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Theresa Dale

Replay available now!

Today, I hosted a call Dr. Theresa Dale on how to balance your hormones!

Dr. Dale covers how to manage your hormones, how to do it naturally, and what supplements and herbs for hormones that can be helpful.

She also touches on hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, acne, menopause, adrenal fatigue and more.



Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. An article to run in Brian Clements magazine shortly it circulates to approx 100000 readers…..

    The truth about Herbal Therapy, does it really work????

    a compelling and provocative article about the truth and differences between herbal therapy and herbal cleansing by the owner of the Worlds first and most popular raw herbal cleanse called EJUVA. You will be shocked at what this Doctor and Master Herbal Formulator has to say about herbs!

    My talks and writings regarding herbs always upsets some people. They can have a hard time with what it is I am saying yet can NEVER offer any proof as to what I am saying is wrong. Imagine if your Bible states in no uncertain words that herbs are for healing. Or, if you read my articles on herbs and your whole ideology of healing was based on herbs such as the Chinese and Ayurvedic Dr.’s who claim they heal the sick by using herbs. Who can blame these people for getting upset? So I’m hoping my truth regarding herbs offends no one this time as that’s never my intention…

    For the purpose of understanding what I have to say about herbs I feel you will need to know what a herb is. Not so much the legal definition of an herb, but why is an herb placed in the herb category in the first place? A simple question that no so called expert can ever answer correctly. In other words, if you have two plants, why does one end up in the food category and the other as an herb?

    The simple truth is, an herb is an herb and not a food because an herb contains far more toxins than nutrients. This over abundance of toxins is why an herb tastes so bitter.

    In fact, if you were not listening to all the people around you telling you what is good for you and you ate as the animals in nature do, by instinct, you would realize that you have a wonderful alarm system built right in your mouth. It’s called your taste buds, and they are there for a reason. They will let you know what to eat and what to reject. If you were living in nature you would, without a doubt, spit out the herbs and never place them back in your mouth again solely based on their taste. Yet, you would finish the fruit and go back for more fruit next time you were hungry.

    Real food (plants) on the other hand have far more nutrients than they do toxins hence the great taste. If a food doesn’t taste great its because its either under ripe or over ripe. During those times the food does not have the nutrients we need and our alarm system lets us know it.

    As a general rule one should be able to thoroughly enjoy a bowl full of each ingredient one consumes. With that said, I challenge you to eat a bowl full of Apples then eat a bowl full of Garlic. Your body will tell you which bowl to enjoy and which to reject. When one peels an onion and their eyes begin to water what do think their body is trying to tell them? When one peels an Orange, the healthy body has no adverse reaction. Why do you think your body does this? One burns your eyes and has a distinct foul order, while the other smells of pleasure. What is your body trying to tell you? How many shampoos are made with Onion scent? How many are made with strawberry scent? Why do you think you have bad breath after eating garlic, your body is trying to filter the herb out via the lungs. If herbs belonged in our bodies they would taste good. I assure you no one on Earth ever became sick because they were not eating enough herbs.

    This is usually when the experts state “but all herbs have nutrients!” This is a true and undeniable fact. But, also true is the fact that all the nutrients found in herbs are in trace amounts. These amounts are so minute they are incapable of doing our physiology any good with few exceptions.

    I often hear from Doctors and Herbalists “but I’ve cured peoples ailments using herbs!” In fact, people assure me that herbs have cured them of many ailments such as High Blood Pressure simply by using Garlic. I have two answers, or should I say, a question and a statement for them. The question is “Do you really believe you can poison the body into health?” The statement is, “You’re not cured of a thing!” At Ejuva we have a Candida cleanse called Candi Not and I’m often asked why does it not contain garlic as garlic is a killer of yeast.

    Truth is herbs will give the illusion of curing things. Herbs work the same way as medications do, in fact, meds were first developed from herbs, and like meds herbs are incapable of curing a thing in the body. Herbs only mask the symptom. Garlic contains two deadly toxins to the human body if consumed in large enough dosage. These toxins are called Mustard Oil and Allison. Once garlic is consumed the body recognizes these toxins as potential killers, in response the body dilates the blood vessels in an effort to eliminate the toxins as fast as possible. Whenever the blood vessels dilate the blood pressure drops. But, to say one cured is incorrect because as soon as one stops taking the garlic the blood pressure rises. And yes, garlic kills yeast but it also kills Probiotics, the things that keep our yeast in check. When you eat an Apple your vessels do not dilate.

