Daniel Vitalis on the Positives and Negatives of the Raw Vegan Diet : The Renegade Health Show Episode #671

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After the Susan Schenck interview, a lot of you were calling for Daniel Vitalis’ thoughts on the raw vegan diet and his own experiences…

Today, I have them for you. 🙂

I want to be clear, before I go any further… the Renegade Health Show is a place for all thoughts and opinions. I think through them, we learn more and more. That’s why I present all sides of the spectrum (almost all sides… there are some I flat out disagree with… you won’t see the Atkins Diet here. LOL!)

So for what this is worth, here’s Daniel’s thoughts on the negatives and positives of the raw vegan diet.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What is your favorite berry (or what did you think about Daniel’s thoughts)?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. LeAnn says:

    Thanks for your contiued focus on education Kevin. Question…if you are supposed to fast for 12 hours to do a blood test, would fasting for longer (like 24 or 48) be better or less acurate?

  2. nondual says:

    too bad you had to diss the atkins diet – that’s only tells me that you don’t really have a clue what you’re talking about.. 😉

  3. I have had a similar experience to Daniel’s; I have been a vegan for many years (both cooked and raw) and I am facing deficiencies in many areas: cholesterol, vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron, etc. I cannot take supplements, because they give me a migraine, so I need to obtain these nutrients from food.

    Thanks for bringing all these experts on the show, Kev. I appreciate how you’re so open-minded!

    Oh, and my favorite berry is strawberry!

  4. P.S.: I can also not be in the sun, because I have systemic lupus.

  5. Pat says:

    Thank you for bringing this to us. I guess it all boild down to “Moderation in all things.”

  6. Is it just me, or has there been a lot of anti-vegan/anti-raw vegan coverage lately. While I appreciate hearing from a wide variety of “experts,” it is discouraging to hear so much information against a plant-exclusive lifestyle.

    There’s nothing in this interview that I heard which spoke about what Daniel ate or any other lifestyle choices he has made. He is basically using guesswork that some scientists have put together to reflect what may or may have not have happened in the past.

    The vegan diet is physiologically designed for our species, contrary to what Daniel says. Certainly, at the very least, from the Biblical perspective. And don’t even get me started on the ethical reasons to avoid meat. Glad he’s a suppporter of happy meat.

    No disrespect, but Daniel sounded kind of spacey to me. What specific “damage” did he do to himself by remaining vegan? Too many loose ends and glaring generalities.

    That said, it is always interesting to hear different viewpoints. More interviews in support of this lifestyle would be appreciated, as it is difficult enough finding a local support community for anyone making this choice (unless, perhaps, one were to reside in California)!

  7. Karen says:

    I love all berries and eat them often. We are so lucky that you got all this interview time with Daniel. I could listen to him for hours. Thanks Kevin!

  8. Quinlan says:

    Hi – I have been vegan for 5 years and have been dabbling with raw for a while. While I do not agree with Daniel, I think his position was well articulated.

    I think it’s wonderful that you posted it and are showing different opinions. And I did learn something from him about how important cholesterol is. Also, his perspective may help others.

    I think it’s important that the vegan/raw community does not exude intolerance towards other lifestyles and I thing posting things like this helps propagate tolerance within the community. Thanks!

  9. Joe says:

    Cholesterol intake vary from the climate.

    A raw diet fits better in tropics than temperate.

    Thank you for your work.

  10. Luc says:

    Annmarie & Kevin,

    You both have to be celebrated for your capacity to be challenge.

    Beau travail!


  11. Another great video. I’m glad you are bring us these alternative views on veganism and raw food, as it’s great to hear these views and debate them. It is also very confusing. There are so many studies that show that vegans and vegetarians are more healthy then meat eaters, so I’m not sure how this can be if some people like Daniel Vitalis have the view that it’s not really that good.

    Is it just that some people aren’t suited to a vegan diet and some are? There are many healthy vegans, so it must work for some people. Different people need different levels of various nutrients. It might be possible that some vegans make enough cholesterol, while others, like Daniel, can’t make enough and so have eat animal products to get enough.

    Daniel is obviously talking about his personal experience, but this doesn’t mean that other vegans have the same problems.

    But having said that, I know many vegans who have fairly serious health issues. But many of them don’t eat what I would consider a healthy diet. I also know even more meat eaters who have serious health issues. Whether you’re vegan or not, you still need to follow a healthy diet in order to maintain good health.

    I don’t know what the answer is. Anyway, I am getting a full health check and all the blood tests that Kevin recommends next week, so I will see in black and white what 20 years as a vegan has done for me.

    If anyone is interested, contact me via the above website and I’ll share the results. I may even build a website specifically to share my experiences.

    Daniel is certainly right about one thing. If I found out that being a vegan had been detrimental to my health and I had to start eating some meat I would find it very difficult, as I have always been ‘the vegan’. I think my vegan friends would take it the worst, as they would probably see it as me saying they are wrong.

    We’ll see.

  12. Ineke says:

    RIGHT ON!!! Totally agree. Although I personally gravitate towards plant based I never understood the vegan movement when it comes to the question of eating meat. Of course you don’t want it from a factory but what about grass fed? Like Daniel says: if you find out that soy is GMO it does not mean that all plants are bad!!

    My only question though is that if veganism in the end is not the optimum diet how come that doctors such as Caldwell Ysselsteijn and Dr MacDougal promote it so strongly? According to them cholesterol clogs up arteries etc, etc

    My husband is still following the HIppocrates program but as Daniel says, he has a lot of reserves and yes he is doing great on it Two MD’s have told him by now that there is more and more scientific evidence that the kind of “stuff” he is doing seems to work. Longterm I question it too. He lost a lot of weight, is working out a lot.

    I have mentioned it before; for me food is not only about nutrients but also about enjoyment and pleasure. More and more I come to the realization that what my grandma did was right after all! In my family there are centenarians so I’m not too worried about longevity. Besides: who wants to be alive at 120? All your friends and relatives are dead anyway by then. Too much mourning to do and that can not be good for your stress levels either (Ha Ha)

  13. Candi says:

    Interesting opinions! Funny, that I just heard the opposite yesterday @_@ I just go by what I believe and what my body shows me works best! 🙂 I have a diet similar to Dr Fuhrman’s Eat to Live (minus the meat) and love, love, love it. I stopped thinking there is one perfect diet out there. I just love mine and don’t label the rest as ‘animal abuse’ or ‘child abuse’ or ‘better’ or ‘worse.’

  14. Shirin says:

    Kevin,I was starting to think that you are on a mission to turn people from raw vegan to cooked vegan. I guess I was wrong. You are trying to turn people away from veganism. Human digestive system was not designed to digest meat. We have the long intestines like the other herbivors designed for eating plant foods. What you are bringing to us is not education. It is wrong information with intention to confuse people. So the people who are already eating meat, they think they are on the right track.

  15. Linda says:

    I think that people rationalize data to live or eat the way they want to live or eat. Vegans can always find a vegan answer to health problems.
    Eating meat does cause death to another being.

  16. Kelly says:

    Yikes, I think the last comment is harsh against Kevin, although I am sure he is used to being under fire. I don’t think this interview is confusing…I think it is freeing.

    I think it is helping me to understand why going on my 8th year as a vegan, three of them being high raw, I feel like I am failing. Every time I turn around I am seeing or hearing people who have been on this experiment for long periods are having a shift in paradigm. Maybe this is the freedom paradigm.

    Daniel was brilliant. Thank you Kevin, and thanks God for sending the answers to the questions I have been asking. I am hearing you.

    Peace, Kelly

  17. Cindy says:

    ..and his view is from that of evolution and not creation, according to the bible there was a time before the flood of Noah’s day that mankind did not flesh. It was only after the flood that the creator gave animals to mankind for food. Maybe some people need animal protein and some don’t. The important thing is not to be so obsessed about the food we eat, just do the best we can with healthy, chemical free food and miss out on life.

  18. Shirin, I don’t think Kevin is trying to turn people away from veganism. He’s just showing an alternative point of view. There is nothing wrong with good, healthy debate. That’s partly how we arrive at the truth and also how we persuade others. I’d rather here all views than just have Kev tell us how great veganism is all the time. It’s a fact that some people don’t do well on a vegan diet. There’s no point hiding these facts. I have been a vegan for over 20 years and I am still interested to hear what all sides have to say, whether i agree with them or not.

  19. Shirin says:

    How dare he say that raising vegan children should be considered child abuse. I know peronally two people who were raised on a raw vegan diet and are healthy. I think you know one of them, she used to be a model.
    I am also raising my child on a raw vegan diet and it really makes me mad that you should bring someone on your show so ignorant to say that it should be considered child abuse. How dare he?

  20. Pat says:

    I would be interested on his opinion on the China Study.

  21. Marcia Escoffery says:

    Hey Kev, and team I was vegan for 3 years as I had massive fibroids. it really helped being on this diet but when I had my daughter I b
    put fish back in my diet and have raised my daughter as a vegitarian. I try to do raw but can’t maintain it in The winter any ideas as to why? I listen to my body abd reduce it. Thankyou it is great the show the info .Peace Marcia in the Uk

  22. Muriel says:

    I have been on a vegan diet for some time and always felt i needed more, never satisfied and craving more carbs continuously.
    Once i decided to include farm raised organic beef and chicken in my diet, my energy increased, cravings disappeared, just an all around healthy balanced body, mind and spirit.I have been including meat in my meals for a few years and i have never felt better and healthier in my entire life.

  23. joseph DiMasi says:

    I think this is one of the best …most balanced… “10 minute” conversations on veganism & raw I’ve seen. What a great little clip.

    All of my research (and personal experience) seems to point to a similar conclusion: the importance of certain fats in the diet.

