How to Do Thyroid Stimulation Exercises : The Renegade Health Show Episode #764

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Did you know you could stimulate your thyroid by doing specific exercise?

In this episode, Dr. J. E. Williams is going to explain Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) levels and natural hypothyroid treatments.

He’s also going to show you some manual thyroid stimulating exercises that you can do right now.

Check it out…

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If you want to learn more about thyroid health and hypo- and hyper-thyroid conditions, please click here.

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Celena says:

    yes 🙂

  2. Veronika says:

    Nope, didn’t know.

  3. Pat says:


  4. james says:

    Actually ,no I…..tap tap tap did not know that….tap tap tap.Good tip .Thanks

  5. Thanks for this… I actually did know you could tap on your thymus gland (breastbone, center, over the heart)just down from the thyroid) but not the thyroid. Tapping the thymus stimulates immunity, loosens impacted toxins in the lungs, and stimulates the heart. The tapping is done with the knuckles (in a gentle fist)in a FIRM-gentle-gentle style of tapping (simulates the actual heart beat, sort of)(I am such a “research type” Kevin lol) Now I can add in the thyroid exercise and then jump on my rebounder to work on my lymph. See how inspirational you are Giannis!

  6. Jeff says:

    Nope. But now I do!

  7. Roberta McMillian says:

    No. Thank you, now I do. And now I will.

  8. linda says:

    No. Thank you for the videos with Dr. Williams.

  9. jackie says:

    No; I had no idea! Thanks, AnnMarie, for asking him!

  10. No I didn’t know, and that is interesting. I have been suffering from hypothyroidism for 2.5 years now and it still isn’t regulated, my question is what is this Dr. using as medicine for the thyroid? I take Levythroxin which is synthetic. I tried naturally by taking some things from the healthfood store, a complex of vitamins for thyroid health and it got so bad, I had to start taking the meds again. I get horrible when I am off the meds, I gain weight, I retain lots of fluid and I get puffy and very, very tired, so tired I cannot function. I live in Florida and natural medicine is so expensive I can’t afford it, and insurance doesn’t cover homeopathic medicine, my goal is to one day be able to do that. I wish the insurance companies would alow us to have a say in the type of medicine we would like to use instead of being forced into conventional medicine.

  11. SueS says:

    No I did not know.

  12. Nurmala Ruth says:

    Yoga shoulder stand is for regulating thyroid – 7 chakra. Very nice to do it when grounded – outside in the grass. Tanks for many super good interviews!

  13. Timothy says:

    I had no idea you could manually stimulate the thyroid ! It gave me a nice buzz when I just did it and I feel more energy ! I start using that technique daily ! Thank you for posting the video on your site !

  14. Leam says:

    I seem to recall this. My mom always said to keep neck wrapped when feeling under the weather to protect the thyroid.

  15. Chris says:

    No, but thank you for this.

  16. thyroid tappinng, yeah!

  17. Rebecca Cody says:


    My husband and I have been traveling by car for a month. The most difficult part has been finding healthy meals on the road. I brought my Vitamix and a cooler for food, so I’ve been making green smoothies most mornings. If my husband would cooperate I could make enough for us to drink all day and we would just be on a green smoothie diet, but that won’t go over with him.
    How are you managing food while traveling? I’d welcome any suggestions and ideas you’ve used.

  18. Gen says:

    I knew about the thymus tapping too, but never heard of doing it to the thyroid. Feels good, actually, and can be done anywhere! Thanks so much.

  19. Yes, I’ve been doing it for years….Always good to see the info out there. Thanks!

  20. John says:

    I was put on thiroid medication some two or more years ago by my GP (general practitioner). I think it might be time to reassess the situation don’t you?

  21. Paul says:

    No,thanks for the tip. I will add this to my daily stretching exercises.

  22. Gloria says:

    No I didn’t know , thank you for the info.

  23. Brenda says:

    No, did not know this, makes perfect sense!

  24. Helpful. Good to know, but next time I would like to see you include at least some basic info on why the thyroid is important. Stuff like that!
    Most people don’t know much about the thyroid.

    Thanks, Ianne

  25. Sarah says:

    No, I didn’t know. I have had thyroid issues in the past so this will be useful. Thank you!

