Was the Great Health Debate a Success or a Failure? : My Thoughts and Grades

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dr gabriel cousens tree of life
Will peace ever prevail between health experts?

Today, I’m going to put myself under the microscope and “grade” how or if I accomplished my original objectives for putting on the Great Health Debate.

This will give you a little insight into what I was thinking before, during and – now – after the event and what my initial intentions were for you and the health world in general.

When I’m finished, I’d like you to objectively grade how you feel I accomplished or didn’t accomplish these goals!

So here are my own grades based on how I feel I accomplished my objectives…

Objective 1: Put all the health views out on the table.

My first objective for the event was to put all the views out on a table so we could look (listen) at them in, hopefully, a non-biased way.

I’ve always felt that in order to get better at something you have to listen to all types of opinions – as long as they’re coming from people who are already good at what you want to do.

Many people are so closeminded and unwilling to even listen. This stiffness is a sickness that leads to failure.

I had it once and listening cured me.

So getting varying opinions was foremost on the list. But as much as I wanted as many ideas as possible, I realized that I was never going to be able to include everyone, so I can’t say all opinions were represented.

But a wide range of diet beliefs were touched on, which I think was a success.

Some of you were asking for more specific information on illness and healing, which I completely understand why – you want to heal! For this event, it was just not possible to include all of that as well or it would have been a 56 night production.

But, back to the original objective of presenting all opinions, another challenge I faced was experts not agreeing (or we could not reach) to be a part of the event, so we did miss some important contribution from them as well.

Notable were Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Mark Hyman (scheduling issue), Dean Ornish (never responded), and Dr. Neal Barnard (never responded).

Grade: B

Objective 2: Do something that was never done before.

Never before have a group of experts like this shared a stage before, and I don’t think they ever will.

When I produced the Raw Summit almost 4 years ago, that type of event had never been done before. When the Rawkathon came along, I raised my own personal bar and made the same style of event into a video program.

I knew this time I had to bring my A game again to create something different, exciting and educational.

This event, like I said, would never be a live event.

If you take a look on the event blog at the comments for the call with Sally Fallon and Will Tuttle you’ll understand why this discussion is too heated for a public forum.

We had almost 500 posts that were completely polarized.

In public, that could escalate beyond name calling and criticism.

Without the Internet there is no Great Health Debate, so I think this objective was met.

The event has not been done before to this magnitude.

We had 40,000 plays on the first call with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Cousens. That’s literally a small a stadium full of people!

On the negative side, as you know, I did want EVERY expert to debate in discussion format like the first night, but that was not possible due to unwillingness and, at times, scheduling.

Maybe next time…

Grade: B+

Objective 3: Create a more unified group of leaders.

I think I was living in Care-a-Lot where fluffy teddy bears send love from the images etched on their bellies on this one.

I’m an open and accepting guy, so sometimes I think everyone else is too.

I didn’t want every expert to change their views, I just wanted more cooperation.

What I found was, most experts don’t want to get together.

They don’t want to be challenged and they don’t want to debate.

I do think if I knew some of the leaders better, I would have been able to get more of them to debate – but even then I wonder if that would be the case.

We, as a health community, need a more unified group of leaders for many reasons…

We need to fight factory farming.

We need to fight monoculture.

We need to fight packaged foods.

We need to fight a whole host of things that we’re all united about, but in order to do so we – as leaders – need to get out of our own way.

Getting out of our own way, is definitely going to take longer that I thought.

“Care Bears, STARE!”

Grade: D

Objective 4: Stir up the pot.

I feel you become better when you’re challenged.

Like a muscle – tearing at first – gets stronger when a weight is lifted, we get sharper and stronger when we consider things that make us think.

This event was meant to tear you down a little and make you stronger in your beliefs.

It did so for me, I’m sure it did for you.

Pot officially stirred. Check.

Mind sharper and stronger. Check.

Grade: A

Objective 5: Open the discussion.

Like a floodgate.

Just look at the conversation around the call with Will Tuttle and Sally Fallon. There is a lot of discussion to be had and we are now having it.

The discussion was not only contained on the blog, it was on Facebook and message boards as well.

We need this discussion, like I said above, to flex our minds.

That’s all positive, but I did not anticipate the negative as well.

There is can be so much negativity in blog posts and writing that at times it depresses me.

I don’t mind helpful or even biting criticism, what I don’t like are lies, assumptions and name calling.

So the discussion has been opened (and much of it is good), but some of the fringes need to be cut and trimmed a little.

Grade: B-

Objective 6: Create a new level of health knowledge and understanding.

After my call with Will Tuttle, we stayed on the phone for a couple of minutes and he explained what I was doing was a Hegelian approach to health knowledge.

I know who Hegel is, but had no idea I was doing what he taught. In fact, I think I copied someone else’s homework to pass that class. 😉

From my understanding and what Will explained, the Hegelian way is to bring opposites together to create a new understanding and meaning.

Well, if that’s what Hegel did, then Hegelian it is.

Yes, I wanted to create a new level of knowledge – a deeper understanding – by putting on this event.

For some of you this happened. For others it did not. But I think that’s how it always is.

Grade: B

Objective 7: Stay completely objective.

What exactly is completely objective?

Personally, I don’t think it’s possible to be complete objective.

Every decision is made with a bias.

But for this event, I tried my best.

We had 7 experts who advocate some or more animal foods.

We had 7 that advocate no animal foods.

We had a few that are hard to categorize.

I never let my own opinions sway the line of questioning and I did my best to understand each viewpoint and help the expert present it clearly.

Where I feel short was on my personal critical analysis of the calls on the blog. There was no way I could be completely objective there.

I didn’t want to be.

I could have done a non-biased post every day on the event blog, but that would have been biased as well, since I would have picked what I wanted to summarize and that I wanted to leave out.

I also fell short on asking some more challenging questions at times, but it’s very easy to listen afterwords and be critical of yourself.

Next time, if there is one, I’ll be better than I was this time – it’s always the case!

Grade: C+

In total, it would be nice to get an A for this project, but I can’t bring myself to award a score that high.

There were some things in my control and others out of my control, but they all contribute to overall experience of the event for you and the implications of an event like this for the health world as a whole.

My total grade: B

I want to hear from you: What do you think? Did the teacher grade me too high? Or did I get the short stick? Click here to post your comments on the blog and share your thoughts…

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Karen says:

    You did an awesome job, Kevin! It was wonderful to get all this info. Now I’m in a better position to choose what is right for me.

  2. Buddy says:

    I feel B is a fair grade. . . but an A for effort in putting this together. I was disappointed in the last night (the clips by Gerson & Campbell more than made up for it). I consider myself open minded but the debates made me even more so.

    I do wish there had been a written rebuttal from each respective expert limited to only matters raised by the opposing expert.

  3. Sandy says:

    Thank you for what you did. It impacted my life. I am still “digesting” all the information and asking questions and working to be healthier. But how can I grade a sunrise or a random comment that changes my mind? Just know that you are AWEsome. Thank you

  4. Susan E Roth says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Thank you for trying this grand experiment. I personally wish it was spread out over a little longer time period, because there was so much to digest. Also, I did not get to hear all the tapes, and being on disability, will not be able to purchase them. That being said, I think you did a pretty good job of being fair and open minded. I also think you did a good job of letting each guest have their say, especially when you did the “one person at a time” format. Thanks again. I enjoyed what I had time to listen to.

  5. Yogi Suzi says:

    Kevin, what you did was boldly courageous! Many people got their feathers ruffled and, more than that, listeners got the chance to either feel validation in what they were already doing and/or to look at alternatives. I hope that most of the feedback that you got was kind. I give you an A and I listened to almost every interview twice! Thank you Kevin! For those who did not get to listen to all of it, I think it would be a great investment and the price is low!

  6. michael says:


  7. Dejana says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I couldn’t listen to the calls but I plan to buy them. I listened Mercola/Cousens, and that in itself was a huge learning. I was very surprised that Dr Cousens honestly shared that the percentage of vegans who have problems on a diet is higher than he would like, and during the call I felt I got to know both speakers more personally. It felt like eavesdropping on a private conversations between experts which we usually never have the privilege to hear. Thank you!

  8. Mark says:

    Although I appreciate that you attempted to get more information out to everyone, I feel you mainly stirred the pot with a lopsided spoon.

    If you are a seeker of truth and grounded in a more natural lifestyle, you’ll know what to look for and not need a dozen people with different viewpoints to confuse you, especially if you are entrenched in today’s culture and not based in finding the truth. In my opinion, only 1 or 2 speakers provided anything close to the truth and the one I really wanted to hear from was not invited.


  9. Yvonne says:

    Kevin, I think you did a wonderful job and I have gained a much better understanding of what a healthy diet looks like for me. Even though many different views were voiced, many commonalities were present as well and I took from each speaker what made sense to me and what I felt would work for me. I, for one, loved the format and was glad it wasn’t a debate. Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting this event on!!

  10. Dan Hegerich says:

    Hello Kevin,

    We can all improve after the fact and I think you deserve an A on the merits of integrity, compassion and service. Everything else is a matter of fine tuning. You put it together that is an A, you followed through in generosity that is an A, you constantly blasted my email box with offers that was a C, and it was obvious that you put in mucho hours to pull this off that is an A. Improvements on your part are minimal because some of the improvements would need to come from the prospective debators to manage their passion into compassion. Compassion is necessary for an open discussion on views. Did I feel that some of the experts stretching their righteousness and dogma-absolutely and therefore they get a D. What I would love to see and participate in is those who where under severe health and life challenges only to triumph. I myself experienced terminal cancer 6X and listening to the experts who haven’t had it all that bad seem to miss some elements to health and healing. Overall you opennened me up to you and how you are severing others as we march in the direction towards perfection, wholeness and oneness.

    With Great Love and Gratitude,

    Dan Hegerich
    Do The C.U.R.E.
    Lenox MA USA

  11. Marg says:

    I would definitely give you an A on your interviewing skills and your ability to remain objective on the calls, Kevin. I also liked the format. Cousens and Mercola were very good about promoting what they both agreed on and learning from each other but I don’t think every speaker would have tried to find that much common ground. I don’t think you could have created a more unified group of leaders and got the range of views that you presented. Really too bad that some of the speakers you mentioned could not be accommodated or did not return your call but you managed to present a lot of diverse opinions.
    It was great to hear the different viewpoints and the message to do what works for you (ethically and morally as well as physically) came across loud and clear in the end.
    The only change I would have made was to have one of the speakers who summed it up be a successful vegan – I’ve been vegan for 16 years and vegetarian before that and I feel so much better than I did on a meat/dairy diet. I know there is lots of successful vegans out there but I did feel that, while there was a lot of good, motivating info in the sum up, it was somewhat biased. I was glad T. Colin Campbell was on the same day as I thought he balanced things out.
    Thank you for your awesome, tireless work on this and on your other projects.

  12. Tofu Cat says:

    I commend you for what you created and the way you presented it. I was at times in awe and amazed at the level of neutrality you were able to maintain…as I myself blurted out comments in response to what I was hearing. Almost impossible not to do that! All throughout, you calmly asked the questions that were appropriate for each speaker. The variety of speakers and viewpoints was awesome; if we choose to listen to all speakers and views expressed, I guarantee we can walk away with some knowledge or information we can apply to our own lives or someone we know…regardless of the differences in basic
    philosophies. Thank you for putting your passion, time and effort into this event. “A”
    Now…take time for recess!

  13. Susan Laing says:

    I loved this open debate Kevin! I did nt get to listen to everyone but the folks that I did get to listen to were great. A lot of what I felt about health was confirmed! Which is reassuring(;
    I think you did a great job getting these health experts on board Kevin! So well done to you~applause!(; One thing I became much much more aware about the low cholesterol issue among raw vegans and I understand now why I ve been craving a Thai green coconut everyday ha!! Body wisdom working at its best(;

  14. Caryl DeHerrera says:

    I thought it was awesome!
    Hope you continue this and have more…;-)
    It’s weird how the brain works at first you may not be able to hear everything but later when you need it you can say “oh I heard that on The Great Debate”
    You Rock!!

  15. Cathy says:

    I think you did a “Class Act”, Kevin. I’m not so sure it can be defined in terms of a “grade” but I think a B sounds pretty good and I applaud your effort to evaluate the outcome. It was tremendously inspiring and a wonderful way to present different sides of the coin, many of which I would never have known about before. You are completely right that we need a unified group of leaders in order to fight the current food industry and poor agricultural practices that are poisoning us all. You took the first step! That’s HUGE!!

  16. Valorie says:

    You totally get an A+ in my book Kevin. Thank you for your courage, tenacity and hard work. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

  17. Amber says:

    Kevin – What you did was amazing. I think you got the short end of the stick. I would say A+ I loved every second of the debate and glad you put in so much effort. I appreciate everything. Thank You!

  18. Julie Sutheland says:

    Kevin, I really appreciate your willingness to jump in, with both feet, and do something courageous, like putting on this GREAT HEALTH DEBATE. I think the knowledge I/we obtained over the past week was outstanding!
    Enjoyed hearing the many different viewpoints from “the experts” in our health community. After listening to your DEBATE, I feel I’m better able to pick and choose what’s right for me. Thank you!!!

  19. Ann says:

    Kevin…..your effort is beyond grading. So many people have given you a positive response, to which I add my voice. And perhaps for me the stretch came with devoting so much time listening to people I would have filed away for “someday” as I do tend to listen to the people I already know I agree with. Still time at 72 to be more open-minded.
    Thank you
    Ann (Ireland)
    ps got a kick out of your video..making mayonnaise with Anne Marie from Carrageen moss (Irish seaaweed). My granny would make a sort of dessert from it….especially if you were ill in bed. It’s very gentle on the stomach.

