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bob parsons godaddy CEO
GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons is God’s Gift to No Longer Getting Any Money from Us

In the past, I overlooked the sexist Superbowl ads from GoDaddy.com.

They were bothersome, but you can’t fault CEO and founder Bob Parsons from recognizing that sex does sell – yes, it even works for hosting services (kind of creepy when you think about it that way.)

Since 2003, we’ve amassed 138 domain names and two virtual dedicated servers to run our business, all purchased through GoDaddy.

I just looked at our financials for 2010 and last year we spent a total of $2,845.52 on services provided by them. Over the last 6-7 years, I imagine we’ve spent over $10,000.

You could say we’re a decent customer – not nearly a heavy hitter – but I (or anyone else) probably wouldn’t mind being $3,000 richer right now, right?

The reason I’m telling you this, is not because I want to show you how expensive web hosting is (I wish it was free!), but to explain that in the next few months we are completely migrating all our domains and hosting accounts to another service.

We’re taking our business elsewhere and we will no longer be customers of GoDaddy.com.

The reason we’re changing vendors is because of a very specific video posted by Parsons that clearly showed me he is not the type of person I want to give my money to – and if you’re a reader here, I’m going to guess about 99% of you who own websites or domains will feel the same. (The other 1% is just for those who like to disagree with me no matter what I say. LOL!)

I was tipped off last night to a video of Parsons, published on GoDaddy’s Video.Me site, hunting a “problem elephant” in Zimbabwe.

The video is embedded here, but PLEASE, PLEASE do not watch it if you want to continue having a good day. It is extremely disturbing and will cause you to react emotionally. I’m serious about this. I will provide a play-by-play for you below so you don’t have to watch.

Play-by-play for those who were smart enough NOT to watch:

Scene 1: Bob Parsons explains he’s in Zimbabwe and there is a “problem elephant” that is destroying a farmer’s crops.

Scene 2: We see the damaged crops.

Scene 3: Cut to later on in the night. It’s dark and Parsons and crew wait for the elephant.

Scene 4: The elephant arrives and Parsons (CEO of GoDaddy, remember) takes 4-5 shots and kills it.

Scene 5: It’s the next day and the villagers gather around the elephant and take large chunks of meat from it to feed their families.

Scene 6: Parsons is considered an American Hero and awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor for helping all of Zimbabwe solve their “problem elephant” problems by killing them. President Obama calls for all egotistical, lunatic CEOs to leave for Africa immediately to restore order and stop these distructive and malicious creatures.

OK, I was joking about the last part. Scene 6 really just infers that Parsons is somewhat of a hero for killing the elephant and then feeding the entire village.

What’s wrong with this video?

A lot of things, but let me break down what bothers me the most – in no particular order.

1. The villagers don’t need some lunatic, white guy to kill elephants for them.

Besides the obvious animal rights issues and the fact that this elephant never should have been killed, the first and most uneasy thing about the video that I wondered (before the part with the shooting and then death of the elephant) was “why is Bob Parsons killing an elephant when there are 10 or more willing and able villagers to do the job?”

I’m sure, unfairly, there are plenty of elephants killed by farmers in Zimbabwe because they are deemed “problem elephants” that destroy crops.

This is likely a regular occurrence and this village did not need the assistance of a rich, white dude (in history, this is exactly what has been one of the biggest problems in Africa – rich, white dudes.)

This clearly shows his motivation was for the thrill of the kill. Anyone in his hunting party could have carried out that awful deed. For him to do it shows he’s acting with no conscience – or as I believe – just doesn’t have one in the first place.

2. Parsons is not a savior to this village, he’s an idiot.

The ending of the video implies that Parsons’ elephant murder helped feed dozens of villagers who were starving.

This implication actually may be partially true.

There are many poor people in Zimbabwe and I’m sure that they were thrilled to be able to eat the meat of this animal.

The part that is not true, is that Parsons did not help anyone by killing the animal.

First, the villagers would have killed it anyway if he was not around (which still doesn’t make it right) and, second, he likely enabled the villagers to continue this inhumane practice because I’m sure “problem elephant” hunting requires a fee paid by Parsons to them.

By paying for the “hunt,” Parsons feeds an existing market in the village that will never allow this practice to end. If the villagers know they can get $X from having an idiot, white guy come and kill an elephant, they’ll never set up the humane systems to keep elephants (and crazy, white guys) away.

I know I usually don’t call people “idiots” on the blog, but for the first time, I truly feel justified in using the word.

3. Now the obvious, no one has a right to kill an elephant like this.

I don’t think I need to explain this too much. We’re all of the same philosophy here.

You don’t kill an elephant that steps on your crops, just like you don’t shoot children who cut through your backyard on their way to school.

4. He could have used his money and influence to buy humane methods that will keep elephants away.

PETA, of course, sprung into action yesterday about this issue and pointed out there are low cost and efficient ways for farmers to reduce elephant contact. These include spotlights, bamboo and inexpensive fencing.

I’m sure a donation of just a couple of thousands of dollars from Parsons would have saved this village from the loss of crops due to elephants as well as give them some clean water systems and helped buy them necessary medical supplies and anything else they are lacking.

That is, obviously, much more helpful than shooting an elephant for sport.

Frankly, Parsons could have used his money to sign another sexy superstar to pose in swimsuits on TV and it probably wouldn’t have caused me to jump ship from GoDaddy, but he didn’t. He did something that was so awful, it requires action.

I hope you feel the same way too.

Transitioning over 138 domains and hosting accounts is not the easiest thing to do, but we’ve decided that as of July 2011, we’ll have this entire migrated to another hosting company that actually has a conscience.

If you have any hosting accounts or domains registered with GoDaddy and dislike what Bob Parsons represents, I hope that you do not give him, his investors or anyone else associated with him your money.

Here are some hosting and domain services that have CEOs who don’t kill elephants then publish the carnage online (Please note: We have not used any of these services, but will be looking into them and let you know which one we choose):


(This list was provided by some helpful Facebook friends and fans! Thanks, guys!)

How to Change Your Domain to Another Service?

Changing the domain is actually fairly easy.

I can’t remember if you initiate it with GoDaddy or with the new service, but basically each domain registrar will have a “Transfer Domains” option. All you have to do is follow the instructions, approve the transfer by email, provide your payment information and you’re good to go.

How to Change Your Hosting?

I don’t know how to do this, we will have our webmaster transfer all our files and materials to the new hosting service once we have it set up.

If you want to find inexpensive web providers one of the best sources is Elance.com. Here you can hire people at reasonable rates on a one time or job-by-job basis.

What to do now?

Be active. Do something about this now.

If you have a hosting account or GoDaddy domain, transfer it to another service.

If don’t, but know someone who does, send them this article so that they can make their own decision.

Many times it’s easier to stay where you are in life. In this case, it would be easier for us to just stay with GoDaddy because it will cost time and money to transfer everything over to another service.

But after seeing that we’re paying money to help fund someone’s personal thrill killing in Africa, I realize there is no other option and we’ll gladly do whatever it takes to make sure our hard earned dollars are spent somewhere else.

Please pass this article along to anyone who owns a hosting account or a domain. Hopefully our pass-it-along karma will hit him where it hurts – his ego and wallet.

Or maybe, next time, the elephants will find him first… while they’re hunting “problem humans.”

I want to know your thoughts: What do you think about this? I’m I completely off? Is there some redeeming action that I’m missing in this whole incident that I don’t see?


Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Daniel Alves says:

    HostGator does hosting transfers for free

  2. Sue says:

    Changing the registrar tag name can prove to be the tricky part. If it’s anything like the UK system over there, you will find that your current registrar (the person you bought the domain off) can charge a fee for letting you move it to another provider. My own hosting service did this when a client of mine moved elsewhere. They charged £200 per domain. Talk with whoever deals with your website for you before taking this any further.

  3. stephanie says:

    I’m changing mine now! and telling everyone! Thanks so much for this information. I would like to know which service you transfer to.
    Thanks again!

  4. Engin says:

    Hi there Kevin, please let me know once you find a reliable hosting. I got my domains, and hosting plan from GoDaddy, and paid about 3yrs of hosting+bunch of recurring domains. I am not even sure how to transfer all these without losing more capital.

  5. Jeff says:

    Hey, Kevin – do I really want to add to the negative vibrations by boycotting, etc? I find it hard myself to not be a judge and jury… And even more difficult to simply pray for and to send good wishes and positive vibration to the hunter and the hunted.

  6. Barbara says:

    Thank you, Kevin, for posting this and for the warning not to watch the video. Just reading this absolutely breaks my heart. Elephants are such amazingly intelligent animals and are very family oriented. It’s just awful that they are being slaughtered, but even more disgusting that someone like Bob Parsons takes such pleasure in it. I have had no dealings with GoDaddy in the past, and you can rest assured I will never give him a dollar of my money. I give instead to the World Wildlife Fund and numerous other organizations that exist simply to protect wild animals from complete destruction.

  7. Scott says:

    Make sure you let them know why your moving to a new registrar for any one that does so, so maybe they get the message.

  8. tina says:

    thank you. thank you. thank you.

  9. Anna says:

    Good for you!

  10. Luc Prévost says:


    I have been following you (Anne-Marie too) for a while.

    I like your “doutes”.
    I like your recipes.
    But I love your emotions ;-)


  11. eyla says:

    You’re not off at all, I agree with where you’re coming from, many might turn a blind eye,
    I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video, but thanks for the info :-)

  12. Audrey says:

    Thank you!

  13. Gini says:

    Yes, good for you. I didn’t watch the video either, thanks for the warning and the information. I have a website but, thankfully, not with GoDaddy.

  14. Susan says:

    I run my sites on Media Temple. Their DVS are great. Seriously.

  15. Lea says:

    Glad you’re changing it now, though your argument why the sexist ads never bothered you much is pretty poor, just saying. Being aware that “sex sells” is as much of a good argument than knowing that you can get more people to buy your products if they’re full of sugar and junk cause they’re addicted to it anyway…

  16. TC says:

    I cancelled my accounts the minute I read the story today, and gave feedback telling them that was the exact reason why.

  17. Lauri says:

    Interestingly enough, I have already started moving domain names over to namecheap, although,they have not been the easiest to set up (for me). Thankfully I am already with hostgator, and I really like their service.

    Not only that,but hostgator doesn’t need to use sex to sell their product. It stands on it’s own incredible merit. I really like them.

    What ELSE is interesting is that on Animal Planet they showed them dealing with an offensive elephant (it was aggressive toward people, and may have even killed a couple), by tranquilizing it. Don’t know what happened next. But on another hunting show they showed some men on “safari” in Africa doing the exact same thing as Bob, but this time it was an offensive killer moose. It was extremely troubling to see… and then to watch the people give praise to this white man… really TRULY angered me to no end. My thought then was, why do the villagers need some white guy to fly over there and kill the moose? Can’t they take care of the situation on their own? Why do WE need to be their savior???

    Sorry for the rant, but if I hadn’t just seen that myself, I wouldn’t be so fired up. Thanks for sharing!!

  18. Susan says:

    Kevin, I applaud your actions. It is nice to see that priciples come above money and business. That seems very rare these days as so many people will look the other way in the cause of saving a few bucks or because business demands compromise. But, in reality it NEVER does. It is our choice…. each and every one of us. And your choice in this has made a difference. Each action one takes is like the Butterfly effect. Bob Parsons probably didn’t take much time to contemplate the effect of his senseless, self-serving actions. Likewise your actions to boycott Go Daddy.com will prove bigger than any of us can imagine. So…GOOD FOR YOU. I’m proud to be a loyal member of your community. YOU are the type of person I like doing busines with.

  19. Beverley says:

    NameCheap have a 24 hour special.

