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Not all Lyme Disease rashes look the same… here’s mine (look at that pasty leg!)

Not all Lyme Disease rashes look the same… here’s mine (look at that pasty leg!)

A few years ago, I found a tick on the back of my leg.

Living in Connecticut, I knew this was a regular occurrence. I’ve pulled ticks off of myself for as long as I can remember.

What was different about this one was that it hurt a bit at the point of the bite. Most of the others never did.

Anyway, I pulled it out quickly and didn’t think much about it for about 24 hours.

The reason I thought about it again, was that Annmarie noticed a round, red rash around where the bite was.

This is an erythema migrans (or EM or simply a bull’s eye rash) and is a sure sign of a Lyme infection.

What I did to get rid of the infection and what I recommend others to research is fairly well documented on the blog, but the other day, I received this question and I think Lyme disease is worth writing about again.

Here’s the question from John:

“I know that Kevin cured/healed himself of Lyme Disease years ago. Could he please give me the steps that he had to take to rid himself of this dreaded disease. Please do not tell me to see a trained physician, after 9 years and 36 physicians I am still fighting the horrible Lyme plague and I don’t think seeing another physician is going to do it for me. I am looking for natural treatments rather than long term antibiotics. Please help me with what ever you can to fight this Lyme bacteria. Thank you, John K.”

Alright, John, I’m going to give you my best (and keep in mind these tips apply to many different types of illness)…

The pain and frustration of disease.

First off, I can tell you’re frustrated about this situation.

There is nothing more painful, dizzying, annoying, painstaking or self-introspective than getting a disease (maybe a divorce or a close death in the family could be more or less.)

Your frustration with Lyme is shared by just about everyone who gets it, including myself.

The health challenges I’ve had over the last few years (while I was trying to get healthier than I was!) have been acne, a massive yeast infection and Lyme. Each one has come with its own share of heartache, questioning and emotional baggage.

There are two things that I recommend you focus on throughout this ordeal – before ANYTHING else – that will dramatically increase your chances of getting better, or at least get you to feel more positive about the situation.

(You may or may not already be doing these, but I have to write this for people at all levels of the process!)

The first is to KNOW that you will find a way to get better.

I’ve spoken to many owners and managers of health clinics. One thing that is shocking – but maybe not – is that these owners and managers generally have a hunch about which people the treatment will work for and which ones it won’t.

Not because of their particular disease, but because of their attitude.

Have an attitude that you will succeed and your chances, as airy-fairy as it sounds, of getting better do increase.

This type of placebo effect has been documented in scientific literature, not just self help books.

Second, is to keep searching.

It’s been 9 years and 36 doctors, right?

Maybe the 37th is the right one for you.

It’s frustrating, it’s overwhelming, it’s tiring, but the reality is that your quality of life is suffering.

So you have two choices.

One is to stop now and give up and let the disease wreck your body even more.

Two is to pick yourself up and keep going, keep searching, and keep trying new things.

If you fall down in the rain on the way to your car, what will you do?

Stay on the ground and feel sorry for yourself while you get soaked to the bone?

Or will you get up, brush yourself off and get inside the car to go where you need to go?

Since you’re here, I imagine you’ve chosen #2.

Maybe seeing another physician WILL do it for you.

I know you may not think seeing another physician will do it for you, but this might be the wrong approach.

I strongly believe in mentors.

When I found the rash on my leg, I called two of my most trusted health mentors. Both gave me the same advice. Take 21 days of antibiotics.

I was shocked.

These doctors are well known NATURAL doctors.

I did some research, found some natural resources and did the Western and natural approach.

It worked.

But in my case, I was diagnosed within 48 hours. Long term Lyme’s is a different story and long term antibiotics have serious side effects.

What I suggest, is that you keep your mind open to find a Lyme Literate MD, or LLMD. If you search around, there are message boards and websites that are completely dedicated to finding these professionals who actually know what they’re talking about – many of them take a very natural approach.

This type of mentorship, or physician-ship, is a very good way of getting yourself better.

(If you’ve done this already, then let’s move on to the next point.)

Have patience with a treatment.

Not so much with Lyme, but in my own experience, I’ve found myself being very impatient with a particular treatment from time to time.

Using herbs for my yeast issue is a perfect example.

I’d try something for a few days, still see symptoms like acne or stomach ache and decide that it wasn’t working.

At first, I never fully gave anyone treatment a fair shot.

It’s a natural process that people experience when they have a disease. Their personal time frame for a treatment is much shorter than it takes for the treatment to be effective.

In your case John, it may actually be the opposite. Maybe you’ve been using ineffective treatments for too long and it’s time to switch it up to something new.

Either way, an introspective look at how you’re feeling, how you’re dealing with the situation and your patience levels is highly recommended.

For me, I didn’t really get rid of my yeast issues until I stuck with a protocol for a YEAR. (No sugar, lower fat, inclusion of yogurt in my diet.)

You’re only as strong as your immune system.

Now I’m going to get into the stuff you’re probably looking for.

Sometimes the things you maybe don’t want to hear are the most important, that’s why I put them first.

In these next few sections, I’m going to give you some real, natural info on Lyme treatment. Now remember, I’m not a doctor. This is based on my own personal experience as well as that of others I’ve talked to who’ve had the disease.

With Lyme, if you can right your immune system, your chances of getting better are dramatically increased.

My theory (just a theory, but doesn’t need a whooping amount of science to back it up!) is that Lyme can only infect a weak immune system.

I had been bitten by ticks my whole life. I lived in Connecticut. Why didn’t I get the infection before?

There are two possibilities.

First is that I had been bitten by dozens and dozens of ticks that weren’t infected by spirochetes (the Lyme bacteria.)

Second is that my immune system previously was strong enough to fight off the infection at the point of the bite.

Both could be correct, but let’s say the second one is for my explanation here.

During the time I was bit by the tick, my health was declining. I had done some experiments with superfoods (chocolate) and had wrecked my adrenals. My muscles were cramping when I exercised, I was tired all the time and unable to get out of bed, I was even concerned that I had some serious disease, since I had never felt so awful in my life.

All these are signs that my immune system, as well as other systems were wrecked.

It was during this time that I was bit by the tick.

So what does this mean?

The focus for combating Lyme needs to be on two levels.

First, you do need to kill the bacteria.

But, second, and maybe most importantly, you need to boost your immune system.

Of course, boosting the immune system can help kill the bacteria, but with Lyme – because it is such a sneaky and insidious disease – doing both increases your chances of getting better faster.

How do you treat Lyme naturally?

Like I said, my situation was different that yours, but I can point you to two invaluable resources for natural Lyme treatment.

When I first found out I had Lyme, I went to Amazon.com and ordered every book there was on Lyme disease. At the time, 4 years ago, there were only about 6-7 books on the subject.

When they were delivered to the house, I opened them up one by one, only to find that 5 of them basically said – summarized – “we know what Lyme is, but don’t know how to treat it.”

Pretty disheartening.

What was promising, is that two did have some interesting information. These are the two that I recommend to anyone who asks a question similar to the one that I’m answering here.

First up is Healing Lyme by Stephen Buhner. (The full title is this: Healing Lyme: Natural Healing And Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis And Its Coinfections.)

This book is a fantastic resource of herbs that have been shown to either boost the immune system or help kill bacteria or viruses.

It’s a book that anyone with Lyme (or interested in boosting the immune system) should carry around with them at all times.

Using the techniques in the book is not a guarantee that you’ll get better, but it certainly gives you a little more confidence. It did for me.

I used a combination of the herbs and supplements that were recommended in the book which included una de gato, andrographis, camu camu, minerals, B vitmains, and echinacea.

