Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ Great Health Debate Commentary, Criticism and Clarification (Part 1) : Exclusive Renegade Health Video

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A week or so ago, we had a rebuttal or summary from Dr. Alan Goldhamer about what he felt were the key points of the Great Health Debate…

Today, I have the first part of Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ rebuttal / clarification.

In this video (play time is about 1 hour), Dr. Cousens addresses some extremely important points that further explain vegan (and ALL types of eater) deficiencies, why live foods, falsehoods stated in the Debate, what his clinical experience has taught him and more.

I’m thrilled that he took the time to put this together and that this event was important enough to warrant further discussion. Whether you’re vegan or not, I think you’ll find this interesting and educational.

(If you’re not coming at this from a spiritual perspective at all, please be sure to be patient through the spiritual discussion, because some awesome nutrition nuggets lie right after it. If you are spiritual, you will certainly dig all of it!)

This will be Part 1 of 2, so I’ll share my comments at the end of Part 2.

Here’s the first part of this MUST watch video…

Your question of the day: What do you think about Dr. Cousens’ talk so far?

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To find out more about Dr. Gabriel Cousens, click here: www.gabrielcousens.com


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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Cat Hunter says:

    Highly informative – tx to both

  2. MJ Raichyk says:

    Unfortunately, Cousens is ignorant of farming. Yes feeding grain to animals like cattle, will disrupt the right animal and human health, economy and survival. But learn from the eco-relations that are natural to the flora and fauna that populate the area where the farm is to be operational. Cattle should be eating grass, not grain. One of the best demonstrations of how potent is this concept for farming, is the Spanish fish farm, where the fish feed themselves from the developed wetlands, where the success of the farm is gaged by the health of the predators on the wetlands. Find the lecture at TED.com

  3. jesus says:

    hey Kev and Annemarie you guys are great….BUT seriously this guy mis pronounced dozens of words and seems very slow thinking…almost clouded.Also hair/skin and body structure seem unhealthy.My grandmother lived to be a very healthy 103yrs eating some meat lots of veg’s and honestly I think she could out perform him physically and mentally….no way this guy can convert me to veg’s only…..great debate I really enjoyed all

  4. Brian says:

    It is really too bad that Dr. Cousens simply lumped all meat eaters together without mentioning the difference between eating factory farmed meat and wild or grassfed animals.

    I have to assume that all the information Dr. Cousens is referencing is in regards to meat eaters who live on almost 100% factory farmed meat.

    That’s equivalent to having someone live completely on pesticide filled, mass produced vegetables. Dr. Cousens himself is 100% organic so he clearly differentiates on the vegetables.

    It’s a bit sad that he didn’t even mention this. It just seems like he is avoiding that topic to strengthen the anti meat eating case.

    • murray says:

      Hey Brian, did you listen to the talk? He pointed out at every turn the statistics where for the general population who is eating factory farmed meat. He also cited a Harvard study which was done on grass fed beef which achieved a different result.

  5. sharon says:

    In regard to M.J. Raichyk’s comment:
    The fact is that most of the cattle raised for food (in this county, at least) are fed grains. The idea of grass-fed beef is pretty much an elitist idea in this day and age. If the gazillions of meat-eaters decide to buy (if they could afford it) grass-fed beef, I doubt if there would be enough land available to graze that many cows.

    Thank you Kevin, and Dr. Cousens for continuing on with the “Debates” and giving us even more data and information to base our decisions on.

  6. eyla says:


  7. Lori says:

    What is wrong with this video?? It is broken in language, the words do not match how his mouth is moving and I cant’ sit here for an hour and listen/watch it?? Is it just on my screen?

  8. Owenfox says:

    respect and love for all <3

    thank you Kevin and Gabrielle, for being workers of the light, for health of each individual person, and Mother Earth and human consciousness. id like to support u, ive shared this video on my popular facebook page 🙂

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  10. arnie zimmerman says:

    I am very familiar with the work of Dr. Cousins and this superb lecture of his only reinforces what I already new about him. If there is someone out there that can discuss this subject with this degree of cogent fluidity and command, I have not heard of them.

  11. Dr. Gabriel Cousens had several ideas that need further study. But, anyone advocating a high percentage of fat in an optimal diet should deal with what the “brachial artery tourniquet test” shows in comparing high fat versus low fat. This topic is well covered in over 9,000 hits in a google search. In several of these google hits the “healthy fat” mythology (in pop culture) is debunked.

    Dr. Cousen’s presentation would be improved if he would get rid of the silly yellow cap which only partially covers his goofy hairdo. CHEERS.

