What Do I Do If My Teeth Are Falling Apart on the Raw Food Diet? : The Renegade Health Show Episode #866

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I had some pretty bad teeth issues along my own raw food journey, so I definitely understand questions like these!

Today, I’m going to address hot and cold sensitivity, teeth falling out, and more.

The question that was asked – that I’m answering today – also included something pretty important… the woman who asked it was nursing and her child’s teeth are falling apart too.

Here’s what I have to say about all of this…

Your question of the day: How are your teeth? Have (had) any problems with them? What are your doing (did you do) to get them better?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Vitamins says:

    I use silica for my teeth as well! I am 95% vegan and have had no problems as well!

  2. Robin says:

    I think this question is a striking demonstration of how out of touch with our bodies we really are in this culture, health oriented or not. On the one extreme we have massive amounts of pharmaceuticals prescribed to people with zero symptoms, based on the results only of blood tests (no offense, Kevin, I know you support blood-testing, and I appreciate that, but diagnosing ONLY based on the sheet of paper seems like insanity to me). And here we have a mother and child with serious symptoms staring them in the face and she wants to basically close her eyes to the malnutrition of her child. Why aren’t we paying attention to what our HEALTH is when we claim to be interested in health?!? I know that parenting is a stressful, guilt-ridden, time-consuming enough job as it is (I am blessed with four munchkins), but if you don’t concern yourself with your child’s health, who will? Children who do not look like, in the words of Sally Fallon, “Healthy young animals,” are not healthy. Look at your kids. Look at their poop, even after you potty train them. If there is something wrong, even if you think you are doing everything right, something is going to need to change. Analogy: for 15 years I tried to lose weight on SAD. I ate few calories, followed conventional diet wisdom, and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get below 160 pounds on my 5″4 frame. Until I changed what I was doing DRASTICALLY I was unable to achieve a healthy weight. Our children don’t have 15 years to figure out that a change needs to be made. We need to be flexible and experimental for them right now.

    I know this is a rant, and I hope you skipped it if you weren’t interested. Be well, and may everyone reading this be blessed with radiantly healthy children who bring only joy.

  3. I read somewhere that if you have glycerin in your toothpaste it’s sticky and therefore coats your teeth with a film which can prevent re-mineralisation.

  4. Nina says:

    I’ve never had issues with my teeth on a raw diet and I make sure I have enought greens, greens, greens… I feel like greens are the most important part in your diet, especially green juice, I highly suggest getting a Green Star as it gets the most minerals and vitamins in to the juice and into your body. I would also add Green supplements likes Ormus Supergreens and Vitamineral Green, also a super good mineral supplement is Quinton which is basically seawater and gives you tons of minerals. You can also try Marine phytoplankton. For the maintenantce of the teeth Nadine Artemis from the Living Libations has amazing teeth protocole that WORKS, I also use another absolutely fantastic nex product called Oralive Regenerative Elixir from Ascended Health that not only clean your teeth, regenerates them but als whitens them. Like Kevin said, one of the main things is your digestion, if you digest well, you assimilate well and your body will be in balance and well mineralised. After trying tons and tons of different probiotics, I now only use the Dr Bisci’s probiotics (premiulm grade probiotics) that you can get from The Raw Food World store. You take them on the empty stomach and they WORK. Make sure also to eat proper meals, let them digest well and don’t eat late at night and don’t snack! And start with a colonic to first clean out the system and then start adding all these wonderful foods to rebuild your body and teeth!

  5. Jo says:

    I have teeth sensitivity and they are a wreck according to my dentist. This started way before I made any attempts at eating a raw diet though. I have always been told I have a borderline liver, so I would always try to drink lemon juice for cleansing and lemon juice with water all day for weight loss. A few years ago the dentist told me that lemon and teas are the absolute worst thing you could do to your teeth (along with sweet juices). I apparently have no enamel on my teeth anymore, which has led to all kinds of problems and gum disease. They are now translucent and I have to use Sensodyne every day to keep from having horrible pain. I don’t know if lemon and tea are a part of your diet, but every little thing you can do to help your teeth is a step in the right direction. I’m sorry to hear that your child is being affected, but Kevin is right. You child’s welfare comes before any decision to eat consciously. This is really important because anyone who sees the child’s teeth falling apart can turn you into social services for neglect, including your family and friends. I hope you find your answer soon. 🙂

  6. Yamina says:

    I’m really surprised that you advise goat dairy for teeth issues ! For me, I have tooth sensitivity when I eat too much acidic or semi acidic fruits IN THE SAME TIME as I have non vegetable food like starch (the worst), or any animal products, especially… diary ! I think it is because of the total acidity that the body cannot deal with and the loss of minerals that it withdraws from teeth (and bones I suppose). When it begins to act so nastly I stop this theft by having a more reasonable behaviour. Then, after one to three days, I can eat as much apples as I want with no sensitivity at all because my organism is able to buffer the acidity of the fruits and get the alcaline minerals they contains. I have also for many years caries on my wisdom teeth that I’d like to be healed naturally and see the process with my proper eyes. It is probably (surely) because I’m not wise that they choose those teeth ! (There’s always a reason…) I think that, according to Dr Graham, anything except raw fruits and vegetables is seasoning and not food. Au bal du 14 juillet, after having dansed a few hours, I felt like needing some fuel and ate the huuuuuuuugggggggest crèpe de Paris, with Nutella, rue du Faubourg Montmartre !!!! I said to my husband : “It’s the last time ! Note, this date is memorable, tomorrow will be the first one of my new lifestyle, entirely raw ! You are my witness ! I swear !

  7. perhaps acidic food like fruits juice and too much lemon without rinsing could wear out enamel . i believe oregeno leaf would kill bacteria in the gums that cause infections. Killing germs is a start and rinsing with salt water (himylyan salt and not the local conventional stuff cannot hurt. rinsing teeth after eating or drinking even juice is vital. Whatever raw foodies need to do to get calcium is what needs to be done . good luck. daliya

  8. Falling teeth. Sounds like something is missing in your diet and you need to make it up with nutrients or something else . Green veggies have enough calcium but perhaps your gut is not healthy enough to make use of it. ask !

  9. Ed Nhs says:

    As an option, I might recommend looking into a high quality animal omega-3. We take a marine omega-3 that provides our needs without exposing us to mercury and other sea toxicity. We use a sustainably grown green lipped mussel oil that is 100% mercury free. This way we don’t have to struggle with finding wild grown fish that aren’t contaminated and you as a vegan wouldn’t have to worry about killing the fish. Just an idea.

  10. Anna21 says:

    If the toddler is not thriving on the raw food diet, add cooked food. Add some animal products. If the mother refuses to due this, her child could become even further malnourished. The child could suffer from delayed development, dwarfism & other terrible issues. Don’t let blind adherence to a dogma interfere with the child’s health.

    Some parents have been jailed for feeding their kids a raw food diet or breatfeeding for too long, and ignoring the fact that their kids were malnourished & not gaining enough weight.

    Also, 2 years old is too old to breastfeed. Time to give that kid some real, nourishing food- grains, veggies, fruits & probably also some animal products (organic, of course).

  11. Misae says:

    I was 80/10/10 and always was told my teeth were some of the best my dentist saw. Later I started to eat socially again and that was when the problems started happening – occassional sensitivity and some light decay. I started to take a lot of wheatgrass and greens and it cleared up, but I still find whenever I eat grains they make a filmy coating on my teeth and I’m sure this part of what causes decay. All the way through I’ver used a toothbrush once daily with a flouride free toothpaste.

  12. Joseph says:

    Wow… lemon in water…never thought it was too acidic and would rob me of minerals…I must find out what acidic fruits I’m consuming and decrease the acidic ones. I have brittle dull teeth which are falling apart and costing me a fortune in dentist visits. Good advice! Thanks Kevin.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I haven’t had any problems with my teeth, and I am not raw,..tried it for awhile, but the more I researched the less it made sense… just slowly moving toward more health…

    thanks for being up front and honest about what she needs to do! Its great to hear someone telling it like it is! Its so true that when your child needs health/help, it needs to be your first priority, before your personal ethics about food.
    Shazzie has a child… how is her daughter doing? I know she did a lot of research, and was careful. Maybe this mom could learn from her, after getting going on something that helps, fast!

