Is The Next Wave of the Bird Flu Coming? : An Exclusive Renegade Health Article by Dr. J.E. Williams

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Millions of ducks are now flying south from Siberia, and some are carrying a virus that could lead to a resurgence of H5N1 bird flu in poultry – and people.

Resident Medical Authority: J. E. Williams, OMD, FAAIM

The Bird Flu pandemic is gone, right? Well, it was gone for a while, but don’t let an easy summer lull you into thinking the winter will be the same. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization issued an ominous bulletin last week. It warned of “a major resurgence of the H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza amid signs that a mutant strain of the deadly bird flu virus is spreading in Asia and beyond, with unpredictable risks to human health.”

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1, A (H5N1) or simply H5N1, is a subtype of the influenza A virus, which causes illness in humans and many other animal species. A bird-adapted strain of H5N1, called HPAI A (H5N1) for “highly pathogenic avian influenza virus of type A of subtype H5N1”, is the virus that causes H5N1 flu, commonly known as “avian influenza” or “bird flu.”

Bird Flu is carried in the intestinal tract of migratory waterfowl. Right now, as it gets cold in the north, MILLIONS of ducks are flying south from Siberia, and some are carrying a virus that could lead to a resurgence of H5N1 bird flu in poultry – and people.

So, Jan Slingenbergh, head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) early warning system for animal diseases, issued an alert because they expect in the coming weeks to see the Bird Flu “pop” in unexpected places across a wide area.

More specifically, the FAO is concerned about a strain of H5N1, called, which has been circulating for several years but is now emerging in birds in Asia. Small genetic changes routinely occur in influenza A viruses, including those that affect humans or animals. The emergence of the H5N1 virus, such as clade, is one of the genetic mutations taking place as part of the natural evolution of the virus. It is no more virulent than previous strains, but it is well adapted to many wild migratory species; so, the virus has been carried to countries where H5N1 had been eliminated from poultry, including Bulgaria, Romania and Israel. And, as the bird version spreads, the chance that the virus will jump to animals and then to people becomes much greater. “The more cases you get in birds, the more it might spill over into humans,” says Slingenbergh. Virologists are hunting for the mutations that could enable H5N1 to spread between people and go pandemic, but haven’t found any answers.

H5N1, “bird flu,” is big. It cost poultry farmers an estimated $20 billion so far. It infected 565 people, and killed 331 of them. That’s a death rate of close to 60 percent. H5N1 outbreaks in poultry peaked in 2006, with 4000 outbreaks across Eurasia and Africa. Extensive culling and vaccination of poultry quelled the virus, and by 2008 there were just 302 outbreaks. Human disease associated with the H5N1 outbreak in 1997 was unusually severe, and nobody yet knows why. It induces an overproduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines, called a “cytokine storm,” used by the body to evade antiviral effects. However, when severe, as in responses to H5N1 infection, the immune system kills. With the spread of, outbreaks are on the rise. Some samples of the strain found in China and Vietnam show it’s continuing to mutate.

While movies like the recent release Contagion, with Matt Damon, are dramatizations with an abundance of special effects, maybe we should watch them to be made aware of pandemic viral infection, which is indeed very real, deadly seriousness, and a global game changer like no other.

Science 9 September 2011:
Vol. 333 no. 6048 p. 1369
DOI: 10.1126/science.333.6048.1369
Avian Influenza
Warning of H5N1 Resurgence Surprises Community
Dennis Normile


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  1. Wendy says:

    So, should we get the flu shot?

  2. Jane Rowe says:

    What’s the best way to treat this naturally should one get it?

  3. kristal says:

    I eat eggs, organic, pastured eggs, but should I stop eating them?

  4. Ira Edwards says:

    At age 80, I am in perfect health.
    I have never had a flu shot and never will. Neither will I be caught with low vitamin D, which is important for preventing flu.
    I eat lots of eggs. Cholesterol is a highly valuable nutrient, and I would never let it get low. As useful as that is for me, it is much more vital for young people. A very serious risk factor in pregnancy, a likely cause of autism and other problems, is low vitamin D and low fat diets. Get sunshine and good fats.
    Look for some very perceptive articles by Stephanie Seneff.

  5. Darlene says:

    STOP the presses, BIG PHARMA will have a flu shot for all the little sheeple willing to take it. I say, stay as healthy as you can without any DRUGS and hope for the best because any vaccination is worse than the probable cause of an outbreak. I’m surprised that Dr Williams would spread this possible outbreak propaganda. I’ll wait & see and take my chances……..maybe the radiation from Japan will kill all the birds first!

