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great health debate
Oh, how nice it is to see the forest from the trees.

Not only have I been facilitating this event, I’ve personally approved nearly 2000 blog posts over the last week.

This means I’ve seen just about everything that you’ve posted.

Personally, I think some of the comments YOU wrote were better than the whole debate.

Without you, the listener, this event never exists and without your comments, there’s really no debate.

Today, I want to share some hand picked comments from you that I thought were valuable, fun, a little out there, and interesting.

I’ll have my comments below each one…

1. Can’t we all just get along?

Philip: Geeeezzzz Kevin. That series was so incredibly helpful I’m glad I bought it! I will listen to this whole thing again. And I’m looking forward to the bonus material too.

Here is what I don’t understand. If so many people agree on factory farming problems and animal abuse, why the h$%& can’t we get leaders around that? Even a coalition of the willing. Is no one interested? Even the experts eating animal products agree that the abuse of the animals is disgusting. So sort of humane regulation advocacy leadership.

Why don’t leader/experts with common interests such as these, team up with leaders from let’s say something like Farm Aid who also want to stop factory farming?

Feel like I’m takin crazy pills here… 😉

Peace & Gratitude for the series… Philip.

Philip, if you’re taking crazy pills, so an I. There’s so much ego involved in health that no one can get along. Everyone is divided. It’s quite silly. Experts won’t even talk to each other. Some won’t even agree to be broadcast the same night as another during an event like this.

This is not the unification that we need to make change.

This event has made me thing about how I can help facilitate this. Stay tuned!

2. The Smartest Guy in the Room.

Jim Dee: It’s absolutely mind-boggling how so many scientific authorities can be in such utter disagreement about fundamental health issues. This only reinforces my own take that, in a great many instances, even SCIENCE is a belief system. Ever read Tony Robbins’ “Awaken the Giant Within”? In that book, Robbins posits that a belief system is like a tabletop and, once we have that “tabletop” established in mind, we start seeing legs everywhere to support it. This is exactly what each and every health expert I’ve heard so far is doing, IMHO (even when they say they’re being objective). (Admittedly, this is my own belief system, so take it as just my own 2 cents.) Actually, this is pretty much a universal approach to everything — health, politics, anything controversial. The world — as, believe it or not, a *management consultant* once remarked to me — doesn’t care what you believe; it just reflects whatever you believe right back to you as TRUTH.

I don’t have anything more intelligent to say than, “yep.”

3. Sounds Cool…

Dan: Research Dr. Joel Weinstock from Tuff University. He is using parasites to heal IBS, Crhon’s and many digestive disorders. He claims we are too clean and that the parasites/worms assist in detoxifying diseased tissue. If you have healthy tissue the parasites do no harm and remain dormant. They are opportunistic organisms as part of our symbiotic relationship with life. Read the Microbe Factor by Hiromi Shinya, M.D.

I have not researched these specific references, but I’m excited to do so. I have a deep interest in how we live symbiotically with bacteria, bugs and microbes. We’re foolish to think we’re so individual that we don’t need a little help from our friends.

4. Tell it like it is.

Barbara: You are out of your mind because:

1. If Kevin was to invite only vegans then the whole debate would not make sense. We are supposed to hear all points of view, not just one side.

2. If Weston Price Foundation was founded by the big meat industry then they would be promoting commercial meat wouldn’t they? Not grassfed, wholesome food.

It’s hard to make sense when you’re emotional about something, but Barbara managed to speak two very true statements during a charged discussion on the blog.

5. Someone who’s been listening.

Karen: What we vegetarians and vegans should do is study our own blood test and determine what diet is right for our individual needs, not on someone else’s philosophy. Check out the link on about making sure your diet is right for you. It is on the right hand side.

Thank goodness someone has been listening to us for the last 5 years or so! Karen, you rock!

6. Slightly Cryptic but 100% True.

Petra: Please add; Knowing and committing to your life purpose definitely improves health.

