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how to protect from nuclear radiation hype
Homer Simpson may have more prudent advice to give us than the newly crowned “nuclear health experts.”

I’m not a nuclear radiation protection expert.

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know a lot about radioactive plumes, nuclear meltdowns and cesium 137.

It seems over the last few days, a lot of natural health experts have attended and graduated nuclear protection school just in time to sell you a boat load of herbal products that surely will save your life from impending doom.

That was a little sarcastic, so let me be fair, some of their recommendations are somewhat appropriate, but there needs to be someone who speaks clearly about how shortsighted these approaches may be and how they likely won’t protect you from harm in the case of a real emergency.

So in this article, I’m not going to pretend that I’m suddenly an expert at what you need to do to protect your health in the case of an nuclear emergency.

I’m not going to explain what doses of Potassium Iodide that you need to take, nor how much seaweed you need to prevent radiation damage to your thyroid.

That would be a serious misrepresentation of my strengths and likely chip away at my credibility.

What I am going to do, is share some of the things that I do know and how they may help you make sense of this entire disaster in Japan.

I’m also going to share our own plan, which is wildly divergent from most of the recommendations I’ve seen.

Here’s what I have for the clear and present (un)danger…

1. I bought a Geiger counter.

Actually two of them.

One is a relic from the 1960’s that I realized after my purchase may not be calibrated correctly (we’ll see when I get it), so I purchased a digital one quickly after as well.

I’m sure the one from 1960’s will come, but I’m hoping the company I purchased the other one from is not backordered, like many other places are.

Geiger counters measure the level of radioactive materials on the surface of any material.

Since Annmarie, Jonny 5 and I now live in Berkeley, CA, we are definitely at greater risk to being exposed to some airborne radiation if the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant get worse – much more so than if we were still living in Connecticut.

The reason I bought a personal Geiger counter is because I don’t want to rely on the government or media reports to decide what our plan of action is – if anything.

I also don’t want to be scared by not knowing the truth.

There is a lot of hype right now in the natural health and health freedom movement that is, truthfully, getting me very frustrated. All the information I’ve read has been a rehash of what products to buy, and not necessarily the best ways to protect yourself.

It’s disappointing that this type of fear-mongering would exist, but it’s evident and bouncing wall to wall on Facebook and message boards around the Internet.

I feel, if I can use a Geiger counter to at least detect levels of rising radioactive material, I can be a somewhat reasonable and trustworthy voice that transcends the hype and gives real, prudent advice.

Stay tuned for this. I’ll show you these new toys when I get them in the mail later this week.

2. Potassium Iodide is a small and partial semi-solution if exposure is imminent.

There has been a run on Potassium Iodide (KI) – an iodine salt – because it has been shown to decrease the risk of damage to the thyroid due to radiation exposure.

This is a true statement.

But please note, that’s about ALL it can do. (As a side effect, it may also help with overall thyroid function as well – if you’re deficient!)

Here’s a bit of information from the CDC on Potassium Iodide or KI:

“Knowing what KI cannot do is also important. KI cannot prevent radioactive iodine from entering the body. KI can protect only the thyroid from radioactive iodine, not other parts of the body. KI cannot reverse the health effects caused by radioactive iodine once damage to the thyroid has occurred. KI cannot protect the body from radioactive elements other than radioactive iodine — if radioactive iodine is not present, taking KI is not protective.”

What this means, is that you basically only get partial (maybe less than partial) radioactive protection from your potassium iodide.

The particular radioactive materials being released that are being reported in Japan are cesium and iodine. I’ve seen there has been speculation that others will be released as well, such as plutonium, uranium and strontium.

Iodine can only help with protection from radioactive iodine, so when it comes to protection from uranium, plutonium, strontium and cesium, you’re on your own.

Like I said, potassium iodide is only one part of the picture.

On a somewhat positive note, the average person in Japan consumes about 12-14 mg of iodine a day in their food. This same amount, according to Dr. David Brownstein – the leading natural expert in iodine supplementation and treatment – prevents around 96% of radioactive iodine from binding to the thyroid gland. (Source: here)

This means the Japanese may already have some thyroid protection, which is only a part of the solution, but at least hope. They get this amount of iodine from mainly seaweeds and some seafood.

What’s interesting is that the U.S. recommended limits for long term iodine use are around 1000 mcg per day. This is only 1 mg of iodine, which is 12-14 times less than eaten in Japan on a regular basis.

I don’t know why there is this discrepancy. I’ve ordered Dr. David Brownstein’s book and hopefully this is addressed in the contents.

Regardless, do not take excess iodine as a preventative measure. Continue to supplement, as you should, with food sources of iodine (kelp or our irish moss (here) in smoothies is a good solution) and if you are exposed, then you would need to increase to protective levels for a short period of time or until the danger subsides.

But first and foremost, please avoid the hype and create a real and effective radiation avoidance plan, which I’ll talk about later in this article.

Do not stockpile massive amounts of products out of fear. If you do buy items, do so with purpose and think clearly.

3. Chlorella has been shown to help with heavy metal detoxification, but this is not a preventative tactic.

I feel everyone should take a little chlorella on a regular basis. It is a powerful detoxifying agent that has been shown to remove heavy metals from the body. It’s also a decent source of plant based protein and great source of chlorophyll.

Taking extra chlorella now, if you’re not contaminated with radioactive materials is not necessary (other than your regular normal use.)

Save your money until you’re sure you’re contaminated.

And even then, if you are contaminated, it would make sense to use chelation therapy along with chlorella to really make sure you are getting the most effective treatment possible.

We still have chlorella (here) in stock, and I’m sure it won’t last long, but I want to urge you… running out to buy chlorella in the heat of the moment won’t protect you if this does in fact become a dangerous nuclear situation.

4. Be wary of taking too many iodine rich herbs and extracts.

Black walnut hull extract is a source of iodine, but does this mean it is something that will protect your thyroid from radiation exposure?