    If you transfer your domain name to them (limit 10 per account) you pay just $4.99.

    For each domain transferred, they will donate $1 to Save The Elephants at savetheelephants.org

    (I’m just a customer of theirs)

  20. Chet says:

    Hi, Kevin–I appreciate and laud your position, but in all fairness, Zimbabwe has gun control, which is why it is in the disarray it is in now.

  21. Bernie says:

    If a mosquito is bothering you, do you kill it? If you protect yourself with netting or the like, are you being cruel by preventing it from feeding?

    p.s. avoid networksolutions.com – we’ve had problems with them changing their server setups without warning and breaking our websites. They’ve also been badly compromised more than once.

  22. Leo Ryan says:

    Thanks for this. Unfortunately Bob Parsons is not alone, many so-called good Christian people, and others, think it is perfectly acceptable to hunt and kill a whole range of animals.

  23. Lisa says:

    Kev, Just move silently and then post Negative PR about them, They have suspended people accounts for less. When people try to leave they have had alot of problems trying to transfer their domains.

    Good luck to you!
    Agreed this Parsons is letting his ego run wild!

  24. Monica says:

    The only concern I have about moving to another company is that, you can’t be sure that company isn’t just as bad or worse. They might do other things that didn’t get publicized, that you would be equally offended by.

    The real value in moving your business elsewhere is to make a statement. Undoubtedly the CEO’s of those other companies all eat meat and many are probably hunters. They aren’t necessarily any better.

  25. Transferring business on principal is something to be proud about . daliya

  26. Christie says:

    Yeah godaddy stinks. My sister in law used them and her site got hacked continually, then it kept crashing- the site was using no memory, but all support could say was ” you should buy more RAM”. I’ve used DreamHost several times and LOVE them. Rackspace is good too. Good for you!

  27. Gary says:

    There are MANY horror stories around GoDaddy.

    I was warned to stay well clear of them years ago. They can and do relinquish ownership of your domains as easily youtube pull channels.

    I get my domains at namecheap.com and have a dedicated server at liquidweb.com and shared hosting with hostgator.com

    I HIGHLY recommend LiquidWeb for dedicated servers.

  28. mimi kirk says:

    thank you

  29. Cathy in Ohio says:

    If he did it with the blessing of local authorities and farmers, why does it matter who killed it? I choose to buy free-range eggs, and beef & raw milk from free-range cows. I’d say this “free-range” elephant had a happier existence than any farm animal. Food and income for local people is easy to dismiss from the US, but it’s important to that economy. Don’t be so self-righteous.

  30. how does one get yourown server? Is it complicated. Perhaps you can do that . daliya

  31. John says:

    We have 10 domains with them however I will be sending this video to the other owners and my guess will be we will pull the domains.
    With the vast resources we have today it is hard to believe that someone would kill a magnificent animal for sport disguised as helping a farmer half a world away.
    I wouldn’t leave my children in his care, that’s for sure.

  32. Catherine says:

    You’re absolutely right in finding this unbelievably disturbing. It’s one thing to acknowledge that there are areas of the world where people still hunt in their local environment for their own survival, but for an a-hole like Parsons to kill a magnificent creature for his personal entertainment is too hard to watch, and I couldn’t. Thank you for drawing my attention to this as I am sickened at the idea of being associated with him even 1,000 times removed. This is a definite for my boycott list. It’s so sad that there are human beings so out of touch with their innate ability to love and be connected with animals and nature and each other. He’s hideous.

  33. casey says:

    unfortunately, elephant killing is a lot more common than we would like to think. It’s not limited to CEO’s and such. I’ve met a person who went on a safari trip and killed one/had elephant skin boots made. You just have to pay a certain amount of money per animal killed. Obviously a elephant is one of the more expensive.

    PS I hope the controversy didn’t discontinue dr williams posts. Even being a vegan a greatly appreciate his insight and I love his gentle manner. What a great guy!

  34. kt_mm says:

    The CEO’s actions do not surprise me one bit. It truly is disgusting and arrogant, but enough negative… I would like to applaud the Gianni’s in making the world healthier…. I believe it was Ghandi who said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” So….BE THE CHANGE! :)

  35. Mary says:

    Wow, Kevin. Thanks so much for posting this. I will never, ever use GoDaddy and suggest others don’t either. Your bravery is inspirational for those of us who fight for animal rights.

  36. Ok he has bothered me for years, I”m a woman and on his website are women so stupidly presented, pushed up fake breasts barely clothed-ok so I’ve called and complained-to tech guys! They actually have said yes ma’am you are not the only one. And lately main page seems less sexist. I made the point that ok-put equally scantily clad men, basically in tight underwear and I’ll shut up-becuase then it’s just about sex and not any typing of women as simply bimbos/and sex objects. So this is the final nail in the coffin, I”ve been letting domains expire at GD and had bought new domains elsewhere. So far good with Bluehost!

  37. Try 1hourhosting.com Would not use NetworkSolutions.

  38. Kevin, thank you for the warning not to watch the video– that would have been devastating..
    I have to agree with Jeff, #5, about not adding to negative vibrations, and to offer prayer– however, I see nothing wrong with changing services and letting GoDaddy know why.

  39. Janet says:

    I didn’t watch the video (thanks for the warning). The description alone is offensive. I’d been thinking of using godaddy for some new domain names, but I’ll think more than twice now.

    In your search for a new hosting company and domain name registrar, don’t overlook Sibername.com. It’s a full service Canadian company with reasonable rates. They have clients in the U.S. as well as other places besides Canada.

  40. Elo McMillan says:

    I think your action is right on and I agree with your principles. Our whole world could use some positive decisions like this when something cruel,ugly, and offensive is done.

  41. Sarah says:

    Hi Kevin:

    I switched my domain names from GoDaddy to Blue Host about a year ago. Look them up. They seem to be quite good and relatively inexpensive. They were recommended to me. http://www.bluehost.com

  42. Donna says:

    Ditto in the thanks!!! GoDaddy has always been the first place I go, too, and like you, NEVER AGAIN!!!

    Donna G.

  43. If I do move my many domains from GoDaddy, how do I know that the company I’m moving to isn’t doing some equally destructive thing somewhere else?

    A few other questions…

    Who posted this video? Was it Parsons being proud of it?

    And what has been the response from Parsons?


  44. Bea says:

    It’s such a shame,that people sometimes don’t understand.It is not that there are other people killing elephants also.It’s about this man posing with the dead elephant as a trophy.Knowing that elephants are in extinction and to commit an act like that is being a jerk,a non caring person.He is setting a very bad example for others to follow.
    There are many other ways to feed the hungry,that don’t involve killing an elephant
    and parading yourself in front of the whole world,as if you have commited an heroic deed.
    My company feeds many starving childeren and families all over the world with what we call a mealpack ,devolped from natural resources and people love it.We are feeding people all
    over the world,without damaging animals.
    Go-Daddy has lost my account.Thank God I have the choice to to work with whomever I want.I don’t wan to give my money to such a heartless person,whose ego is larger than his brain.

  45. Al Quartararo says:

    I aggee with any organization that is cruel to any creature waling or crawling on this earth.

  46. Kai says:

    “What I did on vacation” by Bob Parsons

    He’s so gross.

  47. lawrenz says:

    this is what DrMoreau Parson proudly films/ …typical knuckledragging freak with megabucks..go figure with a corporate name GoDaddy/
    suggestivepedophyleinnuendosshite …what does this mutant simpleton do behind closed doors…as for commentator Jeffs “negative vibe crap”/another spoiled out-there out-of-touch-dumb-downed gringoveganlackingB12..ignore it and it will go away mindset…Kudos Kevin for doing something real in this world…too few of you around…as for the rest of the meatheads scavenging predators remember the Law ..”Not to walk on all fours”

  48. Sue says:

    Slaughtering animals because they want to eat crops is not right! Animals have just as much right on this planet as people have. I applaud your efforts to make us aware of things that we may not have known about! I, for one, had no idea that big game hunting was still a game that rich people played. With many species becoming endangered, when is the insanity going to stop?

  49. Loren says:

    I am so saddened by the actions of Bob Parsons, who is a far cry from a ‘gift’ to Africa. What he has done is totally illogical, senseless and is not a solution to the problem. Elephants will trample everything in the way of their feeding paths and people are in their way, in their territory. It doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to create a system that will support both the Zimbabweians and the Elephants and it’s so sad that Bob Parsons didn’t take a few minutes to consider an alternative to hunting this remarkable and endangered species. At the completely opposite end of the spectrum is http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org and Dame Daphne Sheldrick who for well over 30 years has rescued orphan Elephants in Kenya, not that far from Zimbabwe. It’s a very sad day when people hunt, poach and kill Elephants for no intelligent reason.

  50. Sheri says:

    Many thanks for letting us know. I plan to change ASAP and I’ll be sure to share why when I cancel!

  51. Marty says:

    Add this hosting company to your list of potentials…Unlimited “everything” for $3.00 to $7.00 per month depending on which of 2 plans you want…I just switched to them!!!


  52. Dee says:

    Hi Kevin, Nice move it’s amazing how much you can get away with when money is involved.
    Inspiring work
    all good blessings

  53. James Thomas says:

    I wonder if they ever considered the option of locating the elephants to a refuge? I nominate Kevin Gianni as the next mayor of Berkeley! Save the Elephants! http://www.savetheelephants.org/ I like GoDaddy’s services. But gosh, if I knew was voting for Palin, I’d boycott too. Help me find another ISP… thx.

  54. Angie says:

    Although I don’t have a problem with hunting an animal for necessary food, I don’t like animals being killed for sport or ego or to not have to build a fence. I don’t like sex selling things. I don’t feel that either one is right. I also agree with the person who pointed out that we don’t know if any of the other companies’ CEOs are any more moral than Parsons.

  55. Sandy says:

    He’s disgusting. When I signed up to godaddy years ago I had no idea what he was like. His sexist ads make me feel sick, this is the icing on the cake. My sites are hosted at hostgator, who are excellent in every way, I’ll look at moving my domains as well, and yes, I’ll tell them why – if he really cared about the villagers and the elephants, he’d fund the relocation of the elephant, who does he think he’s kidding?

  56. Bob Van Den Brink says:

    Hi Kev I’m completely in agreement with you about this killing. If the money had been given for equipment the help keep the elephant
    away, it would also be there to stop any future evens like that. Now when the next bad elephant comes they will have to kill again.
    At your Great Health Debat you had Will Tuttle speak. I’ve been getting messages from him since then and have changed my attitude toward killing anything. We are all interconnected at a deeper level and do not need to create the energy in this world that killing generates. Kev, your attitude is right on!

  57. shivie says:

    we are right there with you Kevin. We are just setting up our godaddy site but will be looking for another provider-one day we will get our site up the way we want and i guess it wont be with godaddy.

    Hope his wallet is hurt as much as the elephant he killed for sport.

    And to those who say “well who knows what the next provider is up to’ this is where research is involved and it is our failing as a society to use the “well everyone is the same” line, stand up for something (in this case elephants) and make a decision NOT to give those people who do harm in the world.

    Now he gets to keep the money we paid for 2 years (they have a no refund fee since 2008)…he wont get a cent more

  58. Pete says:

    That fellow Parsons is an embarrassment to the human race. I feel sorry for him . Good for you Kevin for dumping him. A very sad human being he is. A big hero shooting an animal in the dark.

    I will pass this on .n. My best, Pete

  59. chris schoon says:

    Right on right on right on! This Bob putz is a dillweed of the skankiest variety. His company deserves to be shot by an inbred-hillbilly, then be dismembered and eaten by starving women in tank tops… Seriously. Everyone needs to pull their biz from this company like you did. Way to go and thanks for your integrity.