A purpose common to all is to end our belief in separation from our Source/ God/ Eternal Love Spirit. We then express according to the Passion or calling we hear in our heart. Then we begin to treat this bodymind computer with respect, recognizing its value as a vehicle for communication of our Spirit Essence.

You really have to just read the first sentence to get this one. Petra is 100% on to it. Passionate people tend to have great health.

As for the “bodymind computer,” Petra, do you mean my connection to my laptop? 😉

7. The real debate should be.

William3: Kevin, I think you set the chinning bar perhaps too high for yourself with some of the objectives you established. But that seems an effective way to achieve something really worthwhile, doesn’t it?

In this case you exceeded my personal expectations for the “debates.” I applaud you for the foresight to take on something like this. I certainly learned quite a bit.

I think you were wise to drop the face-to-face “debate” format. Objectivity is nearly impossible when it comes to health. The way it turned out, we gained insight into each “expert” in his/her own words. We now can assimilate the input on our own, as we must eventually in any event.

Is the concept of health really debatable? The topic is so complex, which two sides do you put against each other?

The real debate, I believe, should be between people like those you selected for this effort, and the proponents of Big Ag, Big Pharma and the FDA. The most important issues we face as a society would come out there.

Keep up your good work, and thank you so much for doing this.

William3, you can see the forest from the trees… I applaud you.

8. The neurotic health food eater is never healthy.

Manfred: Great advice Kevin. You mean I could have skipped all the debates and just read your summary? LOL.

I agree with you though. Lots of diets work if you just cut out the junk. And stop sweating about the small stuff. Exercise, eat a healthy diet and a few treats won’t harm you. But please don’t debate things like salt v sea salt. You just end up missing the bigger picture.

The bigger picture probably accounts for 90% of your health, so why waste time worrying about the other 10%. I used to do it and I can tell you that it’s just not worth it. It creates more in stress than you could possibly gain from finding out the right answer.

Sounds like you’ve been there before. 🙂

9. Policing what is good and just.

Marissa: What a wild, unfounded accusation. You claim to give love and light to all, but you are spreading rumors and darkness. You have just reduced the entire conversation to a new low.

This was an attempt to stop some of the craziness being posted on Night 7 with Will Tuttle and Sally Fallon. No comment needed.

10. Monetary interests exposed.

Andrew: Then Kevin is a shill for the vegetable industry. Attack ideas not people please.

This was posted as opposition to the debate that Sally Fallon was a shill for the meat and dairy industry.

Andrew is right, we don’t get anywhere attacking people because rarely we know the whole story. Very rarely.

As for being a shill, I wish I WAS one for the vegetable industry. Does this exist? Where do I sign up?

11. The gemlins ate the best post, but luckily Jen reposted.

Jen: I tried to post but I guess the gremlins ate it.

“My question is are you an Eskimo or Maasai?”

I’m not an Eskimo. It’s true. I’m also not a Whale or a Gorilla or whatever other animals we’re often compared to for ‘optimal health’

Both examples (Eskimo and animals) do little for expanding my knowledge. I’m trying to find out what is best for *ME* – the Non-Eskimo, Non-Chimp.

I really appreciate all your hard work putting this together. It was great to listen to. Thanks Kevin!

Jen, well spoken for all the other Non-Eskimo, Non-Chimps out there. Unfortunately, the question still remains… what do we eat?


12. Last minute addition…

Alexi Bracey: Wayne Dyer shares an analogy about flexibility. When you are a child you run, fall, brush off, get up and keep going just as a young tree sways in the storm; totally flexible.

As we age, we are more set in our ways, more rigid, not open to new possibilities or change. An old tree, it snaps in a wind storm, because it has lost its flexibility.

Wayne says as we loose flexibility, we are consorting death.

Let’s hope that we come to respect our differences and opinions about vegan or a meat based lifestyle. Are we not here for the betterment of mankind. Flexibility goes a long way!