    (As an aside, I once heard David Wolfe in an interview about optimal diet, 80-10-10, etc say: “I’m on the 100%-fat, 100%-cacao diet. LOL.)

    Anyways, I have felt *worlds* better now that I’ve introduced a little bit of animal products into my diet: raw eggs in my smoothie (via Dr. Mercola) and occasional (1~2x/month) sashimi or rare grass-fed buffalo (the latter being quite easy to get here in Colorado!) 😉

    Like Daniel said, it was really hard to get my brain around it – as I was soooo identified as a ‘raw vegan’, but I have to say, I feel worlds better, and my brain&body is much more solid.

    My opinion: yes, raw vegan is king for cleansing&detox… but long term? Maybe not the best ever.

    I love this health community that I feel a part of an open discourse that is trail-blazing into the discovery of what an “Optimal Longevity & Performance Diet” for the human race is. Thanks for the discourse, y’all!

  24. Beth says:

    I have really enjoyed this series of interviews with Daniel Vitalis. He has a very interesting perspective, as much as some people don’t want to hear it.

    Kevin & Annmarie are doing a great job of providing us with a variety of perspectives and experiences.

  25. Vegan says:

    A couple of thoughts:

    1.) There are 2 kinds of cholesterol HDL and LDL. Eating animal fat produces the bad kind (LDL) and eating plant based fats produces the good kind (HDL). So, it’s true that we need cholesterol but high amounts of HDL and minimal amounts of the LDL — hence the recommendation by several respected people to limit or eliminate animal fat.

    2.) I think all these anti-vegans are throwing the baby out with the bath water. Just because you’re not feeling well or have a deficiency does not mean give up being a vegan and start eating animal products (like Daniel and Susan have done!). It means you find out what the problem is and correct it. Maybe that means adding more of a food you’re not eating, maybe it means taking a supplement. It might even mean taking a non-vegan supplement like fish oil but that’s a far stretch from eating animal products again and saying that veganism is unhealthy.

    We have to remember that we arrived at this diet for a reason: Heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, etc. While being vegan may not guarantee these illnesses won’t happen, they sure do lower the risk! And, we do know that animal products raise the risk.

    So, myself, I’ll stay vegan but a constantly monitor and look to improve my diet. For a while, I was trying to become 100% raw. Now, I think that 75% raw is better for me so I can eat cooked grains and beans. That works for me now. Next year, maybe I’ll adjust again.

  26. Darlene says:

    First of all my favorite berry is the strawberry – particularly the ones that I grow – they taste so much better than store bought.

    Secondly, I agree with Daniel. I don’t know if anyone has heard of metabolic typing but this is a useful tool to determine what you should be eating and how you should be eating to ensure you are getting the proper nutrients for your particular unique metabolic type. Some people do well as vegans or vegetarians or raw foodists, however, others definitely require some animal protein in their diet. That being said, I also agree that you should source out your dairy and animal protein from organic sources. It tastes better and is of course more humane.

    With regard to the comment made that we were meant to be plant eaters and not meat eaters, how do you account for the Inuit and Eskimo who do not have access to plants and vegetables but rather live on a diet rich in whale, fish and omega 3 fats and they are healthy! A lot depends on what area of the world you live in as well I think, as to how well you can survive and obtain the proper balance of nutrients on a daily basis, be it from a plant based or mixed diet.

    There is also evidence, as Daniel suggested in his interview, that early man was in fact a meat eater. He also ate berries, nuts, seeds and any type of vegetable that grew at that time. He may have eaten a lot of that raw as well and often went without food for days on end until he could hunt another animal for food or find more berries or whatever.

  27. Gordy says:

    Thanks for another great show, Kev! Daniel is real in his approach!

    I truly believe one must experiment with foods and nutrition to find out what works best for them. Practices that you have done for years may not be the best lifestyle anymore. By being open to creating a ‘better way of life’ and investing greater awareness of health practices, one must incorporate all aspects of their genetic make-up, family health history, locality of available more ‘natural products’ and organic farming. We must be more responsible as consumers and investigate our food sources and make conscious decisions about how we go about getting these sources to our dinner table. This can also create a lower impact on our carbon footprints by supporting local farmers and industries.

    Here’s a fun idea! We should all start planning a community garden in our neighborhoods for next year!

    My family and I have a much greater appreciation of all that is available for consumption by growing what we can in our controlled farming practices. But living in Wisconsin, we obviously still get tons of staples and conveniences from the local grocery stores now and more in off seasons. If we could just have a longer growing season with more varieties!

    My favorite berries to pick are black raspberries in early July. With all the rain we have had the past two years… this has made for good ‘bumper’ crops This has also made the mosquito population explode! Hard to pick berries with gloves on! LOL!

    Got to go harvest more green beans and eggplant today!!

  28. Scott in Ohio says:

    Has anyone read the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type”? It describes how your blood type determines what is best for your body.

    I’m wondering if the bodies of those who do not fare well on a vegan/vegetarian diet are not suited for it?

    According to the book, I should avoid meat since I am blood type A.

    I do feel dietary needs vary from person to person. A diet that is right for one may be death to another.

  29. Catherine says:

    I appreciate that Kevin brings different view points to the table for us to explore. I believe the new paradigm will be the concept of bio-individuality as taught by Joshua Rosenthal at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. We should all be eating diets that suit our blood type and lifestyle. And sometimes we need to change as we learn, grow, and our bodies change. At age 60 I need to eat in a different way than I did at 16. Whatever we eat should be as organic as possible. And as other’s have said, we need to nourish ourselves in a holistic way. Breath well, move well, eat well, think well, and have some fun, while making the world around you a better place than you found it.

  30. Eric says:

    Shirin, you seem very close minded, irritable and offensive for someone in optimal mind and body condition. Daniel Vitalis has good information. I currently eat 100 percent vegan, 80 percent raw yet you disgust me for being so close minded, snobby and overly offensive. You must accept what each person chooses to do and I hope you are able to realize that everyone has their opinion and the freedom to speak it.

  31. KAREN BEATTIE says:


  32. KAREN BEATTIE says:


  33. Theresa says:

    Daniel’s arguments are consistently inconsistent. While it is laudable, and desirable in many respects, to want to return to more traditional ways of living we are not Australopithecus. Australopithecus is extinct as are all other early hominids. Daniel has pointed out in other interviews (like his talk at Cafe Gratitude) the evolution of all varieties of dog from the wolf. Like most species (plant and animal) alive on earth today we are very different physiologically than our early ancestors and as such have very different needs.

    In today’s world we can absolutely thrive on a plant based diet. So far Susan and Daniel have only successfully highlighted how they failed to be healthy on a vegan diet, it does not mean that it is not possible.

    If you blindly follow others you will fall off the same cliff. Travel your journey of truth and understand that there are no experts outside of yourself.

  34. Sally R. says:

    First: Thank you Kevin and AnnMarie for providing an arena where all sides are presented. I was relieved to hear his views not because I don’t believe you can be healthy on a raw food or vegan diet because I truly believe that these are essential but animal fats have health benefits too. I’ve heard it said that “all in moderation” doesn’t work if your eating some thing bad to begin with but if your consuming healthy, organic produce (raw or animal fats) than the next thing to consider is what is the proper ratio for YOUR body. I personally feel that animal fats can be the smallest percentage of my diet. I’m getting there.
    Secondly: I think Daniel Vitales only said that “he wouldn’t be surprised if in the future they declared vegan for children abusive”, I didn’t hear him say he felt that way or did I miss something?
    Third: I love raspberries, but eat them all especially when they are in season.

  35. Mary Artemis says:

    I think the problem is with you ‘garu types’ who define yourself to the public. That’s got to be the most difficult. Most of us can swing around any way we want to and justify it or not as we please. That’s how life should be. So, take it easy here.

    I think it is possible to be vegan and fruitarian. I’ve seen it. AGAIN, ask Loren Lockman from Tanglewood Health Center in Panama. He seems to know much about these things. Also, we don’t have carnivore teeth!! THAT should be obvious. Our canine teeth are midgets! And dull ones!!!

    I’m still not convinced about the meat thing being natural. Just not. Scientists have been dummies for a long time. I don’t think it’s changed. And I feel much better when I don’t eat meat – and my body is much more slender yet still ‘plant voluptuous’ on plant cholesterol as I LOVE coconuts and avocados and olives. However, I can still eat a little meat or fish if it ever moves me since I’m not rigid.

    I like that this man thinks far enough to know there are humane ways to get meat. And he has done many things that are healthy. But, forgive me, are those tattoos? Now, I don’t know, but aren’t they really toxic? And unnatural? May be off the point, however, I am still hung up on doing what is natural, myself.

    I just don’t believe the quoted science that eating meat is actually part of everyone’s existence, all our ancestor’s existence, or is even the healthiest existence, as a constant. I believe this is all part of people in the public eye having a difficult time with their own health choices. And they’re entitled to it. Just as we are. But that’s what it is.

    Mary from Stamford, CT

  36. Mary Artemis says:

    I seriously would not joke or revel in the possibility that the food police will come and arrest you for feeding or NOT feeding either meat or berries to your kid. That’s serious. In fact in the Senate in Congress right now, S510 and S3767 will to take away our own health freedoms. I got this up to the day report from http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=6910

  37. Mary Artemis says:

    Remember freedom?…….Health food freedom should be all our aim and active endeavor in protecting each other, we foodies, and what we love to study and do and share.

  38. I’ve been a raw vegan for 15 years and it has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Lots of energy, regularity, beautiful skin, nice teeth (white, no dental caries), inner peace, nice figure, elimination of PMS (a miracle in and of itself), etc… There is a major difference in being a raw vegan verses a vegan or vegetarian. Heat destroys a lot of the vitamins and other nutrients in the food. It even alters (denatures) the protein. Our digestive system is very long and (from my understanding), it is too long (unlike animals) to digest animal derived food. Plant-based protein can be had from many sources including (but not limited to…) sprouted legumes, hemp seeds, nuts, etc… I don’t know what the answers are… but for me, it was truly the best thing I’ve ever done. Kevin, I too wonder if your guest read “The China Study?” This book was written by real physicians who studied real people and their diet.

