Introducing the Great Health Debate and Answering Questions : The Renegade Health Show Episode #745

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The Great Health Debate is here…

It’s an event that we’ve put together to help make some sense of the whole diet debate.

We’d love for you to sign up and listen in when the debate starts online February 6, 2010.

Here’s where you can sign up now:

Today, in this video we’re going to give you some thoughts about the program and what it’s all about, too.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: Who can you share this event with?

Click here, scroll down to the bottom of the page and leave your comments now!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. You did say Doug Graham would be speaking, yeah? I hope so!
    ps I will encourage my Mom to listen in!

  2. Erina says:

    id really like to tell allot of people, like the gas station man, the lady at the grocery register, my daughters classmates mothers, teachers etc. the people working at the library, the neighbors, the relatives – the lady at the clothing store, the iceskating staff, the gymnastics coaches, my kids guitar teacher – i think i’ll make up a little flyer & hand them out w/ the website, dates & info. on em – most all these people are lost & clueless that their health/ diet is so wacked !! ok so wish me luck & thank you.

  3. Veronika says:

    I forgot to mention John Kohler!

    If you haven’t invited him already, he would be a wonderful guest.

  4. Melissa says:

    I’d really like someone– anyone qualified to answer– to speak to weight loss with hypothyroidism. I eat low calorie (1100-1500 calories), but wonder if I eat too little that I eat below the basal metabolic rate and go into “starvation mode”. It is all so confusing.

  5. Patrycja Nowak says:

    Please ask Harley DURIANRIDER from to join the debate. Hundreds of your you tube viewers are asking the same if you check the comments. Thanks so much in advance!

  6. Awesome…I am going to share it with family, friends, strangers on the street…EVERYONE. Thanks so much for taking this mission on 😉

  7. Ryan says:

    This shall be pretty wonderful…Im thinking those that declined are either reclusive and or have their “optimal” diet that they know works for them “optimally” and or on the highest level…and most likely wanna stay out of the main media…

    when “experts” say that raw food, vegan or such is the best diet sry but its not…every single person has a diff body and the only way to find the “best” diet is experiment and see what works best with proof that its buildng your body to a harmonious and high state…animal foods, fish, raw foods, some cooked foods, maybe a balance of all…

    in my personal opinion the raw and or vegan diet almost becomes a “supplement” and or high “superfoods” diet which gets expensive…but basically any diet would need supplement…

  8. I just signed up. This is a great idea, finally someone is doing it, lol.

    Can’t wait – Posted to facebook.


  9. roni says:

    the variety of all manners of “which is the best path” is going to be well addressed by the guests already in the lineup. will be sending your email with the link to a few friends who are exploring and experimenting to increase health and vitality.
    and to Ryan – the SAD diet is one of supplements and pharmaceuticals, both in and outside of the food, and we see the results of THAT to health. we still need supplements because so much of the soil has been degraded, compromised or depleted to the point that the nutrition we are supposed to be getting from food, even when organic, just isn’t happening. In addition to being conscious about our food, we also need to be consciously doing things to rebuild the health of where our food is grown, and that takes time.

  10. monica K says:


  11. Charlotte says:

    This is a really great thing you guys are doing! BTW kevin you look really good with your hair and facial hair trim like that and I think green is your color! And Annmarie looks radiant as always!
    I was planning on buying some green powder with the MLK wknd discount but some things came up and I missed it! so pissed..

  12. Raymond Deckert says:

    My daughters and sons in law and brothers and sisters. thanks!

  13. Yasmine says:

    Hi there,

    You guys say you are normal and lay back, but how many couples do you know that make health videos every week day? No, that is not lay back!

    Love your show as always 🙂

  14. freedom fighter says:

    my brother can benefit from this and he will spread this to my whole family. thank you guys so much for such an awesome event like no other I am still astonished that you guys are doing this, sweeettt

  15. Ingrid says:

    Most of all, I’d like to share this event with my dad but he doesn’t speak English. But I myself will be tuning in to gather knowledge and then spread it to both him and everybody else I think I might be able to enlighten!

  16. Ingrid says:

    I just remembered something. The other day I came across this article:
    It mentions choline and serine which help the brain’s memory function.

    The reason why I thought it was very interesting is because I went vegan a year and a half ago and the only bad thing about it was that I noticed immediately that my memory was not the same anymore. And I’m only 29…

    It would be great if someone could talk a bit about this during the Great Health Debate!

  17. Toni Kaste says:

    MACROBIOTICS PLEASE on the Health Debate!!! try contacting the Kushi Institute

  18. oreganol says:

    I will certainly pass this on to facebook and twitter friends. Really looking forward to the debate, although I’m gping to need to buy, as I go on vacation on the exact day the debates start. How unlucky is that?

  19. EcoGoth says:

    Everyone could benefit from this debate from myself and my family to chronic dieters.
    I’m posting it on my health blog, I Chose Health ( Here’s to hoping the word gets out ^_^

  20. Jensey says:

    I think who will benefit the most are the experts themselves … since they will have to confront their own knowledge, science, assertions in the face of each other.

    I don’t think anyone will benefit unless these folks bring their science to the table for dissection by each other.

    We will all benefit by seeing these experts unveiled and vulnerable – and forced to stick to facts. You are right … it is time for this. Unfortunately, I doubt I will see/hear my dream of Brian Clement facing off against Sally Fallon, Nora Gedgaudas or Daniel Vitalis.

    Lastly, we will all benefit by seeing that responsibility for our own health lies in our own hands. We will see that experts are not really that, but that they are sounding boards.

    Looking forward to it! With thanks …

  21. Rick says:

    A Breatharian. Now that would make things interesting!