  12. Deb says:

    There’s so much to talk about over what Dr Cousins is saying, but I just feel to touch on this today. Yesterday I was thinking about this when I read your Newsletter and was still thinking about your interview with David and “the chain of Being through the ages”, and I nearly wrote in. No need, as it was touched on today. It was this … the importance of “liveness” and “strength of energies”. I remember when I went to a presentation by a masseur who was on tour giving presentations on behalf of a very special natural supplements company here in Australia, that also distributes mineral fertiliser to agriculture as part of their more connected view on health “from the ground up” as they say – although I would say there are many, many other aspects as well, but that’s another story. Anyway, he’d obviously built a relationship with the company as his massage clients were getting such good results from these products which he also offered in his practice. The “Company” had mentioned a farmer he should drop in on, on his way through his country-wide itinerary, which he did. He stayed a few days I believe, and the farmer took him out to the fields of grain growing and the actual life-force could be seen rising off the crops, truly, it blew him away, and in the telling it deeply touched me and lived with me. The farmer also ground, on-the-spot, grain he had grown, and cooked bread for him fresh from this just ground grain. He was given this bread to eat whilst he travelled to his next location. The masseaur told us that the nutrition and energy he received from that bread was like nothing he had ever had before, and this guy was a conscientious health pursuer … he needed nothing but water for the whole long journey and was very refreshed when he arrived at this destination which had been a great distance away. That story has lived with me as one of the great “issues”. Whether one argues for or against grains, or argues for or against cooked foods, and the bread was cooked, this story shows the aliveness and energy issues, and of course the intention, sensitivity, respect, love that was in that grain .. well … the whole environment of that farm … from the farmer’s connection and receptivity to the Great Universal Principle. I am thoroughly enjoying these talks. It IS complex, and it is simply thrilling to exist to grapple with what life is all about … I did not know that in myself for most of my life … I did want ot be alive, let alone grapple with being alive. But it IS glorious! Incidentally – The Chain of Being – yes, Wilbur has made a tremendous contribution on helping us get a grasp on this and to apply the understanding, although he only goes to the step of Integration. There is so, so much more, but that is the step that unfolds the rest … the Seers tell us. I have also found these “schools” tremendously, in my life anyway: http://www.kappelerinstitute.org – “The 8 Ordered Steps to the Oneness of Being” and also The Spiritual Breaktrough to the Next Millenium” are 2 excellent little books – there’s alot there in that website. Also the understanding of the “Chain of Being” as presented by the Baha’i Tradition and the vision for the next 1,000 years which we have transitioned into, and what is also beyond, is an “Ocean” if discovery in the writings available. Indeed, there is a consciousness shift happening, an evolutionary shift, affecting everything, and honesty, humility as to where one is at, and an open grateful, adn gracious attitude to just do to allow others to do the best one can at any moment, is most helpful. I myself, am all over the place in steps and stages of development, very fragmented so I really need to be honest and humble … and must laugh a lot at myself and not be too anxious about it all. But htese frames-of-reference really help me get above it all, and get the wider higher view, and put things in perspective. That is why the Great Health Debate was such and enjoyable very helpful experience for me. It was my introduction to Renegade Health incidentally.

    Anyway … great blessings always Kevin, Annmarie … really look forward to the next installment. Blessings to all.

  13. I AM Hedda says:

    Outstanding rebuttal. I await the next segment…

  14. Deb says:

    P.S. – and as to what is “food” – go to http://www.reunting.info, a website that really resonates to me and is something I have always “known” somehow. Really explore that website, starting with the book Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow, or plunging into the “Science” section, or as I did, plunging into the “Wisdom” section with all the free books available … … … well … … … we receive “food” in all sorts of ways. Anyway, this certainly has relevance to what Dr Cousins was saying about light, energies and liveness, livingness.

  15. Heather says:

    Thank you Dr. Cousens, and thank you Kevin for sharing this most excellent, informative, well rounded, founded, and grounded rebuttal on the whole debate. Of all the talks including that of David Rainoshek yesterday, thid one has given me a very real feeling of getting close to the truth of the matter and to the truth of my personal ethical as well as health choices to be vegan 80+% raw. Really look forward to the part 2.
    As enlightening as the spiral dynamics model is (of which I’ve been familiar for many years)to the whole subject, the conclusion that re-including meat into the diet, or that killing animals is a necessary part of human evolution is not a logical step up the ladder. I speak as a 3rd generation vegetarian, of 5 my family, 26yrs of my 38 being vegan and the last 2 80% raw. Thanks so much for helping us all refine our perspectives on this. Heather

  16. Amy says:

    Thank you Kevin and Dr.Cousens! this was a very informative Video. I look forward to part 2. I think Dr. Cousens is a wealth of clinical and well researched information!

    A comment to Jesus who thinks Dr. Cousens does not look healthy. I don’t know what your genetic background is or your age but I think for a light skinned man in his 60’s I think he looks healthy and great!
    He may be from a different tribe than yours and I think we all should keep that in mind when we judge others.
    I also love that Dr. Cousins speaks authentically from the heart rather than a polished script.

    I love these videos! More please!

  17. ABoyNamedMoon says:

    This is a very good discussion and I welcome Dr Cousen’s input- especially since it is based on clinical experience and testing. I do believe, however, that before we all jump to the conclusion that vitamin and mineral deficiencies should be addressed with supplements, we should consider other factors. It has been said before (including by Kevin himself on video) that ABSORPTION is a very important factor. In other words, is the body able to absorb what is put in it? Remember the saying: “It’s not what you eat, it’s what you digest” ?

    We should consider this (absorption issue) very seriously before drawing conclusions that nutrition is lacking from all plants and animals. One health specialist who has not been present in this “Great Health Debate” has observed an interesting phenomena about B12 levels. He has observed individuals with B12 deficiencies and found that after a water fast their B12 levels returned to normal!! So does this mean that we really need to supplement, or is the body really able to heal itself under the right circumstances?

  18. Misia says:


  19. Marty Schumacher says:

    Thanks Kevin for having my very most favorite, trusted, and most loving Dr. in the World on your show!
    I had a whole person evaluation with Dr. Cousen’s partner, Dr. Dan last year, (2009)at the Tree Of Life center in Arizona.
    I have really felt so much better following his recommendations.
    I have all of Gabriel’s books, previous to going to the TOL) and know of all his research into the spiritual and nutrition realms and his own experience. He Leaves NO stone Unturned! I love that! I trust him completely,and if he learns something different from what he previously shared, he will let you know he is correcting his older statements. He has the highest integrity of any in the medical field. He does not compromise his values, ever.
    I feel blessed to hear him speak, and honored to have met him and to receive his wisdom!

