What Do You Use Oregano Oil For? : The Renegade Health Show Episode #717

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This is the final episode with Dr. Cass Ingram… (We were going to broadcast this Thursday, but we’re traveling today, so In the Kitchen will be tomorrow!)

In this episode, he shares his knowledge about oregano oil, fungus and more.

He also shares how much you can take internally or externally.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: Do you use oregano oil? Have you used it?

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To read more about Dr. Cass Ingram and North American Herb and Spice, please click here: http://www.p-73.com/

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Therese says:

    I have used oregano oil together with “Hulda Clarks parasiteherbs” and her kidney and livercleanse .
    I had very bad candida and it worked very well – but you need to be patient and remember NO sugar ever again ! I also stopped with milkproducts and gluten .

  2. Ildiko says:

    Yes, we have used it and keep using it whenever we need it. I personally use it for upset stomach, whenever a cold is coming on. I even use it for my daughter, but since she cannot take it internally, like I do, we just mix it with olive oil and rub it on her feet. It works like a charm!
    Great show, as usual!

  3. Craig says:

    I found only North american herb Oregano oil ever really works or the real plant.I have found when i feel like i am getting sick i will do about 40 drops a day. doing this the sickness never manifests. If i do not catch it before it manifests it will knock it out very fast. I use it if i think that i ate bad food.I use externally if i have a cut or put the oil on my lips if they are dry and cracking.Too bad North american Herb comapny can not make these claims with out getting sued for 2.5 Million .

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I love this guy! I could listen to him for hours,thanks Kevin for bringing these interviews to us. I have used Young Living Oregano oil to get rid of moles by placing drops on the mole and I also use drops in recipes for the flavor and to prevent candida infections.

  5. Vitamin B12 says:

    I’ve never used this but may give it a try – just like lots of other thinsg I have on my list from watching these vidoes. Chaga mushrooms are on my list as well.

  6. Jasmine says:

    It’s so INSANE how the universe works sometimes. I JUST came across my bottle of wild oregano a couple of days ago and put a few drops in my green drink this morning. Then you came out with THIS video which only confirms that it’s exactly what my body needs right now (fighting candida).

    WOW. thank you. This was one of the best series of videos you’ve posted ever!

  7. LI says:

    I have used oregano oil from Young Living
    in capsules for an absesed tooth several times. I put the oregano oil in a capsule and took every 4 hours during the day. It took 3-4 days and the infection was gone. I slowly decreased the dosage over the next 5-6 days. It worked every time!!

  8. I’ve taken it, but didn’t notice any effects in particular other the occasional “oregano burp.” I am going to try the North American Herb & Spice version with P73 and see if it helps with some recurring infection issues I’ve been having.

  9. Sue says:

    Yes! My Italian girlfriend turned me on to this. She cures EVERYTHING with it and keeps her kids well with it.
    I find it a bit hard on my stomach. I am going to rub it on my skin: exciting news for healing lymph problems. THANKS for another wonderful and informative video Kevin and Anne Marie!

  10. Heather Hemphill says:

    I started using Oil of Oregano 15 years ago and have sworn by it ever since. It is great for everything Dr. Cass spoke of plus getting rid of Cold sores.

    Unfortunately it is one of the products slated to become not available because of legislation due to come into effect in 2011 in Canada.

    I have been trying to stock pile it so that I will have it when I need it but unless I can find and grow my own from seed, I will eventually run out.

    It is very very frustrating how the govenment has been pushing the pharmacutical agenda and cutting our natural options out.

  11. Talker says:

    Ah yes, I posted on Oil of Oregano and Dr Ingramm. Check it out. I always have it on hand.


  12. Sarah says:

    It’s amazing that the video today was about oregano oil! I just bought some yesterday, I’m hoping it will help with some fungal overgrowth problems.

  13. Gen says:

    Yes, I have used oregano oil for a sore throat and stomach upset and it worked quickly both times.

    I have a question for Dr. Ingram or anyone who can answer it.

    Every time I go to the dentist, I have to take antibiotics due to having a bicuspid rather than a tricuspid aortic heart valve. I’ve been doing this for 25 years or so and each time, it messes up my system something awful.

    Can I take oregano oil for this purpose rather than the antibiotics, and if so, what would the dosage be?

    Many, many thanks in advance.

  14. Karen Toth says:

    I have used oil of oregano!

    Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge to keep us all healthy “one show at a time.”

  15. RawGuru says:

    Oregano oil is powerful stuff! I have used it for cold and flu but the main thing i’ve had success with is using it topically on a fungal infection i dealt with on my hand and arm. This was a fungus that had spread in the dish washing area of a restaurant i used to work at. I placed the oregano oil on my skin everyday and covered it with a bandage, it worked extremely well! I actually felt tingly and increased circulation, i felt it really working to kill the fungus.

