of regular tap water are already gone. But several days later, I noticed some yellowing of the water at the bottom. Every time I look at it, the yellow is growing, and no particles are present. Does anyone know if adya is capable of dissolving gold?
    A suggestion for those who have been ripped off and cannot get a refund: I use it in my dishwasher and it works well to make the dishes and the inside of the dishwasher cleaner. The hard-water build-up is almost gone now. And the washer almost washes as well as when it was brand new. As for the metals one may wish to banish from one’s body, a far-infrared sauna or far infrared heat jacket will do the trick in about one week. Saunas and sauna jackets are far more effective than chelation which will be totally unnecessary once you use the sauna. I hope the whole truth comes out.

  23. Me says:

    Hi all,

    Coincidentally, I did the Doctor’s Data test a few weeks ago as I’m dealing with some health issues.

    I’ve been putting Adya in my water religiously for a year and did super shots for about a week or so about a year ago. I was doing it for candida and saw no change after doing so.

    My results:
    Aluminum: 4.0, reference interval: < 7.0
    Iron: 6.5, reference interval: 7.0-16

    So I'm in the "normal" range.

  24. Me says:

    Oh, and it was their hair test, to clarify.

  25. MM says:

    For anyone interested in learning about water scams while getting educated about water chemistry I suggest you check the following site.

  26. Millicent says:

    Thank you Kevin and Annmarie , I’m so gald you posted this information, This Sept I just started adding Adya Clarity to our water. Me, my mom who has heart problem been taking Adya Clarity shot, thinking we were doing something good for our health, not added toxic to our water and body. I send a email to Matt Monarch requesting a refund. My question is if Matt Monarch knew about this a few week ago, why not send an warning email or atleast posted in “The Raw Food World Newsletter”. Again Thank you Kevin, Annmarie and Mike Adams, Know I can remove this toxic form my family water.

  27. Miles says:

    send email complaints to this is the official email address

  28. Jonathan says:

    Thanks to “me” for posting your test results. I would like to share my experience with Adya Clarity.

    I am very healthy, but had a few health issues I wanted to try to clear up with Adya Clarity. I have had flaky scalp for many years, and tried everything to clear it up. Also, my digestion has not been the greatest. I have some varicose veins as well. I decided to try the Adya supershots to see if they would help. At the time, I had a foot injury from a couple months before. It was just not healing completely. I did the Adya supershots for I think a little more than 2 weeks, and still had my health issues . . . except my foot was completely healed! I have had no more problems with the foot since. Thankfully, I am now doing the Body Ecology diet and my digestion and skin is getting much better.

    I also tried a bath with 3 tbs of Adya in it. It was very nice, and really relieved the tight muscles in my back.

    That has been my experience with Adya Clarity. Until more is found out about this, I probably will not purchase any more. I still have about a whole 32 oz bottle left, and plan to continue using it in my water/baths.

  29. rey says:

    the first time i took Ayda Clarity this is how it made me feel, i did half the does of the super shot, and a few hours later hit me like a brick, had to take a 2 hour nap… my symptoms were: tiredness, felt week, random head ache pain and mild nausea. W.T.F. how can one detox from this! Please help, just a suggestion.

  30. Stacy says:

    I have unfortunately gotten a pared-down copy and paste reply like the one others have gotten from Nissim or whatever his name is (I purchased from Jubal Nation through Any advice/help on getting my money back would be greatly appreciated!

    Here’s the reply I got (and the website does NOT state all sales are final…):

    Dear Stacey,

    First, the product has not been recalled in any fashion whatsoever.
    Adya Inc. stands behind their label, there is absolutely no issue with the product,
    it is safe, it has passed the Canada Health department (which requires clinical studies to approve products).
    The Aluminum inside is the same as found in a banana, and other raw fruits and veggies. It’s not the toxic kind
    such as in pots and pans. The trace amount occurs when properly diluted (as the label states). The product has
    been around for 40 years, and has benefited millions of people. It’s used in agriculture, aquaculture, and water cleaning.
    Here are all the responses:
    We cannot issue a refund due to these false accusations. Our site states that all sales are final. I suggest to you to read
    more updates about this attack on Adya and see that it’s false. We just discovered that Mike Adams gave an award in
    2006 to another ionic mineral supplement that had Iron and Aluminum in it, with no amounts indicated on the label,
    and the owner of that mineral company is on the board of Natural Health! So who is lying now?

    I offer my sincere apologies again and wish you all the very best for your health and well-being,

    Jubal Nation
    1154 Price Ave NW Palm Bay FL 32907

    The Law Firm handling Adya Clarity is:

    Law Firm for Adya Clarity:
    Miriam Y. Ali, Esq.
    Jackson & Stephenson LLP
    11400 W. Olympic Blvd, Suite 256
    Los Angeles, CA 90064
    Tel: (424) 255-7442
    Fax: (424) 239-6436

  31. Me says:

    No problem Jonathan.

    I have decided to stop using it regardless. Last night, I went to my health food store and bought some Concentrace to put in my distilled water. That product has been around for sometime…and I feel comfortable using it.

    Thanks for the dishwasher tip, Veleynna. At least I can use the remaining bottle for something!

  32. Fran says:

    Dimond health Internet site sold black mica from Activation (Canadian). He will not give a refund since no claims that this has harmed and sent articles from Matt (Adya Inc) with all the health healing etc qualities of Adya clarity.
    Dimond health also sold Adya itself but this brand last spring.

  33. Carol says:

    I have contacted Raw Food World 4 times, 3 emails and a phone call, for a refund for Adya Clarity. I purchased $437.06 of the product. They have not responded to me at all. Please advise. Matt Monarch is losing his credibility in my opinion. Now he wants you to buy into a Raw Truth multi level marketing get rich quick scheme. Not on my watch. Please advise how other people have gotten their refunds, if there is anyone who has. Thank you.

  34. Carol says:

    Are there any attorneys out there willing to take on a lawsuit?

  35. David King says:

    I have taken this product, and have a full bottle left! A little bummed to hear this and disappointed. Have been taking chlorella and activated charcoal along with Niacin & a few other things to detox some of the metals!

    I learned a lesson from this, to do my due diligence and research before taking a product instead of just trusting other people who trust in and believe in it.

  36. michael westrick says:

    I give blood 4 times a year and 4 weeks ago I was told my iron was very high at the blood donation center……It was 19 when it is usually 15 or 16..So I stop taking Ayada about 4 weeka ago because it was the only new supplement I added over the last 3 months……I did not check aluminin because I am assuming my diet is pretty clean and will be ok…..I only took Adaya for about 4 weeks, but the coralation is interesting……I go in 4 weeks for another blood donation…..It will be interesting to see if iron levels went back to normal 15 range…..

  37. michael westrick says:

    I have to admit I was warned about Matt Monarch and his greed…..The truth will come out…I am hoping everyone was wrong about him….Still waiting to here from him?

  38. katrien says:

    I bought Adya Clarity at Raw food world store and another one at
    I’ve send them an email with a request for a refund, but I haven’t heard back yet.
    The second site is the Netherlands (I’m from Belgium)

    Strange : almost a year I was in doubt. I couldn’t decide wether to buy it or not…and I I’ve bought it (but haven’t used it) we get this news…maybe my doubting was a hint.

    Thanks to you and Matt for sharing and being honest.

  39. Rosemary says:

    I bought my product from Ian Clark after the Longevity conference. Ian, is there a way to get a refund for the product? I bought several large bottles and the water dispenser. Is there someone I can go to if you are no longer in business with Adya?
    Thank you

  40. Perhaps Adya should also refund all these sadly duped people the money they will now spend on tests, detoxing protocols and also for their time spent on chelating!

    And remember, get your levels tested before you start the detox process. First, you want proof of the level of toxicity if there is a lawsuit involved. And you really want to get a specific idea of what is going on in your body as this will dictate what protocols you need to embark on to truly, safely heal – no need to waste any more time or money or harm your body any further (and ask for a free iron test specifically along with a heavy metal test). We are so outraged by this and will help anyway we can here at are our company, please reach out to us: 248.470.4290. We are in the Detroit area and have already reached out to contacts to give discounts on infrared saunas, etc. And for the record, we are not making any $ on this, and have been using our resources and time.

    I don’t think we’ve seen the true aftermath of this toxic garbage yet. Thanks, Adya, first for the fact that you are from Michigan (way to represent) and for giving the FDA the ammo they need to come in – after this, how can we even defend ourselves?

    I truly hope that we don’t see the birth defects and all the other reports being released on just HOW TOXIC this stuff is to an unborn fetus. And the neurological ramifications for both a fetus, children and adults! I truly, truly do not want to see any of this.

    Thank GOD my company never supported, recommended, sold, or purchased this stuff. We got in some heated debates about Adya and were shunned by some in the community. We wanted nothing to do with it. And now I know why.

    Tip: When ANYTHING claims to be the magic bullet, in most cases it’s the smoking gun.

    Has anyone used a Geiger counter on this stuff yet? 30 miles from Fukushima! Really?

  41. Heather says:

    Please read Matt Monarch’s response here :

    He has not stopped selling this item and has thoughtfully rebutted some of the critics’ claims and offers some studies to review.

    I have to say that I am really shocked by the fervent animosity shown by people, when it seems really that nothing has been proven either way. All of the people I’ve seen who have actually been tested after taking this product for a year or more have shown NO abnormal metal levels. While I’m sure that Adya’s claims were exaggerated to boost sales, Mike Adams’ are equally exaggerated and somewhat misinformed. I am not advocating this company at all, but people really should gather more information before freaking out and not rely on one man’s analysis.

  42. Bev says:

    Well I dont know who did what all O know I how Adya has affected my life this is my 2.5 month story.
    Could Adya really Change Your Life?

    My name is Beverly…and it changed mine! Please give me a moment to explain.
    I can’t remember any time in my life when I was truly healthy. I began having auto immune problems at the age of 16 when I developed Mono. In my 30’s I had the Epstein’s Barr Virus. In my 40’s I was diagnosed with Lupus, and now in my 50’s I have had symptoms that mirror MS.
    Anyone who knows me well knows that for the last 10 years I have worked diligently on my health. I have eaten 70-90% raw foods for the last 7 years. My diet consists of mainly organic foods, almost exclusively non-processed foods, along with only quality oils. I focused on sprouts, super foods, sprouted nuts and seeds, spirulina, chlorella, and juicing. I do numerous herbs and seaweeds, cultured foods and pro-biotics, and loads of systemic enzymes. Two years ago I did a 38 day juice feast. This year I did a 28 day water fast, including some coconut water. I do colonics and liver flushes. I use EMF protection and I sleep grounded.
    You may think that with all of this I would be the picture of health. Actually all that I have done has not resulted in my enjoying thriving health. However, I do believe that it has kept me alive. I have lost 100 lbs. However, the last 50 lbs that I need to lose won’t seem to budge no matter what I do. In fact, this spring I even started to gain weight back, hence the 28 day water fast mentioned previously. Fasting at least enabled me to experience some relief.
    Then I found the most amazing product I’ve ever encountered! It is a water purification and mineral solution. I have documented the results to my own amazement and I hope yours…

    My Personal Experience which began Thursday August 11, 2011:

    1. On the second day taking this product I experienced a metallic taste in my mouth. This indicated to me that heavy metals were being pulled out of my body. This happened for a little over 1 month.
    2. After 10 days on this product I was sleeping like a baby. This is amazing because for months I had little to no sleep!
    3. In 1 month my tea kettle completely de-plaqued.
    4. In 1 minute after a topical application I was able to relieve a Charlie-Horse cramp that I was unable to walk out.
    5. Soaking in this product makes my skin feel silky soft. It removes dead skin from heals and feet better than a pumice stone. I use it in my hot tub as a therapeutic soak.
    6. After 1 month my nails were growing again, and they have stopped splitting and cracking. My eyelashes are also thicker and longer, and my hair is falling out less.
    7. I am now feeling a general sense of well being. I feel more grounded and at ease.
    8. For the last 10 years I have been unable to use Epson salts as a cathartic during a liver flush. This really baffled me because it had worked prior to that time. After 6 weeks on this product I used Epson salts in a liver flush only to open up my bile ducts. I had planned to use Oxy-powder as a cathartic, but to my amazement the Epson salts worked on its own in flushing my system. This indicated to me that there was now adequate water in my cells. This allowed the Epson salts to create the flushing action that it is intended to.
    9. My bowel transit time is now 18 hours. This is compared to my bowel previously requiring Oxy-powder to function at all.
    10.3 skin tags are all shrinking.
    11. Despite my 70-90% raw and mostly organic diet, during the first part of 2011 I developed pitting edema. It was to the point that I had no footwear outside of flip-flops to wear. This resolved in 40 days of being on the minerals.
    12. On September 30, 2011 I realized that I was no longer in a state of heavy detox. I am now detoxing at a rate that is quite comfortable and I feel normal.
    13. I had been wearing 2.50 reading glasses for quite some time. However, on October 7, 2011 I realized that I could see my computer screen without them. I even read the newspaper yesterday without any glasses at all.
    14.Over the years my teeth had turned to a dingy grey color. My teeth are now almost back to their natural color in only a 2 months. This is an indication to me that my micro-circulation is normalizing.
    15. Several months ago I noticed that one of my toenails had become very thick. This would appear to be from a fungal problem. On October 11, 2011 it was less than ½ as thick as it was 2 months ago. I believe that the extra oxygen that this product supplies to the system could be discouraging to unhealthy organisms.
    16. Much better bladder control.
    17. Gums don’t bleed any more.

    An item of interest to note:
    In an experiment I soaked my own Gaul stones in this mineral solution. I was able to prove that this solution dissolves Gaul stones. However, flushing them out with a liver flush keeps the body from having to deal with the toxins in the process of elimination. The point being that, this product can be of benefit to those who choose not to do flushes. I, however, choose to do both. I have pictures available upon request.

    What about pets?
    My animals get the same water I drink. In the last 6 weeks my cat and dog have both trimmed up with no difference in their food intake. It seems to enhance their food conversion because they were both getting a tad chunky.

    In Conclusion:
    My experience tells me that in a variety of ways this mineral solution is beneficial.
    1. It has enabled me to release stored toxins like nothing else that I have ever seen before.
    2. It brings hydration to the cellular level.
    3. This product is in such a bio available form that I am able to utilize the mineral matrix and I am rebuilding at a rate that I have never before experience!
    4. This solution goes to work purifying water before your very eyes. It is the safest and least expensive solution for our water, hydration, and mineralization needs.
    I am so impressed with the results that I have personally seen with this product! It is my desire to help as many people as I can to experience the benefits of this water purification product. It re-mineralizes, re-hydrates, and allows the body to heal itself as it is suppose to. As I have made more progress in the last 60 days than in all of the last 10 years combined….

    Can Adya change your life? ….
    Yes, In a Profound Way!

    P.S. I hope you do not deleate my Post like Mike Adam’s does!!!!!

  43. Jennifer Gibbs says:

    HI Kevin… you are amazing. We are so grateful for you.
    I ordered from a man named Gardy Bandfield at
    His website is

    His telephone vmail is now full and he is not responding to email inquiries.

    After I made the purchase of the case and a half, his manner changed drastically. I became wary (also due to the fact that he never wanted to communicate in writing via email – always wanted phone calls) and asked politely to return one unopened case. Here is what he wrote…


    Unfortunately our warehouse does not except product back after it has gone out. Why are you just now deciding this. It has been almost two weeks since you made this purchase and you are just now deciding that it is too much. This stuff is not free! If you wanted to sample the product to see if it was a fit for you than I would have suggested that you buy one small bottle to start off instead of going after a whole case. You are welcome to call me if you feel you need to to further discuss this but I am not able to send this stuff back to our warehouse to add back to their inventory. We cannot guarantee that it has not been in extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. It seems that you should have thought of this before you went ahead and made this investment. Very unfortunate!

    Gardy Bandfield

    Once I received this I knew I was not dealing with a reputable company. I am so glad you shared Mike Adams discoveries.
    Thank you so very much.

  44. Jo says:

    Words of wisdom from a health practitioner who focuses on detox…..

    For those of you who have used Adya Clarity and are considering testing, please know that a hair analysis may give you more accurate results than a blood test. This is due to a protective response by the body. It tends to sequester excess and/or toxic metals in various tissues (thus removing from the blood). Therefore, urine and blood samples may only be positive for a toxic metal for about a week after the exposure.

    In addition, individuals process toxins differently. Some people have detox pathways that functioning well, but others aren’t as fortunate. I urge readers to not assume that just because one person’s test results were ok, theirs are also.

  45. LynnCS says:

    I am so glad I didn’t go for the hype. I was tempted. I have osteoporosis and some of the claims of the Raw Food World was to the effect of decalcifying and recalcifying and I wanted more information about that. I thought the claim was vague. I am usually pretty trusting, but didn’t want to take a chance on this. I can be outspoken, but am really honest and want straight forward, honest answers. I have asked about it on several sights (I believe even this one.) I never got a direct and clear answer. So I passed on it.
    I have seen a trend toward grandiosity over there and tho I am all for making money and even getting rich, too much bragging about being a multi millionaire at the expense of the consumers is disgraceful. Honestly they have lost any credibility from me. I have bought a lot of food items from their store, but I just don’t trust them any more. I am glad they are paying people back for the product, but I think they should pay for the testing and the medical care that follows too. Sincerely LynnCS

  46. Anna says:

    Just great… now the FDA will have more ammo to use in their fight to severely restrict supplements.

    Matt Monarch, David Wolfe & others in the health community need to be much more careful about the products they promote.

    I heard about Black Mica/ Ayda Clarity, but the absurdly high price & wild promises made me suspicious. It just smacked of greed to me.

    First it was Agave (an overpriced glorified corn syrup that is not low glycemic after all), Goji Berries (they are healthy, but I can find them for a few bucks per bag in Chinatown, as opposed to $16-20 or more per lb in health food stores. And most of the goji beries sold are not wild crafted, grown in Tibet/ The Himalayas/ Mongolia, nor are they truly ‘organic’. Most were grown in China, marketing be damned.)

    Matt & David are going to lose a lot of respect & credibility with this fiasco. I hope they both issue refunds & apologies to every customer that purchased these products. Otherwise they will be facing a lot of lawsuits. And they need to stop feeding into to the ridiculous marketing claims (that gojis were grown in Tibet when they were really grown in China, that one supplement or exotic food is a cure all, etc.) & overpricing products. Enough already!

  47. Cassie Marie says:

    I purchased Adya Clarity from the website: I asked for a refund and this is what they said verbatim:

    “Thanks for your concern.

    This is an attack to bring Adya down!
    Adya Inc. stands behind their label, there is absolutely no issue with the product,
    it is safe, it has passed the Canada Health department (which requires clinical studies to approve products).
    The Aluminum inside is the same as found in a banana, and other raw fruits and veggies. It’s not the toxic kind
    such as in pots and pans. The trace amount occurs when properly diluted (as the label states). The product has been around for 40 years, and has benefited millions of people. It’s used in agriculture, aquaculture, and water cleaning.

    Here are all the responses:

    We cannot issue a refund due to these false accusations. I am not affiliated with Matt Monarch, if he chooses to refund, it’s his choice (can you see this is an entire campaign to bring down Adya???). Our site states that all sales are final. I suggest to you to read more updates about this attack on Adya and see that it’s false. We just discovered that Mike Adams gave an award in 2006 to another ionic mineral supplement that had Iron and Aluminum in it, with no amounts indicated on the label, and the owner of that mineral company is on the board of Natural Health! Hmmmm…….”

  48. EM says:

    I understand that people are angry but isn’t all this ranting just swinging in the other extreme? I got my Adya just a couple weeks ago and have since stopped taking it. The money spent feels really fresh with three huge bottles on the shelf.

    I have also given this product to two children, one of whom suffers with arthritis. Plenty to be angry about but I know I’ve been guilty of swinging some awful punches when I feel attacked as clearly both sides of this ugly story do.

    Why not take the stuff to a lab and settle the argument rather than increase fire power???

    One comment from Matt Monarch has really stuck out for me: he continues to use the product himself WHILE offering a refund to people. That says more to me about the difficulties of dealing with the public rather than his belief in the product. (Sure, he’s not a scientist but still…)

    Before buying my stash of Adya, I did a lot of googling to see if I could find my own info on Themarox, Shimanishi, methods of detox after Chernobyl etc. Those bodies of water that were cleaned up…are those fish sick now? They should be, does anybody know?

    But just as we didn’t have enough real info to validate this stuff, I still sort of feel like we don’t have enough info to demonize it or the sales people just yet either.

    The emotion of the argument between people in business is none of my business and frankly, also not good enough to draw conclusions about health.

    Either way, I want lab results. To be honest it tastes like lemon flavor squeezed in water to me. That would be a rip off for sure, but I’d stop worrying about my kids. Then my energy could be placed on business ethics rather than blatant health fraud.

    Anybody out there with access to a lab? I’m in Singapore, not into taking my Adya to a lab in a country where bee pollen gets stopped at the border. My dear dad brought brownie mix for me from the US without the packaging to save on luggage space…they held him up for heroin inspection.

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      @EM: The reports of this being used for Chernobyl are not substantiated and regardless, if it was used in water, that doesn’t mean that internally it would have a positive benefit. You have to more than Google this one, since there is little to no information about this product or its use for health anywhere besides from the distributors and company itself. Mike has done significant work behind the scenes to look into this and brings up enough to question the use of this product at all. I think that’s where we should be – yielding to caution. As for lab results, the Material Data sheet contains everything we need to know about aluminum sulfate, iron sulfate and other materials. There’s no need to test, Adya, Inc. has affirmed that these things are in the product as well.

      Also, please read Matt’s latest statement, I think you may have missed it…

      Bottomline is with enough question about this product buzzing around, the lack of any proof that it does anything that have been claimed, it’s insane markup, and some of the reports of heavy metal toxicity is enough to leave it alone and drink some green juice.


      Live Awesome!

  49. PJ Lucas says:

    As one interested in AC and receiving various emails about this product,I so appreciated the article very much. I appreciate the fact that I can make a more balanced opinion now. Thank you!
    As well, another product has come into my view called MMS, sounds like it is specifically geared for internal usage and a hopeful vastly more healing and less expensive substitute for this Ayda Clarity, something clearly not geared toward what people are using it for. I will check out this MMS (Jim Humble) product. Have any of you used this Miracle Mineral Supplement? I would like to hear..

  50. CatWilson says:

    I purchased Adya from in Canada and will see if I can get a refund. ADYA CLARITY GAVE ME HIVES OVER MY STOMACH AND THORAX.

  51. Patty Foley says:

    Why don’t we all get together and send a bottle of Adya Clarity to a lab and have it tested. Between all of us if we donate a little it would be very inexpensive. And we would know for sure. Kevin why don’t you set up a link so we can all contribute.

    I have a friend that does BTA testing and has the ability to test products on the machine to find out how safe they are. I plan on haveing him run a sample test. I will let you know the results.

  52. Shashi says:

    So, does anyone know if Longevity Warehouse’s Black Mica Extract is the same as Adya’s.

    Also, I currently visiting Berkeley, CA. Where can I get clean water in glass? If anyone knows please share your information with me.

    The reason I’m using black mica extract is to purify the water at my Aunt’s house where I’m staying for the next 6 days. This is the only time that I use it. It is definitely doing something because after I fill a gallon jar with Berkeley tap water and add 1 tsp of black mica extract, 24 hours later there is a lot of yellowish particles at the bottom of the jar and the water no longer tastes like chloramine.

  53. Mina says:

    It was very shocking to hear about the recall on Adya Clarity. Although I only purchased one bottle and the drops, I did take the drops with me everywhere I went and used them religiously! I will look into a more safer alternative.

  54. Doug from Dallas says:

    I’ve been taking AC for almost a solid year now, drinking several quarts each day. Have not noticed ANY negatives. Quite honestly feel it has done several GOOD things. But to be fair I will get the blood and hair tests and report back in the new few months.

    Its things like this (action AND reaction) that will allow the FDA to “protect you” by shutting the supplement industry down.

    Be careful what you’ve wished for. You will probably get it.

  55. Sandi S says:

    I bought it too but only used it twice (t.g.!) and have contacted Matt Monarch for a refund. From now on, Kevin, I will only follow your lead….I will research, research, research! Normally I do, but in this case I went in like a “herd of sheep” and bought into all the hype. Lesson learned!

  56. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks SO MUCH for your follow up on Mike Adams’ news about Adya. I’ve been taking it for 11 months and am concerned about the damage it may have caused, but thanks to your article I have an action plan for getting my money back, getting tested and detoxing as necessary.
    I’ve learned a huge lesson from this experience, thank you Kevin and also Mike Adams for exposing the truth and details.

  57. Sandi S says:

    Another comment…if the FDA shuts the supplement industry down a lot of food companies will have to go down too – think about it – what isn’t “fortified” these days? Ain’t gonna happen!!!

  58. eyla says:

    Lot’s to think about. Personally I question the integrity of a company which points the finger of blame at everyone but themselves and gets irate when confronted.
    I have been taking supershots, and all this has left me feeling quite worried,
    but also has really driven home the need to be more discerning about what I consume, and I will certainly be more questioning in the future!

  59. Tyra McMahon says:

    I’ve been using adya for 1 year now. Doing 1 super shot per day. Plus a teaspoon in a gallon of water. I was told my mathew to do 2 supershots per day. Thank goodness I didn’t How much aluminum and iron would that be? I am so upset about all this. I worked my butt off before taking adya to get heavy metals out of my system. Grrr!! Also I’ve since learned from Dr. MOrse that you shouldn’t have any sulphur. It’s like an aphrodisiac to all the fungus. It’s also acidic. Hard lesson learned. I wrote to Raw Food World for a refund. Hopefully that will happen. I do appreciate them doing that. My husbands arthritis got worse since taking adya. He’s been on it a year too. Thank goodness I will be taking Dr. Robert Morse’s herbs. They arrived today. Thanks Kevin for your posting on this issue.

  60. jackie says:

    I too purchased Clarity from Bardy Ganfield, who I think is generally honest, but who knows? He and his family have supposedly been using it for 5 years. I’ve been using it in my water filter system for the last year or two; before that I used a different product they carry. Bardy returned my emails right away with the following info:
    “Official Statement from Shimanishi Kaken Co.

    Dear Mr. Matthew Bakos,

    We thank you for your information.
    There are everywhere such ugly guys in our world.
    As you know ,it is already confirmed that Aluminum is not harmful for our health.
    WHO clearly stated :ADI: acceptable daily intake is 1mg/Kg/day.
    ADI is normally 1/100 ~1/500 of NEOL.(no-effect level)

    Also WHO announced in 1997 by its ‘Environmental Health Criteria 194 Aluminum’
    that Aluminum is no relation with Alzheimer.
    Before there was such an argue in Japan ,too. But recently no more discussion in Japan.

    Best Regards
    Takahiro Ishii
    Shimanishi Kaken Co., Ltd.”
    “Adya Living Water LLC is not accepting returns on the product Adya Clarity.
    A recent internet smear campaign has been created by a few individuals that, to my knowledge thus far, together, or acting alone tried to develop a hostile takeover on Adya Inc. Adya inc. has taken the stance that; said circulated articles contain false statements that have been released by individuals who do not have any solid evidence to back up the claims. Adya Inc. has NOT put out a recall on the product Adya Clarity and nor do they intend to. Adya Inc. is not accepting returns regarding this matter. Soon, Adya Inc. will be releasing an official press release.”

    “Adya Living Water, LLC.’s return policy remains the same as stated on our company website. Please relay this message to your customers as well regarding refunds or recall on this product. As I receive it, I fill forward you the official press release from Adya Inc. I will also forward emails directly from the President of Adya Inc., Matt Bakos, debunking all false statements in the above mentioned articles.

    If you do have any questions concerning any of this I would ask that you hold tight and wait for the official Press Release for all to view.

    At that point, please email me and I will be happy to schedule a time for us to discuss this matter at greater length.
    Have faith in us to get you the answers to your concerns, as we receive them from Adya Inc. If you or anyone has concerns as far as the health benefits of the product; Adya Inc.’s website is

    Thank you for your patience and understanding thus far and during the smear campaign against Adya Inc.”

    He also sent me documents re: a radioactive elements report and a Minerals Safety Data Sheet (if you want a copy of them, let me know).

