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alpaca GE GMO
If I wasn’t 1,678% against genetic engineering, I’d modify these alpaca to spit missiles filled with dog poo and the green ectoplasmic goo from Ghostbusters at scientists milking the Intersex goats they created. (Is that sentence too absurd to publish? I guess not…)

I know, you can’t even make up a headline that’s as attention grabbing as that one…

Since I scan a whole bunch of news articles every day with my Google Reader, I figured you’d be interested in some of the more relevant and important news that I come across. That’s why I created the “Digest This!” column.

What I didn’t expect was that it would be received just as well as “The 7 Things I Learned This Week” – which is awesome. It means I hit on something that you wanted. That’s always a win in my book.

If you’re new to this “Digest This!” column, I want to explain it again and be clear that it’s not an outright news mash-up. I’m not a news writer and don’t ever want to be. I just want to share with you issues that are happening right under our noses that are either really good, or – unfortunately – really bad.

This week, we have some good and bad, which includes a new bill that will give researchers the power to ban chemicals (semi-good), if shampoo can make you fat (not so good), and the strange absurdity that people – right now – may be milking genetically modified, Intersex goats (this is not a sci-fi blog, so I’m not making this up.)

So here we go, digest this…

1. New chemical ban bill could actually make a difference.

A bill that will be introduced in August 2011 plans to give federal science researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences the power to ban chemicals if studies deem them to be a threat to human health. This bill would circumvent the long drawn out process that now exists and likely re-delegate this important role to the NIEHS, instead of the FDA or EPA.

The Good: Recently, I reported that the FDA just released policy that would make sunscreen safer and that manufacturers be held accountable for labeling their products correctly – without false advertising. If you or I didn’t know that it took over 30 years from sunscreen regulation inception to law, then this would on the surface appear to be a big win for the consumer. But since it took nearly 3 decades for anything to happen, the good has gone stale 29 or so years ago.

Fast action is not a trait of our government. In fact, there’s a term for it. It’s called the “slows” and I learned it from reading Jon Krakauer’s book “Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman” over the weekend. (A definite must-read.)

This bill seems to have some promise since its mission is to help protect the public from toxic chemicals and that some in the government (John Kerry, D-Massachusetts, included) are taking the time to be concerned about the environment, toxic contamination and the effects it has on health.

The Bad: First up, before I get into any negatives of the bill, I have to tell you that it’s not even close to being passed. In fact, it has not even been introduced – so immediately, the negative that rises to the top is that this thing may never even see the House or Senate or be presented to any other legislative body for consideration.

That’s sad in itself.

Shouldn’t protecting the people be the foremost goal of any government?

The second negative is that once the NIEHS reviews a chemical, it will be allowed to stay on shelves for up to 24 months or two years. I understand why this two year clause is here. The government doesn’t want to cause any pain to a given business and wants to give them time to readjust and reformulate their products.

Unfortunately, I have no sympathy for this type of reasoning. If you were a mattress seller and found out a certain chemical in your bed was causing cancer in the bodies of you and your loved ones, would you let them sleep on them for two years after there was an announcement that the chemical was going to be taken off the market and banned?

I didn’t think so. Why is the government such a sissy?

The final criticism is of this bill is that the only type of punishment for not adhering to the removal of a banned chemical appears to be civil – there’s no mention of criminal punishment as far as I see. A civil lawsuit against some of these large companies – without a massive watchdog group behind you – is a long, expensive and drawn out process. This means, there will likely be very little punishment for continuing to produce and distribute these chemicals in products.

What it means: The bill hasn’t even been announced, so we’ll see after that what type of interest it gets. I think the best part of seeing a bill like this be considered is that eventually – the more that come like this – the more likely we are to actually make real change.

I know it takes a long time, I know it’s frustrating, but we have to have faith that people (and politicians) will eventually want to have less chemicals and more natural products. If this is the case, the rules will just get tighter and tighter.

Remember though, don’t wait around for government agencies to tell you something is bad. If so, you could be using whatever product it is for 30 years only to then find out that they’ve been trying to ban it for just as long.