  39. Tammy says:

    I think what he said is all good except that he is obviously an atheist, which really frustrates me – that’s one of the reasons our world is so corrupt today. Just because some people assume that we “evolved” (how gross and unrealistic)it isn’t right to talk like it’s the absolute truth. Because the truth is we were created by God. People need to pray, and read the bible now more than ever, and then we have these people like him who discourage that. So sad. To think our world came from slime, or a bang, is absurd!
    About the cholesterol,that makes 21 billion dollars a year for the drug companies according to Shane Ellison. I hope the MD’s will accept the truth about it one day and stop prescribing those Statin drugs. My parents are on Lipitor and Crestor and I can’t convince them to not take them, even with written proof from my books, all because their Doctor watches their cholesterol levels and wants them within a certain limit. They seem to be bound by these guidelines, ane are afraid to change. I just bought some coq 10 for them, to try counteract the Statins effect so they don’t end up with heart problems. I am so disappointed with medical doctors and their eagerness to prescribe pills. I really hope and pray (you betcha, we are supposed to pray about anything we are troubled about, or thankful for, or whatever)
    that Mike Adams is right, and that the medical system will change, and I hope it’ll be sooner than 50 years from now cause I’ll have died by then. Sincerly, Tammy

  40. Donna says:

    That my friend was awesome. Thank you so much for the interview with Daniel Vitalis. He speaks my mind.

  41. Donna says:


    If those comments about child abuse on a vegan diet stir you up, have a look inside yourself. When one is firm and clear in her own convictions, she would be indifferent to a comment like that.

  42. D says:

    Well, to call on the fictitious CroMagnon man for answers to diet is the true venture into wee-wee land. Daniel is way beyond fragile on that one……no matter how sincere he is about it. The really funny thing is how people are so gullible as to accept that their “grandparents” were apes or tadpoles or algae.

    I am glad to say that my ancestors were all fully human no matter how far back you want to go. And that they were much better specimens than anyone alive today. AND guess what? They all thrived on a raw vegan diet!!! They had perfect health…….of course their food was perfect too and much better than anything we can find or grow today.

    For fully 50% of the whole existence of humans on Earth they lived on this raw vegan diet!! Only during the last 50% of humans existence has there been any eating of animals and our collective health is abysmal, our lifespan greatly shortened, our stature/physique MUCH reduced. In other words the human family has become a bunch of wimps in comparison. We have DEVOLVED not evolved.


  43. Heather Hemphill says:

    It is interesting to see what people have to say when given conflicting viewpoints to their own. What I have found is those who are comfortable with their own choices can hear other views and it will illicit no emotion, while those who need to be right or are fanatical in their views get angry that anyone would dare express an opinion against theirs. That is how wars, religious and otherwise get started.

    What I know for sure is that everyone has a right to their opinion and a right to change it if they come across something that makes sense to them. I appreciate hearing all the angles because over the years I have noted that it is the fanatics in any camp that eventually fall the hardest.
    Thank you both for your focus and openmindedness.

  44. Scott says:

    The China Study has been praised as one of the best epidemiological studies ever done. That being said, like everything else, it does have a lot of critics, including Dr. Mercola, who has recently (again) blasted it as flawed. I certainly don’t know the answer.

    My favorite berry:
    Fresh: Blueberry
    Dried: Goji Berry and Goldenberry (tied)
    Powdered: Lucuma

  45. taylor says:

    Daniel Vitalis is great, Thanks for the interview!

    I believe that our bodies are so well designed that we can adapt to whatever environment or diet it is given.

    I do agree that raw veganism is basically an experiment. Even in the China Study their diets had at least 1% animal fats. And maybe it was that 1% that kept them from losing the cholesterol and b12 reserves etc.

    I personally like to include animal products in my diet a couple times a month for that very reason.

    The way I see it, if vegans have to take a supplement to stay healthy then something mustn’t be 100% right.

  46. eyla says:

    My favourite berry is fresh blueberries or raspberries.

    I found his comment about (veganism being)child abuse reactionary. Apart from that I’m always very interested in what he has to say, whether or not I chose to take it on board, he has good insights.

    Just on the topic of Inuit people being very healthy, there is a disproportionate level of osteoporosis, and a very short life expectancy in Inuit communities.

    These topics are spinning around in my brain these days, and I have to say I am a bit confused. I also feel that these ideas are vital to really solidify our beliefs, how can we make an informed decision without hearing out all sides and keeping open…

    My ethics and study on nutrition are keeping me vegan now but I will never say never….

  47. james says:

    Keeping and open mind is essential, though I do find the vast amount of conflicting information a little overwhelming.

    AS for berries , I like Halle 🙂

  48. Gen says:

    Favourite berry: definitely wild blueberries, but also other wild berries which taste so much better than their cultivated counterparts. I like Daniel Vitalis — he is brilliant and very cute to boot. I wonder though about those tatoos — does the ink not adversely affect the body?

  49. JAKE says:

    There is no such thing as compassionate meat-eating. Whether raised humanely or not, the animal is still killed. How can killing be humane? Life is dear to all. There is no doubt, the meat eater definitely loses the quality of kindness and compassion for life. It is only a delusion to think we are being kind to these animals, only to have their throats cut to fill our stomachs in the name of health. The Creator has provided raw milk for us to use for food. This provides the needed protein, cholesterol, fats, vitamins, minerals, hormones etc. The problems associated with dairy are due to it being processed at high temperatures and pasteurized. He has also provided an abundance of natural foods for us to enjoy-nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, honey, cheese, etc. Theses things, properly selected, will give us the health we seek without the the need for killing. When people experience problems with the vegan diet, they should try adding raw dairy products into their diet, rather than immediately jumping to the conclusion that meat must be eaten. There is nothing magical about meat for health. All compassionate vegetarian cultures have relied on milk and milk products for food rather than to resort to taking animal life. A mostly or all raw-lacto vegetarian diet will give good health for a lifetime. Give it a shot before believing that you must eat meat for health. Peace and Much Love!!!!!

  50. nick says:

    Strawberries are my favorites; Regarding Daniels
    comment on accusing a parent for child abuse for raising them Vegan is not a statement that was well thought out. There are cases where this may be true a junk food vegan possibly but I would say the same for a junk food meat eater feeding their child junk food wether it antibiotic, pesticide filled GMO meat and processed food. This must be looked upon on a case by case basis broad statements wether it is vegan or meat eating is for everyone is just plain ignorent. I think people accsuing parents of child abuse is getting out of hand I was just accused of child abuse because i refused to let my child’s school give him psychotropic medication
    which has a long list of known short term side effects and no one knows what the long term effects are.

  51. charles anacker says:

    I love blueberries. My favorite berry eating experience was when I once ate Saskatoons (looks and taste like a blueberry, in Ontario, Canada from the safety of my Jeep as I was the first one on an old road that year, except for the obvious bear paths through the high grass. I just pulled the loaded branches to my window, harvested the berries and found another loaded branch. I kept a wary eye on the tall grass around me as I only had a soft top on the Jeep and I didn’t take too many, just enough to enjoy in the moment.

  52. charles anacker says:

    One of the most famous studies on the virtues of the vegan diet is the China Study. If you go to the Weston Price Foundation’s website they discuss some very important flaws in that study. Another book that throws light on cholesterol is a book called the Cholesterol Myths, which is out of print in this country and was advertised at $995 on Amazon. The author shows how all of the cholesterol studies were seriously flawed and the results heavily influenced by the drug companies and the researchers wanted to stay connected to the teat of large grants from these same drug companies. Finally, there is a reason to reconsider eating mammal protein and it is NEU5GC, a molecule found in all mammals except humans and it can cause inflammation as the body reacts to is like an invading virus. It is not found in fish or birds, unless they have been feed mammal protein as part of their diets. So, according to the University of California San Diego study, you might wish to consider eating small fish (low mercury) or poultry and eggs for a non-vegan protein, omega-3 oil, and cholesterol source.

  53. Dejana says:

    Poor Kevin, his sightly worried look at the end of the video meant he probably knew what type of conflicting comments it’s going to provoke. Well thanks Kevin as always for having the courage to go against the mainstream and keep an open and balanced viewpoint. I loved the video, and I love Daniel. I’ve been struggling with vegan for a while and I find it very difficult to follow. When I eat some animal products I feel a whole lot better. Although I do try to avoid meat- I find it difficult to digest (lack of HCl probably), and dairy makes my kidneys painful so don’t know what’s the good option for me yet…
    I love blueberries 🙂

  54. Ineke says:

    Still forgot to say that I find his statement about vegan children a little bit strong. My daughter, like me, seems to like more vegan/vegetarian fair than meat. I do agree though with him that you can not use a child as an experiment if you haven’t figured yet what works best for you. Therefore I expose her to all the foods out there. She knows what the “bad ones” are. (junkfood and sugar) but she usually doesn’t ask for it. I like her to make her own decision later whether she wants to be vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian

    My favorite berrie? ALWAYS wild blue berries

  55. Debbie Grezik says:

    Very interesting discussion, I’m always edified by all the different views, no harm done, we still have freedom to choose what works best for each of us and our families, thank god !!! Food for thought though “Food Policing” is already in the works when you hear how the “Powers that be” want to take from us the freedom to grow our own gardens HELLO, not to mention “THEY” “Force” you to to vaccinate our children why is Food Policing such a stretch of the imagination or one day a “REALITY” And really do we have to pick on Daniels Tattoos. Thank you Kevin and Daniel for another days lesson in life.
    god bless

  56. Tin says:

    People seem to be seeking justification more than knowledge.

