How Can the Placenta Help Cure Cancer? Plus, 7 Other Valuable Cancer Prevention and Treatment Tips : Healing Cancer World Summit Recap Night 1

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You didn’t really expect a picture of a placenta or a tumor to lead off this post, did you? (LOL!)

As many of you know, the Healing Cancer World Summit was presented over the last week to over 50,000 people…

This may have been the largest natural and integrative cancer forum ever conducted and as you can imagine, there were a lot of things shared that would be valuable to you.

In the next 5 days – as many days as there were nights for the Cancer Summit – I’m going to review, re-listen and break down the program’s calls so I can share some of the most important points presented – in a Cliff’s Notes version.

My hope, by doing so, will give you some ideas to research, tips to take in for your own use and to give you other resources that I think are valuable.

So not only will these posts be valuable to those who listened in to the program, it will also be valuable to those who did not!

Today, I’m going to start with Night 1 and our speakers were Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and Charlotte Gerson.

The format of these reviews will be simple… I’m just going to write about as many points that I felt were relevant.

Let’s get going…

1. Follow this “research” line of command…

Dr. Gonzalez talks very specifically about enzyme therapy for cancer. Much of his work is based on the work and research of these three individuals…

1. Dr. Robert Good
2. William Donald Kelly
3. Dr. John Beard

I’m a big proponent of learning vertically when it comes to a subject. What “learning vertically” means is taking a concept and digging deep into all those who have helped bring it to light and developed it.

If you’re very interested in the history and treatment efficacy of high pancreatic enzyme therapy (as Dr. Gonzalez speaks about and uses), those are three people you’re going to need to check out.

Happy reading!

2. Early placenta tissue (trophoblastic tissue) is very much like a cancer.

This concept to me was fascinating. Basically, Dr. Gonzalez explains that early placenta tissue acts like cancer tissue and only when the the body starts producing pancreatic enzymes, does that tissue then turn mature and stable.

This is a very detailed and complicated process which is covered in much of the reading that you can find by Dr. Gonzalez – but to make it short for you to understand, is that trophoblastic tissues can divide and spread throughout the body and these tissues (not old, mature organ tissues) are the start of the tumor growth process.

The introduction of pancreatic enzymes into the body (or produced by the body) help to stabilize the unstable trophoblastic tissues and inhibits tumor growth.

With that said, John Beard even back in 1911 said that the placenta may be the best way to study cancer. This came to light recently – almost 90 years later – in a study published in 1999. (You can find that here)

It took a while, but regardless, the good news is that this angle is being studied and from Dr. Gonzalez’s clinical experience, the effectiveness of high pancreatic enzyme treatment is being confirmed.

3. The three processes that are necessary for healing.

In Dr. Gonzalez’s opinion there are three processes that must happen in order for the body to heal.

These are (1) adaptation of a diet that fits your metabolic needs, (2) supplementation with essential nutrients (including also pancreatic enzymes), and (3) detoxification.

Doing just one, doesn’t work.

With diet, Dr. Gonzalez takes a metabolic typing approach to his protocol. He does this by a hair test that is available at his clinic. While many cancer clinicians feel that the removal of animal foods is appropriate for all cancer patients, Dr. Gonzalez has seen patients where this approach could be less effective.

So the decision on diet is based very specifically on a person’s genetics – not a one-size-fits-all diet approach.

Included in the detoxification protocols are things like liver/gallbladder flushes, colon cleansing and coffee enemas. (An interesting fact – coffee enemas were in the orthodox medical literature up to the 1950s and 1960s.) As the event moved on, many of these types of protocols were confirmed over and over again. Almost every contributor to the program cited multiple processes and protocols – all included diet, detoxification and supplementation.

Of course, I’m not a cancer clinician, but of everyone is telling you that these things are important, it may be great to start even before you get sick – or at least research them a little further.

4. If you need surgery, get surgery.

One thing I liked about Dr. Gonzalez’s approach is his pragmatism. This means his ability to overlook dogmatic approaches to combine what works. If surgery gives the patient a good chance of survival, he recommends it. If other treatments do as well, then he makes sure the patient gets the best care with all aspects of integrative, Western and natural approaches.

To me, it makes little sense to try to naturally shrink a large and easily accessible tumor when surgery can remove it quickly. Again, I don’t have cancer and have never been faced with that decision, but I think the energy – psychic and physical – that it takes to shrink that tumor could be draining. Its removal could help speed the healing process as well as help the patient emotionally. Knowing that you no longer have a cancerous tumor in your body – I think – could be a good way to start to heal. Otherwise, you may end of thinking about it incessantly, which is no way good for your body’s own ability to handle stress.

5. Speaking of stress… “the stress response breaks down tissues.”

Dr. Gonzalez confirmed quickly that the stress response breaks down tissues and causes disease.

If you’re stressed, you must be careful. A stressed body becomes inflamed and an inflamed body becomes diseased.

6. Let the simple truths set you free…

Moving on to Charlotte Gerson’s talk, I want to be very clear about this important point:

Avoiding all processed materials is one of the most effective ways to heal.

If there is one thing that all experts during this program would agree upon it would be that statement.

The Gerson Therapy is based on this simple principle. If you get the garbage out and stop putting it in, the body begins to heal itself.

This is one of the reasons why many of the new diets that come out into the mainstream work (as long as someone actually complies!) The reason why is because almost none of these plans include processed foods. When you eliminate these from your diet, you can and will heal. (See: Vegan, Mediterranean, Raw Food Diet, Paleo, etc.)

7. “People think they’re smarter than Dr. Gerson, I’m afraid they’re not.”

I wanted to pick out this quote from Charlotte because it says something much deeper about how people tend to go about their healing.

There’s nothing wrong with finding an approach that works for you (for any condition), but what I think Charlotte is saying here is that there comes a time when you have to trust the people who you’ve enlisted for your care to do what they know works best – and not let the Internet, family members or anyone else sway you to do things that may or may not help your situation.

