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Look at that smile… teeth are as white as the snow on the mountain!

One of the larger issues with eating extreme type diets is that somethings strange things happen that you’ve never seen before in your life.

Two of them, that I’ve both encountered are specifically related to the teeth – tooth sensitivity and staining.

Today, I’ll address whether or not cultured vegetables are to blame for this as well as what to do to get your teeth in tip-top shape.

Here we go…

First from Satori who’s a long time reader and commenter!

“I have a question regarding cultured vegetable. I think it’s damaging my teeth. It’s making my teeth very sensitive. I also noticed that it’s staining my teeth, but I solved this problem with tooth brightener and oil pulling. Have you experienced the same issue or is it just me?” – Satori

Satori, before anything else, thanks for being a loyal reader / viewer for so long! Ann and I – and everyone else over here – really appreciate it.

As for your teeth, there are a couple of things to consider…

Fermented foods alone should not cause your teeth to be sensitive.

In my experience – I’ll tell it in a second – tooth sensitivity comes from the inability to digest your food properly causing an acidic and mineral poor condition in the body.

So to be extremely clear, sensitive teeth are not good to have.

Let me explain what happened to me.

About 3-4 years ago, I noticed my teeth were super sensitive. I’d get into the shower and rinse out my mouth (filtered water!) and the hot water would make my teeth ache like crazy.

Other times, if it was cold out, I’d breathe in the air and it would feel like needles were being stuck into my teeth – not in a pleasant way.

I had heard all the talk about raw fooders (which I was a committed one then) and their teeth problems, but I ignored it for a while. I thought maybe it was a stage.

That wasn’t true.

It stayed the same for at least 6 months.

During that time, I tested my mineral levels – which were low – and I worked with some practitioners who came to the conclusion that I was not assimilating my food well. My digestive fire had become a pilot light.

So for about another 12 months, I slowly changed my diet and the sensitivity started to go away.

Now, 3-4 years later, I have none. What I did worked and so I want to share it with you now.

But here’s the thing – I’m not sure what exactly worked or if everything worked together, but I can give you a list of items that I added to help restore my teeth (and overall health.)

Feel free to experiment with some or all to see if you get the same results.

Here’s the list…

– Seaweeds in smoothies every day.
– Cellfood drops.
– Vitamineral Green or Ormus Greens daily.
– Marine Phytoplankton.
– Green juices.
– Goat’s kefir.
– Cooked food – steamed vegetables, tubers, and grains.
– Sunwarrior rice protein.
– HCL Supplement
– Digestive Enzymes

Amino acids and mineral supplementation is the first place to go, since if you’re not digesting your food properly and stoking the fire, you won’t break down your protein into amino acids for assimilation. You also won’t be able to make the minerals easily absorbable either.

Some people will scoff at what I’ve written here (or find some sort of reason to explain why it’s wrong), but as I write this, my tooth sensitivity is completely gone. I can drink hot tea or ice cold water with no issues whatsoever. Something clearly made a difference, so if you have this problem, be open to experimenting and finding out what gets rid of it for you.

So, Satori, I’m almost positive it’s not the fermented foods, but it’s an issue of a larger scale – that (good news) is reversible.

Next up, a question from Chris…

“I suspected that Kim-chi from my local Korean restaurant was making my teeth sensitive, and discoloring them (internally). I recently developed a dark spot on the tip of my front tooth. Strangely, I noticed someone at the health food store with a dark spot in the exact same spot. Kevin, do you know anything about this?”

Thanks for your question, Chris!

Again, referencing the first question, in my experience fermented foods won’t cause the sensitivity, it’s a wider scale issue.

What I didn’t mention above, is that it may be possible that the fermented foods – which on the surface of your teeth could be somewhat acidic in nature – would assist in making sensitive teeth slightly more sensitive. But, healthy teeth aren’t formed from the outside. The condition of your teeth is directly related to the internal environment of your body.

So, in terms of sensitivity, I’ll stick to the answer above in most cases.