  57. Brent says:

    Great video. Daniel shared some fasinating information and delivered it very well, its so hard to accept that we need meat, I feel like im yo-yoing back and forth now between the vegan world and paleo for long term optimal health. Now would be the perfect time to interview someone like Lou Corona.
    Thanks alot Kevin for this and may other great interviews..

    Blueberries for me.

  58. Gretchyn says:

    Wow! I agree much with heather hemphill…i was going to leave a similar comment…thanks for leaving it for me! All this has me keeping such an open mind and i want to thank kev and ann for always sharing such diverse information…it’s a journey right? and we all want to be healthy…would you rather be right? or have health? We all need to do whats best for our own beautiful bodies! Much love to alll of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. RW says:

    You might do well on red meat until this issue kicks in:
    How eating red meat can spur cancer progression

    Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, led by Ajit Varki, M.D., have shown a new mechanism for how human consumption of red meat and milk products could contribute to the increased risk of cancerous tumors. Their findings, which suggest that inflammation resulting from a molecule introduced through consumption of these foods could promote tumor growth, are published online this week in advance of print publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

    Varki, UC San Diego School of Medicine distinguished professor of medicine and cellular and molecular medicine, and co-director of the UCSD Glycobiology Research and Training Center, and colleagues studied a non-human cellular molecule called N-glycolylneuraminic acid (Neu5Gc). Neu5Gc is a type of glycan, or sugar molecule, that humans don’t naturally produce, but that can be incorporated into human tissues as a result of eating red meat. The body then develops anti-Neu5Gc antibodies – an immune response that could potentially lead to chronic inflammation, as first suggested in a 2003 PNAS paper by Varki.

    “We’ve shown that tumor tissues contain much more Neu5Gc than is usually found in normal human tissues,” said Varki. “We therefore surmised that Neu5Gc must somehow benefit tumors.”

    It has been recognized by scientists for some time that chronic inflammation can actually stimulate cancer, Varki explained. So the researchers wondered if this was why tumors containing the non-human molecule grew even in the presence of Neu5Gc antibodies.

    “The paradox of Neu5Gc accumulating in human tumors in the face of circulating antibodies suggested that a low-grade, chronic inflammation actually facilitated the tumor growth, so we set out to study that hypothesis,” said co-author Nissi M.Varki, M.D., UCSD professor of pathology.

    Using specially bred mouse models that lacked the Neu5Gc molecule – mimicking humans before the molecule is absorbed into the body through ingesting red meat – the researchers induced tumors containing Neu5Gc, and then administered anti-Neu5Gc antibodies to half of the mice. In mice that were given antibodies inflammation was induced, and the tumors grew faster. In the control mice that were not treated with antibodies, the tumors were less aggressive

    Others have previously shown that humans who take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (commonly known as NSAIDs) have a reduced risk of cancer. Therefore, the mice with cancerous tumors facilitated by anti-Neu5Gc antibodies were treated with an NSAID. In these animals, the anti-inflammatory treatment blocked the effect of the Neu5Gc antibodies and the tumors were reduced in size.

    “Taken together, our data indicate that chronic inflammation results from interaction of Neu5Gc accumulated in our bodies from eating red meat with the antibodies that circulate as an immune response to this non-human molecule – and this may contribute to cancer risk,” said Varki.

  60. Angie Leigh says:

    I love rasberries. Daniel Vitalis is an excellent teacher and definitely a mentor of mine. His honesty is exactly what I look for in an educator, and his willingness to adapt his diet based on his own self consciousness is admirable. I have always sought out his lectures as he is one of my absolute favorite health advocates. His knowledge of antiquity is insightful and intriguing. I am certainly a fan of his and hope he continues to educate us for many more years to come.

    Give my shout out’s to Mr Vitalis, as I am sure I will never meet him personally to express my gratitude for his work.

    Angie Leigh!

  61. Leam says:

    Any berries growing wild…such a treat – black raspberries, tiny alpine strawberries, wild blueberries, cranberries…love them all!

    Thank you for bringing such interesting information to ponder. Appreciated comment #27. Also appreciated the idea that our diets – the foods we choose to or not to consume should not define us. I lived many years following religiously a vegan diet more because it defined me than for health reasons. Becoming free from labels in brilliant.

  62. Betoman says:

    When fresh and ripe, it’s hard to beat the flavor and texture of raspberries or strawberries. Agaritas aren’t bad either, but so small and hard to pick.
    Thanks for the post.
    What if the hokey pokey is really what it is all about?

  63. Chris G says:

    My favourite berry is the blueberry.

    As for Daniel’s comments, there are many instances of people eating plant-based diets both in the past and in the present. They also tend to thrive on them. If people are worried about their nutrient intake, I suggest Dr. Greger’s discussion “Optimum Vegetarian Health” which can be found on YouTube. It also discusses some of the “it isn’t natural” comments I’m seeing filling this page.

    Someone mentioned the Weston Price foundation? That’s like asking McDonalds why we should continue eating meat. Most of their information is riddled with flaws, supported by meat industries/lobbyists, and I’ve heard even Price himself promoted a vegetarian diet for family members.

  64. Melina says:

    Go Daniel! Love listening to you!

  65. Joe Prostko says:

    My favorite berry is the Incan berry, aka goldenberry, aka cape gooseberry.

    I liked this interview a lot, as I like to keep an open mind about things. I am mostly raw vegan right now, although consume bee products, and dabble with products like colustrum and elk antler velvet. If I ever start to feel my health going south, I’ll at least consider adding in some raw milk or butter to see where that takes me. Like Daniel said, it’s not really the best idea to get your identity locked into a definite paradigm that you feel you can’t “escape” from.

    Thanks again for this video, as I found it enjoyable.

  66. Stephan says:

    Hi Keving,
    Thanks for doing great journalism and sharing a diverse point of view.

    I would like to request “AGAIN” lol, that you interview Brian Clement again in light of all of the shifting points of view and pose these questions to him since he is by far one of the most qualified people in this field.

    He uses a scientific approach. So either he is lying or we are missing something. Lets get to the bottom of it!!

    Warmest Regards

  67. synndi says:

    What a great interview – I was vegetarian for almost 15 years. I considered going vegan, but chose to stick with organic raw milk/cheese and organic free run eggs and occaisional fish and it was probably a great benefit to my health that I didnt go vegan. After about 10 years with no meat I started craving chicken and then red meat – I was never a steak fan when I ate meat so this craving was a surprise – I ignored the cravings and went for a few more years consuming lots of eggs and raw cheese/dairy. I had a long term infection in my jawbone(caused by braces I got as an adult)and when I found a dental team that helped people heal from jawbone necrosis, I was told that in their healing program vegetarian/vegans dont seem to heal and that I couldnt or shouldnt have the surgery if I wasnt eating animal protein. This shocked me, but it also gave me permission to eat meat – I of course only ate grassfed organic/free range. When I had my first steak my body just went crazy with cravings – I couldnt get enough and for 5 weeks straight I ate 2 grassfed steaks per day along with green salads – my body craved the red meat so bad I would have it for breakfast and I digested the meat easily – I would be hungry 2 hours after eating a big steak for breakfast or lunch – after 5 weeks the cravings completely went away – probably because my body now had a good store of whatever was lacking from not eating meat -now I listen to my body – sometimes I go a couple of months without meat, then my body starts craving it again and I will eat it regularly till I dont crave it. I would prefer to be vegetarian but I dont want my health to suffer either. I love animals and that is why I went vegetarian in the first place – even though I still feel abit guilty about an animal being killed for me to eat it, at least I know the animals I eat lived a good life and werent tortured and abused – I think the key is balance with diet and to respect the animals that feed us and give them the best life possible and that means knowing were your food comes from and if its a factory farm then the animal has been terribly abused – I buy beef and chicken from farms that are organic/free range and grassfed and I feel good about that – factory farms are blatant animal abuse and should be closed down.

  68. Erez says:

    people keep bringing up the china study, usually without having read it or studied it but assuming its conclusions. its been thoroughly debunked. please see- http://rawfoodsos.com/2010/07/07/the-china-study-fact-or-fallac/

    and really, the same with enzyme and most raw food assumptions. i was raw for over 10 years. then for fun i tried to debunk the whole thing. i was shocked by how ludicrously easy it was. also, to the woman offended by daniels comment about raising children raw vegan. his point is that basically you are using your children as guinea pigs. take heed from long time raw vegan mothers-

    shazzie- http://www.shazzie.com/life/articles/raw_vegan_children.shtml

    holly page – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1028854/How-strict-vegan-diet-children-ill.html

    anyway, i let go the raw vegan thing because theres too much unnatural bruehaha over simply having some delicious raw milk and eggs and some meat in the diet. folks, we dont crave because we are toxic or sick or needing a cleanse. craving is how the body speaks. craving for ice-cream or pizza or most other foods is just the bodys way of saying give me animal fat. how do we know this. drink some fresh raw goat milk, have some grass fed butter and watch how deliciously grounded you feel afterwards. and the degree to which you cant stomach the idea is really the degree to which you allowed yourself to be brainwashed by the whole we-are-meant-be-raw-vegan thing. let it go, free yourself, and have a good meal…;)

  69. Sally says:

    Hi Kevin

    I want to commend you for offering an alternative view on the raw debate – this is true journalism, seeking all opinions. Great work!!

    And also for helping us to keep our minds open to other possibilities – which can be tough when so many raw proponents are very “all or nothing” and evangelical in their messaging. Which can be a hinderance when trying to get the message out to broader circles – this kind of debate and flexibility will help the raw movement’s credibility in my view.

