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If the lectures at the UC-Berkeley Edible Education 101 course continue to be this good, I’m going to keep posting them…

Today, the discussion is about finding out what foods make us fat. This topic is presented by Patricia Crawford, M.P.H. DR.P.H, RD, Director, Robert and Veronica Atkins UC Berkeley Center for Weight and Health and Robert Lustig, M.D.

What you’ll find here is some very strong correlations to certain foods and diet as well as some pretty serious myth busting. (Think low fat craze…)

Take a look here (my comments and highlights follow below the video)…

Here are my thoughts…

1. Patricia Crawford states we “don’t know too much about phytonutrients.”

And she’s right. When it comes down to it, what we really know is that they’re in fruits and vegetables and when we eat these things – we tend to be healthier.

What’s interesting is that we probably don’t know much about some other things in food as well.

I recently heard from Kevin Trudeau’s talk (at the Longevity Now Conference) that 30% of food matter is unidentifiable. I can’t confirm this, so I wouldn’t quote it. But, I’m sure there are more things in food that we’ll discover along the way – then finally admit that we didn’t need to know about many of them anyway, since it’s just best to eat whole foods.

2. Beta-carotene in food source, not isolated and synthetic.

Patricia talks about some studies done with humans and isolated beta-carotene. They were not successful for reducing the incidence of cancer. This is interesting, but at the same time, quite understandable. If you isolate some nutrients, they aren’t able to work as part of a whole. A football team can’t win with only their start player on the field – there are 10 others out there helping out on either side of the ball. Also, if you take synthetic compounds and pass them off as the same thing that nature provided, you get something that looks the same, but may not act the same isolated.

3. I love that obesity map.

Patricia shows a visual obesity map that is very powerful. Since 1991, you can see the color representation of obesity over the US year by year. The amount of color that invades the map as the years go by is shocking.

4. Pupil Nutrition, Health and Achievement Act of 2001

This Act was put into place in California to lower the amount of junk food in schools. It initially came under fire because by removing the junk food the schools and cafeterias thought they would lose money. (Funny, how money is a higher priority than a child’s health.)

When put to the test, it actually made the cafeterias more profitable. The Act also slowed a rising trend of obesity in California.

5. Compensation: Solid Sugar vs. Liquid

In a study, Patricia explains that when someone drinks sugary foods they feel 9% compensated. When they eat solid sugar foods they feel 64% compensated.

This means, when you drink your calories in the form of sweet drinks, you will eat more.

6. Dietary fat and low whole grains show moderate evidence in relation to obesity.

Basically, this means that eating fat isn’t exactly what will make you obese. There are other more specific items – which mainly are included in processed foods.

7. Some humor at the end.

Patricia had a funny joke at the end of her talk. I want you to watch the video, so I’m not going to share. 🙂

8. “You are so screwed.”

Robert Lustig doesn’t really have bedside manner.

He says to the students “you are so screwed” if they expect government health care in 2050.

Stats to back this up are 165 million people are estimated to be obese in 2030 and 100 million will have diabetes by 2050.

9. We eat this stuff like candy… wait, it is…


Our ancestors ate approximately 15 grams per day.

Before WWII – 16-24 grams per day.

In 1994 – 54.7 grams per day.

This increase is correlated directly with the increase in obesity around the world.

10. A partial explanation.

Dr. Lustig talks briefly about how fructose is metabolized in the body in this video. If you really want to geek out on this, then you can see this full 1:20+ video on sugar that I posted a little while ago: click here!

I want to know your thoughts: What do you think is making us fat?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Wendy says:

    I am loving these lectures. Thanks so much.

  2. Shelley says:

    I have a had time listening to experts talking about reducing obesity when they themselves are obese. Is that wrong? I think there was valuable information they shared but I question why they can’t put into practice what they know – which leads me to wonder if behavior issues are as important in the obesity problem as nutrition. And that sounds complicated when a simple solution would be much better.