  20. Owenfox says:

    loved the video. Gabriel talks from the heart. good comments from Moon above about b12 issues and ABSORPTION too. thanks bro 😉

    looking forward to next part too!

  21. Chris G. says:

    I find Cousens a little unfocussed, and, honestly, a little flakey. I’m also a vegan though, for almost the completely opposite reasoning as Cousens. Seemed like he rambled for the better part of an hour. I want to hear more from Dr. Young (who came out strong and confident), Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. Goldhamer (who seemed overly conciliatory in his written reply).

  22. Steve D'Sa says:

    Grass-fed vs grain-fed Seems to be a false controversy. One way or the other there will be a problem. An all-grass-fed solution may take up too much land. An all-grain-fed takes up resources that may feed hungry people.

    If we are concerned about food supply, I support increasing supply. For example, I would support verticle farming and urban farming. This farming puts the food closer to the table. It reduces land use, and it feeds hungry people. I’m told it reduces water usage too.

    I am vegetarian for personal health reasons, but I see nutritional value in meat, especially if its being subsidized, perhaps directly by the government, or perhaps its being subsidized by the sheer diveristy of desireable animal products that can be made from a single animal. Can you imagine a whole civilization based on the reverence for a holy animal (i.e. Hinduism)?

    Eating a heathy diet that is affordable is an important issue for people who feel that meat or animal products have something to offer in their diets.

    But from time to time, there are limits to our growth as a civilization. Perhaps the irish famine is an example of where a potate famine left people starving because of a lack of government foresight and vision.

  23. DK says:

    thanks. much appreciated

  24. natalya says:

    What exactly Dr. Gabriel Cousens eat every day to stay highly mineralised? How does he knows that Jesus was a vegan eater, nowhere in the Bible we can find the info about that. Can he recommend some link to read about that? Thanks

  25. Peaches Q says:

    great info, can’t wait for part 2!

  26. Gini says:

    Gabriel makes a lot of good points. I didn’t get to hear it all because it froze up a little over half way through. I wiah I knew what causes this- very frustrating. I would also like to know what he does to stay mineralized.
    Thanks Kevin, Annmmarie, and Gabriel!

  27. great info, can’t wait for part 2…loved the debate!

  28. roni says:

    I am impressed by his taking the time to do this, and also that he listened to all of the talks. He picked up on some of the same things that I remember reacting to – (“vegans shouldn’t have children” was WAY off, imo)and he bounces around kind of stream of consciousness a lot, so its a little challenging to follow him, but he is animated and fun to watch. Overall, I am really enjoying him the more I get to know of him.

  29. Fern Rancourt says:

    No mention of Vitamin D deficiency! Yet, people living in northern Canada don’t have the privilege of enjoying the sun like in Arizona or California.

  30. Eric says:

    Our health and well being is NOT about *what we choose to eat*, as much as it is about the *quality* of what we eat.

    This, I believe has been lost in this debate because most, even the folks interviewed for the debate, seem to be stuck on the vegetarian omnivore debate…

    MAN is doing everything WRONG… growing crops wrong, even in the organic industries, treating animals wrong, you name it.

    We should all know that there have been people throughout history who have lived on a 90 – 95% plant based diet… and a 95% to 100% (dependent on time of year) animal based diet; both seemingly very healthy and disease free.

    In the 1930’s my grandmother was told by her doctor to eat liver once a week as she was anemic… and she turns 99 this year and STILL eats liver once a week.

    The real issue is THIS… The quality, and thus nutrient density of our foods has dramatically fallen for well over 150 years due to agricultural and livestock husbandry practices… coal tar fertilizers were first used in Germany I believe sometime in the 1860’s… 40 years later we have German and French doctors diagnosing Alzheimer\dementia, cancers, Autism, etc.

    Most believe it is due to the chemical fertilizers breaking the sulfur cycle… everyone here should be well aware of the gas cycles… minerals all have cycles too. Man’s chemicals and practices have disrupted and broken these natural gas and mineral cycles.

    Wherever man has established civilization throughout history, the degradation of the land, and thus, food quality has occurred,… which then contributed to the downfall of that civilization.

    As the nutritional value of foods fall… food consumption goes up… as people are *literally* starving for the nutrition their bodies require in order to function even at a minimal level.

    In that respect, I agree that nearly everyone needs supplementation even if you are eating 100% raw and organic.

    One more comment… omnivores of the past ALWAYS consumed the most *nutrient dense* parts of the animals FIRST – ALL of the ORGAN meats – and bone marrow – bone broths.

    The consumption of primarily muscle meats by people, along with modern conventional livestock practices, that harvest animals for consumption that are grossly genetically inferior, in terms of mineral, fat, and protein quality, is why today’s omnivores are also found to be deficient in nutrients… very, very few omnivores eat the heart, kidneys, liver, brain, lung, etc. any more. A few ounces of organ meats from grass fed, or wild animals once or twice a week beats a pound of muscle meat a day for nutritional value in my book.

    Read – Dr. William A. Albrecht ‘The Father of Soil Fertility Research’.

    Poor air, poor soil, poor water = poor quality foods… whether those foods be plant or animal, it doesn’t matter… all of this adds up to poor quality, sick, humans.


  31. Theophilus says:

    I love this guy! Thanks for capturing and bringing him to us in this way for our good pleasure & edification. Beyond form and ego, the chatter is silenced.

  32. Rob says:

    Hey Kev,

    It’s sad how he lumped all meat eaters into the same bucket. Dr. Cousens seems very frustrated/irritated and mentions nothing about omnivores. My great grandmother is almost a hundred and she’s an omnivore and super healthy/spiritual. She seems much sharper than Dr. Cousens and she preaches love and unity. Dr. Cousens is pitting the vegans against the meat eaters/omnivores. If he’s so spiritual, why doesn’t he try to build a bridge between all groups. Thanks for sharing this video and keep spreading the love guys.