  26. linda says:

    No I didn’t know. Thankyou

  27. RW says:

    Who Knew! Obviously Dr. Williams did. Thanks

  28. Anna says:

    Kevin you are an angel. Like I said previously, I am not raw (but I do eat organic as much as possible and avoid all processed foods and sweeteners) but I still read your blog because I always learn so much. Thank you for all the great work that you and Annemarie do.

  29. Emma says:

    No , great to here this.

  30. Gail says:

    Nope. Will share. All of us in my family are low thyroid!

  31. mary says:

    No I didn’t know. Could you please tell us the thyroid helping foods? thank you Also, could you please keep the stuff on the webasite? I don’t us the facebook, I can’t figure how to get on the is and don’t like it.

  32. Anna says:

    No… I have never heard of manually stimulating the thyroid gland. I have hypothyroidism, so this info was extremely helpful to me. Thanks again!

  33. Nenet Gomez says:

    No. Thanks. Great info as this is a more convenient exercise which I will try to remember each time I am watching your videos and hopefully make is a useful habit.

  34. JOHANNE COOPER says:


    • Janette says:

      Very helpful, I am looking into all possibilities and this helps greatly – standing on head chin tucked and humming and thumping both sides of trachea: Certainly diet, exercise and many other avenues help; i.e., acupressure, meridians, essential oils, mudras, and yoga thyroid position. So much to learn. Thank you. J, Seattle

  35. john says:

    NO! and thanks for sharing this!

  36. Jenn says:

    I didn’t know about the tapping, interesting.

    Would LOVE to find a Dr like this, I’ve been dealing with thyroid issues most of my life and it’s been hell trying to find a new Dr to help and actually listen. I do best in 8-12 TSH range but most Dr’s want you under 4 at which rate I’m always sick but the Dr’s won’t believe it is because of thyroid meds!!

  37. Gigi says:

    No I did not know that….but would that help for someone who has no thyroid function because of previous radioactive thyroid treatment.

  38. Deb Drake says:

    I did not know about tapping the thyroid but I will be sharing the information! Thank you 😀

  39. Helen says:

    No, but I’m glad to know it now.

  40. Richard says:

    I have always suspected that the thyroid could be manually stimulated just like many other glands of the body. Now we all know for sure that it can be done. Although he vaguely alluded to this point, Dr. Williams neglected to outright state that taking thyroid replacement therapy will eventually atrophy the thyroid to the point that it can no longer be detected by sonogram. Just like a muscle that isn’t used, thyroid replacement therapy supplants the need for the thyroid to produce its own hormone.

  41. Mary says:

    I’ve been watching your show since its inception, but today and on other occasions, all I get is answers to the question of the day and, instead of the video, nothing but a black block with no way to access what’s in it. Can you help? Or do I have to buy something to access it now? I realize yours is now a business site, if so, sorry.

  42. Tricia says:

    No, but glad I know now.

  43. Kaye says:

    I have learned a little something like that. I know through Ayurveda and chakras to concentrate and chant “Hum” outloud several times as often as you like when trying to heal the 5th chakra located in the throat. I also like the yoga shoulder stand for Thyroid stimulation. I learned of these things in Deepak’s Book…Perfect Health. A certain Goldmine this book is, recommended reading for all!

  44. Wendy says:

    Yes, I did know that yoga positions like the shoulder stand and plow pose were beneficial to the thyroid because they compressed and then released it allowing for better circulation. Never had heard about the tapping though; good stuff!

  45. Dana M says:

    No, I didn’t know you could manually stimulate your thyroid..

  46. Mrs. T says:

    Check out this website for another option for thyroid problems.

  47. Andrea says:

    This is the first time I have heard of manually stimulating the thyroid.

  48. Denise says:

    did not know… good info

  49. Teresa says:

    Didn’t know, but will definitely try it.

  50. Terrie says:

    awesome knowledge…..thanks

  51. barbara says:

    yes, I knew with yoga poses, but not this simple hum and tap exercise. love it! Thank you 🙂

  52. Sharon says:

    I wasn’t familiar with the tapping but I did bookmark this site a while back that at the bottom has something interesting for thyroid humming exercise:

    My doc showed me a way to stimulate the thyroid on the finger using hand reflexology. It kind of hurts though! Dr. William’s way is much less painful. But, just in case someone wants to know, it’s the middle finger on the left hand (maybe both?), between the joints.