  3. Sarah says:

    To Shelly: I tell my students: we are all born with a different deck of cards. You hope to achieve optimal health which means that you can be as healthy as YOUR BODY can be. Not someone else’s body. Many people who have come to the heath field did so because they had health issues of their own and have spent a lifetime dealing with them. Kevin is right: thin people can be unhealthy as well.
    I believe that the most simple explanation for the level of obesity in this country is our food supply. I have lived all over the world and there is no comparison with this country regarding the amount of junk food available. I truly believe that the obese are starving to death – they eat and eat becasue their metabolism cannot process the “information” given to their cells feom the food they are eating.

  4. monica says:

    Hi, Are green smoothies bad?
    what about juicing greens? I love Renegade, it’s getting better and better. You are doing a great job guys.

  5. Kuru says:

    TV and Computer games. Chips, Soft Drinks, Pasta, Sugar. Pretty simple.

  6. morgaine says:


    serious research. not yes raw or no raw but science not opinion…we all have an opinion but kids, we have to back it up and again and again but there are lots of random stats which are fun to hang on to and throw around at parties…

  7. nilsholgerson says:

    What make us fat I thhink the needd to ddo less make us fat. Cause we think we are facing a hard winter.

    I think we arre fat cause wwe wanna bee ffat. Its a uncconsinous decision to be more massivv and more fat. Cause we wanna bemore connected to tthe ground. we wanna be more accepted as a worrthy person.

    If you have had time with worth food supply and maybe homeless and eating crap food in homeless shelter orr cheap foods or dumpstered bad food. or what ever you will eat a lot when you get good food. its just cause you tthink you wontt get it again. its a lot also social. i think fat is a cultural and climate things. in a warm climate being ffat isnt very senseful except you have the culture like in the muslim cultures or other mediterianean ccultures. where people get fatt. why some people get fat. they move less.????its all unanswered.

    ???????We get fatt cause wwe need to be fat. i tthink if you look at gorrilas or oranng utans noone of the is slim all they are massive. we need to have a amounnt. we are fat cause we are chronical underfeed.

    we are getting fat cause fat is heating in cold night. cause we livingg up north. you only need fat iff fat is available. what is faty. and how is it made? its greasy?some ggettig fat cause they eat fat when they are thirsty? some getting ffat is why they eat some little diary cheese. that i heard from rennegatehealthblog.

    i think the biggest thing for getting fat iss a mental a spirituaal a social and cultural ssetting. you gget fat cause you need it. if you gget unhelatthy fatt its also i sign of challangening yourrself. we gget fat of being alife being something. taking care of ourself. ggive ourselff love. its not why we getting fat? Fat and fat is diffferent? there are different kinds of fat. Good fat and bad fat! If we gget bad fat we are sicck and unhealthy if we get good fat we are on a perod where we are fat and later we can get slim again. bad fat stores toxins massivly gbgood fatis holding us warm. we get ffat cuase we are from a cold climate culture so we havve to eatt ffor the winter. cause animals get fat for winter to. we get fat cause animals around us get ffat also cause they wanna surive winter.

  8. Frank says:

    I have heard so many experts try to take apart a wrong theory and somehow to get it to work. In short it says, “More food and less exercise will make you fat.” In my opinion that is just wrong thinking. How many vegans who have been such for some time, do you know that are gross over-weight? What is one of the first good things that happen when they go on such a diet? They loose weight. That won’t mean they are healthier, just thinner. (I can go into that at another time. and tell you how to get both healthier and thinner.)
    I say, veggies don’t cause toxins in the body when our food is digested. Many foods cause toxins and our liver can only filter out so much. The rest of the toxins are stored in our fat cells. When we eat foods that don’t cause toxins, if our liver is healthy and is not being over-loaded with new toxins, It can go to work on the toxins stored in our fat cells. And get rid of them. Pee them out. A really simple solution then is, don’t eat foods that create toxins in our body.
    Don’t stop exercise. It circulates the blood back through the liver. Do that so the liver can filter the toxins from our blood. All exercise is good. We can talk another time, about how to feed your liver for it to regain it’s health and to stay healthy . “your liver must deliver.”