It possibly could, but my concern is that herbs and extracts like this contain other plant alkaloids that could be toxic to the liver at doses needed to get enough iodine to protect yourself.

This is a good for bad trade off I’m not willing to make.

Sea vegetables will contain – if eaten in moderate amounts – more iodine than a black walnut hull extract without any concern of side effects or possible toxicity (outside of toxicity from the ocean itself.)

This is a much more sound approach, than running out to stock up on every food and supplement that contains iodine.

And again, remember, iodine is only part of the solution, which brings me to our own personal plan…

5. My plan (and the best way to protect yourself) is this.

My biggest question to you is how concerned are you?

If you really want to protect yourself, you won’t waste your money on supplements and foods and watch the radiation cloud pass by with a bowl of kale chips on your lap watching Two and a Half Men reruns… at least that’s not my plan.

I bought a Geiger counter to monitor radiation for a very specific reason. If it gets to be too “hot” in this area, we’re going to leave.

It’s as simple as that.

I don’t trust all these natural “solutions” work as well as completely avoiding my own exposure.

Besides Potassium Iodide, they’re relatively untested.

What sounds more risky to you:

1. Getting exposed and then eating nori rolls to hopefully (and misguidedly) remove plutonium from your system?

2. Or, not getting exposed at all?

Let me put it this way… your risk of getting alcohol poisoning is much lower if you don’t drink.

You can’t get lung cancer due to cigarette smoking if you’ve never inhaled any cigarette smoke.

You can’t get high levels of radiation poisoning from a nuclear meltdown if you remove yourself from the areas that are at highest risk. (Low levels globally may be unavoidable.)

So while everyone else in the health world is writing about what you can take to stay home and be as protected as a bandaid on a severed leg, I’m urging you to organize yourself enough – if you’re on the West Coast of the U.S. – to be able to take a little vacation to an area that won’t have a high risk of exposure if needed.

You may think it is impossible to get up and go for a week or so, but if it does become a threat to your health (even at low levels) how can you justify staying in a place that is dangerous to your long term health because you can’t figure out a way to escape short term?

It would be a shame if you suffered for a lifetime because of this decision or because some “nuclear health expert” told you taking some seaweeds and some other supplements would protect you.

Now keep in mind, we do have a little stash of Irish Moss (here), a few bags of chlorella (here) and some Potassium Iodide (since Annmarie was taking it anyway for her thyroid), but we’re not going to risk sticking around here with them if things get really bad. We’ll bring it with us to a place that is far less risky.

Thinking this way may be your best prevention in light of what is unfolding now.

It’s also the most sane (and affordable in the long run.)

(Though I wonder, if the levels of radiation turn out to be so low, that a plane flight to somewhere out of harm’s way might expose us to even more radiation than we’re running from…)

I want to know your thoughts: What do you think of all this… hype or serious danger?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. CO says:

    So how far west is too far? I guess my main issue is, I’m not directly on the west coast, but I live in the rocky mountain area — is that still too far west? How can we know how far this radiation would travel?

  2. Tracy Julias says:

    I agree Kevin, pack the car and go!!! Not shore where is safe but if your area is in the red why stick around and see what happens. Now is the time to listen closely to your intuition.

  3. rox says:

    Great post! Thanks! 🙂

  4. Ann H. says:

    Let us know what your readings are – we are about 100 miles East of you so whatever you get, we’ll probably get too!

    (we have milks goats, chickens and rabbits though, so taking off for a week isn’t the easiest option)

  5. Michaela says:

    thanks for that! well said and balanced! 🙂

  6. James says:

    Is it true that you can gargle water with table salt in it, and get enough iodine to protect the thyroid? I heard that anyway. It might be good to check out what amount you would get, in case you need a cheap source of iodine from Mortens salt. The salt solution would probably be good for brushing your teeth at the very least. I’m not depending on that though, I’ve already got organic seaweed supplements which I take which regularly give about 540 mcg iodine per day.

  7. It seems that many raw and general natural health Internet personalities jumped on this opportunity to push a number of products for radiation prevention and even treatment, from mushrooms to concentrates to tinctures, seaweeds, Vitamin C, food supplements.

    Isn’t fear an amazing marketing tool? Many companies are simply selling out of product.

    Thank you for your rational and professionally supported article – (references by the truly qualified scientists and researchers).

    I came into this online raw food world last November, extremely overjoyed at the many wonderful folks. Gradually, I have come to realize that people are people, no matter their noble causes and desires, and inevitably become enamoured and chained to the money monster. Money is beautiful, helpful, and necessary.

    And soon, it begins to rule us for we all seem to need it, desperately.

    It’s a very hard road to hoe… following a natural, raw, enlightened and Earth friendly lifestyle and then make a living promoting it, monetizing it.

    Because, in the end, bringing info about such a lifestyle is so important, one imagines it should be freely given.

    Interestingly, in the Bible, everyone who preached the true word lived without possessions and merely followed their Christ.

    Had they marketed their beliefs, they wouldn’t have probably taken such hold.

    Again… thanks for your balanced view on this. It’s… refreshing.

  8. Thomas says:

    Sounds like you’ll have fun with your new toys.
    This recent news article will give you some background info on radiation that’s already around you, and going through you when you fly.

    So if you don’t see 1000 millisieverts of radiation at once you really won’t have to worry about getting too sick.

    Your apartment already has radioactive materials in it, as well as do some of your groceries, so don’t panic when your Geiger counter beeps. 🙂

  9. Wendi Dee says:

    We are on the same thought pattern, Kevin. I told Jim last week that if there’s a meltdown, or if elevated levels of radiation (or anything else) is detected here on the West Coast, we’re headed East. We already informed friends and family that we may be paying them a visit soon.

