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anti cancer foods
John Kohler shows us his garden that full of foods that have anti-cancer properties… but the question is – can you just use only one?

Cancer, as always is a touchy subject…

In this Q & A, I help a concerned woman get real focus on her friend’s choice of beet juice as her natural cancer treatment.

Here’s the question from Petra:

“My friend (she is about 45 years old) has breast cancer. She has refused all medical treatment and decided for 40 day fasting on red beet juice. She is feeling good. But she isn’t sure about how to implement food after the fast. Can you please give her some advice on how to start adding solid food and what her diet should be like.”

Thanks Petra for being a kind friend and helping your friend out.

There are a lot of things I want to cover here that I think can help and a few things that I need to clarify for you, your friend and everyone else before I even answer the question.

First up, we need to start with the glaring issue – an understatement – with this entire situation (then we can move on)…

Why is your friend under the impression that 40 days of beet juice will knockout (to use Suzanne Somers’ term) her cancer?

This seems to me like a poorly researched conclusion and protocol.

I’ve been to at least 3 major natural cancer clinics in the U.S. as well as spoken to at least 6 additional clinicians who deal with cancer on a regular basis – every day, all day long (some for over 50 years!)

Here’s the bad news for your friend…

Not ONE of them recommends doing a 40 day fast on just beet juice alone. None of them. Some of their protocol includes beets and the juice of them, but they never would recommend this therapy alone.

This is a huge concern for me.

Natural cancer treatment has gotten much better over the years. Doctors are honing their skills in the clinic and finding out what really works, what “kind of works” and what is flat out myth.

One thing that I know for sure is that a 40 day beet juice fast isn’t their go-to treatment.

So what I really feel like I need to answer is this – why is your friend putting trust in a protocol she seems to either have read on the Internet, a book, or made up herself and not seeing a well trained natural therapist to see her through the treatment?

She’s not alone. I see this all the time. An individual feels like they can piece together their own thing by doing some research here and there and hope for the best while the clock is ticking and their cancer is spreading.

I think it’s the wrong way to go about it.

But let’s get back to beet juice…

Before I go to far, I do want to mention, there is some evidence that beet juice can at least have an effect on the shrinkage of cancer cells.

It’s far from definitive and there are really only two frequently sourced bits of information that are parroted around the Internet on beet juice and cancer.

One “clinical trial” – that I’m completely unable to track down the reference to (if anyone can find it, please let me know.) – says…

“In a clinical study of twenty-two patients with advanced inoperable cancers, 10 ounces of beet juice were given daily for 3 to 4 months. Twenty-one of these patients showed a significant improvement in health.”

This is a pretty low impact reference.

Twenty-one patients showed improvement in health after 3-4 months. What happened afterwords? What is “significant improvement?” What were they eating before – since beet juice is likely a very serious improvement to any regular diet?

This sentence is clearly not credible unless we can find the true source of the study and find out more – and even then I don’t know if I’d risk my life trying a protocol to get rid of my own cancer unless a very large percentage of those people lived long healthy lives after those 3-4 months.

(I found this statement on at least 40 websites before I stopped looking.)

Second parroted reference, is an article written by a guy named John Draper that tells a story about a Hungarian doctor named Alexander Ferenczi, MD. who treated some patients with just beet juice in the late 1950’s.

In this article, one lung cancer patient had his tumor disappear and another prostate patient improved while a person not on the treatment with uterine cancer did not improve.

Apparently, there is record of this in the Australian International Clinical Nutrition Review July 1986 issue. I tried to see if this in online, but I could only access back to the 1990’s.

I’d have to write in to have the archive mailed to me. But I’m not as interested at that as I am that this is a relatively untested treatment that you shouldn’t bet your life on.

(I found this information on at least 15 sites before I stopped searching.)

So I want to be clear, there is a little evidence and I’m not knocking beet juice here…

I love beet juice. I drink it.

It has been shown to have anti-cancer fighting properties – which is a good thing.

But other foods like green tea, carrots, cabbage, turmeric and just about every other plant on the planet have anti-cancer properties.

I, personally, wouldn’t base my own personal cancer treatment on only one of them, like your friend has based hers on just beet juice.

Now, I don’t know the whole side of the story here…

There – of course – is always more to the story, but from just the outward appearance everything doesn’t seem to be promising – just drinking beet juice for 40 days and hoping the cancer will go away is a little shortsighted from an outside observer.

Beets, while they have a good mineral and nutrient profile, may not completely replenish mineral and nutrient stores that are usually very, very low in cancer patients.

In addition, most natural cancer protocols use targeted supplements, foods and medical treatments that can be attributed to their success – like enzymes, chelation, colon hydrotherapy, hyperthermia, hyperbaric therapy, infrared sauna and more.

Deciding on just a beet juice diet is selling yourself short.

If it’s a money thing…

I get it.

Beets are cheap, but what if the results are too?

Would you rather go to a clinic or work with a doctor, pay more, and have a higher chance of survival?

I would.

I’d also go into serious debt for my life. Massive debt. I don’t care about the money, I care about health. It’s easier to recover from debt than from a coffin.

Alright, I’m getting a little dark here… let’s get back to the question.

First, tell your friend that the best way to get great results is to follow someone else who’s got the same results you want. This is classic shadowing and it works in business, health, sports and anything else you apply it to.

Second, tell her not only to believe what you first told her, but to take action on it and to go to a natural health doctor or integrative MD who can give her guidance and has cancer experience. She can look into centers like Gerson, Hippocrates, Sanoviv, Burzynski, Oasis of Hope, and many more.

