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green smoothies boutenko style
Greens not only look amazing, but they’re loaded with bone supporting minerals.

There’s been a lot of talk about food policy this week…

Now it’s time to focus on you.

Here are 4 questions we received from readers that cover how to get iodine in your diet, if you should be concerned about your smoothies and juices oxidizing, what types of calcium are good for bone health, and why I slighted the Chinese herbs in my “Top 6” list a few weeks ago.

Let’s get started…

Lauren asks:

How can you boost your iodine without supplements and iodized salt?

Hey Lauren, thanks for your question here!

Most people would tell you that seaweeds like kelp, dulse and Irish moss will do the trick. And they’re right…

About three-quarters right.

The other quarter is that if you have a health issue that can be attributed to low iodine (likely thyroid), you’re going to want to test your iodine levels (or thyroid levels) to ensure that the iodine in the seaweed is being absorbed.

You can eat the healthiest diet in the world, but if you’re not using the nutrients properly – you’re not going to get the results that you want.

So my advice is to work with a practitioner who can test your iodine levels (the skin absorption test is not accurate) and see if the most natural approach – eating iodine rich sea vegetables – is working for you.

If it is, continue to put kelp and other sea veggies on your salads, in your smoothies or recipes. (Annmarie sneaks Irish moss into salad dressings and desserts!)

If this natural approach is not working, then try a whole food extract of iodine (most likely from kelp) and then last option, use an iodine supplement.

Next up from Rose…

Coral calcium is my recent miracle supplement. for calcium and pH.But i am concerned its bad calcium! im not sure what ionic minerals are. are they also called colloidal? can you elaborate on this please?

Hey Rose, thanks for posting.

Coral calcium is not my preferred choice of calcium because it is in a particular form called calcium carbonate.

Calcium carbonate has been shown to cause issues like kidney stones because the body is unable to use the calcium effectively and when this happens it’s deposited in the kidneys – and possibly other places as well.

Calcium citrate is a more appropriate and bio-available form of calcium, so if you want to take a singular calcium supplement than this would be a better choice.

With that said, the most effective way to help build strong bones and maintain a healthy blood pH is not by taking calcium alone. Vitamin D, Vitamin K, silica, and magnesium all play their role (as well as many others) in supporting bone health.

Some people can reverse bone loss just by eating a very green heavy diet. This provides calcium in a bio-available form, a variety of minerals and can help prevent many other diseases.

Others benefit from taking a bone health supplement that contains some of the minerals and nutrients I mentioned above – some even contain herbs like nettles and horsetail which are high silica plants. The Innate brand bone health product is the first that comes to my mind here.

So to increase your chances of getting the best results, I’d switch to a product or diet that is high in those important nutrients and monitor your bone scans to see if what you’re doing is working.

On the colloidal vs. ionic mineral discussion, I’ll handle that in a complete article in the next few weeks, since it deserves it’s own space.

Deb wants to know about juices and smoothies…

People say that it is important to drink your fresh juice or smoothie soon after making it because it will oxidize. Why is this an issue? As soon as you cut into a fruit or vegetable, it begins to oxidize. People make salads, etc., and don’t eat them right away and it doesn’t kill them. What’s the significance of eating oxidized food?

Hey Deb, basically it’s important to drink fresh juices and smoothies… no matter when you get to them.

So with that said, let’s get into the details.

Smoothies and juices do oxidize after they’ve been blended or extracted. What this means is that the nutrient density of the food can degrade. What’s not affected is mineral content. Enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins are the most susceptible.

So just because you don’t drink your juice for an hour or so – or keep it in the fridge for a few hours later – doesn’t mean that it’s become as nutrient poor as a fast food milkshake.

The optimal solution is to drink them right away, the next solution is to pour them in air tight containers like a Mason jar and store them in the refrigerator – or a cooler.

Please keep in mind, you’ll still get amazing benefit from these drinks up to, sometimes, 24 hours after juicing or blending them depending on how their stored. And even if they’re less nutrient dense, they’re still ridiculously better than drinking a pasteurized, bottled juice.