    I’m not scared, but I’m definitely not going to sit back uninformed about something that could potentially harm me or my family. Jim thought I was being a bit too cautious when I announced last week that we’re leaving if there’s a meltdown and levels rise here, but I figure it’s better too cautious if the levels rise than to be sorry later in life.

    So, maybe we’ll see you back East soon. I hope not, under these circumstances, though!

    Lots of love to you and Annmarie!


  10. willows says:

    @ Ann- yes, I think it would be great for those who have geiger counters on the west coast in different locations to keep us all posted, so we can quickly leave ahead of any traffic ther might be etc.
    A geiger counter team. Can this be set up…?

  11. Robin says:

    Similar to Ann, I live about half an hour away and would love to hear what the readings are once you are up and running!

  12. Caroline says:

    Kevin, You always seem very level headed and balanced in your thinking. I enjoy reading your info as you do not project a lot of fear and negative energy. I think what you said is exactly how my husband and I feel. I can’t believe anyone would feel that if or when any amount of radiation should come our way, any of the approaches mentioned would be efficacious. That’s a serious delusion. I’m like you. Get out of dodge ASAP…and don’t look back!

  13. I totally agree with you Kevin!
    Some people think that the diet can cure everything, diet isn’t everything but it is a lot!!

    In this case I would do like you guys, buy a Geiger and find out by myself how much nuclear radiation it is in the air and then act. If it was dangerous I would drive as quikly as I could to the east coast or somewhere where the radiation wasn’t so big and eat my seeweeds and chlorella on the way haha 😀

    I’m lucky in this case that I live in Sweden cause that’s pretty far from Japan. But the winds can fly here too have they said so I think I will buy a Geiger too and see what it shows!

  14. Nomi says:

    Check out my newsletter tomw, I’ll put it on my blog too later in the day. It’s info from a person who works in a nuclear plant in Ca his back ground is Nuclear Engineering/Bio Medical Sciences.

    There appears to be little to no danger at all and the news is just hyping it up as well as too many people in the natural health industry to make me comfortable.

    The hysteria is just that; hysteria.

  15. Brion Oliver says:

    While I greatly appreciate your point of view and tone, Kevin, I’m not sure that your plan applies equally well to readers who don’t share your personal life circumstances. Some people have kids. Some people have elderly relatives they are taking care of. Some people have jobs that won’t allow them to leave suddenly. Others are farmers, and will be concerned about their land or may have great difficulty simply picking up and leaving for a week or two (longer?) at a time when they should be planting crops. Some are already sick, or don’t have the financial resource to pack up and leave. Some are health practitioners, and feel ethically responsible to help out their local community instead of vanishing during a crisis.

    There’s also the issue of timing. Should something catastrophic occur, if folks wait until it gets publicly announced to then try to protect a source of water, get out of town, or even buy seaweed, it becomes much more difficult to succeed in these endeavors. This is, again, heightened when one is looking out for more than oneself.

    Not panicking is extremely sound advice. Spending one’s money sensibly and on products that will actually help one survive a calamity is very wise. Thank you for iterating these points in the way that you do.

    That said, there are some people who have circumstances that will make it extremely challenging to arrive at the “I’m getting out of here” conclusion, and those folks (rightfully) will continue to seek knowledge and products to help them in a dire situation. There is some good information out there, in the likely sources, and there will hopefully continue to be more voices of calm wisdom like yours as this progresses.

    Take care!

  16. Tam says:

    THanks for the info.; I like what you are saying.

    I have goats, chickens, dogs, and birds and cannot leave without them.

    This makes migration harder but I am considering all these supplements to boost up.

    Helen Caldicott is saying the whole Northern Hemisphere is going to be affected as the radiation circulates around. She said it is even worse than she could have imagined, which is saying alot because she has been warning humans for quite some time to stop using nuclear power.

    It seems like a long shot to move somewhere else and continue to use nuclear power there, although I know what you mean and the thought makes sense. It is logical to measure with that geiger meter but then what.?
    Here in Northern Cali. they are trying to move the nuclear waster from the coast , in to Yucca Mountain. How is moving this crap from one place to another going to keep our grandchildren from being put through genetic hell.?!


    Thank you for your info! I really appreciate the post.
    Are you going to keep us informed on your readings? Goodness knows I would believe you over the news channels for certain.

  17. Robina says:

    Hi Kev,

    My hubby and I are already pretty well prepared, survival-wise. So, we dove into our stuff and pulled out our old geiger counter. We’ve been turning it on from time to time throughout the day–keeping an eye on things. If it gets bad–we’re outa here (we live in the Seattle area). Other than that, we already have most of the recommended stuff in stock and we eat it pretty-much daily.

    I wish the best for Japan, the Japanese, and those of us on the West Coast of the USA.

  18. Daphne says:

    I totally agree and that’s what I would try to do also. I say ‘try’ because let’s face it, there are people who’d like to leave but can’t due to various reasons (health problems, no money etc.).

    I was 10 when the nuclear accident in Chernobyl happened and the radioactive cloud reached Greece as well. I remember that for months and months the food was a huge issue. Fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products were not safe and people preferred canned foods.

    I believe the risk of having nuclear plants is too high for humanity.

  19. Naptown Raw says:

    I agree that hype is not good. but as someone who has no products, has read dr. brownstein’s book and dr. ryan drum’s information, among others, I think that having lugol’s solution and taking it in doses of 1-5 mg/day is more than fine for most people. especially if they are on thyroid medications because their thyroid levels are too low.

    that said, we have no idea whatsoever what’s going on over there, or here, and how bad it’s likely to be in the coming days or week. i applaud your getting a geiger counter. maybe you can link up w/the national radiation map (seems more people are doing this) project to report your results:

    what we do know is that governments (esp. the japanese and the US) have a history not only of hiding information which would benefit people, but putting out disinformation which can and does harm people. we also have some who want to hope and have faith that things will be ok (so they don’t have to face the scary task of getting prepared as best as possible). others know this about the govt and assume the worst since the govt says “XYZ.” neither approach is very good.

    your approach to getting out of dodge is a good one as well and the one i’d be considering despite the fact that we have had, even before this event, plenty of lugol’s 5%-15% solution on hand for general female health (preventive not just for thyroid, but for polycystic ovaries, and fibrocystic breasts, as well as endometrial and breast cancers, among others).