    Meds were created from herbs. When science evolved enough to break down the various natural occurring chemical toxins in herbs such as Allison and Mustard oil found in garlic. The toxins were then created in a synthetic version of the same chemicals in their laboratories. This way they could control the amounts of milligrams in the chemicals, it was cheaper than growing the plants and most important of all these synthetic chemicals could be patented as something called Blood Pressure Medication. You cannot patent herbs, these patents made people very wealthy.

    Herbs change the body’s natural healing priority. As I write this the biggest raw fooder of all is running around the World telling anyone who will pay him his fees that herbs are great, and herbs will balance their hormones. Don’t get me wrong, I think his heart is in the right place as he is trying help people, its just that his truth is incorrect in the same way an Allopathic Doctor believes in his meds. Yes, you can balance hormones temporally with herbs, you can do the same thing with the Allopathic synthetic chemicals like Synthroid, BUT DON”T DO IT! Balancing Hormones using herbs is like heating your home during the middle of winter with all your doors and windows open. Its at a HUGE cost to the human body, and that is a long lecture in itself. Again, when you stop the herbs, the hormones will be out of balance simply because you’ve cured nothing

    Your body has an innate healing priority system. Your body, who knows better than any man including yourself knows what needs to be healed and in what order to heal it. Your body wants to heal your blood, your heart and your brain as it knows if one of those goes the entire organism goes. When you add herbs you change the healing priority of the body. You play God, you say you know better than nature and nature will listen to you, not the other way around. This is a big mistake.

    An example would be if you go to a Chinese Doctor with Liver complaints he/she may prescribe Golden Seal. What the Golden Seal does is poison the liver to the point where it is now the priority of the body. The body stops what it should be doing to clean out the liver. This is why herbs are also known as intensifiers. As the only thing herbs are capable of is to make something much sicker than it used to be. So now the targeted area of the body is the number one priority of the body. The body then concentrates on the cleaning out of the liver.

    Herbs rob nutrients from the body. I will define a toxin as something that is useless to the human body AND costs the body in valuable nutrients to expel from the body. All of us are nutritionally deficient to begin with. In an effort to remove the the herbal toxins from the body it actually costs the body in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and energy. However, Ejuva has solved this issue with our “Health Through the Mail” program. For more information on our Health Through the Mail program please visit www,

    These are some of the reasons I am against something called herbal therapy. For this article I will define herbal therapy as taking herbs virtually forever in an effort to cure the body of its ills. Herbs have never, will never, cure a thing in the body as they are completely incapable of doing so.

    This is the part where some Christians say “Someone hand this guy a Bible, God says herbs are for healing so I must not know what I’m talking about!” To that I say someone needs to learn how to read their Bible. I remember when I was a child and you know who came to my door to save me. They picked out a passage in their Bible that mentioned the Butcher. They were able to prove that Butcher meant something completely different then what we think of today when we hear the same word. Likewise, a scholar told me quote “I know you’re right about herbs! Simply because when the King James version was translated in the 1500’s from the Hebrew version into Greek. The word herb meant something different than we think of when we hear the word today.” For those of you who do not agree with this statement you are not arguing with me, you are arguing with a fellow Christian scholar.

    Generally speaking I do not like medication but I know they have their place. Thank God or whomever it is you thank when meds are needed such as in crisis care situations. Likewise, if your hormones are so out whack that you cannot function then yes by all means take the herbs. But know this, you are not cured and you must work on the reasons your Endocrine system is not working so you may stop consuming the herbs.

    Though I believe herbal therapy to be wrong and ineffective with the fewest of exceptions I am however a big believer of something called herbal cleansing. For this discussion I will define herbal cleansing as when one consumes herbs for a temporary amount of time to rid the body of toxic wastes. Not for healing, not for curing, not for long periods of time, but for cleansing. In fact, if one is trying to sell you herbs for healing purposes you should realize that he/she is no expert at all.

