My Raw Cow Milk and Dairy Experiment : The Renegade Health Show Episode #673

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All this talk about animal protein and products started with my first experiment with goat’s kefir and yogurt…

As you know, I experimented with these to bring back my gut flora and some of my hormones. This worked pretty well.

Recently I wanted to push the bubble and experiment with cow milk and cheese.

Here’s what happened…

Your question of the day: What have you experimented with and what was the result?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Debbie says:

    A good lesson on the importance of listening and tuning into our bodies. Thank you Kevin !!! A “Flare up” might be the words you’re looking for what occurred to you.
    God Bless

  2. Sarah says:

    I’ve experimented with being on dairy & off. Off dairy is best for me!!! I’ve tried on wheat & off. On wheat, I get phlegm, itchy skin(no rash), & achy joints (esp my spine). I’ve tried eating tons of greens & not as much greens. I have more energy & overall good feelings on tons of greens.

  3. Henrik says:

    Thanks for being so frank about your experimentations Kevin!
    I’d like to know if you have experimented, or been tempted to experiment with meat in your diet after all this talk about raw vegans moving on to meat, or even taking the paleo trip.

    I have experimented with some cooked foods and found that I do fine with some of them like quinoa and some beans every now and then. Some steamed veggies are fine too, but I prefer them raw (except brussels sprouts).

    But I have horrible reactions to wheat bread and most dairy. Bread makes my stomach hurt so bad like I’m eating glass, and it’s very mucus forming. I had a runny nose for two days the last time I ate bread. The only exception is sprouted bread, which I’m fine with, at least the small amounts I’ve eaten.
    I can’t get raw milk around here, but I’ve tried a few cheeses, not so much out of curiosity but because I have a terrible cheese addiction and I sometimes cannot stay away from them if they are right in front of me. They are also very mucus forming for me, even the raw goats cheese. And I get a headache if I eat too much (like more than a little piece). The only exception was actually a raw cows cheese, to which I had no reaction at all. Very strange, but it might be that I had so very little of it.

    That said, ever since I started making thick fatty nut yoghurts my cheese cravings are practically gone and I’m feeling awesome. I found that it’s the perfect way to consume nuts, especially cashews. It doesn’t give me digestive issues, no gas, no heaviness, just awesomeness.
    I don’t know if raw goats yoghurt would make me feel this way, but I don’t see any reason to try it since nut yoghurts are working so great for me.

    I can’t see myself experimenting with red meat, ever. Perhaps some fish if I intend to live on wild foods for an extended period of time. But I’m not tempted.

  4. Sharon says:

    It’s more like what HAVEN’T I experimented with. Just about everything except fermented fish….gotta draw the line somewhere!

    I find that almost anything works if you stick with the exact protocol. I can do 80-10-10 and feel great in the summer. Mix in too much fat and everything screws up though.

    I can eat lots of fat and protein. Add in fruit, everything screws up.

    I can eat raw dairy but I don’t like it except for some occasional cheese which agrees with me just fine, cow too, not goat.

    Raw veggies probably agree with me the least. I may be the only person on the planet who can gain weight from greens and veggies. Volumetrics doesn’t work for me. I know from the past that if I ate a huge beef steak I would lose a couple of pounds (which would stay off). Eat a huge plate of veggies, I gain weight and I’m hungry. These days I’m feeling far more satisfied with foods like sauerkraut, hemp, coconut oil, avocados, small bit of nuts (the crunch stimulates the hypothalamus).

    Should we be eating the same food all the time? NO!!! It causes allergies and/or sensitivities. In a perfect world we would all test our foods every week or so to see if they’re optimal for us at that time.

    We change as we age and we get depleted of certain nutrients at certain times or seasons. I don’t think we should obsess with it since that just causes more stress.

    Just my opinion of course!

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve heard that none of the large herd animals are good for blood type O, and smaller herd animals are better. A theory based on the way certain ancient populations ate. I’m unsure whether this is true, but know that goat works for me too, and cow does not.

  6. RW says:

    It would be of interest to know what type of cow the milk came from?

  7. Mary Artemis says:

    It makes sense to have a FREE choice, which means to never be rigid with oneself, in order to be able to realize a free choice. I’m like that all the time with myself even if I’m making the same decision to be healthy. To be fair, Susan ‘whats her name’ (sorry) actually DID DO a reverse direction and is of another opinion now (still not sure what it means personally for her). But to be preachy about it all – I think it’s better to allow others to have their vegan existence, or not, or a combination of both. I still say it’s obvious we have vegan teeth – take a look in a tiger’s mouth for comparison perspective.

    EXPERIMENT – basically, when I stop eating, (moderate fasting), I gain energy. I think I’ve done that experiment enough now and each and every time I stop eating, I cleanse. I think that’s A-MAZING!

    Mary from Stamford, CT

  8. Alyse says:

    Thank you for sharing your honest experience with raw cow’s milk and cheese. I actually have the SAME experience, except that after about 30 minutes of consumption I start to get a stomach ache. It doesn’t matter if it is raw cow’s products or a Greek yogurt. What I learned from experimenting with it is that this is something that never happened earlier in my life when I ate the SAD diet. When I went raw, got “clean,” then started reintegrating certain animal foods back into my diet, cow’s products are OUT. I’ll never include them in my diet ever again and don’t miss them, especially the acne and indigestion. If I can find raw goat’s milk, maybe I’ll give that a try.

  9. Erez Sitzer says:

    raw vegans have destroyed their ability to create hydrochloric acid. so when you reintroduce milk and butter and meat you will have trouble. we were never meant to eat alkaline foods. thats why our stomachs produce hydrochloric ACID! also, no one is allergic to raw, grass finished milk. the body is rejecting the industrial stuff. so reintroduce milk sloooowly. one spoon a day for 2 months is what it might take to bring yourself back to health. ever wonder why raw vegans eventually all have smoothies and powders? they lost the ability to process real food. here is a great talk on how we are supposed to eat. now before anyone jumps on me, understand i was a raw vegan for 14 years. i did it correctly, did 5 arise and shine cleanses, 21 liver flushes. i ate the best and ate well. then the teeth problems. and people thinking i was unwell. it took a lot to admit it, but the raw vegan lifestyle is wrong, and nothing more than an experiment. it WILL fail you at some point. i was a raw jesuit once, so believe me, your barbs, if you feel it necessary to throw them, will be accepted as punishment for my own past jesuit sins…;)

  10. Marcla Green says:

    Oranges flare up my excema. Lemon, lime and grapefruit are fine. Cows milk…and cows dairy…make me look like a danged gourd/pear…. dairy puts the wide in wide load on my hips so I limit ANY dairy in my diet. I have never tried goats products so can’t say anything about them, I just know to limit dairy to sparingly to none.
    Listen to your body, like Debbie says…and you say Kevin. It is the most important thing for EVERYONE to stress.
    I know someone who tried to go vegan/raw and she got deathly ill, so raw/vegan isn’t for everyone. People need to remember that. I’ve never been 100% raw, couldn’t do it because I love cooked rice and prefer my brocoli lightly steamed over raw.

  11. Kimberly says:

    Great comments Henrik…

    I notice that dairy, wheat and sugar for me are all very dense vibration and will instantly make me feel low and slow, itchy congested, etc., no matter how “natural”, but then I am probably more sensitive than many…

  12. Marie1225 says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Thanks so much for always being honest,and putting this information out there! I appreciate your experiments.

    Something that I’ve been curious about using is fermented soy, like perhaps some tempeh. Do you ever eat this for a protein source?

    I’ve stayed away from all soy simply because I already have a benign lump in my breast, and I do not want to grow another one, especially if it turned out to not be benign.

    I have found that my younger son and I cannot touch cow’s milk that is pasteurized, but I’m not sure about raw. Once I bought raw cow cheese, but I wound up feeding most of it to my oldest who doesn’t seem to have too many dairy issues.

    I’m more apt to stay away from it because the proteins in cow’s milk are so different from what we should be consuming, even though there’s just a single difference between goat’s milk and cow’s milk.

    I can tell you that much like you we thrive on raw goat’s milk. I live in a state where its illegal…makes me so angry. I’ll never get it, tobacco fields for days, but no raw milk!

    We can buy extremely expensive raw goats cheese though at Whole Foods. We don’t eat it everyday, but weekly.

    I love the raw diet, and I feel so much better when I eat mostly raw. I don’t keep a calculator around for percentages. I just know that if I start off with a green smoothie in the morning, and have a salad later on, that I feel great.

    The other animal product that I do are eggs. I find these to be a very important part of my diet. I haven’t braved raw eggs yet. I hope to one day. I buy organic, cage free ones.

    Keep us updated on those experiments!

    God bless you and Annmarie,


  13. nick says:

    I noticed my hayfever has been a lot better since
    eliminating dairy from my diet. I just decreased dramatically my wheat intake and also noticed less hayfever reactions. When I do eat some wheat I do notice a difference in my
    hayfever outbreaks.

