5 Day Water Fast Experiment (Final Day Part 5) : The Renegade Health Show Episode #634

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Last day!

I get to eat tomorrow…

Today I give you my day 5 water fast update as well as share a clip with you from one of the lectures that they hold daily at True North.

It’s been a pretty amazing stay here. 🙂

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What are your thoughts on Dr. Doug Lisle’s talk?

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If you’d like to learn more about the True North Health Center, please visit their website here: http://www.healthpromoting.org

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. ted says:

    break your fast with a beautiful mono meal. eat cantaloupes all day long or something simple. keep it fruity and juicy and simple!

  2. Beth says:

    No wonder I hated it when my younger brothers left their smelly hockey equipment & towels out. Blech!
    Very interesting topic. I love all these insights into our species. Things we don’t even think about in our modern world.

  3. Lynda says:

    I fasted many times especially when I had a plethora of health ailments back in 1974. I went to a Natural Hygeinist practitioner and he started me out on a 4 day water fast immediately followed by a 4 day juice fast consisting of freshly made carrot, celery and zucchini squash juice followed by a 100 % raw vegetarian food diet.

    Then I water fasted 1 day a week and then 4 consecutive days per month and periodic longer water fasts until the last water fast which was 12 days with 3 days on juices immediately after. I had severe headaches on the first water fast. After 5 months on the raw food diet and fasting I was completely well and I still have all of my organs that the MD’s wanted to cut out. I had cysts on my ovary, gall stones, kidney stones, pluersy of the lungs, anemia, hypoglycemia, headaches, and colitis all of which went away and are gone to this day, now 36 years later.

    During the water fasting I lost my appetite completely after the second day. I was actually nausous throughout the the entire water fasts because of all the toxins being thrown into my blood stream and then being eliminated. During the longer fasts I even became nauseous on water! That was a sure sign to break the fast. I felt like I did not need food nor did I want any and each time I fasted I had a spiritual experience of closeness to God and nature I had never experienced before.

    After I was well the Hygienic doctor told me “You now have a clean bill of health.” Smiling at me and in a loving yet truthful way he said, Now get out of here and I don’t want to see you again. Reason being is what he said next. “If you get sick again you will know why you got sick and you will know how to get yourself well again.” That was Dr Gerald Benesh. I am forever greatful to him.

  4. Randy says:

    Dr. Lisle has many provocative and practical insights to offer…I’ve been fortunate to hear him on other occasions.
    For anyone who wants to eat healthier but who has found it difficult to because of the temptations of our processed foods/rich foods/fast foods-oriented culture, I strongly recommend getting a copy of Dr. Lisle’s DVD titled “The Pleasure Trap” or a copy of the book he and Dr. Alan Goldhamer co-authored by the same title.
    Both the book and dvd explain the challenge we all face that is posed by our society and provides ideas on how to deal with the challenge…I strongly recommend either or both!

  5. Jeni says:

    Hi Kevin

    Youare so good at disiplining your self to try the water fast.
    I would like to know more about the blood tests etc,.. how often do they do that?
    and what was the difference in your blood at the end?

  6. JuicinJackie0 says:

    Very interesting! Where can we get more information?

  7. Chang says:

    How very interesting!!

  8. STEPHANIE says:

    Cool! (water fasting today!) So do partners who mate also have smell preferences…for example certain scents I don’t like -geranium, lilies…. I do like vanilla, ylang ylang,…. Do mates like the same smells?

    How about you Kevin and AnnMarie?

  9. Stacy says:

    His talk made me think alot. I am not going to go around smelling peoples arm pits though. I am glad that you did what you set out to do. It gives me hope to continue on mine.

  10. briannaG says:

    I thought the lecture was great. I learned about the sweaty shirt test in college (very cool). It refreshed my memory to hear about all this again and got my thinking about cologne and perfume. It’s too bad people cover up such an important biological indicator like that with synthetic scents.

    I guess I’ll have to make sure the man I end up with smells good to me when he is cologne-less!

  11. Leam says:

    Interesting lecture topic.

    You have said that you have just had to sit and watch TV through this fasting experience. Is it simply fasting for physical purposes or does the spiritual aspect of fasting comes into play. I wonder how or if the experience would change with prayerful reflection and quiet meditation instead of time filled with technology. Must you stay inside instead of sitting in a shady spot out of doors? Thank you for sharing your experience.

  12. always great info. im waiting for dr lisle’s new vido due in sept. or oct. will see you both in calif. at the lg on sept.

  13. Zo says:

    Wow, Lynda! Thanks for your story. I am inspired.

  14. Gina says:

    I am glad that you are done with your water fast. Truthfully, I have been worried about you. You have been slurring your words, your eyes are so droopy and there have also appeared to be dark circles under your eyes. You weren’t your bubbly self and seemed to be dragging. I know some people say that it is supposed to do amazing things. (I have also heard bad things about it) I just hope you get back to your happy, bubbly self very soon.