  60. Catherine says:

    For those people who “don’t know if any other companies are equally as immoral as Parsons .. “, I suggest taking the stance to act on what information you have and disassociate with what you know is bad news. Concerning yourself with others potentially being equally lacking in conscience sounds like an excuse to me not to do anything about anything …

  61. cynthia says:

    I wish I had know about this 4 days ago before purchasing GoDaddy’s service. But after reading the above I will definitely transfer to another site. Parson’s actions are sickening.
    Look forward to your thoughts about other hosting sites.

  62. Melissa says:

    Just to let you know, in case you don’t already, hostgator.com is one of the greenest out there – they are offsetting over 100% of their carbon footprint (for most servers) with windpower and as one of their long time customers I would never go with anyone else – their customer service is amazing!

  63. Sheila says:

    I agree With Jonathan in Vietnam -how does one know what the people that own the sites spend the money on. I don’t believre he is Gods answer to africa. As you stated the people their can kill the elephants themselves so what differance does it make who has killed the elephant the crops were saved and the people ate. It was a win win situation.
    And to go even futher when you spend your money else where you have no idea where or what the money is spent on unless it has been made public. If the money was used In the killing of people or to fund abortion clinic’s then that becomes Blood money and I would then cancel my account with Go Daddy as I would not want to be a part in that.

  64. Suzanne says:

    Be careful what company you go to. There are a lot of companies that are affiliates of Go Daddy but they are called something else. Make sure you know the owning company you choose!

  65. wes says:

    Sorry Kevin,
    You are way out of bounds here. What do you mean you do not kill an elephant that is trampling your crops? If the life of your family and the village depends on those crops that is the only answer if you want to have a crop at all. What were you thinking drawing a parallel between that and your kids being naughty? As for Peta’s answer to elephant hazing what a joke! Have you never watched the documentaries on how little effect even a chain link or electric fence has on a hungry determined pachyderm? Keep in mind PETA are the same group of do gooders who will tell you wolves will never harm humans and should be protected, yet a pack chased down,killed and fed on a female survey worker in my State of Alaska last year, idiots.
    Very easy for you to sit back here in the states and tell the people of some African village they need to do it your(also a white man’s) way. The mans ego is obviously out of check but the end result was necessary, so what does it matter who pulled the trigger? You go live in that village for six months and report back on how life really works and maybe you will have a leg to stand on when you go to attack someone elses livelihood. As it stands you are passing judgement on someone and some event you really have no in depth facts around. I will buy a Go Daddy website today and would appreciate you taking me off your mailing list ASAP.

  66. Debra DeWeese says:

    Dear Kev and Anne-Marie:

    Thanks for your passion and political stance. I am a long-time activist and feel this passionately in my body. I cannot even entertain watching the video — I already intensely feel the suffering. Thank you for sharing and for caring!

    Anne-Marie: Love your recipes. Thanks! I love the videos of your cooking!

    Keep up the great work and presence you two are sharing in this world,


  67. Cecilia says:

    I truly respect your anger about the killing of an elephant, I too find it a terrible act. I find it diturbing, though, that using women’s bodies to sell whatever it is they sell, doesn’t disturb you.

    This practice is part of what is called “symbolic violence” because we don’t perceive it as violence. But it is one of the first steps to real violence against women, trafficking, raping, killing. It contributes to society seeing women as disposable.

    I wish you could all reconsider why an elephant is more important than using women.

  68. TC says:

    Actually – hunting is extremely ethical and biblical. I can’t stand Bob Parsons and his Go-Daddy garbage but this was actually something he did right. I like your stuff – good info and products but the whole vegan hippy crap – not for me.

  69. Mary cate says:

    Thanks, Beverly! I am transferring now. It ends on 4/1/11 11:59pm EST, the Promo Code is: BYEBYEGD

    Everybody, share this on Facebook!

  70. Nick says:

    The yoga is starting to pay off keep up the good work start meditating to take your karma even farther ! Your on the track keep rolling!

  71. Will Tuttle says:

    Bless you, Kevin, for this – it is absolutely essential I believe to boycott, and to tell ‘em why!

    Elephants are in real serious danger of extinction at human hands. Their numbers are dropping precipitously! I can think of almost no action more heinous than to deliberately kill one of these extremely intelligent, sophisticated, loving creatures like she was just a cockroach or something. The problem is not just Bob Parsons, it’s our entire culture, and the mentality of routinely seeing beings as things to be used, and eating them daily… now comes the whole World Peace Diet doctrine, so I’ll stop right here, but just say it’s important to see that Parsons is a product of a violent culture (ours) that we must transform, and not merely point fingers at and blame him. That’s why the best response to this is not just to boycott GoDaddy, but to boycott all meat, dairy, and eggs as well. That’s the root of this terrible violence that’s destroying our world.

    I only have one domain name registered with GoDaddy, but I will switch and spread the word!

    Thanks to you and Anne-Marie – I sure she agrees with you. Enjoy Berkeley!!

  72. Ann says:

    I just don’t get Parsons being involved in the killing of this elephant. Wouldn’t he have known that this would cause much controversy? Then, the video is posted on their website for all to see?? I’m bewildered. I know that Africans do kill elephants for the reason mentioned. But, we don’t do that here in our country. What is wrong with that man?? Sorry, I just don’t understand. But, let’s face it, Parsons couldn’t care less about what we’re saying. He’s laughing all the way to the bank, isn’t he? Pitiful. We no longer use Go-daddy so I feel relieved about that. Kevin, why are you even waiting all the way until July to pull out of Go-Daddy?

  73. Bruce Wagner says:

    Kevin you are exactly correct.
    We hate godaddy for many reasons actually.
    We now use and highly recommend Arvixe.com

  74. Angie says:

    I agree that we need to do research to know who we want to do business with. Everyone is definitely not the same. I guess my question is this – if the person isn’t making commercials or posting videos of their actions, how do you find out?

    I also don’t see why it’s fine to not fault him for recognizing that sex sells, but we can fault him for recognizing that killing elephants in Africa makes him look like a hero. Kevin, I applaud you for making this very inconvenient decision about moving your business due to his actions against this animal. I wonder why we don’t also take care of members of our own species by speaking out and taking action against sex selling?

  75. Ali Minasian says:

    I didn’t have the heart to watch the video, so thank you for posting a synopsis and I really appreciate that you shared this info with us. Thanks for all you do.

  76. Blanca says:

    I will never use GoDaddy. Thank you, Kevin,for sharing this information. This whole thing Parson’s did is absurd, gross and appalling. I will tell others as well.

  77. Theresa says:

    Both my husband and I will be transfering ALL of our domains, asap, even though money is a huge issue for us right now. Thank you for sharing this Kevin. And thank you for being an agent of change. Your integrity is the reason I support Renegade Health.

  78. Tsurugi_Oni says:

    I didn’t really see anything wrong with it, but then again I’m a fully fledged omnivore.

    It’s funny watching from the other side of fence as many people get riled up by this. We can all only do what feels right in our hearts. It’s nice that you’re willing to be be vocal about you passions. Don’t stop or else u’ll have 1 less view on all ur videos =P.

  79. Jana says:

    I just became a customer of godaddy last year. I paid way too much for domain names for years mainly because shopping for a registrar is dull as dirt to me. Someone I know who does due diligence in her homework chose directnic.net for her registrar. I was on the verge of transferring to them in 2005 when Katrina clobbered NOLA where their offices are located. They had one awesomely dedicated dude keeping their servers going in the aftermath.

    I’ve always felt an affinity for elephants and I don’t want my dollars going to godaddy in the future either. Too bad. I was liking them otherwise so far.

  80. Tsurugi_Oni says:

    What’s wrong with sex sells. Humans are biologically drawn towards beautiful things. You would never see a naked mole rat on an animal rights advertisement…… same goes most advertising. Just my oh-so-tiny opinion.

  81. Jocelyn says:

    Right On Kevin!! Thank you! Although the super sexist ads were more than enough for me to steer clear of GoDaddy (“sex sells” is NOT an ok reason to be a part of problem), I really appreciate you posting this and taking a stand by taking your business elsewhere. I’ve seen a lot of other businesses doing the same. You really nailed it with this post! Thank you!

  82. KenZenSun says:

    Kevin, I applaud your character and integrity for summarizing the facts above. I will not share my life energy [in the form of money] with GoDaddy anymore. Topsy Tyke sends his regards. ? http://bit.ly/hlvbfb

  83. Sarah says:

    I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video. Way too disturbing for me. I love animals and honor them. The idea of killing an animal because it was hungry is ludicrous. There are other ways to deal with that situation. I have never used godaddy and I never will. Thank you for posting that!

  84. Joanna says:

    Thank you so much, Kevin, for alerting us all to this jerk. I had had my doubts about him before because of things I had heard about his views as well as the sex in the ads, but I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t want the hassle of finding a better (and likelier more expensive) company – but this changes everything.

    Hopefully enough of us will leave Godaddy to hurt his business, but I’m skeptical we can do anything to elevate his humanity and compassion.

    If you find a company whose leader has great morals – and hopefully good prices – please let us all know!

  85. Eva says:

    I hope that there are thousands of people who find out about this video and move away from go daddy.
    It is just a sorry, sad,and sickening story. I suppose that when its in a hunters blood such as Bob Parsons, there will never be any convincing him about the wrongness of the killing. He will justify his actions by saying he feed hungry people.
    I won’t be using go daddy any more.
    Thanks for sharing a sad story that people need to find out about. I couldn’t even watch the video and I still feel very sad.

  86. jesus says:

    WOW I can’t believe you compared a child walking on my grass to an elephant destroying a crop. You Veg’s love to kill and eat living plants but these villagers have no right to pick what they eat…..do you all through shame on a wolf when he eats a rabbit or a lion when it kills a baby elephant…yes a baby oh they must be EVIL .Or maybe it’s called “LIFE” as we know it ….ALL THINGS ALIVE CONSUME OTHER LIVING THINGS END OF STORY as long as it’s for consumption and not just a kill and wasted it’s the circle of LIFE…..and yes I kill my own meat and vegetables too

  87. Tracy Mannikko says:

    Thanks for letting us know! I am getting rid of all my business with Go Daddy now!

    Elephants are VERY wonderful and cool-also very family oriented!–how anyone could be so cruel and stupid is shocking really. I know elepahnts grieve for their dead–so I am sure the one who got shot is being morned.

    I can only hope that the animal kingdom understands that there are evil-bad humans and still can know and loveus kind and thoughtful type humans.

  88. jesus says:

    Oh yes and anyone who has cut their grass recently is guilty of mass grass(and weed) murder and shame on you for leaving it to rot unused…your idea of living in harmony is very closed minded…I personally take total responsability for what I consume and yes I feed my clippings to my beautifull highland cattle and quarter horses they are my grass killing partners in crime

  89. gerry says:

    I’ve reposted this to facebook and twitter. I wouldnt use go daddy anyway because of the issues i had with them with billing and when i tried to cancel they were impossible to get ahold of -but now I have additional reasons and I know there are many who will now avoid them because of this information. thanks.

  90. Menkit says:

    Oh no! I just purchased another year’s hosting plus renewed 5 of my domains … groan.

    Let us know asap who you move to and thanks everyone else for your recommendations. We need an ethical host so this doesn’t happen again with whoever we switch to (or a variation of elephant killing).

    While i’m sure most of the hosts eat dead animals and possibly hunt in their spare time, to make a public display of it with such pride is nothing short of shameful, remorseless and disgusting.

    This man definitely needs to be pulled down a few pegs and the only way to do it is to lose a whole heap of customers en masse.