  9. nilsholgerson says:

    when this guy list the diets and ask what they all share? low sugar high fiber! What is 801010? people loose weight and eat sweet fruits* and also high fiber. maybbe sweet fruits are diffferent than sweet candy.

  10. Nikki says:

    I’m kinda with nilsholgerson – I think the fructose argument is ridiculous. Take a look at “The Fruitarian” or other high carb raw vegans who get the vast majority of their calories from fruit.

  11. Leandro says:

    Thet still recommend eating dairy and meet. Do they look healthy themselves. Compare them to the doctors that recommend a plant based diet. The maps and statistics were great, but their solutions, sucks. And by the way smoothies, do not suck if they are made with thai coconuts, whole fruits and greens. They need to discover them. Leandro Seoane

  12. Aroze says:

    Thank you Kevin; I enjoy much of what you share. This particular video, however, felt a bit like hearing a smoker attempt to teach others how to quit smoking.

  13. Here’s the short answer… though I realize it’s not this simple, but this is it.

    1. Eat less.
    1a. Drink MUCH less alcohol.
    2. Move more.

    That would be an awfully short and boring blog post though. 🙂


  14. O says:

    “We don’t got no sugar rehab.” That guy was hilarious. Even without the bedside manner he was great.

  15. AP says:

    If you want to read more about the fructose debate, you may want to look here http://sweetpoison.com.au/ and here http://www.raisin-hell.com/. His books are scary, but empowering in helping to give up sugar/fructose.

  16. Christy says:

    I’m confused about that guys take on smoothies. He said that they suck but then went on to talk about juicing. But why are smoothies bad if you don’t remove the fiber?

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      @Christy: I don’t think he has any idea of the difference between a health smoothie and a McDonald’s one. His specialty (and a respected one) is about fructose. 🙂


  17. Sharon says:

    I have seen Dr. Lustig before and he’s very good at what he does. I think they should have come down harder, however, on artificial sweeteners and I tend to believe they are just poison (aspartame, splenda, etc.)

    I will again refer, as I have in the past, to Gary Taubes’ research and his books, “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and his latest “Why We Get Fat”.

    Thanks so much for this video, Kevin. Much appreciated.

  18. Mtnplanner says:

    Take a second look at the obesity increase over time map at: http://www.ehd.org/health_obesity.php and think about what you are seeing.

    In my opinion, the map is an excellent illustration – not of people making worse and worse choices but of the steady degradation of the available food supply.

    It’s become increasingly difficult for individuals to make ‘good’ food choices, healthy food selections because the food that is available to buy is steadily declining.

    In the 1970’s GMO foods entered the human food chain in the USA. Consequently fresh produce that is not GMO in the average grocery store is becoming more limited in general availability each and every year.

    In processed foods, less and less ‘food’ is used and more and more chemicals. GMO ingredients are even more prevalent in processed foods. Try avoiding GMO wheat and GMO corn and you’ll find it to be impossible in regular processed foods. Ask any celiac.

    In the USA we continue to focus on the individual for obesity when in fact the increase in weight is population-wide. Anything that is population wide is not due to aberrant or faulty behavior of individuals.

    If this was a ‘wildlife’ study we’d recognize that the major changes in population health and weight that we’ve seen since 1970 correlate strongly to the major changes in the food supply. In my opinion, the across-the-board increase in the population’s weight is directly connected adulteration of the available food.

    Until we address the adulterated food supply we will continue to see an upswing in infant and childhood obesity, earlier obesity issues with teens and young adults, and an ever increasing overweight middle-aged population.

    GMO foods, the huge amount of pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceuticals that are in the foods we eat daily and the waters we drink are showing up in body fat of children and adults, and in infant cord blood of newborns. How can we not see ITFS ( it’s the food stupid.)

  19. Jennie_Raw says:

    It is greatly inhibiting to her message that she is herself suffering from obesity. Or overweight. You can hear that she is short of breath in many places as well. She’s presenting all these studies and statistics and exploring our nation’s reality like she doesn’t know anything from her own experience.
    Things like “We looked at how many people go to fast food restaurants and then how many people actually look at how many calories…” show what she must deem as valuable and crucial information for making an informed decision, and if she’s not abiding by those things, then maybe she should examine what else is contributing to her own condition. Perhaps those things are similar to what others come across (or choose).