  14. Nomi says:

    Most people nursing two year olds are also feeding them solid food. One of many reasons for a two year old with crumbling, soft, yellowed or mottled teeth is Celiac Disease. This is a gluten intolerance; where the body does not manufacture the proper enzymes to break down gluten which is in wheat and many other grains and can be found in most packaged foods. If this Mom is eating foods with gluten such as bread and or feeding it to her child this could be the cause.

    It’s not up to us to judge whether or not a two year old should still be nursing; in many cultures this is common and right now in this country it is very common. She did not say she is nursing the baby exclusively.

  15. Susane says:

    What kind of water is she and her child drinking? If it is distilled all the time or demineralized that is a sure way to get your teeth to decompose. Certain types of cell salts are very important to help regain good tooth composition. That’s my 2 cents worth : )

  16. Lisa says:

    Make sure that you are getting enough magnesium absorbed into your body, which is extremely necessary for function of the cells and aides in enzyme function. Should the body not get enough magnesium, it will pull it from bones and teeth to attempt keeping the body at homeostasis/balance.

  17. I love your show, and this episode is so important. I did a 30-day detox last year that drastically ruined my teeth to the point that two of them feel right out right after it ended. (To be fair, my teeth have always given me problems, in spite of taking very good care of them.) My dentists have all told me it was genetics (parents had false teeth at age 28).

    The next detox I did (42 days) was even stricter – only 2 cups of juice and herb tea only, but with that time I took standard daily doses of super high quality vitamins and minerals, without fail. They never got any worse that time, which shows me it was due to supplmentation.

    It won’t be long and I won’t have to worry about it anyway since I’m going to have false teeth here before long! 🙂

  18. Chris says:

    I know you’re doing the best you can to get this information out as quickly as possible, but it seems like you are mumbling at some point when you were reading and rushing when you were answering. Can’t you just take a breath, slow it down some when reading and answering? Information was good, presentation was way too hurried. I am bringing this up now so that we can enjoy future episodes. Please view this as constructive criticism. This isn’t a bash Kevin critique.

  19. Ariela says:

    Hi Everyone! I am the woman who wrote in with the question, the mom of the todler with crumbling teeth. Thanks so much Kevin for the detailed reply!
    I am not blindly following vegetarian diet at all costs. My son still breastfeeds, but i offer him solid foods as well, including animal products. Until recently he has been a fussy eater, his main preference being fruits, which i try to minimize to one or 2 pieces a day, and no citrus or anything too acidic and I give him water to drink afterwards. For a long time i have been trying to get a good multivitamin/mineral supplement into him, but he detects any powder i try to disguise into his food and refuses to eat. About 2 weeks ago i finally managed to get him to take a liquid multi, and since then miraculously his appetite improved. He is now finally eating some raw dairy which i have been tring to get him to eat for many months. Also sardines in olive oil and some chicken. I hope this will make a difference to his teeth.
    As for myself, i also started adding dairy and sardines and my tooth sensitivity has improved. My teeth are still translucent though, as are the teeth of my other children, 3 and 5 year old daughters. I ordered some sillica and waiting for it to arrive and see if that will help. Myself and the 3 and 5 year olds take cal/mag supplements daily with boron, vitamin d etc, plus a good multi. I do not know what else to do. The addition of the animal products liek raw goat dairy and fish as kevin suggested appears to be helping. Any further guidance would me much appreciated. Thank you Kevin! Thank you all!

  20. Ariela says:

    I wanted to add that i take digestive aid, and eat lots of greens, yet my urine pH has always been and continues to be very acidic. I do not know how to overcome the acidity. I have liver/gallbladder issues and this is part of the reasons i went vegetarian and it has helped with that, but has created other imbalances apparently, like the dental issues.

  21. Thanks Kevin for your great insight.

    #4 – Thank you Nina for sharing some powerful products that are all natural and which you enjoy and work for you. I will check that out! Particularly the tooth and probiotic products.

    I would like to share my experience. I found that putting a small dab of Diatomaceous Earth just sticking a Q-Tip dab of it RIGHT ONTO THE TOOTH or the gum will immediately stop the pain. You can do this as often as you like but once worked for me! Just let it sit there on the gum or for me it was inside my tooth. I rubbed it inside the center of my tooth. I just let it sit there and then dissolve into my mouth and saliva. It is safe to swallow it if you use the FOOD GRADE ONLY. I also found it stopped my teeth from being sensitive to cold or hot.

    I tried it and it worked. The pain is healed. The bacteria causing the pain is gone. I use the perma guard FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth. It is full of Silica and that will help restore and build your bones and teeth as well as thicken your hair and grow your nails and relieve pain in your joints. You can take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon a day in water. To infuse your body with silica and to clear out cholesterol as well as your colon. Kills and removes parasites. Very cheap to buy. $4 for a huge bag that will last months.

  22. alice marsh says:



  23. Thank-you Kevin for addressing this question…
    Addtionally, the fat soluble vitamins K2 and D3 are essential for healthy oral ecology. Good supplements are available for both vitamins. The highest source of vitamin K2 can be found in ghee or butter made from a grass fed cows in June “summer butter”. Sometimes vegans and vegetarians eat increased amounts of beans, grains and nuts, these all of high quantities of phytic acid. Phytic acid is an anti-nutrient and it inhibits the assimilation of phosphorus. To remove the phytic acid grains, nuts and beans need more then soaking, they need soaking and fermenting. Prolonged spikes in blood sugar also cause an imbalance to the calcium phosphorus ratio that is essential for healthy bones. Have faith and know that the teeth, being part of the body, have an innate ability to regenerate and heal.

  24. Velda says:

    Good point Naomi. Gluten could be a facator here. Most people in the US have some kind of intollerance to gluten. Anna, how can you say 2 years is too old to be breast feeding? Just because she is still breast feeding him does not mean that is the only food he is getting. To assume so is a leap. There are cultures that breast feed their babies for that long and longer. I breast feed my youngest son until he was a year and a half – but he got other foods also. Tough questions, Kevin. You did a great job in answering.

  25. George Fett MD DC says:

    Kevin, First she and her child need to be evaluated by a dentist. We are not presented with enough information to even begin to guess what may or may not be going on. This first step needs to be stressed to her. Guesses and conjecture are not helpful to them. They need to be seen by a professional who has experience in dealing with problems of dental health.

  26. Tessa says:

    I agree, the mother needs to put whatever necessary into her body to nourish her child, if she desires to continue breastfeeding. Though, 2-years-old is not too old to be breastfeeding. She should be supplementing with other food as well, but even according to WHO (World Health Organization) it is recommended to breastfeed until 2 years of age. “WHO recommends mothers worldwide to exclusively breastfeed infants for the child’s first six months to achieve optimal growth, development and health. Thereafter, they should be given nutritious complementary foods and continue breastfeeding up to the age of two years or beyond.”

  27. Ira Edwards says:

    Weston A. Price’s book NUTRITION AND PYSICAL DEGENERATION is the most important book for understanding nutrition, and teeth in particular. The primitive fare he describes after studying numerous cultures had much higher vitamin and mineral content than modern food.
    Many of us don’t get enought fat. Minerals do not absorb well without fat. We also need adequate acid in the stomach, which is produced in response to fat and protein.
    Any child on a raw food, vegetarian, low salt, low fat, or low cholesterol diet is in danger of severe damage. Do not let our adult food fats damage our children.
    Ira Edwards Honest Nutrition.

