Wisdom From a Cancer Patient and Sleazy Sugar Sales Techniques Revealed : The 7 Things I Learned This Week

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Speaking of wisdom and cancer… here’s a pic of Ann and Kris Carr from over the weekend!

Today, I’m going to let a little off my chest…

Every once in a while, the energy gets dark on the blog. Last week, I sensed it a bit.

So today, I’m going to do my best to lift some of it up and get clear the air.

Let’s get moving…

1. The scanning syndrome.

This last week was pretty intense on the blog. Eating sugar or not is a controversial topic – at least natural sugar.

I spent more time this week responding to posts than I usually do, because I needed to clarify and explain some things with detail that was not covered in the original articles.

One of my growing concerns about blog posts (around the entire Internet) is that they are getting more and more off-hand, rude and angry. Just go to a major news site and read 4-5 comments on any article. You’ll see what I mean.

What I’ve seen on Renegade Health, is not nearly like this at all, and that can be attributed to the type of people who hang out here. A good 95% of the comments are helpful, inquisitive and constructively challenging. Thank goodness for this (and you!)

What I have been finding though is that there are an increasing number of posts from people who clearly haven’t read what I’ve written – or scanned it quickly – and then have posted a comment in a emotionally negative tone – even though I’m in complete agreement with them and have even written so in the same article they’ve just blasted!

When I’m reading more and more of these, my most frequent comment, either in my head or on the blog is: “I’m not sure if you’re read everything I wrote here…”

Look, I get it, it’s 2011. You get a lot of information and you need to process all of it. You want to be healthy and you don’t want to miss anything. But, what I don’t get is why would someone comment on something that they haven’t fully read?

It kind of makes them look silly.

My biggest concern for them is not that they might look foolish – I’d rather they didn’t – but rather I wonder how quickly they react and form opinions about other things without having all the information.

You see what I’m saying here?

What other beliefs about health have they formed by just scanning through some material or half of an article?

This is a pattern that may not suit them so well.

And of course, no one’s immune to this. We all do it to some degree, but any time I put a comment on the internet, I’m very actively aware that it’s an archive for years to come. Emotional, off-handed comments don’t suit you well in the long run.

In fact, it’s my personal policy that if I see a comment that elicits some sort of emotional response from inside of me, I refuse to comment on it for at least 30 minutes to maybe even 12 hours.

This way I can cool down. Re-read it. Gather all the information I need to respond and actually say something that may be critical, but at least full of value and credibility.

If you’re prone to emotional response – like I think everyone is! – then this might be a good protocol to adopt.

It will also lead to even better blog posts all around! 🙂

2. Deep wisdom rises above.

While I was going through all the posts last week, I found this one.

The post was wise, humble, helpful, and strong. Most of all it was based on experience not theory.

I’m so thankful she shared this with everyone… so now I’m going to share it with you…

“@Andy – thanks for your real life experience and explanation.

I, too, have cancer — I was diagnosed after being 100% raw vegan for seven (7) years (please no assumptions or judgments on this aspect) — and had already done considerable research on alternative approaches to cancer and chronic diseases. I went to Hippocrates Health Institute and also consulted many raw vegan authors and experts I had become acquainted with over the years. I truly believed that we could completely control whether we got cancer or not and that my lifestyle would ensure a long, healthy life. It has been an enlightening and interesting path away from that belief. But that’s another story.

I do eat some fruit — especially blueberries and mangoes — focusing on those with high antioxidants. I agree that the fructose can be the delivery system for the antioxidants, as I have heard Jameth Sheridan explain.

However, I have learned the same thing that Andy has — which is contrary to what the majority of natural cancer doctors day — cancer cells can thrive on almost anything we eat. The quality of our food enhances our immune system which is what helps fight the cancer (put into simple terms),

@Astra and @Rosemary, I urge you to research and talk to integrative cancer doctors/centers. Do not rely on posts (like these) and online forums and internet information in treating your (and your son’s) cancer. Tons of people have opinions but no experience. Reading about what someone thinks they would do if they get cancer is not helpful to people whose lives are actually on the line. You need an oncologist on your team, in addition to a naturopath and nutritionist — in real life. Look into:

– Dr. Burzynski in Houston, Texas
– Dr. Contreras at Oasis of Hope

Someone already mentioned the book AntiCancer. It’s quite good for people who are new to holistic and healthy lifestyles. It does have a stunningly wonderful chapter on statistics. If you read it, you will not be discouraged by whatever the statistics supposedly say about your chances for survival.

Also, the Cancer Control Society is fantastic – the one organization that focuses solely on alternative treatments. I talked to several 20+ year survivors through their referral list. Their website lists doctors and clinics also. And, their yearly conference is coming up Labor Day weekend.”

Thanks Serene for your contribution!

3. On the other hand… a sleazy salesman revealed!

This comment came in as well…

“Kevin, to sell banana powder I thinks is outrageous and then say that fruits might cause you problems. It seems that you from really honest health promoting guy turning into the salesman like _______ ________, _______ ________ and other raw guru, who sell overpriced dehydrated staff and blaming fruits as it bad for their business. I think ppl really need to start challenging those raw gurus and not blindly follow them.”

Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough over the week, but for 80-90% of the population who is into natural health there’s no need to worry too much about moderate amounts of fruit. In fact, as long as you get your blood tested (and keep your teeth), you can experiment with different levels.

Also, isn’t it valuable to have all sides of the story when it comes to a product? I think if I was just promoting the benefits of sugar – not the pluses and minuses – then I could be called a salesman.

Most sleazy salesman won’t give you the negative side while they’re selling… 🙂

4. We need to give up the fear or mistrust of selling.

There were also some posts, which we get from time to time about selling products…

“Kevin, it’s really annoying the way that all your material as of late is about generating more sales. I know how it works and can see the manipulation behind the scenes. I encourage you to use your position of power to create real lasting change, not just to build your own bank account. How much money do you and the likes of ______ __________ and others need? Is the natural life now all about finding products that sell well, or is it about a return to and reverence for nature?”

First off, our material is not all about selling.

We have 2-3 high quality content pieces every day. Every single day, I work hard to get you some of the best – most levelheaded information there is to help you achieve great health. I spend at least 6-7 hours creating content – with research, reading, writing and video production.

If I was a writer for the New York Times, I would be paid for this work.

But, I’m not, so I have to pay for all of it myself.

We have no advertisers, we have no corporate ties, we don’t promote or talk about products we don’t like (even though they sell really well), and we pay for all of this ourselves – and the help of a bank loan and some credit cards.

In order to continue what we’re doing and not compromise our beliefs, we’ve created a product line under my name and a skin care line under Annmarie’s. This way we can keep everything in house.

These products are the best of the best and we use them ourselves. We only sell things we use, trust, and would share with our families.

What’s shocking to me is that we get the criticism about selling, not the health food store or the co-op that sells all different types of products – whether they’re crap or not. No one knocks the health food store owner who makes money on every single product he or she sells regardless of its quality.

It’s silly, but for some reason, we get grouped into the snake oil category when we sell a great tasting dehydrated banana powder. LOL! Not the health food store owner who sells 5 lines of supplements that they’ve never even used.

Anyway, as for the other assumption here… “I know how it works and can see the manipulation behind the scenes. I encourage you to use your position of power to create real lasting change, not just to build your own bank account.”

First off, if I shared our bank account statement with everyone, this comment never would have been made. 🙂

Yes, money does come in, but it goes out just as fast. It takes money to pay employees, vendors and our landlord. It also takes money to create new products and test products that we want to sell. We are rich in our freedom to do what we want, not in our bank account.

I’ve always said that any greedy person in a natural health industry business is a moron. The reason why is because there are plenty of other industries where they can make much more money with much little effort.

We do this because we care. My father died of cancer and my mom has had a double mastectomy. Don’t you think I’d be interested in helping other families avoid these health disasters?

Second, the “manipulation behind the scenes” that we’re doing is working very hard and donating our time to put a GMO labeling law initiative on the ballot in California in 2012. Our business has allowed us to have a little freedom to actually spend time – on our own dime – to really make a difference. A GMO labeling law will help so many more people than just those in the know. It could and will eventually start the demise of this disruptive technology – across the world.

Every purchase made through Renegade Health allows us to continue to do this work. Also any purchase of Dr. Williams’ programs gives money to Ayni Global and the Q’ero.

If that’s manipulation behind the scenes, then I’m totally guilty – and proud of it.

Look, we have to grow up here. The world revolves around commerce. You survive because you either trade for things or get paid by someone. Even the Q’ero in Peru barter and now have been introduced to modern economy. Even non-profits rely on the commerce of others to run – which creates other conflicts of interest.

We don’t answer to a boss. We don’t answer to investors. We don’t have any corporate funding.

Everything that comes from us is about as unbiased as it gets. (With the exception that I think everyone should eat more plants, LOL!)

We’ve made this possible through commerce and I’m thankful for having a channel that over 200,000 people trust every month.

5. Power to the people!

Apparently, it only took 30,000 signatures for the Food Network to stop airing shows that cook shark meat.

Various species of shark are endangered and continual promotion of the consumption of the meat on the Food Network would put an even further strain on the existing populations.

This is an amazing testament to what a group of people can do when they get together, not argue among themselves.

Here’s where you can read the entire article (though it’s just about as long as my little blip here!)…


6. It’s nice to be home.

Last Friday, we flew home to Connecticut for a week with family (in NJ as well.)

It’s very, very nice to be home and to spend time with family.

Our next mission is to get them to move out to the Bay Area… LOL!