    THough I realize that not everyone knows about the serious implications of sodas, and there is a place for that conversation. Personally I think sodas have become our scapegoat for conversation about obesity. Our conversations should be dominated by “what Mother Nature intended” like our speakers says in the opening of her lecture. We need to stop being stuck by giving so much attention to something that we know is clearly part of a problem, and get onto solutions and all that is better.

  20. Jennie_Raw says:

    *sodas are a scapegoat that distracts us from exploring more beneficial things, I should say

  21. Sharon says:

    I’m not a FAT EXPERT. However, common sense tells me that being too sedentary, eating too many empty calorie, processed foods, too many refined sugar high fat desserts, white flour products, and too many heavy cooked foods including high-fat meats, could contribute at least a little to obesity? And yes, people on empty calorie foods are constantly hungry people, who have to keep eating. Just sayin.

  22. LynnCS says:

    Thank you Kevin for giving us a peek at your world of wellness information. I am sure you had to pay for attending the lectures. Yes, society has grown more overweight but in the long run, I and each individual must be responsible for our wellness and being able to learn from you and Annmarie makes it more possible. Little by little we are learning and applying what you give us. No way to thank you enough. LynnCS

  23. michael westrick says:

    Some good Info. Stilla little behind even for Berkely where I got a masters degree from…..It is a little weird that both speakers are over weight….Thanks for the vid Kevin. Much Aprreciated

  24. just sit there says:

    I saw a video from a cellular expert who shared, he preferred “SMOOTHIES” to JUICING as the SMOOTHIES keep the fiber in the drink. Juicing extracts the fiber.

    Personally I Juice Organic oranges,limes lemons and grapefruits and carrots.

    I choose between the fruit OR the Vegetable (I do not mix them when juicing)

    Juice One grapefruit, lime, lemon and orange together it really helps reduce CELLULITE! Try it!

    Juice a bunch of Carrots – LAZER CLEAR eyesight. (my experience)

    I make Smoothies from these ingredients:

    ~ 1 Young coconut water + the coconut meat
    ~spinach (Iron)
    ~cilantro (Blood purifier)
    ~parsley (Great body deodorant)(Ant-congestion)
    ~ginger (superfood)
    ~dandelion greens (flushes out the liver)
    ~dulce seaweed

    WARNING: drinking this smoothie will give you incredible energy for HOURS! and no bloating, a good clean and contented full feeling.

    I like to make it so that it still requires some chewing as you drink it down because that gets the enzymes kick started to assist with the digestion process. Your digestion starts with your saliva as you chew your food and swallow it down.

    NO KALE. Kale blew out my thyroid – scary! Learned that the hard way.

    sometimes I will mix up the fruit in the smoothie and replace the apple with pineapple or mango or kiwi or grapes. Grapes really clean your pipes and lungs and get the LYMPHATIC moving.

    Hormone imbalance or thyroid imbalance can REALLY mess up your metabolism – you can eat all the wonderful stuff you like but if your unique systems within your body are out of whack and you hit a hormonal menopausal state you could eat a celery stick and NOT lose weight. Not that it makes you fat… just makes it VERY challenging for you to lose weight. Or if you continue to eat normally you may start to gain weight with a hormonal imbalance. What causes hormonal imbalances? – GM soy, GMO foods, meats with hormones, pesticides, herbicides,toxic environments, plastics, etc.

    Just a thought there.

    PARASITES make you FAT! Why? they eat up all the nutrition you put in your intestine and you are always HUNGRY and you eat and eat and you get tired and toxic and keep eating to compensate for the exhaustion and tiredness. VICIOUS CYCLE. How to get rid of parasites? That is a WHOLE lot of writing here. But would love to share..another time.


    I do agree … if you took 100 people and gave them all ORGANIC fruits, vegetables, some sacha inchi seeds (which you can buy now at whole foods) and fresh organic juices and green smoothies as well as CLEAN SPRING WATER from the source and put them on a rebounder 3 times a day for 10 minutes and or a walk for 1 hour in an incline forest and did a few light weights or yoga,.. the weight would come off naturally and healthfully.