  6. Brian says:

    Wendy: Definitely not, Stay – totally – away from all “shots” until you have a total guarantee they don’t contain the “poisons” of Mercury and Aluminium, and even then, if it ever happens, then consider the effectiveness of that vaccine and you will inevitably still find the “risks” contained in that vaccine outweigh the theoretical therapeutic outcome. We have been brained washed into believing “there is a vaccine to *cure* everything” don’t believe it, it’s all a con. All the “epidemics” we are told we need to protect ourselves from were in decline due to better hygiene and nutrition anyway.

  7. Barbara says:

    Well, that’s interesting and all, but how do we protect ourselves? Especially those of us who live in Asia.

  8. Megan says:

    I agree with you, Kevin, it’s good to be informed and I appreciate the fact that you shared the information. Thanks for keeping me and others posted.

    What preventive measures can be taken to ward off Bird Flu? Please share that information, too. Thanks!

  9. I take preventive care with a very strong ANTIVIRAL ANTIBIOTIC HERB Called PHYLLANTHUS NIRURI, (KeezharNelli)for all infections spread by viruses and bacteria. It has been successful in my family at home. In extreme cases, we have better strategies to kill them in the intestine, by giving an enema (5times)with the powder of the above herb included.When in doubt, we can resort to it.
    But few people resort to simple easy actual solutions and there are people who take care of their health from all threats by simple means by grandma’s health tips. Instead of the above, neemleaves powder, neembark pwdr, or any other antiseptic herb will also help.
    But people resort to complications due to their ego and end up perennially in ICUs to allow the Hospitals suck their bloods/money.
    I have guided many Qualifitying patients to safe health and my only purpose in life is Health Advice that works. I combine, Yoga,Herbs,Meditation,Lifestyle changes. I am thankful to you all for this wonderful health guide on the net without which 90% of your readers wouldhave accepted conventional medicine as an unavoidable Fate.

  10. LynnCS says:

    To Brian and others who are extra cynical on the vaccines. I was born when there weren’t a lot of vaccines for some of the diseases we don’t even think of now. When you don’t get vaccinated, you may not get the flu, but may be the carrier to someone, maybe a child, who can dies from it. People call everything the flu, but the flu is really a killer and is a horrible way to die. All the good food and sanitation may make life more pleasant, but can’t keep the flu away. It is a virus. Many viruses. If you are concerned about the ingredients, read up on it first. Satisfy yourself, but don’t become part of the problem because of fear. You are fearing the wrong things. Stay well.

  11. Ira has got it 100% right. Bird flu is good for Big Pharma and they will scare you all to death with their propaganda. No vaccine has ever been scientifically tested and proven either effective or safe. As Brian knows, the vaccines that are claimed to have stopped a lot of epidemics were only introduced when the disease was well in decline, not at their peak. Dr Williams is not someone I would listen to, the way he is adding to the panic.

    Kevin, please do a lot more research into the history of vaccines. Your article does more to scare people than educate them. Ira’s advice is good no matter where you live.

    Last year several articles in mainstream media said bird flu kills in as little as five days. How long does it take these bird to migrate? A lot longer than five days.

  12. ani says:

    When the last flu virus came over Colorado, a good friend of ours who lived in the country was the only known person to contact that really nasty deadly virus. There were also lots and lots of dead birds on the family farm. She spent 6 days in the hospital then came home.

    My mother, still alive, was alive in 1918 and no one in her family ever contacted that flu. In fact, I know of no one in my family among the older generation who ever contacted the flu. But then, my family (including many related only by marriage)are big vegetable eaters. We are not sweet consumers nor were any of them big on bread, big lots of meat, etc.

    I have never had the flu, or any of the common childhood diseases. Nor can I ever have any vaccination.

    However, I did a huge lot of research about who lived and who died in 1918 and what I found was that not a single person who contacted the flu and got the homeopathic remedy gelsemium 30 C, soon as symptoms were noticed, died. It was the single most effective remedy against the flu back then that I could find. My husband gets the flu if a single flu virus lands on the outside of a closed window and looks at him.

    We have stopped every attack dead in its tracks with gelsemium 30 C, the homeopathic remedy for colds and flu made by Ainsworth homeopathic and Sambucus, original formula. which is a known viral killer proven.

