Why Your Addicted to Certain Foods with Dr. Joel Fuhrman : The Renegade Health Show Episode #658

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Last night I had an opportunity to interview Dr. Joel Fuhrman…

So for the next 4 episodes, we’ll be talking about addictive foods, sea salt, essential nutrients for vegans and raw foodies and the vegan diet for kids.

The interview was awesome and I’m thrilled to pass it along to you. (Be sure to pass it along to your friends, or click the “Like” button at the top of this post!)

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What foods have you been addicted to?

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If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Joel Fuhrman, please click here: http://www.drfuhrman.com

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Missy says:

    loved this. i’ve been a fan of Joel Fuhrman since Fasting and Eating for Health came out years ago. I love how he explains the physiology of true hunger vs. why we usually put food in our mouths. good stuff! keep it comin. looking forward to more interviews w/ Joel. Thanks!!

  2. taylor says:

    Goji berries right now!!! Serioiusly… such a bad thing to be addicted to simply because they are SO expensive! But they taste good on everything! Have you noticed that?
    I’ve been addicted to raw cashews too…

  3. Heather Hemphill says:

    Oh Chocolate has been something I struggled with a lot of and on. IF I get started on it, like around Christmas, then it can take me a month or two to stop craving it. After I get over it and have not had it for a while then I am not even attracted to it.

  4. Carol says:

    cheese, bread, chocolate, foods that crunch.

    Interesting interview. I’d like the Dr. to address women’s cravings during hormone changes even if they are eating well.

  5. Chocolate is my weakness. If I let myself, I could eat my weight in chocolate every day (of course I don’t…).

    Right now it’s Kale Chips. My garden is overwhelming with kale and i have a huge bowl of chips on the counter (because I am cooking everything with kale right now!) and I keep munching on them even though I’m not hungry. Guess it’s not a terrible thing 🙂

  6. Isabel says:

    Believe it or not, but I used to be addicted to eating coffee! Not filter or espresso coffee, but the kind that is finely ground, like Greek or Arabian coffee. I didn’t eat much, just a dash of it, but I had to have after every meal, even if I had drunk coffee. Anyway, I’m past this addiction now!

  7. Dana says:

    Raw Almonds mixed with raisins. High in calories…yikes!

    I eat a plant based, high nutrient diet and still struggle with eating too much too often. I know it’s physiological but can’t get a grip on it.

    Loved the interview,
    Thanks for everything!!

  8. Ranger Rick says:

    I love popcorn … so to ease the pain … I get organic corn and cook it with either olive oil or coconut oil …

  9. LA says:

    Mangoes (frozen/thawed) in smoothies & chocolate, corn chips used to get me. I notice i only crave chocolate when I feel less nourished. once it’s in my system, i crave it daily. But, once I allow myself to get through a few days weaning off it I don’t miss it becuz it’s out of my blood.

  10. grapes,cashews,dates,almond butter, I’m not addicted to them though, I just like them a lot, and I also like so much the taste of wakame, my favorite seaweed.

  11. Christie says:

    He’s my doc…love him! I drove from Maryland to New Jersey to see him.

    Mostly I crave salty food but only when I’m not eating a nutrient dense diet.

    Can’t wait to hear more 🙂

  12. Louise says:

    Great show, Kevin! BTW, I tried to leave a suggestion today and the form didn’t seem to recognize the entry of my email addy. Anyhow, in short I asked you to have somebody proof read your efforts before they’re uploaded. Stuff that spellcheck misses (such as “Why your addicted” should read “Why you’re addicted”) has been slipping through rather frequently recently. I realize you’re probably super busy, but those types of errors erode the professionalism of your show/site. Love ya!

  13. Johnny says:

    Cashews, almond butter(roasted)-this was a serious addiction and yogurt was real bad too. What I noticed is that the foods you get addicted to make you feel the worst. Really tired after eating them and poor digestion. Not good if your trying to stay well or heal. Thanks.

  14. Sharon says:

    Cheese and chocolate. Thank goodness for EFT and GABA and L-Glutamine!

    If that interview went over your head, get into the inner circle where you can get transcripts. This is the kind of thing worth printing and reading again. Excellent. I’m definitely a Dr. Fuhrman fan!