    The processed foods, fats, sugars, heavy hormone filled meats, creamy sauces, and sitting our asses too long at the computer and in front of the TV are just keeping us fat and disease ridden.

    Which eventually keeps ALOT of obese people sitting long periods on the toilet too! Trying to wrestle one out for 20 minutes… NOT FUN!

    Perhaps you did not need that visual.. but you have to admit. Obese people are for the most part full of inflammation and their colons get clogged and they sit a long time on the toilet.

    Please no hate mail. PEACE.

  25. I think it’s the dairy products. People get addicted to the taste of cheese and ice cream. they forget that cows milk is the ideal food to turn a cute little calf into a 600 pound cow in 6 months.

    I agree that GMO’s are also making people fat. All of these un-natural chemicals, hormones and genetically engineered this or that can throw the human metabolism completely out of whack. I can recall when i was a teenager eating the standard crappy American diet, and I was always hungry. I could eat 3 or 4 Cheeseburgers and want more. I think I kept eating because my body was starved for Nutrition and I just gave it a steady diet of weird bovine growth hormones, Pesticides from the GMO burgers and who knows what else… It’s no wonder i was 220 pounds at 15 yrs old, oh and the best part was my nickname during high school – Dolly Parton! OH I am so glad those years are behind me and I keep to a vegan 95% raw organic lifestyle Hallelujah!!

  26. Satori says:

    -Protein powder is making me fat. That’s all I know.

    -Does BMI really work? I’ve been “underweight” all my life according to BMI.

    -It’s amazing how providing better food option in school is actually changing students’ eating habit at home as well. That research result gave me goose bumps. I want to make positive change like this in our society someday too!!!

    -I really can’t wait to go back to school!!

    Have a great weekend everyone:)

  27. John says:

    Hi Kevin;

    Thanks for your good work and the many views presented by yourself and others.

    One thing I have noted over many years is that we are actually conditioned to override our sensitivity and self-perception as to when enough is enough, and what is enough for any one given food or drink. I would venture that most people were taught to “clean up your plate” and this was drilled into us from early on; or that parents tactfully, or not, tried to get baby to eat something that it didn’t really like or was rejecting. Those very actions start a downward spiral of overriding
    our sensitivities.

    We begin to loose that perception which tells us “You have eaten enough” or “that is not good for me right now” and the end result is we often end up consuming many things we shouldn’t, and/or we eat too much of something we shouldn’t eat any more of — whether it is raw, organic, processed or whatever.

    After many years I’ve learned to listen to my body and it will tell me when enough is enough. For example, I may be eating a piece of fruit or be drinking a cup of organic tea or having a salad or … and I can tell immediately when my body tells me it doesn’t need or want any more. As soon as I sense that feeling, I will not eat any more of what I’m eating or drinking. For example, some days I can drink a whole cup of tea, and other days I get half way done and I get “that’s enough feeling” and I won’t drink another sip. Period. And I never feel I haven’t had enough. I never crave for more. If I’m eating a banana, I may get down to the last bite and get that “enough feeling” and I don’t eat that last bite. It goes into the compost. I will not override what my body is telling me. I want to keep my perception well and fine tuned.

    I’ve also learned that to eat anymore than the body can handle at any one time will eventually cause a food sensitivity — which may even lead to an allergy over time — as well as start a cycle of toxic build-up, and starts to put a burden on the digestive system and associated organs and glands, as well as start a process of enzyme depletion.

    In all of my Bio-Energy testing as a Nutritional Consultant over the years, I have never found anyone who did not have a food sensitivity of some kind or other that wasn’t giving them some kind of problem somewhere in their bodies whether they were vegetarians, vegans, or not. And this includes animals as well. I also notice that even many of the health experts have a food sensitivity they aren’t even aware of. So I always try to encourage my clients to start to develop once again the perception to be aware of what the body is trying to tell them

    But the bottom line is that many imbalances, toxicities, etc. will arise over time, including obesity for those with a conditioning in that direction, when we override our ability to sense what our bodies are telling us as to when enough is enough, regardless of what we eat. Even smoothies can be problematic if we aren’t in tune with our bodies and are over-consuming something we are sensitive too. My view and I’m not knocking smoothies. Please enjoy, but also please just be aware of what one may be sensitive to.