    The diet that we have now and one that my husband grew up on, included more vegetables than fruit or meat and many many of the veggies were high in vitamin A and many other vitamins and minerals. My husband and I do not ever consume any meat or flesh food of any kind. Green vegetables, carrots, winter squash such as hubbard, buttercup, banana, etc. are all high in vitamin A.

    When I did research I found that a person could consume over 200,000 IU of BETA Carotene and not get ill or die from the high amount unless they also consumed liver from any animal including fish which contains a type of vitamin A that gets toxic in the human body very quickly from small amounts or when taken along with the vegetable source of vitamin A (beta carotene).

    It is my opinion that we would have a huge lot less of all diseases if no meat were ever consumed. NOTE what they call the flu from time to time, Swine flu, Avian (bird) flu, etc.

    Anyway, this is my two cents worth re the avian flu.

  13. Kuru says:

    Thanks Ani for the info about the gelsemium. I also heard a story about the 1918 flu. There was a hospital in the midwest (Omaha, I believe) where nobody died, and when asked their secret, they said they gave everybody a teaspoon of baking soda every day to keep the system alkaline, as viruses can’t live in alkaline environments. So eat your veggies and keep a box of Arm & Hammer handy just in case.

  14. SuzanneL says:

    LynnCS, Flu vaccine is a primary vector for spreading the flu. Many people get the flu from the vaccine itself – they will tell you straight out – and I do know at least one person who got that year’s flu from her husband’s vaccine. Yes, this is a very serious article, and I wish the author had given suggestions for avoiding H5N1 – even if it were just “cook your poultry well” and “scrub your hands well after placing poultry in the pan”. One thing that won’t hurt anybody is to keep up on your Vitamin D. If bird flu is like other flues, Vitamin D works better than any vaccine in preventing the flu –

  15. sunshine says:

    sounds like another way of bring fear on to people which leads them to vaccines – which is population control.

  16. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    Hey Guys, just want to be clear here, Dr. Williams is on our side here. LOL!

    We’re going to publish – if it becomes more of an issue – some information that you can use to protect yourself.

    Right now, there’s no need to panic, be concerned or get a flu shot (ever.)


  17. Debbi says:

    “It infected 565 people, and killed 331 of them. That’s a death rate of close to 60 percent.”

    Out of a population of how many exposed people and where? So what is the rate of people getting sick to people not affected?

  18. samantha says:

    To d.parameswaran
    I am battling the herpes virus and I am completely bed ridden and in horrible pain. Would this natural herb that you mentioned help me? Where can I get it and maybe could I contact you for help?

    To ani
    Please read above about my battle with herpes virus/epstein bar/shingles………would gelsemium 30c help me? Where can I get it?

    Thanks for any help anyone could give……..I think about ending it all everyday but I will never give up. God has a plan for me!

    I have been battling this for 16 months and in horrible pain…..

  19. Ira Edwards says:

    H5N1 flu is a serious disease, and it is a good thing if they can produce a vaccine that will protect. The problem is that present flu vaccines do not protect. The figures used to promote flu vaccines are not disease protection rate, but serum antibody presence. They do not do actual placebo controlled studies, they say, because “it is not ethical to withhold the vaccine for a placebo, since we know it works.” That would have some validity if it did work.
    There has been valid studies in the past, according to the Cochrane Collaboration, and the net protection was zero.
    Don’t expect any protection by avoiding birds. When there is an epidemic, you will get it from people.
    Again, get sunshine, vitamin D, adequate good fats, and support your immune system. If you should get a serious virus disease, the treatment best proven is intravenous vitamin C.
    The body quickly depletes vitamin C when disease hits, so at the first symptom take large amounts orally. Then IV if more is needed.
    I’m not a medical provider, so confirm my information with your local doctor. I only repeat what I glean from many sources. (Wishful thinking that your drug-oriented doctor will know much about vitamin C!)

  20. ani says:

    For Samantha and others with herpes.

    It may take me a while to find the info, but there are some folks who claim to have ‘cured’ themselves of herpes and I will search a bit every day and post all that I can find, including the answer to your question about gelsemium.

    To start with, go to and go direct to their blog. There may be some information there. We use a lot of Dr. Christopher’s herbs and find them extremely reliable. In fact, they saved my life, literally, this year.

    Dr. Christopher died a few years back, but his son is also an herbalist and very good, you could maybe even be able to speak to him direct.

    I have to find the address (email, that is) for you to get info re the young Dr. Christopher.

