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The Great Health Debate has started with a pretty big splash…

Overall, there was a lot of information covered and a very complete analysis would take days to write.

So for each of these evenings, I’m going to pick and write on 5-7 points that I thought were interesting, needed more clarification, were wrong, or were valuable takeaways from the event.

I’m going to call them “Snack Bites.” 🙂

Keep in mind, I’ll be writing these in a way so that if you did not get a chance to listen to the call, you will still learn a thing or two!

Here we go…

1. Confirmed: Coconut oil increases cholesterol.

Everyone wants to lower their cholesterol, it seems, but the raw food and vegan subgroup tend to have issues with cholesterol being too low.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Mercola both confirmed that coconut oil will increase cholesterol. This is good news for those vegans or raw food eaters who tend to have low cholesterol and need to boost it to help produce necessary hormones.

Dr. Cousens warned that a large percentage of live food vegans who come to him are suffering from depression which is linked to hormone imbalance that starts with lack of cholesterol.

If you’re on that path and do have depression, you might want to check your cholesterol levels and see if they’re below 150 or so. If they are, you may want to consider working on bringing your levels up so your body can produce the feel good hormones it needs.

2. Are raw egg whites good for you?

Dr. Mercola spent some time talking about raw eggs and their protein content. Dr. Cousens confirmed that they were a good source of protein, but also stated that they were spiritually draining.

One of the questions that we didn’t get to was whether or not we should be concerned about some of the nutrient inhibitors in raw egg whites.

Raw egg whites contain avidin which is a protein that inhibits the absorption of biotin or (Vitamin B7.) If you cook the egg whites, the avidin is deactivated and you then can absorb the biotin.

There have been one or two studies that have shown those who eat raw egg whites have shown a decrease in biotin over time in humans, so this may be valid.

On the flip side, were the subjects in this study eating other foods with biotin in them as well, or were eggs the only source?

If they weren’t eating many other foods that do contain biotin, which aren’t mentioned in the studies, then we can only conclude that raw egg whites do cause biotin deficiency IF you don’t eat much else with biotin.

Basically, they are not exactly conclusive.

I’d like to get more clarification from Dr. Mercola about what he’s found about this.

3. My question about l-carnosine wasn’t answered.

The biggest question I had about the amino acid l-carnosine that Dr. Cousens was explaining to be a very good supplement for longevity and to assist with vegans and their dietary needs was this:

“What are the symptoms of over use?”

When I asked this question, it got lost in the shuffle, but I think it’s an important one to address.

Taking isolated amino acids like l-carnosine may help, based on Dr. Cousens’ clinical study, but it may also – in the long run – prove to be more harm than good.

I don’t know what the answer to this dilemma is, but it’s important to look into it.

Other isolated amino acids and amino acid combinations can be toxic. Aspartame is a perfect example.

Aspartame is a mixture of the amino acids – aspartic acid and phenylalanine. When they’re broken down in the body they cause many acute issues including diarrhea and dizziness as well as long term issues like MS, hearing loss, memory loss and more.

Can l-carnosine do the same thing?

Likely not, but we do need to be careful with high doses of just about anything for extended therapeutic use.

The use of l-carnosine causes the body to produce an enzyme that breaks it down. I would like to know, over time, if the production of that enzyme creates some deficiency that will unbalance the body.

For me, I’m not about to jump on the wagon and take l-carnosine – even with the evidence of Dr. Cousens’ work. I want to do more of my own research and ask around to see if anyone else knows more or has been using it as well.

4. Body constitution does need to be explained more.

We ran out of time to talk about this more.

In events like this, you can’t get to everything.

I wanted each to explain this topic further, but other questions got in the way.

If you want you can go to Dr. Mercola’s website and take the nutritional typing test and see for yourself where you stand. This will give you a better understanding of how your body works and if you function better using body typing guidelines or not.

I will do my best to either have one of them, or someone else explain it on a future Renegade Health program.

I wish I had asked a question about body constitution instead of this question…

5. What are the implications ecologically and ethically about eating local foods?

I asked both Dr. Cousens and Dr. Mercola about the ethical and ecological issues of getting supplements from all over the world.

When I asked this question, I wanted them to discuss all the ethical and environmental considerations of getting eggs from a neighbor’s back yard versus ordering coconut oil from a factory (even if it is an organic) farm in Central America to help raise your cholesterol.

I wanted to know which seemingly to them was a better choice for the planet.

The discussion I would have wanted would have gone like this…

In this case, eggs are relatively low in terms of environmental impact, but the coconut oil is high since you have to use a lot of fuel to get that oil to you.

Strike one on coconut oil.

On an animal rights / ethical standpoint, there is an argument as well.

What’s the amount of destruction to animal life comparatively?

Raising chickens doesn’t fit into the vegan philosophy because of its exploitation of animals.

But does clearing acres of jungle to put up an organic coconut plantation fit into a vegan philosophy as well? How many animals are exploited here? How many died?

Finally, when looked at in a holistic way – which choice is better for your health, the globe and all living beings?

Anyway, maybe all of us can have this discussion here on the blog. Please post your thoughts!

6. There are no meat-eating healing centers that I know of.

Dr. Mercola confirmed that he didn’t know of any place where people go to heal that has meat on the menu.

I do not know of a place either.

This, in itself, is very good evidence that for healing illness removing these types of foods from your diet may be effective.

Of course, each individual is different, but throughout the world, healing centers focus on plant foods for healing illness, not on steak and eggs.

I think we can safely conclude that if you need to heal or detox (in most cases), you need to remove the animal protein from your diet for at least a specified time.

7. No chair throwing tonight or any night from here on out…

Of course there was no chair throwing or body slamming last night.

I wouldn’t allow it.

For those of you looking for confrontation like that, your best bet is to watch some Jerry Springer reruns or Jersey Shore instead of this one!

Let me ask you a question…

How many times have you found common ground with someone while you were arguing with them?

I know, me neither.

Each expert deserves a chance to speak their mind in a way they feel is the best way to convey their points.

They’ve been asked to prepare as best they can to make sure this happens.

In order to make sure that they can address some of the more difficult questions without this type of confrontation each expert will speak separately from here on out until the last night. They will all be asked similar questions so that we can put all the serious topics on the table in a way that is educational, not reality TV.

Thanks for reading and participating in the discussion! Be sure to post your comments now!

Also, if you’re not a part of the debate and want to be click here.

If you want to get the copies of the calls with transcripts, please click here.

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