    But we also eat a lot of marine veggies and phytoplankton in our diet daily since that form of iodine is much more bioavailable than even lugol’s.

    anyway, those are my $0.02.

  20. Richard Dennis says:

    Agreed Kevin. I live on the east coast within 20 minutes of 2 nuclear plants… 3 Mile Island being one of them. My wife and I just discussed an emergency plan in case a nuclear disaster ever happens here again. Our strategy will be to get the heck out of dodge as fast as possible. Peace and safety to you guys and everyone on the left coast.

  21. Don says:

    just take kelp!

  22. Mary says:

    Now I’m all hyped up to rush out and buy geiger toys, but only the ones with Kevin’s imprimatur. Your apt is loaded with radiation NOW, so don’t be surprised at the readings on your new, digital geiger counter and put on your traveling clothes too soon, or you’ll look just like many other of the over-hyped and uniformed: Panicky!! as you drive cross country in your RV paying close to $5 a gallon for gas. good luck.

  23. jos says:

    Thanks Kevin. At last a sensible point of view !
    Before reading you, I was feeling angry and frustrated with all the hype and fear mongering spread by the so called very informed nuclear fall down specialists especially from the natural health movement. Very often they also have a report or something to sell you to help you along the way!
    I am looking forward to read you on the reading results that you get with your Geiger counter.
    Well done Kevin, thanks for your help, we must not be caught in hysteria!

  24. Meg says:

    I am disabled with a small child, we live on the west coast. I want to be able to keep an eye on the radiation levels but I cannot afford the $300+ Geiger counters. I know that there are websites but forgive me for being paranoid and not truly believing the accuracy or the dependability that they wont be shut down. Would a cell EMF detector work to at least give me a notice that things are getting extreme? I am sorry if I sound ignorant I just do not understand the difference. I know that Geiger counters monitor higher levels of radiation and that EMF monitors Electromagnetic Fields but they also boast being able to read radiation levels. If I use one of those EMF detectors and it goes crazy does that mean its time to pack up?? I appreciate anyone helping cure my ignorance on this matter.

  25. Keith says:

    Hey folks, running from the radioactive cloud you say…hmmm. good luck guys. When Chernobyl melted 1n 1986 the fallout traversed the globe. Here in the west coast of Scotland the sheep were producing radioactive milk and that was reported on mainstream news so the truth can only of been MUCH worse. Still, as you say, there’s NO point in doing nothing in a panic…peace.

  26. asia leone says:

    Sound advise. Here’s a few more sources of information to stay prepared…

    *Google the article, “Healthy Tips for Protecting Your Body From Radiation and Nuclear Fallout.”
    James P. Blumenthal, DC, DACBN, FACFN

    * for up to the minute Geiger counter readings in the U.S.

    *Watch on line, or on cable at Free Speech T.V.(FSTV) for the best independent reporting on the Japan nuclear disaster.

  27. Theresa says:

    I am not sure what is hype and what is not in this situation. I am feeling a bit lost and more than a bit concerned. I am in the Pacific Northwest (one hour coast side). I am very ill at present, and homebound, so I am not sure what strategies to implement.
    Thank you for sharing your perspective(s). I pray for the well-being, of all beings, everywhere.

  28. Brenda says:

    Geese, you are so level headed. I love it. I am looking forward to your Geiger Counter report since I live about 15 miles from you. 🙂 I, for one, am not freaking out.

  29. Yvonne Noble says:

    Anyone suggest what to put in a 72 hour bag in the way of food?

  30. Mary says:

    Yes, I agree with those who said, good luck running… will be everywhere…..just remember that it is very often Under reported.

    I did see myself beginning to panic and know that that’s not the best way. Yet from what I’m hearing it really is pretty bad. I just feel lucky that I’m here, not there.

    I also know that it’s not like this will be the only big disaster. The only possible silver lining is seeing just how insane nuclear plants are and shutting them down! And the Japanese supposedly have the better, newer kind!

    All the posts have been great, and, yes, many of us can’t just pick up at the drop of a hat.

    I think it’s wise to also see how much radiation we are exposed to all the time just living here.

    Sounds like to me, Kevin, you have some of the most informed readers on the planet.


  31. Nellie says:

    Wisdom in your words, but yes, if it is the ‘big one’ running won’t help much. The fallout will circle the globe. Then for sure, take those vitamins, etc. And pray. Peace, Nellie.

  32. Gail says:

    Well said, as always, Kevin!

    Thanks for being so balanced!

    PS.I’m happy you’re in CA!

  33. terence says:

    Thank you guy’s for being real….This is a time where we are all in the dark…..I also agree on splitting your location if levels of radiation are high..The reality is though we are all going to recieve this demon in the air,food and water at some time…Everyone do what you were doing before and maintain your health to the best of your abilities and keep moving fwd….

  34. Lori says:

    My husband is a Nationally Registered Radiation Protection Technologist and has been working in radiation protection and emergency response as a radiation dose assessment professional for over 40 years.

    Here are his thoughts…
    There is absolutely no need to take potassium iodine (KI) tablets unless you are within the 50 mile radius of the plants in Japan. Did you know that potassium consists of a naturally occurring radionuclide (potassium-40)? So taking KI outside the plume area of a nuclear release will actually INCREASE your radiation exposure!

    A geiger counter is great, if you’ve been trained to interpret the readings. One that is sensitive enough to measure the extremely low levels from a release in Japan will be frustrating to the untrained user as you find all the radiation sources in your home and local area. As an example, put it next to some parts of your computer monitor and microwave oven as its operating. Even a bag of fertilizer will set off a sensitive counter.

