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Yesterday, I published my blood test consultation and my analysis of them…

Today, we have Annmarie’s test consultation. She was actually a little surprised with what came up, but she was very strong about posting them because there are a lot of lessons to learn from them. (You can read Annmarie’s analysis of her tests here.)

Take a look…

Your question of the day: Have you thought everything was OK, then got a surprise from the doctor?

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If you want to learn more about how to read your own blood tests, Dr. Williams and I have put together an entire program on it! Click here to read more!

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Mine was with my Vitamin D levels..thought it was fine but it was actually at 26. Sorry that Annmarie’s results weren’t as she wished but now you have an action plan. Thank you for posting this…as a woman, I wanted to see another woman’s tests. You have got my wheels turning and I am going this month to a new doctor and to get my blood analysis done. THANK YOU!

  2. Tammy says:

    So is the seaweed helping or not for the thyroid? Would it be better to add seaweed with a kelp tablet?

  3. Randy says:

    Had recent blood work, 5 months ago and had iron deficiency and a few others, but that was 3rd Dr. I went to. Not one could tell me what my problem was of hardening feet, legs, chest, stomach and head. It’s like toxins are not being eliminated completely and filling up my body if that makes sense. Fasting helped partially but went back to normal and continues to get worse. Eat mostly raw but have off days. Think I ate too many nuts in the beginning of mostly raw 14 years ago. Any ideas would be appreciated. Off to Panama next week to find a place where I can relax and fast for a few weeks to try and get body back on track. Just hope it works but…

  4. Hi!

    Dr. J.E. Williams is an O.M.D. My understanding is that he is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, which means he is not a physician nor a Medical Doctor, therefore unable to provide prescriptions or treat medical conditions? Would you be willing to have full tests done with a Medical Physician, a M.D.?

    Dr. Williams may be perfect, but something tells me that you might benefit from tests done by a traditional M.D.

    The reason is that the training and specificity of diagnostic tools are far advanced of alternative healers. You of course can choose any treatments you desire.

    And these days there are so many alternative practitioners with divergent biases and training that precludes all viable and productive options.

    Much love! And thank you for sharing.

  5. Melissa says:

    Yes, I was raw food vegan and then got hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue! I have no clue if it was a coincidence or if the kale I was putting in my smoothies was knocking out my thyroid, but it is a very frustrating illness to have. I am sick of being tired!

  6. Chandra says:

    I’ve never had my TSH tested, but I do have the low energy, hair loss AND dry skin. Is there any hope for me to try the natural way to help my thyroid? Or am I to understand that the only way the Dr. would recommend is to do the meds? Thank you for your transparency – I may have been to proud to post mine. Thanks, again.

  7. Faye says:

    Thank both of you so much for sharing. This is helping so many people. I am a nutritionist & a one year 90% raw foodist. What I think is so important is that we have to look at the total package. I have kept a copy of my blood work for the past 20 yrs & I use it to monitor my health status. Sometimes genetics are involved but I know we have to be exposed to the sun w/o sunscreen long enough to synthesize Vit D & we have to exercise. When I trained for a marathon my HDL was phenomenal. When I ate too much fish, haven’t eaten chicken or beef in 18 yrs, my cholesterol went up to 160ish. When I ate too many fruits & not enough vegetables, my glucose went up & my cholesterol went to 120ish. I have been able to change the numbers simply by what I ate, how much I exercised & sun exposure. For those people who don’t have the good doctor, go to the library & get a medical reference book & check out blood chemistry; learn what each one mean & that will help you. So don’t worry, just educate yourself however you can. Niacin (B3) can also improve HDL & lower cholesterol but can cause niacin flush. Good luck to all.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing your bloodwork results. I just went to an internist who’s an MD but practices holistic medicine and I’m waiting for my lab results. I’m going to call him right now to find out if the results came in. I’ve been eating healthy and mostly vegetarian off/on for the last 5 years so I’m intrigued to find out what the blood work shows. Let me know if it would be ok to come back and maybe post if the results were very different than my expectations? Thanks for your video blog, I love checking out what you are up to.

  9. Sue Rushford says:

    Well I can guarantee you’re not alone, Ann Marie! As a meat and white bread eater, I ended up with an anal fistulectomy. Then I remember when I was so proud to be a vegetarian but ate french fries & cheese as staples, and I had chronic sinusitis & was overweight – oops. Then I went vegan but continued to eat french fries as a major food group, and I became obese – oops. Then I went 75% raw (still 100% vegan) & went easy on the processed foods – 40 lbs melted off, & I felt great.

    Now I’m 4 yrs into high-ish raw, and, well, I now have malabsorption issues & totally depleted of Vitamin D – but I’ve only been testing my blood/urine the past 3 years, so I cannot blame my raw-ish vegan diet – in fact, I’m definitely far better off now than I would have been if I continued with my processed vegan diet. I just started up supplementing D again, and B complex (both MegaFoods) – and one issue I had is better (cracked side of mouth).

    I’ve got all these enzymes & probiotics at home but hate swallowing pills – think I’ll try your new coconut kefir product – I’m actually taking iodine drops now – thinking that might be good for your thyroid. I just think that 23 yrs of birth control pills, lots of antibiotics, french fries, & potato chips is a whole lot to detox from.

    – Sue

  10. Mila Ilina says:

    Thank you both so much for sharing your results so openly, I really hope this inspires more of us to take the right steps to better health 😉

    I personally had those same exact symptoms Dr. Williams mentions regarding freezing all the time and thinning hair that was literally falling out in clumps in the shower. I went to a thyroid specialist who not only checked my blood, but had also done a scan.. told me I had the healthiest thyroid he’s seen. It was shocking to both of us because of my history being exposed to Chernobyl in Russia as a child.. this initially concerned him.

    But it makes me wonder if hypothyroidism is something slightly different in the eyes of a naturapath, as most doctors don’t perceive health in a very holistic way. So I was left to assume that my symptoms were related to something else.

    I began to incorporate more protein in my diet (on the recommendation of Karen Dina, D.C. from a while back) and my symptoms have subsided significantly. I’ve been including an organic soft-boiled egg about every other day and so far so good, but it still remains a mystery.

    Looks like I’ve got some digging to do as well.


  11. terri says:

    Randy, I have been learning the Loomis enzyme system. It sounds a bit like a protein deficiency, either assimilation or intake..They have a 24hr urinalysis you could try.