    P.S. Spirituality isn’t about kundalini, it’s about your capacity to love in every moment.


  33. Satori says:

    I eat fish, but I’m not offended by his talk. I thought it was amazing. Can’t believe he took time to record this. One of the best videos from Renegade Health!

  34. Deb F says:

    Dr Cousens is ignorant of nothing. He is highly educated, extremely conscious and experienced. His results speak for themselves.
    Nothing he says requires any study other than implementation. The need for a study is a medical model that is based on a very limited perspective and old school paradigm soon to be done away with. Look at all the studies and look at the state of health and health care. Seriously are you joking? The fall of the health care system is imminent because it is a sick care system and not a helath care system. True health has nothing to do with so called health care. Dr Cousens understands what health is and how to create it.
    Dr Cousens has the privilege, which he has earned, of living in a paradigm where he is ahead of society in his knowledge of these matters. That is what he means when he says his agenda is for everyone to “wake up and be healthy” and his vision is “Whole Person Enlightenment”. Whoever is open enough to listen to his words will learn something and be able to improve both their own life as well as life on earth for all including the planet itself.
    Thank you Dr Cousens for giving back and devoting your life to inner peace and vibrant health. And I think you should challenge Jesus, in the above comment, to a few push ups. Incase anyone doesn’t know, Dr Cousens did over 600 consecutive push ups several years ago. Now what requires further study?

  35. Suzy says:

    I really admire Dr. Cousens. I appreciate that he backs up his assertions with research, and he is such a model for health – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Keep up the excellent work!

  36. Tiffy says:

    I can’t watch the video because it won’t stream in my IPad :(. I will hopefully be able to watch it tomorrow.

    For the record: JESUS WAS NOT A VEGAN! Forget the story of him eating fish, that fact that he was a JEW AND HAD TO EAT MEAT WHEN THEY GAVE SACRIFICES TO GOD! The Jews had to eat all of the flesh of the sacrifices. Now, did he eat a low meat diet? Perhaps. We know he ate bread (he is called The Bread Of Life) and we know he ate fish.

    @ Heather – Did you need braces? I have read several stories of babies born to vegan mothers (note: vegan, not raw vegan. Big difference) had extremely crooked teeth and cavities.

    I do believe it is EXTREMELY dangerous to be a vegan or vegetarian during pregnancy. All of my vegan and vegetarian friends have had several miscarriages. Notice I say ALL! As far as we know, there has never been a vegan society. Anyone who eats this way is a guinea pig!

  37. Debra Evans says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you so much for this video from Gabriel. Although I’m not eating a 100% raw diet at the moment, I deeply appreciate the depth and intelligence of what he had to say. I’m very familiar with his work…I used to invite him to speak at Whole Life Expo when I was program director.

    I think this video is the clearest and most impassioned talk I’ve ever heard him give. And he looks more radiant than ever! I mean, he’s heading toward 70 years old now, yes? I just love him! And the expanse of his knowledge is breathtaking.

    I feel motivated, inspired, and even more informed…

    Thank you again.

  38. radha says:

    Out disease is to prey upon the weak. The less fortunate are exploited by the rich for their gain. And animals who cannot speak for themselves are exploited. This is the ailmennt of society and this is taking us on a suicidal march for this is simply unsustainable. Plain commonsense should call us to another way. This way of meat-eating which is the number one cause of green house gases is not working. The evidence is there about the health benefits of not eating meat. So what is holding us back from the making the best choice for the happy co-existence of all beings?

  39. MARY THOMAS says:


  40. Chris says:

    SUPERB Lecture by Dr. Cousens!!!!

    Finally someone spoke accurately and completely on behalf of veganism.

    I applaud him greatly.

    Thank you,

  41. Samantha says:

    WOW! WOW! AND WOW!!!! Dr.Cousens clearly took the time to take in all of “The Great Health Debates” and give them careful consideration. This, in conjunction with the time he is spending in this rebuttal, truly speaks, in my opinion, to his ability to stand in his truth. What a generousity of spirit to take the time to adddress this band of renegades;) in such a detailed and mindful manner!
    I would also like to take a moment to address the issue of picking apart people’s physicality. I sometimes do not know how many health avocates can withstand speaking out on health issues, considering the way in which some individuals choose to scrutinize their physical appearance. Some of the healthiest “looking” people are truly the unhealthiest. The fitness industry is a good example of this- many in this field are in amazing health, but a shocking number are engaging in very unhealthy and dangerous practices to “look” good.

  42. Samantha says:

    Oy, sticky keys!

  43. Thank you Dr. Cousens , thank you Kevin for this info…being vegan for over 35 years. raising
    children, and now grandchildren, having great
    pregnancies, and children who are like angels,
    has proven to me and confirmed all that
    Dr. Cousens has shared. About the supplements,
    I am not sure because we do not take them,
    but we have used live juices and plenty of them,
    and have water fasted, every season, and I believe this is what
    has given us all the perfect health we have.
    Having heard Dr. Cousens at the Raw Festival
    in Oregon previously, I believe his research
    and wisdom is based on truth and spiritual

  44. Flavio M says:

    Is this for real? That dude doesn’t look or sound healthy at all! I am very open minded and some things he mentioned actually make sense but when he started with the whole live foods and whatnot, i was gone… That is just ridiculous. Look at Art de Vany or Robb Wolf, they look much better, sound much better and they eat meat. If you guys think it’s all about the meat, then you need to do some research yourselves. That includes experimenting on yourselves and seeing what does work for you. Peace

    P.S. Jesus’ comment was spot on!