The Links:


The Bill Draft:

2. Is shampoo the reason you’re overweight?

A recent look at obesity and environmental causes from Obesity Reviews (a journal), shows a link between obesity and endocrine (hormone) disruptive chemicals that can be found in soaps, skin care items, hair products and many other things you eat or put on your skin.

The Good: This is good news because it helps to continue to expose the effects chemicals have on the body when ingested or absorbed. The more journals that publish this type of information, the more likely more medical professionals will accept that you can disrupt your hormones by using products that contain toxic compounds.

The Bad: These hormone disrupting chemicals are in products our products right now. In fact, endocrine disruptors are everywhere. They’re in plastic bottles, they’re in shampoos, they’re in fabrics and anywhere else you can think of.

We know this is happening, but who’s going to do something about it?

On a small scale (so far), we have stepped up to the plate.

Annmarie created a full skin care line that doesn’t have a single trace of unnatural chemical in it. We’re now working on a shampoo, conditioner and “sunscreen” as well. These are super-hard to make and it’s been over a year and half in development. If you’re using a natural shampoo or sunscreen that works really well, I’d seriously consider looking into it a little deeper, you might not like what you find. There are very few truly natural products out there that are truly natural AND work to keep your hair looking great and healthy.

(I don’t use shampoo, in case you’re wondering what brand I use…)

I’m not pitching you on the product here, I’m just saying there needs to be more people who take action and less people who just simply complain about these types of things.

No one likes a complainer.

What this means: Here’s the thing, as much as this article sounds the alarm on chemicals being the cause of obesity, I can’t be convinced that they are the main underlying cause for our increasing fatness. I don’t really think people are getting fat because of shampoo. I think they’re getting fat for these reasons…

1. We’re mutating.

I know, sounds weird, but it’s true. If you can feed a horse certain foods to create certain physical and mental qualities, we can do the same with humans.

So if we feed humans processed foods over the period of generations, it’s entirely possible that we could mutate ourselves into obesity – or at least awful health and shorter lifespans.

2. We’re eating too much processed food.

Yes, I know you may not eat any, but everyone else does.

Processed foods – particularly carbohydrates – are making us very, very fat. While endocrine disruptors may exacerbate the situation, I think we need to call out the biggest thief of health before we take out the foot soldiers.

3. We’re wickedly stressed.

The biggest endocrine disruptor I know is stress and unless you drink a plastic bottle full of BPA (Bisphenol A) or any other endocrine disrupting chemical, you’re going to get more bang for your weight loss buck if you focus on stress relief. Now this doesn’t mean to not remove endocrine disrupting chemicals from your life (you’d benefit from doing both), it just means that there is a bigger fish that needs to fry – check that – a bigger kale chip that needs to be dehydrated.

The Links:

Obesity Reviews:

3. Milking genetically engendered transgender goats?

An agriculture company in New Zealand is seriously messing around with the gene pool of goats to produce very strange and shocking results.

I don’t want to mess this one up, so let me give you a direct quote:

“An AgResearch farm manager recently revealed to Soil & Health and GE (Genetic Engineering) Free NZ (New Zealand), during a tour of its Ruakura GE animal field trial site, that most of the GE goats produced were transgender. It appeared that about 75% were “goys” with the remainder female.

“The “goys”, females in sterile male bodies, are to be induced into milking to ascertain whether the intended genetically engineered (GE) human protein will be expressed in the milk,” said Soil & Health – Organic NZ spokesperson Steffan Browning.”

The Good: Huh? Sorry, I was distracted by the “milking genetically engineered transgender goats” part.

The Bad: It’s all bad.

What this means: Companies are actively experimenting with genetically modified animals. There are many projects that have been going on, will be started and will continue.

I’m saddened to think that someone even thinks this is even a somewhat reasonable idea.

To end this type of process (if it doesn’t sit right with you), we need your help. The person that is most qualified to lead this push is Jeffrey Smith, so be sure to sign up for his organization’s newsletter (Institute for Responsible Technology) by clicking here. He needs support. He needs money. He needs volunteers.