    It will take me a while, but you will get some help from the info.

  21. ani says:

    For Samantha and others:

    I subscribe also to Dr. Ingrid. She is an M.D., also sells herbs, etc.

    Go to this site and search her site, you can also leave her an email —

    The two sites that I have mentioned should in no way cause any competition for Kev. His food items and these other herbs and info should compliment each other very nicely.

    Found one email address, this is also where one can go to school and become an herbalist, and or speak with the young Dr. Christopher.

    Here is where you can find a huge wealth of information re all that Dr. Christopher did and what to use for all kinds of ailments. Now, you don’t have to wait for me to find anything, I did it and it is all here in this email.

  22. Samantha says:

    Dear Ani,

    Thank you sooo much for the information!! You are awesome!!

    Did you get a phone number or e-mail for Dr. Christopher? I did not see it……….Let me know, that would be of great help to me!! I know the herbs are the way to go. How did it help you?? What is your story?

    Thanks again for your help and anymore that you could provide for me.

    God Bless You,

  23. Don says:

    An interesting read (although a skim read).
    I read an interesting article a few years ago in a poutry magazine (around the time of the last H5N1 pandemic) that explained the spread of bird flu. It showed that the spread was in an East – West (and visa-versa) direction not North – South as migratory birds fly. With this in mind the researchers writing the article then looked at the spread and timing of the disease town by town. This spread was found to be along the main transport routes that the factory poultry farms used to get their product to market. Therefore the information from the FAO is misleading to say the least, if not a down right lie.
    In another article (can’t remember where) it was stated that if poultry consumed 3 – 5 blades of natural healthy grass a day they are immune to H5N1.
    As for vaccines, they don’t work and at worst cause more disease than they prevent. This is a great marketing device for mega rich global corporations that don’t have you welfare at heart. I could go on for hours with this one.

    Live life, eat healthy, and question the experts. They don’t know what they don’t know.

    Cheers Don

  24. ani says:

    Hi Samantha,

    Herbal legacy is where you go to get all the info that Dr. Christopher (now deceased) had when he was alive.

    Look up Dr. Christopher’s school of herbal medicine.

    If I were to tell my story, I would steal the thunder and whole show from Kev and Dr. Williams, and I never ever want to do that. Suffice it to say I can hold my own with any doctor (MD or natural medicine). And, I could teach them some things that would open many doors for them, but again, that is not my purpose or mission.

    I really like Dr. Williams and Kev… they have glorious auras, is the best way that I know how to put it.

    My walk in life has been to follow God, no one else, and that sure means a whole lot of stumbling around, but then I finally learn a bit and then stumble along some more then learn a bit more and that is the basic story of my life. Believe me, I know for certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt how much there is to learn from God and how extreme much that I do not know.

  25. samantha says:

    Dear ani
    I agree with you about god……..I know he has a plan for me even though I am in horrific pain every second of every day…….there is a reason.
    I was wondering if you would be interested in maybe helping me? You sound amazing and I think god put you in my path for a reason. If you could my email is I would love to tell you my story and see what your thoughts are…….it is out of a sci do movie for sure. I would love your help. whatever you decide as I am sure you are very busy. I eagerly await for help……
    god bless you…..

  26. samantha says:

    My email is

  27. Jeni says:

    Hidden Truth documentary ALL about the vacination con!!

    Good information taken from history and will answer many Questions you may have.

  28. cath mcdonald says:

    The definition of a pandemic was recently changed to describe geograhic spread of disease precluding volume of infection. This means 20 people in twenty countries can have bird flu and it is a pandemic. Furthermore most deaths from bird flu, certainly in Australia, occured in people with compromised health ie: cancer, old age, diabetes. Australia spent hundreds of millions of dollars buying vaccines that were not used and at no point looked like they would be required. The media was feeding the frenzy of a non existent pandemic ( based on volume )and in order for the Australian government to look resposible and caring it spent hundreds of millions of tax payer money on a vaccine that was not used, more than likely will not be used and is slowly coming to its used by date. I think this is a disgrace although the pharmaceutical industry may diagree.

  29. samantha
    3:48 pm on October 22nd, 2011

    To d.parameswaran
    I am battling the herpes virus and I am completely bed ridden and in horrible pain. Would this natural herb that you mentioned help me? Where can I get it and maybe could I contact you for help?
    I never got notice of these queries. I could have helped her.Hope she is alright now.
    Any way, my site gives my address:

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