  14. Annette says:

    Chocolate and tomatoes give me sores in the corners of my mouth. I love your show.:o)

  15. I LOVE raw milk and cheese. I do REALLY well on raw milk and cream. I really love you Kevin and your honesty for sure. I think ur a super cool guy. It seems a little like some of this reaction seems mental to me. I was raised believing that our minds can create a lot that isn’t really there. I am not saying this to offend but the immediate mucous in your nose seems pretty over the top. But hey maybe it’s just me!
    at any rate, I left 100 percent raw to go into a more traditional way of eating. I do really much better on pastured meats and dairy and eggs added in to my diet. Gluten and wheat not so much. I do love the raw food community and watch your show, and all the other popular ones. But to me and the research and experimenting I’ve done, have realized that eating high raw and including clean grassfed animal sources have been so much more enjoyable, maintainable and healthy for me and my family. I’ve heard many talks given by ex vegans who’s health was deteriorating and had to add some back in. I cherish my raw organic grassfed milk and the source of where you get it is really important as well. 🙂

    I say stay with the goat kefir if it worked for you!

  16. Non-vegan multi-v to give a hand to my bone marrow so it could stop working so hard to keep my iron levels at bay.

    4 days into it I am having, well, digestion issues. For lack of a better internet friendly phrase. Although, we’re all scientists here right?

  17. Ildiko says:

    Thank you for your honest sharing!
    I have the same issue with cow’s milk and cheese, the mucus just hits my nasal passages instantly. Mix this dairy with gluten, and I go into a mini coma, any time of the day.. not so much fun!
    This whole ripple of meat eating and dairy consumption amongst raw food experts has been giving me some doubts, but hey, each to their own. If it works for them, then why not!
    I just cannot stomach the notion of killing something living for my own consumption, and that where I stand for now.
    People should really read up more about on the way organic animals are processed and killed, which is really not any different from farm factory produced livestock.. anyways….
    Thanks again for sharing your honest views and your own experience!!!

  18. Kris says:

    Kevin I love your honesty. I have taken Energy work classes and have given lots of sessions in this arena. One that I remember was a “Bodytalk session” given to a Swiss friend who was having some negative experiences with dairy products and in her session the body brings up the priority of what is needing to be addressed first and one of those was allergies to dairy. I facilitated the cleareing of it and the body said to stay away from dairy for 3-7 days which she did and she has never had an issue to dairy again. I do believe we can and should always strive to raise the bar in our eating but above all I think our beliefs are key and I think it might have been someone you interviewed way back in the beginning that said he chose to have the belief of having a beautiful relationship to food and I adopted that belief then and there and it has made a huge difference in my focus and feeling in my physical and spiritual bodies. Thank You for your beautiful work!

  19. Doug says:

    Kevin, you are a hero 🙂

  20. Joe Dowd says:

    I buy local fresh raw milk each week and enjoy it with my breakfast cereal in the morning. And occasionally I have it with a PBJ on stone ground rye as an afternoon energy snack.

    No indestion, no pepperoni pizza outbreaks – just simple and SATISFYING food.

    Fortunately this site is open to honest discussion and from time to time you see people dropping all the pronouncements and condemnations (pros/cons) on every food choice out there and just say what HONESTLY works for ONE’S SELF :-))

  21. bryan says:

    i was wondering how close to your diet is Annmaries diet? I mean as far as raw,sugar,fats, etc. Did she try the same products & if so what were her reactions?

  22. Christina Dodson says:

    Wow, Kevin, this was amazing! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    I recently (accidentally) came to the conclusion that my mom’s sugar readings (she’s been a diabetic for years, but controls it only with diet – no meds)…are very close to normal, even IF she chooses to eat unhealthy ONLY when she is in AMISH COUNTRY! Now, isn’t that something? We have proved it over and over again! Yep, Amish country is the ONLY place where she can splurge with some “real” mashed potatoes and a little homemade dessert and STILL be okay.

    We have concluded, therefore, that it could be linked to the relaxed lifestyle which means that stress COULD be a factor in her body’s ability to process sugar. We all know that the Amish food is far from healthy, so it can’t be that!

    Anyway, that was our findings. Again, thanks for everything. We love your show!

  23. Kristine says:

    I stay away from cow products except for a little bit of organic butter. I do fine with a little bit of goat and sheep. I like goat kefir too.
    I discovered myself my problem with soy. Whenever I had a salad at the salad bar where I worked I would cough afterwards. I finally was curious and asked what kind of oil they used in their vinagrette. It was soy mixed with olive. From that moment on, I steered clear of soy. This was almost 15 years ago. Meanwhile, I have always believed in having good fats. The kind you find in avocado, nuts, seeds and also fish. As wonderful as it is to bite into a fresh picked fruit or vegetable, I find it wonderful to eat something very, very fresh from the sea. There is just a lot of wonderful life force and I feel grateful for the experience. Too bad we are farm fishing and destroying our oceans…

  24. Interesting… I’ve never had problems with raw milk. But it’s like you said… you gotta find what works for you. Thanks for the info!

  25. Anna says:

    Hi friends,

    I have found that dairy doesn’t work for me due to the hormones…if I eat dairy I can especially feel it in my breasts, which become fibrocystic especially before my period (due to increased estrogen, I beleive). Apparently there are some 50+ hormones in cow’s milk, so that might contribute to the acne for Kevin. Even in cow’s not given rGBH, milk is full of hormones.

    My 2 cents!

  26. john says:

    Kevin I have had the same basic experience you have had I do not have any dairy products for long years but when I did have an ice cream weather organic or not organic ,My oil glands would start to get stimulated and over days to weeks my skin would break out and within a almost immediately mucus would form in my sinus cavity and last for some days. I know it was the milk or the ice cream or cheese.So I have not taken any of milk or cheese in long years .Maybe an ice cream once or twice in summer time if that .Enjoyed what you had to say.

  27. AJ says:

    I have problems with raw grassfed milk that comes from Holsteins which are primarily A1 casein producers, but am fine on heritage breed raw grassfed milk from Guernsey and Jersey (primarily A2 casein producers.). Goat milk is A2 casein. The book devil in the milk talks about this and implicates the A1 casein in many health problems regardless if the milk is raw or pasteurized. This is probably the culprit in a lot of milk issues that not a lot of people are aware of.

  28. Gini says:

    I have a pretty restricted diet as a result of experience and observing my body. I am vegetarian except for eggs- two every morning. I eat mostly low-glycemic vegetables both raw and steamed, quinoa, and low-glycenic frutis…all organic. I can’t handle cows milk at all- Like Kevin I get stuffed up right away. I can do small amounts of goat kefir and raw goat cheese. Can’t handle any gluten. I’m 64 and have never taken a drug and only recently took an antibiotic (for a tooth) and am hardly ever sick because I use food as my medicine. In my 40’s I became nearly disabled because of joint inflamation and couldn’t even use my arms or hands. My grandmother told me she had arthritis if she ate nightshades, apples, or sugar. I already didn’t eat sugar, so I eliminated nightshades- tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and peppers. It was 4 months completely off nightshades before I noticed the change. I since became a yoga teacher and run up and down stairs. I have no joint problems unless I eat a nightshade. If I eat just a cherry tomato I can notice pain in my joints and the muscles of my neck get tight and painful. It’s just not worth it to eat things I have learned from experience and listening to my body to avoid. Oh, I can tolerate Lactaid ice cream for a special treat. Thanks Kevin!!

  29. suz says:

    I’ve been eating raw for over 20 years, and sometimes I eat goat yogurt from my friend’s goats. She heats the milk no hotter than 108 degrees, so we could still consider it raw. I have trouble digesting and having mucous from any other milk product except the yogurt she makes.

  30. tony says:

    I am going to try coconut kefir.
    I have been trying raw goats milk and kefir and as soon as I had my first glass, the joints in my hands ached, as if I had arthritis, which I have never had before. I don’t think raw milk works that well for me.

  31. chris says:

    You know what NEVER works for animals?

    Breeding them, taking their milk, and then killing them. That never works well for them, even if it works for YOU.

    Kevin, I’m curious as to why you’ve decided to harm others in your path to finding what works for you?

  32. tessa nisbet says:

    i’ve used local ranch raw cow and goat milk for making kefir and occasionally a milk drink at nite….no problems – i’ve tried raw meat raw fish raw eggs – loose stools that went on till i returned to what i was accustomed to green soups and smoothies sprouted seeds nuts grains – like kevin i am always experimenting not completely satisfied till i gain sufficient weight…currently am 4 days into working with doug graham’s 80 10 10 – so my next step is taking a university course titled holistic nutritional practitioner online with the university of natural health which is herbert shelton’s teachings….more knowledge….we aren’t all the same…

  33. Melina says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience Kevin. Here is part of mine. I have a history of having a lot of food allergies, which is partly what led me to be a raw vegan with some cooked food (cooked quinoa, beans, and veggies). A lot of the foods on the raw vegan diet were what I was not allergic to so this worked well for awhile. After 2 years of this and spending some time exploring the different raw vegan communities (Hippocrates Health Institute, local Boulder raw vegan community, and the Santa Cruz raw food community) I began to notice some trends that made me question whether it was the healthiest choice. I began experimenting with some animal foods. I found that I have sinus congestion if I eat pasteurized dairy of any sort.I also get congestion if I eat raw goats or cows milk that are not strictly grass fed. This is the same with eggs. I react with a itchy throat to eggs that are from organically fed chickens (are usually grain and soybean fed). However, pasture fed eggs are great if I do not overcook them. I must eat them overeasy. One must also take into consideration that if you really get your gut completely healed you will tolerate most foods without having a negative allergic reaction. Donna Gates says that she can eat a loaf of bread now without a having an allergic reaction. She still chooses to eat healthier than that, but it does not make her feel awful if this happens. I am working toward this achievement and am noticeing my allergies are improving a lot.