This approach may or may not work for you, so I strongly recommend you get the book, read it and work together with a practitioner who knows about the herbs recommended.

The second book is The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments by Bryan Rosner.

Bryan Rosner is simply an independent researcher on Lyme that became one while he finding an effective treatment for himself.

In his book, he explains 10 different natural (and Western) treatments that have shown to be promising to treat Lyme.

I like the layout of the book, because it doesn’t profess one treatment is more effective than the other, it just gives honest details about the research behind each treatment and how to do each one.

Some people believe that a combination of treatments from this book, or herbs as well, may be the best way to boost your immune system enough to eventually fight off the spirochetes that are ravaging your body. I happen to believe this as well.

Brian also has a website that you can look into as well which is here.

Things to keep in mind.

A lot of people who I talk to are raw foodists who want to get rid of Lyme with just diet.

While this may be possible, I want to caution you about this approach. First off, the raw food diet is not a long term solution for everyone.

I can’t say this strongly enough. Believe me when I say this…

There are many myths and untruths in the raw food world. I’ve seen them first hand as Annmarie and I traveled around the country for 2 years. What you see on the Internet is very different than what you see in person.

Second, since it takes significant resources in terms of minerals, vitamin D, B vitamins and more to fight the infection, and since you’re immune system can already be weakened (likely causing gut imbalances), your digestion may be compromised. If this is the case, the raw food diet may leave you even more depleted.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t eat high raw, or maybe even a complete raw food diet, what it means is that there are multiple factors to consider – not just raw food or not.

Where does this leave us?

For Lyme, if you see a tick bite and get a rash, get antibiotics.

I know it’s against “Renegade Health” type advice, but this is an acute infection that can be brutally destructive to your health.

While I was looking for natural treatments for Lyme (and had just started to take the antibiotics), Annmarie went to a health food store looking for andrographis. She asked the owner behind the counter for the herb.

Since it’s not too popular of an herb, he asked what she was using it for. She told him that I had Lyme and wanted to try some herbs.

Immediately, he held out his hand which was uncontrollably shaking. He looked at Annmarie and said, please have him see a doctor first. He explained that he wished he had never started with a natural approach and no the disease had caused irreversible nerve damage.

When Annmarie relayed this to me, it definitely made me think I was doing the right thing by starting my treatment the way I was.

On the other hand (for you, John) since this is a long term experience, invest in these two books immediately. Read them. Start to boost your immune system and find a Lyme Literate MD who can help guide you along the way.

I hope that helps and please keep us updated!

I want to know your thoughts: If you’ve been ill, what thoughts helped you heal?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Wow, this is really fascinating and scary too. I don’t know much about lyme disease, but I feel better prepared now that I’ve read this article. But hopefully I never have to use this knowledge myself.

    I think it’s key to mix both natural and mainstream medical advice, because in some cases one or the other is more appropriate. The trick is to know when to use which.

    I hope John does find some relief…

  2. PS: Kevin, please take this quote of yours from the above…

    “There are many myths and untruths in the raw food world. I’ve seen them first hand as Annmarie and I traveled around the country for 2 years. What you see on the Internet is very different than what you see in person.”

    …and write a whole post on it. Sounds FASCINATING.

  3. maria says:

    I’m a holistic practitioner and I’ve treated numerous lymes’ patients including myself…with success. They key here is no matter which direction you choose…antibiotics or the natural way….do so under the watch and advisement of a qualified, experienced practitioner….don’t treat yourself…there are a lot of aspects to Lyme that you may not be aware of and each one is treated differently.

  4. Shannon says:

    Kevin, I always appreciate it when you talk about this subject, because for those of us dealing with lyme, it is a hard road and the only way to get better is to do a lot of research and be your own advocate, especially if you see regular doctors who live and breathe CDC information.
    I’ve had lyme at least 18 years, but was diagnosed 4 years ago. I made a lot of changes in my diet and life during those 18 years, including the raw diet, herbal lyme protocols, liver/gallbladder flushes, etc. When I first was diagnosed I did 2 months of oral doxy because the MD/Holistic Practice that I went to told me that I should. I had a really hard time tolerating the doxy. Last year I was down to the last resort of IV antibiotics when someone told me about Sierra Integrative Medical Center in Reno, NV. Their approach is homeopathic and it works……in most cases it works better than the antibiotic route. A lot of patients that go there have already done years of antibiotics and they are so toxic that they end up having to do more treatment to reverse the damage done by the treatment. There are a lot of holistic clinics treating this disease, but the two main treatments used at this clinic are not available anywhere else because they were developed by the doctors there over the last 40 years of treating lyme. I have a lot of friends that have done the antibiotic route and they are still in treatment after years of IV drugs. I am about 70% better after 11 weeks of treatment at the clinic and follow up care at home over the last year and a half. I feel like I have my life back. I can do so much more now than I could before and I am feeling right now like I’m about to be A LOT better. It’s been a slow process, but I am always moving forward which is more than I did for many years.

    BTW My 10-year-old is on 28 days of antibiotics right now per the http://ilads.org guidelines because he was bit by a tick. I am normally anti pharmaceutical drugs, but I lost half of my life to this disease and for me, the evils of the drugs outweigh the risk of my child living with lyme for the rest of his life. The chances of killing the lyme with antibiotics when caught immediately are very high. He’s drinking a lot of kefir water and will will be hitting him hard with probiotics for the next several months. We are also having the tick tested by iGenex to see if it’s carrying lyme or any co-infections so we know what symptoms to look for if there is a problem.

    Kevin, two of my kids and I ran into you in Cafe Gratitude in SF when I was thinking about going to this clinic. I asked you about it, but you hadn’t heard of it. It really was the best decision that I have made in this whole process.

    Really grateful for all you do. I have learned so much from your videos and blogs.

  5. David King says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Thanks for sharing this post. My mom had lyme’s disease and got rid of it naturally and I had no idea that lyme’s was a bacteria… interesting to find out. It’s also interesting to hear that you mentioned una de gato and camu camu! both are powerful herbs and have amazing health benefits. I was reading about una de gato for benefiting candida, yeast, fungal and other types of infections the other day.

    Thanks for the resources and tips!


  6. Sandy says:

    A friend of mine is a patient of Dr Klinghardt, have heard great things about him. If you aren’t already aware of him, worth checking into. I wish you the best.


  7. Kay says:

    John read the books asap. I’ve been through the process using natural treatment only & successfully, tick transmitted diseases by 4.

    Buhner’s book also provides contacts for some of the proficient providers using his approaches.

  8. casey says:

    my mom overcame her lime disease by taking 1 teaspoon of colloidal sliver 5 times a day and holding it in the mouth for a minimum of 10 min. Though would be best to rely not on one method

  9. Deni says:

    I have Healed my Chronic Lyme Disease Naturally… With Juice Feasting, Raw food and O2 therapy see website for All of the info. Hang in there it IS possible to Heal the Crippling Disease Naturally!!! I was bed ridden, my body got huge, I could not drive, I could hardly function! Then I got Breast Cancer (I believe because my immune system was weakened) the doctors said I would not live past 5 years… Well Thanks to Raw food and Juice – I AM!!!

  10. Glori says:


    I am a student of herbology, clinical nutrition and chinese medicine. I have also been practicing to various degrees in the former two areas for over 20 years.

    I have had over 11 patients/clients in the past three years with Lymme disease. All found great relief and reversal with the following products:


    Please note: I am in no way affiliated, nor do I recieve compensation or benefit, nor am I invested in Dr. Ron’s practice. I do however trust and respect him as a wonderful nutritionist and herbalist. His personal recovery from Lymme Disease is also a true example of “healer heal thyself”.