    Thanks and best wishes,

  28. Ira Edwards says:

    I see many comments about what should work, but little reference to real research about what does work. Carb restriction! Calorie restriction and low fat usually backfires because the body demands energy nutrition. Sharon is right about Gary Taubes, but GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES is so detailed and lengthy that few will read such a difficult book. Try the new book WHEATBELLY.

  29. Chris says:

    Robert explained why smoothies “suck”. The fiber is sliced up into tiny pieces so you lose the benefit of the large pieces of fiber slowing the absorption of sugar which allows your liver to keep up with metabolizing it. Also, you lose the benefits that the fiber creates when it reaches the large intestine (something about creating good fatty acids). My takeaway is, if you make a smoothie, use a slower speed so you have more/larger chunks of fiber.
    Thanks for sharing this Kevin. It’s good when solid scientific studies back up what we sense intuitively.

  30. Chris says:

    One other thing, the phytochemicals are in the fiber, so with juicing you would lose some of those.

  31. Aelo says:

    Hi, Kevin!

    I appreciate your great intention in educating the people about the health issues.

    The fat is an expression of the intelligence of Nature – the fat cells encapsulate any acidic substances that body could not eliminate due to the lack of energy for that (emotional exhaustion, overworking etc.), but which are endangering the health and life of the cells – it is a function of protection, of preserving life as a highest priority. The cause of acidity is any dead (cooked) food as well as foods that are not meant for human consumption at all – meat, grains (unless sprouted or fermented), coffee, alcohol, milk after the age of 3 years, refined sugar, medical drugs, poisonous cosmetics absorbed by the skin and any other substances that can’t serve as the REAL food and life energy sources for the cells.

    Look up for Natural Hygiene for more on all this. You will find a wealth of info to add to your website. If you wish, you can write to me personally for the whole long list of resources. I will be glad to help you 🙂

    Best wishes!

  32. Fructose directly from fruits in a wholesome shape IS NOT HARMFUL for any one including the diabetic. It enhances sugar and by overnite it falls down. In the case of glucose it remains enhanced until injections are taken.
    Obesity I will ascribe to the following as we all know:
    01.INDIVIDUAL :Life style Changes -we dont accept it due to our ego andwe want to point afinger on the exact point of source of food or activity !
    It is a combination of many factors all that are negative approaches to health that makes it possible.
    02.MARKET :Supply Line Changes:
    Starting from the farm produced egg andchicken, and goats fed on factory produces, all have changed drastically causing several changes that are adverse in the body.
    03.HEALTH MANAGEMENT&THE POLITICS IN IT AT MACRO LEVELS -Sacred Health Management methods are totally wrong.Recently I put a diabetic food man on rawfood and saved his leg that was to be cutoff by a ghastly hospital staff who went on giving him tea/coffee with more sugar in order to cut his leg and make money as targeted for the hospital. Drug manufacturing is a Harry Potter’s paradise. No one knows what they put inside if one item is not available. There are no state controls any where in the world true,genuine and uncorrupted, who are remaining uncorrupted.The highest corruption value in the world is in food and drugs.
    STATE HAS BECOME ANTI-PEOPLE that is the one single reason for the state of affairs of insecurity of the invidual. If the state wants it can do it in a minute with people like you and me. They dont want to do it. They will lose money and status.
    04.SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE, that is very weak to defeat the evil ideas and those who support it unscrupulously.
    Spiritually Clean men are on the wane and there are very few. People have become animistic in their attitudes and are basic
    with their uncivilised barbaric minds showing up at top seats in many insttns.
    It is a challenge.What would you do if you were a President of America? Or I!
    The environment is polluted to a great extent that it seems wise to take good care of your own self in some remote part of the world and die quietly than confront these Negative Forces every where around even in our own houses.