  53. Lori says:

    Yes, I do thyroid massage daily while rebounding. I would like to know if Dr. Williams recommends iodine supplementation for hypothyroidism and if so, type and dosing? Also does raw spinach interfere with thyroid function? Thank you for the health information and the Great Health Debate. You have a new follower!

  54. arnie zimmerman says:

    All good info but before you start on any protocol for the thyroid you really need to establish iodine levels. First with a spot iodine test and then an iodine loading test. Low iodine levels are widespread now.

  55. Jeni says:

    No. I did not know. I wonder if you ever address those of us who are on synthetic thryroid and how we might transition off once we have that good foundation he talked about…which is….? Thanks much!

  56. Susan says:

    No! I didn’t know that. I do know that what os important is to avoid foods that that interfere with the thyroid function. Also, ask about having your iodine levels checked. I avoid soy products, bromated flours and flouride just to name a few things and my thyroid is much better. Check out Dr Mercola’s website for more info.

  57. Kuru says:

    Energy medicine; the medicine of the future. In fact some energy doctors or experts would be great guests for the RHS: Jim Oschman or Donna Eden to name two. To add to Cynthia’s notes (#7) on the thymus, it likes to be tapped in waltz tempo, which makes it fun as well as practical. Thanks for the reminder to tap!

  58. oreganol says:

    No I didn’t know. But that’s why I watch your show – because I get such a great education.

  59. Esther says:

    No—thanks, love it!!!

  60. Jude says:

    I absolutely did NOT know you could physically stimulate your thyroid gland….FAR OUT.~!~ I’m going to share this with many folks.

    Thank you – your show rocks!

    Red Bluff, ca

  61. yanna says:

    No I didn’t know but I am Hypothyroid and now that I know I sure will use it.Thank you for telling this winderfull exercise.

  62. Wendy says:

    Nope. It’s news to me. Thanks.

  63. Betsy says:

    yes I knew that it could be done – but was not sure exactly how or where to tap. I had heard about yoga positions too – and thymus stimulation – all great info – thanks!
    Just gotta say, tho, Doctor Williams seems so informative – but it bothers me that he always looks away – not at you, not at the camera. Doc – evasive eyes are disconcerting! What does it tell us? I’m not sure but it doesn’t give me confidence in his info, tho I trust your judgment, Kevin. Did anyone else notice this or feel bothered by it?

  64. Inge says:

    No I did not know. I am new to your site but I have been following it with great interest. Thank you for your active information to us.

  65. SAMMY says:

    No I didn’t …. get info !

  66. Lynette says:

    Did not know…interesting 🙂 Thank-you

  67. Colleen says:

    I didn’t know! I am hypothyroid and have been looking for ways to get off the meds. Thanks, I will definately be tapping! Love to you, Annmarie, and Dr. Williams.

  68. Jane says:

    No – THANKS! Did read somewhere that one can use heat/cold therapy to stimulate it. But this taping method is much more interesting, easier to do. I practice Yoga, now I can add this humming/taping …Fun and Love it!!

  69. Phyllis says:

    No, I did not know. Valuable information.

  70. paul says:

    No, I didn’t know about the leaning your head back and humming part. But, a chiropractor told me about 20 years ago to tap both sides with my thumb and index finger when I had a sore throat.
    I appreciate the new info. Thanks!


  71. I saw a similiar technique in a reflexology book, so I did know it could be manually stimulated.

  72. Kym says:

    Nope, had no idea. Very interesting. I’m really happy you’ve added Dr. Williams to your team. It’s really important to hear from people who have actual clinical experience. How are your and Ann Marie’s formal studies progressing?

    Just one thing: I’m still getting two duplicate mails since the Great Health Debate. Any way to purge your lists?

  73. Irina says:

    No, did not know that! Great tip-thank you!

  74. Raymond Deckert says:

    No. always learning something. Thanks you all.

  75. Drina says:

    No, One question, how long do I tap? Thanks for all the great information on RHS

  76. hobadoxa says:

    Never thought about it before.

  77. Annie says:

    Nope; never heard of such a thing. But with hypothyroidism, it is certainly good to know! Thx!

  78. Alveta says:

    No, I just started learning about tapping yesterday. Wow what a coincidence.

  79. Tam says:

    Did not know! Thanks. Wish you’d asked him about selenium, iodine and other supplements (and amounts) to heal hypothyroidism. Want off the Armour Thyroid – although it is better than the synthetic stuff, it is an animal product and I do not like taking it. Maybe next show? Thanks!

