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The first salad after the flush… so good. (What did you expect? Pics of the toilet? LOL!)

Today, as promised, I’m going to share my liver and gallbladder flush experience with you…

Like I said in Monday’s post (here), I was convinced after my interview with Andreas Moritz to try this cleanse since I have had a history of liver abuse. 😉

In the past, I had some strong views about the liver-gallbladder flush.

The two most prevalent are/were these:

1. The “stones” that you excrete during the cleanse can’t really be stones. There’s not enough room in your liver and gallbladder to store them.

2. If my cholesterol was low (in the past), why would I want to excrete more bile and cholesterol?

I’ll address the first concern, now post-flush at the end of my flushing timeline here. The second concern, which I feel more important, does not apply to me any more since I have raised my cholesterol levels to right around 150.

Regardless, I realize that this is a relatively benign process and I understand completely that overstimulating the liver and gallbladder can cause a release of bile that may be helpful to people who have sluggish digestion, liver build up, gallbladder attacks, skin issues and other challenges.

This is why I decided to do it.

In this article, I’m going to break down the flush that I did so you can see just how it transpired – my hope is to inspire you to take action on your health as well as dispel some of the myths about the flush being an awful experience.

Let’s get going…

Wednesday, April 27th – 11:00 AM: Interview with Andreas Moritz.

I was excited to do an interview with Andreas (author of The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush), because I had some specific questions about the liver gallbladder flush including the question about the materials being excreted during the cleanse and if they really were “stones.”

I had no intention at the time to do this cleanse.

Wed. April 27th – 11:57 AM: Decide to do a liver and gallbladder flush.

I’m still not fully convinced by Andreas that the body is storing all of these pre-formed “stones” in the liver and gallbladder, but I am convinced that if you overstimulate your liver and gallbladder you can create a cleansing effect.

I decide that if I do a cleanse like this, it may help further my quest for even better digestion and better skin.

But first I need to get the exact protocol together so I search the bookshelf to reference my Amazing Liver and Gallbladder flush book to get the cleanse right.

I don’t have it with me in Berkeley, so I do a Google search and the protocol comes up on thousands of sites.

Wed. April 27th – 2:35 PM: When to do it?

In the book (I remember) as well as the Internet, Andreas explains that you might want to do the flush on a weekend because it isn’t exactly pleasant.

I wasn’t thrilled about ruining a weekend with diarrhea and Epsom salt cocktails, so I figured ruining a weekday would be better.

I decide to do the cleanse on Thursday night.

I realize a challenge that I do face, is that I haven’t been drinking apple juice (as outlined in the book) for 6 days.

I would only have a chance to have about a day and a half of it if I started on Thursday.

Based on my clean bill of health for the last almost decade and my clean diet, I decide that if I load up on apple juice in the next 36 hours, I’ll be OK.

At least, I hope I’ll be OK.

I spend the rest of the day working.

Wed. April 27th – 9:36 PM: At Whole Foods.

At this time, Whole Foods is the only place open to buy what I need for the cleanse.

(Work ran a little longer than expected.)

I wonder where I’ll find Epsom Salts since I’ve never bought them before. I also don’t want to ask the woman in the supplement department because I’m still queasy about expelling stones and the whole process. I decide it’s best to keep it to myself and search around.

I find Epsom Salts fairly easily in the supplement and bath section, get about 6 grapefruits, and grab a 16 oz bottle of olive oil.

Total cost about $18.00.

Wed. April 27th – 11:15 PM: Kev’s at it again.

Annmarie comes home from a friend’s house, looks at the counter and says, “what the heck are you up to now?!”

[On to the next day]

Thurs. April 28th – 1:45 PM: Eat lunch later than I should have.

I’m not supposed to eat after 1:00 PM, but I got caught up putting together the second half of the Howard Lyman interview on the blog.

I get a salad from an awesome place here in Berkeley called Venus.

Thurs. April 28th – 3:30 PM: Mixing the Epsom salts and water.

As I’m mixing 4 tablespoons with 24 ounces of water, I’m wondering – based on some of the accounts of the flush – why on earth I would want to voluntarily spend a day on the toilet.

I decide that the reward of even greater health is far better than a day of agony (if that was even the case.)

Thurs. April 28th – 3:32 PM: I ask Annmarie how her experience was when she did the flush.

She reminds me it was awful.

Thurs. April 28th – 3:32:13 PM: Questioning.

I question my decision again.

Thurs. April 28th – 3:41 PM: Leave to go for a run with a friend on the Bay.

I wonder if running before the cleanse is a good idea, but I figure as long as I drink a lot of water it will start the detoxification process nicely.

Thurs. April 28th – 5:41 PM: I can’t wait.

I know I’m supposed to drink 6 oz of the Epsom Salts at 6:00, but I want to get on with it.

So I drink 6 oz of the mixture.

It doesn’t taste as bad as some have said it would. In fact, after the initial bitterness, it tastes sweet.

Thurs. April 28th – 7:58 PM: Back on schedule.

I drink 6 oz of Epsom Salts.

Tastes the same as it did last time.

I am getting hungry now.

I tell Annmarie, I’m just going to eat and forget about the whole thing.

She knows I’m half joking, but tells me I can’t back out now.

She’s right.

Thurs. April 28th – 9:30 PM: Teamwork!

Annmarie is kind enough to juice the grapefruits for me.

I realize I only needed two, not the 6 that I bought.

I also have a small headache. Likely because I went for a run.

I drink some extra water.

Thurs. April 28th – 9:47 PM: Bedtime.

I get ready for bed.

You’re supposed to lie down immediately after drinking the olive oil and grapefruit mixture, so I get ready for bed.

I know that if I don’t get ready for bed before I drink it, I probably would check email one more time (which is not a 2 minute event) and do other things that are not allowed in the protocol.

Thurs. April 28th – 10:01 PM: Almost on time.

I mix 5 oz of grapefruit juice with 5 ounces of olive oil.

The book says 4 ounces of each, but I figure I’m not an average sized person, so a little more won’t hurt and may even be a little more effective. (I have no data to support this, just a hunch.)

I use a whisk to turn the mixture into a creamy texture and ask Annmarie what it tastes like so I can be prepared.

She tells me that it’s just like salad dressing.

I slug it down.

Tastes like salad dressing.

Thurs. April 28th – 10:02 PM: Not tired, but…

I lie down.

Thurs. April 28th – 10:04 PM: My stomach starts to gurgle.

It doesn’t like 10 oz of salad dressing.

Thurs. April 28th – Maybe 10:15 PM: Nighty, night.

I fall asleep.

Friday, April 29th – Somewhere around 3:00 AM: A weird pinching.

I wake up.

I know it’s about 3:00 or so because the cat is asleep, the room is still dark and I’m still tired.

Just underneath the bottom of my rib cage on my right side, I feel a pretty strong pinching sensation.