    D Parameswaran

  33. Rob says:

    All the research I’ve heard Mercola and the carbo-phobic crew spew about fructose has been on GMO high-fructose corn syrup. My problem is how they go on to bash fruits because of their fructose content. Ripe, organic fruits are packed with nutrients, phytonutrients, and soluble fiber. Implying that fruit sugar is metabolized the same same way in the human body as GMO HFCS is insane.

  34. marc says:

    Chemicals in our food, water and environment are also culprits….we need to cleanse these out regularly. Fat can also be the body’s defense mechanism to isolate the toxins and keep them away from your organs. When the body is fed whole, organic foods, and is properly cleansed, it doesn’t hold excess weight.
    As far as nutritional advice?? I like people who walk the talk.. People like Dr. Michael Colgan (who looks awesome for 72), and Dr. John Berrardi. These guys keep it simple!!

  35. Brett Stevenson says:

    Great material Kev, really great.

    In his course T. Colin Campbell explains the beta carotene paradox: beta carotene is only one of thousands of nutrient carotenoids. When you take it in disproportionate isolation you blanket the cell receptor sites so the body is unable to utilize the other carotenoids. In our efforts to increase nutritional excellence we create nutritional deprivation. Beta carotene is not the only popular synthetic vitamin to decrease health and longevity.

    Fat or sugar? I have looked at both sides before. If you do the Campbell’s course in Plant Based Nutrition you will see other aspects to this argument. His research suggests that fat is guilty only by association. When you substitute animal protein consumption in historical data analysis, any disparity disappears and I am sure you are aware of his research demonstrating the correlation between animal protein consumption, cancer and other western diseases.

    Is it a case of either or? Could it be that both fructose and animal protein are detrimental? One thing is for certain. Fructose, like beta carotene only becomes problematic when divorced from it’s whole food context. Only humans are faced with this analytical quandary because only humans can fractionate whole foods into their component parts. Then they must create a science and spend their days analyzing the component macro and micronutrients, all the while ignoring the whole foods they are derived from.

    For over a generation, fiber was claimed to be extraneous waste matter and of no nutritional importance in the diet. Now a whole emerging science is discovering just how terribly wrong this assumption was.

    Eat your foods whole in their natural form, fiber and all and you won’t have to worry about analyzing supermarket shelve creations.

    Eat the fractionated components at your own risk. By the way, this applies to many current popular “health foods” such as agave nectar and coconut oil which are also detrimental to health and longevity.

  36. Brett Stevenson says:

    One comment by Dr. Lustig that really hit home was about mixing fats and carbohydrates in the same meal. There is compelling evidence to suggest that dietary fats (I particularly suspect fractionated bottled oils) bind the action of insulin in the bloodstream so it can no longer transport glucose across the cell membranes.

    In our western diets it is traditional to follow a high fat main course with what else – sweets. I describe this as setting up the road blocks and then backing up the sugar truck! All that blood sugar and nowhere to go. It just sits there in the bloodstream causing metabolic chaos and all the while you are still hungry because your glucose cannot reach the cells.

  37. LynnCS says:

    John, Easy to say after years of overriding that sense, but worth the try.

  38. John says:

    Hi LynnCS;

    Thank you for your response. It is very doable Lynn regardless of how many years we have overridden those perceptions. They awaken easily and quickly if we focus on what we are doing or are going to do with awareness and in present timeness. And, of course, practice.

    But if we approach such things automatically, the possibilty for success goes down and the reactive part of the mind will inevitably give us any number of “reasons” of why it is “too hard” or “it’s too much trouble” or “not worth the effort” and potentially dozens more such “reasons”/negators as to why not to proceed.

    If this happens, just acknowledge them — not suppress them — and decide that “No, that is not what I want to have as a thought or decision at this time, this is what I am going to do” — or something similar — and just proceed with what you want to do.

    I recommend to start with something simple like a beverage of some kind. It can be tea, water, a smoothie, a green drink or whatever, but the key is to drink it in present time and with full awareness as to what the body is giving you as feedback to the input — what you are drinking. You can, however, do this with food as well.