Just before I was about to publish this article, this comment came through. Thank goodness for Wayne Dyer and Alexi for a timely lesson.

Finally, I appreciate all of your comments! There were many more that I could have posted that were just as fantastic as these. Thank you again for your integral involvement in The Great Health Debate!

I want to know your thoughts: What comment here do you like best? Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to leave your comments now!

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Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. So are you guys personally ethical vegans or not? Or is your angle more of a health and eat less meat idea? I haven’t seen every single post but it was unclear to me what your status was. Maybe part of the anger was just that people “perceived” you as one way and then were surprised by something else. ?? I am mostly a “happy” vegan but I think a lot of vegans have seem lots of people flocking to the raw vegan lifestyle like it was the latest religion and then after going to an extreme on that sort of diet (like only eating one type of food, etc…) and failing, then basically changing their whole tune. Obviously most vegans are in it for the animals and don’t see the difference between a cow and a dog and eat normal food, not only juice or air or vegan pop tarts.
    But what in the end is your specific view on animal products and our right or lack thereof to use them for food, clothes, or entertainment?

  2. Andrew says:

    There’s this line we need to constantly be fighting: worry, don’t wory, worry, don’t worry. Relax, relax, stress, relax. Have a cheat day once and a while. Feel free to cheat. But not all the time. Don’t sweat it — but there’s a limit to not sweating it. If all of us were relaxed all the time none of our diets would’ve changed in the first place! The small stuff is often a window to a wider world we haven’t seen yet. Explore! So sweat it. Don’t sweat it. Sweat it.

  3. bitt says:

    I am not sure why calling Sally Fallon a shill for the meat industry, when her organization openly takes money from meat-producing farmers is an insult when the things she said about vegans were not equally insulting if not worse. I felt it was rude to tell vegans not to have children and insult their mental capabilities.

    I’ve blogged about some of my thoughts on the debate so I don’t clod up the comments. Click on my name to get there.

  4. Jane Gudge says:

    it was interesting,
    it made me think and re-think,
    it also caused me to encounter some unpleasant unkindly comments from the raw vegan world -which was a first
    it re-affirmed that i can keep learning but there really is no absolute right or wrong.. just different approaches for different folks
    i have already said it kevin.. you did good

  5. Chris says:

    Oh yes, do you mean the Wayne Dyer that CHEATED on his WIFE of many years and his many children – – – and now has Cancer or Leukemia or some such? Yes, isn’t he the model character to tell everyone how to live their life!!
    I saw him in person once; he made me sick to my stomach with his egotistical lecture. People are not always who they claim to be.. Seeing is believing. .
    What lesson do you suppose he was teaching those days?

  6. james says:

    Hope you don’t live in a glass house Chris…..

  7. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    @Chris: Sometimes the message is more important than the messenger. Let’s imagine my Uncle Jimmy said it. 😉

    @GetSkinny: I’ve stopped labeling myself these days. 🙂 I don’t think Andrew was actually calling me a “shill,” he was proving a point. And of course, being called a shill for the vegetable industry is hardly an insult. 🙂


  8. Celia says:

    magnifique kevin and annemarie !!!! absolutely stupendous and gorgeous !…. ‘advice’ from a mother ….take a break soooon !! then back to do battle with the REAL ‘bad guys’ …the multinationals controlling and destroying the food supply and the pharmaceuticals capitalizing on the results

  9. Katrina says:

    How can a person have a healthy attitude about their diet when having a treat is called “cheating”?

    If you want to treat yourself, then do it… no limits, no negativity, no punishments.

    Treats are one the best parts of life.

    Just enjoy.

  10. Jolie says:

    I think ethical vegans will always be angry and there will be high emotion when dealing with meat eaters. It is similar to the abortion issue.