  15. del says:

    I use to love mixing Stoneyfield Farms whole yogurt with Green Tea Icecream. It’s been quite a long time and really don’t miss it. I read Dr. Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live about five years ago and it change my life. I let go of thirty pounds which isn’t really the point. It isn’t about losing weight, its about getting healthy. What it did was start me on rethinking food in terms of nutrient richness. What that means is nutrients per calorie. Not the way the food industry measures it which is by weight. Eat only the highest N/C foods. Dr. Fuhrman’s books were a great transition into the world of a High Raw food lifestyle for me which is where I’ve been for about four years. I recommend to everyone still to this day to read Dr. Fuhrman’s books. You’ll learn everything you need in one book. Forget the titles. They mean nothing. The lessons you learn will last a life time. I hope yours is a long and lasting one because you made the shift.

  16. hyesun says:

    anything sugary, peanut butter, cashews….
    i had to force myself to stop eating a jar of peanut butter per week…ugh…….

  17. Rae says:

    Wheat in any and all forms, corn chips, and caffeine, whether in coffee, soda, yerba mate, or chocolate.
    Since Dr. Fuhrman points out that animal products, especially meat, contain no essential nutrients, why do people like Susan Schenck revert to eating them, especially if they’ve been on such a nutrient-rich, whole foods diet? Dr. Neal Barnard wrote a book explaining that animal products like cheese and meat are physically addictive. Harvey and Marilyn Diamond wrote two Fit For Life books and then both subsequently (after their divorce) slipped back into eating meat. I hope your subsequent interviews with Dr. Fuhrman explore the topic of
    addiction to specific foods regardless of whether one is in catabolism or not.
    BTW, have you verified that John Robbins really eats fish, as Susan Schenck claims? He renounced his family Baskin-Robbins fortune out of compassion for animals and later lost over 95% of his net worth to the Bernie Madoff scam, so I hope he’s still vegan because he’s long been one of my heroes as a vegan activist.
    Also, is it true that 90&% of all veggies on the market have been irradiated and aren’t actually raw, as Schenck claims? Are such veggies devoid of many micronutrients as a result of irradiation?

  18. Ryan says:

    In high school and college I was addicted to Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, fries and “biggie” size soda, in other words the number “6” meal biggie sized. Haven’t had it in well over 6 years and still remember the number.

    I then became addicted to fresh juice in the mornings.

    I don’t think I’m addicted to any foods now but i’ll explore a little bit. Maybe I am and don’t even realize it!

    This was great information and I’m looking forward to the rest of the interview with Dr. Fuhrman!

  19. Current addictions: freeze dried durian, fresh cherries, flax crackers with raw cheezy dip.

  20. durianrider says:

    I ate 47 organic bananas yesterday.

  21. hyesun says:

    oh yeah, back in the day i was addicted to cheetos and peanut m&ms.

  22. KAREN BEATTIE says:


  23. Bill says:

    Keven I love my young coconuts ,avocodos, and lots of different sprouts. If I donot eat them at least twice a day my body doesnot feel good. I have been eating this diet for 10 + years and vary it by season . I also have a blend of sea minerals after my evening meal and always have at least 1 vegy juice each day . I agree with Dr Fuhrmans thesis however it is a bit difficult to execuite when travelling . Thanks bill

  24. Melina says:

    In the past I had an addiction to popcorn. My boyfriend and I were joking the other day about how you know you have an addiction to a food if you have an endearing nickname for it. I would lovingly call my popcorn pacorn. He used to be addicted to bottled fruit juice and had a special name for juice too (he called it Jeuce-I am not sure how to spell it to make it sound like how he says it..). Anyway I have found that I no longer crave foods I used to be addicted to if I eat a high nutrient dense diet (does include some quality animal foods like raw grass-fed goat milk kefir, wild fish, raw grass-fed golden butter), eat at regular intervals-no skipping meals or snacks and eat an adequate amount of calories-not too little.

  25. Rhonda says:

    Good show with very interesting concepts on food addictions. It makes sense. It’s amazing how our additions cycle, I do believe it has a connection to our hormones and our deficiencies.
    I look forward to the next segment. I personally love chocolate, and tea and am deliberate in keeping them in moderation. Peaches are great this time of year here in Colorado so loading up on them too Kevin.