  28. Mona says:

    I’m a dental nurse, I’ve been vegan for 10 years and I’m a mother of a 2 year old vegan daughter. My mother is a dentist. We all have very healthy teeth and no fillings although my saliva type is very acidic and I have naturally very soft enamel. I would like to add to this discussion something very important that I’m surprised has not been mentioned. Brushing your teeth PROPERLY. In my work I see a lot of children and parents with tooth decay, and even if they claim to brush twice a day I can see that perhaps they were never actually shown or tought how to brush, by a dental practitioner. Ok, brush ALL surfaces of your teeth, inside the row of teeth, outside and top, with a small brushing motion, gently (not too hard, otherwise you wear down the enamel). Brush your tongue as well as this contans the most bacterial growth in your mouth, its like a petri-dish breeding ground. It is advisable for parents who have cavities or gum disease try not to cross contaminate their childs mouth during the first years, e.g. no kissing on the mouth or using the same spoon. Children do not have this bacteria naturally so if their teeth start decaying the bacteria came most likely from cross contamination (sometimes even from the family pet (kissing the pet on the mouth)). I currently eat a high raw and know that it can be quite easy to get carried away with fruit. To your teeth, consuming fruit sugars and sweet smoothies are really no different from eating any other sugar. The bacteria ‘streptococcus mutans’ that creates cavities, breeds on sweet and creates an acid attack in the mouth every time sweet is consumed, eating away the teeth. Therefore it is advisable not to consume sweet things all day long. Maybe just once a day or so. In other words, dont go sipping that smoothie all day long! I’m still nursing my child (vegan authorities advice vegans to breastfeed until at least the child is 2 years old) and the sweet milk also creates this acid attack in my childs mouth. I brush her teeth well every morning and every night with an organic, vegan, kids toothpaste. I’ve come across many vegetarian, vegan and even some raw families in my job, and I must say that this is a very important issue, as most of these children have cavities and worn down enamel at a very young age. But then again, so do many SAD eating children too. The mouth is a very sensitive and private area for all of us and requires close attention, so I really urge all parents to keep close check on your childs teeth and work with an understanding dental practitioner.

  29. Evan says:

    One potential factor I’m rather surprised that has not been mentioned is Vit D deficiency … particularly given that it is reportedly a common deficiency … and is involved in absorption of Calcium into bone ….
    This theory might explain Kevin’s improvement when adding an animal milk to his diet ….

    This .. from Wikipedia …. “The dietary risk factors for rickets include abstaining from animal foods.[50][54]” … taken from here ….


    As your child’s major source of Vit D is breast-milk … which would , if you were deficient , also be so … this might explain the ‘transmission’ of the problem across a generation ..

  30. Deborah says:

    I want to say just that 2 years old is NOT too old to be breastfeeding. The child should absolutely be eating food too (add food around one year)but breastfeeding a toddler is wonerful for them, for you, for the family and for society.

    If anyone tells you differently THEY ARE WRONG.

    It was not till the turn of the century that we in the West started doing horrible things to our children in the name of Industrialization. Like getting rid of the Family Bed and weaning early off the breast, giving them (shudder) formula and sending them out of their homes to pre-school.

    These things are not good for kids.

  31. Magi says:

    Hi Kevin,
    in addition to nutrition, stress can wreck havoc on your teeth. After years of heavy stress i found myself with adrenal exhaustion. after working with that i finally got to a point where i could even notice the damage done to my body..My teeth being one of those areas..I began working with living libations tooth protocol, adding silica, ionic minerals, digestive enzymes, cultured foods,etc. and finding a dentist with similar values. My teeth are much better (still have a ways to go) and i have noticed many other positive differences all over my body…skin, hair, nails…but the biggest difference is the change in how i treat/address my body…my first response is no longer: “what’s wrong” or “what did i do (wrong)”, when an undesirable symptom appears…my thinking has shifted to “what is my body telling me? ” My listening had deepened and my reverence heightened…and i respect my own body as its own authority…
    Big issue at any age……
    RE: your questions: I have gum line tooth erosion from clenching my teeth (esp in my sleep), mercury filling (the last of which will be removed this week), occasional gingivitis (opportunistic areas created in part as a result of old dental work)…..What am i doing: More minerals…living libations tooth protocol, dietary additions for digestion (enzymes/cultured/fermented)….meditation….helps to keep me present and engaged in responsibilities to my own body. And i gather info, from people and sources i respect and resonate with, to continue to further my good health

  32. Hello,

    I breast fed my son until he was 2 1/2 yrs. old. He also had problems .. six cavities, 2 of his teeth were almost completely decayed before we figured it out. I was still breast feeding at night….. if you are, then stop. My doc told me that he does not need the night feedings at about 1 yr. He was doing it out of habit. I was skeptical, but after only 3 nights he was sleeping soundly through the night and it was the best thing for both of us. He was more rested and his teeth stopped decaying. I still breast fed during the day for about 8 months or so, gradually weaning him down. Sometimes we think that if something is good, more is better. Not always true. I felt awful.

    What about Vit D? I don’t know where you live or how much time you get outside but sometimes many people are short on D. Esp. in colder climates. That, vit K and Magnesium all needed for bone health. I would also add a probiotic for digestive health. I did and it did wonders for my sons allergies and asthma. Like Kev said, add enzymes and also get tested for food sensitivities and celiac (mentioned above) . Maybe also check for candida.
    I would also add an Omega 3 or some type of healthy fat. These are needed for digestion,to absorb nutrients and for brain health.
    This also has helped my son tremendously.

    Maybe find a farm to get fresh cruelty free goat milk, at least for your son. Do you have room for your own goat?
    My son is allergic to cow milk and so am I. He loves goat milk. I sometimes eat goat kefir. Not often, but for some reason it does ease my digestive problems. . Get rest and experiment with different diets. I am about 50 percent raw. I know I can not do 100 percent. Not until I am in my gut.

    Good luck… I know it is stressful.

  33. Honeydew4me says:

    This is a serious problem. We need to be healthy and thats not healthy. I would go with the science on this one. I know exactly what you need to reverse this, it’s simple!

    Go and get this book – http://www.curetoothdecay.com/

    I would say the first thing this person should do would be STOP eating ALL grains (phytic acid binds important minerals), switch to tubers like sweet potatoes, yucca, taro, potatoes and yams.

    Start eating lots of hard cheeses, egg yolks and butter from ONLY 100% pasture raised grass fed animals, they are high in fat soluble vitamins which tell your teeth to remineralize. Some good fermented yogurts and kefirs can be incorporated, as well as heavy cream. Make sure its 100% pasture raised grass fed. Find a local farmer!

    Liver twice a week can be very beneficial as well. unless your vegetarian obviously.

    Vitamin A is NOT found in plant foods.

    Vitamin K2 is found abundantly in dairy products and egg yolks. Puts calcium into your bones and teeth.

    Also get a high vitamin fermented cod liver oil/butter oil supplement here – http://www.greenpasture.org/public/Products/ButterCodLiverBlend/index.cfm.

    or just the butter oil supplement here –

    “blood levels of calcium and phosphorus depended both on vitamin A and K2, and that the two had synergistic effects on mineral absorption.”

    “The synergism Weston Price observed between vitamins A, D and K2 now has a solid mechanism. In a nutshell, vitamins A and D signal the production of some very important proteins, and K2 is required to activate them once they are made. Many of these proteins are involved in mineral metabolism, thus the effects Price saw in his experiments and observations in non-industrialized cultures. For example, osteocalcin is a protein that organizes calcium and phosphorus deposition in the bones and teeth. It’s produced by cells in response to vitamins A and D, but requires K2 to perform its function. This suggests that the effects of vitamin D on bone health could be amplified greatly if it were administered along with K2. By itself, K2 is already highly protective against fractures in the elderly. It works out perfectly, since K2 also protects against vitamin D toxicity.” Dr. Stephen Guyenet

  34. flora says:

    Yes, long breastfeeding is a gift to your child! Of course with other foods! The longer you breastfeed, the more natural immunity your child gets from your immunity. Plus its just a gentle and beautiful way to begin life. Child led weaning is a beautiful thing. I did it, and my child weaned herself at four and a half. (she was only breastfeeding once per day for about a minute or two for a while before weaning.)
    Addressing the teeth issues, yes. But just go on breastfeeding. It is actually your ticket to healing both of you without having to put all the meds or whatever add ins you are adding directly into the baby.

  35. Darlene says:

    Ok, here goes…..I’m having teeth problems! I’ve been on a 90% raw fruit & vegetable diet with very little grain, meat or dairy for the last year. I’ve lost 2 fillings. I don’t have any sensitivity, but my hygenist says that I have bone loss below the gum line (had it before going raw) and I go for 3 cleanings a year.
    I take multiple supplements, but nothing specifically for teeth. What would your #1 recommendation be for bone loss, since teeth are bones……..
    Great website Kevin, keep up the great work, and thanks for picking this topic. I look forward to hearing more about it.

  36. R says:

    Def. want to look into some of the teachings of Weston price. Maybe try some raw egg yolks. Find the best quality eggs you can find from free ranges well treated chickens.

    The dairy thing was right on. You want to start building bones, preferably some raw dairy from grass fed free range cows that have been grazing in the spring. Get the best quality dairy you can. Find a product to help you digest it if you have to get pasteurized (at least get organic) have trouble with it.