  11. Kuru says:

    There were some great talks, but I missed the feminine approach in this program. Food as nourishment, appreciation for what we eat. Pleasure in eating. Awareness as we eat. Connecting deeply with our food as we would connect with a dear friend, such a great stimulus for good health. I missed people like Happy Oasis and Shazzie, who were great interviewees in the past.

    But I am ordering the replays; maybe I missed something! Thanks again.

  12. Chris says:

    James I suppose my comment would bother you if you were likewise, a cheater. I don’t suppose you were in the audience that day as I was. You may have been likewise repulsed.. . or could relate. Either way, my opinion is as valid as anyone else’s irregardless of whether or not you like it.

  13. Chris G says:

    Jolie: Of course we are upset. People needlessly slaughter countless animals (millions a day in the US alone) simply to glut their appetite and then use more animals in medical research in fruitless, lottery-style tests to help treat their self-caused illnesses.

    Kevin, I think the event was great! I took notes the whole way through regarding everyone’s philosophies. Nothing to persuade me to eat any animal products though.

  14. Maria says:

    Hey Kev,
    I love you! You are a bit like a ‘thought twin’:-) I followed ye since Rawkathon and ALL 2009 until 11th November that year…. I have just taken 15months off of the blog to go through the absolute BEST AND WORST year of my entire life!!!! I met the most incredible spirit/person/being to help me on my journey and our friendship was so utterly potent…I also nearly died twice (or more), I flew I crashed I burned I re-flew, I had my entire life narrative shredded before my soul’s very ‘eyes’…All this to allow the many past years of utterly intense therapy, growth and stupendous courage along with a good ol’ helping of non-nuero-typical biodiversity to mean I processed so much at warp speed…..all this to merge to fuse to grow a self to come to fruition.
    And now I am BACK!!!! And I am SO ALIVE!!! And I come back to find ye and lovely Annemarie doing this incredibleness and I am glowing with sunshine from the inside. The vulnerable in my country (UK) are currently being shredded and harmed by a seemingly utterly callous govt. at present (IMHO btw!!!)….And every time I get too absorbed in the negativity or fear I have my own saying to lift my oneness to the fore of the teenytiny bit of our grey wonder-matter that can get bogged down from that other than it’s oneness….”Be a sunbeam”
    It may sound REALLY super cheesy but I am crazy eccentric bright bouncy and intense, quirky, funny and very kind:-) So it suits me!!! I look forward to changing the world ‘One Moment At A Time’ just like you do Kev. And in a way we ALL do anyhow… And it DEFINITELY STARTS FROM WITHIN:-)
    I haven’t even listened to the lectures yet, lol, but even this page was a wonderful joy to read. I am glad you exist so very very much. And all who contribute to make this such a learning experience. To…ahem…answer your Q though(!!hehe) all of them but prob comment no. 6 by Petra, but ye prob saw that one coming from the excessive preamble haha;-0
    Maria xxx

  15. Maria says:

    Ps and Jim Dee’s comment too!! Loving the table tops analogy!!!! Superb:-)

  16. Maria says:

    Pps I know much worse is happening in countries other than UK – didn’t mean it to come across dramatic, I have to use positivity when I hear stories from a small local area or distant country or Big Pharma or Big Ag corruption etc – wherever there are callous acts of seemingly incomprehensible cruelty – not love and seeing the similarities, the common cause above the divides…
    Oops, I’ll try and stop posting now! And yup to me this is EXCEPTIONALLY RELEVANT TO MY DAILY HEALTH!!xxx

  17. mark cranswick says:

    From New Zealand:
    Great to have some people advocating open and honest debate out there. Just to come across some problems that can be shared with other past/present suffering in ignorance bodies, provides relief for this isolated mind. This is really the “last frontier” – inner space vs outer space! What a journey. I bet those astronauts really want us to get it right. May the quest for greater conscious awareness that makes a friend of the mind meet the heart that never misses a beat.:)

  18. Char says:

    I loved the whole debate. I found it most interesting how Charlotte Gerson advocates no meat, no dairy, yet she states she eats dairy everyday in the form of yogurt or kefir and eats turkey at Christmas. hmmmm

  19. Kushla says:

    Firstly – thank you for hosting a really good event. I enjoyed listening to most of the speakers. Here’s a bite size of what was re-enforced for me:

    1. Be grateful for my food … deeply grateful.

    2. Be happy and relaxed about my eating choices and confident.
    3. Continue to expand my garden and source food locally and in-season.