What she learns there will be priceless – and possibly lifesaving.

Third, shut down her Internet until the treatment is over. We don’t want her getting any more ideas and it probably would be beneficial to her health anyway to be away from the EMFs. Kind of kidding here, kind of not.

Finally, it’s inevitable she will have to end her 40 day beet fast, so I will answer the initial question. 🙂

After 40 days of beets, her HCL (hydrochloric acid) will be low, so the first introduction of food should be only fruit. Mostly mono-meals of melons to start. The gradually over the period of a week, the reintroduction of raw vegetables. This should be sufficient to get her back on track. Also make sure she does have some HCL and digestive enzymes available when she starts eating food again – she may need them if she gets heartburn due to low acid levels in the stomach.

So, I know it took a little time to address the initial question, but again, I think there are deeper issues here than just how to break a fast.

If you care deeply about your friend, send her this article, explain to her you care and then – if she’s interested – help her find a way to get to a real practitioner who can put her on the best possible track for the greatest possible success.

I want to know your thoughts: Maybe I’m wrong… would you just drink beet juice for 40 days if you had cancer?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Anna says:

    Your answer was right on target! And no, I would never do a 40 day fast of beet juice. Too many beets can cause blood sugar imbalances, as well as vitamin & mineral deficiencies. But the same can be said of a mono-diet for any food. The best approach would be to eat & juice a wide variety of certified organic and/ or home grown foods, preferably low to moderate on the glycemic index.

    Speaking of home grown food, John Kohler is one of my inspirations! I watch his youtube channel all the time- growingyourgreens. He really provides a lot of great info, and I have an amazing garden in part thanks to John.

  2. Candice says:

    The beet juice protocol would NOT be my choice. Like you said, Kevin, I’d take on massive debt to get myself to a treatment center with knowledgeable staff and a strong track record.

    I particularly like your 3rd piece of advice to get rid of the internet while she’s being treated. The internet is a wonderful source of information that made my journey to a healthy raw lifestyle much easier. But it’s also a wealth of MISinformation, scams, and confusion.

    Praying for a full recovery for the young woman.

  3. Danielle says:

    I agree completely with Kev on this one. Especially since the effects of Greens (chlorophyll) are so important.
    Maybe she is juicing the entire beet and greens with it?(hopefully, if she is set on this type of treatment). Either way, urge your friend to do some more in depth research as beets are also high in natural sugar (sugar and cancer love each other). I hope all works out 🙂

  4. Kaila says:

    I have to say that this has always been a very scary subject to think about for me. Would I fast for 40 days on beets to try to get rid of my cancer?… Honestly I think I would, but not as my only effort to combat the cancer. I think that I would try everything that doesn’t involve chemo, especially if I found myself financially unfit to find suitable treatment. Why not do the fast concurrently with the process of seeking out the proper doctor? I’m sure that search will take awhile and she shouldn’t be doing a fast unsupervised with the big C on her plate. In the past I’ve been one to jump right in and try the unfamiliar and natural when it comes to my health (after researching a bit). It’s actually been beneficial in getting me out of unhealthy habits and traveling down a better road of health and possibly longevity. I do applaud her for doing something for herself and her cancer, but when faced with a battle for your life you need to arm yourself with ever “gun” in the shop. I send my wishes for a speedy recovery.

  5. Karin says:

    I think just beets is very incomplete. What stage cancer is she? I had stage 0. I had it cut out and then did Dr.Schuze’s Incurable Program which may have been overkill for my stage, but I didn’t want it to come back. If she doesn’t want to go to a clinic she could try that, it has been used by cancer patients and is much more complete than what she is doing. I hope and pray that she will get well. Hope to hear how she does!

  6. Lisa says:

    I think I am qualified to speak on this as I have a HUGE malignant tumor in my breast that started out as big as a golf ball. I tried to do it on my own. You NEED a Dr. that is like minded like you. There are two many pieces to the cancer puzzle—it is not ONLY nutrition–that is HUGE but there is so much more. You need to watch Cure your Cancer Now! It just come out and it is a MUST see for anyone with cancer. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jerry Tennant out of Dallas. I prayed and this is who God led me to. This guy is BRILLIANT! He is a M.D. that is into Holistic healing! He was in Med school when he was 19! I decided not to go the conventional route and he is helping. I have breast cancer—I am telling you—You need a Dr. to help you fix your inner terrain—there are so many things that are no doubt wrong in your body and you need an outside source to help you piece it all together.
    I would also recommend Center for New Medicine in California—there is a Sharp lady M.D. they feature on Cure Your Cancer Now–I might still go see her! She is really into the Hyperbaric Chamber in conjuction with I.V. Vit C. Hope this helps. I will pray God will lead you to the right Dr. Don’t try to do this alone! Blessings, Lisa

  7. Healinglaughter says:

    Breuss, a healer from Austria, he was about 80 years old in 1984, has helped a lot of people and also wrote books on a 42 days fast against cancer with a juice that is made up from 3/5 th beets, plus other ingredients. One also drinks special herbal teas. I have myself fasted in 1984 on that juice and the teas for 12 days, it was a super good experience.
    But the very very very best thing that happened to me while I was fasting and life searching and walking and living in nature, was, that I met a woman in the country side that had had cured her stage 4 breast cancer with eating beets only. I met her 7 years after she had completely healed and here is the short version of her story: She had open breast cancer and was in the hospital, were the doctors said they couldn’t do much for her, and she had an insight from God. God told her to eat the beets from her garden. Her son got her the beets and she would just eat them like that, beet after beet, just beets (as I remember) (I am not sure about beet greens, she refused the hospital food) After 1/2 year the cancer was gone and all had healed.
    I think about her often and she is an inspiration to me.