I’ve seen very intelligent people continue to be sick because they’ve decided to go against the advice of a health practitioner because they thought they knew better than a person who’s dedicated their lives to working with people with that condition in a one-on-one setting.

Yes, I’m all for health freedom, but I’m also for finding smart people to help and listening to what they say!

8. All diseases have the same underlying issues – toxicity and deficiency.

Charlotte explains that disease starts with toxicity and deficiency. If you don’t get enough nutrition, you will become deficient and the body’s systems will start to break down. This is one way you get sick.

The second way to get sick is to be exposed to toxic compounds that interfere with the body’s systems.

Any disease protocol, then should include detoxification, eating healthy, nutritious, non-contaminated foods, and supplementation with nutrients that may not be sufficient from our foods.

Wait, didn’t I already write about that (see #3 in this post if you’ve forgotten already, and if you did forget, please note that getting enough omega 3s and detoxifying your body of heavy metals may improve memory)…

That’s it for my wrap up of Night 1! If you want to go back and listen to the entire program, you can if you purchase our very affordable upgrade package until November 8th, 2011. During this time, we have added 3 extra special bonuses that are more valuable than the entire program itself. First up, we have a special 1 hour, live Q & A with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. Second, we have a live, 1 hour Q & A with Dr. Gregory Burzynski and Azad Rastegar. And finally, the most valuable of them all, is a full 4 hour Anti-Cancer course with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy (over a $997 value).

To get this program now, as well as these additional added bonuses, all you have to do is visit this page and order now…

I want to know your thoughts: If you listened to Night 1 (or not) what do you think of these conclusions?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Darlene says:

    I just want to thank you for all your hard work. I listened to every night and learned a lot, thanks to you. I lost my father in law to cancer. It’s a terrible thing to watch somebody die……kudos to you for putting such a effort into helping others!

  2. StarLight says:

    Completely Awesome Webinar Kevin! And the notes now, just exquisite! Could you please put the websites and assorted important numbers/emails etc. that the presenters gave during their talks into these notes? We will be sharing these notes with some clients and friends who really need this info! Thank you so much! StarLight

  3. I am going to do the same thing: listen again with a pen in my hand. I loved this series — just really ate it up. Thank you for putting it together. And I think you got the high points. Looking forward to my next listen (since I bought the package on night 2). I knew I’d want to hear it again!

  4. What a great summit! Its essence so far indicates that Integrative Medicine provides us with the best chance to survive cancer because while we weaken the cancer itself we strengthen ourselves in body-mind to deal with and fight it. We do this through nutrition, detoxification and supplementation and through the healing of our subconscious mind to deal with that which stresses our emotions. Everybody needs to know this. I urge you to tell everyone you know as we simply must help each other in our battle with this terrible disease that effects not only those who suffer it but all those around them in the most dreadful ways.

    Wendy Vanderfield
    Private Subconscious-mind Healing Therapist and Hypnotherapist

  5. GAil says:

    Kevin, I just want to thanks you for putting this all together. The info is invaluable to anyone and everyone. I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Gonzales speak at the Wise Traditions Conference last year. It was intense and sometimes out of my league. His talk the 1st night really put what he was saying into perspective for me. Thanks for the “cliff notes”. It’s a great review!!! I look forward to more of your offerings! Warmly, Gail

  6. Rocio says:

    Kevin, There are no words to express my gratitude to you and your beautiful wife for this incredible work you are doing for us. All I have to say it is thank you on my behalf and many others who will benefit from this opportunity. We are praying the Lord protects you and bless you.
    Thank you! comments later now only thank you from the bottom of our heart. love you both! Rocio.

  7. tom says:

    yes, thank you so much for these programs. they were very informative. much appreciated.

  8. barbara lindemann says:

    I have spent the last 10 years literally healing myself as I had no assistance from the “white coats” eventho I tried. Because I had difficulty expressing myself verbally, many of them wanted to put me into the “Mentaly ill category”. This is so primitive to still want to attach this diagnosis to a woman that requires medical attention. I started learning about food as a child since I attended a couple of acres of vegetable & fruit plants after school every year. I believed since age 12 that canned foods caused cancer. We ate fresh from the garden and home canned foods. As an adult I followed my early health habits. Very little fast food, home cooked meals, no alcohol, no smoking, lots of hiking in the mountains, desert, jogged, backpacked, rowed boats, rock climbed. I was a very active 57-year-old, primary health care practitioner in California. Then I made the mistake of my life in wanted to teach Special Ed. Students to draw, I wanted to spent one day a week in a classroom. This required certain injections from the PHD. Immediately, I could not talk, 15 minutes later my body was lyrching against the steering wheel,I had tachycardia, profuse sweating, and profuse salivation. I was in my car on the freeway at onset, I had to pull off, this continued l hour. then I was very weak. It only got worse, my body was like rigor mortus in a day, I fell down with a step to the right, I had pools of blood on my pillow each night. Within a month my joints had large bumps, my skin had white spots that turned brown two days later. I had to look at my DL for my name as I could not remember it, I had to crawl some of the time, I had many neurological symptoms. eye and ear symptoms, muscle issues, speaking issues, memory issues. Most of all I had such pain in my head that was persistant for years. I had many seiqures and lesions of my skin, sunken spots in my flesh, tissue tearing. I had to treat myself as I ran out of money. Now am living in my grandparents broken down old home. Still working on healing myself, my worse symptoms are l) having great difficulty organizing papers, anything. 2) remembering where I put things and problems locating things. I have, everyday, very actively done healing things for my body. Still no help from M.D.,s mainly because I will not take pharmaeutical medicals. One doctor even wrote a letter dismissing me, when in fact his office staff was very uncaring and rude to me. I am totally broke now, ten years later am moved from disability to regular SS which is not enough since I spent most of my life being a professional student. I spent 2 years studying with a Taoist priest, 4 years at an school of Trad. Chinese Medicine, before that 2 years of Science, 4 years of Fine Arts. I worked at Univ of Ca, Dept of Medicine in Research for 18 years. Was always very youthful looking, and never ill, no colds, no flu, no tarter on my teeth. Had a very healthy diet. If anyone has any idea how to gain these functions back, please let me know. It is still difficult functioning, eventho I am so much improved. I have been attempting to re-wire my brain by studying new information in many different categories. Listening was a rewiew for me, as I have kept up and have heard most of what was offered and am so grateful that you are offering this to many. I have written political letters with no answers. I have contacted agencies and the product manufacturer (only to be brushed off) I have contacted attories only to be told that they would not go after this agency as it was too difficult. Thank you