    4. Eating meat (from warm-blooded animals) in small amounts can be helpful in the cold or in larger amounts in extreme cold (eg eskimos lol)… and again … should be done with, consideration and gratitude for the animal. Eating meat sparingly or not at all is more condusive to long-term health in warmer climates. Having said that ….

    5. Plants rule …fruits, veges, especially the greens, herbs and yes even grains.

    5. Food in all it’s varieties supports life. Enjoy food, even LOVE it …. then live … just as we do not live to work, we do not live to eat. Live life with purpose.

    Thanks again.


  20. Maria says:

    To Mark from New Zealand: your comment is going on my pin board right now;-)Here here!

  21. james says:

    Chris, Your comments are as valid as the next.
    And forgot to thank you Kevin for such a great debate . Truly worth the effort!

  22. Susan says:

    I think my comment was important about evferyone trying to fight the huge corporations and the FDA on the approval of all these GMO’s that are polluting our air, our soil and our water. Why doesn’t anyone else think this is important. Whether your are vegan, vegetarian, a meat eater or somewhere in between, if our soil air and water are polluted so will our organic farms and them we will all pay the price. This is the battle we all need to fight! Since I stopped eating corn and soybean products a lot of my health problems have disappeared. I don’t know if they are GMO’s so I eliminate all of them as the FDA says GMO’s don’t have to be labeled and they are already contaminating the organic farms. This is the real battle we need to fight!!!!!

  23. Maria says:

    To Susan (comment 23),
    I think it is utterly important yes yes yes…yet the ONLY way I can fight is to focus on the positive and help by shining as much light on those within my reach as I possibly can – whilst inviting as much into ‘me’/my life as I can – whilst continuing my courageous never ending journey to survive to learn ever more about joy and self-care and oneness. If I try to focus on what you are talking about the enormity of it swamps me and I am drowning. Instead I have to let MY OWN positivity, creativity, light and courage radiate OUTWARDS. It is ALL i personally can do right now, it is where I am at right now and it is ‘my’ path I suppose. Yet I hope that somehow helps to answer your question. In effect I care “too much” ie to focus directly on such vast battles brings me (and this is just MY life am talking about, as is all I can I think, lol)negativity and stress. I lose my power, my goals, my life purpose. I lose before I have even begun.
    I apologize I tend to see in vast interlinking detail – I am sure others can be far more concise!!
    Love Maria:)

  24. Heather Her Oni says:

    Read The Enzyme Factor by Hiromi Shinya a few years ago and found it to be a very interesting book. Look forward to hearing more on his observations about the use of parasites for healing. That would be an interesting blog topic! Shinya has had a lot of clinical experience both here and Japan with gastrointestinal issues. Was not aware of this aspect in his research. I generally have thought of parasites as unwanted houseguests to be evicted. Not that I plan on eating RAW sushi anytime soon and ordering some diamatacous earth for periodic cleansing. Being my own health experiment…LOL!

    Enjoyed listening to the different perspectives. What this reinforced for me is the importance of moderation, balance and awareness of our diet. Like the biblical wisdom of not being unlovingly judgemental towards others in matters pertaining to choices in food and drink, as long as the food is clean, approved by God and the indiviuals conscience, and partaken of with a heart of gratitude for our personal pro~visions.