  16. Velda says:

    Oh yes I have. Actually I have used the Oregonol. My son had a horribly infected tooth. The doctor, of course, gave him a prescription for an antibiotic. Fortunately he listened to his Mom and too the Oregonol. Better the very next day, and completely as good a new now. It is great stuff …. with no side effects!! Thank you for bringing this to the forefront!!

  17. Jessic a says:

    This is my favorite and I tell everyone to take it! I work with money and the public so several times a year I feel a cold or stomach flu coming on and I take oil of oregano immediately for a few days. (to make sure the bugs is killed completely). I haven’t been sick in 6 years thanks to oil of oregano! This stuff is absolutely amazing!!

  18. Beth says:

    Haven’t tried it, but have been meaning to buy some to have on hand.

  19. Chris says:

    I love Johnny 5’s meow at the end of each program… very sweet.

    Yes!!! I use a very potent oil of oregano thru the winter. . . and grow it fresh in the summer. Each day once it begins growing in my garden (early in the season because it comes back each year) I harvest 2 or 3 stalks each day and put them whole thru my juicer or blender – – the stalk and everything: roots, leaves. . I mean I use it all!! I want to kill everything that shouldn’t be living in me. Have done this for years and never get sick with anything. . no colds, flu, sniffles, nothing – – even though everyone around me is sick constantly. Oregano is a wonderful medicinal herb. Thank you for sharing information from Dr. Cass Ingram.

    Bless Ewe and Keep Ewe:

  20. Cass Ingram says:

    For Gen:

    Use a super-strength version of the oil of wild oregano; during such a situation take 10 or more drops five times daily; hold it under the tongue as long as you can. To really protect yourself add an ounce of oregano juice twice daily and add the OregaRESP, three capsules three times. Then, you will gain all you desire; antibiotics cause yeast overgrowth of the gut. Also, there is a great topical product with cinnamon, clove bud, and oregano oil for the dental tissues. Used regularly, there would be a great benefit to these tissues; major protection.

    Be well…

  21. Brianna says:

    I’ve used oregano oil- but it was tough to tell if it worked for me because I was doing so many different things at the time! I’m definitely going to buy some and start using it periodically. How many days in a row can you take it without having it wipe out your good bacteria as well?

    Thanks for the reminder about how wonderful Oreganol is!!

  22. Johann says:

    I have been using the Oregano Juice from North American Herb and Spice since listening to Ingram. Its amazing. I would guess that it may make an appearance soon on Kevin’s website if he has the ability to sell it.

  23. Dr Ingram I remember seeing him on a show called ‘Know the Cause”
    I have been using NAHS P73 for years. My husband is using right now for a tooth infection, We never get colds, we couldnt live without it , love it, swear by it.

  24. Barbara W. says:

    This was probably one of your best videos EVER. I just love listening to Dr. Cass and never leave home without OregaResp capsules and/or Oreganol. I also have several of his books. Thank you!!

  25. Sharon says:

    I’ve used it and even though I have a very high “yuck factor” and can take just about everything, this stuff was absolutely vile. I’d rather drink pure hot pepper juice. It didn’t work for my bacterial tooth infection but probably I didn’t take it enough. The pain sent me to the dentist first.

    Interesting about the lymph. I’ll try it on my Mom who’s lymph system is pretty clogged.

  26. Barry says:

    I have been using Oregano oil for many years.
    Once my daughter comes done with a cold or flu symptoms I give 5-6 drops to her in the morning & night & it goes away in a day or 2.

  27. Lysanne says:

    i use P73 for my Lyme’s disease…it has been a life saver…literally!

  28. Peggy says:

    Where can I order this? we live in a remote area with no health stores. thanks!!

  29. Lysanne says:

    I use it for my Lyme’s disease…it works great.

  30. Connie says:

    Wow. Awesome video. Please, sir, I want some more…

    Interesting that hyssop means oregano! Torah is good in so many ways!

    We have invested in 2 or 3 bottles of oregano oil (plus other things, mostly for our asthmatic 19-year old daughter). Every winter she coughs like crazy and I feel so helpless. I asked her the other day how she’s feeling these days, because I haven’t heard much coughing at all. She said she was feeling pretty good and she only coughs when she has to hurry along in the cold (walking to school). Sounds like improvement to me!

    I have oregano in the garden, but don’t know how to use it besides drying it for food preparation. Some videos on methods of preparing fresh herbs (oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme) for use in ways other than dehydration would be much appreciated! Methods, of course, that poor people like me can do…

    Thanks so much for everything!