So juice, blend and store away!

(NOTE: With all that said, for those with illness that need maximum nutrition, I’d suggest drinking the juices and smoothies right away.)

Finally, Justin wants to know why I didn’t add any Chinese herbs on my “Top 6” list…

How come you dont like any of the Chinese Herbs such as Reishi, Cordyceps, He Shou Wu, and the many others?

Hey Justin! Sorry you feel like I slighted an entire body of medicinal culture and wisdom in my 6 favorite herbs post.

I like Reishi, Cordyceps, He Shou Wu and others, I just don’t use them as much as the others that I mentioned.

When it comes to herbs, there are a few things to consider…

1. Which ones you really need in a given time period.

2. Which ones will therapeutically or medicinally be effective for a certain ailment.

3. How many can your body, liver, system take.

4. What you’ve set aside for your budget on top of a healthy whole food diet.

I’ve used all the herbs you’ve mentioned and would use them again. Right now, I’m spending some time exploring the Ayurvedic herbs and am excited about sharing them!

Hope that helps!

I want to know your thoughts: What do you do to save your smoothies and juices? What Chinese herbs do you like? Do you recommend a good bone health supplement?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. ry says:

    for me I make smoothies weekly and store them in the fridge…but I still feel the benefits…they do sour though if I use to much berries, fruit if any or coconut water and thats with just using Vitamineral green because of the massive quanity of probiotics so if I do put a little less It doesnt really sour…

    I also agree with kevin on the other herbs too I love cinnamon, cilantro, some parsley, and those types As…for Chinese Herbs I absolutely love them…If u have not eaten Longans they are very tasty eating as with asparagus root and rehmannia also ho shou wu, cordyceps, reishi, schizandra berries, Pearl is also very good too, and a few others… atractylodes astragalus & licorice(very effective combo for toning and building the digestion process for stomach and spleen, pancreas is also associated in the process)Licorice is also detoxifying and a harmonizing herb which rounds out and brings together things with a lot of ingredients and I also add some tea blend to my smoothies the herbs will help the smoothie be more utilized…I do use a few Ayurvedic herbs too ashwaghanda, amla, triphala…

    For the Bones Id say Megafood, garden of life, black sesame seeds, Hydrilla is extremely rich in calcium and minerals for bones, Moringa & Pearl is said to help Bones among other things…

  2. violet says:

    These herbs are medicine, and are best used in a synergistic way, so now that i am seeing an ayurvedic nutritionist my “medicine” is more specific and working much better. dose also matters a lot. it’s really best to get professional advice about herbs! that said, when i was on my own, the chinese herb Dong Quai helped me a lot for some female issues i was having. but i have no idea if i was taking the right amount or if the source was a credible one.

  3. Sarah says:

    I agree with Violet. It is a great idea to work with an herbalist. The Ohlone Herbal Centre in Berkeley has a low cost clinic and they have fantastic herbalists who have been trained in how to provide herbs best suited for the individual.

  4. zyxomma says:

    I always drink my fresh juice immediately; I’ve never tried storing it. I keep my leftover smoothie in a Mason jar and consume it within a day. Apart from that, since I always include acerola cherry powder in my smoothie “mix,” and Vitamin C is a preservative, I’ve never had one spoil.

    My list of Chinese herbs is way too long to include here!

    As for bone health, Kevin’s recommendations sound good to me. The main issue is minerals — calcium, magnesium, silica, and adequate Vitamin D covers the basics. More important, from my viewpoint, is maintaining an alkaline blood pH. Calcium is leached from the bones to bring up the pH of acidic blood (maintaining homeostasis). This happens because the body knows it can always get more calcium, which is abundant in a healthy food regimen. Apart from dark, leafy greens, all of which contain plenty of calcium, one of the best dietary sources is raw, organic tahini.

    Health and peace.

  5. Theresa Bullard says:

    Can you tell me anything about Chia Seeds. I’ve been taking about 3 tablespoons a day and I love them. Your thoughts on them please.