As for the stains, I have a story about this too. (Sometimes I wonder what haven’t I experienced on this journey, LOL!)

One day around the same time as my teeth were super-sensitive, I looked in the mirror, smiled and freaked out.

I noticed a bunch of dark spots on them and they looked very, very yellow and brown.

Because of my existing sensitivity issue, I thought it was only a matter of months that my teeth would start falling out – just as the raw food nay-sayer prophecy had dictated.

I needed to get to the dentist fast.

So I went, and I told him that me teeth were falling out.

He asked, “how do you know that?”

“Because they’re turning brown and have spots all over them.”

“Do you eat salad and drink green juice?” He responded.

“Ummm, yeah… why?”

He went on to explain that these dark leafy green vegetables can stain your teeth very easily. He cleaned them up with a little abrasive paste and told me to look in the mirror and see if I was satisfied.

I did.

My teeth were pearly white. No stains in sight.

It was a massive relief and I learned a lot from it.

First, I learned that these stains will come and go if you eat greens and you just need to make sure you see a dentist about once every 6 months to clean everything up. I went to the dentist about 5 months ago and now I have some stains coming back that will be wiped out when I go back in a month.

Second, I learned that (as Satori says) if you use a product like Tooth Soap, you need to also use an abrasive like Tooth Brightener to help remove the stains.

(I don’t have the patience for oil pulling, but there is some evidence that it’s effective for whitening teeth and killing bacteria.)

Most commercial tooth pastes have abrasive agents in them that will help scrape away brown and green spots before they are noticeable. When you switch to natural methods like Tooth Soap, you remove all the nasty chemicals, but you also remove the abrasives.

So adding Tooth Brightener to your routine – once a week – will help you remove some of those stains. But go to a dentist first to get your mouth fully examined and cleaned, then start your protocol with whatever products you feel necessary.

I hope this helps the two of you get through these issues. Let me know how it goes for you both!

Your question of the day: Have you had tooth problems? How did you address them?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Thomas says:

    I don’t have problems with my teeth, I eat a balanced diet and get them cleaned at a dentist’s like you do.

    When I lived in Mallorca I noticed the stains and brown spots on lots of people. I was told the water lacked calcium, so I did like my friend and ate a calcium wafer each day. I never got any stains or brown spots either. Maybe you just needed the calcium from your goat milk kefir to balance your diet and help your teeth.

    Isn’t tooth brightener just baking soda? 🙂

  2. Manda says:

    I’ve been using the protocol from Dr. Ellie’s dental system successfully for two years (, and have been eating raw for nine months. I use xylitol daily as part of that system. At first there was a lot of staining as plaque died off, but now the staining is very minimal. My teeth are whiter and shinier than they’ve ever been, with no sensitivity.

    Thanks for the great website and thought-provoking articles.

  3. Ingrid says:

    I too am concerned about my teeth. I brush after drinking my smoothie but still find them yellowing. It tried the tooth soap and whitener but did not like them, sorry. The tooth soap did not get my teeth clean so I had to go back to regular natural tooth paste. I am on a search for something better. As far as the whitener goes it did not do any whitening I could notice. The good news is I have less sensitivity since I started eating fermented vegetables which I make myself and love.

  4. Gen says:

    Thanks for this excellent information, Kevin. My digestion was wrecked due to having taken too many antibiotics but a naturopath helped me straighten it out again, using some of the same ideas. As well, I take probiotics to build up the intestinal flora as I don’t do kefir very well.

    Also, along with tooth soap, one could clean the teeth occasionally with baking soda which helps to keep the teeth white.


  5. Tosia says:

    I find that my teeth become sensitive when I have eaten too many tomato-based dishes. I usually start with fresh tomatoes that I just chop up into whatever dish I need (usually cooked). But I find my body becomes overly acidic when I over-indulge, and my first sign is always that my teeth just hurt. They hurt even when I am not drinking hot or cold, or breathing cold air. They just always hurt. Re-balancing my body and focusing more on raw foods usually helps within about a week.
    Thanks for all of the great work here – and from everyone’s comments. None of us are “textbook” beings so I love to hear all of the non-textbook responses!