    Thank goodness I didn’t do the super shots, but if there are legitimate health concerns, the company should be liable, at the very least for untrue labeling. Now I have to pay for tests? And for my family members as well? I don’t know what to think; there’s so much back and forth, but I tend to agree with Kevin and err on the side of caution since he’s always been level-headed.

    At the very least, the company should refund the bottles due to their mislabeling. Wouldn’t this be easier than going through a lawsuit or investigation which will give the supplement nay-sayers more ammunition to control what can be bought and sold in this country? Thank you Kevin! I respect your opinions and appreciate your research into this issue.

  61. Miha says:

    I used Adya few times for few days and it always caused bad reaction – eczema eruption. I used it as it was advertised, also some supershots.
    I was lead to believe this is reaction was healing reaction until I ended in ER because of face swelling.
    Then I spent small fortune to get to stable state.
    If I need to choose between FDA blocking all suplements or having suplements like Adya, guess what I would choose. And Im kind of guy that did not take any artificial stuff, food or pharmaceutical, for 13 years.

  62. Velda says:

    Thank you Kevin for a good article. I purchased Adya Clarity after seeing Kacper’s presentation. When I received it, I tried testing different waters with it, and got no results. I have been taking it in the morning, when I remember. Have used only about 1/2 of the small bottle, none of the other little bottle (except one dropper full) and none of the big bottle. When I bought it from Kacper’s presentation, the sell went through Raw Food World. Hats off to Matt for his fast action and integrity. I sent him an email but did not hear back, but it was not through the support address that you furnished. I have now contacted them through the proper channel and hope to hear from them soon. I will be glad to send it back, since I will not take it again.

  63. Sarah says:

    OH.MY.F******. God.

    I started taking Adya in August after being inspired by Angela Stokes Monarch who said she’d cured her candida with super shots.

    I purchased a bottle from Aggressive Health in the UK and began taking super shots myself. I soon became very seriously ill, aching all over, as if I had flu, dry skin, feeling absolutely exhausted and nauseous. I still continued taking Adya as I believed from all the hype that it could only be beneficial to any ‘virus’ I may have. However, for a further three weeks I could only stomach green juice in the morning and a super shot of Adya. I then felt sick all day until I vomited around 10pm each night.

    I was doubled over in agony and eventually a worried friend came round and called an ambulance after taking one look at me. I was given morphine plus anti sickness drugs as by this time I couldn’t keep water down and was seriously dehydrated.

    I had to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy and was found to have a badly inflamed liver, kidneys and stomach. However, blood tests were fine (but they weren’t testing for metals ) and the doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong and said it was a mystery.

    My gut told me to cut out all supplements I’d been taking in case I’d developed an allergy to any of them, including Adya. My symptoms gradually subsided but I still don’t feel well three months on.

    The most upsetting thing is that, as a single mother, money is scarce. I’d saved up for a bottle of Adya as it was so heavily promoted by Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes as I really look up to them. It’s completely out of the question for me to be able to afford a heavy metal test or chealation therapy. I’m devastated.

    All I can say is, thank you Kevin for being brave enough to swim against the tide and get the truth out there.


  64. Elena says:

    I bought Adya Clarity from Jane Tess Davis who has a new website
    It is the same website I bought the adya from, but it had a different name in September 2010.

    I have emailed her today about a refund for an unopened box of 2 quarts of Adya Clarity that I bought from her after watching a video posted by Kepcar Postowski on his website. The video was a conversation between Matt Monarch and the the founder or creator of Adya Clarity (whose name I can’t recall) about the miraculous cleansing, detoxifying powers of Adya Clarity.
    I remember thinking that the founder didn’t look very healthy, yet I gullibly I trusted Matt Monarch’s passion about the healing and detoxifying claims stated in the webinar. Instead of buying it via Kepcar website (and Matt) i did a google search and found Ms. Jane Tess Davis had a website offering Adya Clarity at a discount. It had a different name than the one she is now using. I can’t find the original name but will have to search my records.
    I am grateful for the sanity, honesty and integrity both of you, Kevin and AnnMarie have always shown in the world of health, and I wish I had not fallen for the propaganda.
    I am grateful for the work that folks like Mike Adams,you, Kevin Gianni, and others do to help provide true clarity and integrity in the world of health and nutrition.
    Thanks also Kevin for being willing to call the distributors that are not willing to offer refunds for those of us who fell for what truly seems to be a major marketing scam. Many continued Blessings to you and ANnMarie for all of the incredible work that you do, and for the tremendous amount of work and eye-opening information you brought to so many through the Healing Cancer World Summit.
    Keep up the profound work that you do!

  65. Kim says:

    I also left a message with raw food world and emailed them and they have not responded back.

  66. Lynda Keller says:

    I bought AdyaClarity on Oct 17, 2011 from KACPER POSTAWSKI COMPANIES. I just phoned them and got a recording apologizing for the recall and telling me to send them an E-mail to requesting a refund and someone will get back to me in 24 hours. I sent the refund request E-mail just now and told them if I did not hear from them by tomorrow, Thursday Nov.3, that I will simply call my Visa Card company and dispute the charges including the shipping charges. When I recieved the Adyaclarity I did not start taking it because I did not know if I would have any detox symptoms which I did not want to have since I was going out of town for almost a week. When I returned I had a scary feeling about taking it. I don’t know exactly why but I guess it was God or the spirit within me telling me not to take it. Thankfully, I did not even open the bottles. I have a condition called Hema- Chromatosis which is an inability to eliminate iron and in my case all other heavy metals. All the more reason to be concerned.

  67. Elena says:

    FWIW, I just received this response from Jane Tess Davis (who may or man not exist) This is the full unedited response that just came to me in the email in response for my request for a refund.
    Apparently, Jane Tess Davis is Nissim Malul?
    I thought I was buying it from her, but I was buying it from Mr Malul whose name I had never seen until I read other people’s responses above. SO i guess micawaters is one of Malul’s new adya clarity websites.

    “Already he is toning down his remarks (fraudulent as they are). Read on. No refunds yet. Just hang in their:

    Subject: Adams figures are BAD wrong..

    Here is a paragraph where he is using 1-1.5 ounces of pure undiluted Adya Clarity for toxicity levels, thats a lot of teaspoons. Bad numbers make bad science Adams is being quite reckless.

    This chart also shows the level of these elements in Adya Clarity, along with another column showing the total mg of these elements you will consume in one shot glass of Adya Clarity. A “shot glass” is typically 1 to 1.5 ounces. We are showing it here based on 1 ounce.

    Learn more:


    Nissim Malul
    Karma Integrity, Inc.”

  68. Lynda Keller says:

    Thank you so much Kevin for being a watch dog for us and bringing this Adyaclarity issue to our attention. Had you not brought my attention to this my health could have been seriously impaired even to the point of death since I don’t eliminate heavy metals of any kind as is evidenced by the fact that in 1990-1995 I almost died of mercury poisoning from silver amalgam dental fillings. Again, thank you so very much for all you do and for alerting us to this Adyaclarity matter.

  69. BR says:

    I am so upset right now. My husband and I have been taking Adya Clarity super shots twice a day since Oct. 7th and drinking in my water every time I drink water. I have also been putting it in my 13 month old son’s water. I believed all the research I read, videos I watched and the response to my email inquiries regarding the products safety. I am still breastfeeding my son and he isn’t a big solid food eater, so he nurses a lot still. I was concerned about his iron levels, so I thought this product would be great for us. I emailed Matt Monarch to double check that it was okay for me to ingest this as a nursing mother. This was their response:

    “Adya water is safe to drink during pregnancies and while breast feeding. A big factor to a healthy baby is having adequate minerals available and proper hydration. During pregnancy your body gives up a lot of minerals for the baby, I can understand why you would want the extra minerals especially the Iron. You should speak with your doctor or healthcare provider about how many extra minerals you may need; it is also possible to add more tsp/gal for your Adya water; provided you consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before doing so.

    Customer Care”

    Also, my husband has cancer, so I was very interested in this product because of the inferences that it could help in that area.

    I am really upset right now. I am vigilant about my families health and now I am worried that I may have poisoned them. I haven’t vaccinated my son yet and may have inadvertently put in his body the very toxic heavy metals that I was trying to avoid him being exposed to in the first place. (I am crying as I type this.)

    I am pissed to say the least! I have already scheduled an appointment to get all the tests necessary to see if we have toxic levels in our bodies…I know what to do for my husband and I, but what about my baby? What do I do for him to detox his body? I can’t stick him in a sauna. Do I have to wean my child now because I need to detox heavy metals from my body? I was trying to do everything right for my child and my husband. I can’t begin to describe the devastating effects this will have on me if we test at toxic levels.

    We bought from Kacper Postawski.

    Any words of advice would be helpful.

  70. marc says:

    Hey Miles, out of all the posters here, you make the most sense to me. Mike adams does sensationalize things… “THIS IS THE BEST THING! THIS IS THE MOST POTENT GREENS!” YADA YADA… So does David Wolfe and Matt Monarch! They are all profiting from the health and wellness industry! There’s nothing wrong with it, when it’s done ethically. Ian Clarke?? I don’t know who this guy really is… Don’t care either way! I’ve emailed Matt Monarch about putting this issue to rest by providing a blood and hair analysis (he’s been taking this stuff for years from what I gather). But really, I would love to see proof from all sides (real lab analyses) proving or disproving the claims/accusations.

    Matt Monarch sent me a ebook written by Dr. Nojima.. though he cured thousands with these trace minerals, he never mentioned adya clarity. I emailed him about this…. no response!

    There has been so much unsubstantiated claims coming out of the alternative communities… spewed by these gurus who, in my opinion, don’t look healthier or more vibrant than most… some telling us hemp is the gold standard, then recanting and saying, well if you consume too much, you could become maybe you might want to add in maca (which we will gladly sell you from our site at a wholesale price). Despite all the Mad claims, there are some truths. The hard part is deciphering it.

    I believe in herbs and taking minerals/trace minerals, probiotics, enzymes, etc.. But I stopped believing things subjectively pumped out by these raw”Gods” or superfood online gurus… I prefer to err on the side of caution and study actual data/ historical practices (were these elements used by some of the healthiest cultures).


  71. bryan wedemeyer says:

    I was directed to the on-line web video sale of this product through a company I felt was reputable, so I listened to the whole program and even went to the purchase site. Then I started checking on the web and started to find interesting counter distributor hype information on page 6 of google search. What I found was disturbing enough to keep my money in my pocket. The hype felt so much like a Phishing scam, that it turned me off. I have watched time and again when something comes out that has been found to have benefit and it sells for a high price that when the popularity hits a certain level, the rip off people suddenly have their version of it with more benefits and less price. Meanwhile our ability to purchase “real” organic produce is being hit on all sides with reduced requirements for what “Organic” is (Thanks FDA) and potentially even being able to get it or share what we have grown ourselves, let alone maybe not even getting to grow our own food.

    Thanks for the info Kevin and the website. Good luck to all of us!

  72. Bev says:

    The Elements of Celtic Sea Salt
    Should we also send back our Celtic Sea Salt????

    80 Elements dicovered in Sea Water

    Element Name Chemical Symbol Element Name Chemical Symbol

    Aluminum AL Molybdenum MO
    Antimony SB Neodymium ND
    Arsenic AS Nickel NI
    Barium BA Niobium NB
    Beryllium BE Osmium OS
    Bismuth BI Palladium PD
    Boron B Phosphorus P
    Bromine BR Platinum PT
    Cadmium CD Potassium K
    Calcium CA Praseodymium PR
    Carbon C Rhenium RE
    Cerium CE Rhodium RH
    Cesium CS Rubidium RB
    Chloride CL Ruthenium RU
    Chromium CR Samarium SM
    Cobalt CO Scandium SC
    Copper CU Selenium SE
    Dysprosium DY Silicon SI
    Erbium ER Silver AG
    Europium EU Sodium NA
    Fluoride F Strontium SR
    Gadolinium GD Sulfur (sulfate) S
    Gallium GA Tantalum TA
    Germanium GE Tellurium TE
    Gold AU Terbium TB
    Hafnium HF Thallium TL
    Holmium HO Thorium TH
    Indium IN Thulium TM
    Iodine I Tin SN
    Iridium IR Titanium TI
    Iron FE Tungsten W
    Lanthanum LA Vanadium V
    Lead PB Ytterbium YB
    Lithium LI Yttrium Y
    Lutetium LU Zinc ZN
    Magnesium MG Zirconium ZR
    Manganese MN Oxygen O
    Mercury HG Hydrogen H
    Ref. Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 65th Ed. 1984-1985, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Fl., p. F-149

  73. Susan says:

    By now, Matt Monarch has probably been talking to his lawyers about filing bankruptcy to protect his home and other assets. Kevin, please contact Matt and tell him to get into action and tell us how to get this out of our system. Ian Clark is talking about it staying in our bones!!! I’ve given this to my dog and cat thinking that I was doing a good thing for them. I don’t think I’m going to ever buy another product again.

  74. I agree with your perspective Kevin. 110%
    When i saw everyone talking about it and inviting people to the webinars, I went, just to see what the talk was all about.

    The first thing that turned me off was the price lol.
    I was like, WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!
    I’ll just keep drinking what i have… this sounds like a bunch of hype.

    I wasn’t surprised to hear the negative reports.
    Glad I didn’t take any!!

    Simply Natural Ideas

  75. Sunny says:

    I purchased Adya Clarity and immediately started with the super shots. Within a few days I had sore, aching muscles as though I had worked out a lot (which I didn’t… ;-)). Then I started getting headaches (day and night!) and was generally not feeling well. I couldn’t believe that this could have been possibly related to any detoxification as I had been on a healthy diet for most of my adult life and on a 100% raw diet since about 1 1/2 y. I then started getting neurological symptoms that had me scared. I stopped taking the adya clarity, the muscles aches went away, however, the headaches remained (though not as bad). My doctor was baffled since I am normally such a healthy person with lots of vitality. I scoured the internet for reports of other people who didn’t have a positive experience with Adya Clarity – but it was rare! After I received the e-mail from Matt Monarch yesterday, I looked up the symptoms of aluminum toxicity, and it fits me to the ‘T’… I will let me doctor know… I am hopeful that I will soon be my ‘old healthy self’!

  76. hi kevin,

    i just mailed over 400. worth of adya clarity back to the Raw Food World. they have been most helpful and cooperative in my opinion. i am going to order a hair test and will let you know when i get the results. thanks for your blog! happy day to you and your honey! pamela

  77. Thomas says:

    I just got an email response from Matt Monarch’s Raw Food World. It contains a pdf form to fill out and return with the full or empty adya clarity bottles. So you have to pay for shipping it back, after already paying for the shipping to you originally. You also need the bottles. So if you disposed of them you will be out of luck.

    I asked if they could just check my order number on their database. Duh! But maybe that’s too easy . . . . . always a catch. 🙂

    I also reminded them that they will get a lot of empty bottles, since the shipping costs are by weight and it will cost the customers less that way. Go figure . . .

  78. Gail says:

    My gut reaction kept me away from this product – I am wary of some other mineral products too. And of some chlorella products too – as it is so good at extracting toxic metals then we need to be very certain of that the chlorella doesn’t already contain them from a contaminated source!

    This is an interesting link on adya clarity:-

  79. Dawn Gifford says:

    I think the whole thing is overblown on both sides. It smacks of politics, not facts, especially since Kacpar, Mike and Matt all share in a hunk of land in Ecuador and are neighbors.

    I didn’t buy Adya because I thought the claims were overblown because I know a bit about chemistry. There are no panaceas, and Adya is little more than a trace mineral supplement like Concentrace or fulvic acid, just higher in iron.

    I also didn’t buy Mike’s attempt to smear the company. For starters, his explanation of organic minerals vs. inorganic minerals to justify his argument about the aluminum in Adya is total hokum with not a bit of chemistry science to back it up.

    The minerals in Adya (Thermarox) have indeed been used for decades in farming, water purification and more. I have complete faith that it works great as a water purifier, chemical flocculant, and soil additive, but a cure for atherosclerosis? Yeah, right.

    But then it was the WEBINAR by Matt and Kacpar that made those claims, NOT Adya, Inc. Super shots are an off label use not recommended by the company itself. The product used as labeled is APPROVED as an iron supplement in Canada, so if the amount of aluminum in the product was a health issue, I don’t think they would have done so.

    I think there needs to be some consistency in this whole thing. Trace minerals preparations like Concentrace, fulvic, etc. contain aluminum, gold, barium, cadmium, tin, nickel, iron and other minerals known to be highly toxic in higher amounts. But no one is recommending “supershots” of Concentrace to cure your ailments, NOR is anyone demanding a recall because someone might get too much aluminum or nickel from using it in an off-label manner.

    Bentonite clay is defined as an aluminum phyllosilicate clay, and all bentonites are all high in aluminum, otherwise they wouldn’t be classified as bentonite. Some bentonites contain as much as 75% aluminum! Yet eating bentonite is a tried and true alternative health method for colon cleansing and detoxing. Mike recommends it!

    Aluminum is one of the most common soil elements and present in all of our food. We actually need aluminum in our body for many functions. But like any mineral, too much can be toxic. Even NaCl table salt is toxic in high amounts.

    People need to do their due diligence, like you said Kevin, and not necessarily believe either Matt OR Mike. I think one of the reasons people are so caught up in this drama is because it is so easy to give our power and responsibility to heal over to someone or something else claiming to offer an easy fix. Then we have someone to blame when it we aren’t healed. Ironic because no true healing can ever come in such a manner.

  80. Scena Vandagriff says:

    I too bought from Jane Tess Davis and requested a refund. Got the same response as above and another one today with the FDA info already mentioned as well. So far, no refund. Will be hair testing for my metals!!

  81. Garrett says:

    What about a refund if I purchased A/C during one of David Wolfe’s “Longevity Now” programs?

    David pitched it with such passion and verve for about 20-minutes (more or less) during one of his many segments. Attending in person, I went right to the Adya booth and paid cash.

    Fortunately, I trusted my gut feelings on the product and discontinued use after a few droppers were used (2 oz bottle). I still have that bottle and I would love to get my $60 back.

    Is this a David Wolfe refund… or an Adya refund?

    As of now, David is still hiding under his desk, not talking… and I doubt that Adya will issue a single dime to anyone.

    Any thoughts?

    Hugs and best wishes ALL!!


  82. gail says:

    I know of a Colorado gal that sent a bottle to a lab for testing. The lab began the test, seen bad results from the start, did not complete the test and sent her back the initial results along with a $200 lab fee refund. The lab told her this was so bad they would not complete the lab test. I bought a bottle off of ebay, sent the merchant an inquiry about returning the bottle, or instructions of how to safely dispose of it and asked them to be honorable and refund the purchase price of the product. Have not yet heard from the ebay merchant. Also, do a tip test, hold the bottle in your left hand, place the bottle up to your chest, place your right hand over the left hand and if you tip forward, the product is good, if you tip backwards, the product is NOT good. I almost fell backwards to the floor when I did the tip test! Try it yourself!

  83. Darlene says:

    I’m glad they priced it too rich for my blood!

  84. KarinaL says:

    @ BR

    your story made me cry too, you must feel very stressed and frightened.

    I was prescribed lots of antacids when I was pregnant. So very concerned also about the added aluminum I have given to my now adult children who have diabetices and hypothyroidism. and i was merrily giving them shots! My son has developed very dark circles under his eyes a sign of kidney strain.

    I cant believe they could be so crazy as to not declare it on the label and knowing all that so called “off label” use was being promoted by the distributors. It is criminal and the man should be prosecuted and made to pay for everyones detoxification.

    I brought 12 bottles shipped to UK and had to pay masses of import duty too.

    I just wanted to suggest if you had herd of EFT – emotional freedom technique? it would be good to help you clear you fears, stress, shock, guilt, so you can deal with the physical side without the massive stress.

    for a starter if you have time and don’t know the points here is a link to a vid by the tapping solution

    Another thing is to visualize your body dealing with it all really well, in chemo Joe Keeton wrote a book where they use a technique say imagine a golden light elixir of life and it reduces the side effects dramatically.

    I don’t know if he will – but as i was writing this i thought to email Tapping solution to ask if they could put a tap along on U tube for people who has been affected by this.

    Wishing you all the very best


  85. Debbie says:

    I Purchased this Snake Oil as well. We Put a lot of trust in this health community and this is the appreciation we get, being taken advantage of, lied to, robbed of our hard earned money in these economic times, not to mention the disgraceful SCARE TACTICS that were used by some of these people like Kacper Postawski whom Matt Monarch has become obviously good friends with. These people have burned their bridges where my support is concerned. I am returning the product for a full refund. And will do my best to be a more conscientious consumer.
    Thank you Kevin for NOT jumping on the band wagon, and being UP FRONT and HONEST.

  86. Thank you for your info Kevin Gianni. In order to receive a “FULL REFUND” The Raw Food World requests that we mail back the opened/unused bottles. The problem is that Since I fully trusted that this product was safe and good for my health, I used my purchases and threw away most of the the bottles when I was finished. I currently only have 6-2oz bottles. I purchased a total of 9-2oz. bottles. Additionally, I still have about 3/4 of the bottle full of my purchase on the 32oz bottle. When I received the plastic bottle I emptied the Adya liquid into a glass bottle and threw away the plastic 32oz bottle.

    The email they have sent says “FULL REFUND”. How will I receive “FULL REFUND” when I only have some of the bottles and the 32 oz is in a glass bottle. I don’t think it’s fair for me to have to return the bottles, pay for more shipping and not receive a full refund because I threw the bottles away.

    What do you suggest? I’ve spent a total of $225.37.

    Thanks again, Rebecca Rodriguez

  87. hyesun says:

    thanks so much kevin for doing this. you and mike are the only ones i trust. just like elena (#65), i bought mine from jane tess davis and she doesn’t want to give me a refund. here is her reply to my email:

    Talked to lawyer. Cannot take bottles back even with the 30 day money back. He said I could get into trouble with the health department. So I am sorry I cannot do this. If you send them to the company they cannot take anything back that has been in the hands of anyone else. Just wait and see please how this whole thing will end. More news coming. Hold on there my dear. Do not panic. I only have two people now after all these emails I have sent out that still want the bottles back. So just wait. Jane

    her website info is above in elena’s post.

    thanks again. you’re awesome.

  88. KarinaL says:

    The amount of aluminum in the human body ranges from 50 to 150 mg., with an average of about 65 mg. Most of this metal is found in the lungs, brain, kidneys, liver and thyroid. Our daily intake ranges from 10 to 110 mg but the body will eliminate most of this in our feces, urine and some in sweat.

    Toxicity Limits
    Organic – A reading under 15-20 ppm is considered normal, but 10-15 ppm, is probably ideal.
    Inorganic – Should be 0 ppm

    Here is aluminum testing kits

  89. Gini says:

    I received a free 2 oz bottle of Black Mica on a special offer from David Wolfe. Even though it was free I had to make an order in other qualifying products and would like a refund on the principle of the matter and because of any damage it may have caused to my body. I see Black Mica was removed from his website. Thank you Kevin for not jumping on the bandwagon to make a profit and caring about people’s health.

  90. sheri says:

    I have never used any Ayda products, but do you know anything about Body Balance, the liquid drink with 9 different sea veggies plus aloe vera? My 2 boys and I have been taking it regularly for a few years now, as a vitamin suppliment, but I would love a third party to check them out to make sure it is all they say it is. As a single parent, I want to use what money I have in the best way esp for my kids.
    Appreciate your help. Thanks for all you do.

  91. pamella says:

    I also purchased Adya from Nissim Malul & asked for a refund.. I got the same generic email claiming “all sales final” no refund. Iam so glad I didn’t use that much of it, it always left a strange metal taste in my mouth.

  92. Dr. Gastaldo says:


    Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, wrote that Adya Clarity “is a collection of rocks dissolved into sulfuric acid.”

    Guess what else comes from “a collection of rocks dissolved into sulfuric acid”…



    “We attack fraud wherever it may be found…”
    –Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of, Monday, October 31, 2011

    “[Matt Bakos, founder of Adya, Inc. was] caught deceiving Health Canada in licensing scam that hid aluminum content…Adya Clarity was licensed by Health Canada as an iron supplement…In fact, Adya Clarity is imported as battery acid…the concentration of aluminum sulfate is also not listed on the Adya Clarity label…the high concentration of aluminum sulfate in the product makes it an immediate and urgent danger to fetal brain development and the health of expectant mothers…a clear case of fraud.”
    –Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of, Monday, October 31, 2011

    OPEN LETTER archived for global access at:

    Mike Adams
    The Health Ranger
    Editor of


    You wrote that Adya Clarity “is a collection of rocks dissolved into sulfuric acid.”

    Similarly, “rocks dissolved into sulfuric acid” is what generates the fluorosilicate hazardous waste (with arsenic and lead) that municipalities pour into drinking water, disguising the obvious fraud with the pristine euphemism “fluoridation.” You alluded to this info earlier this year.

    You wrote that Adya, Inc. founder Matt Bakos “claims Adya Clarity is a food.”

    Similarly, Health Canada calls **fluorosilicate hazardous waste** a source of food. (“Fluorosilicate compounds are added as a source of the mineral nutrient fluoride.”


    You wrote that “Millions of dollars are at stake with Adya Clarity, which is one of the reasons why its importer and distributors [remain] in such a state of **aggressive denial** about the potential for harm in people who use their product (especially among expectant mothers)…Adya distributors circled the wagons to protect their profits rather than protecting customers…All those who are currently attacking NaturalNews about our warnings over Adya Clarity are the very same people **who are making money from Adya!** They have their financial interests to protect.” **Bold in original**.


    “Review panels [are] hand-picked to deliver a pro-fluoridation result…Health Canada (2008, 2010)…used…[four] pro-fluoridation dentists and…[two experts who] had no demonstrated expertise on fluoride…”
    –Paul Connett, PhD and other members of the Fluoride Action Network (including James Beck, MD, PhD, Michael Connett, JD, Hardy Limeback, DDS, PhD, David McRae and Spedding Micklem, D.Phil.


    “In combination with aluminum, fluoride interferes with G-proteins (Bigay 1985, 1987). Such interactions give aluminum-fluoride complexes the potential to interfere with signals from growth factors, hormones and neurotransmitters (Strunecka & Patocka 1999; Li 2003).”
    –Paul Connett, PhD and other members of the Fluoride Action Network (including James Beck, MD, PhD, Michael Connett, JD, Hardy Limeback, DDS, PhD, David McRae and Spedding Micklem, D.Phil.


    You wrote:

    “There is a lot more coming soon from NaturalNews on this issue, including interviews, videos, articles, and hopefully breaking news from Health Canada this week…Stay tuned for regular updates.”

    Mike, I hope you will immediately urge your readers to call upon Health Canada to end BOTH frauds.




    Dr. Gastaldo
    Hillsboro, Oregon

    PS Feel free to reproduce this email and the one forwarded below.

    Copied to:

    Health Canada via;;;;

    Copied to:

    Matt Bakos
    Adya, Inc.
    445 E. Chicago Street
    Coldwater, Michigan 49036
    Via “Master Distributors”…;;;;;;;;;;



    >>>>END excerpt of my Open Letter to Mike Adams, the Health Ranger…

    For the rest…

    See DANGER: ‘Fluoridation’ lead poisoning hazards (Attn HUD Lead Hazard Control)

  93. zyxomma says:

    I purchased Adya Clarity, but my intuition told me not to use it internally. I still have most of the bottle, and have requested a refund from Matt. I’m awaiting his response.

    The bottle I have is not quite full, because I used it to help unclog the drain in my tub (along with baking soda and vinegar).

    I’ve used ConcenTrace liquid ionic trace minerals for over a decade. All good. I get most of my minerals from eating raw, organic greens.

    Health and peace.

  94. I have used this product personally and found it to be provide a feeling of greater “clarity” or mental alertness on those occasions when I took it as a shot, and it is very useful for purifying filtered tap water (since the filters don’t actually filter everything out), by putting a teaspoon in a bottle of water, letting it stand 24-48 hours, and then using the 80-90% of the water on the top while discarding the 10-20% at the bottom where the sediment is.