    I have also noticed that many raw websites and media outlets are big on ‘bashing’ the medical establishment. I also have to wonder whether this constant barrage of negative (and sometimes even defensive) messages is doing us any good. Wouldn’t it be more effect to just get out the positive news about the stuff we know works? This whole approach of trying to ‘take down’ Big Pharma etc makes me uncomfortable as I for one know a number of people who would not be alive today if it weren’t for live-saving and fast acting antibiotics and those excellent trauma surgeons in emergency departments. So we have to be careful not to alienate the entire medical and pharmaceutical community with the “you’re wrong” message and picking up on every mistake they make. If we didn’t do this so vehemently, maybe we’d even convert some of these people to the benefits of natural health and raw food etc

    PS – as for berries, can’t go past frozen raspberries, blackberries and blueberries – all blended together with a frozen banana or two. Makes a delicious sorbet!

  70. Cathy says:

    It would seem a simple thing to supplement an otherwise healthy vegan diet with vegan sources of B12, D2 and DHA. Personally, my blood work is great (and my damn cholesterol remains at 180 in spite of my best attempts to bring it down – that’s the liver at action). Why go back to eating meat, with all the underlying problems, when simple solutions exist?

  71. John says:

    Excellent interview. It would be awesome to interview Aajonus Vonderplanitz. What do you say Kevin?!

  72. Carol says:

    Gebetically Engineered Salmon – Brave New World…

    As the world awaits the FDA’s decision on whether to approve genetically modified salmon as “safe enough” to allow into the food supply, it seems that not enough people in the existing fishing industries have really thought this through. As you’ll see here, approval of GE salmon could destroy the existing salmon industry. Why? Here’s the reason:

    The FDA says that once it approves GE salmon (which now seems likely), it will not require GE salmon to be labeled as “genetically modified” or “genetically engineered.” In fact, the FDA ridiculously claims it would be illegal to require these GE fish to be labeled as such because they are, in the minds of the FDA, no different from regular fish.

    Now here’s why this matters: If consumers are not told which salmon is GE, many will avoid buying ALL salmon.

    In fact, organizations like NaturalNews and many others like the Organic Consumers Association would likely take strong action, warning people to avoid all salmon because you never know which salmon is genetically modified.

    As word about the non-labeling of GE salmon spreads, more and more consumers would avoid buying salmon altogether. This is precisely how the introduction of GE salmon into the food supply could destroy the existing salmon industry.

    The FDA’s inexcusable non-labeling of genetically modified salmon creates distrust in the entire category. And just as the natural health community has been successful in warning people to avoid MSG and HFCS, we will almost certainly be successful in warning people away from eating salmon, too (if GE salmon infects the food supply). And that’s a shame because, by and large, the natural health industry supports wild-caught salmon as a healthy source of omega-3 oils. But virtually overnight, the FDA’s approval of GE salmon could reverse our position on this issue and make us outspoken opponents of buying and consuming salmon.

    I wonder if the salmon industry is aware that this situation could devastate existing salmon farms and fisheries?
    Opening the floodgates to more GE factory farmed animals
    That GE salmon could cause sharp losses across the existing salmon industry is only the beginning of the problems potentially unleashed by the FDA’s disturbing shortsightedness. There has never been a genetically engineered animal approved for use in the U.S. food supply, but once the FDA approves GE salmon, it sets a precedent for other genetically engineered animals to follow.

    Imagine a genetically modified cow with triple growth hormone genes, carrying muscles (meat) so large that it can’t even stand on its own feet. It is grown in a “cow factory” where it suffers every day from the pain of its unnatural existence. It never sees the outdoors or experiences a single day of freedom in a pasture. Instead, it is fed antibiotics and GMO feed crops through a system of tubes, much like the imprisoned characters in The Matrix. The sole purpose of its life is to grow premium steaks and ground beef, sold by a company that genetically engineers animals to create greed-driven food profits without a single thought about the suffering of the animal itself.

    This is exactly what could be unleashed by the FDA’s decision on GE salmon. Only it wouldn’t end with just cows: Imagine genetically modified pigs, chickens and lambs, all distorted into artificial meat-producing forms to satisfy corporate profits.
    Vaccines from sheep flesh
    And it won’t end with just food, either. Scientists are already experimenting with genetically modified animals who “grow” pharmaceuticals. Imagine a factory farm of sheep whose bodies are tapped to produce vaccines or hormone drugs.

    This is the sick, demented world to which the biotechnology industry is now looking for the next wave of profits. Fueled by arrogant greed and a deeply-rooted disrespect for the natural world (and the suffering of sentient beings, which include farm animals), they will pursue bottom-line profits by any means necessary… even if it means playing God with the genes of animals and giving rise to Franken-animals that experience tremendous pain and suffering while being grown for food. (Much like in The Matrix, once again.)

    The pain and suffering committed by factory farms today is more than enough reason to consider giving up all conventionally-raised meat products, by the way. But it could get far worse if the industry is allowed to start genetically engineering mutant animals designed to produce more meat (or milk) more quickly and with higher profits. And it all starts with GE salmon.

    How do we even know, by the way, whether the genetically modified salmon who grow twice as fast as regular salmon experience some sort of unnatural pain as a result of their gene distortions? These gene modifications can, from another point of view, be described as a kind of “birth defect,” and some birth defects quite literally result in tremendous suffering for those being unfortunate enough to be affected by them.

    Not surprisingly, the experience of the animal isn’t even being taken into account by the FDA! This agency, which is blind to the experience of animals, only cares about the impact of GE salmon on people who eat its flesh, not about the experience of the fish.

    If this same lack of empathy is applied to future decisions regarding GE animals, it will only lead us down a dark path of Frankenfood misery, where humanity becomes the monster that creates horrific mutant animals to be grown and harvested in dark places, behind the closed doors of the sickening meat industry.
    Action you can take right now
    What can you do to stop this crime against nature? For starters, you can contact the FDA right now and tell them two things:

    1) You oppose allowing GE salmon to be introduced into the food supply.
    2) If it is approved, you support honest labeling of the salmon to indicate that it is genetically engineered.

    Find the FDA’s contact information here: http://www.fda.gov/AboutFDA/Centers

    U.S. Food and Drug Administration
    Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
    Outreach and Information Center
    5100 Paint Branch Parkway HFS-009
    College Park, MD 20740-3835
    Toll-Free Information Line:

    Industry email: industry@fda.gov
    Consumers email: consumer@fda.gov
    Get ready to boycott salmon
    If the FDA approves GE salmon, get ready to join NaturalNews in a nationwide boycott of salmon products.

    As long as GE salmon is not honestly labeled, we will boycott salmon products, and we will coordinate with other non-profits who share our belief that consumers have a right to know what they’re buying and eating.

    For the FDA to say that they refuse to require the honest labeling of GE salmon is an outrageous insult to consumer intelligence. It’s beyond an insult, actually: It’s more like a crime against the People because it consciously seeks to misinform the public about what they’re eating.

    This demonstrates yet again how dangerous the FDA has actually become. Far from protecting consumers, the FDA has become the single greatest threat to the health and safety of the American people. This agency actively seeks to keep people in the dark about what they’re buying and eating. It is a purveyor of ignorance and disinformation, and it is engaged in a conspiracy to commit yet another crime against humanity (against the entire planet, actually) in order to protect biotech profits.

    Why can’t the FDA just tell the truth and, at minimum, require that GE salmon be labeled as such?

    Because being honest apparently isn’t in the agency’s genes. Maybe we need to genetically modify the FDA and insert some “truth hormone” proteins so it attains the ability to tell the truth. That would be a radical modification from the current behavior of the agency, wouldn’t it?

  73. shine says:

    another brilliant vid – really appreciate annmarie and kevin for daring to keep bringing this info to us – i was blown away by what daniel said and had to watch it ( with my partner) twice – im thinking if he who it seems is very well versed got ill on vegan –

    i dont know either what is truth – id be interested where the “we arent meant to eat animal” cos of our digestive track comes in..and also so many respected spiritual teachers say not to eat dead animal.

    but he is right vegan is an experiment and i guess not natural hence his comment about children –

    im a pretty militant animal righty person i guess laughs but i have long since given up aspiring to go back to vegan ( eat eggs) and wondering what the future will hold for me food wise..i do feel that raw vegan is an emptying out and i have a need to fill up but im not sure what on earth i would eat instead..


  74. Cindy says:

    First, I love strawberries. I also like goji berries.

    Second, I love listening to Daniel. I could listen to him for hours. He sounds so wise. I admire him for admitting that the vegan diet didn’t work for him. For those who didn’t have nice things to say about Daniel, I would love to know how long they’e been on a vegan diet & whether or not they take any supplements. From what I’ve seen, most vegans &/or vegetarians take a lot of supplements, which you shouldn’t have to do if you’re eating well. I didn’t take any supplements when I was a vegetarian/vegan, & it only took about 1 1/2 years to ruin my health. I’ve added back meat & dairy, & my health is so much better.

    I also love your show Kevin. You are so funny & Annmarie is so beautiful. You should have Matt Stone from 180degreehealth.com on your show. That would really shake things up.

  75. Linda says:

    Kevin, I finally figured it out, you’re an instigator =]

  76. I think vegans often confuse “eating meat” with eating unhealthy amounts of meat. The 4 longest-lived cultures eat small amounts of animal protein. Even cows eat small amounts of animal protein in the form of worms and beetles. I was a vegan for a long time, and now have a lot of bone loss. Now I eat fish, eggs, and raw dairy, but I still avoid red meat, poultry and pork. 50% of my diet is raw.

    I feel SO much better when I get a little fish or egg. The dairy is more of a treat. Kids needs at least a little fish if they want optimum intelligence. If vegans don’t care if their kids have lower IQs, it comes across as a sort of religious restriction. There’s a reason why fish is called “brain food”. Medical studies prove that kids who get fish oil have higher IQs.

