Raw Food Recipe for Delicious Falafel : The Renegade Health Show Episode #839

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I love falafel, but I don’t like things deep fried…

Today, Annmarie is going to make a tasty raw food recipe for falafel that might even fool someone from the Mediterranean.

Here it is…

Your question of the day: Do you like hummus or tabbouleh better?

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  1. Pam Dix says:

    Hi! I don’t see the falafel recipe??? thanks!

  2. Tyra McMahon says:

    I don’t see it either!!

  3. I think putting it in the dehydrator means “cooking” it – is n’t it? How can you remove water without cooking it at a high temp.?
    I feel dehydrating means a kind of euphemism for cooking.But if you do it below a certain degree of heat it may work out less harmful, I think.
    Kindly clarify.

  4. Adrienne Baksa says:

    hummus, by a mile

  5. Abakash says:

    The traditional sauce for falafel is tahini sauce, great over tomatoes and cucumber diced, (Israeli salad)

    Tahini Sauce
    In a food processor add;

    * 1/2 cup tahini (sesame seed paste)
    * 3 gloves garlic, crushed
    * 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt (to taste)
    * 1/4 cup lemon juice
    * Add water to desired consistency, start with a 1/8 cup

    Some raw falafels, Israeli salad and tahini sauce and you wont miss the pita bread.

  6. Julia says:

    I would love to try these! The quantities of olives, spices, ovilve oil, lemon juice? And was that chia powder?? Please, share the bits!

  7. Tina Scott says:

    I LOVE HUMMUS!! Great demo on making Falafel…I love mediterranean foods.

  8. Gen says:

    I love hummous and tabbouleh TOGETHER. Yum!

  9. Sandi Krol says:

    I don’t know what any of these foods r. I’m a new and just eating fruits and veggies raw. Can u guide me pls and thanks

  10. Susan says:

    Definitely need the recipe. Went to Frank’s site and its’ not on there either…and eww….nice pic of a pigeon he killed and cooked.

  11. Maria says:

    Hummus for me.
    Watched the video, would love to make these. I wrote down the ingredients as I was watching, but the quantities for some were not mentioned. Can you please post this recipe?


  12. angie absten says:

    I eapecially like the Israeli salad idea. Tahini is great or the garlicky hummus if not available but definitely something moist and crisp.

  13. Debra says:

    It would be nice if you would give us the recipe for the raw falafel. It looks great, but can’t try it without a recipe.


  14. O says:

    I definitely love hummus better. Tab is too bitter to me.

  15. QC says:

    Sorry, I have to say that’s a lot of fat…

  16. Andrew says:

    Hi I’ve never used or even see a dehydrator, listening to your video about falafel I think you mentioned a heat setting. Does that not damage the raw food? Also is there not a lot of oil in that recipe!


  17. april says:

    Thank you Annemarie and Kevin for the falafel recipe and demonstration. The exact ingredients are not there but one can play around with that. All one has to do is go to a traditional cooked recipe to get spice amounts etc. And thank you for your constant efforts in promoting health and happiness. I really value your show and advice.

  18. I have noticed that their ‘recipes’ are them dumping a bunch of things in a vitamix or food procsessor. I think I am going to move onto reading a different raw food blog that doesn’t leave me frustrated.

  19. Daralene says:

    That is a hard question to answer as I love both equally. Mmmmmm good!

  20. Candice says:

    I think I’ll have to choose tabbouleh! I make mine with hemp seeds in place of the bulghur wheat. Although – a great raw cashew hummus is tasty also. But parsley is so healthy. And thanks, Abakash, for the Tahini recipe! Now I just need the proportions for the ingredients in the falafel recipe!

  21. jackie says:

    I like both equally. Tabbuli made from a good, traditional Turkey is so yummy and tastes different from most of the store bought or restaurant made ones. It just depends where you get it from or if you make it yourself. I like some hummus’ better than others, too.
    I’d love the falafel recipe as well…
    P.S. I’ve taken maca mostly in smoothies, just dumping in probably 2 Tbsp. or so and have never noticed any difference.

  22. jackie says:

    Oops…by Turkey I mean Turkish recipe. LOL

  23. Dani says:

    Hummus for sure, but I also love baba ganoush! I’d like to learn how to do that one raw.

  24. i just had Tabouli tonight for dinner with hummus. I make a pretty fabulous tabouli. Its so easy to make. Chop up 1 bunch of parsley, toss in some tomatoes, mint, green onion, some lemon and olive oil, salt and pepper, cumin, and i love to add walnuts and pine nuts. Oh and add some soaked and then sieved bulgher. Whoops almost forgot the cucumbers and some minced garlic and whew that is some yummy tabouli!

  25. Frank Giglio says:

    Greek Mama’s Falafels
    · 3 cups almonds, soaked overnight, strained and rinse well.
    ·1?2 cup sesame seeds, soaked overnight, strained and rinse well.
    · 2 cloves garlic
    Roughly grind top 3 ingredients. Add:
    ·1?4 cup olives
    · 2T cumin, ground
    · 2t paprika
    · 1T crystal salt
    · 2t oregano
    · 1t garlic powder
    ·1?4 cup lemon juice
    ·1?4 cup olive oil
    Blend well, using rubber spatula to help mixture blend. A water as needed to create a thick paste like mixture.
    ·1?2 cup spring water(adjust as needed)
    Remove from processor, place in a large mixing bowl and add:
    ·1?4 cup each parsley and cilantro, chopped ·1?2 cup chia seeds, ground
    Use a ice cream scooper to create falafels. Place on a dehydrator screen. At 115, dehydrate overnight 12-14 hours. The finished falafels should be crisp on the outside, but soft on the inside. Serve with “sour cream” dressing.

  26. chickpea says:

    is there any grain free tabule? do you use chickpeas for hummus? and raw tahini? Are there raw chickpeas or wild chickpeas? are domesticated chickpeas unhelthy?

  27. Dee says:

    Hummus, love it. Great recipe.

  28. Jan says:

    I love hummus and tabbouleh on pita bread!

  29. Marie1225 says:

    Really, that’s not a fair question. they are two completely different animals, and I love them both. I actually love to mix them. Mediterranean food is my favorite, then Mexican is second.

  30. Nihacc says:

    I love hummus! 😀

  31. Ry Vita Phi says:

    Ive had falafel in europe in kebabs and they were so good…Id love to have something similar but thats way to much fat…I wonder if quinoa could be used to make something similar…

  32. Luetta says:

    I have to say hummus! I make a mean hummus from a recipe I got on Dr. Josh Axe’s website. He is not a “raw” per se person, but some of his recipes are great. Thank you for this falafel recipe. One question, what is a great dehydrator and what features should you look for when purchasing a dehydrator? Are there any dehydrators that don’t require electricity? Thank you again!!

  33. Ashley says:

    Both! Tabouli made with sprouted Quinoa (instead of Wheat for my gluten free comrades) with a hummus spread and wrapped inside a vegetable wrapper (like a faux pita). Dehydrating fun for sure!

  34. Marie1225 says:

    To #26 Chickpea: You could use quinoa for the tabbouleh. I was thinking about doing that myself.

    To 32 Luetta: I don’t have one yet, but the dehydrator to get is an Excalibur.

  35. Jennifer says:

    Great inspiration thanks

    I like the flavours and the ease of the method, whizzing it up in the food processor.

    However, I definitely couldnt handle those multiple fats: almonds, sesame, oilve oil and chia. Its quite heavy and indigestible, especially to eat this way on an ongoing basis.

    I’d prefer to see sprouted chickpeas used, and will have a try at a version, I will use the herbs and spices used here.

    Blessings of love and health

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