    Some experts will have you believe that our bodies have built in filters and all one must do is eat right and the body will cleanse itself. The truth is, our filters, the liver, lungs, eyes, kidneys and some think the skin (which is not designed to be a filter but has been highjacked by the body to help because we are all so toxic). All of the above filters were not designed for filtering toxic waste but rather something called metabolic waste. Even if one ate a perfect diet, breathed perfect air we would still create something called metabolic waste and our filters are perfectly adapted for dealing with such a waste.

    Unfortunately, in our westernized societies we consume many things that include toxins. Our filters are very inefficient in dealing with toxins. Though we are not incapable, we are poorly equipped at relieving ourselves of toxins. In fact, your body preforms some one billion metabolic processes every second of every day. No body has enough nutrients and vitality to preform one billion processes per second 24/7, while dealing with replenishing our already deficient nutritional bank accounts, all the while cleaning itself of toxins and ridding ourselves of disease.

    e.g. If your living-room was filthy and company was to arrive in 20 minutes would you steam clean the carpets and clean the widows? The answer is no! You’d store all the “stuff” in the empty coat closet and worry about the details another day when you had the time and energy. That’s much how the body responds to toxic waste. It doesn’t have enough time, vitality or nutrients to deal with what’s in there and then we unknowingly throw even more toxins in our body the very next day. So, the body stores them. Toxins are everywhere including your lymph, your liver, your tissue, your kidneys, your bowels, your blood, you name it and they are there.

    The body stores and waits for a better day, in fact, what do you think High Blood pressure is? Though big Pharma states they have no idea of the cause and that there is no cure I know both the cause and the cure. I’m sure they know too, but, they do not get rewarded for speaking the truth.

    Hypertension is when the blood becomes laden with toxins and in an attempt to neutralize those toxins the body will add fluid (water) to the blood stream. This increases blood volume which in turn increases blood pressure. Then because the Kidneys are congested the blood can no longer flow through them as they were designed and the blood backs up further increasing ones blood pressure. Finally, the kidneys become damaged due to toxic waste as they are designed for metabolic processes only and can no longer filter properly. As a result more toxins are deposited into the blood stream requiring yet more fluid resulting in even higher pressure. You may alleviate the pressure through Meds or herbs but neither one is capable of curing the issue. Yet, the issue is simple to cure through natural means.

    If the Human body was capable of dealing with toxins there would be no high blood pressure, there would no Hypoglycemia as well as many other common issues. Auto-intoxication is believed by most credible doctors to be the #1 cause of disease. This is where herbs can and do play a positive role in the human body. (for more on auto-intoxication visit

    Changing the body’s healing priority for a short amount of time to take the trash out before the trash overwhelms us is a good thing. To poison various areas of the body, to force the body to clean itself at a level it will not do on its own for a temporary amount of time, brings great benefit to one’s body. Remember, we became toxic through unnatural means and sometimes it requires unnatural means to reverse it. Your body will be MUCH cleaner after a good herbal cleanse then before you did the cleanse and then your body will return to its healing priorities when the cleanse is finished. Toxicity is a huge contributor of disease, and Ejuva will get rid of one’s toxicity and greatly improve one’s assimilation, all contributing factors to obtaining one’s vibrant health.

    What makes a great cleanse? Ejuva was founded nearly 20 years ago. Back then there were few cleanses available. Cleansing was not well known and Mucoid Plaque was virtually unheard of. Since that time cleansing like the raw food movement has exploded. It seems everyone has jumped on the cleansing band wagon to try and make a buck with their versions of a cleanse. I am lucky enough to be able to read the ingredients of a cleanse and know if its a good one or if the Liver and/or Adrenals will be over taxed during the cleanse. Sadly, at least 99% of the so called cleanses out there are little more than herbal laxatives. If I had to rely on the information located on the internet regarding cleansing I for one would deeply confused and truly misinformed.