  34. C. Ben says:

    tHIS IS ALL CRAZY. Lets just make up some stuff.. I can fly if I think about it real real hard. I cAN stay underwater all day… I can see through your blouse. I mean lets just make up our science. Hey what vegan eats meat or dairy. Cheese- just what scientific study did that come from. Type o and meat please read the China Study. We are not to eat alkaline… where does this come from. What kind of a show are you putting on here Kevin. heretic lunatic tic toc school? I guess I am at the wrong place now. Dr. Mcdougal and friends please help these wayward peps. Oh OK lets just do what feels good and justify it that way. I don’t need no science and lets kill and torture a few beings for good measure.

  35. Kevin, have you ever tried bovine colostrum, like Surthrival’s Colostrum? I am curious if your reaction to it would be similar to your experience with the milk and cheese. Give it a try and do an episode on that for us. Thanks brother.

  36. Kelly says:

    I just want to say that I appreciate you both so much. I think you are great, great people.

    I appreciate your honesty and courage.


  37. Kevin, you are fast becoming one of my true heroes, for many reasons……. To @C.Ben #26. Colin Campbell is one of my heroes as well, he put me over the top on the road to health, which for me now includes mostly a raw vegan diet, with a little cooked now and then and so far I am doing fine with no animal products, though I feel like I eat too many nuts. But anyway one of Kevin’s points is that we are all different, all finding our own way, and what may seem right today, is not right tomorrow. And we are all unique people. Change happens. Isn’t that what the bumper sticker says. I have stopped worrying about what to eat and certainly telling others what to eat. Is a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with lettuce and tomato a healthy choice or not? To you and me it would be like poison, but to the bacon cheeseburger crowd it would be a really fine choice, really fine, and much more likely to happen than a spinach, banana, blueberry smoothie. But the real point is that our bodies know. Beyond all the science, beyond all the mental conditioning from childhood, our culture, our environment, our own cyclic emotions, the latest guru on the internet, our bodies know, deep down inside, what is true. The task really is to connect with that and to honor it fully. This is the road to health. Your body knows what is true. The question then becomes: are we willing to understand and let go of what keeps us from listening, no matter how far down the rabbit hole we have to fall?

  38. Molly says:

    I’m really disappointed in you, Kevin. I thought you were a VEGAN. Vegans do not eat dairy, not even as an “experiment.” I’ve hated all these meat-related posts you’ve been showing, but I’ve put up with them, hoping they’d end soon. Now this?

    It appears to me that you are just doing whatever you want, and then coming up with some justifications afterward – just like that jerk from the video yesterday. I’ll be unsubscribing from your newsletters as of now.

    Vegans give a damn about animal welfare, the health of the planet and human rights. Apparently all you care about is your own tastebuds.

  39. Courtney says:

    nice! loved that segment.

    i’ve recently given up (organic sulfite-free) red wine. this was the only alcohol i drank regularly. i have let it fall out of my lifestyle for not only my health, but also for spiritual reasons.

    on the health tip- through going without and then trying again experimentation i have found that FOR ME drinking wine (even only a glass) would often cause stomach aches, moodiness and a lethargic feeling in the morning. two glasses would cause me to wake up with slightly swollen fingers. i feel very good having let it go from my regular consumption.

    six months ago, i let all forms of dairy go (i’d been having raw cheese once in awhile) and feel very good with that choice as well. i do not think my body needs dairy- and am also certain my body does not do well on cow dairy. but, i am not ruling out the possibility that i will try raw organic goat cheese or raw organic goat keifer again.

    one day at a time. intuitive eating and living. gratitude for life! ONELOVE to all you Renegade Health fans. respect to Kevin and Annmarie! thanks for all you do. ~peace

  40. Irina says:

    Hey Kevin,
    Thank you for sharing your experience so honestly – I hope you keep “stirring the pot”.
    I’ve experimented with macrobiotic diet and soy with pretty devastating results for my health:hormones out of wack, weight gain and the most disgusting skin breakouts. I then tried to do a lot of raw greens with much better results, but was still getting rashes on my body until I accidentally stumbled upon raw milk and raw eggs – made me feel better almost instantly, eliminated my cravings, my rashes were gone, and so were my seasonal allergies – had them for years every season. Go figure! It got even better when I stopped eating grains regularly (never liked them anyway). I am fine with cow milk, kefir or cheese, but what really makes me feel amazing is raw sheep dairy – it was a lifesaver at some point. Strangely, I found out I’m quite allergic goat dairy – raw or otherwise-gives me a belly-ache every time! All pasteurized dairy gives me allergies and mucus, so that’ s out for good. It’s one big experiment, and what is true today may not be so tomorrow; I try to listen to my body the best I can and follow the hints.
    Speaking of cow dairy, it makes a difference if the milk is A2 protein beta casein-many people are allergic to A1 casein milk. All goat and sheep are A2 casein-maybe that explains your experience with raw cow milk? It can make a differencce, if cow milk is from grass-fed cows, and if they are Guernsey or Jersey cows vs Holstein and how raw was your “raw cheese”? The one they make at our co-op is really raw and salt-free-this makes a difference in how I feel after eating it; and the kefir I do make myself, and that also makes a difference – so many variables. Perhaps, some day you will re-visit your experiment in greater depth and detail – that would be really interesting to hear about.

  41. joseph says:

    Great conversation & comments from everyone!! I’ll jump in…

    Here in Boulder, CO, we have access to a *fantastic* raw dairy farm – as clean as can be! I’ve experimented, too.

    I noticed that although I felt “solid” and ‘grounded’ from the raw milk, I did start to get congested within a day or so – and then it disappeared a day after I stopped. Every time I went back, I could repeatedly turn it on&off like a light switch.

    So, I dropped the Raw Milk for raw eggs in my morning smoothie. My body *loves* them! 😉

    As an interesting note: I tried some of Daniel Vitalis’ bovine Colostrum product, and my body also loved that. I couldn’t get enough! In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced a product so clean that my body so longed for. (shame it was so expensive…) ;(

    So, I gather that it’s true that none of the casein proteins are in the colostrum.

    My body seems to handle wheat/gluten ok, as long as I do it maybe only once a week or so. Although, I do feel sluggish if I have too much.


  42. Ginger says:

    I have been enjoying your show. I do have a question though. I noticed in the cooking segment with the stuffing that you guys had a steamed squash-do you both eat cooked food? I also recently received a newsletter from another person in the raw community who said she likes to eat quinoa bowls, and that most raw people do eat some cooked food. Does everyone who goes raw eventually end up eating that way? I was planning on staying raw but I am beginning to feel a bit discouraged.

  43. Excellent video stressing the importance of looking for what’s right for YOU, and not blindly following a rigid set of nutritional rules.

    I have been allergic to dairy all my life, and started drinking soy milk when they came out with brands that weren’t so bad tasting as the ones they had when I was little. I dind’t pay attention at first, but after a while I realized that I had really bad gas ALL the time! When I cut soy out, I stopped farting all the time and it was such a relief… now I drink mostly rice milk, but also like hemp and almond milk.

    I also tried goat cheese, but it did not work for me at all. Gas, mucous, and just a general sick feeling after a meal.

    For probiotics, my husband and I take something called EM – Effective Microorganisms. It is totally vegan, and my husband brewed this at home for his business at the time (organic fertilizer-type products), and we had some every day. It is a fantastic alternative to yoghurt, since it’s non-dairy and gets those healthy microorganisms into your digestive system in a way that pretty much anyone can handle.

    Thanks again for the great video!

  44. Kym says:

    I also felt a lot better after I dropped the milk and yogurt. I’ve started back with the eggs after many years and am finding them to be really good.

    Joseph (or anybody else): Do you eat the eggs seven days a week? I seem to have no problem at present but I’m wondering how they might affect me over the long term. I guess an on-again, off-again pattern might be better.

    Btw, I’ve also started using mesquite powder in my smoothies and that’s been really awesome.

  45. Amanda says:

    Cows produce milk for their young who are fast growing and big boned. I can’t see how this milk (another species) can be a good health choice for adult humans. For me it causes dreadful catarrh and sinus problems. However, that apart, it seems ethically wrong to drink it. From a welfare point of view, milk seems as bad a meat. All the animals go to the same slaughterhouse at a young age. This creates bad karma which must affect our health too.
    All the best to you

  46. Patty Foley says:

    I tried eating more fruit. I felt bloated all the time. I noticed stiffness and not have the flexibility I normally have, I also started getting aches in my lower back. After cutting way back again on the fruit and going back to mostly greens. No more bloating, aches and my flexibility returned.

    Raw Chocolate was also another failed experiment. It made me nauseous after the second day. Have not tried it again since.

  47. I have also found that even raw cow’s milk triggers back pain for me, in a spot my naturopath calls the ‘dairy spot’. He can touch it & know if I’ve had any cow’s products! Haven’t tried goat. However, small amounts of Greek yogurt seem to be just fine for me.