  6. Irina says:

    I think Chinese herbs are potent medicine meant to be used synergistically in combination formulas, that is why I prefer to work with a practitioner if using them for something specific.
    I drink my juices to save them ;), and smoothies keep nicely for 24 hrs in the fridge if needed.
    I may not get any stars for popularity here, but for a bone supplement I like good old bone broth.

  7. Susan says:

    Great info – thanks Kevin. More of a comment on an herb. I decided to try Ho Shew Wu and developed hot flashes. They went away as soon as I discontinued. Just wanted to share for other ladies out there. Also found a great bone supplement call ‘Cell Power’, my teeth went from somewhat translucent to white.Yipee

  8. Diana says:

    I add a quarter of a lemon when I blend my green soup/smoothie. I think that will help save my smoothie (especially if I add banana, the lemon will help prevent the smoothie to turn into a darker color).

  9. Patrick says:

    Great that you mentioned Bone Response by Innate Response, a fantastic supplement!

  10. nilsholgerson says:

    i like smoothies… how i safe tthem. i make them fresh. cause i aint like cleaning the foodprocessortt. and havveng got a high tech blender orr wwasshing mashine.

    a reason to look for ways wwithout mashines. or witthout elecctricity or high complex techniq. im a bit tired …

    about calcium…. oh tthats nice greens…

    i got a teribble flushy day from a green smothie cause i drink it tto fast. how drink a smoothie? quick or like a meal.i think to eatt a vegetable like it is trains the jaw. im confused on all this divers options. why we not bring people together. what about a renegatehealth dating site.

    a renegate health dating site. where people from each country come together. its maybee a good way to find firneds and relation. in old times i made a lot friends over the internet. now i lost a bit of this selfconfident.

    Bone health supplement. Fermented Cod Liver Oil and raw fish..Maybe otherwise. what about eggshells? or Lemonegg? im not realy sure.what is a good bone health supplement? there is a sttudy that ultrasound is ggood for bonehealth*if you like contact me please do*emil(ATATAT)sonnenkinder….org. ultrasound is emmited by cats purring and also by whales crickets insects. white noise maybe. frogs. there is animals emiting ultrasound. im tired and i wish to get more ccontact over skype and vvoicemail with the divers people. ffor me its getting a farr to anonymous here. especcially when people call their names. theen i see that i actually see nothing. just thier self pretending gghosts. what are their real ghosts. …sad world. mad world….who we realy are. i think we only can realy are iff we hide ourself behind some msks. it is what all culture do. hiding and costumes, and play and relaxx. and art. and culture and theater and play and dance.

  11. Jota says:

    The best bone health supplement is weight-bearing exercise (NOT running) per Wolff’s Law.

    I would argue that Magnesium Citrate and Vitamin D are just as important, or even more important, than a Ca supplement for bone health. For Calcium, the Citrate form, as Kevin stated, would be the best choice. Calcium Carbonate shouldn’t be used as a supplment since it can be deposited in the body’s tissues and doesn’t readily absorb.

    Bone density won’t increase much, if at all, without weight-bearing exercise, so it’s probably the best option along with adequate mineral intake to make sure the right minerals are there for bone remodeling.

  12. Wallace Gordon Dickson says:

    I blend enough fruit and greens for two glasses of smoothies every morning in my VitaMix. I drink one of them for breakfast immediately and the other I fill the glass to the brim and cover with plastic wrap so no air is left at the top of the glass, then refrigerate until later in the day when I drink that smoothie also. I add ground flaxseeds (about one tblspn) to my smoothies for the lignans, and if not preserved in this way, will go rancid in about 20 to 30 minutes. By sealing the air out and refrigerating the smoothie, I have not noticed any bad rancid taste when I consume it later in the same day. I have not tried to keep them longer than 12 hours.
    I add fresh ginger and fresh cloves to my green tea and drink it about 4 or 5 cups throughout the day. I make a paste with raw honey and cinnamon powder and eat about three or four teaspoons of that each day, on toast.
    I snack on fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and seaweed chips (for iodine) through the day.
    I drink only water and green tea.
    I eat no red meat, no dairy, no white starchy vegetables, no sugar. I drink one teaspoon of cayenne pepper with juice of one-half fresh lemon in warm water every morning.
    I am healthy and spry and just celebrated my 80th birthday, feeling more like 30.
    Thanks for your informative web site!