    With Love,

  11. laura says:

    I agree with kevin that it is important to take care of your immune system. Are you TH-1 or Th-2 dominant? That would influence which herbs and supplements would be most appropriate. Do you have any other issues that could be compromising your immune system: food sensitivities, parasites, leaky gut? These are things that are relatively easy to deal with and will make treating the Lyme more effective. I also feel that doing a gluten free diet while undergoing treatment for Lyme is a good idea, if there is any chance that your gut is permeable (leaky) due to previous use of antibiotics, excessive stress, or other causes. There is a lot of variation even among the Lyme LIterate Doctors- some definitely are more experienced and broadly educated than others. Find one whose approach, and willingness to work with other practitioners, feels supportive to you.
    I have also found isopathic and homeopathic remedies to be very helpful. Lyme requires a multimodal long term approach, individualized approach. For some, it is a disease that they will always have, but learn to manage with minimal symptoms. It is not a ‘one-treatment-for-all sort of infection.
    Bryan Rosner, The Lyme Times and Buhner’s book are good resources. Don’t give up!

  12. Desi says:

    Dear Kevin,

    Thank you very much for your this article.

    I am one of those chronic lymepatients trying to find out whether a raw food lifestyle might contribute to me getting better.

    My current therapist told me raw food is not helpful for me at te moment.
    In the future chances are better according to her (since she´s convinced she will get me cured).

    And I very much agree how important it is that a lymepatient or any patient is convinced he or she will be better in the end.
    I have already visited 30+ doctors/therapists and I found my way around finally.

    I have been looking for the right ones which are convinced they will get me cured and who have got plausible stories as how and who are righteous people.
    I had to cross my rational borders to embrace the logic underlying my current treatment which is very unconventional, but succesfull after 4 years of suffering.

    Some comments on your text:

    -Yout text: ¨My theory (just a theory, but doesn’t need a whooping amount of science to back it up!) is that Lyme can only infect a weak immune system.¨

    My comment: the bacteria (borrelia borgdorferi) directs the tick to people who are more susceptible for getting sick, but once bit by an infected tick anyone has been infected.
    Whether someone will fall ill will depend on the immune system indeed.
    But the infection can stay dorment for years.

    Your text: ¨During the time I was bit by the tick, my health was declining. I had done some experiments with superfoods (chocolate) and had wrecked my adrenals. My muscles were cramping when I exercised, I was tired all the time and unable to get out of bed, I was even concerned that I had some serious disease, since I had never felt so awful in my life.¨

    My comment: You said earlier dat you had been bitten before many times already. Most likely your were already infected before and the earlier infections have been slowly but steadily damaging your immune system. Every new infection gets your immune system even more aroused and overreacts because the immune system recognizes the invador.

    Final comments:
    -I also read buhners book and followed the protocol as wel as the cowdon protocol (which currently has been adapted by a lyme literate medical doctor: Eva Sapi) -e.g. andrographis definitely did not work for me;

    -I found out for myself how important a good therapist / MD can assist with some energetic method to find out which herb / other supplement is good for an individual: any protocol should be individualised: the following methods can contribute to suit the right supplements / herbal medicines to lyme-patients: bioresonance / SCIO / colour resonance therapy / vegatests / electro acupuncture according to Voll;

    -Penicilline did not work for me since I am allergic to penicilline as well as to many foods (like many other lyme-patients);

    -since many lymepatients have to use herbs or supplements which are antibiotic in nature they have to use probiotics most of the time based on good research of the gut flora and/or energetic methods. No gut flora is the same and probiotics differ in composition;

    -chronic lymepatients but most likely also the acute lyme disease patients suffer from a multiple infection syndrome, not just from lyme.
    Once symeone has a multiple infection syndrome the bear is loose and you have to address a multiheaded monster: the infections in the body start to cooperate as one organism.
    If you behead one head of the monster, other heads get more active and invite the beheaded head to grow again. This guarantees a perpetuum mobile if one does not eradicate the infections in the right order and duration, as well as the right repition of the same treatments.

    Many of the infections are also viral and penicilline cannot eradicate viral infections, nor other parasites (such as worms). Herbal medicine, other supplements (MMS – colloidal silver – H2O2) as well as energetic medicine (also homeopathy) are able to eradicate those.

    -My therapists says: anyone with chronic infections needs to be addressed via many angles: first the infections and diseases (metabolistic diseases as well as neurologic diseases and allergies) second the most important job: the poison from heavy metals as well as other toxins.

    Ok this is it.


    • Terry says:

      An excellent post. I agree with everything Desi said.

      My team includes a LL physiologist/chemist/nutritionist/nurse who looks at my blood every four months and a LL D.O. whose first goal was to strenghten by auto-immune with LDN and various natural treatments. I’ve also added reishi extract and black cumin oil to my arsenal — with my doctor’s approval..

      When it comes to homeopathics and herbs, everyone is different, and I think bio-enery testing is important in putting together a plan. Samento did not work for me; noni and detox have been effective in treating the co-innfectons. I also drink cistus incanus tea to break up biofilm. In the next few months I plan to try a treatment that will go after the babesia, but I’m not comfortable talking at that now.

      My LD was only officially diagnosed eight months ago, although I’ve probably had it since I was a child. In my case, it caused adult onset type 1 diabetes, dysqeuallibrim, gut problems, perhaps Hashimoto’s. In a real catch 22, it was probably the diabetes and gluten-related problems that have kept me from becoming sicker. My diet has no gluten, no sugar and little grain. I did, however, have to use a cane for a while, but a few months of physical rehabilitation retrained another part of my brain so I could walk on my own again.

  13. jill says:

    Just wanna say that this information is very helpful and much appreciated and thank God there’s people that are caring enough to share their knowledge.. Awesome.. I need to be researching my health issues, but unfortunately, I don’t have health insurance, so I have to self diagnose, which I know isn’t always a good idea.. But I don’t have any choice. Thanks Kevin and others who post their experiences and such. We thank you!! God Bless us all, in Jesus’ name.

  14. Frank says:

    in the book Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle, an IV of 3% H2O2 has cured / brought to remission a number of terrible African diseases. I wonder if this might be a viable protocol for Lyme Disease also. The book lists a number of naturopathic practioners who use this method.

  15. claudia says:

    Thanks for the information Kevin!
    It is so improtant for us to be well informed and recognize the fact that conventional medicine can indeed at times be necessary. I have spent a lifetime taking antibiotics for everything- even cystic acne. Three years ago I made a conscious effort to avoid all medicines- especially antibiotics as my digestive system was in deep trouble. However, a few months ago I somehow contracted ‘cellulitis’ on my face. My doctor sent me immediately for two days in the hospital of intravenous antibiotics and 12 day oral antibiotics afterwards. My face was so swollen they feared it could go to my brain. The cellulitis resolved itslef, and a few weeks later I burned my arm with scalding hot water. Back to the ER with partial first and four degree burn. I accepted the topical antibiotics, but knew that honey would be most helpful as an antibacterial agent and tissue reconstituter (is that a word?!). However, being shy about any skin infections after the cellulitis..I asked my MD (not a naturopath) what I should do- and he instructed: Medicinal honey!!! I searched on the internet and soon found out that Manuka Honey 20 UMF would be great. It has now been a month, and my arm is healing VERY nicely. I not only kept an infection at bay with the honey…but my skin is also grwoing back in a miraculous way!

    So yes, both methods work,,,, and one should not be overlooked for another.