    What makes makes a great cleanse? Several factors do. Starting with the amount of herbs used. After Ejuva became successful Ejuva became a target and I read that Ejuva has too many herbs, that Ejuva uses a shotgun approach to cleansing. The truth is Ejuva believes the body is one entity. Everything is connected and all needs to be cleaned and working in harmony with each other. If you were to clean your car would you only clean the rear bumper? If you were to change it’s oil would you only change one of the five quarts? The ingredients used in Ejuva are vast for a very calculated reason as the whole body needs cleaning and balancing while cleansing. One should not just clean the large bowel alone, as how do all toxins get in the bowel if everything else is congested?

    Not only is the amount of herbs important but the quality of the herbs are just as important. I learned that though one labels their herbal ingredients as grown organic, 99% are sprayed after harvesting. With this mind Ejuva gathers its live Wild Crafted and Organic herbs from other countries. Before they are allowed in this country they are required to go to an FDA approved lab were they are then tested and certified that they contain no pathogens prior to entering the USA. Ejuva herbs are alive and no heat, no fillers or binders are added. In fact, we do not even lubricate our tableting machine. No capsules are used as even if they are vegetarian capsules they still have polymers in them. Ejuva is the most pure and effective herbal cleanse on the Planet!

    Besides the amount of herbs and the quality of those herbs the formulation of the herbs is also a critical factor in obtaining the optimum cleansing experience. As mentioned at least 90% of the cleanses on the market today are little more than herbal laxatives. This is to make a buck, they throw in few herbs and use horrible herbs such as Sena (an herb that should be banned). These so called cleansing companies only care about the bottom line and slap the word cleansing on their product knowing it will make you poop, but that’s about it. They are usually made with few dead ingredients, are from commercial origins, have no carrier, no Probiotics and include a very poor formulation. These cleanses such as Colonex (Americas most popular) do more harm to the human body then good as their formulations are completely unbalanced and overworks areas of the body such as the Spleen, Pancreas and/or Adrenals. These type cleanses are far too harsh for the human body and these formulations would never allow the body to release Mucoid Plaque. These are $30.00 to $80.00 cleanses and like most everything else you get what you pay for. Ejuva has a product in its cleanse called Balance. As its name suggest it’s a gentle balancing formation that insures no area of the body will be harmed or overworked during the cleanse. Ejuva is the only cleanse that uses a balanced approached incorporating Oriental, Western and Ayurveda philosophies.

    Another critical component to herbal cleansing is the amount of time a cleanse will allow you to actually cleanse. I read on the internet that one does not need to cleanse for a long time like Ejuva requires. You can do their cleanse in 3 days. There were others with a 7 day cleanse, a 10 day cleanse and even a two week cleanse. It takes literally years to cleanse toxins out of the body using herbs! What can the body cleanse in 3, 7 or 10 days? The answer is not much if anything at all. These are people trying to make a buck realizing there are a lot of people who do not want to cleanse for 30 days. Why even cleanse if it’s not doing anything? With Ejuva its not that you have to cleanse for 30 days its that you get to cleanse for 30 days. As most cleanses out there are far too harsh and will only allow you to cleanse for brief periods of time. Not only does Ejuva allow one to cleanse for 30 days but Ejuva is so gentle you can do it twice a year unlike most cleanses. Ejuva realizes not all bodies are equal.. With Ejuva you may decrease the amount of herbs for the truly sensitive, elderly or children or, you may really go for it depending on your body’s needs.

    Carriers are a critical component of a good cleanse. 99% of cleanses out there have no carrier. This is incredible to me. A carrier is the thing that carries out all the toxins of the body. How can you not have a carrier and call your product a cleanse? Of the very few cleanses that offer a carrier they use something called Bentonite Clay. Clay is just a fancy word for dirt, and the human body is not designed to consume dirt. This dirt dehydrates the entire body especially the bowels. It contains at least 22% Aluminum and is highly acidic. When one consumes dirt it actually costs the body in valuable nutrients, enzymes and energy to expel the dirt from the body. Ejuva revolutionized Carriers with its product called Renew. Renew is alive, made with Ayurvedic fruits. Renew carries out more toxins per gram than does dirt all while providing nutrients for the human body, Renew does not dehydrate the body and it contains no Aluminum.