  35. molly says:

    Nice post, thank you kevin. Please keep us posted on the levels in california, I am in Idaho and I too plan to leave if it gets too high, as I may be pregnant and have a small child.


  36. Gini says:

    Very sane advice. Thank you Kevin. But I have one question– What good would it do to “be able to take a little vacation” or “escape short term” (even if one COULD pick up and leave)? How long would the radiation remain high? I thought it was many years.

    Nomi– I’d like to read your newsletter. Is there a link?

    Please keep us posted on radiation levels you get on your meter. Thanks!

  37. Sonya says:

    Thank you for this post!

  38. linda says:

    If radiation levels get high on the west coast, wouldn’t there be a lot of folks trying to leave at the same time? I wonder how well the airports and roads would handle a mass exodus. I don’t live in CA, but the traffic jams on a regular day are pretty legendary, aren’t they?

    In principle I agree – if things get bad, get out. In practice I just wonder how easy that would be to do, even for those who are able to. (Just wondering – you live there, clearly you know the traffic situation better than I do.)

    I do think it’s important to have a plan. How many families/households even have fire drills? Disaster plans and even back-up plans are a good idea. Different folks will have different strategies, based on their own circumstances. Simply having a rational, realistic, detailed, well-thought-out plan with good supplies gathered well in advance, well organized, and quickly and easily accessible (AND a back-up plan) definitely puts you at an advantage. Focusing on executing the details of the plan sure beats panic, fear, and confusion.

  39. Brandie says:

    I live 175 miles south…of Fukushima…and the only way I plan on leaving is if there is a mandatory military evacuation-my husband’s a nuke on the GW. Everyone is way too worried about this. There is pretty much no chance that (like Lori said) radiation will reach the west coast. And no Mary, the power plant having issues is 40 years old NOT one of the newer ones and the pressurized nuclear reactors in the states are safer than the boiling water reactors Japan has.

  40. June Savage says:

    Ouch…is DW rolling over in his hammock!

  41. Darlena says:

    I’m just down the road from you….so please keep us neighbors posted…. I will pack all of my 7 dogs (oh and my husband too) in my SUV and head for places unknown yet….
    Thank you for keeping us in the safety loop!

  42. Tina says:

    I feel very grateful to be living in the north of the North Island of New Zealand. Not only do I live in a beautiful environment (check out but in the 1980’s our government at the urging of the public became a nuclear free country. This caused issues with our relationship with the US but we stood firm in our commitment and I think I can say that all New Zealanders are now very grateful for that stance!

    If you are looking for a safe haven,come visit – you wont regret it!

    Much love to all in Japan going through such a horrendous event.


  43. Renee says:

    Well I think if you get to where the geiger’s crazy, it may be a little on the late side. Especially if the plutonium is in that jetstream with the rest of the radioactive fallout.
    If you want to fly out, have you checked the prices lately! Event-inflated!
    These fallout patterns are in waves, as there have been at least major 4 incidents on different days. First spikes in rad reported in CA Weds. were minor. However, more to come. Is much worse than MSM letting on. Must go to alternative news to get educated. today has excellent report, is spot on very accurate with many experts commenting.
    These reactors are nowhere near contained. Who knows when all 6 reactors will be repaired. Could be months and months. We could be exposed for a prolonged amt of time. Plutonium exposure is the worst.
    Japan is holding back information, its citizen not informed, the world not informed. Youtube now restricted there! Our gov not informing us. Obama seems more into basketball.
    Watch this impassioned plea from Frenchman in Tokyo starved for information for his family and neighbors —
    Peace, truth, much love

  44. Renee says:

    Oh, forgot to mention, at the site, they stored 40 years of spent fuel rods (that’s 600,000 of them by some reports) in the top rooms of the reactors, so guess what got blown sky high with at least 3 of the reactor blasts?

  45. willows says:

    @ Linda- I live in Socal and I can tell you these freeways would be a parking lot if a great number of people tried to leave and once. They’re like that when people are trying to get out of town for holidays. I’m not sure how many would be inclined to evacuate, but seems to me the best bet would be to leave in advance or absolutely ASAP/right away.

  46. Roland Perry says:

    I think that you miss the key point – exactly how various forms of radiation are measured and in what concentrations and over what time periods of exposure can they do harm to the body. Otherwise how will you know what is “hot” and what is not? One has to do some real in depth research to get to the bottom of that issue since there are a lot of contradictory facts floating about.

    The tone of your commentaries always seems so self-referencing as if everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear about YOUR apartment, YOUR views, YOUR RV and trip. In this article you state the obvious. People know that the herbs, misos, seaweeds and other substances are not going to guarantee their avoidance of radiation sickness. People do the same research that you do.

    So how about just making the points you want to make without the air of superiority – as if everyone out there is a helpless child and you are the one with the answers. How many people have you healed in a clinical setting and for how many years? None!

    You are a marketer and an Internet entrepreneur and you have brought some valuable information to people. Now how about embracing a bit more humility, some healthy ignorance, and the realization that the details of your personal life are not that interesting to everyone.