  12. Sue says:

    Glad you are going on herbals first for your hypothyroid. Read as much as you can on subject from different sources.

    You should also see if having thalassemia makes you more prone to hypothyroidism or issues with glucose levels.

  13. terri says:

    You guys…thanks for being here. This revolution of taking our health back together excites me so very much……

  14. annie dru says:

    I was a macrobiotic for almost four years and through two pregnancies … lots of homegrown veggies, sea veggies, tempeh, brown rice, etc. What I didn’t eat were the animal fats that had kept my farming ancestors from Iowa robust and thriving for centuries… until the processed food ‘revolution’ I grew up in.

    After year two of macrobiotics I was a mess of thyroid, adrenal, blood sugar and nervous system dysfunction which eventually resulted in weeks in the hospital and many years of recovery. At the hospital I weighed in at 113 lbs. on my 5’9″ frame, and couldn’t digest, sleep or eliminate normally. My nervous system was so shot that I shook constantly and suffered from almost continual panic attacks.

    Just before I entered the hospital, the friend that introduced me to macrobiotics took me to see her Japanese guru. I should have known something was up when I saw a man in his sixties, wizened, toothless and hunched over a fire to keep warm on a sunny California day. My friend informed me that he had had much of his stomach removed due to cancer to prepare me for how he looked, but I paid my money and waited expectantly for his wise diagnosis anyway!

    He spoke no English, but his wife translated as he took my pulse. After a few minutes he said something in a weak voice to his wife and I looked up to hear her translation. “He say… too much animal food.”

    Too much animal food??? I ate virtually NO animal food!!! I left there knowing I was on an entirely wrong path.

    But God is gracious, and blessedly I was brought full circle. I now eat a diet of traditional foods like bone broth, pastured animal foods, fermented vegetables and cultured raw dairy as well as properly prepared seed foods like naturally fermented sourdough bread and soaked and dehydrated nuts. I include organ meats several times a week and favor foods high in cholesterol and saturated fat because I still crave them after my years of deprivation.

    It took no time at all for me to achieve a normal weight as well as a healthy cholesterol level (it was frighteningly low; the doctor said they saw those types of levels in starvation cases). What took more time was repairing the damage I did to my thyroid and nervous system.

    I find it interesting that there are not, and never have been any indigenous vegan cultures on this planet. Why is this so overlooked by the nutrition community today?

    Even macrobiotics has been grossly misinterpreted and bastardized by Westerners to resemble a vegan-like diet. The Japanese may not have eaten dairy, but traditionally they made their miso soup with fish stock, not water! And seafood was always a part of Japanese culture. And what about Okinawa and pork?

    I found this on a site called Okinawan cuisine:

    Pork appears so frequently in the Okinawan diet that to say “meat” is really to say “pork.” Everything from head to tail is used. As the saying has it, only the “oink” and the toenails go begging. It is no exaggeration to say that the present-day Okinawan diet begins and ends with pork.

    Especially in the case of hogs, what the meat lacks in (vitamin A, D and others), the entrails more than make up for it. The stomach and innards are cooked together in a clear “Nakami” soup. The liver and heart, together with vegetables, make “Motsu” (giblet) dishes. These dishes contain high-quality protein and are rich in vitamins and minerals.

    We have the belief in Okinawa, based on the philosophy of food as medicine, that when one or more of your internal organs is out of kilter, it is good to eat the same innards of animals. The idea is to eat a food that supplies whatever is lacking.

    These are some of the longest lived peoples in the world!

    Why is there such a bias against animal food in the modern holistic community? It doesn’t make any sense in terms of trying to achieve something akin to the health our ancestors enjoyed.


  15. Cindy says:

    Hi Ann Marie,
    It is amazing how your body reacts to outside circumstances even when you think you are doing everything right.
    i would love to know if you are/were experiencing any symptoms that now make sense to you after seeing these results and what ‘natural’ ways you are going to try and fix them.
    You looked quite upset & disappointed but remember you do eat an extremely healthy diet & lifestyle and for the most part your results are good. You are way ahead of the game in regards to the general population so try and be proud and just know that you need to make some adjustments. The awareness you gained from these tests can only be a good thing and improve your life. Well Done
    Thanks for the post.

  16. Susan says:

    Anne Marie are you watching your flouride?
    Another thing to watch is your soy intake, even if it is organic, which is hard to find.
    Also bromides are bad for your thyroid
    Also your iodine levels
    My thyroid function has improved by eliminating soy, flouride, bromide and taking iodine supplements. Hope these articles from Dr Mercola help you.

  17. HILARY says:

    i have alot of health issues so i went to hippocrates health institute in west palm beach and have been mainly raw vegan for a year. i am quite dedicated to a low sugar, plant based diet and at first i felt truly great but a year later, i feel dreadful! i am 52 and i have seen a dramatic change in my skin, hair, nails with a worsening of some of the symptoms i was trying to eliminate like fatigue, psoriasis and hypothyroidism. i did blood tests a year ago and they were dismal and i can just imagine what they would read today given the way i feel.. i have just written to dr. williams hoping he will do the necessary tests on me. thank you for your honesty in reporting. i wanted to believe that an impeccable diet would correct most of my health issues and it seems that there is alot more to it!

  18. fedup says:

    Thanks very much for sharing. I have to find a doctor who does such a thorough test. I had hypothyroidism, too, but had to uncover it myself. My doctor did not say anything although the number was low. Then I got the wrong prescription. You need armor thyroid not synthroid. Dr. Brownstein has written a very good book on the subject. I used his info to instruct my doctor.

  19. Leslie Crisp says:

    My understanding is that a very large percentage of women in the U.S. end up going in the direction of hypothyroidism, no matter what kind of dietary practice they follow. Be thankful that this information has been brought to your attention at such an early age. Raw cruciferous vegetables irritate the condition therefore eating these type of vegetables fermented is much easier on your system. I take an excellent herbal supplement for hypothyroidism that appears to really be working.
    For years I have also been drinking a liquid, raw, whole food that contains a blend of nine different seaweeds. My vitamin D levels are very high; especially for an Oregonian!

  20. Mirella Matotek says:

    As I have previously commented I don’t understand why we continue debating on what sort of diet we should be eating. We need to eat based on our individual genetics, biochemistry, immunology, endocrinology and environmental stresses.