  9. Holly says:

    Kev, regarding your cliff notes, they are excellent, however, I would add in a little more about diet differentiation with Dr. Gonzales. He was clear and if not spelled out some may not understand. Vegans are too alkaline, our bodies pH should be 7.3-7.4, vegans will be well above 7.4. All meat eaters will be too acidic with a body pH well below 7.3, not good either. Leukemia patients do better on red meat diet.(why?) I think it would be a good idea for people to learn about pH values and the addition of many veges to make the body a little more alkaline than normal. JMO.

    I am so glad you are doing this!!!!!!!!

  10. Adrienne Baksa says:

    A beautiful job, Kevin, all five nights – I didn’t miss a single word. One other thing Dr. Gonzalez said was that patients who keep trying one cancer protocol after another without fully focusing on or committing to one, tend to do very poorly long range. And that’s apparently not dependent on the kind of cancer. If I understood what he said correctly, I thought that was a very strong statement. Someone very close to me died this year and that was an accurate description of her path. So sad. Keep up the great work getting this information out to everyone. Thank you!

  11. I listened to The Healing Cancer World Summit and gleemed so much informative information. Thank you for letting me into the world of healing and prevention.
    I am definately going to research many of the things that I learned.
    I have been on a health quest since the beginning of this year.
    It has not been easy. The diet is not easy. I find that there is not enough hours in a day to follow protocol. Trying to remember to take supplements is time consuming but I look at it all as a matter of life or death. Which do I choose. Being positive is essential. All I can say is that since I have been doing the diet, coffe enemas, supplements and spiritual awareness along with rebounding I have been feeling much better.
    Finding a doctor that would just monitor what I was doing was very hard. Especially since I moved during my diagnosis. The mountains of rural Pennsylvania does not offer much. Most doctors in traditional medicine what me to do things their way. I prefer a quality of life rather than the side effects of chemo and radiation.
    Listening to survivors was awesome along with their experiences. It truly is encouraging and hopeful.
    Thank you for all that you do to help those of us with health challenges

  12. Gwen says:

    For me a tremendously valuable and courageous program of informative interviews. Timely. Caring and brave.

    Thanks so much. Have made note of names and web-sites for family and friends…I hope not for me, but who knows?

    I’m sorry about your dad Kevin, but what a beautiful tribute to both your parents!

    sincerely, gwen

  13. All 6 programs were,are, and I am pretty sure will continue to be……. Truly Enlightening,Sincere,Genuine,Very Informative,Educational, Candid,No-Nonsense,Honest, Tactful, Patient and Understanding,Aggressive when necessary and in the right doses,and nicely Seasoned with Intermittent servings of Humor. The ENTIRE EVENT was Well Prepared, Carefully Organized and Diligently Executed !!! This Kind of Exposure is Definitely Good for Everybody in each Country,Especially those Not Aware of this type of INFORMATION. WELL DONE !!! and Please Continue to keep up The “GREAT WORK” you are doing!I was hoping to hear something,even Briefly, on:Guinea-Hen-Weed,Noni,or Sour-sop(Graviola)ETC…which have been and continue to be used Successfully in Remission of Cancer and other Diseases in Jamaica.West Indies.for many years.Maybe it is because we are such a Small Country….(smile)…Hopefully Next Time Maybe ! I am Kind of New to INTEGRATED and ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE,However your “HEALING CANCER WORLD SUMMIT” has done a lot for me and Boosted my Drive and Determination for “NATURAL HEALTH”for the Future. THANKS AGAIN !—-Mark.(Jamaica)

  14. Colleen says:

    Thank you is not enough,my mother died of cancer in 1999,we went to an alternative hospital in Mexico not Oasis but we just did not know enough. My mother perished because of fear, ignorance, and poor medical intervention and she finally gave up after she suffered terribly from chemo, radiation, among many other factors. My mother was unrecognizable she had lost so much weight and had suffered so much I am sure she no longer wanted to live in pain and suffer under the hands of the conventional doctors. If only one person can avoid this horrible death, then it was well worth this summit. Thank you again from families like mine although for us was too late.
    Kevin,what was not mentioned was the cost for these treatments. They are expensive, what do people without insurance and money do? Also even if you have insurance it does not pay for alternative treatment.
    I believe that people should negotiate with their insurance company. Get the cost of treatment in a conventional setting , then the cost in an alternative setting, when you bring this to their attention, then we will have movement in the alternative direction. Money plus publicity will bring the most attention to this movement. First you educate then then you enlist people who will publicize the cost effectiveness, trust me money talks.

    • B Kim Thomas says:

      I am considering cell therapy After My Next And Hopefully Last Check up At UC Davis My Next And Hopefully Last Check Up Is In August. A Stem Cell Facility In Arizona Looks Promising! I Am Also Recently Diagnosed With Diabetes. I Don’t Touch Anything With Sugar Any More So My Next Test In Four Months Should be significantly Lower!