    I was completely raw vegan for nearly 2 years & because of my return to the competitive figure stage, was forced to reintroduce animal products into my diet. I found that I am actually MUCH healthier, stronger, & feel better.

    I keep as much of the animal products as raw as possible—lots of sashimi, for example. And I LOVE raw eggs, to echo the sentiments of many above! And the rest of my diet—all the veggies, etc–are still raw, including my sweet potatoes. But if I don’t steam my broccoli a little bit, it tears my stomach up!

    The biggest thing I noticed was that on the completely raw vegan diet, I had beautiful skin everywhere but on my face. I struggled with horrible cystic acne. Not good for a fitness model! I have deep scars from some of the cysts.

    When I changed to the competition diet, I was forced to remove the copious amount of nuts from my diet that I was eating before, plus the introduction of the raw eggs & animal products, plus I am required to drink a minimum of 1 gallon of plain water per day whereas on the raw diet I almost never drank water—figuring I was getting plenty from the foods & smoothies. I don’t know which of these variables–or all of them—contributed, but my facial acne is GONE. I don’t even wear foundation makeup now, & before I wouldn’t even walk to the mailbox without my ‘mask’ on!

    As a side note—I won the National Championship in my division at the NPC Masters Nationals this summer. (Masters is for age 35 & over.) So the diet is working GREAT for me! I have put on 11 pounds of quality muscle in one year. I am competing for a national championship & my pro card next Saturday (Oct 16) at the NPC Nationals in Atlanta. So there’s proof that a natural, high-raw athlete can stand toe to toe onstage with all the other bodybuilders!

    I love your attitude, Kevin! One size does NOT fit all on diet! We must listen to our bodies & do what works for us—& be tolerant of what works for others!


  48. Brilliant show. I love, love, love that you are listening to and are so in tune with your body’s fluctuations. We work on this as a family (and chronicle it on our podcast, Sweet Peas Podcast). It’s been such an amazing journey!

    As far as my experimentations… I did the vegetarian to vegan to raw vegan thing. Was raw vegan for about 1.5-2 yrs. During the raw vegan thing I detoxed quite a bit. I then started reintroducing foods – but was REALLY careful about making sure they were local, raw (where appropriate, like dairy), fed well (grass-fed and -finished, for beef for example), and organically farmed. My body really thrives on a high fat (i.e., raw butter and cream, lard, coconut oil), medium amount of proteins (eggs, variety of meats), lots of local greens (when available), medium amount of local veggies (in Maine, it’s a lot of root veggies), lots of fermented veggies, a smallish amount of local fruits, and lots of chaga and herbal teas and spring water. I do have amaranth, quinoa, local oats and beans – but VERY rarely. If I have these too often, I get bloated and feel sluggish. And grains? Forget it. One thing that the raw vegan diet unearthed was a gluten intolerance… which makes sense as, to my understanding, grains (the way we process and consume them today) aren’t really fit for our consumption.

    My journey has been a really long one (I’m 42 and have been really focusing on diet since around 16), but I’ve landed in a really good place.

    Also, for those of you interested, our podcast link is We did a series with Daniel Vitalis on raw dairy, too, that might help out some of you looking for more info.

    Thanks again, Kevin, for your brutal honesty and encouraging others to do the same.

    Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt
    Owner, Rite Chocolate

  49. Marge says:

    I have to agree with C.Ben(#27). Let’s read the China Study and go with the science!

    We are Omnivores, we can SURVIVE on all different kinds of diets, but if you want to more than just survive, if you want to thrive, if you want the diet that is “species specific” for humans…. that is vegan. The science is there. As individuals we may be sensitive to certain foods and we can avoid those foods specifically, but in general humans should be vegan as their IDEAL diet.

  50. Linda Miller says:

    I found that if I eat too many grains (my experience was with rice cakes) I get the fever blisters. I came across a book that says that vegans or vegetarians tend to get fever blisters because the arginine/lysine imbalance. when one eats too much food (peanuts, grains, chocolate)then we have an imbalance of too much arginine. I found if one takes severallysine supplements immediately you realize you are getting a fever blister, that it will go away quickly.

    I also found that (for me at least) that all these raw recipes using so much oils and fat was not healthy for me. I had ovarian cancer and then on a raw with some cooked foods that I had over 10 basil cell cancers. After reading 80/10/10 I dramatically up back on oils and limit what fats like avocados I eat. This helped a lot. I still eat the hallelujah diet with raw and some cooked foods (absolutely no meat or dairy products or anything with casein as in some of the rice cheese).

    I cannot help but wonder if those who are all raw have signifiant problems because of the amount of fat they eat. I ran across a Susan Schenk email from 2009 with a recipe, and I was amazed how much fat she had in it – a lot of fat ingredients!! It was almost all fat!

  51. Ana says:

    Confirming what Ildiko (post 16) said about organic farming, PLEASE take a look at this website. Far from “humane”, I’d say.

  52. Linda says:

    It is becoming clear that this site is for finding the best nutrition for oneself not a vegan site. I for one will get my nutrition from non animal sources.

  53. Vaughn Sadekni says:

    Love the show and love that you are experimenting with some new stuff. And I believe you stirred up a controversy as Daniel Vitalis did when he revealed that he ate animal products. For the people who over reacted… relax! If you are truly concerned about your health then stop stressing out about what others do. Criticisms do not do the body good! Take a breath people and step outside your little box of comfort and break down the barriers of this dogma! We Kev keep it up bro! I use to do raw, 80-10-10, blah blah… I was kinda getting sick of it. I eat mostly raw almost 100 percent of the time. With that almost added in there I provide myself with other options. Been eating raw eggs in the smoothie, ghee, deer antler, and some raw goat cheese products as well. As with you cow does not work for me at all! Once again love the show and keep opening eyes and minds you guys!!

  54. Dee says:

    Where in the Buffalo area are you? My brother lives in Tonawanda.

  55. Ann Marie Huntington says:

    Balance your life in all aspects, do what works for you and dont worry what other people say

  56. Janet says:


    You do know about the difference between A1 and A2 milk don’t you??? Cows in many parts of the world are A1 (except for Australia). Goats milk, sheeps milk and Cows from Australia, have A2 milk. A2 milk is much better tolerated that A1 milk. I think this is why you might be having an issue with cows milk. You would hav to test the milk to find out if it was produced by an A1 or A2 cow. I suspect it was from an A1 cow which is why you experienced what you did. Here is some info for you

  57. Vitamin B12 says:

    I have experimented with various foods. Wheat makes me tired, but I still have occasional cravings for it. Lentils just make me fell incredibly gasses, as do other beans to some extent. I am also better off with more cooked food in my diet. I feel truly awful if I eat 100% raw for a few days.

  58. Naomi says:

    Can we get raw A2 milk in the U.S. yet? Kevin it’s a food intolerance not a true allergy. Thank you for all your videos and your honesty. Did you like the goat milk kefir and yogurt, did it taste goaty? Was it raw goats milk? You guys are great.

  59. Rhonda D says:

    Boy there is a lot of comments not agreeing to what Kevin has been up to. Let’s face it! Everyone has a choice in life, it’s called free will.

    So just be open minded he is not twisting your mind in any way.

    Take what information is good for you and be strong minded and make your own choices in life.

    Best of health to all.

  60. Jennie says:

    I’m currently experimenting with dairy/no dairy myself because of bad acne flare ups. I think I am like you Kevin!

    Do you only see acne when it’s cow’s milk? What about goat?

  61. Eric says:

    To those who are criticizing Kevin, saying he’s not a vegan, a horrible, animal killing person: it does not say anywhere on this site that it is dedicated to raw veganism! The name of the show is Renegade Health. He was smart naming it that, because it didn’t box him into a corner. Good thinking Kev!

  62. Leam says:

    Eliminated nightshades about 15 yrs ago – experiment every once in a while consuming them…pain and inflammation returns in a big way. Cannot eat raw, local, organic apples – turn them into apple sauce and no more problems. Cows milk = stomachache…freshly made cows milk yogurt from Albanian grandmother…wonderful!
    Thank you, Kevin and Annemarie. Your honesty and nonjudgmental nature are refreshing and greatly appreciated.

  63. briannaG says:

    Thank you, Kev, for your honesty and experimentation. Using food as thy medicine is what you are doing, and I admire you standing against the negativity coming at you.

    It’s amazing how much people can cast judgement on others. Let’s not do that. Let’s not worship a dogma. How many of the vegans who were criticizing Kevin are actually doing good for the planet? Are you eating local? How much garbage do you produce? Do you watch TV, buy things in plastic containers, use beauty products made from odd chemicals or synthetic materials? How about your clothes? Did you make them yourself, spin the cotton fibers yourself and sew them yourself? Or did you buy them, from a large manufacturing company that had them shipped from overseas and used up millions of gallons of oil to do so?

    See. It’s pretty easy to be judgmental. No one is perfect. And just because you’re Vegan, it doesn’t mean you’re doing what best for the planet, and the creatures on it. I would say destroying the planet that those creatures you claim to care about so much, is probably worse for them then having a couple glasses of (humanely cultivated) goat’s milk, or humanely raised and collected eggs.