    Perhaps someone could make a youtube video exposing him so that godaddy gets negative publicity into perpetuity?

  91. Linda says:

    Thanks Kevin for passing this info out. I’ll move from godaddy right away. The first thing
    I thought of was this poor elephant had a family and now they are mourning this loss.

    Elephants are the third of the smartest animals on Goodall’s list. Like cetaceans, elephants can communicate over great distances using low frequencies only their bulky heads can produce. As the phrase goes, “an elephant never forgets”, and it’s true that the memory of these animals is remarkable. Elephants even have death rituals, where they “grieve” over their dead companions, showing a surprising amount of empathy for a non-human animal.

  92. Angie says:

    This may be something that is on my mind for a long time, so I keep coming back to it. When I first read the article, it honestly took me a while to figure out what bothered you so much about it, since the villagers ate the elephant after it was killed. I realized later that it was his intention that was a problem for you. Killing for sport/greed versus killing for food are two very different things, and I don’t really agree with the sport intention, but I think that often the way we humans treat each other is worse than killing an animal. After all, doesn’t it seem that we should (first & foremost) take care of our own instead of attacking & hurting each other?

  93. Marty Schumacher says:

    Thank you Kevin for letting us know about this atrocity and telling, so we don’t have to look. I so appreciate that. I believe we all see too much, that is unnecessary to still protest or take action on.
    I don’t have a website YET :0, but I certainly didn’t like the look of this guy bragging about his dastardly deed. YUK YUK YUK!
    The sad thing is “Daddy” inspires warm and loving feelings in me. This guy is the farthest in the opposite direction!

  94. Pamela. says:

    He sees himself as a hero; The Great White Hunter. When actually he is dimentionally challenged downstairs.

  95. Kuru says:

    Thanks Kevin, and all who participated in this boycott. This is where we have power; hit them in their wallet. This guy has no idea he’s doing anything less than heroism; he lives in a bubble with his cronies. That old mindset has got to die.

  96. Thank you for your kindness and your sensitivity. I applaud you for standing up for what is right and decent and thank you for all you are doing toward creating a kinder, more caring, more loving world!

  97. Jim says:

    Well, if you can move 138 domains, I guess I can move my 30 or so (like you, ALL hosted on GoDaddy) — but it’s going to take time. Like many web programmers, many of my sites are custom-programmed, hard-coded to their systems (e.g., much of my code makes calls to specific databases on their servers — and *every* line of code for some of my sites will have to be reviewed and updated — not to mention the GIGs of data that’ll have to be migrated elsewhere). I wish I could do it all instantaneously, but it’s gonna take quite an effort to get done. Jeez, why’d that guy have to be such an a-hole?! Aside from his idiocy, I actually always LOVED GoDaddy. Their pricing is highly competitive, their systems generally easy to use / well organized, and their techies are usually helpful.

    PLEASE let us know who you go with, Kev. I know you’ll research the hell out of this & I figure you’ll probably go with a company with features / pricing similar to my own needs.

  98. Laura says:

    Oh, I wish I had listened to you and hadn’t watched the video, now how to I get those horrible images out of my head!?

    Thanks for sharing this, Kevin, and to everyone who is switching from Go Daddy!!

    Hosting suggestions:


  99. Heather says:

    hmmmm, i’m not really sure how i feel about this. when i first watched it i wasn’t really horrified by any of it or upset at all by it. but, you make a great point about how wrong it is that rich idiot white guys should not be investing in elephant killing as a sport and claiming themselves heroes for the slaughter. what most upset me about the video was the crowd of people who rushed the carcass for the chance to fill their bellies. mind you, i do not condone the killing of elephants and i totally agree that rather than invest in the sport of killing he should have provided alternative methods for solving their “elephant problem” and helped to feed some hungry mouths. but, far worse crimes are committed every hour of every day by the americans here who harvest and eat conventionally raised and bred cows, chickens, pigs, etc. as if they were grain. the lives these poor animals live before their slaughter is insanely cruel and without meaning. chickens are hatched in factories and moved down a conveyor where they are sorted onto varying levels of a cart. they will then be shipped to chicken farms to live their short lives without enough room to even walk.
    cows are pumped full of so many growth hormones that their leg joints are unable to support their weight. female cows are kept in a constant state of pregnancy and torn from their newborn calves the second they are born. their milk contains blood from the amount of milking they endure and when they can no longer produce milk they are electrocuted and their throats are slashed and another slab of supermarket beef is born. and what about everything that’s happening with, well, everything else!? i totally support your endeavor to pull the wool from our eyes about this ridiculous vacation sport that bob parsons plays with his gobs of money, but it just reminded me of the more horrible things happening regularly here that everyone just accepts. i don’t mean to sound like, well, like however i probably sound, but, i just wish something could be done about it. it breaks my heart to know that these things are happening and most people don’t know or don’t care that they are.

  100. Angela says:

    I don’t think there is too much wrong with killing an animal to eat it, if you eat meat you should be able to kill it yourself (or at least support the person who kills it for you) rather than have someone do the dirty work for you and turn a blind eye to where it comes from. They probably could have chosen a different animal for meat though, due to the elephants high intelligence and group ties,etc, but of course it wouldn’t have been as ‘rewarding’!

    HOWEVER, this video was totally disrespectful to the animal. The whole thing was just one big power trip for Bob and it was disgusting, the way he stood next to the elephant proudly like he had won some kind of battle with it with his unfair gun advantage. And the music!! And giving the GoDaddy hats to the African guys desperately trying to get some of the meat. The whole thing was so wrong, what an idiot.

  101. Ann says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I applaud your decision to boycott your ISP for the reasons stated in your blog, and I am confident that many others will do the same. I sincerely hope that you also send a letter to GoDaddy explaining why you are going elsewhere. They need to know that their customers are not oblivious to the injustices and ignorance of corporations and/or their CEOs, and that they will be held accountable for poor decision-making and policies. We can hit them where it hurts, i.e., their wallets, to make our voices heard.

  102. Ann says:

    Hi again,

    I meant your host, not you ISP. :)

  103. Austin says:

    Moniker.com is the best place to buy domain names from. They are the most secure registrar out there.

    Godaddy has always seemed extreme to me. They definitely seek out the mainstream/ mass media/ pop culture crowd. I don’t hold it against you for using them as your first registrar, because it was the first company that many people had heard of in the industry & one of the first to offer cheap prices.

  104. Heather says:

    and…some of you asked why he would post the video on his site…..it’s because he’s genuinely proud of himself. he thinks that he’s doing a great thing by killing these “problem elephants”.

  105. John says:

    Thank you so much for your article and action.
    Unfortunately, I renewed my domain name only hours before, I heard about the video clip.

    I have e-mailed the following reply to their sales office, and will change my domain name to another company:

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: RE: GoDaddy.com Order Confirmation
    Date: Fri, April 01, 2011 12:47 am
    To: sales@godaddy.com

    If I would have waited a few more hours renewing my company’s domain name via Go Daddy.com I would have been aware of the disgusting actions of your CEO’ s elephant MURDER You Tube clip, I would not have done so!

    As a customer I demand a personal apology of your CEO, and expect for him to resign. (and spend the rest of his life “fighting” senseless killings of endangered species, instead of showing of his macho stupid behavior).

    I have an idea, maybe him and M. Vick can have a barbecue together and exchange “killing stories”.

    RESIGN! (and disappear scumbag!)

    John Abel, President
    Broadcast Sports Group, Inc.
    109 Lamport Road
    Reisterstown, MD 21136
    410-833-0907 Direct line
    410-833-0969 Fax
    410-908-0887 Cell

  106. Austin says:

    also – you should never use the same company as your web host & registrar. this can end up very bad.

    so moniker for registrar
    amazon (#1) or rackspace (#2) for webserver (if you have $$$) OR stablehost (if you dont have much $). Amazon is the best because they have soo many servers around the world -> so they can always serve up your content fast from their “local” servers.

  107. Austin says:

    wait a sec…. so he spent 10 days hunting a “problem elephant.” But in the video he says they talked to the farmer & they were hoping it would come back the next night , which it did. This is 1-2 nights, not 10. Then at the end of the video they say they are going out to find more farmers who need help – aka kill more elephants, which they probably did -> since in the video it says that this is a typical night, of which there were 9-10 of. Disgusting.

  108. Cindy says:

    I’ve used Ipower.com for years and have been happy with their service. Also they are ecologically minded and 100% wind powered!


  109. Alan says:

    Wow, no idea. I have most of my domains with godaddy and because of this will now be paying the transfer fees and moving. Thanks. I have shared it on facebook and tweeted it.

  110. Peter Magurean III says:

    Hello Kev,

    Bravo!! So pleased to hear of your disgust for Mr Parson exploits in Africa.

    I have done a very small amount of business with Go Daddy upon recommendation of a friend. His staff gave me excellent service. I was so impressed that I wrote a glowing email report to Mr Parsons at his personal email given me by his staff, that complimented his team and his firm. The message was written in a way that deserved a response of some sort, even a perfunctory note that acknowledged receipt. But nothing ever came.

    This is a minor issue, but as I have noted from your observation of Mr. Parsons’ behavior and the public display of Mr. Parsons in Africa with the elephant community, I guess this experience of mine and the African debacle represent his leadership and business style. I want no part of it.

    I shall do no more business with Go Daddy. Thank you so much for your candor and your willingness to champion animal and human rights!

    Best wishes,

    Peter Magurean III

  111. Jude says:

    Rock on, Kevin~!~ What a mofo, scumsucking, sob IDIOT he is~!~ Not unlike some other CEO’s I’ve known who have NO LIFE…. except the folks at their own company who ARE PAID TO STAY THERE!

    You’ve done 3 things Kevin: Expose this pig with his own frickin video, that he’s actually PROUD of, 2) let many know about this by USING your OWN biz site, YEA!, and 3) started a bit of a forum on alternative places to go to. I love this internet world~!~ We discover so fast and share even faster.

    Your site, data, and way of marketing is way cool~!~ THank you~!~ judyUtah

  112. How about tryin’ to kill the villagers for the elephant to get fed?

    Or better yet hand that gun to the elephant and shoot Parsons.

    Hummm. Bob is an idiot, i agree with you, Kevin.

  113. Rita says:

    Hello Kevin and Ann Marie
    How proud he is for killing an animal??????

  114. Debra says:

    Hi Guys- Good for you for taking a stand!! However, I personally feel that Parson’s degredation of HUMAN females is reason enough to quit him. Sometimes we all get so caught up in animal rights but we strangely do not recognize when poor treatment of HUMANS crosses the line too-often in the name of $$$$$$$$$$$
    There was a recent uproar in Nevada over Senator Harry Reid wanting to end legalized prostitution there. Of course he is right. What a barbaric, sad, and degrading way for a woman to waste her life. It’s almost like you do not even view these women as HUMAN if you think this is ok. Parson’s bullshit is just the first step in dehumanizing women.
    I’m a big fan -keep up the inspiring work guys!

  115. Cheryl Holt says:

    Wow, this is very sad. The safari hunt vacation continues to be scheduled for many big game hunters from all over the world. Travel agencies make bank for scheduling these types of vacations and the big game are what they are after. I wish there were more ways of showing who is behind the money trail for these types of hideous crimes. I am proud of both of you for your continued ethical manner in which you do your business.

    I think I have a few domain names at Go Daddy that I haven’t done much with. I will transfer them. I am thankful for the input and suggestions from others on the alternative companies.

    It is very sad that these beautiful creatures continued to be hunted down in this type of manner. There really is no need to. Thank you for opening my eyes & helping me to better support those who support our world. Much remains to be done in supporting mother earth & all that inhabit her.