  77. bob says:

    Blueberries, goji berries, raspberries. I love berries.

    Thanks for snippet with Daniel. He makes good sense to me.

    I see what we put into our mouths (“nutrition”), a personal choice and how we want to develop.

    E.g. in the exercise area, people who lift weights want a different result than those who do yoga or tai chi. I do not think either is right or wrong, just a choice for their lifestyle or goals. Maybe with time/maturity/ flexible consciousness, these change.

    Hopefully we grow to make our choices with less focus on our selves and more on helping others and, as said above, make the world a better place for our being here.


  78. Adrian says:

    Thanks Kevin for bringing us a more open-minded view on what’s what.
    I myself would like to be a raw vegan, but have been trying for years to thrive on it, without success.
    I think it’s important to acknowledge that not all of us may be able to thrive on raw food alone, and believe me, I so wanted it to be for me.

    It’s a shame, that some people are criticising this information been made available to us, whereas I am thankful, as what works for one might not work for the next person.

    More importantly, I would like to know what is your view on it, and Annmarie’s. Are you considering what Daniel and other people have said, in the long term. Please share your thoughts with us.

    Thanks for all you do!

  79. john says:

    Very interesting your guest Kevin . Daniel , I agree and disagree respectfully with some of his views . He is right most people over the thousands of years of of being on planet earth have consumed a variety of animals that once had a face. but please bear in mind one important Fact, All this meat ,fish ,birds,etc. consumption. All got going AFTER Adam and Eve sinned against what God had previously had told them WILL happen if they eat from that, just one tree,which they were to Abstain From entirely,to make a long story short ,they instead believed Satan and his creamy ,smooth lies instead of what God their CREATOR had told them. Thus what follows after wards was pain ,suffering ,death and a planet that is now Cursed and the earths vital forces that sustain a prestine life style have been greatly weakend considerably inso many areas of science. I say this to say God’s ORIGINAL plan was for HIS CREATION to live off the vegetation ,seeds,herbs, and things that grow from God Almighty’s earth,we were made in God’s image,created from the DUST of the Earth the Bible says. So who knows more God or man ? So if the nutrient content is low in vegetables one needs to maybe consider the soil in which the produce is grown in. Or if it is GMO-Franken produce.Or is the Produce affected by Government experimentation of which it has a history of doing so on Americans and other countries around the world, eg .chem-trails, DEPLETED URANIUM in various places throughtout USA. As for cholesterol it is very important , but the humane body makes a sufficient daily amount of it just by itself to thrive, our liver manufactures cholesterol not to mention food sources, like seeds and nuts. As for B-12 eat Bananas.
    It is true our bodies were designed to have a reserve tank if you will to contain a surplus of nutrients when going thru hard times ,when our bodies are not able to aquire certain nutritional whole food nutrients. Daniel says he was a vegan for 10 years. And is young and lived well ,then had health issues .Was it his location of geography ,Bad soil,bad air, where did his foods came from specifically from what part of the forest ,How many mile radius did he aquire his foods out in the wild.Any strange abnormalities in plants or animals, fish, etc.? Are their other vegans Daniel knows of during those years where he lived, other vegans who were on a vegan life style about the same time he was that had the same or similar problems he had .Also let us not forget long before our present dispensation that we are now living in now,where now we have the industrial military cartel and its conglomerates ruining the world and land and water and air, ( etc.) -intentionally to create problems then offering a solution to dumb down the people to CREATE LAWS LAWS LAWS and put them in a LAW book to be ENFORCED – To CONTROL the masses-YOU –the ultimate GOAL ! The ultimate high. YES-There are such individuals in the world who DO NOT think like you and me , (love thy neighbor as thy self, do unto others as they do unto you )In Short they are devils. and I mean if you look hard enough you will see horns and a tail growing. Evil men continually in high places. Years ago and today their are vegans ,vegetarians who live thruought the world for DECADES on fruits,vegetables and nuts grains seeds and herbs.Dr. norman Walker who was sickly when a young youth found the Divine original plan that God ORIGINALLY specifically designed for his creation.And he and his wife lived for DECADES on this life style ,he and he and his wife lived nearly 100 years.As well as many others living the Original Divine Diet Plan of the Creator God who reigns in the Heavens Above. We should define our selves what God hath said in the Scriptures ,who knows more what is best for us ? God or mans (human mystical ideologies) I choose to believe the Creator of my body over any mans (ideas) which would go against the God’s – HOLY
    WORD. Our teeth were not designed to rip tear and shake meat as a animal would ,further more animals do not cook meat after they kill it or refrigerate it as man does. All this secondary food sources from animals is just that secondary .However I fear as time goes on the powers that be will FOREVER CHANGE our produce and will design it to cause a myriad of cancers ,problems etc. that we might have to revert to eating dead carcasses that once had a face just to get certain nutritional benefits.So what Daniel says about GMO’S and soy beans as an example is the truth —-DO NOT EAT THEM ! —As well as many ,many other GMO produce items .If People WANT CHANGE you first get informed get mad as hell-Getting mad is good and health it shows your a real humane being and you care about yourself and your family and your fellow man. Inform the world and demand your grocery store not sell GMO produce. I love berries I would say raspberries,blueberries.Provided they are not Gmo. Who knows maybe the day may come when most plant sources will be so messed up one may have to eat meat to replace produce,but then again logic means that the animals eat GMO foods.

  80. Tom says:


    Great site. I like the alternate view points and look forward to more in this area. There have been many articles about premier athletes moving to a more plant based diets (Randy Couture and Tony Gonzales). It would be great to see some articles in this area as our family has many competitive athletes and we are exploring these concepts.


  81. cosmic fire says:

    hi kevin,

    since you’ve been presenting the views of those who advocate the eating of flesh, perhaps you could also present views from those on the other end of the spectrum: inediates and breatharians.

    years ago in the “raw summit” series, you interviewed richard blackman:


    you may be aware that since then, he changed his name to jericho sunfire, and is no longer a fruitarian, but a breatharian:


    another interesting source is dr. michael werner from switzerland who has a book titled “life from light – is it possible to live without food? a scientist reports on his experiences”:


    and of course there are others.

    in the interest of balance, please consider presenting the perspectives of inediates and breatharians who are living the path. thanks.

  82. Erina says:

    wow stir up the pot – i see both sides & can feel/ apply truths from each – a healthy diet or diets i believe should be used and manuevered for health issues (as a medicine) use your mind and spirit for spiritual freedom. everyone really truly has to apply six +/- years into which ever diet they choose to feel a true effect (which within that time should include blood work etc) and then put yourself aside, ya also need a few kids of your OWN to understand the true depth, seriousness & intensity of your dietary & or holistic lifestyle choices.

  83. Vegan says:


    I think when you’re interviewing these anti-vegans it would be great if you asked them what their process was for going back to meat other than they didn’t feel great.

    1.) Did they get tested to see if they had a deficiency?

    2.) Did they try supplementing?

    3.) What were they eating regularly before going back to eating animal products. Sea vegetables, juicing, legumes, grains, what percent raw, etc…

    4.) And, how do they reconcile that while they may be getting more a nutrient they were deficient in, they make also be raising their risk for heart disease (this is documented fact)

  84. Eva says:

    I have heard Daniel speak in person and he was into tons of honey and stimulants including caffeine that seems the meat eating has really stirred something out of balance in him. I would like him to visit a “kosher” slaughter house and see if he can still encourage meat consumption. Happy grass fed cows don’t die happy. I hate to think of people doing more hunting and consuming our wild animals because they got out of balance nutritionally. How often did he check his blood and correct. ONE ADDICTION LEADS TO ANOTHER AND MEAT IS VERY ADDICTIVE.
    Where are the health clinics that serve bacon and eggs to heal disease?

    I have a high cholesterol as a vegan but with a good balance of the good kind so no problems. There goes the all vegans are cholesterol deficient theory. His language around vegan child abuse makes me wonder if he is being supported by the Weston Price foundation that receives filtered big money from the cattle industry…. hmmmmm food as politics again.
    I wish him good health and a continued opening of his pineal gland.

  85. Ginny says:

    I grew up on bologna, hot dogs, frozen pizza and french fries (S.A.D stands for the Standard Abusive Diet!). It took getting very, very sick before I realized that I had to drastically change my diet to whole foods–especially more vegetables. Currently, I’m studying to become a raw chef in order to learn how to make fabulously healthy food for my family. However, I still eat farm-raised, organic chicken and eggs and make kefir and cheese out of raw milk. I’ve found that my body does best on some animal protein–as longs as it’s organic. I’ve kept very quiet about this around my vegan friends. I don’t want to offend them, and I don’t have anything to prove to them. I simply want to increase the amount of healthy, raw food that I eat and serve to my loved ones. And that’s why I’ve hung out with “Renegades” like you, Kevin and Annmarie. 🙂
    Anyway, I appreciate what Daniel had to say. I honor his choices. I honor his courage and honesty. And I admire what he said about not building your identity around your diet. Good food for thought! I’ll remember this as I build my career around raw food. I won’t measure people by their percentage. And I’ll teach my children to do the same.

  86. Eve says:

    WOW! Intriguing interview, contentious issue.

    Seems like a lot of “hearsay” comments re: what he did or didn’t / does or doesn’t eat. Is there a tendency to generalize when we speak about other people’s health choices, perhaps?

    We have to be careful about statements like “this is documented” because that just means someone wrote an effective argument about it. Some say bigfoot and alien carcass findings have been “documented”.

    While Daniel references our ancestors cooking meat 200,000 years ago, researcher Richard Wrangham “documents” it as happening 1.9 million years ago. Wikipedia disputes this, saying it happened 300,000 years ago (the author apparently being unaware of more recent hearth findings – see anthropologist Ralph Rowlett, who says 1.6 million years ago).