This is right where my liver and gallbladder are, so I assume this is the liver or gallbladder (or both) working to push out as much bile as possible.

It doesn’t hurt, it actually feels pretty good, because – again – I assume that the flush is really flushing.

[Between 3:00 and 6:00, I wake up frequently.]

Fri. April 29th – 6:38 AM: First morning drink.

I get up to use the bathroom (only #1) and drink the third 6 oz of Epsom Salts and water.

I’m really tired. I realize that I didn’t sleep well at all.

Instead of getting up, I decide to get back to sleep.

Fri. April 29th – 8:49 AM: Second morning drink.

I get up again two hours later (I set an alarm) and drink the final 6 oz of Epsom salts.

No indication that I have to use the bathroom yet – except to pee.

Against my previously planned work schedule, I lay back down and fall asleep again.

[NOTE: This is where it gets a little graphic, but not so bad… I’ve kept it pretty tame. LOL!]

Fri. April 29th – 10:37 AM: First #2.

Finally, I feel like I have to use the bathroom.

I grab my iPhone so I can play Sudoku while I’m on the throne.

I play two easy games and I’m done.

For those of you who aren’t aware of the process, when you #2 the day after, you are supposed to pass greenish, floating stones that are presumably gallstones and bile that has been sitting in your liver clogging it up.

Some people only pass a few, while others pass “thousands.”

I was hoping to see a bunch, but when I examined everything, I only saw 3-5 stones floating. Not spectacular, but promising.

I anticipate more the next time.

I also decide that I won’t take pictures and post them on the blog as I was originally planning.

Fri. April 29th – 1:12 PM: Second #2.

I opted to not do an enema to get everything moving.

This is recommended so the “toxins” from the cleanse won’t be absorbed back into your body.

Again, I understand what is being said here, but at the same time as long as there is transit (and believe me there was) the absorption would be minimal.

This time, I play 4-5 games of Sudoku and it becomes very evident to me that Epsom salts really do their job.

I’m excited again to examine my flush, but find that there are only a dozen or so “stones.”

Fri. April 29th – 1:43: Lunch time.

I’m super hungry.

I haven’t eaten anything besides 10 oz of olive oil and grapefruit salad dressing in the last 15 hours or so.

I make a quick salad.

The salad dressing: None.

Fri. April 29th – 2:50 PM: Back playing Sudoku.

This time again I pass about two dozen or so stones.

Fri. April 29th – 3:05 PM: I take a nap.

This process has worn me down. I’ve been making sure to drink lots of water, but I the lack of sleep, diarrhea and bodily stress this flush caused a little bit of a headache (again).

I wonder if exercising before the cleanse yesterday was a good idea.

Anyway, I decide it’s in my best interest to take a nap.

Fri. April 29th – 6:21: Final round of Sudoku.

This round was shorter and it seems like everything is out.

The flush seems to be over with very little fanfare and fireworks.

I’m happy it wasn’t too much of a crazy adventure (it would have made a better story,) but I’m also happy it was pretty easy.

[Next day]

Sat. April 30th – 8:10: Confirmed.

After a morning juice, I use the bathroom and confirm no stones and officially end my cleanse and this journal.

Total Stones: 4 dozen (+ or -)
Total Bathroom Trips: 5 Rounds
Clean Liver: …


Of course, I’m not going to leave you with just a journal account of the experience. I want to share with you some wisdom I learned from doing the cleanse myself that ranges from tips to thoughts about the protocol.

Here they are:

1. If you’re going to do a flush, do it on a day off.

You don’t want to leave the house when you’re flushing.

Have someone be around to support you and don’t even think about going to work unless you’re really close to your officemates – like married to them.

2. Not as bad as I thought.

Based on Annmarie’s experience, I thought the liver and gallbladder flush was going to be awful.

Annmarie was up all night, had pains in her stomach and was miserable the entire next day.

This shows me that clearly everyone will have a different experience.

I’ve heard similar things from others. Some have a good experience, others do not.

There’s a lot of speculation that I could make as to why this happens, but I’m going to leave this for someone else to figure out.

I just don’t know.

I don’t know why, and I definitely can’t tell you which experience you’ll have.

(Be sure to check with a practitioner if you decide you want to do it.)

3. Don’t exercise before you drink the salts.

I knew when I was going out to exercise it wasn’t a good idea.

I fought my intuition here and it beat me up.

My headache wasn’t that bad, but it was a headache that I didn’t need to have.

4. Do it again if you feel like you didn’t cleanse.

I will do this again.

I don’t necessarily feel that I didn’t cleanse – the feeling in my side was evidence that something was doing something – I just want to make sure I do a few rounds of this before I make any further decision about the protocol.

Andreas recommends (depending on your situation) that you start with a few every month or so, then do a maintenance flush once or twice a year.

I think this is reasonable.

5. I still am not convinced that all the “stones” are stones or even all bile.

Even after listening to Andreas explain the “stones” and seeing my own, I’m still not convinced that they’re all stones that have been stored in the liver and gallbladder.

Based on what I’ve read – and short of sending them off for lab testing – I’m convinced that they’re a mixture of oil, citrus and bile.

The good news for those that support the cleanse is regardless of what they are, there is a cleansing effect that is brought on by the excessive release of bile.

Also, there MAY be real stones excreted. If you over stimulate the liver and gallbladder and it is holding stones, then you may excrete them. This is why the Epsom salts and apple treatment is important in the beginning – to soften the ducts and any stones.

Unfortunately, these stones will not float and you likely wouldn’t see them unless you deeply examined what was coming out of you.

6. Did it work?

This is a challenging question.

Did everything happen as the book said they would?


Did it transform my health?

I don’t know yet.

I don’t have a serious health issue that could have been helped immediately by this cleanse, so I may never know.

I’ve heard many fantastic stories of gallbladder attacks ending after doing this cleanse.

I’ve also heard stories of skin clearing up and other digestive issues getting better.

This to me seems like at the very least some real success.

As for you, it’s up to you and a trusted health practitioner to guide you through the process (if you even need it at all.)

So back to my experience, I’ll be monitoring my skin and my digestion to tell you if I notice anything of note.

My guess is that I won’t see anything dramatic because health is a cumulative effect of all the things you do.

So it likely the flush may have helped, but it’s only one part of the puzzle.

I also will repeat the flush when we return from Peru in late June.

For those who have more serious issues that this may help alleviate, I’d like to hear your stories, since that will help me be more sure of my thoughts around this protocol.

If you’re interested in trying this or you want more information on the liver and gallbladder flush, please listen to the interview I did with Andreas Moritz, he clarifies many things I didn’t discuss. You can see that here:

I want to know your thoughts: Did you like this type of diary? If so, what else do you want me to try? LOL!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Jackie Cresswell says:

    Is there anything else you can use then apples? I’m allergic to them?