    Love, Light & Peace,

  116. Oriol Borràs Ferré says:

    Here is a website about changing a domain to a Vegan owned hosting domain registration, for your consideration :


  117. Mary says:

    Looks like you got a few responses on this one, Kevin!
    I am glad that you are acting on this. It is now time for people to do this. Watch and you will see that results will be forthcoming………

    Sexism and this type of white man bravado have the same result: rape and killing

    It is the objectification of anything that removes the need for respect of that “thing” and leads to horrific behavior and violence.

    To Jesus, I am glad that you take responsibility for what you eat. And we do have literal concentration camps for animals all over this country. Yet I wonder if you feel the same about going out and killing an animal as you do going out and picking a few leaves off of a kale plant?
    I personally do not mow my lawn much and not at all if I’m in the country…….I am aware of it teeming with all sorts of life…..

    We all do some killing…..let’s try to keep it down to a mild roar since the majority of people don’t seem to be.

    BTW Kevin, I have used Network Solutions for many years and as an artist have really like them as I can change things as often as I need to. They do change templates sometimes, yet give you as much free tech help on the phone as you need.


  118. I use Hostgator and pay $10US per month for them to host all my domains. I’m REALLY pleased with Hostgator!

    Each of the domain names are controlled through a separate names provider (I use UK2.net). I didn’t find UK2.net very good for hosting, but they are excellent for renewing my domain names and allowing me to control the dns addresses. However UK2 do charge to move domain names away from their control. To renew a domain using UK2.net cost me £5 to £10 (includes internic fees) per year per domain. The only thing that I need UK2 for is renew my domain name every year or two. On my UK2 site all I do is set the DNS address to whatever hostgator tell me too.

    Since I’ve done things this way, my site has been much more stable, hostgator have loads of features and it is much cheaper and easier to manage.

    Kind regards,
    Stuart Porter

  119. Sharon says:

    I am glad that you are acting in accordance with your convictions, whether or not others agree with you. I only wish GoDaddy’s misuse of human beings had been so convicting.

  120. Kosotie says:

    Well done Kevin, I understand and support your choice of changing server, absolutely. But Bob is not the problem…
    In this world, each and all of us must make a living, using money, no matter if we are in the health field or meat or hunting business. The real problem is that we are living in a competition based money system where profit is the goal. If I had an GoDaddy account I would change it today, sure! But I urge you all to go further. Get rid of money all together so we ALL can live a good life, and there would be no “room” for “Bob-characters” or any other “profiteers” anymore…


  121. Yamina says:

    Haven’t watched the video but disturbed by your article. Disgusting. Just looking at his greasy face… But they ARE people shooting children who cut through their backyard ! Humans are so stinky… They don’t kill to satisfy their hunger but because they LOVE it !

  122. oreganol says:

    I don’t know what’s more shocking; the fact that he wants to shoot an elephant or the fact that he’s so proud that he put a video of it up. I really hope this hurts is business. I use hostgator for all my web hosting. I stopped using godaddy a long time ago due to what I thought were some other unethical practices.

  123. Kym Hutcheon says:

    I was almost prepared to give the guy the benefit of the doubt… until the posing session with AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells playing in the background.

    I dropped GoDaddy as a host a while back simply because I was tired of the spam and the service isn’t very good anyway.

  124. John says:

    This is for Jeff (comment #5) who didn’t want to add to the negative vibrations by boycotting GoDaddy.. Ok, then send him positive vibrations, that does’nt mean for one second that you have to support his insanity and encourage his activities by giving him your money!

  125. Travis says:

    The video was a little ridiculous and done in poor taste. No argument there.

    There is something called wildlife management. There are lots of hunters that understand this, take it very seriously, and don’t hunt out of some childish nature to just “go kill stuff”.

    Some argue, what possible purpose could someone have for killing one? Yes, they are beautiful creatures of course. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself just how much does an elephant consume daily though? Habitat destruction is a very serious issue.

    I understand some people are idiots and show offs about this stuff, but lets not ignore the facts. Setting aside all the inhumane treatment of animals (which is obviously wrong), there is a very real need to manage some types of wildlife to prevent them from destroying their own environments. This can be done in a humane and painless manner if people are intelligent about it. If it brings in more money to some poor communities, more power to them. I just say keep it humane and respect the animal.

    We’re all adults here. Judging all hunters based off the actions of a few is just childish. I’m guessing there are also a few of you here that actually believe “meat is murder”. ;-)

  126. I eat meat. there. I said it. It’s not the meat eating that I have a problem with but instead the show put on over it. But if the hunters didn’t use weapons I think it would have been a better video – I may have even enjoyed it in a sick way. But seriously, Kevin, I think you should be more disappointed over the superbowl ads. Putting sex on tv is chipping away at our children’s morals. That bothers me much more.

  127. Susan says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! for your post and your decision to stop feeding the pocket of those who have no consciousness. It is so important to take action like you did! We need more people like you in the world.

    And when it comes to protecting the villages and their crops from elephant, it is simpler than anyone would imagine: a recent study in Africa revealed than it is enough to prepare a solution of tabacco leaves with oil and soak a rope in it and hang the rope around the crop. Elephants can’t stand the smell and therefore don’t approach.

    As for the help the white rich guy wanted to provide the village I suggest financial support for safe drinking water and food, as many organizations are trying to do. Pick one.

  128. jesus says:

    to Mary you sound like someone I could have many intellegent conversations with…. without this crazy emotion some fly off on.and I do feel the same about Kale or meat you see Iam always THANKFULL for everything I eat…..So that said should we be upset about THIS Jerk killing an elephant or these ABSOLUTELY ,IMORAL,DISCUSTING AND SHAMEFULL CONCENTRATION CAMPS CALLED AMERICAN FARMS…..IT,s in your back yard people do something about your mess before you attempt to save the rest of the world….it’s very hypicritical

  129. jesus says:

    hey Mary me again .I just clicked on your name and it brought me to your web sight where I saw some of the most BEAUTIFULL art .Congrates on making such incredable creations…..EVERYONE CHECK IT OUT….THIS IS FROM SOMEONE WHO CAN’T DRAW A STRAIGHT LINE lol but I can dream while looking at yours CHEERS

  130. Cat Hunter says:

    When is this insanity going to stop? When you all stop eating – anything, including plants.

  131. Lisa Stevens says:

    Good for you Kevin!

  132. Gerald says:

    Now all poachers can rest easy.Kill all the animals you want.Get some mindless millionare to kill them for you.Then say you fed the hungry…Maybe even get a tax write off as a charity.

  133. Gen says:

    Good for you, Kevin! Thanks for spreading the news.

  134. Dianne says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I do not use them, but will tell others about it. I did see on ETV what PETA is talking about using instead, and different humane applications did work for different areas.
    I can understand the villager’s frustations, but as you pointed out there are alternative methods. Parsons is encouraging cruelty and to take 4-5 shots to kill the elephant is unethical.

  135. John says:

    I’m assuming everyone here doesn’t eat meat, otherwise your all hypocrites

    oh and im sure the owner of the next hosting company your going with is going to be the most ethical man on earth, bob is the only devil alive,

    “don’t hate the player, hate the game”

    real rookie all this, really….

  136. rachel says:

    The “problem” is not with animals but with the overpopulation of humans on this planet and their belief that we are superior and that animals were put here for us to use and kill. There are some, a few people who do have great respect for the animal’s life they
    consume, but these people are few and far between.
    There is a pyschic on TV who shared his story of becoming vegetarian. He was walking in the supermaket to the meat department. He began to hear multiple cries of the animals
    while they were being slaughtered and realized he could never participate in the violent deaths he just heard.
    I live in VA. where there are a lot of hunters. Many men are proud to take their young sons out and show them how to hunt and shoot a gun. It is a bonding experience for them and the beginning of their believing that they are superior to the animals. Camoflage clothing is a very popular outfit for many men and boys here. A recent article in the paper told about two tragic hunting accidents. One was where a father and two sons were out hunting. An older brother saw a deer and shot at it, his younger brother was ‘in the way’ and was killed. The other was also about a young hunter who died while hunting.
    We live in a world where eating meat is considered ‘normal’, while those of us as vegetarians are the minority. Most people go to the store and purchase neatly wrapped packages of murdered animals. They do not participate at all in the process except as consumers. The hunters prefer to participate in the process by killing the animal themselves. I read an interesting article on the psychology of hunting. It stated that hunters have very low self esteem and they raise it by feeling power and control over their ability to kill an animal.
    I have always found it strange that hunting is called a “sport” because to me a sport is where your opponent has an equal chance of winning. To have a ‘fairer’ fight I feel the hunter should get in a cage with a knife and his opponent is a bear, tiger, or lion. I believe hunters (most of them) like to hunt because unconsciously they know it is NOT a fair fight because THEY have the gun; its’ an UNFAIR fight (like a 6’2 220 pound man fighting with a 5’2 90 pound girl).
    Started my websites with Godaddy, did not know the negatives about it then. Am re-doing my website with Aiso.net who care about the environment and have a good reputation.
    namaste’, rachel
    I am vegetarian/vegan/raw for 23 years. Even when a meat eater I never could have killed an animal. I love the movie “powder” as it has some powerful moments.
    namaste’, rachel

  137. Dee says:

    Thank you for the amazing service you provide. What a blessing you and Ann Marie are to this world.

  138. Lan Tait says:

    I left godaddy well over a year ago when they took down a number of domains, without reason, for no reason at all. And took weeks to correct THEIR mistake!

    They are a very cruel and uncaring company and I recommend that NO ONE use any (dis)service they offer. It is not worth the pain and suffering.

    I control over a thousand sites and this was really a big move for me.

    I also learned it is better to not put your eggs in one basket. Buy domains from one company and hosting from another…

    http://www.moniker.com/ is where I moved my domains to. Very professional and smooth move and no extra costs (free transfer). Actually Moniker is less expensive than GoDaddy.

    I figured out is was better to move the domains in batches of 20 at a time. You do not get flagged by GoDaddy that way!

    For shared hosting, I can really recommend http://www.pair.com/ I have had accounts with them for over 15 years and they just plainly work. They host the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at http://www.emmys.tv/ and http://www.emmys.tv/

    http://www.slicehost.com/ – if you are looking for servers and can do the development work – Slice is pure power.

    If you want to read what GoDaddy does to PEOPLE, here is a site that will tell you how bad it is… http://nodaddy.com/

    Yes, that is NO Daddy dot com! There tag line is, “Exposing the Many Reasons Not to Trust GoDaddy with Your Domain Names”

    Kev needs to go there and add Elephants!

    GoDaddy degrades women, hurts smaller business and kills elephants for FUN… Look at the TRUTH at http://nodaddy.com/

    Anyone who buys from GoDaddy is supporting what they do. I already felt so strongly about how cruel they are that I left them almost 2 years ago and I think Kev is doing a good job of making people aware of the growing boycott of GoDaddy.

    Boycott GoDaddy!
    Submit your own reason at NoDaddy!

  139. Debbie says:

    Thanks Kevin for sharing this and for changing your domain.
    There are so few elephants left in the world, it is such a shame to lose even one of these magnificent creatures. Breaks my heart.
    Thanks for the warning not to watch the video, I would have cried for sure. Instead I am sending love the the elephants soul. :O)
    Have a great weekend!

  140. Deb says:

    Kevin–if there was ever more of a reason, other than Go-Daddy’s tacky, tacky ads which put me off them years ago, then this is definitely it. I admire the fact that you’re standing up for your beliefs and support you 100%! Go-Daddy will probably charge you to change hosts because money and obviously gut satisfaction is what they’re all about.

  141. Alok says:

    Here is some information that I hope will be helpful for you, Kevin, and for anyone else who has questions about migrating domains and hosting.