    We need to support each other and live by principle: to respect and accept others as they are, and love them without judgement and condemnation. You inspire people to change through your own loving actions, not through negativity, criticism and threats.

    Personally, I love Kevin’s pursuit of health and his honesty. I love that he understands how important personally health is, and understands he can do that in a way that is respectful of the environment, the planet, and the beings on it.

    I’m not going anywhere. As far as I’m concerned, Kevin and Annmarie are some of the best examples of health and morals I’ve seen in a business and in the spotlight. I love you guys, keep up the good work. And keep pursuing truth and health 🙂

  64. PE says:

    #5 Brookeatpretty and #6 RW brought up things worth comment. Brook’s heard about eating by blood type (ABO), which is pseudoscience, as you can verify by seeing how members of the same plant species are ‘found to be’ suitable for different types. And gorillas have the types too, so humans didn’t recently evolve AB or A.
    But RW is on the mark asking about cow breeds, which you likely don’t know, but likely Holstein (maximize quantity not quality).
    Holsteins and many other breeds carry a mutated casein gene (A1) not in zebu or aurochs first domesticated, who have the older A2. Not all humans react well to the changed proteins, and some ‘lactose intolerance’ seems to be a reaction to the ‘new’ milk. Guernsey are nearest the older milk, Jersey fairly near.
    So Kevin and others may be avoiding milk of all cows when they should avoid most breeds. Fair skin #may# be a factor, but that’s a longer story.

  65. I wonder if you were consuming milk from A1 or A2 dairy cows? Or would you experience that reaction from both? Another experiment to consider…

    For me, I experiment with different dietary supplements all the time and never really notice a significant difference from most things. The only thing that has really “worked” for me that I am pretty sure of is the grounding/earthing technology. I usually experience ankle pain and swelling especially after long barefoot runs. After using the grounding strap, I noticed the pain greatly reduced/eliminated.

  66. briannaG says:

    Oh! And the question of the day. Wheat products and flour don’t agree with me; baked goods and processed foods don’t agree with me; cow’s milk and any product made from it doesn’t agree with me; pure sugar from any source doesn’t agree with me; ummm… meat doesn’t agree with me; and…. that’s all i’ve experimented with so far! Haven’t tried raw goat’s cheese yet. but goat’s yogurt is awwwesome 🙂

  67. Robin says:

    I used to get raw milk and eat a good bit of Greek yogurt, but I it seemed to make me get these little flesh toned bumps all over my forehead. The dermatologist used to have to prescribe something to make them go away. When I stopped eating dairy they went away on their own. I may have to try goat milk yogurt at some point though. I don’t miss it too much. 🙂 I just eat more fruit for breakfast now.

  68. Leila says:

    Hi Kevin, I just love the way you experiment! To make this scientific though maybe you could do a controlled experiment – you could aim to get the result you predict. That would be great evidence. My son gets mucousy and has bad spots at 17. I’m sure he’ll be interested in getting rid of them. Thanks a lot.

  69. Darlene says:

    Different people react to different things. For me, I’ve noticed a big difference in my acne and overall complexion since I started Paleo. No dairy, grains or sugars works great for me.

    Oh by the way, Kevin and Annemarie, don’t get discouraged if you find Crossfit extremely difficult. It’s supposed to be – that’s why it’s called a workout :). Some are harder than others, especially the Fight Gone Bad where you have to do a set of exercises for 1 minute, then you rest 1 minute, then do another of the same set of exercises for 1 minute… It’s very challenging – trust me, I just did it Tuesday in preparation for the Fight Gone Bad fundraiser at the end of the month!

  70. Susan says:

    Thanks Kevin for being open minded and finding what works best for each individual person. We all don’t process foods the same so we each need to find our own path. Maybe years ago, people adopted diets that matched their environments. The Okinawans, the longest living people, eat some meat along with a huge variety of OVER 100 DIFFERENT veggies, nuts, grains and fruits WEEKLY! I don’t get that kind of variety in my diet!

    I have always had back acne but never associated the problem with milk. I started working out with weights and religiously drank Whey protein drinks. I kept an eye on my back to see muscle development (the V taper) and saw nasty acne all over my back! It was gross! I thought I had a MRSA infection from the Gym and immediately went to the emergency room where the Doctors laughed at me because all I had was ACNE!!!

    I stopped all dairy and all the acne went away. So, I had the same problem as you. I also stopped grains and my allergies have stopped. My childhood was spent in agony because of my allergies.

    Thank you for searching for the truth and dodging bullets because of your journey. I am so thankful because I do believe we are all different and we deserve to find what works best for each of us without condemnation.

  71. Tiff says:

    I’m not 100% raw…I’m a sugar-free, whole food vegan (with lots of raw)…so my informal ‘experiment’ is that sometimes I’ll try some wheat bread with all whole ingredients and every time it makes me feel weak and I also become suceptible to whatever illness is going around that everyone else is getting.

    Even tho I quit dairy/became vegan due to an ethical revelation, I noticed a big improvement in health afterward.

    —I’m working on a hip hop piece right now so when you said “herb and spice” at first I thought you said “urban spice”–

    This was a fascinating episode Kev!

  72. Katherine says:

    Kevin, Thanks for your honesty! You, like many of us, started out raw vegan and then began a journey whose role models started falling by the wayside. The raw vegan diet just didn’t meet all the body’s requirements.

    My own journey began with 3 1/2 years of vegan/vegetarian diet after listening to Dr. Lorraine Day. I had health issues on the mostly vegan diet (a few times over the 3 1/2 years I ate a fish or egg, considered still vegetarian), which health challenges motivated me to the more extreme 100% raw vegan diet. I ate raw vegan for 2 1/2 years after reading the Boutenko’s RAW FAMILY.

    Raw vegan worked great for over 1 1/2 years. By 2 years I had nerve problems and didn’t feel satisfied–always hungry. By 2 1/2 years raw vegan, my emotional stability was breaking down, my tooth enamel deteriorated, and the collagen in my skin broken down, leaving fine wrinkles in places previously smooth at my joints and on my arms, neck and face. This despite the green smoothies.

    Since then I began adding back some cooked foods into my diet, including gluten-free grains, fish, and legumes. I experiment with cooked foods, then need to cleanse awhile with raw foods. I find a week or two at most of raw vegan is all I can handle now. I am still working at finding a balance of foods that really work for me.

    Thank you so much for being open to what really works for you and for others, and not just promoting an unrealistic ideal. I agreed with Daniel Vitalis that the 100% raw vegan diet is an EXPERIMENT. It did not work over the long term for me, but lots of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and sprouts are still essential to my health.

    Keep up the good work, Kevin! I admire your courage to speak the truth even if some discontinue because of it.

  73. Bonnie says:

    You aren’t factoring in the issue of animal cruelty or the environmental issues into your choices. You are stating what works for you and asking what works for us, but what about the cows? Have you ever met a cow? They are wonderful animals and aren’t really here for us to do with as we please. And there is no ethical dairy production. In the most idyllic environment, if you had a pet goat and allowed it to breed, then you could steal some of the milk that should go to the kid. Weird that we are the only species that suckles other animals, and suckles into adulthood… And then what do you do with the kid. Do you allow it to grow up with the mother? You won’t have more milk, even in this idyllic setting, after the lactation phase without another pregnancy. As Will Tuttle expresses it, dairy production is a cruel, violent suppression of the feminine energy on this planet — it is repeated rape of these animals, and they are cruelly separated from their offspring which are usually slaughtered or for cows, used in veal production. I really encourage you to look more at this big picture when you are deciding what is good for you and include questions of what is good for animals and what is good for the environment. How can something like that truely be good for you??

  74. Karen says:

    20 years ago I read a book about food intolerances and I went on the recommended exclusion diet for about 6 to 8 weeks, then adding excluded items back 1 at a time. Since then I have been off caffeinated coffee and all dairy and am very limited in my diet with both wheat and onions. It was great using my body as a laboratory to find not only what foods were reacting poorly with my body but also what the reactions were. I have had only 2 or 3 migraines in the last 20 years and used to get them AT LEAST monthly, often more than that. Also, my sinuses are much improved than previously. It’s true that we are what we eat!

  75. Sheryl says:

    I would not even atempt cows milk. I tried goat cheese and was up all night long burping a horrible sour smell. No dairy for me.

  76. josephinesped says:

    I know that if I eat sugar of any type with fat of any type for over a few days, I get a dry excema around my mouth’s lips. Weird.

  77. Veronika says:

    I’d like to start experimenting with cultured nut/coconut yogurts and fermented nut cheeses.

    I’ve tried dairy in all forms, but it gives me acne, digestion, and sinus issues. I’ve been lactose intolerant my whole life, but even when I’ve eaten lactose free products, like cow yogurt and kefir, the milk proteins give me acne.

    Gluten (wheat, barley, rye, and contaminated oat) gives me awful cysts, rash and acne. Also makes me sleepy and foggy afterward.

    Right now, my skin is under more control after eliminating dairy and gluten. I also have to watch my sugar and starch intake, especially when combining sugar + fat (seems to fuel candida in my body).

