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jonny 5 bird kill
Jonny 5 is a small time killer compared to the USDA…

It’s Saturday and I’m excited to give you the 7 Things I Learned this Week…

It has become my favorite newsletter of the week and this week I talk about bird kills, raw food leaders, a great new book and The Great Health Debate.

So without further ado… here are the 7 Things I Learned this Week…

1. The government has been killing birds.

Lots of them.

Millions of them.

The recent bird kills in Arkansas and Texas still don’t have any explanation, but Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com – just today – broke a story about the USDA ordering the killing of birds to protect feed meal and other agricultural biz interests.

Apparently, in one case, hundreds of birds in Nebraska were enough of a nuisance to just destroy them with poison and not take other preventative measures.

I’m not going to get into all the details about this particular USDA action, I’ll give you a link at the end of this. But in total the USDA and Wildlife services killed over 2,000,000 birds in 2009.

To add to that, the Wildlife Service also kills beavers, pigs, coyotes and other animals at an alarming rate per year.

Now I understand some of these animals may be a threat and others may have disease, but 4,120,295 of them? (You can read the list here.)

It makes me question the mindset of those who think destruction of life like this is a normal way to conduct business.

It also brings to mind something I learned in my Criminal Justice class in college.

In citizen criminal behavior, previous arrest or disturbances involving the deaths of animals and house pets can be a warning sign for possible escalation to crimes against other humans.

Can the government act the same way?

Can this animal population control lead to other behavior that destroys human life for “the greater good?”

I really dislike thinking this way, but I can’t ignore patterns.

(You can read the whole story here.)

2. The Great Health Debate is creating a buzz.

When you put something together like The Great Health Debate, you have no idea how it will be embraced.

The reason I wanted to put an event together like this is because within all health and diet belief systems there are truths that everyone can learn from.

What doesn’t happen, is that there’s rarely a forum where all the ideas and strategies are shared.

This is that forum.

If you’re signed up, be sure to listen with an open mind.

I’m sure you’ll be exposed to ideas that you agree with and others that you completely reject.

It’s a practice in tolerance and growth we all need to embrace – including myself.

If I didn’t listen to some of the ideas my friend Heather told me 2 years or so ago about goat’s yogurt and kefir, I’d probably still be struggling pretty bad with my health.

Could I have done it differently, maybe.

Did I get the results I wanted? Yes.

Does this mean you need to change what you eat? I have no idea.

That’s what the event is about!

Here’s where you can sign up in case you haven’t yet…


3. Where are all the raw food leaders in the Great Health Debate?

I knew this question would come up…

As a whole, after being deeply immersed in the raw food world for the last few years, I’m down on raw food “leaders.”

Just to be fair, I’m down on science, raw cacao, mean people, and the New York Jets as well. LOL!

I can’t put a finger on why I’m bumming about the movement.

I want more people to eat raw foods.

I also want to make it more accessible.

The way it is now, it’s hard for people to understand.

When people think you’re crazy, chances are they aren’t going to listen to you.

4. Complete deliciousness.

We recently had Kris Carr’s “Crazy Sexy Diet” book shipped to us to review.

I haven’t taken a look at it yet, since I’ve been busy working on getting “The Great Health Debate” off the ground.

But Annmarie got her hands on it a few days ago and made two recipes from it. One was the Mexican Rice Pilaf we had on the show this week and another was a sweet potato rice patty (cooked). They both were amazing.

It’s very rare to take two random recipes from a book and like both of them as much as we liked both of these recipes. I’m imagining that the rest are just as good – if not better.

So when you have a chance, check out the book…

Kris’s story is inspiring and – as referenced here – the recipes are top notch.

(You can read more about the book here.)

5. A week off of exercise is OK, but only one.

Last weekend we drove to Pittsburgh and this week we were relocating from Connecticut to New Jersey – all this without the RV.

This type of travel is becoming unbearable.

It also is interrupting our fitness program, which is frustrating to me.

Taking this week off is cool with me (it was planned), but that’s it.

We’re on a roll and I know how much momentum plays a role in any success.