  6. Wendy says:

    I had problems. Corrected my Vitamin D level and problems resolved.

  7. Catherine says:

    Apparently there is more than one way to get sensitive teeth. My teeth and the bone they are in are dense and strong, and I have had no cavities or other dental problems due to any weakening of my teeth. But I have sensitive teeth because of some toothpaste I used in the past (from the health food store) that had too coarse of a grit. It scratched my teeth, leaving the honeycomb-like inner part exposed. I have to use sensitive teeth toothpaste, which has an ingredient to plug the little holes.

  8. mary says:

    For those who take calcium, make sure that you also take Vit.D3 and magnesium with it as they help the to use the calcium. With out that the calcium gets washed out, not absorbed.
    Also, I use xyzotol toothpaste w/ whitner and zylotol mouth wash. My teeth and gums don’t hurt any more. I had several infections. Xylotol is a nautural antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral.
    I am glad that I can now get on and make comments now, it was frustrating not to be able to get on for a while.

  9. Isabella says:

    I had very sensitive teeth too. Great improvement happened when I stopped using toothpaste of any kind. Now I brush my teeth with baking soda, soda with cinnamon, peppermint oil, himalayan salt or Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap. No, not all together! but alternating between them all.

  10. Jacquie says:

    I’m experiencing sensitive teeth right now. I use the same protocol as Isabella, above, but I had made a change. I did Adya Clarity shots for about 1.5 months before I noticed that I had a dark spot on one of my two front teeth and my teeth would hurt when I ate something sweet like a date. I stopped the Adya shots, but my teeth still really hurt now and then. Anyone ever heard of Adya shots causing tooth sensitivity?

  11. Anne says:

    Hi there,

    I have to say that I also had a bad case of teeth sensitivity that I associated with fermented veggies. My teeth became sensitive to the point that they hurt all the time and I thought I needed a root canal. But hoping that wasn’t the case, I refrained from eating fermented veggies for a week or two and within days the situation improved and within a week I had no pain whatsoever so I’m a bit sceptical about your comments Kevin. Now I eat fermented veggies but less than before (I use to eat a lot and I would make them very very sour by leaving them 8 days on the counter) and if I feel the situation returning I back off them for a bit.

    Thanks for your work

  12. Blessings says:

    Blessings all,

    One of the things i found that with tooth sensitivity, that it can also be a sign that you need more water, and are dehydrated. So you could try to increase the amount of water you are drinking (room temperature is best for the body) and then see if the symtoms go away. Dehydration causes many weird and wonderful things in our bodies.

    Hope that this perhaps helps someone.

    Blessings, Brian

  13. Lester says:

    I applaud your article in that you honestly share with us that it took up to 3-4 years to cure your teeth sensitivity while some sources, such as The Healthy Economist, make hard to believe claims they can cure a large decayed cavity hole in a tooth in several weeks. Food/minerals is one approach to resolve the issue. Sometimes the forces breaking down a tooth are greater than the body’s ability to repair itself, even using food and minerals as medicine. At various stages of life, hormonal changes may lead to unconscious teeth grinding and stress in general can trigger bruxism with teeth sensitivity. Swimming in over-chlorinated pools can be a factor. Inhaling toxic fumes at the workplace, etc.

  14. Daryl says:


    Has anyone tried any of those “tooth
    remineralization” protocols out there?
    Are they really efficacious?

  15. Marleeza says:

    I am fortunate enough to have a soft laser that works great when you think you may be on your way to a root canal situation. I just positioned a probe attachment on my tooth and held it till the pain subsided. Did it a few days in a row, and the pain has been gone indefinitely.

    As for discoloration and gum health, bar none, the best thing I’ve ever used for brushing is MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). For extra fast whitening, a little powdered zeolite packs quite a punch.