      B Kim Thomas

  15. I FORGOT, I am SO SORRY ….I wanted to THANK YOU PERSONALLY KEVIN for The Very Touching and Moving, Individual EXPERIENCES of BOTH of Your PARENTS. IT Must have been Hard for you to RE-LIVE and explain that Traumatic Period in your Life for “OUR” BENEFIT ……It was a Really Brave Step you Took!…But Just look how MANY Persons you have helped and Continue to help. Secondly, Putting together Such A WELL ORCHESTRATED, FIRST TIME, WORLD EVENT is a CLEAR TESTIMONY to your Deep DEDICATION and LOYALTY to Such a Truly “WORTHY CAUSE” I have only known you by your Program since Tues.25th.Oct.2011….However I would like to Recommend/Nominate you for “HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR”. Take Care ! Mark.(Jamaica)

  16. david wilby says:

    My mother died of cancel of the Collen and Liver on September 30/11. She was in palliative care

  17. I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU ! to ALFRED. WHITTAKER. also of Jamaica, For Telling me About this Wonderful and Inspiring CONFERENCE ON The “HEALING of CANCER” ….I probably would not have Known about it nor would the people that I told about it. May be I would not have Known You Kevin and ALL the INTELLIGENT and HEALTH CONSCIOUS Persons that are in your Circle. Please add this to my Previous COMMENT, just before this one. Thanks.

  18. karen horn says:

    My mom died of ovarian/uterine cancer in November last year. We cannot go back in time to help her, but your series will help thousands like me that want to PREVENT the disease from progressing to the end stages so rapidly.
    I hope that at some point in time our congress, FDA etc will be personaly touched so that perhaps their minds and hearts will open to the needs of others and allow this free flow of information to more people and let us have the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE or at least know what is available out there.

    I hope you continue your efforts because it has opened my eyes to things I have never known existed.

    God works in strange ways for sure -and I believe that your program came at the right time for me and many others.

    thank you –

  19. rich schnadig says:

    Hi Kevin unfortunately was only able to listen to snippets of the conversations and was glad I ordered the complete CD package. Having grown up in household with parents suffering and dieing at a young age from Cancer I know all to well the horror fear and misinformation our present system forces upon the patient. I volunteer one night a week at the Cancer Wellness Center teaching Qi-gong. Though I am not supposed to share Healing and Alkaline diets I sneak the info in during the forms. Hopefully one day Truth and options for treatment will be the norm. Thanks Kevin for all you have done. I will carry the torch to arrange meetups with your CD’s as the focus of a well spent evening. Blessings to you and your family. If in Chicago, look me up, I’ll arrange a Raw vegan meetup around you.

  20. Thanks for doing this! And THANK YOU for posting the Cliff’s Notes for us as many of us in NJ (and the metropolitan area) missed nights 4 + 5 (Friday + Staurday night) due to power outages in our area! xo <3 🙂

  21. FINALLY,KEVIN, ULTIMATELY and UNRESERVEDLY ALL CREDIT SHOULD and MUST GO TO A HIGHER BEING. OUR CREATOR and SUSTAINER of ALL LIFE FORMS, HUMANS,ANIMALS and PLANTS…… The One Who So Lovingly and Discreetly Provided Abundantly ALL the NATURAL forms of MEDICINE Right Here on Planet Earth,our Home, for OUR USE to Keep us Healthy and to Live a Little Longer. Eventually God has Another PURPOSE for HUMAN BEINGS in the not too distant Future,far beyond what we can ever imagine. We Call Him JEHOVAH. THANKS AGAIN KEVIN for The “HEALING CANCER WORLD SUMMIT” Mark.(Jamaica)

  22. Ronny says:

    I just whish you did this three years ago, then my mum might have survived her lung cancer.

  23. Naz says:

    Kevin, may God bless, and keep his protective ring around you and yours. There are undesirable elements among us that despise you for what you did. They see you as a threat like Dr. Burzynski! You’re being discussed in secret at this moment, please keep your antennas up! Cancer,HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Herpes, and other diseases are their cash cow. The population is deliberately being infected. One day when the citizens of this country awaken, hopefully we can prosecute these criminals. These monsters have studied viruses for years under a microscope to figure out how to make them an attack dog, they succeeded. All the great prophets of the past are proud of you Kevin, and so am I…Naz!

  24. Sandra says:

    I’ve been involved in alternative since a friend introduced me in the early nineties. I have had many health challenges and I continue to read and network on this subject. Thanks very much for the conference!

  25. I listened to all of them and learned alot. Have been studying this for 30 years on my own with every book I could find. So glad they are coming forward. Hope enough people stand up and do something now. It is time to get together and fight. This is our right. Stand up.

  26. Jaci says:

    Kevin, Kevin, Kevin…

    Just once is not good enough! I actually spoke with you 2 years ago on a conference call regarding vaccines. I spoke of my son Justice Williamson who passed 2 years ago as of November 1st of an infiltrating thymoma. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to begin any kind of therapy because he didn’t make it through the surgery. This was a vicious, furious, and fast growing tumor that took his life before we could find out that it was indeed a thymoma….he was 5 days away from being 5 years old. I nursed him for 2 years…I just don’t understand the “Why”!!!!
    Kevin, you have put something together that I can equate whole-heartedly with that of diamonds, rubys, and gold!!!! I don’t think you know what impact you have made on me and other people with this INFORMATION you have compiled for us. I am still heartbroken and always wil be. However, knowldege is power and damn it, I feel POWERFUL with the gifts you have offered!! I thank you from my inner soul, and may God bless you and your wife with a healthy, happy, life! I am extremely sorry for your loss and I pray it gets easier every day. God knows I can imagine what you are feeling.