    I’m a technology consultant to conscious small businesses. The domain registrars and web hosts mentioned in the blog posts are good. I have experience with three of them in particular, and can comment on them in detail.

    Rackspace is outright amazing. Their customer service is fantastic, as is their performance, on a technical level. They can be a little bit pricey on their (newly released) Web hosting and private/virtual Private server packages. But, I consider them to be “top-notch” for anything that is “mission critical” for a client whom I serve. I’ve been using Rackspace for three years for various purposes, for my own and for clients’ needs.

    DreamHost is another excellent option. It is my primary option for myself and for clients, unless there are some special reasons to use another host in addition to or instead of DreamHost. Some other contractors/businesses with whom I collaborate—those who focus specifically on webmastering and web Development—use DreamHost, and they and I arrived at this common choice independently. DreamHost, like Rackspace, has helpful/responsive, knowledgeable, friendly staff, but you cannot contact them by phone; their support is “chat only.” All of their services are well documented in a support Wiki, and their control panel is very efficient to work with, especially if you have a variety of web activities going on (lots of domains, different websites, virtual private servers, etc.). Their offerings and pricing structures are very simple. Your webmaster will love DreamHost too (if they don’t know that already); it is very well oriented towards self-service. I moved most of my domains and all of my web hosting to DreamHost. Oddly, they can only register .com, .net, .org, and .info domains. If you have other types of domains, you will have to register them with a different company, but you can still have the associated website hosted with DreamHost (which I recommend).

    1and1 is not a bad choice at all, and I have probably been using them the longest. I’ve never had any problems, and of these three providers I’m reviewing, they have the lowest prices. After working with other hosts and registrars, though, I feel like 1and1 has an outdated control panel, with limitations that can make it somewhat tedious to manage lots of domains or hosting packages. Their feature set is also a little bit outdated, in my opinion; they lack some capabilities that DreamHost offers, and that other hsots commonly offer, but they don’t seem to intend to evolve their offerings in those areas. I still use 1and1 to register domains that are not actively in use, but for anything beyond that, I’d use DreamHost.

    I hope this information is helpful for you and for anyone else reading this article. Perhaps I should post more information about the process of transferring domains. It can be a simple process, or a very complicated/involved one, depending on what you already have set up.


  142. Dina Knight says:

    I was disgusted by what he did! I’m not supporting his actions with my money!

    I just contacted a few domains and chatted with Namecheap and they’re going to be donating $1 for every transfer to the savetheelephants.org fund! Also they’ve provided a discount code good through 4/1 11:59pm for $4.99 for domain transfers for up to 10 transfers!
    I just moved all of my domains over there! Here’s a link!
    coupon code: BYEBYEGD

    Good Luck to all and shame on Bob Parsons!

  143. Elin Hayes says:

    I wish more people had this kind of integrity. Thank you so much for doing this!

  144. Nancy Jezior says:

    Bravo! Stand up for your convictions!

    Thank you for sharing this and spreading the word.


  145. Andrew N says:

    I know the site http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org hosts with a provider that uses green energy (wind farms etc) to power the servers. I think it is well worth the extra cost, hosting is becoming an ever bigger drain upon resources. By hosting with someone like this, a site shows it cares and puts its money where its mouth is, so to speak.

  146. Anna says:

    I’ve ordered from you before. Now I will do so for any product you carry that I would previously have bought elsewhere (such as spirulina & almonds).

    Thank you for giving me a like-minded business that I can be happy to send my hard-earned money to.

    I use the hosting service Greengeeks.com for their environmental mendate.

    Keep up the good work!

  147. Mon says:

    Wow…what a sissy rant. How do you know that he didn’t donate funds to find what you consider “better” ways of keeping elephants away from crops? Until those methods are implemented, since it won’t be instantaneous, KILL THE ELEPHANTS. Yes, I consider human well being A GOZILLION times more important than the well being of elephants. The comparison to children walking on your grass is comical. Child walks on my grass, I call the authorities and/or their parents and/or yell at them. Elephant continually destroys my means of supporting myself and feeding my family/community/village…I KILL IT. Hungry people benefited from it. I’m sure it feels good for you to BELIEVE that what you think is “wrong” is actually WRONG…to be on your high horse because you “know” he’s an “idiot” because of what you perceive to be mean-spirited intentions…based on your BELIEFS & BIASES. So what he uses sex to sell. You always talk about natural” this and natural that. He’s selling things according to what appears to be our “natural,” strong attraction to sex; notwithstanding your Judeo-Christian inspired views about sex that say otherwise (yeah…of course many will use the ol’ “I’m not religious; I’m spiritual” meaningless fad phrase). I find veggie mongers hilarious with these sissified sentiments. And for the record, I AM A RAW VEGAN. Although, I sometimes hate telling people because they usually assume (and rightfully so with 99% of those out there) that I may be some asexual, girly, animal right Nazi who hates men for using women in thongs to advertise. They’d be sadly mistaken.

  148. Patrish says:

    I think you are right on the mark. His video is about ego. Want to help those people, then use your money, not your gun! I will be moving my domains names from Godaddy.com to my hosting company Hostgator, A personal statement for me and my websites.

  149. JT says:

    Any vegan would be upset to see an animal killed. It is just the way vegans are. But you said this video was extremely disturbing, so I expected at least what I see on primetime television, which is painful death, lots of blood, screaming, upset people and so on. I love elephants, a lot, but I saw none of that on the video. The Villagers seemed happy. So I am confused about your analysis. If the villagers could have killed this animal, they would have. Why would they just continue to let any animal kill their crops? To me, there were a lot of holes in your analysis and in the video itself. PETA is not a great example of how to handle animal cruelty. I have seen their people screaming obscenities at people who did not deserve it. I financially support the ASPCA, so I definately love animals, and I have lots of animals myself (who are loved), but there is something missing here on both sides. People out west kill coyotes by the dozens and PETA doesn’t scream. Something here just doesn’t add up.

  150. Kari says:

    Hi Folks,

    I would also like to add … the people of Zimbabwe live under the rule of an extremely brutal dictator. Many horror stories of Mugabe’s treatment of citizens.

    If someone is going to travel for vacation to Zimababwe, rather than spending tourist dollars there that likely only go in the dictator’s pockets, perhaps it would be more helpful to actually go to serve with an NGO that is doing work in Zimbabwe to help the people as well as the animals!

    The US and EU have sanctions against Mugabe and anyone/anything connected with him …

  151. yeah, I started with godaddy too. I switched to iPage, and they are awesome! of course, MediaTemple is the best… but kinda expensive if you’re not a hardcore web designer.

  152. Melissa says:

    I am not opposed to killing animals for food but I am opposed to rich people who exploit the killing of animals. It is just wrong!

    I have never used GoDaddy because I don’t like their marketing. I have about 5 domains with FatCow.com and have been very happy with them. They are 100% powered by wind energy and instead of girls in bikinis they have a cute little cow selling their services.

  153. Tina says:

    Just a friendly warning to please not use 1and1. They have been nothing but problems for people that I know. Very unreliable!!


  154. Jense Anjali says:

    Good move, Kevin. Just remember though, that you will need to do due diligence on any and all other companies/people you do business with. Make no assumptions. I’m quite sure that Bob Parsons is not the only ‘BadDaddy’ out there.

    Good luck with handling all of the details of your change.

  155. Story says:

    I don’t know. I’ve seen enough sexist remarks and actions from Kevin towards Annmarie to know sexism on the whole can’t bother him too much. Trying to get a bunch of raw foodists riled by showing a video of the killing of a large mammal. Hmmm. Maybe it’s genuine, but I can’t help but wonder what the real thing is that pissed him/them off. Maybe…

  156. Dawson Lewis says:

    Guess I’m just evil. As I read this article I thought how easy it is to sit in First World home with easy access to food to talk about how the villiagers didn’t need to kill the poor elephant. And of course they didn’t need any hard money (in a country that has a TRILLION dollar note due to hyperinflation.). Of course living in a dirt floored hut, watching a multi-ton animal flattened what of your crops they don’t eat might give one a different perspective :)

  157. Thereasa says:

    My neighbor is from Zimbabwe and has shared many stories about how people travel there to hunt. They do pay to hunt…they pay A LOT. $50,000 to hunt elephants, from one of his stories. It’s disturbing to me, but it is so ingrained in their mentality that it is helping the Zimbabweans…that it serves many purposes: getting rid of “problem” animals, feeding the villagers, attracting “hunting tourism”, and of course, the “fee” money for hunting, which in all reality goes back to the corrupted government there…

  158. Tamilyn says:

    Thank you, Kevin and AnneMarie for taking the time and trouble to follow your hearts and do the right thing.

  159. Leah Schaening says:

    Thank you Kevin for writing about how
    horribly wrong it was for elephant killer Boob
    Parsons to take the life of a beautiful elephant. I think it is brilliant that you
    are leaving Go Dummy. Thank you for also
    letting people know that there are ways
    to lovingly keep elephants out of gardens.
    So grateful that there are people like you and Ann Marie out there.

  160. John says:

    So good to see so many people with such a solid handle on this! This is in response to Jesus (comment #119). OHH! You are so very very right my friend. As a former long-haul trucker I have spent way more time than I ever wanted to at the feed lots and slaughter houses that dot the american landscape from L.A. to New York. These are the most horrid,toxic and psychotic places on the planet. To anyone who has any questions I would suggest that you do what I did. Stand on the killing room floor and look a cow in the eye as it’s being put down. This is what you will experience : First there is the panic rising in your gut like a terrible irresistable tsunami as you realize you are going to be killed and there is nothing you can do. Then(and this is worse than the panic)the sense of betrayal sets in, a massive soul shattering feeling of betrayal. Anyone who thinks the cows don’t know whats going on,who thinks they don’t feel and experience the horror and the betrayal has got it so very,very wrong. This is the energy you are putting into your body and soul when you eat the higher animals. I do not know what chicken and fish experience, haven’t had the heart for that. If you must eat meat(as I do, it seems I get very ill if I don’t)go for the chicken and fish, try to stay away from the more sentient beings, it’s really,really not good. When you do eat meat, clear your mind and devote your full attention to consuming the animal, allow your body to express appreciation, grunt,drool,belch give the animal the attention it gave to feed you.
    Here it is : We live in a holographic, fractal mirror. It is the nature of both holograms and fractals that if you change any part the whole structure changes accordingly,THEREFORE, when you make it OK to raise sentient beings for the purpose of consuming their flesh you make it OK for the same to be done to you. This fundamental principle is being taken advantage of. Thank you for letting me speak.

  161. Anna21 says:

    Your analysis was right on target. It’s a shame humans take land from wild animals, then kill them when they encroach on what was their land. You are right that he could have given them money for food, medicine, worked with a non-profit to show them how to humanely keep elephants way, anything but killing it.

    Also, elephants are intelligent, sensitive, social animals that mourn when one of their family members die. I really hope these villagers will re-think their stance and learn to live in peace with these beautiful animals.

  162. Mike Chaet says:

    Nice Job Kevin,

    I have visited elephant sanctuaries in Malaysia, played with them, have be-friended them as fellow sentient beings, looked into each others eyes for some common understanding.
    Unlike others I did watch the video, not once but several times. I wanted to have a full understanding of what went on before I came to a full conclusion.
    We as humans have no right to kill sentient beings for ego driven hunting purposes.It is our responsibility to learn to coexist with them. It is also our responsibility to use our financial resources to help others learn to elevate themselves in oeder to lead a positive productive life. Our money should be spent on global education and skill development. Adding an elephant head to Bob Parson’s trophy case is a step backward toward the “Culture of Death” rather than stepping forward toward what Gabriel Cousenscalls the “Culture of Life”.