  16. Cheryl says:

    As a licensed dental hygienist, I can tell you that fermented and acidic foods CAN cause tooth sensitivity! Also, teeth can become sensitive along the gumline when the teeth are brushed too aggressively, or with a medium or hard bristled toothbrush, incorrect form, or from too abrasive pastes. When the gum gets recessed by these actions, the more delicate structure of the dentin exposed, and can become extremely sensitive. It would be better to use a more gentle paste with a Q-tip to scrub the problem areas. Even a dry Q-tip can remove quite a bit of plaque and stain. Abrasive pastes, over time, will wear away the enamel of the tooth, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. There are some newer pastes that do help remineralize weakened enamel, through your dentist. Hope this helps 😀

  17. Chris says:

    Thanks for answering this question! I went straight to the bathroom and scrubbed my teeth with toothpaste and baking soda using a washcloth. No change. I’m pretty sure the dark spot on the tip of one of my front teeth (inside corner) is internal. The location just doesn’t make any sense for it to be external. It must have something to do with the vascular organization that the color change occurs there first. And it must be more than coincidence that I saw someone else with discoloration in the *exact* same spot (with otherwise beautiful teeth), and she was young, thin, and healthy-looking. And at least one other commenter here described something similar.
    Anyway, back to possible causes…
    I did start eating about 50% raw foods about 2 years ago, including increased probiotics such as apple cider vinegar, saurkraut, and kim-chi to help counteract what my naturopath said was poor digestion. Like another commenter mentioned, my strong suspicion is that I overdid the probiotics, and maybe the extreme spiciness as well as the bitterness of the napa cabbage in the kim-chi contributed too. Not only that, but I was testing whether I could reintroduce a small amount of wheat back into my diet at the time, which I’ve since realized was a bad idea. So it could have been a combination of things.
    The good news is that it seems to be slowly improving, maybe because I have mellowed out on the raw foods and kim-chi, and have completely eliminated wheat again. Also taking a few high-quality vitamin and mineral supplements.

  18. hyesun says:

    my teeth did hurt when i ate fermented veggies that i made with the starter (from donna gates). when i didn’t use the starter, my teeth were fine. i’m not sure why…….but the veggies were MUCH more sour when i used the starter. so i stopped doing that. other than that, i do drink a lot of lemon water and use apple cider vinegar for salad dressings, and i think those have worn down my enamel. i want to try to heal my tooth problems with high vitamin butter oil and cod liver oil, as i’ve read about people who have reversed their tooth issues with those and also bone broth.

  19. Selina says:

    My dentist said that baking soda is very bad for the teeth in the long run, it may destroy the enamel.

    My teeth has improved somewhat, I still need to use Sensodyne. A few years ago my teeth were so bad that it hurt just by breathing in cold air.

    My diet has improved a lot since then, and I also think that drinking nettle infusion has helped with tooth sensitivity even further. Nettles are very high in minerals.

  20. nilsholgerson says:

    hi Kevin,

    i have a teetth story. and my teeth are a placce where i alwayslook for. they are sensitive. and i do oil pulling. mouthwash with different herbs. also i include animal products and cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil. i eat a lot raw foods.

    i read stories on teeth regrow. also modern science is on the way to regrow teeth.
    i wish we can once regrwo teetth. i wishh i can regrow teeth.

    i noticed food is a big issue concerning tteeth. and tteeth ccan be fine over years on one day it pops like popccorn and you see your selfmade illusion.

    its important to care about teet. i ask how fasting or special enzyme products heelp this.

    i also ask myself what chap simple things might help. enzymes or seaweed is relatively expensice, beside you live directly at tthe coast. still there is a bunch of eedible plants out there for free. so why buy all this superfood whenn there is maybe a better way for free?!

    i heard the stories of jaquie davidion and gginger from the rawpath who both rreport teeth regrowthh. other stories of teeth regrow or more mystic and maybe also inccented by some people.?!

    its a dream a wish. its a struggle. does anyone know anything on teeth regrow.
    this is the last thing i heard on healing tteeth she used a nanomineral solution in addition to a healthhy real food diet to heal her teeth.