    The tests that Dr Wilson looked at are routine laboratory tests. He was able to garner an enormous amount of information. Unfortunately, too many doctors are not able to decipher the information to inform us on how best to obtain optimal health. They rely on the labs to flag results that are out of range. The majority of drs. have not been trained in taking a systems biology approach and therefore don’t understand the inter-connectiveness of what these markers reveal about underlying causes. We know that even being within the range is far from optimal for many individuals.

    Many doctors are reluctant to investigate further when results are within range. Especially if there is no prescription med. available and the test is not funded. Even if funded, every test needs to be justified. However, they’re fast on the trigger when it comes to prescribing meds. when cholesterol, sugars, blood pressure etc. are high. On the other hand when markers such as cholesterol, blood pressure are low, the patient is given a false sense of security.

    When it comes to patients requesting tests such as homocysteine and lipo (a), the doctor either discredits the research or convinces the patient the test is not available and far too expensive. I had one doctor blatantly lie to my client telling her that lipo (a) was far too expensive and was not available in Australia. He was a Professor (specialist) at a major hospital. Shame, Shame, Shame!!! In fact, the test is available (though drs sweat over ordering it because of harassment). I had one dr who wanted to think about it over the weekend before he ordered the test. The test is available at more than one lab for a cost of about $40.00 and Medicare Rebate of $26.10. Out of pocket cost for the patient approx. $14.00.

    It’s obvious that no-one is looking out for our health and well being. Get educated and proactive, don’t get caught up in other people’s agendas no matter how charismatic. The debate should not be about whether to be vegan, vegetarian or meat eater. I know for many of my client’s Raw Foods would kill them or they would kill themselves. Look at the low cholesterol for the why. The debate should be about educating the public about what biomarkers are important in monitoring for their health and well being. Then focusing on whatever dietary plan or food will best and efficiently achieve your individual health and fitness goals. Stop with the nutritional, political self serving B.S., because far too many people are confused, sick and suffering.

    Learn to listen to your bodies. The body is highly intelligent and communicating with you all the time. It does not go silent regarding foods that are bad for it and those which are good for it. If you are deaf to the language, we have sophisticated intrumentation, assays and tests that previous generations could only dream of. We should be the healthiest of generations why are we all sick and so confused?

  21. Ineke says:

    Annmarie, thanks so much for sharing this information. I was just wondering if you would consider acupuncture in this case. I’m seeing an acupuncturist for adrenal issues. My MD (functional medicine) saw it coming last summer.I didn’t do too much about it until last December when it got really bad. Things are going in the right direction but there is still some work to do. Yes, I do think I”m going to up my consumption of sea veggies too!!

  22. John H says:

    Thank you both for sharing.

    For AnnMarie: There are many people walking around with “mild” hypothyroidism. Briefly, AnnMarie might wish to consider the following in her program (which you probably are already doing):
    1) You are quite possibly iodine deficient. Could consider an iodine “oral load challenge” with a 6 hour urine collection to be more certain.
    If you are deficient in iodine, a few months of higher dose iodine replacement with a whole food iodine concentrate or a supplement containing iodine at higher than RDA dosing. Remember that replacement of iodine may create eventual selenium deficiency if you are already low in that area. I would also consider checking zinc levels as well. Some of this (especially the iodine) may help the conversion of T4 to (active) T3.
    2) Adrenal stress can create additional “stress” on the thyroid. I you are exercising quite a bit, you may have (inadvertently) placed additional stress on your adrenals (and then your thyroid). Saliva Cortisol/DHEA testing might be useful if needed to check this out.
    3) While this may NOT be the issue, the hypothalamus and pituitary glands may or may not be fully balanced and “operational”. Perhaps your doctor has already discussed this with you and assessed it as well.
    4) You two already know the food angle on this.
    5) Of course, there may be a few emotional expressions around the thyroid, but perhaps start with the ‘body” part of the body-mind and see how things unfold:)
    6) This is just for information so you can discuss with your excellent doctor in case 1 thing or so may have not been discussed as fully.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Warm regards,
    John H

  23. Leslie Crisp says:

    Sorry…I forgot to mention that jumping daily on a rebounder is a fantastic way to support adrenal health. My 87 year old mother does it every day and she doesn’t look a day over 78! I feel so great after a jumping session; as though I have had an internal massage.

  24. Laurie says:

    For anyone who has hypothyroidism, you should be checked for anti-thyroid antibodies (TPOAb and TgAb blood tests). 90% of people with hypothyroidism have Hashimoto’s Disease (as do I), which is an autoimmune attack on your thyroid. If you have this, iodine in any form (including kelp and other seaweeds) can make things worse. Also, a gluten-free diet is highly recommended if this is the case.

    I totally agree with the comments about avoiding soy, flouride and bromides with any type of hypothyroidism. If you’ve been eating a lot of soy, that alone could possibly be causing your thyroid to falter.

    For what it’s worth, this doctor is using higher ranges for TSH than have been recommended by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. In 2003 they changed the ranges so that now anyone who has a TSH over 3.0 is considered to have hypothyroidism.

  25. Anna says:

    WARNING- supplementing with Iodine and/ or Seaweed can make hypothyroidism WORSE! There are different types of hypothyroidism. Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism was discovered by Dr. Hshimoto. His Japanese patients ate a lot of seaweed- all types- and they still developed Hashimoto’s. The iodine in the seaweed clogged their thyroids. There is not a one-size-fits-all treatment for all types of hypothyroidism-there are different protocols for different types. It seems that you and Kev stay away from chemicals (which are environmental goitrogens), so try to lay off the green powders and smoothies(if they have fresh or powdered green cruciferous veggies), raw strawberries and raw pears- all of which are food goitrogens. Untreated hypothyroidism can lead to goiters, depression, hallucinations, schizophrenia (I am not exaggerating) so please monitor this situation closely. Good luck.

  26. Linda Miller says:

    I had a blood test for low thyroid back in mid 90s. The blood test showed that had no thyroid issue even though I was really losing hair. It wasn’t until someone did a Voice Bio on me that showed my adrenals and thyroid were really low that I once again became aware of low thyroid. I went to doctor and had a thyroid test done again and this time it showed as low. I am now on 30 mg Armour after trying what I knew to do alternatively although never did the seaweed very much.

    I think I was really shocked when I had a Voice Bio and it showed several different weak areas.

  27. Jenny Robbins says:

    I became hypothyroid after being vegan raw for a while. I was wondering if you know if wheatgrass juice has gluten in it? Also, what about taking the HA Barley Grass powders which I have taken for
    some time. I wonder if these have been contributing to my
    hypothyroid problems. I only recently discovered that gluten is
    a no-no.