  80. Jo says:

    We were taught to apply hot and cold water (in the shower) to help stimulate thyroid!

  81. Pamela says:

    Never heard of this before. I live in Norway where thyroid is practically a non-issue!

  82. Donna says:

    No. I think it’s really cool you can stimulate it with a simple exercise though. I’ll give it a go.

  83. Jo Firth says:

    No, I didnt know. An now I am thrilled I have learned, so I can pass it on to the women I see.

  84. Sanjula says:

    Nope, but it is great info !!!
    I knew I can stimulate my Thymus by tapping on the upper chest
    An through EFT I knew I can stimulate different Meridians and organs by tapping the according
    spot – so why not also the thyroid.
    great , never thought of it

  85. Sue says:

    I had no idea! Just think of all the possibilities I’m learning about!

  86. fatima says:

    no and i have worked as an R.N for a long time.It is very wonderful news.

  87. Chris G says:

    Did not know this. I will try to do this to help stimulate regular Thyroid activity.

  88. Julie Rider says:

    I did know. Been doing inverted yoga postures this past year to assist my thyroid to function better but I will add the tapping to my daily routine….maybe in the shower? LOL instead of singing in the shower!

  89. Zakiyyah says:

    No Kevin I had no idea you could stimulate the thyroid.Live and learn.

  90. ellen goldin says:

    No, I did not know ,even having read stuff for many years now.

    I learned to tap on the thymus while humming ahhhhhhhhh, with mouth open, at a heath recovery spa, but not thyroid.

    thank you, We live and learn. I needed that!

  91. Betoman says:

    DOH! No! Cool!

  92. Becky says:

    I didn’t even know where the thyroid was or that it could even be stimulated. Thank you for show me how to stimulate it.

  93. Debra says:

    I didn’t know about this exercise. I’m curious about Dr. Williams’ thoughts on Datis Kharrazian’s, DHSc, DC,MS (author of Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms)findings that high TSH is associated with multiple causes, only one of which is resolved by thyroid medication. The causes left unresolved by medication include estrogen dominance, inadequate liver function, lack of gut flora, and Hashimotos Thyroiditis. I’m listing those off the top of my head so I may have missed something.

  94. John Wolfe says:

    Hi Kevin, No, I didn’t know about thyroid stimulation exercises, but it’s good info. I wonder if saying AUM like the buddhist monks do helps stimulate the thyroid? I’m sure it does, now that I make the connection. Thanks for doing “The
    Great Health Debate”, it was very informative.

  95. Connie says:

    No, I wasn’t aware of this one, thanks!

  96. Gwen says:

    I was recently diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism. I would greatly appreciated any information anyone could share with me on this condition. Thank you.

  97. sharon says:

    No, didn’t know about thyroid tapping. I would like to know how long to tap if you have a healthy thyroid. I did know about tapping on the thymus/chest area. I heard that one could OVER-STIMULATE with too much tapping though…so it it the same with this thyroid exercise?

    Glad Dr. Williams is joining your team. I have investigated how much it would cost to become a patient of his and it was way too expensive for me. glad to get some free advice from him on your show. thanks SO much.

  98. Michelle says:

    THAT is what my 3 YEAR OLD nephew has to say, and I thought the thyroid exercise was great new info. Thanks from both of us.
    =,cfxj j.ucucuhh.ha.j..jg.gBBNHJHJHJNHX

  99. Debbie Evans says:

    I hadn’t thought about thyroid exercise but it makes sense.
    I’ve been looking into EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Tapping.It would be a good topic for you and cover (if not already mentioned)

    Many thanks for all your efforts to help us be healthier. I’m listening, hopefully better and still enjoying the journey at 70+. Keep up your wonderful information and products.

  100. Does anyone do Kundalini Yoga exercises for thyroid? Apparently many of the breathing, arm & head movement ones stimulate the thyroid……

  101. Tammy says:

    I knew you could stimulate the adrenal glands by vigorously massaging them (my doctor does this for mine) so it’s not surprising to learn about the thyroid. Great!

  102. Joni says:

    No………..but thanks for the info

  103. Pamela Weems says:

    No, I did not know this.