  8. Heidi says:

    I would recommend the Gerson Therapy. I found it very helpful in my therapy. It has an excellent track record with treating cancers using organic whole food nutrition and juices, using natural supplements to support the healing of the body. Dr. Gerson and The Gerson Institute has had the advantage of working with cancer patients for over seventy years giving them a wealth of knowledge directly related to healing from cancer and other chronic diseases. I know a friend who had breast cancer and ‘got rid of it’ with juicing and a vegan diet for one year. Low and behold six years later the breast cancer is back. Now she is following the Gerson therapy. There are reasons why the cancer comes back if the immune system and liver are not fully restored. This takes time, and persistence. The research and clinical data supports the Gerson Therapy. Visit for more information.

  9. Thomas says:

    A book on fasting to cure cancer by Bruess can be found on Amazon:

    At this site it lists the juices and mentions beetroots, NOT whole beets for juicing. Quite a difference when you consider the sugar in the beet flesh.

    Here is an article about the Hungarian and his beetroot cure:

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      @Thomas: Thanks for this… These paragraphs clear up a few things that were left out of the other mentions:

      “The improvement lasted for about 6 months. All other tests confirmed that he had the symptoms of a clinical recovery. However, he discontinued taking the beetroot, the cancer returned and no further treatment could save him.

      “Ferencsi worked with a number of patients and in all cases there was clear clinical improvement from the use of beetroot. Beetroot was, in one case, so successful in attacking the tumour that the patient died from the toxic overload that resulted.”

      Obviously, it’s questionable that the toxic overload killed this patient as well.


  10. JT says:

    I go to the Burzinski clinic first. I’d dump the diagnosing doctor and fly to Houston.

  11. Another great post of sound advice – particularly the advice to get more sound advice!

    My initial thoughts on beets were that although they are cleansing they are high in sugar (glucose). Cancer is known to feed on sugar so this would make me wary.

    I’d definitely go with – find expert care and advice – for a condition that is so serious. Even I would and I have been researching natural health for over 20 years.

  12. zyxomma says:

    No, I wouldn’t fast on beet juice had I been diagnosed with breast or any other cancer! I don’t even use beet (or carrot) juice when I’m on a cleanse. Beets are far too high in sugar, and cancer cells do not live on oxygen, like the body’s normal cells. Cancer cells live on the fermentation of glucose. Beets are beautiful and delicious, and they do contain cancer-preventing phytochemicals, but they’re way too sweet to be used as a protocol for healing cancer.

    Under PROPER supervision, a green juice fast would be a great place to start, along with a targeted program of supplementation. Without knowing the diagnosis (Stage 1? Stage FOUR?), it’s impossible to know what she should be doing. She needs the care and advice of a holistic MD; not junk science from the internet. I hope she works it out.

    Health and peace.

  13. Art Martin says:

    You people that talk about “taking on massive debt” to save your life obviously don’t have a clue what it’s like to be poor, obviously. No house to mortgage, no savings, no money. There’s millions of people in this country in that boat, so where’s your compassion for them?

  14. Mark says:

    I would not break her fast with Fruit, Cancer loves sugar! avoid all sugars!

    There is a great article here,

    Beet is a good choice but add Cabbage, Broccoli and Carrot. all great choices, Eliminating sugar is crucial and difficult, sugar is in so many foods Catsup, Thai Food, Indian food.

  15. Norman Hawker says:

    One thing all cancer cells have in common is that they have converted from oxygen respiration to the fermentation of sugar as their source of energy. So feeding them sugar (even if it is whole, fresh, organic, beet juice) just doesn’t make any sense!

    A new book about preventing and reversing cancer has just been published: Never Fear Cancer Again. It’s by Raymond Francis, who’s been on your show. This brand new book distills information from over 300 studies into very useful information about what cancer is, what conditions in the body it requires to sustain itself, and what we can do to reverse those conditions, effectively evicting it from the body.

    The book points out that cancer is not a tumor to cut, burn, or poison out of the body, it is a process that needs to be shut down. When your diet and lifestyle do not provide the conditions the cancer process needs to sustain itself, you shut it down, and the cancer leaves your body.

    Cancer needs sugar to survive. No cancer patient should eat sugar in any form.

  16. Erika says:

    My husband went to the Hippocrates Institute almost 2 years ago for a tumor. It turned out to be not cancerous but he is still following their anti cancer diet which excludes ALL sugars. Our juices of choice are green juices with or without sprouts. I know and I have researched other protocols that seem to work as well (Gerson etc) but this beet juice ONLY program just doesn’t seem sound to me. Even for a healthy person I know that you shouldn’t drink beet juice on its own but you should always mix it with other vegetables.

  17. Velda says:

    Wonderful response, Kevin. I thought I might have breast cancer earlier this year. I had already made up my mind that I was not going the traditional western medicine route, but was going to seek out professional natural cures. You cannot experiement with your health at that stage, you need to find who has had a good statistical success at treating cancer and search them out. I hope this person forwards your response on to their friend. Your words could save her life!!