    so how we can heal teeth. we can give minerals to the skin in the mouth. we can heal our teeth by being in loveful relationships where we feel loved and accepted and can live our inner crazyness.
    And alos we need a healthy digestion and a healthy good food.
    AAnd we have tto ccare on our all body. on our skin on everything.

    if some one feel to contact me please do or send me miraccle healig or herbs. or whatever. emil(a@t)

    I kow special sounds help teeth healing. specciaal sound heal the regrowth of bones and it also support teeth healingg. so its important to be connected to tthis sounds.

    so it can be that you listen to jazz or rock music. so shift your music to more heealinng music!

    Or put on some socks. orr have a air bath in cold air for a short gentle time. be aware withh overdoing.

    On problem i have ihave a chronic bulimia. wwhich occurs in a form of rumilation, this is i eat something and thenn i throw up and chew it again. tthis is also aggresivve for the tteeth. also its helps to get the food smaller.

    im suprised how honestt im writing on this topic. im wanna come home find a suiting job orr lifesituation. be in a good time, be with me a lovely people. and healing.

    my wish for the future is healing. also if healing is a to concrete goal for a lot people.

    i wwish i can be healing my teeth. i deccided not going to the dentist. and it healed also my teeth my teeth arre more stabilized. i think if you wanna heal your teeth you have to get clear in your head. cleear in your spirit. and this is aintt medittation or yoga this is more just being witth yourself and listening to yourself. its just working less. doing less prrojects. and living more. eat tto live instead of eatt to think.

    also i notice in my case. that eatting habitts and teeetth problems occur in a line. so what abbout journal making. im nnot a guy like journals so im just a bit awarre when i eat. how do i feel now. when i eat. how do i feel before i eat? which feeling make me eating? look at the emotions and the inner picttures? You will discoveer eendless tthings behind tthe eating cravvings*

    Thhe teeth arre in the head, with ears and nose and brain. all on a very little spot. close together. and do you think when the teeth are ill the nose wwill be sick as well the ear also. so mayybe do less computer! or listen less sounds. or smell something lovely!.

    you will find nice ssmells forr free. like i found an ccitrus fruit whicch smells through my room from a tree here in germanny.

    another thing computer and eelctric devicces. maybe you cant stop unplugging all them. justt unplug some or use leess computer. i feel ssome body parrts get numb if i ovveruse computer.

    so just feel more and be more aware.

    i think comunity is much tthe most important. having people around you who can give you love and wanna give you love.

    maybe you are in a city where you need lot of money. thenn try to make you life peaacee ful. im also struggling. maybe other places are more peacefull than your placce. or there is a lovve where we cann find lovve.

    maybbe do a song or a poetry. disccover oyurrself.

    from my self. i feel tired by myyself annd by al the noise outside. also thhe compter is a tireryng friend. i phoned with a friend yesterday and maybbe we are different?!

    i also sour some veggetable and eat tthe. maybe some were a little bit bad smelling. still i feelits also nourrishing. sso maybe being overperfect iss more harming than just accepting the little ugly smell!!!

    ill continue in the nexxt post.

  21. nilsholgerson says:

    i wish to havve some testtimonials from people who healed ttheir teeth ouut of situation without dentist.t

    and i wish to havve people who heal their teeth with the help of their own taking carre for themselfes. maybe doing some herbal tthings. and doing some digetion or some cleansing or what ever orr playing with animals or dogs. or listening to healingg classiccla or healing sounds! orr ultrasounds.

    please share your stories with me!

    you nevver know wht is beehind a person.
    so im welcome to all peoples healing stories and very appriciate detailed descriton. allso if oyu havve heealing experienced and describe the chair in your childrens home and the otther furniture and accesoirs.

    this shows a form of trust and autheentic athmosphere which leads to a deeper exxperience while reading.

    im totally apprecciatingg stories on heeling hhope i can connectt to them. and wish to find healing and make a pot of knowledge for teeth healing.

    maybe i also can help healing other peeoples teeth one day orr sharre my exxperience. also its important to set limitattions on my skills and exxperiences and abitlities and needs! so that we can ffind peeaceful loveful and healing relationships. which lett us our healing dreams create healing sounds and athmospheres.

    take care get love!