    When I first went raw I attended Hippocrates in WPalm Beach…after
    that I feel that my health did deteriorate after a while.

    I was diagnosed as hypothyroid in March of 2010 and haven’t been able to find a doctor who can treat me adequately in NM. I may try to see someone
    in AZ. I have Hashimoto’s with very high antibodies. I took iodine for a while and couldn’t tell any difference, but what I have read recently about Hashi’s, I need iodine but it is tricky to monitor. I have mostly been self-medicating on natural thyroid (from Canada) and have to fight to get blood tests done, and those have been incomplete. So much for
    our lousy health system.

  28. Dan Hegerich says:

    Hi AnnaMaria,

    According to Dr Bill Timmin’s work in functional medicine he observed that 95% of his patients’ hypothyroidism was rooted in adrenal insufficiency or imbalances. Only 5% were true hypothyroid.

    It is something to consider…for more information refer to his book The Chronic Stress Response by Dr. Bill Timmins.

    Your low cholesterol can play a huge role because cholesterol is required to manufacture stress and sex hormones. Not enough stress hormones to meet the stress demands of past and present then the adrenals become fatigued. Once fatigued they pull energy from the thyroid gland, pituitary and hypothalamus axis and the cascade of hormonal dysregulation sets in. Circadian Health follows as the normal waking and sleep cycle is not in harmony with the moon and sun cycle.

    When I was working with a doc through my heal and healing in 2001 my cholesterol was 375! All the other heart factors and ratios were excellent so he said the high cholesterol was necessary for healing due to the stresses of having 4 years of chemotherapy and radiation. He asked what I was eating and I got back on lots of butter, coconut cream and coconut oil. Of which coconut cream and oil
    have been known to improve the function of the thyroid. If willing, 3-4oz of fresh organic raw coconut cream with 1T of raw butter and 1-3 raw fertile eggs and 1tsp raw unheated honey-1/8 fresh organic vanila bean makes a wounderful “coconog” for overall health and thyoid function.

    With Great Love and Gratitude,

    Dan Hegerich
    6X Cancer Survivor
    Optimal Natural Health Consultant
    Do The C.U.R.E.

  29. Antonio says:

    Hi Annemarie,

    Thanks for sharing the data. Just want to say one thing about holistic health, it’s not always just about food. I am new on this site and don’t know enough about you, but traveling all the time is taxing and needs to be put into the mix.


  30. Jennifer says:

    Thank you Anna,.. I was going to mention the same thing. I’ve been working with a Dr. on Hashimotos. I don’t understand all of it, but I do think its important to make sure you don’t have it before you start taking all kinds of Iodine supplements. I had started that before I found out differently .

    Thanks for sharing Ann Marie. Its nice to have such transparency in the raw food world!

  31. Mirella Matotek says:


    Very brave of you to put your diet to the test and yes it is shocking to think that you like many are working hard to follow a “healthy diet” only to find that the body doesn’t agree with the dogma. I too was seduced. It’s taken me a long time to recover my health and I should have known better, because I was an educated chemist, biochemist, molecular biologist, nutritional scientist and biotechnologist. I believed in everything I was taught. It was only when I started my own research that I discovered how many myths were being perpetuated for greed, power & ego.

    I too after following a vegetarian/vegan diet was diagnosed with not only hypothyroidism, anemia but also autoimmune disease. My body was attacking my eyes, thyroid, bone, ligaments, tendons, muscle and other tissues. Obviously my body did not like the foods I was eating regardless of whether they where organic or not. It didn’t care if I was taking the best quality expensive supplements.

    And yes everyone said you need to take thyroid hormone or iodine. Be careful especially supplementing with iodine. Iodine caused my antibodies to sky rocket and elevate TSH. Thyroid disease is extremely complex and iodine without selenium and other cofactors will cause more damage and destroy the thyroid gland.

    Genetics may play an important role here. Functional medicine tests for iodine deficiency and some doctors are using mg doses but I’d be extremely careful as these levels can be extremely toxic especially for individual such as myself.

    Currently I am conducting my own research, (because I just don’t trust the research literature) and I believe there are many more like myself. I am not one of those unfortunate rare individuals that reacts badly to iodine, as I have been led to believe. I would optimise my levels of other cofactors before looking at iodine, because if you are having sea vegetables you should be receiving ample.

    Yes I understand the issue with mercury and halogens such as bromide, fluoride etc and that they displace iodine. These issues are precisely what my research will attempt to tease out.

    My dr and endocrinologist both said that I had no option but to go on thyroid hormone. I told them I would make that decision when all my other biomarkers were optimised.

    I am still not on thyroid hormones and doing fine. I know it goes against dogma but some of us really only do well on high protein and fat diets. Don’t forget without adequate amino acids in particular the sulphur ones we are unable to detoxify heavy metals. Fats are important for adequate bile production to neutralise and detox chemicals and neurotoxins and more.

    I don’t expect everyone to follow what I eat. My husband and children eat different to me because they have different body types and have different needs, digestive systems etc and require a different approach. But they still eat meat and saturated fats, animal glands and products and we have a wide selection of locally produced in season vegetables,nuts, eggs, cheeses, dairy and seasonal fruits. Supplements are rarely needed, that’s a role for our gut microbial flora. I wouldn’t want to do them out of a job.

    I would also test for thyroid antibodies to rule out autoimmune issues along with hormones. You want to be sure now before you fall pregnant, because pregnancy can trigger autoimmunity. It is something all females need to be aware of. It can happen at any age.

    It’s criminal that we have the knowledge, the technology but the information continues to be corrupted.

    One more point on sea vegetables and I should know because my very first research project was on cadmium resistant genes in mollusks and alga. I have tested many seaweed supplements/veggies and I am pretty hard pressed to find sea vegetables that meet my standards for low levels of heavy metals.

    Sorry for writing so much, but this issue is close to my heart and it is only through the grace of god that I am alive to continue my work. Don’t allow dogma to steal your health!!


  32. Mirella Matotek says:

    So glad others have brought up the issue of Hashimoto, iodine and the Japanese experience. I urge everyone to test for autoimmunity as it a silent epidemic. Doctors don’t test for it and it is only apparent when damage has been done. Still they have no clue. Too late if you have lost the function of an organ or tissue.