    At some point I’d like to experiment with not eating nightshades. I know I’m intolerant to bell peppers (love the taste, but I get burps and terrible gas). But I LOVE tomatoes. I eat them everyday, sometimes twice a day. Which makes me concerned, because I don’t know if I could ever give them up, but I want to see if it’s connected to my last bit of acne I can’t shake.

  78. Veronika says:

    Oh, I thought I should mention I tried eating only goat’s cheese for a few weeks after not eating any dairy for a few years, but I still had digestion, sinus, and skin issues.

    I had been vegetarian without dairy for several years, but only stopped eating eggs 6 months ago, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m very happy being vegan with coconut & nut milk recipes. =)

  79. Laura says:

    I have had the same experience. I have been mostly raw for some time and started to experiment with the raw dairy… bed with a fever and ANGRY cystic acne all over. Face, back, arms, even my legs! It’s happened enough times now that I know what’s causing it. I am going to try the goat keifer for sure!

  80. chris says:

    It’s important to ask ALL of those questions about our exploitative lifestyles. If asking them is tantamount to being “judgmental,” then let’s embrace our judgments! In other words, asking these questions should in NO WAY preclude us being critical of people’s decisions to eat animal foods. They are not necessarily related. (e.g., Kevin removing dairy from his diet does not require him to buy GMO corn.) And as this is a post about eating animal foods, it makes sense that feedback is on this topic (and not on making your own clothes).

    Here’s an indisputable and obvious fact that complicates the claim of “humanely cultivated/collected” milk and eggs: only females produce them. And here’s another one: roughly half of all offspring are male. Of course, farms have no use and resources for male chicks and baby goats. So what happens to them? Sold or killed. So how is their life and death explained in “humane cultivation” practices?

    Kevin, I’m genuinely curious what your thoughts are on supporting industries that produce male offspring.

    I do respect you greatly for your promotion of plant foods and love your “High Raw” outlook and publication. But I’m sure you can take the criticism and judgment. 🙂

  81. Peggy says:

    Someone may have already said this (I haven’t read all the comments yet).

    It could be whether or not the cows were grassfed.

    I think grain fed animals can cause more reactions than grass fed.

    So, try that experiment next Kevin, if you’re up to it. 😉

  82. Cameron Day says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I experiment ALL the time, and I muscle test everything that I consume on a regular basis. My body LOVES raw cow’s milk, and also organic cottage cheese.

    BUT I have been kind of over-consuming these great organic/raw cow products, and my body asked for a 3 day break from them. No problem…I’ll just substitute some avocado to make up for the calories, and maybe have an extra organic free range local egg or two. 🙂

    Keep up the good work,

  83. Joseph DiMasi says:

    Woah… what a cascade of conversations.

    Hey Kym, (in case you get this) I’ve not experimented going on&off eggs or taking days off any more consciously than simply running out! 😉

    If I’ve been exercising, I tend to crave the eggs more (which I assume is due to their dense calories & protein).

    I’ve not heard any long-term problems with eggs, but I do notice that every once in a while, my body does want to take a ‘break’ from any flavor of food, and let my body cleanse-out a little.

    But, I have heard from Truth Calkins that taking a break from *maca* is a good idea. My rule of thumb that’s worked for me: weekdays on maca, weekends off.

    (unless I’ve got a date!) LOL!


  84. Cherie says:

    Thanks for sharing Kevin. The experiment that made the biggest difference for me so far was with soy. I was sick, sick, sick. I asked the Dr if it could be what I was eating, Dr said of course not. On my own I started eliminating foods one by one. I got down to my soy, which I knew it could not be because it was so healthy, but it was the only thing left to eliminate so I gave in and took it out of my diet, after just 2 days I started to feel so much better! That was a BIG eye opener. Just because it is ‘healthy’ and has all these ‘great expert studies’ does not mean that it is good for you. Period.

  85. Kaye Stain says:

    I stopped drinking dairy and eating dairy after I ran across the “not milk” site while shopping for a water bottle.
    Unbeknown to me, I would never get another pesky zit/boil on my face after making this change. Best thing I ever did.
    I did go vegan and raw soon after only to find that I was experiencing deficiencies, etc. even though I ate tons of greens, low nuts/low oil, fruits no junk, no gluten.
    I have begun eating fish/eggs once a week, and eating cooked grains, legumes, and veggies still eating a lot of raw too. I feel better.
    I don’t know how I feel about eating the fish/eggs yet. I feel like I shouldn’t be eating them. Something I struggle with right now. I will never eat red meat/Pork/etc. I fee at this point that is non-negotiable. I hate the mistreatment of animals.
    I believe Kevin, you must follow your own heart, do any of us really know what’s right? I would never feel good saying I knew what was right, and anyone else who didn’t think the same as me was wrong. That wouldn’t make sense.
    So keep doin’ what you do, I appreciate what you do and you make me feel like it’s ok to eat however I feel I should. Keep up the experiments.

  86. Holly Young says:

    I love this discussion and how open-minded most people are on here to discussing optimal diet and health. I used to be a vegetarian, then vegan, and I have tried to eat raw off and on. But I have found that small amounts of animal protein, like local grass-fed beef, pastured chicken eggs and raw goat’s milk really help my energy levels and overall health. I personally get my eggs from my friend’s chickens who roam around outside all day eating worms from the dirt and my goat milk from another friend’s goats who hang outside all day and play. These are well loved, happy animals. I do feel about eating animal products but feel that I can help the world better if I am at an optimal level of health, which FOR ME means eating animal products. Dr. Mercola, who is highly respected by many people, published an article on the China Study, which you can read here:

  87. Holly Young says:

    I meant that I do feel BAD about eating animal products… oops

  88. andy says:

    Dr. Brian Clement says the casein in milk, cows / goat is cancer forming big time. Raw milk as well. Paul Nissan loves raw goats milk,says it improved his blood workup profile. No wonder we`re all going information crazy.

  89. Lana says:

    I sure miss you both! It has been way too long since we have gotten to sit and talk story. I am intrigued by all this conversation.
    I healed a very sick body by listening to the strong messages it was sending me through illness. If I ate something that made me feel sick I stopped eating it. That led me first to a vegetarian diet with a little salmon, then to a vegan diet then to a raw vegan diet. I feel absolutely the best on raw foods in the summer and steamed foods in the winter. I do terrible with soy products and do not tolerate cows milk well. Lately I let the pressures of my husbands social needs outweigh the needs of my body and I slid into eating more and more dairy and cooked foods and I am now paying a very high price for it. I am tired and one of my major health issues has resurfaced. For me I have experimented with all forms of animal products and I do not do well with these. But I see the need to be very sound in judgment when it comes to diet and when we get set into a dogma we lose such soundness.
    Maybe for the time being, sweet Kevin and Ann, it would be a good idea to change some of your tag lines to “health crusaders” or “vegetarian minded” and omit the word “vegan” as to not offend those who take the word vegan very seriously. (saying that in respect for those folks)
    For myself I no longer claim to be any of the above. But now say I am a “healthatarian” I am trying to do my best to be as healthy as I can while still giving others the respect and love to do what they see fit. All the while loving the animals and the planet, that we have been given to take care of, to the best of my imperfect ability.
    For what its worth~

  90. cynthia says:

    I’ve tried all kinds of dairy sources and none of them leave me without a reaction, but cow is worst. Casein, I’m pretty sure, is the culprit. I also have that immediate swelling sensation in my face and sinuses. I had hoped raw would be different, but I think we just aren’t programmed to digest the milk of other animals. Dr. Mercola has a good article about raw milk and how it is only certain varieties of cows that produce the milk, raw or not, that is tolerable to the most people. Very educational – thanks for sharing your experiment.

  91. Danae says:

    Thanks EREZ for that link to Wise Traditions talk.
    Very curious topics and info!

  92. E says:

    Wow, I kind of took your email about my acne breakout personally! How did you know that I just finished off a gallon of chocolate organic ice cream this week and that my face went from clear to having cystic acne? I don’t think there were any other variables… I LOVE the taste of ice cream–it’s a weakness, although it’s not good for me. Plus, I couldn’t resist the sale! But, it must be the source of my facial problem. Thanks!

  93. Ed says:

    Hi Kev, the mushrooms WOW the MUSHROOMS yes that was something I experimented with, the result? not done experimenting yet.EREZ SITZER has the always and never answeres but he might be better served with a check-up from the neck-up. anyhoos- he might also be better served with a MUSHROOM experiment as I know he knows how to do anything correctly, anyhoos-

  94. cynthia says:

    and…just wanting to add my 2 cents about using the China Study as scientific proof that we should all be vegans…the science is flawed:

  95. Dave says:

    For a “High Raw” site there seems to be a whole lot of raw-bashing going on here..

  96. Renee says:

    Timely segment Kevin! I had been vegan for a year, except for a couple trials of raw goat cheese (no obvious adverse effects, tho is high fat, and did not check my cholesterol).
    However this last week i bought some cow’s raw cheddar cheese and now have again sinus congestion and throat irritation, as I did when I ate cow dairy products a year ago.
    Good experiment! Now that’s the end of that.

  97. jasmine says:

    To Chris at #31. Comments can be an attack as well. I have learned that my choice of words can be a form of “violence” against another. Peace to all.