(This isn’t a vacation, it’s a recruitment trip.)

7. I love leg room.

For a tall guy, I have to tell you, it’s essential to ask for the exit row on a plane. Delta, American and United have the least leg room of all the major airlines, so for me, the exit row can at least give me a little bit of comfort on the 5 hour flight back to New York.

Always, always ask!

But of course, if you don’t think you’re able to help in case of an emergency, please don’t sit there.

I always look around when we’re in the exit row and there are usually more people who I wouldn’t trust with my life than I would – which is a massive judgement, not based on any bit of reality, because you don’t know how anyone will react if something happens.

So with a little faith and a little prayer… 😉

I want to know your thoughts: What do you think about the state of blog posts online? What have you seen on other forums, blogs?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. violet says:

    kevin, thanks for what you do. in the ever-increasing age of skepticism, your open-minded approach is what keeps me reading your content. my husband, who had lymphoma at 34, who would never want to read about cancer or health info, has actually said he likes reading the posts of yours i’ve forwarded to him. we need more facts and less opinion, as is obvious from the violence instigated by various extremists of late. i think as life becomes more stressful, and people have fewer outlets, raging on the road or the internet is all that’s left for some. anyway, about the cancer, i was totally anti-allopathic medicine because of my own bad experiences, and have since used many natural treatments for myself. but if i had insisted on this path for my husband, he would have died. almost harder that dealing with the cancer, was letting him make his own decisions and accepting that there was no other way to save him than immediate chemotherapy and all the mess that comes with that. it’s easy to have opinions when you haven’t been through it.

  2. Cat Hunter says:

    There are a lot of thoughtless people in the community who don’t actually consider that an awful lot of work is given away free in the course of ‘sleazy selling.’
    It is not constructive or pleasant for new people to see these repeated posts and it is usually neither relevant nor true, just the same principle as people who do not vote and then complain about government policy in the course of my own work.
    I know people have to feed off each other a little to sustain the amount of copy you all produce, but it equally does not help when you don’t support each other in your endeavours.

  3. Jes§ says:

    Kevin, this is a great article and I’m in full agreement with what yóu’ve said here. I am shocked at the growing level of animosity, even in the health food world. “Gurus” bashing other “gurus,” even. Well, I don’t support anyone who starts bashing others (unless it’s something like Monsanto). Thank you for your high level of morality, your continuous effort to remain without bias, your open mind, and your caring heart. This is why I will always support you – if not with my dollar, then by spreading the word.

    Many blessings!

  4. Niraja Golightly says:

    I hear you on the scanning syndrome–we are so overwhelmed with information whether we ask for it or not and it is so easy to skim or misconstrue info from headlines and soundbites these days. Researching cancer and health info can make you crazy quickly. I also posted about the importance of integrative approaches to cancer as my journey somewhat parallels the person who was raw vegan for 7 years and would like to re-recommend the book Life Over Cancer by Keith Block MD and his comprehensive integrative approach to cancer. There is an excellent chapter on how cancer can co-opt your nutrition and use your immune responses to its own benefit–and some things you can do about it as well. Of course I am still using all the excellent information from my alternative folks, too, as that is my world-view and experience (Love Kris Carr!). And sadly for the world, David Servan-Schreiber MD PhD (author of the AntiCancer book) just passed away last week from a reoccurence of the brain cancer he successfully overcame in his 30s (15 years ago). Everyone’s cancer journey is unique and what’s most important is to learn from it and then share what you learn–not as a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather as a “this helped me and it might be another clue for you.” I also recommend Leigh Fortson’s book Embrace Release Heal: An Empowering Guide to Talking About, Thinking About, and Treating Cancer. She shares her personal experience with a 2x recurring cancer in 3 years (that is now gone) and then her research and interviews with many of the biggies in the integrative and alternative fields. You can also listen to her Sounds True interview with Tami podcast recording at itunes or Sounds True’s webpage if you don’t want to spend more money…

  5. Yvonne says:

    I am so glad you guys are doing all this work and research. I work a lot of hours a week and I just don’t have the time to do it myself. I have no problem with you also selling products you believe in and I would rather purchase from someone who uses the products they sell, than someone who doesn’t. Its not obligatory for anyone visiting your site to buy from you so if the reader doesn’t want to, then they shouldn’t. I am grateful for the free information and I’m glad I don’t have to research everything from scratch on my own.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Cindy says:

    This is a pet peeve of mine. People are full of hostility & hatred not only in blog posts, but everywhere. People used to be so nice & polite. As I’ve gotten older, people are so rude all the time, even children, which is so sad. Parents don’t take the time anymore to teach their children to be nice. It’s all about materialism & “me, me, me”.

  7. Leam says:

    I was thinking about this with some of the resent posts. I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t just take a second to search some of your other articles first before making statements or asking questions. I used to enjoy reading the posts to get others thoughts, perspectives, questions and maybe learns something. Lately, however, more often than not I stop reading because I find myself feeling quite irritated. I really have appreciated your additional comments and clarifications. This is a space you have created. Would the same people enter into your home and feel they had the right to make negative comments to your face I wonder?

  8. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    @Leam: No they wouldn’t. I’m sure the discussion would be much more civilized and productive. 🙂

  9. samantha says:

    BRAVO!! I am so grateful for the 411 you put out to the Universe AND your trusted products~
    both have enriched my life, in many ways. Thank you for being the change you want to see in the World!
    **Many Blessings**

  10. Rachel says:

    I love you both SO much! (Just needed to get that out.) 😉 I have seen a lot of hostility online unfortunately. I have also seen a lot of love and spiritual growth as well though and I find that encouraging. Many people seem to be looking for and coming into balance, but many other people just need to be heard and validated, perhaps? I’m a new-age girl, so I think it has a lot to do with the shifts happening in the Universe right now.
    I can honestly say my life journey is incredibly enhanced by your truth, honesty, love, caring, information, fun, and energy! I’m just so grateful you put yourselves out here for us and I hope you know that your quest for truth and balance inspires me (and others!) in our day to day life!
    Much <3

  11. Rachel says:

    P.S. I’m glad you sell the products you do! I can’t say I’ve bought any (yet) but that’s simply due to current finances. Your Irish Moss and Ann Marie’s skin care products sound delightful 🙂

  12. Judith says:

    I also agree with you on the issue of people scanning information. That’s fine…we’re all busy….but it makes no sense to post (and angrily at that) on something that you haven’t fully read.
    What you and AnneMaire give to us, day in and day out, is PRICELESS! Where is it written that healers and educators shouldn’t be entitled to earn a living doing what they love to do? This is a misconception in our culture that those of us in the health and wellness community are working very hard to turn around. So many of us have a hard enough time when we first hang out our shingle, with asking for/charging money for our services. But there is an immeasurable value to what we have to offer. Would that person who posted on your blog question a doctor or lawyer about why they earn money from their job? Of course not! I bet that he isn’t working for free, donating his services to his boss pro-bono! Besides, nobody is putting a gun to his head and forcing him to purchase anything from Renegade Health!
    Keep up the good work. We appreciate all that you and AnneMarie do for us, for our community and for our planet.
    Thank you.

  13. Bravo Kevin. I appreciate your integrity and the articulate way you explained why you do what you do. It’s a common misconception that people who help others with their health should do so without compensation…just to be good people.

    the truth is we need to get paid for all the research and sharing so that we can continue to do it. If not, we’d have to get a JOB and not have time to research and share.

    Keep doing what you do.

    Love and hugs to both of you.

    Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

  14. Well said Kevin. You do great work while also staying honest and transparent. Thanks.

  15. Heather says:

    Kevin, I want to say thank you to you and Annmarie for everything you do. I’d love to see honest, authentic people in the natural health industry being incredibly successful financially, in addition to being rich in time!

    Knowing the two of you as I do, I also know I can trust what you say and recommend. We need more people like you with that kind of integrity.

    Unfortunately, there is a poverty mentality in the health and mind-body-spirit industry. It’s as if no one authentic should make money. In fact, it’s charities that exist to provide things for free and SOMEONE has to fund the charities! Charities also fail very often, because even they have too much trouble sustaining giving everything away for free. One of the top non-profit leaders in the country teaches this — because charities and non-profits are often not sustainable.

    In our world, we pay for food, clothing and shelter with money. That’s the way it is. It’s about time we honored and celebrated the financial success of people who are doing good in this world, like you.

    Rock on!

  16. Heather says:

    I have had thoughts about the product push on my daily emails, usually passing thoughts, so I’m really glad you responded. I appreciate your perspective, your intention, and your commitment.

  17. Bryant says:

    Kevin, I really appreciate this post. I’ve been reading/watching for several years now and I appreciate yours and Annmarie’s work.

  18. Candy says:

    Love what you both do!

    That guy who insulted you is not in his RIGHT MIND….that’s what you do for a living..DUH!!!

    You both sell health products…so what is wrong in advertising or mentioning in your FREE articles you are so KIND to share with the world that you have items if any one is interested in buying…NO ONE FORCED him to buy did they!

    WOW…some people need to use some common sense and think before they say what they do.

    I’m sure he makes a living doing something and most business sell products be it whatever and they have to get the word out in one way or another to let people know if they are interested and so they can make money themselves.

    I don’t see why he was so upset about it…

    Keep up the good work…hope your business grows and you make lots of money. I’d rather see someone like you both who sells items that promote health make money than those who sell items that make people sick.

    Thank you for all the FREE information you share…it’s much appreciated by me and many others!!!