Maybe you can take some time out of your day to help out and make a real difference.

(Please note: that there’s nothing wrong with being transgender, Intersex, bisexual, homosexual or any other sexual preference. There is something wrong with playing god and creating animals with gene guns for commercial use.)

The Link:

Institute for Responsible Technology:

(NOTE: Institute for Responsible Technology and New Zealand source call these goats “transgender.” I had no reason to doubt their accuracy. After a reader blog post explained they were not, I’ve changed my references to “intersex,” which is a more accurate description of what they are. Thanks for your help, guys!)

I want to know your thoughts: Which one of these three news “bites” do you think is the most dangerous to our health?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Susan says:

    “GOy’s” really? not to mention the “the level of contaminated surface water that was draining off the experimental property.”
    Who know what health hazards lie in that! i believe that all of the above are issues.. but this i think is just too much! it takes the vegan cake!

  2. Lisa says:

    Since you’re talking about playing God there IS something wrong with being transgender, bisexual, or homosexual. If you don’t believe in playing God and believe in obeying His commands, you have to realize homosexuality is a sin! Not by my rules – by God’s!

  3. Lisa says:

    I forgot to put my last name on my comment about homosexuality. It is Shappley.

  4. suzanne says:

    Oh geez. Like reading the news. Sounds like we are doomed no matter what we do. Right! Sissy gov’t.

    Thanks Kevin. I sure appreciate your hard work and research.

  5. Ralph says:

    Good job Kevin…

  6. R F says:

    “I’m saddened to think that someone even thinks this is even a somewhat reasonable idea.” Me too, and I have to work on regaining my zen after thinking about something like this. I was wondering last night which part of the world would be the safest & cleanest to purchase honey from. I know that there has been a big problem in Hawaii with GMO papayas so I wouldn’t purchase from there. New Zealand actually was the place I thought would be safest because I’d had an impression that there was great respect for nature and concern for environmental health there. Oh, well, local is best anyway, so I’ll continue to purchase Southern California honey. This is very sad and scary information, we must be aware of what has been going on though. Thank you Kevin. ps anyone who meditates, prays, or holds healing thoughts please work on this one

  7. Shekinah Love says:

    Kevin, I always appreciate the sharing of most of the awesome information, but you really need to check this one. While the genetic engineering of the goats is important information to share, simply parroting the information which contains some offensive assumptions is not cool. For one thing, these goats are not *transgender*. Transgender implies a gender identity. Gender is a social construct based on what society deems as being *male or female* in how we act/think/do things. It has nothing to do with our physiology. When somneone of one SEX (our biological reproductive designation) takes non the societal mannerisms of the other sex, they are transgender.
    When scientists genetically engineer goats of one sex to fulfill functions of another sex, thats called intersexed. In this case its unnatural because its artificially induced, and also, obviously without the consent of the animal (unlike a human who alters their body to match their gender identity). Intersexed people and animals exist in nature as well, and these articles insinuate that the intersexed condition makes them *frankensteins/freaks*. I know the original authors probably didnt think about the implications of their wording, but it points to a larger issue that our society is uninformed about transgender and intersex issues. Id much appreciate this article be re-worded appropriately to accurately and scientifically disseminate the correct information.

  8. Coco says:

    Shazbot, that’s something else. Wow. Poor goats.

    My solution is of course not to eat any goat boob juice squeezins (easy) and not use any weird soap for personal care. Already there so I guess my little family is safe from this silliness at least.

  9. Ennis says:

    If the genius who dreamed up the diabolical transgendered-genetically-twisted goat thing were to use his powers for good instead of evil, I think we’d be in pretty good shape.

  10. Rhianna says:

    Shampoo substitute, particularly beneficial for wavy/curly hair (it preserves the cuticle, unlike shampoo)(these simple recipes below make plenty for someone with long thick curly hair):

    1 tablespoon of baking soda in 1 1/2 cups of warm water. Pour over hair and massage scalp, then rinse.