    Love, Peace, and Soul…

    Jaci Williamson

  27. laurie says:

    I loved this experience of being exposed to so much knowledge on a subject that is close to me. My father has prostate cancer, my mother has breast cancer and my brother has testicular cancer. Thankfully all of them are doing well but I would love to learn more about how we can all live in such a way as to strengthen our immune systems so our bodies can fight the diseases which we may be causing. I already eat a whole food, plant based diet and get regular vigorous exercise every day. I have wonderful relationships in my life and a faith in God which gives me hope and a happy attitude. I am just excited about learning what more I can be doing to continue to live a healthy life. With so much controversy out there, I just want to know the truth! Thank you for what you are doing!!!

  28. Kim says:

    why was Dr. Robert Young not included in your speakers?

  29. Paula Faiazza says:

    this is totally off topic but what are your thoughts on adya clarity….totaly confused,


  30. I am a veterinarian, practicing for 26 years. 8 years ago one of my personal show horses became debilitated and western medicine could not help her. Not willing to give up on this amazing show horse, I began a quest to fix her. It lead me into chiropractic care, acupuncture, chinese herbs, homotoxicology, intrinsic energy chips, essential oils, emotional healing, and a variety of other modalities. The foundation of all my cases is digestion, assimilation, and elimination. I now offer integrative holistic care for all my patients. Everything that was said in the forum applies to animals as well. We feed “dead” processed foods that are laden with chemicals and preservatives, resulting in diseases and cancers just like in people. My passion led me to become certified in natural health for people, and I have opened a wellness coaching center where I and my partners offer free counseling for people to improve their health.
    I found your summit to be enlightening, helpful, and it profoundly supported what I believe.
    Thanks for hosting this,

    Dr Marlene Siegel

  31. Stacey says:

    I must say that I second EVERY SINGLE COMMENT, (for the most part), left by “Mark.C.Rochester(Jamaica)”…loooved & especially & absolutely agree with his comment #16. I could not have said it better.
    May God bless & watch over you, Kevin, for all the wonderful things you are doing. I pray this info may impact many lives in great ways….God bless you.

  32. zora Ignjatovic says:

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I searched, listened intuition, worked on my life issues and I live mostly joyful life 6 years after diagnosis, using many of mentioned modalities. Love is a healer, do what you love and fall in love with life again. I hope you will bring all this to more people and make them understand their power.
    be blessed

  33. jackie says:

    Thanks so much for the cliff notes! Especially valuable since I wasn’t able to listen in to all the seminars. You do a good job, Kevin. P.S. This is off topic, but I’d love your opinion on the Adya Clarity situation.
    P.S.2 Barbara, #8 above, have you ever tried any essential oils? I could make some suggestions if Kevin gives you my email address.

  34. Jane says:

    Thanks for this info and again, thanks for the great webinar. Kevin, I REALLY appreciate your highly professional interview style of listening and asking very relevant questions as opposed to interjecting your own comments and experiences. Very Much Appreciated. Thank You very Much

  35. Doris says:

    Thank you so much for these relevant points. For me it is easier to read English rather than listening. It is a valuable information. Congratulatios for this hard work. Blessings! Gracias.

  36. suzette says:

    Hi there 🙂 I apologize for this random question in the midst of such a serious topic, but I am finally ready for a juicer and I’d really really like your opinion Kev. I remember reading somewhere that a certain juicer is best at retaining & delivering the most nutrition from the juicing process. I’m not interested in it having to handle wheat grass. I mostly want to do kale, celery, carrots, lemons, ginger and apple. I know some boast the ability of handling unchopped veggies but that’s not as much a concern to me as the juice quality and I wouldn’t mind one with easy clean-up. Thanks so much for all you do.

  37. Joel Werdell says:

    It would be helpful to have detailed analysis and presentation to back up many of the facts and opinions that were shared as part of the program. I found myself at many times thinking…that’s amazing, if there’s reliable data to back it up. I did notice one post that attempted to do this and found it very helpful. Thanks for putting on a great summit.

  38. Kevin, THANK YOU for this awesome information! I listened to each day’s presentation at least three times and took notes. I had just come off of my annual Candy Corn orgy and have to say, never again. To the amazing link between cancer and the placenta, I add the amazing link between cancer and the PANCREAS. While I did not hear it spoken outright but I put together that if you eat too much sugar and stress your pancreas, then it can no longer produce enough enzymes to protect you from cancer. I have lost my taste for sweets – they are poison! Thank you so much for providing informtion that gives us the HOPE that we don’t have to die a terrible death from cancer and its current ‘conventional’ treatments.

  39. Jana says:

    I listened to the entire summit and thank you for putting it all together and making it available to everyone. I’d like to learn more about studies, how they’re done, how they’re supposed to be done, what rules are to be followed, and whose rules are they. Also, if you could include in your summary some of the specifics about the participants who were dropped from that study Dr Getoff spoke of, that would be most illuminating. Thank you.

  40. Tobi Dominique says:

    I lOVED this program!! Thanks so much for all the tremendous work and dedication to bring these great featured speakers to us, and extra bonuses too,which I also LOVE.

    I am still getting information about approaches, after a breast cancer diagnosis in Sept. My cancer center oncologists are pushing hard to have me commit to the treatment they offer, but I had a gut feeling there is a lot more available if only I could find it.

    Many thanks. Now I am hopeful I will find my way. i got a lot out of every day of the Healing Cancer World Summit. This has been a treasure.

    Tobi Dominique

  41. Julie says:

    this Summit was AWESOME. I have learned SO much from listening to these amazing Doctors and health advocates.. It’s a shame we can’t have this information from regular doctors. I just wish there were more of these people in the Eastern part of the USA. If you could recommend in the East please post.
    Please keep this kind of information coming in the future. EVERYONE needs informed of the toxins on our planet.

    Thanks again & again.

  42. Patrick says:

    An awesome 5 nights!!!