  20. margot says:

    I was pretty mesmerized by the talks. Usually i lose my focus after a while but this was really compelling and i stuck with it all week. So thanks for that! I loved W. Tuttle’s talk, especially. so inspiring, and compassionate. thankyou so much for including him. I prefer eating wild game (and grass fed). But even w. grass fed humane treatment etc. they still endure the same terror as factory animals at the slaughter house. Don’t those released stress hormones taint the end product?
    Many, many thanks Kevin and Annemarie for this valuable week of education. I give you a B+ . margot

  21. Sue Rushford says:

    Aw, Kevin, you’re too hard on yourself – I’d have to give you an A for effort, an A in most of those categories listed – really the only thing that could have been better was perhaps some more challenging questions.

    I was a bit annoyed at what initially seemed to me to be in imbalance of more Paleo/Primal folks to vegan folks (and tho I’ve completed Dr. Campbell’s Plant-Based Nutrition program, I have no problem with the V-word 😉 and don’t consider it a dirty or negatively loaded word), but first of all, pro-meat is actually more representative of the general population – and secondly, it was good to hear most of them seemed like really cool people – esp the Mark’s Daily Apple guy & Sean Croxton – tho Sally Fallon’s comment about CAFO animals not suffering other than their final blow was really too much for me and unfortanately really turned me off.

    I was so thoroughly impressed with how calmly this whole program was done – without flared emotions – I suppose the formatting helped.

    I’ve now got such a Great Debate Hangover – I need to catch up on my sleep now! What I’m doing different now is really making sure to take my algae-based DHA, my food-based D, and my food-based B consistently. I have no problem with supplements – we no longer live in an indigenous society, in a pristine environment. I don’t even have earth to stay grounded or sunlight or spring water – I live in a cement, EMF-filled, indoor air, car-to-office-to-gym, chem-trail world.

    Congrats on a phenomenal program – and thank you so, so much for sharing all this, all your hard work, all the experts’ hard work. I can only imagine how much heart and soul and love and prep hours you put into this – can’t give you anything less than an A!

  22. Jim Buechler says:

    I listened every day to most if not all of every day. You did a fine job. Not everyone can be pleased with the debate all the time. I look forward to the next one.



  23. JW says:

    You get A+++ in my book Kevin!!! Bravo! Many worthwhile endeavors are not easy and can be messy and seem imperfect at the time. I see these discussions as a catalyst for even further progress in understanding truth. You had great intent and many will benefit over time. Thanks for lighting the spark and creating opportunity for all to flame the fire. Keep up the excellent work. Cheers!

  24. Jim says:


    Overall this project was a successful start. I think you’re being too hard on yourself bro! I wonder if a person’s Blood Type may create a stronger connection to a specific eating modality than we know…I have heard all sorts of theories on this but nothing that is backed by a significant amount of scientifically backed studies…have you?

  25. Molly says:

    I thought the event was an overall disappointment. What a feat to get all these “experts” together, I had high expectations. First of all, it became apparent that many of these people were by no means “experts”, a more appropriate term is “self-proclaimed expert”. This event in many ways was not a success because as people were going on and on about their views, there was no challenge from Kevin on pertinent issues. For example we are living in a completely different time these days than the cavemen, we are not in survival mode, and we are in a time of unprecedented toxicity which is a good reason alone to eat lower on the food chain. I thought Gabriel Cousens did the best job in presenting trends in research and science, while giving reasons for his choice, and also realizing that everyone will come to their own conclusions. He may have been the only one also who does his own research and clinical observation. I noticed that the meat eaters seemed violently and militantly opposed more than others to listening to the “whole picture”. Especially Daniel Vitalis and Sally Fallon. Daniel proclaiming that vegetarianism or veganism is a religion, whereas his lifestyle also seems like quite a religion, his own. The fact is we all are spiritual beings, and it may be time to evolve in a way that heals our diseases but also the earth, as we are all only microcosms of our planet. These debates ended up seeming silly and redundant, and like I said, disappointing. Especially the last night, (experts?) a total waste of time.

  26. Natalie says:

    Kevin, i think you deserve an A for your efforts. I have learnt more this week than i have in years and I have greatly enjoyed listening to everybody. The speakers that stood out to me were Gabrielle, Donna, Frederic, Daniel, and Will. Thank you so much for giving everyone the opportunity to learn from these people. Please put on another event soon! Love Nat xx

  27. Philip says:

    Geeeezzzz Kevin. That series was so incredibly helpful I’m glad I bought it !
    I will listen to this whole thing again. And I’m looking forward to the bonus material too.

    Here is what I don’t understand. If so many people agree on factory farming problems and animal abuse, why the hell can’t we get leaders around that? Even a coalition of the the willing. Is no one interested? Even the experts eating animal products agree that the abuse of the animals is disgusting. So sort of humane regulation advocacy leadership.

    Why don’t leader/experts with common interests such as these, team up with leaders from let’s say something like Farm Aid who also want to stop factory farming?

    Feel like I’m takin crazy pills here… 😉

    Peace & Gratitude for the series…. Philip.

  28. Emily says:

    I think you did a wonderful job putting it all together and an A for effort!!
    That being said, I know it was out of your control, but I would have really loved the more “debating style” of the first call rather than 2 calls back to back. I also wish there had been more space in between calls, like spread out over 2 weeks maybe? I work long shifts and missed some calls and due to disability (low income) I can’t afford to purchase these calls even though I wish I could!
    I do think some questions ended up being a little one sided, but hey that is nearly impossible (as you said) to be totally non-judgemental!

    Really loved listening and learning to what I got the chance to hear and I would love to see rebuttals as suggested before. Thanks a million 🙂

  29. Lou says:

    Kevin, what you created and delivered was a significant accomplishment, one I trust you are feeling very good about. A classroom grading does not and cannot convey the outcome of your undertaking. The speakers made their points, based on their own experiences and belief systems–obviously, the topic of health, healing, as related to nutrition, is not a one-size-fits-all message. General information and personal views were shared, now it up to the receivers to discover what will work the best on an individual basis.

    The early-on technical issues I experienced was a negative, but addressed and corrected by the third evening. Thank you for the response.

  30. Patrcik says:

    I think you deserve an A for pulling this together so that even us Swedish people could listen without having to fly to USA.

    Also not many people gather 7 pro meat and 7 against meat under one roof.

    Keep up the good work!

  31. Ann Patterson says:

    AAA+++. For effort, charisma, challenge, generosity, openness, and inspiration to make it happen. Thank you so much. Love my new B12 patches. Thank you both for all that you do to spread the word. I love what you had to say above about putting differences aside and attacking the big issues that we all agree on…Putting GMO “foods” into the garbage can, releasing seeds from the grips of Monsanto, allowing food freedom including raw dairy to reign in the land, getting publicly funded crap out of school lunches and off of our grocery shelves, forcing real honesty in marketing and testing (food and “drugs”), and eliminating monoculture farming and CAFOs. Until the conscientious eaters of the world unite, the USDA and FDA and Monsanto forces at work against us will continue to thrive. Again, Thank you so much! Look forward to not hearing from either of you this weekend…at the very least! Fondly, Ann

  32. Meggy says:

    This was all really interesting. I am still interested in hearing Dr. Campbell. Did you say you were going to have him present or is that now off the table?
    Thank you again. Glad to hear all the speakers.

  33. Donna says:

    I think you get an A+ for putting this together, moderating it with patience and openess. Frankly, I feel dissolutioned by all of these “experts”. Some of them presented facts that weren’t facts at all, but rather information to advance their own position whether or not it was factual. I hate to sound so negative. I seek out the truth so that perhaps I might share a nugget of information that would make a difference in someone’s health and my health as well. I am afraid that (not all but) some of these people just want to advance their own careers.

  34. I think that it was a A+…great job Kevin. I learned so much and it made me think about things that had never crossed my mind before. Loved it!

  35. Magda says:

    Kevin, you deserve a definite A for effort and for execution. I really enjoyed some of the calls; however…

    I felt like instead of the Great HEALTH Debate, this was the Great MEAT Debate. I felt like much of the debate focused on whether or not we should eat meat, which I think is fairly irrelevant in the big picture of overall health. I really wish we could have spent more time on health in general, and especially focus on the areas where the experts have commonalities.

    In the end, I have to say that the focus on meat and some of the opinions regarding this make me wish I hadn’t tuned in. I did learn good things from Donna Gates though, so thank you for that.

  36. QC says:

    Kevin, I think you deserve an A for your efforts! So much to learn from, yet I remain firm on my stand.

    Two things that I personally think could be improved. First, it would be much better if the videos are spread out a little bit more, maybe just one day in between. But then I can always upgrade…

    Second, I was a little bit disappointed for the final night. Mike and Sean, they were presenting their ideas more than summing up the debate. I like your analysis a lot more.

    All in all, it was such a great event. Thank you so very much for putting it together!

  37. Sharon says:

    As far as being objective, the goal was HEALTH, not slaughterhouse issues or animal torture or karma or any other religious opinions. Is meat healthy? Is it beneficial? Or not? I think you did very well at being objective. Some of the speakers clearly were not objective.

    It would be fun to grade the speakers. How about setting up a survey so we can see the popularity of each speaker?

  38. Alina says:

    Hi Kevin,
    You are too harsh on yourself. You remind me of me. Anyway you did great. In the” being objective” category I think that you deserve a higher score. I do not know what questions you wanted to ask and you didn’t but when listening to your questions someone were not able to figure out if you are a vegan or a meat eater. You had no bias at all.

  39. Sonja says:

    If you didn’t want an A you wouldn’t have been the person who made this great effort that benefited so many. But really you didn’t need to be perfect. An effort to help people, animals, the environment can’t really be judged. So go ahead and keep tying to improve yourself but all I feel is gratitude for what you have offered me and all of us. I give you an A for showing Sally Fallon that Vegetarians can keep their temper while being insulted! Relax this weekend and be proud of a job well done!

  40. Deborah says:

    Wonderful Job – definitely A++. You definitely accomplished what you set out to do. This has been the best health event on line I have run across. I never understood why vegans and vegetarians ate that way. I gained a better understanding that will allow me to be more compassion towards them. I am still a meat-eater but learned enough to convince me to try some different ways to eat. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into this! Loved Dr. Mercola – he is awesome! Dr. Cousins, too.

  41. Debra Burke says:

    I thought you deserved an A-. I think for true comparison, I would have liked the same questions posed to all in addition to the more-individualized questions that came up in response to what was being said. It would have been good to get every one’s ideas about salt and ideal form of salt, grains, super foods, supplements, goitrogens. It would have been good to ask all for any brief and respectful comments regarding anything they’d heard from others in the debate.

  42. JW says:

    Kevin, something to consider…with the trust you’ve earned with such a broad audience, if we all pitched in, you could organize, manage and fund studies/research with reputable organizations on some of the most critical issues. If you start will small successes and people see the benefits, more will be attracted and enable larger projects. Just thinking of ways to further leverage your good will and talents. 🙂

  43. Micki Jacobs says:

    I suggest that you read:

    “plant-animal subsistence ratios and macronutrient energy estimations in worldwide hunter-gatherer diets”

    Wrangham’s Catching Fire

    Taubes’ Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It

    and, after reading those, re-look at some of the other info provided by your speakers and in the books and studies you cited. This DOESN’T lead to the conclusion that plant dominant diets are the healthiest, but leads to a more nuanced and different conclusion. Plants are still there, but animal proteins look more evolutionarily supported with this additional insight. We are the cooking ape who evolved eating more fats, more protein and different carbs than we are promoting today. We have the nutritional guidelines wrong.

  44. Tao Becker says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I was not able to listen to most of the presentations. I only caught a few. Of those I caught, I did appreciate hearing different views and why they came to those conclusions and what their main objections/concerns were regarding opposing recommendations. I also really appreciated hearing the ways that they did agree with each other.

    I appreciated you objectively asking them some specific questions about their thoughts regarding some points on the opposing view. However, it would have been nice to have more thorough structure to have each of them really prepared to thoroughly address as many specific oppositions (from other experts) to their recommendations as possible.

    We encounter many different views, but seldom do we hear each views thorough specific response to each major opposing argument. If I thought there would be that kind of detail covered more thoroughly and directly, then I would definitely buy the presentations. From those that I did catch, it seems that that was covered somewhat lightly and scattered. I would like to know if it was covered more thoroughly in some of the presentations I missed.

    I am particularly interested in exploring the views of an expert who believes that it may be optimal for some (or most or maybe all) people to include a small amount of animal based foods in their diet. To hear specifically what nutritional elements they think people may need from animal based foods and the best way to acquire those specific elements adequately with the most minimal consumption of animal products possible and in the most healthy, ecological and humane way (i.e. what specific animal products would best meet these needs most efficiently and a general range of quantity and frequency of consumption required to meet these needs).

    I would love to know if any of the experts in this presentation had such views along with specific recommendations (even if the specific recommendations were not presented thoroughly in this presentation). Those that I heard who did recommend the use of animal based foods were not frugal at all in their approach or did not seems to emphasize a particularly frugal approach. I think most people could get away with very minimal consumption of animal based foods. I think a frugal approach to use of animal based foods is a crucial factor in considering the ecology, reverence for other living beings and greater risks of exposure to contaminants higher up on the food chain.

    Thank you so much Kevin for your courage to take a broader look and explore differences as well as common ground with a wide range of approaches/views, and for encouraging us all to do the same. This is very valuable and refreshing.

    Love & Joy,

  45. Janet says:


    You get an A+ for sure! To put on a program like this with so many variables was awesome. It is not your fault that some don’t want to debate or that others didn’t even respond. You saw what you could do you and you did it while respecting all those involved. Continually you have done this and this is one reason why I continue to follow your blog. I think you take a very reasonable approach to things. Where people choose the balance is up to them but you present opinions and facts and allow them to do just that.