    Children’s bodies are growing like crazy you’ve got to feed those bones.

  37. Jill says:

    Advice I wish I had been given 10 years ago, but am glad to know now:

    1. Find a a good naturapathic doctor or holistic MD who specializes in women’s health and who will really take the time to be perform ALL of the necessary tests (overall blood test, thyroid, adrenal and an anemia panel that will test for both low iron and B12 deficiency, as well as a hormone saliva test).

    2. If you have mercury fillings, make it a goal and gradually or all at once, have them safely removed and replaced with biocompatible material as soon as possible (but not while pregnant or breast feeding). http://www.hugginsappliedhealing.com/

    3. Get a heavy metals urine test, hair test and any other tests the doctors have to identify high levels of toxins. I just did a heavy metals urine test after getting my fillings removed to see what the burden of mercury and other metals were in my body before starting a chelation program and to my surprise along with high levels of mercury (which was not the surprise), my lead and thallium levels were off the chart! This was a total shock, but also a revelation as to why I had been feeling so crappy and having such a hard time keeping my mineral levels high despite my “nutrient-dense” diet. I have lived in pretty pristine environments for the most part and have yet to track down the source of these extremely toxic metals, but my advice is to not think too hard about it, we live in a toxic world…get tested and then do some kind of heavy metals detox if needed. All of your other bodily systems, especially the female ones, will thank you!

    After getting tested, if you come up as having a lot of metals in your body, put yourself through a chelation program . Heavy metals and the process of getting them out can be very depleting and having low minerals can even slow down the process of chelation, so get on some kind of super mineral protocol and consider the possibility of adding more protein and/or some animal products to your diet such as sprouted/steamed legumes, eggs, sardines at least for a little while. After you’ve been on the raw diet long enough, you’re body will speak up loud and clear if it doesn’t like or need something.

    4. Eat less sugar (fruit, honey, agave, etc.). This was the #1 cause of my teeth problems after going 100% raw nearly 4 years ago. I was overdoing it with the citrus especially, but in general, I was depending on fruit and fat as my main source of energy and the teeth just weren’t happy. I also wasn’t religiously brushing my teeth. Now it is a absolute ritual~ every single time I have something sweet or acidic, I swish my mouth with salt water and follow it up with brushing my teeth with Weleda’s Salt Toothpaste. Sometimes add baking soda to it. Before I go to bed, I put a few drops of oregano oil directly on any trouble teeth and then swish with a little water and swallow. Tea tree works great too. This little little ritual along with the tongue scraper has improved the health of my gums and oral hygiene greatly. avoid constant snacking. If you have trouble with this one as I did, you just might consider going off of the 100% raw vegan diet for a little while or just a little bit to see how you feel.

    5. Eat more greens. The fresher the better…they taste so much better when you pick them straight out of the ground! Don’t overdo it on the kale. From what I have been reading lately, it sounds like too much of the brassica family can suppress your thyroid which can mess with the “symphony of hormones” that helps keep all other systems optimally functioning.

    6. Keep a food journal. It really is kind of crazy, but even if you think you’ve got this raw food thing down, once you start keeping track, you might be surprised how limited your daily fare actually is, even if you have been “scientific” about the raw food diet, you have a wild green garden and you harvest your own spring water, something might be missing. Be especially careful to get enough different kinds of protein and fat so that you can feed all of those demanding violinists, cellists, trumpet players and percussionists happy. Ask your hormone orchestra what it wants you to eat, drink and what else you need to do to heal yourself (go for a walk, write a poem, scream out loud…) and I bet it will start playing a song so beautiful and compelling, you will have to stop and listen. Remember to write it down, make a collage or draw a picture before you forget
    (If you draw a picture of an ice cream cone, maybe put your food snob filter on and go out and buy some ghee instead ; )

    7. Lastly, the hardest of all. Be true to yourself, follow your bliss and all those other sayings we KNOW but are so hard to do! Create an aesthetically beautiful space for yourself to meditate, read, write, make up your own martial art form and whatever else you can think of to open and heal your heart, the true pied-piper of mind and body. It will lead you to the front row seats of the “Gala Celebration Concert of _______ ” (your name here)!

  38. Joanna says:

    I have found Zing and excellent mineral supplement. I agree that looking at digestion could be key in unraveling this tooth issue.

  39. Martin says:

    HI Kevin,

    You mentioned “colloidal” minerals…

    Are these better in your opinion than “ionic” or other types of minerals and vitamins?

    Is there better absorption with colloidal than others?

    I ask because it seems that there are so many conflicting views on which are better for us to absorb.

    Many Thanks and Happy Health,


  40. suzanne says:

    Jo – in answer to your teeth pain. I suffered for years with pain along the gum line with sensitive teeth. I would warn my dentist several times during exam to not poke my teeth there. They suggested I use Sensodyne also and I did for years. Didn’t help. Dentist did put composite along the gum line to make it less sensitive. It did help, but not alot. Finally, I tried a tooth powder called Uncle Harry’s T. Pwdr for Sensitive Teeth. It has neem in it and some other herbs. Within a few months I could poke my teeth and feel nothing. I can now relax at the dentist. Been using it for yrs. You can google it, uncleharrys.com I think. I buy it at Whole Foods or have in past at my coop. Its under $10.

  41. john says:

    Not everything is the problem with your diet, ie, put down the pipe and the other drugs!

  42. Simona says:

    Aurelia, please do feed your child some animal product. I am also a mother of a 1,5 yo baby, we’re both high raw, but I’ve been eating both during my pregnancy and as a breastfeeding mother some animal product. Although I would like to believe we don’t need to eat anything from the animals, we have to admit that we, as species, evolved eating SMALL amounts of animal product and huge amounts of greens, vegs, fruits, nuts/seeds.
    Every week I feed my baby about 3 boiled organic egg yolks and 3-4 servings of organic goat’s yogurt a week. I eat maybe 4 eggs, 3 glasses of goat’s yogurt a week and, occasionally, a little organic chicken meat. Apart from the raw greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds which are about 70% of our diet (during winter maybe less) and apart from the animal product I mentioned, we eat boiled or steamed vegs, boiled legumes, bloomed wild rice, boiled quinoa, amaranth etc, boiled wild mushrooms, some of the classic cereals- generally raw. We drink green smoothies everyday (sometimes she refuses, but i never skip one day) and I drink green juices (she doesn’t like them yet).
    Both me and my daughter are in very good health (she was never sick since she was born), no problems with our teeth- on the contrary her teeth are developing very well and I have much stronger teeth since I started the high raw diet. For about 6 months I gave up tooth paste and I am using instead a mixture of (edible) clay and bicarbonate of soda and I never have the plaque I used to have anymore.
    We both take vitamin D and calcium plus multiminerals/vitamins and DHA.
    Here’s a link which can help you a lot in figuring out what to do. I am
    not trying to promote Shazzie or anything, but she did quite some research after her child was born. I took a great deal of her advice
    and so far it all works very well.


    All the best!

  43. Bonnie says:

    Just read a book on Dr. Price’s research called “Cure Tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagel. His daughter had terrible teeth and he changed her diet and she is fine now. One thing he said that we don’t think about much is if you use grains you need to soak them or use a fermentation form such as sourdough. My children have teeth problems so I’m looking for answers too. I thought this was a really good book.

  44. Donna says:

    If the child is breast-feeding and is drinking his fill as often as he wants, then he is already consuming “dairy.” Adding dairy from another species on top of mom’s own milk seems redundant and overkill. If mom’s milk is healthy and the child is getting plenty of minerals from green smoothies and other natural sources, then performing a fear-based knee-jerk reaction of adding cooked foods and/or animal products is counter-intuitive from an educated point of view since the damage can easily outweigh any perceived benefit.

    Has the child’s blood been tested? Has mom’s? Is it possible that mom is detoxing and that the toxins are being passed through her milk to her son? Is there a way to test her milk? Many possibilities here. What is the boy teething on?

    Unfortunately the risk of some well-meaning relative or acquaintance calling social services because of their fear of an unfamiliar diet/lifestyle is all too real. Keeping the child’s welfare front and center should include not caving in and taking panic-driven actions.

    I wish mom luck in finding an alternative health care practitioner who can help with her son’s situation quickly without putting her family at long-term risk. Throwing their situation out for discussion like this is a great idea and may help others as well as their own family. Thank you and blessings!