  18. france amala says:

    the placebo effect has been proven and is effective but also the nocebo effect exist and if someone does not trust in an approch it will not work
    a lot of the healing depend on the trust of the person in the approch she chooses

  19. Bett says:

    I have been thru a 4 year healing journey with breast cancer, diagnosed as stage 3 invasive ductal in 2007. I was not given 6 or even 3 months to live but was told by Kaiser that I should be “dead already”. I took this as good news because I wasn’t (dead) and figured I had been doing something right. I had been pretty much a vegan. But after the diagnoses, I went full throttle with what I had learned in studying with Dr.Ann Wigmore in 1984. I updated it with barleygrass instead of wheatgrass, let go of the buckwheat greens that gave me sun sensitivity that had kept me from getting the healing rays, and took advantage of new superfoods such as the blue green algaes and amazing probiotics and systemic enzymes. I ate a mostly raw/living (but always) plant based diet. I found I had to let go of fruit except for an apple/day and watermelon ( I learned cancer loves sugar even fresh fruit sugar in excess). I created a powerful green smoothie in preference to juice (altho’ also did juices at times) The smoothie kept the live fiber that has the toxin cleansing negative charge. These smoothies fed me for hours. With spring water as a base, I included the nonsweet fruits (cucumber and bell pepper), roots such as burdock and turmeric and daikon, and pilled in the greens, ones that could be twisted around a finger…not broccoli for instance (thank you Victoria Boutenko).,, lots and lots of dark leafy greens, cilantro and arugula and lots and lots of sunflower sprouts (thank you Dr.Ann) and soaked chia seeds and homemade veggie kraut (broccoli, cauliflower cabbage, ginger, etc) topped off with lime and garlic.

    Surprisingly, this concoction is absolutely delicious. Friends and neighbors were (and still are) partaking as well. I’ve created my studio into a little green smoothie bistro to make it fun. We often notice incredible immune boosting signs.

    This was a major part of my protocol. I believe it upgraded what was being offered by the living foods institutes that I had years earlier visited and been certified by as an educator and chef. I realized my new certification was that I was able to observe my breast tumor which was 3 1/2 inches (a biggin’…I had thought it to be a coffee cyst) and see the results up close and personal. Over the 4 years of this protocol, the tumor was contained, at times getting smaller. When I occasionally went off the program, it would grow slowly but didn’t metasticize. Then, last fall, I had the tumor totally ‘done in’ with an amazing gift of a laser treatment in Oklahoma (I know, Oklahoma?) During that procedure, it was observed that my immune system was amazingly strong and the tumor powerfully contained. I just exclaimed:
    “Long live the green smoothie!”

    Breast cancer is now behind me and I still have my beautiful little old lady’s boob totally intact.

    And Kevin, it’s so interesting that you’ve landed in Berkeley. It’s my old home town. Hope to connect sometime when I revisit. Presently living on Maui. Visitors always welcome at my green smoothie bistro!! Much aloha and thanks for your gifts of information and motivation.

  20. Adrienne Baksa says:

    I agree a little with france amala #19. I don’t know what I would do in that woman’s situation, but if this woman’s heart is so strongly set on this particular protocol – that is, beet juice for 40 days – then that strong a commitment will work in her favor. At least I think it will. It doesn’t make sense to me to follow a protocol your heart isn’t behind, even if so-called experts tell you to. There can’t be only one journey to wellness when you have cancer – if that were so, we would have found that one way long ago. People have been healed by protocols that others have followed and died. So, clearly there is no one “right” protocol. I so wish this woman well. Keep us posted, Kevin.

  21. mary says:

    I thought that your response was good. there has been alot of success with selation therapy with high amount of vit C and mushroom theropy. Some of the top Drs. are Dr Wright, Dr. Weil, Dr. Sears, Dr S_____. I forgot his name. Most of them are with HSI (Health Science Institute of Baltimore). They have a lot of experience, successes. Make sure that the people you go to know what they are doing. God loves you.

  22. Sue says:

    I have never heard of beetroot juice being good for cancer. Broccoli sprouts would be my number one veg for cancer prevention (not at all sure I would rely only on veg to treat cancer though). One thing beetroot juice is excellent for though, is reducing blood pressure. I suffer from high blood pressure and take many medications for it. Even with medication there are times when it goes through the roof (200/120). If I drink a large glass (about 1 pint) of beetroot juice when this happens I can bring my blood pressure down to safe levels in less than 30 mins. I have relied on it several times to get me through a crisis.

  23. no, this is no time to try a do-it-yourself project. Prevention is key, so start now to avoid having to deal with this. Should it happen, you will want the guidance of a natural doctor to assist you in your recovery, so waste no time finding one and agree on a holistic plan, including beet juice.

  24. Samantha says:

    I’m not making any assumptions about this woman’s friend as I’ve never met her before, but in my experience,as people are catching onto the idea of healing naturally they’re still clinging to old habits of wanting a “quick fix”. Sometimes people get a little “cleanse crazy”-they want to try every 7 day/30 day/etc cleanse they hear about thinking that alone will make them lose weight, get healthy or make up for whatever junk food/alcoholic/stress binge they’re planning for the weekend. Health isn’t something you go out and “get” one day (or over 7/30 etc days) and then never need to “get” again; it’s a life-long process of maintaining balance and listening to your body. Cleanses are very useful when used properly but you need to have a solid idea of what exactly you’re cleansing (toxicity, negative energy-from where/what?)and how every aspect of your life changes after it’s done-it’s not all about the food and superfood. It’s great to be independent and follow your own path, but sometimes you also need to trust some professionals, especially if you’re out of your element-there’s a lot of bad information out there to sift through alone.