  33. AmandaS says:

    Can anyone post on how to deal with the autoimmunity problem – in relation to the thyroid? Apart from EFT, what other options are there for eliminating the source of the problem?

  34. Glenda Barrett says:

    Hello to the both of you and thanks for being so open and caring about your health and the health of others….I have been going through something fairly scarey lately and I know God is allowing it for a reason…..I put a lot of time and money into my health and I was shocked to find my breast health was where it is after all I do…but it is mostly from dental work gone bad…all women NEED to know about this… work and it’s relation to breast health. Have you ever posted about this?? If so please let me know where to find this in your archives. I am testing for heavy metal toxicity and my natropath thinks if I had only done a heavy metal detox at the time I had the last bit of metal taken from teeth…and a root canal gone bad I would not be having as serious of a breast problem…I have a lump in my left breast on the same side as a root canal that was not done correctly years ago. It has been causing my immune sytem to work over time, it had a little pocket where infection had been hanging out. I had the tooth pulled about a year ago now, but on my recent thermography their is still inflammation and or infection showing in the area where the tooth was. I got a bridge there and not sure now if that was the right thing to do but my straight teeth were starting to shift and I felt I had no other choice. Can you recommend a Dr. in the Atanta, GA area to get blood work??? It is tough trying to make these decisions and I am confused on what to eat and what not to eat now for breast health. I would appreciate any insight either of you may have. If you have not spoken about this before I feel it would be a very helpful and insightful issue as I would imagine a lot of women are not linking dental work to breast health. Thanks for all you do and for your time. Many Health Blessings, Glenda Barrett

  35. Sue says:

    AmandaS as someone mentioned above dealing with the autoimmunity in relation to thyroid is usually beneficial with gluten-free diet. Also gut work as must have had leaky gut for autoimmunity to occur.
    Need to find someone who specialises in this or read up as much as you can.

  36. HeatherM says:

    In many cases a high raw diet means that low dietary levels of the saturated fats are a problem.
    It is the preferred fuel for both the thyroid and the heart.

    If you allow yourself dairy foods, good organic butter supplies saturated fats, good levels of omega 3 and omega 6 oils and also fat soluble vitamins, including K2.

    It is important to use a source of K2 if you supplement with D3.

    Cultured vegetables which incorporate cabbage and sea greens are a good source of K2.

    The non dairy alternatives are coconut oil and animal fats (from organically fed animals)

  37. jasmine says:

    Dr. Kharrazian’s work deals with how to help Hashimoto’s naturally. His book/website is I think. Mary Shoman website has a wealth of information regarding thyroid resource people. If you have Hashimoto’s, look it up specifically as information about general hypothyroidism doesn’t always apply. Research has shown that gluten in any form may be a big problem for those with Hasimoto’s. I too went to all the healing centers just to “get healthy”. I went to Tree of life, Optimum Health Institue, and Hippocrates. I thought I was just detoxing but really I was reacting to all the wheatgrass and seaweed. I am from Canada but I found that doing more extensive tests in the US (like the Spectracell which shows true nutrients levels at a cellular level over time, LRA by Elisa/ACT which showed which foods and chemicals my immune system was reacting to, Diagnos-Tech, Inc. for adrenal /cotisol /gliadin ab tests, and more in-depth thyroid panel tests through specialists has helped. Expensive for sure but I had to make it happen. Even though Canadian blood testing said I was not gluten sensitive, a simple US saliva test showed that I was making massive amounts of antibodies to gliadin (gluten) even though I thought I was eating a gluten-free diet! The immune tests showed I was reacting to coconut in all forms and carob and cilantro! All things I thought were doing my body good. The really sad thing is the amount of things my system reacted to (like plastic, food dye, antibiotics,sugar cane, BHT, flaxseed, cod liver oil, isopropyl, peanuts) when some of these things I don’t even eat but must be exposed or have accumulated. Gluten and seaweed didn’t show up on some tests so maybe there is some other reason my body is reacting. (Perhaps the iodine pushes all the accumulated mercury/bromine/floride? out of the gland? This is only a wild speculation on my part but if anyone has anything to add I’d love to hear what helped you bring yourself back to homeostasis. Love to you all.

  38. Drew says:

    I was surprised when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 3 or 4 years ago because everyone always comments about how healthy I seem, never get sick, etc. I am 51years of age. My TSH numbers are well over the limit and vary from year to year. It was a 29.0 approx. the first blood test,I got it down to 11.0, but the doc told me it was irrelevant and this last year it shot up to 67.0 which is super high. I don’t have the usual hair falling out, fatigue, or get cold easily type symptoms, but people can have none or few symptoms at all (apparently) and still have it. My one noticeable symptom is poor circulation in the legs and I have some varicose veins that are pretty big. I get a blood test at the VA hospital once a year. Is there anyone out there with similar symptoms who is in the process of treating themselves? Thank you to all of you for your info & comments. Kind Regards

  39. Mirella Matotek says:

    Jasmine glad you were able to find a doctor who guided you onto the right path and you were able have access to the right tests. It’s unfortunate though that you had to experience many dead ends to get there.

    Yes gluten is a big deal and you don’t necessarily need to have gut issues. This is why autoimmunity is a silent condition, if you don’t look, you don’t know. We have known this since perhaps the 1960’s. Many of the doctors and specialist treating so called autoimmune disease still have no idea. Too easy to blame genetics. Why do we have to wait such a bloody long time for dr’s to be educated. I think you have better chance of treating yourself than waiting for these so called experts to catch on.

    That’s a good one Just Detoxing. When will these buffoons realise that they are damaging their patients. You don’t necessarily need to have been exposed or accumulate a particular substance. The body will react to anything that is foreign – not self. This is why they are broken down and neutralised by digestion, bile, enzymes, microflora and a multi-tude of other mechanisms that we haven’t even discovered yet. It doesn’t matter how much your try to avoid toxins, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, antibiotics etc., the whole food chain, soils, air, water systems are contaminated. Any processed or packaged food is going to be contaminated with mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are used as biological weapons. So it may not be the food per se, but what the food is harbouring.

    Yes you’re right iodine does displace other halogens such as bromine, fluoride etc. and taking iodine or seaweed would dislodge them from their tissue sites and redistribute to other areas of the body, causing great distress to the body overwhelming enzymatic and commensals capacity to neutralise.

    So should be done only under the guidance of a knowledgeable specialist. But from my experience there are just too many gunho cowboys with little regard for their patient’s well being and even less respect for the intelligence of the human body.