Don’t be surprised if we settle down sometime this year and actually start on a normal people type routine – at least as normal as we can be.

It’s very appealing right now.

Being nomadic is amazing, but life evolves.

6. I can’t wait for football season to be over.

Every Sunday starting in September until January (sometimes February), I get up completely stressed out over a bunch of guys I don’t know anything about, who dress up in yellow and black uniforms and beat the snot out of each other.

I know it’s a complete waste of my time and energy, but for some reason I can’t get away.

I love the game. I love the competition.

It must be some primal sort of nature calling to me from way back in human history.

(WAY back, since I’m pretty convinced of my own domestication these days.)

Luckily, for you, you won’t hear much about football 4 weeks from now. The season will be over and my stress levels will return to normal.

That’s all positive stuff since you know I talk a bunch about the connection between stress and health.

The negative of the season ending?

Sunday will return to a partial workday. Bring it on.

7. Feedback tells me you like ’em.

In 2011, I made a commitment to all you who’ve asked for more detailed explanations of health issues in the form of articles that actually cite references and are easier to pass along than a video.

It was something that you’ve been asking about for a while now.

Finally, they’re here.

What’s even better, is that I absolutely love writing them, so that means they’re here to stay.

In a few months, we’ll be introducing some more recipes and content as well from other great authors and chefs.

It’s what you asked for, so we’re glad to bring it to you.

For those of you who still love the show, don’t worry, it’s still going strong!


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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. oreganol says:

    I know what you mean about missing training. A few days off and I get really frustrated.

    That info about the government killing animals is quite shocking. It seems like we are run by a buncher of crazy people. They kill our animals, poison our food and water and try to ban us from growing our own food and taking supplements. What’s up with these guys and why don’t most people seem to care. It’s like living in some sort of police state.

  2. Nadia says:

    I just read all about the killing of all those animals. Crazy and so sad. It just reinforces the point that you can’t put all your faith in government agencies. They do do some good but it is also up to us to question and investigate.

    This isn’t an alien species doing this to our planet.. It is US doing it to US … that is the craziest part.

  3. Frank says:

    Where are the animal rights activists? My guess is we wont hear a word from them.

  4. It literally makes me sick to my stomach to hear about our government killing animals the way and in the huge numbers they are!
    I tried the Mexican Pilaf last night…super yummy and I have ordered the book. I agree that her story is amazing and I can’t wait to watch her movie either.
    Can’t wait to see more recipes!
    Ps- can we hear an update soon about your schooling and how that is going?

  5. debbie says:

    I read that story about the Government killing the birds yesterday and was mortified……but I also thought WHAT IS NEXT? HUMANS?
    everyone got down on BVick for killing the dogs but I see no protests or anyone speaking out on this. Oh well……….

    on to football…….

    since my NY GIANTS are sitting on the coucheer for the I will cheer for the JETS!

  6. Keith Baxter says:

    “Just to be fair, I’m down on science, raw cacao, mean people, and the New York Jets as well. LOL!”

    I’m new here… but what’s wrong with raw cacao?


  7. Austin says:

    What does dispersed mean on that gov’t pdf?

    The fact that they intentionally kill mass amounts animals without any good logical reason is very infuriating.

    500+ wolves
    400+ blackbirds
    1,000,000’s of birds
    AND THIS IS JUST 2009!

    If you have not filled out any petitions to protest government actions then you are allowing this problem to continue un-contested.
    Stop expecting other people to solve our problems, OR stop wallowing in a depressive helpless state. You are going to get nowhere with these methods.

    I constantly send out emails detailing problems & solutions, but I have only received a very few responses from anyone & furthermore an even fewer # of action items.

    If you are indifferent towards how the world operates -> then the world will be indifferent to you. Suffering or Greatness, it is your choice.

  8. Austin says:

    meant to say 400+ black bears.

  9. Jean says:

    Hey Kevin, this is off topic but I’ve been wondering. . . Are you and Annmarie still in school? Haven’t heard you guys talk about your experiences at all or how you’re liking it, if it’s turned out to be positive, partly so, etc, esepcially since you were so excited about beginning. And when in the world do you have time to do homework????