  25. Niraja Golightly says:

    The one thing that I could say based on my one year of experience with healing Stage 3 breast cancer with lymph node involvement is that everybody’s cancer is unique to them and so are their life circumstances and access to resources. I really don’t advocate a one size fits all approach, and I do agree with most of the comments already offered. I would also recommend the book by Leigh Fortson called Embrace, Release, and Heal. She shares her cancer journey as well as interviews with other alternative healers and survivors–her reference lists are extensive and varied. The bottom line is that most things work–you have to find what resonates with you and your situation. I am limited by access to resources and this as well as my worldview, life experiences, and the response of the cancer to my approaches informs what I do and the decisions I make. I am a groovy organic girl, and I have experienced many miraculous healings. But after a return of a 5cm mass in my breast just 8 months after getting rid of a 5cm mass (while doing a low-glycemic 80% raw green drink heavy anticancer supplements diet with multiple liver cleases and juice fasts as well as a psycho-socio-spiritual approach for over a year), I came to the conclusion that I knew enough to be able to make chemo work for me (not to mention that is all medicaid will pay for). For those who believe that they need integration of multiple approaches, I recommend Keith Block MD’s book,Life Over Cancer and his website. He is a very well respected integrative MD and included links to all the studies available to back up the supplement and nutritional aspects of dealing with cancer and cancer treatments. If you are familiar with the Hippocrates Institute, Gerson Therapy, naturapathy, etc. etc. you will find many areas of similar info. I’m doing fine and all my clean living is keeping me from having to deal with the nastier collateral damage from chemo. It definitely was not my first choice–I refused chemo, radiation, and hormone therapy, but I accept that although all my physical markers and tests were in the optimal range for the most part, what I was doing wasn’t effective enough or fast enough for MY particular circumstances, so I had to change it up. I have confidence (most days) that I will have the resources and knowledge to continue on in ever-improving good health. Peace–

  26. She should apply for a scholarship to Hippocrates Inst. I cured myself of a micoscopic, non malignant pitutiary tumor. I was diagnosed in 74, there was not too much info out there then. I made up my mind the tumor was not welcome in my body. Bernie Seigal’s book helped also Norman Cousins. My cure conisisted of detoxing on a daily basis by exercising, steam, sauna, jacuzzi eating as well as I could and taking good supplements. I refused surgery several times. It took 20 years.
    I have a friend who went to Hippocrates with breast cancer and also got care from Fred Biscy in NY, it prolonged her life with the protocols she learned.
    I am a care giver for a woman with lung cancer, she went the radiation/chemo route.It is in remisson but has gone to her bones. I’m a graduate of IIN, she does not hear me when I tell her she can help herself with food.
    Emotions can give you cancer, non forgiveness gives you dis ease. Check out Louise Hay.
    A friend is a care giver to a man with liver cancer, last fall he gave up the chemo drugs and is using asparaus twice a day and is doing very well.
    The mind is a very powerful healing tool and never undersetimate the power of prayer. Also I NEVER claimed the tumor. If you claim an illness you HAVE it.

  27. Sharon says:

    I would really need to see a lot more detail than was given to give a decent reply. There is only so much in the English language about cancer online. Many good therapies and dietary cures are available but not in our language. Perhaps this is so about the beet “cure”. Does this woman have implants or root canals? Does she have scars blocking the meridians going through the breast? What kind of cancer is it exactly? Does she live near a radio or cell tower?

    I think a good cleanse is not a bad idea. I’ve never heard of just using beets but they are excellent for cleaning the liver which is an issue with breast cancer. A clean liver is CRUCIAL!!! Perhaps she is doing enemas or other treatments that weren’t mentioned. I don’t think we should be stressing her out like this. Fear is one of the worst enemies of healing. All she wanted to know was what foods to eat after her cleanse.

    I would say lots of sprouts and raw greens for a few days and definitely enzymes. I’m actually a little tired of hearing about carrots and beets having too much sugar. Red beets are not sugar beets! Different variety of beet. People have cured cancer just drinking carrot juice so why not beet juice? I’m not suggesting or recommending it, just asking, why not? After the cleanse she can work on rebuilding with minerals and medicinal mushrooms like Chaga, Reishi, Maitake, etc, but the idea of a cleanse is to get the toxins out and toxins are a major cause of cancer! If it’s not a fast growing tumor this might be the best thing she can do. We have far too little information to be giving advice!!!

  28. LynnCS says:

    Wow. After a difficult day, to sit down to this computer and find, free, so many wonderful people willing to impart all this information is truly a spiritual experience. It’s a long story, but I will try to send this information to my sister. Thank you all. Thank you Kevin for getting this discussion going. Much love, Lynn

  29. Edith S Seaman says:

    I could never do that treatment. I detest beets. They taste like dirt.

  30. Ingrid says:

    There are lots of good comments here already, but here are a few of my thoughts.

    Having heard that beets are high in sugar, and knowing that cancer cells feed on sugar, I would not have the guts to do a beet fast. My choice of a fast, if I were to have one, would be green juices.

    But I have to agree that the placebo effect is a powerful tool. Due to this, I would also recommend surrounding oneself with people who believe in your natural choice of healing. Unfortunately, our loved ones’ negative attitude and disbelief can be very toxic to our mind, and ultimately body. The Gerson Therapy talks about this too, I believe.

    I would most probably choose one of the existing natural therapies out there, while eating lots of immune boosting ALKALINE (low or no sugar) foods.

    Sending lots of love, health, and healing energy to Petra’s friend!