  163. Ellen says:

    What else is disturbing is the messages of support to Bob on his website, they made me so angry. Have they ever seen a video of an elephant in mourning, maybe they realize that Elephants are not so far off from us humans.

  164. PE says:

    @kt_mm#34,kala#36,kai#46: yes.
    @jonathan#43,sheila#63,angie#64: I’ve at times used buyblue to evaluate a US business. Most US execs are Publicans, and the site gives % donations to Dems vs Reps. Not that Dems are much better: my first criterion is, does the company support neither party? If so, it’s behaving responsibly in that regard. If it splits its bets (a donation is a bet or a bribe) or- as expected- back Reprobates,the company’s principles are Bizniz unless I get strong evidence to the contrary.
    Then I recheck those who give to neither or mostly to Dems to see if their own practices are humane. (Costco, for example, does fine with a union shop and tries to offer better quality goods)
    No, I’m no Dem, yet that party still harbors a few sane folk like Dennis Kucinich– the Publicans have been smoking tea too long, and threaten those who verge on sanity.
    @kosotie#114 and others who may not agree with you about profit, recall “what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul?” Until a Great Shock we work toward, of which the recent and oncoming revolutions are a prelude, human moves against the profit motive will be oh-so-slow…

  165. Meghan Jade says:

    I transferred my accounts today and cancelled with Go Daddy. It took about 10 minutes and was extremely easy!

  166. April Swartz says:

    You could transfer your domains to namecheap.com right now. They are doing a special promotion until tomorrow night (hopefully maybe longer) and DONATING 20% of EVERY tranfer to savetheelephants.org. $4.99 transfer promotion- coupon code BYEBYEGD. can transfer com/net/org (info/biz/us too) all for that price.

  167. Gary says:

    GoDaddy has helped countless tens of thousands of people get connected at a fair market price, provided in my opinion an excellent service where others have not.Who are we to make judgement on the founder? We all have our secrets, sins if you want to call them that and be Religeous. Religion being the corruption of true Spirituality in it self so do we punish and blaspheme every belief system NO! Being a Buddhist I must use this opportunnity to quote the Bible! Yes that book that you all believe in. It states that behold! Let the person who has not sinned cast the first stone! We have all sinned so imagine if ours became public. Get real! The elephant has been re-incarnated to a better life so what does it really matter who shot it. The locals would have killed it in a less humane way. This does not dismiss his action but please NO! judgement on his actions as if your slightlty religious you know he will suffer enough in the next life for his actions. As you will for yours if you believe in that Catholic doctrination. No one judges you at the end but yourself. The pearly gates are open for all but if you think you do not deserve entrance regardless if the gates are open to you or not you will not pass go! Take time out to send love and compassion to him that he may forgive himself instead. Heal the World with your thoughts and love as the Elephant has already forgiven him for his actiions. So why
    don´t you. Send love and compassion to the people suffering in japan and in the Ivory coast and the people you see in your own street who are homeless and hungry as they all have their own story.
    We are all one, so forgive but do not forget who you are. Love and Peace Gary

  168. Ilsa Draznin says:

    Dontcha just love these Tarzan types…big white man comes to save the poor Africans. Makes me crazy. I always try to check for companies that don’t test on animals before I buy and don’t eat mammals of any kind. This elephant killing for sport is awful.

  169. Jesse says:

    Kevin, the poster named Story is probably just a troll.

  170. This is a great quote from http://savingspecies.org/?p=152

    “Starvation in Zimbabwe is the cause of a despotic corrupt government much more than it is due to rogue elephants.”

  171. JT says:

    I just realized that you stepped out of your role as a nutrition educator into the world of politics when you shared this video. In doing so, you excited people to spew hatred out of their mouths on either side of the issue. Just read some of them. Was that what you were going for? That is a lot to think about for me.

  172. JT says:

    Is this now a forum for this kind of discussion? Just wondering. Even if you think the guy was completely wrong, to spew out the hatred back is wrong too, and there is a whole lot of hatred up in these comments.

  173. New Liphe says:

    I do not agree to @Dawson Lewis,

    Not everyone who reads Kev lives in Amerika. I live in third world country. I born here and live here 40 years. I am happy that i get a internet and have a good or better health.

    My husband sub scribe this site and I read it me too.

    Think how you define poor? My husband define poor as “not eating three times a day!” Do you know people who go without food for days or weeks because they cannot get it? I do. The poor all around us.

    So you better keep your word @Dawson Lewis.

    I think that murder of elephant is wrong – he pay for that – US$50,000 – that goes to the rich. Of course the poor will eat anything it can get. But he help no one but is a hurtful man.

    Read at http://nodaddy.com/ to see how he hurts people, not only murders 5 elephants and murders many kind animals.

    Everyday I see hungry starving people. A poor man is jailed to kill a wild animal to feed children, anyone even, like the visayan spotted deer, or even the black cobra snake, only the rich can pay the rich for that to kill them. It only help the rich.

    Better the poor eat a vegetable like Kamungay miracle leaves.

    But a poor, they think the elephant or black cobra snake should have a good right to live too. In peace, not in pieces.

    I sorry my word is not good, but it is a true or truth.

    New LipHe is my husband account to work to help poor Filipino that cannot buy drugs for the illness American’s send us to children in McDo and PizzaHouse.

    We move http://newliphe.org/ away to GoDaddy to Moniker. Only my husband teach his live plant way into 90,000,000 people. 1,000 get well even survive the diabetes and heart and high blood.

    It cost more to eat animals, that bob parson is not a good man.

    Sorry, it is my first time to talk the english here but for sure I am not a Amerikano Rich. I family of poor on farm in third world, not rich.

    @Story wrong to, I think Kev is a sweet to Annmarie – not bad. I inspire to Annmarie and want make a video cooking for raw food filipino if I can get a camera, to help poor here like Annmarie in her place.

  174. Joni says:

    Dear Kevin,
    I have read all 170 posts responding to this issue.
    I am especially grateful for becoming aware of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. org. site, which adopts orphaned elephants and rhinos, at various early stages of their lives, due to some devastating misfortune that has befallen them. Thank-you Loren#49, for this info. :+)
    Also, I appreciate the info. first introduced by James Thomas #53, I believe, for the Save The Elephants.org site info. . Thank-you James :+)
    I would love to support Sheldrick’s Wildlife Trust. I spent a great deal of time exploring this site. I still need to check out the Save The Elephant site and if I warm to what I see, I will be happy to support them as well.
    Thank-you Mary, for your Buffalo Wisdom :+) #117
    Thank-you Will Tuttle for your intentions towards World Peace :+) #71
    We feel the pain in all stages. Pain comes before anger.
    I am reminded that we are all connected. All One.

    In the One Heart,

  175. Was reading up on what Bob Parsons did, and stumbled upon this blog, and yes, it’s a shame to see him pass out hats and try to use this as a publicity stunt.

    If your in the market for a no nonsense vendor, feel free to check us out at USA Domains (usadomains.com)

  176. God…

    Killing an elephant – like killing a tiger or a whale or a seal – is, in my world the ultimate ‘NO NO’…

    And to think he writes that it’s one of the most rewarding things he does…

    Thanks for posting this. I am joining the boycot…


  177. Velda Milani says:

    Sorry, Kevin. I can’t go along with you on this one. Comparing shooting an elephant who is trampling your livelyhood to shooting childing cutting through your yard is not even in the same ball park – let alone on the same planet. I have known people that have had this problem with elephants in that part of the world. It is not easy for them to kill them (not sure why – I think they don’t have the weapons), but I sure can’t blame them. I’ve been told there is nothing you can do to keep them out of your crops. The elephant did not go to waste since it was used to feed people and it saved their crops and saved the people. In a perfect world, perhaps this would be unacceptable. However, it is far from a perfect world, and people are at the top of the food chain. That’s just the way it is. I think your condemnation is a bit narrow and uncomashionate. These villagers have a hard life and elephants not only ruin their crops, if they try to kill the elephant and don’t succeed, the elephants have been know to recognize them years later and purposefully kill the person.

    Also, I agree with you where Story’s comments are concerned …. where is he coming from???
    You an Ann Marie do a great job on the show and intereact together very well. Keep up the good work.

  178. James says:

    I’ll boycott GoDaddy. I know “Bob P” tries to give out good advice in his video blogs, most people don’t do that, but I’m worried he will try to brush this off as “tree huggers” and will say he offers no apologies for who he is. I’ll have him know I’m not a tree hugger, I’m a web domain buyer, and I’ll boycott with you. Let’s keep this going. I just hear the boycott hit the Jeff Rinse radio show announced by one of his guests. I need to move two domains this month and more later. Keep it up. I also like your thoughts on better solutions, ways to use money to come up with better ways to protect the elephants and the farmers.

  179. This is the 5th elephant he has killed.They are on the endangered species list you jerk.I say YES to boycott GoDaddy.Sic way of entertainment…

  180. Chris G. says:

    Good on you Kevin. This guy is clearly a glutton in the truest sense of the word. He probably has no concern for anyone but himself from the size of his jowls…

  181. Larry says:

    I agree that the video is vile.

    I also find it sad that nobody mentioned that the country this happened in, Zimbabwe, is currently run by a murderous dictator.

    Their President, Robert Mugabe has killed more humans than “rich white dudes” have killed elephants lately.

    Not to take way from this killing of a beautiful animal….
    But what does it mean, that no one here has brought up the human suffering going on there ?

    Just Sayin’.


  182. carolyn says:

    how do I boycott the companies that still use godaddy for hosting. consumers have a voice in this too. I would like to block any email from a godaddy supported customer and also blcok websites of their corporate customers?

  183. [...] article on GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons, if you read it exactly as it is written, is not necessarily a commentary on killing [...]

  184. Chase says:

    Too bad you aren’t so adamant about promoting the National boycott of the billionaire Koch Brothers Industries, including all Georgia Pacific products, as they are leading the war on unions and the middle class, not to mention all the environmental destruction and animal deaths their industries cause.
    kochbrothersexposed.com – http://www.boycottkochbrothers.com

  185. anne says:

    Hi Kevin, Just to let you know after hearing this extremely disturbing news we have decided to transfer all of our 10,000 domains(I know we have a ton! ShopCity.com) From Godaddy.com to another hosting provider. We will no longer give another cent to godaddy.com and hopefully others will follow and they will go down.

  186. jb says:

    I was in same boat as you. The elephant killing episode was the last straw for godaddy. I moved all my domains (10 of them) to namecheap. one suggestion I have on vps is kickassvps.com, been with them for a quite a while and they have great support.

  187. Vivien says:

    OMG!!! Thank you for not making me watch this.
    I am changing and never givign them any money!

    Good on you for your exposing this.

  188. Gail Jensen says:

    Some bizarre comments on here. Whew.
    Anyway, I forwarded this to a known elephant charity: http://www.elephants.com which is a remarkable place.

    Proud of you, Kevin!

  189. Don says:

    I watched the video of Bob Parsons killing the elephant in Zimbabwe and I have read your comments. I offer my comments in the desire to come to a true understanding of the situation in Zimbabwe where we find Bob Parsons. At one point in your comments you ask “why is Bob Parsons killing an elephant when there are 10 or more willing and able villagers to do the job?”
    Zimbabwe does not have a Second Amendment. The dictator Mugabe has had several gun confiscation operations in Zimbabwe over the past few years. The villagers where Parsons shot the elephant are not allowed to own guns so even though there may have been many willing “to do the job” none could because they have no guns.