  2. Jane Gudge says:

    loved it kevin!.. i sailed through my liver flush rather like you,
    a lot of good health is in approach and attitude
    i reckon we are extremely fortunate to have your excellent enquiring approach
    thankyou for being such a tonic

  3. Rebecca says:

    I have The Detox Book by Bruce Fife. He also has a liver flush. The only different thing he states is that you should take 4 L-ornithine capsules after the olive oil/grapefruit juice to help you sleep better. I plan on doing a liver flush for myself next week. I’m hoping it will help my skin tone become more pink and less yellow.

  4. Luli says:

    Thanks for the post! A friend of mine did this and I’m convinced it’s pretty much how you describe it mostly salts, olive oil, etc. If you do have gall stones, they’ll come out in the stimulation of the gall bladder and you’ll do well after. But *that* much build of stones like my friend described would be painful in the same way that the stones distress the individuals who have them.

    I’d probably opt to do something a bit less dramatic now that you’ve described your experience just to have a cleanse.

  5. Lexie says:

    You rock! (no pun intended – lol). Thanks for taking on this adventure and sharing the details via “diary-style”. I definitely have a “try everything once” attitude – but have to go into it fully researched and hopefully with some hands-on experience from trusted resources. So thanks for documenting your flush…very helpful and informative. Not sure what you can try next…maybe the “92 Day Juice Feast” 😉

  6. Beth says:

    I enjoyed reading your diary/journal on the liver & gallblader flush.
    Haven’t tried it myself yet, but I want to. Just have to find a “day off” to do it on. Currently working 7 days a week, so it may be a while.

  7. Karen says:

    It is so awesome for you to share all this with us. We’re so lucky to have you, Kevin. THANKS!!

  8. Jaime Andrews says:

    Yay….good for you! I also have had a phone consult with Andreas….he is wonderful and he believes in the power of flushing out the liver. I do too. I spent 10 years helping people detoxify there precious bodies…..i did start to see that there is a huge correlation between clean eating and liver flushing and the health of the body! Most of my clients would come and spend two days in my detox spa where I would guide them through a liver flush or liver bomb cleanse as i called it! they spent over and received a colonic the night before and a colonic the next morning….plus i put together all the cocktails and the warm fuzzy white robes and slippers help the experience. I believe a colonic would have helped fight off your head…fyi for your next one 🙂 plus you then get to see all your stones going by and it mimimizes all those runs to the potty and rounds of sudoku…..:) very proud of you but next time add the stone pictures….people love to see stuff like that….. 🙂

    in health and happiness-
    jaime andrews

  9. Coco says:

    I enjoyed reading your report and was particularly happy that it wasn’t one of those gushy “OMG This is THE most amazing miracle cure EVER!” type of thing if you know what I mean. That sort of review of anything is so unbelievable.
    I’m curious about doing a flush myself but anticipate similar results to yours. After a life time of moderate living I’m not sure it would be dramatic or necessary for me. And finding a day off from kids is impossible, lol. So we shall see.
    Have you ever tried The Master Cleanse? It kicked my butt.
    Thanks for the experiment and the write up.

  10. Kathy says:

    I’m wondering if this flush is safe for those who have had pancreas issues, a fatty liver, gallstones and a history of stomachaches??

  11. lori says:

    Your assessment of what the little green stones are made of makes a lot of sense to me. Please keep us posted if your acne clears up even more. If it does, then I am motivated to do this cleanse myself.

  12. He Kevin,
    Sorry but you are a little young to have eanought health issues to realize the benefits in a dramatic way… And sence you got results you are supposed to do cleanses until there are no more stones. If you would complete the protocol you might have a more rounded opinion… And I have found that I prefer to get up at 1 am and take a few oxypowder instead of the last two doses of Epsom salts


    PS please continue the flushes until you have no more stones because your appraisal so far might discourage people who really need it …if you understand the benefits you will help a lot of people ……

  13. jim says:

    My results from my first flush were about the same.By the time you do your 3rd or 4th flush you will have more stones flushed out. JIM

  14. Hey. I really thought this was fascinating reading. My sister has problems with her bowels and I think this would benefit her tremendously. She was told she has low levels of chlorine in her intestine and that is why she suffers from blockage. I have tried to talk to her about water enema use – don’t know how successful I have been. I definitely see the benefits of doing something like this periodically. I like the journal format. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. David Stretanski says:

    Congrats on the flush and thanks for posting.

    You skimped on the most important part – the 6 days of apple juice. Apples have malic acid which loosens the stones in the liver. The more days you use the apple juice, the greater the flush. Also try to limit fat during those 6 days or at least the last 2 days. You want the liver contents softened and ready to purge due to excess bile due to low fat diet.

    Hope you decide to do it again. I think you will be amazed at the results with the full approach.


  16. Janet says:

    OMG! ROFL. This was hilarious. I literally busted out laughing at the mere number of games of Suduko you played, as an avid player myself I can appreciate the length of time it took, even if they were on the “easy” scale. If they were on the harder scale, well then, your throne was nice and warmed up!! I think you’re fabulous, Kevin, and thanks so much for sharing your experience. I think because you were so healthy to begin with, it was as enjoyable an experience as something like this could be and one I’m sure your body will thank you for. One question I am VERY curious about is, can you do this if you don’t have a gall bladder? On a final note, the diary style is GREAT! You are a terrific writer. As an aside, have you considered making a pitch to put a show on OWN? I’d certainly be watching every day! Health and wealth to you both.

    P.S. Tell Annmarie, Happy Mother’s Day (you have a son, don’t you?). If not, then I know she’s a good mommy to your cat!

  17. Rhianna says:

    I had a similar experience to Kevin with the flush, although I did do the recommended amounts of apple juice for the recommended days. I experienced a bit of tiredness and some emotional release. But my skin still breaks out with my cycle and I still have digestive problems. I eat mostly raw foods and have repeated this flush several times per year, along with periodic, gentle colon cleansing and a parasite cleanse. It seems I am not getting at the root of my issues this way. I find that homeopathy is more effective with restoring my sense of well-being than cleansing through physical methods. Cleansing does has its benefits, however, it is not curative in my experience. The homeopathic remedies can change the energetic frequency of one’s organism.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Hmmmm, is there anyway to do a half-assed sort of cleanse? I don’t think I could go through all that…

  19. Pauletta says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I have been thinking about doing such a cleanse for a few month now. I am though a little worried of what happens if a big “stone” gets stuck, and therefore I haven’t dared trying it.

  20. Barbara says:

    Thank you, Kevin, for the play by play. I did enjoy that format,as I have wondered for years exactly how the flush would go. I appreciated your logging it for us.

    I have a rather large gall stone that was seen on an MRI, and I am therefore rather hesitant to do a flush fearing that the stone will get stuck somewhere or do me some unknown harm. I don’t want surgery on my gall bladder, so I wondered if you have any insight for this situation.