    A good technique to use is to drink a small amount and then scan your body for any response — good, bad, or otherwise. Then drink some more and scan again. Continue this process until you get a definitive response you can identify.

    The response will always be a feeling, though, on occasion, there may be a thought or thoughts associated with the feeling. Regardless, acknowledge them but don’t act on them and just proceed until you get that definitive feeling of “Enough”. That’s really all there is to it and the perceptions will awaken and guide you in more ways that I can possibly describe here.

    You can get good enough that you will sense things even before you start to inflow anything. Your perceptions will even begin to encompass many other things in your life. We just need to start being more aware of what we inflow and what is in our environment, etc.

    Good luck and thank you for considering to try this. I do believe you will be amazed at how quickly and easily these perceptions can be re-awakened if we continue to listen to what they are telling us.


  39. Yakitah Jones says:

    Thanks Kev,
    This was very interesting and informative
    material. By far one of the best seen yet
    on explanation on Obesity and how the food
    industry functions as well as the current evaluation of calories sources and fat intake, sugars and those that carry high contents, etc,

    Keep up the good work.


  40. Yamina says:

    What is making americans fat ? The disrespect that children are victims of. Being considered as targets by the food industry they are treated worse than these awfull industrialized cattle. What to think about a blind one promoting paintings ? A deaf music ? And what about obese and overweighted promoting fitness ?!
    Just overeating make people obese. All explanations about genetics, fructose evils are lies and somewhat businesslike purpose. Everyone promotes something new to make a living ! To sell one’s stuff, superproducts, books, coaching, etc.
    For me, it is certain that we know pretty few about food and its impact on health. It would be presomptuous to state that all vitamins, for example, are known. Tomorrow, we’ll find one that will surely be THE one !!! Just respect for american children and they will respect themselves by eating to satisfy hunger (whatever food it would be) and not to burry despair inside a world where humans are just considered as a source of profit and where children are given advices about their health by overeaters !

  41. saz says:

    really appreciate and agree with the informative lecture by Patricia Crawford but lady you should practice what you preach! Is’nt SHE obese?

  42. tracy gross says:

    Someone commented on the first speaker as being out of breath… I am a singer and actress and have many years of vocal and speech training. while watching the video all I could think while she was speaking was “Slow down and breathe!”. This was simply a case of lack of speech training and nerves. As for her physical appearance I agree with what Sarah said, to quote… “You hope to achieve optimal health which means that you can be as healthy as YOUR BODY can be. Not someone else’s body.”

  43. monica says:

    Thanks Kevin for answering my question and
    this person, Leandro Seoane, number 12. I just drank my green dandelion smoothie now.I am learning so much from this show and I do the Renegade’s exercises, for the first time I am actually toned ever, love this show.

  44. Deborah Hernandez says:

    I would like to further understand the fat complex. I began losing weight when modifying my breakfasts to include HEALTHY SMOOTHIES which also included added fat like flax oil and sometimes coconut oil. Along with great organic fruits and veggies, added vegetable protein (ground not chunky), maca, raw cacao sometimes acia powder….. all ground up…without chunks and my system responded beautifully. I also watched fat but included and increased healthy fats like olive oil and sometimes a touch of coconut oil. The weight fell off, my skin looked great. Someone i know said Fat is Fat and so you have to really watch it to lose. I know that is not true but cannot put it into the best words to inform them. Not all fat is equal, your thoughts ….because I think that is important to clarify.

  45. viola says:

    Overconsumption starchy food mixed with fat and then fallen asleep is what makes people fat.
    Fructose on its own will not make you fat, although will mess up glucose metabolism. In other words, overeating fruits WILL cause diabetes, but you will be skinny diabetic. And those two fruitarians, who posted 34 and 35 replies, go check your blood sugar.

  46. Andrew says:

    Umm. The Atkins UC Berkley Center for Weight Loss…THE Atkins Diet “Atkins”? My alarm bells went off straight away. It must be hard to be impartial in research….. Sort of like: “Natural Headache Cure”s, sponsored by J&J’s Tylenol. The tide may turn, let’s not give up hope.

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