    You are performing a great service for humanity Kevin

    Many Thanks

  43. Kevin,
    You are really doing an incredible , valuable and educational job with this sort of symposium of Healing Cancer.
    I’m glad to hear, that you are preparing a special anlysis/summary of all the five sessions.
    When it comes to proper, individualized nutrition, I have a question concerning metabolic (or genetic) needs. How does one go along pratically to identify respective needs?
    Just one approach: Dr. Mercola (re: his free newsletter) offers on-line a series of questions which – through a computer program –
    then tells you, if you are a carbohydrate or protein or a mixed person with respect to your
    individual diat needs. Could you and/or your experts recommend any other special approaches on the topic under reference?
    I’m also very glad, that you intend to organize another seminar, this time of how to
    prevent cancer in the first place including
    related issues like checking methods to find out if one already have cancer or is a high risque individual to eventually get cancer.
    (This is also exactly in-line with my previous
    expressed proposal).
    If at all possible, I would highly recommend also to involve Dr. Jonathan Wright as a most valuable speaker in your future seminars. Since many years I’m subscriber of his Newsletter NUTRITION & HEALING. I trust, he is
    one of the leading (if not THE leading) expert and authority in this field.
    Again, my very best thanks for your valuable contributions and I strongly wish to encourage you to keep them up!

  44. LES HOWARD says:

    I truly appreciated your 6 night presentation. I learned a great deal. What I didn’t learn and thought was lacking, was the answers to the questions, how long is the initial treatment and how much will it cost? I realize there can be no exact numbers, but ballpark numbers would be helpful.
    For example I discovered that the Burzynski Clinic charges as much as $30,000 initially for a 1-3 week diagnosis and treatment. They also have a $4500 a month maintenanace fee. This would place their services out of the reach of most, and is important to know.

  45. Cindy says:

    I did a lot of cancer research when my husband was diagnosed with liver cancer 5 years ago. It all pointed to having a good diet, doing detoxification, & taking supplements. I agree with all of those, but I would add getting some exercise, reducing stress, & the most important in my opinion is having the right mindset. I’ve known several people who have died, including my husband, simply because they gave up the will to live after being told by some doctor they were going to die.

  46. As I was at a health conference I have not yet listened to all lectures, but what I heard was very confirming to information I present in my book, The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus Approach to Cancer”.

    I definitely agree about the commitment to whatever healing path you choose, as the emotional focus is critical.

  47. Kevin, I can only agree with all comments above. You are wonderful to have gathered all this information in one area. You are a blessing to the world. Keep up the great work! I’m sure that all of us that have listened in will be spreading the word (and the cliff notes!). If you are ever in the New York area, I would love to have you at our resort to speak or to just enjoy!
    all the best to you and your family always.

  48. Rupa says:

    Kevin, You have done an amazing job bringing all information in one place. It is just great to see people like you bring all the best of the best practitioners together. Thank you so much for bringing the knowledge to us and I promise to spread the word. First the lectures, then came the bonus and now the summary!! you are the best..Thank you so much for all that you do..God Bless you!

  49. Nirvana says:

    Than you so much Kevin for your generosity and your courage in putting together this summit. Your smarts, time and and generosity will be saving many lives. Thank you for sharing this wealth of information. It was a great Summit. God blese you!

    Toronto, ON, Canada

  50. don says:

    Amazing information. I learned a lot. Thanks for all your hard work… have touched the lives of many. Now it is up to me to put a treatment plan together and take action to rid my body of the prostate cancer cells that are circulating within it.
    I was surprised that none of your guests mentioned the use of low dose naltrexone as an powerful immune enhancer !

  51. Hi Kevin and Annmarie. What a wonderful summit! Thank you so much for all you have done! I´m brazilian and I´m living in Lisbon now. In this last week I spent several hours a day listening and taking notes, so I can share all this precious info with my family and friends. My dad also had to fight a lot with cancer. He is a surviver and I´m sure that everything I learnt this past week will help him to improve his health. All the best. Letícia Barreto

  52. Cosima says:

    Dear Kevin,

    the first time I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in 2004 I trusted the oncologists. I was treated with “standard therapy” : radiation followed by 5 years of hormone therapy (Tamoxifen). When cancer returned, 6 years later, more aggressively, I trusted Mike Adams and natural news! I picked one of the clinics I found in the book “German Cancer Breakthrough” where I was treated for 3 weeks with IPT, full body and local hypothermia. I was told to avoid sugar, alcohol and white flour indefinitely. I was treated with great kindness by the medical staff and nurses. After each IPT with low doses of chemo I went for long walks in the woods. I didn’t feel like a cancer patient. I was on a very expensive holiday in the Alps enjoying fresh air and the beautiful landscape! My parents supported my decision and helped me financially. I thank Mike Adams for the freedom of choice he gave me. My parents for the money they contributed to this “experiment”.

    Now I am mainly on a vegan diet. I started detoxing with liver cleanses and colon irrigations. Managing stress is also important.

    The nasty blow came when I left the clinic and returned to the general hospital to receive an essential therapy. I was kicked out. They didn’t accept my “ludicrous chemo”. They told me to go through their full cycle of chemotherapy or get out. I got up and left. After a stressful month and with the help of my surgeon I was able to receive this treatment.

    I believe in free choice and the power of education. With the right information we can chose what is best for us. Our money comes with us. Those who are fearful and uneducated are easily exploited by this criminal system. Pharmaceutical companies care only for profits, Not for the patients. If we don’t change this system our democracies are over. In Europe and in America. There is little time left to hope they change. We must change. Kevin is a true friend of mine. Like Mike. We all are connected in this fight for good health.

    Be curious.

  53. Gini says:

    Thank you Kevin for doing the recaps of this important information. I didn’t have the time required to sit through the videos, but sounds like most others were able to listen to them. I don’t know why but it stresses me to have to sit through word for word real time audios rather than speed read in text. Guess I need to work on patience and better time management! So I want to thank you for doing the recaps and summary of this very important information. Also I will be able to copy/paste/print the major points to share this information with others in need of it.