  10. fedup says:

    Humans are killed also. Just consider the chemtrails that almost daily spray us with aluminum, barium, molds and other crap. The machines now used at the airports will, according to a caller to coasttocoastam sooner or later cause all the operators to have cancer as well as frequent flyers. Fortunately the government has just decided to do something about fluoride in the water, but they should eliminate it completely. We are subjected to poisons everywhere. The poisons they use to kill the animals most likely has a negative effect on humans,too. Some people in high places are of the distinct opinion that there are too many people in this world.

  11. Escited about the book! cant go wrong with a name like that 🙂
    And regarding exercise, find it hard to exercise as much in winter, thats why i just bought a “exercise ball”, bet it will bounce (litterally) me back into training!

    Loving the newsletters and 7 things posts!
    Keep rocking

  12. Ryan says:

    Im totally with u on the raw foods thing…
    learning stuff almost becomes a suspicion…we are given all this info which should seem easy yet we end up weeding through everything with suspicion…It shouldnt be intended right…

    also I have a question hopefully u can address…u mentioned sweet potatoes and that u do eat some…do u guys eat orange sweet potatoes as I thought they were high sugar conversion…I really enjoy Japanese white sweet potatoes/yams but apparently white potatoes are high starch and can be bad…so are white sweet potatoes bad too…and how would that relate to the indigenous tribes that highly consumed potatoes and or what kind they ate…Thanks…

  13. Sheryl says:

    People are putting blame on others for the animals, birds, fish etc that are dying. Realize that the vibratory action of the Earth is being raised and these Lifeforms are of low vibration and cannot live in the Higher vibrations. They are being released as the Ascended Masters said they would from the filth into the Service of the Light and never to be in a form less than perfection again. All animals are being released – thank you God. They are imprisoned Souls and they want their Freedom too just like we do.

  14. lianne smith says:

    Population control. damage of humans for the ‘greater good’. its already happened… its called vaccination.

  15. Patty says:

    …wow…..anyway – I can remember a couple of years ago in a neighborhood nearby – the condo owners complained about the geese that lived in the pond on the complex. The condo association actually hired a company to gather up these poor creatures (at a particular time of the season when they cannot fly). They threw them in to this truck and gassed them on the spot…then bagged them up and left them behind. It was horrific. What gives anyone the right to do this???

  16. Some people are sick and compassionless . How can they live with themselves. It’s really sad.

  17. Rae says:

    For another idea about the bird deaths see Divine Cosmos and click on David’s latest blog. Basically he says that there was evidence of internal blunt trauma which was much greater than falling out of the sky could account for, and he attributes this to the HAARP shield that the shadow government was activating in order to attempt to protect various military weapon sites from extraterrestials. If this sounds too off the wall to you, you should know that David Wolfe is a big fan of David Wilcock and has made YouTubes with him.

  18. kerrie says:

    bad things happen when good people do nothing

  19. Lilith says:

    I just post this here in hope you read the latest comments.

    Fist: I would really want to se Dough Graham in the health debate! To see him defend his approach with 80-10-10 against, let’s say G. Cousens or David Wolfe (or others).

    Second: I hear you are extending the renegade health. I do HOPE this means you will also change the blog theme! You need to understand that I (and others?) are already fighting burning out, adrenal problems and information overload! I (and others?) don’t have all day to spend on your site (Sorry Kevin…)!
    It is very hard scrolling through your blog to follow your shows, and now with all these newsletters (how often do they come, really?), and now your going to add articles as well?!
    I hope you are going to make categories and a good overview on the first page so that I can SEE what articles is about what subjects, and if I want to read the newsletters (that are very annoying in many ways, since I can’t read it “in the flow” but need to click on the link to read the whole peace, witch take me out of the “roll” and I need to scroll around to figure out where I was in the blog roll when I click back) they should be in their own category, as too the shows!