  45. Holly says:

    I’ve been high raw for about 3 years. I did develop major sensitivity in my teeth that I didn’t have before going raw, and also receding gums. I’ve tried various things like oil pulling and (trying to remember to) swish my mouth out with water after drinking my green drinks or other sweet things.
    Nothing seemed to be working, until I read the idea somewhere that my problems may be caused by Himalayan salt. I had been using himalayan salt exclusively in my food, and often added it to my water to increase mineral intake. Apparently, some people think that Himalayan salt has excessive floride in it, and that this is bad for your teeth. While I didn’t entirely understand the reasoning, I decided to switch to a different salt anyway to see what happened. To my surprise, my teeth have improved considerably since then. I experience far less sensitivity in my teeth, and my gums have visibly returned. Has anyone else had this experience on switching away from Himalayan salt?
    I was just thinking about this a little more, and thought I should mention that I’ve also increased my omega-3 intake, which could also be helping. The thing is, I started taking omega-3 supplements (the non-vegan kind that contain fish oil) 2-3 months before I saw any changes in teeth, and I was still having intense tooth pain, until about a week after I stopped with the Himalayan salt, so I’m not particularly convinced that omega-3’s on their own caused the change.

  46. Michelle says:

    I was a vegetarian (ate a lot o’ dairy!) and found out that my breathed child had anemia at one – the doctor said it was from not enough solid foods. I did some digging and further testing and found out that she was allergic to dairy proteins, which she was getting through my milk. This allergy caused her intestine to swell and make it incapable of absorbing iron. Once I cut out all dairy, she was fine. I breastfwd her until she was 3.5 and she is extremely healthy. Unfortunately, I did not make the appropriate adjustments to my diet and was probably not getting enough greens and other calcium-rich plant foods, and have had some problems with my teeth since going vegan. I think overdosing on dairy covers up bad behaviors like eating a lot of sugar, drinking too much coffee, and not eating a healthy mix of plant foods. When you do something different, especially as you age and/or are extracting nutrients from your body like with breastfeeding, you need to plan your diet much more carefully.

  47. Michelle says:

    Sorry for the errors above – “breathed child” should be “breastfed child” and “breastfwd” should be “breastfed.”. Darned iPhone!

  48. Thanks for the valuable info Kevin and commentators. Dentist says I have bone loss that is reasonable for my age.
    Can it be reversed? with minerals? I am Making daily green smoothies in vitamix packed full of high quality greens.
    A raw vegan artist-yogi in MI.

  49. Thanks for the valuable info Kevin and commentators. Dentist says I have bone loss that is reasonable for my age.
    Can it be reversed? with minerals? I am Making daily green smoothies in vitamix packed full of high quality greens.

  50. Maria Rippo says:

    When I was on the raw food diet, after a year and a half, I began to have hurting teeth, cavities, rigdes on my nails and funny bumps on my skin. The teeth part really worried me. I knew I was mineral deficient which was so hard for me to believe b/c I was practically living on greens. I found a book called Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel. I immediately began with fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil from greenpasture.org and I also began making bone broth. It was very hard to make this switch but thankfully I got involved with a Weston Price group right at the same time and had a lot of support from many x-raw fooders. I so had wanted to be totally raw, but it didn’t work for me. I feel so much better now in every way and enjoy raw animal foods as well as raw vegan foods. At the very least, the cod liver oil and some good pasture butter, raw if possible, is a must. Read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A Price if you want to learn from a dentist that explains the cures for tooth decay very well! Many blessings to you on your journey!

  51. Janet says:

    I think the mother should get some blood work done on her. I’ll be honest though, I am a very high protein type and I had to go back to eating some meat. My entire body was literally falling apart without it. I am glad I did it. I am also high raw too, it’s just that I have one extra item on my menu that the usual raw foodies do. I also think that this mom might have a food allergy, an infection, or a genetic issue that she needs to look into.

    i had issues before with my teeth, but not anymore. Having meat and raw foods WITHOUT any starchie foods did the trick for me. It was the starchie foods before that really hurt my teeth. After I went to eating some meat and veggies (some fruits but more veggies), my teeth issues cleared up and my dental hygenist even asked me what I did cause she had such an easy time cleaning my teeth since I did that.

  52. Gerry Coffey says:

    As a long time Vegan and Raw Foodist some/much of the time, (It saved my life;-) I hearned the hard way the problem with most Raw Foodists is:
    1. They consume to much fruit
    2. Many believe the myth vegetarians/vegans do not get enough protein so consume too many seeds and nuts.

    Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Author” “The China Study: the most comprehensive study ever done on the cause of disease proved without a doubt the majority of people on the Western Diet–whether animal OR vegtable consume TOO MUCH PROTEIN.

    Dr. Campbell notes than anytime one consumes more than 7-10 % concentrated protein disease starts setting in.

    The body in its wisdom trying to maintain homeostasis, pulls calcium from the bones and teeth to neutralize the acid blood caused by the excess protein.

    But do not take my word for it, read The China Study;-).


  53. Laura says:

    As an avid breastfeeding mom who also attends La Leche League meetings on a regular basis, it was hard to read the early comment about a 2 year old child being too old to breastfeed! I actually scowled at her comment! The international AVERAGE age that a child weans from breastfeeding is 4 years old!! I breastfed my first two children until they were 3 years young. Now I’m currently breastfeeding my 3 year young daughter, on demand, and intend to allow her to self-wean. What do I use for tooth care? We brush our teeth with “Ipsab tooth powder”, found in health food stores. It is made out of salt, baking soda, peppermint, and prickly ash bark. I can’t afford the tooth soap, so I tried using Dr. Bronner’s peppermint liquid soap diluted and started noticing browning stains on my teeth. The tooth powder works very well. I would never use any tooth pastes, since they usually have glycerin and way too many ingredients. Yes, I also heard glycerin keeps your teeth from remineralizing. Blessings, Laura

  54. Angie says:

    I always had several cavities filled every few years growing up when I went to the dentist. As an adult, I went in for a free exam & had several cavities but no dental insurance, so I left them alone. I finally got dental insurance and went in to get them filled four years later, although I was surprised that they hadn’t been hurting. I hadn’t even been eating super healthy, but I had been eating a lot more animal products & vegetables and a lot less sugar & other processed foods in order to control my (diabetic) blood sugar during pregnancy. When I went in planning to get my cavities filled, the dentist told me that I didn’t have any cavities. Later, I ate almost completely raw for two years, only eating meat (it was the only thing I ate cooked) every few months, and I ate raw goat cheese the whole time. I have had problems with my teeth during & since then: the hot/cold sensitivity and pain when eating honey, as well as seeing signs of decay – gray areas under the white fillings that are already all over my mouth from my growing-up years. After reading about Dr. Weston A. Price’s work with healthy people in traditional cultures who all ate these foods, I have been eating lots of foods rich in vitamin A: grass-fed butter, cream, whole raw milk, and egg yolks. My health has improved in many ways, and my teeth don’t hurt any more, even though I can still see gray under my fillings (I guess that stuff doesn’t really have a way to get out from under there?). I have a friend who got her first cavity at age 18 – two years after she had stopped taking a daily dose of cod liver oil. I read about a woman whose son’s cavity filled in after a few weeks on high doses of fermented cod liver oil, high-vitamin butter oil, and grass-fed raw butter. After hearing these two stories, I have recently started taking fermented cod liver oil, and I am continuing to eat plenty of grass-fed butter, raw milk, cream, and raw egg yolks.

  55. Brenda Rex says:

    Recently, I’ve changed my tooth program. As many of you out there I’ve had my issues with the SAD diet. I remember at the ripe old age of 4 going the the dentist and screaming my foul head off to have a tooth filled… that was more then a lifetime ago and still remember it.

    I’m now much older and wiser and realize that its the minerals that keep our bodies in order. My water is a remineralized R.O, I take minerals (magnesium and zinc are great for teeth, btw) And, I also use Adya Clarity in my water too.

    I’ve been using Ascended Health’s Oralive along with Living Libations (Nadine Artimis’s products). And about 2 weeks ago I made my own tooth paste using Food Grade Diatomatious Earth, Heath Force Zeolite Powder, green clay, essential oils and water. And I can swallow this mixture as well. I love it and my teeth feel fantastic. I also follow up Nadine’s Neem Enamel tooth drops too.

    I have to say as I a few years ago I had a tarter issue and once I started changing the toothpaste to a mineral rich paste the issues went away.