  13. Ira Edwards says:

    Kevin, Good answer for calcium. Most of us may not need calcium supplement, but many need magnesium and other minerals. Vitamin K2 is vital.
    For iodine, i use Logol’s solution as a hand sanitizer. Iodine is highly absorbable throught skin.
    With many people believing salt is bad, they are shorting themselves on iodine.

  14. Ira Edwards says:

    Readers, don’t pass by Kevins last article on GMO’s. Action is urgently needed.

  15. Yakitah Jones says:

    Hi Kev,

    I especially liked your choice of the Iodine,
    Calcium intake form. I myself as a self taguht
    herbalist and Nutritionist go that way myself.

    You’re also correct that while nothing is wrong
    with Chineese Herbs, it really depends on the indivudual’s experiences and choice of products.

    What works best for one person may not necessarily work well for the other. Thanks for
    your info.

    Peace and Blessings

  16. kimme says:

    I love trying new supplements and experimenting with the new exciting Chinese herb of the week. But don’t forget Ginseng …it may not be a new exciting herb but it is a keeper.

  17. Rob says:

    I’ve had my smoothie up to 24 hours later – and it actually seems to mellow it a little bit (if using bitter green leaves from collards, chard, kale).

    In Victoria Boutenko’s book she did a potato smoothie experiment. Normal shredded potato turned black and nasty. The smoothie was in good shape for days. So probably the liquids, minimal oxygen exposure, natural anti-oxidants, etc., making it self ‘preserving’.

  18. LynnCS says:

    Whew!!! So much good info. Thank you, Kevin and all posters. I need to go back and read all again. A couple of things I have personal experience with is the thyroid and the osteoporosis. When I had an extreme drop in my thyroid function, I was put on triple dose Armor thyroid meds and did a 24 hr. Iodine test. My iodine levels were normal. It shows me that the thyroid can be hypo without the iodine being low. It surprised me, but would not like to dose myself with iodine unless I needed it. The other, the osteoporosis, is also strange. I have taken high quality Cal/mag with all the D, silica, boron, etc that are recommended, for about 30 years. I have been a veg for abt 30 yrs. I have known that over eating of protein can cause depletion of the calcium from the bone. I still have osteoporosis. So it doesn’t always follow that doing one thing causes another. Even tho it is not popular, I am looking for a good supplement. Thank you for saying that coral cal is not the best. In spite of not wanting to use up coral, I might have ordered it. I will look for a better option. Who knows, I may be getting enough with my new diet. I do make a “mean” smoothie. I have been including dulse. Today I included 2T of soaked sesame seeds, for added calcium. Someone said Black sesame seeds. I would like to find out why. BTW, I am careful to not use herbs and supplements casually. They are powerful things. Using Ginsing makes my heart speed and palpitate. Anything should be studied and, Yes, even maybe supervised. Even the thyroid was integril to the heart health and eventually triggered severe palpitations. My doses were reduced and eventually I was taken off them and now I check in the normal range on the initial screening.

    Wallace #12. You’re my hero. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story. I will be 73 in a couple of weeks. I am glad I found this diet and look forward to many years of joyful smoothies.

    I make my smoothie each am and it makes usually about 3 large glasses to drink during the day. They keep pretty well in some green bottles with plastic lids I bought from the “Raw Divas.” I do try to keep the blending to a minimum. Even if it is a little course, I would rather have some texture than over heat it or over oxydize it. I have had some left over for a 2nd day and not so good. Much good information to research. Thx again.