  54. Maureen Gianni says:

    Hi Kev,
    Great work! You are following your passion and making a difference! I am so proud of you…I love you…Mom

  55. Colleen says:

    Excellent conference I also lost a parent to cancer. We did alternative treatments in Mexico, not at the Oasis, and I believe because we did not have access to the information we received in this summit we did not benefit from the combination of treatments or the doctors who are honset and experienced.

    Something that I found to be missing from this conference was the cost of alternative treatment. Everyone knows it is less expensive than conventional treatment but most of it is not covered by any insurance plan I am aware of. What are poor people to do?

    Also, now that you have presented us with this wonderful information, what is the plan to get it into the main stream media. May I suggest an investigative journalist follow two individuals with the same or similar diagnosis, one in a conventional setting and the other in an alternative setting and publish the result, starting with the cost. When this is made public and the insurance company sees what the cost of treatment is regardless of the outcomome although a positive outcome is always what you want, then there will be great and sudden change? As we know the money will be the determining factor un no matter what the outcome. Put the insurance company up against the National Cancer Society, and the drug companies, if the insurance companies do not pay very quickly things will change
    Thanks again

  56. Deb Sewall says:

    I am subscribed to your newsletter.
    I am 54 yrs old, vegetarian since age 17, informed of social and political transactions, and deception – in the name of power & greed.
    I really want you to reach and convince our AMA indoctrinated friends. You started the summit out great with these credible people, then…. on the 4th night
    you lost me with the guy who was just another opinionated health nut like me and the rest of us.
    I appreciate all the work you put into this project. PLEASE do this again, and if you want this information about the AMA, pharmacology greedy, twisted, big bus, processed food companies, etc.
    just have a person from the inside or a doctor do deliver that info so our ignorant friends might be more accepting of the info if it’s delivered by one of them, rather than just another me spouting.
    too bad it’s that way, but the ignorant who choose to remain ignorant sheep are playing along & playing into the hands of the greedy!

    Keep up the good work, that is my only advice – keep it a credible as you can so we don’t loose the credibility. It’s areal issue.
    I really don’t get where most people are coming from – it’s not rocket science, it’s common sense!!!

    Take care!

  57. France says:

    I feel you were divinely guided by your angels parents to organized this summit and it came out GREAT
    I had to research by myself for 6 months on internet as I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and needed an alternative approach

    and so it is very helpful to have this important information collected in this summit and in this resume
    thanks a lot
    blessings, love and gratitude to you , your parents and your family
    your path is full of light
    France amala

  58. As a Medical Intuitive, Cancer/Natural Health Coach and Teacher of Energy Medicine, I have to add 2 more crucial elements to Dr. Gonzalez recipe you mentioned. It is a common mistake and one from a world we are expanding from.

    In addition to correct metabolic diet, correct nutricuiticals and correct detox, both neurological brain patterning (Dr. Hamer) and emotional spiritual and environmental issues and insights need to be in the mix. The ‘feminine’ side of life must be included in our newly emerging worldview for such a complex issue as cancer.

    This subject and more will be introduced at Annie Appleseed Project evidenced-based alternative cancer conferences in March and Sept. Please come!

    Thanks so much for putting this together. You helped me save a life with this series.

    Ever grateful,
    OriginalWave Madalyn

  59. Margaret says:

    It was awesome! Thank you for bringing brave doctors, and people to share their knowledge with us. It was heartwarming and validating. I knew that constant tug in my mind and heart comes from the Creator of all good things!
    I would have liked to hear more about another therapy used for hormone receptor breast tumors called, Tamoxifen and Zometa. It has its side effects, too, so I’m wondering if there is any complementary medicine with it to reduce side effects or an alternative treatments to reduce the hormone levels, sometimes both estrogen and progesterone that are feeding the breast tumor.
    Thanks for being our voice.

  60. Caudia says:

    Kevin: Thank you so much for all of the effort you have put into this. I really appreciate it. It is wonderful to realise that you and your associates and all the listeners really care and are working together so thoughtfully and diligently for better outcomes for so many people who would otherwise be in hopeless, painful and debilitating situations. God bless you all!

  61. Debbie says:

    Sooo enjoyed every night. This exposed us all to such rich information about health! How blessed we are! About the first night, not really sure I understand Dr. Gonzales’s thoughts on food, I thought that disease couldn’t happen in an alkaline state? Could someone explain this to me?

  62. Danielle Wiedmann says:

    What a good idea to put up this program.
    I have been for the last 15 years doing medical pendulum. To keep healthy it is not so difficult.

    We are what we eat. And for my clients I check all their foods with the pendulum so that the body can recover quicker, when they avoid foods they are allergic to.

    Secondly the minerals and vitamins are checked and prescribed individually. Not only this, but it is absolutely important to check which brands their body can assimilate. Otherwise according to my experience the body will not assimilate it.

    Thirdly I always check their sleeping and working places. Should they sleep on waterveins or others, like Global and Curry grids,faults, power places, radon rays, etc.
    then their immune, endocrine, and nervous systems will be weakened. I have never encountered a cancer patient that is not sleeping or working on energetic stress places.

    I would like to stress the importance of the emotional and mental well-being of the patient.
    Problems at work, or home or with friends will affect the person, especially if his or her immune system is weak.

    Last but not least is the spiritual part. Is the patient living supported by his spiritual path he will do much better. Should she or he live in conflict with god or the natural laws then it will be very difficult to recuperate from his illnesses.

    Many years ago I was very sick. I overcame my fears of death and today I can say that my sickness was a gift.

    Food is the first thing I changed.
    Yoga and meditation practice helped me emotionally and mentally.
    Reiki or laying hands on me helped the healing.
    And then I had to find out about my limits and my responsability towards myself.
    Searching for the Truth was and still is my priority.