  31. Bridey says:

    Yep, in past, but motivated to try again!!!

  32. Betty B says:

    Where can I get this Wild Oregano Oil& Juice?

  33. Florence says:

    Has anyone had success with treating lichen planus ?

  34. angie leigh says:


    Kevin is Doctor Cass Ingram recommend a 100% raw food diet? I am curious because I thought I heard him recommend red meat at one point. I really would like to know because I am currently eating both white and red meat, along with fish, and I am in conflict as to weather or not I should go into 100% raw. Thank-you.

    No I have never used oil or oregano before.

  35. Joseph says:

    Oregano is definitely one of the ‘Top Tier’ herbs… love my OregaRESP, too! Maybe I’ll start getting into the P-73 oil for my water…

  36. Barbara S says:

    I have used Oregano oil many times over the last few years for stomach issues and it works quickly every time. I would like to ask Dr. Ingram if oregano oil will work for Depuytren’s Contracture, which I seem to have, and if so, what is the protocol for use. Than for any help you can give me.

  37. Kim says:

    Amazing Kevin, how you seem to know just what I have on my mind. At the time I got your email, I had the oregano tab pulled up on mountain rose herbs. I do believe I will grow and grind in the future. Thanks for all you do.

  38. Adriana says:

    I’ve heard a lot about oregano oil, but somehow I never thought it’s such a life saver. Lack of info, I guess!

    This interview is phenomenaly helpful.


    if cancer could be cause by a fungy, and you discover that you have cancer, can you treat it at this stage with oregano oil?

    Kevin thank you very much.
    I appreciate your dedicated work for such a long time and you still amaze me how many new and vital topics you bring to us.

  39. sandra says:

    we LOVE Oregano!! It is found in the raindop therapy treatment and is extremely powerful!! It is considered a HOT oil in the essential oils so it can really burn you inside and out, so always dilute it with mixure of carrier oils,it must be food grade too! I really loved this segment it woud be important topic to build on and give more specific detailed info without “prescribing”. thanks so much!!

  40. Esther Phelps says:

    I have used the oil both topically and internally for all sorts of ailments to include cuts that don’t want to heal, ear infections, swollen glands, reactions to mold and fungus, colds,pain, digestive ailments in our pets. The pets will swallow it if I put the drops on meat without any problem. The capsules travel with us better since the liquid is a problem flying. A great addition to any “first aid” kit. No one comes to our home telling us they don’t feel well-they know we will get out the Oil of Oregano and the ginger.

  41. roni says:

    have used: 3 drops, 3 x per day for 3 days whenever a cold or flu threatens. knocks it right out. gonna try rubbing it on some allergic skin stuff – diluted with almond oil.
    thanks for the clarification of the liver toxicity. paz.

  42. Gen says:

    Thanks so much, Dr. Ingram. I did have a myocardial infection one time following dental surgery, so that is why I need to be careful, but I always dread taking the antibiotics. Next dental cleaning, I’ll try your recommendation.

  43. Eve says:

    Hey, can we makeour own using Anne Marie’s hydrosol recipe? I have a ton of oregano in my garden – will any hearty homegrown oregano do?

  44. Donaji says:

    I also was wondering about the raw diet and the body type question. I seem to be the adrenal type and I read that I need 90% “cooked” veggies, whole grains, avoid fruit juices and tea, but I’m trying for a 90% raw diet and drink herbal tea instead of coffee and I’m really enjoying my raw diet…I’m very confused now. It’s ok to be on a raw diet for adrenal type?

  45. Rachel says:

    Oreganol P73 has been one of the foremost remedies I turn to whenever there is sickness at our house, which thankfully isn’t often. But I have seen the P73 stop a cold and flu in their tracks time and time again. And that is only using about 2 drops on the tongue several times a day, nowhere near the amount Dr. Ingram is recommending. I have Dr. Ingram’s book on oregano and now want to check out further uses for the oregano oil. It is one magnificent remedy — a gift from Above, I think.

    Thanks for all you do to provide us with balanced information.

    Rachel in Israel

  46. Jana says:

    I haven’t tried it, but I’m curious if it would be effective for my mom’s recurring urinary tract infections. She has another one currently and the previous one was just a few months ago in July. She took cipro and, really, she hasn’t been the same since. She has more than a dozen prescriptions to take daily. I also have a nephew with lyme and/or ankylosing spondilitis. Today’s video makes me wonder if maybe he has a fungus problem. I’m glad to read the comments that oregano oil was helpful for lyme.

  47. Kathleen says:

    Has Dr. Ingram researched any herbs in the South? Most of the plants up in the Great White North would get fried here in Dallas, Texas!