    So it is of interest that when we restore proper gut integrity, nurture our commensals rather than poison them with toxic drugs and supplements, eat according to our individual body needs disease disappears. Our bodies have evolved to eat foods that we have genetically adapted to. My ancestors originated in up in the mountains far from the ocean. Genetically my body has adapted to tolerate minute amounts of iodine and not mg doses. Gut microbes and enzymes can recognise any form of molecular structure and carry out biotransmutation of one mineral to another, so if we are lacking or accumulating toxins we need to look no further than commensals. Afterall we are 90% commensals and humans are Human-Micro-organism Hybrids. Most of the cells in our body is not us but them – mico-organisms. Link to the Microbiome Project

    So the question we should be asking is not what ails us but what is ailing them to restore homeostasis. Everything we do is an attempt to annihilate them.

  40. oreganol says:

    I have a few issues that I’m working on. Mainly low vitamin and b12. Plus HDL too low and LDL to high. Just about in normal ranges, but could be better.

  41. Laurie says:

    AmandaS, I agree with Jasmine about Dr. Kharrazian and following his protocol to treat Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune illnesses ( I found a functional medicine practitioner in my area through his website who’s helping me with a protocol to heal. I’ve had to give up gluten, dairy, corn, soy, legumes and a few other things but I’m finally losing some very stubborn weight after years of trying, my cholesterol and inflammation markers are looking much better and I can see a lot of improvement. There’s definitely an adrenal correlation and a leaky gut factor going on. I’m in the middle of a very strict leaky gut diet to heal it, only eating meat, poultry, fish, some fruits, some vegetables (no legumes or nightshades) and coconut products for a few months. I also take a lot of prescribed natural supplements but no thyroid medicine or iodine. It’s a long process, expensive and difficult at times, but I have a lot of hope that I’ll be doing very well again soon. I just finished reading a book yesterday about a man who did something very similar and was able to put pretty severe MS completely into remission and I feel that I’m really on the right path.

  42. mike d says:

    WOW!!!Lots of info,thanks for sharring.I’ll keep it short.Gluten #1 cause other symptoms are inflamation anywhere.Sounds like celiac.You been cheeting.much soy products contain wheat & cause same saliva tests can help to figure out what else can cause inflamatory responses antibody tests.There are a few spices on market kelp seasoning,bladderwrack,dulse etc.Garden of lifes Jordin Rubin has incredible books,also his green powder the old one he makes is easier to digest fermented,you would absorb better.wheat,corn,soy,& others can also & has been known to mess with the villi in the small intestine curling it for sometimes 48 hrs or longer making it hard to assimilate nutrients properly.also would make you lactose intollerent for that duration.So now we know or you know that even small ammounts of this shit foods or non foods will do its dammage so stop consuming poison.Youll be fine.Thank you again for sharing it means alot to all of us.Also great sources for this info is underground wellness,for celiac & thyroidism i herd 2 great interviews very recent.

  43. Katie says:

    Story of my life…
    I rebelled from my upbringing which was your SAD and went vegetarian and then raw for years. I thought that was the healthiest thing, equating “clean” food with health. I did have signs all along the way that things weren’t perfect, like an irregular menstrual cycle and cravings, but my mind was sold on the vegan way. Finally, a couple of years ago I started eating meat. I had gotten married and wanted to get my period regularly so that I might get pregnant one day. As soon as I started eating meat and taking ayurvedic herbs and milk I got my period back. Once I got pregnant I had some blood tests done. I found out my vitamin D was in the basement and I was anemic. As soon as I started on a good iron supplement (Hemaplex) I stopped having headaches and had a lot more energy, despite being pregnant. I did swing kind of far in the other direction at the end of my pregnancy, eating a lot of dairy and red meat. I felt great for a while, but eventually got gallstones. That was another wake up call. I had to cut out all the saturated fat and limit sugar. The gallstones passed with some cleansing teas and enemas, I have settled into a more balanced diet which is mostly vegetarian, but does include salmon, organic poultry and the occasional egg. It seems that any extreme…all vegetable, all meat, all raw, all cooked, etc.. leads me to problems. I will have another blood test this week and see how Im doing. I think we have to just constantly adjust to our age, the weather, what is happening in our life and try to respect the signals our bodies are sending. Best of luck Anne Marie, knowledge is power.

  44. Nihacc says:

    Hi! My last test results were ok, everything perfect. But the surprise was that my doctor recommend a preventive cytology (each year!) because I’m almost 30. I don’t feel very comfortable about such an aggresive test when there is no sign or circumstance (a plant-based diet, exercise, good hygiene, no risky relationships…) that could suggests an issue. And what happens with the risks of a cytology every year (or when you get older every 6 months)? What do you think? Thanks so much!

  45. Ang says:

    Why is noone addressing the extreme chemical onslaught we face in our environment, which can very well affect thyroid function? Especially since your TSH has risen quite quickly while eating so clean? To me, it speaks more to exposure, especially since you have been travelling so much. Have you thought about including things like zeolite or fulvic acid in your supplement regime? And what about nascent iodine- the halides are competing for those iodine receptors in thyroid and we are bombarded with fluoride, bromide, chloride in so many ways.

    Would love to hear your thoughts and thanks so much for sharing. Do not let yourself get “bummed” or frustrated…we all love you and given what your body body needs, or taking away something you’re being exposed to, it will balance in no time!

  46. Roxanne says:

    Dr. Brownstein has been at the forefront of studying your thyroid and has written many books that you may find interesting. I personally didn’t find that desicated thyroid worked well and opted for Iodoral which is a form of Iodine. Good Luck

  47. Dee says:

    These sessions with Dr. Williams are interesting, but most of the time I can’t hear him as he talks so low, even with the volume up, not very clear.

  48. Dee says:

    I remember getting the results of my first hair analysis and wow, quite a shock. I had to make big changes in my diet. I was not getting enough protein. I was copper toxic.

    But I think the biggest revelation for me was how my eating habits were affecting my emotional health.

  49. Derrick Coleman says:

    Thanks to both of you for sharing what most consider private information to better serve the community. Kudos to you both!

  50. jasmine says:

    Mirella, what do you mean by “commensals”, are you referring to agents that help us compensate? Thanks for your support (and everyone). I’d love to keep informed about your discovers re: Hashimoto’s.