  31. Mary says:

    Thanks for being straight with advice against a mono-beet juice fasting as a “cure” for cancer. I know nothing of the science behind it, if any, but over-indulgence in any one food or drink seems to spell danger. That’s my gut reaction (pun intended). And breaking this high-fast with sugary fruit seems a bit off for a cancer patient. Why not break the fast by weaning slowly from the beet juices, slowly incorporating greens, then going very green before adding a variety (rainbow colored) raw vegetables? That would make more balanced sense nutritionally, it seems to me. I pray the Beet Lady will read these posts and know she has many people who care about her and are hoping she finds the nutrition-minded EXPERT who can put her on the right track. Thank you again, Kevin.

  32. frieda says:

    Where does one purchase HCL? Does it go by the name betaine hydrochloride?

  33. THere is a mini beet protocol to use for variuos conditions, using beet juice, plus apples to reduce side effects of clense

  34. peter says:

    Everybody here talk about sugar in beetroot – yes sugar is bad for cancer. But it depends – do you know about sodium bicarbonat and maple sirop for cancer, or Insulin Potentiation Therapy – you can use sugar to target cancer cells – i think this is exactly the case with beetroot – it have anticancer substances and it have sugar.
    There is similar protocol – Joanna Brandt protocol – using only grapes – the same logic here – sugar and substances that kill cancer cells. So the idea for beet root fast may not be that bad

  35. Ralph says:

    When fighting cancer your body needs to detoxify and take in loads of high nutrients, while totally staying away from all toxins.

    That means fasting on organic carrot juice and raw organic veggie juices (including some beet juice). Then add some specific cancer fighting herbs like you find in “Essiac”

    Add to that high doses of vitamin C either orally or by injections. (25 to 250 grams per day). You will find this info on ortho-molecular websites

    Some of the sources for more info are the Gerson Institute, Hallelujah Acres, Dr.Joel Fuhrman’s website and many others.

    Medium and long term you need to continue to stay away from all animal proteins including dairy products as well as any and all processed and GMO modified foods.

  36. So many great, informative replies! Food for thought indeed.
    On another note, also dealing with the possible emotional cause or memory behind the cancer is important. I definitely recommend that anyone with cancer (and anyone interested in healing really, you don’t have to have cancer!) to read Brandon Bays “The Journey”. She cured a basketball sized tumour in 6 weeks with this approach. She also increased her live food intake from about 70% to 100% to support her healing but the emotional work, releasing and forgiving an old memory, was of vital importance. I recommend getting the audio cds of the processes also, very useful.

  37. Cindy says:

    I personally wouldn’t fast for 40 days on just beet juice alone, but I probably would include it in any other protocol I used. I don’t know if I agree with all the comments about sugar & cancer. I once heard an interesting comment by Dr. Jameth Sheridan about eating fruit. He said something about many fruits having antioxidants for fighting cancer, so maybe the sugar in the fruit actually helps by getting into the cancer & then the antioxidants go to work fighting it. It was something like that, but it sure made sense.

    I also agree with Art Martin above, comment #14. You can’t just randomly throw your money around trying to find a cure, which may not happen no matter how much you spend. I was in this situation 3 years ago when my husband had lung cancer. On the one hand, I wanted to do everything I could to help him, but on the other hand, I also had 5 people to worry about supporting if he didn’t make it, which unfortunately he didn’t. He was already at stage 4 when diagnosed, & a stupid doctor told him he would die if he didn’t do chemo, & even with the chemo he probably wouldn’t make it. What a thing to tell someone. I’m still angry about it. That doctor gave my husband no hope, so he literally gave up the will to live. It wouldn’t have mattered what treatment he had.

  38. Niraja Golightly says:

    Freida@ #33
    You can get (yes it’s) Betaine HCL at most health food stores and various healing centers. Just be sure to read the label as many times it will be combined or sourced with other digestive products that you might not want to take in. Hope this helps!

  39. nina says:

    Kevin, the institutions, etc. you mentioned all sound great.
    I’d also have her read Kris Carr’s book, or watch her movie, “Crazy Sexy Cancer”.
    I wish her, and her friend, well.

  40. Susan says:

    What a caring, loving, respectful, intelligent community this is. Thank you Kevin for bring it about and nourishing it. Sending love to petra and her friend.

  41. Thomas says:

    @Freida: You can go to and type “betaine HCL” into the search box. They have many to choose from. I get mine there. You can read what is in them and see what people who have taken them have to say about each one. They ship globally, as you will notice comments from people in many countries.

    @Kevin: Yeah, his patients had all undergone surgery & chemo radiation (which may have contributed to their ultimate death) before they started the beetroot therapy.
    I like the part about “eating up to a kilo a day”. That’s a lot of beetroot! 🙂
    But they did say that the active ingredient in the beetroot therapy is anthocyanin, which is also found in many fruits & veggies.
    and scroll down to “Research on health benefit”.

    It seems a good combination of colorful fruits and vegetables should be part of everyone’s diet.

  42. Linda says:

    I also think that your commentary on beet juice to be on target. Although less sugar if eaten raw. Having had stage 3 invasive ductal breast cancer myself and beeting it, no pun intended, I can offer a small bit of what I did. I followed Dr Shulzes protocol, There Is No Such Thing as an Incurable Disease. I juiced all organic veges and stayed as alkaline as you can get. Cancer loves sugar, but cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Beets are alkaline. I also did raw food diet, hot and cold showers, liver and kidney cleanses, colonics, acupuncture, meditation, and reiki.
    I have been doing all of the above, not as intensively, for the last 3 years. I read everything I can about natural health and what resonates I do. I have had the help of a great NDMD and an intuitive acupuncturist and support of friends and family! To ease out of the beet juice diet, try juicing other veges, especially brocholi stems, dark green veges including parsley and cilantro,cabbage, cucumbers, organic apples with seeds and the like. It is time consuming but well worth the rewards. In fact I am in the midst of a liver flush and feel the incentive to get back to being all organic and raw, exercise and meditate! Much luck!