    Thanks for the occasion, free listening time and inviting everyone to partake! 🙂

  25. Susan says:

    To Maria
    I understand what you mean as I have felt that way myself and at times still do but I do contact my representatives and the food companies about this and then let it go. I vote with every purchase I make and I have contacted various food companies to tell them I will not buy their products that contain dangerous GMO ingredients. I like to think of it as a small pebble thrown into a large pond and them watch the ripple effect. If all each of us do is to contact our representatives and the food companies then we can reach that “critical mass” like in the 100 monkey story and they will no longer add or buy the offending GMO ingredients. We don’t have to join picket lines or do anything drastic. Just a simple email to the right people is emough.

  26. Michael says:

    I have a tendency to be very careful and selective about what I eat. Funnily enough my teenage health problems first appeared shortly after I started my ‘health kick’ as an observant friend pointed out.

    Now maybe it was my intuition warning me to improve my diet and I did so too late or not correctly but I also think how you think and feel about something has a big impact on how it will affect you. For instance, if you consciously think that something is bad for you then the body is going to pick up on that and see it as a foreign invader instead of nourishment.

    My Qi Gong teacher wisely said to me once, “Don’t have any bad thoughts about the food you are eating.” Whether what you are eating is perceived to be good or bad I think that makes a heap of sense.

  27. Hubert says:

    Hi Kev,

    Really liked this post, yes there are true gems to be found in the posts. I adore reading them and feeling part of a bigger community.
    I Loved the post (William3) on the real debate being between ‘our’ experts and Big Agro, Big Farma and the FDA. Not that it will help much… LOL. I think the actual revolution will be from the grassroots up. We are the revolution.
    I really thought your comments on the ego’s of the experts – f.e. not willing to be together on the same show- were a real eye opener. Unfortunately we need a leader from time to time… LOL.
    Great insight also from post about the parasite/worms living in symbiosis with us. Which also goes for bacteria and viruses that are usually seen as threats. Yes, for unhealthy bodies… LOL. Symbiosis is the idea. They are friends as you put it so well.
    Thanks Kevin and Annmarie.
    Greetings from Bali.

  28. Bette says:

    I liked mine….listen to your own body.
    Turn down the noise, turn down the info overload, turn it all down and simply eat in alignment with your own body.

    What a disgrace this is to the world to be so much in opposition to one another. Making others wrong is what is wrong with the world.The mere use of the word debate makes others wrong. Raw, vegan, vegetarian are enlightened? Ummm guess again. This seems evident.

    How about coming together, where we can agree, cooperate, pull for good health together, unite, strength, inspiration, honor and respect that others ideas are simply other ways to approach something. Long way to go it seems folks.

    Psst I didnt even listen hardly at all.Only to one and that was enough.

  29. rogerS says:

    I too was unable to listen to the debates, so Kevin, thanks for your reviews, ‘best picks’ and this fabulous list of comments.
    I was sorry to see that Dr Bruce West was not a contributor/debater; Ive not seen anything better in 15 years than his Encyclopedia of Pragnmatic Medicine. If anyone else has experienced it, please comment.
    I’m a Levaquin victim, so came to this through Kerri Knox, so thanks Kerri.
    To me, actually FINDING some good food, vege’s included, and making meals out of them has so far been insurmountable.
    A cleanse with green juice and orange colored juice 30 years ago rid me of near-death tuberculosis in a week. The second week I reverted from age 44 to age 22 physically. I can no longer find the program ingredients.
    Regardless, there are some great ideas and attitudes displayed here- thank you all!

  30. Joy says:

    I have tried many ways of eating. Each one of the ways felt good for a certain amount of time. Now that I am older and have the experience of life and the choices we make I have a better understanding of what is good “for me”. And what is good for me may not work for “you”. I am grateful for the information that came out of the debate and acknowledge the experts and their opinions.

    Eating healthy and exercise are the best things I have done to keep my health through out the years. Also as important is how we think.

    The mind is so powerful that we have to take into consideration our thoughts and how we feel about our selves.

    Whether you are a vegan, or meat eater, balance is the key.