  19. Kuru says:

    Nettle and Horsetail are great calcium herbs. I cover a heaping teaspoon of each with boiling water before bed and drink it in the morning. The overnight soak frees the silica.

    Susan, I think those “hot flashes” you experienced from taking Ho Shou Wu were likely newly liberated Chi, which is a famous result of taking warming Chinese herbs. This vital energy is rejuvenating and can be used for healing. I love the warmth I feel from herbs.

    Kevin, are you finished with videos? I thought surely this would be one; it was so nice to be able to exercise or wash dishes while listening or watching your vids. Plus we got to hear from Annmarie more. Where is she??? How about a fitness video from the two of you?

  20. Nancy says:

    I often prep several green drinks at once (celery, green apple, ginger, greens (parsley, carrot tops, kale, collards, etc), garlic, avocado, lemon juice), store in water in glass w/lid in fridge and then blend just before drinking – within 2-3 days. If I cannot drink the blended smoothie all at once, I might add some homemade kefir and return to fridge. Not sure, but the kefir seems to begin a slow culturing process that protects (perhaps enriches?) the drink. I even left one out on the counter overnight and it seemed fine the next morning.

    Re blending versus microwaving. Seems not a valid comparison.. however, I do wonder about the ‘energetic’ effects of blending. Are we taking in chaotic ‘energy’ along with all the good nutrition? An idea left over from my macrobiotic training years ago. We are exposed to plenty of electromagnetic energy these days, but the blending doesn’t worry me enough to stop juicing and smoothie making.

  21. Josephine says:

    I generally drink a smoothie within 20 minutes. If I ended up with a big batch and put some in the fridge, then later I tend to scoop off the top before enjoying the remainder.

  22. Anna Dounaevskaia says:

    Hi everyone, just want to share calcium supplementation ideas with you. One I found surprisingly unexpected on website for pets – some holistic vet site- where it was said it was taken from human usage ! What you need is egg shell from organic of course sources , DO NOT remove inner liner , ground it and mix with lemon juice ( to make calcium citrate ) and leave for at least 6 hr no more than 12 though . Done . Simple. The proportion is no more than 1/2 tea spoon for one take and enough juice to cover and mix it . If you need more calcium take twice a daybout no more than half teaspoon per one take. They said it wouldn’t absorb very well . Many years ago when I was pregnant with my son I found similar recommendation about egg shells versus regular calcium supplements ( just shells , nothing was said about lemon juice ) during pregnancy in order keep off anemia and tooth decay . Surprisingly it worked – I didn’t have new cavities even though I had bad theeth . I do remember though they said NOT to use coffee grinder since it’s break down too much some bonds or something – better do manually even though it taste more sandy . But with the juice shells got softer and just do not chew. Good luck !

  23. Kathleen says:

    I make smoothies and juice every other day and store them in airtight containers in the fridge (keeps down the time in the kitchen). I use them as a medium for some of my liquid supplements as well as the smoothie so they are important to have handy in the am, even with diminished vitamins. I have heard that freezing them is beneficial-your thoughts? Also, since lemon juice will keep fruits from turning brown (oxidizing), does it help to put some lemon juice in the smoothies and juice?

  24. Ira Edwards says:

    Lynn #17, I am hypothyroid, but can’t take Armour, because it causes atrial fibrillation, a symptom of hyperthyroid. I have to be content being hypothyroid. Perhaps you have a similar situation with osteoporosis, another symptom of hyperthyroid.

  25. Deborah Hedges says:

    A great way to keep smoothies fresh is to put them in a mason jar and pump the air out with a Pump-N-Seal. You can get them at http://www.Pump-n-Seal.com It looks like a bicycle pump and it creates a vacumm. My green smoothies will stay fresh for 3+ days and fruit somoothies even longer. (they usually are gone in one day) Once the oxygen is gone – there is no oxidation. I know this sounds like a commercial but I use mine every day!

  26. Velda says:

    Kevin, I make smoothies and drink them within the day. Keep them in the refrigerator until I drink them all. However, with juice, I make a lot at a time, put it in several pint size mason jars and freeze them. When I am going to take them to work for lunch, I leave them on my desk until they thaw. The are usually completely thawed by lunch time.