    I appreciate everyone’s feedback on this very important topic. I’ve read EVERY post! Wonderful feedback. Thank you everyone.

  56. maca says:

    I’m from the UK and my London dentist (who is Scottish) says that Scottish and Welsh people have worse teeth than English people. He thinks this is due mainly to genetics. So for some people, there could be a genetic component. But I would have thought that minerals play a huge part in getting healthy teeth, and most people just don’t get enough minerals.

  57. Angie says:

    I forgot to say that since adding more cooked foods, I finally discovered that I do best if I only eat grains that are sprouted &/or fermented (sourdough), so that change has been in place for about a year.

  58. Minal says:

    My first born had lot of cavities when he was from 2 to 6 years. I breast fed until he was almost three but we both were very sensitive to wheat. We switched to Weleda tooth paste for the whole family and that greatly relieved my husband’s asthma and also eliminated wheat from our diet till he was about 7 or 8 years. My son’s 14 now. Last year he one of the shorter one in his class and he had a lot of gut issues after eating a lot of processed foods at a summer camp. He started taking digestazon plus (by AHC) and now he is taller than me at 5’6″. I have had deep pockets in the past that has been resolved with Sangre de drago that is available on my website. To learn more listen to june 7th recorded call on the product spotlight page on my website and read the testimonials on Sangre de drago.

  59. I’ve not had one cavity or problem with my teeth ever in my life, and I had been both a vegan and raw foodist for many years. That being said, nowadays, I am a balanced omnivore who follows a rather loose paleo-inspired diet (with no dairy or grains, but I allow beans and organic valencia peanuts), and have come to find that humans are inevitably omnivores and thrive on such diets that include animal protein.

    Personally I believe that many people on the raw food diet suffer from teeth problems is because the body and digestion tract is not used to the constant presence of fructose. Most, if not all, raw foodists eat great amount of fruits, which although are extremely nutritional, can cause great damage to the teeth.

    Regarding teeth, I use natural toothpaste without fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate and all natural ingredients (FLUORIDE IS POISON!), and use baking soda, floss, and a natural mouthwash regularly. (A favorite toothpaste of mine happens to be the anti-plaque one at Trader Joes). I am a rather broke college student so I find if I run out of natural toothpaste I simply just go ahead and use just plain baking soda which works wonderfully. I also try and rinse my mouth with water after anything I eat (ESPECIALLY FRUIT).

    To those with teeth problems consider adopting a consistent teeth care routine (such as mine above) and try to lessen the amount of fructose in your diet (meaning fruits mainly). Try to increase calcium rich foods such as soaked almonds, raw carrots and carrot juice, and lots of leafy greens, and always try to rinse your mouth with at least water after every time you eat!

    Good health to all!

  60. Linda-Marie says:

    I have not noticed problems with my own teeth. Wether that is because I have strong teeth or that my diet is working, I don’t know.

    For me I read a lot of blogs and food journals to keep me inspired and updated. Kirsten over at Kirten’s raw post food journals AND is breastfeeding. That might be a tip for other breastfeeding raw/vegan moms to read.


  61. renee says:

    Here is a good website regarding demineralization. Calcium deficiency can be caused by too much spinach, which is one of the biggest blockers of calcium in the body apparently. Possibly this is the major ‘greens’ in the home? Kale, collards, and chard are necessary. I actually have had demineralized teeth for many years as a pretty healthy meat eating organic all the way person. I had the enamel removed from my teeth when my braces came off. That being said, the bottom half of my teeth were transparent, my front teeth. After 12 days completely raw with a green drink daily of collards and chard mixed with superfoods green grasses powder and half an avocado ( you need fat to absorb calcium properly) mixed with a splash of unfiltered apple juice and a red banana my teeth started to actually remineralize. I have the translucent bottoms filling in. I have hypothyroidism and used to eat a lot of grains. I feel this was inhibiting my calcium on some levels although my bone density is great. I also just finished nursing my daughter for 3.5 years. She has strong healthy teeth and bones and calcium levels. She doesn’t drink dairy although we do buy raw straight off the farm from an awesome family. I cook with this for her. We buy eggs from her too which are good for the teeth if they are healthy fresh eggs. Also this could be a genetic problem. However!! One of the things I noticed in the article I posted the link to is LEAD POISONING. Mother and child should get lead levels checked. Lead overdose in blood can cause severe calcium restriction and loss of minerals in teeth/bones.

  62. Linda-Marie says:

    Oh, forgot to post the link http://kristensraw.com/blog/


  63. You have struck at the most important problem for raw eaters! I humbly give below my opnn.
    Man has had suitable teeth for eating fruits and raw veg. But this oral environ changed over the centuries due to wrong eating habits, hot and cold intermittent attacks on the teeth, and sleeping without washing teeth. In 2 hrs of lying down with a quiet mouth, the teeth get spoilt if they stay put with residues of sugar, salt or cooked foot or even fruits or veg. We have lost our strength/type of teeth that we were blessed with. We have lost a body that produced many enzymes that washed and protected the teeth in a minute each time after eating.
    2. Filling cavity with silver(actually an euphemism for poisonous mercury!) can cause smoking like radiation from teeth as per videos in the net.It is harmful.
    3.Inmany cancer deaths, the patients were reported on testing, to have had root canal treatments, before getting cancer.
    4. I have had fillings about4 but I learned the technique to avoid all these lopsided dental technologies only recently.
    I use a herbal pwdr to brush teeth and clean them morning and night. At night I take a tsp of pure virgin cold pressed coconutoil and gorgle and gulp it daily.
    I chewed Guava Tree Leaves. Occasionally that also was found to strengthen the gums and for sensitive teeth. I was biting teeth to strengthen them.
    Now I bite any thing strong and I am ok.

  64. Regina says:

    I know quite a lot of breastfed toddlers on a whole food diet with crumbling teeth.
    My daughter was on of them.
    Her teeth got better when we started a 100% raw vegan diet. Her teeth got whit and the cavities on her front teeth went for good, until she started eating bread ( gluten free ) again.
    During her raw diet phase she was almost exclusively eating fruits, cucumbers and flax.
    I myself experienced tooth decay and sensitivity, which got better when I started taking Zeolithe four weeks ago. This might help because it helps to detox and reminerizes loads of silica and magnesium.

  65. Edith says:

    Been vegan for fifteen years and no decay problem. Spinach has oxalic (sp) acid which prevents the absortion of calcium from the spinach, but not from eveything else. Kelp is a fine alternative. All this meat will only pull calcium from your teeth. I read the China Study and over 200 other books. Meat and dairy are not needed.

  66. Gabriela Reinhold says:

    Thank you Kevin and all posters for your excellent comments.
    I had excellent tooth health with absolutely no cavities until age 45 when I became high raw. After 3 years one of my molars completely disintegrated at the gum line. My dentist found it during a routine cleaning. He was able to just poke right through the tooth. Also, my 4 front teeth which have always been extremely white (everybody kept commenting on them over the last 25 years) have become grey and the enamel has come off in spots since being raw. When people talk about remineralization, does that mean the enamel will come back and my teeth will be white again? If not, does anybody know how to get the enamel to come back?
    Secondly, I have had gingivitis off and on before going on a raw food diet but the bleeding, swollen, red gums have resolved since being raw. I am left however with gums that have receded by at least half a centimeter. The gums are tight and there are no more pockets. Does anybody know how to make the gums grow back? (besides the side effect of taking Dilantin which is a bit too drastic for me)
    Blessings and lots of love and light to all.

  67. susan says:

    so much great information in the comments! There is always the possibility something detramental is making it’s way somehow into this woman’s environment dispite her diet.

  68. Janet says:

    Dr. Mercola talks about vegetarians who have returned to eating some meat (ethically raised) because of health issues here http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/07/18/why-do-exvegetarians-outnumber-current-vegetarians-three-to-one.aspx

  69. sat kartar says:

    intreasting stuff…i have problems with gum disease and had Lyme disease for about 18mtns. i have just begun a 3 month antibiotic medication programme and my gums on the 3rd day are tingling and have receeded again and are sensitive when i try to brush them in several places. If i don`t erradicate the Lyme it could kill me so no choice unfortunatly. could anybody offer any advice. i am taking supplements- grapefruit extract,probiotics,vit c, doubled my co Q10 to 400 with vit E and good vitiman[no iron[ Artensenate [herb?]….Maybe more green juices
    as not regular with them.