    Wherever the truth lies, anthropologists and archeologists don’t really dispute the part about cooked food, specifically cooked meat, being the reason humans became human.

    Does that mean raw food isn’t good for us today? NO.

    (It DOES mean that an all-raw diet isn’t NATURAL for us, though – and the implications of that deserve closer evaluation.)

    Does that mean we should eat meat or animal products every day? NO.

    As one who has studied health and nutrition daily for over 25 years, I conclude that we contemporary / industrialized humans do best on a mostly raw diet, with some cooked foods and meat at least once a week.

    Could I document my reasons for thinking that? Probably. Does that mean it’s the absolute right answer? Of course not.

    Hopefully we can share information without a lot of emotional defensiveness, to find what works best for us and the planet.

    People are still bound to disagree on some things. So we keep looking, listening, and learning…right?

  87. Eve says:

    oops, I meant HEARSAY not “gearsay”!!!!

  88. Krestia says:

    I really enjoyed this interview. It makes sense. I’m not a 100% raw or vegan. I still eat meat though I am trying to eat more raw foods. And I do feel better eating more raw, but I was raised on cooked food with very little unprocessed foods. It is difficult to get away from cooked foods and meats when I am not in a community that is ‘raw friendly’ – and I don’t like absolutes anyway. I don’t feel there is any 1 diet that is the absolute best and only thing you should consume. That way leads to being a fanatic and I am SO against that. My 2 cents.

    My favorite berry is dark cherries – are they considered berries? If not, then I’d have to go with strawberries. Yum! My favorite smoothie is frozen cherries and frozen watermelon. So yummy.

  89. Ed says:

    Kevin, Annmarie. Thank you for the look at opinions you give us… uncerncerded!!!! You really seek answers and leave preaching to others.Recently University studies have pointed out the low levels of glutathione levels in our population 94% , as our major Pac-man of the immune system being depleted by enviromental overload, I would like to see your focus on the matter. Hormone altering plastic residue are a fact of our lives’. Our five taste senses are at the control of companies that can fool them. How do we reclaim what was ours? You are a source that has not been bought as I see it,but I’m two green drink and two protein shake fan when I feel I’m trying my hardest.I love the Korobi I grow, but pan fried with peppers is a positive in my diet.You are a blessing to us all that opens doors for us to glimse. Thank You

  90. Corey says:

    Look, everyone has their own unique physiology. Once we try all there is(and I mean, really try all there is), then we can have the final say, and even then, that final say will only apply to yourself. I became vegan and it defined me. I was right and every meat eater was wrong. The meat eaters in my mind were ruthless killers who were committing the worse sin, “murder”. And then I read this article,


    It doesn’t excuse the abuse of factory farming. But, after reading this I felt like a killer too. It changed my whole thought. Ok, plants might not have a nervous system, but they do feel something. That feeling they get is enough to make them spray their chemicals into the air to save their selves from predator. The plants are fighting for their lives too.

    There has to be better options than what is happening today, but playing the “I’m right, you are wrong, game” will never solve anything. It will only cause conflict, and it always has. Every war in history is based off this game.

    When we learn to come “together” we will find solutions, and I feel Kevin is doing just that.

  91. synndi says:

    I am amazed at how many people use the bible to justify their diet (among other things) – people wrote the bible long after the death of jesus – it is NOT Gods handwritten work, rather it is the interpretation of what men think God is – it is not the truth of God and if it was then I would say that God is evil due to all the violence in the bible. People should eat what agree’s with their body as we all have different needs – but factory farms should be banned and all animals should be treated with the utmost respect and care – and hopefully in the near future we will physically evolve to the point were we dont need animal nutrients to be healthy. I tried vegetarianism for almost 15 years and now eat organic meat/poultry occaisionally and feel physically better for it – I would much prefer to not eat meat, but for now I do to preserve my health – but if I ever find a way to stay healthy and not eat meat I would give it up in a second.

  92. Bev says:

    How about having a session with a debate between those attacking and those promoting the vegan and raw vegan diets?

    There are many inspiring people, e.g. Victoria Boutenko (and family) and John Kohler, who have healed themselves and others of major health challenges, and have remained healthy and vibrant over a long period of time on the raw, vegan diet.

    What was the specific diet Daniel Vitalis was following, and did he try all he could within the vegan and/or raw vegan diet to remedy any deficiencies? Most of us know it’s necessary to supplement B12 on a vegan diet — was he doing that, and if not, could that have caused much of his health issues, as we know it can?

    Daniel Vitalis seems to attack veganism as contrary to the diet humankind has evolved to need. However, there are vastly differing diets in different parts of the world, and many in the less “developed” world utilize almost no animal products. Further, the human diet has changed dramatically for the worse in developed societies in recent times — especially in the last 100 years. Even if the meat-based diet he promotes were healthy for most people (which I strongly doubt), are there animals enough to support our over-populated planet?

    Dietary changes come about as societies change, and we evolve to adapt to them. Why not make our future evolution intentionally based on principles of compassion for all beings as well as optimal health? Even plants fare better on a plant-based diet, as fewer are needed to feed us than are needed if we consume animals that use the plants in their own life cycle.

    Why not focus on finding our optimal health in the most compassionate way we can — whatever that means for each of us? If you have a specific health challenge that makes it impossible to get what you need on a plant-based diet, at least given the present state of your knowledge and willingness to try vegan alternatives, then do what you need to do. But please don’t tell the rest of us that we are abusing our children by feeding them a compassionate and healthy diet.

    There is a wealth of information now supporting the health benefits of plant-based diets. Almost all experts these days agree that more fruits and vegetables are needed by most people, and that these are health-promoting. According to vegan MD Michael Greger, who does in-depth research on nutrition, studies have demonstrated detrimental health effects, including cancers, of animal products. He has extensive nutritional research information available on his web site — http://www.drgreger.org.

    Books Brenda Davis, RD has co-authored on vegan and raw vegan diets are also meticulously researched and beautifully presented — and are very enlightening on the current research supporting these diet choices.

    If you want to justify slaughtering animals, a travesty no matter how well raised, you can probably find “experts” to support that preference. Can we instead do our best to promote compassion over killing, and use our vast intellectual resources to find the best ways to accomplish this?

    I wish Daniel Vitalis the best in his search for health. However, I urge him and others to respect those who have chosen and continue to maintain a different path — one that honors all life, seeks optimal health, and promotes the best options for the long-term survival of our planet and all its inhabitants.

  93. Jeff says:

    Kevin I hope you read this…

    You need to get Jameth Sheridan and Daniel Vitalis to sit down and have a healthy debate on Veganism VS. “healthy, occassional animal eater.” This would be amazing since they’re two of my absolute favorite health experts ever! I also agree you should ask Vitalis his opinions on the China Study..

  94. john says:

    To # 91 >>>The Bible is God’s HOLY word for God cannot and will not tolerate any sin never has ,never will, because HE is HOLY.God created the universe and man and woman in His image.The men that wrote the bible were about 40 men who were INSPIRED by God himself ,such as Moses,David,Isaiah ,to name a few . BUT THE DISPENSATION that applies for us TODAY as believers in Christ are the 13 Epistles Romans thru Philemon ,written by the APOSTLE PAUL he was the ONLY APOSTLE out of all the other APOSTLES who received Direct from God the REVELATION of the MYSTERY .Their are at least 12 things that Paul has revealed ,When the Jews REJECTED Christ .Christ did away with Moses law. The Jews and Gentiles are one of the same,Jews no better than Gentiles,because the nation of Israel REJECTED there King .The HOLY SPIRIT REVEALED to PAUL a NEW DISPENSATION Spiritual Blessings in Heavenly places, Joint Heirs with Christ, we are Crucified with Christ,—–We are BAPTIZED in the BODY of Christ, we are BAPTIZED into the DEATH of Christ. Rapture of the Church. To name some .The books of the Bible Genesis thru the book of ACTS are written TO,To To US BUT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT FOR US . ROMANS THRU PHILEMON ARE WRITTEN TO TO TO TO US for today . PAUL iS our Apostle for today. He is as it were our General who we take our orders from ,as christian Believers in JESUS CHRIST.Gods word is not interpreted by any man .God is Sovereign, He chose to inspire and reveal himself thru HIS CREATION ,God could have had angels do His work or by any other means .BUt we humans with our puny minds cannot begin to rationalize what a HOLY and Perfect and infinite God choses to do .God does not need your permission .Everything God does is Holy and Just and Perfect.Yet God cannot tolerate Sin because sin brings forth death .People have a hard time taking and believing and OBEYING God by simple FAITH .God is not evil .People are evil for not obeying God .So your attack on God and your opinionated arrogance and humanistic self judgement of your creator is BLASPHEMOUS. And if you are smart you will ask God to forgive you. And read ROMANS THRU PHILEMON..