    Thanks again!

  21. karin says:

    I’ve done Dr. Schuzle’s liver cleanse. It is much tamer and does not wake you up at night. I think is easier on your body and builds your body up during the cleanse. All that salt cannot be good for you!

  22. karin says:

    Sorry, I spelled his name wrong- Dr. Schulze the herb doc at herbdoc.org

  23. Darlene says:

    Great job Kev! I always like to know what other people experience when they do these types of things.

    One question though – is it safe to do if you have cancer and are taking hormone therapy? Can you find out for me please and thank you?

  24. Pamela Pollock says:

    loved reading your flush diary kevin! you are a health superstar and very funny too!

  25. Kelly says:

    Loved reading your flush diary. I did one last November almost the same experience but did the apple juice for 6 days, ugh! that was too much sweet but 300+ stones for first flush and I felt like you had during it, so really not bad. BUT..3 days later I did an intense exercise session at the gym and I am immediately congested and sneezing for 2 days. Never happened before the flush and now it happens after intense exercise, cooling down more slowly helps tremedously. But I bring this up because in Moritz’s book he stressed to do the flushes monthly until you are no longer seeing the stones. In my case I think I stired up something or blocked some of the ducts, really no idea here, but the extreme congestion has to be tied to the flush, so I will definitely be doing more of them and probably one next week to see if I can get over these episodes of congestion. Just wanted to share this for those considering doing one. So I guess I get to play a lot of Sudoku soon!

  26. JC says:

    What I really want to know is, how good are you at Sudoku? It takes me 12 – 18 minutes to complete an “Easy” puzzle. Depending upon the author’s definition of Easy. So, 30 minutes for two?

  27. Lola says:

    Thanks for the description of your experience, Kevin. I’ve often heard of cleanses like this, but never knew enough about them to try one on my own. Appreciate the step by step direction. Always enjoy the blogs so was eager to read what others say about the topic at hand. When I got to Jennifer’s comment (#7) I burst out laughing and got a stomach ache from all the hilarity. Perhaps many of us would like to “test the waters” by starting with just a toe-dip in the pool, so to speak, but that’s probably not a good idea…or at least not as effective. Thanks, Kevin, for the info and the wonderful belly-laugh for the day, Jennifer!

  28. Patricia says:

    Good for you Kevin, taking on a liver flush.
    I am in my 60s and have done 8 liver flushes and they have all gone extremly well. There were some things I did that was a bit different than you did but basically it was very much like the one you did. I did Dr. Hulda Clarks protocol exactly as she stated.
    (about 8 years ago)
    I got hundred of “stones” out. She explains what they are made of and how they are formed. She also expains why and how one can have some unplesant experiences doing the flush (like Annmarie did)and how not to have them. She points out that you can do as many as you want but always wait at least 2 weeks between the flushes. I also did her Kidney cleanse, and parasite cleanse. I think all the cleanses helped my husband and I at the time. Dr. Clarks bowel program cured my husband of ulcerative colitis that he had had for years. We were taking each organ at a time and cleaning them out LOL. We are in our late 60s now and doing Dr. Esselstyn’s program to clean out the arteries. We have been on it for 2 1/2 years and test show we are doing very well on it. I think it is important to learn all you can about your body. After all it is your body and no one cares as much about it as you do. Keep up the good work. I have learned bunches from you and bought the Dr. Williams Learn how to read your own blood test. I really like what he had to say about EFAs. Thanks for all you do.

  29. Norman says:

    I have managed to keep my red blood cells completely oxygenated for several years now, and my red blood cell’s are round, red in color, and freely and individually flow through the venus system, as they were meant to do. This also allows them to carry the prodigious amounts of nutrients, and of course oxygen to all the cells of the body, without which, we cannot possibly be healthy. I would like to see this confirmed. Kevin, I would be happy to send you the trial material, (no charge) and if you would like to have your own red blood cells checked before you start and again after you have finished (approximately 30 days) I would be delighted to hear about the success or otherwise of this protocol.
    Thank you for the comments on the liver cleanse, I will definitely be doing this when I return to my base.


  30. Kev, congrats on the personal lab experiment (he he). The first cleanse you will not see too much as I understand. It takes a few more to really clean out everything inside. You need to repeat the process until you don’t see anymore stones. Kind of like doing 5 sit ups with the expectation of receiving washboard abs lol! You need to keep doing it until you have the proper final result. Not criticizing here, just sharing that you have to continue doing the cleanse repeating it until you do not see anymore stones. That is how it is supposed to be done. Otherwise you have only hit the tip of the iceberg. Not really completed the whole process. But you do share you will do another one after your trip in June so please give us details again from your next experience. Your sharing helps many on their journey. The bravery of one helps others to be brave also. Thanks for being the guinea pig. Truly. Some people have to do 8 or 10 cleanses in order to complete the process properly. I would suggest to make the commitment fully for those who are thinking of starting this. Just a thought to share 🙂 I believe Andreas shares that about the cleanse in your interview. That it is not just a one time thing but you must keep going until you don’t see anymore stones and that could be months of repeating the process. Keep on keepin’ on. Peace. And Kudos for you Kev. Oh yes, another thing I wanted to share, get the edible epsom salts instead of the bath ones. There is a difference if you ask at the health food store. Just for those who are starting this … good tip. Love, blessings and light.

  31. jasmine says:

    Kevin, it would be totally amazing if you could get your next stones analyzed – WOW. Thanks for sharing with us.

  32. gina says:

    Well thanks for the details…lol
    I am going on my 12th liver flush using andreas Moritz method.
    I will give you a a few hints that I have found myself to be helpful…

    first as stated in the book on the night of the flush if you dont eliminate by 9:30pm or so you need to do an enema or wait a little bit longer until you do have a bowl movement because you will get nausious and feel horrible, 2 times I took the oil anyway even tough I had no bolw movement and it was horrible..
    I had night sweats, nausua and one time I forces myself to vomit… and even though I vomitted most of the oil and grapefruit I still had stones come out..

    Next – I cannot afford that many organic apples and I refuse to juice non organic apples -nor do I want to drink pasturized apple juice its just gross.. so I opted to use edens or braggs apple cider vineger which you can use like 4-6 tablespoons in 24 – 32 oz of water after a few flushes like that I opted to drink the apple cider vinegar strait from the tablespoon (I like the taste better than trying to drink it diluted with all that water.

    After 9 flushes with not that many stones all small sizes (maybe hundreds on each flush)

    The 10th and 11th were big one for me the stones were bigger and I elliminated a lot more stones and I see my skin clearing up finally, and feeling much different!
    So I’m headed for the 12th consective flush on the 13th or 14th of this month.. I have been doing them once a month without fail..