  70. Dianne says:

    A healer that I highly respect, said to me

    “If you could hear the sound a plant makes when you rip it out of the ground, you’d never pick another vegetable”.

    Meaning, the world is life-based – period. It helped me get over my fear based beliefs about going back to animal protein – and today I’m much healthier for it.

    My 2 cents. 🙂


    P.S. Yes, I have had very sensitive teeth in the past. Toothsoap has helped greatly.

  71. Lora says:

    I saw one person mention oil pulling. I found it to be very helpful for me. I do it first thing in the morning with some UNREFINED salt. I haven’t had a cavity since I started doing oil pulling with salt regularly.

  72. Beth says:

    I have had some teeth sensitivity in the past. Way before I discovered eating high raw.
    While moving to a high raw diet, I also discovered Tooth Soap and Tooth Swish. These two products have really helped me tremendously. No more sensitivity at all.
    I take my Tooth Swish with me everywhere so I can use it when I’m not able to brush my teeth after eating.

  73. Tammy says:

    I’d like to know what is the basis for a statement like age 2 being “too old” to breastfeed. Who sets that arbitrary age across the board? Does some sudden occurrence happen within a 2 year old that suddenly renders it absolutely without need for breastfeeding? Is it damaging in some way? Physically? Emotionally? Where is the study or research done on the subject to back up such a statement? Breastfeeding is more than just being about physically nourishing your child, it’s also emotionally nourishing your child. Each parent knows the unique make-up and individual needs of their child and they are the ones to know what their child may need. Some may need it longer than others.

  74. Chris says:

    Your teeth will heal. I’m vegan 26 years..raw about 6 and use fresh lemon in water daily. . but I also get all the nutrients I need from raw vegan foods.. and plenty of them.
    Use Sea vegetables.. and enough of the plant proteins. Initially when you cleanse you have to clean out all the nasty gunk stored in your system. . it may cause what people translate as all manner of issues.. but over time you will heal and form all new healthy cells, healthy bone, healthy teeth, hair, white part of the eyes, etc. Viktoras Kulvinskas talks about this at lenth in his book Survival into the 21st Century. Even if your teeth are translucent now. . .they CAN and WILL HEAL if you get proper nutrition in you!! Animal products are NOT necessary.
    The poor child is NOT getting enough nutrition. . I won’t comment on that.. but for adults, the above works. Our bodies have the ability to heal. . if you feed it properly. Animals are not a requirement, unless you want one for a pet. . but DON’T eat it.
    While its summer. . go into your garden and pick wild edibles. . include the root if you can deal with it. . There is STRONG nutrition there.. put that in your smoothies. . forget the fruits.. Use fruit only on limited basis.
    You don’t need fish oils. .
    All best wishes.. Please read Viktoras’ book. He is a wealth of Raw and Living Foods information.

  75. Chris says:

    P.S.: ALSO. . .I do use lots of nuts and seeds, DAILY!!!! We need fats – – but healthy fats..
    I use Avocado. . assorted Nuts…..seeds. .. (lots of sesame / tahini / sunflower) lots of coconuts and coconut oil.

    Soak your nuts. . then dehydrate.. they become more digestible. I rotate what I use for all foods, including nuts and seeds.

    All this talk about what we cannot eat scares people. Guess what, we need to eat. . . but eat clean.. eat healthy. Nuts and seeds are NOT bad for you. Do not eat nuts in place of healthy vegetables.. smoothies, juices and such. .

    Finding what works for everyone is THEIR process.. its a remarkable one. I think many people suffer for lack of nutrition because so many people say “Don’t eat _________” that they may not know what to eat..

    Dear ones, a healthy living foods lifestyle is full of Vegetables, Fruits, nuts and seeds!!! I also incorporate wheatgrass and sprouts that I grow.. and wild edibles.. I also use spirulina, hemp seed, sea vegetables, dehydrated snacks: onion bread, flax crackers, kale chips, and so forth. But Do Not Eat the snacky type foods in place of healthy greens and vegs. Those are the basis of this diet. . You will Thrive!!

    All best wishes..

  76. Dee says:

    Well, 2011 has become Dental year for me, after years of not going to the Dentist. In January I had 2 teeth removed and am getting dental implants. Then I need to get an my old amalgam fillings removed.

  77. Donna says:

    Based on the followup information from Ariela, if all of your children and you are suffering from tooth demineralization I am inclined to suspect something other than diet, such as an environmental factor. Is your drinking water contaminated or too acidic? Are you over-purifying your water so that it is leaching minerals from your body? Do you live in an industrial area where air pollution is a concern? Any remodeling going on in your home? Did anything about your environment change around the same time that you switched to raw food? In my work as a chemical safety engineer, i have seen whole families become sick from many types of exposures, even exposures as small as chemicals brought home on the workclothes of a family member. I admire you Ariela for making such an effort to take care of your family’s health, and I don’t want to overwhelm you with yet another possible cause, but tooth demineralization can definitely result from exposure to the wrong substances. Think about this for a while and try to pinpoint what is common between you and your children. If you need more info, I have the beginnings of my website up at http://www.everydaychemicals.net where you can contact me and I would be happy to help you brainstorm possibilities.

  78. Catherine says:

    If your teeth are not healthy — thats a good indicator of malnutrition!!!! I wonder if that child has been tested for nutritional allergies / intolerance ??

    I agree with the poster who said:

    One of many reasons for a two year old with crumbling, soft, yellowed or mottled teeth is Celiac Disease. This is a gluten intolerance …

    My mother has a gluten intolerance. Her teeth were all out by her mid 20s

  79. Janice says:

    I have just started with eating more raw foods instead of SAD. Although all my life I have been prone to cavities. How can you keep from getting cavities on a high raw diet? And what do you do if you get cavities? Is it safe to go to the dentist?

  80. Minal says:

    Oops – my link is http://www.atma.amazonherb.net Check out Sangre de drago for oral dental health.

  81. Minal says:

    Kevin great blog – Maybe i would be nice to do a survey to see if there is correlation between using sun-screen and high dental problems. My understanding is that our body makes its cholesterol but it needs but it gets messed when up sun screen blocks vitamin D. Doesn’t Insufficient cholesterol lead to hormonal problems. My understanding is hormones are just messengers and our body has over 150 hormones including such as hormones in the kidneys stimulating new blood production in the bone marrow.

  82. Jenn says:

    It may not be a bad idea to find an acupuncturist and get a once-over from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view. Some symptoms, like bone & dentine loss, can be treated thru acupuncture. There’s an imbalance somewhere that modern medicine could be missing (and if the issue is Celiac, acupuncture definitely helps along with going gluten free). As for tooth sensitivity, I rinse my mouth with colloidal silver anytime I’ve had that issue. It’s also fantastic for any kind of oral infection, doesn’t burn like Listerine, and you can swallow it (that’s great for kids). Good luck!

  83. Yamina says:

    Oh ! I have discovered why I have cavities on my wisdom teeth ! Apart from the inner reason – a diet which contains acidic food like starch, the outer is that they are least involved in the process of mastication ! (Fletcher – Abc of nutrition) Elementary my dear Watson…

  84. Karen Beattie says:


  85. Umm LaVie says:

    2 years old is not too old to breastfeed. The WHO recommends breastfeeding until the age of 2. In the clip, it didn’t state whether the mother was exclusively breastfeeding or not. If she is not exclusively breastfeeding, there is nothing wrong with nursing a child until they are 2.

  86. Umm LaVie says:

    I agree that this mother needs to make some changes ASAP that will promote the health of her child.