  45. Great rebuttal Gabriel. Gabriel has put all meat eaters together simply because if his agenda which he clearly states several times. Protein acts as a spiritual sludge to the kundalini energies and meat eaters stop this energy via way of their diet – that is why he groups them.

  46. jon says:

    he sounds a bit retarded

  47. Linda Miller says:

    It’s weird how people perceive different things. Personally, after hearing him I realized he is older than I thought, and he looks great. As far as his speaking ability, I envy him. If he didn’t have cue cards, I think it is wonderful how he could remember each topic he wanted to address and then competently did it!

  48. Marge says:

    I thought his talk was wonderful! He has so much depth and spirituality, plus his knowledge of science, plus all his clinical experience with patients and his own experience with nutrition. That makes a great combination. I think he looks very healthy. His skin is clear and bright. I will listen to this again, and can’t wait for part 2. Thank you Kevin and Annemarie!

  49. Amanda says:

    What an intelligent and coherent speaker with impressive clinical experience. His hands on knowledge is impressive. Exceptional. Thank you for bringing this to us.

  50. MARY THOMAS says:


  51. Michaela says:

    Excellent content!!! Higly informative and eye opening, Thanks guys!

  52. Ann says:

    Kevin…any chance this talk could be put into written form. My brother is deaf but intensely interested in this debate.

  53. Rose says:

    Wonderful! Thanks so much Dr Cousens and Kevin.

    Yes,I too would love this in writing if it were possible. So many useful points; it was hard to note them all down.

    Any chance of asking Dr Cousens about the use of salt? I believe that just as he’s pro getting enough healthy fat, he also allows the use of a healthy natural salt?

    He’s the health guru who resonates the most for me. Thanks again.

  54. Lita M. Perkins says:

    Given many of the responses above mine it seems clear that the debate will continue. I resonate with Dr. Cousins because I have seen the most dramatic affect on my health first by becoming vegetarian, then vegan and now 50% raw. I appreciate also his credentials and research. Clearly there are lots of people who live a long and healthy life and eat meat, smoke and drink alcohol. If we look though at the population of the US most who eat the SAD way have chronic disease, are obese and using multiple medications to “control” their condition that we have all be trained to believe is just normal. These people are not living long and healthy lives. Wake up America, eat whatever you want but we are all paying for it one way or another

  55. Susan Laing says:

    Thanks for setting this up Kevin~ I enjoyed it esp with all the data included. And I liked how he mentioned the fact that Live raw vegan diet can work for you as well as well as a healthy animal produce diet too. It is all to do with energy… and of course stress is one of the biggest factors ever in folks health as well as the state of the soil(;

  56. Yusef says:

    Famous vegetarians/vegans also include:
    Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin.
    Plenty sane and useful people also ate meat, and the list of those who have eaten meat and contributed to the world is great ways is even larger.

  57. Peg Fulton says:

    What a great lecture. I loved the way Cousens presented the facts while still leaving choice, and how he pointed out the pitfalls of our diets in general. I’m very inspired with the plant-based, living food info and it is great to know the necessary precautions. Can’t wait to hear more.

  58. Dan says:

    The original spiritual tradition in the East where meat eaters, non-meat eating was enforced on the population way later on by law from the authorities of the time.

    Vegan diets from experience as a practioner of daily Serpent Power Yoga actuals shows down the enlightenment process. My practice advanced when I put organic meat into my diet.

    Dealing with the many falsehoods taught in Yoga:


  59. Beatrice says:

    Thank you for sharing this knowledge. It all fits together for me, like another piece of the puzzle finally in place. I am forever grateful.

  60. Sean says:

    Anyone who is criticizing Gabriel hasn’t read his books to understand the depth of his knowledge and expertise. Dr. Cousens is the real deal and speaks from the heart–and more importantly walks the talk.
    His message here helps us all in this discussion.
    Thanks Kevin for this debate and engaging the caliber of speakers here!


  61. Heidi says:

    Well, first I looked at some of the comments -and that was interesting! When I got to Dr Cousens …… I really liked what he was saying and the way he was saying it ….. thank you for this!

  62. Dr. Rowen S. Pfeifer says:

    I am in major agreement with Dr. Cousins as far as the plant based, whole food, and organic diet. It is also my understanding and experience after healing from an incurable disease (medically speaking) over 20 years ago by switching to this type of diet that we can get better and stronger as we age. Almost all the “research” we hear quoted is based on unhealthy people following the typical American diet which makes the results invalid for those who choose to change over to a diet such as Dr. Cousins recommends. At 60 years old I am in great physical condition and able to perform any work activity or participate in any sport I choose, including snow and water skiing, in-line or ice skating, raquetball or whatever. I also agree that we can vastly improve Spiritually, mentally and emotionally from this type of diet. My focus is not on the Eastern religious philosophies but rather on the Christian perspective; not just the typical “going to church” group but the “seeking the Kingdom” group looking to maximize the health of my body/temple so as to fulfill my destiny in the corporate Body of Christ. I applaud Dr. Cousins for taking the time to clarify his position so that the whole truth could be clearly understood.

  63. Paul Palmer says:

    Absolutely riveting talk! THough I lean toward the 811rv diet, I am learning a lot from Dr.Cousens. Maybe i won’t bring my fat intake that or my fruit intake that low, but there’s room to tweak the diet. Certainly Dr. Cousens has benefited healthwise from his raw vegan diet. His views deserve respect. Can’t wait to hear the second part.

  64. Mary says:

    FABULOUS……very impressive…..I’ve had his book since the 80’s…….