  22. Stephanie says:

    I came across this article a couple of days ago and honestly was really intrigued. I have never heard of being able to reverse cavities with diet. I also interpolated that if you could heal a cavity you can rebuild tooth enamel? I don’t know if this is true or whether the “remedy” is bad for other health reasons but I thought I would pass it along as it seems to be another example where there is a natural solution and most of us don’t even know about it.

  23. suzanne says:

    I used Sensodyne for yrs. and it seemed to make them worse. I dreaded going to the dentist knowing they would be scraping some sensitive teeth. The hygienist started me swishing for a minute before cleaning a product (Oraqix – lidocaine and prilocaine periodontal gel) 2.5%/2.5%. It says “indicated for adults who require localized anesthesia in periodontal pockets during scaling and/or root planing.”

    My need for this has lessened GREATLY by my use of Uncle Harry’s Tooth Powder for Sensitive Teeth.
    One of its ingredients is neem powder. Love this stuff, a little messy, watery, taste one gets used to. But I can poke my teeth now and feel absolutely no sensitivity. And its cheap – about $10 for a bottle that one just sprinkles on the toothbrush.

  24. Ann says:

    To Jacquie: I still use Adya Clarity every day, and did shots for about 90 days. I have never had an issue with my teeth at all. As Kevin and others have said here, try changing other things in your life to see that’s causing that.

    I also eat a small amount of fermented foods every day (usually a tablespoon), and have never had tooth sensitivity issues. Some days I eat more (cuz I love them), but a tablespoon is enough to get the benefits!

  25. Satori says:

    Hi, Kevin

    Thank you for answering my question! My teeth become sensitive only when I eat cultured vegetables. So I think there is a relationship between them. However, I do like my teeth to be strong enough for some acidic food like fermented veggies. So I think I’ll try a mineral test to see what’s missing since I’m doing most of the things you listed already.

    My body does have a problem absorbing nutrients. I noticed that when I started to eat Sunwarrior rice protein. When I started to eat this easy to digest protein, I gained weight first time in my adult life!!! My body and health still got a lot to work with, but I think it’s fun to solve issues one by one:)

    BTW, Jonny 5, he needs more on-air time!

  26. QC says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    I do think teeth sensitive could relate to eating acidic food. I don’t eat fermented veggies because the acid hurts my rheumatoid arthritis. But after I eat some acidic oranges, my teeth became sensitive for a few days. I corrected it by eating more green smoothies.

    You haven’t mentioned anything about black stain. I got this nasty stain from my raw diet. They are like dotted lines around my gum lines. I had a hard time get rid of them. Now, I use a professional electric brush and go to the dentist every 3 month to keep them at bay. Glad that I have insurance coverage, otherwise I’ll be broke!

  27. sue says:

    I have very good teeth…however during blueberry season, I developed blue teeth! The dentist couldn’t seem to figure it out…

    I think I got these teeth genetically from my father who, by the way, brushed all the time w/ baking soda, and had any (few) cavity filled w/ gold.

  28. g says:

    Tooth Soap is awful stuff!! I bought some because it was recommended on the Health Ranger’s site. I found that it quickly made my teeth yellow & definitely much more sensitive. I persevered for some weeks because it had sounded so good & i trusted the source of the information…however it was Not for me! Back on regular natural toothpaste for months now & teeth much happier & cleaner. I then gave it to my partner who was interested & thought it may work for him… but he soon gave up on it too after the same results. Just needed to share that because i was really disapointed, & for a while there, scared for my teeth!

  29. Josephine says:

    I get sensitive teeth when I eat refined foods and foods not on my blood-type diet. They do much better once my bloodstream is happy and filled with good minerals. Refined sugar is a real culprit.

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