  19. Treeplanter says:

    One reason for the critical posts is that people, myself included, want to make a difference in the world. I feel powerless to make a difference in the policial scene in Washington, but perhaps I can make a difference on the blog…

    So when you say something which I believe is unclear or could be said better, or in rare cases is just plain wrong, I like to point that out on the blog. I choose my words carefully most of the time so that the criticism is constructive (I hope).

    Kevin, I appreciate the way you take on controversial subjects. Of course you will get people who disagree with you. As long as the different viewpoints are expressed constructively, I believe we all benefit from hearing them.

    And some issues are just really complex. There are multiple causes of cancer, and multiple solutions. It’s not a simple matter of, eating sugar causes cancer, stop eating sugar and cancer goes away. There is much more to it. With so many factors involved, there will be some people who cured their cancer eating only veggies, and some who cured it eating grapes. And some who ate the perfect diet and sadly died anyway.

    Personally, I believe our souls decide when and how we die, and that diet is not the single most important factor. So, for me, spirituality is the most important factor. What does my soul want to eat? How does my soul want to live?

    But I know, this blog is not about such questions, so I guess I wandered off topic …

    Anyway, I think you are doing a good job presenting valuable health information, and I will be happy to let you know when I think you could have done better (smile).

    Michael T.

  20. Pat says:


    Each time I read any of your articles, they are always written in a forthright and thoughtful manner. I am very glad you have addressed this issue of hurtful, unhelpful comments. We must always stand and speak for our values, and keep teaching at every opportunity, especially the younger generations. Those of us in integrity and with maturity must keep speaking for it. Thank you for the wonderful work you do. You are making a difference in people’s lives. As one person said, we don’t all have the time or resources to learn everything on our own.

  21. Nomi says:

    A book I’ve found very helpful in treating Rocky the Dogs lymphoma is Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya H. Pierce. It covers many alternative, non-toxic approaches; some in detail some briefly; many of which I hadn’t heard of before. Rocky is on one (or two depending on how you look at it) of the protocols right now and is doing well.
    I already had this book in the house and think a small library of such books, read in the calm of NOT dealing with cancer is a good thing to have.
    After 30 years of telling people ‘no chemo!’ I opted for chemo for him; 6 sessions (very very painful…..for me…he did quite well) because he would have died if I hadn’t. I had to buy time (6-7 weeks) to figure out what alternative protocol(s) I could use for a dog who is not invested in green drinks in the very very teeniest least.
    There are no guarantees in life. A 7 year raw vegan got cancer; but…had he/she not had the 7 years of raw veganism/cleansing/healing would he/she have survived?
    Ultimately Dr. Bernard Jensen died of cancer…well in to his 80’s. People used to ask me about that. My response (among a possible many) is had he not led the lifestyle he had…perhaps he would have died of cancer in his 50’s.
    Who knows what they’ve been exposed to? I used to x-ray my feet every time we visted Uncle Harry’s shoe store…who knew?
    Angry blogs upset me more than they should. I just came across one today while researching a product F bomb and all. Sign of the times? Lacking B12?
    Kevin and Annmarie you are doing SUCH a great job…I appreciate you so very much. hugs n

  22. Heidi says:

    Usually if you just ignore the people with the negative energy they will go away. They are just trying to get a rise out of anyone they can, because this is how they get their enjoyment. They suck the good energy out of people like you. If you ignore them they will get frustrated and look elsewhere for their so called ‘fun.’ If they were intelligent, kind and respectful in the first place they would never post any aggressive comments. Remember the saying,if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say it at all. Here’s another one, if another person comes to attack don’t engage in the fight. Keep on with your good work. Thank you.

  23. Roberta says:

    Kevin and Annmarie, Thank you both for all of your hard work and caring way you present information. Most of the time I see anger as fear and fear has no logic. Your presence in this world gives me hope for now and in the future. Keep trusting yourself and the Universe to you guide you. Much love to you both.

  24. Steph says:

    I think you and Annmarie do a great job of bringing different facts and opinions to the table so that we as your audience can learn and make educated decisions. I think the advice you give on your show is very well researched and thourough. I notice you are always pressing for people to have tests and work with a practitioner which is really the only smart way to determine what is needed. I noticed the negetivity that you refered to and I find it sad that with all the positive change that you and Annmarie are trying to create that the nay-sayers feel the need to taint it with negetivity. I would like to thank you for your show and i’m just one of many who truly appreciates the time and effort you put into what you do. Keep up the good work and be well. Liv Awesome!!

  25. Lizabeth says:

    I love Renegade Health. You two are so positive!
    Thanks for speaking up about the negativity. I hope people will slow down and read, and when responding be as positive as possible. Many blessings!

  26. Kuru says:

    Nice and polite can be suspect too. Covering over the truth for the sake of societal correctness is likely the germination for rudeness later. People are so often not invited to express, once they do, it’s festered to extreme words and accusation. Don’t take it personally! It’s good you, Kevin, get to respond and for us to hear the details of your true glory. LOL!

    I want to thank you for disclosing your breakfast menus. Here’s what Kevin wrote in his newsletter a few days ago in case you missed it:

    “So for instance, yesterday I ate two trays of
    figs, two green smoothies, some buckwheat
    porridge and some polenta with fresh veggies
    and a tomato sauce. The day before, I ate 4
    kiwis and two plums, 5 peaches, two massive
    salads and (I guess this didn’t change…)
    some polenta.”

    At first I was stunned by all the fruit and concerned about the sugar, but I found myself that day, just eating what was around (fruit!), and being much more relaxed about it. I would probably draw the line at 12 peaches a day, as I imagine my mouth would be puckered up by then! Thanks for sharing!

  27. bill says:

    Kev-sit (in most cases on airlines) seat row 10 ABCDEF or whatever. Behind the bulkhead. or by the exit door over the wing. That area is usually larger because it is an exit. I like thre ten seats, no one in front of you.
    It could be bad though if there is a ripping up of the plane. You are, I feel, better off in the back. How many plane crashes have you seen where only the tail section is the only thing standing? Drawback, it is cramped back there and people coming inn and out of the toilets unless you are on the larger type planes. Keep up your good work. But just like airplane experience, you might want to experience some personal results with blood sugar levels before you recommend something.

  28. Angie says:

    Most people who makes comments slamming sales people (or anyone for that matter) are unhappy with their own life and assume everyone else is doing better than they are. Perhaps they would prefer to barter as in many years past.

    Kevin, I think what you are doing is great. I’m just learning about all of this. (I am a breast cancer thriver but raised on meat and lots of dairy). My doctor when I asked him if I could change my diet to shrink the tumor said, “I’m not going to stop eating pasta.” When did it become about him? I wasn’t even talking about pasta. I grabbed my mother and ran. Did the mastectomy, did the chemo (3 1/2 years ago)somewhere else. I just wanted to feel better and when I eat the things you suggest, I do.

    Now, I also believe that I caused the cancer by the things I thought about all the time, but that is another blog entirely. I think differently now. Just happy to be alive.

    So, with that said, keep doing what you are doing. I love that you actually read the blog posts. You don’t need to defend yourself. There is nothing to defend.

    I hope you prosper in the way the mad blogger thought you were:)


  29. watery says:

    Hello Kevin,

    I really like you today post. Its good that you clear this up today. And probably it needs to be cleared up again one or serveral times.

    -this is the first blog post from you i read the whole entire blog and very calkm and interesting. For me this is for long time the first blog post where you start to take yourself serious. And you mention topics you self relating to. Im following Your blogs since a half of year. And this is a short time. Still i feel at the beginning it was more like a lot of entertaining and health guru talks. What i mean it showed a bit of joking on the world others are sticked inside.

    To commenting. Sometimes its very wise to leave the way of a clear communication and go into a more deeper materialistic. motherlinked connection of expressing artisticly your own thoughts and feeling. People who set on a mask and let them name in a poetically names. or mask them self in a angry way.
    Still i feel this is a very crazy state and its free. Of course there will be always some people in the whole world who are more clear and focused and consise and with right spelling and grammar.This is just one side of the world of the moon. The other one is the crazyness. and beside a cancer maybe there is the crazyness or the childness in ourself what makes us creative. How long does it take till we have a way to let animals comment on blogs in their languge. There is a lot was is unclear for us. We rather understand. So what seams angry is often a metaphysic phaenomen what is open for us.

    For sure one day we will be clear on this. The good thing on this blog there is lot what comes from the body. IT works. Some people get a bit angry in a clear way cause they come from a rural life and have less money for choice also they wanna have vibrant health. They also work maybe farm or do something else and their bankacount is less than yours ever. Also they have a lower money flow and they have a different view on the wor of movement of freedom.The sense is one time you have to get free in materialism. This always telling people things via a form of energy sucking maschine named note netbook or computer is draining for people living in a mother deep connected world. Living from the land and less connected to the media world. I once had a russian email friend. We emailed and she told how she afford a computer. And how less salery they get. Now think on the prices of your superfoods and then think how could the russian people afford this. ITs hardly possible. So they have to look for other ways or leave their traditional system and go for the modern world of jobs and economy. And in russia you see what this bring for inbalance form Whitepride Racism and hate to also oilpipline and cutting down of forest.

    The poverty is everywhere.If you mentionpeople like durianrider who say you are a guru selling bannana powder. Actually he siad this once in a blog or video post. Its about this low income view or to view on a side that some societes are different. I know you accept this! Still there is a way where you show people your wealth. Still its a nice way of showing i drive my rennegate health bus with all this lovely stuff. Its nice. Still there is remaining some anger in people.