    Oh and by the way you really only need one day off to use the bathroom… for hours

    Also I sometimes start to feel hungry and want to give up and eat BUT I dont I drink all different kinds of organic herbal teas to get me thru it and it works for me…before you know it its the next day and over
    I never asked if this would hinder my results but maybe you can ask andreas..

    One more thing I do add a squeeze of lemon to the epsom salt.. its not bad at all.. I love lemon so adding lemon to anything makes it better for me.

    The only thing I have never done was taken any pictures or saved any stones– Not yet anyway

  33. Samantha says:

    Lovely Kevin and Anne-Marie,

    I Love that you are going back to Peru! A land full of wonder and shamanic magick……


  34. gina says:

    Oh about the flush I forgot to add.. you really want to get a good olive oil that works good for you.. I have tried a bunch and finally found one that does not leave an after taste and goes down and works smoothly!!
    I have also done jubbs gallbladder cleanse which I love also (you just need more time)
    is not as convenient as Andreas cleanse is..
    Andreas is more functional for people who are pretty busy work a lot of hours
    If you ever have the time try David and Annie Jubbs cleanse.. great food/drinks

  35. Heather says:

    First of all, I think you & Ann Marie are GREAT!! I love it that you’re out there doing what you do! It bothers me though that you didn’t quite do the cleanse exactly as it is in the book… I think that your experience would have been different had you done an enema or colonic before hand and after and had taken the time to prepare the liver for the 6 days before starting the actual flush.(alot actually happens in those 6 days leading up to the flush, you may even get stones out) The only reason I am even saying this is because being who you are and what you’ve created online. I feel you have a responsibility to your public and to your colleages to respect these protocols (for anything you decide to “test” or “try” for the very first time) Andreas Moritz writes in his book over and over the importance of doing the flush exactly! He is very specific about the amounts! Ex: you say it’s supposed to be 4/4 of juice and oil. Actually he says 6 ounces of juice and 4 of oil. And he doesn’t recommend a few flushes per month as you say in your article, He says ONE every 3 weeks or so, depending on your situation. The truth is you have been clean and healthy for a long time but most of your followers are looking to you as an example of healing and what they can have eventually… What does it say to them when YOU can’t be bothered to follow the directions! Then everyone gets the idea that these things don’t really matter and they all do it half-assed! so, I ask you, implore you to please pay more attention because you make a big impact!! You are AWESOME!! I’m sorry if I am a little too technical. I just really do respect all these guys that are out there making such a difference, like Andreas. His books are amazing really full of so much information on healing & the body. In his original flush book he really leaves no stone unturned on the subject! Thanks to both of you for all that you do!! ML, Heather

  36. Kuru says:

    The diary was great; thanks for all the details. I hope you keep doing them until no more stones.

    All 4 cleanses have been different for me. One of my favorite memories is late in the afternoon I could feel the heat coming back into my body starting at my feet and coming up. My energy was back, I was alive and well again, better than before! I understand the first stones are the ones that are in the ducts, and it takes a few flushes to really get into the GB.

  37. Jennifer says:

    I think it’s a pity you didn’t get the stones analysed at a lab. I agree too, I think the stones are probably mostly oil & citrus. This flush is very popular where I live at the moment. I’m not sure it’s really necessary for those on healthy vegan diets. Oil is very fatty. Fat plays with hormones etc etc.

  38. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the post (and double thanks for not taking any potty shots). Wish I had known about this as an option. I had my gall bladder out a few years back – but had undiagnosed attacks for years. Glad to on the quest for better health now. THANK YOU!

  39. Anne says:

    Thanks Kevin,

    I’m considering doing this and happy to see that you didn’t have to take 5-6 days of apple juice as I might want to pass on that. I’d be happier to take apple cider vinegar and/or malic acid.
    I’ve never heard of the edible epson salts so will be looking for that. If I understood well, you aren’t supposed to eat from 1pm on the day you plan to do the flush (that night). However I haven’t understood if you can eat or have veggie juice the next day. I see you ate a salad with no dressing but are there restrictions?

    Thanks again for sharing.

  40. Janet says:

    Glad you found this easy. After doing this flush several times about 4 or so years ago, I will never do it again. The Epsom salts make me so sick and I had diarrhea for days. It puts me out of commission at work and I can’t have that – I am way to busy – and way to busy at home too. Down at the Koyfman Institute in GA, they do a liver cleanse, similar but NO Epsom salts and you do some other things too. Dr. Koyfman said that doing the Epsom salts actually causes food matter to stick to the walls of your intestines and causes more problems later on. He said that you actually should do an Intestinal cleanse on the morning that you woke up from the Liver/Gall Bladder cleanse to flush out more stones. I did a full body cleanse at his Institute and it was great. I didn’t get sick, I felt better, and my test results from other doctor’s later showed how beneficial my cleanses were. Dr. Moritz is using the old way of doing this cleanse. The method he is using needs to be updated.

  41. Lynn says:

    LLLOOOOLLL. I was hysterically laughing at your diary! But thanks for your courage and information. I am trying to rally courage myself for some initial cleanses. Good to know I am not the only one with doubts and fears…..

  42. Tonya says:

    Great idea and great job of journaling for us….very imformative!! Need pics!!

  43. Laura says:

    Kevin, do not play with your health and do the enema. It is important. Or do really want toxins being reabsorbed again in your blood stream? Your intestines are not a straight brand-new pipe, they have corners and so, so remove the stones.

    I have done the cleanse like 10 times, monthly. Then I stopped. Now with an oily salad the day before and apple juice i get some stones already.

    Those 10 times were ok. At the end I was listening to my body and drinking as much olive oil + grapefruit juice my body wanted. I had the 2 liquids in 2 glasses by the bed, and I was drinking a sip of oil, then a sip of juice, then a sip of oil and so on until I couldn’t anymore. And every-time after the cleanse I had memories and dreams about some sad situation in my childhood I had completely forgotten. I cried about those memories for some days, forgive myself and whoever I needed to forgive and move on until next cleanse.

  44. Joan says:

    I have done this cleanse 3 times, following his instructions carefully but still not sure if I accomplished anything! I have no serious issues and didn’t notice any changes in the way I feel, just thought I was doing something beneficial….thanks for sharing, Kevin!

  45. Faye says:

    Thanks for sharing Kevin. Very helpful.
    I have a question for Janet. You mentioned that Dr. Koyfman doesn’t use Epsom Salts and I am wondering what he uses in his flush. I currently live in China and am not sure I can find Epsom Salts here. I was very thankful to read about the fact that there are 2 different kinds of of Salts…one for bathing and one for digesting. I think perhaps the Chinese are not into the digestible kind! So I am wondering about an alternative method. I looked up Dr. Koyfman and he has books but they’re all sold from his office. I downloaded Dr. Moritz book on Amazon to my Kindle for only $9.99 and have already read most of it. Thanks to everyone for you comments. I always learn a lot from everyone. 🙂

  46. Kev,

    You RAWK!