    I appreciate you want to deliver more good content, but please be aware of the viewer too!
    If you indeed want to extend Renegade Health in this way it means the visitor must be able to CHOOSE what content – you can’t expect us to read/view it all – even if you would so like us to… I already spend to much time at your site as it is… :-/
    (Yet, I appreciate at least you stick to max 10 min videos…)

    Looking forward to the debate! 🙂

  20. Terri says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I can understand how you’re down on raw food “leaders” in general as there are so many opposing views, and often these leaders put a priority in selling their fancy/ exotic products more than promoting health, or are more interested in putting other “leaders” down. It’s unfortunate and makes one really question: “If I need all these powders and supplements, can a raw food diet really be healthiest?”

    I did notice one glaring ommission in the Great Health Debate, and that was Dr. Doug Graham (you even mentioned the 80-10-10 diet in your video speaking about the debate, posted a couple days ago). He isn’t interested in selling products. His approach to health is backed by science, but even if you’re down on science (I know science isn’t perfect) it is also backed by results – thousands of people who have applied the principles of the lifestyle and have obtained great health. Doug Graham himself has been doing this for over 30 years, and is is in better health and fitness than people half his age (I beleive he’s 58 now).

    Also, I didn’t see anyone on the show who was really into fitness, or who is physically fit, and Dr. Graham would also be a great person to have on the show to debate about that as well as fitness is so vital to health (not to mention longevity).

    In addition, high fat raw food diets don’t really work long term, and while you have advocates of low fat cooked food in the debate, there are zero reps for low fat raw, which is by far the healthiest type of raw. Dr. Doug Graham is living proof that the 80-10-10 lifestyle really does work long term. If you have him participate it will go from being a “good” health debate, to truly a “great” one. 🙂

  21. Barbara W. says:

    I really love your blog and have followed it daily for almost 3 years. I love the articles and 7 things I learned this week, however, I may be in the minority in that I am not looking for recipes and content from other great authors and chefs on this blog. If you ogo this route I like Lilith’s suggestion to at minimum categorize those separately. Thanks for all you do 🙂

  22. Faye says:

    I agree with adding Doug Graham to the Health Debate

  23. cosmosociologist says:

    the issue of what is causing all of the bird, fish, and animal deaths across the world is like a mass rorschach test, allowing people to project all forms of creative explanation onto it. if you look around the web, you’ll see everything, from the mundane to the otherworldly. fuzzy evidence, combined with selective perception and interpretation, might say more about the humyn mind than about the phenomena under investigation.

    stating the obvious: millions of animals are killed per day for food worldwide. no mystery there. most humyns actually seem to support this practice.

    the article which rae mentions above (#10) can be seen at:

    “Disclosure War at Critical Mass: Birds, Fish and Political Deaths”


    “i leave you in the love and the light of the one infinite creator”

  24. kit says:

    You said: “Can the government act the same way?

    Can this animal population control lead to other behavior that destroys human life for “the greater good?””

    I can’t believe you even asked this question. It is being done daily…..but it is a slow kill: chemtrails (breathe in that barium and aluminum and mycobacteria…..), fluoride in the water(used in nazi concentration camps to keep people docile), pharmaceuticals (all with deadly side effects eventually –cholesterol meds, chemo, psych meds, etc), GMO/conventional foods doused in chemicals, pesticides/herbicides/fungicides which are designed to kill animal pests (including us) and of course they maim and kill the farmworkers who are exposed to it; GMO to destroy the soil and human’s ability to reproduce, killing off the bees that pollinate our food supply; destroying indigenous/native habitats farms to grow palms for oil, soy, etc etc etc.

    I won’t go on. It’s already happening.

  25. David Barriga says:

    HELLO CARING PEOPLE, I agree to all comments, one that got my attention: Austin’s comment about emailing to friends about things of concern. I too, get the word out about all the bad stuff the Gov. is doing and natural healing info, almost all of them don’t think highly of me, MAN! I don’t get paid for this, they don’t listen AND worst,yet they stop talking to me, weird. have U experience this type of stuff??
    I sure hope not, it SUCKS!