    Im very thankfull for your blog. Still i wish there would be some deeper information and exchange between the users. This i see often in the videos from harley. Maybe its also only sometimes. Harley viodeos areup to 20minutes. You know his way is less on effect and manipulation. Yeah you do manipulation! You use the laws of media and editing a good effect video! I worked in the german movie buisness short time and what i know you do! And Durian Rider is a Alternative to you. His videos are plain! Easy! Hard to swallow sometimes! different! experimentel! In this way you are more like a mainstream and Harley is Experimental Art! My video taste is more for experimental Art! So im totlally with the crazyness from Harley and his long video style. This style you edit your movie also show what is oyur cage! And still your freedom is also your cage!

    Maybe you have some crazy intimite dreams which you fear to tell on the blog. You try to keep borders to your listeners and readers. Why not? and also Why?

    Maybe it would be lovely if you be more rude inb your video style. just let the intro out. or make a dogma95 version of oyur clips. dogma95 was the cutting back on budget in hollywood. people using only handcameras and sounds and music life played in the movie. What people wanna suggest to you become authentic. And this is your choice. Still you have to accept you are in the rich america. You are white so its also makin some emotions in people. And they link your wealth in health to your skincolour and probably to your European descent. Also you have been married this is a gender provocation. What i wanna poinz out here. You provocate some people who are simple and they just exist. Maybe its a Irish moss farmer who get a bot upset. And just is a bit handicaped to express its word or it is in a less sophisticated languges like it its used on your blog.

    Or its the bannana sugar farmer, who is upset and playing child. Or naiv. Whatever alot is different in other places.

    Obe hting i wanna point out it very that there is a wish that you take more experts from all over the world also russia and other parts of the world. Who also offer a alternative to The USA buisness system.

    Show an alternative. to your buisness system. To your selfenjoying manipulation. Try out show your real freedom by expressing your freedom in your real freedom. By playing that what would brake the lines and expectations. Still everyone is still to be afraid to brake his biggest fears and experienced his deepest longings and dreams. Still we do daily.

    There will be always people doing things for volounterr for free purpose. Totaly for free. and still there is a big gap between different social systems. Yeah maybe rennegate health makes a bit like the hindu caste system where it is the highest caste which can afford the superfood go to farmer markets adn yogalessons. And the lowest caste who just can read on their slow internet connection.

    Kevin!!!! Lovely KEVIN!!! LOVE YOURSELF DEEPLY for Free!!!!

    GO back to your ITALIAN ORIGIN!!! RESEARCH!! And find local healers there and report on them!!! who do this for nearly free!! or for comunal purpose! Away from this globalisation Internet glasfiber cables!!!

    And also look for a money free society and show the healers there.!!! Just search for alternatives!! you just can grow!!!

    I know a lot people love you! and now you can brake out of your entertainment cage! and feel yourself more crazy and living!! hopefull
    iwish you all the best! Thank you for all your work you doing!!!

    It wonderful and i hope you stay open ears and eys and senses to get the change in the right itmes.

  30. Karen says:

    I so appreciate what you and Ann do. I’ve often wondered what keeps you doing this for us. I know it’s hard work. We are so lucky!!

  31. Leanne says:

    The reason Renegade Health is still consistently in my inbox is because you are real people doing an honest days work to help everyone live better, chemical free, whole food lives. There are many others who have been cut over the years (yeah, extremists, you know who you are). I am thankful for your presence as a voice of reason amongst the spate of insanity across the internet. I have been watching you evolve, make mistakes, review and change over the past few years. All above board and with humble honesty.

    As a 4x cancer survivor of childhood Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (I am now 49, so take that, statistics!) and an advocate/researcher/writer of all things cancer and wellness, I appreciate the fact that we all have to eat and pay the rent. There is no shame in making a living while following your passion. You must have fuel to keep a fire blazing.

    Keep up the good fight, we need you guys! Stay real and you will receive what you need in life to keep you going. Try hula hooping. Best, most fun and effective workout ever!

  32. Philip says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Please go to the website address provide. On that page. the very first cancer story is my story. Of how I dealt with cancer and now i do my best to eat and get anything organic.

  33. Paulette Heller says:

    I always hesitate to post on forums due to the rudeness of some people’s attacks on what is being said. Sometimes I can’t even make sense of their off the wall comments. I too am wondering what on earth provoked that kind of response. I marvel at people like you who keep on keeping on and face some of these hot headed people. My skin is too thin to do what you do. I think you are probably one of the “nicest” people I have come in contact with on your responses. You never cause me a moment of embarrassment over your replies. AND you are right about these comments being on the internet forever. I am so sorry you have had these rude judgments passed on you. You and Annmarie are both one of a kind, special people and if anyone reads very much the should also know your hearts are of gold.

    Wishing you the best

  34. Amber says:

    You’re the furthest thing from a sleazy salesman.

    I purchased the Renegade Health raw food challenge e-book package, and it didn’t work for me as I overlooked a few health issues. I was graciously refunded. That “money back guarantee” is usually a joke because it rarely happens, but you stick to your word. You’re an honest businessman and people should appreciate that.

    I turned around and applied that credit to yet another Renegade Health Purchase. You sell only extremely high-quality products and I’m going to keep buying them. I feel that they’re worth my money and I make room in my budget for them.

    I look forward to tasting that red banana powder very soon! 😀

    Also, I plan to give a few lucky friends and family ceylon cinnamon for Christmas.

    Everyone has to make a living. You do it by selling very useful things. There are a lot of people out there making a living who either A) don’t work very hard for it or B) don’t offer anything useful to anyone. You (and your team) work very hard and give so much back to the health community.

    Thank you for doing what you do.

  35. Lucian Luc says:

    Hy Kevin. I have one request, if you could do it. I have seen the video “Sugar: The bitter truth” post by you in the blog, and although I liked a lot of the work and good info there…I don`t think is the “whole truth”…sometimes deliberatly Not by bad will, but by thinking that is not so important.

    In regard to the “whole truth” that would not turn into being missleading for people in the end…see this also please- it is said that could be the “cell receptors broken”…and not the fructose it self.


    check it out…and if you could talk about this also in a video or blog post.
    ps: in regard about the deliberate misstold info(for thinking not being so important that a little missleaddin Detail) from the “Sugar: Bittter truth” one of couple would be when he says that you can cure diabetes in a month/week with the Paleo Diet(mentioning aside “with things fresh right out the ground”)…Not that is Raw Food and Not PaleoDiet- wich envoles cooked meet even. I think is very missleading DETAIL, even with that mentioning of “with things fresh right out the ground”. Ans one other one would be I think when he says when you don`t NEED(as in “not at all” even as an extremity) Carbs, because people on Atkins Diet eat very little carbs and so do the japanes people- Now Is not that I say it could not be so BUT Again(I can not go without underline this subtle missleading in the end sayings…by thinking that are NOT so important “contorsionated” Details)- THE reason that I say that is Because HE SPEAKS form a STAND(view point) OF GOOD HEALT On that TALK…AND NOT BE ABLE TO SURVIVE/and Manage Relativly OK- from quite some time WITH NO CARBS. I`m just saying…I would like to hear your say about the “broken cell receptors & fructose” first…because you were one of my Mentors(if I could say) in the times of Need:) and you still are.:) Thank you.

    .:) pps: because otherwise FEAR will Take OVer like here (FAT – Do you want to become slimmer?) http://www.youtube.com/user/magnusmulliner#p/u/52/_Pbs7hUOLFc ,
    were it is said TO eat LESS
    Fruits &
    as well:) THAT IS FEAR TURNED INTO PANIC BY THEORY. Otherwise he is A Brilliant man “youtube/user/magnusmulliner”

    he doesn`t know about “William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?”
    and the people who cured a lot of diseases even cancer from Fruits & Vegetables, he just takes A Theory and RUNS with it…CREATING GREAT FEAR, that is not sustained all the way, but he is not Looking so much I think…he just make it Absolute- a brilliant guy otherwise I have to say again.

  36. Darlene says:

    For all intents and purposes, Kevin, you are a teacher. I am also a teacher, not only in a public school, but also as a Health Coach. In BOTH professions, because what we do comes from the heart, many expect that we should not profit from our work, as others do from theirs.

    You are appreciated by many. You offer valuable information–life-changing information. Do not let the negative people even rouse that emotion that makes you have to defend your action and lowers your vibration. As a counselor once said to me, “You do not have to justify anything to anyone.”

    With regard to the “raw vegan” woman with cancer, she sounds very intelligent and is consulting the right people. We must all remember that developing cancer is not JUST about what you eat. There is a strong emotional factor, as well. It is about the health of the whole person. Louise Hay and Dr. Hamer have personal experience with this. There are many tools out there to help heal the emotional/energetic side, as well–The Healing Codes is an example. And, in addition to the other healing centers mentioned, there is Dr. Lodi’s http://www.anoasisofhealing.com. His knowledge is amazing!

    Keep up the good work.

  37. LynnCS says:

    Kevin, Thanks for your balanced style. It always gives me paus for thought. I like to be given a choice to think about and that is what you do. I usually skip over the bullies posts if I catch it soon enough. In these days of adrenaline junkies, I just can’t afford to go there. Keep up the good work. Lynn

  38. Lucian Luc says:

    Regarding the teeth problem, from my “little” experience so far I think is ralated not FRUITS and low mineralization of the body in the same time, BUT with Citrics fruits mainly(lemons) & also low mineralization.