  87. Lynn Scott says:

    I read most of the comments and you all are very smart. I will have to go back and make notes of some of the items you suggest. A couple of thoughts I have is 1. yes a lot of the problems are genetic. My oldest was endowed with soft spots and required a lot of dental work from an early age, but whenever the correction was made, the tooth was stable. It requires a lot of diligence. 2. The little ones need to eat on a regular schedule and teeth brushed as soon as meal or snack is over (as far as possible.) Don’t know about mothers’ milk, but I’m sure it is the same and never allow a baby or todler to sleep in any way have a bottle in it’s mouth unless it is to eat it and get done, Water might be different, but we started giving water in a “cup” very early so they knew the difference between a meal and a drink of water. My teeth have always chipped easily. Many teeth are straited horrizontally and some vertically. Mine are both, so they break off easilly starting at the corners. That is structural, so I don’t know what people always mean when they say they are “falling apart.” Your dentist should be keeping track of damage to see if it needs more attention, As a fairly new all raw person. I am getting more nourishment in these smoothies and salads than I did as a vegetarian. Burned out my old blender this morning. Waiting for the new one. I’m addicted to these smoothies, but chewing is in order for now. Teeth still work! 🙂

  88. Tooth “crumbling and falling out” has a natural progression. This doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s best for both mother and child to see the dentist when the child is 6 months old and every 6 months thereafter. There’s a good reason for a six month check-up — monitoring the health of parent and child during the most important developmental stages. Your dentist will see the first sign of trouble and make the necessary recommendations. It’s surprising to see so many health conscious people giving blind nutritional advice without first considering good scientific analysis.

  89. Honeydew4me says:

    The information provided below can be invaluable to many poople.

    I want anyone with teeth problems to take it serious and fix them with what we know works, even if its animal products. Your teeth are closely tied with the health of your bones and the rest of your body. Did abstaining from animal products and eating fruit and grains decay your teeth…..YES, more so the grains and no fat soluble vitamins!

    Im sorry but everyone on here is just repeating things they heard. It is not based on any facts or even science for that matter. These people are NOT reading the scientific literature.

    Is anyone here well versed in science?

    “The china study” is so flawed in its conclusions. Here are some other staticians, scientists and nutritionists looking over the massive study.


    all arguments aside you really need to look into this book – http://www.curetoothdecay.com/

    You NEED fat soluble vitamins to fix your teeth and they are found in egg yolks, butter, ghee, cheeses, yogurt, cream, organs, cod liver oil and butter oil. Make sure its from 100% grassfed animals and humanely raised. If you dont tolerate milk then obviously dont use dairy, although butter and ghee may be ok. Doing this will save your babies teeth as well as yours. Please this is very important. Make sure its from pasture raised animals eating green grasses, know your farmers!

    If you sent Dr. J.E Williams a private message asking him what to do he would say the same thing, Guaranteed!


    Does meat really leech calcium from bones and teeth, find out what real science has to say – http://www.westonaprice.org/blogs/cmasterjohn/2010/02/10/does-meat-really-leach-calcium-from-the-bones/


  90. Aaron says:

    I have recently found out about a product that Dr Carey Reams (the little known Einstein of human health) advocated using. It even rebuilds teeth! Like growing out a fingernail(just slower).It’s called min 66. It is abnormal because it comes from ancient bone meal in the earth. it’s like giving yourself ready made bricks rather than clay and straw so to speak. It comes from the bones of healthy pre-Noah’s flood animals (animals used to be healthier and get bigger IE thirty food rhinoceros six+ foot beavers not to mention dinosaurs) no wonder it rebuilds bone
    To read more or to order ( I am not the seller) go to http://www.olszta.com/min-66About tooth decay, If you have it that means you most likely have a severe deficiency in minerals namely calcium. Virtually all people have sub par mineral levels whether or not you eat vegan or not all food comes from the plants they are the bottom of our food chain. Almost all food is substantially deficient in minerals “Back in the mid 80’s one research group sampled over 400 plants from farms across Midwestern America. It found that mineral levels, in the plants had dropped between 8% and 68%. Because of soil mineral depletion and few farmers being aware of how to grow top quality food, calcium supplements are a necessity to supply the calcium actually needed. Unfortunately, purchasing “organically grown” foods does not assure sufficient calcium in your diet either. Don’t get me wrong. I am not against organic foods. However, what is not being addressed by organic growers is the quality of the food they are growing—especially the calcium content. Organic principles of growing are great as far as they have come. The problem is that they have not come far enough. In other words, organic growers are growing clean foods, free of toxic chemicals, but they fall very short when it comes to total nutrient mineral quantity and quality—80 percent of the missing mineral is calcium.” Organic carrots for example have on average less than half of the solids they should have, solids being what is left from the dehydrated juice. To read about nutrient dense food (high brix food) http://www.highbrixgardens.com/what-is-brix.html

  91. Aaron says:

    I posted a reply with info about min 66. There is a less expensive similar product in that it it made from the same stuff, just by a different process but one that was endorsed by Dr Reams. It can be purchased at http://www.advancedideals.org/018_35_volume_discounts.html Go to the minerals section and look for Min-Col. I am not the seller just want to help.
    For babies bottle rot can be a teeth issue, when they fall asleep nursing or drinking from bottle they may not swallow all the milk and then it feeds the bacteria on their teeth that create acids in the mouth and deteriorate their teeth.

  92. B. says:

    Here are my recommendations/what I would do…

    -Make SURE you and your sun are getting enough vitamins and minerals…especially important here are vitamin K2 (only in animal sources), vitamin D3, Magnesium, Calcium, etc. Also make sure you are getting an animal source of vitamin A in case you don’t convert beta carotin well.
    -I would recommend adding raw egg yolk from organic free range eggs, preferably local and fresh as possible. Eat as many as you desire. if you can’t do the eggs go for raw, pastured hard cheeses or maybe even fresh raw goat milk.
    -Try some raw wild sea food…if you can’t do that try cold pressed fish oils or algae oil
    -Green juices with dark leafy greens and mix in a little fat with this for proper absorption…maybe raw egg yolk or coconut butter.
    -High quality whole food multiple vitamin/mineral supplement.
    -Might want to supplement K2, D3 and DHA for now for a more rapid improvement. Also the silica is a good idea.

    get yourself somewhere where you can get plenty of relatively strong sunlight and get yourself in the sun.
    Moderate exercise and eat enough calories!
    Also ocean swims are important. I know these two recommendations sound silly and frivolous but they have been AMAZINGLY beneficial to me when I have symptoms of any sort of deficiency or ailment…it never ceases to amaze me.

  93. Bianca says:

    ok toothdemineralisation during nursing means you don’t have the nutrition to feed your child what you don’t have you can’t give your child….that is a fact. deminerlisation is caused by a lack of vitamin D magnesium calcium and zinc….that’s fine why don’t you have these minerals enaugh just because you have a lack of vitamine D if your body has a lack of vitamin D it doesn’t process the minerals so it can’t come on the place it’s needed. sometimes providing your body more vitamin D is enaugh but you have to look why your body can’t absorb the vitamin D…I don’t know if you eat grains that contain gluten…but if you do…please stop eating them and eat other things to provide the nutrition your body needs. things like superfoods like maca or hempprotein will help your body rebuild and then your theet will remineralize. your child has to get off the grains to at least till grown up and find out if you are a Celiac patient! if you are your child is to and then your child wil be malnurished just like you whatever you do to eat healthy it won’t work because your digestion simply fails as long you eat gluten….especially the gliadine part of the gluten. I suffered 29 years from unknown celiac and had the same issues with both my kids…but I didn’t know and they said to me they needed to brush more and have fluoride threatment…now I know better!…and just brush your theeth with raw coconutoil and your fine:)

    if you have hidden allergy’s you use much more magnesium than you eat what causes demineralisation to…your breastfeeding gets your minerals for your child while your body gets not what it needs…take better care for your body otherwise your problems will not only be your teeth but also your and your childs brain and heart…that is not what you want! normally you don’t need much nutrition so when you having health problems your digestion fails hard! you have to find a good healthpractitioner that is looking for orthomolecular nutrition and who can find what’s wrong with your body because when your teeth are getting worse your health is really already at high risk! work on your digestionproblems to find out what your body can’t have and work then on your health to restore it and sometimes you will have to eat for that what you probably don’t want….take lots off proteins to restore your digestion! first your health than your diet…you don’t want to be responsible for the death of your own child!…and I know what I am talking about because i almost lost one because of malnutrition caused by my health and his health thru celiac!…just because we didn’t know and he was unknown severe malnurished!

    Love Bianca

  94. nur says:

    hello there. I have some dental issues n is working on supplementing myself with good minerals. I am from Msia but it is difficult to find mineral supplements . usually when I ask the pharmacist , the minerals are present in vitamins like spirulina or like oil. after I read many comments, I realise minerals are very important and with my body being acidic, I am desperate to find minerals supplements that work. But I live in Malaysia and I I dun have much budget . anyone please suggest to me XD

    u can e-mail me the link at this e0mail nur_kartina@yahoo.com

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