  26. nancy says:

    poutine (french fries with gravy and cheese)
    used to have it about once a week, sometimes every 2 or 3 weeks.
    but haven’t had it since beginning may.
    it’s the only ”not healthy” meal i crave.

  27. Cay Snow says:

    I feel the same way Dana does (comment #6). I’m a vegan and eat a very nutrient dense diet but still struggle with my weight. It sucks!

    Addictions . . . raw cashews, dehydrated teriyaki sunflower seeds, dehydrated kale chips.


  28. john says:

    Dates,figs,persimmons,pistachios, cashshews,avocados,munchies (organic).Good show,Kevin and AnnMarie!

  29. Stefanie B says:

    WOW! Well I’m almost afraid to make a comment here because everyones addictions are a lot less serious than mine, but just wanted to say thanks for that.

    I am starting at the very beginning and struggling VERY much with the sugar and corn addictions. I know all the stats and I know I’ve got to get this out of my system to detox and heal, but I just fee caught in the very trap he’s talking about– and it almost feel like I need to check into rehab to get off the darn stuff.

  30. Nadia says:

    Currently tomatoes, avocados and Nama Shoyu…
    2 weeks ago, fresh cracked pecans…
    1 month ago, sprouted bread….
    3 months ago, raw goat cheese
    1.5 years ago, raw whole milk…
    3 years ago, all starches

  31. Kristine says:

    Loved the interview. Thank you so much. Despite being a ‘nutritarian’, I still struggle with chocolate and foods with crunch.

  32. Veronica says:

    Stefanie B. hang in there. It is tough at the start. The best thing I can do to get rid of sugar cravings is to go cold turkey and water fast with a bit of lemon juice. The first day (especially the morning) is the worst. Usually 1 day is enough. I just keep drinking water to fill me up. If I can make it through the morning, I can usually make it through the afternoon.

    Also eating other “sweets” that don’t contain sugar may help cut the cravings for sugar too. So don’t be so hard on yourself. Try to eat fruit “first” everytime you have a sugar craving. I remember eating 6 bananas at one sitting once. (Although I can’t imagine eating 47 bananas in one day Durianrider!)



  33. Ray Deckert says:

    Great show. My addictions are potato chips and corn chips. What`s a person to snack on? Don`t worry, I`m breaking the habit. Thanks for the show.

  34. Vanilla Ice Cream. I don’t know why, but this is a tough one for me to give up. Coffee too! Such a struggle and can be so depressing.

  35. I used to eat these wild rice crackers from the bulk area in the health food store..I think they also come pre-packaged… anyway, they were sooooo addicting!! The taste wasn’t anything really special, more bland then anything, but the crunch and the mild salty flavour.. I couldn’t get enough of them. I even got my mom and a girl friend eating them. I had this weird ritual with them. I could only buy them once a day in the same eye balled scoop amount pretty much. I kind of fit them into my supper. I’d have a small salad and the rest of the meal was based on these crackers. Oh and I had to have a perrier to wash it down.
    Crazy times.
    I won’t even attempt to buy them ever again. Seriously it was really a problem at the time

  36. Amy Davidson says:

    Chocolate, cookies, salty foods (chips, crackers, cheese), ice cream and anything with a teriyaki flavor! I used to be addicted to soda, but I quit drinking it in March. I also remember being addicted to beef jerky before I became vegetarian (which was 9 years ago).

  37. Sue Paterson says:

    Dairy, cheese especially. Almond milk and almond milk yogurt and cheese is a good replacement.

  38. paul says:

    Boy that’s easy… dry roasted peanuts and pita chips. The only real problem though, is the fact that I eat them often after dinner. I usually feel a little sick and don’t sleep that well either. I’m learning though and hardly ever keep them in the house anymore.
    Kev, still waiting for your thoughts on XYLITIOL.
    Awsome show guys!

  39. Gaya says:

    Chocolate, hands down. Some fried snack too.

  40. Veronika says:

    For me it was fried stuff like corn chips, but I’m much more successful staying away from fried foods when I maintain a very high raw diet. The more cooked food I eat, the more I tend to slip up on junk food.