  43. Gini says:

    Speaking of healthcare, I have a question. Having just turned 65 I am trying to make a decision about Medicare plan B. Does anyone here over 65 have any advice on whether to choose coventry, humana, and which might include alternative healing- HMO or PPO plans? I’m so confused. I don’t use traditional medicine so maybe it would be worthless to me anyway. I’ve always paid out of pocket for alternative healthcare. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks Kevin for this article.

  44. Roland Ames says:

    Frankly, I am surprised and somewhat disappointed in Kevin’s initial reply (and the nearly unanimous agreement expressed in these comments). I have no doubt that everyone here wants to help someone in need by sharing what has been gathered from both research and experience. But each individual is unique. Each illness is unique to that individual and what works as a cure for one might actually be toxic for another. You all must know that there is no one answer or formula or protocol that is a panacea for healing any illness, let alone “cancer” (as each “cancer” is unique to that individual). For healing to take place, the commitment to wellness is of utmost importance.
    If the person with an illness thinks and feels that 40 days of beet juice is a key element in overcoming the problem, and is willing to make that commitment, the discipline and mental attitude necessary to adhere to that commitment might be what that person needs to heal. What that person does not need, and I know this from my own experience, is well-meaning “friends” dousing the positivity and enthusiasm necessary for any serious healing. 40 days of beet juice might work for an individual that believes that will work. It seems like a decent step(I don’t know if the same thing can be said for 40 days of chemo, radiation, or Diet Pepsi, however, but who knows, really?).
    In any case, in Kevin’s desire to play well-meaning pseudo-expert, he ignores the original question, which had to do with the best method for transitioning to solid food after the fast, a very important topic, which does need to be addressed by anyone who does engage in radical fasting for self-healing. Like the healing itself, however, individual factors preclude any universal answer for this question as well, and should be based on the needs of individual, her or his metabolism and specific nutritional requirements.

  45. Cindy Lampa says:

    I was diagnosed w/ ductal carcinoma insitu in 2004. I had a lumpectomy. They told me I had to have radiation or I had a 46% chance the cancer would return. I decided I had a 54% chance it wouldn’t return, and I’d rather take my chances w/ God and the natural way. I ate 80% raw, only organic food, no convenience foods, only whole foods. I juiced between 10 and 13 juices a day, which included carrot, carrot-apple and green juices. I did between 4 and 6 coffee enemas a day using only organic coffee and distilled water. Later, I also found someone who did professional colon therapy. I feel strongly that it is imperative to cleanse your body, to help your body get rid of toxins. Fresh air, sunshine, exercise and trust in God is also important. It’s a lot of work doing all this, so it is very helpful to have support and help from someone. I didn’t. I guess I just had a strong will to survive, so I did all this by myself with God’s help. I also took a number of supplements including kelp, spirulina, vitamin C, echinacea, astragalus, and goldenseal. I drank red root, red clover and Paul d’Arco teas daily as well as daily doses of Essiac tea. By the summer of 2006 I had so much energy it went through the roof. I would conclude by saying it would be best, if possible, to seek the guidance of a healthcare professional who has experience in assisting those with cancer in finding their path to natural healing and health. If given the right things, nutrients, etc, and eliminating the bad, providing the right environment, restoring the immune system, I believe with all my heart that our marvelous bodies can heal themselves, doing what the Creator designed them to do. Genesis 1:29 diet. Check it out. Blessings! Cindy

  46. HopandSkip says:

    What wonderful comments everyone made! I have to say that Peter had a good point. There ARE some polysaccharides (essential sugars) that have the ability to stimulate the immune system to function properly, which would then help them identify and destroy cancer cells. I’ve not researched beets to see which polysaccharides they contain.

    Beet juice would also have live enzymes which would help “unmask” the cancer cells.

    Bless this gal’s heart for her dedication to life.

    On the flip side…others wanting to use Beet juice to cleanse (it’s a great liver cleanser)do need to be careful as there have been cases of fatality by consuming too much too quickly.

    Starting out with just a tablespoon a couple of times a day would be safest for someone who has a great load of toxins. Increasing the amount slowly would seem prudent.

    That being said, crazier things than beet juice have been said to cure cancer. I wish her life and complete health on her journey.

    I loved Dr. Lorraine Day’s “Why Cancer Doesn’t Scar me anymore”…she’s an oldtimer…she used mostly barley grass powder, beet root powder (by the way beet root is the same as beet…beet IS the root of the plant I’m pretty sure) and carrot juice powder as the mainstay of her treatment…along with no meat/dairy etc.

    That’s my two cents! :0)

  47. HopandSkip says:

    By the way…here is Dr. Tennant’s info that someone mentioned.

    Dr. Jerry Tennant
    Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine
    Call 972-580-0715 or 866-612-4461 (toll free)

  48. Gary Williams says:

    As far as the beet juice, I’m not sure about the cancer mending of it. I have contacts with two cancer survivors, one that had a cervical cancer, that was told nothing could be done for her & her only option was go to Mexico or some other country, no one in the USA will help you.

    The link below tells all her problems & treatment:

    The other one was in the medical field, was given 6 months by KU and told to go home and prepare to die. Needless to say he still alive and doing quite well.