    I really, really would love to get off Synthroid, have been on for 6 years for Hashimotos, 2 of my original 4 nodules have disappeared via ultrasound and my dose is down to .125 mg. BUT I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO GET OFF MEDICINE. I have drastically limited my glutein and casein intake but slip from time to time (once a month or so).Does Dr. Williams agree that GF/CF diet would be beneficial? Also, what’s the best form to get iodine? supplements, or food? I know I am low because it just disappears within an hour once the tincture is rubbed onto my skin.

  104. Kathleen Blanc says:

    This is all very exciting to be a part of such a large virtual community moving forward in such an organic way toward better health. Listening to and seeing you guys teach and discover with us makes my heart sing!


  105. Tammy says:

    I did not know the thyroid gland could be directly stimulated. I work at a medical hospital, where the thyroid is among one ot the organs that is frequently completely removed, because of health problems. I read some years ago that people are more prone to getting Cancer with the thyroid gland removed. As a nurse, I only see the patients post-op, ie. after the surgery has been done. I get the impression that some people like yourselves,believe that surgery should be the last option, after other things such as the throid exercises talked about here. I don’t think people are told about such things.

  106. Flo in Texas says:

    First – if doing tapping of the thyroid twice a day -how many times should you tap the thyroid in the tapping exercise? No I did not know you could stimulate the thyroid, BUT want to know.

  107. Barb Rysdale says:

    No and thanks lots for this information

  108. Dawn says:

    I knew about stimulating it with chin-tucking yoga poses, but not the tapping. Thanks!

  109. Emily says:

    Great information. I have friends who recommend Lugol’s Solution for raising iodine levels in the body and thereby improving thyroid function. Anyone ever taken this?

  110. No, I learned something new and I recommend that people who need thyroid hormone to ask their doctors to prescribe NatureThroid which is a natural form of thyroid hormone.

  111. Cathy says:

    Ni I didn’t know this info. My daughter is struggling with thyroid deficiency symptoms, but test show hormones are borderline, I think this info may help. Thankyou! CC

  112. Amanda says:

    I actually just heard this the other day in yoga class!

  113. Brendalyn says:

    Didn’t know about thyroid tapping — thanks for the tip!

  114. Nancy says:

    Love,Love,Love,this type of information. Thanks

  115. Velda says:

    No – did not know you could stimulate the thyroid this way. I assume that it is ok to do this stimulating tapping if you have a hyper thyroid …. Dr. Williams says he does it every day and has a healthy thryoid. Also, he didn’t say how long to do it.

  116. Jane Gudge says:

    not specifically however if we consider awhile body tapping and humming are acknowledged healing methods it is not so surprising

    i do like your videos interviews but i sometimes struggle to hear/understand your guests..
    word mumbling being the main issue
    it is not accent or dialect, it is enunciation
    ..sorry to sound like a critical grandma but clear diction seems not a crucial part of converstion these days

    it is why,having listened (tried!)to most of the great health debate i still decided not to buy the programme ..sorry

  117. Bex says:

    No, looking forward to the tapping summit talks starting tonight though where I’m sure more useful info will be shared.

  118. Liz says:

    I knew yoga was good for it due to positions and this is so great to know that it can be done anywhere any time!

  119. skdivine says:

    I run a yoga/well being center in Brazil and I wasn’t aware of the thyroid tapping. I’ll be including it in my classes to spread the word.

    Thanks…I love feeling tuned into the world with this kind of virtual class and the wealth of webinars springing up. Let’s keep sharing and learning.


  120. Dee says:

    No I did not know.

  121. Nihacc says:

    No, didnt’ know.

  122. No I didn’t know that!!!

  123. Debbie Dise says:

    No, didn’t know that little bit of health wisdom.
    I’m tapping and humming away right now. Thanks for sharing.

  124. Cherry says:

    Nope. HOW MANY MINUTES ON EACH SIDE? Is it more beneficial to do both at the same time? Probably doesnt matter as long as you get it tapped but thought I would ask.

  125. Vicki says:

    No I did not know about manually stimulating the thyroid. Did you know the best herb to regulate the thyroid is Bugleweed? I have been using Bugleweed for five years to control my hyperthyroidism (Under MD care).

  126. Ken says:

    What about singers? Does singing (often) help to stimulate the Thyroid?

  127. diana says:

    yes, i knew about it, but never saw it demonstrated–thx!

  128. Martha says:

    No, great way of getting clients to relate and connect to the physical manifestation of what there being told about.

