How to Organize Your Kitchen for Healthy Eating : The Renegade Health Show Episode #775

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Today, we’re going to show you how to organize your kitchen for healthy eating…

My guest today, Bonnie Dewkett, interviewed me a month or so ago on healthy eating. After our interview, I asked her if she would share some tips on getting organized in the kitchen with you, because I know how powerful having an organized kitchen space is for preparing your meals.

Check it out…

Your question of the day: What tips do you have for organizing the kitchen for healthy eating?

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To learn more about Bonnie and organizing your kitchen and your life, please visit here:

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Kevin Gianni

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  1. Dee says:

    No tips, because I so need to organize my kitchens. So this was helpful.

  2. Nadia says:

    The biggest tip I have is to keep the kitchen clean. Keep up with doing the dishes and putting things back in their place.

    I make a fresh green juice every morning but if I wake up in the morning and have to face a sink full of dishes before making my juice – I will be all that more unmotivated to get going on the juice.

    On the other hand, walking into a kitchen with clean and clear sinks and counter tops always makes me feel welcomed in my kitchen and makes me want to get in there and play.

    Its a pretty common sense tip but a really important one.

  3. sesameB says:

    Yes, I even have a dry, dark area for storage in a shed located on our 4 acres here in south central sunny Arkansas.
    Dew barefootin’ drinking wild water

  4. hyesun says:

    ok, i know this has absolutely NOTHING to do with today’s topic, but i found this interesting article about longevity in the wall street journal, and here’s a very interesting excerpt from it:

    Yet, there is little evidence of an abstemious lifestyle among the 450 people between the ages of 95 and 110 enrolled in the Longevity Genes Project at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. There are no vegetarians. At least a third of them were obese in middle-age. A third have been smoking tobacco for 40 years or more, despite health warnings. “I have a woman who recently celebrated 91 years of cigarette smoking,” says Dr. Barzilai. “She is 106 now.”

    i don’t know what to make of it…….

  5. roni says:

    i am one of those who can’t function unless i am organized. my kitchen has the spices in one place, the plastic containers with all the dry stuff clearly labelled (in plastic containers because tropics =s insects) and almost everything has its own place so its reachable in the dark. (a blind housemate taught me that trick)

    then there is the fridge, which becomes my insurmountable obstacle. I TRY to keep things in places so they don’t get all jumbled, but its always confusing. I have a little fridge, so things get piled up, and those containers are NOT marked. usually the veggies end up in the big drawer on the bottom, and the fruits are on the bottom shelf, but then there is stuff like olives, tahini, jars of things that are pickling, things in jars and containers that end up all over the place. and it seems I always find ONE “science experiment”…(what WAS that before it turned moldy/mushy?)

  6. Betoman says:

    My tips are to use glass storage as much as possible. Plastic gets into everything you store in it, especially if the food remains in the plastic during great temperature swings.

    Consider the source and a possible underlying agenda. I wouldn’t trust the Wall Street Journal as a source of independent journalism without interests to protect.

  7. oreganol says:

    I agree with Nadia. If you only do one thing, then keep your kitchen clean and tidy by clearing up right away after preparing meals.

    I also get everything I need and have it in one place before starting. This makes things much faster. I can make a juice in under 5 mins, and that includes washing and cutting the veggies and dismantling and cleaning the juicer at the end. I have seen people take 20 mins to do the same thing because they are so disorganised. It then puts them off making a juice at all because they think it is too much work.

    Also, keep like things together. All tinned goods in one place, all dried goods in another place, all veggies in one section of the fridge. You need to be able to grab everything quickly, not spend 10 minutes hunting for everything you need because you don’t know where it is.

    Also some very simple things like keep the juicer near the sink, so that it’s easier to clean, keep the kettle near the sink so it’s easy to fill up. I’ve seen people who plug their kettle in at the opposite side of the room from the sink. It’s just not very efficient.

    I’ve always been tidy and efficient, so it all comes naturally to me.

    Finally, do a little at a time. If you’re waiting for 5 mins for something to cook, then tidy of the drawers and chuck out the junk. Just tidy up daily as you go along.

    Some people think I must spend hours sorting my kitchen out, but in reality it’s just 2 mins here and there. That way it always stays tidy. I would hate to spend a couple of hours sorting it all out in one go.

  8. Sue says:

    My have my herbs/spices in a rack mounted to the outside of my cabinet. I don’t lose the tiny containers that way! The large containers are on the bottom shelf, the tiny containers are at eye level, and all the medium ones are in alphabetical order so they can easily be found. I tend to keep things used often at eye level for ease of finding. I like having things in the cabinets in the same place, so that I can describe to anyone where to reach for something if I’m not there to do it myself!

  9. hazel bostic says:

    my favorite organization tool is metal baskets. All my teas are in a basket on the top shelf of my cupboard, I crab it and bring down and easily have all my teas. Same for my dreid fruit, anouther for my healthy sweatners. All my measuring cups are in one basket and so our my measuring spoons. I do have turn tables for my most used herbs but thoase for baking or hardly used are in baskets. I have my small storage containers along with their lids in a basket. The snapple bottles that we have for our green smothies are in baskets. You get the size that fits best in your cupboard. For instints, Mt upper cupboard holdsa long basket of dried fruit. next to that is a small square basket that holds my sweetners. next to that a long basket that holds my teas. This is the very top shelf, so with a little stretch I crap the metal of the basket and bring it down to search what I need. This way all my high shelves stay organized with nothing pushed to the back where you can’t see it.


  10. Suzanne says:

    Jay Kordich gave me this idea. When I get my salad greens home, I wash and spin them and put them in a huge plastic tub w/lid. So easy to make a salad, cause if I had to face cleaning, etc. when I am ready to eat I skip the salad. I can fit about 3 heads in there all ready to tear. My grns. for smoothies are left unwashed. I cut off the stem ends (kale, collards, chard, parsley, etc.) and put also in a large tub. I rinse what I want at the time I am making my smoothie. Jay prepares his 40# carrots when he gets home from the store so they are ready for juicing through the next week. I just don’t have a frig big enough to store that much, so consequently I don’t juice as much as I would like. I would prefer glass containers but would be too heavy.

  11. Beth says:

    Use glass to store things as much as possible. Take a Sharpie and write on the glass jar what it is and the date. It will wash off with soapy water.

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