    Go rest. You deserve it. You worked hard and gave us an awesome program 🙂

  46. Steve says:

    Awesome!!!! Kevin….Thanks…Someone needed to do this

  47. Anne says:

    I was riveted to the whole experience. I give you an A+ for reasons which are reflected in those who would also giave you a good “grade”. I live alone and I’m mostly a raw vegan. I’m the only person I know personally who doesn’t cook. Sometimes it’s not easy to motivate myself to prepare fabulous healthy meals for one, month after month, year after year. This debate had me spinning in circles at times – is she right, is he right, does being right even matter? In the end I came to trust my own self and my own body, as do all of the people who spoke over these many days. For that you get an A++++++++ Kevin. In the end, it’s me who has personally been motivated to stay on this path of the Highest Good re health and wellness, no matter how difficult it gets at times – in part, thanks to your efforts and to this debate! Who knows how far and wide the ripple effect will spread from me and the countelss others who have listened and learned. Our collective level of consciousness has been raised and it WILL have an effect. Even those who disagree have been changed, whether or not they know or would admit that. YAY!!!!

  48. Janet says:

    I only have one request for you….see if you can get Dr. Wong on the program! You don’t have to be a meat eater to appreciate some of the things he presents. He has an amazing background in enzymes, physiology, herbology, and chemistry. He is also an old rites Catholic priest, a martial artist, and a specialist in treating sexual dysfunction in men and women.

    You did so awesomly! Can’t wait for your next idea to manifest 🙂

  49. Kevin – you did a great job – don’t be too hard on yourself! You will never get everybody to come to a single understanding on diet & health. That’s what makes this world turn – individuality. It was good to hear all the diverse perspectives, and I gained a lot for myself in respect to backing off a bit from strict Veganism! Your objectivity was excellent, and the entire week was awesome!

  50. Kevin,

    Thank you for making this Health Debate happen. I think it definitely created
    much needed awareness on the importance
    of health in this country and on the crisis
    that we are in! As a health advocate and a
    supporter of The Center for Food Safety in
    SF, I am searching for schools to further
    my education in Nutrition so that I can
    spread the word as you do.

  51. JW says:

    As a follow-on to the debate, I see the opportunity for several business ideas. You might consider surveying your audience for the top issues and then find a way to vet and summarize all of the research, supporting evidence and references on both sides of the issue and then offer your conclusions. Seems like a great idea for a website.

  52. Kevin, thank you very much for this very inspiring online event. Hearing all these views was very informative. It was really very interesting. Many greetings from Holland (Europe), Karin

  53. Moe says:

    A+ for me. The fact that you made an effort to have dialogues between all these experts were excellent. I don’t know whether anybody else has done what you did. Awesome Kevin. I did not listen to the whole 8 days but I listened to many of the experts and it was fantastic.

    By seeing most of these experts hanging on to their perspectives like a religious person reminds me to be more open minded to take on other people’s perspective. Bottom line we as species are evolving so as our knowledge so there’s no right or wrong way just learning and growing.

    Thank you so much kevin

  54. Mel says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I think you did a great job. I am sure it was not an easy task to try and bring together experts that were at times unwilling to be brought together. I too was surprised sometimes that it was fairly clear that opponents were not only unwillingly to talk directly to each other, but also clearly did very little in depth research into their opponents view points. I agree with you that this unwillingness to listen and be open minded is a big problem. I also was dissapointed that the commentary sometimes became disrespectful and harsh. Everyone please be careful and gentle with eachother. However, over all I still think it was a great, interesting, unique event.
    I send you and Annmarie some fluffy care bear kindness 🙂

  55. Melina says:

    The above post I meant to post as from Melina not Mel. I posted once as Mel and it seems to have changed my posting setting.

  56. Laura says:

    Thank you for opening up our minds to make more conscious and informed choices. I was most impressed with Dr. Cousens and Dr. T.Coin Campbell because they seem to have done most of their own research.The others seem to be ruled by passion.Debates would be a hard format. I think spacing the interviews out like every other night might make them more accessible. You get an A from me for making this happen.

  57. Kuru says:

    Great job, Kevin. It is not your responsibility to make the whole program an A+; you did your job well. I give you an A.

    As for hoping the leaders would unite, I can’t imagine that any of these people wouldn’t unite over basic food inequities that need to be addressed NOW: factory farming, monoculture, packaged foods, etc. These were the areas I felt agreement in; we just need more action, and perhaps that could have been addressed more; ie, ways to go about facilitating change. To really find some answers and generate excitement over that would have been a great outcome. Maybe that will be next!

    It was interesting to note the demeanor of the Vegetarians/vs the Meat Eaters. I wanted to stand back when the meat eaters took the mike! Good to have that to observe.

  58. George Fett MD DC says:

    Dear Kevin, Thank you for putting together this event. The choice of participants left me a little bit disappointed though. Many of your experts appear to have little if any clinical expertise. When you consider the backgrounds of Drs. Goldhammer,Cousens, Campbell and Charlotte Gerson, it would have made much more sense to invite clinicians who have opposing views with similar results–if any in fact exist. On a similar note I doubt if anyone could have shed more light and clarity than John McDougall MD. John is probably the most knowledgeable clinician in the world with regards to diet and nutrition. Dr. Campbell has expressed that opinion–so why was he not part of the program?

  59. Greg says:

    I was so impressed with this event. You really have to give yourself a warm embrace for the wonderful work you did to bring these people together and to give your audience a deeper understanding on where they stand on nutrition and health. I can be a fairly harsh critic and I felt no criticism necessary in regards to the Great Health Debate. Where else would a person be able to obtain such a quick education in the current mind set of most of the major players in alternative nutrition and healing? Nowhere! When something comes from the heart is shows. I feel blessed that you did this work for me. You are definitely a mentor to me. I’m 59, so age is no determinant when it comes to who can be my teacher.

    I was very pleased with the last night’s discussion and being able to hear both Charlotte Gerson and Dr. Campbell. I recognize that some of these people can be very rigid and didactic (my approach only, only one road to God or health) and was a bit disappointed in hearing Dr. Young, but Dr. Goldhamer was a revelation. The discussion between Dr. Mercola and Dr. Cousens was amazing.

    Thank you so much for doing this very necessary work. It is an extraordinary contribution to the field. What a wonderful world this would be if we all shared our passion for helping others the way you do. God Bless You, Kevin!

  60. Elke says:

    Some speakers were very interesting and you did a great job organizing the different debates. The one I admire the most is David Wolfe. He is so beautiful, intelligent and charismatic,living his raw food life style with great results. David Wolfe was also open-minded enough to accept that there are different diets for different people, and that was what I learned from the debate: Everybody is right but there is not one diet that works for everybody. Climate, lifestyle, and availability determine our choices. Raw plant food has probably the highest and best vibration to create a super human being (apart from avoiding animal cruelty) but a plant based diet with very little meat or fish might be ideal for many people. Also, there are millions of healthy Asians who eat rice and veggetables with very little meat.

  61. Barb says:

    Hi Kevin,
    You definately desrve an A! It was the best webinar seminar that I have ever listened to. Most seminars are just hour long commercials, but you kept the selling out of it and made it a very informative hour. Well worth my time. I appreciated that. I loved the divergent opinoins. I liked both Will Tuttle and Sally Fallon! I feel the divergent view points really gave me a much greater understanding of Health. Several presenters said, “You have to figure out what works for you.” I agree with that.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  62. e says:

    I think the great health debate was easily a success.
    I know you copped a lot of stick from some people relating to this, but you guys are brilliant and I don’t doubt your intentions for a minute,
    Thanks for creating the space for such things to happen and thanks for your open mindedness 🙂

  63. Sophie says:

    I was on vacation last week and am just getting caught up on listening to the debates. Great work in my opinion and an A for the work it took to get this event together.

    Does anybody know what night was Will Tuttle and Sally Fallon? I thought it was night 7 (Feb 12), but that transcript and audio seem to be for Mark Sisson et al. Can’t find the Tuttle/Fallon audio.


  64. Tom says:

    You get an A+ for effort and the courage to put this event together. You did a great job of bringing a number of my highly respected teachers such as David Wolfe, Mike Adams, Donna Gates, etc. together for debates and commentary. I listened with an open mind to hear all points of view and then let my inner
    intellect guide me forward. Some of my views were altered and some fortefied.
    The last night with Mike Adams and Sean Croton was great and represented how we should all live our lives by changing our opinions and life styles as new information becomes available. Great Show.

  65. Jo Claysong says:

    I listened to all the speakers, and learned some new things from each. I certainly appreciate the work you did to make this possible. It would have been helpful to me if you would have listed the day and date rather than day 1, day 2, etc. I though that you were one of the more excellent speakers, the day that you were interviewed.

  66. Melanie says:

    I thought you did an awesome Job on all the categories you mentioned above…don’t be so hard on yourself! A for sure!


  67. Ashira says:


    Thank you so much! I give you an “E” for “Excellent.” I appreciate how you let some speakers express their views passionately without getting caught in the middle of a battle. The way that this debate was executed was perfect given how insulting & condescending that a couple of speakers were. That just showed their own ignorance. Most of the information was top notch. Growth seems to happen where there is conflict. You gave us all a great platform for this.

    This was a good “starter.” Now, as all of this information & opposing viewpoints “ferment”, I can digest the information so much better without all of the confusion as to what to eat. I could see how this basic discussion could go in the future. I personally would like to hear more about how we can listen to our bodies better to determine what we need to eat, whether by blood analysis, constitutional analysis, taking tests such as the nutritional typing, how we uniquely utilize nutrients in metablic typing, eating by intuition & communicating with our bodies.

  68. Randy says:

    Thank you for so much hard work. I truly appreciate that you chose to investigate the most difficult part of dietary theories: how to reconcile conflicting information. It is no small undertaking. I admire your logistical skills in making it all happen, in rounding up interesting and knowledgeable speakers and in your deft ability to MC the interviews.

    The series has already led me to look further into these speakers- some of whom I knew- to start a fast, and to investigate Dr. John McDougall and Dr. Diana Schwarzbein and their approaches to eating and health.

    This debate is open ended and endless and I only hope that you can push these results out to mainstream media and channels and claim larger rewards.

    Thanks again!

  69. Chris says:

    Thank you SO MUCH, Kevin, for putting on this amazing health debate! I thought is was awesome. I was able to listen to every speaker. I find it interesting that on the night when I was feeling confused and overloaded with different points of view, I was talking with my daughter and realized why it was personally important for me to have participated in this week. I thank you for that.

    Now, as a Mom, I have to kind of scold you. Sorry, Kevin, but most of what you rated yourself on you had no absolute control over! I thought you did an incredible job on all levels. You invited different points of view. You can’t be held responsible for lack of response. I thought you were very objective and treated each guest with respect and dignity. I could go on, but I won’t. I respect the hard work you did this week, and I’d give you a resounding “A” all the way around. Okay, maybe an “A-“. There’s always room for improvement. WAY TO GO!!!!! Now, go get some rest………….

  70. Sherri says:

    Kevin… A+
    We are not the same as previous generations, so it seems insane to recapture the 100-mil+ yrs and figure it out? We are evolving – forward thinking and creating. None of us are 100-mil+ yrs old so “NO ONE” knows this! In short scientific studies mean little – fascinating, yes!

    Humans, will adapt to any environment and can thrive as in all cultures. That’s really all they did, where ever the indigenous lived, so they stayed, and created. We are blessed to have all things available to us readily now… how can this be negative? If they could of ordered online… surely they would have too 😉

    With choice, is more self-responsibility which is the larger issue since majority are sheepeople. We (mainly America) are the lost ones, since we are innovators, industrialized and now don’t know what to do. We have been raised to reject many whole earth balancing principles yet we are all striving to find it again. I am a believer in balance which includes technology.

    My favorite was the Cousens / Mercola interview. Both respectable, excellent points, gentlemanly and spiritually-mutual. All interviews were enjoyable.

    Personally, I still feel the natural foods, which means raw (off the tree) are healthiest overall – pretty obvious? I also see a place for meats, but I do not choose them. We can use other methods successfully – while diligently balancing. Stress is also a huge factor in lifestyles which affect the body greatly, fitness also…. All must be a balance, listen to our bodies – and our bodies do change all the time!

    Appreciate the debates ?

  71. christine says:

    Hi Kevin,

    While I agree with many of your points I think you were a little hard on yourself with the grading. I would give a A- overall. And that is only because nothing is perfect – however this was darn close considering you were working with some many different people with different ideas.

    Not only did I learn about others but I also learned a lot about myself. It was a challenge for me to keep an open mind when listening to views I do not personally agree with and to see some valid points to what was being said.

    I also agree with your comments about having more unified leaders and needing to “fight factory farming,fight monoculture, fight packaged foods and fight a whole host of things that we’re all united about, but in order to do so we – as leaders – need to get out of our own way.” I live in New Zealand and these issues are big issues here – it is a worldwide problem. I can give many examples but that is for another discussion. My final thoughs are that we (including me) should not just leave this fight to the leaders in the field but to make changes ourselves. Food consumers have a lot of power if we get together.

    Thanks again.

  72. Howard Veit says:

    I liked The Great Debate. The speakers were all stimulating and expanding my thinking, even though I didn’t agree with all of them. I would give the Debate a B+. Areas of improvement would be:

    1. Convince T. Colin Campbell to be a main part of the program, not an add-on. His contribution is key to the discussion, whether you agree with him or not. He is a pure scientist, and needs to be listened to.
    2. Kevin did a masterful job of staying neutral. I would have liked him to be more aggressive in questioning all of the speakers. Some of the statements were outrageous and not supported by science, especially from Sally Fallon.
    3. Conclude the program with some objective observers who could tie it all together in a summary of key points, like Kevin’s 7 key points. Shaun Croxton and Mike Adams were cordial enough, but added little substance. Their main message — people should make their own decisions about their health — is correct and obvious. To say that the science does not tell us much, is not correct. There is lots of good objective science that lays out the foundations of a good diet. Obviously, we need more. We know enough to eat a health diet based upon some strong principles. The concluding session was a disappointment.