  26. Martin Tornberg says:

    The bird thing is not as straightforward as it sounds. If you read the comments section of the source article (http://www.naturalnews.com/031076_USDA_bird_deaths.html), it appears that the birds being killed were “starlings” that are not native to North America and were brought over from Europe and in many places have managed to reproduce to an unnatural degree, with thousands of birds in a flock, displacing other types of birds and animal forms. What happens if there is an instance where nature is out of balance – due to mistakes made by humans – and the only way to bring it back into balance is to actually kill some animals, animals whose population is much larger than it should be due to imbalances that were created by humans? Could it be that there was actually no better solution in this instance?

  27. Martin Tornberg says:

    There is another scary posting by the same source that uncovered the government killing of birds. On http://www.naturalnews.com/030996_bird_deaths_pole_shift.html, he explains that the earths poles are shifting (enough to require changes on an airport runway), which happens every few thousand years, and it is unclear what the consequences will be for us, but most likely it will have consequences both for animals and humans, especially given our reliance on electro-magnetic forms of communication; this may also be related to the phenomenon of bees getting disoriented and dying off, since they orient themselves based on the Earth’s electromagnetic grid, as birds do.

  28. Cathy Hamilton says:

    Thank you, Kevin, for posting what you’ve found about the animals. If people hear the truth from somene they trust, they may start to wake up.

    And, WAY YUMMY Mexican Rice!

  29. Chris says:

    People Please.. . wake up. . Be Conscious… and Be Real.

    Briefly.. Yes Kevin, you do talk too much. Great information but we don’t need to know every detail of how you think. Brief is good.. lots of us are busy and don’t have the time you may have.

    It is UNCONSCIONABLE that there is mass destruction of our winged feathered friends. Realize please what they are doing – – they are trying to numb you to everything. . then everything becomes acceptable. It is NOT acceptable to destroy our bird population. What next??? We are the ones with a supposed thinking mind. . we are to protect our birds and animals. . What are we doing???? This is all about population control. Wake up people.. lift that veil from your eyes to what is really going on. And Sheryl.. you really need to lift the veil that clouds your thinking – – or get off whatever drugs you’re on.

    This is nothing short of Horrific! Please BE REAL people.. We no longer have time to live in illusion.

    And Frank what are you talking about??? The Animal Activits are UP IN ARMS!!! Please check their sites.. My guess is you’re related to Sheryl. . . and are both temporarily disconnected.. Get a grip.. its the only chance you have. I hope you realize that. . Anything else is nonsence..

  30. Chris says:

    I just want to say I really enjoy reading these “7 Things” posts. I also looove that photo of Johnny 5…I miss seeing him in videos!

  31. Debbie says:

    During the Great Leap Forward, between 1956 and 1962, the Chinese government under Mao Tse-Tung decided to wipe out all the song birds in China, because song birds fed on grain. They did this.
    Hundreds of millions of birds were killed so that there would be less grain lost, and more food harvested for the people. The following year, the grain harvested was wiped out by insects. The very same insects that the song birds would have eaten and thousands of Chinese people starved to death.
    I hope the we look back at history and avoid this situation in the future but it’s not looking good now.

  32. Smith says:

    I found it very interesting that when you made a blog completely dedicated to the death of the birds there were only one or two comments of compassion that showed towards the actual birds only. Most were either critising your writing style, annoyed at the fact you had posted an article, or worried on what implication the killing of the birds would have to to humans. Looking back to your blog a few days ago there were dozens of vegans posting that meat eaters were eating their friends, and that only real vegans were the ones who were completely compassionate about the welfare of animals. I have raw & vegan friends, follow blogs etc and i have have never once heard out of their mouths compassion to animals before now, to them its a completely clinical diet based on control, digestion and cancer risks. Not once have i heard about the treatment of animals out of their mouths. My raw vegan and fruitarian friends, do not have pets or keep animals or post photos of their best friends. I follow a raw diet as best i can, but include meat, however i go to very expensive lengths to try buy the little amount of meat i consume from the most ethical sources. I applaud the vegans who have made the switch because of their love for animals – i would understand and respect the dogma attitude if that was the reason for all. For me it was an interesting observation.

    Comments are closed for this post.