    May you all be healthy and happy and do not give up.
    Danielle Wiedmann, Germany

  63. Molly says:

    Interesting that so many of us are doing this much research and investing so much time into learning how to stay healthy and win the battle with cancer when so few medical professionals feel it deserves their time and effort and they continue to accept status quo and kill people.

    What kind of doctor abandons their hippocratic oath to “do no harm”? I don’t even go to doctors any more. They try to convince me to get a mammogram and I refuse, so they don’t care for me much. I know more about staying healthy than they do. A sad commentary.

  64. Helene says:

    Thank you for having given me the chance to listen, and to read your work. I have gained a lot of knowledge from them, and will share it with others around me. It is astonishing that no-one has ever brought forward this delicate topic before you.So grateful…Helene Belgium

  65. Antonietta Francini MD MA says:

    very interesting all and thank you for your effort!You are right about “changes of life” and the body responds! I am 86 and the survivor of five cancers: Thyroid invasive 1965> radical of neck then macrobiotic diet for 18 years, yoga,meditation, visualization (in 1965 this all was not known); breast 1cm. 2001 > early detection, bilateral mastectomy; melanoma 2005 > very early detection> removal; two Basocellular on face for living 40 years in the tropics >early detection. So, early detection is a key factor, then diet and healthy living. YOU MUST be aware of your body! THANK YOU AGAIN!

  66. Elaine says:

    First, that picture of the food with the caption was totally hilarious! Thanks for the huge belly laugh!

    The talks were wonderful, and I took lots of notes, but missed a good bit of information, so these ”Cliff Notes” are very much appreciated!

    I was very impressed with several of the doctors you had here. I had cancer surgery last year, and Bill Henderson’s book was my bible, as was his anticancer diet. Unfortunately, I have not been able to keep with it, and I know I need to (no sugar, no meat, no dairy, no gluten, no processed foods).

    Is wonderful to find out all this additional information. I know that I have to change the way I’m living, or it will be back. Thanks for all this good info. (And by the way! Tell Ranger Mike that he was totally extremely mild; not like when he’s writing!)

  67. Cindy Christianson says:

    Thank you for putting this series together! It was very informative and will be useful to myself and others.

    In response to the woman Barbara who says she became ill after vaccinations, I would like to recommend a homeopathic approach to reversing the physical problems resulting from the vaccines. I have been chronically ill for over 20 years and have slowly regained some energy and health through supplementation, rest, healthy diet, and homeopathic remedies. If she cannot afford to go to a licensed homeopath, there are several good companies that sell remedies for vaccine detox. Liddell, website, is a very good one. King Bio works fairly well and is sold in many health food stores. Heel makes a detox kit that is also sold online and in health food stores.

    Hope this info will be of help to Barbara!

  68. Sara says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know the answer regarding my below concern on COFFEE ENEMAS!

    I’ve heard people use Coffee Enemas….as part of a healing regimen to successfully heal themselves of degenerative diseases e.g. cancer….& that is GREAT! But I’m still concerned about ‘coffee enemas’, as I’ve heard they could be poisonous. And this makes sense, as coffee is NOT something we should drink.

    a) Are coffee enemas healthy for the body? If so, how is it that we’re NOT meant to drink coffee, yet it can be placed in our body for enemas (as I feel, the body will absorb the coffee & cause harm)?

    b) If they should be avoided….is it possible to do enemas with a safer substance, just as effective as coffee?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thankyou in advance for your help.


  69. Sara says:

    To Kevin & Annmarie,

    I listened to the whole summit & LOVED it.

    Thankyou for providing such valuable information on cancer, including integrative cancer treatments.

    I appreciate all of your hard work so much, that words can’t describe the appreciation i have in my Heart.

    A very BIG thankyou from me…

    May you both be blessed!

    Love Sara

  70. chel says:

    what you did was awesome… thanks a lot… you’re a great help to lots of people…

  71. Babs says:

    Thank you Kevin, you will be BLESSED for how you are helping others so greedlessly.

  72. Rocio says:

    Kevin a Q? for Dr. Gonzalez: Which supplements for protein type and which for carb type? We talk about pancreatic enzymes for a patient with cancer: how many/day? what about for someone without a Dx of cancer but is taking them to prevent? I am very allergic to many greens and my daughter to carrots, grasses and the carrot family. Juicing it is a problem. Does anybody can relate to this? We do coffee enemas daily. Suggested probiotics that we can get? because the ones he Dr. Gonzalez suggests in one of his lectures, can only be purchased through a practitioner. Kevin I think it would be very helpful to have a list of physicians who either are willing to work with you long distance or can work with alternative/integrative medicine and not afraid of doing some of the therapies we are hearing about. It would be very helpful! Blessings to all, always in my prayers!
    Thank you.

  73. David King says:

    Love what you are doing with the Healing cancer World summit! Keep it up man!

  74. betty says:

    Thanks so much Kev for going through the recordings for us and making notes. I missed the first few nights as I didn’t know anything about your site. The notes are extremely useful, thankyou once again!!

  75. Karen says:

    Kevin, Wow! Huge thanks for all that you are doing to help educate The Masses!! I am so deeply appreciative for all of the information! I lost a brother to Leukemia in 78′ and my son survived CA when he was a baby and is now 25! So happy to have a new arsenal of treatments available just in case! May God bless you always!!

  76. Jacki says:

    Such an amazing series of mega importance to all! Thank you, Kevin!! I, too, would like to see more of Dr. RykeGeerd Hamer’s work made available to the general public via your Summits, Kevin! Having studied with him personally, I can tell you, he is a man of great wisdom, compassion, intelligence and endless courage and good cheer. If you need to contact him, I can help you with that. The German New Medicine opens eyes and saves lives without poisons, scars and knives!

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