  41. Joe says:

    I sometimes have that problem where I always have to be munching on something. While I watch television or read. It’s usually dark chocolate but lately I’ve been known to stick a spoon in a jar of almond butter and eat the whole thing. But my biggest food addiction overall would be coffee which I just recently battled myself down to a cup a day.

  42. Geri says:

    sugar, I know it is so bad but yes, sugar!!

  43. Hilary says:

    Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate…..If I’m going to eat it, which occasionally I do, it might as well be good. I’ve also realised that if I’m going to do it, I might as well let go of the guilt of eating it – just makes things worst. I’ve found a beautiful raw chocolate bar with goji berries and camu camu in it, that I love.

    Thanks for interviewing Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I found it very interesting.

  44. Nihacc says:

    Sugar and cheese. But not any more! 😀

  45. Sue says:

    Amazingly helpful interview, thanks! I can so identify with the feelings he describes in the catabolic phase and I had no idea why it was happening. It has been my downfall every time I have tried to lose weight. I shall just purely focus on nutrient quality (still vegan) from now on. Hopefully the weight will take care of itself.

  46. Muriel says:

    CHOCOLATE! Raw chocolate nibs in my smoothies, also ground up in my coffee grinder and mixed in oatmeal, yogurt, added to muffins, etc.etc. I am totally addicted to chocolate, but at least it is dark and healthy chocolate and it does not seem to affect my weight which is very good.
    It gives me a great feeling, it must be the caffeine in it.

  47. Anna says:

    I don´t think my addictions are very interesting, so I don´t answer that one 🙂 Just wanted to thank you for this interview. It was so beneficial that I listened to it twice, and am looking forward for the rest of those

  48. Detox says:

    For me it’s always been bread. It’s the one food that makes me feel completely satisfied.

  49. andrew says:

    thanks Guys nice video

    – chocolate!

  50. Dee says:

    Potato Chips, chocolate, sweets, dried mango. Sugar has always been an issue for me.

  51. Basia says:

    Chocolate is an ongoing struggle, and in the past baguettes/croissants (after living in France many years ago), and of course the ultimate–chocolate croissants!

  52. Shikha says:

    CAffeine, egg, toasted bread with butter.

  53. Sita says:

    Thanks to following Dr. J. Fuhrman’s advise he gave in the article on inflammatory bowel diseases in his Healthy Times newsletter (March ’08) I made major progress in healing from ulcerative colitis, after 2 years struggling to go raw. Not because of former addictions, for UC is no fun and you’re almost more than happy to give up the delicious but wrong foods that make you terribly sick. The most difficult in this program was to give up fruit for a while in phase 1. Fruits suppose to heal in other diets, but anyway – i can have them again now 😀 although I still have a long way to go. And adding soft boiled eggs (dr. Bass) and some wild alaska salmon made me so much stronger. So I see them as a medicine at the moment. I still prefer a vegan diet, but if there’s no healing progress anymore and if 3 ribs start breaking in a simple yoga pose…..time to rethink things over. And J. Fuhrman seemed the show me a better way for healing in my situation. And it still is possible to go raw (vegan) in time on this program. I’ll see what works for me.
    This – and starting with EFT! led me out of a debilitating situation and make it possible to start functioning again. O, and my weight went from 44 kilos to 46,5 now. I feel so much better.
    Cravings? Yes, only for healthy foods. Hope one day to be able to eat salads again.
    Thanks for your work, Ann-Marie and Kevin!

  54. Chris G says:

    Pretty much all baked goods. I really want to kick them to the curb but they’re so tasty…

  55. Lena says:

    When I was pregnant, I was addicted to popcorn. I would make it with some olive oil every night. After I gave birth and nursing, I’d want to eat some coconut ice cream every single night.

    Going high raw helped with most addictions, although I still have some cravings. My current addiction is potatoes, any kind, mostly baked, but some chips too. I always think that it’s the only cooked food that I never want to give up. I suppose I crave carbs, but all nursing women do, at least all the ones I know. Having daily fruit smoothies helps and makes me feel much better than cooked carbs.