  49. Brigitte says:

    Just doing a mono-food fast will at least allow her body and immune system to “reset”. I think it is a far wiser move than “poisoning” the whole system like most people do when they agree to chemotherapy.

    For example… people have cured themselves with eating grapes only for an extended period of time.

    Giving the body a “break” can do a lot of good… and only eating one food can go a long way.

    I personally think that an extended “juice fast/feast” with a variety of vegetables is good, and most alternative cancer treatments recommend that. So just beets… hmmm… a much better move than chemo… and what courage and determination… and faith in her bodies healing powers this woman has… that alone makes a huge difference!!!!

  50. Brigitte says:

    Surgery… chemo… radiation are extreme!

    When faced with cancer “moderation” doesn’t seem the way to go.

    Most SAD oriented people think Raw/Organic and Juicing is an extreme way to go…

    I say… GO FOR IT!

    Beware of Biopsy !!!

    I had a small lump… Doctor that biopsied the lump said “your lump was so fully encased, it took me three tries to bust into it”… GREAT
    this took me from a stage 1 breast cancer to stage 3 (had a lumpectomy a few weeks later and it had spread all over my breast and into lymph nodes) they said they didn’t get it all… so I needed additional surgery… radiation and chemo! Also, they wanted to biopsy suspicious lumps in my other breast.

    Found a surgeon that was not obsessed with “breast conservation” and had a double mastectomy. (LOVE my boy chest by the way)

    Walked away from the alopathic western approach and never looked back. (had high dose vitamin C IV’s for 3 years, metal removed from my teeth, and various detox protocols)

    Now that I am broke… Raw… juicing… and trying to educate others about chronic disease and what we put into our bodies is my ongoing way of life… and loving it!

  51. Brigitte says:

    Maybe she is working with a “REAL PRACTITIONER” what ever that is!

  52. annie says:

    my husband is the poster child for staying ahead of cancer… no one goes into remission twice from stage IV liver cancer (mets from initial colon cancer). he has. we do it ALL… conventional tx (chemo, surgery, ablation) along with a strict diet of no sugar, no dairy, no red meat, minimal whole grains. and he takes vitamins, minerals and supplements. adding beets to the regimen is great… relying on them solely is foolish.

    btw, for breast cancer, there’s some great research out of canada that shows that flaxseed (must be freshly ground and consumed within 15 minutes of grinding) shrinks those tumors. jim consumes both ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil 2x daily in a smoothie with whey, carrot juice and other goodies (joanna budwig protocol).

    we believe all we’re doing works together… and, even if the diet and supplements don’t cure cancer, they keep jim healthy enough to endure the chemo and ward off other complications. he feels better now after 5 years with cancer off and on than he did before cancer when he ate junk.

  53. Robert says:

    It is tru, that beets cannot shrink the tumor, but a balnced diet with Budwig Protocol (cottage cheesse, flax oil and flax seeds) , raw cranberies and/ or cranberries concentrare, 7 apricot kernels with pineaple or papaya, one baking soda tea spoon vith molasses black strap, 33% vegetables, 33% fruits and 33% proteins, lipids and lipoids (including olive oil, canola oil) AND 0 SUGAR and 0 high carbohydrates (bread&pasta) may help.
    If you like to dance with cacer baking soda & molases protokol, amigdaline vitamine b 17 protokol, Cezium Protocol, SDA sodium dichloroacetate is an answer, but has to be done under medical supervission. GOOGLE! GOOGLE! and again GOOGLE!

  54. R. Ford says:

    I drink a small amount of beetroot juice every morn when I get up. After about 20 mins I take my medication as prescribed by hospital doctor. My protein levels went down (over a six month period) from 40 to 14. Most likely due mainly to the medication but I feel that the beet juice has played a part and the doctor is impressed with my progress. I have not told him I take beet juice.

  55. Kevin you are partially right. Beet alone is not going to do it, she need a mix of food and change her eating habits forever. It is also nice to consult a natural herb practioner.
    However, many of us do not want to hear this but we MUST ask God to take us on the journey. Your success depends on your relationship with him. I bought a book (Eat and Stay Thin by Joyce Meyer) over ten years ago and Im actually just reading it and applying the principle now. I thought this book was just ANOTHER one of dieting. IT’S ABSOLUTELY NOT! On may 27, 2013, I went to the doctor’s office my blood pressure was 165/105. I knew its always in the upper eighties to upper nineties but this blood pressure reading sent shocking waves to me. To cut the story short, I started reading the book and applying the principles. After thirty days, high blood pressure reduced 45 points and remain constant 40 to 45 points daily on both numbers. I lost 11 pounds, cholesterol checking out. The prescription numbers for my glasses has been reduced, to God be the glory. The book has 12 short chapters and presently, I recach chapter 5. It would not be right to tell you what I eat for it is a personal experience with God. However, I eat everything but differently, and the things that will make me sick I keep away from. I continue to thank God for the work he has began in me. It is truly marvellous. I have medical record for proof and I keep a record of progress.

    • I forgot to include in my previous comment that its very important to see your primary doctor often and do blood test regularly to see what your body needs or getting too much of. My doctor do my blood every 3 to 4 months. I only take my blood pressure pills now when the top number is over 125 and the bottom number is over 75. I will only allow elasticity of 5 points before taking the pill. For the month of June according to my record I took five pills. Thirty pills per month has been reduced drastically. I did not tell my doctor as yet, but he is really pleased about my improvement. Thanks for the opportunity Kevin to share my information. I’m so excited!

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