  47. wayne rivali says:

    Hi Kevin, thank you for your honest and humble stance on the subject of “nucradfall”
    I was in the USAF at a nuke base at the height of the cold war. Had the big red buttons been pushed, I would have become a shadow on the ground within minutes. We called it “The big white flash” No need to run. The further you got just meant the slower you died.
    Sorry for the graphics, but with that said, Kevin is right in my opinion. I don’t think that we will face anything beyond a garden variety accident. At the same time though, (my opinion,) the digestive system is the the bodies #1 immune defense. So yes, do the kelp, but don’t stop there.
    A healthy dose of kale, spirulina, artichoke, fresh ground black pepper, tumeric, licorice (theres a kind that dos’nt affect blood pressure,) and natural probiotics. They’re good for you anyway, crisis or not, your liver will thank you.
    I also would like to use this opportunity to ask the readers of this site to tell me if you know of a family in Japan that is homeless or a legit org that is helping in this regard. I have learned the hard way not to support some charity founder’s hillside mansion habits with my past donations. I am however desiring to take one or perhaps even two displaced Japanese families. My brother has expressed the same after I told him of my intentions.
    Please contact me at the email below if you know of people in Japan that I can help. And please, for those that remember the war, it was between our gov and theirs, not between our peoples. I taught at a Japanese flight school for many years and grew to love their culture second only to America’s. thanks, Wayne

  48. Yelena says:

    Dear Kevin and AnnMarie,

    I enjoy watching your blog and reading about your path whenever I can. You found a very unique and fun way to provide a lot of information to people- balanced, non-judging and with a huge respect to other people’s ways of life.

    I am planning to do the same as you guys are planning. I lived in Belarus during Chernobyl and the radioactive fallout just rained on us since day one. Now I have small kids and will not let them get into this if I can avoid it.
    You kinnda feel as a frog in a boiling water with the radiation. You cannot feel it, cannot taste it or see it. Even if you measure the levels in your food and water every single day you just simply get used to it. Even if you know about the high radiation level, it is very difficult to dis-allow yourself to live and enjoy life in a long run.

    The exposure to the first fallout is critical to avoid. If the radiation levels will be low, then it is wise to avoid being outside as possible, to avoid being in a rain for a month or so.

    The only thing that I will do is instead of staying here and measuring the levels, I would go now. When the levels will be high the air travel is totally unsafe and the car would get contaminated while you drive.


  49. Bob says:

    Ever hear the story of Henny-penny? Its an old English story about a chicken that got hit in the head with a nut, and decided that the sky was falling.

    Its unfortunate that people tend to think the worst without looking for information. Metropolis magazine, that is billed as Japan’s largest English magazine, is publishing daily radiation levels in Tokyo. Sorry Henny-penny but according to what they publish online the readings in Tokyo with their geiger counter says normal background radiation. You can find their posts at:

    There are too many self declared experts running selling their snake oil based on people’s fears. Its Y2K all over again.

    Money would be better spent by sending it to those helping with the human suffering in Japan, than by sending money to those people trying to take advantage of peoples’ fears of the unknown. The people playing on your fears with talk of magic bullets are nothing more than wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

  50. Kym Hutcheon says:

    Apologies if this is multiple posted (please delete them, Kevin) – the Internet is incredibly slow here at the moment.

    I’m currently living in Kyoto, which is fortunately a good distance south of Fukushima. I’m no nuclear expert either but I definitely know a massive amount more than I did last week. There has been a huge amount of misinformation and hype around this event – too much of it highly cynical and self-serving by media outlets and others – but I believe the effects of this disaster will be localized.

    This is simply my carefully considered opinion and I know others have vastly different ideas. But if I believed these was real danger, I would definitely be heading south. In the event of nuclear fallout, distance and thick walls seem to be your only meaningful protection.

    The really unfortunate side to all this scare hype is that it is taking attention away from the hundreds of thousands of people who continue to suffer directly as a result of the quake and tsunami. I would ask you to instead turn your thoughts to them and support them in any way you can.

  51. Don says:

    you people need to check this site out for your protection

  52. Edyta says:

    I live in Poland. When the Chernobyl happened, we were radiated without even knowing it. We learned 3 days later. I was 9 years old then. We got the lugol’s solution but were forced to go to communist 1st. May’s march. Nobody cared. I also would rather flee right away than stay and watch the radiation. And if it raises, then better stay at home, and flee when it drops.

  53. When discussing thyroid it seems that it always refers to the “hypo”thyroidism or under active thyroid. No one ever addresses the people who have “hyper”thyroidism or over active thyroid that are NOT supposed to have iodine. Hopefully those people wont run out and start taking loads of iodine!

  54. rachel says:

    NO NUKES is the only sane way to have a planet,
    use solar, wind, geothermal for common sense. The reason Atlantis failed was because of excessive intellectualism and a lack of common sense about advanced technology/radiation!.
    There is information out from experts regarding the expectation of 6-8 more earthquakes ocuring worldwide including the west coast, east coast, and overseas. Sorry folks, but there is technology existing for the elite ‘cabal’ to create these earthquakes and their results like panic, fear, control…
    Stock up on things now using your best intuition. There is a wonderful book i suggest
    called; When Technology Fails, by Matthew Stein.
    namaste’, rachel

  55. Maya says:

    I am just wondering, if for a significant amout of radiation it is possible to reach West Coast, will it be safe in East Coats?
    How much father relatively to Japan is it?

    I live in Europe and I was a kid when Chernobil happened. It was not possible to esacape and where? Of course in the immidate proximity to Chernobil everything was contaminated and people were evacuated, but the rest of Europe had an exposure as well.

    The thing is how much is too much? A radiation increases the risk, the more radiation the higher the risk of cancer and genetic mutations. And with everything which is calculated as probabilities you never know, how (un)lucky you will be.

    Anyway, I think with the media attention to it, it is too much overhyped.

    But what is not overhyped is the question – when the world will move to green energy !? Maybe it time not to invest in new nuclear power plants but in reasearch? China plans to build 50 new plants, now the plans are stopped,but for how long? Germany is planning to stop some, but Belarus, Russia , France are building new. What about US? There are no such a thing as TOTALY safe nuclear plants, there is alyways some remainig risk left. That is what happned in Japan. There is only small remaing risk, just unfortunatly if this happens than the damage is huge…

  56. Greetings from west Tokyo – 300km south of nuclear disaster central – Fukushima.

    I am a Canadian raw-foodie (very far from 100%) who has been following you guys for ages, Kevin & AnnMarie, in great admiration of your work, yet it surprises me that I’ve never participated on your site until now. Though I am active with my own wordpress blogs, moodle sites, and social media, I guess I am still shy when it comes to commenting on others’ sites.