    Emotions and cleansing. A lot of us believe that we store more than just toxins in our body. We believe that emotions are stored as well. These emotions can and do come up while cleansing. They often can be powerful feelings of things past that were never properly dealt with. Approximately 6 months ago I had to talk down a gentleman from England who was contemplating harming himself while he was on the cleanse. This because as a youth he was involved with a gang. Apparently, years earlier he had critically injured someone with a knife and since that time he had turned over a new leaf. Well, he was holding in a horrible truth that needed to come out. By the end of our conversation he was not going to harm himself but rather turn himself in to the Police. Ejuva is the only cleanse that I know of that addresses the emotional side of cleansing through its product called Vibram. This Elixir was specifically formulated to keep one calm and emotionally even keeled throughout the cleanse.

    You can’t mention cleansing without mentioning Probiotics. How can one cleanse the bowel and strip out Probiotics and not replenish them? Most cleanses contain no Probiotics. Ejuva addresses this issues through its product called Moflora. What are Probiotics? Probiotics manufacture all our vitamin B’s including 12. They aid with our immune system and help us with assimilation. Unfortunately they are very sensitive and are killed by all meds, stress and poor digestion. A healthy bowel should contain at least 4 pounds of these little guys.

    Ejuva’s Moflora contains human strains of Probiotics and was formulated by the Worlds leading authority on Probiotics Khem Shahani. According to Khem the Probiotics that contain the least amount of strains in them are by far the most effective. Khem says that the brands with large amounts of various strains are merely a sales ploy. Khem says its best to have fewer strains because this gives a larger percentage of each strain used. In other words, it’s better to have 2 strains at 10 billion each for a total of 20 billion per gram then 10 strains at 2 billion each for a the same total of 20 billion per gram.

    Khem also said that it is a sales ploy to offer more than 20 Billion per gram as the human body can only absorb 10 to 20 billion of these organisms per day. Placing 100 billion as some do is both a waste of money and is senseless. He went on to say how would one keep 100 billion per gram alive? The Probiotics would have to be all food and hardly any Probiotics or, all Probitics and very little nutrition and they likely would be dead by the time they were consumed. Either way is far less than ideal.

    Khem stated to never take Probiotics that are encapsulated. Encapsulation protects them from stomach bile’s and insures that all Probiotics get through. In theory this sounds great but you want the weak to die. You do not want any weak ones getting through as you only want the strong in your gut. The stomach bile’s separate the weak from the strong and that’s why its very important to consume Probiotics in only powder form.

    Another critical aspect to Probiotics is to make sure that you are consuming a human strain of Probiotics. As 99.9% of Probiotics come from pigs and cows even if labeled dairy free. The dairy free label is another sales ploy and it is legal according to Khem. Dairy free simply means there is no Milk, yogurt or cheese in the mix. Finding human strains is nearly impossible, there are only 2 companies in the entire World that cutivate human Probiotics and they are VERY expensive. Human strains adhere to the intestinal lining 15 times greater than those from the pig and cow . And lastly, Probiotics must come in a F.O.S. Base, this is what both feeds and protects them. Khem owns the patent on F.O.S. Its best to avoid cleanses that do not contain any, or contain Probiotics from animals.

    What is Mucoid Plaque? Basically this is a mucus placed on our intestinal lining by our body to protect itself from all acidic foodstuff we tend to consume. For a more detailed explanation go to and read our section entitled “ What is Mucoid Plaque?” Some say this type plaque does not exist. This despite 2 University studies and thousands of pictures. At my clinics I test peoples assimilation before and after an Ejuva cleanse. Every time after one loses their plaque their assimilation goes up anywhere from 10 to 30 percent. Most cleanses out there are not capable of removing this leathery substance from the bowel. Yet 90% of Ejuva users lose their plaque on their first cleanse. This goes back to formulation and all cleanses are not created the equal. Despite many cleanses on the internet today claiming they release Plaque (they even show pictures) there is no doubt based on their formulation that they cannot.