  98. Wilda says:

    Hi Kevin!
    Thanks for sharing your experiment. I am only about 75% raw but live most substantially on what could best be described as vegan diet. I have experimented with eggs both cooked and raw in grape juice; they are always hormone-free and grain fed, because of a tendency to border on anemia. My once every 2 months egg consumption has been with good results to bring up my iron levels. Also I have experimented a few times with various dairy products and while I did not ever have an acne outbreak I can attest that I always got congested and a few times I had an associated dull sore throat. For me dairy is a no-no. I will continue to use alternative milk products but at the same token I will use eggs every 2-3 months for my iron issues until I find a better solution to my deficiency problems.

  99. Joseph Marcello says:

    While personal opinions will always be quite limited, being based on a very narrow margin of experience — and also, as most of the comments above demonstrate — skewed to the particular bias of the individuals involved, the database of wisdom culled from a life — the very long life — 94 years, I believe, of nutritionist, iridologist, esteemed health author Dr. Bernard Jensen — who for decades maintained a healing center to which thousands came — reveals, goat’s milk, being far more like mother’s milk than cow’s milk could ever hope to be, was responsible for virtually miraculous health turnarounds in people who could not tolderate cow’s milk — or almost any other substance, for that matter.

    The repeated and dramatic difference in human response to the goat’s milk as opposed to cow’s milk, finally inspired Jensen, in his 80’s, to write his now very rare to find volume, “Goat Milk Magic”.

    Goats outnumber cows throughout the world, and most primitive cultures lived not on cow’s, but on goat’s, milk.

    For what it’s worth, I launched upon a regimen of raw Ayshire (lower fat globule size) milk for several year in utter faith of its value, as recommended by the Weston Price traditional foods protocol, and a friend, author of “Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine”, naturopath, Dr. Ron Schmid, but eventually found myself paying a heavy price for my blind trust in this advice.

    If not all, there are most definitely many of us for whom even clean, raw cow dairy is not at all healthful or helpful, and this may well be a much larger percentage of those now reading than they might care to consider.

    Good work, Kevin. You’re the canary in the coal mine — as I once was.



  100. Char says:

    Molly and C-Ben, I think your both a little unbalanced. I believe this site is about Health, now vegan ism, raw food-ism etc.We must be flexible and willing to change as our body requires. I just started recently adding raw milk kifer and yogurt and absolutely love it. I never really liked milk so I would never use it unless it was fermented. I love raw butter too. Ive slowly added eggs and fish but just recently Ive craved red meat. I had some tonight for the first time in years. I think a little once per week may be just what I need. Doing mostly raw I was eating far too many nuts and fruits and sweets and lacked a lot of energy.

  101. Elisabeth says:

    what a coincidence. just bought me some goat milk kefir today 🙂
    thank you kevin so much for doing what you’re doing. you are the renegade!

  102. Russ says:

    good experiment but I am not convinced that it was actually the cows milk. Cows milk was the trigger something else was the actual bullet. In other words I think Cows milk caused an expression of something in your body that needs to still be dealt with and removed. could be a virus, bacteria, fungus or deep toxin.

  103. Nadia says:

    Thanks for you video Kevin. I love that you are always experimenting because that is what I do with my diet all the time. I’ve found it is not good to be totally locked into eating the same things all the time. I drink raw cows milk but I don’t really like the taste of raw goats milk. But I will be listening to/watching my body for reactions with regard to that in the future.

  104. KAREN BEATTIE says:


  105. Andria says:

    Great Show Kevin!!! About a year ago I decided to become more raw verses just vegetarian and had found that I was having a really hard time with feeling bloated and holding an excess of gas. I thought that maybe I wasn’t doing something right, not eating the right combinations of foods, or that maybe my body just needed to adjust to this change. I bought a book on food combining and digestion. I added kimchi or kombucha and even yogurt but didn’t really notice it getting better. Fortunately I live near an natural grocery store with a raw, whole food deli and shared my situation with them. I had mentioned that I do drink coffee and put soy milk in it. “Bingo!” she said. Try rice or almond milk instead. I did and the problem went away. She shared that certain forms of soy don’t break down very well in our systems. What are your thoughts on this? I feel fabulous and love eating mostly raw. I also believe that everyday is about experimenting, learning and growing toward being healthier and sharing with others who seek this as well. It’s an exciting journey!!! Thank You!!! Love your shows!!!

  106. Gini says:

    In response to Nadia # 103- Raw goat’s milk has to be drank within the first two days or it will develop an off flavor, or “goaty” taste. Another cause of bad tasting goat milk is having a billy goat on the grounds.

    When my children were young and after they were off breast milk I bought a goat which happened to be pregnant. After the kid was born we had plenty of milk- the kid also drank all she wanted and stayed with the mother. I followed Bernard Jensen’s advice and gave my children half fresh carrot juice and half raw goat milk.

    I agree that we need to be conscientious about exploiting cows and goats and that milk is intended for babies and very young children. But tolerance for other people’s lifestyles is also an important virtue to develop.

  107. MARY says:

    Iteresting reaction. I would like to add that the Hari Krishna people have cows that have never had a calf but give milk so there is no cruelty involved, they love their cows and treat them with great cae and respect but dairy will cause mucous and I know Krishna’s with health problems solely due to dairy consumption. The Gospel of Peace does not forbid a little dairy but as Prof. Campbell said, tumors love nothing more, as soon as you stop the dairy, etc, they start to shrink.

  108. Jessic a says:

    I discovered that Agave nectar makes my heart pound through my chest and ginseng with royal jelly gives me headaches. Drinking or eating too many greens makes my skin dry out so bad I look 20 years older (I am a Vata constitution and too many greens throws us off balance). I can not only tolerate but need a lot more healthy fats and oils than the average person (again this relates to my Vata constitution.) If I don’t eat a lot of fat I get very cold, constipated and my skin dries out.

  109. Kym says:

    Thanks to Joseph. Good luck with the macca. Personally, I found it gives me a stomach ache and not so much else.

    And as others have noted, from my reading, the China Study has a lot of holes in it as a piece of statistical analysis. The problems start with the study design and data gathering methods and just go from there.

  110. Wilhelmina says:

    I grew up in Holland the land of cheese!! I always had lots of head aghes that often turned to migraines. Grosing up on a farm with fresh organic raw milk and fresh cheese I always needed nose drops as did half of my 9 brothers and sisters and we al had headaghes.
    Finally about 5 years ago if found out it was cheese and dairy that were mayor triggers. I stoped eating it and 99 %of my head ages are gone, don’t take any nose drops or an other mediction anymore.
    Were are the only species that use others milk other than our own.Does that not say it all !!

  111. Bill Vogel says:

    Hey Kev,
    Great episode. I applaud your candor and willingness to explore. I just wanted to remind you (in case you’ve forgotten) your friend Shea Baird does food allergy testing, and if you’re interested in finding answers to some of the questions you’ve posed, maybe she can help you out…

  112. elizabeth thode says:

    I’m curious…how many of these places where you ate the cow products were also exposed to the micro wave radiation from cell phones?
    To me, an even better experiment would be: to eat raw organic cheese/or drink raw or cow’s milk…with no exposure to cell phone/wireless radiation.
    This might be a bit difficult if you are using this wireless technology as well.
    My working theory? The raw components in dairy are extremely susceptible to the radiation from cell phone technology. I don’t think its the “source” as much as it is the exposure from micro wave radiation.
    I would tend to believe that when Weston Price did his experiments with raw milk, it was indeed safe and healthy, as it was not exposed to the radiation from cell phone technology.
    Food for thought. (pun intended)

  113. Carol says:

    My daughter, now 18, always had a stuffed nose as a child. I gave her soy milk instead of cows milk to “off set” the problem (soy was considered “the greatest” then.) She got her period at 10 years old. Makes you wonder.

  114. Nancy says:

    I’ve replaced milk with coconut milk (organic, full fat) YUM!

  115. C. Ben says:

    Gee I m sorry folks. Enjoy your puss and blood. I dont know what got in to me. So un-understanding. Doing what feels right for you or you or you could be different than for everyone else that animal protien causes cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure,diabetes 1 & 2, alzhimers and more. That sounds like Renegade Health or non health to me. Oh ya sign me up for what feels good. in the 60’s we knew what that ment.. ..I thought this was about educaton 1 show at a time. Please let me in on the science about the benifits of casein and all animal protein. Tell me about the warm loving hands that squeeze the tits of goats dry. or the cow. Heres to puss & blood. Im just glad none of you would feel better as a cerial(not meat)killer, as far as i know.

  116. Lilia says:

    Greetings for Moscow, Russia. I wonder if you read all of the comments, anyway I’d like to ask a question concerning the actual subject of your video — staying long-term on the raw food diet. I’m new to it (4 months), but as I understand, Ann Wigmore stayed on this diet for over 30 years. By the way, she thought that wheatgrass juice is a good source of vitamin B12 — was she wrong? (Some people say B12 is contained only in animal products) She believed that in addition to raw food, wheatgrass juice plus sprouts are essential to cover for all the needs of our bodies. Why nobody sticks to her way of doing it? Is it too difficult? I’d really like to hear your opinion on that. I tried to do the living foods diet during this summer, but now I’ve started to eat steamed fish and raw quail eggs “just in case” seeing that so few people stay on raw food (I was especialy impressed by Victoria Butenko’s lecture in Moscow — she said ALL raw food leaders add animal products in their diet after 7 or more years of their raw food experience and she is not an exception.)