    Keep up the good work Kev & Marie!

  16. ruff magruff says:

    1. antibiotic regimine (pharma or herbal)
    2. ensuring good digestion and high stomach acidity
    3. no sugars
    4. immune boosting regimine (anti inflammatories and adaptogens and lymphatic cleansers)
    5. daily rest, daily exercise, and swedish massage
    6. homeopathic treatment
    7. prolonged accupuncture (emotional catharsis), eft
    8. prolonged swimming in the ocean (@ a clean beach) preferably cold water (remember to quickly warm up afterwards)

    1. nascent iodine tincture (atomic, the form that cures malaria and all other serious infections), andrographis, herbs of light deer tick defense tincture (catsclaw, teasel, barberry root, cordyseps sinensis, olive leaf, propolis
    2. cleansing if neccisary with bentonite clay, charcoal, DiatomaceousEarth. bitter herbs before meals, lemon juice 1st thing in the morning. high veggie content, cooked & raw
    3. for me this means a meat and veggies diet
    4. cats claw, reservatrol from polygonatum cuspidatum (reservage 250-500, health force ultimate orac), eluethero, echinacea/red root
    5. allowing yourself to be resting much, trampoline or swimming in natural water, and allowing help from others (massage)
    6. idk here, this needs to be filled by others, but is reportedly very successful
    7. promotes lymph drainage, releases energetic and emotional blockage
    8. the ocean beleive it or not was the best treatement early on for me. for 1-3 hours after a 30 minute swim all symptoms would completely recede and dissapear.

    hey kevin, i have lymes in the dormant stage right now.

    i think your above article has many words but is inadequate. you dont list the likely effective methods. but rather what is mostly a humbling for anti-pharma and pro-herbalist people, which may also be neccessary, as lyme can be very devistating if not treated immediately.

    i worked with a herbalist this past november and she said people think herbal antibiotics dont work because they forgot how to use them. she explained: “pharma antibiotics are a huge shock to the system, they are one chemical very concentrated and do not leave the system very fast. that is why they are only taken 2x a day. they often fail because they are only one chemical. with herbal medicine it is not the same, and this is why so many people fail and swear off herbal medicine. if you are going to go the herbal medicine pathway i sincerely impel you to do it with a trained herbal healer, because precise protocols need to be followed for it to work. this is because herbal medicines are much gentler and leave the system within 3 hours. so that for acute antibiotic treatement strong herbal decoctions (teas) need to be drank every three hours during the day, and a dose just before sleeping…herbal medicines are often more effective when taken this way because they are a host of chemical compounds so that if an infection can fight off one, it is taken down by the hundreds of others. take multiple herbs together and this effect is amplified. so it is not that herbal medicines dont work. it is actually that they work better than any pharma antibiotic, but only if you know how to take them (which very few evidently do). this style of treatement is also more effective because it impels the person to take time off and truly rest reflect and heal, where emotional and spiritual concerns can be reflected on and learnt from. the pharma way allows you to keep crashing onward through time and space and not learn from and honor a sickness, which is truly the bodys call for awareness.

    i didnt sleep well for 4 days in a row on the road. i was eating a diet high in sugars. i first had one bullseye on my right inner elbow, then left, then over every lymph/endocrine gland in my body(20+ bullseyes).

    i had limited success trying intensely for a week with colloidal silver, olive leaf, homeopathic candida, and the hulda zapper (which when the body pains came on would take away the symptoms for the night so i could sleep) but as it got serious…

    i consented to 3 weeks of doxycycline (last septmeber). i fully gave myself to the pharma approach only about 14 days after onset of symptoms. and i cried and brokedown to even get myself to try the antibiotic protocol, because of how bad doctors and pharma had treated me with celiac and candida years before, of which i have mostly banished the bad symptoms over 2 years of dedicated herbal approach…

    i took the doxycycline honestly and hoping it would work.

    lyme symptoms come back on the last day of the pharma antibiotic protocol.

    and so and it failed. let me tell us all why. 1. because i did the protocol in exclusion of other medicine. i wasnt taking a lyme herbal protocol that would support the pharma antibiotic regimine. 2. because i ate a diet with plenty of sugars while on lyme, and any of the work killing was undone by the boost of food i was feeding the spirochetes, which are evidently directly connected to my digestive system. 3. because i had trouble relaxing and feeling safe in my environment (sympathetic stress response) which taxed my immune system.

    i was at a alt medicine clinic and a raw food fasting and retreat and that helped the lyme go dormant for 3 months/

    i had a relapse this january from a bad food combination (pineapple and almonds!) and was thrown into it worse than before like an old old man in pain i was… i treated with gavilana, an intense bitter from costa rica (where i was), which worked well, until i ran out.

    on the airplane coming back to the states i took 1.5 days (3 pills) of doxy, and switched to buhners protocol. which helped put the lyme back into dormancy. and its been pretty clean sailing comparatively since then, as long as i keep up a regimine of antioxidants, and immune boosters. i felt some symptoms coming on recently and oral iodine (nascent atomic only!!) cleared those up fast!

    so i dont know if i will ever banish Lyme. but it is dormant, and i am very thankful that i am free of suffering that acute lyme brought on for me. i will take dormancy as i work on eating a clean diet, living a loving and full life and honoring learning from and treating my health challenges. i am on the path. i am still trying.
    thank you

  17. roni says:

    Thank you Kevin, and all the commenters too – I have been wanting to know Kevin’s story about this for a dear friend who has been struggling with Lymes for many years, and is very frustrated with her experiences with the allopathic lack of success. I’ve sent her the link.

  18. Quite a few years ago when I was trying everything under the sun trying to find answers to my health challenges, I was a part of a SALT/C group for lymes. Salt tablets and Vitamin C at high doses. There were some amazing testimonies and the remedy was very simple. I tried it for GP and definitely had a reaction of some sort. I think I killed off some parasites or something. Type in Salt/C for lymes and see what you get. I’m sure they are still around. The moderator of the Yahoo group was VERY knowledgable in all sorts of things.

  19. Nomi says:

    Here’s my two cents about Lyme, my sister has it and has all the complications of long-term untreated Lyme’s and it’s a serious condition. She too is from that area of Connecticut.

    Look into MMS. There is a lot of info about it online; a man by the name of Jim Humble created it-first as a method of purifying water. It has some good anecdotal evidence that consistent low dose use really helps Lyme. It’s inexpensive, not toxic so worth
    a try IMHO.

    Kevin you were so lucky to ‘catch’ it right away. Then, it’s simple. To utterly refuse antibiotics for philosphical reasons is…not useful…what’s useful is to do what needs to be done then cleanse any residual issues later…or in this case most likely use probiotics.

    Havva great raw day!

  20. maria says:

    Antibiotics are a quick fix for those who can tolerate them, some of us cannot. Seriously, CAN NOT. Then what? Further, some of us cruise the internet for info because we cannot afford a physician, not even a crappy one. Then what? Perhaps it is important to remember that some of us really need to be doing self care, and not handing over everything to a practioner, even if we can/could. Sometimes the placebo effect of feeling “in charge” of our own health is the most healing of all.

    Thanks for hunting and acessing for us,


  21. fedup says:

    machine Through the use of the Ondamed biofeedback I found out several years ago that I have Lyme disease. Antibiotics helped me to get rid of a co-infection but were useless for the treatment of Lyme.Most so-called “Lyme”-literate doctors are not so literate and turned out to be a waste of money.Based on what I have learned there are very few truly knowledgeable Lyme doctors in this country. I am trying the frequency route at this time. It sounds more promising than anything else I have heard about. I am very hesitant to try another “Lyme doctor” based on my past experience. Herbs may be another good route.