    Great information, Kevin. Thank you.

  27. Adrianah says:

    Thank you for all of your research and doing this web site. It is very informative and helps a lot of people. I would like to comment on the calcium. The Garden of Life has a product called Grow Bone. It consists of two bottles one you take with breakfast and lunch and the other on an empty stomach at night. My doctor told me that one of his other patients did the challenge that they offer, (which is to get a bone scan and take the product for six months, and get another bone scan. If the second scan isn’t better than the first scan they will give you your money back plus the price of the scans.) and her second scan was 25% better than the first scan. My doctor told me there is no other product on the market that has that result. The calcium is raw with all of the other nutrient you need to absorb calcium. Of course they recommend exercise and a good diet. It has been clinically studied and you can find the results on their web site, GrowBone.com. I am 67 and have been a health nut since childhood. This is the only calcium supplement I take anymore. Of course I take other vitamins and herbs. I am not a complete vegan. I have experimented with many diets over the years and found one that suits me and seems to keep me healthy. My dream is to share it with others someday. However, for now this calcium supplement seems to be the best that I have researched. I hope this helps. I do not work for or get any money for representing this product. It is only from my research and my own use that I recommend it.

  28. Sarah South says:

    Can you please go over the “K2” issue. I really would like some solid info on the subject. THANK YOU!! 🙂

  29. LynnCS says:

    Ira # 21 That’s some good info. Thx. I also am letting it go at this point to see if the diet balances me out. I sure had a bad reaction eventually to the Armour. I understand they are not producing it any more. Unfortunately I have come to distrust modern medicine and will try to find a dr who understands this natural way of healing. When you say you live with the hypothyroid, what are you living with. I am losing hair, tend to be cold, not really energetic, but know that the energy thing can be improved as I get more active. The hair thing is a big problem as a woman. I just cut it short recently and I might just have to live with that too. I don’t have a lot of options. Thanks for your input. Lynn

  30. Eileen says:

    After falling from a stair step and getting a compression fracture on my L-2 vertebrae, I was diagnosed w/osteoporosis. Instead of taking the harsh bone medicines I followed my naturopaths advice and take Vit K2, Alfalfa, and Vit D tintures along w/Calcium, multivitamins, Vit. E (fish oil) and Chlorophyll everyday. I’m soon to get another bone density test and see if this has been helping me. When on chemo, my thyroid gland burned out (TSH – 55.6!) and was put on thyroid pills. The thought of having to take this pill for the rest of my life led me to a naturopathic doctor who had me decrease one pill a week for 2 wks, then 2 pills a week for 2 weeks, etc., until I was off of them. Each night I would put a very hot compress over my thyroid gland for one minute, then switch to a cold compress for 30 seconds – doing this 3 times in a row. By the end of my program my TSH was 3.5 and within 6 months is now 2.0. It works! 🙂 Hope this helps someone out there!

  31. mike says:

    hey kev thanks again! using the right juicer will save you much time. cheaper (think screen) juicers(like mine) are made for the juice to b drank right away but, like you stated, waiting a couple hours is still way better than minute maid however using the real good(and more expensive but way worth it if u have it) juicers will keep them much better almost 100% up to 24hr.. heres one.. i recently came accross an article stating juices must be drunk(en, drank(ed)?–that not my question–At least 30min Before eating, and not to be combined with food. ut oh! i juice quite often at times and Usually combine my juices with sometimes many things like a banana, hemp seeds, DULSE flakes, maybe some berries, and egg or two, protein powder, bee pollen, flax chia, water sometimes, dates ect.. is this a big no no or does it simply mean my juices may not make it to my blood stream in the usual 30min but longer(which sounds like no prob, im usually quite healthy) OR maybe that with juice as the delivery system, all these other things r in the mix maybe enetering my blood instead of being broken down in my gut(i might b wrong on both counts but any clearing up would b greatly appreciated. thanks again for doing what u do. mikey

  32. Greatness:-))
    Feels like a new earth is emerging:::

    Consciously putting honey* in a juice or smoothie can preserve..