  51. Taya says:

    Thyroid problems seem to be more of an issue than people are aware of. Especially for women. It also seems like people are having these problems regardless of what diet they are on. So what then is the common denominator? I still say you better take a look at any exposure you might be getting from Fluoride. If your drinking any thing other than distilled water then you are being exposed to fluoride. Reverse osmosis removes most, but not all. If you are showering in fluoridated water then you are still being exposed. Especially if the water is hot. Once again there is no other process that removes Fluoride other than Distillation.

  52. Lilith says:


    I had the exact same issue, after eating kale + drinking kale juice(!) my first raw winter!
    I totally quit the crucifers and started eating kelp seaweed every day (about 1 tsp) + selenium (brazil nuts).

    Now I am SO much better, and have stated including some crucifers – but ONLY if they are fermented! (or cooked is said to work as well).

    I think the crucifers are really a BIG issue here, as many raw fooders eat A LOT of them, and – in my experience – they are really health wrecking!

  53. Sue says:


    “Commensals – The external and internal surfaces of our body, eg. skin, mouth, and gut, are covered with bacteria. What bacteria live where in and on our body. These microorganisms are provided with a nice place to live, with a good supply of food and a more or less constant temperature. In return, they compete with pathogenic bacteria, and in this way they form a protection against disease. Since the host and the bacteria both gain from this peaceful living together, we call this commensialism. The normal microflora of our surfaces are called commensals.”

  54. Thomas says:

    #38 Drew: Go to and look up Nattokinase for your circulation. Read the comments of the people who take it, and what it does for them. If you have a Japanese market nearby you could probably just get some natto.

    There is a good explanation of cholesterol and what the test results for the two indicators really mean at:

    It seems that many people are mistaken for what they indicate. 🙂

  55. John says:

    In addition to the docs suggestions, do a salivary adrenal test to make sure your hypo-thyroid isn’t reactive/secondary to adrenal fatigue (inappropriate ratio and/or levels of cortisol and DHEA inhibiting thyroid function). You may also want to test thyroid antibodies to rule in/out Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Finally make sure you eliminate goitrogens from your diet.

  56. Mary Dicerni says:

    How long have you had the small red blood cells that are pale. Is it just this year, or since a while ? i also had mono and for many years the antibodies were high. My lymphocytes are sometimes higher than my polys. ( they should be the opposite. these are white cells. are your monocytes high ? If you get a lot of sleep, I believe it helps like nothing else does. Just keep going to sleep whenever you can.. I think the coconut oil should be good for the thyroid and the HDL. Also avocados for the HDL.. I think you are afraid to gain weight. Go back to the seeds and nuts as well.. Just do not take any anti-depressants. That WILL make you gain.. love what you are both doing, and wish you both a long and healthy future.

  57. Paula says:

    I became hypothyroid shortly after chemo for breast cancer (it does that) at the age of 45. I took armour thyroid and then synthroid (by the way, I learned that they make a synthetic armour thyroid now). That was 13 years ago. I have been vegan (not raw) for 4 years. I do eat non-GMO organic soy. Now at 57, I am shocked to find out that my thyroid function is normal, I am not hypothyroid anymore. My doctors say that this is not unusual.

    I also will be happy to dump the internist I’ve been seeing who I’m sure has an anti-vegan bias, though she has not been very vociferous about it, I imagine because she is building her practice and doesn’t want to lose the kaching kaching. She says stupid things … like inferring that if you’re vegan you’re going to have low iron levels, thinning hair and low energy. Hay, my hair has changed purely because I’m 57 years old. It’s normal. She also said that soy inhibits thyroid function. When I first met her she gave me a book called “Dangerous Grains” and said if anyone needed to read it it was me. Yet I don’t have a trace of gluten sensitivity, and no allergies, which surprised her.

    She did an EFA workup on me and oddly my arachadonic acid and L-carnitine are high. She said to me “you sure you’re not sneaking any animal protein?”

    Just can’t stand the presumptuousness of these doctors. Except for a mysteriously high sedimentation rate which no one can figure out, and some anatomic problems, my bloodwork is pretty damn healthy.

    I wish I could find a doctor who doesn’t say stupid things.

  58. Mirella Matotek says:


    Is it because you’re on the synthetic armour that you are no longer hypothyroid? Its not clear whether the thyroid function has changed due to the medication or it has been restored by lifestyle/dietary/supplementation changes.

    It’s truly unfortunate that no-one has been able to understand your mysteriously high ESR. This tells us that there is ongoing inflammation in the body. It is possible that when you had this test that you may have been fighting an infection and the inflammation has passed, but if this marker has been elevated over a period of time, then you need to find the root cause of the inflammation. It is not a specific marker but requires investigation, because you may be suffering autoimmune disease. I am not saying that this is the case, but eating soy and grains and a high ESR, it would be negligent not to follow this path of investigation. Not sure why she is looking at carnitine and EFAs. Possible because it is currently fashionable to do so and she really doesn’t know which tests would be best suited for your situation, Your ESR is where I would be focusing on.

    It’s not only anti-thyroid antibodies we need to look at. There are a host of autoantibodies that should be explored. I have provided a link for the most common systemic ones. I suggest you read the complete article. As you can see gluten is only one of many. Practitioners tend to focus on gluten because it is the commonly recognised one. Yes you can still have no allergy, and still have autoimmune disease. My Masters research thesis explored this area. The site of inflammation for my research was the cornea. People with this condition have high ESR rate and yes some of these sufferers have allergies, but many have no blatant sign of allergy. They appear to have perfectly robust health and fitness.

    The profession that treats this condition have no inkling of what is driving this eye disease and so put it down to genetics. Easier to blame genetics so the patient feels the there is nothing that can be done to restore the vision except a corneal transplant.

    Yet Moorfields Eye Hospital conducted research in the 1970s that tested for a whole range of markers in the blood. They found a significant number of these patients to have auto-antibodies. They didn’t understand the significance and because they didn’t understand what these results meant, they swept this finding under the carpet and forgot about it.

    For those that doubt the benefit of blood tests. This is a situation where the “right” test can reveal whether diet/lifestyle/supplements are having a beneficial/negative effect. The emphasis is on the right test and also finding a practitioner that has expertise in your particular condition. Auto-immunity is one area that very few people have the required expertise.

    For anyone suffering autoimmunity, you need to explore where the stress is coming from. Environment, emotional, dietary, spiritual, EMF, supplements, prescription medications. Yes you can have the healthiest diet on earth, but it’s more than diet. My research dealt with a specific metabolite from a pathogen. If you can understand this then you will understand that it is not necessarily the gluten in grains but what is on the grain. For those people that take supplements and powders, it is very hard to find anything that is not contaminated with these powerful powerful toxins.