  22. Kuru says:

    I have a friend who had Lyme’s and after years of trying everything, she completely regenerated using the Rife machine. There’s a specific program for Lyme’s that she was set up for. Don’t know how long her therapy lasted, but she is a new person.

    I’ve heard Japanese Knotweed is helpful for boosting the immune for Lyme’s. Mother nature has provided this herb in the location where Lyme’s in prominent… she so often provides the remedy right there with the problem.

    All the best, John K.!

  23. Susan says:

    Thank you for addressing lyme disease. I am currently battling lyme disease and ehrlichiosis. I am using two iv antibiotics, raw food – or gluten free vegan food and supplements. IV vitamin C can help the muscle cramps. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can help inflammation. I take 5 HTP and melatonin to help me sleep. I am also going to try Calm-PRT for my adrenals to help me sleep. I take NT Factor Energy to increase energy. For the lymes I have tried and am taking many supplements including cat’s claw (uno de gato), echinacea, CoQ10, artemesia, vitamin D, etc. My body wasn’t absorbing anything due to the erlichiosis – an example: my vitamin D was dropping although I was taking massive amounts – and I ended up with thyroid cancer. I am doing better with the IV antibiotics – although I never thought I’d take antibiotics again and hate to admit it – they are starting to give me my life back. It is important to go to a LLMD. The proper testing can help find coinfections which other doctors miss. The CD 57 can help you see where your immune system is. When I first got lymes I was reading up on it and one person wrote that dealing with it is like trying to nail jello to a wall – I get it – I have been battling it for over two years. Good luck to all who are healing from this disease.

  24. Gina says:


    Just have to tell you there is a Naturopath that
    I have watched treat Lyme’s for the past few
    years. He had Lymes sooo bad he was in an iron lung before
    he came. He is now as healthy as can be and
    back to work.It took a number of years but It
    can happen. It’s a joy to speak to him about
    how good his life is going now.

  25. Off topic here but very important…
    would love everyones opinion on this video:.. especially Kevin and Ann Marie.





  26. Diana says:

    I have Lyme’s and other co-infections and have found Buhner’s herbal protocol very helpful, but so far not eliminating it. I also boost my immunity with medicinal mushrooms and the recommended vitamin supplements and am working on my gut health as well.

    Gina, I would love to know the name of the above Naturopath who is having success with it. I am currently looking for someone like that who has first hand experience with someone not newly infected.

    Much gratitude,


  27. Gail says:

    You asked:
    I want to know your thoughts: If you’ve been ill, what thoughts helped you heal?

    As the clock struck midnight bringing in the year 1994, I had just taken myself to the ER after feeling sicker than I’ve ever felt in my life, and I knew that something was seriously wrong. When the attending doctor put a third pair of gloves on OVER the other two as he continued to examine me, I commented on the gloves and asked what was wrong with me?? He said he didn’t know but that I was very, very ill. And then, they sent me home.
    I was sick for most of 1994 and have never been the same since, even though I came through on the other side ok.
    Two very amazing, supernatural spirtual events happened in those first few weeks and I use that time in my life as an inspiration (and testimony) to myself and others that you really can get through it (whatever ‘it’ is).
    I think what ‘thoughts helped me heal’ to answer your question, was that one doctor I saw took my hands in his and said to me “I feel what you are thinking. I KNOW you feel that you are dying. But you are not. You will live, and you will get better.” And when I had my doubts that that was so, I remembered that he said I WILL get better.
    That year of my life was a very precious year and time with my Lord and a closeness and complete reliance on Him. I recognized then that that is the piece that is missing in so many peoples’ lives is to know what that means and the peace, comfort and security that brings..when we let it.
    We are in a rush to have the perfect life; no problems; every thing just as we want it; nothing standing in our way and we miss out on all the beauty of the lessons to be learned when we can be still to listen and learn what these events are there to show us. For that reason, 1994 was one of the ‘best’ years of my life.

  28. John says:

    Hi Kevin and Everyone;

    In addition to the advices that have been given, may I add please that the homeopathic called Ledum has been used successfully in the treatment of Lyme disease in horses and is just recently being used by people with cases of Lyme disease. You may not find much information on the internet but it is there — and Ledum is for both animals and people.

    Also, one of the first organs I would nurture in these situations is the spleen. An absolute must in my view. Strengthen the spleen. It’s not a cure all but an essential part of any program in my view. Boron as well.

    And finally, a good resource you may want to investigate is at:


    She had Lyme disease and has done considerable research on the subject after many years and failures with that condition. She has some good information on the subject, and as I recall, you should be able to get a list of Lyme savvy practitioners from her. Very important when dealing with Lyme disease as has been mentioned.

    Best wishes to all who have this debilitating condition,


  29. Rebecca Cody says:

    A friend was very ill with Lyme, positive for spirochetes, and she tried every natural remedy she learned about. I think what finally got her over it was a combination of good nutrition, various supplements including herbs and homeopathics, a Rife machine and MMS. Perhaps there was more. In fact, I’m sure there was, but she is much better and feels she is over the Lyme infection after several years of misery and misdiagnoses. I’m in the Pacific NW and most doctors here don’t even think we have Lyme, but she tells me it is in every state.

  30. Joan j says:

    Grapefruit Seed Extract is a natural antibiotic. I have serious side effects from antibiotics and have used GSE with desired satisfaction.

  31. bitt says:

    I agree to see another doc, I was ready to give up after seeing a dozen, but then found one that helped. You just need to get referrals from others in the area who have Lyme who have been helped and find a doctor who is moderate with medication, doesn’t overprescribe. I’ve finally found physicians like this and it’s wonderful. They are supportive of natural treatments and use them in conjunction with traditional things.

  32. jasmine says:

    Yah, I’d like to know more about what some of the “myths and untruths” in the raw world. No names necesary of course but would love to avoid any wrong choices based on these myths and untruth that I may currently believe.

    Thanks for speaking your truth.


  33. Sundaram says:

    If it is in the blood, why not try a Blood Purifier from Robert Bock?

    I understand that gets rid of lots of debris and viruses in our blood.

  34. lynni says:

    i would also like to know much more about the ‘myths & untruths’ you & Annemarie have learned about thru all your experiences. i think it is as important to learn about those issues as it is to learn about the truth!
    thank you sooooo much for all the information you provide!

  35. Rob says:

    I’ve had Lyme and it was treated with anti-biotics. Because I’m in the garden alot, they are almost a daily occurnece. what I’ve learned:

    1. early treatment is now the standard. So save the tick (I sandwich them piece of scotch tape) and take them to your MD (doctor) to send out for testing for Lymne. Then likely the MD will start you on the early dose of anti-biotic – this takes you from the 28 days down to 10 days of treatment.

    2. get treatment! You do not want the spirochetes crossing the membrane into the brain because anti-biotics cannot cross over. A friend had this happen. He is now in a Alzheimer-like condition.

    3. It is very important to shower after gardening or even a walk in the woods. It will wash them off or give you a chance to find them before going to bed).

    4. clean the wound thoroughly; and make sure the head of the tick came out and then do step 1. Watch for any spreading of the rash – a sure sign. I was bit on a Saturday with my MD out of the office. Do not wait! Get to another MD.

  36. Cindy Lampa says:

    Kevin, I really appreciate your balanced and very thoughtful answer to this man about Lyme Disease. It was informative to me too. We had lived in the country for 19 years, and we never had any problem with ticks. After living in the suburbs for 18 years we have moved back to the very same place in the country where we used to live. In the past month my husband has found 4 ticks on himself! Lyme’s is a concern to me, so I thank you for this information.