    Silica is the best!!! Paired with mag. Vit D, etc…
    -recently I had two teeth knocked out and I placed them back in place and went HEAVY on the greens;-)) and used silica among many minerals to strengthen my teeth. I’m happy to say that after a month of having two front teeth knocked clean out, the nerve has reconnected and I’m chewing again!!
    I also think that the teeth would have been fractured (on top of falling out) had I not absorbed so much silica and transmitted it into calcium–


    Goji-(fresh; chew till liquid to absorb into brain-food:-))
    Schizandra-(tea time!!!)

  33. I don’t like the taste of a smoothie that has oxidized, so if I can’t drink it right away, we have covers we put on the cup that fit tightly, and it get’s stored in the fridge. It seems to oxidize very quickly, and I don’t like the taste after about 30 minutes.

  34. Frank says:

    I agree with Wallace Gordon Dickson. I am 78 years old. feeling like a spry 30 year old. No dairy, red meat, sugar. But I get 98 minerals from Black Mica that I use to purify my drinking water. I think the minerals are the most important factor. (key in the name Black Mica on Google, also try the key word “Adya”). I use a cellercisor for 15 minutes every morning. Any exercise is good. It re-circulates the blood. The cellerciser (research the name on Google) exercises every cell in the body.

  35. Frank says:

    I know where you are coming from. Years ago the doctor told me,”We have nothing more for you. Come back when you are dying and we will help you die.”
    After years of research I have come to some conclusions. I have no ailments left in my body. I take no medications for anything. I don’t even have head-ache pills in the house.

    We can try to treat our ailments one by one. It won’t work. To get ahead of the ailments we need to do some things right.

    !. Stop taking into our bodies the things that cause our ailments.

    2. Give our bodies the 98 minerals it requires to build new perfect cells. The new perfect cells will replace the old with perfect cells in every part of our body. I use and recommend Black Mica to everyone as the best way to get all the minerals our body needs.

    3. All exercise is good. The blood carries the nutrients to every cell in our body. What good is it to take in the nutrients if we don’t circulate the blood. Any plumber will tell you that you can’t push liquid through small blood veins to all the parts of the body. The heart is not a pump. It is a regulator. Exercise re-circulates the blood.
    I use and recommend a “cellerciser”. Rebounding is the best exercise for us older folk who feel like we are much younger.

    4. Not much good will happen without lots of pure, un-chlorinated water. Chlorine is a deadly poison. Purify your water with “Adya Clarity”, also known as “Black Mica”.

    5. Alkalize your body. No desease can flourish in an alkilized body, only in an acidic one. Eat fruits and vegs. Raw is good.
    some need to be cooked. Eat whatever is in season. Try to include Bitter Melon or other bitters to help your live. Your liver must deliver or the toxins stay in your fat cells. When your liver delivers toxins disappear from your fat cells. Guess what. You lose weight and you wern’t even tring. The juice from two fresh squeezed lemons every day are a big help. I lost 60 pounds.

    I make tea every day including Horsetail,Holy Basil,Pau D Arco,Dandelion. sweetened with a few drops of Stevia.

    If you are doing these things for two or three months and you still have ailments we can look for helps to give you comfort. I don’t think there will be many problem ares left. Your body will heal itself. Everything will move tworad normal good health. It did for me.

  36. rachel says:

    Chinese herbs? try Longan Fruit from
    http://www.dragonherbs.com they offer great chinese
    formulas also. I use longan as a blood builder, its’ also delicious and (now) less expensive than pricey Goji berries.
    The iodine contained in iodized salt is quite small and you are getting a lot of sodium in order to get some iodine…You are much better off consuming kelp or other seaweeds.
    namaste’, rachel

  37. jenness says:

    Excited to hear about Horsetail but found that it has some severe contra-indications. Thoughts?

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