    I truly appreciate the blow by blow that resulted in lots of laughter on my end. The diary style of accounts made it easy to follow and takes away some of the anticipation for my first time of trying this, which will be the 19th and 20th after I come back from a short meditation vacation in Sedona.

    Once again thanks for the education in the form of comedy, I enjoyed it.

  47. Brenda says:

    For those who are concerned about too much salt………..epsom salts are magnesium sulfate. Magnesium helps you to eliminate.

  48. Jean says:

    A big Thanks, Kevin, for your detailed dairy with the time sequences! I’ve got my grapefruit all lined up, so will make the dive in a few days when I’m off work.

    A friend of mine who has done the flush, uses grape-
    fruit juice in place of epsom salts, drinking a cup each day for 2 days prior, then the “evening of”, doing the oil & grapefruit juice, lying down on the right side for 15 min, then drinking another cup of grapefruit juice, then going to sleep.

    Sounds like one needs to vary the procedure to find the right fit!
    Blessings, Jean

  49. Steve says:

    Kevin –

    I’ve done several of these flushes over the years and had similar results as yours . . . even the headache that you experienced.

    Sometimes when I do a water fast, I also get a headache, and have been told that headaches might be part of the cleansing process.

    You probably have been on such a clean diet that you didn’t have that much to clear out of your liver & gall bladder.

    Good to hear that you plan on doing it again.

    It may be a whole different experience for you next time around.

  50. Erika says:

    I truly appreciate you being so detailed about this cleanse. I have the book but I haven’t done it yet. It is sort of in the back of my mind to do this but I just don’t want to jump into it although my diet is pretty clean. I read that before doing this you may want to be on a “liver cleansing diet” first in order to prepare yourself. I guess a mostly raw vegan diet (without too many nuts and seeds) is already a liver cleansing diet on it self. You have definitely motivated me. Thanks Kevin

  51. jackie says:

    Kevin, your diary was great…very entertaining and informative. I probably should do some form of liver flush; just not sure which one yet. Actually, you might want to do your next flush with a different procedure, like Dr. Koyfman’s or the Jubbs cleanse, or whatever suggested above. Then you could compare it to the one you just did; and it might help us figure out which one to do. 🙂

  52. Nancy says:

    This was great, Kevin! Thanks for this first hand account.

  53. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for sharing, Kevin! I have a few thoughts. First of all, I don’t think the stones are just olive oil and citrus/bile. The reason is because eventually, when you do the cleanse many times, you don’t get any more of these stones out, yet you are still taking the olive oil and citrus. Another reason is that I have seen similar stones from people who did a liver-kidney cleanse that, as far as I know, did not necessarily use the olive oil and citrus.

    Also, I have done a cleanse basically like this, except you don’t use apple juice for 6 days before the cleanse. You just mix the epsom salts with apple juice. However, this may have contributed to my nausea. The last cleanse I did, I did not use any apple juice, but ate just one apple. I mixed the epsom salts with water and lemon juice. I still got stones out, and I was not nauseous at all. I did drink some mint/valerian/ashwagandha tea to help me not be nauseous and to help me sleep. It seemed to help. I also took some oxypowder the night before I started the cleanse, which may have helped too.

    I think the cleanse is very beneficial, and I’m glad you decided to do it!

  54. Lehana says:

    The gall bladder is literally the size and shape of an egg. I consider the stones to be made of cholesterol, and although some may tumble around in the gall bladder and be seen through x-rays done, the storage mainly takes place in the liver, which is full of biliary tubing. The liver can be totally impacted with stones. The liver is an extraordinarily overworked organ, and it is easy to acquire a fatty liver in today’s society. Drinking carrot, beet and celery juice really cleanses and supports the liver. Drinking the apple juice prior to the cleanse allows the malic acid from the apples to remove any sodium or calcium buildup on the stones that have been storing in your liver. If you cannot drink apple juice, because of taste or if you are diabetic, then you can take orthophosphoric acid, found at health stores,Atrium Inc Brand, or(www.nutripakonlne.com under specialty items) 30 drops 3 times a day, for three days. It is tart, but it does the same to soften the stones to safely pass through the bile ducts. I use 2 large grapefruits, or sometimes organic lemons, to make 4 ounces of juice and mix with four ounces organic olive oil. I have done many cleanses, all with tremendous results and all safely, even passing very large stones.
    I’ve used epsom salts, find it a bit harsh, so I use extra fiber powders, senna, even a laxative and I prefer doing a coffee enema the day of the cleanse, and the morning after, to really clean out the intestinal tract, aid the liver to dump toxins, and allow the stones to really flush out.

  55. Yamina says:

    I’d like you to try the diary of your meals content during a week, for instance. The amount and the exact food you eat during this time. I don’t think you ever do such a nasty think as to cheat… but I’d like you to eat and drink totally forgotten your task, without adding politically correct food and omitting uncorrect and forbidden by the Law of Rawfoodism ! You really seem healthy with rosy cheeks, super white teeths, good hair that I am curious of what you ingest. You didn’t need to do this awfull experiment, a choc to your organism. Will you try this challenge ? Because, I’m sure people don’t reveal all the story, letting people guess or better… buy the secrets of enigma, which, I’m sure, is as we say in French, un secret de polichinelle ! LOL !

  56. Yamina says:

    At what time, if it mixed or not, sliced, fermented, spiced or supplemented, dressed, dehydrated, sprouted, biological or not, and some details that mother teached me a lady not supposed to ask to a gentleman… But apparently, it is not a problem for you ; if it becomes, you may give up this last term of fullfilment.

  57. Claire says:

    i have done this flush several times and have passed thousands of stones with amazing health results. (still have more to go!) Andreas really knows what he is talking about. I have done the master cleanse, a 40 day water fast (talk about hard work!), juice detoxing, raw food detoxing …. this is the only one which has proven, lasting results. the results are subtle at first … better sleep, clearer skin and eyes, shinier hair. i am almost 40 years old but am always mistaken as being in my late 20’s!!! … but the BEST thing about this flush is the clearer mind. one day i woke up and realised that all of those ‘things’ that i had worried about for so many years suddenly didn’t phase me at all! i even tried to worry about them but nope! all that crap had finally gone AND the pain in my right shoulder blade which i had had for YEARS, also gone! Don’t underestimate the power of this knowledge that Andreas has shared with all those who want to know the answers to ultimate health. Even my Chinese herbalist is using this healing method in her practice after reading Andreas’ book and trialling the flush for herself!!! Carry on with the gallbladder/liver flush Kevin, once a month till you have no stones for 2 consecutive flushes and you will have your ultimate health.
    love your blog!

  58. oreganol says:

    When I did many liver cleanses years ago I did them every 2 weeks until no more stones came out. The first couple of flushes I didn’t get any stones, then I got a few or a lot each time and eventually did about 3 flushes where no stones came out.