    Otherwise I you keep your teeth mineralized as well as the entire body, is no problem even with Citrics. Because before That I would eat a lot od cheese and had indeed VERY STRONG TEETH but HAD CONSTIPATION ALL MY LIFE UNTIL LAST EAR as well.:) and a very poor Health until starting to switch to raw diet as high as possible :)(is a process, and learning) 🙂

    LCeaning the teeth with a little bit of salt water, after eating fruit…on the teeth are demineralized, and taking some “horse tail”(tea, or/and tincture), as well as green juices(as I`ve learned from you Kevin)…essential oil to wash the teeth with, does the job…in the time of need:) i would say;

    Tooth decay – How to Prevent and Reverse it

    here I think he is more onto it “youtube/user/magnusmulliner”:) i would say again:)

  39. Kat says:

    I really liked your blog post today. Thanks for being so real, honest and open. i particularly liked the cancer survivor’s thoughtful comments you shared. Thank-you!

  40. AG says:

    Thank you so much for your integrity! Keep up the good work & positive energy & keep selling the exceptional products you & Annmarie offer. I am grateful that I have access to them.

  41. Lucian Luc says:

    Stage 4 Testimony Part 1

    If the lady could searh for
    Dr Robert Morse (the Mentor of Liferegenerator), who had great results over 30 years even with pacients from HypocrateInsutite that they could not help them.

    Love& Health:) peace, nothing is not possible…in the end:) just sometimes some people have to be the first:)simply Strong Will & Love again:)

  42. Darlene says:

    “I truly believed that we could completely control whether we got cancer or not and that my lifestyle would ensure a long, healthy life. It has been an enlightening and interesting path away from that belief. But that’s another story.”

    Please accept apologies, as I am not sure if “Andy” is male or female, but “Andy” is a real person with a real story. I, too, was a cancer patient. I will speak from experience, not supposition.

    “It has been an enlightening and interesting path . . .” Andy, this is the important part of post. Cancer can be a gift because it enlightens. Remember, it is not just about your diet. Read Louise Hay’s story. She cured herself of cancer by releasing emotional wounds. So did Dr. Hamer. Perhaps, this is an avenue to explore–the path you have yet to undertake. I do not know your history, but having had to heal all of me, I hope this information helps you.

  43. Selene says:

    Oh, @Cindy, I have to very respectfully disagree with you.

    I don’t think that the average person is necessarily more rude. Perhaps it’s a combination of two things that make it seem that way: (1) technology has brought us into contact with so many more people than in the past and some of those people, hidden in their homes alone, feel okay with blasting out their nastier thoughts; and the reality-show nature of entertainment has seeped into some aspects of every day life so that some people now believe it’s okay to just say whatever comes to mind immediately without tempering it or taking time to let their thoughts settle.

    You say that people are rude “all the time” when they used to be “nice and polite.” I just don’t find that to be true … and I live in a huge metropolitan area, have worked in the inner city, and have a lived a while. I rarely see someone who doesn’t respond to my smile or a “good morning” or “how’s it going?”.

    However, when I do run into someone who seems brusque or abrupt, I usually take that as a challenge to try to turn them around. A “rude” salesclerk or government worker amazingly opens up when I ask how their day has been or tell them what a great job they’re doing in a difficult situation. I believe that we can still be small village-minded and it is we adults’ responsibility to teach children (even those who aren’t ours) appropriate behavior. Yep, I’ve gently corrected kids in stores or on the street — usually using humor and without confrontation — and sometimes it’s not been well-received, but, hey, someone has to do it. Otherwise, how will they know?

    If anyone is still reading down to here (I know I’ve veered off topic but I think this is related to our health, also – our emotional outlook), there’s a great short film that was posted on Cafe Gratitude LA’s blog that epitomizes my philosophy on this.

    Here it is directly from YouTube:

  44. Rocio says:

    Well, hostility is the reason I don’t go in other blogs, I don’t have time, and life is too short to listen to other people’s resentments spread all over the place just because they can..it is like getting even with the wind for blowing! I have been sensing this tension and I even read to my girls some of the comments and I was rethinking if it was worth reading people’s comments. I appreciate and pray for both of you every day. It is hard to trust…
    Thank you for sharing about the person with cancer after being a raw foodist for all those years. My father and mother in law died of cancer 2 years ago within months: lung and liver..my father had prostate cancer 12 years ago and today, but for the Grace of God, he is well, he is 83 and lives in Colombia..I talk to him every day in Skype and pray to the Lord to keep him safe and healthy for many years more. Needless to say I do fear cancer, I do study and read about it but more and more I am finding that we can’t control every single detail, I have an stressful life , many people, places and circumstances I can’t control..so I turn it over to The One who can. I would like to buy more of your products, yours e-books etc but we live in MIchigan, I am a homeschool mother of 4 in a 1 salary income home so I have to measure. Anyway too far off the topic, the bottom line is ..Living for the presence of ONE! ..can’t please those few Kevin and it is O.K..”.we all need the positive and the negative to shine” because both you are a true inspiration. Behind a good man there is a great woman!
    Many blessings.

  45. Darlene says:

    Actually, Kevin, I am lost, reading the post, as far as which person made which comment, but regardless, you get what I am saying–that it is important to realize that emotions play a part in dis-ease, as much as, and sometimes, more than, diet.

  46. bryan says:


    i think you & ann marie are an awesome example of concious entrepenuers. i would rather see you or any of these other ” gurus ”
    become wealthy selling banana powder or medicinal mushrooms than some evil so & so selling pharmaceuticals.i think it would be an awesome world where the wealth that has been generated by people w/ no conscience is eclipsed by the wealth ( even material wealth!)generated by people w/ a conscience.
    There will always be those that “just aren’t there yet.”

  47. Ang says:

    You are right – bloggers everywhere get hate mail for occasionally selling products they are passionate about, for some reason people expect them to spend all their time working for free.

    It is just a lack of understanding about this new industry..

    Before people post a comment they should first consider whether they would say it face-to-face, and if not, don’t post it!

  48. Electricmel says:

    @ watery…greatest post ever!

    @ Kevin…that was quite a paternalistic and condescending blog entry. You seem to only post replies to posters who accuse you of hucksterism while the majority of your posters with real questions go unanswered. And now you’ve dedicated this whole blog to it. As it has been pointed out, you sell products in a way that annoys some people. Like going on a rant about your friends teeth issues and concluding said rant with a convenient link to your tooth soap Your constant struggle to defend yourself and your motives are a waste of time.

    I personally thought your blog about cancer patients avoiding fruit was horribly under-researched. Many people with cancer currently (and possible future cancer patients) could have read that blog and confirmed or changed their healing paths based on this unfounded information you disseminated. More recipes and interviews and reports from the road and less cancer “facts”.

  49. Heather says:

    I love what you both do and love the way you both think and love the products that I have purchased. Thank you for everything.

  50. Joanna says:

    I have been involved in the world of alternative health for ‘gulp’ over 40 years now, omg. I’ve watched so many opinions and theories over the years. I’ve watched unhealthy friends live relatively easy lives and healthy friends die too young and all points in between.

    I appreciate that you do your research and express it with an awareness of different strokes for different folks, you’ve been through some health challenges and you’ve grown beyond the best laid theories and you’ve added some excellent pieces into the puzzle along the way.

    Some people are lucky, genetically or attitudinally, most of us aren’t, not that we can’t compensate for that. Over the years I’ve noticed that exercise is a key ingredient for health, whatever your other choices, it helps alter your attitude and your genetic predispositions. As much as I love the different theories of eating, it is relative to a number of factors, not the least of which is what you enjoy, and people need to educate themselves and make their own choices.

    I also notice the longer I’m on the planet, that I do much better choosing a more balanced approach than I was drawn to previously. If I was diagnosed with cancer or serious illness, I would choose my foods differently than I do for my regular diet, more focused on cleansing, but listening for how much my body was good with. Cleansing and day to day living are different lifestyles in my book, and eating healthy makes a difference.

    I would also look to the emotionally based modalities that have emerged along with epigenetics – eft, matrix reimprinting, quantum techniques and meta medicine… I do believe that clearing unconscious shocks and attitudes can be key. They may help clear an illness, make your healing modalities more effective or bring clarity on the path chosen to leave this life.

    Nutrition and physiology are my hobbies and bodywork is my profession. Bodies keep changing along with our world, the texture of tissue has changed. The average 30 yr old has a body I would have expected from a 50 yr old years ago. And those who take care of their health stand out from the rest most definitely.

    Thanks for maintaining this blog, there is always more to learn, and sharing our experiences is so much more helpful than hearing another theory.

  51. Love what you guys do. Keep up the good work!

  52. kerry says:

    Thank you, Kevin! I really appreciate all that you do to provide the world with much needed informal and research. Good for you in clearing the air about unnecessary judgmental posts and explaining again why you do what you do. I too, grew up in CT, moved to Southern CA after college for 5 years, then returned to NYC for another 5 for grad school, traversed back across the country to Berkeley (where you are now) had kids and lived there for 6 yrs, now foolishly (lol) we moved back to Fairfield county CT to be with family! I like reading your blogs and living vicariouly through you and Annmarie as you explore such a fabulous area to live! Enjoy every minute, you never know what tomorrow brings! All the best to you both. Take good care & thanks again for all your hard work.