  73. bitt says:

    I do agree, you could have been more critical and pressed the speakers harder. But knowing that they really didn’t want to be critiqued much must have made it hard to do that. I supposed they have faced a lot of it in their careers.

    You say you were unbiased but you really do eat a vegan diet, right? So you are coming from that perspective. I think to pretend otherwise might be misleading.

  74. Elianne says:


  75. Linda says:

    Thanks so much Kevin for everything you did putting this event together. I listened to all the speakers. I never was big on grades, but I think you did great.

    Several comments echo my wish that we conscious eaters could put aside our differences enough to show some love for one another and unite for organic, whole foods raised ethically using environmentally-sound methods.

    As long as we remain divided as consumers of animal products vs. plant-based only, we are losing a great opportunity to combine our forces and make more substantive changes in how food is produced in this country and in the world. Few issues are more pressing at this time, considering the harm factory farms, pesticides, GMOs, and toxic, processed foods are doing to health and to the environment. On health alone, since the 1950’s the US has gone from being in the top ten of healthiest nations down to about #50 now, and dropping at an alarmingly fast rate.

    We can make our own well-though-out choices and still respect the choices of others. I would have liked to see more of the experts and more of the commenters reflect that idea rather than continuing to perpetuate the divide. Kudos to Dr. Mercola and Dr. Cousins for the mutual respect they showed one another and for finding common ground in spite of their different philosophies. There could be a lot more of that in this world in general, and in the debate between omnivores and vegetarians/vegans in particular.

  76. K says:

    It goes without saying that every worthwhile endeavor takes hard work to accomplish. While your effort is highly commendable, I am judging only the final product. B is a fair grade. Here are some constructive ideas:

    1) Change the title immediately. Dont continue to promote it as a debate if thats not what you’re selling. False advertising sets up the listener for disappointment, however originally intended.

    Also, since ‘health” is an immense blanket word that can include such diverse topics as psychology, weight training programs, and spirituality…it would be better to call it something more of what it primarily was: diet focused lectures.

    New title suggestion:
    Experts discuss: What is the best long-term diet is for humans today?

    2) List either in your interview or blog a sample of what an average few days of what each expert’s diet regime specifically looks like.

    3) I think the discussions should have been entirely focused on the groups of people in the world that ARE living the longest with the least disease. Less personal beliefs of what’s probably best and more of what IS already working and why. The blue zones were far too little mentioned. For example, how can some experts on this panel make a blanket statement that olive oil, alcohol and dairy is bad when the longest men in the world (Sardinia) eat them daily?

    4) Since this whole discussion is about diet science, we must leave out the talk of “spirituality” for a different discussion. Yes, of course they are inseparably entwined but the body has very undeniable material needs.

    Besides, where is Spirit NOT? To suggest it’s in the human and not the other animals or in the animals but not the plants is absurd. Its everywhere..equally in the bacteria that eats us when we die. If Spirit is EQUALLY the eater and the eaten, all talk of of food ethics is a personal intuition at best. And since diet is already complex and confusing enough, lets keep it simple (body focused) and leave incomprehensible Spirit for a different discussion.

    Health, love and happiness to all 🙂

  77. Hi Kevin,

    We have really enjoyed the Great Health Debate. Thanks so much for all your time and effort in putting the event together. It was great!

    I think it would have been fun to see each expert in a traditional debate style go back and forth on particular points, thinking on their feet, as opposed to prepared presentations. However, with that being said, we learned a lot from all the guests and the presentations raised lots of great questions.

    Also, we wanted to chat with you about a project we are doing with Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Check out our website at http://www.MitchSpinach.com We would love to chat with you about it.

    Warm regards,

    Jeff and Hillary
    Authors of The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach

  78. james says:

    The whole debate was great as far as giving us such valuable information, for us to make up our own minds. I am left feeling a bit delusional with the term “Expert”.
    Some I found were very authentic, some very passionate about which they speak. I just get the impression that “some” are far too entrenched in their beliefs (and the money/power that is associated with them),that even if they would listen ,would not admit to other possibities other than what they are selling.

    Overall, Kevin, I find you are far more receptive to overall open-mindedness,than most.And with that I am very much grateful for.

    Keep up with this amazing work you are doing.


  79. Chris says:

    If this is only a popularity contest. . I’d say the bottom line then is one of being quite a bit too shallow. Its time to let that kind of thinking go the ‘way of the dinosaur.’ (i.e., grow up.) The SAD world is full of such nonsence.. its time to let go of that and become people of substance and meaning.

    I don’t think you need a grade Kevin. This is not grade school or high school. Most people are not ‘care bears.’ You chose to do this, you went about it and did it. How do you feel about doing it? The end result is its own reward. If you are pleased, that’s all that matters. There will always be ears to hear and those of us willing to listen.

    For my taste it was too paleo.. . but I enjoyed listening to certain speakers and not at all to others. That’s the way of the world.. you will never please all the people all the time.

    Is this forum valuable? Absolutely!!

    Do I appreciate the information being shared? Mostly.

  80. Cam says:

    I applaud your efforts Kevin. I’m sure it was no easy undertaking to get this all put together.

    I understand that quite a few of these “so called” gurus/ leaders did not want to have a “debate” format. I think this would have been crucial to make this a Great Health “DEBATE”. Perhaps you could call it something different to avoid people complaining about false advertising. I would have really enjoyed a debate where there is a clear issues/topic for debate and each presents their side of the argument.

    Perhaps you can tackle this as your next project. Even if you found 2 people willing to actually debate it would be worth it. The structure of a debate is very important and usually has a “topic” or main focus. I think this was lacking in the GHD.

    I think it was a good first try, and probably a great learning experience for you. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

  81. Alyssa Boyle says:

    Great job, Kevin. As a “Care Bear” myself I think you should give yourself a break, especially for Objective 3. It was called “The Great Health Debate,” after all! I don’t like it when people get ugly either, but sometimes it’s good to hear other people’s truths. You get to know the real person that way (and that can help you decide whether or not you want to follow their advice). I always love hearing David Wolfe as he is an excellent public speaker and really lives what he so passionately believes. I actually preferred it when the two speakers were interviewed separately (especially Dr. Campbell) because then I got to hear them out without them having to respond to the other speaker and break the flow of information going out. I have to say, I am still a BIG fan of your original RAWkathan. And a BIG fan of you and Annmarie. Grade A for this project. Best of luck in the future. 🙂

  82. Jaya says:

    I think it was a great effort. I only listened to one night, Sally Fallon & Will Tuttle. I’m not sure how the others were organized, but I was disappointed that this wasn’t actually a debate. They were two separate recordings of people with opposing views. I was expecting them both to be on the same call, debating with each other in real time. That would have been hot!

    Were the other debates real time. I started to listen to the David Wolfe/Daniel Vitalis one and it seemed to be the same format, just pre-recorded talks by each one.

    Did the speakers have any info on what you would be talking about with each one so they could sort of have rebuttal even though it wasn’t real time?

    To me, it just sounded like each speaker just talked about their own thing. More like sales pitch than lively debate, requiring them to think on their feet.

    That said, I did like some of your questions.

    Thanks for the effort. You gathered a great group of experts.

  83. StarLight says:

    Thank you for this debate! The best thing I got from it all, is this: If you are going to be vegetarian, you MUST get the nutrition you need, some in special supplements, or you risk depletion. I was completely vegetarian for about 25 years, and gladly so, (though I grew up on the SAD). I still consider myself mostly vegetarian, though now I eat a little more diversely, both more RAW and a little cooked meat on occasion. I am currently trying to heal from a knee injury, which is lingering. I realize now that I probably need some concentrated meat or bone products, (all the kale seems to not be enough), that my body is really craving those particular building blocks at this time. I think there is no right or wrong for everyone, or for all seasons, so to speak, and there are lots of reasons that people have for their choices. Just more educating and an open mind helps us all! I prefer organic, have a large garden yearly, cook from scratch, etc. I want to learn more raw preparations, and want to get more into the longevity herbs. Thanx for all the reminders from EVERYONE! I appreciated ALL the speakers for something they brought to the table. With open minds we can all get along! 😉

  84. Katie says:

    Loved it!! And I hope it opens the doors for more discussions like it!

    While I understand the difficulty getting these experts to interact with the calls – and maybe impossibility if they refuse to act like professional adults – I really feel that would be invaluable to try to get. Even if you have to use typical debate-style layouts (10 minute rebuttle, closing statements, etc) to do so. When it’s just one person talking, they tended to get a little long-winded, stray from and forget your questions, and try to throw out so much info that they just exploded with words. Whereas, on the first night, when a conflicting topic came up – it was IMMEDIATELY discussed by both sides, leaving the listener to be able to make their choice. I am not a fan of one-sided debates.

    I agree with your Care-Bear STARE mentality! *lol* It’s a shame these leaders cannot be civil in a debate. And hopefully they’ll all square off and fight together against Big Agra and the like.

    Oh well, what you did provide for us was amazing and unique, and I am so glad that I knew about it and got to share in it!! THANK YOU!!!!! Now go get some rest 🙂

  85. ;cid says:

    Awesome job Kevin……you deserve an A

    I felt at times was hard to get your questions in because guests got long winded but you remained courteous, and handled it well.

    The person that posted the debate was a total
    disappointment is beyond comprehension!
    It was so worthwhile.

    Now relax, wind down, knowing you did well & accomplished a great feat.
    Thank you.

  86. debbie says:

    YOU got a OUTSTANDING ‘A+’ from me! It was informative and just what it was billed as…..A DEBATE. No one changed my mind, and I got to know some of the speakers much better. People need to get a life and if they wanted other speakers they can go ahead and put one of these things on themselves. I could not listen every night but hope to get the tapes. Thank you from the bottom of my healthy heart for all your efforts……as for the negative stuff and name calling, let is just roll off yourself and don’t pay it any mind…..there are lots of fools out there that do not know better.
    I am most appreciative!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!

  87. Michelle says:

    Kevin this was outstanding. I did not expect so much information in only a week’s time. I love how you asked each guest at the beginning to share his or her story and what they believe is the correct diet. It really helped to get an overview before they delved into the specifics. Many of the areas you rated yourself on were out of your control…I give you an A + !!!

  88. Ben says:

    Bit biased in veggies favour was my feeling…

  89. Angela says:

    Dear Kevin,Annemarie and the whole Renegade Health Team,

    I had SUCH a great week, last week listening to these debates, my mind is still in a whirl,that is why I am going to purchase the event after I finish this.

    I felt that the event was very well put together and that Kevin was phenomenmal in his questioning and just so gracious and respectful with each guest. Thank you sooo much for this, I also read all of the other comments above and everyone really has lots of appreciation for this type of learning. It is SO important for all of us likeminded people to stick together and try and unite MORE of us…the more the merrier and the better for humankind and the planet.

    I really agree with you Kevin on Creating a More Unified Group of Leaders. This is where the the rubber meets the road. Alot if not all of the speakers were in agreement about the general health of the food that we are eating, these are very critical issues and I really believe that if people would put there egos away that all of us together could make a Huge difference and fight the giant corporations, our vote is in our buying power.

    I also like the Open the Discussion objective. Yes, lets open these conversations and not out of anger out of compassion and love….

    As well I agree on the point of Creating a New Level of Knowledge and Understanding. Wonderful point and well taken here.

    Have a Wonderful week and enjoy your time off if you and Annemarie take any. You’ll just be discussing the debate or these comments anyway probably…Thank you,Thank you,Thank you

    Peace and Blessings to All of You,
    Angie Patteson
    Grande Prairie,Alberta

  90. Roberta McMillian says:

    Kevin A+
    Oprah couldn’t not have done a better job interviewing the variety of people you did. Just lining up the names is pretty impressive, Oprah has a hugh staff.
    I think you did an amazing job.
    I dub the Great Debate as a sparkling sucess! I can hardly wait to see what your next project will be. Kevin, I am in awe of you and the work you do. Thank you so much.

  91. HILARY says:

    i can just imagine how many egos and schedules you had to negotiate and dodge to deliver this wonderful debate. to grade you on what must have been a daunting job is silly but i will give you a b+ in the interest of assisting you to formulate the next great health debate. rather, we should be grading each “expert” on their content, delivery and balanced opinions. it is disheartening to learn that many invited to contribute refused based on the debate format. they get F’s. i have been studying nutrition for a year and have gone from extremely opinionated to a more balanced view because it is not possible to hold an opinion for long. depending on who you are reading or what you are experiencing in your own health seems to be a moving target and does a disservice to all of us to be so single minded. if i were a doctor or health councelor and my program for a patient wasn’t working the logical next step is to change the program. having said that, there are scientific truths that will guide you, guide us. to eat meat or not to eat meat? removing ethical or spiritual reasons for the sake of this argument, is a question that i am battling with because of health concerns. being vegan for a year has not improved my health, in fact some things are better and somethings are worse, i will continue to drill down for the truth around this until i find it. thank you for presenting this information as objectively as you knew how. perhaps a format similar to our presidential debates would remove the divisiveness and bickering that may have ensued. find a impartial person( ha! ) to be the moderator! i found dr. young and sally fallon difficult to listen to because of their unabashed righteousness. they get d’s. the 1st debate night between mercola and cousins was constructive and interesting. A-. will tuttle, donna gates, david wolfe and daniel vitalis all get A’s because they were smart, convincing and interesting. i agree that the wrap up was weak and that your questions could have been more challenging but knowing what you knew about some of these characters may have held you back. overall great job kevin! since you have this forum why don’t you start a revolution, seems to be a popular activity in the world right now.. the corporations, agrabusinesses, factory farming and pharmaceutical industries are no match to all of our collective power!!

  92. Sue says:

    Kevin, you did the best job you could. Experts that don’t like to debate don’t know their stuff very well! I got to listen to some vegan speakers which I normally would never have. I hope listening to these calls people are encouraged to do their own research and not see experts as some kind of guru and follow them blindly.