  37. ann gillett says:

    i have lymes disease from connecticut in the early years (1987) before anything was known about it. since then celiac disease developed followed by EMS (electromagnetic sensitivity) from treament with an electromagnetic pulsar over 3 yrs. ago. another l.d. person told me that l.d. people are very susceptible to EMS since our systems are so suppressed. an NIS (neurological integration system) practitioner saved my life as my polarity had been reversed and all my organs were shutting down. i recommend l.d. people restrict use of any electrical equipment which includes cell phones, computers, fluorescent lighting and regular lighting, etc. etc. info can be found on NIS on internet. there are very few practitioners in the u.s. as yet but well worth seeing if possible. if anyone wants more info please send note here. EMS is becoming a growing problems with increasing high tech all around us. ann

  38. yvonne says:

    I live in Virginia, and in my county we have epidemic levels of Lyme Disease. I recently learned of a protocol that is having success treating Lyme..Medicinal Therapeutic grade essential Oils. There are a few of the essential oils that have extremely high anti-bacterial and anti-viral prpperties and what makes the essential oils so effective is that they can cross through the cell wall and the blood brain barrier. The oils must be CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE in order for them to be safely injested. Check Dr. Hill’s (MD) protocol for Lyme at http://www.doterra.com.

  39. KellyB says:

    Hey all. I had Lyme for 3 years. I am in recovery now. Been recovery slowly but positively for 6 months.

    I started off with IV antibiotics, Cipro. Until the antibiotics, I was bed-bound for 4 months. the antibiotics truly helped, but I was still so sick I had no quality of life.

    I just want to reiterate some things Kevin said: Give whatever protocol you are trying TIME. I did the same thing…would try something for a month and then give up. For example, MMS can take up to a year for someone with Lyme.

    Also, a lot of my healing came with a change in my attitude. It truly did. I was able to see how being sick was actually accomplishing something for me (I was afraid to do what I wanted and if I was sick, I couldn’t try…) and this freed me to change my thinking.

    While I prefer natural methods and have used many, I would do the Cipro all over again if I had to redo that time in my life. Alternatively, I was juicing and working with a naturopath and this brought me large gains as well.

    And at my current stage of healing, I am back with a regular doctor who is open to alternative methods. I am currently on Armour thyroid and a natural supplement to stabilize my adrenals.

    So my last bit of advice is to keep looking and know this: I strongly believe what will work for one Lymie will not work for another and vice versa.

    Don’t give up! I thought my life was over. And now I know it’s not. I am healing and will continue to do so!

  40. I was told by someone that my RA might be Lyme Disease. This is really confusing to me. I was bit by a tick when I was 13 in Illinois and I am now 26 (diagnosed with RA at 24) and had no reaction from the bite if I remember correctly. Would it really take that long to set in?

    I feel that some people just don’t believe in RA and they think it’s something else. It can be really frustrating because when I was finally diagnosed I was so relieved! Living with strange symptoms and not having a clue what’s going on with your body can make you go crazy!

  41. Velda says:

    Thanks for the great, great article, Kevin. I am going to forward this to a friend of mine that has suffered with lyme disease for a few years …. as has her husband. I know that oregano oil and collodial silver are both great natural antibiotics and I have used the oregano oil for several different viruses, but never lyme disease.

    Also, I have had some really good information on the use of a Rife machine. The information I have says that you must start out with treating the pathogens for only 10 seconds at a time for each one. Otherwise, it can overwhelm the body and you can get ill from it. So, talk with someone that knows what the protocol is for the Rife and lyme disease. Great information in the comments above also. Thanks again, Kev.

  42. Nick says:

    I have heard from more then one reputable herbalist including stephen B whose protocal used to include japaneese knotweed.

    Timothy Lee Scott. Who has been studying invasive plants specifically japaneese knotweed looked at where lymes disease was in epedemic and where japaneese knootweed was becoming invasive. Yes they were the same places !!
    This is
    Not rocket science why people travel around the world looking for “super foods” and medicine when everything they need is right where they live. Not much money to be made with invasive weeds I guess thats why we do not hear much about them……

  43. ruff magruff says:

    my friend was cured at age 13 from crippling lymes. she is now a dancer, and no longer seriously disabled. this is you rebecca if you see this.

    with only rectal insufflation of ozone, daily, she was cured very fast. ::upright the second day, walking the next, moving competantly and almost pain free the first week. and cured by 3 months…

    i think i need to do this.

    i tried for a week at a health clinic, but it was not enough, they only used 2 syringefuls each morning, and my friend said they had her on a tube with ozone until her entire colon was full, each day. she held it in as long as she could.

    oxygen is life

  44. Judy H says:

    My rash in 1996 looked just like yours and even though I was treated with antibiotics right away I still have had some health problems that I suspected but couldn’t prove were related to Lyme. Recently I learned about the Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt and Vitamin C regimen for Lyme disease. I started it about 2 weeks ago and definitely noticed a reaction. I am very slowly increasing my dosage in the hope I can rid my body for good of these parasites. There is a great Yahoo group called LymeStratagies that has many people on it that have had great success with this easy and natural treatment.

    I fully agree with you that when something like this happens, you need to hit it from as many angles as you can. Strengthening the immune system through proper diet is just one of them.

  45. rachel says:

    Very interesting article.
    I moved from CT to VA. There are ticks here in VA and had eight little one’s on me after walking in the woods on a dusty trail, yikes!.
    I believe this whole Lyme thing started in some gov’t lab here in the usa, similar to what created “aids” in the first place.
    My protocol would include: YL essential oils, building the immune system, RAW foods/juices, Healthy alkaline water, REST, REST, REST, meditation, a far-infrared sauna or amethyst biomat, raw vitamins, chinese herbs…
    I do offer the mats and know many people have helped their immune system/detox/alkalinity by using them (sweating on them or otherwise). Honestly just heat alone is NOT as effective as /far-infrared/amethyst/negative ions.
    Definitely STAY AWAY FROM GLUTEN and dairy (mucous) of all kinds with any disease like lyme. namaste’, rachel

  46. Kathy says:

    The only pharmaceutical I have taken for 9 years was 6 weeks of doxy for Lyme disease 4 years ago. I went to an MD after a week of severe symptoms(i.e.104 degree temp) and having tried colloidal silver, an increased amount of concentrated greens, and Montmorillonite clay. She saw the bullseye which I had missed(had the disease herself the year before and had seen 17 other cases that same month here on Cape Cod) and said the 6 weeks was an important part of the protocol. I took probiotics as well and recovered quickly, have never had another problem, and tested clear when she checked a year later. I felt like a loser for taking the drugs but don’t regret it at all

  47. Azurae says:

    I have my Lymes more or less under control. Idid a lot of research and handled it with a combination of alternative therapies. first i did a parasite and total body cleanse to start with as clean a system as possible. Since the Spirachetes are related to those which cause siphallis, I looked in an 1940’s herbal for what they used. Stinging nettles was the answer. So did stinging nettles, an antiviral tincture made by the Well in Bedford, VA, Garlic, and a really good Garden of Life Primal Defense probiotic made from dirt!

    I also baked the suckers our with the Amethyst Biomat and did negative ion foot baths. To kill the spirochetes which are already ENCASED IN their PROTEIN SHELLS AND enebdded IN YOUR CONNECTIVE TISSUE you must first melt the shell so the medicine can get to them. Reservatol helps the medicine antibioptiocs or herbs reach them but here is another supplement which helps melt the shell. I forget what it is but you can find out from the Well. Linda Burger, the owner has a ready made tincure made up for Lymes as she has it herself.