    All the concern about the aluminum seems overblown given that we consume more aluminum from food sources and much more if we ever take any medicine; according to the National Institutes of Health (, “Aluminum is naturally present in foods; the contents of aluminum may increase during cooking or technological processes, or during conditioning. The average aluminum intake for humans is 10 mg/day. In case of drug administration, the normal average intake may reach 50-1000 mg/day.” Therefore, the 5mg in 1 teaspoon of undiluted Adya Clarity is probably nothing to be panic about.

    It is also interesting to note, as someone did above, that Bentonite clays, which are used for detoxification, are also high in aluminum, and yet they are very commonly used for detoxification and are considered very effective and there are no reports of aluminum toxicity due to the use of such clays – and, in fact, there have also been no reports of aluminum toxicity due the use of Adya Clarity water.

    The only negative reactions people seem to have had have been pretty common detoxification sorts of reactions. Very many people who have used Adya Clarity for detoxification purposes have had outstanding results, such as Bev (#43 above), but I also know some personally, so I am not just relying on random internet posts. Of course, as with any detoxification product, whether it by an herbal laxative or another colon cleanse product such as “Oxymag” or Epsom salt, or other anti-candida and anti-bacterial types of things like MMS or grapefruit seed extract, I see no reason to take this product in a concentrated form (ie, in shots) except during a detoxification period (accompanied by other cleansing protocols such as fasting or eating very light, and perhaps doing some colon cleansing).

    Common sense would say that there is no reason to take a product like this for reason other than small doses for water purification (with trivial amounts of aluminum) and occasional or one-time detoxification (with the amount of aluminum consumed still trivial relative to medicines). The taste is a little bit odd, and certainly for mineral supplementation, there are much cheaper products available, so I don’t know why anyone would be taking it for its minerals, but for heavy metals detoxification, in conjunction with other detoxification practices, it appears to me that the product does seem to work, and that the most severe negative criticism of it is overblown and may be partly due to anger at the high price that the producer chose to charge and other alterior motives (such as attracting attention and trying to get credit for calling things to people’s attention); it is natural that Mike Adams and Kevin Gianni want to draw as many people to their websites as possible.

    I am happy with this product despite all the negative criticism, and I will not be returning it or asking for a refund. The negative criticism is primarily theoretical in nature, and only a very small minority of people who have tried this product seem to have had a negative reaction, and, in any event, negative detoxification reactions are common when taking products intended for detoxification.

  95. moira says:

    After reading all of these comments I am confused. There does not seem to be any way of knowing who is speaking truth. I hope that we will hear some lab results that are reliable and trustworthy. I have used almost a whole bottle… my teeth feel like there is no plaque on them.. which is nice… and my fingernails finally are not bleeding and peeling. I will not continue to use the product. But I have tried for years to control candida.. and a rediculous amount of money on supplements.. and have never really found anything to make much difference.. I had really hoped I had found something that was going to be good for me. Obviously that is not the case and I feel very disillusioned

  96. Marcla Green says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m so glad when I saw the price of this stuff I chose not to “try” it. I couldn’t afford to. Since going thru a layoff, I’ve learned to spend my money wisely. And I usually research the things I use. I trust Kevin, I trust Mike, I trust Dr. Mercola, I trust Matt and Angela, I trust David. I trust Byron, I trust many more. I also FIRST AND FOREMOST trust my intuition and my BODY to tell me what works and what doesn’t work FOR me. I really research before I buy things. I mean REALLY research.
    This is a case where I’m kinda chuckling to myself that this stuff was way out of my price range to try or really research. You know, I’ve learned pure, REAL food and herbs are the answer…not some man made manipulation of the same.
    Thanks Kevin…for all you do (you do seem to be the keeper of the peace). Dang ever consider running for Prez? LOL…wondering what the world would be like with You or Mike as prez and the opposite as vp, Dr. Mercola in charge of FDA, Matt, Angela and David in charge of the EPA…oh my gosh… the movie could be made, the opposite of IDIOCRACY!!!! (Mike and crew get on that…LOL)

  97. marc says:

    Wow…humans. This really is the planet of the children. We would know the truth about Adya if greed was not involved. Ive been taking it and even gave it to my mom. I will put my consumption on hold till this matter is cleared up.
    Truthfully I am disappointed in Paul Nisson.
    He claims that he puts God first, he should have warned us the minute he suspected something was fishy. If this is true, the owners of A/C better get ready for some lawsuits.
    This may seem irrelevant but I am still waiting to hear what makes David Wolfe a doctor anyway?
    We are becoming to hocus pocus in the health movement, and we are giving leadership to people that are not qualified.

  98. Steve says:

    HEY KEV!!!!!!


  99. Marcey says:

    I bought Adya first at the Chicago Green Festival. I don’t remember the name of the distributing person. My husband and I were led to believe that this would improve the quality of our R/O filtered water (this is ‘dead’ water according to many. Have been adding it to drinking water and our fish tank, since May. Bought over 600 dollars worth after the now famous webinar. Wrote for my money back and I think that one was processed yesterday. I will wait to see it on my credit card statement. Now, though, I would like to find a reputable product that can add the minerals (life) back into our filtered R/O water. Any one have any thoughts. It seems that I can still use the product Adya Clarity, to wash and rinse vegetables/fruits…Would appreciate any ideas about re-mineralizing R/O filtered water. Thanks!

  100. suzanne says:

    I am considering keeping this product to soak my greens, etc. in order to remove dirt, pesticides, etc. My concern is the apparent fact this product is produced very near the Japan nuclear disaster occurring last spring. I would not have bought it if I had known that. Is anyone trusting the product for that purpose despite proximity to Fukushima (sp)?

  101. Gini says:

    I just read David Wolfe’s email he sent at 2 am this morning and copied it below.

    My response on the Adya Clarity situation…

    Many people have been asking me about the recent allegations made about the manufacturer of Adya Clarity and Black Mica Extract…

    I am taking these allegations very seriously and carefully reviewing the current information released on-line that states the manufacturer of these products knowingly mislabeled the bottles and/or misrepresented the products.

    Until then, even though these claims are unsubstantiated, the Longevity Warehouse team has decided to remove the products from their website out of abundance of caution. In fact, we removed the products two weeks ago after several internet marketers made exaggerated and even dangerous health claims about Adya Clarity that we felt could cause harm or confusion to our consumers.

    I still believe in Black Mica as a substance that promotes longevity. However, until I am satisfied with finding out the truth about what is and isn’t in these particular products, I recommend that you use your own judgment and not use the product internally.

    Once I am satisfied that I have gotten to the truth of the matter, I will release a full public statement on the matter.

    If you wish to return this product, please click here and contact our customer support.

  102. catherine says:

    i have been reading about this product from Matt Monarch’s newsletters. He pretty much raved and raved about it BIG TIME. And went on about how great it is for him blah blah blah… What i am interested to find out is how is he taking this news now? and if he’s stopped taking the product and got himself tested etc etc… i have stopped subscribing to him a month back as i found it unbearable to read his writings as he seemed to get too extreme on a number of topics. maybe i should go check out his site and see what he has to say about this product.

  103. Anna says:

    I think everyone needs to calm down. There has been a lot of hysteria over this issue on both sides. As Bev & Dawn Gifford pointed out, many different health products cotain trace minerals (nickel, aluminum, cadmium, barium, iron, arsenic, etc.) that can be toxic if taken in large amounts- sea salt, bentonite clay (which has a high % of aluminum), other trace mineral products, etc.

    It makes no sense to condemn Ayda for containing these trace minerals, yet give other similar products a ‘free pass’.

    It does make sense, however to give Matt, David Wolfe, et al a good slap on the hand for acting irresponsible & unethical by charging outrageous prices, making overhyped claims & encouraging super shots for what is basically an overglorified trace mineral supplement. That’s why they are called trace minerals, our bodies need them in trace amounts, but large amounts can be toxic.

    I respect Mike Adams, but he & others in the ‘beware Ayda/ Black Mica’ camp also deserve a slap on the hand for overreacting to the supposed ‘dangers’ of a trace mineral supplement.

    We need someone with a background in chemistry to provide an unbiased assessment of Ayda/ Black Mica, & make a rational comparison between that & other trace mineral supplements. What a pity no one thought to do this BEFORE all the hysteria started, & BEFORE all the consumer alerts were sent out.

  104. just sit there says:

    I think what the message here for all to learn is integrity. If we are to move into a New Conscious way of doing business, we need to offer customers our products to the best of our knowledge in safety and with integrity.

    I truly appreciated Matt Monarch sending out an email to share the new information about Adya Clarity and sharing he would be happy to accept refunds… that was courageous and integrous… however,

    I cannot believe anyone who sold this product would not immediately offer a full refund until the matter is sorted.

    If you go to McDonalds by example where the food is chemically harmful if it is cold or not to your liking they give you a fast return on your order. McDonalds is NOT a conscious company where they care about your health! But to keep you as a happy satisfied customer they offer a full refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

    Why would a supposedly highly conscious caring company (anyone who is selling Adya Clarity) who presumably care about your health and your continued customer future purchasing NOT offer a full refund? You might not buy Adya Clarity but you will probably trust them to be integrous and continue to purchase other products?

    For me personally if you don’t accept a refund with a product that may cause harm to me I would not purchase another product from you as I just would not feel a good energy exchange which is built on trust and integrity. That is what we are trying to find really… healthy products from integrous companies. Who care about our health, the environment and with fair pricing to the best of their ability.

    How do these people sleep at night treating customers without full respect and not doing what is right? Sheesh!

    With this exception I think you should NOT have to pay to return the product. If you are on file, if there is an invoice to show you purchased this product you should get an immediate refund – no need to return the product the proof is in the purchase. It has been proven the ingredients were not shared. It is clear this product is WAAAAYYY Overpriced and the sellers should just chock up and absorb the mis hap and make money from other sales and hopefully keep these customers.

    I don’t know about you Kevin. But if one of your products were off or bad I feel you would accept the responsibility and not ask for the customers to pay again to ship it back and just offer a refund and accept apologies.

    You can move forward and know that you keep a good energetic connection with that customer and will make the money up in the future as they will buy other items from you.. does this not make sense?

    No person is PERFECT. We cannot know EVERYTHING. But we can stay in integrity and offer right solutions for situations that could be harmful to others.

    I don’t know if others feel this way but this just seems like common sense to me.

    Thank you Kevin for sharing and thank you to others whom have posted letters, emails, insights to the truth about this product. This has been the best blog to date for customers to share how they feel about being duped and lied to …. those that are really looking for health alternatives.

    We are no longer fearful or hold back to voice our feelings and opinions and thoughts and facts to help others become aware.

    I am honored to read these testimonies and see the facts without needing to research .. just reading it all in one spot here.

    Thank you to all who are freely sharing information for the good and the benefit of the whole. I appreciate it whole heartedly.


  105. Jota says:

    Since they refuse to give refunds, they’re hurting their own company more than the supposed lies are by pissing off their customers.

    As far as I’m concerned, if there was a falsehood that caused all of this, it’s between that person(s) and the company. Refund your customers and sue the liar(s) for the damages arising from the false claims.

    Digging your heels into the ground will only serve to prepare your own grave. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

  106. hyesun says:

    well, since my last post, i’ve exchanged several emails with jane tess davis, whom i bought adya from, and she really doesn’t want to refund my money. she keeps trying to convince me that it is a good product. but i’ve already made up my mind that i don’t want it. that would be great if you could contact her, kevin. here is her email address:


  107. Ellen says:

    I love your site but boy oh boy it has given me a headache to read some of these comments. If a company dupes you of $400 product I would call your state attorney generals office.

    SECOND the fact that the ingredients are so cheap yet the markup is so ridiculous doesn’t surprise me one bit that David and Matt sold it. People make serious scratch off these products and they rely on their readers “Hey guys you NEED this Product.”

    I bought into the whole raw diet dogma. But guess what, I ended up royally screwing up my entire endocrine system, awful skin, screwed up digestion. Went back to cooked food and took 6 months but got my health back to where I was feeling great again and people are telling me how great I look.

    I love the information you provide Kevin, and out of all the experts out you provide the most truthful info and I thank you for that. Beware of the products you take….especially if you have thyroid issues.

  108. Amitie says:

    I must admit that I fell for the hype. I watched the webinar, bought the product, tried it once but something was telling me this was a scam. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen Kevin promoting it and knew there must have been a valid reason. Thank you for your integrity and kindness.

  109. hyesun says:

    oh, and jane tess davis’s phone # is 650.280.0219. thanks.

  110. Nicole says:

    How can you start accusations against a product without having proof on your end either? You can’t buy into hype on either side. Now people are panicking for no reason and you are hurting peoples’ businesses, and you don’t even know if the product is really harmful or not. I am not a distributor. I just don’t think its right to attack something just by speculation. Nissim Malul’s response shows the science behind it. Aluminum Sulfate is a natural ionic form of the mineral found in food. Its not the type of aluminum that foil is made of. It does not build up in your body. Any ionic or colloidal mineral supplement has aluminum in it. This product has been used in Japan for decades. Just because its just now becoming popular here doesn’t mean there’s no research behind it. I took Adya super shots for 3 months and I am fine. I don’t think its a miracle health product, but I do think it is a good product for water purification. Its something you can have on hand in case there was ever a water shortage emergency.

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      @Nicole: I don’t think you know about the confirmed cases of fingers turning black – metal toxicity as well as other negative effects some people have been reporting. It’s true most people may not have negative results one way or the other, but the fact that some are getting negative effects means very clearly that it requires more scrutiny. If you were serving a recipe at a restaurant and some people were getting sick from it, would you continue to sell it – ignoring what was happening – or would you pull it from the menu and figure out what’s happening? Also, none of the internal use claims for this product can be substantiated with real scientific proof.


  111. Clint says:

    Can someone suggest a website I can contact to get a hair mineral analysis done? Thanks.

  112. Marcey says:

    Help. How can I make my R/O filtered (for impurities, floride, chlorine, etc.), healthier? That’s what I was using Adya Clarity for….

  113. Dana says:

    At this point, my head is spinning. I just dumped about 3 gallons of Adya water I had made to last a few days.
    My son and I took ‘super shots’ for about a month. I have been drinking the water on and off, I’m not a big water drinker but I have been using it to make my one cup of coffee every morning since I got the the stuff in mid-August. The super shot tasted weird but the treated water tasted great and so did my cuppa, I loved it! I have also been mixing a couple of teaspoons of the treated water in with my cats’ food rations twice daily.
    I haven’t had any bad reactions at all, nor has my son and the cats seem fine but after reading the above article and comments, I pray we are not ill-affected.
    It’s scary and confusing…thus the dumping of the VERY EXPENSIVE water. I did that before reading all the comments. Had I read on first, I would have found there were a few comments that called for cooler heads to prevail therefore I think I panicked, unnecessarily. It seems everyone has an agenda which makes it difficult to know who or what to believe. Matt Monarch says he is still using it.
    At this point, I honestly don’t know what to do…keep it or send it back to Raw Food World.
    For the time being I won’t be drinking the water. I hope there is more definitive information about Adya Clarity forthcoming. The sooner the better.

  114. Lisa Z says:

    I also saw Kacper’s webinar on Adya and that plus Matt Monarch’s testimonial that this product helped his wife convinced me to try it. I didn’t buy it from raw food world however, because I found a better price at PHILIPMCCLUSKEY.COM. When the package arrived, I found a hand-written note on my order receipt wishing me good health and the signature “Philip McCluskey”. I contacted the company via their contact page at and requested a refund of my purchase. They have not contacted me as of this date (11.02.11). Philip continues to promote his ‘sexyonraw’ tour on FB but apparently doesn’t read his emails.
    I took this product for nearly 30 days, twice a day and gave it to my kids for a week (17, 12 and 6). I have followed Kevin and Annmarie, David Wolfe, Jason Wrobel, Matt Monarch and Daniel Vitalis with the intention to improve the lives of my family and cultivate good health. I don’t think I will ever trust Matt Monarch again and I’m angry with David Wolfe and Longevity Warehouse for pulling Adya and the Black Mica extract without so much as a whisper of concern for the harm they may have caused.
    Kevin, can you contact PHILIPMCCLUSKEY.COM and find out why they’re not responding and why they continue to sell Adya Clarity?

    Blessings to you.

    Lisa Zubek

  115. Cyndi Hebert says:

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food”
    There are a few people who I think have forgotten that along the way. Products, products, products….it’s all about making the dollar. I think that is one reason why I ‘really’ like the .. guru’s.. if you will that I do. Kevin and Annmarie have products, but they are not in the ‘snake oil’ category. Super foods, powders etc. Products that are foods. Well, there is Annmarie’s skin care line (which I have heard is amazing, just haven’t been able to afford it, lol) and that is different. It’s the ‘cure all’ products and supplements that I just don’t see a person ‘must have’. As someone said below, snake oil, it’s been around for centuries! I’m just waiting for some fella to start growing antlers!!
    However, it’s like those late night infomercials. If it’s coming from someone you trust, each time you hear it you debate a purchase. I eventually I bought into Adya too, but like a few above, I only used it twice and I just didn’t really feel comfortable with it. Luckily I bought it during one of the half off specials, so my loss is only in the tens, not hundreds like many, many others.
    I honestly don’t believe Matt & Angela intended for any wrong doing with this product and I believe that they did feel strongly about it’s qualities.
    I think for myself I will stick with Hippocrates from now on. Once bitten, twice shy ya know 🙂
    Thanks for a good view on this subject, Kevin. It is certainly a hot topic.

  116. Garrett says:

    I was thinking about one unforgivable aspect to this whole scandal. And that is the 11th hour price cuts that went out in a flurry. No less than THREE “gurus” went upon the task of DUMPING their inventory just hours before Mike Adams’ report came out. It was abundantly transparent to those of us who were following this scandal *before* it broke.

    Now the sad part is that these “gurus” more than likely knew the market was about to implode. Hell, if *I* knew about the scandal two or three days ahead of time, how could our “gurus” NOT know? Even David Wolfe pulled the product two or three weeks ahead of time.

    To me, that is a question of integrity.

    Integrity is not something you suddenly pull out of the bag reluctantly after every other smarmy sales tactic or slimy special offer fails miserably. To come out of hiding several days later and suddenly “see the light” does not get past the smell test with me.

    Integrity is either something you lead with in life, or it isn’t. To use the appearance of integrity as yet another sales snow-job is pretty repulsive.

    Just my TooSense…

    Hugs and Love to ALL

  117. Cherie says:

    I feel Bakos is disgusting. Print the truth on the label and let me decide if I want it or not. He was temporarily rich and it did not last very long. Was it worth it for what he could now be facing? Anyway I called the advice nurse line and gave her the aluminum sulfate, iron and potassum PPMs and the poison control department is sending a message to my Dr to request blood levels to be sure things are still working okay. I hope this lesson is more of just an inconvience and education and is nothing more serious.

  118. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    @Everyone: Also, it’s important to note that aluminum sulfate and iron sulfate in extracted form is much more bioavailable than what you’ll find in food. Also, be careful of “scientists” telling you how much aluminum is in everything. I had someone very close to this product tell me that there was 25g of aluminum in 8 oz of pineapple. When I researched that, I found there was 1.3g / kilogram. I can’t find the stats on bananas, but if anyone can share, I’d love to see them.

    Basically, there’s a lot of stuff flying around that needs to be addressed. What is most important is that there is a question about the safety of the product and that’s paramount to explore. This isn’t a joke or a game. It’s the real world and it’s – at least I feel – my responsibility to shed light on something that may be harmful.

    At the very least, the claims the product has advertized need to be substantiated as well.

    I’m fully confident Mike and others have done the thing that makes the most sense for the long run in our industry.


  119. Hopand skip says:


    I cannot believe your site quoted Quackwatch man. The most unethical, slimy, and all around liar that has ever hit the internet. I was reading your water site and very disappointed to see the same kind of inflammatory tactics used by Mr. Quackwatch who calls himself a doctor, but lost his license and treats no one, nor does help anyone get well/healthy.

    I was interested in reading your site until I saw that. And to make reference that all mention of PH is quackery is a bit over and beyond. We have many friends who, when they begin eating foods that do not pull all the minerals of their bodies trying to keep their body’s PH regulated…they all the sudden get better. Hmmm.

    Not sure what community you are from MM, nor am I a fan of the various water machines, but there is a better way to get your point across than slamming people and making sarcastic remarks that are so general you could be slamming a good many more people than you realize.

    I would highly recommend never quoting Stephen from Quackwatch. He should have been shut down a long time ago. He is the reason my father stopped reading Lorainne Day’s information which could have saved his life. He chose a “clinical trial” of an unproven chemotherapy instead and it took his life.

    Maybe you are Stephen just monitoring these websites and looking for juicy bits of info to try to disprove. In that case, just remember “you will reap what you sow.” Having lost one defamation of character case that I am aware of, I am surprised that the judicial system did not order Mr. Barrett to cease and desist.

    And for all of you out there…my advice is to never listen to anyone who quotes that man nor listen to any of his advice.

  120. Kev, could you please do a column on how to detox the inorganic aluminum and iron from our bodies? thanx

  121. Nissim Malul says:

    Interesting how this False Attack against Adya has exposed the so-called “health gurus” true nature and character (or shall we say, lack of). No more hiding behind youtube videos in some mansion in Ecuador, or some place in Hawaii. That won’t do it. No more hiding period! This attack is a blessing in disguise, helping the universe clean out those who cannot handle a product such as Adya Clarity. As Shimanishi said, Adya Minerals are protected by the angels. I guess those who have lost touch with their own angels, cannot handle Adya and the light it brings.

    Read the REAL story here:

    and the recent press-release:

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      @Nissim: Thanks for showing up here. 🙂 Some of your customers would like a refund. Would you be able to accommodate them? I tend to think a no-refund policy is against the wishes of the angels…


  122. Sharon Gist says:

    Matt said he shouldn’t have left the product on the shelf for the extra 4 days…sounds like to me it may have been a lot longer than, I do not know who Ian Clark is but if what he says is true, then it was weeks that Matt knew about this..and was not concerned…Just wondering how many lying bastards are involved here…

  123. Miles says:

    Bananas contain no aluminum sulfate whatsoever. This obviously was a made up fairytale by Adya. The only kind of “banana” that contains aluminum is banana bread. see link below.


    One medium banana contains 1.29 grams of protein, 105 calories and 3.1 grams of dietary fiber.

    Potassium – 422 mg
    Phosphorus – 26 mg
    Magnesium – 32 mg
    Calcium – 6 mg
    Sodium – 1 mg
    Iron – 0.31 mg
    Selenium 1.2 mcg
    Manganese – 0.319 mg
    Copper – 0.092 mg
    Zinc – 0.18 mg
    Also contains small amounts of other minerals.

    Vitamin A – 76 IU
    Vitamin B1 (thiamine) – 0.037 mg
    Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – 0.086 mg
    Niacin – 0.785 mg
    Folate – 24 mcg
    Pantothenic Acid – 0.394 mg
    Vitamin B6 – 0.433 mg
    Vitamin C – 10.3 mg
    Vitamin E – 0.12 mg
    Vitamin K – 0.6 mcg
    Contains some other vitamins in small amounts.

  124. Miles says:

    Reverse Osmosis systems already filter out all impurities like fluoride and chlorine.

  125. sami says:

    Matt Monarch has always seemed like a scammer to me. Never understood what Angela saw in him. And the way he whistles when he talks! UGH!!! It just never really seemed like he was doing any of this ‘raw food’ movement stuff for any other reason than to make lots of cash. Cold Hard Cash. Then about 2 weeks ago I received an email from him that went directly to my spam box but because it was from him, I read it. It was titled “Why I Chose to Become a Multi-Millionaire”. It was then that I realized my intuition regarding Monarch was dead-on. What next, Monarch? Are you going to tell me I have a long lost relative who lived in Nigeria and died in a auto accident, leaving me his/her entire fortune worth millions?

    This whole affair has shown to me his true colors, though I do feel his is desperately trying to safe face, credibility, and his vast millions(dollars and followers).

    I am done with Monarch. I would like to purchase through Natural News but it appears to be the same company. I do not want to give Mr. Multi-Millions Monarch my money.

    Sorry for all the hate but it has been bothering me forever. I tried to convince myself that he really was ok but I think I did that more for Angela than for myself. I really like her and she does not give me the same bad vibe as her husband.

    I find it interesting and a bit alarming to have received a RawReform e-journal (this is Angela Stokes-Monarch’s site) message a few days ago where she was saying she had been EXTREMELY unwell for nearly 2 weeks. Here is a paragraph from that message:

    *** On the morning of October the 10th I awoke to a sudden very odd sensation in my head and body…a lot of pressure in my head, a feeling of “not being in” my body, vision behaving strangely and so on…after a few hours I laid down again and pretty much ended up in bed for the next two weeks, bizarre symptoms playing themselves out over time…hot and cold flushes, sweating, semi-delirium, complete loss of appetite, pressure in head, extremely low energy, strange vision, huge difficulty moving the physical body and so on… ***

    After reading some of the reactions some have had to the A/C product, I have to wonder if she was also reacting to this ‘miracle elixir’.

    Greed makes people do and say some crazy stuff. I am beyond disgusted by some of the distributors mentioned here. Their names have been noted (though it does appear that Nissim Malul plays the part of many different people on the internet) and I will never do business with them. They will not stand behind products they sell. OH!! Check this out! Found this on Amazon in a discussion about A/C:

    *** nissim malul says:
    I heard that AdyaClarity.Biz has a Holiday special for 2 bottles of 32oz for very very cheap and a package deal with the entire filtration system, beats any deal that you can find on the web!
    You need to email them to get that price. They work directly with the owners of Adya Inc., so only original, clean product is sold there. Go to: ***

    I love how he tries to make it seem like he heard about this great deal, not mentioning he IS AyClarity.Biz. (can you say ‘scumbag’..?)

    And he also posted this in response to someone mentioning a different site to purchase the snake oil:

    *** nissim malul says:
    Dimond health is selling a product that it’s contents are NOT guaranteed by Adya Inc. Please refer to this link: ***

    Anyone notice the word ‘GUARANTEED’? I guess it is guaranteed before the sale, but after it is sold, it becomes ‘All Sales Final’.

  126. MM says:

    Some of you guys are so forgiving and understanding that it is no bloody wonder that you are such easy fodder for these parasites.

    For anyone that thinks aluminium is safe, please take the time to read the scientific literature. There is no excuse for these so-called gurus if they have any idea about biological systems to pretend that they did not know this product would be a disaster.

    Aluminium has a high affinity for Transferrin. Transferrin is the protein carrier for iron. Binding occurs via two molecules of aluminium per molecule of transferrin. These findings are
    in good agreement with the earlier observations reported
    by others (17).

    When the effect of aluminium on iron uptake by
    transferrin was studied, it was found that iron uptake by transferrin was reduced by 30 percent. Earlier observations using equilibrium dialysis technique showed that
    aluminium competed with iron to bind to transferrin (18).

    In conclusion, aluminium competes with iron in order to bind to transferrin and may disturb iron metabolism by interference with iron uptake by the cells (19) or make
    damage to the heme synthesis (20). (A study by MOSTAGHIE & SKILLEN)

    Aluminum also displaces magnesium and will bind to phosphate groups. The backbone of your DNA contains phosphate and magnesium is required as a cofactor for DNA repair and synthesis.

    Magnesium ions play critical roles in many aspects of cellular metabolism. They stabilize structures of proteins, nucleic acids, and cell membranes by binding to the macromolecule’s surface and promote specific structural or catalytic activities of proteins, enzymes, or ribozymes. They are also key to enzymatic reactions in various ways. They can generate magnesium-substrate
    scaffolds, to which enzymes bind; they can bind directly to enzymes and alter their structure; and they may direct reactions
    through specific catalytic roles. DNA polymerases that replicate and repair DNA employ the critical ions in all these tasks.

    Our knowledge regarding aluminium’s biological influence is very much in its infancy and much is still unknown. Though from reading the current literature and our knowledge that nearly everyone is deficient in magnesium, common sense tells us that we are asking for trouble when trying to remineralise with the likes of aluminium and iron. I don’t get how these positively charged metals could chelate heavy metals that are +vely charged also out of the body. What sort of chemistry are we dealing with, because it is certainly not the chemistry I know. I can understand the concern about fluoride and the difficulty in trying to remove it, but using aluminium seems insane. Can these people that believe that there is a biological need for aluminium elucidate its role and mechanism. Also aluminium has a strong binding affinity to ATP. Can’t see how any of this can be good for our health.