  53. Velda says:

    WOW!! There are more response to this than I have seen in a while 🙂 Kevin, classy response. I didn’t read all of the responses, but read quite a few. Really, where is this guy’s head. I am happy to buy from you when I can. I buy from a couple of different health site and look for the sales (need to watch finances). Your’s is always the first one I check. I so appreciate your integrity and your caring heart and I want to support you when I can. Also, your staff (the ones I’ve dealt with, anyway) reflects that same attitude. They are just endearing people. As far as the product posts on your daily emails ….. I like to see what you are putting on special for the week. If it isn’t something I can get or use, I just skip to the part where you are talking about the article. No big deal – no one makes me read them 🙂

    Kevin and Annmarie, I’m so sorry that there are those that judge you in that way – unjustly. It’s a little confusing … who is forcing them to read the articles, or buy the products. This is something you don’t deserve. It is obvious you work hard, do a ton of research, you are both very smart, and so willing to share it with others. This is so obviously a labor of love for the two of you – and if you can make a living doing what you love MORE POWER TO YOU!!! I wish I could do that. Please keep up the good work … I, along with thousands of others, love you guys!!

    I had read the post about the gal with cancer and thought it was a good one. I’m glad you reposted it. She wrote very well and was very candid and open. Thank you so much for reposting it. Kevin, you’re the best!!!

  54. Velda says:

    PS – where is this guys outrage about the lying commercials regardings pharmaceuticals, prepackaged foods, immunizations, etc. Talk about those people making money – billions and billions of dollars off of peoples lives – and they don’t care. Really ….

  55. Mary says:

    We know you’re in business and have to deal with it. Also, we know you do the research that would take us off to another website for our info if you didn’t provide it. Also, most of us are not really that stupid or mean. And your site is not the only one out there. For those who wish, they can go to another web site or blog. It’s become a competive business, and you have a right to have a business. Offering the names and addresses of experts we can check out for ourselves is one of the best things you do. Don’t stop.

  56. Catherine says:

    Heya Kevin, I know its easy to take all these things personally, but in reality I don’t think that judgements that are coming your way are really about you. I suggest you never try to defend yourself. If something is taken to heart, then its just a shadow aspect coming in to help you shift or grow stronger in your mission. That then, is a dialog between you and your psyche. People putting in judgements are really just projecting. Don’t take anything personally 🙂 The bigger you and your dream becomes, the easier it is for people to spread their own issues on your face! Bravo for all you are doing and just remember to do all things from the heart 😀

  57. Ronna says:

    Just know we love and appreciate all you do. Too many people like counting other peoples money without knowing everything that goes on behind the scenes The information you give out freely is awesome and we are deeply greatful for all your hard work and long hours you put in without pay. THANK YOU so much


  58. Barbara says:

    After doing natural health research for over 40 years I can understand how one can get cancer while on a raw diet. It can come from neglecting some or all of the natural health laws. For example, if one is under enough stress long enough, it can hinder or completely close down the immune system so that it cannot heal us or keep us healthy. Also, many people are getting cancer just because they do not get enough sunlight. Additionally, not drinking enough water will keep the body in an unhealthy dehydrated state and toxins will not be sufficiently flushed out of the body. Dehydration is one of the 3 main causes of illness and death. It’s not just about what we do or do not eat.

  59. Dawn Gifford says:

    Please sell me stuff! I don’t have time to research and vet all the latest health foods and health information. I need people I can trust who make it their business to this (among other things) for the world. Renegade Health fills that bill for me in spades! Thanks, and I hope your lives are prosperous and abundant, because people with hearts like yours should earn lots of money–because you will do the best things with it.

  60. Mae says:

    Contrary to those who are pissed with your “selling”, I think you should be abundantly rewarded for all the good and hard work you do here. I rather give you my money than the big pharmas. And yes. I would love to buy from you but your store does not sell international. When do we who do not live in the US get to taste the banana powder? Lol! Keep it up, kev and Annemarie, God bless.

  61. Mary Moore says:

    very good site… today, your explanations were peaceable… many of us earn money from one source and volunteer to another… LOVE makes the world go round!

  62. Rae says:

    I greatly appreciate your work, especially your anti-GMO activism!

  63. Carmen says:

    Hi Keven,

    I am always surprised to not see anything on GNM (German New Medicine) on progressive natrual sites such as this, especially when it relates to cancer. I think its fantatic, and explains that cancer is a natural phenomenon and takes the fear out of the experience or expectation. Have you come accross it?

    In health,


  64. Satori says:

    I was always annoyed by the classmates who ask professors questions that they should have known the answer of if they read the textbook. They wasted time of other people who did read the book.

    What’s even worse though, teachers often give them more points for being “active” in the class room. American education system is completely collapsed. Seriously.

    It’s sad that Kevin, you need to educate your readers who are mostly adults to how to comment. You, however, is much better than most of the professors I met in college who just let students go crazy.

  65. Satori says:

    Also, if it’s New York Times, Serene should be paid too! Great work!

  66. Melissa says:

    Hi Kevin,

    After reading your post, I felt very hurt by the comments that others have written about your work and business. You are an honest man and frankly, I appreciate all of the information that you provide for free, as well as the store that you run that makes it easy for me to find great products that improve my life, health and happiness.

    I have been an avid reader, watcher and tweet follower of yours for over a year now, and if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have gone to the TrueNorth Clinic, known about Ormus Supergreens or purchased the incredible “Chag-O-Charge” tea. It makes me happy to know that I can help support your business by buying things from your store because I wouldn’t want you to be broke or even worse, working at an unrewarding job that stresses you out and causes you to have cancer. I think that it’s great that you have chosen to have an awesome job that is also helping to change the health of the world, one show at a time. I applaud you, my friend.

    Don’t listen to the rants of ignorant people. They don’t know any better- or they’re just jealous. You’re doing a good thing, so keep doing it, and I’ll keep supporting you. 🙂

  67. sahiba says:

    Kevin, this is with reference to Andys case.

    Inspite of being on a vegan diet and diagnosed with cancer is a reminder to everyone that health is not just about food and nutrition. Everything affects our health-physical,emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental.
    The most important things in life are often overlooked and taken for granted. Some of those things are sunshine, fresh air, exercise, rest/sleep and above all mental well being. The mind is a critical component that can thwart our best efforts to be healthy. A negative attitude will drag the body down with it. Our mind and spirit have the final say in our health.

    If we allow negative thoughts to reside within our minds and heart, all the water and nutrition in the world will not be able to help us.

    Best of Health to all.

  68. Just Sit there says:

    It might seem “WOO WOO” to alot of people on here who want science proven evidence about everything under the sun but I am compelled to share. It is predicted through channeling that this month (AUGUST) was a month where everyone (mostly those people on the enlightened spiritual path) will receive ALOT of ANGER from others alot of hateful comments and anger directed toward them for no reason – especially those whom you thought were your allies! YES! Anger and hatred towards you for no reason other than your light body and expression of moving ahead or ascending is bringing out hatred in those who are not quite there. Mercury is in Retrograde and will be finalized by August 26th. Add 3 more days and see what happens. Legal issues or what appears to be impossible situations will just magically sort themselves out. It is a great month for clearing out negative people, clearing out your closets of old things you no longer need, clearing out your bodies of toxic waste and toxic thoughts ~ “stinkin’ thinkin'” too! Great time to move also. A challenging month of being attacked or what appears to be attacked by others with anger and hatred that is misrepresented / misinterpreted and hastily said without thought or compassion. COMMUNICATIONS are always scattered and out of whack when Mercury is in Retrograde like it is right now until the end of the month. Soooo just hang onto your hats. Stay centered in peace even when you are being attacked by others verbally/ legally / or other and just hold onto the end of the month. There will be a shift in this negative energy. Those who have the most difficult time dealing with change are the angered individuals. It is just fear and the feeling of PRIDE “I have to be right”!!! – the thing is there is no ONE truth.

    I think you should be paid for your AWESOME products and if you don’t ask you don’t get so keep on asking. Like water on a ducks back, just let the negative commenters roll off your back and like the 4 agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz 1) Don’t take anything personally 2) Make no assumptions 3) Do your very best 4) Be impeccable with your word – then nothing will phase you sharing your truth with the many who need your very unique message delivered in your original way with research and life experiences to boot! I never judge the messenger I just seek the message. Does the message resonate with me? Any research done? How about a life experience from someone who’s been there and made it through? Does it apply to my life? Cool. Just be you and do it your way Kev. I appreciate all that you share and for free! Amazing! I am grateful for your blog and all that the time and effort you put into it. Truly. Thanks Kev and A-M. Peace.

  69. Crystal says:

    Kevin, I very much appreciate your polite response to the negativity on the blog. As a Certified Naturopath, I laughed out loud about your comments regarding your bank account, because no one I know got into the natural health business to get wealthy. In fact I made much more before getting into natural health. Like you, I am passionate about helping people, but it is difficult to pay the mortgage with passion alone.

    Everyone has the right to make a living, and I applaud (and am not offended) by your marketing techniques, as I for one appreciate the information you bring, and would like you to be able to continue doing so.

    As for the negativity, I chalk it up to the transitional nature of the universe right now,and believe that it may possibly get worse before it gets better. I “choose” to disregard the negative energy of a few and do not let it impact my feelings about the people who are actually working to create change for the better. After all… “there is no love in judgement”. Keep up the good work and know that for every one naysayer or mudslinger, there are many, many others that appreciate your work.

  70. Mike Senior says:

    Keep up the good work. I’m a Chiropractor and wellness consultant for 20 years now, working in Italy. Your site and info has been one of my top 3 I follow daily. The information is awesome and right on. You have helped me grow. I think people need to realize there is a lot of confusion out there on what proper nutrition for the human body. There are more diets and manipulated research than there are people. Another thing is, like you have stated, every body has different needs. Take lab tests periodically and the most important thing, how do you FEEL! Don’t let the negative posts get you down, they need to look inside of themselves first. Where’s th e LOVE. Life is beautiful enjoy, explore, and feel it everybody.