  48. Jane Gudge says:

    the word WILD isnt incidental..
    wild foods mean that we havent grown them in our gardens,
    wild is remarkably different to cultivated;
    tougher, stronger, mineral rich, better quality nutrition

  49. Debbie says:

    I use oil of oregano regularly. It is always in my medicine cabinet. I have used it for toothaches, coldsores, sore throat, throat infection, everything, I always look to oil of oregano first. Dr. Cass Ingram is great! Thanks for interviewing him. I hope you caught some nice fish and then released them of course. Have a great day! :O)

  50. Michelle says:

    Really loved this interview series with Dr. Cass Ingram! Great info, many thanks.

  51. Eric says:

    Just curious why you do not mention food safety bill s.510, which is very close to passing, possibly today. Do you really not care at all?

  52. Susie says:

    What about essential oil of oregano? How is his product better than pure essential oil? (Medicinal, therapeutic grade, of course)

  53. Sarah Hauch says:

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    Namaste and big hugs,
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  54. Thomas says:

    North American Herb & Spice has excellent products.

    You can get them online at iHerb:

    You can get $5 off using the code: OMA196

    They have all the products, free shipping for orders over $40, and ship internationally too. I always see comments from people in Europe, Japan, Singapore, etc. when I check out the product critiques.

  55. Patricia says:

    To really understand the power of Oil of Oregano I would definitely go check out Ben Greenfield’s article at http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/oregano . Good luck!

  56. Angela says:

    I’ve tried using Oregano Oil, but I’m wondering if anyone has any tips as to how to get it down… I tried putting only one drop under my tongue and developped a huge painful welt that lasted for days!! It leaves my mouth so sore!! I can’t even imagine taking 10 drops, let alone 30-40!! Any suggestions?

  57. Janice Straub says:

    Hi. I like Cass Ingram, but he really should disclose his relationship with the products that he is promoting. Thanks

  58. freedom fighter says:

    i have yet to use oregano oil yet but this is astounding info to know and share

  59. Super interesting. I ordered some and will refer clients and friends that I know who can benefit from it. Like the Johnny 5 meow at the end too!

  60. Erina says:

    thanks to you kevin & dr c. i. i just purchased myself some of his oregano oil.

  61. Can you eat lots of oregano and kill internal fungus? I grow it.

  62. Seeds. That’s what I want. Seeds of wild oregano. Can you get us some Kev? I have an organic greenhouse to grow it in. Let’s do it!

  63. Chris Armstrong says:

    have used oregano oil for tooth & gum infections worked well

  64. Chris G says:

    I used it for the first time yesterday. Seemed like it cleared out my sore throat (that and a combination of my superior vegan immune system) after only a few drops.

  65. Charles Evans says:

    I have used oregano oil and also tried frankincense oil to get rid of moles and skin growths I don’t see any changes at all, it’s been 3 weeks now I used it 2 times day what’s wrong. It seems to work for everyone else ???
    I purchased it from swansons vit. com. I also am taking oregano in pill form is it the wrong kind of oregano oil ? please reply I need help…

  66. Cass Ingram says:

    Dear Mr. Evans:

    You may be using a type made from the wrong material. You need to use the real, 100% Mediterranean handpicked material, which is extracted and in an extra virgin olive oil-base. You will know the quality by the robust aroma. I have successfully used a super-strength form of this; best to saturate on a bit of cotton and gauze and hold overnight with paper tape over this.

    There are a fair number of oregano oils which are unfit for human consumption. These forms arise from the completely wrong species and regions, including Central and South America and even North America. Plus, the many large companies who now are on the oregano band-wagon are not oregano experts, so they buy their raw materials on the open market without any regard to the quality. Some of it is even fractionated, in other words, broken into layers, one being sold for perfumery and the rest refined for use as “oregano oil.” I simply find these forms to be noxious.

    Here are some other options, not as a prescription but merely as free speech. CO2 extracted oregano is highly potent for the skin; dilute with 2 parts extra virgin olive oil. Wild Chaga Cream in a beeswax base is also a tremendous agent for the skin. Hope that helps you and regards…

  67. Gwendolyn says:

    I’m on vacation and just got a really bad sore throat (plus we had a terrible meal last night at a company dinner). Oreganol is helping more than anything else with the sore throat that has kept me up all night, and with the yucky tummy from the dinner. I took one capsule, and then I put another capsule in my mouth and bit it until it popped and let the oil coat my throat. Finally, some relief. I can swallow again. My tummy feels better too. I’ll be taking it every day again. I forgot I’ve been carrying it around in my purse so that I could take it every day, but now I’ll start up again. It helps me stay healthy.
    Great interview with Cass Ingram BTW.

    Question: how many drops of oregano oil are in one capsule of Oreganol?

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