  48. Nat says:

    I have never had lyme or known anyone with it but isn’t GARLIC a natural antibiotic worth looking into there are some great resources on the web about why it could be better than traditional and how you should prepare it to use it as an effective antibiotic.

  49. Pauletta says:

    Thank you for bringing up such an interesting topic. During summertime, I do worry about the deseases we can get from ticks. We live in the woods and we do get lots of ticks on us. As protection, besides a healthy diet, we take a garlic pill with a high proven level of allicin in it. I make a special oil mix for our dog where I put one glove of garlic in a bottle of olive oil. He gets one spoon of this in his meal, and I feel that he gets less ticks on him. Once I did notice a rash on my little boy where we had removed a tick, and I must say that he did get a antibiotic treatment. Being a Heilpraktiker student(naturopath), I did give him supplements to support his digestive track (where 70% of our immunity remains).

  50. Glori says:

    Dr. Zhang is the doctor who helped Dr. Ron ( see my 1rst post – June 11 above).

    Dr. Qingcai Zhang, practices Chinese herbal medicine in New York City, and has become a respected authority on many auto-immune diseases, viruses and Lyme disease. In his book “Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine” Dr. Zhang makes a compelling argument for using traditional Chinese herbs – many proprietary formulas he has developed using his own extensive research and treatment experience.

    for more info: http://www.lymediseaseresource.com/Dr._Zhang.html

    Be WELL

  51. Bob says:

    May I repost this article or part of it on my Lyme blog? I will add your URL as a link on the post.


  52. glenda says:

    Go to: Plantcures.com You will certainly find this site very useful!

  53. Noelle says:

    We have an entire website devoted to Doctors and Practitioners who are focused on healing people naturally, holistically and permanently. We have over a dozen Doctors and Clinics currently on our site who are having tremendous success in treating Lyme Disease naturally. If you don’t see someone on our site located near you, just call us and we will help find you someone.

    Noelle Quero

  54. Kyle says:

    I had/have Lyme disease. I got Lyme around 7 years old and it went unnoticed for at least 5 years according to the doctors. This was about 15 years ago and Lyme was still very unknown, especially in Canada. (Un)fortunately my Mom’s cousin had Lyme disease too, down in Boston, and my Mom had gotten Lyme disease at the same time as me, so after talking my Mom’s cousin put the signs together and told us what no doctor in Canada would, that we had Lyme disease.

    The symptoms for me were such bad memory loss, to the point where I didn’t know what I did 15 minutes ago. My Mom really got worried when a couple times a month I would ask her what we were going to eat for dinner, 20 minutes after eating, because I was a little bit hungry so I figured we must not have eaten. [My memory still works in this logical way rather than just remembering.] I also had joint pains, which I was being told were growing pains, which lead to a permanently dislocated knee cap (not as bad as it sounds) ending my athletic “careers” (love basketball and football, luckily can still play for fun).

    My Mom’s main symptom was neck pain, the tipping point for the both of us was when she was driving and her neck completely froze, she couldn’t move it at all and had to drive home stuck in her chair.

    I remember going on medication for probably 8-10 months, and going off because of financial troubles, and being very defensive about my medicine, I did not want to give it up. I also remember walking down the hallway in school and being able to remember everything I had just done, I stopped in my tracks in shock, thinking “this is what it’s like to remember things”. I agree with this site that attitude is huge in the healing process. At the time I was young and trusted the doctors and my Mom, I NEVER questioned “will I get better”, I knew I would.

    In summary of this long message I want to leave a message for anyone who is fighting Lyme, and this is coming from someone who only eats organic, (almost) never takes pills, drinks bottled spring water… “USE ANY MEANS NECESSARY TO KICK THIS DISEASE AND CLEAN UP YOUR BODY/TEMPLE AFTERWARDS. ANTIBIOTICS SAVED MY LIFE AND WORKED FAST TO PREVENT PERMANENT DAMAGE (beyond an adequate to average memory and minor joint problems after having the disease for over 5 years), I OWE MY LIFE TO WESTERN MEDICINE, YET I BELIEVE FOR 99.9% OF SICKNESSES AYURVEDA MEDICINE IS THE SAFER AND MORE HEALTHY OPTION, IT IS NOT FOR LYME – GET ANTIBIOTICS!”.

    I know you can work it out and get back to your healthy self! I’m preying for you.

    PS: about seeing doctor after doctor with no success, what worked for me was going to Boston (where there are a lot of ticks) to see a Lyme specialist, because in Canada I was told the disease doesn’t exist (although that was 15 years ago).

    Good luck and god bless!

  55. tanya B says:

    hi im 26 years old.ive diarrhea since i was in grade 8, they it was ims. i start by saying in 2006, i told i has yest infestions all the time and badder infetions so i went to a bladder doctor it never really went away. in jan 2011, i felt things sucking my body all over and buring eveywhere, headacks, back pains, bad breath, body odor, went to my doctor and he said heres sleeping pills. ive tyed stuff for yest infrestions befored but they always came back. i went to 7 normaldoctors they would all say im fine. i went to 3 skin doctors and they all it was stress or ezema. i went to a gastostst, he sauid i could have dairy, didnt help, went to a infestion dease doctior in july, he said it saw scabies even tho there was no rash, i event back a week later to tell him it dodnt work, he said i dont think it is thwem, omg doctors are a joke. i went to allergy doctor cause my doctor wanted me to and nothing. so im very discouged. i was fired for 2 jobs,i cant really work. im going to this blood clinic on tuesday they look at your blood cells and skin cells and im praying it works, i also ordered a thing called holy tea, it suppose to kill parasites. im also going to another skin doctor in jine and see my gasoolist again. as well as im see this doctor in june thats been all over thatim hoping he knows whats wrong.
    i found out there docots that deal with just lyme disease there webise is ilads.org
    and is there anything else i should be doing?

  56. Mommy V says:

    Anybody have advice for a nursing mom? I am exclusively nursing a 2-month-old and I was bit by a tick a few weeks ago (wish I could remember when exactly!!)… Doc wants to give my doxy… Do I switch to formula until the course is done? Do I opt for a weaker penicillin? HELP!

  57. I got bit by a tick on my shin….the effects were devastating. I became listless and unable to work. Medical treatments were not working. My docter was certain i had Lymes or some kind of fungal infection, he thinks his ointment Terpinafine cured me but it didn’t work and i treated myself.
    .I tried a mixture of Turmeric, cumin, oregamo, panch puren (exotic seeds), red cayenne pepper, mixed with curry powders and gravy mix to help build up my immune system. I made gravies or curries and had some 4-5 times a week….i cured myself.
    BUT, the trick i found was Manuka Honey…i was told of this some years ago and it has anti-biotic properties.
    Eat 3-5 spoonsful a day and slap some onto the ‘bite’. Because it is sticky cover with a medicated piece of gauze or tissue, it’ll stay on without plasters. Do this twice daily, carefully lifting the gauze and wipe the rash with ordinary anti-septic wipes before you slap on the next spread..using the back of a spoon….good luck, you will be surprised.