  15. Barbara says:

    I wonder the same thing as Leam does regarding the outdoors. I’m quite surprised that you spent as much time as you did in your room watching TV. I would have thought that sitting outside either reading a book or just meditating would be a good way to reflect on what was happening in your body during this fast. The sun has amazing healing properties. Thanks for sharing your experience with us all.

  16. Monique says:

    Scent of a potential mate determining attraction makes sense to me.

    Kevin, during your water fast, did you do any colon hydrotherapy?


    How did you sleep, better, worse or the same as usual?


  17. Kurt says:

    Man… I have pretty big food cravings, moreso recently.

  18. snowmoonelk says:

    Fantastic! My boyfriend lives a long way from me, and when he has visited and gone back home, I sniff his pillow because it smells SO good – I feel am literally addicted to his smell…this is so cool, because I actually emailed him about this this morning and now I know the reason why I love his smell so much.

    By the way, I think you look great, so well done for doing the fast. Mind you, did Annemarie do it too, cos she looks so healthy!

  19. Craigs says:

    I noticed when Both My wife and I turned Away from Animal Products we both had our body order turn more Like Vegetables Not Stinky.When we drink Fenegreek Sprout Juice it really makes you smell like the Sprout.So does this mean to the Dr’ Theory that we are less likely To like the Smell? How about cultures that eat lots of Garlic. I think cultures that Do not eat Garlic are turned off from the Garlic Eaters. I notice that diffrent cultures Have diffrent Odors and they are turned off by other culture smells. I think anyone who doesnt Shower ever day will Be Offensive. I dont agree with the opposite Attract Theory. Maybe there is a gray area that im not looking at>

  20. john says:

    Excellent , I would have to agree with what he is saying. To further elaborate on the olfactory system. Some years ago I had come across where they are using dogs to sniff people who are laying on their back with arms and legs spread out wearing nothing more than a skimpy swim suit on and the dog would walk slowly and methodically around the man or woman and sniff the person all over and if the person had CANCER the dog was trained to give a communication signal by either sitting immediately at the sight of location or bark or lay down quietly.How you ask much like when dogs are trained to sniff out drugs in this case they are trained on a variety of cancer air born molecules .A dog sense of smell is vastly superior than ours and a shark is leap years superior than a dogs. Great info Kevin and Ann Marie thank you .You both look terrific especially Ann Marie. You both are pillars of health.

  21. victor says:

    After listening to your show I went and smelled my wife’s armpit to see if I’d get a reaction. I did, but it was from her! (lol)

  22. Andrea says:

    Dr. Lisle’s talk was very interesting – especially as he noted the incredible “software” and complexity of our “machinery” (ie, our bodies). Just another witness of the incredible wisdom and creativity of our Creator God.

  23. greg says:

    Hey Kevin, I give you full credit for carrying out the fast. I have done the master cleanse for 10 days and done juice fasts for days on end, but 1 time I tried to do a water fast for one day and my whole world just crashed. It is not easy based upon the upbringing most of us have endured. It is easily understandable for the tv watching…..congrats for making it thru….. I am starting a colon cleanse on monday, followed by a liver flush 5 days later. I am inspired…….good job!!!

  24. Misty says:

    Congratulations!! You are literally in my neighborhood…I am just around the corner from the cemetary..True North is an amazing place,i pass it everyday on my way to swim. Thank you for providing more information on teh facilities, i found teh talk very very interesting and quite profound. I think i will agree with him. Misty

  25. Jolie says:

    I once read a book about smell, so I had read about it before but thought only the women chose mate by smell…didn’t know men did too.
    Yes it is fascinating.
    Will be interesting to see if your adrenals are any different after this.

  26. Kuru says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Kevin; I like your new relaxed style. I agree with Leam and Barbara that meditation would have been a wonderful choice over the tube. My experience with fasting has been at least as much spiritual as physical. I have been amazed at the clarity that comes. All the masters fasted to gain insight and wisdom, as well as all the older health gurus. I hope this is not an aspect that is being dismissed in this geared up society. It’s something that’s needed now more than ever imo.

  27. Nick says:

    Huh. You kinda did Super Size Me in reverse

  28. Nick says:

    Dont do it. Dont eat! Consider maybe since you knew it was only 5 days your body held on to maybe some deeper reserves of toxins. Try not eating as you go home. And then for a little time after that. Or fast from TV & such other stimulants. Try a vipassana, a Theravada Buddhist meditation retreat where you stay in silence, except for a short interview with the meditation teacher. Often they’re only interested in hearing questions about the practice. It’s structured with about 45 to 1 hr length periods of seated meditation with sometimes equal or a little less lengths of walking meditation. But it’s nice to hear the effect of–well that you’re voicing your appreciation of food. So much eating is done as if by the clock, or done like clockwork–like get it done. Fasting helps to savour experience more. Even that’s enough reason to do it.

  29. Leila says:

    Hi Kevin, it’s amazing that you did the 5 day fast. I agree with the post above that you look a little drawn but that’s probably natural. Your comments were very interesting – especially about your cravings for high calorie foods. Dr. Lisle’s talk about chemical smells got me thinking that growing up with siblings who hate your smell isn’t going to do much for your confidence 🙂

  30. i trust only karl loren and dr.otto warburg and his discovery in the 30’s about viruses and bacteria,germs and pathogens cannot survive in oxygen rich enviroments.