  31. Philip says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

    Hope someone can cut thru the paralyzing non sense. 🙂

    If there’s anything I can do let me know….


  32. rogerS says:

    Oh yes- I forgot.
    What I liked best: No’s 5 & 12 of the comment,
    No’s 5, 20 & 23 of the responses.

  33. Mila Ilina says:

    This entire experience has been so enriching and eye-opening.. it clarified some of my confusion, created more confusion, but mostly it brought me back to what has always felt intuitive.. WHY NOT GET BEST OF BOTH WORLDS? Because there’s truth on ALL sides!

    The funny thing… I even wrote an article the day the debate started titled “So Many Diet Trends, What in the World Should I Eat?”.

    I was curious how my view would change after the debate, but once all said and done, I think I’m back to where I started.. this time more confident on where I stand. Lol

    Mila 😉

  34. Pamela D says:

    Of these top 12 blog posts it’s a tie between #2 and #12, which echo each other. If I’m looking for something to reinforce my belief system, that focus goes right along with losing flexibility. One antidote? Listen to conflicting points of view. Thanks, Kevin, for making that possible!

    Addendum: my close second is #5’s emphasis of monitoring your health with blood tests. Important no matter what diet you follow!

  35. SueS says:

    Where these actual blog posts or comments to your blog posts? When I read the header thought you were going to link to other blogs discussing their thoughts on the health debate that you put together.

  36. Tanya says:

    Yes! William3 hit home with me: “The real debate, I believe, should be between (us) . . . and Big Ag, Big Pharma and the FDA.” Thanks for highlighting his astute & articulate post.

    Yes! Whether you are vegan, omni, or other, we all face with toxicity in our lives. These three are big players in our health & food systems/policy and one thing is certain; our health is not their bottom line! If we believe diet is an important path to wellness, then we must all collectively put our energy into conscientiously objecting. EVERYONE write-in & opt-out of this unhealthy system!

    I’m not a fan of demonizing anything/anyone except that Monsanto really IS the devil guys!

    Yes! After reading nearly 2,000 posts among many other tasks (I’m sure), heed mother Celia’s “advice” and give your system a rest from all of this. <3

  37. eleni says:

    My intuition say that I do not need to listen to any debates.My mother just recently died at the time that everything was on.I had to be off the computer.
    I’m sure many people benefit and I congratulate you for all you have done for the world.
    Thank you

  38. Randy says:

    Perhaps in a few hundred years we will know what is the best diet and food sources for our nutrition. Let’s hope that by then there is still enough healthy food in whatever form to go around!

  39. Can you say information overload !!!!!!!!! LOL We need to listen to our own bodies, what feels right for us. We are all alike but different, just like snowflakes. Above all DON”T stress. It’s all about BALANCE. and to love one another no matter what that individual is going through

  40. Okay, you don’t want to “label” yourself. But I just wondered if you have shared your stance on the use of animals for diet and clothing purposes. Do you guys personally drink raw milk or eat animal products? Do you have thoughts on the people with the high meat diets and the sustainability worldwide?

    I get that you had all of these people debating but just wondering if you guys “took a stance”, for yourselves anyway.
    What are your views on Sally Fallon? On Mercola and Krill Oil? On Michael Pollan? On the large amount of raw packaged foods from all over the world?

  41. Must there be a label on people? Is it necessary that we all have labels???? I am not a can of tuna that has to have a label!! LOL

  42. Connie says:

    Liked #8 and 12 the best…I have been at this for a long time and totally agree with those two comments….we can miss the big picture of life by dissecting too much. 80 /20 rule in life in general. light and love.

  43. Connie says:

    Oh!!! Forgot! also must add in #2 as my fav along with #8 and #12. 2, 8 and 12 by far. Love these people’s comments. couldn’t have said it better.