  127. Amanda says:

    Hi, thanks for the information on Adya. I read the Natural News reports on this product. I didn’t feel any of it was balanced reporting and at times bordered on the hysterical. There is obviously a lot of behind the scene politics and personality clashes involved in this. Even the start of this blog infers a negative on Adya by talking about aggressive marketing. There are many raw food products and concepts out there being aggressively marketed but it doesn’t make them bad. I agree we lean towards caution but the facts are still not completely straight yet to make an accurate judgement.

  128. shine says:

    thanks kev for this much appreciated.what this shows to me is a huge example of someone ( in this case mr monach) setting himself up as a health expert with no real training and hundreds of people following his advice, which seems to have got more dodgy by the year.

    got my A.C in the uk..wonder what the situation will be there..not heard much.

  129. Renee says:

    LOTS of heated comments and plenty of blame and accusations around this whole issue! Boy people can really get polarized and slanderous. From what I can tell no one who’s posted OR who has written about this product including Matt Bakos or Mike Adams, is qualified as a scientist to provide clear and accurate info on what’s in the bottle, what’s safe, and how it affects human organ systems internally.
    I have used 1 (or was 2? bottles) of AC since March 2011, have another full bottle in the kitchen, and I ‘gifted’ another to an ailing friend.
    I know I wanted the health claims to be true. So I am getting to look at that.

    I have not noticed any definitive or lasting adverse reactions. Of course that does not mean I have or have not done damage to myself. I just do not know. Blood tests or hair analysis may or may not truly reflect what at least 1 commenter describes as ‘brain and bone deposition’.

    I and others engaged in healthful pursuits, many of us vegan, organic, or high raw and who tend to do detoxes, also need to look into our own responsibilities in purchasing w/o due diligence. Ultimately no one made me purchase this product – I did so willingly.
    And yet I would like a refund. I see this as false advertising and misrepresentation due to the labeling affair and the numerous health claims. And yes I did see that youtube video of Matt Bakos recommending supershots in the fresh veggie juices to Matt Monarch, so he was endorsing OFF LABEL use after all. (But now the videos are gone).
    I bought mine from Jane Tess Davis. Am writing her tomorrow. My friend also bought another bottle from her and wrote her but I do not believe she has heard back from her yet.
    here is her email address: and
    here is her phone number: 650.280.0219.

    Perhaps Matt Monarch could get an independent lab to analyze the Adya Clarity, and consult with some reputable and respected chemists and/or research physicians who are skilled in this area..that would go a long way towards rebuilding good will. And while you’re at it Matt M – why not get your hair analyzed and post that too? ;>)
    Friends, this is a great opportunity to learn, grow, and be more self responsible; ultimately we are all one and there’s plenty of lessons all around including owning up, stepping up, letting go, and forgiving (including ourselves).

  130. nilsholgerson says:

    The Most hurt Person is the Nature by itself. To have this sold out of natures resources.

    Noble substances get harvested and people who can afford pay for it. This is also a form of biopiratery.

    We hve to think sustainable. Stop this using of this substances. Eat less superfoods* Eat more local*

    This all marketing health gurus. They are all living on your attention. So if you ignore them or make a alternative they wont surive.

    Find other way of economies. Do alternatives instead of this money sucing health claims.

    We need alternatives to live in harmony and love.

  131. Heike says:

    Dear Kevin
    Thank you for ALL that.I feel somewhat horrified as I have been using ADYA for some years.I was introduced to it by my sister who lives in Amsterdam who obtained it from her Yoga School.
    It is appalling the lack of integrity.transparency and adult bun fighting for the name of health with the hidden agenda of money.I trusted the information from my sisters’ reputable yoga school
    I recently made a purchase from Nissim Malul and when I asked him about a refund ( I live in New Zealand) he said it was stated on his website that this is not possible.I know you have enough on our hands with this but would appreciate your enquiring on foreign buyers rights’ in regard to this.I do not know where we legally stand.I feel really bd that I have sold some bottles at cost price to other people and am now very concerned about what damage it could do to their hair.
    Yes we need to be more informed all the time but as it was legally entering Europe through stringent EU protocol I admit I was not informed enough.At that stage I was living in Sweden.
    Keep up the fantastic work you do for making us a healthier world.
    Arohanui Heike

  132. Sarah says:

    Mike Nash at Aggressive Health in the UK has been really helpful. Got back to me very quickly, offering advice and a full refund. I hope other suppliers of Adya follow his example.

  133. The best way to great health is mastery of the simple things.

    That is so true, and I have proved it to myself and others for the past 35 years at least. Closely monitored as well.

    Food, rest, sunlight… EFFICIENT not excessive or usless exercise… and proper diet above all…. (the rest is good but all “fringe” compared to diet and rest)…

    I stopped taking all supplements, pills, powders or gimmicks when I was 20. I am now 52 and almost everyone says I look 35. I succeeded in building muscle on only fruit as an experiment for the last two years. Raw for the last 13. Vegan for over 25. Paying attention to sleep and sunlight. Trust me folks, it works. Better BY FAR than anything else you can possibly do. Or that anyone tries to convince you to do.

    That little subtle caption on that gorgeous photo on Kevin and Mare’s blog site sums it all up…..

  134. PS
    People who market this stuff are not “bad people” but they are clueless.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Mother nature is the only healer.

    Not man.

    Not any product.

    Obey her laws at all times, and especally if ever sick,

    (You will never “get sick” if you obey her super simple and common sense laws and if you ever do , then it will be fast and subtle… it works EVERY TIME!!!!!!!

  135. EM says:

    @ Kevin,

    I missed the material data it posted somewhere? And yes, I know Chernobyl was unsubstantiated, all of it was. What I meant was that despite digging around on my own and finding other info I still got sucked in.

    I know a lot of people are getting lumped into the “badness” of this and are feeling especially cautious but this little clip here of Dr. George Yu speaking at Longevity conference with David Wolfe seemed interesting on one method of detox. Anybody know anything about it? Seems pretty un-invasive when comparing to enemas and IV chelation and certainly cost friendly.

  136. EM says:

    I missed the link, here it is.

    Does anybody know much about this?

    Not forgetting green juices, excercising etc. of course. Just that some people have been taking Adya for years.

    I feel lucky that I only took it for 2 weeks.

  137. Josephine says:

    I just bought a quart of it. My main intent is to use it in bathing. I have had a rough skin for a few years, and I think the city water here is the culprit. I also plan to replace my shower-head filter–I should have done that a couple of years ago.

    I had thought that the Adya would be nice to have on hand for emergency water cleaning, too. And a quart or two of Adya water probably is fine. My main concern will be the iron levels.

  138. TaJaVi says:

    We became concerned when our second bottle of Adya became brownish and the water tasted funky. Although our water filter (Kangen type) was coming to it’s end we thought that was the problem and also we started refrigerating the Adya and that seemed to help as well. When I wrote and asked what may cause an “off” taste, I got a reply to leave the lid off my jug for off gassing. Off gassing? Do I want to drink something that throws off gas to that extent?

    Then the *#”&$ hit the fan and we’ve asked Matt Monarch for a refund. Yesterday’s email contained a recall form from them. Although I do have to return the unused bottles, more shipping, I will do so as we spent almost $700 and have used 1.5 bottles.

    For those who are losing faith in Matt Monarch I urge you to hang in there. I think he’s just overwhelmed at this point in time with all the flack coming his way. He has stepped up to the plate to offer refunds and if he hasn’t answered your message it’s probably because he just has so many. I’ve met him more than a couple of times and I really do like his energy and sincerity and his wife is a dear as well.

  139. Dejana says:

    Hi Kev,
    Thanks for the awesome job you do, as always.:)
    Thanks for everyone for sharing their expeirnces.
    Here’s my experience with Adya:
    I’ve been using it since January, only to clean my drinking water, 5-10 drops per liter, and never in shots. Wanted to take the supershots but never got around to do it, price being one of the reasons.
    I live in London, which has one of the worst tap waters in the world. Even adya couldn’t get rid of chlorine, so I was mostly using it to clean the bottled water. In one of the webinars I think by Matt, not sure, they said it’s ok to drink the gunk from the bottom but it never made sense to me so I always throw it away.
    As to the results after using Adya for 10months: calcification on my teeth is gone, but the best thing is that it makes my bowels move. I’ve suffered from constipation for a long time, and now I have regular bowel movements ever since I started taking adya. I don;t take it anymore (I just purchased the second bottle) and have emailed Matt for a refund.
    As to heavy metals, I want to get myself tested. I’ve noticed that lately I couldn’t eat oats in the morning anymore, and Mike says they are high in iron so maybe that’s why.
    In a last few months I started to have a lot more dark spots on my face, on the side, where it shows liver and internal organs. Could be adya or because I’ve been eating really unhealthy lately and I’m full of candida. Adya is not miraculous if you keep eating crap.
    Thanks, live awesome,

  140. Lawrenz says:

    Our tap water out gases toxins even in distillation steam/condenses back & gov’t will say tapwater is goood for ya, processed pseudo-health-foods from toxic soils/that’s everywhere??, OCD-foodies breathing in chemical dirty homes …on and on and on….
    ..problem is we are so removed from hunter gatherer nature/overpopulated w/no way back home..we were schooled/trained/churched to “buy” anything that is going to save us from a devolved mutated selves…and not trusting our intuitive nature..such a co-dependent monkey..don’t trust anything that isn’t packaged by god/nature…and then marginally..question is how to live creatively healthy without a cash-flow in a military police state…

  141. Debbie says:

    To #116 Lisa Z. Philip Mccluskey is honoring returns for full refunds I just returned a bottle myself to him, hopefully I will see my Credit show up in a timely manner. I agree we shouldn’t have to pay one dime to ship this product back to the thieves who ripped us all off with their $5 product, they should have enough profit from all these SCAM sales to cover those cost’s (especially Matt Monarch who loves to brag about being a MULTI MILLIONAIRE thanks to all of us who put our trust in him and supported his WORLDS LARGEST RAW FOOD store. One other mention about somebody I’ve put a great deal of trust in PAUL NISON, he says he will still sell the product although he has dropped the price in half because he said he didn’t have room in his car to bring all the bottles he purchased for his road trip….whatever, I will not be renewing my membership with him either. I am also stopping my $19.99 membership with the Monarchs as well. All of this coming out on ADYA CLARITY is a BLESSING in disguise, our CREATOR is looking out for us all, we just haven’t been seeing the signs. As for Angela Monarch being so ill the last few weeks makes me wonder also if there might not be a connection. And truth be told why would Matt (unless it’s his obvious arrogance) continue to use a potentially harmful product unless thats his way of keeping the few of us who might still believe in him as loyal blind customers. I too feel sorry for Angela, thats true love now. There is no overblown HYSTERIA here, I thank God somebody had the guts to open our eyes….I don’t think our CREATOR intended for all of us to go in debt to obtain optimal health. If Matt lives in such a pristine land of pure air and water why has he ever had a need for this product anyway ???? For those of you die hards out their who continue to use the product you may not see adverse reactions now, maybe it will take a few years of ingesting the product before you see really hard core signs of the possible damage done. I’m heeding the WARNING now.

  142. Dianne says:

    I contacted Ian Clark, asking for any information on detoxes, and this is what he sent me (with permission to post it). I’m looking into it with my homeopathy physician:

    Flushing UPS grade Niacin – 1/8 teaspoon
    3000 mg of Pureway C – clinically proven to absorb without peristalsis and has the bioflavenoids – you can find it online at places like Doctors A to Z
    Pure Grade Fulvic Acid – we are working on a reliable source and you can find others online – make sure they have full disclosure on C of A
    Lots of Transdermal Magnesium Infusion
    Micro Algae – my favorite is Oceans Alive because it is the only actual raw unprocessed kind of algaes on the planet
    Medicardium EDTA suppository once a week
    Lots of good fresh Kale salads – hand massaged in salt and rinsed.

    P.S. Kevin, you’re the only one I trust. Thank you for sticking with your intuition. A huge lesson for me.

  143. Marcey says:

    I know the R/O filters out the chlorine and fluoride. It also takes out the good minerals.
    What I want to know is how to treat the R/O water so that I can replace the minerals. Supposedly, that is what Adya Clarity was doing. Is there another product that will do this safely?

  144. Stephanie says:

    I agree that The RawFood World should offer full refunds from evidence of the invoice, not from full/empty bottles….really? It’s not like customers are asking for refunds because the product just didn’t suit them. I, for one, bought the product because it was SO heavily advertised by Matt Monarch. He even went on to claim that it is one of the only things he takes. I probably would not have bought this product without all of his videos and posts about it which is the power of marketing….it obviously works! However, I feel that d/t the recent controversy about potential health consequences Matt should take FULL responsibility for ALL of the sales of Adya which resulted from his HEAVY endorsement of this product. After all, many read his newsletter and respect his advice. The only responsible, ethical thing to do to save customers and integrity is to take FULL responsibility for the product by offering no-nonsense refunds based on any products used/unused. The evidence of purchace is in the invoice. It appears that any money refunded will need to be used to get tested for heavy metals. Also, as someone mentioned previously, I will not be sending back my full bottles if I have to pay for shipping. Obviously, if they are taking empty bottles, I will be dumping my full bottles and shipping the empty bottles to save myself money. If Matt still uses the product perhaps he would like to have full, unopened bottles returned to him. If so, then it sounds like his company needs to start paying for the shipping, too. I would also like to see the people/companies that endorsed this product take on the financial burden of having it tested in order to offer consumers more information about potential negative effects or potential benefits. I still don’t know what I think, but I agree with Kevin in that it is better to be cautious about this product for now. I feel like the health community, in general, is a more conscientious and ethical group. There is a chance for its leaders to step up and do the right thing here! I will remain hopefully optimistic about the outcome of this issue.

  145. Miles says:

    In my opinion, David Wolfe is nothing but a snake oil salesman. Sure hes smart and knowledgeable in many areas but thats besides the point. He cares about health and longevity but more about his profits. He learned about Adaya from Matt Bakos and has made an audio interview with him on his “best day ever” website. Instead of carrying Adya, he decided to make his own version called “black mica extract”. If he made his own version of the product, that means that he knows what its derived from as well as the cost to produce it. And if it only costs $5 to produce, it doesn’t justify his pricing either. Just check out the prices on his longevitywarehouse website and tell me if that doesn’t spell greed all over it. $148 for 16 longevity now conference dvds? Id rather buy 10 Justin Bieber albums…Heres another example: Simply Raw dvd retails on amazon for $19.45, Davids price? $29.97. There probably isn’t a single thing on that website that I cant get somewhere else for cheaper. Anyone who wants fair prices can go to I guess he needs a lot of money in order to maintain his fancy farm plantation in Hawaii.

    Here is a link to his black mica podcast:

  146. jane Davis says:

    Hi. Jane Davis here. To all my customers past, present and future: 1) love the product and receive by email and phone numerous great results with the Adya Clarity. Yes, I distribute Clarity. Strange that large orders are coming in now because these particular people feel the product is not just good, but necessary.

    I have called the health department and unfortunately they say NEVER to accept returns of a product such as Clarity because one never knows how it was stored.

    I have a great lawyer. Talked with him and his advice is to tell all my customers (now 6 who want their money back) wait until the final verdict has been disclosed by the Adya, Inc. company itself. Wait. Then he will tell me my rights.

    I also feel very sorry for the people believing Adams at his word. He is definitely not a scientist, nor a biologist, nor any ologist that I know of.

    I also know that Monarch, Adams and Clark are trying to run the product Clarity into the ground and then buy the company. Their greed is beyond the beyond.

    Wait and see game. My experience has been: almost a complete reversal of periodontal disease. No gum bleeding any more and teeth tight except for one which needs to be taken out. Been fighting keeping that tooth about 8 years now. Until very recently like one week my blood pressure had gone way down. But due to this ridiculous Adams character it is now
    up to 130/85. It was before AC 190/95. Then down continually to 122/72. But than you Adams for your scam.

    I ask all my wonderful and believing customers to wait and see. I love you all. Jane Davis

  147. Miles says:

    Jane Davis, Your Healthier Choice
    Northern California
    (650) 280-0219

    Jane Davis works for Adyas main headquarters of course shes going to defend the phony product. Speak to your lawyers all you want Jane…We will be speaking to ours. Once lawsuits are filed for negative side effects, false advertising, misleading labels you are going to regret not issuing refunds to everybody. Everything in this comment is fabricated and full of lies. I highly doubt that they are receiving even more orders. Mike Adams wants to buy the Adya company? That is so ridiculous. You try to talk big behind a computer screen but refuse to speak to anyone over the phone? I managed to get adyawaters main phone number after multiple attempts being ignored by Nissim Malul. Called them multiple times…no response. Hers the number: 517 781 6055. Tell Adya that they should hire people with an iq higher than 70 to write their responses. Not only this, Nissim Malul agreed to issue me a refund during our email conversation. After I sent him the order information, he backed out of our agreement and told me to contact adyawater directly.

  148. Dr. Gastaldo says:

    This post is archived at:



    “[My] business partner Mike Adams…”
    –Kevin Gianni


    Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, wrote that Adya Clarity “is a collection of rocks dissolved into sulfuric acid.”

    Guess what else comes from “a collection of rocks dissolved into sulfuric acid”…


    Just as aluminum-laden Adya Clarity is being fraudulently marketed as a health-giving “food” to be added to drinking water (see Mike Adams’ report quoted in Comment #94)…

    Hazardous waste with arsenic and lead is being fraudulently marketed by Health Canada as a source for health-giving food – a “nutrient” to be added to drinking water.

    The parallels are unmistakable.

    See Comment #94 above.


    The Environmental Protection Agency’s/EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Level Goal for arsenic and lead is ZERO…

    …yet EPA allows municipalities to pour hazardous waste with arsenic and lead into drinking water.

    “Fluoridation” is rather obvious mass lead/arsenic poisoning child abuse.

    See DANGER: ‘Fluoridation’ lead poisoning hazards (Attn HUD Lead Hazard Control)



    PLEASE – don’t miss this golden opportunity to urge your readers to call upon Health Canada to stop TWO frauds.

    Again, see Comment #4 above.

    Or see ‘Fluoridation’ and ‘rocks dissolved into sulfuric acid (Adya Clarity)

    Kevin, thanks for not “moderating”/censoring my comments – including this comment. I hope you and Mike – business partners – will make it your business to cause people to urge Health Canada to end BOTH frauds, as in,

    “We attack fraud wherever it may be found…”
    –Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of, Monday, October 31, 2011

    The lead-arsenic poisoning fraud (“fluoridation”) is EASILY found.

    …and easily ended – just by turning off hazardous waste spigots.

    Mike and Kevin, thanks for your immediate attention to this matter.



    Dr. Gastaldo
    Hillsboro, Oregon

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      @Todd: Just to be clear on relationships here. Mike and I were business partners in Health Book Summaries. This is not longer in existence and we’re not partners any more. (No reason other than the business doesn’t exist any more!) Also, Mike and Matt are business partners as well. This is an important point to note. He spoke out against this, no matter what his affiliation is. That’s very admirable in my opinion.


  149. Miles says:

    want to learn the truth about organizations such as the fda and epa? Just watch the documentary “Scientists Under Attack”
    watch here:

  150. Brenda says:

    Kev is excellent site for detox for heavy metals. If you research ths site and see if you feel comfortable recommending edible clay and clay baths for detox that those who have used adya clarity and are concerned about toxins. This may be a more effective way of detoxing that those who have concerns about the AC use. Thanks, Brenda

  151. Mike says:

    I emailed the Raw Food World Matt Monarch 2 days ago and have heard nothing. I hear it is expensive to send back.

  152. Susan says:

    Has anyone sent back their AC to Matt Monarch? If so, did you send them full or empty being we have to pay for shipping?

  153. Mike says:

    I emailed Raw Food World for return instructions 2 days ago but have heard nothing.

  154. Lezlie Ely says:

    WHEW! I got lucky. It sounded soooo good I wanted to buy it, but couldn’t really afford it at the time of offering the dicount rate.
    For once I got saved BEFORE I purchased!
    Thanks for this update…

  155. Susan says:

    Whoa!!! Hold your horses everyone. I’ve spent the better part of a day reading all these posts. Something I never do, my time is too precious. However, as a purchaser and consumer of Adya Clarity, I just had to respond. Please don’t throw it out! Even if you don’t want to take the product internally, there are external uses that are very good, and comes out cheap in comparison to other products.

    I too watched Matt’s video extolling the virtues of AC and wanted some. The price forbid it, and then I found it on ebay for really cheap, comparatively.

    I’ve been drinking a quart or two a day and have seen no difference in my health. But, I have been squirmish about the orange stuff at the bottom of the jar, even though was told that it is dissolved and neutralized heavy metals. I just used it to water my plants.

    Some of you are so distraught, it is sad to see. Others say you find value in the product and will continue to use it. To those who are so upset, please know that whatever aluminum is in the product is nothing compared to that in antiperspirants, baking powder, chewable anti-gas products, soda pop cans, etc. The iron may be another issue for some. So Please relax.

    I read that the water is extremely acidic. Don’t know for sure as I’m out of ph strips. But, if that is the case, it would be excellent to use to water your house plants. Here is what Sang Whang, another Japanese water scientist says in his excellent book “Reverse Aging” on page 76: …plant cells Discard oxygen as it’s waste product. Therefore, most house plants LOVE acid water. Cut flowers last longer with acid water. However, if you want your flowers to open up fully in short time (say before your guests arrive) give them alkaline water. It is almost like aging plants more rapidly by giving them alkaline water. You can age animals faster by giving them acid water to drink.

    Spayed on the leaves and stems of plants, acid water prevents harmful insects from appearing…

    And here is what he says on page 77 of the same book: As mentioned before, human skin is acidic, but alkaline soap takes acid away from the skin…if taking a bath leaves your skin dry, add a couple gallons of acid water to the tub. Rinsing your hair with acid water will give you the effect of a hair conditioner.

    If you use acid water for washing your face, the water will keep your skin fresh and clean and will protect your face from acne and discoloration.

    Warm acid water applied for about 20 minutes is good for athletes foot and hemorrhoids. It can decrease the pain of insect bites and neutralize the poison. It can be soothing for burns. If you add mint flavor to the acid water, it becomes mouthwash. If you add a drop of perfume into the acid water, it becomes toilet cologne. Acid water stops bleeding and that is the reason mouthwash and aftershave are acidic.
    End of quote. Mr. Whang’s book has a large bibliography.

    So, lets say you paid $150 for a quart of this stuff, and 1 teaspoon is put into another quart of tap water. That’s four times the recommended amount for drinking. At that rate it would make 192 quarts of acidic water for other purposes at about 78 cents a quart.

    Imagine all the plant water, cut flower water, medicinal water for cuts and burns, mouthwash, bathing, hair rinsing, foot soakings, and such as that for only 78 cents a quart! I think that is a bargain.

    Turn your lemons into lemonade! Everyone will be so much happier. You’ll be relieved of the stress of trying to get a refund. The scammers (if that is what they are) will go away.

    The word is out, and I’ve been thinking for quite some time now that I just need to quite spending all of my money on products for my health, and just go pick some dandelion and other greens that are carpeting my place now, and eat those.

    Whether this is a bad product or a good one, unless it’s really done someone harm, it doesn’t matter. We’ve learned our lesson.

    And if were going to sue someone, shouldn’t we sue the water districts for all the damage to our children with their poisonous fluorides?

    And will heavy metal tests really tell us WHERE the aluminum came from? We breathe it daily, unless we live on top of a 10,000 foot mountain! We eat, drink, and smoke it all the time!

    Let’s just forget it and go about our business of doing good, learning from our experiences, and being happy!

    Many Blessings to you All.

    PS To the person who wrote about the tipping test—Thanks! I never heard of that. Went right to my kitchen and first tried it on a bunch of stuff before Adya Clarity.
    Some’s left over diet Pepsi—-back
    An unopened bottle of wine—back
    An apple—forward
    A pear—forward
    Organic frozen blueberries—way forward
    dried blueberries—forward
    Nutritional yeast—BACK! OH NO!
    Adya Clarity—back!
    Canned olives—back! OH NO!
    Michael Angelo’s Frozen Eggplant Parmasiana—sideways to the right, what ever that means!

  156. Debbie says:

    I have personally sent a full bottle back, it was $4.95 Flat rate in one of the Post offices Priority mailers. I want my money back so I figured what the heck, I don’t want the product and I think sending back something ensures a refund…just my opinion. I did pay an extra .70 cents for Delivery confirmation that way you will be assured it has been received.
    They will send you a “RECALL FORM” you print out and instructions. I would imagine you haven’t heard from them because there are so many of us returning the product. I’m sure you will hear from them. Hang in there (:

  157. Thomas says:

    If aluminum was good to consume we would all cook with aluminum cookware and drink out of aluminum bottles. Why do you think people got away from that stuff?

    @130 sami: Right on! It blew my mind too when Matt-Millions started selling a pyramid scheme financial investment letter. Also that panicked follow-up email about using the wrong ‘affiliate’ name. So worried he would miss a few commi$$ion$.

    Stephanie is right. They should refund on the order/invoice number. They have to have that information. They are just throwing a wrench at their customers by having everyone pay another round of shipping to send back empty bottles. Remember, shipping costs are by weight so it’s cheaper to send empty bottles.

    Remember what the famous showman P.T. Barnum said: “There’s a new sucker born every day.”

    Buyer beware! 🙂

  158. Dana says:

    This is what I got after emailing Kacper’s “support” email address:

    >No MX or A records for<

    Sure doesn't speak well of HIS character at all. But I will reserve judgement about him until a reasonable amount of time passes. If nobody hears from him, he shouldn't even think about showing up on line for a very long time.

    I did receive an apology email from Matt Monarch and replied with a request for a full refund. At least he seems to be manning up over this; we'll all find out for sure what he's made of over the days and weeks ahead. I don't hold anything against him but reminded him that trust lost is trust twice as difficult to renew.

    David Wolfe is seems to be taking the bull by the horns. I just received an email from him stating: "…we have decided to send these products to a clinical laboratory for an in-depth analysis of the ingredients." He has also made it very easy to request a refund with a direct link in the email. Way to go David!

    My cynical son told me he won't hold his breath for the refund. But I always hope for the best in someone especially when they at least face the music. Follow through is what counts…the proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes.

  159. Garrett says:

    I rec’d David Wolfe’s note too. Nothing new in there that wasn’t already out on the grapevine three or four days (or much longer) prior to Mike Adams’ first article.

    I like how David refers to it as, “the Adya Clarity situation…”

    So now it’s been downgraded to a “situation?”

    Where I am most disappointed is that David pulled Black Mica and Adya Clarity from the shelves several weeks prior to Mike’s article. He did it quietly, nothing said.

    Many of us were heads up that Mike’s article was coming out several days in advance. David *surely* must have known much longer.

    In that time, he *could* have come out IN FRONT of the scandal. He could have taken a *leadership role* in a “situation” where a leader was sorely needed. Instead, we heard nothing; he remained quiet. Where have all our “gurus” gone???

    Instead, what happened, the “situation” was allowed to progress while our “gurus” sat on the knowledge that the whole A/C thing was about to implode in a very ugly way.

    And were there any “gurus” willing to come out in FRONT of this scandal? NOPE!! What we DID have is several choosing to hide under their desks while dumping product at 50-percent off, just hours before the scandal broke to the rest of the public.

    To me, integrity is not something to pull out of your large bag of tricks after every other smarmy sales pitch or slimy promotion deal falls flat. You either HAVE INTEGRITY and ACT with integrity… or you don’t and you don’t. It’s not some cute tactic to “try” when all else fails.

    Just my TooSense…

    Unless we want the FDA stepping in and deciding FOR us what is safe and what is really best for Big Pharma, then our “gurus” need to step up to the plate and know what the hell it is they are selling. The fact that A/C was not tested by ANYONE EVER is a travesty, given that millions and millions have been made off its continued sales.