    In the year 2000 Mugabe began a campaign of confiscating farms and terrorizing and killing farmers. As a result the people of Zimbabwe have suffered severe food shortages. By the way, all of the farmers were white. Mugabe also created over a million homeless people by destroying their shanty homes. Combined with the farm confiscation and destruction program Mugabe has made a very strong effort to suppress all international food relief efforts to the people of Zimbabwe 98% of whom are black. Mugabe’s actions has caused great suffering and starvation amongst “his people”. Any effort to get food to them, however small and self serving, can only be helpful. And hopefully the Parsons’ video will inspire more successful efforts to help those poor people

    At one point in your comments you say “You don’t kill an elephant that steps on your crops, just like you don’t shoot children who cut through your backyard on their way to school.” Children who cut through your backyard have no relationship to the forced starvation and homelessness like the people of Zimbabwe are experiencing. The elephant provided meat to a starving people and gave a promise of a greater crop harvest for their benefit. What truly compassionate person wouldn’t support that? Or is the life of the elephant more important than that of the villagers?

    The fact of the matter is we, all of us, must kill to eat. We cannot eat rocks, we must eat that which is or has been a life form whether it’s animal life or plant life, it’s life. That’s just the way it is on this planet whether we like it or not. I think your comments to the Parsons’ video lack understanding of the situation in Zimbabwe and are misguided. Based upon this information you may want to reconsider your thoughts on this matter. I offer this in the spirit of Truth which always grows out of God’s Great Love. God Bless You.

  190. Darius says:

    Way to go!! I’m directing all my business elsewhere until he’s fired!!!

  191. Mary says:

    For domains you can also use http://www.tosdomains.net/index.php
    They are part of Enos and for hosting I reccomend Linode.com for VPS servers or for general hosting A2hosting.com. I only have a couple of domains registered with Godaddy after this week NO MORE!!!!

  192. J says:

    I have 26 domain names with GoDaddy, 1 operating website with 3 more on the way…and I have asked my webmaster to transfer everything over to bluehost.com. Also, namecheap.com is offering to switch people over very inexpensively and including a donation to a Save the Elephants organization.

    There is no excuse for the CEO’s behavior –it’s unbelievable that he would even try to spin that.

  193. Danny says:

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve passed the info on to several animal welfare activists I know. Thank you!

  194. Sarah says:


    If you want some badges to display on your blogs/websites, check out my bloggity:


    The star in the Go Daddy logo is just too hilariously well-placed in my opinion.

  195. Mike says:

    Already boycotted godaddy for the sexism. I’ll be reposting this elsewhere, for sure.
    Thanks, Kevin, for voting with your dollars. Sometimes it’s all we can do to combat idiocy.

  196. Dede Sonntag says:

    We are switching all our websites to greengeeks.com. They migrate your website/databases for free and offset their carbon footprint with wind energy.
    Here’s a coupon for $30 off – CLUE30

    Killing elephants at this day and age is barbaric and stupid!
    I hope GoDaddy goes out of business and I vow to do my part to help speed things up!

  197. Karen says:

    Thank you for taking the time to inform us. I don’t use them but will forward this to anyone who might

  198. I just finished moving all my personal and my corp sites away from godaddy. There is nothing heroic about what that guy did. I am so happy to no longer be funding his dumbass trips.

    Here is a good site if anyone else wants to move. http://robsanheim.com/2008/03/29/how-to-move-your-domains-off-godaddy/

  199. Tina says:

    I don’t think that the people all rushed to eat the elephant just because they have nothing to eat. We all of us have much and need not of anything so “we all” do not understand the meaning of waste. These people ran to eat the elephant as to not let it go to waste. there is only a short time that the meat is still clean to eat and not rotted. I have lived very poor and my father was a hunter and taught the true meaning of not letting anything go to waste, not bones or flesh or meat nothing is to be wasted. And this is the behavior of the waste not mentality.Shooting/killing for sport is a disgrace, killing for lies like the idea of this vid is a disgrace. The elephants have a rout they follow for hundreds of years, keep your fields off that route. simple! use rubber bullets if you must but the need to kill for the entertainment of others be it a rich white man or a rich other colour man or woman makes no diff. it is still killing wrongly.
    I agree to boycot but the information still must be clear in these points. The need to kill anything is just wrong in this day but unfortunately it will never stop as long as there is ignorance, and that is forever!!! oh and killing plants is not even in comparison to killing living, breathing, thinking spirit animals. eating plants is not killing!! Those that are starving are more healthier than those on this continent that eat McD;s or other so really, we should take a lesson from them on the meaning of not waste, how many people toss out food??? or buy and toss items. we are the ones who should be ashamed.

  200. Greg Reim says:

    Windows firewall is the best “social network” tool. Block any “internet contact” with “godaddy.com” and Bob Parsons, a notorious premeditated elephant murderer.

    Run C:\Windows\SysWOW64\en-US\WF.msc (or simply WF.msc) to open “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security”.
    Click on “Inbound Rules” then from “Actions” select “New Rule”.
    Select a “custom” rule for “all programs” and “any protocol type” that applies to “remote IP addresses”. Add to “scope” “this IP address range”:
    from to
    from to
    from to
    from to

    Name this inbound rule “elephant killer” and create an identic outbound rule; if you know other IP ranges making business with Bob Parsons please make them public.

  201. monica says:

    I will pass the word out.

  202. Nicole says:

    I am happily moving all my accounts as this is being written. Keep up the great work :)

  203. Barb says:

    Wow, Kev – you got quite a response to that one. I’m late coming on but am sure glad I did. I’m not invloved in the website thing but this proves your integrity. Glad you posted the description because I sure didn’t want to watch the video. What you are doing is sooo impressive. I have been following the alternative thing for quite a few years now and am seeing that some, more than I would expect, are following the money-they are changing. You are showing that cash is not what this whole movement is about. I savour your blogs. Again, keep it up. Don’t buckle.You are a breath of fresh air, pure O.

  204. Lori says:

    i never wanted to use Go Daddy because I didn’t like their customer service and someone tried to convince me. I just didn’t feel right about it. Now I know why. What a sick stupid ass. Thanks for sharing.

  205. Qwendelynn says:

    Disgusting! I am sooo glad you are switching your business over to someone else! Would definitely choose a green web hosting company this time around so you can feel good about where your money is going. Rock on and will be excited to hear your pick!

  206. Yosef Katz says:

    Try SimplicityHosting.com
    Owned by a vegan, one of the last premium web hosting companies.

  207. Vivien says:

    Thank you for this info. Will start to transfer my domains. It seems that some company give you some bonus time if you transfer so you really don’t lose money, you come out ahead.

    I think I saw this on Namecheap.

    May we ask whom you are using?

    I Must say that I have an oscommerce website (e commerce software) on Hostgator and everything has been perfect so far.

    I hosted on Fatcow before and it was horrific. Don’t use them.!!!

    Thanks again for this info.

  208. Please help us fight back against this : visit us at Switch From Daddy

    We are assisting anyone who wants to switch their domain for free as a service to protest what Bob Parson did.

    Please, please spread the word.

    Our goal is to switch over 1 million customers.


  209. Jay Matteo says:

    But Killing An Animal That is on The Near Endangered List is Not Good At All, We Can’t Be Killing Animals There Our World, We Need All Animal’s in Our World To Live As Much As Possible And Go-daddy By Killing an Animal is Going to Loose Any of There Business With Lots of Animal Activists People There Are Lots of Web Hosting Company’s Out There But You Don’t Hear About Them Killing Elephants Trying To Make Problems….


  210. Phil Nail says:

    Bob Parsons is not a person people should want to be associated with. His morals are terrible and I agree he killed this elephant for the thrill of the kill as well as for the publicity. He felt in his own twisted mind that this would be big bragging rights to all his friends and would be something that set him apart from other companies.

    I also want to say that I am the CTO of AISO.net which is a off grid datacenter that provides hosting, dedicated servers and domain name registration. We do not kill animals and we do not do sexiest advertising. We are a down to the earth company that is here when you need us most.

  211. Marilu says:

    I can’t believe you don’t tolerate hunting practices but you tolerate a most dumbing cultural practice of exploiting the female body that perpetuates a very wide and complex array of social problems! This a very acomodating moral or just following the latest trend: be seen as part of the (PETA) scene. I agree godaddy is not a business anyone should support, but your approval of their sex exploitation does not do you much good either…

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      @Marilu: My first comment, if you spend a lot of time here on the blog was a little tongue in cheek. Sorry it didn’t come across that way to you. Also, I do not associate with the PETA scene. I feel their energy is wasted in sensationalism and they have made it difficult for vegans who are not sensationalist to be freed of that label. Thanks for your comments!


  212. Cita says:

    Wow… sometimes I am astounded…
    I thought You, Kevin, being a man of supposed integrity, was more cautious about where you where shopping your domains… Now I read you already HAVE SPENT hundreds of dollars with that man?!? :-o

    I took my business away from GoDaddy many years ago (and the only reason I got there in the first place was because I took care of some domains for a client that had already bought them there. I moved them as quickly as possible, though!)!

    But then, I am a woman!

    I could never take it, the way that man treat his business, flooding it with degrading looks on women! And now you state: “Parsons could have used his money to sign another sexy superstar to pose in swimsuits on TV and it probably wouldn’t have caused me to jump ship” :-O
    You accept his sexism, but freak out about a freaking elephant?!?! :-O
    I am astounded!!! :-O
    Be You vegan or whatever, but You treat women as bad as he treat elephants!! It is degrading to all women – and in effect degrading to all men! Don’t you see how it is degrading to YOU?!
    It is disrespectful, macho mail chauvinistic, master and servant, the man above and the woman/servant/elephant/whatever below! It is truly disgusting!

    Well. I suppose it was good that it finally caught your eye. Just saddening that it did not do so just by looking at his site or newsletters and overall approach… :-/
    What society do you live in when you perceive such things as “normal” and “acceptable”?!? :-(

    Don’t you put any pride, or any honor in where You put your business (or, let’s say “did you not until now)?
    You ride a freaking RV with left over oil – but you host your domains at GoDaddy OF ALL PLACES?! :-o
    Jeeezzz… (Witch in turns raises the question – what else falls outside your radar? Something else that would affect me as a customer?!)

    Ok, so maybe I am being judgmental. But I was so surprised that all your natural, decent, honest, honorable approach was having such a BIG blind spot right in front of you! Or at your left side as it where. How do you treat your own woman? Ar you a sexist yourself, Kevin?

    PS. Talking of domains. I have never understood the value of buying hundreds of them, one for every occasion… Why not have one big hub and then subdirectories for all and everything else? Surely this would drive more traffic? (And be much less expensive, for sure!) Who is served by this practice – except for GoDaddy, in this case…?

    *Still shrugging at he mere thought that you could at all even consider to put your money (our/your clients money!) at a place like his!! :-(*

  213. Cita says:

    Reading a bit more of the comments my astound keeps… the sexist blindness seems to be prevailing in the whole crowd of commenters…

    Of course it is sad to kill an elephant. it is always sad to kill anything. But the crux of the matter is the lack of respect. The lack of respect for the living creature. The lack of respect for any living creature – or human!

    It is but a few comments that have noticed, and taken action on, the sexism of the site in question. Witch is truly sad!

    You get upset by the treating of one animal on the other side of the world, but you let the treating of the woman beings in your close surrounding slide? Maybe that is to close for your stomach to cope with? Maybe that stone falls to close to home?

    How do you perceive femininity? How do you treat the woman by your side? Your own feminine side? Maybe it is time to take a look at your own sexism…

  214. Sylvie says:

    I have started the process of transferring domains and have shared this on FB and hope everyone else shares shares shares.

    When I canceled I told them “Tell Bob
    Parsons he shouldn’t have killed the elephant.

    and the SHOCKING reply I got was:

    Mr. Parsons did this during his time off and not as a Go Daddy Project.

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