    Anyway, I just want to convey how surprised I am that so many people so far away are so concerned with the effects of this current crisis on their own health – RIGHT NOW, anyway. It is a serious situation that could have global implications, but the chances of that happening are extremely low. The dangers now are more for the people working so hard right next to the plant to get it all under control, and for people in the immediate surrounding areas beyond the mostly deserted “safety” distance, who are also currently dealing with a lack of water, food, clothing, and other essentials while enduring 0 degree temperatures with no heating – after having lost family members, friends, and all their worldly possessions, including homes, to tsunamis.

    I would like to ask that North Americans please stop buying up all these anti-radiation “health products” on the market, whether or not they are proven effective, as the people in north Japan, already victimized beyond what most of us could conceive, may be in dire need of your generosity well before (if at all) supplements might be helpful to you.

    Experts say we have little to fear here in Tokyo (but they are protecting the nuclear industry). The media scares us to death (because fear sells). The truth is, we simply don’t know what will happen. I don’t have a Geiger counter, and actually feel the only thing it would be good for is invoking panic, which I am trying hard to avoid right now. I am waiting for my passport to be processed so that I can quickly evacuate if need be. I am anxious but ready: bags are packed on standby, candles are out, bathtub filled with water in case another biggie hits (we’ve had hundreds of quakes over the last week).

    I do agree with a lot of what’s been said here, especially the fact that the best way to protect yourself from radiation is to get away from it. Pray that they people up north will have some escape route made possible in the unlikely event that they will have to flee. Tokyo radiation levels have been recorded off and on at up to 20 times higher that usual. But what we have to remember is that even if we stay in this elevated condition for some time, yes, one international flight home would expose us to more radiation than that. This is now, though. Let’s pray the situation does not worsen.

    I made a post just today on my raw food recipe blog: I would be delighted if people read it, especially the section on how we can all help the people suffering in the Tohoku region.

    Best wishes to all at this stressful time. Panic and worry are only useful to a certain extent, so let’s keep informed and productive instead. Oh, and eat lots of fresh organic greens, fruits, and superfoods. cheers!

  57. Auntie LaLa says:

    I would love to hear your viewpoint on Medicinal Essential oils in regards to health benefits in general. Natures medicine is what you seem to promote and yet I don’t see you including those precious gems in your repertoire.
    Just wondering…. love and respect what you have to say! Keep it up!
    Auntie LaLa

  58. Jean says:

    It seems like all the media attention has shifted to the nuclear catastrophe and the earthquake and tsunami victims are being forgotten. They matter too!

    The people most at risk from radiation effects are those nearest to the event. The people of Japan are struggling with the aftermath of a triple disaster. For us to panic in the USA, thousands of miles away from Japan, is not helpful. We must set fear aside.

    In the mid-1950’s, during the height of the cold war, I was a child living in Denver Colorado. Besides teaching us to hide under a desk if a nuclear attack occurred, Denver actually did a city-wide civilian evacuation drill, with all of us kids loaded onto school buses and headed out of town to see exactly how fast we could evacuate Denver. Hours later we still hadn’t cleared what would have been the zone of highest danger. For years I was afraid of unseen radiation in the air.

    Obviously being stuck on an overcrowded freeway full of panicked people in overheating cars is not the best option to escape radiation unless mass evacuation is the only option.

    After our exodus experience, our family decided that in case of a nuclear attack (or in this case, fallout) we’d go home and stay together, now called ‘shelter in place’. If you are thousands of miles away from a nuclear catastrophe, wind-driven fallout is not something you can drive to escape from as you would a fire. There is no ‘safe place’.

    You will likely be more able to minimize radiation fallout risk (from Japan’s catastrophe) if you and family and pets are in familiar surroundings with adequate shelter, food, water, electricity and good communications. has good information on basic emergency preparation.

    Everyone living in the USA during the 1950’s probably experienced some exposure to elevated levels of radiation due to the bomb tests or through their food. Everyone on earth alive at the time of Chernobyl carries a bit of that disaster with them. Check out the fallout maps from the past USA nuclear bomb testing in Nevada:

    Nuclear power and the threat of nuclear accidents is world-wide. Pandora’s box is already open. There is no safe place to escape radiation drift. But it’s a darn good time to examine your own disaster readiness, the readiness of your community and local government.

    Instead of worrying about iodine tablets, we should be asking ourselves if the USA is ready for a natural disaster of the scale seen in Japan, and if not, why not, and what can we do about it. Japan has shown that emergency readiness saves lives. Can the USA do as much? I hope so, but since Federal mass evacuation plans were dropped in the late 1980’s it doesn’t look promising. For reference see:

  59. Marlene says:

    It’s nice to read something refreshing that isn’t making one want to panic over all the hype. Thanks for being so honest Kevin and practical!

  60. Mike says:

    I just recently found out that these Geiger Counters are only good for detecting external radiation, that is, things like x-rays or ultraviolet type radiation. The kind of radiation we’re talking about with regards to nuclear reactors melting down is ionizing particle-type radiation, where you have plutonium, uranium, or tritium isotope particles being released into the atmosphere and doing their damage internally once these particles are inhaled in through the lungs. Geiger Counters are very poor at detecting this type of radiation.

  61. astrid says:

    What websites do you frequent to find which way the Jet Stream is blowing? I have only seen conflicting Streams, but this should be simple as detecting today’s weather. The definitive source for weather related quests such as this?

  62. Thomas says:

    The jet stream forecast can be seen at:


    So if you flee California to go to Connecticut or New Jersey it will follow you all the way there.

    If you really want to flee Northern Hemisphere air pollution, you need to go to the Southern Hemisphere. Think: “don’t cry for me Argentina” . . . 🙂

  63. If you don’t have a Geiger counter but you do have Internet access, you can go to the Radiation Network (, a grassroots website run by people with Geiger counters and other more sophisticated measuring devices that’s updated every 1-3 minutes to show current radiation readings across the US. Pretty cool!