    I thought he addressed everything very coherently and with much back up in testing and experience. I am SO glad he addressed that remark about vegans not having children! That had really plagued me and I felt it was so erroneous….Now a great explanation.

    I, too, think he’s the best so far.

    Thanks Kevin

  65. hyesun says:

    i agree with natalya (#21). Jesus wasn’t a vegan.

    Luke 24:41-43 (New American Standard Bible)

    41While they still could not believe it because of their joy and amazement, He said to them, “Have you anything here to eat?”

    42They gave Him a piece of a broiled fish;

    43and He took it and ate it before them.

    the king james versions says “Have ye here any meat?”

    hm…….wonder why dr. cousens thinks Jesus was a vegan.

  66. gael says:

    Dr Cousens is always in inspiration and I am glad that you were able to add this talk. I feel that the Great Health Debate is not over, but is becoming a true debate with added depth. Those who have ears to hear and eyes to see can add to their depth of understanding through this clarifying lecture.

  67. lisa says:

    this guy holds a lot of information in his head and is enthusiastic in his sharing. one person very rudely criticized his little speech impediment which has nothing to do with his intelligence whatsoever. speech issues like that show up in childhood from all walks of life. i think it is impressive how many facts he can hold in his head and recall at the drop of a hat, without a bunch of “ums.”

  68. Nutrient Dense says:

    This is a great talk so far Dr Cousens. I think the Great Health Debate has caused you to become more balanced in your speaking. This is your best so far and that’s quite a compliment from a devoted meat eater!

    I do not agree with this silly theory that plant crops will feed more people than animals on the same land. There is only so much energy in the soil and sun that can be turned into a crop or animal. If a plant crop provides more energy per acre as you and many others suggest, then that plant crop has just used more of the minerals available in the soil thereby leaving less for future crops. Nature is clever but not magic.

    I do however agree that live foods are way better than cooked foods and that means meat as well. I would venture a guess that the man/woman that eats raw meat (wild of course) and many healthy live plant foods will be the healthiest person on earth. I think he/she would also be the first person to visit you with no deficiencies.

    What say you?

  69. Mary says:

    Just to add a big thumbs up to Deb and Radha for your insightful comments and enlightened common sense.

  70. David says:

    Dr. Cousins, i think did a Great job of advising us of how bad the planet is being robbed of precious minerals. I like the fact that Dr. Cousins backs up everything he says with scientific facts. Great job to Kevin for putting this very knowledgeable debate together! Keep up the great work Kevin and Thanks

  71. Deb says:

    I very much enjoyed Dr. Cousen’s information and I myself have benefited immensely from switching to a high raw plant based diet, curing many, many ailments I had struggled with for years with no cure from the allopathic community.

    For those with questions about Jesus and whether or not he was a vegan, if you will bear with me, I will put in my 2 cents. Before his death he is depicted in paintings and written about in the Bible as setting up the ‘last supper’ which would have been a Passover Supper with and for his disciples, traditionally involving lamb. There was symbolism in this act as just as the blood of the lambs on the doorposts protected the Isrealites from the angel of death before their escape from Egypt, Jesus was sent to be ‘the spotless lamb'(as the sinless son of Yahweh) or sacrifice, at his crucifixtion, for the angel of death to pass over all of those who believe in him, so that they can pass from this life into a heavenly eternity in a similar departure from the slavery to the sin of this world.
    From my understanding, the Jesus being referred to by Dr. Cousens is from the Essene Gospels, which I believe were written at least 1,000 years after Jesus death and resurrection. They are vastly different from the 4 gospels included in the bible which were written by eye witnesses to Jesus actual life or the next generation.
    With all due respect, personally, I would give more credibility to someone who wrote about me who actually knew me or knew someone who knew me than to an account of my life written 1,000 years after my life, which causes me to rely on the Mark, Matthew, Luke and John gospels. These gospels also fit extremely well with the Old Testament writings and quite miraculously, fulfill over 100 prophecies written there hundreds of years earlier. They focus on the Jesus who said “whoever believes in me shall not perish, but shall have eternal life” and “I go to the father to prepare a place for you in heaven”.

    The Essene gospels which (correct me if I am wrong here) focus on cleansing through proper ingestion of correct foods.
    I hope this is helpful and I am open to any new light on the subject which others may have to offer.
    Many thanks to Kevin and Dr Cousens for this health information.

  72. Virginia Harwood says:

    I have trouble watching this on the Vimeo….can’t you make it also available on you tube or anywhere that works better…if I pause it to let it download it won’t play again but to play every few words it stops!!!

  73. Terry says:

    Comment to Natalya – read the Essene Gosple of Peace. That is essentially the gosple according to Jesus, (no, you won’t find it in the bible) and yes, you will find that Jesus was a vegetarian. Not only that, but he believed in colon cleansing. And a note to Gerhardt Steinke – I believe he wears the “silly yellow hat” because he is a Rabbi. I think Dr Cousens is probably the most intelligent and enlightened speaker I have ever heard, and I wish everyone in this country should listen to him and heed what he says.

  74. Kathy says:

    Thank you so much for bringing us this talk. I am impressed and appreciative that Dr. Cousens took the time to listen to all the debates and to respond so thoughtfully and passionately to them. This is my first time ever listening to Dr. Cousens (I wasn’t able to catch all the debates). I had a little trouble understanding his speech pattern and following him at first, but the more I listened, the more I realized how intelligent and informed he is on the topic of diet and health. I am anxiously awaiting Part 2!

  75. Dana says:

    Anybody has any idea what Omega3 supplements he is talking about? Concentrates from Golden Algae? Where can you purchase that?