    Enjor Berkeley Kevin and Annemarie, I grew up just over the hill in Lafayette.

  71. Carol says:


    I just want to share that “in the old days” when you sent out 5x per week a 10 minute video (or so), I looked forward to every day taking my 10 minute break with you.

    To be honest, now,with the daily emails and lots to read and I’m not sure if it will be reading or video, I only now and again go into your things. My friend recently told me the same thing.

    I am wondering if you keep track of the numbers of people who are actually going into all of your posts today as compared to the past.

    I have always believed that you are honest and open to the truth and I do believe that you only sell items that you have researched. I also think that you became a bit of “too much of a good thing” and maybe need to rethink how much information should be sent out each day.

  72. asumai says:

    I rarely write but felt compelled to do so today. I just want to tell you I read your site everyday and have been blessed by much of what I have learned. I have the choice to read what you write and believe it or not. I have the choice to do my own research or not and believe or not what someone else wrote. It is sad to see a few people be so upset and angry over someone trying to do good for many people. I would not hazard a guess as to how many times you have told people to check and try things out for themselves. There are so many ways to do things and one way is not for everyone. I agree with what many of your readers say and that is you are both doing so much good for many people and you are appreciated. It takes a real commitment to do what you and Annmarie do. Most people can not do it successfully but I am glad you can and do.

  73. Janet Kent says:

    If we didn’t work we would starve,dress in rags,be without a roof over our heads etc. I worked in the wholefood sector for years and gave my time free to those who needed it but yes I did hope that some would buy my products so that I could remain on this earth and thus continue to help others. Great job Kevin and Anne Marie. May many blessings come your way. There will anways be negative feedback and as the saying goes ” you can’t do right for doing wrong ” In other words there will ALWAYS be those who are critical. Hold your heads high and continue your work.

  74. Lynn says:

    I have to “ditto” every supportive blog here & any advice I have aligns very well with that of Catherine #56.
    Remember this true saying:

    “What you think of me is none of my business.”

    (It came from a book of the same name by Terry Cole-Whittaker.)
    It is based on the fact that whatever I think of you (or anything for that matter) has nothing to do with you & everything to do with me.
    That’s because, until I have grown in awareness, I cannot see past my ‘veil of illusion’…a ‘veil’ that causes me to see what I EXPECT to see rather than WHAT IS. It is a culmination of all of my experiences, all of my beliefs, all of who I am.
    The miracle of my mind automatically presents me with the exact picture, the perception, the fulfillment of my expectations & beliefs…& doesn’t even see you (not really).

    You are not here to fulfill the expectations of others…no matter how angry, judgemental, & accusatory they may be.
    You are here to fufill your own heart & soul’s desire in a peaceful, loving manner of integrity. And that is exactly what you are doing.

    Keep on doing it!

  75. Hi Kev! Thanks for continued posting! You and several others provide such brilliant content. I purchase products from all of you.

    I’ve run large and small businesses and have huge appreciation for how much effort and unfathomable money it takes. Please feel free to sell as much as you like.

    I follow several of the raw fooders and holistic doctors who have great content and I just adore and appreciate all of you and your passion for your missions. You inspire us!

  76. jp says:


    i am a computer science professor and researcher who does a lot of work in ethics. one article you may enjoy reading is called “is google making us stupid,” by Nicolas Carr. it is about how poorly people comprehend what they read while reading online/off of computer screens. you may find it interesting as you ponder why sometimes people do not seem to have read what they are commenting on.



  77. I believe in alternative medicine but having dealt with cancer with those around me I also believe the truth of this saying attributed to Yogi Berra, “In theory, there is no different between theory and practice. In practice, there is.”

  78. Miranda says:

    It’s great to see so many positive comments – you don’t deserve the others. I too think you are both doing a really great job and you are the best. Like a lot of other people, I am often too busy to read everything carefully, but knowing that I haven’t read an article thoroughly would prevent me voicing a negative opinion, especially when it’s information given by someone who I trust 100%. Because I’m so busy and get way too many emails to read every day I have been unsubscribing to a lot of people who often give free and very valuable information. You and Ann Marie are two of the few people who I will continue to read every day as I value everything you have to say and I know how much you care about the information you’re giving out and the products you sell. The only (very small) negative thought I have is that since you changed the format of your emails your sales promotion is always at the top and does possibly come across that your primary interest is in selling goods. With me not living in the US and being both busy and lazy I sometimes can’t be bothered to read through and look for the health content and the videos at the bottom. For this reason, I personally preferred your old way of being able to go directly to the daily Renegade Health Show video or article. I’m sure you have your reasons for doing it this way and you definitely have to promote your products – we all have to make a living – so if I scan too quickly through anything, it’s the sales part. If other people are like me this probably just confirms the need to put this first anyway. I don’t live in the US so I don’t ship that much – if I did live in the US I’m sure I would be buying everything from you. Love you both – keep up the good work.

  79. Kevin, first of all thx for mentioning my comment regarding sales. But i think you need to look at your values, what you are promoting. And once again I am not agaist selling or promoting when ppl sell a good product. However, how can you justify selling dehydrated dead overpriced banana powder to conscious and not brain dead ppl. I cant believe anyone would even consider buying it, when you can get fresh babanas almost every where for the fraction of price of dead powder. I think only undercarbed and therefore all the time craving sweet ppl can buy banan powder and products like that. They blindly following gurus and believe every bs about thier promoting ‘superfoods whilst afrai of eating fruit (which are bad for ‘gurus’ sales), and then they need to buy banana powder. If none else said to you that banana powder is disgrace, I question the critical thinking of all you reader. Also what the video David wolfe full of shit, maybe that will open you mind.

    If you need money, just ask for donations, for gods sake. I give you a few $ then and there, and i think other would do , but stop selling overpriced junk superfood like banan powder. At least sell good products.

    Again repeat, you went from honest guy promoting healthy living to salesman like david wolfe and other gurus. Be honest and have some pride like dr. graham, Drurian rider, Roger Haeske and few other.

  80. Rico says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I did not read the other comments already listed (yet, I will after I write this) so as to not be clouded in what I want to say.

    Over the last few years I have been on a mission to study *everything* *everyone* has to say about food and lifestiles to the chemical reaction of various foods when used together to the effect of foods on blood and general body alcalinity, and ugh everything related. Too broad a field for any one person to cover in a lifetime of research, at least for me anyway. I have therefore signed up on many websites talking about these matters and get some daily and some less frequently notified of something new they have discovered. Without a doubt, you and your wife with the efforts you put into this area, have supported my research (I know that sounds selfish, so sue me 🙂 ) in the absolute WIDE range of topics you research and are able to report on, and in my world more than any of the others do or did. I keep notes on most of what you write here, its just that valuable to me.

    A friend made a comment the other day, “if I give you a million dollar cashiers check, would you take it?”, isn’t the cost of health and emotional care and support for one person in dire straits way more than that? To me, this check is much less than the value of the information I have learned from you. For example, the cost to your life if your gallbladder is removed, versus protecting your galbladder with a flush (article by you a few months ago) which I never new (or thought of before then) could be done, combined with the volumes of other health information you have gathered. I know nothing is garuanteed, but if we don’t at least put a foot forward and try..

    If I may put my wish in a hat, it would be for you too keep doing what you are doing, and I hope you make a gazillion bucks from this.

    From my family, friends and I, thanks!

  81. Dan Hegerich says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Blog posts are misleading in that they leave out the most vital component to communication-Human interaction. 80% of communication is transmited via body language and tone of voice. Most people are not emotionally balanced enough to communicate in writing without the influence of their own emotionality. On the sugar debate; eat as much sugar as you like and the universe will let you know if it is working for you. But if you are a sugar addict then you will defend such habit to the death of the body. I had terminal cancer six times and the first thing to go was sugars of almost all types (exception a little raw unheated honey and fruit). I was a sugar addict and it took many years to kick it. Been cancer free for 10 years.

  82. Carol W. says:

    I think all your products are great, and I appreciate you taking the time to research the pros and cons and pick the best ones. To me, it is a valuable service to hear about a good product and be able to buy it on your site instead of hearing about it from you and having to search Google to see where I could obtain it.
    Please keep doing what you are doing and offering us the best you have chosen and recommend. Please don’t let others steal your joy and momentum, because you guys are the coolest!

  83. Pat says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I have subscribed to your posts for quite some time and I have always thought I should thank you for all of the time you put in to your research, writing and life style that enables me to understand the raw food life through someone with so much passion for it.
    Thank you and I look forward to your posts everyday.

  84. sara says:


  85. lori says:

    I for one am totally cool with Kevin’s selling. He and Anmarie need to eat, too, and I think Kevin’s approach to the sales pitch is about as tactful as it can get. I’m glad for all the subscription-free, valuable content he does provide.

    I do think Kevin is too sensitive to careless or even mean-spirited posts from readers. I suggest developing a thicker skin to this as you get more and more in the limelight with his internet presence.

    And, I’m really happy to know that Kevin and Anmarie are actively involved with the 2012 ballot initiative for CA. I’m about to go to a gathering in a nearby city (N. Hollywood) offering more info about this initiative.

  86. Ali Minasian says:

    Very well written, Kevin; very thoughtfully and kindly presented. Thank you and thanks for all you do.