  129. Beth says:

    Nope. Had no clue.
    Thanks for showing the Thyroid Tapping. I’ll be doing it daily 🙂

  130. Andrew says:

    Nope. 🙂

  131. briannaG says:

    I didn’t know!!

  132. Marj says:

    This is cool stuff! Free Knowledge without a penny. I did not know and now that i know, i will share with all of my friends. Thanks a mil

  133. Linda Capel says:

    Hi Kev. No, I didn’t know about the exercises..but now I do! Thanks a million for the tip.

  134. Actually, Kundalini Yoga specifically works on the whole glandular system including the adrenals, thyroid, and pineal gland. Excellent and easy for all fitness levels.

  135. Kasandra says:

    No, didn’t know this.

  136. peggy johnson says:

    no, I did not know this.It is great information. thank you!

  137. liz says:

    no, I did not know you could manually wake up your thyroid gland.
    All of this is Great info!! Thank-You!! 🙂

  138. Juli Alexander says:

    No, didn’t know. Started to do this now. Am one of this with a very low low (6.8?), but symptoms like brittle nails, coldness (body temp never above 97, irritable). Have been studying on thyroid, don’t like the idea of taking drugs of any sort without trying to repair first. I like that he used the words increase blood flow by tapping because that just rings true to me.


  139. AtoZ says:

    Good idea – did not know!

  140. Manny says:

    I heard about it last week on the radio show Coast to Coast from a Medical Athropologist who also stated that the use of bras prevented the flow lymph fluid in the breasts and lead to breast cancer. He stated that Korea had increased the country breast cancer rate since Korean women started using bras in these past decades.

  141. Cruces says:

    I lived as a zombie for 2 years with undiagnosed hypothyroidism, until I switched doctors, got my TSH tested, and was an 11 (TSH), diagnosed with hypothyroidism. A few weeks on the hormone and I popped back into reality and health. I had completely lost my connection to nature and other living things. That’s how awful I felt. It was horrifying. Coming back was wondrous though. When undiagnosed, I though I was dying. I even had a CAT scan for brain tumor, which was negative of course.

    I agree with the doctor, and wish micro-doses of synthetic hormone were used on me, with advice on diet (avoid nightshade vegetables), and at least an attempt to ween me from it. But, since I was seeing a conventional doctor, was started on 50 mcg of Levoyxl(synthroid)and 12 years later am at 100 mcg. The 50 was a mistake, and while initially feeling great, I discovered that I needed only 25 back then. Regular doctors always start you on 50 and that is stupid.

    I’ve read where medical studies show that massage of the thyroid can made hypothyroidism worse. A study on thyroid massage was done on dogs, as dogs sometimes have hypothyroidism. However, the tapping may be okay. I don’t know.

    Now I feel best with a TSH of 4 to 5.

    Besides crushing fatigue and unexplained weight gain, another way you can tell if you are hypothyroid is if you normally have a resting pulse of 70, let’s say, and for some reason your pulse is 10 beats lower, like 60 or less. My pulse while sleeping was 40. (When I was diagnosed initially, I wore a device to measure my pulse because my heart was doing all sorts of weird things.) Although the thyroid hormone regulates metabolism, having low energy rags the cardiac, emotional, cognitive and neurological system into it, if it goes on for too long without treatment. The TSH is done from a blood draw and costs about $40 to $60. My doctor thought he knew what was wrong with me, that I’m an alcoholic. I found this out in my tenth visit, accidentally. Thing is, I don’t drink, at all. I’m a health freak.

    Before I was diagnosed, I used to wake up at night feeling dead for about 10 seconds, with my arms and legs totally asleep. This would happen often. Anyway, the TSH number is kind of mysterious, since some people can be perfectly healthy at 15 and other people, like myself and my brother, have pronounced symptoms at only 7.

    While living with undiagnosed hypothyroidism, I had approximately 15 symptoms, including things like shocks running through my body and hypoglycemic attacks. Hypoglycemia is a rare secondary symptom, found in maybe 5 to 10% of people with hypothryoidism, untreated. After I started the medication, ALL of these symptoms disappeared forever. I have not had one hypoglycemic attack since.

  142. Cruces says:

    Thought I’d do another post for Juli above. Feeling colder than you ordinarily would, is also a symptom. I used to wear a down coat around in the house in the winter, whereas I used to wear only sweaters.