  64. mary says:

    Here is an article I read about the fall out, where it could go and also about the iodine if there is a meltdown. Also, you can get lung cancer if you have never been exposed to smoke. There were contaminated vaccines a while back that had a monkey virus in them that causes cancer and can be passed from mother to child. 60% of lung cancers are traced to this virus.

  65. Corinne says:

    We are in California, and as much as I would LIKE to have comfort knowing that we could just up and leave…head east…it’s NOT going to be that easy. Everyone and their Mother will be trying to do the same thing. Traffic will be insane and airplanes will be overbooked.

  66. Kamrat7 says:

    Hey, have a look here:

    it sounds like it may be an interesting source!

  67. Eve says:


    thanks for the calming, level-headed, heartfelt thoughts.

    All others, thanks for the ideas – especially the ones about sending money to Tsunami/Quake victims in Japan, instead of rushing out to buy a long list of questionable items we think/hope will somehow protect us.

    Except Roland Perry. To you, ROLAND: Many, many warm and loving people actually DO find “the details of (Kevin & Anne Marie’s) personal life…all that interesting” – that’s why we choose this website for health info AND a personal sense of connection to the people delivering it. If you don’t like it, shut your piehole and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    Peace out, E

  68. I have alot of animals that I may not be able to transport. You are recommending leaving but, what if you financially or physically do so?

    I would agree to do that but, everyone on the West Coast will probably not be able to do so.

    Hopefully it doesn’t come to that point.

  69. Pete says:

    Good site. Keep up the good work. Eve above is making a good point. Your work is always evolving as all our lives so your personal details are interesting and sometimes useful. Just let it evolve. My best and Peace, Pete

  70. Tino says:

    Here is something that should put the Japan nuclear incident in perspective. It’s a cartoon illustrating what doses of radiation do what:

    (The sources are from the US Government like the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Brookhaven National Labs, and Depart of Environmental Quality in Idaho)

  71. Alastair says:

    Thanks for calling the HYPE that’s rampant in the Natural Health inter-webs world.

    It’s really telling who is going all out — the same people who sell crap loads of product. These ‘leaders’ in the antural health community generate daily newsletters scaring about this and that every single day to drive sales in product. They do it b/c it works.

    The fact that they are doing it now when levels outside Japan are so trivial shows just how driven these people are. People like Mike Adams, et al. I haven’t even checked Dr Mercola to see how over the top he has gone. I unsubscribed to him b/c I got sick of the daily teasers designed to generate traffic to his site (& ads) to generate sales. Mercola is a total marketing machine and his comments are moderated to remove any criticism of his techniques despite his constant criticisms of Big Pharma for the same kind of marketing tricks.

  72. roy traies says:

    The most simple and safe way to protect the body is to increase iodide
    the way we do this safely is to use organic Kelp tablets or capsules we would use 3×1000 mg for 10 days then one daily if in a danger area or if you tend to have a body that tends not to pick up and store well or the thyroid is sluggish in action.
    As soon as the thyroid is full of iodide it will not take on more and you are protected as you possible are able to be.

  73. Yakitah says:

    In Reference to Radiation, Like New Zealand, we the people of this country or what ever states own one of these Reactors, should have
    fought to eliminate or Abolish such Radiation plants.

    We are suppose to be governed by the people and Americans have allowed their Government and corportations to run the Country Ragged. The elected officers became the Government instead, and we or you have no one to blame except yourselves. As for Japan, we can’t control what they do, we have no real say in
    their matters.

    Yes its a bit late to start panicing and panic
    will only make one make an uncalculated move, in most cases. It makes it difficult to think or react respsonably.

    Yes there are and will be many who cannot find
    it so simple to pack up and run, and those who
    are without much funds to purchase guiger counters, and even herbal products. Some of
    you love the animals you’ve accumulated so much, that you say, “you won’t leave them. That’s ok too, its your choice to stay and die
    with them if you like. We won’t criticize you
    for it.

    Kevin, you’ve been somewhat fair, and very informative, but you too have all in between
    promoted your products as well. I do understand that a Business is in business to
    sell and make money, and in order to keep things balanced and or moving Advertisement is
    critical. However, you often repeat it throughout your articles all in between. You could just announce it once, either in the be-ginning or save it for the end.

    I think everyone knows you have the store and
    pretty much carry most items, so I know we won’t forget where to get the products.

    We all love what you do, just thought I’d mention that because it did look like you were
    going in the same direction as those who others wrote negatively about.

    Peace, and be blessed.

  74. Pamela says:

    I appreciate this forum. Thank you everyone for posting. The information is helpful. I appreciate the lack of fear and hype–what a breath of fresh air.

    Today’s date is March 31st. Up until now, the epa monitoring systems around our nation disclose small, “harmless” amounts of radiation in many states throughout America. Radiation particles were also detected in rain water, and found in milk.

    Here’s a protective measure that we have taken. I would like your thoughts. We live on the West Coast in an old farm house. Some of our windows are new and the rest are old; all of our windows have some air seepage from outside. We’ve covered some with clear plastic and taped the edges with a type of tape from the hardware store that easily goes on and pulls off without leaving marks. Outlets also can leak air from the outside into a structure. What are your thoughts about this?

    Also, please pray for Japan, that this situation is quickly brought under control, and for the people most affected by this tragedy.

    Thank You

  75. The most incredible product available on the market worldwide is the Geoclense Orgone Generator. As far as I am aware, it is the most effective product for harmonizing and neutralizing the effects of Nuclear Radiation and Nuclear Fallout.

    To see the incredible list of harmful radiation this protective Orgone Generator covers, go to:

    I know of several people who are using these, some in USA and some in Japan and they are really happy with the results.

    Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.

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