  87. Esther says:

    Dear Kevin and AnnMarie,
    Follow your heart while you take what you want and leave the rest.
    Blessings to you both in all you do. Be well, be happy!
    Namaste : )

  88. Ira Edwards says:

    Kevin, I don’t know how one person can do all you do. I will disagree at times, but if that is ever the topic of a post, I hope I can make it helpful. Sometimes I try to answer a question for someone, and if I am out of order in doing that, I am willing to listen.

  89. Melissa says:

    I have much respect for you. I appreciate your honesty, and wisdom in not making an emotional response, but a thought provoking one. Those of us who choose to follow your blog should realize that we have choices too. We need to make educated decisions on what we believe and can choose or not choose to purchase any items you sell. I like knowing that if I purchase an item it goes to helping your cause which mostly I agree with.

  90. Lisa says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I love Renegade Health! I tell a lot of people to check you out. From what I have seen you have a love and passion to help people! So many people have NO clue what is out there and you are to trying to inform them to the best of your ability. Some people are hurting in their hearts from life and they just lash out.
    Right now as I type this I have a HUGE tumor in my breast. I depend on the One who created me–the Lord Jesus to show me my next step. I am fearfully and wonderfully made by Him and I have to trust Him to show me what to do to the body He made. He has given me peace about what direction to go. I am here on this earth as long as God Almighty wants me here–tumor or no tumor—There is an appointed time when every one will die—we don’t know when. I am doing everything I know to deal with this cancer—However, I refuse to let it consume me! Cancer can totally take your life over! You have to have a right prospective and view of all of life—Like a lot of readers have posted, it isn’t just about nutrition—there are so many facets to all of this. I do know one thing—I feel great other than the pain of this tumor–which is bearable—I continue to learn new things daily and sift them through the One who made my body. I trust Him more than any person on this earth. God in his infinite wisdom and mercy leads me to people who can help me.
    I do like reading what others contribute. There is no ONE person that has all the answers. Thankfully I know the One who does know all the answers and I trust Him to show me. I am His child and He is very concerned with giving me the best. I pray for everyone reading this to go to the One who made you and ask Him to guide you in your steps.
    Thank you Kevin for all you do. I pray you will be uplifted by reading all these blogs. I pray that those who post a different view, do so in a kind way—we learn from opposing views as well.
    Blessings to all of you! Lisa Dornstadter

  91. Sue says:

    Your integrity shines through Kevin and Annmarie! Thank you both for putting yourselves out there, researching and bringing us the best info and products available. Keep it coming! There are so many of us who have a great deal of respect for you both! Thanks you and you are an inspiration!

  92. Ann Haslam says:

    I cured myself of breast cancer naturally after 2 failed lumpectomies and being told i needed a double mastectomy and chemo. All i knew is that I didnt want that so i got on the net and ended up healing myself with diet, supplements and various cleanses. The body wants to heal itself and when i researched it I found it was the logical answer to remove the causes not chop out symptons. I had metal toxicity, Candida, loads of parasites, CFS etc once these were gone so was the cancer. Keep up the good work Kevin and you are rich even if you dont make a lot of money. Love and Gratitude are the keys to good health xxx

  93. Rita Romney says:

    Kevin, I enjoy and appreciate your blogs very much. I also have to say that I enjoy reading all the posts, negative or not. I categorize them in this way:

    1. Mega intelligent person wrote this 2. A person with mental illness wrote this 3. A person whose been in right there in the trenches wrote this 4. An enlightened person wrote this, and so on…

    .I think the responders are actually creating a litle microcosm of our very society. One can see it so clearly in the posts, and it’s very interesting.

    Kevin, I applaud you for trying to keep things civil and uplifting in your space. I’m glad you take the high road in your communication and in your expectations from us.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I tried Ann Marie’s Skin Care line (got my samples) and I am really impressed!

  94. miles says:

    Hi Kevin and ann marie.

    Well what more is there to say , it has all been said above.
    I read your blogs, appreciate your honesty, order your programs and some product that i love and know what it is like to run your own business. and unless your a multi national i believe also that it is not your bank account that is huge.

    too bad their always has to be those who dont understand and want to tarnish the playing field whenever something good comes along.
    keep up the good work, and stay consistant with the honesty it is all appreciated.
    thanks guys

  95. Thomas says:

    People probably get the wrong idea because of your description at:

    You have to scroll down to the part about you (Kevin).

    It says:
    “Did you ever think someone could have a 7 figure business in the raw foods niche? Well Kevin Gianni has. He’s taken a “alternative” market that is expanding rapidly and positioned himself as the person to go to when it comes to raw foods and health. He’s done it by generating amazing content, surveying his market, and really caring about the people he is educating. Just by following these simple steps he’s got a mega health business, in an alternative market, that generates 7 figures.”

    So if you make a million or more dollars a years people can get the wrong idea about salesmanship.

    We live in a capitalistic world where people can be way overpaid without doing anything productive . . . like politicians. 🙂
    So don’t let criticism bother you.

    As Joseph Campbell used to say “follow your bliss”. 🙂

  96. Samantha says:

    I agree with Just Sit there and Crystal-there’s a lot of negativity going around all the time, but I’ve been feeling a lot more of it lately…big changes are coming and I think even people who aren’t spiritually-minded can sense it and it’s making them lash out more. That’s just my opinion though…

    I’ve been reading your blog for probably about 6 months to a year and I always liked that the majority of the comments are respectful and come from a place of joy and love. It’s a nice change from most other blogs and news sites I frequent where the comments fill me with a sense that a large portion of mankind has lost all hope.

    As for the people who don’t like that you sell things, I’m a little envious of the fact that they’re so well off they’ve never had to sell greasy burgers or work in retail selling useless junk made by exploited workers in a foreign country just to pay the bills or feed their family…makes me think of a glass house for some reason… 😉 I’d much rather buy hand-picked products from people I feel I can trust than the one of my local health food stores that sells all kind of charlatan “natural” and “organic” products (at a ridiculous mark-up), strictly for profit…(The other health food store in my town is much better so I’m still supporting local business!)

    Kevin, I appreciate your honesty and the information that you and Annmarie share. I look forward to your emails, especially ones that involve recipes and interviews. =)

  97. Darlene Santano says:

    Kevin, I totally agree with you regarding the sugar – even Dr. Mercola says not to eat too much fruit. I try to limit my fruit intake to low fructose fruits as much as possible and then only 3 per day.

    I love your cinnamon and cacao powder. Problem is, it takes 3 weeks to get here ( I live in Canada). I don’t know how long people in the U.S. have to wait for product but that seems like an awful long time if it’s only coming from California!

    As for the banana powder – I’d rather use fruit to sweeten something. Even raw honey. Works for me!

  98. John Michael says:

    Wow! So much support, admiration, and encouragement you received and all well deserved. Kevin, you and Ann Marie are the some of the most selfless people I know and I appreciate you so much. If you are selling something like Doc Mercola and Mike Adams do as potential solutions to health issues, all the better as no one is being coerced to buying anything and I am excited to know that we have remedies for all of our health challenges in life. We simply have to be made aware of our choices and then select that which is most appropriate for us at this time in our lives.

  99. Edith says:

    sooo many comments. Forgot who said what and I wanted to comment about several opinions. Lisa I do remember…I was threatened with a huge lump in my breast, it was benign. I hope you have the same diagnosis, but when I thought I might die in a month, I frantically searched everywhere for information. I read everything and listened to every individual circumstance. I disagree with the comment that we shouldn’t listen to blogs when we have a serious illness. I’m not saying don’t go to the doctor, but any and all information should be appreciated.

  100. Juanita says:

    I don’t usually comment but after this post I need to tell you guys how much I appreciate your work.

    Your commitment to finding the truth despite the personal beliefs it may challenge, and your scientific, realistic approach are the reasons I’ve chosen to read only your site regularly since I don’t have time to follow all the health educators.

    There are so many ambiguous claims in the raw food & healthy living world, and I feel that you guys fill a gap in laying out what is fact, what is fiction, and what is unknown.

    In your videos I can see that you guys are very kind, down to earth people and I always trust that your intentions are pure 🙂

  101. mak says:

    Kevin, AnnMarie, please accept my sincere thanks for the great education you both have provided me. I knew nothing about raw diet, natural healing, natural products, herbs, etc etc – you have given me so much in terms of education on how to live a healthier life.
    I too, had cancer. I had no information available at the time so I used the traditional methods. When I finished my whole treatment, I found your website.
    I don’t regret any of what I did, because I acted according to what I knew best with the info I had then, and it worked for me. Now, my post cancer treatment was based on all that I learned on your website, videos, products,great interviews, and emails. I am healthy despite all my doctors second thoughts.
    Once I knew better I did better. It was that simple. The rest is up to God.
    My very best wishes to the both of you. Thank you for your candor and integrity. Blessings.

  102. maria says:

    this is the first time I make a comment, to all cancer concerned people read the link bellow.


    This might explain also why somebody who is 100% raw vegan can get a cancer. To my opinion vegans, especially those who are 100% raw do not get enough proteins and as you know the needs of the every single person are different. This means for some people this diet might be healing whereas for others is detrimental. Maybe Dr.Mercola is right with his typing.
    Although I am meat eater (protein type according Dr.Mercola, I also eat lot of veggies and moderate fruits, no grains) I apprechiate your opened attitude very much.

  103. Francyne says:

    Ok Kevin:
    Great work Kevin.
    Let the complainers complain what do they know about running a business???
    By the way do you have any suggestions for getting rid of belly fat which is apparently dangerous for the heart?


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