  44. ET says:

    Kevin and Annmarie;
    This is just to THANK YOU and your ‘team’ for the Great Debate and everything else you do and have done!!…….and also just to let you know there are MANY of us who listen and learn from you…we may not be loudly vocal on here….but we ARE listening…….we talk about you/this site and what you have to say!
    And yes..then we DO it…like getting off our butts and Moving!!……LOL

    Now the question I have is – WHY do I or does anyone else NEED a LABEL?…….why does anyone have to be taking a stance, choosing a side or waving a flag? It is really not necessary…….we are humans…….we eat…..what we eat is a personal choice.

    How about being a CONSCIOUS eater and consumer?……Has anyone ever listened to…..….I wonder……how about we really think about what WE do….not someone else……us personally…..take resposibility for what we do, what we eat, and how and where we get the food we eat……

    I have quietly listened (and watched and read old posts and Videos) to Kev and Annmarie with delight for almost a year……and to me they have said the truth all along….get YOUR body tested………find out what YOUR body needs……pay attention to what you are putting in YOUR body……and how YOUR body reacts to that food…..

    Thank you so much Kevin and Annmarie……you have put me and my family back on the road – to recovering our health, taught me so much, continue to teach, introduced me to so many health ‘professionals’ that I did not know existed. (and we learn from them also)

    We all appreciate what you have done with this debate and all of the research you do.

    I do a lot of my own research finding out what works for me and MY family……..just wanted to say that of everyone we listen to – we all believe you two to be honest and totally sincere…….for that you have our highest accolades!

    TY to Kev and Annmarie
    With Love and Respect

  45. Marj says:


  46. I asked for their opinion because although we all eat what we want, they are obviously making this their profession and was just wondering if they had talked about their current philosophy. Since they are making their living being health people, I just was wondering what they do personally. Like if you went to a doctor and they tell you this and that, but I always like to know what they personally choose and often it isn’t “this or that”. Often the oncologist would never have anyone in his/her family do chemo. Often the gynecologist would take testosterone for low sex drive but would not suggest it to their patients because it isn’t in the “normal” line up. Often a doctor may take some plants for high cholesterol or exercise yet just gives pills to patients, as he/she may not think the patient wants to take on additional responsibility for their own health and the doc only has a few minutes to “fix” the problem. Granted, Kevin and Ann Marie aren’t docs, but they have been immersed in these debates and have been rubbing shoulders with all the Who’s Who in the “Natural” Health World. So I didn’t consider it an argumentative or intrusive question to wonder what their personal take was on all of it.

    And Wayne Dyer was a cheat??? Didn’t know that, but just another example of, what is your personal outlook as it isn’t always obvious 🙂
    Yes, don’t kill the messenger, but that’s a bummer. A bummer because it is more difficult to see people talk about those types of subjects and not include that information. It makes it seem more unattainable because you think if this is happening in his life, then how do all of us “unenlightened”, “un living in utter bliss 24/7” people create an ethical, meaningful life?

    Or is it that 24/7 bliss and always “being present” are lofty goals and that most of us won’t get there this lifetime? Maybe being present some of the time and having ups and downs is more normal and maybe there is nothing wrong with that.

    Was it that he wasn’t “truly present”? Just a little wee bit of a bummer. Still thinking the Dalai Lama won’t have any sex scandals, please……!!!!

  47. Love all the comments you’ve chosen!! Number 2 was really good. All these comments I think give the best overview of the intention, direction and purpose of the what we were supposed to take from the GHD.

    I also really like 9 and 10.. I was rather frustrated with the posts being made on the Fallon/Tuttle night, simply because certain people have pure hate or so it seems for any information that ‘dares’ to say animal products might be healthy. Definitely wild random accusations about WAP foundation being associated with commercial meat production! Quite the opposite promoting the support natural whole food & small local caring farming methods!

    I applaud you Kev, being an avid vego for defending this as well. It shows you’re truly open minded and able to see the big picture the world needs to hear. I’m sure this will encourage many to back down (a little at least!) and see the forest for the trees.

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