    I don’t know if they are stones either, but if the stones were created by the oil and citrus and bile, then surely you’d have them every time. Why would your body eventually stop making them? Surely someone must have sent them to a lab to be examined.

    My experiences with liver cleanses weren’t too go. I was mostly nauseous all night and really tired for the next two days. I didn’t notice any skin or digestive improvements. Or any other improvements. But I did this as part of a larger health cleansing protocol.

  59. Char says:

    One day I may try this cleanse. I do like the idea of the apple cider vinegar in water instead of the apple juice as I’m more concerned with raising blood sugar and insulin spikes

  60. Thank you for sharing your experience so we can all evaluate and benefit from it. Surely everyone’s experience(s) will be different based on their level of health or toxicity. This flush seems to need to be repeated several times.AMAZING what our body holds onto and tolerates on an annual basis!.
    Beets among other things are very cleansing for the liver.
    Many ways of detoxing, juice fasts, water fasts, colonics, far-infrared…you can also try lots of reflexology which can be very painful but helps dissolve/pass stones.
    I have done 11 day and 15 day water fasts; amazing what comes out and how clean you feel afterwards!, Have never tried the “liver” flush but will , just
    have to adjust my schedule as a 3 dog mommie.
    namaste’, rachel

  61. Gabriela says:

    Thank you for sharing Kevin! It is awesome!

  62. Buddy says:

    Thanks Kevin for all you do. I really liked the diary style. I think your mixing up a whole “toolbox” of media (video, audio, diary, photos, etc) is what keeps it interesting. Your critical objective observations are what keep it “real”.

  63. Amber says:

    Awsome journal! Thank you for the graphics! Books never really tell you in detail what to expect, you did. Much appreciation!

  64. Velda says:

    Thank you, Kevin for sharing. I do agree that if you are going to do it, and publish it, you really need to do everything the way it is written. I’m sure you have more influence than you realize. I really want to try this liver cleanse, since I have a major issue with lipomas and my liver count was up with my last blood test. One question, instead of olive oil, can you use coconut oil? Thanks,

  65. freedom fighter says:

    That is a big experience but listening to the interview i decided to do the cleanse with incorporation to the global healing center regimen thanks man o yea tell anne marie if it is possible to do an shampoo her body wash is the sh#@. You guys spoil people sometimes =)

  66. Annette says:

    Hi Kevin, always fun listening to your Health adventures. Yes, the diary was great.

    I have done Andreas cleanse twice,
    with a few months in-between,
    and I did the full 6 day apple juice,
    colonics before and after protocol,
    and maybe because of the colonics,
    the stone kept coming for a few days,
    and I did find “hard stones” at the end of the “cleansing”.

    One suggestion, if you do have a headache in the next week, have an enema, there may be a stone still lurking creating the headache.

    I slept right through the night on both of
    my cleanses,
    but I agree,
    plan for a day or two off for this cleanse,
    your body deserves a break.

    I fully felt this cleanse cleared my eyes,
    skin and I felt better and more energetic.

    I look forward to hearing your “round 2”,
    are you going to do apple juice longer
    for the second time? It might be worth a try.

    Congrats for being Brave,
    and discovering,
    it’s not that bad after all.

    In Health,


  67. William Douglas Morgan, Jr says:

    Pearls are valued because they are rare enough that they aren’t seen everyday, but not so rare to make them unattainable to most people. Gifts made by hand are valued because they come from the heart. I suggest a string of gallbladder stone to the lovely AnnMarie. Gallbladder stones aren’t rare but will be so to most people. And since you made them yourself, I’m sure she cherish them forever(that means…until she puts them in the casket with you…).

  68. William Douglas Morgan, Jr says:

    Tell us what you think about combining this with coffee enemas, the Lemonaide Cleanse, and oral chelation all at once. We will visit your grave annually should you attemp this and explode.

  69. trisha says:

    i’d like to hear how annmarie’s results from this cleanse were different from kevin’s since she does not have the same history of alcohol and drug use. although kevin’s results did not seem dramatic (with reference to “stones” passed) even so.

    do you feel this cleanse is as helpful for someone who has lived pretty clean other than a childhood diet that included processed sugary and fatty foods? i’ve done other types of mild cleanses over the years as well, and i don’t suffer from any chronic issues. but i’m all about being a clean inside as possible! 😉

  70. Mollie says:

    Hi Kev, wish you had read the book before hand. You really missed how important some of the details are. It makes me wonder about your credibility on everything else you do or have done. Try it again and follow the procedure, for your own health and safety! I’ll look forward to it. Mollie

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      @Mollie: What makes you assume that I haven’t read the book? I read it a few years ago, then we even summarized it with Health Book Summaries about 9-11 months ago… 🙂


  71. Shannon says:

    Kevin, this post was hilarious. I’m glad you finally decided to try this flush. I have done it 9 times and had various experiences. The first time was really easy. The second time my stomach really hurt and after that I really had a hard time getting and keeping down the olive oil mixture. I used Elaina Love’s version that included a specific raw meal plan for a week, along with apple cider vinegar instead of apple juice. For the next one, I’m going to use malic acid and see if that works any better. My results have been different every time. The first time I got a lot of what I would call debris….tiny little stones. Then I started getting more stones….into the hundreds and the further I got into it, the larger the stones were. They were big enough one time that I took pictures of a couple of them, but I would never post them. I do have some pride:-) As I got towards the end of the flushes that I have done, I am still getting stones, but they are decreasing in size and in the amount that I am getting. I haven’t done one in a while and I am hoping that I am getting close to the end of it. I haven’t noticed much of a change in my skin from doing these, but they have been very helpful in improving many other areas of my health. I am very thankful that my friend talked me into to doing it. Two suggestions for you…..I would encourage you to follow the instructions completely. I have done a more limited flush and the results are not as good. In addition, doing colonics before and after is very important. You may have even better results if you do a coffee enema after you finish all the epsom salts on the morning of the flush. It helps open up everything so it’s easier to flush out the stones. All of this is something that I never thought I would do in a million years. It’s amazing what you’ll try when you want to feel good:-)

  72. Christina says:

    I’m curious to hear what others w/ known gallstone/billiary colic issues have experienced. I’ve done the flush 2 times yrs ago. It wasn’t a horrible experience, got a few things out that looked like stones and what looked like sludge. Noticed my allergies bothered me a bit less afterwards. Had been thinking about doing a flush after I had my youngest, and then ended up in the ER a couple of times w/ gallbladder pain. Found out I have innumerable stones 2-8mm in size. Of course they want to remove my gallbladder. But if I watch what I eat and dont get stressed the pain doesn’t come back, and if I mess up then a day or two of apple cider vinigar and juices/smoothies made w/ a base of apples and beets clears up any pain (have even passed a couple of stones after fastining on apple beet lemon dandelion juice) My worry is that if I attempt the flush that I may end up w/ blockage since I have a known case of stones.