    Now I wonder about trusting David’s effusive praise for other products that are being hawked for ingestion: shilajit, Himalayan Sea Salt, Celtic Sea Salt, bentonite clay, fulvic acid, just to name a few huge money-makers…

    Hugs and Love to ALL…

  160. Lana says:

    I am very saddened by this whole issue – I purchased an enormous amount of Adya Clarity – and have taken it for over a YEAR –

    I Spent Thousands getting Chelation – to get my system CLEAN – and now this SLOP has been raging around in my Blood.

    I have one thing to say to all those “Whomever they ARE” – IF you Knowingly done this – YOU Will Pay the price far worse than the Literal Dollar you’ve all charged US Poor Trusting souls that bought into your Product and Believed you.

    There is ONE that Ya’ll CAN NOT fool – and GOD WILL fight this battle for Us – IN One Way or Another.


  161. Miles says:

    get em Lana! take em down!

    Talk about a dishonest businessman read the following:

    I write: so you are going to issue me a refund correct?

    He responds:
    I will do that, yet I will also save your threats on your emails for future reference. Once things turn around, which they will in the next few days, you may feel uneasy for the way you spoke to me, and blamed for me for false info about adya. Please email me your invoice number, date, address etc. Thank you.

    Nissim Malul
    (818) 949-8549

    New domain names:

    After I give him the information, he responds by telling me to email which I had already previously done after multiple previous requests.

    Now he writes this:

    when did you order this, I need invoice copy. also know that we will not refund used product.
    if you have unused product, send it back.

    This is ridiculous because we spoke over the phone previously in which I mentioned that I was getting headaches as a side effect from drinking it. Obviously he already knew that I had used it. Im sure the majority of people who purchased this product used it immediately after opening the package. Its not something you would keep in the closet based on what it supposedly can do. What kind of person does this? A dirty businessman Ill say…So I guess when he told me that he was willing to issue me a refund he thought I didn’t use it yet? What a dishonest person. First off hes selling and promoting a BS scam placebo product, second he backs out of something that was already agreed upon. What a scum!

  162. hyesun says:

    this is all getting so incredibly ridiculous. jane davis says that she’s getting more big orders and that only 6 people want refunds, so what’s the big deal? why is this so difficult?
    she’ll make bookoo bucks with all her big orders, so i wish she would just give refunds to us who want them.

  163. Marcey says:

    Where,in this ‘healthy’ community of people (raw, vegan, etc) do we have any actual experts who have a true scientific background?
    What about hearing from Dr. Cousens or Dr. Mercola or Kevin’s doctor (name jumped out of my head just now.)?
    It is clear that there has been a lot of misleading info. It makes me want to forget about any ordering from on-line companies: Monarch’s for sure, Mike Adams’ too. There is too much hype without proper educational credentials to be making these statements.

    Can the A/C water be safely used to wash veggies? (1 tsp per gallon of water)

    Also, I refuse to pay to ship product back, but did send (email) my invoice and believe will have a refund.

    I guess no one knows how to make my R/O water healthier, by adding minerals. I won’t use the Adya for this anymore, until it is proven (by I don’t know who) safe.

  164. Miles says:

    Thats because she was lying…Adya probably hasn’t sold a single bottle since Mike Adams released his article about Adya on naturalnews. Thats the facts.

  165. Marcey says:

    It is very distressing to have the commentators calling others liers. It seems to me that no one has any proofs that we can trust, right now. Again, I repeat, there seems to be no documented scientific evidence on either side. I am, personally, leery of the Monarchs, David Wolfe and others right now, too, but have no evidence to call them names. This internet is too suspect. Anyone can say what they want, with no proof of who they are. I do believe we have many self-proclaimed experts right now, and they are all, including Kevin and Ann Marie, making money. It’s their JOB. We all need money to live. Stop. If you have evidence, find a way to present it in a respectful way. Thanks.

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      @Marcey: You bring up a great point here… “Again, I repeat, there seems to be no documented scientific evidence on either side.” When it comes to Adya Clarity, black mica or biotite this is very true. In fact, I could not find any scientific research that even shows ingestion of biotite or black mica extract anywhere. My biggest concern is that it is (and was) being marketed with health claims like “removes heavy metals” or “eliminates candida” or many of the others – none of which has any substantiated evidence. Why not clean your water with a distillation unit or an R.O. filter and drink some green juice or eat seaweeds? These all are safe, effective and we know they clean the water and have minimal possible side effects and are much more valuable for the money spent. I can’t say how harmful Adya is, what I do know is that when I had my initial questions about it, there was no one who was able to answer them with real science from the company. Outside of Adya, not even the scientists that I know had ever heard of such a thing, but I was told that there was a possible danger because of the of bioavailablity of aluminum sulfate (before Mike published his articles) and how it also can react to with the stomach acid to form aluminum chloride which is even more available. I think the hardest thing about this product to explain is that there are many factors that have contributed to this. Not just aluminum, not just iron, not just sham labeling, not just evidence of heavy metal detoxification, not just poor science from the distributors and company, but the whole thing seems to me like a poorly organized group of overall good people who got sucked into something that isn’t what it initially appeared. 🙂

  166. Lyn says:

    Oh boy….this post and thread have been incredibly informative , particularly people’s individual experiences and Ian Clark’s emails. I feel so stupid for falling for the hype and saving up to buy 3 of the 32oz bottles through the Raw Food World, which is my favorite online shop, hands down. I have Lupus and bought Adya Clarity to support and improve my health, not to endanger it! I believe that Matt Monarch truly believed that AC was a health-giving product and that he is a man of integrity. I emailed the Raw Food World via their site’s contact form link two days ago, as soon Matt M posted his retraction, requesting a refund of the $300.00 I spent on on my AC order and have yet to receive any response. I have emailed them again today directly from my email address and sincerely hope they issue the refund as promised and asap. A response would be nice.

    I sympathize with everyone here, and thank God for people like Kevin, Annmarie and Mike Adams who have brought this to our attention. Shame on you Matt Bakos, Nissim Malul, Gardy Bandfield et al!

  167. Richard Crestfield says:

    Hi Kevin,

    When I saw this product advertized I looked up mica on Wikipedia and did not like that it contains Aluminum in some forms. I did not investigate further and was not interested in it after that. It helps to guiding principals.

  168. Richard Crestfield says:

    It helps to Have guiding principals.

  169. Miles says:

    Adya has already admitted that their product contains aluminum sulfate but claims it contains an amount thats “less than a banana”. Even though a banana contains zero aluminum. Is this not a lie? Yes, I DO have a right to call them “liars” because thats exactly what they are…As for Matt, he did not do anything wrong, he just believed the hype which ended up to be a highly fabricated story. No evidence? Did you not see the link on Mike Adams article where it shows that Adya imported materials under the title “BATTERY ACID”?? As for the other individuals I suggest you do some research on your own before coming to conclusions. And yes, your right, people need to make a living…However, Im not so sure a 3000% markup is exactly a honest way to do it…Want some evidence, why dont you check out the Amazon product reviews and see for yourself?

  170. Lyn says:

    I completely agree with and echo what Stephanie wrote. I also bought the AC solely based on Matt Monarch’s endorsement and while I truly believe that he did this in good faith, the Raw Food World should not even consider requiring people to incur further shipping costs to return bottles in order to receive the refunds that Matt has promised us. I’m in the UK and already paid a lot to have the AC shipped here in the first place. The RFW has always been my exclusive raw/health shopping source from America and I subscribed to the Inner Circle here primarily because of the RFW discount it included. Matt M is already facing a backlash as so many people appear to have bought and used AC based on his repeated endorsements, and if this is not handled fairly, he will lose much more in ongoing/future business….the refunds should be based on the invoices, period.

  171. MM says:

    Marcey the simplest way to remineralise your R/O water is to simply add freshly squeezed lemon juice to it. If you plant a lemon tree – it is the cheapest option. If you are having lots of vegetable juices, and rich mineral broths along with fermented vegetables you should be getting loads of minerals. If not then you need to look at your gut microflora because it is useless supplementing with minerals if you don’t have the capacity to absorb them. There is more I could say here but will restrain myself. Gut microflora is the missing link to the equation here, not supplementation.

    And yes if we had healthy gut microflora it may not be such a big deal but many of us have dysregulated gut microflora and pathogenic organisms. These micro-organisms sequester heavy metals thereby protecting organs,tissues and cells from bioaccumulation of toxic metals. Before we ingest any food, supplement or pharmaceutical, we should always question whether it will harm or disrupt gut microflora. It is really all about them and not us. I think if you keep this question in mind, you can never go too far wrong. My background is biotechnology which qualifies me as an expert in this field. I also analyse people’s stool, urine, hair,saliva and tears. My area of expertise is autoimmunity, allergies and infectious conditions. I consult to doctors, alternative practitioners, food manufacturers. Main area of laboratory testing is food, raw materials tampering, contamination, mycotoxins, environmental toxins, heavy metals, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, radioactive particles etc. My research area is looking at proteins in tear fluid that can act as early markers of disease conditions. Why tears? Early signs show up in the eyes years before a disease condition is diagnosed. We test many products and are not happy with what we find. I have zero tolerance when it comes to unscrupulous sellers that do not adhere to regulatory requirements and have nonexistent quality control practices and procedures in place.

    Stop listening to these self proclaimed gurus and their spin on the next hyped up superfood. The answer lies in a plot of soil, the food you grow and your microflora that turns that food into a superfood. If you can’t have access to a plot of land, then support your local farmer and his family.

    If you were listening to Kevin’s special on Cancer, you would have learnt that food is only 1 variable and that stress is the biggest toxin and killer we all face.

    I am going to buy some black mica to treat my sewerage water. I will pass it through sand filter first then the black mica and finally activated carbon. I will test each filtration step to see what is remaining. To test whether it is safe I will fill the frog pond with this water to see if the frog like the water. If the frogs don’t die out then I will use on my garden.

  172. Marcey says:

    Thank you, MM, for taking the time for so clear an answer. I appreciate that you explained your expertise. Lemon juice is an easy answer. I don’t live in a climate that will support a lemon tree, but I have access to organic lemons :). Yes, I do use a lot of vegetable juices/smoothies (green and no fruit). Been working on gut flora and other systems with a holistic nutritionist for years. Again, thank you. I will be interested in the report on the water test. Perhaps all the A/C can be used for the plants.

  173. France says:

    Kevin you wrote” I’m unsure about other distributors and what they’ll do, but if you do ask for a refund and they don’t give you one in full, please post who they are and their website on the blog here and we’ll contact them to ask them why.”
    so here I am
    I bought it from Kacper Postawski who present the video about the use of this product on line
    His site is
    I myself live in Canada near Montréal

  174. Jane says:

    I have been unable to get a refund as I purchased Adya Clarity from Nissim Malul. Can I use the Adya Clarity on my herbs, knowing that they will be safe to eat? Will my plants convert all the inorganic minerals (particularly the Aluminium) into minerals that are safe? Thanks

  175. Dianne says:

    Someone just sent me this interview with Ian Clark called “Adya Clarity Exposed”:

  176. MM says:

    Marcey, sounds like you’re on the right track working with an experienced practitioner. I strongly advocate not self prescribing and only supplementing if there is a genuine need. Our bodies are so finely tuned and have an intelligence far more superior and complex than most realise. We are uniquely different which requires a paradigm shift in the way we treat patients. A/C has been a perfect example how individuals will react differently according to their unique biochemistry and genetic makeup.

    My concerns are that toxic metals such as aluminum has been documented to have synergistic effects with mercury, increasing mercury effects significantly. Aluminum has its own toxic effects plus increasing mercury effects by depleting glutathione.

    Polymorphisms (SNPs) or differences in the body’s ability to detoxify can contribute to heavy metal accumulation. Deficiencies in minerals, vitamins, and amino acids reduce the body’s ability to excrete toxins following exposure.

    For example those with the genetic allele ApoE4 protein in the blood have been found to detoxify metals poorly and to be much more genetically susceptible to chronic neurological conditions than those with types ApoE2 or E3.

    Researchers have shown that genetic carriers of the brain protein APO E2 are protected against Alzheimer’s disease whereas genetic carriers of the APO E4 genotype are at a greater risk. The biochemical difference between APO E2 & APO E4 is that APO E2 has two additional thiol groups. These extra thiols are able to bind and remove mercury (and ethyl mercury) more efficiently than APO E4.

    Polymorphisms in glutamyl-cysteine ligase and glutathione S-tranferases genes modify mercury retention in humans exposed to elemental mercury vapor. Those individuals with genotypes with decreased GSH availability for mercury conjugation affect the metabolism of inorganic mercury, thereby increasing mercury retention.

    Many people lack a metallothionene related glutathione-S-Transferase gene called GSTM1 & other polymorphism that is important for proper functioning of the body’s own natural detoxification mechanisms.

    This may explain why some people have experienced such conflicting experiences with A/C. This is the reason also why we find that some people do well on their meds while others do poorly and experience all manner of side effects.

    Having healthy gut flora, proper nutrition and modifying lifestyle according to your genotype can compensate for these polymorphisms.

    Remember,healthy gut flora will only take up residence in an non-inflammatory environment and must have access to real food. Healthy gut flora can easily turned pathogenic or become dysregulated when fed strange, alien substances, supplements and prescription medications. Our microflora thrive in a stable predictable and consistent environment. They too experience stress when they have to adapt to a change in diet or environmental conditions.

    It is sad for me to think that such confusion remains and has occurred amongst a group that go to great lengths and are proactive about their health. There needs to be greater emphasis placed on education – not only with health carers but the rest of the population as well if we are going to stem the tide of disease.

  177. moira says:

    @MM: I really appreciated what you had to say, although I am a totally lay person and had to wade through the genetic and other science you mentioned above. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all get tested for our genetic makeup and then act accordingly? We are told to listen to our bodies and experiment. I tried the A/C and did have some good results: Fingernails quit splitting and peeling; the cramps that had been increasing in my calves and toes went away; and the plaque on my teeth is nil. These were unexpected on my part. The reason I took the A/C was because I seem to have a big candida problem. Have been trying to “make peace” with it recently, but have been told it could be a mercury problem by different holistic people. My dad was a dentist and did work on me from when I was a 3-year-old. Have worked on gut flora, using homemade kefir with milk grains and raw milk and water grains. Have experienced intense itching and inflammatory response in skin PRIOR to doing kefir and after. I cannot afford to see a specialist on a continuing basis, and the ones I HAVE gone to see for the most part are recommending a boat load of supplements. When I saw aagonus, he recommended only diet, but such a severe one, I could not keep up with it…although while I DID do it, one benefit I saw was that my nails got better. I was NOT doing any gut flora stuff at that point, just raw milk, eggs, honey, cheese, and fish..very little vegetables. Then after going off that except for raw milk, eggs, and honey with more “normal” cooked food, my nails began to split and peel again. After 8 weeks or so on A/C they improved along with what I mentioned above. I am trying to understand this. I did get Concentrace, as someone mentioned, and now I am trying to arrange to do what I can to remedy a heavy metal problem, if it exists, (sauna and green juice) but I am very frustrated. There are so many things that are said to be helpful…and if I just eat “normal” I feel like I have the flu…if I eat “better” (but not 100% raw but not much processed food) and don’t feel flu-like, but still feel crummy and have the cramps etc. So, other than sunshine, exercise, love, and a reasonable diet, how does a person figure out what will help to cope with the deficiencies. I have been various answers over the years, but most of them involve supplements that usually do not help…and in the case of A/C maybe have done harm (??). Is there a reasonable place to start with a way that is trustworthy? Or is the best thing just try to be pollyanna like? (Which is not my nature at all…I tend to read and try to figure things out).

    Thank you for considering this and thank you Kevin for providing this forum for your audience! You seem like a person that has real integrity and that is much appreciated! but as you have said, we all have to figure it out for ourselves because as MM says, we all have a different genetic makeup and there is no “fits all sizes” apparently.

  178. Miles says:

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  179. Carina says:

    Another customer of Jane Davis’ here. I just emailed her for a refund after finding out about this whole thing today. So, I guess that makes… 7! I also had mentioned in my email that I was disappointed not to have been alerted to the mislabeling and all of the recent info that has come out about Adya, by her as my distributor. Instead I had to find out by chance, on my own.

    Like a few others here also, I had learned of Adya by Kacper and his webinar with Monarch. I hold Kacper responsible for hyping up this product and realize, belatedly, that much of what he said was unsubstantiated and misleading. Meanwhile, he continues to email me during this whole time period, inviting me to more webinars, and he also does not bother to enlighten me about the dark side of Adya that has come to light?!!

    I received my large bottle on the weekend, I must have ordered only a week or so before the scandal broke. The gallon bottles of water that I have treated turn pale yellow, and nothing settles on the bottom. The taste is not nice either. Because of this… I had not progressed to the ‘supershot’ for ‘detoxification’… and all of the false claims promoted. I am mad that I spent the money on this instead of a reverse osmosis setup on Ebay. Now that I’ve heard Jane’s response and denial in this blog, looks like she won’t be issuing refunds for her false claims until the inevitable lawsuits… My 3 year old autistic child and I have been drinking this as our sole source of water for 5 days. I am only glad I didn’t come across Kacper and his snake-oil any sooner…

    Now I must go wash out my Britta and head off to the store tomorrow to buy some more real pure water… until I can scrape the money together for proper water purification at home, which was the purpose of buying the Adya.

    BTW, no need to worry about re-mineralizing purified water, to those who have asked… as long as you eat your plant food, you should be getting plenty of minerals, and you can always supplement and take green powdered drinks as well. And as one person suggested, adding lemon juice is a good idea also 🙂

  180. MM says:

    Moira, I feel your pain and frustration and it is the reason I get angry when unscrupulous people take advantage of the already suffering. I know the individualised testing is expensive and unfortunately out of reach for many. Even though I work with highly specialised laboratory equipment, I recognise the need for more affordable means of testing which is why I persist in looking for non-invasive and affordable diagnostics. Actually this is one area where alternative/holistic health leads. For the past five years I have been learning diagnostic techniques from the other side. It has not been easy for me; like yourself trying to sort the mumbo jumbo from the truth. Raw is not for everyone and from the symptoms you describe I would place you that that category. I am surprised that no-one has been able to pinpoint the problem and suggest finding someone experienced with gut dysbiosis. It sounds like an inflammatory gut mileau due to small bowel bacterial overgrowth and makes sense that you felt better when you took A/C. Fermented foods would make the situation worse. There are safer ways of addressing this problem and don’t think we need to resort to A/C. Healing takes times and you really need a knowledgeable practitioner to guide you. Trying to do it yourself can lead to many dead ends. If you email me at I will send info.

  181. Robert Heywood says:

    We too jumped the hype wagon and bought 2 bottles of the wonder cure and now we have symptoms of aluminum poisoning. We are grateful that you have offered a solution to remove our containation. We are also fasting to totally detox whatever else is in our bodies as a result of taking Adya.

    We contacted our distriubtors and neither have issued a refund. One is and the other is

    We did get a reply back from the first distributor, which was a reply to her letter to Matt Bakos, the owner of Adya Clarity. Here is a copy of that letter:

    Van: Matthew Bakos
    Datum: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 16:04:40 -0400
    Aan: Helen Belien
    Onderwerp: RE: Adya Clarity Deception Revealed

    Response for Adya Clarity just issused:

    #1) I am concerned that Adya Clarity is mined just a few dozen miles from the Fukushima nuclear power complex that recently suffered a meltdown and spewed radiation into the atmosphere. I would hope that the supplier of Adya would publicly post a verifiable radiation test report to dismiss any such concerns about possible radiation contamination.

    Attached is the Official Report of Nuclide Radioactive Element Measurement Results from Shimanishi Kaken. The date of sampling was August 4, 2011. This shows radioactive elements Iodine and Cesium were NOT DETECTED.

    Here is the information from Shimanishi Kaken:

    1:Geographical Description of our Factory Our factory situated about 45Km west of the power plant. Between the power plant and our factory there are many Mountains 3000 -3500 feet hight. The mountain ranges running from north to south and made the natural defensive barrier.
    The wind normally blows from south to north. And the area of our factory does not affected by the radiation from power plant.
    Radiation level of this area is almost natural radiation levels before the Earthquake on march 11.2011 (Current level is 0.07~0.08 micro sievelt)

    2:Current our products ,which we are shipping to you, was produced before the Earthquake and stocked in the safe tank in the warehouse.

    3: We have asked to check the radioactive contamination of Themarox newly produced after the Earthquake /melt down of power plant together with before one to the authorized institute by the prefecture government.
    and the test result was OK.

    #2) I am concerned that the founder of Adya, Inc. describes Adya Clarity as a “food” when it is clearly not a food but rather derived from a collection of mined minerals combined with sulfuric acid.

    Our product is not classified as water. It is an inorganic mineral salt. What would you consider Celtic sea salt? A food, water? It can also be considered a dietary mineral.

    I find it funny that Mike Adams was selling Adya Clarity on his website under “Supplements” with all of these concerns. Hmm..did he not see the iron and aluminum on the label before he started selling it on his website??? Did he not get the content fact sheet when he asked for it?? He claims that we are hiding and misleading people. Is this because he is trying to save his face because someone sent him an email or he conspired to take sides quickly.

    I find it rather odd that within just a few short days, there are several individuals -who all seem to know each other- creating this baseless smear campaign against our product. One person which we refused to do business with over a year ago after he broke many agreements.

    #3) I am concerned that the concentration of aluminum in Adya Clarity appears to have been hidden from customers on the label by listing it in “trace minerals” when in fact it is the second most common element in the product, just after iron.

    Every element in our product is in trace quantities (if that is how you’re defining trace 1 mg/L) when consumed at 1 mg per liter, except for the iron (which is only at 1.2 mg). The aluminum is at 1 mg per liter when diluted properly, therefore, it is considered trace according to this definition. The other definition could be that the body uses very little of these minerals. (There are no specific definitions for these amounts.) As I state further in answer #9 the WHO, along with the world scientific community, have come up with trace minerals = 100 mg OR LESS per day. Do these people even know that or research that before they make their own personal opinion? This gives 2 separate definitions of the term trace elements.

    #4) I am concerned that the Adya Clarity manufacturer has such poor quality control measures in place that they admittedly shipped out a very large number of mislabeled Adya Clarity products — and then did not feel any obligation to alert customers to this mislabeling.

    First of all this is VERY deceiving. There was “very large number” of mislabeled products shipped out. Here is what happened:

    Towards the end of last year (2010) our computer systems (as well as others close to us in business) were hacked which resulted in a small circulation of misprinted labels. The product itself was never contaminated and posed no immediate risk because of a misprint on a label. The amount of product that was sent out with these labels was very small. We informed our distributors and sent out the proper labels to those that had questions. The problem was resolved almost a year ago and I see this just as a way to nit-pick on a company that was going through outside tampering of our systems. Why would something that happened LAST YEAR and was very insignificant be such a concern to Mike Adams now?

    #5) I am concerned that Adya Clarity is being marketed for internal consumption when there is no clinical evidence or even published scientific papers that have been made available to NaturalNews which supports the safety of the Adya Clarity product for internal consumption.

    Mike Adams is claiming that Adya Inc. did not send him an official MSDS. It is odd how we import this product with this same MSDS, harmonized through the FDA in the U.S, the same MSDS that we achieved our Canadian NPN (Natural Product Number) with and the same MSDS that contains UN numbers and other regulatory classification numbers. Here is what it says on our official MSDS (which Mike Adams was given) about the classification of dangerousness or harmfulness:

    Classification of dangerousness and harmfulness Classification; Acid concentrated minerals solution Dangerousness; Not caustic to human skin ,because free sulfuric radical content is low(5%).
    Harmfulness; Not harmful , because “Themarox” does not contain any harmful heavy metal elements.(refer to the Analysis Data–page3.) Environmental influence; “Themarox” does not affect any natural ecosystems ,because it is water purifying agent consists of natural minerals, necessary for the human beings, higher animals and plants to maintain their lives. Non-dangerousness, harmlessness and environmental safety of “Themarox” can be certified through such a fish toxicity test as any kind of fresh water fish can live longer in diluted “Themarox”.

    We have also partnered with several people in other countries to bottle Adya Clarity. All of this bottling must be done by regulatory standards of the WHO, FDA, and GMP compliances specific to each country.

    We have also submitted with the NSF for Adya Inc.’s GMP certification to bottle products. We have also contracted out our bottling to a GMP certified bottler. We are doing everything necessary to insure Federal and International Regulations for safety and human consumption.

    Our NPN (Natural Product Number) for Canada is 80024735. Along with this number comes claims that you are obligated to make on your labels. The two main health claims we are allowed to make from the Canadian NHP (Natural Health Products) are:

    -A factor in the maintenance of good health -Helps to form red blood cells and assists in their proper function

    NHP numbers are achieved based on clinical trial evidence and research. The ingredients in Themarox are in the databases in clinical trials and therefore was found to be approved as a Natural Health Product.

    This is based off the MSDS that both Ian Clark AND Mike Adams have in hand!!! Now, how could I register this product through Canada Health as a natural product using this same MSDS I provided to them and can be considered a scammer and a liar?

    What my question is. Why would Mike Adams BOLD FACED LIE to all of this readers?? This product has been around for 40 years. Mike Adams read ONE email about the product from an unethical and unreliable source that was merely a disgruntled business person who was booted out of Adya Inc. a year ago.

    #6) I am concerned that the high level of iron in Adya Clarity may result in acute iron toxicity in some individuals who take “super shots” of Adya, especially if they are genetically predisposed to iron toxicity.

    Mike Adam’s concerns here are fine but he must understand the quantities of iron that are in our product. In 1 tsp. of Adya Clarity there is roughly 6 mg. of iron in ionic sulfate form.

    Here you can see the RDI for iron is 18 mg. If you were to drink 32 oz. or close to 1 L you would be getting roughly 1.5 mg of your RDI for iron. If you were drinking 1/2 gallon of water treated with Adya Clarity you would be getting roughly 3 mg of you RDI for iron. And so on and so forth.

    Even if one were to take 1 tsp. of Adya Clarity in a few ounces of water and then a gallon of water treated with Adya Clarity you still be under your daily averages. Super Shots are an OFF-LABEL use. I could see if our minerals were causing you to spike way above your daily averages or your RDI but they are not.

    So why is there a sudden alarm??

    If someone has ever contacted us directly concerning this we have always told them to consult with their doctor/health care practitioner, especially if they have pre-existing health conditions.

    #7) I am concerned that Adya Clarity is imported as “battery acid” but sold as a health supplement for internal use.

    This accusation can easily be misunderstood if you are not educated in a little bit of chemistry and understand codes for importation and exportation on things like sulfuric acid.

    I will explain exactly what I mean by this. Not as an opinion but as chemistry fact and let us please look at the facts and the true chemistry that is being presented. Here is a link showing you the definition of sulfate minerals.

    It explains that they are found and produced in thermal veins proving that what I pointed out in all of my videos and all of the information I’ve given is the source for these types of minerals. Volcanic aquifers.

    Just to make a point about the minerals we use and the form they’re in before I explain the chemical classification, it is important to understand that the minerals found in fresh raw foods that are bioavailable are in sulfate form bonded with hydrogen, exactly like our minerals.

    In fact, that is the science behind this product in the first place. That is why the MSDS clearly states these minerals are in a natural state, NOT harmful, nontoxic, and ESSENTIAL to living organisms. You can read many books about this chemistry. It is not a certain way that people think it is the chemistry in nature.

    Now let’s discuss the chemical classification of our product. It has 5% sulfates. It’s acid level is stronger in Themarox form which would be comparable to 5% sulfuric acid. This doesn’t mean that our product is sulfuric acid or even battery acid for that matter!!! In fact, battery acid is 29-32% sulfuric acid!! Which is 6 times more than what is in Themarox. (scroll down to see the percentage)

    If you notice to the right of these classifications it says inorganic chemicals. In chemistry, every mineral is considered a chemical. Therefore, this is the proper classification for the FDA to harmonize this product which they do for consumption before it clears customs.

    The writer of this official statement failed to mention that HE HIMSELF imported it into Canada with the MSDS knowing full well of all of these facts. It is easy to make a false accusation and get people to believe deception when you leave out A LOT of facts. In fact, sulfate minerals are used in organic farming in the U.S. Ultimately, this product can be put on every organic farm due to its classification. ESSENTIAL FOR ALL LIVING ORGANISMS.