  76. Johann says:

    Very interesting as always. I would love to see some more scientific studies on people who include meat in there diet as well as those who do not. Anyone who knows of these, please throw me and others a link. After reading all the comments listed I have to say thank you to Amy and Lisa who pointed out and corrected the senseless comments made by a few. You are my heroes for today. I look forward to reading conscious thoughts by people with great minds, that is why I come here!

  77. Cyndi says:

    Kevin, I was on this webcast live and thought, “Kevin has to get that for us to all watch, even if he sells it for $10 or something!” THANK YOU! As people start ‘waking up’ spiritual, more and more will really appreciate Gabriel!

  78. Kuru says:

    Jon and Jesus must have been blinded by the light in Dr. Cousens’ eyes. His talk was articulate and wise. Not one mispronounced word. A man dedicated to life. Thank you!

  79. Carolyn says:

    Dear Dr Cousens!
    You are such a beautiful person. Spiritually, mentally and physically. As somebody already mentioned… you have beautiful, beautiful eyes, gorgeous skin and speak eloquently…

    I love the fact that you took time out to share with us and enlighten us on your findings during your journey and help us all make better decisions for us as a species and that of the planet! You are amazing!
    Much love

  80. Yamina says:

    Hi Kevin and Ann !
    Very interesting show. I’d like to share some facts of my life. 10 years ago, I suddenly felt tired, which is abnormal for me, never ill, never tired. I made blood tests and discovered I was anemic ! At that time, I was vegetarian, eating only grains, fruits and vegetables. So scared, I returned quickly to the SAD diet (not so sad…), having some meat, calf’s liver, etc. After 15 days, I made another test. My doctor was astonished : never saw such a change in so little time. All was perfect !
    Several months ago, having discovered fruitarianism, the only diet, the truth one (I am an excellent cook, but prefer not to, too much disturbance, lost of time, etc… Now I deal my skills in counterpart of any other disturbance I wish to avoid ! So practical diet…), I made other tests and discovered a lack of B12. Forced to be honest, I recognized that I have really cheated too much : I am found of french cookies. I could not renounce to them : palets bretons, tuiles aux amandes, biscuits aux oranges confites, so delicate, fine, with half an italian cup of moka, just half, for the taste ! Just one or two to nibble… Nothing (almost) better in the world… What a pity to renounce to these marvels !
    I have read all Mr Mosseri’s books. He states that we can find the B12 in dates, for example. I needed to find it somewhere outside me… So I ate a lot of apples and dates (and naturally did’nt have a glimpse to whatever sort of cookies, even the smallest !) and return to the laboratory. All was normal. B12 normal.
    Conclusion : the grains ! The fault is on GRAINS ! Thew abominable food ! I suppose that it impairs our assimilation of this vitamin, simply. And I find too that becoming fruitarian is not a joke, a leisure to unoccupied wifes. It can be dangerous, because you cannot return to a SAD diet without paying it heavily. It is like having seen paradise a little time and returning to the common world, hidden this fantastic reality, and pretending living as if… it doesn’t exist.
    Best regards,

  81. sarah says:

    Thank you Dr.Cousens. Always a privilege to listen. That you share your life’s work so generously with us. An honourable man amongst colleagues.

  82. Andrew Chin says:

    Hello Dana,
    Check out OmegaZen and V-Pure for veg-based long chain omega-3’s. E3 Live and marine phytoplankton (extract and powder) allegedly have both DHA and EPA. OmegaZen is DHA only, and V-Pure has 350 mg DHA and only 50 mg EPA.


  83. I can’t see the video : (
    It’s just black…. I have always been able to see your videos so I don’t understand why I can’t watch this video…?
    Please help!!!! 😀

  84. Lorraine Lott says:


  85. Sherri says:

    Can’t wait for part 2. Can you YouTube it?
    I so appreciated this video, well spoken, well understood, unbiased, and non-judgmental.

    Dr. Cousens and Dr. Mercola were the very best of all interviews. Both highly knowledgeable and respectful and practical.

    I don’t understand some of the above negative comments..? Thank you Kevin & Annmarie for your open hearts to this.

  86. Linsay says:

    THANK YOU Kevin & Gabriel for taking the time to follow up the Great Health Debate with this video. I continue to be in awe of Dr. Cousens, who in my mind is a genius. This video just took my esteem of him and his work up even higher, the more I read and know of his work the more I heal and grow.

    His response to points made by the other speakers was always gracious, while clearly stating his counter perspective and backing it up with experience and cited research. I believe the reason he is so far ahead of others in the health movement, including other luminaries in the vegan/raw community, is his foundation in spirituality, with evolution of our spirits and the human race towards the Light, a higher vibration, and enlightenment. He is a prophet ahead of his time, like all the historical figures he mentioned who abstained from animal foods (DaVinci, Plato, Emerson, Isaac Newton, Kant, et al.), his wisdom may not be accepted in the present time by a great many, but in the future he will be widely recognized for the incredible contributions he has made to our understanding of true health and vitality, as inextricably connected to our spiritual potential.

    I can’t thank you enough for this, and and very much look forward to Part 2… with so much Gratitude and Brightest Blessings!

  87. Lisa says:

    simply put….a-ma-za-zing!

  88. Nell says:

    Wonderful sane perspectives and information. Thankyou Gabriel and Kevin

  89. Patty Garcia says:

    THANK YOU KEVIN AND ANEMARIE FOR CARING AND SHARING. Really enjoyed Dr. Cousens comments. I am looking forward to part 2.