  73. Velda Milani says:

    Kevin, can you use coconut oil instead of olive oil for the liver cleanse? Thanks

  74. steve says:

    Can you still do the flush if you’ve had your gullbladder removed?

  75. Sonia says:

    Great read. I finished my first liver and gallbladder flush a week ago and will be doing another in 3-4 weeks time. I found the experience healing physically, internally and emotionally

  76. Patrice says:

    Kevin – I used to do these quarterly and then twice a year back in the late 90’s and they work. You will also get better results on the 2nd try. The process I followed was a little different. I used to start it on a Friday. No fats or proteins to eat that day. Start the epsom salts late afternoon. Also, late afternoon I woild get a colonic. Take the olive oil and grapefruit at 10 pm and then lay down. Set the alarm for 6am. Finish the epsom salts. Usually upon waking up I would start to pass stones. Because of the prior days colonic I would only be passing stones and water. At 8 am I would for a coffee enema and then another colonic. The coffee enema opens up the duct between the liver and the small intestine. By afternoon of the second day start introducing salads abnd fruits and then by evening proteins and fats. The first time I did this I only passed a few dozen beige stones. The second time I passed thousands of beige and green stones and one large green stone that looked like something out of the movie Aliens. After the second flush I lost weight, slept better and menstrual periods became regular and migraine free. And my skin cleared up. If you’ve ever had to take hormones, especially the birth control pill, or been on steriods I highly recomend several flushes 3 months apart.

  77. Rae says:

    Your diary is awesome! Do more!
    In regards to the stones, I have also wondered the same thing. Last summer I did a flush using Hepasan and Colosan (5 days of Hepasan caps then the last night i coupled it with the Colosan). I did not do a prep of apple juice for 5 days, or even do the olive oil/citrus/epsom salt mixture. I just took the caps and the colosan powder as instructed. The next day I passed “stones” that were also greenish in color, some were yellow. They ranged from small to pea-sized. So I am wondering if this flush did push out some stones as well. I had an accident last year (after the flush) which required me to get a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis and it was incidentally noted that I have a large gall stone. I would love to know how to safely pass this without having surgery.

  78. mhjewell says:

    Dear Kevin,

    I’m very seasoned at doing this liver ‘cleanse’, though I call them purges. I learned it from Dr. Hulda Clark, and followed her protocol strictly. She advises not to have any food that has oil or meat the first day of the cleanse. I found it works even better to avoid those two things the day before as well. She also advises the ornithine which I think helps. She feels everyone has them and that these cleanses should be done until you have passed out 2000 stones. So I did them every two weeks until I estimated I passed around that much. (She doesn’t recommend more often than two weeks apart). The first was a good success, with around 200 stones of various size, shape, and color. The next few were the most effective as I passed stones that I thought were huge, some large and cylindrical in shape, and usually around 350 each time. I was astonished. After the 2000 stones were gone, and at the end, they were much less in number and smaller, my eyes were less yellow, but much more is needed to support the liver as you know. I now do them every 6 months and still get some, but much less in number. I happened upon learning the benefit of apple juice by chance by drinking some after the cleanse and it seemed like I got double the amount of stones out by this simple drink. Dr. Clark feels that the epsom salts dilate the bile ducts, the oil/grapefruit is what causes the gall bladder to release it self (*which is why no oil the day of is crucial*), and the ornithine will help detox. Though I’ve not tried this yet, I do agree that an enema before hand may be very beneficial. I also ozonate my olive oil as per her recommendation, and I think it’s better. I’ve tried it once with coconut oil, and it did NOT work, and since these are a bit demanding to do, I haven’t risked trying the coconut oil again, as I always want them to work after all the trouble! Some of my cleanses have been very easy, and some have been more exhausting, but always glad to have done them. I also had my daughter do a few cleanses, and she had a lot of stones and also very big ones! Total shocker!

    I juice tart organic apples and also juice a clove of garlic with them (delicious) as the first food I have after the cleanse (after water). This helps to get my energy back quickly, and I really feel it has a kind-of pulling effect. I also think half a lemon in water makes them more slippery and come out better (drunken before-hand of course). In my opinion, I would not drink anything after you’ve downed the epsom salt solution, even water. I think some one who has eaten raw food and juiced vegetables for years may not have such an issue with this, but from our time before eating healthy…most likely.

    I never had a doubt that these were anything but gall/liver stones until recently, especially since having passed cylindrically shaped ones. Kevin, may I BEG you to send some to the lab after the next time you do it? I would love your confirmation and to see someone else’s results. I’m really really begging you to do that. I would put my mind at more ease, and probably yours too! Thanks for considering. Hope this helps~

  79. Jacquie says:

    Loved this, Kevin! Thanks so much for doing this and writing your diary for us. Now I’m going to do this myself….just waiting to select a nice, calm, quiet, non-working couple of days to do it. I’m so thankful you and Annmarie are out there for us. Love you both! Love, light and blessings!

  80. Shelley says:

    I have done this liver cleanse about 31 times since
    Nov 1998. I normally do it in spring and fall. But when I began in 1998, I did an initial series of about 6 cleanses 2 weeks apart.
    Then went to twice a year. I feel like it does me a world of good and I feel rejuvenated afterwards.Usually I will do 2 coffee enemas the day after. This supposedly pulls more toxins from the liver.

  81. Momona says:

    Hi Kevin! I heard that these green “stones” coming out of you when doing the liver flush, is actually the mixture of grapefruit and oil. What do you think? have you maybe examined the stones with a professional?

  82. Michelle says:

    Great story! I just completed my first liver cleanse (2013 – I’m late to this thread). I am wondering if you have done any subsequent liver cleanses? I was given a very specific method, including the 6 days of apple juice (the malic acid softens the stones) along with exact times of day to take the epsom salts. I think that made a difference in terms of getting a good night’s sleep although I did hear quite a rumble when the bile and stuff zoomed towards the intestines. It worked great, but it is sort of awful – drinking the epsom salts was nearly impossible for me but I somehow slugged ’em down. I am now super clean and my skin is glowing. It sucks to loose a weekend but it’s totally worth it.

    Oh, and to comment on the last post regarding the juice and oil balling up to make the stones or the “saponification” of the oil and juice with the salts. Seems to make sense (and I did take one out and the inside melted in the sun HOWEVER, with the malic acid softening the stones and that they are fat, we can’t know unless doctor cutsitall or someone compares a surgically removed stone with a cleanse excreted stone to examine its chemical make up. AGAIN, however, lingering more time in the body, without the softening component (if this is indeed the case) may make for a harder or a somewhat chemically different “stone.” I would imagine that the stones from a surgically removed gallbladder would be far more calcified than someone, without the symptoms of a gallbladder “needing” removal, who did an at home cleanse.

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