    #8) I am concerned that the level of aluminum in Adya Clarity may present a health hazard when consumed on a regular basis, as aluminum is well known to potentially accumulate in the human body and contribute to a variety of neurological disorders. We do not yet conclusively know this to be a fact, but neither do we know it to be safe, and that’s the point. We should follow the “precautionary principle” when considering the internal consumption of non-food items containing concentrations of aluminum or other metals known to exhibit potentially harmful effects.

    This is a fear based tactic based on information I just disclosed about our product. 1 tsp. of Adya Clarity = 5 mg of aluminum. The estimated average daily consumption of aluminum for humans, according to the FDA and WHO, is 10-15mg. The interesting fact we found out about aluminum consumption is that meat products contain a significantly lower amount of aluminum than fresh fruits and vegetables! For instance, a liter of pineapple has 99.88 mg of aluminum per liter. If you ate a cup of pineapples, you’d be eating roughly 25 mg. of aluminum. As I mentioned, 1 tsp. of Adya Clarity has 5 mg. of aluminum. Keep in mind, aluminum sulfate is used in organic farming. The big difference between aluminum sulfate that is used in organic/farming is that ours is in its natural complex (meaning many different types) salt form which is actually more defined as a whole food/natural product. It is a known fact that aluminum is never found alone in nature. Just like Themarox. What do you think would be coming from the veins of the aquifers in earth?

    I want to present you with research regarding aluminum and other minerals in food. I want to specifically reference the aluminum and the state that minerals need to be in to be bioavailable in plants. This is the same information that Shimanishi Asao knew 40 years ago in chemistry and is the reason why this product is here today.

    This is as natural as it gets so why aren’t they reporting this in the “natural” news?

    Here is a book that goes into the mineral science in nature. It was written by Elmer G. Heinrich who is person who brought the idea of “plant derived” minerals to the world. He does not promote our product but he has been in this industry studying this specific thing for at least 32 years which is the amount of time he has been in business.

    I urge you to read Chapter 8, titled “THE TOXIC MINERALS BELIEF” It’s all about the aluminum myth.

    Some key points to review from this chapter:

    – “All aluminum found in food is pre-assimilated by the plant, and it is naturally tied to the plant in the form of sulfate.”

    – “Naturally occurring aluminum sulfate minerals are called alums.”

    – Alum sulfate increases stomach acidity and improves digestion and the absorption of nutrients, stimulates gastric and pancreatic secretion and has a mild diuretic effect.”

    – “Aluminum is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, second only to silica. It is in virtually everything we touch!”

    #9) I am concerned that when asked why he did not list the concentration of aluminum on the Adya Clarity label, the founder of the company told me, essentially, “Because I didn’t want to.” To me, this indicates a callous disregard for full disclosure to customers and a reckless abandonment of fundamental ethical principles that should always be present when marketing nutritional supplements labeled for internal use.

    Mike Adams is keeping the whole answer out of this. Based on my experience being in the conversation he is presenting half-truth here. What he wouldn’t let me explain or identify are simple facts that are pointed out in this email. What also isn’t expressed in the interview I had with Mr. Mike Adams is the fact that he constantly shouted things like “BULL****!!” and “You’re an A**HOLE!!!” I guess you could say the worst thing I said to Mr. Adams during our interview was that I felt that he was being a bully on a playground. He wasn’t talking with me he was shouting at me.

    I only listed the elements that people have asked about when looking at the label. These are also the elements that are considered MAJOR elements.

    According to the trace definitions of the WHO, trace is something that is less than 100 mg per day. As I stated, there are 5 mg of aluminum sulfate, in complex salt form, in 1 tsp. of Adya Clarity. This falls well under the limits of what is defined at trace minerals for consumption.

    “Although some are very rare, there are more than 100 mineral elements found on earth. Four of these, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen make up 96% of our body. The remaining 4% of our body is basically made up in part of 70 or more minerals, most of which are no longer readily available in our soils.

    The world governments and scientific communities have grouped minerals into two categories. Those that are considered to be required in our diets in amounts greater than 100 milligrams per day are called major minerals. Those that are considered to be required in our diets in amounts of less than 100 milligrams per day are called trace minerals. Both major and trace minerals are in the same class. The only difference is the name and the recommended daily amount (RDA) required according to the World Health Organization. There are only seven major minerals. They are calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, sodium and chlorine. Our bodies should contain significant amounts of each! Trace minerals, on the other hand, are present in the body in very small amounts. It is thought that each makes up less than one hundredth of one percent of our body weight”.

    #10) I am concerned that the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) I received from Adya Clarity appears to be nothing more than a non-official Word document and does not resemble the traditional MSDS documents typically accompanying hazardous substances. as a Word document, it could have easily been modified or edited to eliminate information that the importer did not want other people to see, in much the same way that the label was designed to avoid listing the concentration of aluminum.

    See answer #5. Again, the official MSDS is attached. And again, our MSDS is harmonized through the FDA in the U.S, the same MSDS that we achieved our Canadian NPN (Natural Product Number) with and the same MSDS that contains UN numbers and other regulatory classification numbers. See below:

    Statistical product number ( HS No.);3824,90-0004(Chemical industrial

    Standard international trade classification (SITC);523-19(Inorganic

    The United Nations classification; Item No.66, UN No.2796,(Products containing low density sulfuric acid)

    Remember, this is Themarox, the raw material. It not the finished product Adya Clarity which is 10% Themarox 90% purified water.

    It is then again diluted down by the user by up to 1,000 times.

    #11) I am concerned that both children and expectant mothers may be especially at risk due to high consumption of both iron and aluminum, and yet there are no warnings or cautions that accompany the Adya Clarity product which would reasonably inform a pregnant women (or a mother of a child) to exercise caution in the use of this product.

    I understand this concern here but if he was educated about iron and pregnant women he would know it is recommended for pregnant women to take 27 mg of iron daily. There is no daily recommended dose of aluminum but if you are going by the average consumption (10-15mg per day) we are STILL WAY BELOW those levels. So where is the concern?

    Iron and pregnancy

    Pregnancy increases the need for iron in the diet. The developing fetus draws iron from the mother to last it through the first five or six months after birth so a woman has an increased need for iron during pregnancy.

    Iron losses are reduced during pregnancy because the woman is no longer menstruating and so loses less iron from menstrual blood loss. It is useful to include foods that are good sources of iron in the diet every day (for example, red meat) and to have foods that are good sources of vitamin C (like oranges) to help absorb the iron.

    The recommended daily intake (RDI) of iron during pregnancy is 27mg a day (9mg a day more than that for non-pregnant women). The amount needed depends on the amount of iron the woman has ‘stored’ in her body prior to pregnancy. If your iron stores are very low, you may need to get more from supplements. It is important to discuss your need for supplements with your doctor as iron can be toxic (poisonous) in large amounts.

    #12) I am concerned that the unsubstantiated health claims being used to market Adya Clarity cast a shadow of doubt over the entire natural products industry which, in most cases, sells very safe, effective and well-documented products for consumption.

    There are many health claims that people make when taking minerals in general, especially if they are effective and bioavailable. There are years of scientific and medical research and clinical trials regarding sulfate minerals. So the question isn’t, “Are these minerals safe?” when it’s already proven that they are essential to all life in this form. The question should be, ” How much should I take and where should they come from?” It is also important to note that many Nobel Peace Prize winners and natural health practitioners/doctors understand that mineral deficiencies play a major role in the direct link to illness and disease.

    Adya Inc. does not make personal health claims. The health claims we were given were through our Canadian NPN which I will state again:

    -A factor in the maintenance of good health -Helps to form red blood cells and assists in their proper function

    NHP numbers are achieved based on clinical trial evidence. The ingredients in Themarox are in the databases in clinical trials as I stated and therefore was found to be approved as a Natural Health Product.

    We do not have control over testimonials people receive and give from taking Adya Clarity.

    #13) I am concerned that in a time when most of us are trying to remove heavy metals, aluminum and other contaminants from our water (fluoride, BPA, etc.), Adya Clarity is being sold with the message that we need to add something to our water — something that contains aluminum. This is especially concerning given that aluminum is one of the adjuvants used in vaccines, which is one of the reasons informed consumers seek to avoid vaccine injections.

    As we discussed and pointed out about aluminum, when you take 1 tsp. Adya Clarity diluted down in water, juice, drinking liquids you are in nowhere near “excessive” amounts of aluminum. I had a conversation with Mike Adams on the phone and he was reviewing our MSDS, which he yelled that the MSDS was a liar. He said that aluminum is a heavy, toxic metal. Now, I don’t claim to be the most intelligent chemistry researcher on the planet but anyone that knows the periodic table knows that aluminum is NOT a heavy metal. In fact, our test reports from the University of Wisconsin and the Mexico City Raw Sewage (which both have been available to the public online) clearly indicate a LARGE REDUCTION in heavy metals such as lead and mercury when Themarox was added to water. So his claims of being concerned with heavy metals and “aluminum” are NOT based on education, facts, and understanding of nature. As well as the natural phenomenon that these minerals possess at removing heavy metals (as well as other harmful materials) from water, nor based on actual daily intake of minerals which should be the first thing one should want to know.

    Also we have conclusive test reports back from the EPA lab that we will release more than likely around the first of year.

    1. Themarox with filtration removes/reduces alpha particles.
    2. Themarox with filtration removes/reduces VOC’s.

    #14) I am concerned that those who are marketing Adya Clarity did not exercise fundamental due diligence in determining the evidence-based safety of this product before marketing it for internal use.

    Really?! What did Canada Health do to give us our NPN? We’ve given the information here. If you speak to anybody that speaks directly with our company they will tell you that this is the type of information that I base my work on. FACTS, not opinions.

    Mike Adams just doesn’t seem to know enough about sulfate minerals from nature and daily mineral intake to really have any valid input on the subject. If he did he wouldn’t’ be saying these things. He is not basing “his accusation” on research and our phone call. He is simply basing it on a planned smear campaign. In fact, I was told Mike Adams was going to do this before he even called me. I was also told by another person who is respected in the natural health community that this is indeed a smear campaign. Don’t be surprised if you receive emails of people sympathizing with your losses of Adya and then turning around and trying to market you an amazing new product. It has already happened this morning.

    #15) I am concerned that the Adya Clarity label contains no warnings about iron consumption and no warnings for cumulative aluminum consumption.

    Already answered.

    We are not reinventing the wheel and presenting a “new” product. This product itself has been around for 40 years and in nature it has been being produced every day since the beginning of life on this planet. Remember, sulfate minerals are essential to all of life. Of course anything that is taken in excess can be harmful. Based on all of the information we have given if you drink water that has been purified with 1 tsp. Adya Clarity you can drink a whole gallon as still be less than 50% of your daily averages. Of course if a child drank our water they are not going to drink a whole gallon of water. Most adults are lucky if they drink a half of a gallon of water per day. The bottom line is we have done our math. We have properly resourced our understanding and confirmed Shimanishi Asao was correct in helping to restore the earths water and minerals ( A great problem not one person should deny) with a natural way that exists in nature. The only problem is this process in nature has been greatly disrupted as most of us may know.

    There are people right now working on bringing this product to places like Haiti, San Blas, as well as others very concerned for the safety of water in other countries where people are dying because of it. Here is a trailer to a documentary on this water crisis. I was there when it was shot and you can see me half way through right after it says “every last drop counts “. I was mixing Themarox in the water they collect and drink which is exactly the water you see in the beginning. That is right, they drink this water. I have a sample 5 years old of that water and it was treated right after I was given it back then. It is still crystal clear and everything is rendered at the bottom. I keep it at my desk as an everyday reminder. I was told when I first got to the San Blas Islands that their water would kill you in just a day or two if you drank it and did not receive immediate medical attention. I treated their water with themarox and shook it up. I did this in plastic pop bottle the tribe had given me. The whole Congresso of this tribal court was literally in session. I drank the water right after I treated it, in front of this tribe (The two elder chiefs, Women, children, and all). I am sure to them it was very amusing because after I took a big chug from their water the whole tribe took a deep breath. Like I stunned them. I believe it was concerning and brave in their eyes. They had seen what their water does to visitors. The water did not cause any ill effect to me and the other people with me from America told me I was crazy. In fact I didn’t even get an upset stomach or loose bowel movements. To me this was one of the greatest gifts and miracles that had witnessed and experienced myself.

    It ills me to think that people ignorantly make comments like “you can get this at any pool store” or “The Aluminum!” and they do not look at all of the facts and science behind these types of minerals. Especially when they are supposed to be educators of these types of subjects. The important thing is because people point out something and say it is wrong or a concern does not make it so unless they support it with conclusive evidence. The true essence of these minerals should not be forgotten or over looked. We should address the issues but with sound science and not blatancy without facts. I am not here to argue. I am here to provide knowledge that is already freely available and a natural product that has and AMAZING ability to detoxify water.

    Matthew Bakos

    Adya Inc.

  182. Lyn says:

    I’m curious as to whether anyone has received a refund from any AC vendor yet?

    I’ve had no acknowledgement of either of the two polite emails I’ve sent the Raw Food World over the past four days, requesting a refund for the three 32oz bottles of AC that I paid $300.00 for. I’ve used the link that Matt Monarch gave in his recall email and also emailed the RFW Customer Service team directly. This is very disappointing and an unacceptable way to treat a long-term, loyal customer. I listened to Ian Clark’s podcast :
    last night and it has made me feel sick to my stomach thinking of all that toxicity that has been promoted as a health tool, that I and so many others have ingested. Truly unbelievable.

    The snake oil merchants mentioned in posts above, I feel, will probably never issue refunds as they appear to be disreputable but Matt Monarch is not in this category and has always struck me as a man of principle. I hope that he will do whatever he has to, take on extra staff if needed, and honor his promise to refund his AC customers on request. I’m furious with the makers of AC for the toxic fraud they have committed and growing more disappointed by the day with the Raw Food World’s lack of even an acknowledgement of my email refund requests.

  183. LS says:

    I am very disappointed about how this entire fiasco has went thus far. I purchased from Matt Monarch and have been one of his biggest fans over the years. Me and my husband have spent THOUSANDS on items from his raw food store!

    I am upset that I am being asked to return bottles in order to get a refund. I feel we have been done wrong enough in all of this! There is no word about also receiving a refund for our shipping costs to get it in the first place…which they do charge a lot for shipping! If they want the bottles back then they should pay the shipping for them and be glad that is all we are asking for rather than us seeking an attorney.

    We have 6 unopened 32 oz. bottles on our kitchen shelf and a little left in a dropper bottel…but of course we threw out all of the used bottles! Which totals about 4 of them! We are really concerned about how we could have hurt our health when we were trying so hard to HELP it!

    I have been trying to remain patient and felt that surely more would come out from Matt concerning all of this….2 open letter is all I ahve seen and they were not enough! Where are all the VIDEO’s now! We would like more answers! I seriously doubt he is still using it like he is trying to lead us to believe in his vague response in that area.

    One other thing that I feel hesitant to bring up….but it has been concerning me for a long time. Matt seems to have went a little ‘mad’ the last year or so….now I am wondering if it is because he took so much Adya Clarity. I know others have also noticed a change in his personality…perhaps it is nothing…and I hope it isn’t ue to the fact that me and my husband have consumed 4 large bottles of the stuff this past year!

    Also, we joined the Benefits program as soon as it began and we are not getting anything near what was promised….the weekely answer all your questions videos, etc. I just cancelled.

    Until or Unless he can convince me of a few things concerning Adya Clarity I am NOT buying another thing from him! I met him in person and liked him and loved Angela….but right now I feel disillusioned.

    If Matt feels the claims against Adya are false he shoudl be out there saying so and telling us why…if he feels they are true then he should be saying more and helping us to know what to do about the toxic metal levels.

    Geez….long ago I gave up drinking anything from a can because of aluminun and worrying about Alzheimer’s….now I take in far more of it with something I thought was good for me because SURELY Matt Monarch wouldn’t consume it if it were not a good product. Sure he may have been completely duped as well…but let’s see some videos now Matt and some apology and/or explanations in those videos!

  184. LS says:

    Could someone tell me what day many found out about this?

    I didn’t know about it until the first article by Mike Adams.

    I am now very concerned because of hearing that most ‘guru’s’ knew about it for 2-3 weeks prior and so Matt Monarch must have been one of those.

    But I have an email he sent me on 10/27 where is is having a buy one get on free sale on Adya Clarity for 4 days only.

    Then on 10/28 I have an email from Mike Adam’s/Natural News about problems with Adya Clarity.

    This is very disturbing to me. Why am I smelling a huge rat here?

    I do not want to be angry and have tried from the start not to be…..but it is building despite my trying not to let it. Looking at these emails right now is making me really upset…Matt may have scrubbed everything he could that linked him to Adya from the internet, but I have even personal emails where he wanted me to give a video testimony about Adya, which I did not do thankfully!

  185. Miles says:


    Realize that Brita filters dont really filter much out at all. If you did a water test you would see that there are still chlorine, fluoride as well as traces of pharmaceuticals. I would suggest you drink from one of these water sources: distilled water, a natural spring(, reverse osmosis filter, or purchase an ecoloblue 30 water generator/filter.

  186. Carina says:

    Hi Miles,

    So true about the Brita… I had been using one for many years. Then decided to do a cleanse and part of the protocol was using distilled water. Of course it made sense as I started using storebought water for cooking and tea as well as regular drinking water. And at the same time (though we don’t have fluoride in our tap water), I had became aware of the pharmaceuticals in the tap water and clearly this is not being filtered out by Brita. So I made the decision to switch to some kind of convenient pure water that I could make at home – and at this time, as I was shopping around for a good home distiller of some sort… I came across the Adya! So now I’m back to square one with my old Brita as a backup and carting in water from the store! I go through almost a gallon a day so… it’s just not my favorite thing to have to do!

    Anyways thinking about the AC scandal more, I am getting angry. Kacper surely knew about what was happening before the news broke on Oct. 28th. So he should have taken his ads down and stopped promoting the product. This was during the time period I bought it… I never heard of these people before, but obviously their reputation is completely ruined with me. And all the distributors that are not doing the honorable thing with refunds, are only harming themselves in the long run. Let’s be real, as far as Jane Davis’ excuse about not accepting bottles back goes, she doesn’t need a bottle to issue a refund. None of them do. Many times when a customer receives a bad product in the mail, they are advised to throw it in the garbage to be spared of any further trouble, while the seller sends a replacement or a refund.

  187. Shelley says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Matt’s folks have been very quick to respond and offer full refunds. They first said we must return the product for the refund. When I wrote and asked if that shipping would be refunded, they recinded the requirement to send the product back and said I could get a full refund. Unfortunately, the form to fill out gives us only two options – a full refund minus the shipping (so it isn’t a true full refund) or get full store credit including shipping paid – so it is another way to pull us in – and we don’t really get all our money back – and for the large order, the shipping was #25.00 – so for me, I lose out on $75.00 and I am not happy about that. I am waiting to see the refund and I intend on complaining – any pressure you can add to the fight will be greatly appreciatied. Thanks.

  188. Miles says:

    When someone is hiding their contact info and leaving the only option of contact as email you know something is wrong. Regardless of any of the official statements that Adya released, someone who hides and avoids talking to their customers directly is ultimately guilty. Guilty people always avoid confrontation. If you want to get your refund I suggest that you be persistent. Demand a refund and explain to them why you deserve one in detail. Keep sending emails and complaints not only to the wholesaler but to the official retailer as well. Try to get their telephone number to contact them directly or get a lawyer involved. I finally got a refund out of Nissim, one of their wholesalers. He initially agreed but then tried to back out later by telling me that I could not send a used product back even though he was already aware that I had used it during a previous phone conversation. He was very hestitant and kept asking me for an invoice, then the transaction id, amount, address,
    email, date of transaction all of which was already in the invoice. He kept making excuses and lies as to why paypal wasn’t letting him issue the refund or asking me for additional information repetitively. At one point he asked me to send him a copy of the invoice with my signature on it along with an agreement to cease “harassing” him and to drop my interest in any businesses related to Adya. I had to email him a total of 47 times about it and that is in no way a exaggeration. I’m kind of dissapointed in how long and complicated the process was but at least he had the integrity to refund me in the end. I hope this helps.

  189. Garrett says:

    @MM (Comments 181, 190, others),

    Thank you for providing your e-mail address. I wonder if you have a website address? I don’t “get” that you are promoting yourself here, but I am interested in learning more about what you have to share/offer.

    I wonder if you have any knowledge and opinions to share regarding glutathione injections? I’ve taken perhaps 20 or 30 injections over the past four or five years and have tested “undetectable” for any toxic metals (blood test). I am quite encouraged and am using an inhalation device now to put the glutathione directly into the lungs and blood stream. Very effective and inexpensive using a nebulizer.

    I’ve done the above as a simple preventative and longevity measure due to living in a toxic environment (Earth, basically) and having four “mercury fillings” under crowns.

    Do you know if glutathione is effective in removing the following: fluorine/fluoride (as per drinking water contamination/poisoning), chlorine (ditto), and aluminum? Are you aware of any hazards or cautions about the practice?

    Thank you kindly,


  190. Garrett says:

    @LS (194),

    The intial letter from Ian Clark was circulating on the “grapevine” for several days prior to Mike Adams’ first article.

    Second-hand and Third-hand posts indicated that Mike had been in touch with several people ahead of time. Many folks were “in the loop” well in advance.

    I have no first-hand knowledge of any of the above, but I did start tuning into sources on FaceBook well ahead of the “announcement” by Mike Adams. There was quite a buzz going, given that Ian Clark’s e-mail was quite damning. It was an amazing slap in the face to those of us who used and/or recommended the product.

    It was abundantly clear to those of us monitoring the “situation” (as David Wolfe now wants to call this scandal) that the Eleventh Hour dumping of product was one helluva a HUGE coincidence. (To put it as mildly as possible)

    Hugs and best wishes ALL,


  191. Dr. Gastaldo says:

    This post is archived at:

    F CRIME AND ADYA: IS MATT MONARCH A HUGE RAT (in regard to Adya Clarity)?

    The F crime is the practice of forcing children (and others) to drink extremely dilute hazardous waste with arsenic and lead by concealing the obvious crime with the pristine euphemism “fluoridation.” See below – and see Health Ranger Mike Adams’ video below.


    Adya, Inc./Matt Bakos reportedly lies about Adya Clarity, failing to state on the label that the product contains a massive amount of aluminum sulfate which can poison people.

    On 10/27 – the day before Mike Adams’ expose of Adya Clarity – Matt Monarch reportedly had a buy one get one free sale on Adya Clarity…

    LS wrote at 9:06 am on November 5th, 2011 (Comment 194)

    “I am now very concerned because of hearing that most ‘guru’s’ knew about it for 2-3 weeks prior and so Matt Monarch must have been one of those…But I have an email he sent me on 10/27 where is is having a buy one get on free sale on Adya Clarity for 4 days only…Then on 10/28 I have an email from Mike Adam’s/Natural News about problems with Adya Clarity…This is very disturbing to me. Why am I smelling a huge rat here?”

    KEVIN GIANNI’S “ALERT” to the Adya fraud made reference to, “our friend and colleague MIKE ADAMS from, who’s championed this inquiry.”

    Kevin also mentioned MATT MONARCH in his “Alert”:

    “Mike broke that top U.S. distributor Matt Monarch announced he will stop selling the product and offer refunds to anyone who wanted one…”


    At 7:06 pm on November 2nd, 2011 (Comment 94) I wrote:


    After getting no answer – I posted again the next day at 1:47 pm on November 3rd, 2011 (Comment 156).

    I wrote:



    “[My] business partner Mike Adams…”
    –Kevin Gianni


    Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, wrote that Adya Clarity “is a collection of rocks dissolved into sulfuric acid.”

    Guess what else comes from “a collection of rocks dissolved into sulfuric acid”…


    Just as aluminum-laden Adya Clarity is being fraudulently marketed as a health-giving “food” to be added to drinking water (see Mike Adams’ report quoted in Comment #94)…

    Hazardous waste with arsenic and lead is being fraudulently marketed by Health Canada as a source for health-giving food – a “nutrient” to be added to drinking water.

    The parallels are unmistakable.

    Readers of Kevin Gianni’s “Alert”: See Comment #94 above.

    And see:

    FINALLY Kevin “responded” – but he only mentioned Matt Monarch and Mike Adams “just to be clear on relationships here” (1:57 pm on November 3rd, 2011 Comment 157):

    @Todd: Just to be clear on relationships here. Mike and I were business partners in Health Book Summaries. This is not longer in existence and we’re not partners any more. (No reason other than the business doesn’t exist any more!) Also, Mike and Matt are business partners as well. This is an important point to note. He spoke out against this, no matter what his affiliation is. That’s very admirable in my opinion.

    Kevin made NO mention of my point that EPA and Health Canada are lying and causing people to drink dangerous substances.

    So now I am writing a THIRD time – stimulated by one of my readers who asked about Mike Adams’ “fluoridation” video (which is quite good – except for a gross error of omission discussed at the URL below – see esp. the QUILES faucet fraud):









    Matt, your promotion of Elena Tonetti stimulated some interesting contact with her regarding my priority work – stopping sometimes-fatal mass birth-canal-closing/spinal manipulation child abuse (1 in 10 births).

    See Birth crime: “Nice” venom: Elena Tonetti’s 2011 and 2010 emails to
    Dr. Gastaldo

    It turns out that “naturopathic obstetricians” are also closing birth canals up to 30% – and also silent about the practice.

    As I wrote to Sara Thyr, ND (who remains silent along with FRANCINE DAVIES Interim Executive Officer of the Naturopathic Medicine Committee of the State of California)….


    >Some babies are DYING and OBGYNs are LYING to cover-up.

    >For the Four OB Lies (they are whoppers)…

    >See Dents in babies’ skulls

    >The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) admits on video that it KNOWS obstetricians are routinely closing birth canals up to 30%: ACOG’s Shoulder Dystocia training video purports to demonstrate how to allow the birth canal to open maximally when babies’ shoulders get stuck – which is the video admission that OBGYNs know they are routinely closing birth canals up to 30%.

    >THE KICKER: ACOG’s Shoulder Dystocia training video has already been ruled exempt from the hearsay rule; which means law enforcement could immediately end the massive birth-canal-closing/spinal manipulation crime of OBGYNs and midwives – no OBGYN or midwife experts necessary.

    >Sadly, three successive US Attorneys for the District of Oregon (Immergut, Robinson, Holton) are remaining silent and five federal judges (Brown, Hubel, Silverman, W. Fletcher, Murguia) are going along with the ongoing sometimes-fatal birth-canal-closing gag.

    >If you are interested in the specific cases where this and other massive crimes are being ignored by law enforcement and the judiciary…

    >See *THE* fluoride lie (the HHS/CDC/EPA version; also: the QUILES faucet fraud)

    >(*THE* fluoride lie is HHS/CDC/EPA failure to inform Americans that the pristine euphemism “fluoridation” conceals the fact that American children are being forced to drink extremely dilute hazardous waste with arsenic and lead even though EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Level Goal for both arsenic and lead is ZERO – which means that “fluoridation” is rather obvious arsenic/lead poisoning child abuse by municipalities. Not even licensed doctors can force arsenic/lead/fluoride medication – even if arsenic/lead/fluoride medication is deemed good for people. This massive medical crime is just as obvious as medicine’s birth-canal-closing/spinal manipulation crime. I SAY AGAIN: Even as OBGYNs tell obvious lies to cover-up, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) admits on video that it KNOWS obstetricians are routinely closing birth canals up to 30% – and ACOG’s Shoulder Dystocia training video has already been ruled exempt from the hearsay rule.)


    As with Adya Clarity and “fluoridation” the birth-canal-closing fraud is being perpetuated with lies – including LIES OF OMISSION – failure to speak up.

    Silence is complicity.

    The Adya Clarity fraud could pave the way to an end to MANY obvious medical crimes.

    But people have to speak up.

    Thanks for reading.



    Dr. Gastaldo
    Hillsboro, Oregon

    PS I emailed Health Ranger Mike Adams about the birth-canal-closing/spinal manipulation birth crime (1 in 10 births) way back in May 2011:

    Birth crime and TSA: ‘Obstetric’ groping at airports…

    He is a busy man I know. Hopefully others will try to call his attention to the birth crime.

  192. Marcey says:

    Letter from Matthew Bakos seems very detailed with links and explanations of a scientific nature. Quite unsure about whom or what to believe at this point. I am thinking about unsubscribing from Mike Adams reports. Have already unsubscribed from Kacper and might from Raw Food World, too.