    How fresh is your cleanse? Virtually all cleanses out there are sitting around in plastic containers under florescent lights for months before they are purchased. Ejuva cleanses are not made until they are ordered. No damage from florescent lights, the herbs are freshly harvested nor are they stored in plastic containers.

    False cleanses, there are many types of cleanses out there each claiming to be the best. I want to touch on some of the more popular ones and set the record straight. Lets start with “juice” cleansing. Can Juices really cleanse the body, the answer is technically yes. But, how deep of a cleanse does one desire? You can technically call sleeping cleansing as that’s what the body does while we are sleeping. But, how deep of a cleanse is sleeping? Remember, what causes the body to cleanse intensely, is the toxins in the herbs. There are virtually no toxins in juice, so while you are technically cleansing the amount is fairly miniscule as compared to an herbal cleanse. Though I am a firm believer in juicing it is not for its cleansing abilities.

    How about so called oxy cleanses. I read on the internet that all the herbs in an Ejuva cleanse are available at the Chinese herb market for 50.00. First off you cannot obtain Ayurvadic or Western herbs at a Chinese market. Nor can you get live, wild crafted herbs at the market and certainly not in the balance/formulation that Ejuva uses. You cannot get the Vibram elixir nor Ejuva’s Probiotic blend there either. Nor can one obtain all 96 Ejuva herbs for 50.00. So she’s already handing you guys misinformation then she goes on to say her Oxy cleanse is the best in the World. I use Oxy powders at my clinics for those with bowel issues. These peoples bowels are already irritated and it would not make sense to further irritate them with herbs. In which case we use an Oxy powder. These powders have no capability to cleanse the human body whatsoever. They merely give the body what it needs to eliminate. Which includes oxygen, magnesium and moisture. Oxy powders have merely jumped on the cleansing band wagon because most believe if you’re pooping you’re cleansing which is not true. Let me ask you, are you cleansing when you’re doing an enema? The answer is no! Oxy Powders are closer to an enema then an herbal cleanse.

    In closing out this article I would like to write a few paragraphs regarding some of the mis-information that people are willing to say in an effort to boost sales. They are depending that one knows nothing regarding cleansing I am referring to some of the things I recently read on the internet about cleansing. First off I am here to say there is no such thing as a colon cleanse review board. These guys are truly desperate to sell you their version of a cleanse. Whom ever is ranked the #1 cleanse is the owner of the review board site, so don’t be fooled. I also found a blog site that turned out not to be a blog at all. Rather, my IT guy called it a traffic re-director site. This is how it works, when you Google Ejuva this site pops up as a blog. He says I think you guys should read these things about Ejuva. He has 3 negative reviews and at the end it says click here for a good cleanse. If you click here it will take you to Colonex, yes, the joke of the industry. Turns out he gets paid by Colonex to redirect traffic to their site. The negative reviews are not real, they are all 3 made up by the owner of the blog site. Many have tried to post positive comments about Ejuva but his comments are always closed because it is not really a blog site. Its a traffic redirection site and he redirects traffic on about 100 brand names including Ejuva and the guy is making good money doing so.

    If you look at Ejuva’s website you will see all the Icons that recommend Ejuva. Icons like Dr. Clement, Paul Nison, Gabriel Cousins, David Wolfe, Matt Monarch, Fedi Beshi, Vitoras Kulvinskas and the list goes on and on. I’m here to say, you cannot beat a review board like that one! These Icons often don’t agree on many issues pertaining to health. But, they all agree that Ejuva is by far the Worlds best herbal cleanse for the reasons I listed in this article. With that said Hippocrates is currently selling Ejuva for the Worlds least expensive price. Try at least one Ejuva cleanse and I’m more than confident you’ll be back for more Ejuva cleanses.

    Dr. Charles Partito N.D. / Nutritionist

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    does the college do distance learning?

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    Whew! That is one looong commercial. These aforementioned supplement retailers will endorse a product for a fee, just like doctors do. a businessman is a businessman.

    Now we know why Twitter limits the number of characters a person can use. 🙂

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    I’m surprised the first email was allowed to be published and recommend it be removed.

    This interview and the content of the interview should be able to stand alone as the information is powerful.

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