  31. Meri says:

    Fascinating stuff. I would love to hear more of Dr. Lisle’s talk. The human body is so totally fascinating. It does all these complex processes without us even realising!

    I’m sure the water fast has been a really valuable experience. Do let us know what happens when you break the fast too.

  32. Bonjour Kevin & Annmarie,

    thank you for sharing your water fasting experience in live. I would love to try myself one time per year, but it is difficult to find the right time because of my busy cycling competitions around the year… maybe between christmas and New year !

    Your video is interesting: good communication is a chemical based interaction. When I met my ex-girlfriend, Mary, who luckly introduced me to vegan diet, we loved our own smell… maybe mine after couple weeks becoming vegan. Unfortunatly relationship is not just good smells, but choice in live. we are still best friends, but with 6000 miles distance.
    I can smell somebody unhealthy or just couple days before they get sick. The microflora in digesting tube changes the smell.

    merci et à bientôt
    Dr. Jérôme, France.

  33. Sophia says:

    Great work. I thought what Annmarie said was very important, that it was important that Kevin had a positive attitude going into the water fast.

    In life if you have the right mindset and a positive one and believe, you can achieve much much more!

  34. Sheryl says:

    I personally believe that one should never watch TV while on a fast. Because the negative commercials and whatever your watching can bring in negative energies to slow down or stop the detox. Energies from food & TV, music same thing they effect the health of the body.

  35. Betoman says:

    My kids smell good. Actually my 3-yr-old son smells better than my 8-yr-old daugher. How does Dr. Lisle explain that? Maybe she just needs to take a shower.

  36. Tara Burner says:

    Congrats 🙂
    I love fasting!
    I’ve done 10 days water, 70 days juice, followed by 10 days water
    people were constantly telling me to stop, blah blah blah but it was sooooo enlightening on so many realms!
    Love the video, info and congrats again to you!

  37. Louise says:

    Hey Kevin!

    Congradulations on your successful cleanse, I have read from Natalie Laussier that cravings are emotional barriers that you felt while eating those foods that you crave. Those cravings of food that you have never eaten before might be your subconsious. Let me know what you feel about cravings, I think they are what your body lacks emotionally and physically. I also am interested in what Nutritional School you chose as I am interested in persuing the same education.
    I looked in the archives but could not find any references to the Nutrition School in California.
    I also would recommend cultured vegetables as the first food you eat off of your fast.


  38. Tiff says:

    I loved his talk, I would like to hear more about what it has to do with food…I missed the connection?

  39. THINKINGMAN says:

    DEFINITELY not politically correct, when it comes to gender, as the social scientists try their best to obscure real factors in how and why females and males are attracted to each other.

    It speaks to the biological realities, that those who did not have the luxury of technology and were not be able to articulate in this manner, knew instinctively.

  40. Janet says:

    Where can I find these guys to smell? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  41. Pat says:

    I saw a program on this, I believe it was on the health channel. One thing that they said was that depending on the fertile time of the female in her monthly cycle, her dislikes and likes varied. They also talked about the female scents influencing a male during this time. Very interesting!

  42. Connie says:

    Very interesting…more, more!

  43. Rhonda D says:

    Ok first Kevin congrats on your 5 day water fast.
    Dr Lisle, has some amazing information. It truly makes sense.

    Thank you for all the information you both bring to all of us.

    best of health to all.

  44. Jan says:

    Congrats! 5 Days without food! You must be a very strong person.

    Very interesting show. Thanks for the information about True North. I continue to learn so much from the shows.

    I discovered a product that takes away my cravings quickly. It is organic raspberry-lemon flavor CALM. It comes as a powder you mix with hot water and drink like tea. On the package it says “balances calcium and magnesium levels”. It contains organic stevia. For some reason it takes away my craving for chocolate. Not sure which online store I purchased this from – either Renegade this site or natural news online health store.

  45. Barbara says:

    Were there any foods that you ate or did not eat in preparation for your 5 day water fast? Were there any foods recommended to eat or not eat as you re-entered the world of food eaters?

  46. Velda says:

    Very interesting shows, Kevin. Congrats on the 5-day water fast. I fast 2 to 3 days per week. Always 2 consecutive days, and then maybe skip a day of fasting, then fast another day. Since I work, I found that I can get tired. I have 2 liquid supplements that I take when I fast and sometimes, if I am really fatigued, I will take a small glass of almond milk. I try not to do that, but it does give me a pick up of energy. I don’t think I come off of the fast correctly, however. This week I was going to try and do a 5-day fast. I will take it one day at a time 🙂 Several years ago I did a 7-day water fast. However, I was much younger then. I am almost 63 now and am a little concerned about doing a long water fast without supervision. Thanks for all the great information you guy bring to us. Velda

  47. Doug from Dallas says:

    Next week, Kevin and Annmarie smell each other and give us their reactions! 🙂
    Great show, perhaps explains the old adage about “opposites attract” for more reasons than one.

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