  22. Leam says:

    Respectfully don’t see how debating will once and for all help to determine what all human beings should be eating. Maybe a more apt title would be “The Great Food Fight”.
    Agree that Daniel Vitalis’ spoof was really funny.

  23. Chris G says:


  24. philippe says:

    Everyone with diabetes (and pre-diabetes) could benefit but an easy and affordable “reverse diabetes” diet does not exist.
    It will be nice to see a real “reverse diabetes” diet similar to what dr cousens provides.

  25. eyla says:

    You guys aren’t boring, just laid back!

    I’m a student of herbal medicine/nutrition so I’ll post it on our student forum, there are plenty people there who would be really happy to tune in!

  26. stephanie says:

    Well I got my peeps who ‘would’ benefit ‘if’ they’d put the time in to listen.

    Have you reached out to nutrition schools ie. the Institute for Integrative Nutrition…Joshua Rosenthal? Have them advertise to their students and alumni…or….

    I’m in! Sounds great. thanks for your continued dedication and sincere desire to share your wisdom!
    You rock!

  27. Sharon says:

    I think it’s not so much that we don’t know how to eat, we just get obsessed with sticking to a certain path that appeals to our brains and then make exclusions to our diet that can potentially hurt us. Animals don’t think about eating. They just eat. Just the fact that human beings can and do eat anything means we’re omnivores. Anyone on a rigid diet NEEDS to do very regular testing to make sure they’re not suffering deficiencies.

  28. Cameron says:

    Durianrider aka HARLEY JOHNSTONE!!!

  29. PJ says:

    I think Durianrider would be a wonderful contributor to this forum. 🙂

  30. schuttedog says:

    I really like watching your show. I am watching them in chronological order and am up to episode 49. I take good notes on the videos and am incorporating them into my life. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  31. Sherri says:

    Wonderful idea!
    Please… more about “Pregnancy Health”, speakers are typically men, which I appreciate. However, they need to incorporate this more.

    We don’t know what to eat because, we’ve been conditioned now not to. We are reinventing ourselves… fun!

    Majority of Americans need to really know, since we created the “SAD Diet”.

    PS: $49-DVD is not to much at all 🙂

  32. Colman says:

    If not too late, can you get the author of “The Hidden story of Cance”, Brian Peskin? Probably the ultimate contrarian but he seems to back up his assertions and he would liven things up!

  33. barbara g. says:

    To all species it is a die-t. With humans many of us have changed our lifestyles which is more positive and more inclusive than just die-t.

    I will tweet this to all of my tweet buddies.

    I look forward to this series because even in the superfood & real healthy lifestyle and food choice world there are conflicting views and information between some of the top people I have seen in person or on video.

    Lastly, I plan to attend as many nights as I can but life is filled with alot else too, so our hearts may be to be on each call and we may not all be able to do so. Some may not have the $49 which is a great price. I hope to buy it anyways to have all of the incredible info at my finger tips when I want to re-listen to it.

    Thanks for the event!

  34. stacie says:

    Boy, who wouldn’t benefit? Definitely going to share with my family and friends.(Annmarie, love the necklace you’re wearing today–looks great on you! =))

  35. Keith says:

    thank you so much for doing this for free

  36. Beth says:

    The registration page is not loading properly for me:

    I have tried it in 3 different browsers (IE, Chrome, and Mozilla) all with the same results.


  37. Cindy says:

    Hi guys,

    I love that you put on these seminars and give us access to the calls for 24 hours for free. It is very generous of you.
    I would like to comment though that having (2) x 1 hour + calls a night, every night in a row is a lot to listen to. I realise that your objective is that people will buy the recordings but for those of us who won’t, or who want to listen before making that decision, it is so much to try and get through in a very short space of time. I had this same problem with the “Rawkathon”. I loved it but I could not physically listen to all the speakers and i actually felt stress and pressure as i thought I might be missing something good.
    Anyway i hope you take this in the spirit for which it is intended as i am very grateful for what you guys do but maybe something to think about for any future ventures or projects.
    thanks and have a great day

  38. Esoteric Engineer says:

    You must have Durianrider (Harley Johnson) on!

    Durianrider does not hold back and does not manipulate his message in order to sell expensive powders and ‘miracle’ products. He is provocative and forces people to think. He puts the money-grabbers and marketers in their place!

    Durianrider’s website:

  39. tessa says:

    i love u guys 😉


  40. mary g says:

    Hi Annmarie and Kevin,
    I am very excited about the “Great Health Debate” and I will be pre ordering the program because I need to improve my health and I just don’t really know where and how to start. It’s also a great price.
    I have one of many questions and if you don’t have any answers perhaps some of your debate presenters will.
    My questions is this;
    I’m currently in menopause and I an taking bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I read so many pros and cons about this. Is there a better way to reduce my symptoms? i.e moody, tired, can’t remember things, itchy skin, etc.
    Thank you

  41. Tiff says:

    I hope you wouldn’t actually consider Durian Rider…I’m sure you wouldn’t. That wouldn’t keep the spirit of civility for your debate. The debaters should all be actual EXPERTS.

  42. D. Reilly says:

    And what, in your view, makes someone an “EXPERT?”

  43. Esoteric Engineer says:


    Durianrider speaks much more sense than those snake oil and powder marketers already booked for this event.

    Not having a profit motive makes a big difference when it comes to speaking the truth compared with saying what needs to be said in order to attract sales and make profit.

  44. Holy smokes! I just looked at the line up for this health debate. I’m going right to facebook to post it for my friends… Are you gonna be able to handle the number of people that want to listen in? I can’t believe you got Sally too!

  45. Erin says:


  46. Robert says:

    I sure hope you will have Doug Graham or Tim Van Orden.
    Guys who actually don’t have much of a monetary incentive and are doing great health/performance wise.

    Thank you.

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