  56. Jolie says:

    Sugar for the Dopamine rush. Specifically
    donuts, ice cream, chocolate. Anything creamy and comforting.
    I notice even when I’m eating healthier, I still have emotional eating.
    Kevin your hair looks great today!

  57. Sazzu says:

    Definitely corn chips. It´s really hard to stop because I love eating them with Guacamole, and I love guacamole, which is raw and can eat but it doesn´t taste the same without corn chips. I´m working on it.

  58. great interview, thanks for sharing it! I’m addicted to pineapple, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it makes me eat it even when it’s not fully ripe. I’ve noticed that I feel something like a breeze through my sinuses when I eat pineapple that’s not ripe.

  59. Jan says:

    Along time ago I could not pass up a drive thru. Had to get my coke and if close to a meal time a hamburger. Those days are gone. I remember what a struggle it was to get off coke.

  60. Tin says:

    Fantastic interview that I hope will reach the masses. I’m not sure why we spent days listening to an interview with Susan Schenck when quality information is available.
    That said, your body, including your ethical mind, is your own best guru. Follow no one and you will be right on track.

  61. AnnaO says:

    Thank´s for introducing me to dr Fuhrman. Nutritatian, a lable I actually like!

  62. Helly says:

    I’m high raw, but the rest of my diet is: chocolate, chocolate and chocolate croissants. Guess I still have some way to go,

    great show, in case you didn’t realize!

  63. caron says:

    try living fuel super greens: Make a smoothie with it and add some fruit and /or almond milk.
    This will keep you from wanting anything to eat all day long

  64. K says:

    Chips! And chocolate sometimes. But I have gallstones and had an attack the other day when I have just a bit of chocolate. So that’s enough pain to make me not want chocolate. I don’t eat it that much anyway. Also, speaking of gallstones. I would love some info on good foods to eat to help break down stones and sludge in your gallbladder/liver. I found out about the way your body is truly affected by food about 2 years ago now and was so happy to have lost 40lbs. However now I have gallstones and can’t eat nuts, or chips or chocolate. Which is a good thing! But the pain when I do is not a good thing! Any info would be so much appreciated.

  65. Kristen says:

    before i was on my partially raw diet, i craved all the things most people do, salty snacks,sugary snacks, cakes, cookies, ice cream etc.

    Since i’ve moved to this diet, and it’s only about 2/3rds of my diet (i’m a vegetarian however, not vegan) I find my body is craving the raw foods at a powerful level. Since i started on Almond Milk, I don’t have dairy cravings anymore.

    I won’t lie, i crave chocolate…and to make myself feel better for eating it, I only eat organic fair trade chocolate 😉 But only maybe one a month or so.

  66. Dejana says:

    Anything baked as well. Cakes. Lately meat, but not a strong craving. Anything with chocolate, cakes…Chips few months ago for a year but it finally went away. Dairy if I don’t eat it for a long time. I must have some deficiency regarding amino acids, probably taurine because I get strong animal products craving and if I eat a little bit I’m fine for a long time.

  67. Coreen says:

    I am soo addicted to poutine too, Nancy! (Are you Canadian too? Do you also dig Kraft Dinner! <3 lol!)
    I was a strict vegan for 9 months, then had some small allowences, and then for awhile there I up to craving (and often indulging) in poutine daily! And to make it the worst- I was getting it from uber-nasty Burger King! I don't know the stats, but seriously- Gravy, Fries, and cheese curds- must be 1000 calories and a lifetime of sodium per serving. Being a vegetarian for 14 years I never really craved cheese, but after being a vegan for 9 months it's somehow become like cocaine to me.
    This interview is so true to me, I can totally relate to the physiological symptoms he is describing. I especially feel that way after a night of partying with friends- hungover and completely ravenous all day. Yuck!

  68. Mary says:

    Great Interview Kev, I’ve been addicted to corn chips as well. During my first pregnancy – 1964, I was really addicted to navel oranges – must have needed lots of vitamin C!! Lately, just fruit in general: berries, grapes, raisins, mango smoothies, etc. Love it, and while I’ve been almost 100% raw for 7 yrs. am eating a bit more cooked foods now, eggs and fish sometimes. Blessings to you both and Johnny 5 too. ox:)

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