  90. Dan says:

    I know Dr. Cousens said he read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, so have I , and I’m surprised he didn’t get that there was not one healthy traditional people group that Price studied that was vegan. The closest I’ve found in the book were in the Indies that would resemble a vegetarian diet – they ate a lot of dairy. I still agree though that Price’s main point was the introduction of Commercialized food.

    Thanks Kevin for doing all of this!

  91. sesameb says:

    blessing! I loved this VIDEO. excellent.
    Dew, barefootin & drinking wild water
    rural south central SUNNY Arkansas

  92. sesameb says:

    Also, the sunlight is my friend. When I was in Honduras during the late 1990s, I stayed outside in the sunlight eating raw fruits!! Also, here in Arkansas, I do the same — outside in the sun, and my friends think I am crazy.
    Dew, barefootin’ drinking wild water, eating raw and wild foods
    PS: My short bio is printed in this wonderful book: Vegetarians and Vegans in America Today by karen Iacobbo and Michael Iacobbo

  93. […] Friday, we had Part 1 of Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ commentary and thoughts on the Great Health […]

  94. Judita says:

    too soon to comment

  95. olivia says:

    Dr Cousens is simply impressive! I’m glad he decided to share his knowledge. He is medically board educated with actual hands-on patient and scientific experience. All animals & their by-products should be organic “healthy” “naturally” kept & fed. Otherwise it should be considered criminal and highly punishable. This would eliminate the daily reported scares, deaths, illnesses; it’s unfair to innocent consumers.

  96. Barry Smith says:

    when watching this kind of thing,try to be aware of how little of the data is verifiable by you,the listener.Also,it seems that no matter what somebody claims,somebody else can present another prspective on it that often invalidates it–you keep finding yourself saying “gee,I did’nt consider that…”.Also,cherry-picking the data–only the success stories get “the press”.And:”there are exceptions to everything–don’t be fooled by the exceptions”;ALL these presenters are WAY exceptional specimens,physically,academically,persuasive-power,free-time to research their case,etc.And,WE are trapped in a 400yr-old mindset that induces us to think that we can reduce any issue down to a workable number of material bites(even materially viewed “spiritual” bites),that will allow us to determine the outcome–Reductionism,Materialism,and Determinism:it does’nt work with nature-stuff,only inventions(and then the law of unforseen consequenses kicks in eventually–as if you have’nt noticed).The FACTORS that operate in any natural system in the universe!Innumerable,and interacting in innumerable ways;the natural world consists of open,interactive,evolving systems within systems.We’ve got to be careful not to buy into anybody’s approach,no matter how thoroughly it seems to us to be worked out.The only approach I’ve heard yet that will give somebody a high probability of being healthy,fit and trim,happy and prosperous with longevity is to be born into a Blue Zone.Once you’ve followed the gurus for a few years,you begin to realize the they are all involved in highly experimental,speculative approaches,relative to Bluezoners who’ve “been there” SUCCESSFULLY for God knows how many generations.

  97. Renee says:

    I do incorporate meat in my diet and at a gut level, I feel it is the right path for me. One cannot discount the effect of the Ketogenic diet on children with epilepsy. Children having hundreds of seizures a day, can completely stop all meds and eliminate ALL seizures on this diet. The Ketogenic diet includes meat, cheese, eggs and dairy. The ketones created by this diet stabilize the brain cell membranes and stop the seizures. This diet HEALS the brain.


    Mery Streep starred in a movie about epilepsy healed with the Ketogenic diet.


    The point I am trying to make is some people may benefit by adding a little meat to their diet.

    Kevin, thanks for all you do! Wonderful Talk!

  98. Dan says:

    @ Barry Smith : really like your comment… just wondering what are Bluezoners… excuse my ignorance it was just intriguing and I wanted to read more about it. Thanks!

  99. barbara says:


    My take (not yours – so I’m not slamming anyone’s religion here in these comments) on the Bible…great lessons that repeat throughout history. …on the other hand, power hungry religious institutions/leaders did not create the first more accurate bible but there’s history of them rewriting the Bible to suit their wants to control the masses through the ages…

    whether this is true or not, it’s food for thought when the Bible comes into these types of discussions micro managing details to the nth degree, losing sense/sight of the higher overall picture. Consciousness has a number of levels. Dr. Cousens is way up on the ladder(at a high level) of consciousness and enlightenment.

    We all are receiving a wonderful gift from his heart; you would normally pay for his time and such wisdom. I am grateful for his generosity.

  100. Qu says:

    Why can’t I view these Gabriel Cousins tapes when I’ve viewed all the other ones without problem.
    It goes on the arrow and then to the pause symbol and won’t allow me to open it?
    Same with his other video…pretty frustrating.

  101. lisa says:

    Video will not play.

  102. Donna says:

    That’s so interesting what ABoyNamedMoon says about B12 levels returning to normal after a water fast. Does anyone know more about that study and how long the water fast had to be before the B12 levels returned to normal?

    I just had blood tests done and my B12 levels are low. It was a fasting blood test and so I basically did a water fast for 12 hours before the blood test. That’s why I’m very curious about how long one would have to water fast before seeing the B12 levels return to normal.

  103. Admin says:

    A comment directly from Dr. Cousens:

    If anyone is looking for the books regarding Jesus and his vegetarianism, here they are:

    James the Brother of Jesus: The Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Early Christianity and the Dead Sea Scrolls by Robert H. Eisenman

    Jesus Was a Vegetarian by Frank J. Muccie

    Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., chapter 18

  104. Louis Morgan says:

    I highly respect anyone that is dedicated to peace and minimizing suffering, whether they are completely accurate or not;) Gabriel is a Man dedicated to Peace. Also he may not speak as eloquently as say David Wolfe but I think he’s great and his peacefulness comes through, thank god theres people like him in this world!!!

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