    I regret not going to a naturopath when referred by a chrio who was having a $10 back-cracking special. I could have saved myself a year of misery if I’d done that because that naturopath used standard blood testing. I had never seen a chiro before and I spent over $1000 on another one, who just wanted to treat me forever. It felt nice getting the massages and treatments, but did little for my condition.

    I’ve met a few people who claim to have overcome their hypothyroidism naturally, or without getting stuck on the synthetic hormone habit, as I am. The terrible thing about it, is, you will always need more and more. I think it is great advice, like the doctor in the video, to at least try, and use the micro-doses.

    One thing though, undiagnosed hypothyroidism can be dangerous. As you lose the energy from proper metabolism of food, many other systems of your body are dragged down.

    Even synthetic hormone users like myself — it’s not like diabetes or even hyperthyroidism. Treated hypothryoidism does not affect life span. So, you shouldn’t choose to remain exhausted or multi-symptomatic merely to avoid becoming stuck on synthroid. Definitely, try some diet first. I used to LOVE broccoli, and believe me, it is the WORST food if you are hypothryoid.

  143. Hello,I’m Annemarie and I want to say I found this video on Thyroid health, very enlightening, thank you! I suffer from low thyroid with TSH being 5.08, and I was taking Gugglesterones,VitaminD3 up until last week. I stopped after I found myself very confused,weak, after hiking for 1 hour. I was also very anxious all the time and nauseated. Since I’ve stopped the herbs and vitamins, I still take Dulse Flakes and eat Kelp Noodles and lots of foods that contain iron. I’m now practicing the exercise your video suggested in hopes that I can combat this condition naturally. I miss hiking, biking and going out into the world feeling normal. If there are more exercises and treatments for low Thyroid, please share them with me! Thank you, Annemarie Conrod.

  144. Mary Lynn says:

    Thank you for sharing thyroid exercises. My mom dropped into deep depression when she was switching hmo insurances and was taken off synthroid medicine. A psychiatrist told my father to take her to a daycare facility. I demanded a second opinion and her new doctor was wise to catch the lack of thyroid medicine. Soon after medication was given, she bounced right back to her highly active heathy self; but she said that back in the 80’s problems with thyroid were poorly dealt with by AMA.

    Anyway, I have Morgellons and I was worried that my thyroid might be affected; but tests showed ok. I hate taking any meds except baby aspirin and doxycycline when the Morgellons attacks, so your exercise works good for me.


    Mary Lynn

  145. amrita says:

    nope…but now i know…thanks

  146. Gary says:

    Thanks for this information, Kevin; did not realize it was possible to stimulate the thyroid physically w/massage.

  147. Have been diagnosed with underactive thyroid or hypothyroid and was told that at some point may have to take medication. I do yoga and am interested in aryuvedic medicine so was wondering if there were exercises that could help rather than take medicine. So I googled and your website came up and I am pleased that I can continue with my efforts at head stand and plough and will now do the massage tecnique. I will be interested to see if there is improvement when I go back in March for a checkup. I recently brought my high cholesterol of 8.2 down to 5.6 just with a change of diet so am very motivated to help myself! Suzanne Parker

  148. Birgit says:

    No did not know

  149. Cecile says:

    This was very very helpful!!! Thank you very much! Have just discovered you and am grateful!!

  150. Larry Rutan says:

    I did not know that. Very interesting and helpful. Thank you so much. Great Web Site!

  151. Yes I did know about this thyroid tapping. I learned about the technique watching a Dr. Oz show.
    I have been using the technique a few days now. It can’t hurt right?

  152. Edward says:

    I didn’t know

  153. jaycee says:

    No, I did not know. I know about the thymus tapping. I all of a sudden started feeling very tired, body temp first thing in the a.m. less than 94, brittle hair, skin on legs looking awful (like alligator skin), fat in places I’ve NEVER had it (across my back, upper arms, thighs and stomach and awful SIDE fat!). jGained a ton of weight, diet to no avail and ALWAYS hungry. Did some research and speculated I have hypothyroidism. Went to the doctor, blood work done…..Doctors say I am in normal range……(smh). I will do the thyroid/humming tap and chin to chest. Thanks for the tidbit.

  154. Vicki says:

    No I didn’t know you could stimulate the thyroid. Do now though 🙂

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