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Like I said in yesterday’s show, for the next few weeks, I’m going to be running some of the best Renegade Health Shows…

I’m hoping to be able to give some commentary afterwords, so you can get an idea of where I am now on these issues.

Today, I have two episodes on my personal incident with raw chocolate (or cacao).

I have a few comments below as well, so be sure to check those out once you’ve watched both videos.

Raw Chocolate Video #1

Raw Chocolate Video #2

My thoughts looking back…

1. First, I’m really surprised at my high energy levels in this show. I haven’t watched it in a while and I’m somewhat embarrassed that I don’t seem to have that enthusiasm on the screen any more – or at least it’s a little different than before.

2. Where I stand? The same. I have a chocolate treat about once every three months and always before noon or so. If I eat it at night I can’t sleep.

3. Since these videos, literally hundreds of people have came up to me and confirmed that I’m on to something. They experienced problems too. Even people who are in the raw chocolate industry!

4. I read through some of the comments while watching these again and I have to say that I’m sure most of the negative ones were people who either didn’t watch the whole video and jumped to rash decisions on what I was saying OR they are so deep into the clutches of chocolate addiction they can’t get out. LOL!

5. Something I think about these days is that chocolate was never really traditionally eaten raw. The traditional way of harvesting and drying is a fermentation process that is coupled with sun-drying. Just a theory, but I wonder if that’s the preferred way to “process” it for our own proper assimilation. Sometimes ancient practices are more effective… other times they’re not.

So while I try to figure out that one, I’m just going to stick to very little amounts, keep my adrenals healthy and get the sleep that I need.

I want to know your thoughts: What’s your take these days on chocolate?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

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