    Follow with one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 1/2 cups of warm water. Pour over scalp and hair, massage scalp, and rinse.

    Use regular conditioner or olive oil or jojoba oil to condition. My favorite hair conditioning treatment is to take a warm bath with a teaspoon of olive oil and a few drops of essential oils poured into the bathwater, and submerge my whole body in it, including hair.

    Once you stop using shampoo, your curly/wavy hair will respond with less greasiness, frizz and breakage. The curls/waves will be much more defined. For more information, read Lorraine Massey’s book, Curly Girl. If you must use soap, use diluted Bronner’s soap and then the diluted vinegar rinse. Vinegar removes residues. The baking soda rinse deodorizes.

  11. Sean says:

    Thank you for your support on these issues. You are a person that is truly concerened about the core problems going on in this country. It is so important that you provide links two the web sites you listed, we can not make a difference without the shared knowledge & the right people to guide us.

    One of the biggest problems with these GMO’s is that they are pushing Out all the heirloom plants and animal breeds which man
    has developed over thousands of years
    two adapt to different climatic conditions.
    These ancient breeds are the key creating food of the future.Iherd that the U.S. has already lost 90% of it’s gentic diversity of domesticated fruit & vegetable plants. If you garden or raise animals think about doing the world a favor by preserving a rare vareity or breed that could one day be needed for the future of food, when these monocultures fail.
    For example if you raise cows there are certain breeds that can get fat on grass alone without the need of supplemental grains.

    Pushers of GMO’s are one of the beggest threats to genetic diversity on this planet.
    The funney part is that they don’t even yeild all that better then traditional hybred crops, it’s just a greedy monopoly that is deystroying the lives of the real farmers that care about the future of our food. Not to mention the fact that they are creating superbugs they require even more toxic pesticides. GMO’s have been not been properly tested thanks to the lobbying of companies like monsanto that have stakholders in their company working in our goverment. We don’t know all the allergians and health cosequences. countries like europe don’t want anything to do with the U.S. GMO’s. The testing they have done has shone conclusivly many health problems.

    The worse part is that it’s in so many foods with corn, conala, soybean byproducts being the biggest that don’t even require labeling if there GMO. So It’s best to stick with whole foods & avoid all the processed junk.

  12. Just slight correctin, that study regarding shampoos and obesisty has not been published in Obesity review, the info is taken from some other sources, mentioned in the article.

  13. Sean says:

    This comment goes to RF.
    Bees cannot digest the proteins in GMO foods. They are a biological filter when they come into contact with pesticides and GMO’s they die.( This colloney colapse disorder (CCD) that everyone is talking about comes as no surprize! We need to start living in harmoney with the natural world if we want a healthy future for us and the bees.

  14. Caryl DeHerrera says:

    Great Work Kevin! I feel I can trust what you say is true! There is so much info on the web right now its hard to know who to believe.
    I love the “Digest this!” Thank You!
    The Goats have to go!!! Man should not play God.
    I knew Pat Tillman he grew up with my kids, you know he hated publicity. I hope the book was good, did you read the one his Mom and brother wrote?
    When do you think your Shampoo and sunscreen will be available?
    Thank you

  15. Thomas says:

    It’s happening with GMO goats in California now too, at Davis.

    and in Massachusetts:

    Apparently they have been doing it with GMO cows and rabbits already.

    I can just picture a twelve foot tall bunny rabbit in my lettuce patch. 🙂

  16. Anne says:

    Thanks for the info,

    I did look into shampoos in depth and decided to start making my own and will never go back to buying shampoos. it’s so easy and economical to make your own Shampoo with some Castille soap, distilled water, and a few infused herbs or/and essential oils totally suited to your own hair and scalp and much fresher. The problem that shampoo companies run into is preservatives but if you make your own (honestly takes about 15 minutes max) and I also make my conditioners you don’t need to buy them at all.