    I am not sure how any of them became the experts about raw foods and health. They don’t list any credentials at all. Many of these ‘gurus’ may have started out as a help to others, but seem to have ended up being self promoting entrepreneurs.

    Study and research and get many viewpoints…no one knows everything and most people I know are too busy to spend all their time reading the internet sites.

  193. Marie says:

    When I read the article by Mike, I had a very sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. This was after reading a special on Adya that a well known Raw Food Store was having. I felt it was to unload on an unsuspecting public.This product was obviously a cash cow to certain big names in the raw food movement.I have had 6 bottles for one year and after a prophetic dream I didn’t take any of it and its been sitting on my shelf. Some of these people selling this product have been living quite the lifestyle. I for one am completely disillusioned and will no longer support them. Kevin and Mike, I believe, are a few of the honest ones.People need to take stock of tis and stop supporting the ones who are money hungry..

  194. shaj says:

    Im suprised how forgiving people are being to Matt Monarch.People seem to have the impression that he has been niave and duped by Adya Clarity-just like the rest of us. But Im sure that he knew full well that AC was imported for $15 and was therefore a ridiculously cheap product.How can any supplier think that a product that is so cheap to import and bottle be a miracle health cure?

    Im sure that if followers of Matt had known that Adya Clarity was a $15 product then very few people would have been seduced by it.And fewer still would have believed all the ridiculous health claims.

  195. Gen says:

    Great! receieved a mail from the Raw Food World . I am so happy that I do not have to send the bottles back from Holland in order to receieve a refund

    Thank you for your email.

    We understand your unwillingness to return the product and again extend our regret for the current situation.

    We withdraw our request for you to mail back any product, used or unused.

    Please dispose of the product as you see fit.

    Please print out the returns paperwork that is attached and mail it to us, or send an email back to with all the information asked for in the form.

    We will take care of your refund ASAP.

    In service,

    The Raw Food World”

    I am very happy about this and I do trust the integrity of Matt Monarch.

  196. Debbie says:

    I sent product to both Matt Monarch and Philip McCluskey on the same day, Priority mail, Philip is in Connecticut and Matt’s store is in California, I am in Washington state I received my refund from Philip in a couple days minus the $12 dollar shipping fee (which by the way I paid less then $6 to send the product back) they are doubling the shipping fee on top of everything else. I STILL have not received anything from Matt !!! If you can get refunds without sending the actual product or container back more power to you. I work for the Postal Service and it seems like everybody doubles the shipping price to you when you purchase something, it amazes the heck out of me how stupid merchants must think we all are.

  197. chris says:

    This should help restore some balance. We asked for more tests, and more information as to the safety of Adya Clarity as we believe that it is a good product. ( There are lab test results here (proven reduction of Flouride and Iron for example), and more are in process, by independent bodies. If you are concerned that you have consumed this product, read as much research to help ease your concerns. Look at the facts, and look beyond emotional opinion, and remember that one is likely to get detox symptoms with a cleansing product – it’s similar to those people who say that tried raw food but it made them ill, it’s a detox! More results will be added to this website as they become available. If you are unsure of any product, don’t buy it – but that should be obvious…best wishes to all.

  198. Robert Heywood says:

    Ok this is my second post, and we are getting some feedback from the distributors we bought from.

    The first distributor:

    Helen Belien

    Told me she is getting indepenedent lab tests to determine the contents of Adya. She says after this she will make a public notice and then deicde on how to proceed as to refunds.

    The second distributor:


    First tells me in his first letter that they will honor our refund if we send the product back. Then I wrote back and say I will send the empty bottle back and requested postage also. Chris next writes back that he checked my order, which was in Mar 2011, and will not honor a refund for any order over 6 months old. Chris hasn´t even offered to check the product at a lab like David Wolfe and others have mentioned. They insist that the product is good and are still taking it themselves.

    If anyone has any existing lab tests done on Adya recently, please post the results here so we can all inform these unimfomed distritors.

    Keep you posted..

  199. Confused says:

    Can anyone explain concisely what the real problem is with this product? As far as I can tell, the only real “problem” is that taking 1 teaspoon a day (via purifying a gallon of water and drinking the whole gallon, or via a “shot”) gives you 5mg of aluminum, but that is only 25% of what the average person gets from food, and a miniscule percentage of what tens of millions of Americans (and hundreds of millions around the world) get daily from medications and over-the-counter products such as certain ant-acids and anti-perspirants.

    Is that what all the fuss is about? Is this what people are genuinely concerned about? Why would such a modest amount of aluminum be a problem given that we are already getting a lot more aluminum than that from food anyway, and given that a substantial percentage of the population already gets at least 20 times as much aluminum per day from medications?

    Can someone please explain this, because I have taken the product and gotten great results with it, but I am concerned that maybe I am missing something here – or that maybe there has just been some sort of a rash and emotional reaction on the part of people due to the fact that the modest amount of aluminum was not disclosed. If it is just a disclosure issue, that does not mean that there is a problem with the product itself, or that there is any need to stop using it.

  200. chris says:

    This is Chris from Raw Living. A reply to post 209 – Robert Heywood (actually Lydia Heywood). I have send SIX emails throughout today explaining very respectfully the position of our company with regard to refunds. From the start we have said to all our customers that we will honour refunds, and we have spent a long time gathering information and asking for test results etc so we can make them available – mainly so that people aren’t walking round thinking they have poisoned themselves. I have posted information on this thread to make it available for all – not just our customers. Most customers, having read more, and looked at the facts, no longer want refunds. The author of post 209, doesn’t seem to want to read the existing results, my last and final email sent links to SIX of them)(see post 207). Please don’t suggest we are uninformed when we have done everything to inform you (there are enough people having additional tests done, we don’t need to do more!) – to suggest we’re uninformed when we’ve sent you more information than you knew existed is a little odd!
    To post 210 – you’re not missing anything. My information is that 1 teaspoon (5ml) of Adya Clarity treats approximately 5 litres of water, at this proper dilution ratio, there is approximately 1.1mg of aluminium sulfate which is nearly 10x less than what the FDA requires for listing of a trace element on the label. One would have to drink 5 litres a day of Adya to be exposed to 1.1 mg intake which represents around 10 % of RDA.

  201. betty says:

    i bought Adya Clarity from AdyaClarity.Biz [], runs by Nissim Malul

    and he refused to reimburse. he sent me an email exactly the same as he sent to Tomyhealth, stating the sale is final and blahblah!!! Thanks.

  202. Gaya says:

    The Raw food world says they will promise to honor all refund requests up to 365 days from time of purchase.
    Gee their serious hype began in September of 2011 (Reminds you of the 9/11 🙁 ). Don’t you think they should honor ALL refund requests since the time Matt started this big, huge hype? I really hope they honor my refund request…

  203. Jo says:

    Has anyone received contact from Raw Food world in the last few days??
    I have emailed them a few times and tried to call, however it said the number was disconnected?

  204. Heike says:

    Hi again from New Zealand
    Am posting another response from Nissim Malul when I questioned his integrity.Interesting???


    I will not be subject to insults. I did not make up this product, I sell it for adya Inc and they stand behind the label. If you want to talk, I suggest give me a call. Maybe you need to google my name to see what I have done in the world, before I am judged to have no integrity. You are welcome to call me at: 818-949-8549, and perhaps we can reach an understanding. Your reaction is exactly what Mike Adams and the others wanted to create: anger and fear. I am here to talk, I will always be. I don’t cheat customers, and am not here to return product due to false accusations. I have given you all the info you need, including test results and letters from health canada that we are compliant. Not sure what else I can provide you for you to understand that this is a product that has 40 years of usage behind it, and isn’t something that someone pulled out of the back of their garage.

    I truly invite you to google my name: Nissim Malul, and see what you find about my character and demeanor. Thank you.

    Nissim Malul
    (818) 949-8549

    New domain names:

    Does anyone have any insight as to who the company is that did the tests on Adya according to Nissim? Envirotek Laboratories Inc. for Primordial Solutions Inc.?No mention of any of the original Adya – why is that I wander?
    If there are any other kiwis who have been using ADYA I would love to hear your comments.
    Thank you Heike

  205. Renee says:

    Got this yesterday from Jane Tess Davis:

    Very sorry. There are no returns and no money back. The company stands behind their product and here is the latest.
    Go on:
    Thanks, Jane

    On Nov 6, 2011, at 10:05 PM, I wrote:

    > Hello Jane,
    > I’m requesting a full refund, minus shipping for 3 bottles of 32 oz of Adya Clarity.
    > For 3 bottles I paid $264 + $22.44 sales taxes = $286.44
    > (or a grand total of $301.44 with shipping).
    > Verification of purchases are provided in the attached document.

  206. Steve says:

    What an interesting sociolgical phenomenon this whole Adya Clarity has been. Those who bought into it’s hype without question or scientifical validation have now bought into its most vociferous critics who also have no scientific proof of their claims. In the end, I’m more than confident the final result will be that while Adya Clarity most certainly does not live up to it’s hype, it is also not nearly as bad as the critics say. Relax everybody.

    Get a good water filter, eat as natural and healthy a diet as possible and chill. Get off your computer and go do something fun.

  207. Robert Heywood says:

    Ok great to see some more feedback from the distrutors again. Still no refunds from the two distributors we bought from:

    Chris at:

    wrote first: “we have been aware of the concerns about Adya Clarity since Mike Adams posted his article last Saturday. we’re happy to provide a refund, if this is what you would like”

    then answers a second letter with:

    “it has been highlighted to me that your adya purchase was back in march”

    “we are not offering refunds for orders older than 6 months”

    Why offer a refund at all if you are not willing to honor it??

    The second distributor:

    Helen en Anil at:

    “Due to the confusion about Adya Clarity we have decided to get a mineral test done through hair analyses at a lab in the UK which is specialized in it.

    We expect the results at the end of next week.”

    Now since that letter we haven´t received a refund either but are awaiting her results so we can contact her back.

    keep the posts going..

  208. Stephania says:

    Kevin and Annmarie

    THANK you!

    Leaders leading, that’s YOU!

    Faith in you has gone up yet again–you show such a high level of integrity. To which we should all point as a goooood, strong, living-and-breathing example.

    Thankfully, the Adya Clarity that arrived in August/11 has just been sitting, bottles unopened. Guess the universe was looking after me, “telling” me to not use the stuff. 🙂 Neat, eh?

    MUCHAS gracis, Kevin and Annmarie!


  209. Tammy Morgan says:

    My friend who has IBS has had stomach bleeding, which I immediately realized was associated with the Adya I had been adding to the water at times…
    I met a man at the LNC who had blue and silver fingertips and he said he was told that he was detoxing out metals because of the Adya. He had been doing numerous ‘super shots’ and was experiencing numerous detox symptoms. I feel so much love for him now and wish I could help him to get some documentation of what happened to him.!
    My brother was with me at the LNC and he is NEW to the health scene. So when my brother saw this nice fellows BLUE FINGERTIPS he was completely turned off to the whole scene. He kept saying “that is just not right…”
    I am very upset because I had shared some Adya water with my toddler a few times!
    We all plan to do heavy metals test and to take our bottle to a lab and get it tested as well.
    Wouldn’t you be upset if you bought a snickers bar and took it to a lab to find out it was all full of toxic heavy metals? I think it is obvious there needs to be a mass lawsuit here. Whether or not people even suffered, it is a CRIME TO SELL MISLABELED TOXINS!
    I would want more than a refund for a bad bottle of medicine from any company.! Adya may try to cast delay and confusion upon the whole matter, but let’s be real here, and get to the legal sorting of repercussions! Real people’s lives got messed with and harmed by the distribution of this product. Real people spent money on a substance imported as battery acid because the marketing was so deceptive. I am thankful I did’nt use more than one tincture bottle of it.
    But I still have enough to take it to a lab. Does anyone know of a reputable, good lab that does these product tests?

  210. Reup says:






  211. Warning To All says:

    Still No Refunds from the two distributors we bought from:

    Chris at:

    Helen en Anil at:

    We have been suffering from various strange illnesses since we took this toxix product (Adya Clarity) some 7 months ago and stopped taking sometime in Sept.

    We found it first affects the colon and causes strange gas frequently then leads to soft stools all the time and it eventually works up into the digestion and lungs as we have have severe colds and flu symptoms, which after a month we are beginning to come off of.

    We are juice fasting and doing everything we can to get it out of our system. We found that taking food grade diatamaceous earth mixed with water once nightly helps get some of these toxins out and releives the gas, etc.

    It seems that the longer one takes the Adya Clarity it works on your immune system and deteriorates it.

    It amazes me that even Amazon is offering refunds for this health nightmare and still sells it openly from those distributors listed there. It just shows that Greed is more powerful than Truth in some cases.

    To think we all were fooled by the original video which was in Japenese and nobody even knew what that scientist was saying. Do you remember anyone drinking any of his treatment anywhere in the video??? No because it was only shown treating highly toxic water in a tank and then a lake. So this is notice to get off the fence if anyone is still not convinced it is safe or not to use. We can testify, as many others have, that IT IS NOT SAFE!!! Get the word out to others!!

  212. G says:

    Has anyone read the ‘healing from lupus’ blog’s take on adya clarity? What a horrible thing for someone already suffering to go through this? and what a warning that was for the rest of us:

    “The test results came back and showed that the candida I was trying to improve with Adya Clarity actually got far worse. I had intestinal bleeding and other results that indicated inflammation in the large and small intestines.”

  213. Lyn says:

    I have Lupus and this whole Adya Clarity situation is incredibly distressing (which also doesn’t help!). When I initially emailed the Raw Food World asking for a refund, they sent me the standard reply and a pdf form to complete and send back along with the three bottles. I live in England and this would be very expensive to do when it took me months to save up for the order in the first place. I appreciate Gen from the Netherlands sharing that the RFW waived the requirement to have to send the bottles back, and hope that they extend me the same courtesy. I have replied to the RFW with proof of purchase (from 30.12.10 so well within the 365 day time limit mentioned in an earlier post here)three times in four days now and no reply. I have also noticed that on the RFW facebook page, any posts, even polite ones, mentioning refund requests not being acknowledged, are deleted. This whole thing has me feeling heartsick. I have been a long-term, loyal customer of the Raw Food World and purchased this toxic product in good faith, and took it for almost a year…then this lack of a refund, STILL.

  214. How to Get Get Adya Clarity Banned!!! says:

    If you have been a victim of the Adya Clarity Deception you can protect yourself by filing an FTC complaint at:

    Here is an unfortunate ‘self proclaimed’ health leader talking about how you ‘better get’ the Adya Clarity before it is taken off the market by the FDA as if it is some kind of conspiracy – (think again) – he interviews ‘The President’ of Adya Inc. who looks extremely unhealthy and can barely keep his eyes open like some kind of prematurely aged person and this guy is in his thirties – and another one –
    and another one – – do the math for yourself.

    There are also hundreds of people giving anecdotal testimonies about the miracles of Adya Clarity because they all think they are going to become rich or famous by selling it. Funny what Aluminum Sulfate poisoning causes people to do.

    A very typical ‘Adya’ video raving about the merits of scrubbing your toxic body with Battery Acid aka Adya Clarity –

    A video where Adya’s largest distributor blatantly tells (in so many words) hint hint, nudge nudge, that Adya Clarity cures Cancer and they implicate another well known health advocate all at the same time  – then they tell the people if they have any ailment at all – they should buy Adya Clarity and try it out and let them know how it worked to fix the problem. This gives Snake Oil Sales a bad name!!

  215. Joanna says:

    Although I appreciate the work that Mike Adams does I do consider the approach to the Adya Clarity questions unprofessional. There are better ways to go about this than creating a panic in cyberspace. I’ll be curious to see what the lab results are from David Wolfe’s search, and I think this should have been the first approach. I’m not overly concerned with the trace amounts of elements in this product. There is a big difference between trace elements that occur in various levels in nature, and metal elements that are concentrated for various production by humans.

    Whichever way this story lands, I hope Mike thinks twice about the stress he has caused so many people before he gets led by drama on another story, rather than taking the time for true research.

  216. Carina says:

    So Jane Davis had replied to me with a refusal of refund as well, her email was pretty incoherent. I emailed back, but she never replied. I’m thinking of going to the manufacturer in Canada whose website is on the label. I did not get the product I had paid for – or the information about the product was extremely skewed with important parts left out. Had I known it was made with sulfuric acid, there is no chance of my buying it to ingest. False advertising. We ALL should be getting refunds and these sellers who are giving the run around – there are no words.

    At least some of the bigger distributors (Monarch, Wolfe), are saying not to take it internally – for the time being – and if you want to send it back they will refund you. Not so with these smaller ones like Jane Davis and the other guy whose name keeps coming up, Nissim Malul, and a few others, it looks like.

    The whole concept of overdosing on aluminum is quite disturbing, and the stories of people with darkened fingertips… shocking! I suppose this is a case of ‘supershots’ or the overdosing of this product.

    Yet, without doing supershots, I am worried about drinking sulfuric acid than about the trace minerals. I’ve heard this stuff cleans toilet bowls pretty well. A PH test of water I had treated with it does come up at 5.0, the water is quite acidic, but that may depend on the water you are starting out with, my tap water is only about a 6.

    Another concern is if the Adya kills bacteria in the water, it could also be killing the beneficial bacteria in your body. That might be what some people are seeing, with accounts of illnesses getting worse.

  217. Dr. Gastaldo says:


    As noted in my comments above on Kevin Gianni’s blog…

    There are parallels between the lie on “Adya Clarity” labels and the lies on the label of the “fluoridation” “bottle”…


    Matt Monarch (Adya Clarity distributor) failed to mention the lie on the Adya Clarity bottle:

    “How did all of this happen? Simply put, I was lead to believe that the aluminum sulfate in Adya Clarity is harmless to the human body, based on what now appears to be conflicting evidence.”

    Matt “forgot” to mention that massive amounts of Aluminum Sulfate are concealed by a “trace amounts” lie.

    Or maybe Mike Adams “the health ranger” was wrong – maybe there is no ‘trace amounts’ lie on Adya Clarity bottles?

    Joanna seems to be saying Mike Adams was wrong:

    “I’m not overly concerned with the trace amounts of elements in this product.”


    Do Adya Clarity bottles contain “trace” amounts of Aluminum – or MASSIVE amounts?

    REGARDLESS who is lying in the Adya Clarity matter (Obviously, I think Mike Adams is right, though I haven’t actually seen a bottle of Adya Clarity or assayed ingredients)…

    Regardless who is lying in the Adya Clarity matter…

    The *government* is lying to cover-up the practice of forcing children to drink extremely dilute hazardous waste with arsenic an lead.


    Check out the obviously illegal FDA/EPA regulatory dance the government did to get around the embarrassing fact that the federal Safe Drinking Water Act explicitly FORBIDS the EPA from adding “preventive health care” substances to drinking water.

    According to Washington Attorney James Robert Deal:

    “[The Safe Drinking Water Act/SDWA] specifically states at 42 USC 300g-1(b)(11)[3]:

    ‘No national primary drinking water regulation may require the addition of any substance for preventive health care purposes unrelated to contamination of drinking water.’

    If I understand Attorney Deal correctly, EPA and FDA did an obviously illegal regulatory dance, and an illegitimate “fluoridation” child (NSF) was born.

    According to Attorney Deal,

    “The EPA lacked authority to write any drinking water regulation that
    would require the addition of fluoride to drinking water, but the EPA
    set up the NSF, and NSF right away wrote Standard 60 under the
    guidance of the EPA and started regulating the addition of fluoride to
    drinking water.

    “NSF was using the EPA 4 ppm MCL for a purpose for which the EPA could
    not use it, that is to authorize the addition of fluoride to drinking

    If Attorney Deal is right, the federal Safe Drinking Water Act is being violated.

    The EPA-via-NSF promotes ADDING hazardous waste to drinking water…

    …and municipalities are going along with the gag, APING the use of the pristine euphemism “fluoridation” to cover-up the fact that they are forcing children to drink extremely dilute hazardous waste with arsenic and lead.

    It is noteworthy that the EPA’s lying was kicked off by US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before she was elevated to that court…

    For details…


    “Fluoridation” SHOULD end immediately given these developments (my thanks to Attorney Deal).

    But nothing will happen if only a few people speak up.


    Matt Monarch, Mike Adams, Kevin Gianni, Matt Bakos (and his Adya Clarity “Master Distributors”) should be using the Adya Clarity matter as an OPPORTUNITY to use their email lists to urge people to urge municipalities to stop forcing children to drink extremely dilute hazardous waste with arsenic and lead.

    REMEMBER: The label on the “fluoridation” “bottle” has VARIOUS obvious lies of omission.

    It makes NO sense for Mike Adams and Kevin Gianni to hammer Adya Inc. over the relatively MINOR labelling (and false claims) issues with Adya Clarity and ignore the MASSIVE ongoing arsenic and lead poisoning child abuse crime being illegally promoted by our federal government.

    EVERYONE – Adya Clarity distributors AND their critics – should be protesting the massive ongoing arsenic and lead poisoning child abuse crime of our government.

    Thanks for reading.



    Dr. Gastaldo
    Hillsboro, Oregon

  218. Miha says:

    I finished in ER because of Adya, so I find Mikes work perfect and needed.

  219. Me says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Any thoughts or conclusions?

    After all this time, it still seems that everyone (including Matt Monarch in the video he posted today) is either reaching different conclusions or remains simply unsure about the safety of this product.

    Is it really so complicated to determine whether or not Adya is toxic and damaging to our bodies? I don’t understand…

    Thanks for everything you do.

  220. Dr. Gastaldo says:

    First Matt Monarh invited comments…

    “I invite you, as always, to post your comments, suggestions, and opinions below, because I know with your help, that we can all together make this a better raw food world…” [Transcribed from video]

    But the page said,

    “Comments are closed.”


  221. Patrick says:

    I tried to get responses from a few people who were promoting this, some months ago, just to find a scientific source to back up all the claims.

    I genuinely wanted to believe it was as brilliant as portrayed, but was uncomfortable with the over-zealous marketing techniques and lack of any evidence. The pond water clearing and the glass deposits showed nothing – reminded me of the scam still being touted all over the internet of how to test for Candida with stringing saliva.

    I don’t hold science as being the ultimate proof of anything, but when ingesting something that gives the impression of potentially being highly toxic (I had looked at the ingredients), it is better to know they have been shown to be safe.

    Unfortunately there are a number of ‘health gurus’ who are driven more by marketing and finances than integrity and research for the truth.

    I’m not saying that Adya Clarity is terrible (it appears that its safety has yet to be decided), but that those pushing it as a wonder product should have shown some responsibility in checking more diligently than they have, before selling it so aggressively to their customers.

  222. Get Adya Products Banned!!! says:

    If you have been a victim of the Adya Clarity Deception you can protect yourself by filing an FTC complaint at

  223. Patrick says:

    I’ve now had time to read through many of the comments above and it appears many people are having difficulty in getting refunds.

    As I understand it, if you have purchased using a Credit Card you have up to 6 months to claim a refund through the card issuer and if using PayPal (your PayPal account) you have 45 days to raise a dispute.

    I’m not sure if the Credit Card rule applies throughout the world, but it does in the UK as far a I know – I’ve never had cause to check 🙂

    So, if a distributor is unjustifiably refusing a refund and you paid by Credit (not Debit) Card or PayPal, it could be worth checking.

  224. Rose says:

    Raw Food World said they would refund so I sent my bottle back for a refund and they will not even acknowledge receipt of my package or answer any emails I send inquiring about the store credit I requested. Definitely have lost faith in their ability to honor what they said they would do. Bummer the raw food scene has gotten lost in greed 🙁

  225. Marie says:

    I too was taken in by the “miracle cure.” Boy do I feel foolish now…As someone who usually researches EVERYTHING….taken in by the hype that was in the air… and set my questioning nature aside because I trusted Raw Food World’s Matt Monarch. I have left numerous phone messages and sent numerous emails to Raw Food World asking for my money back. I then received a computer generated response telling me that I needed to return the product/bottles in order to receive a full refund. Frustrated at the thought of incurring even more expense (I already paid 50 dollars Canadian to receive the product way back in August)I sent off more emails and made more phone calls to RFW. Finally after a week, received a phone call from a young man who told me I did not need to ship the bottles back….just fill out the forms and submit. I did this….and sent it via email asking for a return receipt…..only to receive a response to the tune of …We have received your form, now you just need to ship the bottles before the 120 day expiration period! (Now what happened to the 365 day expiration time??? Send the bottles…don’t send the bottles…send the bottles…..frustrating (and angering) to say the least!!) So off go more emails and phone calls to RFW. Now I am left wondering….if they delay long enough…and the 120 days pass by….do I lose my refund???!!! Matt I appreciate your apology….I do…the fact that my hair is falling out in droves (coincidence???) and the fact I have headaches…has me worried. I trusted you….I trusted your site. So you made a mistake you said…and you are going to get on a “new path” as you feel that you have strayed…..Good to hear…..Talk of refunds as a way of restitution is wonderful (especially as some sellers are refusing….)Trust must be earned back and it will take time….Actions do speak louder than words however, so don’t make getting refunds an expensive chore. Requesting that customers put out for expensive shipping fees to mail back “toxic” bottles(full or empty)of product….seriously???!!!! By the way…am waiting for results of Hair, Blood and Urine analysis for heavy metals…Will keep you posted. A hard lesson learned. If it sounds too good to be true…

  226. Terry says:

    I have an observation to make. When I got my Adya Clarity 3 months ago, I immediately did some observation trials.

    For each trail I used a 5 gallon Demi Jar. I then put in the recommended 1 tsp of AC and left it for 72 hours.

    1st test – Tap water. result thick yellow deposit.

    2nd test – Britta filtered water. yellowish thick deposit.

    3rd test – Tap water filtered through a Life Saver filter bottle. result whiter deposit.

    4th test – Britta filtered water into the Life Saver bottle. result white deposit.

    5th test – Reverse Osmosis water with Adya Clarity direct into RO water – Slight white deposit (The last test was only on an 8 oz bottle)

    This was all done using Adya Clarity direct from the plastic bottle that AC comes in.

    I decanted a bottle of Adya Clarity into a sterilized Dark green wine bottle. This was left in a cupboard for about 5 days.

    My startling observation is that for the last two times I have used the 5 gallon/ 1 tsp Adya Clarity ( Britta/Life Saver water) that has it has been in the glass bottle has produced no sediment.

    I thought that due to there being no sediment that I had forgotten to put in Adya. but the second time I know for sure that I measured out the 1 tsp of AC and it produced identical results.

    Note (After each test the Demi John was washed out scrubbed with a bottle brush and rinsed with Adya Water before filling).

    Draw your own conclusions or do your own tests, but I am now wondering, is the sediment in the water the result of undiluted Adya Clarity pulling toxic substances out of the plastic bottle that it comes in.

    P.S. I am patiently waiting for a refund.

  227. Tega says:

    I purchased 13 bottles of Adya Clarity from The Raw Food World early this year. I still have 11.5 bottles left.

    My blood test in October shows my ferritin was high and a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I have always been healthy and rarely sick. I wonder if this was due to drinking 48 fl oz of Adya Clarity super shots?

    I also wonder if they will refund me because it is outside of the 120 days. Has anyone been promised with refunds that was outside the 120 days?

  228. Lyn says:

    I am so saddened and disillusioned that Matt Monarch would treat his customers this way. I am disabled and bought the AC based on his personal recommendation in the RFW TV shows and newsletters. Now they respond to the form I completed and mailed to them by expecting me to pay to ship heavy, 32oz bottles all the way from England? I already paid $50 to have it shipped in the first place and then because my order was 10 months ago, it suddenly might not be refunded at all anyway? I thought that Matt Monarch and the RFW were about values, health and positive energy. Now it seems that they value greed above all. So very sad.

  229. Miles says:

    whats up with the test results that David Wolfe sent in?

  230. Lori says:

    Very upsetting, very stressful. I have been taking Adya Clarity for one year starting with super shots at Matt Monarchs recommendation. I made several attempts to contact them by phone and email. Two weeks ago I finally got a response to fill out a refund request form. I have emailed this form to them twice now and no reply. As one of their top 100 customers of 2010 I am very dissappointed. I trusted in their products and Matt’s recommendations. If I am not refunded I will NOT purchase another item from the Raw Food World. I will have blood and hair mineral testing done soon.