  93. KW says:

    Your ‘Care Bear Stare’ comment cracked me up. Thanks for a great event. I don’t give out grades- just hugs.
    Here’s yours: O

  94. Darlene says:

    Thank you so much for putting all this together AND even more so for inviting us all to be a part of such a great event! You were non-judgemental and held up a great line of questions for each of your callers. You made a tough job sound easy! A+ for all you did.

    Unfortunately, I walk away more confused than ever…so much information, and so much controversy. Being a newbie to eating whole raw foods and getting away from processed stuff that contain GMOs etc and looking for a deeper understanding of healthful eating, this ‘debate’ stopped short of truly helping me figure out the right way to do it. I guess I have a lot to learn and tons more information that I’ll have to dig deeper on my own to truly be able to sift it down to what will work for me. Wish it were more simple to eat……

    Thanks again for enlightening me though with all of your experts.

  95. madame wolfe says:

    I thought the debate was heavy on the vegan/vegetarian POV. Sally Fallon, normally a very good speaker really blew it with her two comments on vegan parents and quick killing in slaughter houses.

    Next time please consider more balance, with authored people like Daniel Vitalis, Lierre Keith and Gary Taubes.

    Vegans/vegetarians (especially the speaker, Will) should all read The Vegetarian Myth. Part memoir, nutritional primer, and political manifesto, this controversial examination exposes the destructive history of agriculture—causing the devastation of prairies and forests, driving countless species extinct, altering the climate, and destroying the topsoil—and asserts that, in order to save the planet, food must come from within living communities. In order for this to happen, the argument champions eating locally and sustainably and encourages those with the resources to grow their own food. Further examining the question of what to eat from the perspective of both human and environmental health, the account goes beyond health choices and discusses potential moral issues from eating—or not eating—animals. Through the deeply personal narrative of someone who practiced veganism for 20 years, this unique exploration also discusses alternatives to industrial farming, reveals the risks of a vegan diet, and explains why animals belong on ecologically sound farms.

    Salt, too, was banished as “bad” and yet, Slow oxidizers with high Ca & Mg will push down Na & K…. When Na is low on
    the Hair Mineral Analysis, it means every bit is being used by the adrenals, but on its way to burning out the HP axis. Macro and micro minerals are all about their ratios. None of this was addressed.

  96. steve says:

    Hi Kevin
    Just want to thank you for your effort in putting this debate together. It was a great idea and very timely with all the controversy recently among the raw food elite regarding cooked vegan and animal food consumption. My personal stance is that it is best to err on the side of caution and being fanatical about a particular dietary philosophy serves no logical purpose.

  97. Janet says:

    The event was incredibly successful and informative and it’s now all in one place as a reference for everyone – at a good price. A+ for the final product from this listener.
    There are many things you can’t control when you simply allow people to present. And I really liked your interview style, the way you let the folks say their piece without interrupting and challenging. You asked the important questions. The listeners can reject those ideas that don’t resonate – as we all did!!! I guess these are two opposite journalistic styles – challenge and debate versus open-ended questions & allowing the interviewees to choose their own direction. Each style with its merit. But in this format and for interviews this long, I think your approach worked well. I loved the way you juxtaposed the speakers with opposing views.

    One personal note: I appreciated that many of the speakers didn’t ridicule or deride other views or approaches. Dr. Williams stood out in this respect. Also Dr. Mercola and Dr. Cousens. I lean more towards those who express their views calmly and without sarcasm towards other ways of being. There’s a sense of professionalism and maturity. And of someone who is humbly still adding to their knowledge, rather than dogmatically entrenched in their current view.

    Thank you ever so much for this wonderful event, Kevin and Ann Marie! What a week! Blessings to you both.

  98. Monica says:

    Kevin, you definitely get an A+ for taking this on! Thank you!

    Due to a busy week, I was only able to tune into the first night. I agree with some of the other comments, that it was too much, too close together. If it had been scheduled as just one session per week, I think a lot more people would be able to tune in. But I realize that you also wanted to get the dvds processed and up for sale…and you do deserve to sell those so I can’t begrudge you that.

    I was very impressed with how Dr. Cousens and Dr. Mercola were both so respectful of the other. I disagree with Dr. Mercola on diet but give him credit for being respectful to Dr. Cousens. Dr. Cousens totally outclassed Dr. Mercola, be effectively addressing all of Dr. Mercola’s points and backing his views up with both clinical experience and scientific data.

    I was completely blown away by Dr. Cousens and plan to purchase his books now. He addressed the challenges of the raw vegan diet but offered SOLUTIONS which totally neutralize the entire argument of the meat-eaters. By implementing these solutions, there is simply no reason to kill animals for sustenance!

    So complete was Dr. Cousens’ assessment that the entire argument for eating animals becomes moot, imo. (Admittedly I am biased in favor of vegetarianism due to spiritual, ethical, environmental, and health reasons.)

    I haven’t decided whether to purchase the dvds or not because, quite frankly, the entire premise seems to be for the benefit of those who are undecided about whether to include animals in their diets.

    Not to sound arrogant, but many of us are well past that question. For us, the question isn’t whether to eat animals, but HOW to be healthy as a vegetarian.

    So, I have a suggestion for you, Kevin: Would you consider making available for sale only the sessions with the vegetarians? I realize this might go against your original objective, but you would sell a lot more dvds. If you lowered the price and excluded the meat side of the argument, I would buy it in an instant!

    If some want to call me closed-minded, that’s fine. I’m closed-minded to war and other forms of violence too. 😉 I absolutely refuse to believe that it’s EVER necessary to kill animals to be healthy. Yes, there are challenges, but as Dr. Cousens proved, there ARE ways to solve those problems and be vibrantly healthy on a vegetarian diet.

  99. Matthew says:

    Kevin, I truly enjoyed all 8 nights of viewpoints. It was not a debate, but a series of excellent interviews from both sides of the aisle. Your questions were to the point, and you did not waste time telling personal stories and cutting the guests off to tell amusing anecdotes.

    I can tell that you and Dr.’s Cousens and Mercola do listen and respond back and forth in order to increase understanding of nutritional science. I’m sure that Dr. Cousens is not going to throw a pork luau, or that Dr. Mercola is going to suddenly eschew meat in favor of sprouted manna bread, but the respect was there. Not all of the experts were that flexible.

    Some folks just cannot point out the good in the opposing opinion, and (personal opinion) if we were to take the very best of raw vegan teachings and collide them with the best of the paleo teachings we’d probably have a pretty healthy bunch of people exploring the possibilities.

    Imagine crashing the teachings of Mark Sisson and Joel Fuhrman together. You’d be getting meaty primal nutrition AND a ton of micro phytonutrients. You’d be avoiding the blood sugar issues that most of the experts acknowledged. Now throw in an occasional fast to give your system a break, and a few weeks during the year when you do nothing buy consume raw vegetables, or a combination of raw and cooked vegetables, some fruit, some nuts and seed…and then 2 days on Durian. Then once in a while go Vilhjalmur Stefansson for a week or 2. (only meat) Nothing heavy. All playful. You would eventually find out what works for you.

    That being said, I’ve met some very healthy vegans (unfortunately not too many, though, …Chef Cherie Soria seems to be the healthiest I’ve met) and some very healthy meat eaters, and of those it’s not usually the Burger King bunch.

    Kevin, from my point of view you get an A – for your efforts. You did start the dialogue in the right direction to be sure. Do not be afraid to challenge your guests. I would have had a field day challenging the ideologies that mostly came through the vegetarians (except Dr. Campbell, interestingly enough), as well as the seeming callousness of folks who say that feedlots aren’t THAT BAD…

    Some day you might be able to get a civil DEBATE going between opposing forces….like Colin Campbell and Sally Fallon.

    As a wise sage once said, “Fools argue – wise people discuss…”

    Extreme thanks for your efforts on our behalf, Kevin.

  100. ch says:

    I have been very grateful for this learning experience. It was a wonderful way to save me some many hours researching all this myself. To have it laid out before me was very effective. I love getting the pure info (scientific studies mean more to me than one person’s viewpoint) and then making up my own mind. I realize there are those presenters who are very biased…but aren’t we all in some way? That’s what I love about America. We all have the freedom to choose our own views, to express them (civility in sharing views is very much appreciated though!)AND to choose what we put in our mouths!

    It brought me to some wonderful books to peruse in the next few months and years. Knowledge is power. Open-mindedness is the filter for that knowledge.

    Thanks to all of you who participated. I truly appreciate every effort made to this end!

  101. Monica says:

    Clarification: What I meant by saying Dr. Cousens outclassing Dr. Mercola was that, Dr. Mercola normally sounds very confident about his views. (I have watched many, many videos of him.) And his solo presentation sounded confident. But, in the presence of Dr. Cousens, Dr. Mercola sounded weak. I think it’s because Dr. Cousens did such a great job of neutralizing all of Dr. Mercola’s key arguments in favor of eating animals. Dr. Cousens had superior knowledge of scientific research, nutrients, and clinical experience.

    To his credit, Dr. Mercola really went out of his way to find common ground, and I appreciated that greatly. I mean no disrespect towards him.

    My point is that, the very fact that Dr. Mercola didn’t challenge Dr. Cousens’ assertions, says a lot. Dr. Cousens addressed the tough issues regarding the raw vegan diet, and completely resolved those questions, after openly admitting those challenges rather than glossing over them like a lot of vegetarians do. By so doing, he validated Dr. Mercola’s concerns yet showed that there are SOLUTIONS which negate any need for eating animals.

    That is what I meant by ‘outclassing’. His knowledge was simply much deeper than Dr. Mercola. Being as highly respected as Dr. Mercola is, that is saying a LOT!

    I am hopeful that Dr. Mercola is humble enough to learn from Dr. Cousens and reconsider his views about his presumed ‘necessity’ for eating animals.

  102. Kathy says:

    Having the event summoned up by two animal eaters seemed somewhat biased. I also feel that T. Colin Campbell and Charlotte Gearson were the most “normal” of the speakers that presented a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. Why were they not included in the regular debates but added as what seemed like an afterthought? The others speakers had some radical beliefs and agendas or seemed very defensive and angry (in one case).

    I should add that I was not able to hear the entire talks of Campbell and Gearson as they kept getting cut off at the end. Perhaps they presented some out of the ordinary ideas that I just didn’t get to hear.

    There were also some points brought up that I felt needed some clarification but it seemed that the plan was to stick to a predetermined agenda no matter what was stated. I wish I could remember some specific examples but I can’t. I know my questions came up mostly during the talk with Danny Vitalis.

    Thank you for doing this and making it available for free.

  103. Joy says:

    I will give you a good grade for doing this. In all honesty, I never heard of you until this debate and the only reason I signed up was to hear Donna Gates. I don’t know anything about you.However I am going to say that I got a strong impression that you lean toward the vegan side, and I believe that your questions, and the way you asked them, reflected that.
    Some of the speakers did not click with me at all. Such as Dr. Young , with his alkaline diet. I am sorry but I could not choke down 6 avocados a day. But that is fine, just because he was not for me, does not mean that he did not have good insight for someone else.

    My biggest problem, was with the comments. I found some of them to be vile and full of hate. From both sides. Some of them praised a person for being so full of love and peace, and then totally blast the opposing view with name calling and personal attacks. You can disagree, that is great, that is what a debate is for. But not the personal attacks.

    And quoting quackwatch? Really? Some of what was written about Dr. Weston Price,for example, his only doing a quick exam on the tribal people, came from quackwatch, even though the person did not say so.

    Like I said, it is OK to disagree with people, it makes for spirited debate. I had issues with all of the speakers. There was not one that I agreed with everything that they said. I do not go for extremes on any issue.

    I would like to say one thing about Sally Fallon that many don’t know. Sally is on the front lines fighting for the rights of all small farmers. Our Government is very anti-small farm and small farmers are having a hard time. Sally is fighting for those farmers, even the ones at your local farmers market that are selling all of those beautiful organic veggies that we all love so much. I don’t know of anyone else who is doing that kind of work on the national level.

  104. William3 says:

    Kevin, I think you set the chinning bar perhaps too high for yourself with some of the objectives you established. But that seems an effective way to achieve something really worthwhile, doesn’t it?

    In this case you exceeded my personal expectations for the “debates.” I applaud you for the foresight to take on something like this. I certainly learned quite a bit.

    I think you were wise to drop the face-to-face “debate” format. Objectivity is nearly impossible when it comes to health. The way it turned out, we gained insight into each “expert” in his/her own words. We now can assimilate the input on our own, as we must eventually in any event.

    Is the concept of health really debatable? The topic is so complex, which two sides do you put against each other?

    The real debate, I believe, should be between people like those you selected for this effort, and the proponents of Big Ag, Big Pharma and the FDA. The most important issues we face as a society would come out there.

    Keep up your good work, and thank you so much for doing this.

  105. Thomas says:

    An A for effort and an A for content. You did a better job than 99.9% of us could do. Intelligent questions with consideration to the guests. I was very impressed with Charlotte Gerson’s interview. Almost 89 y/o and sharp as a tack.