  95. synndi says:

    Wow you said quite a mouthful there. But if you would have really read my write up (without getting emotionally caught up in my criticism of the bible) you would have seen that I do not question or attack God, I question the bible, for I DO NOT believe that it is the word of God, I believe it is mans version of what God is and I think their version is a sick and twisted version of a God that I want nothing to do with, because it is not God – rather it is mans interpretation of God – a God that as you say “cannot and will not tolerate any sin, never has and never will, because he is holy” so what gives you the right to say what God will and will not tolerate ? a 2000 year old book that you blindly believe because you refuse to look beyond what you were told to believe in church ? – you and the bible make God out to be a very judgmental being – did not Jesus say that God is a Loving God that loves unconditionally – what you say about God sounds like a conditional & severely judgmental God to me – according to you and the bible God only loves you if you obey, that is NOT unconditional love – and the God of the bible (along with many religious people) go against one of Jesus’ core teachings “judge not or you will be judged” and you seem to be very quick to judge me and you assume that God is judging me for my opinion and that I need to beg forgiveness – I dont need to ask God for forgiveness for questioning a book that I see as very flawed and that misrepresents what I feel that God truly is and that is a Great being of Love that wants people to think for themselves and doesnt want his/her children to blindly believe and follow a book that preaches a hateful, vengeful angry God. I believe God loves all of us unconditionally and I do not believe he/she favours certain people or religions over others. Human love is like that, but Gods love is beyond the severe limits of human conditional love. I believe most religious people project human qualities on to God and that is were the judgmental, I will only love you if you OBEY ME God, comes from. Also the bible was written so long ago and stories change as they go from person to person – did you ever play the telephone game as a kid – a sentence is given to the first kid in the circle and it is wispered to the next kid and goes around the whole circle and by the time it reaches the last kid the sentence has been completley distorted from its original version – so why wouldnt the same thing happen with the bible that was written so long ago? It may have had some truths in it originally but stories change over time. Religion is and has been a great way to control people through fear – fear of an angry God that will send you to everlasting hell for not obeying – sorry but I dont buy that version of God – probably because I had it rammed down my throat with a catholic upbringing and a catholic school with nuns as teachers – it just doesnt feel right to me – and really when you look at religion and all the wars in the name of religion and religions “version” of God, you have to be blind to not think that there is something severely wrong – Jesus said “turn the other cheek” but you dont see many christians turning the other cheek, they are too busy judging others in the name of God (or their version of God)So do not confuse what I say about religion to be about God – for I do not believe that God is religous and I would love to Have t-shirts printed up that say “GOD SAVE US FROM RELIGION” – anyway just my opinion and you are entitled to yours – GodBless!

  96. az says:

    Well said Synndi!

  97. Tyra McMahon says:

    awesome interview!!!

    Thank you!

  98. KB says:

    What about our digestive system…isn’t it that of an herbivore? And what about meat putrifying in the gut–doesn’t that speak for itself that our bodies weren’t designed to eat meat. I stand by the fact that if we salivated at the sight of an animal and were going to pounce on it and tear off it’s flesh and eat it raw, we would indeed be carnivores or omnivores. Yes, vegans may have deficiencies, but I bet people eating the Standard American Diet do too. It’s important to monitor your bloodwork and see if you have vitamin deficiencies and address them right away. How many of us really eat a perfectly balanced varied diet whether it is that of a carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, pescatarian, vegetarian or flexitarian. I feel much better on a vegan diet–I can’t even bear the thought of eating animal flesh ever again. I’ve watched too much DVD footage.

    I love raspberries, black berries, goji berries and strawberries best but they all taste wonderful.

  99. Laney says:

    Incan berries, goji berries, blueberries … I love them all

    I do like listening to alternative views. Please keep them coming.

    I’ve been vegan for 20 years and raw vegan for about 3. However when I went raw, I added bee products … so, some wouldn’t call me a vegan any more. Anyway, going cooked vegan took many of my chronic issues and made them livable, but certainly didn’t make them go away. Going raw vegan removed all of my chronic issues (save one which is almost gone now).

    I see more and more that we are all unique and must find out what type of a diet is best for us (overall and right now). I’m a blood type O and a Pita-Vata. For now, raw vegan (with lots of superfoods, green smoothies, and limited sweets) is the best thing for me.

  100. Rosie says:

    I LOVE all these interviews with Daniel coming out- the others by Matt Monarch are just as good.

    One thing that all raw vegans need to consider from Daniels viewpoint-

    Is the ‘natural’ diet for human beings green smoothies? Juices? Do you see a tribe of people sitting around juicing their greens? Or importing spirulina from India that has been dried in a plant?
    Is it really possible to go into the wild and eat 80 bananas per day without feeling sick?

    Ahhh I just love Daniel so much!! I wish he did training courses. Would be there in a tic no matter the cost.

    Favourite berries- Goji, blue and gubinge

  101. jasmine says:

    Can anyone help me with this…. One thing i always wonder about is: is it logical to compare our blood tests with “a standard” which may or may not be the best values in the first place. Could blood analysis be more individual? What and who are the “standard’ accepted ranges based on? (IE. are the ranges the same for herbivores, carnivore’s,… and are the numbers based on our population who suffer from so many degenerative diseases?)


  102. Brenda says:

    Thanks for the interview. Daniel is awesome and so are you!
    Raspberries. I like all the berries I have ever tasted. I ate a strawberry from my yard today, yum, it melted in my mouth.

  103. Amy Kindred says:

    I would like to know how many O blood types have been successfully raw. Type O bloods are told they need meat…I would like to break down everyones success vs. failure by blood type just to see it that is true. The people that say they tried raw vegan and with they could but feel better eating meat, are they type O ?

  104. rainbow says:

    well, anyone who says feeding your children a diet filled with fresh fruits and veggies might be committing child abuse is no one i will find informative. and his info about cholesterol was also way off base. not anyone i found informative, useful, or valuable. a waste of my time, but i enjoyed some of the back and forth comments.

    i feel disappointed by how many folks still cling to believing that taking another’s life is justifiable, and even health-promoting. i wonder how many of them were in great health before they became vegan? maybe they had health issues already, tried being vegan, ate vegan junk food, then blamed the vegan diet. i think if folks were to be really honest, they would recognize that being vegan was not the real problem, and eating animals is not honestly a viable solution.

    for those who mention that plants also have awareness and possibly feelings, i could tell you a long story about a profound experience i had many years ago when i asked the question of great spirit “what makes it any more appropriate to take the life of the plant than the animal, since it’s all life and we are all one spirit?” the answer was profound, and simply stated, they want us to eat them. they are here for us. if we don’t eat them, what happens? they fall to the ground, decay, fertilize the earth again, and again grow their offerings for us to share. and remember that it can take 12 to 16 pounds of nourishing grains to get back one pound of deadly flesh. not good for us, not good for the earth, and clearly not good for the critters we are here to care for.

    i am heading into my 25th year of being vegan, and it was truly one of the greatest ongoing things i have ever done, for my self and for all life on planet earth. i became vegan for ethical reasons (another long story), and discovered to my great shock and then delight that i was not in fact allergic to the world, as doctors had been telling me for decades, but in fact i was full of saturated fats and animal products that had extreme trouble in my body. the morning of my fourth day as a vegan is one i still rejoice about every day. my first truly functional bowel movement. what a relief! it only took me over 30 years to have a good dump. i am so grateful for my functional bowels, and my functional body. no tortured poisoned critter food for me. i will continue to work to honor life on earth, and not support it’s destruction, as much as i am able.

    as for the berry question, many years ago i had some wild strawberries picked right from the path. those and some wild blueberries also right off the bush have been my faves.

  105. Jan says:

    Great Show
    This makes since to me.
    Everything needs balance.
    I do not believe he is talking about eating an entire pound of meat at every meal.
    Thanks for providing the shows!

  106. Miranda says:

    What a fantastic episode! Daniel’s opinions on ethical food are so similar to mine, although I have never tried veganism – I cried for 2 hours for no apparent reason after being vego for 3 days lol. I’m just not made for it.

    I’m influenced by the Nutrition course that I am doing, the environmental course that my boyfriend did and the agriculture surrounding the place I grew up in. I’ve seen the way that cattle is grown in rural Victoria, Australia, and seen them graze on grass and great expanses of land being happy. So I don’t agree on bringing animals up in an unnatural and cruel environment.

    I personally eat free range and organic chicken and pork/bacon/ham, and get lamb, beef and eggs from my boyfriend’s farm (very lucky). We also eat kangaroo here. It is a very young market in Australia, but it is growing very fast. Kangaroo is a sustainable meat product and grown free range. It is very low fat and a rich source of iron. Best of all it is delicious, as long as it isn’t overcooked.

    You can even buy kangaroo in a lot of pubs and restaurants in Australia lately. It is that popular.

  107. Miranda says:

    Oh yeah. And I love strawberries and blueberries – yumm!

  108. Katarina Miklec says:

    OK little bit socking but honest.
    It would be interested to put the same idea in front of Dr. Cousens , or someone else who has a knowledge to answer the thingd Daniel broth up.
    I suppose that even in raw food vegan diet we do it all diferently , ex i was not consuming flax oil and after i started i feel a big difference. Maybe the ratio in which we take the things.
    Dr. Walker after all was taking goat milk products and it makes the difference to his health and longivity.
    The raw food it seems like a big secret and who finds out the secret lives a heaven,

    Is it really like that

  109. I love Daniel Vitalis. What he says makes sense and he seems to have a broad knowledge base (both didactically and experientially) to back it up. For me, I am most content to eat a raw vegan diet. However, I am also open to change if it is what I believe is best for my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

    My favorite berry is the red raspberry!

  110. Britt says:

    My favorite berry? Strawberry!

    Great episode guys! I’ve been struggling with this very issue for a while now. I’ve listened to hundreds of interviews, read books, and perused websites. Both the vegan camp and the meat-eating camp make good points, and I just keep feeling more and more confused. Sometimes I feel like I’m more confused than when I first started researching.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe there isn’t 1 diet that is right for everyone. It is possible to achieve great health through a variety of methods, and it is up to you to choose what is best for yourself. Since I’ve been feeling so confused and frustrated lately, I’ve just been listening to my body and eating whatever it says it wants. The results have been very interesting. I naturally gravitate towards lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and I don’t really enjoy lots of nuts, seeds, dairy, or grains. However, sometimes my body really wants meat or some cheese, and I’ve been letting myself have it. I feel great eating this way, so now I just need to decide whether or not I’m ok with consuming animals (even if they are wild or free range).

    In my mind, no one has proved conclusively and without question which diet is best: plant based or omnivore. But there is one point upon which we should all be rallying: processed foods aren’t health serving in any way!

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