  231. Tega says:

    Hi Lyn and Lori, sorry to hear you have problem with TRFW as well. I feel the same way with Matt Monarch and TRFW. I have written to them last week – no reply. I telephoned TRFW 2 hours ago and they are not answering calls, I get a recorded message. I wonder if their plan is not to take any calls until refund period has expired?
    I have 12 large bottles needing a refund.

  232. Less is more mom says:

    Thank you for this chance to tell what actual users thinks about it. The positive benefits my husband and I have seen and felt from taking this supplement the tell me something GOOD is happening (12 months for me, 9 for my husband). This may get a little long but I think it may be helpful for either side
    of the fence. People shouldn’t blame a product when it is used off-label and no one selling the product should suggest any off label use either.

    I became ill almost 8 years ago with a long list of complaints including a lot of pain. I have daily headaches, joint pain/stiffness, numbness, extreme fatigue and visible nerve damage. It has been progressive and docs can’t exactly agree on the diagnosis but they’ve said possible stroke, type of neuro disease or type of arthritis and one specialist said it was poisoning. They just wait and see as it progresses. In the 8 years I’ve had adverse reactions to meds and detox sickness so bad I thought I would die. All docs can do is try to manage the pain. Early
    on in the illness, I noticed my hair just about stopped growing, especially on my legs. I only had to shave my legs about once a month so I guess that was a small reward; my neurologist said it was probably due to the small nerve damage.

    Last year, a good friend suggested Adya Clarity; she has a lot of health problems and had good results. She was excited about it but I was still skeptical since I’ve had bad experiences with even with the mildest of detox and I was concerned about the aluminum and barium content (it says it on the label but they should clarify how much). She finally gave me a small bottle last Fall (2010). I always feel really bad for days following an active day (for me that’s a trip to the grocery store) but I finally decided to try it on one of those busy days (8 drops in bottle of water). I didn’t expect anything but possible detox sickness (thankfully that didn’t happen) but I woke up the next day and the joint stiffness was better than it had been in years. I thought it’s just a fluke, or placebo affect but I also realized the brain fog I didn’t know I had was gone. I was still cautious so continued to use it sparingly, just 4 drops, just 2 or 3 times a week. The fatigue lessened so I didn’t feel like I needed the usual 3 naps a day but the most amazing thing came a couple of months later… my hair was growing! It was winter and my hair was growing like crazy. The hair on my legs was so thick I ruined a new razor after one shave (4 blade expensive razor at that).

    My hair was about the middle of my back when I started Clarity and it’s longer and healthier than it has ever been in my life… a lot of new hair is coming in now and it’s so long it gets in the way a lot (past my butt now!). My husband had Lyme disease last summer (2010) so I tried to get him to try it because he was still so tired from the Lyme. He’s pre-med so he scoffed at it until he saw the affect on my hair. He started taking it even more sparingly than I was, just 4 drops once a week and his energy was back in a few weeks. His hair that never grew past a certain point is so long it’s in a ponytail now. Long hair is certainly not why I use it but it tells me something good is happening… and my doctors agree. Hair a good indicator of health. My joints still hurt but they are still much less stiff so I am very grateful. I just don’t think those things would happen if it was unhealthy.

    I want to clarify that I have absolutely NO connection with Adya or to anyone that sells it. I am a frequent reader of Natural News so I know there is an assault on natural/alternative therapies by big-pharm and govt (raw milk, organic farm picnic raid, Executive Order 13544).

    Adding Clarity was the only change to my diet or anything, so I have to attribute the improvements to Clarity. I always read labels and because of the 100 minerals, Adya’s caution should be adhered to. I don’t care who says it, I would never take more than suggested… super shots are off label use and IMHO, a waste of a good thing. I told my doctors and I did my own research- something anyone should do before trying anything but Clarity has done more for me than dozens of docs and any ‘medicine’. It does sound expensive but it really takes so little when using as directed, or less as in my case. I bought a fairly large amount (much cheaper that way) and I feel lucky I got it before

    I have to add, Natural News article was somewhat misleading on the aluminum figures… although he said people suggest 1 tsp for super shots, he used one ounce to get his figures… that is 6 teaspoons! SIX TIMES MAX USE! That is beyond the extreme worst-case-scenario. It takes away from any point he was trying to make and it makes me question his motives. Using things like battery acid, unrealistic figures, or even
    mentioning the 20 tons dumped… sounds like fearmongering. Reader comments here have helped me a lot; there does seem to be an agenda… Natural News should be ashamed! I hope the misleading article or off-label misuse don’t lead to AC being unattainable or made illegal. People shouldn’t blame a product when it is used off-label and no one selling the product should suggest any off label use. Always read the label and never use more than suggested goes for anything!!

    My friend has stopped using it and feels really bad because of all this but I told her not to worry, I am still thankful. My husband and I will keep using just as we have.

    Thank you for reading.

  233. Less is more mom says:

    I’ve been vitamin deficient for years, even with the best supplements and good diet. my doctor said I don’t absorb them. I just had first recheck since I started AC. I don’t have the results yet but I’ll come back when I do.

    I feel really bad for anyone that took more than the label cautions based on the word of someone selling it. Too much of a good thing can kill us. I know this isn’t the same thing, but too much water can kill a body but we have to have it to survive. I am firm believer in moderation so I doubt I’d have ever started AC if I was healthy. I can only speak from my situation.

    Anyone that is getting tested for aluminum etc. needs to consider all other sources (food, deodorant, pollution and most of all, chemtrails).

  234. Less is more mom says:

    We can choose to take Adya or not, but we have to breathe, eat and drink so can’t say no to this source of aluminum, barium, strontium and who knows what else because the govt is not telling us! Former FBI chief Ted Gunderson calls them ‘death dumps’… could explain a lot of Alzheimers, ADD, autism, CFS, and skyrocketing asthma and 90% of US pop is Vit D deficient. So do what you want about a few drops, STOP THIS MASSIVE CRIME

    What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)

    former USDA inspector Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up has tons of info
    and there are govt patents for spraying devices, There was even a House bill that list chemtrails as “exotic weapons”, massive levels of Al in Arizona and Mt Shasta, every where in USA, so look up and you’ll see them some days.

  235. Jerry says:


    Today I received a welcome “You’ve Got Money” email. Matt has come through with his promise.

    He refunded the full amount less shipping. (Just short of $600)

    I had to spend a further $50 sending the bottles back from UK. They got the parcel back on the 9th Nov.

    Not sure why it was refunded via PayPal as I used my Credit Card?.

    I know this does not answer the possible Adya Clarity health issues, but I just wanted to let you know that if you have sent your return request in, that it is probably being processed even though they have not replied to your emails or calls.

    I think I will re-invest the money in a good Counter Top Water Filter machine. Any good recommendations anyone.

  236. Carina says:

    Well thanks to an earlier commenter I filed a dispute with Paypal for Jane Tess Davis’ actions of not honoring a request for a refund. I’ll update with the outcome. I also did buy this through my credit card, so if Paypal doesn’t come through, I’ll go through my credit card company. How ridiculous to spend $100 at the end of October for a product that was not as advertised and had not disclosed the truth about what it contained, the sulfuric acid and the aluminum, and not to be given a refund? Makes me seriously question buying from a small distributor versus a larger company umbrella like Amazon.

  237. Mr J says:

    I bought Adya Clairty last August but never used it. I asked for a refund recently and they refused. I told the I never used it.

    Do not post my email address

  238. Susan Sitzmann says:

    I purchased $625 worth of Ady Clarity through Matt Monarch’s The Raw Food World, filed a form for a refund in early November, spent $50 to mail back all unused product (everything except a couple 2 oz bottles)…and have heard absolute NOTHING back from him. I have emailed several times to learn of the status and NO ONE returns my emails. I purchased the product through Pay Pal, and sent him a copy of the packing slip. I also have information on my Pay Pal account, but I would very much like to receive my refund as apparently a number of individuals up here have received (including people overseas)! I also filed a complaint today with the California Attorney General’s office as I would at least like the courtesy of returned communications to let me know the status of this. Please help me if you can.

  239. Susan Sitzmann says:

    I also just double checked and purchased this product back on September 10…more than two months ago, so apparently I can no longer dispute it through my Pay Pal account.

    I would urge people here to typed in “California Attorney General”, or if purchased in another state, (state’s name) and Attorney General and file a complaint. My guess is that if they receive enough of these emails/complaints, it will warrant an investigation of the business(es).

  240. scott says:

    I still have yet to see an adverse reaction, other than detox tiredness, or a blood or hair test that shows elevated levels. in fact all of the tests that I have seen from posters doesnt show elevated levels, most of the negative comments are from people who HAVENT used it. it does great things for me, but I would like to see some serious tests done.
    my Himalayan salt has aluminum in it, the whole question is whether aluminum sulfate in this concentration is bad.

  241. mak says:

    Hi, I also purchased $600 worth of AC from TRFW Its now been 26 days since I requested a refund. All emails and calls are ignored.
    Thanks for nothing Matt

  242. Marg says:

    I am very interested to read posts since November 22nd. I am sure I read posts on November 23rd, but they have now been removed. Very curious to read if anyone has received back their test results as yet, blood and hair analysis. Also would like to read any more updates on the adya clarity research, as I had been using it for approximately 6 months. Are there any trustworthy websites that can shed light onto this whole controversy regarding adya clarity? Is it truly unsafe or is it not that bad? Need to know. Can anyone help?? Thanks, a God Bless.

  243. Miles says:

    David Wolfe said recently that he sent Adya to a lab for testing…Where are the results David…? we have been patiently waiting…

  244. Miles says:

    wow. look at this:

    Matt Monarch is trying to sell the adya clarity water filter under a different title under his “at cost specials” page. uhh what…he cant be serious??

  245. Miles says:

    In case if you guys dont know what the adya filter looks like, check it out here on amazon:

    So basically matt monarch is deliberately deceiving and poisoning his customers.

  246. Bette says:

    Hi, I purchased Ayda from Matt Monarch. I have sent the empty bottles back (dumped the rest down the john to alleviate shipping costs) and had used too much of it for my liking, in hindsight.

    I was doing great in my raw life! My brain was beciming clearer and clearer and it was amazing! All of a sudden my brain was getting foggier. It was a gradual progression and i wondered what was happening to me.

    My teeth also suffered greatly, deteriorating rapidly.

    Upon seeing this Ayda recall, I researched aluminum toxicity, as I was wondering if this might be the connection. I had only eaten, ingested fruits and veggies in addition to ayda.

    There I found the symptoms I was experiencing and it all made sense. My health deteriorated because I took ayda. I had been looking for the reason and trying to figure it out.

    I am very in tune with my body and I have a high sensitivity to toxins. I saw a marked change around the time I took ayda and since then.

    A full refund is nice yet it will take me a long time to recover my amazing health and brain clarity…ugh.

    Moral of the story: lesson learned. Thanx Kevin!

  247. Bette says:

    Miles, is that a current “at cost special” of the filter?

    It says right under it that you add Ayda to the filter. Yikes.

    I watched the video of his seeming (I say now after what you said)sad eyes and heavy heart.
    I believed what he said because he seemed so sincere. IDK

    But,IF he truly is still selling anything today, connected with Ayda, he has busted any integrity he may have had left.

  248. Rose says:

    I sent in two emails requesting a refund from TRFW for a bottle of AC, and have had no response to date. Maybe because I ordered it months earlier? Still, I think I deserve a refund because it was sold under false pretenses that could have/may have affected my health!

    Meanwhile Matt is making videos about how he is a multimillionaire! Yuck! He deceived people, keeps their money, cut affiliate earnings, DELAYS paying affiliates, BUT can keep buying more and more land? Where is the integrity?

  249. Frank says:

    Are You all that brain washed by these self proclaimed health gurus! Wow! THEY ARE ONLY AFTER YOUR MONEY! MATT MONARCH should be an actor with all of his bs that he spits out! It is really sad that people seek advice from people like Matt Monarch!

  250. j_v says:

    How can Monarch keep buying up land in Ecuador if he issues all of you refunds?

  251. Sue Sitzmann says:

    Just to let everyone know–I received a refund today to my PayPal account for $599.95 from Matt Monarch and The Raw Food World so there is hope!

  252. Colin says:

    Sue, that’s great news. Thanks for sharing. When exactly did they receive your “Adya Recall Form”?

  253. Sherry says:

    I too am waiting for a refund. I’ve heard nothing from anyone and I sent mine back (over $600) as soon as Matt sent out the email to everyone.
    What really sucks is that I ordered a product from Mike Adams’ Natural Food Store and found out that it came from The Raw Food World…Matt Monarch. 🙁

  254. jason says:

    ill just use this crap to clean my bong…

  255. Frank says:

    Ill just use it for my anal enemas!

  256. richard says:

    After using AC for a few months I started having trouble with my throat and esophagus. I have had pain swallowing, hoarseness, as well as congestion in the chest, flu like symptoms. This illness has been constant for over 3 months. I lost my job and have not had healthcare insurance for the past year. So I have not gone to a doctor. Has anyone had symptoms like this? Please contact me.

  257. Judith says:

    I purchased Adya clarity from RAW FOOD WORLD in Sept.–It made me sick–I returned it for a refund (which they had claimed would be immediately refunded). This company has continued to blow me off–and not refund yet.

  258. olivia says:

    I have been waiting months for a refund. i got an email apparently showing that the refund went through. i bought the stuff with a card linked to an account that is now closed! (i closed my account at a big bank and moved to a local one shortly after buying the adya) i wrote this on the refund form, and indicated to refund to my paypal account, not the original card. they went ahead and refunded to the original card. they are now claiming it went through and there’s nothing they can do. but i can’t even access that account, i try to log into the bank and it says no open accounts! so tell me, how can money go into a non existent account?! i am so pissed! is there some kind of legal action i can take? i was promised a refund repeatedly. if they tried to refund to a closed account, wouldn’t it bounce??

  259. Gaya says:

    Is there going to be a class action law suit against adya clarity? I think ALL those who took advantage of people who wanted better health and promoted this sick product should face the CONSEQUENCES of their GREED for spoiling the health of sick children and adult alike by going out of their way and promoting this as a miracle product hyping it along with all other good stuff. I cannot believe that in our free America all these people are still out free…not even refunding the money, let alone paying for spoiling our health. If there is a class action law suit, please please post updates. I am so enraged about this even now.

  260. Tammy says:

    Wow. Comment #64 says alot. I really hope the best for her ! ~
    Are people pursuing a false product lawsuit of some sort.

    The way Adya was marketed was completely deceptive and full of exagerations. I think there should be legal repercussions because as someone already stated, this makes other supplements look bad.

    Keep in mind, There are still people out there using it!

    The waitress at a local resturant told me that a sweet little old man kept adding it to his water… The news has not spread far enough.

    People were quick to share that it was some sort of panacea but now that we know it is not safe to take, we should be getting the news out to those who may still have some of the stiff.

  261. Bette says:

    People are now getting letters saying Matt is broke and he is offering people to get half of their refund in store merchandise.

    These letters are sent to those who are within the 120 days purchase date. They will get to those who are outside the 120 days in the next eight months! ugh

    For me, Matts integrity is gone! “I sold you a toxic product so instead of a refund, come shop with half your money in my store.”

    I imagine peeps might sue now.

    I just hope I dont get any more emails telling me how they are millionaires living in paradise as to me, there is just sumthin wrong with dat!

  262. Emerald says:

    I cannot believe that they are still selling Adya clarity on the web with similar testimonials. What the heck? Is someone going to stop these guys from fooling people and leading people towards disaster?

  263. Brandy says:

    I am upset with the Raw Food World and Matt Monarch. They deleted almost all of the Adya videos on You Tube. I have sent back my bottles with the proper paperwork and have received nothing back. What a way to conduct business? I have lost all respect for the Monarchs. Maybe a Class action may be needed here. I have heard of people getting Adya tested but not a lot of follow up. I’d be happy if I could get my money back.

  264. Judith says:

    Raw Food World and Matt Monarch and his gal pal Angela Stokes who paints herself to be a food expert. Angela Stokes & Matt Monarch are in my opinion are poor representatives of healthy living. I purchased the product ($390.00)-and returned it two weeks later.–way before the supposed ‘recall’. I never did get an e mail from Matt about the recall. They responded to a couple of my e mails by saying they are soooo broke from refunding other people–(This after they’ve pocketed the money sent to them). The last message stated that they couldn’t get back for 8 months to even consider my refund. I made a complaint to the FCC, but haven’t heard anything more about it.I can’t believe that they are allowed to stay in business after their phony and misleading internet adds and chuck holding myself and others.

  265. sabine says:

    I was having my morning water with AC as I happened across all the commotion. From what I’ve read it seems like there is a lot of emotions flying around and little evidence to support a complete ban on the product. Natural News forgot the main principle regarding anything and that is ‘whatever works’. We are all individuals and respond differently to all things so there has been a lot of good things that people have reported and not a lot of bad things other than what I feel are detoxification symptoms from taking something powerful to prompt the body to start dispelling what it already has. Most of these negative reactions people are blaming AC for should actually be praise but because they are not versed on detox reactions they think it is a fault. If you are hell-bent on ‘proof’ then you should also want proof with regards to the benefits of AC and not just jump on this bandwagon too. I think that most of these emotional reactions are exactly what got you into this predicament in the first place. If anything, blame yourselves for falling for something…buyer beware! As a side note, my skin has never looked better with a lifetime of acne and as a test I will stop drinking AC and if my acne returns you bet I’ll be back to drinking AC again.

  266. Alyson says:

    Please help! This is my nightmare with Adya Clarity! It’s very hard to come forward with this information as we just want to move on and forget about it! Plus it’s embarrassing! But it’s hard to move on when you have permanent damage from a product! But that is exactly what we are trying to do, deal, heal and move on!

    Last Summer I was watching the rave reviews about Adya Clarity on Youtube by Matt Monarch and his wife Angela. Because I trusted them I bought the AC and convinced my boyfriend to take it too! It sounded too good to be true! Now I feel horrible that I ever suggested this product to anyone! I’m sure Matt feels the same way too!

    Within 2 weeks of purchase and taking this Adya Clarity product he said that he was losing his sensation of taste in his mouth and could feel something wrong with his face. Also his face was not responding on one side when he smiled! By the 2nd day his whole right side of his face would not respond at all! The whole right side of his face was paralyzed! It was beyond horrible! We thought maybe he was having a stroke, but he is only 38 years old, a vegetarian and in excellent health!

    When I wrote to complain they said that this was a cleansing reaction!!! I’m sorry but this is NOT a cleansing reaction PLEASE!

    We rushed him to the hospital and they said it looked like symptoms of Bell’s Palsy but they didn’t really know for sure what it was! It was months of hell dealing with this NIGHTMARE! We are certain that the Adya Clarity brought it on. After talking with a Naturpath about he he was also convinced that my boyfriend had heavy metals poisoning from the Adya Clarity!

    I immediately flushed his system with water and Vit. C. What else can we do to flush our systems of these metals?

    Do not take this stuff! It’s poison and not meant for human consumption!

    I would love some information about removing heavy metals since we are probably both toxic from this material. We both want to do a heavy metals test. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! On which heavy metals tests are the best and what are good ways to rid the body of these metals!

    You have no idea how horrible our experience has been with this substance! There are other, safer ways to get healthy! Please help!!

  267. Alyson says:

    I would really appreciate further updates on this product since some of us are still dealing with it’s side effects.

    What EXACTLY is Adyia Clarity anyway? It’s supposed to be Black Mica but it looks like a chemical liquid plus it has an acidic taste. May the truth be revealed about this mysterious substance!

    Thanks so much! Have a wonderful day!

  268. Betty says:

    I purchased Adya Clarity from Kacper and decided I didn’t like it about the same time as the recall. The first part of November I contacted Matt Monarch who referred me to Kacper who in turn referred me back to Monarch. Since then I’ve tried to contact Monarch by telephone, email and certified mail (green card returned unsigned).
    Matt Monarch states he is a millionaire, has apologized for the product and promised refunds. For three months I have been unsuccessful in contacting him to receive instructions on how to return the product for refund.
    I am a senior citizen living on Social Security and need the money which was invested in something I can’t use.
    Does anyone have any current information on what is going on?

  269. Bette says:

    Hi Alyson, I was shocked at your words above as I too feel I got damage from taking adya clarity. When I read your words about the face drop, it blew me away as I have that too. I had no idea what was happening to me and thought I too was having a stroke. I could not understand why I would have a stroke, being so healthy.

    Ayda is the ONLY thing I took besides a boatload of raw food! I also feel that something snapped in my brain and a part of my memory went. I am seeking to restore what I lost in that, not even knowing how to rid it out of my body! Serious stuff this is!

    Betty, contact them thru their website and ask for your money back. Keep asking. They might offer you, as they did me, a store credit and at least you will get some raw food.

  270. Rick says:

    Betty ~ I’m in the same boat as you, Raw Food World will not return my attempts to contact them, and it’s been like 4-5 months now! I am once again turning them into the Better Business Bureau (this will be the second time) and I am also going to make a blog post about how awful of a company they are.

    Monarch is a crook, can’t believe people are defending him on this page.

  271. jacob says:


  272. Lori says:

    I sent Adya Clarity back to the Raw Food World ten weeks ago and had not heard anything so I contacted them by email. They responded that they are broke and no longer have funds to provide a refund. They offered me half of my purchase price in a store credit. Otherwise, I can wait up to 8 months for them to review my return and possibly receive nothing. I did not plan on ordering anything from them again! Are those of you who were offered half your purchase price in a store credit going to accept it?

  273. Jo says:

    I recently had my sister in law test Adya Clarity on the BEST machine she uses in her Natropathy Clinic. Basically the machine is a computerised system that measures the electro-magnetic field of your body using accupuncture points. A balanced reading should be around 50, below that is an indication your body is weakened, above that suggests your body is stressed.
    Well, my reading was about 29 once Adya Clarity was added to the mix, which certainly suggest whatever it is, is severly weakened my system, She had never heard of Adya Clarity before and was like wow! that is some toxic stuff, what is it??
    Indeed, What is it?????

  274. jenny says:

    David Wolf knew about the adya clarity scam the whole time…

  275. Miha says:

    I found David Wolfes first “test” results

    Article is written in support of Adya.
    In my opinion, article is just a way to protect him/longevity warehouse from legal actions and save his face.

  276. Jean Bissonnette says:

    I requested a refund Fomr UpayaNaturals But they have refused stating Health Canada has issued a Natural health product number (NPN) making it safe for sale in Canada. The person who replied to me was Dennis from Upayal Naturals in Toronto Canada and his e-mail is, their e-mail is and phone no. is 416 617 3096. Let me know if you can contact them to see if they will reconsider and what their response to you is , if any. Thank you Jean Bissonnette

  277. It’s a good thing to discuss this, but no one seems to know the truth.
    I will never ask a refund because it did an amazing thing for me.
    The shop where i bought the stuff doesn’t sell it anymore because of these discussions. Too bad.

    Is water the new oil?
    Because of the negativity nobody will buy this product that would become really scarce in the future and the elite will continue to use it.

  278. Bette says:

    Reality about the bad effects that I suffered is not negative at all.

    It is positive news for those who want to be wary of the dangers and/or those who may be greatly harmed by it.

    It is good news that I was partially refunded.

    It is good news that I am healing from how it caused me to have challenges.

    Perhaps, like many other things, with some people, it may have done good.

    That was not my experience. Sadly.

  279. Danny says:

    I too received an offer of 50% off in store credit from Raw Food World. Matt and Angela Monarch claim to be broke, but continue to live life as normal in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. I will not accept 50% store credit but would accept an offer of 100% store credit. So far no such offer has been made. I stopped ordering products from RFW and started to order from Natural News just to find out that Mike Adams/Natural News Store use RFW as their distribution center. So now I will not order from either company. In my opinion Matt Monarch is a crook. I am sending all of emails, orders, etc. to my state attorney generals office to see if they can help. I did return all of my product, empty as well as full bottles to RFW, so now they have my money and the product. There has to be something illegal about that, they have my money and the product, and I have nothing.

  280. carol mclaughlin says:

    He has not refunded me the $600.00. Nor has he responded to any enquiries I’ve made other than to reply with an automated response that someone will get back to me, but it may take 3 weeks. It has been 5 months now. I filled out the form, returned the product and am also out $200.00 in shipping.

  281. Angus Martin says:

    Before Adya Clarity, animals and humans detoxed by eating, drinking and bathing in clay. From what I understand, the dissolved black mica which is Adya Clarity works in the same way, by magnetism. If you drink clay, there is going to be a plethora of different minerals in it, including aluminum, one of the most common minerals on earth. Ditto for Adya Clarity. If you study the history of clay within human and animal cultures, you will see that it is a quite common and quite life-saving practice. The only scary thing to me about this product is its price! If you can’t afford it, you can always buy pure clay from a potter’s supply or health-food store. I got a few bags of pyrophilite (which doesn’t expand in water, and hence will not clog the bath-drain!) from a potter’s supply store and it is in my bedside waterglass every night and every morning. I only wish it were easier to find… The clays sold in healthfood stores are also good, but more expensive. Have a nice clay!

  282. Michelle says:

    If you choose to jump on the bandwagon with this again, please first see this post! I DO still follow YOU!

  283. Jan Roberts says:

    Has anyone recently got a refund from Raw Food World? I have been waiting since I sent my bottles back on the deadline in November 2011 for my refund of $344. Also the credit card that I charged on has been closed as of two weeks ago and I contacted Alara to let her know and haven’t heard from her. With the markup of the AC, where’s all the money Matt made from the product? Oh, yeah, he’s buying up land and swimming in his new pool and also has maids and living the life of a millionaire (as he says he is one).

    I took shots for a year and stopped when I started having brain fog and couldn’t remember the name of my friends when introducing people. Shortly thereafter I heard about AClarity being dangerous.

  284. Thomas says:

    I have requested several times in the last year for a refund from the raw food world and still have not received it. I have called, emailed and still nothing. I bought 800 dollars of adya clarity and the raw food world has done nothing in the form of refund. I have contacted several law services as the video selling adya clarity which linked to the raw food world site has the owner featured in the video tell people it is ok to consume and that he has been drinking small amounts for months. Now I am planning to drive to Ojai to get a refund or severe them court papers.

  285. John Smith says:

    I completely forgot about taking Adya Clarity for about a year now, until ‘suddenly’ as I am running through an indepth series of muscle testing techniques that both Aluminum and Molybdenum appeared as high levels of toxicity in my body, where the aluminum is stored up in my liver and the molybdenum is all over in all tissues.

    We had to play a guessing game about what it traced back to, but the body finally narrowed to last year and …. ah-hah, I recalled Adya and got a yes from it.

    This stuff is poison and they are killing people. Period.

    These people should be in jail and David Wolfe should be shamed for introducing me to this crap.

  286. John Smith says:

    ….oh yeah, I forgot Rubidium as well.

  287. jane says:

    The only reason why I believed that Adya would work was because I trusted the words of certain individuals(DAVID WOLFE). I know now to never assume and I will always do my own research before I buy a “miracle” supplement again. I was experiencing headaches and feelings of nausea immediately after taking this product and was always skeptical of its
    effectiveness. I also tried their water test, which didn’t work with neither bottled water or my tap. After I read mikes article, it confirmed my suspicions
    with the negative side effects I was experiencing.
    After I received my refund, they let me keep the rest and Adaya reps told me to “give it to someone in need”…I just flushed the trash down the toiled.

  288. shirley moore says:

    To Kevin and anyone else who may be reading my blog. I thought I would let you know that I am not a distributor or even work in this field anymore but I am interested in Natural Healing and eating Healthily hence I get the Hippocrates Health Institute magazine which is sent to me free from the USA to the UK a few times a year. I enjoy the read as it has some uplifting stories in it. Regarding Adya Brian Clements the founder of Hippocrates has recently done research on the product and his results of the result was a positive one. I think the research of the research can be found by visiting I do not by any means believe Hippocrates would compromise their patients health by telling untruths. But anyone interested in taking this product and now not sure because of all the things about law suits etc running on the web then perhaps read this. Regards Shirley UK

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