  106. Ineke says:

    I think you have done an excellent job. I’m sure you were disappointed in the response of some of the people you wanted to interview but you know what…I would not worry about it since you had excellent alternatives. Your way of interviewing was very professional. I think it was good NOT to challenge them because that is not what is was about. It was (if I understand well) about putting different perspectives on the table and let everyone respectfully say their thing. I haven’t had a chance to listen to all the specialists but the ones that really stood out for me were the interview with Dr Mercola and Dr Cousins, Dr Williams, and Daniel Vitalis. The latter made me really rethink some of my ideas and Dr Williams represents basically the way I live: a healthy vegetarian and a conscious omnivore who sometimes throughs all the rules out of the window. The interview between Dr Cousins and Dr Mercola was extremely professional. I found Sally Fallon very blunt in her ideas about vegetarianism. I want to say that I grew up on raw milk and cheese and (organ) meat. ( I remember being force fed one time as a five year old and threw everything up afterwards. ) but I was also sick every year something was going around. What a difference with my daughter who hardly ever gets sick and she is on a plant based diet, like Dr Williams did with his kids. She is eight and a half years old and I can count on my five fingers the times she picked up something and if she does it usually only lasts a day or 2. She does eat some high quality meat, fish,butter and eggs. Daniel Vitalis and Dr Williams made me rethink our genetic disposition and vegan societies. I have wondered about this before and I have come to the conclusion that as a parent it is wrong to impose ones dietary choices on your child(ren) especially if you haven’t figured out yet what exactly works for you. Children are growing and need to be exposed to all kinds of food choices (I’m speaking about the healthy ones of course not the junkfood) I’m glad that I never have gone extreme in either direction. Not for my own welfare nor my daughter’s. Like you I think that we are MOSTLY plant eaters. I personally don’t have any hangups about eating meat if the animal is treated humanely. Dr Williams is so right about what he said about dogma. Let’s leave that out and let us practice gratitude

  107. Teya says:

    Dear Kevin,

    I commend you for putting together this very informative and educational debate. You did an excellent job and you offered such an awesome variety of presenters. Health and nutrition is a passion of mine and I learned even more by listening in to all the speakers. It seems that no matter how much I think I know, there is always so much more to learn…..you get an A+ in my books.

    As the events progressed I kept swaying from one side of the pendulum to the other insofar as do I continue to eat meat or move over to being a vegetarian – there were certainly excellent points presented for both sides. I’ve come to the conclusion that I will aim for being very “conscious” in the food choices that I make for myself and focus on eating more organic foods and lowering my intake of meat as a start. I’m also committed to purchasing meat from animals that are grass fed and humanely cared for. I have a feeling that as I get older I will naturally shift over to a vegetarian diet – for now eating meat works for me and as they say “everything in moderation”…..thanks again and let’s celebrate our “UNIQUENESS”.

  108. Monique says:

    Naturally I agree with most about the intention – A+ on that for sure. Method? Hmmm.. well all your video shows average maybe 7 min? That’s a good amount of time – just about right I think. These events were what? 3 hours or more? phew.. I didn’t stick around for a single entire one. Right, I know and that’s why your pushing the recordings – I understand. Perhaps this has been the marketing strategy all along, and I’m sure that the people who really want to get it, will and the people who wanted listen for 3 hours did … (and here’s the big BUT) BUT, if you really want to get a flood of information out there about true health, did you consider presenting that info in a more accessible way? so that more people can freely access it the way you do with your Health show?

    I’m not saying that I don’t think you deserve the cash for all your hard work — you do!, but then again what is more important? Getting the word out or making money? … just sayin’..

    thanks so much for all you do!

  109. brandy says:

    All-in-all Kevin, I think you did a great job.Many of the questions you asked were more polite and objective than I could have asked. My only problem was information overload! I think a day in between so that I could soak up, digest, and meditate on what was said would have been a lot more helpful and beneficial to me. Some of us are just slower at “getting it”. But being able to listen again when I have more time is just a great idea. Again, thanks, and don’t grade yourself and what you’ve done so low. “A-“!!!

  110. Nowell says:

    I think $20 would be good. Learning costs ought to be almost free. That is just my opinion.
    Or free .. Christmas came early 🙂

  111. Jense Anjali says:

    Hey there Kevin! You must be a wee bit tired after such a long week and all of the prep leading up to it … I hope you do give yourself some rest.

    Thanks for your self-assessment; I think it’s always useful to take a look at where we wanted to go and where we ended up. But oy vey, I have no desire to grade you myself. I wouldn’t presume to do that after a generous offering that was free for the taking with no commitment or agreement on my part.

    I got tons from the week and (finally) affirmed what I already knew inside yet – apparently – had to go on a wild ride to see. Ha, I think that’s called life!

    Thanks to Annmarie for her role in this program as well.

    Bless … and joy. To our health!

  112. Yvonne says:

    I was not able to get all of the interviews last week because of timing issues. I was only able to listen to a few of the nights and only part of some of each of the interviews. Thank you for all the time spent on putting this whole thing together. I know that you will do things differently if you decide to put something like this again, it is a learning thing. Just llke you wanted that learning for those of us who were listening. I will look forward to receiving the package with all of the interviews from all of the nights that I was not able to listen. Thanks again for the good work that you do for what you believe in.


  113. Kathy says:

    I’m really grateful Kevin that you took the time to produce this wonderful series for us. I loved the first night format and thought it was an excellent way to begin. The information was helpful, and I appreciate the theme that “one size does not fit all”. I was struck by the variety of speakers and their approaches and personalities. I found the information to be well presented so that we can make our own choices. Thanks bunches Kevin!

  114. Veronica says:

    Whew! What an week! Kevin, I listened to every interview and enjoyed every one thoroughly! Each view point that was stated, I listened too and learned from. The only one that I had trouble with was Will Tuttle. He was too spacey and to pro-animal, if you ask me. I don’t eat meat, but do not think we should ask “Who am I eating?”. Animals are not people, they are animals. Yes, they should be treated humanely, but are not people. Just my opinion…

    I really was awed with the information given by Sally Fallon. She really seemed to know her stuff, and I was quite fascinated by the amount of information she gave, and was astounded at the knowledge revealed about Sylvester Graham and the founding of vegetarianism.

    My, it was all good. And I can’t thank you enough for giving this to us. I have a lot to think about and consider, and am excited about the possibilities of learning. I love it! Go take a good long rest, and know that it was a job well done – well beyond an A+



  115. saskia says:


    I loved your synopsis of the commonalities that came out of the debate. I think that you proved, at least for me, that there is no single answer for everyone. And as a result, I have backed down from some of the dogma that had infiltrated my thinking and am now eating a combination of primarily green foods and a bit of animal protein from sustainable sources. What became abundantly clear was that no two people are alike although everyone could benefit from following a few sound principles. And those principles that I took away are the exact ones that you wrote about in your wrap up.

    I think you deserve high grades, indeed. Even though we all can learn and do better, I was consistently impressed by the quality of your questions and the respect you showed to all. Thank you so much for
    being a wonderful guide and a compassionate listener.

  116. Catherine says:

    I think you did an awesome job! “A”

  117. John says:

    I give you an A for creating one of the most
    enjoyable experiences I have had in a few years.

    Because of the tight economy,I havent been able to travel to any events. But you brought the event to my house and arranged for me to have mp3 files of all the speakers for $49. What a steal!

    Even though I didnt agree with some speakers arguments, I did identify some books that I need to read that were authored by your speakers. I was completely blown away by Will Tuttle.
    This event will continue to effect my life for months or years to come.

    I give your interviewing skills an A.
    You stuck to the questions that your listeners
    tuned in to hear. I have listened to other online shows where the interviewer got hung up on asking pet questions and talking about himself for half the interview.
    Your interviews were very professional and to the point.

    I can’t even begin to imagine the energy that you had to expend to deal with all the different personalities that you had to bring

    Thanks again, I really enjoyed this week


  118. Marcla Green says:

    Kevin, AAAA++++++WESOME. I didn’t listen to all the debates but I caught most. And as usual it was awesome. Ever since the Raw Summit, I have been drawn to your interviews, no one interviews like you do. I thought this was great.
    I understand the raw food world is going thru some hicups, but I learned when I was 95% raw that not all can go raw or vegan. I got a myspace friend in the UK, we started a friendship and as the weeks and months went on her health started failing as mine excelled. She tried to stay raw vegan and I kept telling her over and over (as per Dr. Mercola) not all of us are meant to be raw vegans…EAT SOME COOKED FOOD AND MEAT! She gave in before her husband was ready to rush her to the ER.
    That was my lesson in it all.
    You know all this health stuff is all basically what you have OVERSTATED time and time again… LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!!!! Not everything works for all. I’m sorry so many can’t see that.
    It’s almost like the Jesus thing anymore. Either you believe one way and that’s it. You’re doomed to eternal life in hell. Heehee. and it’s getting like the climate change/earth warming people…you either believe or you don’t and attack each other.
    The R’s vs. the D’s.
    I try to share my experiences and what I research and learn anymore, and secretly scream to the top of my lungs in my pillow because of what my family eats and feed the kids… (which by the way, would you consider evaluating someones pantry/freezer& fridge for a price? Maybe with Mike if you both had time? Just a though I would pay for, for my families health sake).
    Kevin, you rock. BTW, I LOVED the last interview with Mike Adams…funny if we all were the same it would be a totally boring life/world. Thank goodness we’re all different. Otherwise we would be living a Stepford-Soylent life.
    (((((hugs))))) to all.

  119. anatol says:

    Hi Kevin,

    For what your goals were, i feel you deserve an A; you cannot expect others and things to turn out exactly in a certain way because everyone has different goals.

    For your efforts, you deserve A+

    I was pleased you had Dr Fuhrman, Dr Goldhamer & Dr Campbell, all of whom, in my POV, i consider the most credible as far as nutritional science and practice working directly with people. Actually my wife & i already follow their dietary approach for 9 years now… ever since we attended one of Dr Fuhrman’s free public lecture; also i have been a vegan for 40 years. Before Dr Fuhrman, there was experimenting with macrobiotics( grains ), ayurveda( vegetarianism ), and a few years of getting distracted via Indian restaurants, etc… definitely better to prepare your own meals at home.

    Now, if you look at Dr Fuhrman’s food pyramid, there is room for tweaking and customizing to your individual needs: 1) transitional diet includes 10% non-vegan… 2) more serious approach as a Eat-To-Live lifestyle… 3) additional therapeutic approaches( green juicing, water fasting )… 4) testing for deficiencies and ways to correct them… 5) ask the doctor in member forum and also get opinions and support from other members )… 6) there is even an off-topic section in the forum where i started a thread on “spiritual awakening”

    I was also very pleasantly surprised that you had Dr Will Tuttle, since my own interest and goals are in line with his message linking diet and spirituality, which in my own words is that… what we decide as individuals to eat has global consequences. This is really an old message and was well stated by John Robbins way back in his book “Diet for New America.” This same message was recently updated by the top scientist at a conference last Nov 3 2010 sponsored by World Preservation Foundation ~ WPF not to be confused with WAPF which seem to have completely opposing views. http://worldpreservationfoundation.org/

    So, i appreciated the chance to post my views from my perspective on this. Thank you.

    It was interesting to hear what others had to say and try to understand how it all fits together. My first 31 years, i was meat a eater and so were my parents and sisters and their families. My father at age 55, turned vegan, lost 60 lbs and regained some of his health and life.

    Also, for last 40 years i have been on a spiritual journey and perhaps in next life i wouldn’t mind being a fruitarian… and the one after that perhaps a breatharian… certainly would free up a lot of time… from eating, going to the bathroom, & debating what to eat… and use the time for selfless service helping others in some way… and to those who question if it is possible… why not?… isn’t [ E = mc2] ?

    Thanks Kevin and get some rest,

  120. Debbie Page says:

    I’m giving you an A for conceiving this Big Idea in the first place, and an A+ for the effort you put forth to pull the entire event together. A plethora of varying opinions can at times be confusing but I really appreciated hearing different points of views and by the end, it has made me all the more confident about my own personal choices. While I am a proponent of a whole foods, plant based diet, I will, from time to time, have a little animal protein provided it is never factory farmed. This is the diet that gives me vitality.

    I was happy with the format you ended up with. I wanted to hear what each of these people had to say and then take that information into consideration and make up my own mind. With an allotment of one hour, each has enough time to distill their message without being too long winded and perhaps overwhelming the audience. If we choose to learn more about any of them, we can do that.

    It is unfortunate that you were unable to bring Drs. John MacDougall or Dean Ornish onboard. Their insights and experience would have made this event even more informative. Better luck next time?

    Thank you and kudos to you and your team… I’m following!


  121. Gail says:

    Certainly an ‘A’ for the effort, to say the least; and an overall score somewhere between a B and an A.
    Don’t think you get a D on that one part, though so disagree there.

    I was disappointed in Mike Adams’ and Sean’s talks completely, but grateful to hear Charlotte which was ALL that I needed to hear in summation. There lies the Truth..
    (for me anyway).

  122. anatol says:

    Oh Kevin,

    Mooji knows a family in South Brazil who supposedly are breatharians, whole family except for the youngest one.

    In case you want to take a vacation and perhaps interview them; that would add a whole new perspective.

    Mooji, himself is not very careful about diet and eats chicken occasionally.

    When asked about breathariansm for himself, he said maybe next life.

    Of course, there are quite a few charlatans in this area; but i do believe there may be a few genuine ones.

    Good to expand ones mind !
    Thanks again !

  123. anatol says:

    forgot link in last post:


  124. hyesun says:

    i thought it was awesome. no, i didn’t like everyone who was interviewed, but that wasn’t the point. it was very educational and i got a lot out of it. mission accomplished!! 🙂
    thanks so much kevin!!!!

  125. Anne says:

    Hi Kevin,

    If I had to grade you, and who would I be to assess you, I would give you the highest mark because you always strive to push your limits and ours, you seek to educate yourself and others, you are open minded which is more than can be said about some people who have either presented or commented, you are resilient and if plan A doesn’t quite work, you’ll find another way and you delivered a fantastic debate which got people thinking and sometimes stirring the pot is the best way to get people to challenge their own beliefs.

    We tend to get stuck in our habits and ways of thinking and often limit ourselves that way. I for one, appreciate everything that you and Annmarie do and present. I get blasted by various other websites with seminars etc but the GHD was something I listened to intently every evening with a pen and a notepad close That’s an indication of the value of the content to me. I immediately ordered some books from the library to read more stuff from some presenters, even if I don’t necessarily share their point of view.

    I’m always surprised by the negative comments I read, but hey as some say you can’t please everyone and nor should you aim to. Those who can’t see any value will hopefully go on their merry way elsewhere.

    Thanks again Kev for all your hard work.
    Get some rest this weekend!