  117. Taina says:

    I’m days late reading this segment but had to write in. I quit all milk Products 4 years ago because I could not walk. My Left knee was so painful from arthritis that the Dr.s said I needed cortisone and nsaids to help me walk. I refused and went raw and now I’m walking with NO pain at all. I just did a 5K today and came in no. 15!! I’ve learned so much from you Kevin and I am truly thankful! I’m now trying to get my sister-in-law to go raw since she has some issues. Stay well and thank you for telling the truth and the whole truth about food! XO Taina

  118. Marge says:

    You broke out because of all the bacteria in the raw milk!!

  119. Danielle says:

    I agree with Kev, I also have experienced the acne attack after Dairy specifically cow’s milk or cheese, within HOURS! I model and act, and I know that if someone has put something cow based in my food, I will not be able to do a shoot till a day or two after!! it SUCKS!

  120. Rikki M says:

    love your webpage, cant understand why ppl get offended when u are honest , I found out I’m totally allergic to peanuts in any form, yet can gorge all day on almonds and walnut , just cant figure out why . never used to be as child

  121. Jennifer says:

    I have learned a LOT about dairy from

  122. jeanne SDR says:

    Got this from the Not Milk Man. It’s really funny, worth the time to watch it!

  123. Sandra says:

    Transparency and honesty is the way to go. Being real generates peace. I have been studying and experimenting with raw for over a year. I have found what works for others doesn’t necessarily work for me. Cutting way down on dairy consumptions has helped. When I eat dairy now it is usually organic yogurt. I am allergic to honey, sunflower seeds and the women in my family struggle with low thyroid problems. Eating a lot of dinosaur kale would be very bad for me. Also I have had blood sugar issues so eating a lot of fruit doesn’t make any sense for me, some fruit but not too much. My focus is to be grateful for the abundance of choices that we have in our country and to have a spirit of gratefulness.. After research I am choosing to buy as much organic food as I can. My goal is to eat to live , not live to eat. Blessings to all.

  124. Angie Smith says:

    After four years of eating almost completely a raw plant-source diet, in the last 14 months I’ve experimented with:

    cooked grains
    cooked grains that were fermented first
    cooked grains that were spouted first
    cooked beans
    cooked beans that were germinated first
    cooked vegetables
    grass-fed raw cow’s milk
    grass-fed raw cow’s cheese
    raw goat’s cheese (grain-fed)
    pasteurized cow’s cheese, hormone-free
    “regular” cheddar cheese
    pasteurized cow’s milk kefir
    pasteurized cow’s milk
    balsamic vinegar
    various prepared salad dressings
    grass-fed beef
    hormone-free, grain-fed beef
    grass-fed cream, pasteurized
    grain-fed cream, pasteurized
    grass-fed cultured butter
    grain-fed cultured butter
    hormone-free butter, salted & unsalted
    “regular” butter, salted
    various yogurts & kefirs
    grass-fed eggs, both raw & cooked
    grass + grain fed eggs, both raw & cooked
    gluten in my diet
    no gluten in my diet
    cooked root vegetables
    organic corn chips
    pastured pork (fed raw milk & organic produce)
    uncured bacon, pastured as above
    uncured bacon, not fed so well
    organic, free-range chicken
    “all-natural” grain-fed chicken
    various types of fish
    various types of sweeteners

    The results were:

    *I have LESS mucus when I use cow’s milk products in my diet regularly.
    *Cow’s and goat’s cheeses both really work well for me as long as they have no growth hormones and no coloring.
    *Cooked meat from clean & well-nourished animals feels just as good to my body as a 100% raw plant-based diet does.
    *Carbohydrates do not work for my body, but fats leave me strong & energized.
    *I am satisfied with much smaller amounts when the meats I eat are grass-fed versus grain-fed.
    *A lot of the distress I used to get from animal products (digestion problems, etc.) only showed up if I ate the kind raised with growth hormones.
    *Meat & cheese take a lot of water to digest, but I only get constipated if I don’t drink enough water when I have these foods.

  125. Abigail says:

    I personally have gotten these sores in my nose since I was a teen. I also have struggled with acne since adolescence. I too did a dairy test and sure enough when I went completely off all dairy(raw, keifer, yogurt, everything) my acne and sores disappeared. I then decided to do a blood test to see if truly I had an allergy to either the casein or the whey and to my surprise it was both and goat milk also…so longer story short I don’t usually do any dairy except, since I have been pregnant and craved a little cheese from time to time, and yes I pay the consequences..;) I also have an egg and Almond allergy, I just stay completely away from those two.

  126. Bonnie says:

    There have been lots of comments in this blog about being tolerant of others lifestyle choices. Yes, that is a very polite way to be. However, there is extreme cruelty build into animal food choices. So who will speak for the animals?

    No one. And so this continues. Did you know that factory farming is the source of the pandemic diseases? It may well be our ultimate undoing.

    So in a very polite way, I would like to ask you to consider if you really need to have cruelty as a daily ingredient that you need to make yourself feel healthy.

    Here is a lovely site. I hope your circle of compassion will continue to grow to include animals you call “food”.

    Bacon had a Mom.

    – Bonnie

  127. Melina says:

    I think it is very important to differentiate between small family farms that treat their goats and cows like beloved pets and factory farms. I get my raw organic pasture-fed goat and cow milk to make kefir out of from a little local farm. The man that runs it has names for all his goats and cows and treats them with great love and respect. He has a huge organic field for them to graze in and a spacious warm barn for them to seek shelter in. They are playful and happy. I would not call this a place that promotes causing harm to animals. The goats and cows also are completely contented when they are being milked, they simply stand patiently and look peaceful. These kind of farms deserve recognition and appreciation. To lump all farms that have animals into one group is a big mistake. Large scale factory farms are so cruel it makes me cry when I think about it. This is why I think it is so important to spread the word about these other quality, ethical small farms. Also, this kind of quality milk has cleared up my skin, helped keep my ph more alkaline and made me stronger. It is important to know that this is coming from someone who has strong allergic reactions to any other kind of milk even organic raw milk from grain fed cows or goats.

  128. Melina says:

    I am sorry, I think I posted this under the wrong show. I wanted to post it under the show where you address someone’s comment about you choosing to experiment with something that harms animals.

  129. Jeni says:

    Hi Kevin

    Ihave xperiemented with a lot of foods and HAVE to stick to ALL VEGAN and 90%raw. If I have any food that has animal traces in it I feel my sinuses start to get full up and musuc in back of my throat. I may eat a samosa once a month but anymore that that and I wil have a heartburn late at night, mucos back of my throat, possibly some constipation, headaches for sure.

    I do find that bread made from Spelt is the only processed food at the moment, and this does digest well better that ANY other bread.

  130. Lilac says:

    Hi all, this is fasinating stuff.
    For me, its a different story. I’ve been off dairy for about a year now and my acne has gotten increasingly worse. I did not have acne as a teenager at all, I am now in my late twenties and it started to come thick and fast co-inciding with the start of my health quest and eating more naturally. It is really strong.
    It seems like my poisons are coming out – but through my face…
    Has anyone else had such an experience? I’m curious, what did you do about it and when did it stop coming?
    all the best for a fab show

  131. DeniseC says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I have found a wonderful way to get and keep the gut flora thriving that does not involve dairy – water kefir. I first learned about it on Ani Phyo’s website. After I order dehydrated grains on Amazon (they worked alright for about 3 batches), I found a source online to get live water kefir grains sent to me ( – these grow well!). For the last 1 1/2 months, I’ve been making water kefir and I love it and it seems to be working well for my digestive and elimination health and my skin is in the best shape of my adult life (I’m in my mid-50s). No dairy, tastes great (especially when I make it with maple syrup). Raw Chef Russell James also has a YouTube video about raw kefir and that gave me the idea to use maple syrup. Sugar feeds the grains so they’ll ferment/culture and grow and the sugar source should have some minerals with them. You can use raw sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup/sugar (I haven’t tried date sugar/syrup, brown rice syrup, yacon syrup or agave). The grains also really love young coconut water. I let it culture for 48hrs (so it has only the merest touch of sweetness, though it can go for only 24 hrs if more sweetness is wanted – but not more than 48 hrs), then, after straining the liquid into a new clean jar, add fresh orange juice to complete the quart and let that ferment for 12-24 hrs and refrigerate until I’m ready to consume. Lovely. I drink a quart a day. Tasty, refreshing, lightly effervescent and gut healthy!

    I’ve also begun making nut cheese using Russell James’ recipes and they use non-dairy probiotic powder. This satisfies my love for cheese and I’m also getting probiotics which diary cheese doesn’t do. I’ve even gotten a non-vegan friend loving the macadamia cheese.

    Anyway, consider the water kefir. Easy and inexpensive. Would work in your RV and you don’t need to go to a store, it doesn’t have to be refrigerated, you don’t need a heat source (though I think when cold weather comes, I’ll need to be sure it is in a warm enough spot to ferment well).

    Good luck. And thanks for maintaining an open mind and sharing your thoughts and discoveries,

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