  17. Kevin, all your topics are top priority along with much much more. Radiation, animal testing, Corporate slavery, Corrupt governments…including our own, oil companies and their spills, safe organic food. The list feels endless sometimes. I receive over 100 emails every day on difficult subjects. These organizations provide the most recent information. Many need signatures and donations. Sometimes I tell myself I need to stop and avoid all this negativity. But I can’t stop, I am driven to educate the lost souls about every topic that is of importance. People used to laugh at me and now frequently ask me questions and send others to “ask Rosalinda.” I love this world and all the natural things in it. It’s just people who are destroying it. Thank you for doing your part in trying to make it a better place.

  18. Kushla says:

    Yikes – the goats sadden me. I’m New Zealand born and one of the things I do love about returning to visit, is to see the way the people interact with the land in a loving and respectful way.

    How great that the Ag researcher spilled the beans on whats happening.

    Thanks for this weeks ‘digest this’ post. It’s good food for thought and I’ll make sure I share this info too. Cheers.

  19. Barb says:

    As a New Zealander this stuff really scares me. Even though we have great access to quality organic products and our livestock are grassfed, this sort of thing goes on without the knowledge of the general population.

    I can’t think of another fellow Kiwi who would think this is okay.

  20. Thomas says:

    The trend in animal ‘experimentation’ is illustrated in this article for Britain. It is probably true for the rest of the world as well.

    The chart at the bottom shows how ‘experiments’ have been replaced by ‘procedures’. It’s like watching idiots playing with fire . . .

  21. Edith says:

    one question..Is there a milk shortage? Why are we doing this?

  22. Gail says:

    This week has been such a week of ugliness. I deal with the public all day and to see and hear the most bizarre’s just no wonder at all. It makes me sad.
    Then there was the astounding results of the Caycee (sp) Anthony trial that makes us all wonder how? and why?
    I came home from work to turn on the TV talk about Caycee’s “likes and dislikes”; “favorites”..and her new hair style..
    And trans-intersexed GMO goats..shampoos that will make us fat..and the News that ate my brain..
    But, in the midst..was the most inspiring, most hopeful story of all..the story of Jaycee Dugard..the interview with Diane Sawyer revealed one of the most amazing human beings with a Spirit to remind us all to prevail; and of her mother..a woman whose message is to believe, and to never give up.

  23. Sarah says:

    Yay for no shampoo!
    I use baking soda and water. 🙂
    I tried going without anything for my hair for I think about 2 weeks or so. I probably should have tried longer, but it was just so greasy I couldn’t stand it any longer! Lol. Maybe I will try again sometime in the future, but for now Im happy with super short hair(right now its actually shaved to a number 4) and my baking soda. 😀
    I love your site, thank you so much for all the info you guys give!
    Whenever I watch a video, it brightens my day.

  24. Sherri says:

    I am convinced that they already clone, and mess with humans in those ways, and have for a very long time now….. they just don’t allow that info out, unless its from a whistle-blower inside.

    The “wrongness” is that they are doing it for money gain, commercial use, and greed at the people’s expense. It is forced upon society, because they are the “money rulers” so they can….

    As for government, its a front. The real government is the “Black Shadow Bankers” and everyone else in every country are only puppets…. then “we” are suppose to be good little programmed-people.

    as in Egypt…. IT’S OUR TURN NOW
    We can demand – it works in numbers.
    Peaceful Non-compliance 🙂

  25. Dejana says:

    Love “digest this”! Thank God for you and your sense of humor, it makes it easier to digest these horrible things that are happening all around us/to us. Thanks for making us laugh and keep us informed!

  26. Em says:

    Wow. The thought of those goats really really freaks me out & gives me a horrible feeling! Who IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would think that is a good idea?!?! We all must stand up together against this PURE INSANITY!!!!!!
    peace & love to fellow health seekers <3 Em

  27. suzanne says:

    Sorry, I know this is way late but just now found your site.
    I have to agree that GMO anything is probably a bad idea. But the thing that really bothered me about the intersexed/transgendered goat thing was the stated intent of harvesting a HUMAN protein from the milk.
    Wonder what they intend to do with that?

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