  126. Sadie Mae says:

    Hello Kevin,
    I signed up for the debate, but only listened to the first discussion. I could see very easily that it was going to become a battleground for people and their strong thoughts. So I decided not to participate any further. I understand that it was your concept and so you needed to see it through, but for me, it was more healthy to not get involved with a lot of negativity. I appreciate that you are trying to educate people and bring this to the public. Good luck with your future plans.

  127. Li-San says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed all the interviews.
    Thank you for organising this.

  128. Ela Harrison says:

    Heartfelt thanks once again for putting this on: what an opportunity for so many people. You were the lynchpin, and you can’t be held responsible for the myriad different directions that it has been taken, but you held the space well. Grades are far less relevant than your observation that this was an unprecedented, unique event and that next time, it will be even better.

    Here are my final thoughts on the Debate: http://ulteriorharmony.blogspot.com/2011/02/some-final-brief-thoughts-on-great.html
    –I think that what I picked out is fairly similar to your ‘seven things I know’ list. I’d be curious what you think about the questions I raise about what constitutes ‘an expert’ and what constitutes admissible ‘research.’

    Get you some rest now!
    peace and love

  129. Marie says:

    I give you an A+. This was an awesome idea and no small amount of work to arrange. I think you deserve to be applauded.
    Criticism is always free-flowing.

  130. Chris G says:

    I think this was great. My wife and I listened to pretty much all of them!

  131. Karen Toth says:

    Great debate Kevin! Grade A to A++++++

    Opened my mind to learn a lot of different believes of food and eating I never knew existed.

    Your summary was pretty right on target.

    We wonder why there is no peace on earth. We all have different belief systems. Wouldn’t it be great if we all wanted to learn and share from each other!!!!!!!

  132. Sue says:

    I like the way the format went. I was exposed to some thoughts I had never heard before. Some of your daily comments were more stressed than what I thought they should be, but that is the difference in personal opinions! This event was handled well, and I would love to attend the next one like this! Thanks for making it available! I invited several people to listen in to the event because I was impressed with it!

  133. cosmic fire says:

    it seems like the inediate/breatharian perspective was underrepresented.

    it would have been cool to see jericho sunfire in this series, who you had on the first “raw summit” years ago as richard blackman, and who made the transition from fruitarian to breatharian since then. maybe next time.


  134. Tim Miller says:

    I’d give you an A+ overall, Kevin. I was stretched to the max, and very uncomfortable at times. But stretching is good.

  135. Angie says:

    Truly enjoyed the calls. I am so happy that there were so many views presented. Cannot seem to let go of the meat entirely. Now I do not feel the guilt and am probably all the better for it!
    One suggestion would be to post the date of each call as it was being aired. I think I may have missed one, but with the numbering system and my busy life I could not figure it out.
    Full time Nursing Student, hoping to be a force for good and natural in future endeavors.

  136. Dawn says:

    I give you an A+ and my gratitude for this learning experience. You may not be able to be objective, but you certainly were open-minded and thoughtful about each expert’s opinion. Thanks for the Hegel reference 😉

  137. Sherlock says:

    This was an outstanding presentation. What you did was actually better than a debate. You’ve obviously been around this subject and know the passion involved. This simple style of featuring opposing view points seems to be your forte… that and your listening skills may be the reason you attracted such prominent guests. You did a better job with Dr. Campbell than Larry King who thrives on conflict, debate and doesn’t know the subject much. The casual easy going atmosphere you created made it work. I feel as though I went to an expensive conference for free. This dialog needs to be free if it’s going to get to the people who need it most. A.

  138. Bijou says:

    I just see it as a total success. I think you had great speakers and brought them out for all of us to hear which cleared up a lot of confusion for me about why they can’t agree but work together.

    I like what you are doing here and trying to do by getting everyone all together. Bringing transparency to this was a good thing and thank you and Anne Marie so much. Keeping it real, you did an excellent job! I think you actually saved all the speakers from becoming too much of a celebrity product and keeping them real like the good ole’ days when we all started down this path which is why we were drawn to them in the first place.

  139. Pamela D says:

    You deserve a lot of credit, Kevin, for pulling this off! There were so many benefits even for those like me who only caught maybe half of the calls.

    I was exposed to new ideas and began to understand where meat-eaters were coming from when they advocated their diet choices. Some of the speakers were familiar to me because I’d read their books or heard of their philosophies. Through this event, I got to know the speakers better (or for some, for the first time), and it was an honor to witness your kind, even interviewing style. Your carefully chosen prompts and demonstrated listening abilities along with the speakers’ respectful expansion (on the most part) of their ideas served as a great model for exploring individual philosophies about diet and health.

    I was amazed with the feedback from others who listened to the talks. Yes, some of the blog comments were based on name-calling and tasteless jokes, but many of them were enlightening, informational, and inspiring. I enjoyed and learned from many of the stories shared in the blog comments. I clicked many links shared there, and learned more.

    What I’m left with after this week is intellectual awareness. Although my vegan lifestyle conviction is deeper than ever, I’m now more open in a heartful way to others’ varying opinions around their health and diet.

    So what’s next? I would love to see an online seminar that grounds our personal consumer choices in the global system. Diet must lead to–nay, derive from–agriculture and sustainability. I’d like to hear from the who’s who in health. What do they think? How should we do farming now? Is raising cattle for food sustainable? In what form?

    Whatever you do next (after your nice long, well-deserved nap!), I applaud you, Kevin, for work well done here. Thanks again!

  140. Sue says:

    One thing you could have done Kevin, particularly since a lot of the speakers chickened out doing a debate was to weave in some of what one speaker talked about into the talk of other speaker. For instance – so and so said that salt should never be consumed – what’s your thoughts on the matter? Or so and so said vegetarianism is the way forward for the environment what do you think and why?

  141. carol says:

    Hey Kevin,

    many thanks for your efforts and making it all available to us for free!

    having a radical thought regarding your grade … perhaps you could ask for people to grade the value of the GHD with their wallet!

    well probably not a fair grading system cuz not too many people could pay what it is worth! none-the-less, any and all donations i’m sure would be greatly appreciated for such a monumental effort. just food for thought 🙂

    many blessings to you and Annemarie and the whole Renegade Staff.

  142. Chris says:

    It’s too bad it wasn’t an actuall debate as advertised, more of a series of intereviews. I never thought of what Sue said but that makes sense. Since the calls weren’t live you could have asked certain questions of each guest that the other would oppose and ask why. I appreciate you getting the guests you did, but more follow up questions and challenging the guests when are incorrect with their “facts”. It’s crazy how devisive an issue food can be. I like what you said about coming together about the things we agree on like factory farming and packaged foods. We spend far too much time on our differences; we need to spend more time united and stand up for what we all know is right. Thanks though.

  143. Bryan Stever says:

    I able to listen live, but I look forward to hearing the calls. I knew it was something I didn’t want to miss, so I planned from the beginning to purchase the recordings.

  144. Bryan Stever says:

    *I was not able to…

  145. Jordan Lidster says:


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thanks for everything you do. The world is truly a better place for having you in it.

    Much love and support,


  146. Julia says:

    The consumption of animal flesh and glandular secretions is itself a disease. It is also the cornerstone of the culture of death, and you just have to look around in order to see the negative effects that it is having on all of us now. There is no actual debate in the world of healthy people about whether or not any conceivable use of animal parts is part of a healthy lifestyle. It is not. You presented the seven unhealthy and unconscious proponents of animal torture, slaughter and consumption, as experts who have somehow balanced the health debate, and have something to offer the health seeker. They don’t. Carnism is the word for the belief system which makes eating animals possible in the first place. Carnism is incompatible with any sort of human health aspirations whatsoever. Please focus on the real experts, who all promote whole-food, low-fat, plant-based diets.

  147. Atsuko says:

    Hi Kevin. I think you did a great job. I couldn’t lesten any of those calls, because of my schedule and time difference(I live in UK). But I have read the following day your comments and started to read PDF files of those calls. There are too much to digest and it takes for a while for me. I think you graded too harsh to yourself. You just put on the first step of great health for people which is the most difficult. If there is no failure or mistake, no improvement either. I am sure you will do much better in the next time. And many experts also need to make their first step to open their mind for each other. Thank you very much, Kevin.

  148. Jan Kent says:

    Top marks,full marks, a+ a+ a+ as far as I am concerned. You did a fantastic job with this debate and I feel as proud of you as though you were my own son.
    We can’t all agree with every point (otherwise there would not be any reason to have such debates) but to listen to all the ideas and info was superb. I am 73 and am 80/20 raw and in fantastic health for my age. However it is a very positve thing to be able to evaluate other thoughts and ideas and I thoroughly enjoyed the debate.
    Unfortunately, here in Scotland uk, we are not able to obtain some foods that would be beneficial to our health but that does not stop me from trying to live to the standards that I feel are both good for my health and for the world in which we all live. It is the animals world as well as ours and we should respect that.

  149. Mary says:

    I scored you with an A on item #7 where you gave yourself a C+. I thought many times throughout the event about what a great job you did on the interviews; actually that’s what I liked the most, your objectivity. The other thing I noticed about me throughout is that when I was listening to people with similar opinions to mine I was calm and at peace; then, I found myself annoyed or even agitated by the other speakers–enough to where I argued with them (or rather the computer) and scared my dog ;-). So, your debate concept was a success there as well, at least for me. My only challenge was getting that much time to sit and listen that many days in a row. Overall, GREAT job!

  150. Arlene says:


    I still can’t quite grasp that you did this event. I think you did an excellent job of putting this together. My only suggestion would be to make it a weekly event, rather than successive nights. I think it would be a lot less stressful for you and gives us a chance to absorb the information between shows.

    I want to thank all the speakers that participated and for being in such a challenging situation.

    I think that you are charging a fair price for the conference. If anyone is complaining about this the simple solution is to not buy isn’t it huh. Money is energy and if you value your health it’s worthwhile to invest a few green coloured bits of paper or numbers on your keyboard in it’s foundation.

    Bliss to you, your lovely wife and staff

  151. Betsy says:

    Magnificent! Lots of good info. Definitely a feather in your cap!!

  152. diane says:

    Enjoyed the debate. Heard most of the speakers. It did not change my belief that eating animal products is important for most people. But, each should listen to their own body. Foremost, food should be available that is not factory farmed and adulterated. The government should not be allowed to mandate what we eat or can’t eat. Corporations/Big Pharma should not be allowed the power they have. I think that is the #1 issue to solve. Whether to eat animal products or not is secondary.

    Great job Kevin. It might be nice to make the transcripts of the Debate available.

  153. Hi Kevin

    I have never commented on your blog but wanted to because I appreciate your efforts to bring us all these talks and I do know how much work that is to make something like this happen.

    My favorite speakers were Dr. Cousens, Frederick, Charlotte Gerson, Colin Campbell, and I am sorry I missed Donna Gates and David Wolfe. I just love Charlotte Gerson she is such a good soul and her warmth and passion just pours out.

    I have to say after listening to all these talks the evidence and reasons to eat meat was WEAK and makes me feel happy I am a vegan. I especially thought Sally Fallon’s comments were made without any consciousness of our planet or health and it was rather shocking. I have read articles by Westin Price Org and they are so quick to criticize anyone on the other side but I was shocked to hear her way of backing their diet and it is hard to imagine anyone follows this with the idea that they are eating for good health.

    It is sad to see egotism that causes separation and in the end each group is small and weak instead of looking at what we have in common and use ALL power to unite. The main idea they all agree on is eat LOTS of plant foods and fruits, eat mostly raw, no sugar, no salt or limited, no processed foods, no gluten or little grains. This could be enough to unite on but instead egos get in the way and cause disharmony. That is sad.

    Thanks for all your hard work. A+ for effort and the rest was out of your control. There are always questions we wished we could have asked… looking back makes everything easy.
    Keep up the good work.


  154. Amber says:

    Care Bear Stare!
    I’m with you Kevin…I live somewhere similar..the amber bubble!
    I really appreciate what you did and do! I am subscribed to a few blogs, etc and yours is the only one I read..cause it’s AWESOME!

    This event helped me clarify my personal views on health/healing and I’ll soon be updating my website to reflect that. Thanks again for helping us all.

    If I could do a big event like you do, I would focus on those points that you mention we are all united on; no factory farms, processed foods, monoculture etc!

    But! Instead of focusing on what we are united to fight against I would flip my perception to what we are united to create!

    Essentially an Agroecology/permaculture/cottage industry old school agrarian lifestyle!
    To truly change and to heal our planet we have to have grow or know the person who grows our food, even if they live across the world from us! (cause I love bananas and young coconuts). I think that it is ok to buy some specialty items that travel far as long as we are supporting good people and it’s holistic in that they have good practices as well.
    In addition the practices of growing our own food…even if it’s sprouts in our backpacks and dehydrating food on your dashboard all the way to backyard farming, csa’s, or large scale permaculture food forest… These activites provide the other aspects of health; exercise, community, spirituality, stress reduction, it gives us meaning in our lives and tangible results for our efforts!

    So thanks again Kevin! You get an A from me!

    Working on my perception always and appreciating all that you do!
    I’m less stress about alot of things because of all the information you provide and especially the sane loving and logical way you present.
    Peace, love and light!

  155. Maria Rippo says:

    The whole thing was amazing! Truly. I learned so much and came away with so much to think about. I am sure, as always, you can improve on this, but just the sheer fact that you brought these people all together was amazing. Fabulous job. I’d have to give you an A. You asked all the right questions and were so objective. I loved it all!!

  156. Alexi bracey says:


    I think you did a phenomenal job pulling off such a great and controversial event. Kudos to you for all your efforts, putting yourself on the line open to being critisized and praised as well.I was glued to my computer for 7 nights non stop.I savoured every moment of information.