    This is why it is hard for some health practitioners to accept that animal foods can heal. Healthy animals, grassfed on healthy pastures, sunshine, energetic water etc do not harbour these toxins.

    For those looking for an adjunct therapy for your autoimmunity then I would explore Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF) to help with the inflammatory milieu and clear auto-antibodies out of the system and help restore homeostasis. Please do not look at systems that use energy fields that are outside the cells/body’s biological range. Shop around find someone that is experience in autoimmunity not just someone using this type of equipment. Ask to talk to patients that this technology has help. Practitioners that are proud of their work are only too happy to do this to reassure you. I would explore this option before agreeing to any radical intervention.

    When it comes to your health and well being you need to be vigilant.


  59. jasmine says:

    Mirella and Sue (and everyone) thanks for your help. xo

  60. good show! Thanks for being so transparent, Annmarie

  61. Mirella Matotek says:

    Jasmine & Paula,

    There is one aspect of autoimmunity that has not been discussed. My research concentrated on the overlap between allergies, autoimmunity and infection. I think that anyone dealing with an autoimmune condition needs to be tested for microbial infections. Bacteria, viruses and fungi have been implicated in autoimmune disease. In arthritis alone: Staph aureus, Strep, Neisseria, Candida, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Borrelia burgdorferi, Treponema pallidum, Fungi, Chlamydia, Brucella, Coxiella, Mycoplasma, Hep. B, Parvovirus B19, HIV, Rickettsia.

    A good specialist will know this connection though there seems to be lot of debate on how to treat. Again stay away from radical intervention.

    A good reason to check cholesterol levels is that low cholesterol is a sign of lowered immunity. Those with higher cholesterol levels have more robust health and tend to do much better than the low cholesterol ones.

    Mononucleosis “the kissing disease” was one that stood out in my patient group of interest. My personal belief is that more than one microbe is at play just going by all the suspects that have been isolated. They operate as a community not in isolation which leads to suggest that a pathological milieu results in a pathogenic population.

    As I said look after your commensals or they may do you in. One way we know that we are looking after them is via what we feed them and the way we live our lives.

    Thanks for giving me space to write about my favourite topic.

  62. Celena says:

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I have had a very similar experience-but WITH hypothyroid symptoms.

    For the past 15+yrs I have been living low fat/high vegan raw. Eating some wild cold water fish along the way. As well as some quinoa, millet, brown rice, buckwheat (no gluten whatsoever) I worked for a Naturopathic Doctor 15 years ago when my lifestyle shifted to a vegan raw diet, so I was very diligent- and still am very diligent-about always keeping up with my blood work over the years.

    It wasn’t until I went 100% raw for the past 1.5 years that I started to get symptoms of hypothyroidism. My hair began falling out, I was really tired and weak, I started having difficulty remembering even the simplest things, people, past experiences. (It was quite disturbing.) And I was always freezing cold. Even in the middle of summer. The best way to describe how and what I was feeling, was that I kind of felt as though I was short circuiting all the time. Even my vision and depth perception was totally out of wack. So all of these symptoms yet my thyroid blood work was normal. During the year of being 100% raw I also developed; zinc, B12, Iron, and Vit D deficiencies. All after eating an extremely well balanced low fat high raw diet.

    My conclusion is that because I have extreme absorption issues maybe the 100% raw diet just wasn’t for me. I’ve always avoided dehydrated foods (maybe a treat once in a while) And after over a year of living 100% raw started to re-introduce some cooked quinoa, millet, brown rice, buckwheat, black beans, black eyed peas, cooked onions, lightly steamed brocoli & cauliflower, and raw & steamed wild salmon once in a while. Now…I feel great! All my blood work is back to normal. And I really feel my body is communicating with me and letting me know exactly what it needs-even better than ever.

    Thanks again for all your great work,

  63. Marla says:

    Any test, no matter what type, is not going to tell you the whole story. I was traumatized by the straight forward way this doctor came up with what needed to happen for the “deficiencies” …. We are all so individualized in our make up that only God knows what changes need to be made. So much of it has to do with how we dress… Body temperature has much to do with hormone balance.
    Sometimes I wonder if doctors have been trained to think a bit too highly of their powers. :>)

  64. zyxomma says:

    Annmarie, thank you for sharing. I was surprised a bit by how nervous you looked and sounded. You and Kev are the last people I would suspect of suffering from White Coat Syndrome. However, I understand, and send you both joyous wishes for health and peace. I, too, had thyroid issues (minor, thankfully) from too many raw crucifers. I do love them. So, if I’m munching on kale chips, I lightly cook my broccolini.

  65. Jana says:

    I hope it’s not too late to comment on this one. Annmarie, you are SO lucky to have a practitioner who is detecting your underactive thyroid in its early stages!! My learning thyroid curve began 3 years ago. I went through breast cancer treatments and radiation totally knocked me on my ass. Complaints about fatigue were met with offers for antidepressants, which I declined. The doctors got rid of the cancer, but were zero help in monitoring my thyroid help. I even asked for tests on my free T3 and free T4 and my request was denied. That was when I gave up on doctors and began finding my own way.

    I haven’t seen anyone mention testing for iodine and bromine levels. Iodine is essential for vibrant health. It has heavy competition for receptor sites from bromine, chlorine, and fluoride. Bromine is used extensively as a fire retardant, which makes it ubiquitous in our every day lives. It’s in carpet, vehicles, mattresses, fabrics, televisions, computers and other electronics. Chlorine can be filtered from drinking water, but if you bathe in shower water that doesn’t have a filter, even a short shower is equivalent to drinking several glasses of chlorinated water.

    The best standard available for testing is a 24-hour urine test for both iodine and bromine. They’re separate tests but can be drawn from the same sample. The tests are available from FFP Labs or Hakala Labs. It’s possible that you might avoid thyroid medications if it turns out you have toxic levels of bromide that you will be able to detox. You would need to do some planning because there’s a kit that you receive by mail to collect your ‘sample’ (what fun! not) and it takes a 2-3 weeks for the bromine test results to come available. This would be very valuable information for you and Kev before you try to conceive. Best of health to you both. So sorry you received less than perfect results on your tests, but you’re tapping into the best possible information to turn it around.

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