  58. I would be interested to know if anyone has had any success with Manuka Honey as a cure for Lyme Disease.
    I had treated myself from this disease by eating it and spreading manuka honey on the bite area. The nausea that i had and the pain in my shin bone and knee disappeared within 2 days. Plus the effects it had on my bowel functions seemed to clear up immediately, though i put this down to the honey acting as a laxative. I treated myself by taking five spoonfulls a day for the first five days. As the symptons improved i cut down to two spoonfuls a day. I am currently on my third jar of honey and may cut down to one dose a day and stop altogether. I still spread a bit of honey on the bite and the rash is resistant but healing slowly. I have only a residue of the rash.
    My theory is this….Initially the tick bite kicks your immune system into overdrive but the infection slowly wins causing all kinds of problems
    BUT, your immune system is now a lot stronger and able to win over the bacterium if the effect of the honey’s anti-biotic properties can begin to work. The effect of the dead bacteria in the blood produces anti bodies that begin to fight back considerably boosting the abilities of your immune system. Manuka honey can be used with other treatments and is very safe. Though don’t eat too much eg half a jar a day would be excessive and one needs to be sure and take advice if you are diabetic. In that case just spread on the bite twice daily and don’t eat any if your doctor advises not to.


    Regards to all, Danny Collingwood, London, UK

  59. Hello Kevin,

    I was just diagnosed with Lyme Disease (given the news with a short and sweet phone call from the nurse practitioner) a week ago. The bite occurred this past spring and like you mentioned, went to the doctors because this tick bite looked and felt different from the many others growing up in New England. It was a painful bite that drew my attention to the scene of the crime and caught the tick in the act…. So I went that day to urgent care, insect in hand (in baggie) and they gave me a one day, blast of mega antibiotics. They told me to call if a bull’s eye or a fever showed up. Woke up the next day with something I surely thought was a bull’s eye, so back to the doctors I went. They assured me it was not a bull’s eye and so the story ended, or so I thought. Now before I go on I’d like to assure you this is not an attempt to lay blame anywhere. This is just a lead up to my question and or comment. That being said, it has now been maybe six months since that visit took place. Not being one to hail a doctor at every medical bump in the road and these symptoms kind of easing into my life, there were no more trips to the doctors until my yearly routine physical rolled around six months later (being about three weeks ago. There have been ongoing and unrelated issues already in play that have been camouflaging any red flags I might have picked up on otherwise. One issue being that I thought I might be getting too old for my very active profession. Another being that I have PTSD which has some similar symptoms. So when I was chatting with my Doctor during the physical about my sore joints, headaches, fatigue, she sat and nodded. We discussed my depression, bla bla bla. Then the dizzy spells, confusion, and rapid memory lose came into the conversation. This was when my doctor stopped nodding and started ordering a whole vampires feast of blood work (Lyme disease seeming the lessor evil than some of the other tests). Like I said I got the call from the nurse a week and a half later, started the antibiotics ~ So here is my reason for commenting tonight Since being told I had Lyme disease and starting the 21 day doxycycline I have gone from being relieved that this isn’t just aging without grace to greater relief that I didn’t have some of the other diseases being tested. Then I got to wondering, what is Lyme disease? Should I continue this happy dance? I asked the pharmacy for literature and they told me to look on-line – yikes! Now this past week I have felt sorer in the joints, more physically tired, and getting smacked daily with terrible headaches. I don’t know if it’s now a mental thing with just having the knowledge that I have Lyme, or if its the antibiotics, or I’m catching the flu….? I don’t know. The internet scares me with its “too much information” and its lack of direction. Somehow I stumbled onto this blog (is this a blog?) I’ve only ever heard of a blog before. I am going to pick up those two books you mentioned but I don’t even know what I should be worrying about or hoping for. I loved your positive attitude advice and not only strongly agree with you but have been using this or at least trying to be positive with life in general.

    I do now see there are “comments on this post”. Before I go and read the comments I would like to thank you for writing what you wrote and for seeming like a human being amongst all this internet noise. I don’t feel quite so lonely with this issue. I hope typing all this here was o.k.?


  60. zac says:

    Hey everyone,

    I had lyme for years, not sure how many but many. I was basically dead, I had to sleep for 12 plus hours a day. I had a horrible mental state because I felt “defective” and didn’t know why.

    I tried all kind of things, some things worked, some not so much. Now I should mention before we go any further that I have zero faith in the medical establishment. This came about when A) I found I knew more about many of the topics I discussed with my MD and then B) I was accused falsely of taking anabolic steroids by my MD (more on that in a bit) and then, in the same visit he said it made no difference what you eat!

    The first thing that became apparent to me was that gaining weight (mostly muscle) helped me feel more alive while I was awake although I still experienced a way higher than normal stress responses to exercise and still slept for 12 plus hours a day. I gained over eighty pounds total over over about two years. this required huge volumes of weight training (high total tonnage) and vast quantities of food. I feel this worked by increasing metabolically active muscle mass which increases metabolism (and thus immune function) and by increasing muscular glutamine levels which contributes to a healthier and less leaky gut and increased immune function. This is why I was accused of using steroids (I actually gained so much so fast my skin stretched, ouch!). Throughout I used a high fat high animal protein diet, when gaining weight I used large amounts of low glycemic carbs (I am sensitive) and when dieting down I would cut down the carbs a lot.

    Here is where is gets interesting, I “discovered” the miracle of ZInc, Mag and B6. These mineral/vitamins are the number ne nutritional deficiency in the world and are vital to the proper functioning of the body: every single cell in the body has a zinc receptor (and D3 too). So take ’em! (D3 too but that is best obtained from the sun). I also cannot stress this enough: you will not absorb minerals without B12, get b12 injections from the pharmacy: they are super cheap and over the counter, they will make all of your food and supplements go ten times further. Do not skip this!

    Then I used the Chaga mushroom and OMG what a shock, this stuff cured the gout I had (huge protein intake) in three days! So awesome, higher ORAC value than anything else tested ever.

    Then came the “cup of grace”, MMS, yes the “banned” stuff (it’s not banned nor can anyone tell you what you or cannot do for your health, ever). I took up to 34 drops a day for two weeks and transformed into a new person. The people around me were absolutely shocked. You’ll have to figure out your own dose but make sure you do it, it is the best. Wow.

    If you are really hurting, suffering from adrenal issues, hypoglycemia, underweight, anemia or estrogen dominance: take Anavar! Studies in the 80s showed that it practically cures AIDS, anemia and a of host issues resulting from elevated stress hormones and low body mass. This is a steroid, it can be purchased from overseas (legal as long as you don’t sell it), or prescribed by a doctor, and it is safe to use for children, women and men. It is a miracle, don’t believe the hype about steroids, they represent a huge threat to the pharmaceutical interests and hence: bad press. It’s used medically all the time on burn victims and to assist recovery from drastic surgery, if it wasn’t “safe” (bear in mind that any drug does have a benefit to risk ratio, although I would say, anecdotally, that Anavar’s is lower than Aspirin) then doctors wouldn’t be allowed to use it. Mst users never report ANY negative side effects.

    I emplore you to do your own research and don’t take anyone’s word for anything (not even mine). To overcome adversity we must understand we are solely responsible for our own lives/health/world. If we take our power back, where it rightly should be, we can overcome even desperate and seemingly insurmountable adversity (which is illusory, never say “I can’t”).

    You can attain what you seek. Best wishes (I know you can do it : )


  61. Brooke Ells says:

    Can you please tell me the serious side effects of long term antibiotics, like you mentioned above? I am currently dealing with an advanced stage of lyme disease including nerve damage (numbness) in my back and also joint pain.. I’m terrified and I have no health insurance.

  62. Hi Kevin,

    My husband has the same rash, same pasty leg. He was bit by a tick 3 weeks ago and I just noticed the rash. He is an anti doctor kind of guy but I am worried. Help!

  63. Beth says:

    I am having a hard time finding where you documented on your website what you specifically did when you had Lyme disease. Could you post the link?

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