    Wayne Dyer shares an analogy about flexibility. When you are a child you run, fall, brush off, get up and keep going just as a young tree sways in the storm; totally flexible.
    As we age, we are more set in our ways, more rigid, not open to new possibilities or change. An old tree, it snaps in a wind storm, because it has lost its flexibility.
    Wayne says as we loose flexibility, we are consorting death.

    Let’s hope that we come to respect our differences and opinions about vegan or a meat based lifestyle. Are we not here for the betterment of mankind. Flexibility goes a long way!

    Thanks and blessings to you!

  157. Daniel W.to c says:

    It was a fantastic program Kevin. It was great that we heard such a diverse bunch of opinions from so many experts.

    A point for improvement:
    Instead of a “leave a comment” format, I’d like to see a forum created where people can share their thoughts and respond with insight. This would give the debate an added dimension as listeners of the Debate would now be encouraged to discuss in the same location and could provide new sources not discussed by the present experts. If there was one forum section for each night or presenter, listeners could share their thoughts and then hear responses from sympathizers and dissenters alike in the community.


  158. Astra says:

    You truly did an awesome job in putting this together. Grade would be at least a B. The only thing I would do differently (at least for me it would have worked better) is to do this every other day rather than every day. To fit two hours into a busy schedule is not easy, even though we had it available for 24 hours. I realize that from a marketing standpoint, it does promote people to purchase the program, but I probably would have purchased the program anyway even if it was every other day.

    The daily pressure to try to fit the program into the day caused too much stress rather than just the enjoyment of what the program provided.

    Otherwise, it was VERY informative for me in understanding the “what” and the “why” of different eating formats and will help me to be more at peace with whatever decision I make.

    Thanks SO much for putting this together!!!

  159. Amanda says:

    Hi Kevin. The Great Health Debate was not perfect and this made it all the more ‘real’. Bringing all of these people together must have been a challenge by any standard and it is great that you managed to do it so well. Although not everything went as you had planned, you still maintained your upbeat, positive outlook and kept your viewers/readers/listeners informed. We were made to feel a part of the process. I dont know how other listeners feel, but here, you and Annmarie are like a part of the family! The way you communicate via your show and email resonate with so many people from all over the world. For us, the GHD was an A*. Well done to both of you. With love and gratitude from England. UK.

  160. Veggie Eddie says:

    I was somewhat disappointed because it wasn’t really a debate per-say. Each guest speaker merely gave their talk. When Sally Fallon made the erroneous statement that man is a natural, proven omnivore and that science proves her to be correct, I would much preferred to have Will Tuttle stop her to interject that she is wrong.

    I have studied Nutrition for 38 years and have been a Vegan for 35 years. I used to be very sickly as a child and when I became Vegan I literally stopped getting sick.

    Meat consumption is slow suicide–Meat is Poison to the human body.

    The ideal diet for attaining Optimum Health is a RAW vegan diet although I myself am, admittedly, still addicted to cooked food. However, so long as a diet is 100% Vegan one can maintain optimum health.

  161. Monica says:

    I agree with Veggie Eddie. Why was the format changed from debate (which is what we were expecting) to just them giving their presentations? Is this because they wouldn’t agree to debate? Mercola and Cousens managed to stay civil so I don’t see why the others couldn’t too.

    I’m not blaming you Kevin – you had a lot of strong personalities to work with, some with big egos! but the main appeal to me was the debate format.

    I suspect that the pro-meat folks knew that their philosophies wouldn’t hold up to scrutiny and that’s why they declined.

    Call me biased fine but I’d rather see 10 VEGAN experts work together to find SOLUTIONS to the challenges vegans face, than take turns with meat-eaters.

    Kevin, a lot of your fans are vegans. Here’s an idea for a new project: Recognize that many of us are, quite frankly, no longer interested in the pro-meat viewpoint. So put together a panel of vegan experts who can HELP US be successful!

    Gabriel Cousens should top the list.

  162. SueS says:

    I suspect it was the vegan speakers that declined the debate format and not the omnivore ones. I’ve read all the omnivore speakers blogs etc and everything they say is backed by science.

  163. SueS says:

    Not all the vegan speakers just some of them.

  164. Terese Covey says:

    I thought you did a great job. I can’t imagine how much time and energy went into putting this all together.

    I enjoyed listening to all of the speakers. I did my best to listen with an open mind.

    The one thing I wished for was for someone to talk about how our thoughts and beliefs effect our health and the energy of our bodies. As well as, the thoughts we have about our food while we are eating. Not to mention, our surroundings while we are eating.

    I believe Gabriel Cousens talks about this in his book Spiritual Nutrition.

    I would love to have listened to Dr. Bruce Lipton share his experiences in working with DNA, etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iCcnDuY6-4&playnext=1&list=PLFAE89C997B8107BC

    Another example of what I am referring to is in the video by Mary Robinson Reynolds. I love the blindfold exercise she does with the sugar and the orange. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLVFcVGv2MY

    While doing a search for more examples of being able to change the energy of your food, I found a blog written by Ishamael I thought was really cool. http://www.themessenger.info/content/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=315:changing-the-energy-in-your-food&catid=178:health&Itemid=100068

    To sum up, I believe our focus needs to be less on what exactly to eat (we can debate that until the cows come home), and more on the fact that we have the ability to change our health by focusing our thoughts and intentions on changing the energy of our bodies to a healthful state.

  165. Tina says:

    Greetings Kevin from clean green nuclear free New Zealand.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the quality of the discussions and speakers but felt that every night was a little too frequent. Maybe every second night would have given a little breathing room to digest or catch up on the previous show.

    Did the debate have an impact? Absolutely! I was a committed vegan until I listened to your speakers. Keeping a totally open mind, I listened to the very different viewpoints and mulled over their words of wisdom. I have now stopped being a vegan and am eating some dairy, fish and seafood. I have not been able to eat meat or chicken yet but who knows?

    I think in NZ we do not have the same issues as you do in the US. We have no factory farming of beef and sheep. They are grazed on farms where the animals are free to roam and feed on grass. We have caged hens but there is a great public outcry about this and there are processes underway to ban this practice. Free range eggs are quite mainstream with all the major supermarkets carrying a wide range. There are also very stringent rules and regulations around the use of drugs in farming with growth hormones being banned.

    Well done Kevin for bringing us this wonderful opportunity to listen to such diverse opinions.

  166. oreganol says:

    There is something you can do that would result in more reasoned debate. If you only allowed comments to be psoted from facebook accounts then people are more likely to have a reasoned debate. People won’t want to be seen as being hostile and negative if all their friends can see what they said. I have seen this work very well in other debates. People tend to behave on facebook because their not anonymous. It’s very easy to attack someone when you stay anonymous, but if your identity is out in the open you tend to think more about what you will say and say it in a more constructive fashion.

    It was a great series of interviews and I enjoyed having my beliefs challenged. I would have preffered a debate format, but as you say, there were some challenges involved.

  167. Monica says:

    SueS you have GOT to be kidding! Vegetarians have lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, stroke, etc. across the board. In fact all the major diseases are linked to acidic conditions and high-fat, high-protein diets (exacerbated by animal foods).

    To say that science supports animal foods is simply false. The opposite is true.

    What are the risks of the vegan diet? If not managed properly, a B12 deficiency? That’s about it. What are the risks of a diet high in dead animals? All the biggies! cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity stroke etc.

    I suspect your comment was made to get a reaction from a vegetarian. OK you got it!

  168. Fiona says:

    Kevin, you did a great job and I am very impressed. Thanks a million for your time and energy in putting this together.
    My comment, for what it is worth, is if we are looking to find out what the best lifestyle diet is, then a way to measure the outcome would be needed. I was not sure if you had an intention of getting “measurements” taken. i.e. if Dr Young can see all he can see in the blood then a simple blood analysis of each guest is all it would take. Perhaps each guest had their own tests also – that would have been exciting to hear/see.
    Otherwise I am not sure how you could monitor who really had the best diet overall, bearing in mind that no two people are the same. It comes down to what each individual wants to do for them selves and what sounds more credible.

    Either way – I am grateful
    Thank You.

  169. Sheralee says:

    Kevin I say the teacher/you graded yourself too harshly and too prematurely…This was an inspired intention of a debate and putting together the views and participants you did will ALWAYS create tensions and polarity of views. You presented an awesome example of anthropology health side! I say the grading was premature as I have decided some opinions take a while to morph over to other viewpoints. The seeds need to be planted and left to germinate and be fed with experience. Sometimes the journey of some will never result in enlightenment!!! I say WELL DONE YOU and as we always discover there could always be a ‘should have asked that’ BUT this was the moment and you did great for this event! From – as said above – nuclear free New Zealand thank you for having the conviction and zealousness to put your neck out for us to have something to get our heads and hearts around!

  170. Veggie Eddie says:

    I agree with Monica that you should
    “Recognize that many of us are, quite frankly, no longer interested in the pro-meat viewpoint. So put together a panel of vegan experts who can HELP US be successful!”

    As a 35-year student of Nutrition and primarily based upon my own personal experience, there is no way anyone will ever be able to convince me that meat consumption is a necessary component for attaining optimum health. Just the opposite. As I’ve previously stated, “Meat consumption is slow suicide–Meat is Poison to the human body.”

    My biggest obstacle has been that I have pretty much been unsuccessful in 35 years of trying to encourage others to adopt a vegan diet. And, I do know why. Because meat is both physically and psychologically addictive and that addiction, combined with the continual propaganda from the media and bombardment from the meat and dairy industry helps people maintain that addiction which ends up being very profitable for the pharmaceutical industry and Big Conglomerates want to keep it that way. I am hoping that my forthcoming books will have an impact on reversing this dysfunctional mind set.

    Veggie Eddie, AKA EDMOND,The 21st Century Buddha & President of the Buddhist Vegan Society

  171. Gwen says:

    My grading to you Kevin is in the from of a heart-felt thank you.

    I don’t have much to add that hasn’t already been adressed…particularily some specific responses from someone called Molly and especially Monica.

    I’ve been done with the debate regarding the consumption of animals and animal products for years now. At times I have struggled with this. The Great Debate showed me how essential it is, if someone (me in this case…I should speak for myself) aspires for excellence and/or something different or beyond majority assumptions, that person..(.me/I) has an obligation or leval of responsibilty to be educated/intelligent about the choices….living choices, moment to moment, year to year, plus to continuously/consciously check-in with one’s personal constitution. (which Gabriel Cousens spoke of) So, I am ever more committed to upping my vigilance regarding the raw-food/plant-based diet, specifically how I can do it better, according to the afore-mentioned criteria. Education from reliable sourses with a lot of self-monitoring of the transitions in my own body/constitution.

    I was impressed by the true debate/willingness on the part of Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Mercola to engage. It set for me, a tone for the whole program, of something I can aspire for. It was like touching gold…a meeting of who I see as being two quite different expressions life in human form, sharing a common intent. This quality of tone didn’t get sustained Kevin(in my opinion) but held and holds the promise of a world to come..,thanks Kevin, also and especially, for this!

    Speaking of which/whom, Gabriel Cousens represented for me the brightest light for many of the reasons others have shared.

    Will Tuttle…a wow! Just amazing in his spiritual perspective and repeated use of words like inclusivity regarding the animal kingdom of which we are a small part…custodians/care-takers that we may one day become as a whole (if we still have the time) and leave the legacy of, for future generations of life on our planet.

    Frederick P., Colin Campbell, Charlotte Gerson, I also resonated with….a kind of sanity they radiated for me. I could not listen to the two last speakers. I tried but found them too disheartening.

    Some reference (derrogatory) was made to gorillas…the absence of a frontal lobe and their distended bellies and their eating bananas all day. For all our frontal lobe developement/evolution, we seem to be able to access only about 2% of that capacity and with that 2%, seem to be on a committed path of destruction, extincting ourselves and other foms of life in that process.

    For that reason, I’m with Gabriel Cousens and with a spiritually younger version of him, Matt Monarch, in seeing the plant-based diet as an opening to our accessing and using wisely, that 98% capacity, that for most people, is not even in the debate. If we took the time to learn the gorillas, language, I wonder what we might learn about what they think of us, in their keen sense of observation, of our insanity?

    I don’t do grades Kevin as I said, but I see you as a bright star of goodness, high degree of intergrity and purity of intent, with so much generosity of spirit to have high lighted for many and for me, a lot which has further educated me and is going to inspire me on my path for a long time to come.

    P.S the Raw Summit some years back was

  172. Gwen says:

    amazing! Sorry to be so long-winded after-all!!!!!!

  173. Monica says:

    Veggie Eddie, please tell us the titles of your books. I agree totally! thanks

  174. Stephanie says:

    You have done a marvellous job with this “Debate”,as this opens new doors for many people, who want to understand more about their bodies.
    Even if the true answer is staring us in the face  some of us will be blind and not want to see it.
    There will always be people pushing the boundaries of death, in health or danger, and were money is to be made on both sides of the fence you will never get honesty and agreement.
    After I have heard the loudest person I listen to the quietest, I remember to search for the unassuming. 

    Remember, ” We owe much to our friends, but we owe even more to our enemies. The real person springs to life under a sting better than under a caress”. 

    Remember, When we chase one thing, we can loose sight of another. 

  175. Tiffany Hunnicutt says:

    Was there any kind of good info gathered about what is the best supplementing for children on a raw vegan diet? I know Shazzie recommends giving some eggs, DHA and occasional milk. I have healthy 17 mo. twin daughters, one is sensitive to eggs, dairy and grains. I wonder what the best supplement options are for her to have good bone/teeth health, which my oldest two had trouble with her teeth before even going “mostly vegan”. I give them garden of life vitamins for kids and the DHA for kids. I am considering occasional goat milk products for them. Any suggestions?

  176. Mary Dicerni says:

    No doubt about it. Kevin you get an A+. It was a brilliant idea and carried out beautifully. I enjoyed every bit, and cannot believe I have so many notes taken down. Now I need to try and read my own writing., and read it again and again. Congratulations. It was the best!

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